Greens Make Anti-Israel HATE Official Policy!

Don’t let any Green Party far left radicals, spin doctors or apologists fool you: the Green Party’s decision at its party platform convention in Ottawa for a complete boycott of Israel is more a blatant, hateful stand against a Jewish state than a mere rejection of a specific policy.

And the FACTS prove that.

The motion ADOPTED BY A MAJORITY of those attending the Greens’ calls for a total shunning of the entire State of Israel …  not just its government or agencies, but its businesses , investment, artists,  academics, and impose sanctions on ANYTHING to do with the country …  ostensibly to protest that country’s policies towards the Palestinians.

In fact, their resolution does NOT even limit any harrumphing or boycott to actions against people/goods from “the occupied territorities” but THE ENTIRE COUNTRY of Israel.

Now, if the Greens took such strong stances against ALL world-wide political, human rights, economic and military actions by ALL states that fall short, they might be able to defend their stance supporting “noble” ideals.

But let’s keep it REAL!

The Greens MUST be aware of China’s record in Tibet … where occupation has not only been imposed with total military brutality, but where millions of Chinese have been relocated to overwhelm and destroy Tibetan culture. MUCH WORSE than anything the Israelis have done anywhere. Just ask the Dalai Lama!

But where is the Green motion to totally divest, boycott and impose sanctions on China?

What about Russia?   Surely the Greens … intellectuals that they claim to be …  are WELL AWARE of the Russian aggression in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine! Not to mention …but let’s … Russia’s military takeover/occupation of the whole region of Ossetia in Georgia, their military’s  brutal control of Chechnya and continued occupation of part of Moldova.

Where is the Green motion to boycott, divest and totally isolate Rossiya?

Of course, there has also been Iraq’s occupation of Kurdish territories (including the gassing of thousands!);  India’s occupation of Kashmir; Ethiopia’s continued occupation of part of Eritria;   and, yes, let’s include Britain’s occupation of the Falkland Island (now in its  34th year).  Are the lives of the people in those places not worthy of Greens’ attention and support?  And why are THOSE occupying forces  …. some of them MUCH MORE brutal than the Israelis … not condemned in motions by the Greens?

Where are the Greens’ calls for sanctions against them?

And where were/are the motions in the Greens’ policy platform calling for a total divestment and sanctions on:   Syria …where 400,000 have been killed (more added daily) and more than 4,000,000 Syrians (also more added daily) have had to flee for their lives to other countries;  Egypt, where thousands of been killed just trying to protest for democracy; the Rwanda slaughter of 800,000 innocent Hutus by the Tutsis; or, Cambodia, where millions were massacred etc. etc. etc.

The truth is, the Greens … just like so many on the discredited radical far left, the Arab/Muslim controlled United Nations ludicrous “human rights” organization, Hamas, Hesbollah, Iran etc … single out ONLY the Jewish state for their ire, their vocal condemnation, sanctions, divestment and boycott.

It’s BIAS … pure and simple … and hate.

And I have no doubt that, except among the bigots,  the Greens will pay a heavier price for their terrible hypocrisy than will Israel.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. Beenie says:

    Harvey you got it all right. Perfect commentary. The Green Party are nothing but a waste of time and a nuisance. They make demands to be heard and their policies are why they should just be seen and not heard.

    (Response: I have no doubt this policy of singling out ONLY the Jewish state for a hateful biased resolution … while ignoring the murderous records of much worse states (China, Russia, Egypt, Iraq. Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.) will do irreparable harm to the future of the Greens as a party ..both federally and provincially. And I can assure you …I and others WILL no doubt be reminding people …of the hate/bias the GREENS now stand for …when the election comes around. h.o)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    I just about fell out of my chair when I read they supported that. Not a fan of May but at least she has the morality to distance herself, as she should, so kudos to her.

    The 20% radical left is just as bad as the 20% radical right …. ideologues without an idea.

    What I am constantly amazed at is the radical 20%, both left and right, would vote for a convicted pedophile if their party ran him/her.

    That sort of explains what is happening south of the 49th…..

    (Response: If May (and others) do not quit in the face of this terrible publicly sanctioned HATE policy, she (and they) are no better than Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich etc. who stick with Trump … every one of them will be exposed as more protective of their jobs (and pensions?) than any principles or ethics. h.o)

  3. e.a.f. says:

    Had a great laugh about a very serious subject! Yes, I guess those Greenies didn’t think anyone would pay much attention to the rest of it. Just Israel you say? How weird. Looks mighty discriminatory to me.

    The Greens didn’t say anything about the crack down in Turkey either. The Greens didn’t say anything about Saudi Arabia heading the U.N. Human Right Committee. Seems its O.K. to let one of the great discriminators of women’s rights head up a committee at the U.N.

    Its so nice when you can wrap your anti Semitic shit up in human rights, but as you say, lets get real. We know what this is and thank you for calling the Greens out on this.

    When people tell me they don’t like the “traditional” parties I always encourage them to vote and suggest the Green Party as an alternative. Won’t be doing that, ever again. I’ll be explaining to people how the Green Party of Canada has taken an anti Semitic position regarding Israel and find something they can like about the 3 major parties and go with that.

    Perhaps the powers that be in the
    Green Party of Canada had a look south and saw how well Trump was doing with his discriminatory comments and decided to give it a try. You know that old line about “don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right”.

    It is suggested if Elizabeth May is going to stand for anything she ought to resign from her position as leader of the Greens. She could most likely continue to win her seat as an independent, but not as the head of a party which wants to boycott everything and anything to do with Israeli and say nothing about the other murdering “…….” around the world.

    Now its time to write Ms. May

    (Response: As I said in another response…I’m not sure it’s anti-Semitic per se …just a terrible anti-Israel bias, so common these days with the far left. Not to mention some other FACTS: Israeli citizens …including their 1 million Arabs …enjoy BETTER human rights, education, health care, standard of living and freedoms (including solid rights for women and gays and unions) than in ANY of their neighbours. Making the Green party stand here even more ridiculous and just a reflection of far left hate and bias…. and why they will NEVER achieve power. h.o)

  4. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, that is an interesting question.

    The subtext suggests the Green’s hate and bias stems from Antisemitism. That’s an old chestnut. Criticize Israel (a country) and suddenly the critic is labeled anti-Jewish.

    Of course this is only how I see your subtext. Nowhere did you call the Green Party of Canada antisemitic.

    You say the Green Party of Canada has bias, and hate toward Israel. Your evidence for this is that the Greens have no boycott motions against a list of other despot countries.

    Excepting Great Britain and India from the list because that’s a ridiculous false comparison, lets look at the others.

