Farcical Iran Election Poses Problem for Farcical United Nations

So what’s the United Nations’ Human Rights Organization going to do now? How will the United Nations’ International Court of Justice react?

After all, UN member state the Islamic Republic of Iran has just “elected” a President nicknamed “the Executioner” and who Amnesty International says should answer for the disappearance of thousands of people, torture and murder!

“Ebrahim Raisi must be investigated for crimes against humanity” read the headline Sunday on Amnesty International’s official site.

It’s bad enough that Raisi was one of only seven candidates … all varying degree hardliners …. who were even allowed to run for Iran’s top political office by the country’s Guardian Council, a panel of twelve unelected jurists and Islamic “scholars”, who report to the REAL leader of Iran, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Dozens of others … more moderate, more progressive or even centrists … were “disqualified” from running and allowing the population to even consider them.

Some election!

Raisi is so scary that, during the last televised debate, one candidate challenging him for the office asked “If you win, can you assure me I will not be jailed?”

He may soon regret asking that!

Maybe the candidate had been reading Amnesty’s reports:

 “In 2018, our organization documented how Ebrahim Raisi had been a member of the ‘death commission’ which forcibly disappeared and extrajudicially executed in secret thousands of political dissidents in Evin and Gohardasht prisons near Tehran in 1988. The circumstances surrounding the fate of the victims and the whereabouts of their bodies are, to this day, systematically concealed by the Iranian authorities, amounting to ongoing crimes against humanity,” Amnesty said.

Read the entire chllling Amnesty International document here: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/06/iran-ebrahim-raisi-must-be-investigated-for-crimes-against-humanity/.

As recently as 2019, Raisi had blood on his hands …

“As Head of the Iranian Judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi has presided over a spiralling crackdown on human rights which has seen hundreds of peaceful dissidents, human rights defenders and members of persecuted minority groups arbitrarily detained. Under his watch, the judiciary has also granted blanket impunity to government officials and security forces responsible for unlawfully killing hundreds of men, women and children and subjecting thousands of protesters to mass arrests and at least hundreds to enforced disappearance, and torture and other ill-treatment during and in the aftermath of the nationwide protests of November 2019,” according to Amnesty.

Think about that.

We’re not talking about national leaders who wage conflict or even war with their foes (there are LOTS of those in the UN!).

We’re talking about a gang of brutal thugs … wearing religious garb, dark suits and military uniforms …who rounded up thousands of civilians (students, activists, teachers, journalists, minorities, fathers, brothers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles and grandparents), hauled them to prisons … and without even a Court appearance, had them tortured, to name other anti-Islamic-state “conspirators” and just plain frighten the public, and then were summarily executed.

Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini‘s deputy, Hussein-Ali Montazeri put the number between 2,800 and 3,800 in his memoirs,[41] but an alternative estimation suggests that the number exceeded 30,000.[42] Because of the large number, prisoners were loaded into forklift trucks in groups of six and hanged from cranes in half-hour intervals,” according to Wikipedia.

And Raisi was reportedly one of the organizers/architects of the massacres.

So what is the UN going to do?

After all, it’s farcical “Human Rights Council” has passed more than 80 Resolutions condemning the State of Israel for alleged violations of human rights and in May voted to ” urgently establish a commission to investigate all “violations”, not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel.”

And that has all been during various wars or as an occupying power, without any accusations or even suggestions by Israel’s enemies of extra-judicial executions like happened to those thousands in Iran.

So what is the UN going to do?

It SHOULD follow Amnesty’s advice and refer Iran/Raisi to the UN World Court for investigation and prosecution , to the UN Human Rights Council for condemnation and to the UN General Assembly for censure.

But it won’t.

UN Officials will be all smiles and handshakes (bumping elbows?) if the murderous new Iran President shows up in New York or at any worldwide UN office or receives any UN delegations in Tehran.

Perhaps he can invite them to attend the execution of that political opponent who embarrassed him on national television?

Sadly, that is the state of the world today … and the United Nations … and there are no signs it’s getting better.

