French-Language Leaders’ Debate Airs Thursday … with Translation

It will be the final televised leaders’ debate of this federal election campaign: Thursday at 5 to 7 p.m. Pacific time.

And it will be interesting to see if the six party leaders take the same positions in French that they outlined in the English-language debate Monday.

Not just because most viewers will likely be concentrated in Quebec, but also because the parties/strategists will have had three days to gauge reactions to what the leaders said Monday … and how they were received.

The debate will be carried in French on Radio-Canada … and with English translation on other networks.

Harv Oberfeld

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28 Responses to French-Language Leaders’ Debate Airs Thursday … with Translation

  1. BMCQ says:

    What are the odds that Bill 21 does or does not come up ? Perhaps DBW can source the Line on that .

    Whether it be French or English the Debate will consist of the pathetic gimmicky cliche symbolic phrases about PC SJW Pablum regarding The Climate Change Charade, First Nations, Identity Politics, Racism, Sexism, White Supremacy, White Male Privilege and the rest of the Drivel tha really matters not to Hard Working, Tax Paying, Contributors who are ripped off each and every day by Wasteful Bloated out of control Government Bureaucracy that never ceases to suck the Life Blood out of those same Hard Working Individuals .

    As usual Media will speak in Mumbo Mumbo Jumbo Terms their time wasting not even close to impotent probing questions about how marginalized people deserve more from the Tax Payer .

    Guess what folks, the Tax Payer is long past accepting that mean nothing tripe and as the man once said “We are pissed and we are not going to take any more of it” !

    The Liberal Government, the NDP, and each and every SJW Poverty Pimp that feeds off the Public Teat is in for the shock of their life and the momentum is unstoppable .

    Tax Payers of all skin colors skin colors, religions, and ethnicities have had enough of the Tokenism, Phony Symbolism, and PC Pandering from unethical, devious, lying, impotent, snouts in the trough carpetbagging politicians who do nothing but demand more taxes and fees without offering or providing solutions to the high cost of government and cost of living without any relief .

    NO Elected Official ever states publicly that “I am hers from Government and I am here to tell you we will find Efficiencies and we will actually bring your ‘Taxes, User Fees, and Cost of Living” . And of course Media would never think of asking the questions of those same politicians .

    Neither the French or English Debates will offer much to the “Great Unwashed”, but worry not, the Voters know best and that will very soon prove to be very evident .

    The next costume you will see PM Justin Prancing around in will be the costume of the “Joker”, French of English version I am not sure .

    I am currently in California and I cannot believe how many people are asking questions about the Canadian Election and PM Justin .

    It seems everyone knows all about him and the fact that there is an upcoming election but believe it or not none of the impressions of PM Justin are positive .

    To me that says a lot .

  2. 13 says:

    Thanks a lot Harvey. Its your fault that I now will try to watch this French language debate. It never occurred to me that one of our fearless leaders might tell a different version of the truth in French than the English version.
    My guess is your right and the squirming, deflecting , double speak, about Bill 21 will be nothing short of sickening.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    This morning’s news announced Turkey had started bombing the Kurds. turkey is part of NATO, as is Canada. Wonder if any of our “fearless leaders” will mention Canada’s inaction and lack of condemnation of Turkey.

    Given Quebec is not keen on visible minorities, these days, which is how I perceive B 21, I don’t expect any of the leaders to mention the impending genocide. One could say the Kurds are going to be this century’s Jews, when it comes to slaughter.

  4. Gary T says:

    @BMCQ ….My feelings exactly. You were just a lot more direct, and harsh than I would have been.

    @13…..That has long been a problem with our politicians. It’s in French, English speakers will never notice.

  5. BMCQ says:

    I read this AM where Great Freedom Fighter and Warrior King PM Justin has now Branded UK Brexit Voters Racist Alt Right and now is attempting to make that same Label fit the Federal Conservatives and Andrew Scheer .

    I wonder if Mensa Member Justin is at the same declaring Millions of Visible Minority Ethnics in Canada, the U.S., the EU, and the soon to be Free UK, Bigots, Racist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, and any other DESPERATE Label he can uh think of ?