    Russia, Iraq and Syria all have sanctions against them by the Canadian government. For the Greens to call for sanctions when they already exist would be a little redundant.

    Rwanda and Cambodia, old and settled disputes.

    Egypt is a peoples uprising. It’s internal and not really an issue for Canada.

    China… You have the Green’s with that one. The Green’s are as guilty as the rest of the world is for looking the other way while China acts with uncountable recklessness. Your last post shows all of that.

    I think your evidence for bias is weak. No other countries’ issues are like Israel. Israel deserves individual attention because they are a unique case. All the other countries (excepting China, another unique situation) are called “bad guy” countries by the West. But, we call Israel a “good guy” country, even though they do a lot of “bad guy” things to their neighbors.

    With bias not really at play, That leaves hate. Could there be another conclusion to the motive of the Greens for their motion besides hate? Take it from the Green’s motion.

    “WHEREAS the Liberal and Conservative parties recently supported a motion ‘condemning’ attempts by Canadians to promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement”

    Perhaps the motive is that the Greens want to call out the Liberals and Conservatives for condemning Canadians for having and unfavorable opinion of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Perhaps the Greens want to call out the “good guy” nation of Israel for its violation of UN Security Council Resolutions.

    That’s the Security Council! where the US/UK/France/China/Russ have veto. Not the Arab/Muslim committees you mentioned.

    Israel would have to be up to some serious no good to get the US/UK to let a resolution pass.

    We should be critical of Israel. And it doesn’t stem from bias and hate it stems from our dismay that a good country like Israel is doing some really bad things.

    (Response: I don’t see it as anti-Semitism by the Green party per se, just a terrible anti_Israel bias by the far Left … demanding standards for them MUCH HIGHER than far worse countries which are so often, for some reason, given a pass by the Left… although I have no doubt that SOME of those pushing it ARE anti-Semites. Nothing wrong with criticising Israel either…but when labour or political left orgs single out Israel over and over again for nasty comments, derogatory tweets, endless debate and motions etc …while saying/doing NOTHING except occasional tsk tsking horrible atrocities by Arab, Asian and African countries… that is NOT a fair system…and WE SHOULD ask WHY single out the Jewish state is repeatedly singled out for condemnation MUCH MORE than others who do MUCH WORSE???? h.o)

  5. harry lawson says:

    another great post ,

    the green party may have been hijacked however the movement has not.

    the question for me is what about its leader Ms May? if she stays on does this mean she condones the motion ?

    if she works the backrooms and the motion is rescinded, can she or does she even want to rebuild a damaged party?

    the ideals of the green movement is not dead that being said what will Ms May do ?

    will she stay on ? will she sit as a independent ? will she join a federal party like the liberals ?

    today the color of hypocrisy is green today.

    (Response: I can’t help but compare GREEN leaders, MLAs and MPs who say little or do nothing or fail to quit to those Republican big whigs who also turn a blind eye and refuse to walk away from Trump …no matter how outrageous and maniacal he becomes. GREEN leaders and members have NO RIGHT to condemn Republicans who stick with Trump if they themselves stay with the GREENS and their now OFFICIAL foreign policy of BIAS and HATE against Israel. And by the way, their hypocrisy is even worse when you consider that Israel has a MUCH better GREEN record (solar power, hydroponics, agricultural technology, environmental controls, recycling) than ALL their Arab neighbours combined…. even the richest ones, floating in oil. h.o)

  6. nonconfidencevote says:

    Several federal elections ago I was in Nova Scotia driving through a small town called New Glasqow and ….low and behold! Elizbeth May’s Green Party election headquarters. Kinda neat. Little old Nova Scotia and tiny New Glasgow with the head of the federal Green party at that time running against federal Conservative defense minister Peter MacKay.
    What hutzpah! ;)-
    After that election drubbing. Ms Green skeedaddled out to the west coast where the “green” politics were a tad more well recieved. She won a byelection several years later.
    Is there such a term as an environment pimp?
    Cause I really dont think she cares about anything except the title “Right Honorable” in front of her name…………..unless, of course, she’s had a bit too much to drink at an Ottawa “presser” and starts lobbing “F” Bombs at the gallery……..
    Elizabeth May…..such a large ego…….in such a small Party.
    Proving, unfortunately, that the Green Party is even less relevent than the NDP until they learn to wear “Big Boy Pants” and stop acting like petulant , spoiled, children.

    (Response: I have always liked/respected May. This issue is a real challenge for her personally in terms of principle, ethics and and credibility: will be interesting to see if she takes a RFEAL stand or just goes along, like a Republican seeing …. or not seeing … the outrages of Trump. h.o)

  7. Way I see it Israel’s own hatred, of their closest neighbours, the Palestinian people in particular, has a lot to do with the instability and fear presently turning much of our world upside down. Of all the hot spots on the planet that need cooling and thereby contribute to a return of stability and fearlessness I place the Israel/Palestine conflict at the top of the list. Therefore I firmly support the Green policy and, further, encourage May to find another party to lead. The Conservatives perhaps?

    (Response: Interesting that you did not address the REAL issue many people have with the Greens’ actions: WHY so strident and activist in condemning and organizing a boycott and disinvestment of this ONE state…while totally ignoring the MUCH MORE egregious record of military occupation of other countries. Looks like bigotry to me … and I suspect (and hope) more Canadians than agree with your position. h.o)

  8. 13 says:

    The greens are so far out of my world that they can pass a boycott of maple syrup for all I care. They serve one (keep it real) purpose and that is to continually split the left vote allowing saner political
    ideologies to prevail.

    Having said that you are quite right. To single out the Israel and omit the other states that have occupied other territories is blatant bias. This only helps to solidify the notion that the green movement is out of touch with reality.

    (Response: I’m starting to wonder if the Greens have been taken over by FAR left radical/loonies … kind of what happened to the US Republican party at the hands of the far right. Just in recent days, there have also been stories about a Green member WHO RAN AS A GREEN CANDIDATE IN FOUR FEDERAL ELECTIONS posting a YouTube video in June saying the Holocaust was “the biggest and most pernicious lie in all of history (I can’t believe this was a SUDDEN revelation of views that no one in the Green party knew about …as so many claimed in Germany AFTER WW II!) ; and another Green member submitted a resolution to the party convention calling on Revenue Canada to revoke the Jewish National Fund of Canada’s charitable status …because it supports Israel. Some Green party members defended her disgraceful action … noting she was Jewish! Just DISGRACEFUL reasoning. Kind of like Trump pulling a black or Hispanic supporter on stage to prove he’s not racist! h.o)

  9. e.a.f. says:

    why people would want to refer to Israel as a good guy nation is beyond me. No nation is really a “good guy” nation. All of them have done things which are disgraceful, either within their own borders or elsewhere.

