Happy Canada Day! Celebrate a GREAT Country! And Keep Our Borders CLOSED to Covid-Mismanaging Nations!

I like international travel: I enjoy seeing/welcoming visitors here from other countries too!

But I LOVE Canada!

And Canada MUST NOT open our borders to non-essential travelers from the worst Covid-infected countries … UNTIL they are worthy of it.

Even if it means shutting out our closest neighbour.

The United States is still a basket case when it comes to dealing with Covid-19: a tragic aggregation of millions of caring, concerned citizens pitted against widespread stupidity, denial, incompetent leadership and greed that places private selfishness ahead of public safety.

As of this Canada Day, our southern neighbour has more than 2,690,000 Coronavirus cases and 129,000 deaths. Canada, with one-tenth the US population, has 104,000 cases, 8,600 deaths … every one of them a sad loss, but nowhere near the horror infecting the US.

We can sympathize … but we MUST Stand on Guard for our own country … and NOT open our doors to their failures.

The current Canada/US border closure (except for essential/commercial travel) is set to expire July 31.

As we celebrate Canada Day, we should urge OUR government to keep OUR borders closed well beyond that … to not just visitors from the US, but from ALL the Top Ten (maybe even the Top Twenty?) countries with the worst records in combatting Covid-19.

Every nation has been dealing with the killer virus they way their leaders, their experts, their people, their businesses believe best, or are willing to endure, and when they fail, they have NO RIGHT to export the results to Canada.

Keep them out … until they flatten the curve!

The current Top Ten Worst in terms of Covid-19 Infection NUMBERS are:

  1. United States 2, 680,000;
  2. Brazil 1,400,000
  3. Russia 654,000
  4. India 587,000
  5. United Kingdom 312,000
  6. Spain 296,000
  7. Peru 285,000
  8. Chile 279,000
  9. Italy 240,000
  10. Iran 230,000.

(The next 10 are: Mexico; Pakistan; Turkey; Germany; Saudi Arabia; France; South Africa; Bangladesh; Qatar; and, Columbia. China … proven liars that they are …. reports 83,600 cases, 4,640 deaths, but everyone knows their true figures are much worse.)

Keep Canada SAFE! Keep visitors/tourists from these countries out well beyond July 31!

Readers know I really enjoy international travel; I also love welcoming visitors to Vancouver; and, yes, I like the United States and most of the American people I have met. And I know how important open borders are to the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as families, friends on both sides of the border.

But the time is just not right to throw open our doors.

The Canadian government and our health authorities/experts MUST draw the line: it is NOT safe yet to fully re-open Canada’s borders with the US or several other nations … and it won’t be for months more.

And our leaders should not bend to either internal or external pressures to expose Canadians to unnecessary dangers.

Meanwhile, enjoy Canada Day … and hopefully, we will ALL stay safe to celebrate Canada Day next year as well.

Bonne Fete Canada!

Harv Oberfeld

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16 Responses to Happy Canada Day! Celebrate a GREAT Country! And Keep Our Borders CLOSED to Covid-Mismanaging Nations!

  1. 13 says:

    If the Trudeau gov wont act to stop airlines form flying with 100% capacity we should be worried about the boarder closure

  2. 13 says:

    BTW Happy Canada day and I would like to add thank God for what ever inspired the police in Seattle to put and end to the anarchy

  3. DBW says:

    And before somebody complains that you are using raw numbers. Just google “covid cases (whatever country)” and you will get handy graphs.

    Since the beginning of June Canada’s worst days have been in the 600s while most of them have been much lower – 286 yesterday.

    Since June, the US best day was 16000 and they have been spiking ever since – yesterday nearly 44,000

    Canada’s WORST day times 10 is still much less than half of the US’s BEST day. And yesterday’s total instead of being 10 times greater than Canada, the US total is 153 times greater than Canada’s.

    To be fair, Canada didn’t open as quickly so we may see a spike as we move forward, but I am going to guess that the spike won’t be quite as dramatic.

    I will let others decide why the difference, but yes, grateful to live in Canada where our politicians seem more organized/focused and our citizens more willing to follow expert advice.

  4. G. Barry Stewart says:

    It’s looking like 5 to 8 people die, for every 100 cases of COVID-19 — and many survivors are facing a long recovery, with perhaps permanent damage in the lungs and other organs.

    COVID is definitely something to avoid, through good governance and a majority of the populace willing to “do the right thing” when our leadership recommends or requires it.

