Harper Trying to Push His New Book … or Toying with Treason?

Stephen Harper’s recent actions are so disgraceful, in my opinion, that I actually found myself looking up the definition of TREASON in Canada over the weekend.

And that didn’t make me feel any better.

From the Canadian Encyclopedia: “Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits “high treason” who a) kills, attempts to kill, wounds, imprisons, or restrains the sovereign, b) wages war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto, or c) assists an enemy at war with Canada or any armed force against whom Canadian forces are engaged in hostilities, even if no state of war exists.”

Hmmm … Section “C” clearly states: “assists an enemy at war with Canada …. even if no state of war exists.”

Harper had already made me quite uncomfortable earlier in July when I leaned  of the former Prime Minister’s self injection into the trade dispute with the United States by visiting the White House and reportedly meeting with TWO Trump officials to talk NAFTA …  apparently without being asked or  even clearing his visit with our own government’s International Trade Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister or Prime Minister’s Office.

Unacceptable, I would say. Inappropriate! But not treasonous.

And then, a few days ago, Harper went even further.

“Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes the current federal government is avoiding a NAFTA deal in order to score political points, according to an audio recording obtained by CTV News.” reported Bloomberg Business News.   You can read the article here: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/they-don-t-want-my-help-harper-blasts-trudeau-s-nafta-strategy-1.1111411.

“”The reality is that the Government of Canada believes today that it is doing very well, the fight with Trump is good for it politically, it is winning,” Harper said, according to CTV News.

“So if it can take that fight and continue it, and more importantly paint conservatives as linked to Donald Trump, this is great for them. And so right now that is the strategy they are on,” Harper said in the recording of his remarks at a private luncheon hosted by the Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum in Montreal on July 11.”

Disgraceful, partisan anti-Canada remarks by our former Prime Minister. Sticking his nose into a very sensitive Canada/US dispute … apparently without consulting with …let alone getting approval … from his own successor’s government or office.

Perfect fodder for Trump and his “trade” warriors to discredit Canada and use against the country Harper used to lead. The fact that Harper also claimed the US doesn’t want a deal either will be forgotten by Trump’s “fake” news backers: his criticism of Prime Minister Trudeau will not be!

Treason? Sure a lot closer to the Section C definition than I’ve EVER seen by any former Prime Minister direct against our country. Right in the middle of a trade war when thousands of Canadian jobs are at risk! Certainly seems to me to be aiding and abetting the trade enemy …. and worthy of an RCMP investigation.

WHY would Harper make such potentially harmful anti-Canadian remarks?

Perhaps he just feels his almost invisible Conservative successor Andrew Scheer needs some help?

Or, maybe Harper is trying to return to relevance in preparation for the publishing of a new book?

Either way, Canadians should be able to expect better from our previous Prime Minister.

Harv Oberfeld

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31 Responses to Harper Trying to Push His New Book … or Toying with Treason?

  1. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, “Certainly seems to me to be aiding and abetting the trade enemy …. and worthy of an RCMP investigation.” WHAT? Uncharacteristically jackbooted for you.

    What’s a “trade enemy”? Some new previously unheard of legal term you’ve added to the Criminal Code to justify your flimsy argument.

    Because you don’t like something that someone is doing doesn’t make it treason. That type of rational is more suited to a couple of progressive statist commenters, not really solid grounds for accusing Him of treason.

    Stephen Harper is the Chair of the International Democratic Union. The IDU, whether you agree with conservative politics or not, is an organization like any other. The Conservative Party of Canada is the member for Canada. Harper, being chair would naturally press for conservative policies and be critical of liberal policies.

    You remember little things like; freedom of association, freedom of thought and expression, freedom to petition the government for redress, or do those rights only belong to leftists?

    And, before anyone tears their hair out trying to say the IDU is a right-wing, new world order, globalist cabal bent on world domination, there’s a liberal counter organization that’s a left-wing progressive-statist globalist cabal bent on world domination. Liberal International pushes for progressive policy globally, and GASP… The Liberal Party of Canada is the member for Canada.

    So if your willing to call these organizations, their membership and their leaders treasonous, then I’d suggest you rewrite the Criminal Code to suit your political leanings. But, you’d be burning our individual freedoms in the process.

    Then again, I’d bet individual freedoms don’t mean much to anyone who would unleash the RCMP Brown Shirts on a person to try and silence their viewpoint.

    (Response: Any individual has a right to express one’s point of view …pro or con … on any topic. BUT when you are the former Prime Minister, I believe it is totally improper to do an end run around Canada’s government, without being asked or getting clearance from our government, and use your position/status to get yourself into the White House … and then make all kinds of critical partisan comments against our current government and Prime Minister currently in the midst of a very serious trade conflict with the US. . Totally improper! Treason ..probably not quite there yet, but I believe heading in that direction. h.o.)

