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Government Media Funding = Government Media Control

February 6th, 2017 · 34 Comments

Canada’s media giants are crying the blues … again ….  even going after taxpayer CASH funding of their businesses, all the while running up profits in the millions of dollars.

And using their own staffs as fodder in the battle for breaks and bucks … again …. killing off even more media jobs … and threatening even more … unless a ransom is paid.

But direct public funding of private media would make things even worse … not better.

A report by the Public Policy Forum …. a think tank largely funded by the federal government …  last week called for a new federally funded agency that would hand out up to $400 million a year to news operations to improve their local news coverage. You can read about that here:

What better way for politicians and government to influence news coverage! Fund it!!!!

Does anyone really believe news organizations receiving federal funds ….. especially funding that is annually “reviewed” …would not be affected in deciding what and how to cover issues that even remotely could be linked back to government policies and parties … whether social, environmental, health, financial and even partisan politics?

With so much of Canada’s media owned by huge corporations and multi-millionaire owners who not only benefit from tax breaks and generous write-offs,  but also hand out large contributions to politicians and parties, many Canadians are already convinced big business links, donations and political partisanship play too large a role in what is covered in the news and how…. and also what is NOT covered and why.

Direct funding from the government in power, using taxpayers’ dollars, to media outlets would make that even worse.

And I personally don’t believe it’s just a coincidence that, at the same time this latest report was released and government attention was being directed to a “crisis” in deteriorating local news coverage across the country, a number of media giants announced or proceeded with more job cuts.

Postmedia last week began issuing layoff notices job at the Montreal Gazette, and Ottawa Citizen …with others to come soon at the Windsor Star … all part of a Postmedia plan that union officials say has seen 3,000 jobs cut in the past six years.

Torstar, the Globe and Mail and Bell Media have also announced more layoffs …. continuing a trend that began years ago.

To say  the quality of their products have not been affected by all the cuts and downsizing is putting it mildly.

They should not be surprised or avoid the truth: any subsequent drops in readership/circulation/revenues are THEIR fault …not the public’s.

And yet, ALL continue to report PROFITS in the MILLIONS!

I believe these latest moves are pressure tactics by media bosses trying to influence the House of Commons’ heritage committee, which is currently considering the state of newspapers in Canada.

There should be NO direct government cash to these media conglomerates: existing tax rules already allow them generous write-offs for expansion and hiring, to increase corporate welfare.

If they want MORE readers , they should improve and expand their offerings/coverage … including FREE on-line access to all articles … which would generate more visits, and more advertising, both in print, on apps and on-line.

In fact, The Tyee recently offered what I would describe as a decent plan on how to improve local newspaper coverage right here in BC:

Much better than government funding and government influence.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 RIsaak // Feb 6, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Hammer meet nail! The traditional media outlets are all experiencing shrinking viewership/readership, the paradigm of news has shifted away from legacy outlets, which have already become dependent on government ad revenue. Staffing cuts in conjunction with editorial bias has caused all legacy outlets to skew the coverage somewhat. In every election cycle we get editorial endorsements for one option or another, hardly the actions of an objective media. Further taxpayer funding will only further exacerbate the practice of editorial interference, no one wishes to bite the hand which feeds their families. Great post Harv!

    (Response: Some of us will always prefer hard print newspapers to have, hold and peruse …even the ads. But let’s keep it real: the younger generation prefer digital … but with so many sources available free, most will never pay to read online. The challenge is for newspapers to provide their papers free online, attract thousands more readers by providing high quality info, well researched in depth civic coverage, some written with a fun attitude, even provocative exchanges of opinion … and then cash in on advertisers who would pay handsomely to reach large numbers of upwardly mobile, working professionals and news followers interested in real civic and regional and provincial issues ….not just get federal funds to bring us more shallow instant crud that affects only very few involved in the story. h.o.)

  • 2 DonGar // Feb 6, 2017 at 9:43 am

    The government wants to control the press and this will help shape the news in their favor or else no $ for you. Can you spell sponsorship scandal?