    More than 70 % of populations in any World Nation want Borders, control of Migration. Immigration, and the ability to defend those most basic principles .

    Of course PM Justin will not be asked this but his own Father PM Pierre granted Quebec that very thing to the detriment of all other Canadian Provinces and Territories and that act stains Canada to this day .

    Equality for only some one might say .

    I still do not believe Debate Hosts will allow Quebec Bill – 21 to become any significant part of tonight’s Debate .

    I suppose there is no way of knowing this and Media will certainly not ask the probing question but I wonder if any or all of the Federal Leaders made a pact with the Debate Board that certain subjects or a question about Quebec Bill – 21 be Off Limits and must not be subject to discussion .

    People (the Voters) should have the answer to those questions .

    Gary T

    I believe we have disagreed on a few subjects in the past, I am thrilled you agree with me on much of this, most things Political are just good common sense and there is lots to go around as unfortunately far too many do not use the good common sense given them .

    Don’t know about you Gary but as time goes on in this Election Campaign I grow more concerned with the lack of democratic oversight the Media provide the Canadian Voter, they seem to much like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, WAPO, NY Times, BBC, and so many more Uber Liberal Leftist SJW News Outlets in other World Nations, they have an Agenda while playing the Voter for Morons .

    Well Gary, I do not think the Canadian Voter is as Disengaged as Media would like .

    Enjoy the Debate tonight and let’s see if any of our concerns prove true .


  6. Harry Lawson says:


    I could not agree more with your response.

    So I ask how did we get here. ? With the media is due to a concentration of ownership ? Is due to budget cuts to investigative journalist ? Or all of the above ? Then I look at the qualities of the leaders and the candidates and I go really. I know many a good person who won’t run due to the scrutiny .we all have skelotons in our closet ,some more than others . Going to watch debate on C-SPAN

  7. Harry Lawson says:

    For clarification my agreement with BCMQ was for post 1

  8. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, you may say/write whatever you want about Trudeau, but he is the one who had Parliament pass leg. which sends a lot of families child benefit cheques each and every month. When you talk to younger families who are in receipt of this money, that is about all they care about. That is the no small matter of feeding your kids and keeping a roof over their heads. These parents have no “guarantee’ from Scheer and/or his Conservative party that he will keep those cheques coming. Scheer talks about tax deductions, etc. Tax deductions/credits don’t feed your kids. Cheques which come every month do.

    Many may argue this puts the country into debt, but those in receipt of these cheques worry about the here and now, i.e. the next rent/mortgage payment and feeding the kids three times a day.

    Watched some of the debate, mostly the Bloq candidate. Interesting. He is clear what he is going to support and that is Quebec. I do say, the man is representing those who will vote for him. We don’t see much of that with politicians. Its usually about them, their financial supporters, etc. Don’t agree with a lot of what he stands for, but he is doing the job those who vote for him want him to do.

    70% of the world’s population want borders, well you could be right there, given we have approx. close to 7 billion people, close to 2 billion in China and another billion in India. then you get to the hundreds of millions who live in dire poverty, for whatever reason. They will not put up with borders. They will move to where they can survive. Of course some may feel its o.k. to kill those border trespassers, so that still leaves me wondering how we in the west will help the Kurds now that Turkey has started their murder campaign against the Kurds. Borders have changed over history, either by agreement, war, or climate change. IF things go badly in the Middle East and Turkey sends 3 million Syrians into Europe how do they deal with it. Its hard to kill 3 million in, oh, right its not that hard. That has already a happened back in last century. How will our political leaders deal with it? Will they take refugees? Will scheer refuse to take Kurds? What will Quebec do? Didn’t watch the whole debate, but I’m sure not one leader brought up the subject of the Kurds.

  9. BMCQ says:


    As to PM Justin

    The facts speak for themselves or he admits to his indiscretions, he is a liar, you can ask the former AG, he has a Messiah Complex, he is a hypocrite on many different levels whether it be Black.Brown Face, Climate Change, His Silly Juvenile Costume Fetish, favoritism to Quebec, SNC Lavalin, he is a Make Believe Feminist even though he likes to be “Hands On”, more to come on uh that and I can hardly wait and do not forget the woman must always be believed and many more I could list except I am about to change locations .

