Hang in there, Canada: China is LOSING its War Against the Rule of Law

The world is watching; and China’s expanding aggression under Xi Jin Ping is starting to cost it dearly.

And it is clearly losing face internationally as well!

Canada is not alone in being attacked by China: and we must not become the ones who surrender.

The arbitrary seizure and imprisonment of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, in retaliation for Canada’s enforcement of a legal seizure/extradition procedure initiated by the US is, understandably, a huge issue in our country.

But it is minor in comparison with other provocative, even violent actions taken by the Chinese government under Xi in recent weeks and months.

We all know how China has escalated its aggressive actions in the South China Sea , declaring unilateral control over international waters, building islands to literally “cement” its claims, reinforced with construction of military installations.

But there’s a lot more:

China has also escalated its menacing actions/claims for Japan’s Senakakus Islands (administered by Japan since 1972);

Under Xi, the Beijing dictatorship also has been pushing ongoing expansionist border claims/disputes with Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines  South Korea and even its ally, North Korea.

Last week, Chinese soldiers KILLED 20 Indian troops in a brawl that broke out on their Himalayan border: even beating some to death with rocks and clubs;

Also last week, Chinese jets buzzed Taiwan four times in four days;

And 22 countries have signed a statement to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights decrying China’s detention of at least one million Muslims in Xinjiang;

Not even the poorest of the poor countries of Africa, in the midst of their additional pain/suffering due to Covid-19 (and don’t get me started on China’s failings in that regard!) are exempt from China’s extortion. The “People’s Republic” is now squeezing many nations they provided loans to amidst pledges of support/friendship to the point of cruelty: demanding concessions to extend their debt repayments;

Just read what China is doing right now to exploit the increased poverty problems of Senegal during the pandemic: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/senegalese-worried-chinese-companies-fishing-licences-200625150513283.html ; and,

There’s also the sad, tragic saga unfolding in Hong Kong, where Xi has broken China’s word and signed international agreements and is moving to crush the island’s limited democratic freedoms, and enable the arrest of its bravest heroes to scoop them up and imprison them on the mainland.

China today is not a friend or ally or worthy of trust and respect by any nation/people who have even a modicum of principles or believe in the rule of law.

So our two Canadian hostages being held in appalling, cruel, despicable conditions by China are the RULE, not the exception, under Xi.

In fact, while Huawei CFO Meng Wan Zhou endures “house arrest” in her $11 million Vancouver mansion, the Chinese government holds its two Canadian hostages under harsh prison conditions and won’t even allow them to write home, get letters, speak to their families for months now or even receive visits/consultations from Canadian officials.

THAT is the NEW CHINA under Xi Jin Ping … and it’s quite ugly!

But Canada MUST NOT give in … even in the face of mounting internal pressure from family, friends and those calling for appeasement.

History has shown appeasement of tyrants/kidnappers/terrorists NEVER stops them: it just and rewards and encourages them … and others like them.

But hang in there, Canada! The world is pushing back at China’s bellicose behaviour!

It’s Belt and Road Infrastructure/Trade initiative, designed to expand China’s external connections/influence and economic expansion has lost a lot of its lustre … and has stalled literally in its tracks.

And other nations are striking back.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Friday the US would impose visa restrictions on Chinese Communist Party officials believed to be responsible for restricting freedoms in Hong Kong . (This move came four days after Pompeo also publicly urged China to release the two Canadians).

Chinese telecommunication equipment giant Huawei lost out to Nokia and Ericsson in building Singapore’s main 5G networks; the European Union has also expressed support for non-Huawei 5-G development; Japan’s top telecommunications company is investing $600 million to help a competitor take business away from Huawei; two major Canadian wireless companies, Telus and BCE, say they will build their 5G wireless networks with equipment from European providers, not Huawei; former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says Britain should avoid Huawei having a key role in their 5-G development.

There will be MANY more of these announcements to come.

China’s aggression and bullying are proving to be a LOSING cause for not only the Chinese government but EVERY Chinese communications company, where technological security and exposure raise concerns.

I have no doubt China’s handling/linking/interference in the Meng Wan Zhou case and the seizure of the two Michaels will hurt Huawei and other Chinese firms for many, many years to come, with billions of dollars of implications for these companies.

But they should not be our only target.