  • 3 13 // Feb 6, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Well Harvey it boggles the imagination to start to connect the dots. A conspiracy of epic proportions. Control the media and control the message. I think that the farm animals have fled the barn about 15 to 20 years ago and the barn doors have long since rotted and can not be closed.
    The corporations that own the MSM are so deep into government pockets and policy that when they lose the odd election (DJT) they cant believe that something got away from them.
    On a smaller and more local scale just look at the top 10 posts on PSR 8 or 9 are regarding lay off, cost cutting, or out right termination without cause. It seems that anyone in that line of business had better keep their resume up to date as well as look for work in a different field.
    So how can they cement the deal? Why lets allow the tax paying public to start to subsidize our media machine. The public gets a load of crap fed to them and they now pay to eat it. This way even the people that have cut the cord with Bell Rogers Shaw Telus etc. are still paying something by way of income tax. What a perfect scheme.

  • 4 Gene the Bean // Feb 6, 2017 at 10:39 am

    The Feds are over a decade behind the BC Liberals.

    Gordo figured it out and the MSM in BC has been bought and paid for ever since.

    Maybe that’s why so many people are willing to be taken for a ride, over and over…… don’t have the intelligence to discern reality from government influenced propaganda.

    Somewhat topical, feel free to edit, sitting on the beach at happy hour(s) yesterday and a lady at the table beside me was blovating about how cannibis oil can “cure” cancer (the actual disease, not just alleviate pain or symptoms) and how massive doses of vitamin C can eliminate ear infections in infants better than doctor prescribed meds. She was much older than me so has been around the block. When a table mate challenged her, her defence was “she read it on the internet…..” OMG … remember, these types of people vote….

  • 5 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Feb 6, 2017 at 11:14 am


    That is a take-off on the 1974 anti-corporate canard coined by then NDP leader David Lewis during the federal election campaign of that year.

    Now we still have welfare bums, apparently, but within a more concentrated corporate cohort: the media.

    I wonder how much this desperation arises from the knowledge that all “typical” media outlets are faced with some form of certain “death” because of the information revolution out there that is slicing and dicing corporate balance sheets and shareholder dreams on a moment-by-moment basis.

    This is a world-wide media “problem.”

    Back to Canada, I think the government should have the brass to reject all entreaties and let the media chips fall where they may.

    Problem is, there is so much market manipulation out there that allowing for a little bit of “natural selection” to creep into the media-future discourse maybe a little too much for too many people, especially for shareholders of Bell, etc., who rely on dividends to stay alive these days, or something like that.

    As for the shredding of employees, that’s just tough. No mercy here.

    They need to do something else. Anything else.

    We have enough loud hailers assisting the Leftie Snowflakes out there as it is.

    It’s getting tiresome.

  • 6 Marge // Feb 6, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    I used to be a print junkie – I even subscribed to both papers for many years. Now I only read the local NOW and Leader just to see what is happening in my community and this is more of a five minute cursory glance – sometimes they just go to the recycle pile. I only read the Sun & Province at White Spot and that is only to have a good laugh at what these rags have become.

    Other than seniors, I see very few people who actually subscribe to the papers these days. The young get their news elsewhere. The rest of us use the Internet.

    The newspapers lost me when they become the equivalent of Russian Pravadas for the party in power. All the Sun and Province do is promote the agenda of the Liberal Party. TV stations such as Global and the CBC do exactly the same thing. It’s all about money. Whoever pays them gets them. They are bought propaganda machines.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if Trudeau gave them what they want – they will support his political agenda at little cost to him but a heck of a cost to taxpayers. And people will continue not to purchase them.

  • 7 BMCQ // Feb 6, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    I believe you have made a very astute, fair, and objective analysis Harvey.

    I agree with you that I do not endorse any Public/Tax Payer Funded Agency allocating Funds to News Media Outlets.

    There are far too many pitfalls to allow anything like that to take place.

    The last thing Canadian Tax Payers need is another Government Agency of ANY kind!

    The second last thing Canadian Tax Payers need
    is another Government Agency with influence on Media of any type.

    Who comes up with these ideas?

    I read several publications each day, some of them are sourced through the Drudge Report which is a linking system that offers access to many News Papers from many different World Cities.

    You can find Pravda, the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, or even the New York Times and their litany of Left Wing Activist Elite Liberal Democrat Columnists that still continue to fight the November Election. Pick your poison!

    Drudge also offers a full complete range of various Columnists from many Print Publications some right, some left, and some fairly middle of the road, you also have your choice there.