    What I feel people tend to do is hold Israel to a higher standard. Face it, most of the world refused to accept Jewish refugees and hence the number which went to the gas chambers. After the war the Jews wanted their own state. With their collective guilt in hand, the U.N. gave it to them. People then expected the State of Israel to be the model state. Well I have a news flash for you. People who went through what they went through, collectively, doesn’t make for a `kinder, gentler,model state“. It makes for a state which says, Never Again, and they don’t really care how they achieve that. Then take into consideration a leader, Bennie, who has political problems of his own and a bite of a thug, and viola you have the problems you have to day.

    You aren’t going to get all that many western countries to get too exercised about what Israel does because Israel also serves the purposes of many NATO, western countries. If push comes to shove, they know Israel will do their dirty work for them.

    All we can hope for is Bennie takes a hike or gets arrested and a new generation of politicians takes a new attitude towards things and ditto for some of the Arab states. I`m not holding my breath on any of the accounts.

    There will always be opposition to the State of Israel. For some the best way to create problems for Israel is to work via such organizations as the Greens and their new policy or any other organization which boycotts goods from the occupied territories. As some would consider it, its a start. Then there are those who don`t forget history and the State of Israel, however, wrong some of their actions maybe, will always support the state, not their actions, but the Country of Israel.

    As to Ms. May`s principles, I`ve always considered her a fairly principled individual. Her interview the other evening led me to conclude she wasn`t happy with the convention`s decision, but she considered it `democracy in action`. Ms. May will now have to decide what is more important and act accordingly.

    (Response: Just on tonight’s news, I was horrified to find out that in South Sudan more than 60,000 had to flee for their lives THIS WEEK ALONE … after the uncontrolled military went on a rampage…executing civilians, raping women and looting villages. I’d bet ANY civilians there would rather be in an Israeli-controlled occupied territory! Can’t wait to see the Greens issue a statement calling on the world to divest, boycott and sanction South Sudan….but forgive me if I don’t stay up for it h.o)

  10. Gene The Bean says:

    Mr beer and hockey – thats something you should stick to … because you obviously know nothing about the real issues of the world…. from the Greens to the Cons… ya right… this blog is for people with intelligence …. thanks for playing …

  11. D. M. Johnston says:

    Adios Green Party.

    Now I absolutely have no party to vote for.

    (Response: Not sure how the real Greens could even take it back. Even if they manage a retreat somehow on this, we would all know that, in the background, lurks a huge REALLY RADICAL far left mass of activists inside the Greens with enough votes to push through some EXTREME policies and positions we were never expecting. Dangerous stuff. h.o)

  12. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, you responded to my comment with a question.

    “WE SHOULD ask WHY single out the Jewish state is repeatedly singled out for condemnation MUCH MORE than others who do MUCH WORSE?”

    Why? Because we created Israel. Carved it out of the desert. Legitimized our colonial actions with UN Security Council Resolutions. We feed the Israelis cash, economic support, advanced military equipment, and intelligence.

    They exist because we made them exist, and as such we have a moral responsibility for Israel’s actions.

    Israel’s occupation and suppression of the Palestinians is accomplished with our money and resources.

    Israels’s illegal expansion into occupied territories (per the UN Inter. Court of Justice) is aided by our complacency and tolerance.

    When the Israeli Army punitively bulldozes the home of a family of a suspected terrorist, without due process, it’s done with a Caterpillar built in the UK.

    Many Westerners, and now the Green party, sees a nexus between the West and the actions of Israel. We are complaisant in the actions of Israel and as such Israels should receive the same scrutiny and condemnation we would place on ourselves as if the actions of Israelis were our own.

    Israel’s actions our our actions.

    (Response: WE created Israel? Go read your bible. h.o)

  13. Eldon says:

    It’s worth noting that Andrew Weaver condemned this party policy as well. Good to see May and Weaver sticking to their principles.

    (Response: The only REAL action to take in the face of such an outrageously discriminatory HATE policy is to QUIT! Otherwise they are no different than all the squirming Trumpites we see every day … trying unsuccessfully to explain why, despite his insane claims almost every day now (the latest: Obama is the FOUNDER of ISIS) they are still backing him. To stay … may protect their income and pensions, but disgraces and discredits themselves. h.o.)

  14. Hawgwash says:

    Saanich and the Islands.
    Saanich, the elderly, Islands the Hippies.
    May country.

    An interesting character.

    The old folks love her because she is very social.
    The Hippies love her because of “Green.”

    There are no real Federal issues at play in this riding, so as long as she shows up to flip burgers at local events and calls all the old folks by name she will get re-elected as anything. Independent, Rhino, Purple, doesn’t matter.

    The Greenery is scorched so she might as well take a walk now. All her old pals will wave the Ellie May flag.

    The rest of the Greens, should they be any kind of presence in the next election, will be an opposing ad-mans dream.

    Locally, Mr. Weaver, in spite of the oldsters and Hippies is toast as well, so Green is not a color of envy.

  15. BMCQ says:

    I do not think any one could disagree with your opening Analysis Harvey.

    I find it really quite unbelievable that The so-called Greens could adopt such a “Hateful” Policy!

    We obviously have the Haters on the Right World Wide that hate Jewish People and even do not believe The State of Israel has the right to exist but we have the Anti Semitic culture all over the EU from both the left and right especially in Countries like France and Germany which now oppress and threaten Jewish people daily.

    Of course they are now getting support from the 5 Million or so Muslims that have Migrated to The EU over the last 30 or so years.

    On top of that we must also not forget the fact that the Birth Rate of the recent Migrants is somewhere around 5 per family so I see Jewish People getting no relief any time soon.

    Now we see the same type of behavior culture in our local Green Party and it astounds and sickens me.

    I agree with many comments here that The Greens have put themselves into a position where they will now be viewed as a Radical Enviro/Hate Group by most in the mainstream of life.

    I feel very badly for thoughtful and caring Green supporters that will now be forced to find a new home.

    I am not a big supporter of May or Weaver but I recognize, respect, and appreciate much of their work and we need them to keep the rest of us on track and aware of concerns we all should have with Environmental issues.

    I have only just wished they could be more practical and recognize that The People of Canada/B.C. need work and a Healthy Economy needs Income from those workers wages and salaries to support the retail outlets, turn the wheels of government, provide Health Care, Education, and maintain the highest standard of living possible.

    Without that we would end up back on the Wilderness Hunting Fishing, Logging, and living in Cabins. Hey, perhaps some of them would desire just that.

    Time for Weaver and May to cross their respective floors and join The Provincial and Federal NDP.

    Beer – 7

    We may not always ALL agree on this Blog and I am almost always in the minority but after reading your contribution I am speechless.