    Keep that border closed… and slap those airlines who have gone back to packing their planes again.

    (Response: Notice I called for the border to be closed to the WORST 10 or maybe 20 countries infected with Covid …but not sure we shouldn’t or couldn’t open it to countries that have the pandemic under very good control. It would be decades before we ever get to a zero rate …but I’d draw the line at least keeping out those where the rates keep increasing or are barely levelling off or hardly dropping. h.o)

  5. hawgwash says:

    Finally a topic I can get into.

    I hope we can somehow convince our leaders to seriously curtail international travel to Canada, for sometime to come and do a better job of screening people coming in from the US.

    I keep sensing concern from Minister Dix and Dr. Henry that the feds might act outside BC’s interests on this one.

    We’ve seen stories of Americans supposedly transiting Canada bound for Alaska and stopping in Alberta, to hike, sightsee, dine in, etc.

    Well a situation few Canadians see and even fewer think about, is the US recreational traffic through our waters.

    Commercial vessels, excluding cruise ships, are still allowed to transit between the US and AK, and so they should be.

    At the beginning of May, a pleasure boat travelled from Anacortes to Ketchikan, taking 12 days to do so, overnighting in marinas and Provincial Parks along the way; this at a time when Provincial Parks were closed and our Coast Guard was asking BC boaters to stay off the water.

    Some resorts and several First Nations communities refused them wharfage.

    Since then there has been a steady flow of US recreational boats up our coast.

    After crossing the border and clearing with CBSA, very few can make the 800 mile voyage to Ketchikan, non stop. Most, at least stop in Port McNeil to refuel and again on the central coast and/or in Prince Rupert.

    Last weekend there was at least a dozen in Port McNeill and as I write this I can count 13 US pleasure boats northbound between Victoria and Prince Rupert. These boats range from 34 to 85 feet and only one, is travelling day and night.

    These are just the ones I can physically track and statistically, that accounts for less than half the actual boats. It seems most are claiming to have homes in Alaska.

    Several people have brought this up with (buck passing) authorities and there was a recent write up on it in the Times Colonist; all falling on deaf ears.
    A note to BMCQ; you recently opined, once again, that if you used your real name there would be a parade of authorities, equipped with cuffs or white outfits, at your door.

    Well sorry, but most everyone here knows who you are and a very nice, polite, succinct and coherent young lady, identified as Mrs. BMCQ, outed you a few months ago, while you were on one of your trips; the one when you went to see your “very good friend” the Pope perhaps?

    Happy Virtual Canada Day everyone.

  6. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Putting the COVID numbers in perspective: Canada had about 1.1 million personnel in World War II. Not counting the (likely significant) mental toll and 55,000 wounded, we had 42,000 deaths.

    42,000 out of 1.1 million is almost 4%. If you get “conscripted” by COVID-19, your chances of dying are worse than if you had gone to World War II.

    Trump has likened the pandemic to being in a war… though the Commander in Chief is acting more like Colonel Klink of “Hogan’s Heroes” fame. We need to stay clear of the colonel’s mess, as our chances of survival are far better if we don’t contract COVID-19 in the first place.

  7. e.a.f. says:

    HAPPY CANADA DAY! So thankful we live in Canada!

    I don’t know any one who wants the border with the U.S.A. to be opened. everyone is happy its closed.

    I want it kept closed because some Americans will want to come here to escape their COVID laced land. We don’t need them here. The tourism industry might suffer, but having it suffer is going to be so much better than being dead. I’m tired of people whining they’re loosing money. Yes, they want to make money and some of us want to stay alive. There are more of us we want to stay alive than have some make more money. its time some people figured out this may be here to stay. time for a new business model or a new business. We can all survive an economic down turn, we can’t survive death.

  8. hawgwash says:

    Today, July 1, the US hit a new milestone and broke through the 50,000 new cases per day mark; 51,097 with no real reason to think it won’t get worse.

    Dr. Fauci looked demoralized yesterday when he warned of the potential for 100,000 new confirmed cases per day. https://youtu.be/T67sK32Qdx4

    What a tough spot for him to be in; spend your life caring and principled in the common good, only to be hemmed in by a sociopath and a huge percentage of your country’s population that just doesn’t give a fig.

    I routinely encounter people who have continuously used the 30 closure and subsequent extensions, as their perceived opening date with no logical reason to have it happen. Those people don’t grasp what is really going on and that in another two months we could be faced with a second wave, another new pandemic, the regular flu season or all of the above.