    The problem that must be solved as some have already pointed out here is what to do about the erosion News Papers, Radio, and TV News Outlets are facing because the Demographic is changing and many of those under 40 years old get their News off of Twitter and Facebook, they never go to what we would consider traditional MSM.

    And yes that can be “Fake News”! But then some would say that many other so-called MSM outlets manipulate and influence various news reports as well.

    U.S. Citizens just spend the better part of a year listening to most of MSM, Barack Obama, Liberal Elites, Educators, and other Activist types telling them that Hillary Clinton was 80% guaranteed to be President and that Deplorable Low Information Republican Voters would never see a Donald J. Trump in the White House.

    Imagine how much worse it could have been in Media Outlets were being funded by the Government regardless of Party.

    No Ruling Government should be allocating Funds to any Independent Main Stream Media Outlet under any circumstances.

    I understand that MSM are and will continue to struggle and some will fail but they must never be put into a position where they could be influenced by what would turn out to be their Masters, the Political Ruling Class.

    This then begs the question.

    How do News Papers, TV, and Radio survive and
    can they provide coverage that most on this Blog appear to covet?

    I read the Tyee piece and found it somewhat interesting but to me much more is required to attract younger people to MSM.

    I could be wrong and perhaps too pessimistic but I do not see any improvement for MSM Viewership, Listenership, or Readers any time soon, even if they improve their product.

    After reading Harvey’s Blog Topic and the first six comments above it leaves me somewhat deflated.

    My apologies to Tom Brady.

    (Response: If I recall correctly, the huge media corporations …. while reporting millions upon millions in profits most companies would dream of …. have been crying the blues for decades: seeking tax breaks; all kinds of subsidies; reduced regulations content requirements; and, now cold hard cash to supposedly improve their products. That sure looks to me like the media bosses are publicly agreeing with those of us who have for years decried the falling quality of what they offer. Unfortunately, as part of their campaign…or should I say blackmail… they keep firing more and more people … reducing the quality even more. But still pay their executives fantastic salaries and bonuses and report huge profits for their shareholders. h.o.)

  • 8 e.a.f. // Feb 6, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Timely article! In B.C. we already have government funded newspapers, the Vancouver Sun and Province and all you have to do is read to find out how far up the B.C. Lieberals arses they are. Now those corporations want us to pay for the b.s. they print???? Looked at a Vancouver Sun, Sat. edition. They ought to pay us to read it. It was full of ads, items which were looking like news but had a small print notice it was an ad; then there was Palmer’s usual bird cage liner.

    It’d agree going digital for free it the way to go. Obviously many people will not pay to read the Sun or Province on line. People can get the local news in local newspapers and some of them are better than the Sun/Province. There is no investigative reporting as we saw in the days of Sima Holt, etc.

    Funding for milliionaires and billionaires who control the press in this country. Is some one out of their mind?

    I noticed they laid off Coleen Christy over at CTV and now Norma Reid has the position, but Coleen C. had been with CTV for 19.5 yrs and most likely was paid a higher salary. Also read a lot of staff are “leaving” the local PostMedia empire. It is not like these corporations are providing a whole lot of jobs anymore.

    It is time to stop the with the corporate welfare, because that is what they want. Not on my tax dollar. There is a whole lot of stuff which still needs to be done in this country. If the federal government has $40M to throw around, have every town/city submit a proposal, pick one of them out of the hat and that is the one who gets $40M. I’d be o.k. with that because some town might get a new rec centre, health centre, bridge, etc. Money for the newspaper industry, not so much. O.K. let me take that back. If the federal government would like to help school newspapers across Canada by giving them grants to help kids develop skills, I’m good with that, just not corporations.

    No bail outs for the newspapers. We have other uses for tax dollars. There is nothing in the “big” newspapers that I would miss. They don’t provide any information I can’t get some where else. They don’t provide any in depth articles which actual provide real information. Most of it comes with a huge slant and in B.C. that is towards the B.C. lieberals. I should pay for a rag to print “nice” things about the B.C. lieberals and nasty things about every one else???> not so much.

  • 9 nonconfidencevote // Feb 6, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    @#3 ’13”
    “I think that the farm animals have fled the barn about 15 to 20 years ago …”
    nah, that was in 1984……or was it 1948?
    Only George Orwell knows for sure.