    By any chance are you and Splash Dancer the same person?


    Oh and by the way, I get the point but I cannot agree with the comment that speculates 20% of those on the extreme Far Left and Far Right would vote for a pedophile!

    (Response: I agree this must be difficult for “thoughtful and caring Green supporters” …But politically parties evolve and sometimes go astray and are taken over by radicals. Interesting to me that the Greens on the left are facing the same reality as the Republicans on the right. I have friends/relatives in the US who are strong Republican supporters of who even held elected office: they are in despair …because they believe their party has lost its way…not just because the uneducated, the angry and the bigots have taken over, but also because the party’s leadership also abandoned their responsibilities and principles in their past performance. The Greens seem to be facing the same … and the rational, thoughtful, re3sepectful types within will have to find a way to get rid of the radical left loonies/haters …or, as you say, finds a new home. h.o)

  16. Gene The Bean says:

    Had a couple of interesting chats about Israel with some Vanc Isl people while I was away in Mexico last winter.

    I was gobsmacked by how little they knew about what really goes on in that part of the world and how they easily spewed the normal far leftist diatribes about Israel.

    When challenged, they had nothing. Zilch. Couldn’t make a point, answer a question or make an argument that held air let alone water.

    Bottom line was they were just regurgitating the local coffee shop and pub discussions from back home.

    I know Vanc Isl is pretty much all left of centre but I didn’t realize that the lunatic left has such an influence.

    One lady said she was embarrassed. Admitted to just ‘following along’ and she said would do her own research and come to her own conclusions. She wasn’t a bimbo either, a retired elementary school teacher. Look forward to seeing what she has to say next winter…. I am sure she will be singing a different tune.

    A couple of your commenters here sure could use some facts and education…..or a morality check …..

    (Response: I am a strong supporter of Israel, but doesn’t bother me if anyone disagrees or criticizes the country/government for its occupation policies. Lord knows, many Israelis do! But I am bothered by a puzzling issue: Israel is the ONLY democracy in the entire region, where women and gays and even Christians and Arab citizens enjoy better political, human rights, education, health, wages and UNION powers than in ANY Arab state…yet so many of the “intellectuals”/unions on the left here express GREAT opposition to and advocate actual discrimination and isolation that state, while saying/doing nothing about the fascist dictatorships that surround them and wreak GREATER violence, murders, torture and injustices on their own people …. much worse than the Israelis ever have. h.o.)

  17. e.a.f. says:

    We don’t have a moral responsibility for Israel. Like when did other countries become responsible, morally for other countries just because people send cash. Gee with that logic, there are all sorts of countries which are propped up by others.

    Didn’t hear anything about the greens making noise about South Sudan. What is interesting is that Canada sold them vehicles back in 2014, when advised not to. You know the same vehicles Harper sold Saudi Arabia. Given DiverDarren’s logic the Greens need to condemn Canada now.

    Lets not forget to condemn the west for propping up all sorts of dictatorships for business reasons. We could start with Iran, back in the 1950-1970s.

    The U.S.A. spends a ton of money in Israel, but they do it for their own reasons. its called war and the ability to always have a base in the middle east. Its not “charity”.

    We are not responsible for Israel. We are responsible only for ourselves and our country. So if you want to talk responsibility and the U.N.; how often did the U.N. condemn Canada for its treatment of First Nations? How often did we “bulldoze and move” First Nations homes/lands for our country’s interests.

    Why didn’t the Greens condemn Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals for the destruction of
    First Nations land with the building of Site C. Hell, they’re going to the Supreme Court of Canada to hang onto their land, along with some farming families who are loosing their farms. What’s Christy going to do? Bull doze and flood the traditional lands of the First Nations which in turn will destroy their way of life. DiverDarren, if you’re not familiar with the issue, go check out the pictures at Laila Yuille’s blog and read all about it. So who is worse here? It’d suggest the B.C. Lieberals. they do it for the money. Israel does it for the protection of their country.

    Let he without sin cast the first stone.

  18. morry says:

    The Greens have gone mouldy. it is over. Not even Fleming could save them now.

  19. Ken says:

    Harvey i’ve been reading your blog long before BMCQ took it over, never commented before but feel i have to now.
    I can’t believe you would tell someone to read the book of bs (the bible).
    Also i have dual citizenship and am voting for Trump, not because i like him, but i just can’t vote for Clinton. Hillary and Bill (Andy Capp) Clinton should both be in jail. I suggest you and your readers should all watch the documentary called Clintons Cash, you’ll be amazed with the Canadian content.
    I’ll never watch CNN or MSNBC again because they are so bias for Clinton, even worse than Globel is for our photo op queen Christy Clark.
    The USA is going through the same thing we just went through with our election, the ballot should have none of the above on it.
    I guess we’ll soon be seeing photo ops of our great king and queen of photo ops at the site c dam, some democracy we have. I’m so glad i’m on my way out of this world and not just beginning.

    (Response: The Bible may not be everyone’s favorite moral guide, but it is actually pretty good as a historical and archeological record of human history and geography in the Mid East. And as such. I do believe it’s a valid response to anyone who claims “WE” created Israel post World War II. As for Trump, some of my friends and family in the US who can’t stand Clinton, Obama and the Democrats have decided to do what I can appreciate: they will vote for Congress etc…but NOT cast any vote for President, rather than vote for Trump. h.o)

  20. david hadaway says:

    The Falklands? Which in 2013 voted 99% on a 92% turnout to remain a self governing British dependency? One thing we can be sure of is that none of the other states you mention would never allow such a vote, at least not without fixing the result beforehand.

    (Response: I appreciate your point … but I would point out, somewhat tongue in cheek, that the people of the Crimea also voted in favour of Russia’s takeover. The REAL issue, though, is more disturbing…that the GREENS have singled out ONLY the Jewish state for isolation, disinvestment and every other insult they can think of …while remaining SO SILENT and INACTIVE in calling out nations with much more horrible records …some with hundreds of thousands of deaths on their hands. That’s just BIGOTRY. HATE and some would argue even RACISM …that we ALL should reject. h.o)

  21. Lew says:

    This motion was not about where to hold the next annual meeting, or whether to change the colour of the party’s logo. It was a fundamental declaration of principle, and Ms. May did not support it.

    A leader cannot take an organization somewhere she herself does not want to go. Ms. May therefore must resign.

  22. Les H. says:

    To re-post my thoughts at Puget Sound Radio, I now add them here.

    I don’t agree with all things Harvey has written here which is OK as a differing opinions on some thoughts is good for informative dialog if people choose to engage, unlike the clamping down of FREE speech in Gitmo Nation East (UK) and the rest of Euroland.

