First Nations Growing Support for Pipeline Puts Horgan/NDP on Wrong Side of Poverty

Premier John Horgan and the NDP are slowly but surely literally being left in the dust as more and more First Nations are seeing resource development … including oil pipelines … as the key to leaving poverty behind.

The banging of drums by even a relatively few anti-pipeline protestors always draws a lot of attention from the media … especially cameras … a true reflection of the old adage that the squeaking wheel gets the grease … and the coverage.

But the truth is more and more First Nations bands, members and community supporters have come to realize the potential financial benefits and royalties they can cash in on from not only the Trans Mountain pipeline project … but others as well.

And we’re talking pipelines that move BOTH oil and natural gas.

“The Indian Resource Council, representing more than 130 First Nations with oil and gas resources on their territories, has already consulted with the federal government and led preliminary meetings with First Nations about making a bid for the pipeline,” The Vancouver Sun reported a few weeks ago.

But that’s not all.

Trans Mountain has already signed Benefit Agreements with 43 First Nations … 33 of them in BC … to share the wealth, literally, their pipeline will reap.

And then there’s the Eagle Sprit $8 Billion pipeline project now in the works: 35 aboriginal communities want to build a full “energy corridor” … two natural gas pipelines and two oil pipelines to ship resources to Asia through a northern BC port.

And, they vow, if BC and Canada stymie their plans, they’ll look to an Alaskan port to export through.

Times … and reality … have clearly changed.

The goal of many more First Nations leaders now is generate enough long term revenues from royalties and/or transit fees to finally bring their people off perpetual welfare and handouts.

Not to mention the potential jobs their people could also share in during the construction, monitoring, maintenance and repair phases of the thousands of kilometres of all these pipelines.

Maybe easy for Horgan/NDP and the radical environmentalist extremists, sitting in their urban living rooms to dismiss … but many First Nations leaders have noticed the GOOD JOBS and MONEY that oil and natural gas have generated for other Canadians in BC, Alberta, Alaska, Hibernia, even the Russian offshore, the Mid East and other overseas locations … and they want IN!

The government … and the media … should take a hard look at First Nations still fighting to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline construction or expansion: how FEW they now are after years more of consultations, changes and so many successful Benefit negotiations.

Why so militant?

Because, I submit, some of them are just being selfish: very rich …. owning lots of land close to urban areas, well developed with housing projects, hotels, shopping malls and other very lucrative money-generating uses.

Several Coastal First Nations also have alternative sources of revenues: fishing, logging, mining in their territories.

But for many, many First Nations in northern BC and Alberta … sharing in the benefits derived from resources … yes, including oil exports … hold the ONLY key readily and realistically available to lifting themselves out of poverty.

They know Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ikea or Disneyland are not about to establish manufacturing, distribution, entertainment centers in their areas.

They NEED revenues and their people need jobs

Except those who prefer to sit on their traditions … and depend on government and the rest of us for welfare.

Harv Oberfeld

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9 Responses to First Nations Growing Support for Pipeline Puts Horgan/NDP on Wrong Side of Poverty

  1. Don says:

    The people you mention are focused on stopping pipelines and oil to save the planet while ignoring everything else.

    I talked to “environmental activists” this last weekend with their petition on the climate emergency and asked them why they were not actively pushing to stop all the massive concrete development and multi-story holes for thousands of cars that will have a near and immediate impact on the cities carbon footprint. And I asked have they considered the massive environmental impact that will occur when we have a large earthquake and many of those high-rises will have to be torn down and hauled away like what happened in ChristChurch. Where are the envirnmental studies on this and other projects like Broadway subway vs alternatives.

    They didn’t have a clue as they have been “trained” to focus on oil and the pipelines.

    I was also going to ask why are we building for more and more people when population is the major factor negatively impacting the earth but figured I would be wasting my time as all they could talk about was stopping the pipelines.

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Nothing wrong with resource development as long as it is down responsibly. Do you want a wake up call on what “responsibly” means? Take a flight from Calgary to Fort Mac and get a window seat. You can see first hand how NOT to do resource extraction.

    The vast majority of AlbertaBama’s oil is of such low quality and takes so much natural gas and FRESH water that if they weren’t basically getting it for free and paying no taxes – it wouldn’t be worth it.