    PMJustin is and always has been a Fraud and a Little Boy in a Mans Body, he has no character, he lacks courage, conviction, integrity, he is inept, impotent, stands for nothing but symbolism and tokenism and he is imbecilic , apparently he is rather charming though .

    So Turkey threatens to send another e Million into the EU you say . Perhaps you will now realize why the Soon to be free UK chose Brexit . Then there is this, why don’t UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Abu Dhabi, Japan, China, all wealthy giving nations offer to take 3 Million. Why does the UN not call all of those rich OPEC countries out and demand they take 4 Million ?

    Without control of Migration, Immigration, without Defined Borders and the ability to DEFEND THOSE Defined Borders one has NO Country, simply ask the good people of any EU Nation about those facts .

    NO Country including any Nation of mixed Cultures, Ethnicities, Skin Colours, or Religions should never allow anyone to settle in that country if that settler believes their Religion supersedes thst Nations Rule of Law . That is just good common sense much of which some one this Blog seem to have lost as they embrace some unrealistic Fairy Tale of everything is Balloons and Roses and we can change them from Their violent ways . I ask you to see how some in Manchester might feel today .

    The Kurds should not be abandoned, they have Blood and Treasure for us and they deserve to be safe with their families in a Kurdistan Defined by Borders .

    I have said on this Blog many times the Refugees we should bring to Canada are Minority Jewish People from the EU, the Middle East other than Israel, and Africa .

    Canada should also be bringing in Minority Christians from the Middle East and Africa along with Kurds .

    I believe Turkey is one of the worst World Nations ever and they cannot be trusted .

    The UN, The U.S. and all other World Nations need to change course in the Kurd situation and Turkey needs to be called out at the UN and the U.S. needs to give Turkey a No Go and No Fly Zone around Kurdish Territory .

    They say you cannot Nation Build in the Middle East but a Free Kurdistan with a share of the Oil would Defy that theory .

    All of this should be discussed in Debates and the Canadian Federal Campaign .

  10. 13 says:

    @eaf, you live in a world of clear cut decisions. Black and white no grey or beige. You admire the separatist for his convictions . You assume that only Trudeau will spend tax dollars to help less fortunate families. You cant see that perhaps other political parties are capable of helping the less fortunate while not plunging the country into incredible debt. Im almost sure that we havent “killed” anyone entering Canada legally or illegally.
    You also live in a world where tax dollars are always spent on food and rent and never on drugs and alcohol. A world where we should never check to see that tax dollars are actually spent on the less fortunate. Your right your world requires a Trudeau

  11. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, agree with your last 5 paragraphs.

    Your characterization of Trudeau, jst because its your opinion, doesn’t make it a fact.

    I don’t believe Trudeau is the only one who can provide social programs, its just that the Bloq, Greens, NDP aren’t going to form government. It will be either the Conservatives or the Liberals. Of the two, the Liberals have the better track record.
    As to not “plunging” the country into “incredible debt”, so we know Singh has said he’d impose a tax on the “super rich”, the others haven’t said much of any thing about how they’ll pay for it. A government could impose a super tax, prohibit off shore tax havens, remove subsidies to oil and gas, but really, with either the Liberals or Conservatives forming government, neither is going to do it. It then comes down to do we feed kids or not. For me, its a black and white issue. We feed the kids, dam the deficit.

    #13, given we have never met you don’t really know where I live so you can’t know what I observe or believe when it comes to how people spend their money. Yes, there have always been people who spend money on booze and drugs and gambling when it ought to be spent on their children. I’ve seen that for all my life and my parents saw it in their lives. Nothing new there. I’ve also seen how governments spent fortunes trying to “monitor” this type of thing with little to no results beyond a bigger deficit. When you have governments spending $10 to recover a dollar, its dumb and fiscally irresponsible. when the government allocates money for children, they do it for the greatest number possible. The majority of parents do try to do what’s right.