Time for the Trudeau government to withdraw/cancel visas for officials/businesses/family members/students with any links to the Chinese government; time for authorities to ensure no laws here are being broken by embassy, consular or private agents working in Canada on China’s behalf; time for Canadian companies to seek alternative sources for imports from Chinese suppliers; time for Canadian universities/community groups/organizations to stop exchange programs with Chinese institutions, until the two Michaels are freed; and, time for all of us to start looking at products we purchase to see if an alternative is available and then, send a message to China by leaving their goods on the shelf.

And most of all, it’s time for us to realize how precious our rights/freedoms truly are and how we must not set them aside … even when the raging dragon takes our citizens hostage and snorts fire in our direction.

Happy Canada Day!

Harv Oberfeld

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17 Responses to Hang in there, Canada: China is LOSING its War Against the Rule of Law

  1. 13 says:

    Harvey, another good essay. I was reading and getting angry until I got to the second to last paragraph. To say that Trudeau could and should do more to show that Canada will not tolerate Chinas behavior is an understatement .
    Sanctions at every opportunity. The Port of Vancouver should take weeks to unload and reload freighters coming from or going to China or any country that hasnt demanded China free the two Mikes CBSA should be examining every container that is coming or going to/from China. The 11 million dollar jail cell should have news crews constantly there to embarrass every one coming or going to the mansion. A larger show of force at the front door. Perhaps begin to evacuate surrounding properties.

    (Response: You’re absolutely right: there are many ways Canada could and should slow down imports from China, enforce strict Customs, quality inspection and even labelling controls and regulations … just like they have done and are still doing to our products. And don’t forget there are a whopping 140,000 students from China attending and taking advantage of our top-rate educational system. Yes, they contribute welcome funds to our institutions as well … but sometimes we just have to do what’s right, not just profitable, Trudeau is being too soft: his words have gotten stronger, but he must do something concrete as well. h.o)

  2. DBW says:

    I have nothing really to add to your list and without thinking too deeply I can’t find any fault with your analysis. Except this isn’t going to be easy.

    China has almost 20% of the world’s population. It has the second biggest economy. The third largest military (by expediture) and the largest standing army. And as a dictatorship, they really don’t have to worry about pushback from their own people. Rightly or pigheadedly, Trump got in a tariff battle with China and farmers paid the price. Democratic governments have to pay attention to that in the short term. China doesn’t care and can play the long game.

    Many of you here think the UN is weak and corrupt. So who is going to lead this fight. A now more inwardly looking US who at least under Trump have an America First attitude.

    I am not saying do nothing. I was shocked at the beginning of covid to learn how much we depend on foreign (China mostly) countries to supply us with pharmaceuticals. We have to correct those things. And we don’t have to depend on giants like Huawei, but any fight with China will have immediate consequences which we have to be prepared to accept even if the positive returns to this fight don’t show up until most of us here are dead.

    (Response: We have clearly become too dependent on China for many of our products: and they buy a lot of Canadian products too. Let’s keep it real: we cannot and should not break off ALL those links, but I believe we (and by “we” I mean our own importers and exporters) should quietly and methodically actively seek and focus on alternative markets which are more supportive of our values and the rule of law … and should be assisted and rewarded for that. It can be done and should be done, because history has shown that failing to take a stand against tyrants and brutal aggressive dictatorships only emboldens them, and the cost to stop them later on only gets worse. h.o)

  3. BMCQ says:

    An incredibly good and accurate essay Harvey, the only fault I can find is the fact that you could have gone on for another two pages and you still may not have covered off describing all of the Sins of China and it’s Communist Leaders .

    China is a Clear and Present Danger, China is Not Our Friend, China is Our Enemy .

    You said, “Hang in there Canada : China is losing the war against the Rule of Law” .

    Truer words have never been spoken, but as Jodi Wilson Raybould might suggest, the claim of Rule of Law makes much more sense coming from you than Canadian PM Minister Justin .

    China is other than for obvious reasons perhaps more of a threat to the world today than the combined Axis Powers was during the Second World War, except up to this point China has not quite gone full military .

    Before I make a point or two here I would like to encourage everyone that can acquire it, read the excellent book authored by Michael Pillsbury, I have given out well over 30 of them to friends and acquaintances, to a person they have loved the book . IMHO it is one of the most important books of the last twenty years . It explains almost everything about how China works it’s goals, an foreign policy strategy .