    Total agreement with your comments and Harveys……

    The endless govt commercials paid for by my tax dollars telling me how wonderful they are …..makes my teeth grind………
    I cancelled my $85/month “cable” about 6 months ago and bought a $35.00 (one time purchase) antenae from Best Buy. I get a few local channels and NHK from Japan?????? but I’m not paying for the endless commercials.

    Netflicks for $10/month and watch documentaries.

    Thats it.

  • 10 nonconfidencevote // Feb 6, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    @#6 Marge
    “The newspapers lost me when they become the equivalent of Russian Pravadas for the party in power. All the Sun and Province do is promote the agenda of the Liberal Party. TV stations such as Global and the CBC do exactly the same thing. It’s all about money. Whoever pays them gets them. They are bought propaganda machines. ”

    Total agreement.
    I log into the New York Times every so often and I have a subscription for The Economist ( which Im sure you could get at the local library for free.)

    VERY informative with a British/European outlook.
    Anything you dont know about politics, the economy, books, science…..they cover it all…..every week.

    Best money I ever spent AND continue to spend.

  • 11 nonconfidencevote // Feb 6, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Interesting that most of us agree that the MSM (either TV, Newsprint or radio) have become shills for either big business or govt…..

    One wonders when the “money men” funding this wasteful largess will stop?
    The money isnt worth the effort….

    Thus finally rendering these unprofitable dinosaurs obsolete?

    1st on the list….newsprint.
    2nd ……TV as we know it.
    3rd … will never die

  • 12 13 // Feb 6, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    On the periphery of the topic, what about those corporations that keep cutting costs while charging us more at every turn. Cellular, cable, and internet services are expenses that have become burdensome. When I see the cost differences between our providers and those in the USA I have to ask why we need to be gouged . Sure were a vast country, sure our population is only 30 million. That is a load of BS as the infrastructure is in place and the only reason we pay more is because the government regulates the consumers ability to pay less by not allowing real competition.

  • 13 r // Feb 6, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    worry of the banks and hedge funds and what they want as holders of ownership and lieu of cash

  • 14 G. Barry Stewart // Feb 6, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    BMCQ: “No Ruling Government should be allocating Funds to any Independent Main Stream Media Outlet under any circumstances.”

    Yet that’s what the BC Liberals are doing with their (paid by us) ads that run on TV, radio and in newspapers. A full page “Jobs Plan” ad is big money, even in a small town weekly.

    You don’t want to slap the hand that feeds you — which is one reason why there needs to be an appointed watchdog who weighs each proposed ad on its merits of public information, as opposed to simple trumpet-blasting for the current government.

    Ontario, for one, has such a service. It would cut the revenue to media — but would save tax dollars and citizens could give their propaganda radars a rest.

  • 15 Diverdarren // Feb 7, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Harvey, WOW! This is quite a story. I agree this plan to funnel tax dollars into the hands of
    Mega-corps is just dirty.

    The only thing I differ with you over is your theme that this money infusion would allow the government to exercise undue influence over the newspaper’s message.

    This money infusion plan is so that the government can maintain its influence over the papers.

    Newspapers are the biggest drain on profits of these multi-media mega-corporations. The normal response by a company after trying to streamline costs (and still not turning a profit) of sector of their portfolio would be to sell off the looser newspapers. This could lead to an important and respected media platform to fall out of the influential control of the government thru their incestuous relationship via the various mega-corps.

    The papers, if they were allowed to be sold off could end up in the hands of huge foreign media companies where the government has little influence to wield. Or, worse yet… The papers could be bought by the workers and the editors and journalists would practice their craft with no influence form government or corporations. GASP!

    It may come across conspiratorial, but at it’s heart this is a policy paper laying out a plan to transfer 400 million dollars out of the coffers into the hands of mega-corps. This so that the mega-corp can offset the profit loss of newspapers and thus keep newspapers inside their sphere of influence, while not upsetting stock holders with the albatross that newspapers are.

    The think tank sells this to the public by presenting the plan as a way to save newspapers from extinction, and preserving the papers legacy of being a “check” on government. Tugging on our heart-strings of nostalgia for the old broadsheets. They say it’s just a hands-off fund to ensure the long life of newspapers.

    I’d say the plan is there to ensure the papers never fall out of the corporate portfolio of the mega-corps and away from the influence of the government.