Harv Oberfeld

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13 Responses to Farcical Iran Election Poses Problem for Farcical United Nations

  1. SG says:

    And sadly, whatever direction the UN goes, our PM is sure too follow. There’s nothing our PM won’t do bolster his presence on the world stage, even if that means catering to woke extremist left wing ideology of condemning everything Israel.

    (Response: Trudeau’s fawning and self-flagellation at the UN have embarrassed Canada …and got his personal ambitions there nowhere! If he wanted to REALLY provide leadership, he should stop being so politically correct and trying to please every ethnic politically active minority. Take a stand for democratic principles, honesty in government: defend democracies; denounce the dictators and murderous states/leaders … it won’t win Canada a Security Council seat, but dam, it will feel good …make us proud! h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Iran is a theocracy and like all theocracy’s they tend to be dictatorships. In Iran’s case it is a dictatorship, but Canada has ignored this and too our peril as well.

    The united nations is nothing more than a joke, kept alive by certain rather dim head’s of state, who seem to think the UN actually represents people.

    The UN ceased to be the UN decades ago.

    Combine the two and one sows the seeds of a fiasco, probably in the shape of a world war.

    What really abounds me is the number of Iranians in Canada who support the regime and send millions of dollars back, which in turn keeps their economy going.

    Canada’s limp response to thug countries, only empowers them more and if anyone has not noticed lately, no one gives a fig about Canada.

    Turn off the financial taps, seize assets of thug countries in Canada. What ever we had before is broken and it is time to start anew.

    Has not anyone in Canada’s politcal parties learned, appeasement only postpones war and the Iranian war will start when they have a usable atomic weapon. Shades of “peace in our times”.

    (Response: War is only a viable answer when dealing with violent regimes that are deliberately carrying out physical aggressive acts using military weaponry: otherwise, diplomacy, sanctions, economic pressures, trade embargos can and should be much effectively used to isolate and show rogue regimes that their misdeeds will not go unpunished. And NONE of these require the UN General Assembly or most of the UN’s inflated bureaucracy or corrupted, controlled and biased Organizations. Just watch how they “welcome” the new murderous regime Leader of Iran …the TOP sponsor of terrorist groups and terrorist attacks in the world. h.o)

  3. E. Johnson says:

    I think you know the answer to your question Harvey. The UN will do nothing. It is an organization that lost sight of its’ purpose years ago and simply marches to the tune of the totalitarian and rogue states of the world. Name a leader in the current world who has the guts to speak out on human rights abuses and is prepared to follow up in any meaningful way such as financial sanctions etc. I cannot think of one who will lead the way.

    (Response: When I was younger …much younger, in university … I used to think so highly of the UN. What a great ideal! A place where war could be avoided, human rights could be advanced worldwide and peoples of every nation could join hands. My, my … how the UN has betrayed that ideal: a place where money buys votes, where murderous dictators get to head the Human Rights Council, where the brutality of terrorists/regimes are too often overlooked and where unabashed anti-Semitism finds fertile ground to grow in policies, personnel and programs. So Iran’s new blood-covered President should fit right in! h.o)

  4. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Interesting post.

    Are you really surprised ? Lol

    I do not expect anything from the impedent body called the U N .

    The reality is it the USA has a dove as a president Iran flexes its muscle,

    If the USA has a hawk as a president Iran is meeker.

    The Iranian hostage crisis is a prime example.

    I was on San Diego Naval base the day the hostages were released,I am still hung over lol .

    The reality is as I was told that Regan had no problem making a oil slick out of Iran .

    Would this be happening if Trump was president?