    You finish with “Except those who prefer to sit on their traditions … and depend on government and the rest of us for welfare.” Hmmmm….

    I sure hope you are talking about corporations and Corporate Welfare….. because if you aren’t, that statement is wrong on so many levels. Before I say anything else about it, because it is so out of character, you may want to elaborate and enlighten us on it.

    (Response: First Nations poverty is a shame: I have often argued anyone living in areas (in any region or country) where there are no jobs or viable industries, they should get out; or, where there ARE viable resource job possibilities, they should be pursued …as long as every reasonable step is taken to safeguard the people, and the environment. To tell people to stay where they are …and live on handouts …is disgraceful, especially when they are used as pawns by politicians trying to win the “green” vote. h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    The Eagle Spirit 8 Billion dollar pipeline to a Northern Port. Enbridge revisited. I have never understood why everyone wants to push the Trans-mountain option. You have a massive road block in the name of the greenest wannabe city in the world. Youve got Vancouver and Burnaby solidly anti anything that doesn’t involve raising taxes . The only avenue to revenue to those two cities is property tax. Youve got NDP/Green mlas all over the place. Youve got thousands of unemployed professional protesters waiting for Cameras to roll.
    GO NORTH. Less green wannabes less NDP MLAs less protesters less public transit to chauffeur people to sit infront of a TV camera.Less TV cameras and with the lack of access Global cant just drive to edge of lake City to interview radical unemployables.
    A harsher climate far more suitable to hard work and revenue creation than the warmth and coziness of the lower mainland.

    (Response: I don’t like the terminal being in Burrard Inlet either …but the time to stop it was before it was built. h.o)

  4. D.M. Johnston says:

    Just some numbers to mull over.

    What it looks like to me is that for quick corporate profits now, the Canadian taxpayer is being left with a massive bill.

    If the media is to do anything, maybe they should look at who really profits from Bitumen Oil.

    Who owns Alberta Bitumen Oil? From another trusted website.

    Statoil – 99% Foreign owned
    M0cal Energy – 99% Foreign owned.
    Murphy Oil – 99% Foreign owned.
    Royal Dutch Shell – 98% Foreign owned.
    Devon Energy – 98% Foreign owned.
    ConocoPhillips – 98% Foreign owned.
    PetroBank Energy Resources – 95% Foreign owned.
    Husky energy – 91% foreign owned.
    Meg Energy – 89% Foreign owned.
    Imperial Oil – 88% Foreign owned.
    Nexen – 70% foreign owned.
    Canadian National Resources Limited – 59% foreign owned.
    Suncor Energy, 57% Foreign owned.
    Canadian oil Sands – 57% foreign owned.
    Cenovus – 55% foreign owned.

    On a $120 billion of fossil fuel revenue, Alberta only collected $827 million. in royalties. that is 0.072%. Canada collects 0%

    Estimated cost to clean up $280 billion (taxpayer’s dollars).

    (Response: Part of the problem is Alberta/Canada are being snookered by the US with deep discount oil prices: with the ability to export to other nations, WE could earn a LOT more ..and be able to share the bounty with our First Nations. h.o.)

  5. 13 says:

    Response @3. Harvey in the spirit of keeping it real my point was to leave the current TMX as is. Your right the time to stop it would have been before it was built. The damned thing is there. Its flowing and its been accepted and had they just shut up and maintained the pipeline we would not have been put on the hook to buy the pipeline by an PM that shouldnt be allowed to play with sharp objects.

    Build the Northern Gateway / Eagle Spirit .

  6. Gene The Bean says:

    DM #4
    Canada also subsidizes the oil and gas industry to the tune of 3 – 4 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money every year. Given to FOR PROFIT companies mostly owned by foreigners as you point out. Yet many don’t have a problem with that because they aren’t smart enough to think for themselves and listen only to what their ‘Dear Leader’ tells them.

    Yet some people complain about seniors, the infirm and Natives getting welfare. Talk about a double standard.

    Fracking technology has made AlbertaBama’s oil sands basically irrelevant. Oil companies are just going full on ‘slash and burn’ to try and squeeze whatever they can and then they’ll just walk away leaving us the bill. Again.