    Just look at the Directors of the policy think tank that came up with this plan to channel almost 1/2 a billion tax dollars into the hands of mega-corps.

    The authors are Public Policy Forum, and their board of directors include lots of high level government insiders (ex-deputy ministers, current dep ministers) One director is even the Deputy Clerk to the Privy Council. Another director is a Senior Vice President of BCE, which is the parent company of Bell Global Media.

    There is a weird relationship between media and government in Canada. Hell, Brian Mulroney is the Chairman of Quebecor. Postmedia President, Paul Godfrey started as a, Ontario Progressive Conservative insider, working alongside the then Premier Frank Miller.

    I’d like the media mega-corps to cut free their newspapers, and let the individual papers sink-or-swim on their own merits. If they produce a good product, people will pay for it.

    (Response: I could go for a plan that allows media corps generous write-offs for hiring more and better staff … automatically available equally to all media corps. The real danger comes from direct cash annual grants to only certain newspapers/outlets: the impact on coverage…real and perceived .. would be awful and I believe destroy the credibility of any news org on the take. And I can’t help but wonder if any outlet maintained true journalistic standards and held the government to account over and over again (as they should) whether they would get the grant the following year! h.o)

  • 16 D. M. Johnston // Feb 7, 2017 at 8:44 am

    The news media are the author’s of their own demise as the MSM became mouthpieces for their owners, to such a point that the consumer stopped buying their product.

    I was related to the late Don Cromie (by marriage), who was the publisher of the Vancouver Sun and over the years, learned a wee bit about media.

    The first thing for a news paper was news, real news. This meant reporters dong real news stories and not repeating press releases.

    With the likes of Webster, Wasserman, Fotheringham and so many more and political cartoonists, such a Norris and Peterson, he kept the paper a product all people wanted to buy.

    Who do we have today? Vague Palmer; BS Baldry and a few others with apron strings that lead directly to the BC Liberals or to Liberals in Ottawa,

    For many the product is poor, very poor.

    Example: On Friday’s and Monday’s evening rush hours, the Canada Line went K-Put!

    Friday night, Translink washed its hands of the problem and abandoned thousands of customers at Marine Drive Station.

    My wife phone me in tears after waiting for almost 90 minutes for a bus bridge that never happened.

    I phoned NW radio to find out what happened and they told me that TransLink said that a bus bridge was in operation. I gave them my wife’s cell # and they interviewed her and had confirmation that TransLink lied! There was no bus bridge!

    Again on Monday the Canada Line went Ka-Put and TransLink did have a few buses to help but generally seemed unprepared.

    Now is this not worth a major investigation? I know some reporters who would have shredded TransLink for Friday’s disaster

    But enough. Having government subsidizing these shills makes me want to retch.

    Either the new industry provide the product the consumers want or wither away. it is obvious management is choosing the latter.

    (Response: I doubt many of the terrific stories we did in the Golden Age of BCTV … when the owners/board gave the newsroom huge independence … could be done today, because of what I see as corporate management interference/direction and just lack of integrity, intrusive advertising/public relations/newsroom deals and poor hiring criteria, resulting in few reporters left who can do aggressive journalism. h.o)

  • 17 Gene the Bean // Feb 7, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Re. Comment #12

    Currently in Mexico and it’s just like home, almost every kid over the age of 14 has a cell phone. Plans here average $8to $12 a month.

    Back home $40 to $80.

    Q-Why the difference?
    A-Government sponsored and supported corporatist agenda.

    Can only change at the ballot box provincially, can only be slightly altered federally, which happened last election.

    (Response: I keep hearing Canada has among the highest cell phone/internet prices in the world …. and yet, Canadian media corps plead poverty????? h.o)

  • 18 BMCQ // Feb 7, 2017 at 11:30 am

    Obviously Television, Radio, and Telephone Cellular is regulated and governed by the Federal Government through The CRTC.

    Without spending more time on this I do not see where the Provincial Government of any Brand regulates the Cellular Telephone industry.

    Bean and Harvey are correct for reasons that seem to be hidden away from “The Great Unwashed” we have never really been given an open and honest reason why our costs in this country are so high and out of line with other Free World Countries.

    Obviously the first step that needs to take place to bring down Cellular Plan Rates is to open the market up to other companies and that would create competition.

