Election ’21: Boycott China’s Olympics … Xi/China’s Human Rights Record WORSE than Hitler/Germany’s During 1936 Games!!

Elections normally are about issues: jobs, economy; housing, health, environment, taxes; programs and promises.

Rarely are they REALLY about principles … like who we are as a nation, what values do we REALLY represent and REALLY uphold and what do we REALLY see when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

This election, Canadians MUST do that.

Earlier this year, Canada’s Parliament passed a motion 266 to 0 condemning China’s “genocide” against its minority Muslim Uyghur population.

Elected legislative Houses in the UK, US, Netherlands, Lithuania also passed motions finding China GUILTY of genocide; while New Zealand, Belgium and the Czech Republic have censured China for “severe human rights abuses or crimes against humanity”.

How in the world can Canada … or ANY of these countries … participate in and celebrate the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic games!!!

The FREE World embarrassed and disgraced itself when our athletes took part in Adolf Hitler’s Berlin Olympics in 1936 … a huge propaganda spectacle, exalted and exploited by the Nazis after the Reich captured 89 Medals, beating the US’s 56.

We would not allow ourselves to be used like that again, we vowed.

The TRUTH is China’s human rights record TODAY is WORSE than Nazi Germany’s was at the time of those 1936 Games.

The Nazis enacted their Nuremberg Race Laws in 1935, restricting citizenship to “only racially pure Germans” and banning intermarriages/sex between Jews and people “of German or related blood.”


BUT, Germany’s actual genocide against Jews didn’t begin until 1941 … five years after the Olympics; China’s is carrying out genocide right NOW!

Would Canada and other democratic nations have attended the Berlin Olympics if genocide was actively being carried out at that time?

I don’t believe so: I sure hope not!

As critical as I have been about Canada’s despicable treatment of our Japanese-Canadian citizens and the rebuffing of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis, I don’t believe we would have “played” with Germany if their genocidal actions had already begun … and the world knew about it.

However, we DO know China IS carrying out genocide against the Uyghurs … our own Parliament (and others) has investigated and concluded that indeed IS the case.

On that basis alone, Canada (and other principled nations) MUST NOT participate in the Beijing games.

And that doesn’t even touch on China’s other human rights abuses, spitting on and ripping up treaties and flagrant violations of international laws on both land and at sea.

The hostage taking and abuse (almost 1,000 days) of the two Michaels, the cruel political “re-sentencing” to death of Robert Schellenberg, the illegal suppression of Hong Kong, the draconian imposition of a human-rights-killing National Security law, the intimidation of students, the persecution of protestors, the silencing of opinions/dissent and the repugnant arrests and silencing of intellectuals, artists, journalists, media owners and even bloggers.

China today, under Xi Jinping, is NOT a civilized nation deserving the honour of being an Olympic Game host. It has become a brutal bully that tramples human rights and is CARRYING OUT GENOCIDE!

We must not ignore this!

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has called for the Games to be relocated: not likely. And failing that, he wants Canadian athletes to stay home:

“I think Canadians would agree that it would violate universal fundamental ethical principles to participate in an Olympic Games hosted by a country that is committing a genocide against part of its population,” O’Toole said at a press conference in Ottawa. “Canada must take a stand,” the CBC reported.

(You can read the full story here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/o-toole-relocate-olympic-games-2020-1.5915318.)

Each and every Federal Party Leader MUST come clean during this Election campaign … and say CLEARLY whether his or her party, if elected, would STOP Canada’s participation in Xi’s February propaganda farce in Beijing.

Remember, the FREE WORLD vowed “Never Again!” after the horrific genocide of the Second World War, not “Never Again …unless we’ve got a good chance of winning medals!”

Harv Oberfeld

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11 Responses to Election ’21: Boycott China’s Olympics … Xi/China’s Human Rights Record WORSE than Hitler/Germany’s During 1936 Games!!

  1. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Another silly season begins.

    You are right about a Olympic boycott lets even take it further .imports ,cancel student visa ect.

    We cannot really expect the liberals to offer a boycott of any other serious sanctions against China. .Hell the liberals boycotted a vote in the house of commons. That was shameful.

    Canada’s policy with China is akin to political s+m coitus with China being the dominatrix.

    Trudeau is a modern day version of Neville Chamberland all we need is a modern version of Winston Churchill.

    SUCH a shame.

    (Response: We know the Canadian government’s tepid cowardly responses to China on a whole number of issues is because we don’t want to exacerbate situations surrounding the two Michaels, Schellenberg, trade etc. … but that NEVER works with bullies! Standing up to them TOGETHER will ..if ALL democracies do it at the same time. China needs Western trade exports more than we need their crap. And standing by … not just voicing our principles … is what the Leaders should ALL be asked about over and over again during the election campaign…. forcing them to take a stand! h.o)

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    Canada is a paper tiger and to expect our politically correct bureaucrats to actually grow spines and do the right thing……?