  2. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, if it’s “totally improper” for a former Prime Minister to speak as Chair of a conservative policy organization, then what’s your position of a sitting Prime Minister sitting as a Nominal Vice-president of Liberal International.


    #13 Trudeau the Younger.

    PM’s, especially former ones were Heads of Government, not Heads of State. They are creatures of politics. It’s not improper it’s their calling. Politics is their bread and butter. Who better than a ex- politician to represent their politics on the world stage?

    (Response: Again, when you are a former Prime Minister or President, that carries with it a very special responsibility NOT to interfere with your current Prime Minister or Presidents’ or your nation’s ACTIVE dispute with another country. I notice you have not cited a SINGLE case, where a former PM or President has … without clearing it or being asked to assist … gone directly to a foreign power and interfered and then offered severe partisan critical comments directed against his own country/leader. Shameful action by Harper. h.o.)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, Harper is a despicable human being and I am NOT surprised one bit. He doesn’t have one shred of compassion, morality, ethics or honesty. Making it “all about me” is the new black for Neo-Cons, following in the footsteps of the big orange clown.

    Too bad BMQC is on his little “not enough people like me” timeout …. he would have taken a whole servers worth of space in his reply to this one!

  4. e.a.f. says:

    Hit the wrong button and all was lost, so here we go again. That could be Trump’s line also on a bad hair day, or Putin’s if he feels Trump isn’t fulfilling the requirements of their “agreement”.

    Why is Harper doing what he is dong? He hates Trudeau. He just doesn’t dislike him, he hates him. Trudeau stands for everything Harper dislikes in life. Not to mention he is better looking, is liked better on the world stage and can even get NDP members to vote for him in a pinch.

    My take on Harper has always been, he isn’t in it for the country, he’s in it for himself, which makes him good company for Putin/Trump and a whole raft of others. What could be more wonderful than all three countries as one big right wing, fascist block and us all living in Mexico or Australia.

    Trudeau and Freeland have been inclusive when it comes to the NAFTA discussions. Mulroney, Ambrose, Moore, all respected politicians within their own party and acceptable to others. They all have made contributions during the negotiations. They have put Canada ahead of their political positions. They understand the need for a united front. Harper not so much. His united front is all about him and his side kick, bat boy.

    Harper’s speech wasn’t something Canada needed but it sends a message to the Russian trolls and American First people, there is a “leader” who will lock step with them. Harper’s unwillingness to notify the PMO of his W.H. visit is simply another way of saying he isn’t going to play by the rules other P.M.s have and he may not even recognize the P.M.O.

    What links Harper to the Republican base started shortly after he left office. He was “invited” for yet undetermined sum of money to attend a Republican “thinking” session in Vegas. The purpose, it is thought to be, was to try to discuss what could be done with a political party which had been so split.

    The man who financed the weekend was a Republican Vegas billionaire. Sheldon Adelson spent $82M of his own money on the Republicans in the 2016 election. Adelson, Harper and others all believe for the “rapture” to take place Israel must exist. Those who also believe that, are Trump’s crazy evangelical base.

    Adelson is considered by some to be the one who drives Trump’s middle east policy and that includes the attitude towards Iran.

    Who can forget Harper’s last trip, on our tax dollars to visit his good pal, Benni. who can forget Trump’s bromance with Benni and his bromance with Putin. Is a picture starting to form and it doesn’t have anything to do with the right of the state of Israel to exist. It has to do with religious nut bars.

    Harper himself belongs to an evangelical group who believe the bible is irrevocable and the second coming is imminent.

    Harper has much in common, in my opinion, with some of the current world stage players and he most likely believes if he were leading Canada we would be in a much stronger position. How fun, Russia, Canada, and the U.S.A. all one big happy family of fascist states.

    Harper will continue to interfere with Canadian politics. He wants back in. He wants to be on the world stage. he misses the lime light and the trappings of being P.M.

    In my opinion harper won’t care how much he harms the negotiations, how much he harms our position in the world or how much he harms our up coming election. We need to really understand what happened in the American election, some European elections, and what could happen in our 2019 elections.

    Harper is a vengeful man and doesn’t like being opposed. One of his first acts after becoming P.M. was to de fund all women’s groups, then he went on to use the CRA to attack any group which opposed him, including the bird watching group of a couple of hundred people who had a budget of $30K a year. they all had to be audited. those audits almost broke the bank for some organizations, but that is what Harper wanted.

    Harper is just another one of those Make Canada Great Again types or Make Canada White and Christian again. He joins Putin and his freak ideas of religion and the Trump evangelical base.