    China wants it all, China wants everything you and your loved one have, China wants it all, if you do not understand that you are throwing your family and future generations to the wolves .

    Harvey is correct when he points out that China and it’s hyper aggressive actions have caused great concerns world wide, and because of that China has “Poked the Bear”, the of the free world . The rest of the free world and even some dictatorships have had enough and they afre now fighting back, all of those countries except perhaps Canada have stood against China and they will take no more .

    China has over played it’s hand and the mistake of taking on India, Australia, the USA, the EU, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, the soon to be Free UK, so many others are snow finally willing to Stand asd One Against china” and China will lose .

    Chinas aggression in the South China Sea, with India, other border neighbours, the two Michaels, other prisoners, Chinese Gulags, it’s discrimination against minorities, medical tourism, Intellectual Property Theft, predatory trade practices, threats by strong arm tactics, Huawei, Hong Kong, counterfeit product, mis labelled and upgraded food products, pollution, NO Human rights for a country on the UN Human Rights and Security Council, and another 100 or so more we could list .


    Not to mention of course the China control of the most corrupt World Body, the united Nations and it’s weak sibling the W.H.O. and it’s despicable leader Tedros .

    Then of course we could add the most important fact that is killing, and maiming
    innocent people world wide the release of Covid 19 . We must not forget that china was well aware of the spread of C 19 in China in December and the Communist Gov forbid travel of Chinese Nationals to Beijing and other major centres but that same Communist Government DID NOT restrict travel of Chinese Nationals to any other World City, what migh that tell us ?

    (Edited off topic)

    For the many dozens of reasons mentioned and already pointed out by Harvey and other HONEST Media the rest of the World Nations are not going to take it anymore from China, China has finally caused enough death and destruction that the world is and will push back in ways only three years ago would have been impossible and un thought of .

    (Edited …for length and off topic)

    Canada, the EU, Clinton, “W”, Obama, and the rest of the world were “Hoodwinked” by the Chinese for over 20 years and China had a “Free Range” to do whatever it wished and finally before he was elected Donald J. Trump told China they would very soon face a day of reckoning .

    China did not like that and contrary to opinions here china is running scared and China is behaving like the cornered wolverine and it is lashing out . Finally under the USA which has found some courage China is being held accountable, contrary to opinions here the Tariffs are working and China is and has been facing body blow after body blow to it’s economy and economies in other world nations pre C 19 have done every very well . You do not know this but many Chinese based corporations ae absorbing a lot of the sat 22% tariffs and it is hurting them, many companies are re-shoring back to their original home nations, most of them to the USA, and trust me those actions taken are NOT because of Obama policies, they are because of the current USA Administration .

    (Edited…for length and off topic)

    As Harvey stated, China has “Crossed the Line”, Many Lines as a matter of fact, and China will now be held accountable .

    We will soon see that with U.S. Leadership, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the EU, the UK, Mexico, many Middle eastern countries, Israel, and many more of the worlds 195 nations take China to task and china will pay dearly, if the USA leads this revolt as they are capable china could be in very serious trouble and just like Hong Kong we might see a real revolution which will not be good for any of the good hard working freedom desiring Chinese people . IMHO I strongly believe that Japan should immediately NUKE UP, China needs to be sent a message . Of course ome hee might “Light their Hair on Fire” and dive for a “Safe Space” but let’s be honest the Japanese Nuking up is simply just push back against China as it really would mean no appreciable difference . But it would send China a message .

    China are now going to face a tremendous push back from those nations mentioned and china will need to reform or die, their strong arm tactics mean nothing now, and china is well aware of that that is why China and George Soros are very much behind all of the unrest, protests, and anarchy taking place in USA cities right now, they along with the democratic party and others many of them here on this blog would do almost anything to Defeat Donald J Trump .

    We will very quickly see all of the natons mentioned and more stand together against china and that should include Canada, we need to support one another against china and we must hold China accountable . The USA is well ahead on this and they have even spoken to China about securig the release of the Two Michaels, and I think them, DO YOU ?


    Harvey is 100% when he calls for action against chines Corps and others, long ago I called for and sent letters to Ottawa and my MP demanding that they halt all investment from Chinese Nationals or corporations of business, land, industrial, commercial, and many other acquisitions .