    (Edited..sorry..this is getting way OFF topic ..which is the debates/election)

    My advise to those who ask, if you live in an area where the liberals and/or NDP have the best chance of winning vote for them. Next Greens. I don’t see Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives doing much of anything for those who are living pay cheque to pay cheque in this country and there are at least 50% of the population doing that. 1/3 of the population don’t have any retirement savings. Those people can’t wait for the tax rebates, if they were going to get them. Just go out and ask parents what would happen if they no longer received that monthly cheque from the federal government.

    So the debates are over, now its sound bites and perhaps some fun attack ads. Now its time to find the advance polls and go vote.

  12. hawgwash says:

    e.a.f. “Now its time to find the advance polls and go vote.”

    I tried that today; twice, still haven’t voted.

    I arrived at the polling station at 9:10 to find 21 people ahead of me. Between 9:10 and 9:30, 3 people had voted and left. At that time a worker apologized and told us they were only allotted one “booth.”

    By 10:00, 8 people had emerged from voting.
    I realized I would be there for at least another hour so gave up and left.

    This afternoon I walked by another polling station, closer to where I live and saw only a handful of people in line. After 20 minutes, I was told I could not vote there; only at the location on my voter card.

    Not sure if I’ll try again or not.

    (Response: Regardless of who you plan to vote for …pls try again! You may also want to call the candidate of your choice’s office and let them what’s going on … they should be able to get more voting booths placed by the Elections Officer. h.o)

  13. BMCQ says:


    To the contrary, I see the Conservatives finding Efficiencies in Gov to protect Tax Payers from Gov waste and Bloat .

    I saw in the Debates where Scheer will be more responsible when it comes to Foreign Aid, secure Borders, reduction in Taxes for those that actually work and pay tax regardless of income . The Cons will increase Pensions but IMHO it should be more with NO Earned Income declared for those Pensioner couples with Income under $ 50 K, $40 k in the case of a single income .

    The Cons will help working people by finally getting Pipelines underway, does that not assist Workers right across the Country ?

    You know better than I do, the Greens, NDP, and Liberals only INCREASE Taxes, the evidence is everywhere .

    I hope all of you hear the facts speak for themselves when I point out the Climate Change Fear Mongering is nothing but a way to increase Tax on ALL Canadians when we barely contribute 1% of World Carbon, come on people, do not let the SJW Hood Wonk you, you are better than that, do not fall for it .

    How much Money do you think the removal of the Carbon Tax by the Conservatives will save Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians that commute from Squamish, Abbotsford, or White Rock each to Downtown ?

    Frankly I do not believe you are being fair to the Conservative Party .

    Most Canadians want Health Care, Education, Safe Streets, Secure Borders, Employment, Government spending to be under Control, to pay as little Tax as possible so they have disposable income and all the rest like Canadians had up until the 90’s as their parents had when they raised those Tax Payers of today .

    That quality of life is unattainable under Green, Liberal, or the NDP whether it be a Majority or a propped up Minority of any partnership between the three mentioned .

    The People of Canada are not quite as dumb as you might believe and I strongly we will evidence of that quite soon .

    Please explain how any Canadians can have retirement savings with the cost of Housing, Pharma which is barely talked about, Carbon Tax, Utilities Tax, Property Tax Which affects ownership and rents, Gas Tax with Fed Tax on Tax, Transit Increases, Increases in Tax on business which affects employment, and so many more .

    I have been involved in one kind of finance or another for a long time and I stand by my record, Tax Credits if managed properly are a better more secure way of saving than almost any other way for the vast majority of Canadians .

    Canadians have a far better chance of controlling And actually reducing costs of those Fees, Taxes, and Services under a Scheer Government than any of the others .

    Please tell me this Harvey, when were the Greens, the NDP, or the Liberals ever ever accused of reducing or eliminating a ‘Tax anywhere in Canada ?

    When was the last time you recall someone from the NDP, the Greens or the Liberal Party in Canada or any Province cane u; to you, held out their hand and said this, “Hello, I am from the Government and I am here to reduce your Tax Burden” !