    (Response: The UN still does some good work, in peacekeeping and providing a forum where major powers can at least try to hammer out consensus on issues, although they often fail. But the General Assembly is a joke, controlled by rich political/religious/ideological power blocs; UNESCO used to be an honourable organization …now very political, very weak and responsible for lots of waste; UNRWA is a Hamas stooge organization, that uses hate-filled text books that honour violence/terrorists in its UN schools. etc. Here’s some depressing reading on UN corruption: https://intpolicydigest.org/the-un-corruption-and-scandals-how-did-we-get-here/. So it’s not likely they’ll raise a peep about the Executioner President of Iran or his thousands of victims. h.o)

  5. RIsaak says:

    Meanwhile in Canada, the Liberals take in a green MP who openly supports Hamas? Anti-Semites are in many of our political parties, would allowing Israel to fail make them happy? 76 years since the final solution failed, these nutjobs forget history and are willing to parrot the goals & desires of 3rd world religious zealots! Who will they support next, Boko Harem, Myanmar’s junta, self appointed king for life, the Ugihur repressor Xi, Assad in Syria? Supporting the chaotic leadership (much of it is a proxy of Iran) in the Palestinian regions, will eventually just empower some of the most bloodthirsty regimes on the planet.

    (Response: I get it ..and understand when I see any country or leader criticized for policies, positions, actions. No problem with that. But it amazes me when I see politicians and community leaders voice support for openly undemocratic or terrorist regimes anywhere in the world that brutalize/oppress their own people, imprison/torture/murder their political opponents, professors, journalists and actively foment violence against their neighbours or terrorism throughout the world. Why the Liberals even accepted Jenica Atwin is another mystery …that should be questioned a lot more than it has been. We need to know more about why she felt comfortable among today’s Liberals: could affect MY vote in the coming September election. h.o)

  6. Gilbert says:

    I’m not sure how many Iranians in Canada support the Iranian regime, but the few I know definitely do not. One told me that Iran is now a pariah.

    (Response: Iran … before the Hangman of Tehran became President … was already so scary for the way it financed, advised and armed various Mid-East terrorist groups that several Arab nations have made overtures (some openly, some quietly) to co-operate and even ally themselves with Israel! I’m sure Raisi frightens them even more. h.o)

  7. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    Iran is a “Rogue” State, nothing more, nothing less .

    Iran will stop at nothing to create World Terror any chance they get and they will not hesitate one bit to torture or terrorize their own people, Iran will even torture and terrorize innocent Iranians within it’s borders to get to family or friends no longer residing in Iran .

    From all I know about the Iranian People almost all here despise their Iranian Leadership and they want Regime Change, Iranians to my mind seem to be more pro democracy than most cultures in the Middle East .

    Iran, China, and NOKO are a “Clear and Present Danger’ to all world democracies and now with Joe Biden in the White House China and Iran are once again free to create terror and other disruptive actions almost anywhere on the planet .

    Iran claims to “Have No Gays, because we kill them”, think about that just for a minute, they are intolerant of Jewish People, they DO NOT believe Israel has the right to exist, they want to destroy all other Arab States and they want to dominate/rule the whole of the Middle East and more, they will stop at nothing, they continue to test and terrorize at any opportunity .

    Under Joe Biden and his Minions as with Barack Obama Iran and their Proxies are emboldened and they will stop at nothing, they will do anything to disrupt other countries and cultures, they are relentless and they are Barbarians .

    While the “Bad Orange Man” was in the White House China and Iran were crippled in almost all endeavours whether it be Terror or Economic Terror, both countries were afraid of Trump . Countries like India, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and so many more not perfect themselves were all willing to stand up to China and Iran because of the U.S. and strength in numbers .

    During the Obama Admin the Iranian people seeking freedom were close to toppling the Terrorist Regime, Obama DID NOTHING but offer those seeking Freedom and Democracy an “Anchor”, he cared nothing about them .

    Let’s keep in mind that it was Trump that destroyed ISIS, once called the “Junior Varsity Team” by Middle Eastern and Top World Leader Barack Obama, guess what ISIS was destroyed and order was more or less restored in much of the Middle East, innocent people wee better off and most countries in that region were safer .

    Iran was also on it’s best behavior once the World’s Most Dangerous Man Qasem Soleimani was Assassinated by the U.S. or one of it’s Proxies .


    Iran was then on it’s best behavior, the only thing Terrorist Nations like Iran understands is the “Big Orange Stick”, nothing else really matters . China

    Now that Sock Puppet Joe Biden is POTUS and masquerading as a World Leader Terrorism has amped up just like it was before, Iran and China will not be held accountable and they know Biden is not worthy .