    Canada needs to do that now and we need to re launch a Foreign Investment Revue Agency that overseas any transactions of any kind by Foreign Nationals. corporations, or their Agents .

    Wait until you find out just how many MILLIONS of Acres of Prime Fertile Agricultural Farm Land Chinese Internationals and agents have purchased in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico over the past fifteen years, it would make you sick .

    Not to mention the hundreds of different commodities, mines, rare earths, and the rest Chinese Nationals and their agents have control over in Africa, South America, and so many other nations, and the locals are not gaining one extra cup of powdered milk because of that Chinese investment . How Horrid .

    (Edited… for length and off topic)

  4. BMCQ says:

    i could be dreaming but I believe we might see the release of the Two Michaels sooner than later .

    China needs to receive some good press coverage before it all goes south on them and that release would assist .

    (Response: As I stated, although the two Michaels are suffering in China’s prison .. it’s CHINA, not Canada, that is looking AWFUL to the world and China’s reputation, trustworthiness and attraction for doing business/trade etc is suffering with many, many nations under Xi’s aggressive posture. The Meng case … unless Trump does a deal and has the charges dropped … could go on for another year, and the cost to CHINA in terms of economic pullback/trade/respect and co-operation by Western nations will only escalate with time. Especially if Trudeau keeps up the VOCAL pressure …which is making Xi LOSE FACE internationally … something very important for the Chinese. ho)

  5. Rainclouds says:


    Thank you for bringing this subject to the fore

    Our history is replete with Chinese/Canadians as valuable and important contributors to this country. They have made this country better. There is no refuting that fact.

    However: Individuals are not Governments. Increasingly the CPC is demonstrating dangerous and opaque behavior. We have far too much dependence on the flow of money from the PRC and are becoming vassals by stealth.

    Time to halt purchases of property in Canada by Chinese Nationals. If a Canadian cannot purchase property in China why would we let them buy here? This is a communist dictatorship, not the USA or Britain where we can be reasonably assured the purchasers are 1: not criminals washing ill gotten gains. 2:where we can purchase in their country. Reciprocal. Fair.

    Some Municipal “Leaders” have been co-opted by PRC money .
    Provincial Politicians with RE developers in tow to flog BC as an “investment”
    Former Canadian Politicians lobby for the PRC and become wealthy,(This from the Former head of CSIS).
    Current Politicians bumping up Immigration rates: Permanent Residents. International Students, Foreign Workers, even though we have Sky High housing costs. People living on the streets and public parks. (Yes We need immigrants, along with a discussion over who, how many, where from, skill sets)

    We are now seeing glimpses of this dependence at the Municipal, Universities, Schools Board, Provincial Coffers.

    Our School Systems are highly dependent on cash infusions of International Students. It HAS allowed School Boards and Education Ministries to avoid difficult fiscal decisions. Now the Virus. Uh Oh

    If it was me I would Revoke Meng’s bail. Put her in Jail while she appeals. If she loses her extradition appeal and is convicted in the US then Civil Forfeiture of both homes as proceeds of crime (as the Province does for other criminal behavior).

    Time for far more resources in addressing money laundering, fentanyl, and other illegal activities that threaten our security from outside our borders.EG: When someone arrives in this country, doesn’t claim to CBP the 50k in their back pocket. TAKE IT!

    We don’t want to get much further down this fiscal rabbit hole as we wont be able to get out. I believe we are being seen as naive patsy’s by the CPC

    I do think David Eby has shown fortitude in trying to root out the systemic abuse we find ourselves in currently.

    Much seems to be Federal responsibility and they have shown little inclination to address identified criminal activity which crushes the dreams of honest Canadians (money laundering). I don’t trust the Federal Liberals have the courage.

    (Response: It would be nice to put Meng in jail, under the same conditions the two Michaels are being held, but that would just lower ourselves to China’s uncivilized level of human rights … and we must not allow them that satisfaction. Ms. Meng is entitled to her bail conditions as long as she does represent a threat to Canada or seems about to flee the country in a private jet. And we must remember that the Chinese government, not its citizens, are our foe. The people there suffer from a lack of human rights and little rule of law under a harsh, brutal system and, unless they are agents for the current regime, they should be as welcome in Canada as any other immigrants. BUT Ottawa should cut back and start to restrict major resource and corporate investments here, where ownership could give the Chinese state inordinate power/influence over our economy … or security. h.o)

  6. Horace C. says:

    Your subject is welcome. Although this suggestion is fraught with risks, China would be curtailed if Japan redeveloped its military and even joined the Association of SouthEast Asian nations. Also, a couple of countries no longer seem to have the clout they had way back before the age of European Empire building. The Philippines used to have a reputation of producing tough warriors. Today, not so much; and India with so many clever people, today does not have a successful record in military struggle.