    But on the Green Party I am in agreement with Harvey and also have my 2 cents to add here. thank you…

    The Green Party is just a far left, socialist party that was/is hiding behind the skirt of the environment/environmentalism. This is why it has little attraction in places like Canada and more so the USA.

    Many of the ‘cucked’ Euro nations may have fallen for the Green Party spin and as such these nations suffer from much of its blatant socialist ideology.

    Israel’s governments past and present have political ‘do do’ on their hands but given the fact it survives while being surrounded by nations and a culture that wants it destroyed, well its restraint has been pretty good over the years.

    For Canucks who think the Green Party is best to represent our future, I’d say think again. They are deceivers and anti-business, anti-capitalists and bigger socialists than the NDP is in this country. The NDP has built over its years policies and such. It is a worthy left wing to out traditional Liberal and Conservative governments even though PM Sunny Ways looks to have moved the Liberals pretty left now. I’d take a Paul Martin Liberal Party over that direction he’s on today.

    But The NDP sticks to mostly labour and general social issues. The Greens practice deception as they favour in the end radical and really unsustainable socialism. Surely the tenets of CCCP of the former USSR idealism live inside the Green Party doctrine.

    “Socialism, where everybody, everywhere, all the time enjoy the equal outcome of being equally miserable all the time.”

    Another thought to finish with, why are socialists so in bed with Islam? Because they truly believe Islam is like socialism as it appears to be socialistic on its outside. It’s a religion/culture where many especially under 30 yr. old agnostics who may be searching for faith look towards. Why? as those under 30 today are the first western generation that have been raised under a socialistic education system from preschool through Post Secondary. It is said that 93% of all US University professors polled identify as being left of centre to out right socialist. I doubt Canadian and European professors are much different. Therefore Islam on its surface looks like a safe space for a young socialists.

    But Islam is not equal to run of the mill 20th./21st. century socialism as seen and practiced today. Appearances may deceive as it’s a religious culture of 7th century strict ideals. If it were/is to get a foot hold in any democratic society, it will in time zip off the coat of a sheep to show itself a wolf. Socialists will be the first it devours then.

    Socialists need to stop their social/political love affair with Islam. Islam can IMO stay in its 7th. century ways in its existing nation states. That is their problem as far as I’m concerned.

    But to end because Islam does not adapt and change on its own, Israel will always have to keep its guard up. The Euro socialist nations have become near enemies of Israel because idiot socialists there have made a pact with Islam. A  pact the will be destructive in the end.

    Only true reformation will bring Islam to a modern, progressive, liberal, intellectual world of better living for all. Whether that or when that may happen I do not know but for civility, progressive values and more peace it must happen.

    (Response: Thanks. Really interesting read! The extreme radicalization of the Greens raises important new issues …not only for the party, its moderate members … those who feel the environment, transportation, health, education, seniors, First Nations, justice and economic issues than attacking/isolating/hating Israel and the Israeli people. And it raises a VERY IMPORTANT issue for all Canadians …which I will blog about next Monday. h.o)

  23. harry lawson says:


    there is a great article in the huffington post about the green party convention resolution process .

    Green Party BDS Controversy: ‘A Little Baloney’ In Claim Resolution Process Is ‘Very Different’

    after reading that article it proves beyond a doubt that she was not sand bagged.

    Ms May knew for well over a month that this was a upcoming vote . she had all that time to try to defeat the motion , however it was carried.

    Ms May has known for over a month she would have to take a stand. instead of resigning on principle she has gone on vacation

    integrity takes a lifetime to earn and a second to lose

    (Response: Thanks for the info For those who would like more info, here’s a link to the entire Huffington Post article: . Fascinating reading. One of the issues I’m still processing is the fact that, as I’ve written on this blog, I have on occasion voted Green. Never again … too radical now. h.o)

  24. BMCQ says:

    Ken – 19

    Sorry I have ruined your fun! Seems tough for me to make a friend on this Blog.

    Good Post just the same

    Less – 22

    A very good Post! Very Impressive!

    Our Canadian PM all Canadian Politicians, U.S. Politicians, and all other Leaders of Free World Countries could learn from what you have said.

    If Blair, Cameron, Holland, Sarkozy, Merkel, Lofven, Juncker, and most other Left of Centre Socialist EU Leaders over the past 5, 10, 15, years or so would have read your post before they began their really Violent Assault on EU Countries with their Foreign, Economic, and Immigration/Migration Policies they may have been able to save and preserve a WHOLE Continent which is The EU, it’s People, Cultures, Economies, and Freedom of Thought and Religions!!!

    Unfortunately they have failed their Countries in the worst way possible and The whole Continent is beyond help at this time. Sickening!

    What a catastrophe!!

    No going back now, it is far far too late!

    Time for ALL Canadians to be very very vocal and let our PM and his Minions and ALL other Elected Officials at ALL three Levels of Government understand that we want nothing similar to The EU to take place in our Country of Freedom and Choices.

    We need to learn from the EULeasders catastrophic mistakes!

    Let’s hope that May and Weaver can begin the process by doing the right thing and call attention to the problem by Crossing the Floor to The NDP .

    harry – 23

    h,o. – 23 – Response

    Thanks for Posting and bringing the very interesting Huffington Piece to our attention!

  25. Diverdarren says:

    Interesting points e.a.f, a bit of misdirection, but interesting.

    “People send cash” … You characterize the money/equipment transfer to Israel as, Ma and Pa Kettle sending a few extra dollars to a charity in Israel. You could more accurately describe aid to Israel as nation governments sending billions of dollars in aid and assistance.

    South Sudan, of course, is already sanctioned by the Canadian government. Not sure if the Greens need to call for the government to sanction them again. Looking at the Green Party’s Platform I suspect the Greens probably would condemn illegal arms sales abroad.
    “We must base ourselves in international law. It is the rock you can stand on when things become confusing.”
    Paul Heinbecker, Former Ambassador for Canada to the United Nations, February 17, 2007, Address to the Green Party foreign policy forum.

    You ask where is the Green condemnation of the Liberals regarding Site C and its impact on the environment and natives… Well look no further.

    “The Site C dam is at best, ill-conceived, misguided and an environmental outrage…”
    “It is simply not acceptable for the BC Government to arbitrarily decide to move ahead and approve a project that was doomed from the start and opposed by so many.”
    – Elizabeth May 2014

    Here is the Green’s website were you can help the Greens stop site C by sending a message.