    As to the UN ?

    The most important thing to any politician or staffer at the UN is this, “Which Caviar and which Champagne will we have for dinner tonight ” the UN should be completely re structured and it cannot happen too soon .

    What kind of an organization has countries like China and other similar terrorist dictatorships on their Security council or Human Rights ? As Joe biden might be heard to say “Come On Man” !!

    And the UN and their Peace Keeping ? they would be better off much like way Canadian PM sees it, he thinks it is “Bee Keeping”, “That is what uh works uh best eh for ah Canada .

    Here is a horrific and sickening of what UN and their so-called Peace Keeping Countries offer the worlds most desperate and innocent .

    Dirty Bastards !



  8. Nonconfidencevote says:

    ” ………. inflated bureaucracy or corrupted, controlled and biased Organizations. ”


    Geez, for a second there I almost thought you were discussing Canada…..

    As for the U.N.
    The League of Nations irrelevancy before the Second World War comes to mind…..

    Perhaps PM Justin Trudeau could become this century’s PM Neville Chamberlain

    One can only hope.

    (Response: Trudeau does seem rather weak and gullible in dealings with the dictators of the world. h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:

    We must also keep in mind that there were 4 Middle East Peace Treaty Agreements, The Abraham Peace Accords cobbled together between Israel and UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan all brokered by the last U.S. Admin . Let’s be honest if that was accomplished under POTUS Kamala Media would have actually covered it and reported it as if it was the first landing on Planet Kryptonite . The applause would never stop .

    Yes the U.S. Admin deserves much credit for the Abraham Acord Treaties but much of the credit goes to the fact that the U.S./Kushner was well aware that almost ALL Middle Eastern Nations/Arab States are more than somewhat afraid of the Terrorists that control Iran, who was it that spoke of “One’s Common Enemy Makes Interesting Affiliations” ?

    In other words Iran actually had a hand in convincing Arab States to Stand With Israel .Truth be known a Second Term for The Republicans there would have been more similar treaties including with much more powerful and influential Arab States and Iran would have been even more marginalized, isolated, and crippled with sanctions and a consortium of powerful Middle Eastern nations including Israel standing together to hold Iran accountable and haalt Terrorist Actions by Iran, Iran would have been held accountable and they would have seen their influe3nce diminished greatly .

    Under Joe Biden and Kamala ? You know as well as I do, fewer sanctions, appeasement, no accountable for Iran or their Proxies as we just saw in the Terrorist Attacks on Israel and the Leftist Activist, Anti Israel and Anti American Media will continue to do the bidding of Iran .

    Whether it be the Canadian Greens, the UK Labour, or Iran, they ALL want to see Israel suffer and fail, I wonder why ?

    How is it that so many World Governments seem to turn a “Blind Eye” to Terrorist Iran Regime and their Proxies, what makes normally decent people, political parties, media, and so called democracies “Hate Israel’ so vey much ?

    It is only my opinion but much like many things the very biased hateful Anti Israel media can claim a high percentage of the blame for all of it .


    Let’s see how many Middle Eastern Peace Agreements POTUS Biden makes with his limited time in the White House .

    Over to you Kamala .

    (Response: It’s not only ” Canadian Greens, the UK Labour” that has employed a hypocritical double standard with regards to other countries like Iran, China, Russia, Hamas, Hesbollah etc. … never condemning or calling for sanctions or boycotts … while zeroing in repeatedly to denounce, condemn, censure and urge sanctions again Israel … over and over. The federal NDP in April voted “voted overwhelmingly to endorse sanctions on Israel during the party’s 2021 convention” reported the Middle East Monitor. Read the details here: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20210412-canadas-ndp-party-endorses-boycott-of-israel-settlements-arms-embargo. Their one-sidedness proves to me the federal NDP is NOT fit to be Official Opposition, let alone govern.
    And just last Friday, the Canadian Labour Congress at its virtual Annual Meeting passed an “emergency resolution” adopted an “emergency resolution” calling for a ban “on goods produced by Jews east of the Green Line, divestment from Israeli security companies, and a halt to Canadian arms sales to Israel”. As B’Nai Brith Canada pointed out afterwards “The resolution made no mention of Hamas, the terrorist group which recently fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians and regularly calls to murder Jews, nor of the barrage of antisemitic attacks in Canadian cities that accompanied the recent Israel-Hamas fighting.”
    Interestingly, I can find NO COVERAGE of this outrageous/despicable one-sided move in Canadian media!! The one-sidedness bothers me greatly …esp from unions that so often ignore/support dicatorships/terrorist regimes that forbid real unions/strikes, treat women like chattel, kill homosexuals and imprison/torture/murder their own political opponents. Something very wrong there. h.o)