    I have taken up reading very old novels in my retirement. Arthur Conan Doyle, in Rodney Stone, points out that one the benefit of boxing is to develop the warlike temperament that is necessary in growing and maintaining an empire. Now, I don’t expect anyone here to agree with me, but what concerns me is that neither the Philippines nor India have developed a tough enough culture to withstand the Chinese. Perhaps they need more Rugby and Football over there. Manny Pacquiao notwithstanding. I understand Field Hockey is very big in India.

    Over here I sometimes wonder if the fix is already in. Although I am a major user of Google News, over the last couple of weeks they have been giving prominent placement to critics of the Meng Wanzhou detention. It is hard to believe that this was such a popular news subject in Canada to warrant such prominent placement on their
    website. I support 13’s suggestions that we become much more aggressive on the Meng Wanzhou front.

    (Response: There does certainly seem to be mounting pressure in the media for Canada to cave in to China’s pressure. The CBC, or as I now call it: the NDP Network, has been, in my view, almost totally one-sided, pushing the “cave-in” narrative, especially since getting an interview with Kovrig’s wife. Today’s Sunday Scrum (whose panels now reflect more political/social correctness than journalistic/pundit abilities) featured discussion of the letter signed by prominent Canadians calling for Canada to back down, but NOT the letter signed by 18 Senators urging Trudeau/government to stand firm. As for other nations facing China’s escalating aggressive acts, I doubt Japan or the Philippines would do anything much to stop them … but watch Vietnam! h.o)

  7. Gilbert says:

    Many in the west believed that by improving relations with China and increasing trade, China would gradually change. That approach obviously didn’t work. We need to treat China the same way we treated the Soviet Union. We need sanctions and we need to counter Chinese aggression in the West China Sea. President Duterte is a Chinese puppet, so we can’t really on the Philippines, but if Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and the USA form a strong alliance, it will give China problems.

    The media has largely failed to report the reality of what is happening in China. The Chinese Communist Party is completely hostile to religion. It has removed crosses from churches, rewritten religious books such as the Bible and the Koran to fit communist ideology, imprisoned millions of Uighurs in western China, allowed President Xi to rule for life and allowed him to jail many who dare to oppose his policies.

    Justin Trudeau may have thought the Chinese would be very friendly to his government because of the relationship forged by his father. However, this has never happened. The Canadian government needs to take strong action. I completely agree with this post. The Chinese Communist Party is no friend of Canada.

    (Response: Friendship, smiles and history mean nothing to the new China under Xi Jin Ping; he is a brutal dictator, whose only major “accomplishment” so far has been to install himself as Leader for life! Since then, he has supervised the attack/reduction of even basic rights (speech, internet, writings, protests) and the world has witnessed thousands of arrests/detention of thousands of his own citizens, as well as stepped up persecution of the Muslim Uighurs, aggressive moves, threats, even military aggression internationally on such a large level, Canadians’ concerns about two seized citizens were small issues to him. BUT not anymore! Thanks to Trudeau’s growing LOUD outspokenness (it’s about time!) about China’s despicable actions in kidnapping and imprisoning the two Michaels, WE are winning with increasing world support and Xi and China are clearly looking pretty ugly and losing face: embarrassed, exposed and gaining NOTHING concrete from their nastiness. And not even appeals from the very few appeasers in our midst should have us abandon our principles to cave in to China’s bullying. h.o)

  8. 13 says:

    Sometimes four years is to long to wait

    The media has largely failed to report the reality

    These two phrases have appeared in the posts on the last two topics. They pretty much sum up a large portion of whats wrong with the world we currently live in

    The second phrase directly causes the first phrase. People used to trust the media to report news and they could form opinions and vote accordingly. Now the media is controlled by ownership that wants to dumb us down and vote for people like Trudeau’. It allows places like CHAZ to exist. When it comes to China it wont be long before the “news” has us believing that China is our friend and was not responsible for the pandemic.
    Combine the control over the media with the influence educators have over our youth and weve got real problems. Universities started banning speakers with views that they did not endorse and now were busy erasing history.