    Sunny Ways, my friend Sunny Ways !

    (Response: You will find my next blog, Monday, most interesting. h.O)

  14. BMCQ says:

    My apologies Harvey, too much traveling I used your name in place of eaf in my post .


  15. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, really how could you possibly mistake Harvey and I. Harvey is the cute cubby one, with the mike in his hand.
    Oh, the dreaded gov. waste and bloat. it always gives me a good laugh. Harper was there for 9 years. He cut a lot of front line services, but waste and bloat, not so much. Wasn’t it one of those Con M.Ps. who spent $16 on a glass of orange juice and expensed it to the tax payers. When the Cons form government all they do it tell D.M.s your budget has been cut, now make do with what you have. What does the D.M. do, cut front line workers. less service for the general population. Less money, yes that worked very well for the Veterans during the HAPer/scheer years, yes, Scheer because he was part of the government as were a lot of M.P.s currently running for office, once again.
    Reducing taxes, means reducing services and that in turn hurts Canadians. As the saying goes, “I like taxes, it buys me a civilized society”. come to think of it, the last two Conservative governments ran large deficits and it didn’t accomplish much for the general public.

    I do agree we ought to pay pensioners more. The Food bank was on the noon news talking about the increase of pensioners who are coming in. So lets improve services to the kids and seniors and cut tax subsidies/breaks for the oil and gas industry, off shore tax hiding, etc. The oil and gas industry left a couple of billion $s worth of clean up in Alberta–abandoned wells. Many of these companies aren’t even Canadian. Their share holders are from such places as Communist China.
    We might want to look at alternative sources of energy.
    As to the carbon tax, eliminate that and there goes tax dollars the government needs for things like, well its supposed to be revenue neutral, but it does help. You see the more expensive gas is, the less likely people are going to do needless driving and boy is there a lot of it. Just look at the traffic jams.
    We aren’t going to change each other’s minds. the debate is fun though. Sorry you didn’t get to vote Hawgwash. Do try again. Its important that every one in this country vote. Thanks for the heads up thought about polling stations. I have to take a disabled sibling to vote and waiting can’t be part of the game.

  16. Gene The Bean says:

    Hawg, I had a similar experience yesterday.
    My polling station had five voting stations, my poll had the longest line. I took notice when for almost five minutes, no one was stepping ‘behind the cardboard’ to vote. After ten minutes I started watching the two ladies who were in charge at the table. It was painful.
    When a voter approached one put the ballots and envelopes together and sat there, ballots in hand, waiting for the other to take the ‘big book’ and dutifully cross the voters name off. Lets call her Glacial Glady.
    It took her an average of 4.5 minutes to “process” each voter. All she had to do was look at the registration card, look at the ID and cross a name off the list. A dead sloth moves faster. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who moves slower.
    So now I am 30 minutes in. Have been watching for 20 minutes and they processed four people. FOUR! There were forty people in front of me and now ten behind me. It would have taken me another 2 hours and forty minutes to vote.
    I called the supervisor over and asked her to watch what is going on. She then tried to tell me it is a time consuming and laborious process that takes time. I told her that it is ridiculous to make everyone wait because you have an ’employee’ who moves at the speed of a glacier. I asked her again to watch, she refused and offered me a chair. I told her to do her job and walked out.
    Returning three hours later I walked in the gym and there were two polling stations with no one waiting, another had two people waiting and the other three. My station had at least thirty.
    The supervisor came around the corner, saw me and stopped dead. I pointed to the lineup and said in a much louder voice than I intended ‘do your job’ and walked out again. I wonder what’ll happen when I return later today.
    Voting is one of our privileges. This ridiculous slowdown appeared to me to be almost purposeful.
    Last election the Con won by some 18%. However when the absentee and advance poll numbers were included, he won if I recall correctly, by about 14%. So, more progressive voters vote in advance polls.
    Wouldn’t put it past the Cons to try and game the system.