  10. BMCQ says:

    Sanctions work for any country that steps out of line for almost any reason whether it be to damage the economy of say Iran or Russia to name just two .

    Boycotts can also be used and in the case of Iran or China Boycotts could/can have devastating results and even result in Regime Change if those Boycotts or other Sanctions are applied to maximum .

    A group of countries or a large economy like the U.S. can do a lot of damage, that should remind us of the Biden Admin canceling XL when under Obama the U.S. built thousands of miles of oil pipelines with no notice, wonder why Canada/Alberta were chosen for tough treatment ? Why do they halt a Canada Pipeline and allow Iran and Russia to get Oil to market ? Much of it going to China ,

    You can then ask why the U.S. Biden Admin has relaxed pressure on China and Iran, wonder what Canada did wrong, I thought POTUS Joe/Kamala Loved Canada .

    Biden Admin is also allowing Iran to get Oil to world markets and renegotiating Nuke Treaty just when the Iran Economy was floundering, hmmmm .

    Talk about Farcical !

    I wonder what the UN might think about that ?

    Do not worry they will get right back at you with an answer just as soon as they finish their mix of of Iranian Almas Caviar and Dom . Lovely

  11. e.a.f. says:

    So what is the U.N. going to do you ask. Same as always. NOTHING.

    Really what has the U.N. done when it comes to this type of thing? NOTHING.

    they all sat around while Pinnochet murdered people. their armed forces burnt one 15 yr old girl so badly she came to Canada for medical care.

    Then we have Argentinia and the disappeared along with stealing the children of their political prisoners and giving them away to their supporters who wanted to adopt. They kept some pregnant political prisoners alive until they gave birth. Then they murdered them via torture. We do remember all those Mothers in the square looking for their children on Friday afternoons don’t we.

    No one ever does anything because at one level or another some one’s ox is going to be gorged. Lets remember Nigeria hung a world famous poet because he objected to the explotation of oil in the region he came from. Not even the Pope’s pleas were considered. No Shell Oil wanted Ken Saro Wiwa gone and he was hung.

    The invasion of Iraq in my opinion was a crime against humanity. that country still hasn’t recovered. then we have China and the Muslim population. Putin certainly qualifies as a murderer. No one is ever going to arrest any of them if they step outside of their countries and that includes Kimmy 3 in North Korea.

    Of course we ought not to get to far ahead of ourselves when it comes to crimes against humanity. Over 700 graves in Sask. Over 200 in Kamloops. None of us are clean. The americans murder African Americans and until the last murder of an Africian american by cop, they didn’t go to jail. At least this judge sentenced the cop to 22 yrs.

    Once upon a time we had the Nuremburg trials. Since then we have had any number of killers in political office who would have meet the standards for a Nuremburg type trial, but I don’t expect to see too many of them. the Court of the Hague recently sentenced one of the Serbian leaders, Karadizic, for his version of ethnic cleansing, but that is about it.

    The U.N. and others will usually go after the “small fry”, but the big boys and girls, they get invited to special occasions with ceremonies thrown for them.

    So I don’t expect anything to be done about the new President of Iran. The country produces oil and as much as some companies want their hands on it, they’ve already done their cost factoring on it and its too expensive to have a war to get it. It always comes down to the money.