  9. Horace B. says:

    To No One In Particular:
    This would be a good opportunity for JT to have his “Just Watch Me” moment. He is at a peak of his power now and he wouldn’t likely alienate the politically correct wing with any such move.

    (Response: They are more than just three words, but there are TWO Trudeau the Younger quotes that really have evoked approval from many Canadians AND in other countries as well: “If countries around the world, including China, realize that by arbitrarily arresting random Canadians, they can get what they want out of Canada politically – well, that makes an awful lot of Canadians who travel around the world vulnerable to that kind of pressure” OR there’s “The idea of solving a short-term situation by creating a precedent that demonstrates to China that all they or another country has to do is randomly arrest a handful of Canadians to put political pressure on a government to do what [they] want … would endanger the millions of Canadians who live and travel overseas every single year”. Both those quotes show principle, determination, defiance, strength …and, frankly, publicly tweak the nose of Xi Jin Ping, who’s now looking worldwide like a horrible bully and untrustworthy “partner” for anything! Stay strong Canada!!! h.o)

  10. DBW says:

    In response to 13 who said “When it comes to China it wont be long before the “news” has us believing that China is our friend and was not responsible for the pandemic.”

    I am assuming that he is referring to the mainstream news. Will someone help me define the non mainstream news. I always thought it was social media like twitter and facebook and youtube. I am sorry but I will trust CBC, the Washington Post, the NY Times, the Globe and Mail, Newsweek, CNN and even Fox News (the news not the Hannity types) over any of those sites any time. And there are also podcasts and bloggers like Harvey who are not part of the mainstream media. Harvey may not be perfect (I am sure he will disagree) but for every Harvey, there are dozens of whackjobs whom we have to weed through before we find someone worthwhile like Harvey. As flawed as it may be, the mainstream media still has my vote.

    But is the media as bad as 13’s comment makes it sound. A quick google search.

    From the Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/06/03/way-defeat-china-is-be-true-ourselves/
    A Democrat explains how the US should take a tough stand on China.

    From Newsweek
    From a British perspective the difficult dilemma the UK has as it tries to find trading partners post Brexit.

    From the Globe and Mail

    From the CBC

    Nobody is saying that China is our friend. Of course 13 may be referring to this NY Times article from March 13 that does not deny where the virus started but is complaining how slowly the west responded. This was written before any lockdowns and while Trump was still downplaying the severity of the pandemic so hardly a Monday morning quarterback, 20/20 hindsight article.

    Harvey’s analysis is a sound one and if his is our only source we would be pretty safe, but at the same time I don’t think we should be dumping on the media at least in this case.

    (Response: Very good to have several sources for information and I find most of them on your list quite reliable and varied ..except for the CBC. Sadly I used to watch it’s national network news programming quite a lot, but find it increasingly one-sided, ultra politically correct (at the cost of quality/fairness), very biased … pretty well now just the NDP Unofficial Network. The Sunday’ Scrum used to be great: now a disgrace … in my view mostly left wing NDP propaganda with conservative viewpoints totally left out and with panels usually now featuring only one real journalist, with three other people who only seem to be on there because they tick other boxes: female, black; First Nations etc. contributing, in my opinion, absolutely nothing intellectually new. And the left-wing bias is VERY evident to me: last weekend, lots of discussion (almost promotion) of Spavor’s wife’s appeal (she apparently gave CBC her first interview) and then the panel discussed the letter signed by 19 MPs etc calling on Trudeau to cave in an release Meng, BUT no discussion or even mention of the OTHER letter, signed by 18 Senators calling on Trudeau to NOT cave in. Totally one-sided “discussion”. And my impression: every topic on the CBC now gets that left wing NDP-viewpoint treatment … while conservative, right of center ideas/views are pretty well either few and far between, totally ignored and/or easily dismissed. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    WE must always read or listen between the lines on each and every single news report regardless of the source, none of them should be considered fair, balanced, and reliable all of the time .

    as to CNN, WAPO, NYT, BBC, CBC, L.A. Times, SFO Examiner, SEA Times, BOS Globe, Global, and so many other NOW Liberal Media Outlets . Each and every one of them do have some fair and balanced analysis and reporting but for the most part the highest percent of their reporting since the election of the “Bad Orange Man” has been anti Trump and Anti Republican . Believe it or not until Nov. 9, 2016 Wolf Blitzer was a more or less legitimate journalist as was Anderson, Tapper, Krugman, Friedman and so many more, then it all changed, they became Liberal/Leftist Activists and they no longer have any credibility . Then you have outright anarchists like Charles Blow who is nothing less than “Bat Sh*t Crazy”, so much so that TV News has basically banned him because of his out of control outbursts .