    Come On e.a.f., the blog is called Keeping it Real…

  26. J. David Cox says:

    I’m a Greenie. Big fan of E. May. But, I have to admit that I have been railing against them for years trying to get some of the nonsense and gibberish out of their platform. I wrote their goofy stuff off to silliness, youth, inexperience and out-of-control idealism. Too much PC, too. Still do. But they have been adolescent far too long and this one pushed me too far. If she acts like a leader should and say, “I do not believe that the BDS motion accurately reflected the party I lead and believe in so, as leader, I am freezing this decision to be reviewed next year. If they still want it then, I resign. Until then, I will assume it was a mistake.” Then I would see that as a mature, real leader with some ‘cajones’ and stick it out with them a bit longer. But she shouldn’t take too long in doing that either. For those of you who seem to HATE the Greens, I am surprised. They are weak and silly most of the time – this time is worse – but why hate them?

    (Response: I have never hated the Greens: actually have voted Green on occasion. It’s the Greens who have adopted HATE as a key policy …singling only one state …Israel …for total isolation, condemnation, blockade etc …while somehow totally ignoring MANY other countries with MUCH WORSE records of occupation, slaughter, torture, decimation of minorities etc. Many parties … left and right …must face down extremists who latch on to their fringes … not unusual they try. BUT in the case of the Greens, the MAJORITY adopted a resolution put forward by the extremists: that changes this drastically in terms of policy, integrity, credibility and trustworthiness. h.o)

  27. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#26 JDC
    To be honest. I agree with the ideals of the Green Party as far as the environment goes….
    As for the rest of the political crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the environment……
    WHY do they even bother?
    The “environment” is a big enough issue to take on without all the internecine political/religious/ squabbling that achieves nothing and turns off potential voters…..a “lose” “lose” political football if there ever was one.
    reminds me of the federal NDPmany years ago when they were rebuilding after another leader bit the dust……amateur hour splayed out for all to see in all its gory, childish posturing detail.
    Eventually they’ll learn…..but , unfortunately, not any time soon.

  28. e.a.f. says:

    D.D., I understand what you wrote, but did the Greens pass these things as policies at a convention. Its fine and dandy to have Ms. May say something, its a whole other thing to have a convention vote on something and make it “policy”. I’m sure the Green Party is expressing its objections to Site C. So does Laila Yuille’s blog, but did the Green party pass a resolution at convention against Site C and Muskrat Falls???

    I didn’t make its seem like Ma and Pa Kettle, if you go to the next sentence it is clear we are talking about governments. And a billion here or there isn’t that much. Its like when the U.S.A. or Russia props up whole economies of their “support” nations, which is actually into the tens of billions.

    The government of Canada is actually the federal Liberal Party. So yes, the Green Party ought to have passed a resolution regarding South Sudan. When the vehicles were sent to South Sudan, the federal Conservatives were the government. Now that is one political party which had convention policies which were very different from the other 4 federal parties in this country: Bloc, Green, Liberals, N.D.P.

    So lets keep it real, just because the government of Canada does/says one things, the political parties at play in the country could be saying a whole lot of other things. That is why we have 5 distinct federal political parties. I too like to keep it real. Now please refer to Harvey’s response in item 26.

  29. citizenofRome says:

    The foundation of the middle-east issue is not really a battle between Arabs and Jews, it is between God and Allah. God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, gave the land to his chosen people, the Jews. It is a covenant between God and this people. God prophesied that his people would be scattered among the nations. God also prophesied that he would gather them back into the land that God gave them in an everlasting covenant, despite the nations of the world trying to prevent this from happening (British turned away the St. Lois as one of many examples). Antisemitism is a worldwide phenomena throughout history and has no explanation other than what is outlined in the bible. Did you know that prior to Hitler invading Hungary that he offered to sell the Hungarian Jews to the Allies for $2? That’s every man, woman and baby for $2 each. Everyone refused and many of the over 100k Hungarian Jews, human beings went into the ovens. Did you know the American Co. IBM sold technology needed to process Jews and political dissidents to there eventual deaths. I invite people to research these things, know what is going on in the world. Please research the history of “Palestine”. Research the history of this idea of “Palestine”. In addition consider what else God said about Israel in the last days. That she would be a “cup of trembling and a burdensome stone” to all around her. When did God say this? 2000 years ago. Cup of trembling? Yes…Israel has been under seize from the beginning..recall the 6 day war? What about the sneaky Pearl Harbour-like Yom Kippur War in which attacking Arabs from Egypt, a force of 80,000 overcame and killed 500 Israeli soldiers defending the border? The Israeli’s had 1 tank to 14 of the Arabs. Both Russia and the US NSA (Nixon) knew the attack was coming and provided no meaningful warning to Israel. Due to to the initial slaughter of Israelis in this sneak attack on a major holiday, all the surrounding Arabs were whipped into a frenzy and threw all they had at Israel, they sent the best of the best of the best. The Arabs predicted the extermination of the Jewish state (which equals the “liberation” of “Palestine”)You know what happened? In the end columns of Israeli tanks were skirting Damascus and Cairo and if not for their being recalled for political reasons, they would have taken those cities. A cup of trembling to be sure. So God’s prophesy that Israel would be a burden? Do you know how tiny Israel is? Yet the UN has occupied a whopping third of it’s time on the topic of Israel with more than 60,000 votes against Israel! The UN is opposed to Israel because it exists. It’s very existence is an offense. The last UN vote opposed to Arabs was 60 years ago. Not once has the UN chastised those Arabs who have attacked Israel unprovoked with the stated intent to annihilate her! Further, Israel, a member of the UN (as part of the 191 members) for over half a century is not permitted to have a turn as one of the ten rotating nations on the UN Security Council but the other 190 nations (including the worst terrorist nations in the world) are. The UN is like the “one ring that rules them all”. So…the Greens decision? Seems one of cowardice, perhaps ignorance versus willful malice, and going along to get along. You know, doing what appears to be in their own self-interest. Trouble is, looks can be deceiving.

  30. If h.o. or any of his readers share my concerns about the hateful way the state of Israel expresses itself and share my concern about the dreadful consequences such hate has already visited upon this world with much, much worse consequences foreseeable how would you suggest we effectively pressure the state of Israel into acting much more diplomatically if not by utilizing the methods that worked so effectively with South Africa for example?

    (Response: I don’t agree with you AT ALL in what you have written above! Absolutely ridiculous! If you truly believe what you say, you clearly have not paid ANY attention to history or the actions of MANY other countries over the past 50 years!!! h.o)

  31. Lew says:


    If God has known all this was going to happen to the Jews for 2,000 years, what has He done about it?

    (Response: Same thing he (or she) has done for the Muslims, the Chinese, the Africans and the barbarians who have since become the Europeans. h.o)

  32. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#30 beer and hockey
    I dare say there’s plenty of hate in both countries to go around.
    Perhaps you should go vacation in either palestinian state( West Bank or Gaza) and spend a week walking around speading your misguided Canadian …….views.
    THEN, (if you havent been kidnapped and ransomed for toilet paper and asprin) go spend a week in Israel and come back and tell us which “hateful” country you’d prefer to live in.
    We’ll stay here and wait for your reasoned, objective, unbiased report.