    So is it treason? We can’t say for sure at this point because we don’t know what Harper is up to. His speech certainly didn’t help Canada, but it wasn’t treasonous in the true sense. If he is planning with Trump and his crew to disrupt our federal election in 2019, then yes, its treason. Yes, its possible or have people forgotten how the Russians messed with European elections and the American election. They may have also been involved the State of Georgia elections.

    In my opinion Harper isn’t happy with Scheer. He isn’t up to the job. Harper has ideas which are more consistent with those of Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, and others than he does with Canadians. If you have a good look at some of scheer’s “associates” you might have a better idea of how close he is to those who believe Canada ought to be Made White Again.

    Harvey the topic is great and should get a lot of responses. Its an interesting idea to discuss where is the line between freedom of speech and treason. It may be one of those cases which the Supreme Court of Canada decides. of course we ought not to forget they threw out 8 of Harper’s “laws” which they ruled violated our Constitution.

    (Response: Nothing wrong with Harper disagreeing with or even hating Trudeau: my problem with his actions stem from his actually going to the White House and meeting officials there on a VERY sensitive dispute WITHOUT clearing his actions … or interference … with Ottawa. It probably is not treason…but I’m no legal expert and reading that Section C definition, I think there just may be enough for the RCMP to at least look at and consider. h.o.)

  5. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, it’s good to see you’re still a member in good standing of the msm, who believe in holding feet to the fire of anybody who questions the direction the Trudeau gov’t takes on any matter.
    As Norm Specter says, Trudeau has been “ragging the puck,” hoping Trump’s cohorts get soundly trounced in the mid-terms, so has been doing as little as possible on the NAFTA file, on top of sending a bunch of incompetent and conflicted negotiators to boot.
    I am of the opinion that Trudeau goes to bed every night and thanks God he has Harper to blame for any and every mistake that he (Trudeau) and his gov’t make and the msm will dutifully report his outrage. If they don’t, I am sure Gerald Butts will give them a call and make sure they do.
    As to Harper and his opinions, he is now a private citizen and can pretty much say as he pleases without Trudeau’s permission, as Trudeau does when he blames Harper. Has Trudeau ever taken responsibility for anything? Even the “grope” was her misinterpretation of what happened.

    (Response: Funny how as soon as I disagree with YOUR opinion, all of a sudden I become ” a member in good standing of the msm”. I think anyone reading YOUR comments would soon realize the blind bias is yours. If anyone can point to ANY precedent for a previous Prime Minister (or President) injecting himself into a serious international dispute without being invited or at least cleared by his or her successor to do so. It’s an outrageous disgrace by Harper, in my opinion, made all the WORSE by the anti-Canadian remarks he has also made… I believe hurting his own country and aiding and abetting Trump. Legally treasonous? Probably not … but shame on him… and the Conservative apologists who defend his interference. h.o)

  6. Diverdarren says:

    Well Harvey, 10 min on Google and wouldn’t you know, finding stories of former heads of government wading into the affairs of the current government ain’t too hard to find.

    Here’s several ex top government people (including Harper) endorsing the USA undoing the damage Obama caused with that Iran nuclear deal disaster.


    Here is Trudeau’s response to Harper’s public position in opposition to the Trudeau Government


    Seems Trudeau says Harper is a private citizen and can have his own opinion.

    Oh look here. Old Chretien meeting with Putin! This during one of the most tense periods in recent times, and with a real enemy. (We sent troops and equipment to the Ukraine) Seems he wasn’t there with the blessing of the PMOs office. Yet I don’t see many calls for charges of treason.


    Harvey I think you’re confusing the roll of a former Head of Government vs. a former Head of State. There are laws that limit ex government people’s actions regarding conflict, but as of now no charges of conflict have been laid against Harper’s action.

    In fact only Trudeau has trouble from running afoul of conflict of interest. I hope he can clean his act up before he too is a former PM.

    (Response: Clearly red herring examples! Unless I missed something, Harper was never leader of Iran or the US, so there’s nothing wrong with him commenting on the US/Iran dispute. Or the Middle East; or China; or Africa, etc. Bet if he HAD been leader of either, he would NOT have injected himself into the issue without checking. As for the Globe story on Chretien, it CLEARLY points out Ottawa was INFORMED/AWARE of his trip before he ventured off … AND included a statement from Canadian Ukraine Assoc expecting the former P.M. to SUPPORT Canada’s position. How unique an idea … maybe Harper should do that, rather than give support to the US in our dispute with them. h.o.)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    You really don’t hear of former Pres. or P.M.s commenting on the current events of their country in a straight on manner. With all that has been going on in the U.S.A. all the former Presidents have kept their mouths shut. The closest Obama has come is in his speech in S. Africa where he compared a discussion between 2 people and one thought one item was an elephant and the other, I can’t remember, but you get the drift.