    The key to competition is it needs to be fair and we cannot allow the Cellular Industry to evolve into something like the Wild West.

    It makes no sense to open up the Cellular Industry to the point that it creates competition and chaos along with some dishonest crooked operators.

    Keep in mind that most in the Public would sign onto anything if they thought they were getting a deal.

    Consumer Groups should be front and centre on this and demand a seat at the table with the CRTC when Hearings are held in various Regions.

    Might be a good place for Independent Main Stream News/Media outlets to cover the stories!!

    I wonder if they would?

    A question of Harvey or another MSM Veteran.

    Is it possible that MSM Management Executives have concluded that the average Canadian has no interest in thoughtful, thorough, investigative and probing reports of stories are of no interest to viewers and ares a thing of the past?

    What is taught in Journalism School today?

    To me a lot of the time it looks like the main idea is to send Cub/Junior Reporters out with a Camera and let them do a quick 2 minute report in front of a Court House, Car accident, or Sky Train breakdown, or perhaps standing on a pile of Yellow Snow.

    Do they still have Assignment Editors if that is what they were called? Has their agenda changed over the years.

    My Wife and I are the only ones at home now and we seem to watch the first 10 minutes of Global and then go on to programming that we have on PVR which may include some BBC, CNN, Fox, or another program we may have saved.

    We have not changed but we find the local Global really lacking something. Tried CTV an that does not work.

    For some reason the TV in our House will not tune into The CBC!

    Personally I get much of my news from on line News Papers from various World Cities.

    I also find that Columnists can be thought provoking and entertaining.

    Even if I disagree with them most make me consider another point of view on any one subject.

    Much like Bean, Aghast, and DBW like to listen to my commentary here on the Harvey Blog!

  • 19 e.a.f. // Feb 7, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Harvey poverty is a `relative` thing. IF you are a millionaire and you want to be a billionaire, you consider yourself “poor“. If you used to make $550K a year and suddenly you`re making $250K a year you`d consider yourself, poor. If you are making min. wage not only do you consider yourself poor but are poor. if you`re making $70K a yr, others might consider you vastly over paid or underpaid. It all depends where you`re coming from.

    those media corps will plead poverty until they either get to personally know what real poverty is or the are making half a trillion a year tax free, while others live below the poverty line.

    Those media corporations aren`t poor, they aren`t in poverty. the execs are still making 6 and 7 figure salaries. That is not poor, just check with a person on disability in this province or some kid in care or on welfare.

  • 20 Jay Jones // Feb 7, 2017 at 12:24 pm


    The news reporting and political systems are broken!

    Protect your mind from an onslaught of attempted mind control! Get off the grid! Run for the hills!

  • 21 Gordie // Feb 7, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Re: Comment # 17 and 18

    I questions whether or not competition is the answer to high cell costs.

    Here’s a list of gateways that allow you to send a text message to a cell phone from a computer. You need to know the cell phone company in order to do this.

    I don’t know if this list is complete, but there are two carriers for Mexico listed here and about 13 for Canada.

  • 22 Lew // Feb 7, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    I wonder where Palmer stores all his softballs? It must be a very big warehouse.

    As Norm Farrell cracked, the piece should be titled “BC Liberal leader meets with her media strategist.”

    They want us to pay for this?

  • 23 ellbee // Feb 7, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    #18. Mobility services as well as all IT services are NOT regulated by the CRTC. They may handle complaints, but there are no regulated, tariffed services for Cellular in Canada. That came about by the big Telcos having lobbyists in Ottawa. They got all that deregulation along with what’s called “forebearance.” In a nutshell, the right to gouge. While all of the bells and whistles that most just can’t do without are handy and useful, look at the costs of your mobility/IT per month. Up and up. If you have 2 hours to spend almost everyday sifting through the plans while they change might get you a good deal, the Telcos are not required to let you know that the plan you are on is more expensive than the more current one. That practice alone should be outlawed, but don’t hold your breath.

  • 24 John's Aghast // Feb 8, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Don’t flatter yourself BM. I was reading e.a.f.’s comment and happened to see ‘Aghast’ immediately above it. I still don’t read your comments because they’re too lengthy. If you shortened them up I might be persuaded.

  • 25 BMCQ // Feb 8, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Aghast – 24

    Always nice to hear from you!