    I wont hold my breath.

    I expect most govts will wait until the 11th hour before announcing their boycott of the ludicrously located Beijing “winter” games….

    Beijing. A filthy , polluted, megopolis that screams “money, money, money” to the Olympic Selection Committee.

    All Olympics should be boycotted until the Olympic games are reduced to sports that are a bit more realistic .
    They have become a mockery of sport in general and a disgusting example of politics and greed.
    Sorry but.
    I just dont give two hoots about Goal Medal games for ping pong, beach volley ball, skateboarding, snow boarding, golf, etc etc etc…..

    Time to get back to basics like running, jumping and swimming.
    And they should be played in the same country year after year.
    Who knows.
    But building monuments to greed and corruption year after year is disgusting.

    (Response: Whether to hold the Olympics at all or which sports to include is a whole different topic. BUT holding “Games” in a country that is ACTIVELY CARRYING OUT GENOCIDE is simply unacceptable! China has more than a million Uyghurs in detention …without having committed ANY crimes; it actively pressuring them to relocate (assimilate) in other parts of the country; and it is discouraging family growth, intimidating the population and persecuting them all at the same time. For “civilized” countries that PREACH human rights to take part in “Games” there while this is going on is disgusting and immoral. Canada and all human-rights-respecting nations MUST BOYCOTT BEIJING ..and ALL the LEADERS should state CLEARLY where they stand on this issue during the election campaign h.o)

  3. Beenie says:

    I totally agree with you. But how do we deal with a prime minister who’s only agenda are women’s rights and our indigenous communities.
    He is still paying people to stay home and Not work and that will continue for sure beyond the next election.
    What has he done for the economy other than pay out billions of dollars so that many can survive and now stay home and collect $$.

    Let’s vote him out and try someone new. Can’t be worse.

    (Response: Canadians have a long tradition of VOTING OUT politicians they disagree with: the alternative may not be better, but it does send a message to the ones who lose power …and also those who replace them. h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    Boycotting the Chinese Olympic is a no-brainier.

    The Liberals, unfortunately are under Beijing’s sway and Trudeau and crew will ‘goosestep’ to the beat of the Emperor.

    I am not holding my breathe, as hypocrisy is a politcal trademark these days.

    Afghanistan is a good example.

    If the Liberals win, expect a lot more of the Asian giant, pulling the puppet strings of Trudeau and the rest of the Quislings passing themselves off as loyal Canadians.

    Ah, the smell of treason is in the air.

    (Response: The Liberal government no doubt believes that by taking a bold, open stand boycotting Beijing’s Nazi-like Olympic Games or openly saying “No” to Huawei having any 5-G role in Canada, we would only anger and evoke the wrath of the Dragon Emperor Leader Xi. To hell with him …I like Australia’s stance …refusing to kowtow to Xi/China … regardless of the punishments hurled their way. If ALL the free nations held together, boycotted the Games being held while active genocide is in progress inside China, we could actually save lives, affect policy there …and be able to look at ourselves proudly in the mirror! The party Leaders MUST be pressed on this …over and over …everywhere they go. h.o)

  5. E. Johnson says:

    Yes to boycotting the Olympics hosted by a country governed by the vicious regime of the CCP.

    Yes to Canada taking a stand and leading the boycott. Not likely to ever happen but one can hope.

    Yes to all leaders and candidates being questioned thoroughly in regards to their stand on this. Not convinced that will happen either.

    I do feel badly for athletes who have trained and prepared for this particular Olympics but the Chinese government needs to know the world has had it with their vile regime.

    (Response: I sympathize with the athletes who have trained so hard for so long. But when a people/culture are being “eliminated” in a whole series of ways (arrests, confinement, forced “re-education”, dispersal across the country, birth controls, dilution through importing thousands of others into their area etc.) …I just can’t fathom how democratic countries would show up to parade, dance and play sports with and in China! Maybe a free winter country (Canada, Switzerland?) could invite athletes from “free” nations to more informal “Freedom Games” held at the same time as the Beijing Nazi-like Olympics. h.o)

  6. e.a.f. says:

    It would be much better if Canada boycotted the Os. in China. I’m sure they can convince a few other countries to join them. Lets not forget they sentenced one Canadian to death, one to 11 yrs. in prison, and one is in limbo. Then of course there is their human rights record. The Muslims in concentration camps, their interference in other countries, the intimidati0n of citizens in other countries, etc.

    As to countries with unacceptable human rights records, it might be time that the O’s had a permanent home or semi permanent home and one of the factors would be, their human rights record. It would save money, enable countries to use the training facilities, perhaps one winter site in Switzerland and one in Canada and the summer games, Greece and perhaps N.Z.

    Sorry your vacation was cut short, but glad you’re back.