    We don’t hear from other P.M.s when Harper was in office and we don’t hear from them now that Trudeau is in office.

    if you look at G.B. their previous P.M.s don’t come out and criticise the current P.M. and you don’t see it in other countries either. It simply is not done. Harper is breaking the unspoken rule an it does not make for good manners or good politics. If Harper wants to get back in the game, then fine, declare himself and start talking, but to come across as a “retired” P.M. and then opening his mouth, not so much.

    There are all sorts of occupations where people aren’t as free to speak their minds in public. You can start with government employees. If you look at Supreme Court Justices in Canada, they hardly ever comment on anything. Most judges ditto. Chiefs of Police also tread carefully once they’ve retired. About all you hear is via their association or when they are commenting, in general about a policy, but there are no personal attacks of sitting or current leaders.

    Face it Harper wasn’t that sophisticated to begin with. This may simply be another e.g. of why its nice to have him gone.

    (Response: Sophisticated was never a word I associated with Harper when he was in office, although must admit I liked him for the first few years he was in office. You are quite correct: there are all kinds of jobs where there ARE restrictions on people interjecting themselves into matters they previously held sway over. A public speech would have been bad enough, but going to the White House and then seemingly taking the US side and criticizing Canada is totally unacceptable. h.o.)

  8. Gilbert says:

    I don’t think Stephen Harper wanted his visit to the White House to be reported. He’s probably right to say PM Trudeau isn’t trying to make a deal with the USA because it serves his own purposes. The most incompetent prime minister in Canadian history is putting his own interests ahead of the country’s.

    (Response: He had NO BUSINESS stepping into this highly critical dispute without clearing it first with OUR government. You (and I) may not like Trudeau but he IS our elected leader: Harper is NOT; in fact, quite unceremoniously dumped by the voters. You would NEVER see any other former world leader, with ANY class or principles, immerse himself or herself directly in an international conflict without clearing it first back home. h.o.)

  9. 13 says:

    Oddly most of the people I talk to are happy that Harper has waded into the Nafta Trump Trudeau arena. Trudeau is in over his head and his advisors/ handlers have allowed him to stumble and bumble to the point where they also have very little confidence. Im wondering just how the opinion polls are divided on this issue.
    Maybe the country is suffering a touch of buyers remorse with their young PM.

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    Ah, treason is in the air.

    What we see both in Canada and the USA is massive is simply treason; Trump colluded with the Russians to win an election and Harper is colluding with the treasonous Trump.

    Ah, the splendor of right wing politics, the means justifies the end.

    If i were Trudeau, I would have Harper investigated for TREASON and if found do being, then have him charged with treason.

    Unlike so many posting here, I treat the USA, not as a friend, but a dubious ally…and with Trump, the USA has become extremely dubious.

    If Harper is colluding with Trump for the sake of politics, investigate, charge and see if a conviction is warranted.

    And he will probably get away with it because so many people condone his treasonous behavior… but if he was South Asian………. I bet the very same people would be after him with knives flashing!

    (Response: No one should have to file a complaint: the RCMP itself could examine Harper’s actions and statements to determine if he has violated Section C … if they have the guts to do so…. not something I believe the RCMP has anymore. h.o.)

  11. Marge says:

    If Obama were in power or Hilary Clinton, Trudeau would have been just fine. Like with like. Smarmy with smarmy. Up against the big boys like Trump Trudeau’s “charm” doesn’t work at all. You can only be cute for so long until the world finds out that the person in power is short on brains and takes advantage of it. The people he’s chosen also are not negotiators but “nice” people. With Trump nice doesn’t work. Trudeau doesn’t have the talent personally and his minions are just that – they don’t know how to negotiate themselves out of a wet paper bag. They were chosen to appeal to the masses of Canada – young and cool. Unfortunately Trump can eat them for breakfast.

    I think Harper was only pointing to 2019 readying the country for a Conservative victory and just starting the campaign early. I think he is well aware as to his activities and chose a great time to jab our boy wonder. Not treason just political smarts.

    Outside of legislating pot for losers, what has Trudeau done for this country? Nothing… and we will be shafted by the Americans for his weakness. Watch for American dairy entering our country with a new Nafta agreement amid a whole host of other things that will work against us. We will suffer dearly for the failures and weakness of Trudeau.

    (Response: I think if Harper keeps popping up like this, he could hurt the Conservatives and Scheer more than help them. He wasn’t exactly popular with Canadians when they delivered him from office. h.o.)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    Buyers remorse, not so much. When people think back to the Harper years, they’re happy with Trudeau. He has a presence on the world stage, while Harper, well not so much. On the world stage Harper was out of his league.

  13. Ara Hepburn says:

    Harper did nothing but insult Canada before & after as PM. He called us a ‘failed welfare state’, destroyed our historical records w/ lies saying they were digitized first and far too much more to list here.
    Harper made no secret he detests Canada, all non-Reformers and anything to do with us.