    This article talks about 12 months and I think it is a reasoned commentary, which most Canadians seem to agree with.

    This will not sit well with some, but I really wonder how many Canadians are blending their general dislike for “Americans” with the COVID issue. Or, even more surreptitiously, using the US COVID threat as an excuse for continued border closure, to sate their personal bias.

    (Response: The US Covid figures in many states are still hitting record daily highs. I agree with you that some Canadians may be “blending their general dislike for “Americans” with the COVID issue”. But I don’t think that applies to most: certainly not me. As I said in my piece, I LIKE the US; I LIKE many Americans. And we should not underplay the contributions Americans have made, despite their flaws, to the world in so many fields … especially in comparison to other major powers, like Russia and China. And from my own experiences, I would say the vast majority of Americans like Canadians … BUT the Covid numbers speak for themselves: it’s just not yet safe to re-open our borders, and not just those with the US, but several other countries as well, where Covid is still running amok. h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    So were interested in how Canadians feel towards Americans visa vise C19. My personal observation has been many Canadians feel superior to Americans. personally I dont get that but as Bertuzi said it is what it is. If you add President Donald Trump to the mix it gets interesting. From mild dislike to outright hate.The superiority meter goes off of the chart I suppose we look down on Americans. How could they elect DJT. I honestly can say I like DJT. Hes not a polished by the book president but he has stood up for the American people in many areas. I always wonder how a man so hated and loathed ever got elected. Oh now I remember they held an election and he won. Much like some in Canada loath and hate Trudeau, he was elected. The Americans are having a hard time with Covid geography, population, a very decentralized system of government.
    It would be unwise to open the boarder until they have a better grip on the Chinese pandemic. But the same people that make the decision about boarder security also look after airline rules.

    (Response: Any decision to re-open or keep closed our border with the US for NON-ESSENTIAL travel should be based SOLELY on Covid numbers: not politics or personal popularity of either leader. And quite clearly the US numbers are horrible! No Canadians should be put at risk just so anyone can go visit friends, family or vacation in the US … or so they can come here. And this must also apply to any of the other countries where the Covid numbers are still rising substantially. h.o)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    the figures which the American government releases regarding deaths by COVID 19 aren’t that accurate. In the State of Florida, they were listing death by COVID 19 as pneumonia. Empty Wheel did a bit of research; found the figures for the previous 5 or 6 years from pneumonia, then found those for this year. By that time, a few months ago, Florida had, as I recall approx. 1600 more cases of death by “pneumonia” than in all those previous years. In some states they won’t release the figures. At some of the slaughter houses they wouldn’t release the number of COVID 19 cases until it was going to be 10% of the work force. In a country where the president still hasn’t taken this disease seriously, along with a number of other politicians, we don’t really know what the true figures are. Best to keep the Americans out.

    As to feeling “superior” to Americans, yes some of us do. When its about COVID 19, yes. Some of them are down right crazy. When Pence met with Inslee, Washington State, and he complained to Pence about the lack of support from the federal government Trump went on air to call him a “snake”. Had the U.S.A. done what other countries did, they’d most likely been through this mess by now and flattened their curve. Ignoring it, saying it would be gone by spring, was nuts. Blaming China wasn’t going to deflect. there were too many portable “freezers’ with bodies in them for people to ignore.

    Its not the “Chinese pandemic”. Its the COVID 19 PANDEMIC. China has it way under control compared to the U.S.A. and some other countries. Blaming China is “so way yesterday”. It started there, but in countries which got on the ball immediately, they kept it under control. the U.S.A. for all their medical expertise, wealthy, military might, acted like some third world country with nothing to help themselves along.

    13: How Trump got elected, disengaged voters, bad campaigning by Clinton, etc. there are books on the subject, but lets not forget Clinton had several more million votes than Trump.

    (Edited: getting way off topic …which is Canada and border closures! )

    I’d have to agree with Harvey, no one from the top 15 to 20 countries ought to be admitted to Canada, unless they are in quarantine, when they get here and not some loose system like we have now, but ankle monitors so we know where they are and when they move and an app. for their phones.

    The medical profession is just starting to see the longer term effects of COVID 19. It will not be in expensive to treat those people over the course of their life times. then there is the no small matter of how it impacts some children.