    (Edited…off topic, which is CANADA VS CHINA and CANADIAN media coverage)

    In the meantime the media go on with half truths, they report falsehoods with terms like “Sources say, It has been reported, we have inside information” and much more, then when the reports have been proven wrong there is no correction as the harm has been done and the seed planted . All of this is also tied to China .

    (Edited…off topic)

    No, CNN, WAPO, NYT, BBC, CBC, Global, and the rest are not the most credible news sources, one must watch and listen to as much as possible and then filter as best they can.

    (Edited…off topic)

    Those same people like you in Canada also wanted control and accountability for the China backed import and distribution of Opioids, Fentanyl, make no mistake China is behind all of that and Obama and Canadian PM “Sat on their Hands” . Even today Liberal Democratic Governors, Mayors, and other officials are afraid to take on the Leftist, terrorist, anarchist mods taking over the streets in many cities and China sees their investments paying off, China loves chaos in free world nations, divide and conquer . You can also include George Soros in that camp .

    (Edited..off topic)

    Whether Harvey or anyone else here likes it Donald Trump (Taiwan excepted) is the only World Leader that has stood up to China and you all if honest must admit that other nations like Taiwan, /Australia, Japan, Singapore, the UK, the EU, and many more are onside and they now see the Leadership of Trump is unwavering and he will hold China accountable, the U.S. are even working to free the two Canadian Michaels .

    Agree or not China is now frightened, they are very frightened, China finally has met their match with Donald Trump, China now sees that other world nations are gaining strength and courage and China is for the first time in two generations is very fearful of the hold of their own people, Xi is literally scared beyond belief, and he does not know how to respond .

    Because of the Trump Tariffs and other actions companies now based in China are re shoring, pharma are going back to the EU, the U.S., the economy of China is retracting at an alarming rate . Because of the insecurities and economic woes in China and the now emboldened and unafraid world nations like India, Taiwan, Japan, and more willing to stand up to China, Xi is now lashing out and attempting to bully nations into submission but he is making a grave error in judgement, the rest of the world will now longer bow to china, China will be held to account and China will change .

  12. 13 says:

    DBW I predicted an event and you disagreed. You then went on (and on ) to list the news orgs that “you” trust. Im sorry but for me to say I trust those news org would require that I look the other way when I read, see, or hear their blatant bias against DJT and often against the USA. The media that you praise has and will continue to report (invent) anti Trump news until the election. At least thats what sources tell us.
    To label the CBC a trusted news source flies in the face of reason.

  13. BMCQ says:

    I cannot quite figure out why when I directly address points brought up by other posters it is BMCQ that is deemed off topic ?

    Yes it is your blog and YES, you are “King” but…………….

    The China, George Soros, anti free world, anti USA, anti Canadian influence and sway they have on media and the complacency of media in not reporting truthfully is the biggest story the world has seen since the second world war .

    Admit it or not they all dove tail together, sometimes we just have no choice we just have no choice, we must admit that “Bad Orange Man” is doing the right thing and not only is he taking on China, Iran, ISIS, he is taking on a very biased media .

    Hmmm, am I off topic again ?

    Not to worry, I can take a hint .

    (Response: Don’t get paranoid. The problem is you don’t just address points raised by others: you ramble, expand your comments to well beyond the topic up for discussion or anyone else’s comments and go on FAR TOO LONG, (sometimes many times the length of my entire original topic!)to the point that even after severe editing, I still get complaints about length. I try to be fair …and really welcome/enjoy your input …but, please, you are the last one who should complain about being edited down! h.o)

  14. DBW says:

    Sorry Harvey, I didn’t mean to shift the topic to the media but I get tired of generalizations that are easily disproved. I wasn’t trying to defend the media – all of them have editorial biases – but there is no where that I can find where the media is trying to claim that China is our friend, even the CBC. That was my point.