    His leading the charge for TISA worldwide is treason. Wanting to deregule banking internationally after what damage we know the 2008 recession did to the U.S. is Bilderberg thinking/ ‘let them eat cake’.
    Remember Canada was spared the worst due to our strict banking regulations which had nothing to do with him.
    e.a.f. did a grand job recapping his vindictive nastiness.

    If the news is Canadian, Harper’s not watching
    By Tonda MacCharlesOttawa Bureau
    Fri., Oct. 23, 2009

    To: #5 Art Smith: quote:”Has Trudeau ever taken responsibility for anything? Even the “grope” was her misinterpretation of what happened.”
    She wanted to let it go because it wasn’t a big deal ( a pat on the rear is quite mild compared to some touches/grabs ) and he apologized At The Time not years later like some do now. That’s called taking responsibility.

  14. Gary T says:

    I’m with Harvey on this one. To me, it is obvious that Harper is trying to undermine our government. He is either trying to boost Scheer’s image, or set the stage to try a come back. Either way he was wrong, and the Conservative party will never again get my vote till they get rid of the Reformers, and religious nuts in the party. And 13 @ #9, the people you talk to must have short memories. Harper’s idea of a trade deal is to give everything of ours away for nothing, plus enshrine the right for other countries companies to sue us if we try to stand up for ourselves. Harper was fine when he had a minority, but it all went to his head with his first majority, much to our detriment.

    (Response: This should not even be a partisan matter: NO FORMER LEADER of any democratic country should visit any leader of a country his is in dispute with UNLESS asked by his current PM or President to get involved. And to not only DO that, but then start criticizing your own leader or country’s position/motives is disgraceful! May not meet the legal definition of TREASON (although I still need convincing on that) but It sure meets MY definition of being a disgraceful person: glad we threw him out! h.o.)

  15. harry lawson says:


    This is truly bizzare and damaging behavior that could potentially harm every Canadian citizen for generations to come.

    We have seen politictions from all parties ,all levels of government, put aside partisan ideologies for the good of Canada.

    Any legacy that Harper has left is definitely tarnished.

    Treasonous perhaps , unethical for sure.

    (Response: Agree Unethical at least. When our country faces a foe, we should be able to expect ALL Canadians to back OUR country… not take up the case of those wo would bring us to heel. h.o.)

  16. Lulymay says:

    Harper’s just being the same old Harper – nothing has changed. He never was a team player, in fact I never saw any indication that he believed in a team approach to anything. On more than one occasion he certainly demonstrated his tendency to be rather vindictive as well and threw several MPs from his own party under the bus. No, this latest adventure into behind the scenes activities is no surprise to me. He always travelled his own highway, alone and sporting that cold-eyed stare. Best to just ignore him — I think that bugs him more than anything.

    (Response: Probably right…nothing bothers a politician, esp an autocratic one, more than just being ignored and feeling irrelevant. h.o.)

  17. Gilbert says:

    If I’m not mistaken, PM Trudeau asked Stephen Harper for assistance with NAFTA, but their disagreements ended their cooperation. It may not be treason, but advisors for Barack Obama helped Justin Trudeau in the last campaign and we know that David Axelrod spoke at a Liberal conention. Also interesting, and virtually ignored by the media, was the amount of foreign funding of Justin Trudeau’s campaign. Surely these are all examples of interference by foreign powers.

    (Response: I have found no reference to Trudeau asking Harper to get involved in the NAFTA talks: to the contrary, federal officials say they had NO IDEA Harper was going to the White House, were never asked and certainly couldn’t have been happy with his partisan anti-Trudeau swipes afterwards. h.o.)

  18. Gene The Bean says:

    Cut from the same cloth.

    Trump says “what you are seeing and hearing is not the truth”. “Paging Mr Orwell … George Orwell….”

    Harper spent years trying to neuter, dismiss and ultimately squash “science” because it didn’t support his racist, anti-education, anti-woman, pro religious zealot morally bankrupt view of the world.

    As has been proven here many times, the conservatives just want uneducated bumpkins who’ll gladly knife their kids in the back as long as “those people” are kept in their place.

    Anyone shallow enough to believe tax cuts for billionaires and corporations are going to help them deserves to be left upon the trash heap of history.

    Harper has been and still is an enemy of Canada. He has always been unethical – as most conservatives are.

    Like you say Harvey – did he meet the legal description of treason …. probably not, but he met mine and should have met everyone else’s – unless you agree with putting kids in cages, trying to eliminate science and banning people of other religions ….

  19. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, “When our country faces a foe, we should be able to expect ALL Canadians to back OUR country… not take up the case of those who would bring us to heel.”