    Once again, thank you for the kind words.

  • 26 13 // Feb 8, 2017 at 1:16 pm


    Im snowed in out here in the whack. While looking at a PSR post I clicked on a link that by coincidence took me back to Oct 2010 when I started to follow Keeping it Real. To pass the time I have been scaning through old posts from Oct 2010 to present. (Ive still got a lot of ground to cover). Its a hoot because I get to relive the last Liberal election win. Wow most posters on this blog didnt give them a chance.
    The other thing that I have noticed is BMCQ has many rivals in the past that used up copious amounts of screen time. Just take a gander some actually make BMCQ look like coles notes.

    (Response: I’m flattered. And I hope you noticed how accurate my postulations turned out to be …at least, hopefully, most of them …. and we won’t mention the others. 😉 h.o)

  • 27 BMCQ // Feb 8, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    ellbee – 23

    I suppose I am mistaken.

    Interesting, I was under the impression that CRTC………….

    Bean makes a valid point.

  • 28 13 // Feb 8, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Oh BTW aghast you seem to go back to 2010 as well as eaf and DM J. Sorry if I missed anyone else. Sadly some of the posters have likely passed on. BC Mary for sure .

  • 29 BiomassDoug // Feb 8, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Gov’t control of the media is nothing new. The CBC is a perfect example of such and only reports in ways that please their masters. Unfortunate as some of their reporters extremely good and fair in their reporting. CBC as a whole is not.

    (Response: I agree. CBC has some first class journalists …but I have found it has became quite left-wing …very biased and often adapting more of an advocacy role than fairly reporting both sides. Not only on domestic coverage and issues but international as well …on the US politics and activism, on EU refugee/migrant and political issues, on the mid-East … clearly soft on Iran, a blind eye to Islamic nations’ barbaric rules and practices, anti_Christian policies and totally anti_Israel . etc etc. Sad to see what it has become. h.o.)

  • 30 e.a.f. // Feb 8, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    whatever some may think CBC has become, its still miles ahead of the other private t.v. stations. then when compared to some American stations, the CBC seems dam right down right wing.

    Since 2010? time just flies when you’re having a good time. should I exit stage left, I’ll have some one notify the blog, just so you’ll know it wasn’t abandonment.

    For those who think BMCQ’s posts are too long, there are others who can go on much longer. You obviously haven’t seen some of my rants. He also seems to use bigger type so it maybe it just seems longer, plus not every one agrees with him, but we all ought to read each other’s comments. Its only fair.

    B.C. Mary did pass on a few years ago. It was quite sad. I enjoyed her writing.

  • 31 John's Aghast // Feb 9, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Good Grief! Since 2010 you say? I too am snowed in and find myself addicted to Blogs. I gave up on Harvey’s for a while to ‘punish’ those lengthy commentators but gradually drifted back. I find some so long that by the time I finish I’ve forgotten how they started!
    Congratulations BM. Your last two postings are quite succinct.

  • 32 !? // Feb 10, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Dwayne Winseck – a professor at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication – takes a hard look at the report.

    Well worth the klick if this topic interests you.

  • 33 13 // Feb 10, 2017 at 7:58 am


    Your link was long and cumbersome. May I suggest that anyone who wants to save time go to the end where the penny drops. In conclusion use tax payer dollars to fund the lost revenues in a variety of self interest “journalistic” endevours including more for the CBC.
    NO to bail outs including the government run CBC

  • 34 BMCQ // Feb 10, 2017 at 8:52 am

    !? – 32

    Yes, sure, let’s take advice from an Elite Liberal Social Engineer that enjoys the Salary, Benefits, Pensions and what 4 hours of Classroom time each week and the sheltered Life of a Tenured University Professor.

    Yes, he can fix it all!!

    Hard Working Tax Payers of ALL incomes in Canada especially YVR and YYZ are already navigating the choppy waters of life doing their best to pay High Rents. Mortgages, Property Taxes, and other costs of living that stretch the Family Budget.

    They do not want to see Government Agencies wasting any more of their Tax Dollars on anything that resembles the CBC and similar Boondoggles!!

    I agree with DBW 100% when he states that the CBC is important in Northern and isolated Regions and we need to improve the service for the people that are in those areas but no more wasted Tax Dollars on Empire Building!

    ( topic. h.o.)