    (Response: Thanks. Duty calls! 🙂 For Canada to say firmly we will NOT go, we need a LEADER with backbone and principles, willing to stand up to China, regardless of the bullying, threats they throw at us. Like Australia has done! Canada should be saying NO to the Beijing Games and should be urging other nations to stand up as well …and the media should be demanding a firm stance by ALL the party Leaders during the campaign, not just expressions of concern blah, blah, blah. h.o)

  7. Rainclouds says:

    A voice of reason, thanks Harvey for bringing this to the forefront, China needs to understand bullying and authoritarian actions have consequences.

    Maybe the SJW’s here in Canada could direct their outrage at villains from this century (Perhaps demonstrate at the Chinese embassy on Granville) as opposed to their faux outrage at long dead historical figures.

    I for one will never set foot in China, too many countries that believe in the rule of law to spend my $

    (Response: I have visited both China and Hong Kong …found them both fascinating and enjoyable and China quite beautiful outside Beijing. But that was decades ago, when the Chinese government cared what the rest of the world thought and was making progress in improving basic human rights. Not now. Under Xi it is a brutal dictatorship that smashed human rights, arrested critics, stifled even any discussion of government failings and oppression …and now is committing GENOCIDE! How can Canada and other democratic nations even be thinking of going to their Games??? The media …. instead of being parrots repeating the party announcements-du-jour … should be making this a BIG QUESTION to all the Leaders …and demand a FIRM resolve that we will NOT go!! h.o)

  8. daniel says:

    Welcome back Harvey.
    China does exactly what it says or wants, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. We only have to look as far to how they are dealing with Canadian citizens locked up in their prisons, using them as political pawns, as one example.
    Canada should use any means possible to stand up to them, be it boycotting the Olympics, sanctions, or disqualifying Chinese students from receiving an education here, to name a few. Fighting back is how you handle a bully. They will never “fight fair”. That is evident by now.
    Now that we are facing an election, politicians will only do whatever is politically expedient for them to either get in power, or to stay in power. Nobody will touch anything that may cause them to lose votes.
    Trudeau has about as much backbone as a wet noodle. He is more worried about what socks he should wear in the morning so he can preen for the cameras. He has already shown us how he deals with China by the initial way he handled purchasing vaccines from them at the onset of the pandemic. Costing Canada millions. You can bet he won’t mention that blunder, only how great he’s handled things lately and how he deserves your vote now.

    (Response: Elections are the perfect opportunity … and in the case of a majority government the ONLY time to really hold politicians to account. And Trudeau/Liberals have a lot to be held accountable for … their dealings with China are only part of it. Investment, trade and economic policies are always negotiable and malleable: but our PRINCIPLES and HUMAN RIGHTS stands and standards must not be! Watching Canadians being part of Xi’s Beijing propaganda Olympic spectacle/celebrations while that country is actively committing GENOCIDE is to much to ask. Xi/China’s aggressive actions and human rights violations are indeed WORSE than Hitler/Germany’s in 1936! Canada’s winter athletes and those from other human-rights-respecting countries should hold Freedom Games simultaneously somewhere else. And I hope this will become a major issue during the campaign …because I believe most Canadians would support holding Freedom Games rather than becoming part of the CCP’s extravaganza. h.o)

  9. Stu de Baker says:

    A decent topic for a bit of back and forth, to keep you at the teletype.

    But really, how can anyone expect a bunch of nations which allowed China to bid the games, to now protest what China has always been?

    Toss in limp political opposition, a complacent media, a disinterested populace and this is just another two Michaels, Khashoggi, Panama Papers discussion among a few friends.

  10. Gilbert says:

    The best solution is to move the games, but I think it’s unlikely. The second best is to hold an event with every nation that opposes what is happening in China. I don’t want our athletes to suffer, so let’s organize our own games.

    (Response: I agree…it CAN be done! And I believe millions of Canadians (and people in other freedom-loving nations) would want that. The problem is the Canadian media are so mesmerized by their Press Release of the Day campaign manipulation by the Parties, they are not pushing the issue and demanding FIRM positions by the Leaders and ACTION by the Liberal government. Would someone please remind them the Uyghur GENOCIDE is still going on daily! h.o)

  11. NVG says:


    (Response: Superb article … thanks. As I pointed out, when the Nazi Olympics were held, some people were being persecuted, but actual GENOCIDE had not yet begun …or was even hinted at or threatened …. unlike China, where it is actively underway. I especially noted the section “The failure of the boycott movement enabled Hitler to host the show of prestige and goodwill that he so desperately craved. Although we can never fully know how an alternative history would have played out, the consequences of the 1936 games appear disastrous in retrospect.” Canada and other free nations MUST NOT become of Beijing’s propaganda spectacle … regardless of the cost!!! Let there be Freedom Games simultaneously elsewhere h.o)

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