    (Response:Unacceptable. I hope someone from Elections Canada is monitoring the public comments/displeasure. There are two more days to go with advance voting ..they CAN do better! And the candidates should be speaking up too! h.o)

  17. G. Barry Stewart says:

    While many voters in the Chilliwack-Hope riding have relied on name recognition in voting for the son of former PC MP, Chuck Strahl, I used name recognition in a different way.

    “McQuillan” is the name of our NDP candidate, Heather McQuillan, who has been helicoptered in from Vancouver. The name rang a bell, so I went for it.

    I don’t always vote Orange — especially federally — but neither Blue, Red, nor Green were right for me, this time.

    My wife and I had a fairly easy time at the advance poll last night, with only 2 or 3 ahead of us. Curious, how they couldn’t afford an extra voting booth, though, as surely the staff could have handled a doubling of the snail’s pace. Is a single booth the norm, for advance polls? I suspect it reduces chances of errors.

    Also: thanks, Marge, for the link to Rex Murphy’s editorial. He does have a knack for skewering people with his words! Not unfairly, I’d say.

  18. G. Barry Stewart says:

    GTB said, “A dead sloth moves faster. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who moves slower.”

    Well, you should see border agents at “work,” especially at the, um… ‘south’ side of a local crossing. I dare not say much more, for fear of getting placed on a list…

    A spoof on a World Border Agents Olympics could be good fun!

  19. hawgwash says:

    Gene, after my experience at opening on Friday which, had I stayed, would have turned into a two hour wait, I went to the 4 main campaign offices, to express my angst.

    They were all concerned but apparently to no avail, as I would see throughout the day.

    In the morning, the head gal said she would try to get another booth and helper; didn’t happen.

    In the end, it took me 4 runs to get ‘er done; the last being 10 minutes before closing.

    On each attempt I was met at the door by folks leaving in disgust, having not voted.

    One lad waited an hour and a half to find out he was not on the list, even though he had the voter card. He was told to drive half an hour to the local Elections Canada Office.

    Aside from the sheer nonsense and lunacy of it, my riding (Lizzy May’s) has historically had one of the highest advanced voting percentages in the country. They should have been prepared, on that score alone.

    Had I remained in the May column, I would have given up after the first attempt, knowing she is pretty much assured the seat. But I changed my mind in the last week and was determined to vote.

    Absolutely unacceptable. I felt like I was seen as a nasty piece of work for complaining and after the election I will be screaming for change.

    (Response: I hope the media …who monitor this blog … are on to this. It’s a good story …and important issue …that Elections Officials and candidates should be press on TODAY! h.o)

  20. e.a.f. says:

    Some are slower than others at polling stations, but if one person is especially slow, that needs to be fixed. If the “supervisor” won’t fix it, there is a problem and my suggestion would be report it to Elections Canada and your favorite political party. People walking out because it takes too long to vote, is not appropriate. voting is our right as Canadians and no one has the right to “dissuade” us from voting by working so slowly/

  21. BMCQ says:


    I apologized to Harvey and I should offer you the same, I have no excuse other than I was pressed for time . I am sure Harvey took it as a compliment .

    Finding Efficiencies in Government, cutting back on silly SJW Projects, reviewing Foreign Aid to Countries like China does not cut services but it might take away the frivolous Carbon Tax . In any business or government for that matter we need to find Efficiencies and there are several BCTF and other Gov workers that and attest to that very obvious fact .

    I have stated this before on this Blog I strongly believe that Government Workers at all three levels are literally the Life Blood of this country, however as each and every Gov Worker on this Blog can confirm there is also at the same time a certain percentage that do not accomplish much and create Bloat and Waste . Government is no different than Private, Efficiencies can be found, again, it is only simple common sense regardless of Party affiliation .

    Why was this not discussed on any of the English or French Debates ?

    There are far too many people using the Food Bank that should not be, I have a close family member who has had $ Thousands from us over the years that can be seen at the Food Bank Smoking every day it is open, she used the Food Bank to finance her bad habits and poor choices . A No Questiins Food Bank has created a Monster that cannot be fed and too many in need go without . I have even see people park a nice car around the corner and go to the FB, disgusting .