    First, “foe” in the sense that treason is the charge for interacting with another country is wildly provocative. It’s a trade negotiation, let’s not make it more than it is.

    If you’re interested as to what it takes to reach the point of treason just look at who has been charged with it in Canada. Louis Riel, (LOL. Manitoba has a day named for him) and Kanao Inouye (I’m sure the prog-ies will have a day for him soon, as well). Canada didn’t even charge the FLQ with treason.

    Where is this new progressive -statist philosophy of yours coming from?

    If someone has an opinion contrary to the sitting government and works to have their opinion heard, it’s treason. Their actions deserve the RCMP “brown-shirts” to use the power of the state to “investigate” (aka: silence) dissent against the PM.

    We live in a liberal democratic society, and you’re describing totalitarianism. What’s next? If the press writes anything critical of our Dear Leader we haul the journalists, editors, publishers and readers in front of a Star Chamber for sedition?

    Simply put, you are either for liberty, or you are not.

    I ask you, is a Canadian at liberty to publicly criticize his government? Is a Canadian at liberty to organize an opposition to the policies of his government?

    If the answer is no, then I don’t want the Canada you’re imagining.

    (Response: Being a former Prime Minister (or former Cabinet Minister) carries with it certain honours and responsibilities. Nothing wrong if Harper wants to oppose Trudeau or the Liberals as a candidate or party leader with an alternative vision: Harper is NEITHER. For him to travel right to the HQ of those who are attacking Canada and denigrate Canada’s position and actions is simply unacceptable … he should be condemned by ALL Canadians …including Conservatives like Andrew Scheer. h.o.)

  20. Marge says:

    Scroll down this article that shows that Trudeau did talk to Harper about NAFTA:


    And as for someone commenting that Trudeau apologized for groping, not quite true. He only said he was sorry when he found out that the person he fondled was a reporter.

  21. Diverdarren says:

    @Gilbert 17, & Harvey response

    “In June, after the acrimonious G7 meetings, Trudeau contacted Harper by telephone to talk about possible co-operation on the NAFTA file, around the time Harper appeared on FOX News to argue in favour of Canada’s position.”


    Trudeau asked for help, but Harper isn’t anyone’s toady. Harper won’t be used as a tool for Trudeau to stall NAFTA negotiations for political points because the Liberals think that not negotiating is the same as standing up to Trump. All the while hurting Canada’s economic future for Liberal political gains.

    ” Stephen Harper has expressed alarm over his successor’s handling of NAFTA negotiations with the United States, with the former prime minister declaring the negotiations in real peril in a memo titled, “Napping on NAFTA.”

    The memo was obtained by The Canadian Press and it criticizes the Trudeau government in several areas: For too quickly rejecting U.S. proposals, for insisting on negotiating alongside Mexico, and for promoting progressive priorities like labour, gender, aboriginal and environmental issues.”


    Harper wants a trade deal for the future strength of Canadian trade and economy, Trudeau wants a social engineering deal.

    Trudeau the Younger wants, one again, to be the SJW even if it kills trade with the best partner we have ever had.

    We’ll be in deficit to our grandchildren’s’ eyeballs but at least we’ll not have made a trade deal that does’t put social justice issues at the forefront.

    By the time Trudeau the Younger is done our only trading partner will be Sweden. At least we’ll have Ikea, since it’s about all we be able to afford.

    (Response: Thanks for this. Makes my point even more! If Harper felt he could not, in good conscience …or just from a partisan political point of view … go along with Canada’s position on NAFTA negots …he should have stayed away and/or kept his mouth shut. Canada is fighting for its economic life and survival of some key Canadian industries under attack by the US and Trump. It is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that our former Prime Minister would head to Washington to take up THEIR cause THEIR arguments against Canada and even make partisan political remarks as well. The more I keep thinking about Harper’s big mouth, his role in undermining Canada’s position … it really could be approaching TREASON under Section C of the law! Shame on him. h.o.)

  22. 13 says:

    Reading the runaway rhetoric it seems that the Trump derangement syndrome is spreading.
    If gtb hits the submit button it must be so.. toss out a bunch of derogatory adjectivesand poof it’s true. Well in that vein I can assure everyone that Justin is the least capable pm ever. Do I need proof or just a submit. Adjectives to follow.

  23. e.a.f. says:

    Its important to negotiate “social” issues into the NAFTA agreement, especially working conditions and wages for Mexican workers. if they’re making $4.50 an hr., you know corporations are going to go there and pull out of Canada. if Canada insists wage and working conditions are improved, then of course Mexico won’t be as attractive. it will also raise the standard of living in Mexico, which is always a good thing. they may be able to afford to purchase our goods.