    I’m old enough to remember the T.B. hospital in /Vancouver which became the polio hospital and then we had AIDS. All those deaths, all that misery. I don’t want to go down that road ever again and then we got COVID 19. When AIDS first came down the road, it was like you could protect your kid from just about anything the world had to throw at them, but not AIDS. You had to do your home work when that child got to about 10 yrs old. By the time they became sexual active they were “brain washed’ into thinking no condom, no sex. COVID 19, we don’t have a condom for that. For the adults who didn’t figure it out, straight and gay died. COVID also is almost an equal opportunity killer.

  11. Gilbert says:

    We know that President Xi asked Dr. Tedros not to call the coronavirus a pandemic in mid-January. This speaks volumes about the dictator’s intentions.

    Does China really have the virus under control? We know the CCP can’t be challenged inside China. Who really believes Canada has more cases than China?

    Reports indicate China now has problems with the swine flu. Maybe President Xi will ask Dr. Tedros to give it a new name. I recommend SWIFLD2O. That’s Swine Flu Disease 2020.

  12. 13 says:

    @eaf “IT IS NOT THE CHINESE PANDEMIC” Thats the most amazing statement Ive ever read on any blog. You must be on Xis personal payroll

  13. Terry Montgomery says:

    If the EU are banning Americans from travelling to their countries I feel we should be doing likewise. When I see some of those idiots down ther being interviewed and the complete disregard and disrespect for others I certainly don’t want them in my country and I most certainly not enter theirs.

    (Response: I saw a story that revealed some Americans are actually holding Covid parties, where they all put money into a pot, get together with someone who HAS Covid, mingle and the “winner” is whoever first gets diagnosed with Covid after that. Now I like to think these morons, or anyone ignoring Covid self-distancing, masks and other preventative measures are NOT the types who visit Canada. But you never know and of course they could pass the virus on to more sane and intelligent family and co-workers around them, who could also visit here. Not to mention the tens of thousands still willing to attend rallies, beaches, converts etc. So YES, we MUST keep the US border closed … and shut off visits from other backward nations as well … until they get a REAL handle on the killer disease and bend the curve DOWNWARD. h.o)

  14. 13 says:

    BTW eaf save the school teacher grammar lesson. Covid 19 originated in China and thats what makes it a Chinese Pandemic. Unless you are one of many that are trying to change the narrative and hide the facts

  15. 13 says:

    I have talked to Canadians that dont believe that anyone has been harmed by covid 19. They are upset about the travel ban they are upset about the distancing and the masks. They are upset about restaurant closures. They believe that its a hoax to take personal freedom away You don’t need to be an American to be accused of being stupid.

    (Response: You don’t have to be American …right…but judging by their numbers, in many areas, America’s failed education levels for the masses does seem to help! h.o)

  16. DBW says:

    It is just not covid parties (and they may not be real according to some reports) but congressmen like Andy Biggs in spiking Arizona.

    “As our economy is restored, it is imperative that President Trump is not undermined in his mission to return our economy to greatness. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx continue to contradict many of President Trump’s stated goals…. Tyrannical governments have issued mandates that everyone in virtually every place wear masks…. America, and my home state, Arizona, are at a crossroads. We have two roads we can take. One is a return to the path of freedom; the other is totalitarianism.

    First I love that it is Birx and Fauci who are undermining Trump rather than Trump undermining the scientists, but the rest of the quote points out clearly the very difference between Americans and Canadians.

    Americans seem to be much more concerned about individual freedoms and government interference in their lives even to the point of refusing to doing something simple like wearing a mask in public places while a pandemic is raging. I was listening to a podcast yesterday about Texas which is also spiking and the governor there while recommending that masks be worn will not mandate their use. Neither will they be mandated at the big July 4 celebration at Mount Rushmore.

    Canadians are more likely to accept the mandated use of masks and wouldn’t see it as some kind of slippery slope into totalitarianism.

    I am not going to judge which approach is better. The future will give us better insight. But right now, if Canada views a country as being a danger to us during this time, why risk our recovery by letting them visit.

    (Response: I just wonder why anyone, on either side of the border, needs government to mandate stay-safe measures like wearing a mask when near other people, social distancing and handwashing in the face of the infection numbers worldwide. Clearly Covid 19 and its impact is not fake news. I recognize no protective measures used in day to day life are totally foolproof, but at least Canadians seem more ready to follow them in much larger numbers than Americans or those in many other countries. I like to think we’re clearly much brighter and better educated. h.o)

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