    Oil and Gas is a dying industry and the sooner it dies the better off we will all be.

  7. BMCQ says:

    I tend to agree with the bulk of your analysis and essay .

    Premier Horgan and Geoff Meggs are trying to be too be too many things to too many people and there is quite likely a very good chance that by attempting that silly balancing act most people will be left dissatisfied .

    First of all before I begin my post .

    For ANY ONE to suggest that “Oil and Gas is a dying industry” is totally delusional and in fact a very low information individual . It is more than obvious to me that some of us spent far too much time with Dr. Timothy Leary back in the day .

    There is absolutely No evidence to suggest that Oil and Gas will not be very important to People Kind for many generations yet to come .

    Oil, Gas, Petroleum, products of so many different kinds will be with us for a very long time .

    Each and everyone of us including the so called Protest Group wear clothing, shoes, hats, use I Phones, and so much more produced with the use of Petroleum Products . Hello !!

    Then there are those that are concerned about Foreign Ownership of Oil and Gas .

    Yes we should very seriously investigate and have strict guidelines as to who and what are invested in Oil, Gas, Real Estate, and so many other things but keep in mind that many of us including myself have property, investments of many kinds, in various interests in other Nations.

    Think about how many people you know including your own Pension Funds, and other Investments are Invested in other Countries Industries and Real Estate as an example .

    I went back and looked at the Pierre Trudeau and Marc Lalonde FIRA Program and although I would have been against it when it was implemented it now makes me think that something like FIRA may have saved Canadians a lot of heartache and frustration when it comes to the huge amount of Foreign Investment in Canadian/YVR Real Estate and much more .

    Especially when that Investment Money is arriving in Canada in the form of USD ! Canada was/is ON SALE .

    I believe strongly that we/Canada needs to get Oil and Gas to Market, I believe that it is imperative that we must immediately take steps to construct the required Pipe Lines for Oil and as and I agree that somehow we in Canada must manage somehow to build a Modern Oil Refinery somewhere in Northern Alberta close to the source and in proximity to a Pipe Line for Distribution purposes .

    Canada and Canadians MUST somehow manage to get Canadian Oil and Gas to market ASAP. We
    are currently selling our “Land Locked” Oil at a very serious discount and it is having an affect on each and every one of us .

    Imagine what we could do for Health care and the most disrespected Seniors if we were able to secure World Pricing for our Canadian Oil !!

    What he Hell is wrong with our so called political Masters ?

    And yes, all of that creates high paying employment with benefits for First Nations and any other type of Canadian that is willing to work .

    Yes Horgan and Meggs are on the wrong side of poverty on this but they are like too many politicians they are pandering to one group or another . in his case they are pandering to the First Nations they believe will benefit them, the Green Side of their party that live in YVR and Victoria, and they are depending on those strategies to help them squeeze through the next election .

    Unfortunately Horgan, Meggs, and too many on his Blog fail to see that the Left is in trouble all over the world and in the case of Canada the NDP are going the way of the Block Busters !!

    Tick Tock !!

    As to ownership ?

    That is a huge question and Every Single Canadian should be considered before Government enacts Legislation of ANY Kind .

    PM Justin is overly fond of empty juvenile symbolic gestures and promises as he so wants to endear himself to the “Great Unwashed” .

    PM Justin just plays at being a “Statesman “, he is a “Pretend Statesman” at best .

    I want First Nations People to advance as much as anyone, my Wife’s Father was Metis, her Family lived in Alberta and they took in dozens of First Nations Children as a Foster Family, she unlike most WJW Activists on this Blog actually knows how it works and exactly what takes place with neglected vulnerable children in far too many First Nations Families . There is much work left to do . Trust me, it is more of a Parenting than a problem of Systemic Racism .

    Yes, perhaps First Nations should have an opportunity to invest in the Pipe Line but it would be a slap in the fact to each and every Employed, Hard Working, Tax Paying, Canadian
    if PM Justin was to literally give the Pipeline to First Nations and allow them to pay for their investment through Bonds or Future Profits .

    If that was to be the case the Bid should be open to ALL Canadians regardless of their Heritage . I would vey seriously take the participants on this Blog, (almost all) and put a Bid in myself if we could be guaranteed the ability to complete the Pipe Line and having the opportunity to reimburse the Government with Future Profits, Why Not ?!! Who Wouldn’t ?!!