    Our country has obligations to First Nations groups. To level the playing field its important to try to have the partners do the same. Right now the Americans are going to be hacking up their national parks and heritage sites, without regard for their First Nations or their environment, so it will be cheaper for oil/gas companies to built pipelines. It would be in our economic interests to have a level playing field and that is not a rush to the bottom and the ugliness of racism. Destroying American First Nations’ heritage sites is disgusting and morally unacceptable. Why wouldn’t we try to negotiate something good and decent. its not always all about the money and the profits. We have far more in common with workers in the U.S.A. and Mexico than we do with the corporate bosses of Canada. They’ve only interested in making as much money as possible. I always thought free trade would be good if it elevated workers in other countries to a higher standard of living, not push ours down.
    Today we have seen Trump already start to back peddle on his tariffs. He and the head of the E.U. seem to have had a lovey meeting. We have seen the news reports of the impact of the tariffs on American agriculture, stock piling of meat, hog processing plants no longer accepting hogs, — no where to sell it. The other countries can purchase from elsewhere.
    Soybeans, not selling to China, no wonder Trump was so happy the E.U. will buy them. Watch Trump in the coming months pack peddle on a lot of his carry on about tariffs and how good they are.
    American farmers don’t want to have to sell their family farms to argi business. They want to work their land and not accept welfare. The will be voting shortly.

  24. Gene The Bean says:

    Even without “he who must be liked”, the neo-con crowd here sure is getting worked up! The story is about Harper, not Trudeau, try and keep up, ok.

    Tick Tock – the times are a changin’…. I think even some of the posters here are starting to smell the mattress fire that is todays conservatism.

    To be fair Harvey, maybe to calm them down, lets throw them a bone …. lets talk about Scheer’s popularity outside of the Prairie/Ontario Neo-Con base (it’ll be a short story, trust me), or maybe how it has become normal and OK for conservatives to payoff porn stars, or to throw your country under the bus and kowtow to Putin, or maybe how you now have to pay ‘corporate welfare’ to hundreds of farmers going broke due to your own tariffs, or maybe today’s news, Trumps ethics lawyer is quitting (talk about an oxymoron of a title) …. anyways, like I’ve said, Tick Tock.

    Loved your smackdown response at #21. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel sometimes isn’t it? Harper is an enemy because he has taken up with someone attacking us. Period.

    Cant wait till the Big Orange Clown has to eat crow on tariffs and when the Repugnant-ins get slaughtered in the mid-terms in November and lose the House. Trump will lose his mind. Ryan has already taken the morally bankrupt way out and quit. The Trumplodytes will blame everyone but themselves and the implosion will continue.

    Don’t worry though, I would NEVER rub what’s going to happen in anyone’s face. Trust me. Bigly.

    (Response: If he wanted to speed any settlement in the Canada/US trade dispute…maybe Harper should start talking out about the Impact Trump’s tariffs have had on American farmers, Whirlpool Corp’s latest bottom line, Harley Davidson, Kraft etc. h.o.)

  25. Eldon says:

    I have voted for Harper twice. I think he’s smart, but his hubris has always been his undoing. Like you I’ve been shaking my head in puzzled disappointment. He’s wrecking his legacy by behaving this way.

    (Response: People ma forget Harper was PM for almost 10 years …and was fairly popular at the beginning…I’d say right up to halfway through his time at the top. But then arrogance set in, resulting in a reputation for a dictatorial style, silencing officials …both appointed and elected, disdain for even having to answer questions…etc..and after a pathetic, almost racist and fear mongering campaign, in the end HE was booted, perhaps more than his party. But even I would NEVER have believed he would stoop so low …ethically and politically … to do the damage he has done top Canada, while many of our companies are fighting for their economic lives after Canada was attacked by Donald Trump. h.o.)

  26. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I get your blind support for Trudeau the Younger in his destructive approach to the NAFTA file. He’s essentially following your plan that you laid out in earlier blog postings.

    I also get where some commentators are coming from. There are a few so angry that conservatism has replaced the progressive-statism of the Obama miss-led America. This anger is so all encompassing that watching US success under the Trump/ Republican watch that they are willing to sacrifice their own nation’s best interests in a misguided belief that Canada needs to “stand up to the bully”

    They have watch Trudeau stall NAFTA negotiations because the appearance of a Canada not making a deal leads to votes for Liberals.

    The Liberals will harm Canadians for their own interests. Trudeau will go into unprecedented deficit spending, then increase the deficit with no plan to balance the books. Trudeau will kill trade for his SJW purposes.

    Trump has basically said, ‘Want to talk trade, let’s talk. Want to get on your soapbox, go away little boy.’

    Trudeau flew to China ti sign a trade deal, and when Trudeau got his soapbox Xi said, ‘Go away little boy.’ And, Trudeau came home with nothing to show but a t-shirt.