    (Response: I too believe the UN these days is very selective in which nations/leaders they DARE go after… and the worst human rights violators and brutal regimes often get away with murder. At today’s UN , money talks and so does ethnicity, religion, political alliances. h.o.)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnstone makes a good suggestion regarding seizing the assets of rogue states, etc. However, unfortunately some one’s ox will be gored and all of these billionaires know each other and they in turn know the politicians who rule all the other countries. Who would have known all the people Jeffry Epstein knew. Its not much different when it comes to thug politicians and dictators. Look no further than Saudi Arabia and how well they got on with the Bushes and Trumps. Do they kill any fewer people than the Iranians? Do they torture any fewer people?

    I like D. M. Johnstone’s suggestion. Money is what people pay attention to. That is all that upsets people. when they loose their own money. It is something I noticed when the P.L.O. was getting started. Kill a plane passenger, not too many noticed or cared. Blow up a jet or two and the world sits up and notices especially the companies who own them and the politicians, they owned.

    BMCQ, don’t expect Biden to deal with the world’s problems. The world’s problems are up to the world to deal with and there are enough other countries who ought to step up to the plate starting with our country, Japan, the european countries, Australia, N.Z., etc. Biden has enough problems in his own country to deal with. Its not like G.B. and France don’t have nukes and couldn’t speak up.

  13. BMCQ says:

    As was pointed out earlier on this Blog Topic Iran and it’s Anti-Democratic, Terrorist, Hateful, and Double Dealing Leadership has been “Emboldened” with the Election of the Biden/Kamala Admin and as I stated Iran only understand the “Big Stick”, they will stop at nothing to create fear, death, and destruction amongst innocent law abiding people in any country, not just the Middle East .

    Appeasement NEVER works with Terrorist Nations like Iran, when will Leadership in the EU and the New U.S. Admin figure that out ?

    Then to assist Iran and it’s even more Radical “Just Elected” Leadership who is intent on bringing about the end and seizure of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, several other Middle Eastern Countries, many in Africa, and in fact ALL Christian/Non Muslim Nations world wide, POTUS Biden has relaxed many “Sanctions” and other Deterrents that kept Iran under lock and key for the past four years .

    Not to mention the fact that POTUS Biden’s own Anti Pipeline and Anti Exploration policies which has pushed the price of Oil to almost $ 75.00 USD, which is in fact assisting countries like Iran an Russia to profit from much increased Oil Prices which were almost half of where they are today only a year ago . In turn those higher Oil prices only deliver more CASH to Iran and Russia, think about that .HELLO !!

    Biden was finally pushed into taking steps to try to dissuade Iran and their Proxies from getting too aggressive . From what we have so far seen of the Biden/Kamala Administration it will always be too little and too late .


    Then of course we will soon see the Biden Admin enter into another “Farcical” Nuke Agreement with the new “Farcical” Iranian Government and it’s Terrorist Leaders .

    Never forget that very serious Protests by Courageous Freedom Fighting Heroes had the last Terrorist Iran Regime “On the Ropes” the Government was teetering and ready to fall, all the Freedom Fighters needed was a helping hand and funding from the U.S., the EU, Canada, and several other Free World Nations and they Regime would have fallen, it was that close . Iran would be a new Democracy today .

    Instead of offering help, assistance, and a Life Preserver U.S. POTUS Obama threw those Brave Iranian Freedom Fighters an Anchor !!

    Are you really surprised ?


    My apologies but your idea that Biden has enough to worry about at home makes no sense, Biden has created his own problems, even Democrats know understand and admit that Poor Old Joe created his own problems at the Border and his own crime riddled Democratic cites right across the U.S., no different than what Leftist Governments have created in the EU.

    Without control of Migration/Immigration, without Defined Borders, and without the ability to Defend those Defined Borders ONE has NO country, just ask the people of the now failing EU and any Border town in the U.S. .

    You talk about France with Nukes ?

    Come on, France would not stand up to Point Roberts, it is more than common knowledge that anytime more than 4 or 5 Tour Buses drive through the Arc de Triomphe at the same time the French Government automatically resigns .

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