    And I don’t think that running a story about a letter from a group of ex-politicians including three former foreign affairs ministers under either Chretien or Harper, a former Liberal justice minister, a former Conservative senator, a former chief justice, a former advisor to three Prime Ministers including Mulroney and a former leader of the NDP is showing anything other than the dilemma facing the current government and the human side of the two Michaels’ situation. We have heard plenty of stories from the other side.

    Even Donald Trump stuck his nose in back in Dec. ’18, when he suggested that he might intervene to rescue the trade deal he was working on. That as much as anything gave the Chinese the defense that her arrest was political in nature not legal.

    And please don’t get me wrong. This is not a defense of China. They are not our friend. We need to be stronger and more independent of their economic influence. But we are fooling ourselves if we think this is going to be an easy fight especially when two or our strongest allies (the UK and the US) are in the middle of their own internal struggles.

    (Response: Please don’t get me wrong: absolutely nothing about running the story of those who want Canada to act to release Meng in return for the release of the two Michaels … EXCEPT when, on the CBC (or the NDP Network, as I see it) its Sunday Scrum, totally fails to ALSO include in its same discussion the fact that 18 other prominent Canadians also signed a letter saying Canada should not release Meng and cave in to China’s pressures. No Canadians …left or right … should find it acceptable that our publicly-funded national network has become so biased, so left wing, so journalistically compromised! Very sad. In fact, just last night, The National, the flagship news program the NDP Network, ran another totally one-sided story: about efforts to get Canada to take back a Canadian woman who went overseas to marry an ISIS fighter, then worked for the terrorist group herself until she was captured, and is now being held in detention. The story featured her, sympathizers saying Canada should take her back, but NOT A SINGLE interview with any of the millions of Canadians who oppose/fear taking her back. Not one! And making it even worse, the “story” proffered that 10 other countries have taken their ISIS citizens back; but FAILED to say how many or even mention if others have refused! Just one-sided propaganda by Canada’s publicly funded network …and we should all be concerned by this. h.o)

  15. Harry lawson says:


    Happy Canada to all.
    nice to see some new posters welcome .

    Great post Harvey one of your best yet., i am going to take a different view from many .
    Since Nixon and Kissinger opened the Chinese economy to the west , we have slowly sold our economic soul to the company store.

    We have sold our citizenship for a few dollars , the rich came from other countries made a investment, bought real estate to rent out or to flip.

    i always go on and on about unintended consequences, however what happens if every foreign Canadian passport holder returns to Canada and exercise their Canadian rights, ? What will happen to our rental housing stock if even a small percentage percentage of foreigners reclaim their condo or houses ?n i could go on and on.

    lots of unintended consequence coming home to roost.

    once again happy Canada day

  16. Harry lawson says:


    One more thought,

    I grew up in a house with a bust of Mao and the red book on top of the consul tv lol no wonder i am a social conservative lol.

    the one thing i learned is that the Chinese thinks generational,while the democratic west thinks election cycles.

    (Response: I’ve got you beat! Thanks to my travels, I STILL have a bust of Lenin on my den bookshelf (JFK, Buddha, Russian stacking dolls and Xian clay figures too)and a Glory to Young Communists banner hanging in my kitchen. I expect letters from ALL of their devotees any day now demanding their return. LOL! h.o)

  17. DBW says:

    I came across this article. I haven’t looked at all the graphs, just the first one.

    In Dec. ’19, 67% of Canadians held an unfavourable view of China which was ahead of the US at 60% and only behind Sweden and Japan. I am wondering if that unfavourable % has gone up in the past six months.

    But a lot of world countries seem to be OK with China (Israel and eastern Europe for example) and the split taken as a whole is 41% to 40%.

    Not sure what to make of any of that but I thought it interesting.

    (Response: I think many people (and thus public opinion in many countries) reflect the state of ECONOMIC and POLITICAL ties/alliances they have … ie self-interests … and unfortunately things like principles, standards and ethics take a back seat. And that’s exactly what China counts on: if they buy/invest/finance projects/goods and products from countries, those entities are willing to overlook or just pay lip service to things like human rights, democracy, ethics. In fact, if Trudeau/Canada fails to cave in, watch for China to step up the pressure by finding flaw with more Canadian agricultural exports etc. h.o)

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