    (Response: Great idea. And perhaps he should bring along for company a liberated Canadian woman wearing shorts and sandals (bikini would be TOO provocative 🙂 ),a Christian missionary, a gay activist or two and a transgendered female along as company. And a Bible ..because they’ll ALL need it while shackled in some basement. h.o)

  33. Lew says:

    Harvey, you’re right on the money.

    So the question becomes does he or she have anything to do with anything at all, or is he or she just tormenting Homo Sapiens generally for a little amusement?

  34. Gene The Bean says:

    #32 …. feel the burn….
    Great comment and response!

  35. citizenofRome says:

    Lew, am not following your question. What do you mean by “do about it”?

  36. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 32

    h.o – 32 – response

    Excellent Post and comment! Take a Bow!

    I would like to add that “Beer Boy” also take some of his “Green” Friends that support the New “Hate” Policy Platform with him on that little tour!

    I look forward to the report.

  37. I would go to the area at the drop of a hat. The Palestinian people have been most kind to me in my lifetime and I would expect nothing less of them on their territory than they expected of me on mine. Perhaps it is the Irish in me – I cannot much stomach foreign occupations and, unlike many of my fellow comment makers here and the host blogger I do not believe Fear is a man’s best friend. Mutualism, not Fear, makes for a much better friend – especially in this century.

    (Response: Thanks for this. It’s a lesson to ALL how prejudice works. You are right …most Palestinian people ARE nice … quite decent, want to make a living, pursue careers and their dreams and want peace and co-existence with their neighbours. But your bigotry is showing …. because what you just don’t get is most people in Israel are also nice, quite decent, want to make a living, pursue their dreams and want peace and co-existence with their neighbours. And in fact, so are most Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Afghans, Tunisians etc. …even the Irish …despite the horrors carried out by the IRA terrorists! But you condemn ONLY Israel.. yet say nothing about the TERRORIST murderers in Hamas and Hesbollah …who, by the way, have killed MORE PALESTINIANS, Egyptians, Lebanese and Syrians than the Israelis have. Shame on you! h.o)

  38. e.a.f. says:

    As a strong supporter of Israel I do not condon all the actions of the State, but lets be real, have you looked at the states around them and what they do to women and those who oppose them.

    A few years ago when the conflicts started for real in the middle east and medical was going down the tubes, people knew if they made it to the Israel border they would be take to an Israel hospital, be able to give birth in a first rate medical facility or be given medical treatment for their wounds, which of course came from their fellow citizens in Arab countries.

    While we’re “blaming people for bad behaviour”, lets have a good look at what a variety of federal governments have done to our own First Peoples over the past 150 years or so…. When we have made up for those atrocities, then we can get with the agenda of calling out Israel.

    Mr. Beer n Hockey at #30 your comments gave me a good laugh, especially since it followed a nice set of e.g.s in #29. the list of “events” are simply history. Many may not remember the 7 Day War but there are those of us who do. To this day I remember a comedy routine Bob Hope did shortly after the War. He said the reason the War had last only 7 Days was because Israel had rented the military equipment.
    For the time it was an accepted joke, but it wasn’t funny. The citizens of Israel, knew if they didn’t finish it quickly they would all be dead. That 7 Day war was a very clear message, they were on their own and for all future aggressions it had to be over very quickly or they had to be on top to keep going.

    To this day you can hear anti Jewish comments, usually in terms of money. It just shocks people when they get called out by some one who at times looks Irish with red hair and was born in the Netherlands.

    If the Greens want to do something about atrocities in the world, they can start right here in Canada. How many are going to volunteer to go work in the far north with First Nations? How many will go to Ontario and help clean up the mercury which has been poisoning some First Nations people for decades? Must be going on 40/50 years now. I’d estimate not a half dozen. Its just so easy to get up to mike at a convention and yak, yak, yak. It a whole other thing to go out and do the walk. Greens aren’t going to do the walk here or anywhere else. They think they have found something to get themselves a few extra votes. In the end they turned out to be not so different from other political parties. They’d sell their souls for a few more seats at the table.

    (Response: You touch on a reality that very few people over here know about: some Syrian civilians who live close to the border and have seriously injured family have been seeking/getting medical treatment in Israeli hospitals…. more than 2,000 since 2013. Their BIGGEST fear? Not the big bad Israelis …but if Hesbollah or Assad ….or maybe Canada’s Green Party … find out. Watch this from just a couple of days ago…and weep for these poor people: h.o)

  39. nonconfidencevote says:

    Ahhhhh yes .
    Born in Ireland were you? Or Canada and you tell everyone that must listen that “you’re Irish” unless of course you go for a visit to Eire and then you’re “Johhny Canuck”
    “Irish” and “occupation” seem to go hand in hand dont they?
    Perhaps thats your affinity to the Palestinians stubborn pigheaded mindless outlook towards its “occupiers”Has amazing similarities to the mindless ‘bombing campaign(intifada?) that achieves nothing but even more misery to its own people.(the similarities ARE quite striking)
    But its all about the “principle” or something like that right?
    Well … the IRA learned, dont be surprised if there’s repercussions when you randomly kill innocent women and children. with rockets, bombs and random assassinations.
    And before you start spewing “But they started it!”
    Blah blah blah…..nobody cares. Its gone on for so long it doesnt matter who started it….its stupid…. pigheaded….wanton murder.
    Well, Please feel free to sent us “Twits” from Gaza when the internet is up and running.
    I’m sure we’d love photos of the garbage strewn beaches, the garbage strewn streets, the garbage strewn parks, etc etc etc. Since the governing body’s in Palestine has squandered the billions in aid money that all the Arab nations have given to them. Not to mention that even the arab countries dont want Palestinians living in their countries because everywhere they go they stir up sh*t and cause trouble.
    Kinda like the Irish.
    Yeah I can see your “kindred spirit”.
    Just rememeber you hide your tattoos(satan) and keep your gay traveling companions close…and the cross dressers closer because you may have to fork over a Kings(British?) ransom to get them back.

  40. Lew says:

    @citizenofRome #35:

    The question is whether beyond giving the land to the Jews, his “chosen people”, and predicting their future, what else did he do throughout the 2,000 years of attacks on them by the rest of the world that you describe? Sit back and watch, or…?