    Trudeau is his economic genius buys a 4.5B pipeline and tells his simpleton followers, don’t worry, we’ll sell it back to the private sector for a profit. Sure we will.

    So, Harper won’t follow Trudeau’s course of self-destruction, and you Harvey, call him “treasonous” , knowing full well that that kind of rhetoric is untrue and inflammatory. Nothing but a distraction technique to distract from Trudeau’s failures. Harvey, you’d have everyone march lockstep behind our GLORIOUS LEADER! as he walks us off the cliff.

    Well, I’m going to step outside the march of the simple masses. I’m going to put my country before my politics. Not negotiating trade with nations to try and get votes is economic suicide.

    March on lemmings…march on.

  27. hawgwash says:

    Kind of related and maybe the Trumplodytes could answer: an overwhelming number of travelling US boats in our waters this year are not flying the stars and stripes, why is that?

  28. max avelli says:

    Where to start with all of this while trying to remain brief (that is a relative thing in here. Some folks need a publisher 🙂 )?

    There is an old saying along the lines of “People have friends; countries have interests.”

    America is not Canada’s “friend”. And the current regime has an unpresidented [intentionally sic 🙂 ] hostility to our interests.

    While Harper is a private citizen and enjoys Charter rights that allow him to say almost anything he wants, and go where he wants to go, it is fair enough to say — as is the point of HO’s post — that inserting himself into Canada-US relations like this is something we have never seen before, and is just plain bad judgement.

    Doing so does not serve Canada’s interests. It is not traitorous (he has not actively conspired with other countries to harm his own country, unlike the unpresidented actions of someone else who shall not be named). I wish he would just disappear and enjoy his millions from corporate board positions, etc…). You cannot name a single thing Harper did that made the country a better place. It was all little tactical payoffs to his side that did nothing to move the country forward. No strategy.

    No long-term vision. He has nothing useful to say. He was, after all, the accidental PM (minority government to start, after the Liberals decided to engage in internecine intra-party warfare).

    As a disclaimer, I think Trudeau is an empty suit — but he has some good tailors behind him. The strategy of stringing out the NAFTA negotiations is a good ploy. Trump has the attention span of a fruit fly — and the knowledge to match (Trump has some “street smarts”, to be sure, but he changes tactics day to day with no sense of the “long game” and a strategy to play it out).

    Trump is trying to divide Canada and Mexico over NAFTA, and sign deals with each of them separately. One-on-one deals would put either country in a weak position. As long as Canada and Mexico can hang together, Trump will have a much harder time making the “Art of the Deal” that only benefits the USA. Getting two parties to agree to being rolled over is harder than rolling over just one.

    And with the US mid-terms coming, playing things out until after the election — and a possible change in the House majority — is a good strategy for Canada. After the mid-terms, the Trump Presidency could descend into true chaos, and NAFTA renegotiations become sidelined.

    (Response: There are growing signs the US is hurting from Trump’s tactics … and the US government handing over $12 Billion in gifts to farmers will soon prove to be only the beginning. Canada should stand firm … and it hurts us a lot for a former PM to urn up and speak out on foreign soil the way he did. His country should have been able to expect better of him. h.o.)

  29. scrotie says:

    I have an almost daily overview of the harbour in Nanaimo and the anchorage at Newcastle Island and there has been no lack of American flags flying along with the Canadian courtesy flags by the transient vessels. Perhaps a different, more successful demographic of Americans on
    this side of the straight?

  30. e.a.f. says:

    What is interesting is much of the $12B will be not so much to real farmers but to argi business. Family farms have been decreasing since the 1980s in the U.S.A.

    What I do find interesting is Trump was all over our subsidies to all sort of industry, along with the E.U., China, etc. but here he is, wanting to subsidize farmers and argi business to the tune of $12B to save his own orange hide. What a joke this man is.

    Harper hasn’t even taken into consideration all the subsidies the Americans give all sort of industries and the tax rate for corporations and “elite” financials is a subsidy to be sure. Harper is going to be door knocking in Calgary for the Alberta provincial election. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    (Response: There’s a recurring theme in Trump and his minions’ rhetoric on NAFTA/Canada: the huge American dairy conglomerates …which are already hurting from low prices and over production…want access to Canada. In other words, get rid of our marketing system. May sound nice…lower prices and all…but I’d bet within five years, EVERY Canadian DAIRY FARM WOULD BE DEAD! And so would hundreds of Canadian small towns. h.o)

  31. Gary T says:

    @Diverdarren # 26. I just can’t believe what you said. You must be a Harperite…give everything Canadian away free, just so we can have a ” Free Trade ” deal. The only thing for us that would be ‘Free ” would be our goods flowing south, while we pay through the nose for the goods coming north.

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