    Yes, let’s accommodate and lets offer opportunity to First Nations People but let’s also ensure that All Canadians are afforded the same opportunity.

    “Benefit Agreements” are fine but we must ensure there is Balance !

    The bottom line here is we must get Oil and Gas to Market and Canadians, ALL Canadians must benefit .

    It is time that Premier Horgan and PM Justin considered ALL Canadians and quite playing silly, juvenile, Political Games !

    13 – 3

    Once again you run the risk of having too much common sense .

    You are 100% correct the current Pipe Line to Burnaby should be updated, repaired, painted and left in place .

    We should get the additional capacity with a Northern Gateway Pipeline to say Kitimat and or Prince Rupert .

    Imagine the high paying jobs, less expensive housing, the commerce, Malls, schools and even Universities that would be created in that area with a Northern Gateway Pipeline .

    We would then see much more Port Business in those areas with Rail Lines being full to capacity transporting Consumer Goods right across Canada, imagine what that would do the Economy of the North right across Canada .Even more opportunity for First Nations and other People of the North that seek to live a better life .

    in the meantime the Protesters in BBY would have nothing to complain about as they have never shown concern for the existing Pipeline and exports from the lower mainland .

    As all of the new Pipe Line would be handling the vast majority of the Oil up north there is NO Increase in Tanker Traffic in the Inside Passage and around Vancouver Island etc.

    In fact with the advancement and growth of the Import and Export Ports in the Kitimat and or Prince Rupert area there would be a reduction in Tanker Traffic in the Inside passage .

    I would guess that much of the Imported Products destined for the Prairies and Eastern Canada would be off loaded in the Northern Ports .

    It would be of great benefit to ALL Canadians if this could be discussed in great detail during the current Election Campaign Run .

    As to Premier Horgan ?

    Yes, he is “On the Wrong Side of Poverty ” and so very much more .

  8. Don says:

    The “environmentalists” are for the most part “privileged” and highly funded by non-Canadian sources (see Vivian Kraus research). They buy support from select aboriginals for protests to stop the oil pipelines and other developments. The problem is that this is short term cash for a few that dries up once the protest is over and does nothing to elevate poverty in the first nation communities. Many first nations have seen the long term benefits to their communities of participating in the development of natural resources and many more are coming to the realization that if they want to improve their lives they need to be active participants. Shame on the BC government for spending our money on endless lawsuits to stop that from happening.

    (Response: If anyone REALLY cares …not just talking eco-points for politicians … about ending First Nations poverty in the more remote areas (where they cant build condos or shopping malls etc) … then they should come up with SOLUTIONS if they want to deny them resource development/pipeline jobs and revenue sharing opportunities connected to oil etc. And it’s about time the MEDIA should wake up and start demanding ANSWERS to that issue when Horgan/NDP/Greens spout their anti-pipeline anti-port, anti-shipping rhetoric. What’s THEIR big idea to create millions in revenues for the First Nations living up there ..other than increasing welfare???? h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:

    Attached is another view on this .

    I am also beginning to wonder if PM Justin is also doing some sort of balancing act by not really taking a hard line on the “YES” Pipeline while at the same time dragging the process out aa long as possible to somehow delay until after the October Election .

    Does he actually believe that the Voter on either side of this issue will ignore all of the facts and vote for him without at least some sort of analysis of his stance on the Pipeline .

    Let’s face it PM Justin talks about pushing the Pipeline through yet he seems to be in no hurry to really do anything .

    He seems to be saying, “Let’s sort of talk about it, let’s talk about jobs and the environment but let’s not really put a shovel in the ground” .

    Let’s sort of continue to kick the can down the road and before we know it it will be October and we may escape with a narrow Win or a Minority Government” .

    Media do not seem to be pushing PM Justin or either side of First Nations Leadership on this either .

    For that matter Media are not asking Scheer all that much on the Pipe Line issue either .

    Seems to me like Media are now in the Summer Doldrums and they may still be there up until October 1st.

    Hey, nothing important at stake here, after all, it is only the Canadian Federal Election, we have BBQ’s to be concerned about this time of year, first things first .

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