    Harvey did/does not see the benefit of longer debates but I have had many tell me they actually learned much of the Leaders and Parties and would have watched more so that to me is positive .

    No comments here from others and I am away but from what I saw of the French it seemed for the most part to be fairly well run and there seemed to be better control without talking over each other . Keep in mind I have only seen about the first third but look forward to more . I was honestly surprised Bill 21 came up, we needed more serious discussions about that, Migration, Borders, Cancelling of Carbon Tax, and other things that affect Hard Working Tax Payers instead of the symbolic tokenism of PC SJW stuff .

    How could anyone take Greta seriously, that whole Charade of the $ 4 Million Dollar Boat Built out of almost 100% Petroleum Products should have been discussed but the Leaders were of a 15 year old Con Artist .

    If I was there I would have in my best French asked Elizabeth May why they Photo Shopped a Recyclable Straw and Cup in their Green Promo Posted but not a word in any Language during the Debate . Phony Hypocrites .

    It is most distressing that there are problems at the Voting Centres, we should get Government Workers in to reorganize all Polling Stations, I am sure that would cut wait times down to seconds .


    McQuillan is a very noble clan and name which can be traced back to Dunluce Castle in N. Ireland .

    I am very upset that some of them have taken up with the Devil and have thrown in with the NDP, they have all been taken out of my will .

    I do not know or understand why “They went to the Dark Side” but it has brought great sadness to my life .

    Only a few weeks ago I was visiting the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax to pay my respects and have a word with another long lost relative William MCQUILLAN – Grave Stone 183 who served on and went down with the Titanic .

    I am sure now that William is aware some relatives in B.C were representing the NDP in a Canadian Federal Election he is now on a “Double Spin Cycle ” in his Grave .

    Harvey would know better than me but regardless of their politics Rex Murphy and Conrad Black are wonderful writers and they don’t seem to get enough of their opinion pieces discussed in B.C. .

    Having said all of that I believe the Networks should each reply all of the Debates for those that did not see all of them or only parts of them .

    Yes they accessible On Line and that is how I have seen them up to this point but not everyone will do the On Line search .

  22. 13 says:

    Here is another GTB type voting fiasco story. We live next door to an elementary school. Our voter cards were stolen from a community mail box out here in crime riddled Chilliwack. So we crossed the street to vote and were told that we could not vote at this location until Oct 21. Our early voting place is a long ways off on South Sumas Road. The polling clerk told me that the school we were at was mostly for Promontory addresses.
    Oddly if you live in the Promontory area you must drive right past South Sumas to get to the school on Manuel next to my house. Typical government waste. If they cant organize a simple vote how can we expect free tuition, free daycare, free pharmacare free transit, free safe injection sites, free dental, free medical.
    Some day maybe Harvey will allow us a free rant on the topic of our choice.
    So because Im a die hard environmentalist I will wait til Oct 21 so I can waddle over to vote.
    PS there were only two voting booths and one very long line up.

    (Response: Hmm! Maybe “a free rant on the topic of our choice” after the election would be a neat experiment: I will definitely need a break. BUT no doubt I would have to limit it to ONE posting topic per writer … apart from responses/comments … and no more than 1,000 words each! LOL! h.o)

  23. DBW says:

    I voted today at 4:45. It took about 2 minutes including time chatting with the lady at my polling table. She said that there had been a steady stream of voters but my experience was typical.

    Meanwhile over at there has been a dramatic change in their forecast. Last week, the Liberals had a 71% chance of winning. Now it is pegged at 56% to 43% for the Conservatives. There is a 1% chance of a tie. Interestingly, the Conservatives have a teeny lead in the overall popular vote. A minority government by either party is still the best guess, but there is a 30% chance (21% Liberal; 9% Conservative) that we could get a majority government by a party with not much more than 35% of the vote. And the way the minor parties are polling, a minority government could survive with the Bloc’s support.