  41. citizenofRome says:

    @Lew. I appreciate your curiosity and thinking critically about affairs locally and abroad. To answer you plainly, God loves us and keeps promises; each and every one of them. How else does a nation with a land area 30% smaller than Vancouver Island vastly outnumbered by Arabs who are increasingly united in the cause of wiping it off the face of the planet still exist and do so, successfully (BTW there are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc. living freely in Israel)? The answer is God. There is a story unfolding and we are seeing prophesy fulfilled. If we allow our attention to be transfixed on only one detail of the story however, we lose context and meaning. Take the story of your life, you may have been hurt and discouraged at times and hurt and discouraged others, but this is not your whole story. Seeing the big picture is often difficult and at times impossible when fallen human beings are mired in the trenches of this fallen creation. Mercifully, in the darkness of this world faith, hope and love invited, will and do, prevail. (1 John 4:4).

  42. e.a.f. says:

    non confidence, 39. Its e.a.f. I wrote I was born in the Netherlands, I am sometimes mistaken for Irish because of my hair colour and looks.
    I declare myself always as a Canadian, which I am.

    Never been to Ireland, most likely never will. Don’t leave Canada much at all. Never saw the need to.

  43. Lew says:


    Thanks. To each their own. I share your desire for a desirable outcome; but differ on the likely cause and effect agent or that the outcome is preordained.

    In the meantime, some can hope, some can pray, and some might even do both. Whatever works for whoever cares.

  44. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#43 eaf
    Sorry if you thought that was “aimed” at you.
    After I posted I realized I didnt include #37 Mr B & H
    He was my intended “target”. for my #39 rebuttal.

  45. Well. Well. Well. Now I know where to find a few of Trump’s Canadian troops.

  46. e.a.f. says:

    Warren Kinsella has an interesting post up on the motion the Green Party passed at their Convention.
    His interpretation is, as I understand it, that not only does the Party not want the State of Israel to exist, but that because the delegates knew Ms. May opposed the resolution, they are in effect saying they don’t want her either. Its an interesting read.

    (Response: Here’s the link to Kinsella’s take: Fascinating! I’m still not sure I would agree with his suggestion that anti-Semitism DID play a large role in this resolution even being put forward, considered and passed. I believed its was just another of those typical radical far left Pavlovian reactions to anything that ever comes up re Israel, the US, Britain etc. …while the MUCH GREATER occupiers and MUCH GREATER brutal regimes that totally disrespect human rights … like Russia (Georgia, Crimea, Moldova), China (Tibet and Mongolia), Iran (where even the mention of human rights leads to prison, torture), Syria, North Korea, Hamas in Gaza, Hesbollah in Lebanon get a FREE PASS …never any resolutions or condemnations or calls for sanctions, isolation, disinvestment or even censure. Only the Jewish state? Hmm! Maybe Kinsella is on to something? If so, WHY is May still there? And Weaver? h.o)

  47. BMCQ says:

    Beer – 46

    Of course the reason that some on the Blog find your theories and opinions ridiculous could have nothing to do with the fact that you have no idea about what is taking place in Canada, The Middle East, or anywhere else in the World for that matter!!

    Sure blame Trump, that seems to be the fall back for those that cannot intelligently defend their positions/ideology with facts these days!

    At Best A Pathetically Weak Argument!

    “Make America Grapes Again”

  48. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#46 Mr B & H
    “Now I know where to find a few of Trump’s Canadian troops.”

    Start with the guy in the mirror.

  49. Eldon says:

    I do think May will leave. I don’t think we can fault her for taking some time to consider her options. Weaver will try to divest the BC Greens from the Canada Greens.

    (Response: I hope you are right: I’ve always admired May’s ideas, what I perceived to be her principles and her integrity. If she decides “this too will pass” and hangs on to protect her salary and her pension …I (and I suspect MANY Canadians) would be terribly disappointed …just another politician. By the way I hope everyone has seen the heart-wrenching picture of the little boy from Aleppo after the latest carpet bombing by the Syrian and Russian forces. So horrible … and this is now going on there almost daily. It not only shows the war crimes of the Russians and Syrians are now a daily occurrence …but it also shows the HYPOCRISY of the Greens! WHY no motion calling on Canada to expand the sanctions on THOSE two thug states …or any call to boycott and isolate and shun EVERY Russian and SYRIAN … including their artists, intellectuals, business people, academics etc. etc. …like the Greens called for against EVERYONE from the Jewish state! Every day I watch the horrors of the world news, the hypocrisy and hate of the Greens … and maybe yes, an anti-Semitic bent … is all the more front and centre. Shame on them! h.o.)

  50. e.a.f. says:

    I believe Kinsella is one to something.

    Friday’s CBC discussion was on will, May stay or go. I think she ought to resign from the leadership of the party and sit as an Independent and run again in the next election as an independent. She does bring something to the table. Let the party sink into the sea, but I think she can float.

    If Weaver is smart he’ll create a “divorce” between the B.C. Green and the national Greens. Of course it might be interesting to see how the Greens fare as the public becomes more aware of the Greens anti Israel position. If it grows I’d suggest its anti Semitism growing.

    I saw the little Syrian boy on the 6 pm news on CTV. After reporting on it I thought Colleen Christy was going to cry. She made a couple of comments about the situation. She and Mike K. did well on that topic.

    it is interesting that this morning there are not marches against Syria and Russia. From the reading I’ve been doing the Doctors in Syria can actually time the bombings, so there is nothing Russia or Syria can say about it being an accident. this is out and out war on children. The U.N. and a lot of countries ought to be condemning this. The U.N. ought to tell Russian and Syria they stop the bombing until at least the children can be taken out of Aleppo. This isn’t a war, this is a holocaust. Once again the world is sitting by, just as they did with Cambodia, Rawanda, etc.

    its all well and good to fight ISIS, but when you kill children like t his with bombs and bomb hospitals, you are no better than ISIS and the whole bunch ought to be dragged to the Court in the Hague and tried for war crimes and these Greens and their friends have the nerve to condom Israel and say nothing about what goes on in Syria? Hypocrits all of them.

    I believe Syria and Russia will continue to kill children, because they understand children grow up and can become the enemy. I believe Russia and Syria don’t see these children as children, but as future enemies.

    (Response: What is happening DAILY in Syria …carpet bombing by the Russians and Syrian government … without even trying to avoid civilians … is a war crime. But the Russians have a veto at the UN Security council…so can stop any move that displeases them; the General Assembly is useless … and so corrupt (many countries bought and paid for by oil money states, or are religiously bigoted or just puppets of the big powers)… the countries represented there almost never act or even speak up. Unless, of course one of its Master nations puts forward a resolution condemning Israel. h.o)

  51. Malcontent says:

    I guess the truth hurts eh Harvey?

    (Response: Actually, the TRUTH will set you free from your bigotry. Seek it out! h.o)

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