    And before BMCQ rants about the inaccuracy of polls, it is not my purpose to swear to the veracity of polls. I am just curious about some of the scenarios that may result this election. e g. a majority with fewer than 40% of the vote, the Bloc holding the balance of power, a party (the Liberals) losing in seat count and popular vote, yet hanging on to power with the support of the NDP and Greens. Fun times.

  24. BMCQ says:

    Honestly, I do not ever recall ranting on this Blog about anything at any time .

    Yes, every once in a while I may perhaps have the odd opinion about any given topic but I am always very careful not to push my ideas too strongly or accuse any one here of being a Knuckle Dragger, Considerably Less Educated or Less Compassionate because they are a Rural Country Bumpkin, I simply like to make my points politely and trust those points are met with Agreement .

    I will however hold my own opinions up against any Polling we have seen on almost anything we have seen from the Professional Pollsters we have under so called modern methods, the facts speak for them selves, correct Premier Dix, President Hillary. Prop Rep, No Brexit, and so many more .

    I will check out a little later today, I am sure it will prove interesting . As a matter of fact I am going to make a point of studying 338 and several other well known Pollsters the day after the Election Results are in just to see how they all stack up against one another .

    Personally I cannot see how the Liberals can have any where near as much support as some here, in the Unbiased Media, or Pollsters seem to think, if we have ever seen a more discredited Federal Leader at any time in Canadian History than poor PM Justin I would be shocked . Each and every time we see him respond to any question he looks like he has been hypnotized by Raven at the old Orpheus Theatre Shows Back when I was an innocent young boy . YIKES ! !

    I do not know about you but that 338 Poll Total Reversal would trouble me if I was them, how could that be ?

    People on this Blog and in the Unbiased Media continually tell us that “Voters Have uh Already Made Up Their Minds” .

    The change in the 338 Polling flies in the face of accepted logic, I would like to hear their explanation, perhaps you could offer up an opinion .

    Personally, and I may be mistaken I feel PM Justin and the Liberals especially in B.C. the Maritimes (I was recently there for 4 days and did my own Polling) and even slightly less in Quebec have been in “Free Fall” for quite some time . I believe they are as one well known Pollster might put it “Toast “ !

    Again, it is not often I have a strong opinion on anything but I believe the Liberals made a FATAL mistake when they did not FIRE PM Justin, “Push Him over onto his Own Sword” and anoint JWR their “Warrior Queen” and PM of Canada .

    If the Liberals had the vision and courage to bounce the ridiculously Inept, Impotent, Intellectually Challenged, Imbecilic, PM Justin out as their Leader they would now be preparing themselves to Win a very strong Majority in the upcoming Election .

    The Liberals will soon regret their inaction and as a Conservative I am ecstatic they were not up to the challenge .


    Again it is only my opinion but I am personally against Polling Results being published any time inside say 6 weeks or so before an election, I believe some less educated, less life experienced, and considerably less moral Rural Voters may be influenced by those published results .

    (Response: I believe many readers of this blog would disagree when you write “it is not often I have a strong opinion on anything”. 🙂 h.o)

  25. Gene The Bean says:


    I returned to the polling station today and it was basically empty – perfect.

    As I approached my designated station I see Glacial Glady is still there but with a different lady who greeted me with the ‘Hello, Bonjour’ as I approached, obviously a pro. I knew I would have to say something about how slow the process was before, call it my civic duty.

    I provided my voter card and ID and Glacial Glady started looking up my name in the big book and the new lady explained, very efficiently, the process and what I was to do.

    Glacial Glady was still searching in the book……

    The new lady then taps on my name on the voter card. Glacial Glady looks and continues searching….

    The new lady then reaches for the book and flips about three pages, quickly finds my name and points it out. Glacial Glady then grabs her ruler and draws line through my name….. slowly.

    (Edited.. no need to get that personal with her.)

    Harvey, I’m sure you got just as big of a kick out of this “Honestly, I do not ever recall ranting on this Blog about anything at any time” as I did!!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. BMCQ says:

    You mean it was not obvious the comment was intended to get a laugh ?

    Really ?

  27. Harry lawson says:


    I actually smiled lol . It made my day .

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