Has Canada’s Media Become Racist … Against WHITES?

First, let’s be perfectly clear, I’m happy to see the increased diversity in Canada’s media … especially on television.

I noticed way back, when I started becoming a news junkie in my teens, how white and male and WASPY were pretty well all the reporters and anchors and program hosts we saw on English-speaking tv in Montreal.

For years and years in the late 1950s or early 60s, I don’t recall ever seeing blacks or Asians or Hispanics or Muslims or Jews on TV as “star” reporters or anchors.

The one exception I do remember: Percy Saltzman made it big on the CBC … as a weatherman.

Change was too long in coming.

So I celebrate the increased diversity we now see on television … IF those hired (of ANY ethnicity, colour or religion) are competent reporters, good writers, have a basic knowledge of and appreciation of Canadian history and culture, know how to dig, ask questions … and not just parrot press releases or give free soft air time to politicians, bureaucrats and others in authority.

However, let’s keep it real!

In far too many cases among TV hires these days, skillful writing and entertaining story-telling is a non-existent art; grammar is deplorable; research is a forgotten science; and, the level of “questioning” often embarrasses Canadian journalism.

It certainly looks to me that, in local television news, national network on-air hiring and even in choosing “expert” panel members … too many are now being chosen because they tick other boxes: minority race, ethnicity and/or colour.

Whites … especially white males … need not apply?.

Surely some of these poorly-skilled reporters, writers and storytellers we now endure can’t be the best journalists who were available in BC and Canada to fill available positions! Especially for a major market like Vancouver!

More and more people … both within the industry and outside … are noticing the decline in reporting skills, writing and journalistic standards … as the “check-the-ethnic-box” hiring has increased … and speak of it … privately.

It’s actually a newsworthy public interest story/question … if any “working” media had the guts to take it on: Is the decline in journalistic standards in Canada directly proportional to the rush to be political correct and hire as many ethnics “reporters/hosts” as possible?

It should be done … and addressed … while “news” on local TV stations and even national networks in Canada have any credibility left!

And why should viewers care?

Because TV news/interview programs/panels help shape public opinion and ideas in our society … and are a reflection of those who manage, produce and report the stories you see.

And when hiring standards decline … so does the quality of services those stations and networks are licensed and charged with providing the Canadian public.

And in my humble opinion, the decline now … with what seems to me to be a management decision to make diversity, not journalistic excellence, the primary goal … is too widespread to ignore.

In fact, sometimes doesn’t it seem to YOU that my old alma mater, Global TV’s Newshour, is more like an East Indian/Asian “community broadcast” outlet … with fawning ethnic pieces now regularly being dished out as “news” ???

Sure doesn’t come close to the glory days of BCTV, when the hard-hitting Newshour regularly drew more than 600,000 viewers! I suspect the current ratings don’t even come close to that.

And recently, I saw a good example of how their news coverage has changed … and NOT for the better.

On April 4, Global BC’s Newshour carried a story about the upcoming religious festival season.

Using visuals of a mosque to open the story, the reporter talked about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, then the Indian festival of Vaisakhi and Easter.

If I did the story, EASTER would be referred to first: reflecting the true BC/Canadian makeup.

And in the Global BC story, there was not a mention of the Jewish eight-day festival of Passover happening at the very same time … not a word.

That seemed VERY strange to me, since Passover has been celebrated by a 700,000 strong Jewish community across Canada for hundreds of years …. before Ramadan and/or Vaisakhi were ever even heard of by most Canadians.

And the Passover first-night ceremonial dinner is also integrally tied to the story of Easter and Jesus’ last supper.

Was Passover left out because of ignorance/stupidity? Religious prejudice? Political bias? Or just bad journalism?

To see the Jewish 8-day holiday pushed aside in a story on Global’s Newshour when three other religious festivals were all being acknowledged/celebrated stunk to me!

So I sent Global a Comment pointing out the omission, wondering what happened? My complaint was not even acknowledged … let alone responded to in any way.

In fact, Global BC seemed to double down. The insult to BC’s Jewish community was REPEATED on the Newshour on Good Friday: when again, the beginning of Ramadan and Easter were mentioned … but Passover, which also began that very same night across BC, Canada and the world, was ignored.

Ignorance? Religious prejudice? International politics? Or just lousy journalism??? You decide.

(Kudos to CTV News at Six, by the way, which did highlight Passover and Easter in a full, complete story that linked/explained the two.)

And it’s not just at the “news” level that I believe political correctness panelists has hurt the quality of programming in Canada.

Watch “panel” discussions on local and national news programs and it’s very easy to spot who is just there to check off those colour or ethnicity boxes. They offer NOTHING new to the discussions … just regurgitating what they (and we all) had previously already read in newspapers, heard on radio or saw on TV.

Canadians and Canadian journalism are not being well served by Canada’s television broadcasters pursuing political correctness and diversity more than excellence in reporting, writing and knowledge of our country and our history.

It’s time for Canada’s media to deliver to their audiences a better grade of journalism: stop hiring primarily for visual effect … but instead give the job to the BEST QUALIFIED … even if that person just happens to be white.

Harv Oberfeld

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31 Responses to Has Canada’s Media Become Racist … Against WHITES?

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    The race to appease the Human Resources check list is alive and well in politically correct Media boardrooms across Canada.
    You also left out the obligatory LGBTQQx2 mandates.

    Non anglo, non white, non gender specific all require to be pushed to the front of the line….qualified or not.

    I’ve noticed that Globals’s latest person of color in the HR employment coup….is, cute as a bug , Neetu Garcha …..she is only allowed to focus on stories of racism, colonialism, gay rights, aboriginal rights….on and on and on.

    No matter thousands are being slaughtered in Ukraine or the economy is teetering on the brink of a recession, or that Putin is upgrading his Nukes……

    It’s far more important that we hear about racism and colonialism from 100 years ago again and again and again and again and again.
    We must be constantly reminded for the rest of time …..of unmarked graves from forgotten graveyards in the abandoned Residential Schoolyards….dragged back out 100 years after they were forgotten by everyone ( including their own families?).

    One wonders when, in about 25 more years as Trudeau’s multicultural party continues unabated at 400,000 immigrants per year ( plus 400,000 “students” and 400,000 temp work visa’s).

    When all the Premiers, Mayors and the Prime Minister are non anglo, non white, non gender(?) …..who will the Media use as convenient scapegoats then ?

    (Response: Yes … I too have no doubt the Human Resources departments at many companies (not just broadcasters) have been hard at work monitoring, shaping company profiles/statistics to appease provincial or federal governments and agencies … and also activists and ethnic communities. As I wrote in this blog, I’m to see a greater mosaic of people in jobs in all sectors of the economy. And I’ve written in a previous piece how much I abhor discrimination …to the point that it makes me physically ill if I believe someone is being unfairly denied anything because of their ethnicity or religion or age or looks or LGBT etc. However, that requires us ALL to also oppose discriminating against the BEST QUALIFIED applicant for a job … because they just happen to be white! And hiring them doesn’t allow Human Resources bureaucrats or management to tick those ethnic/colour boxes on their government paperwork. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Canadian News, you say? It’s pablum.

    Watching recently, one of the news broadcasts, the presenter not only had poor grammar (hell, and I thought I was bad) but she (and yes she) could not present the story in a logical way.

    I know, I am an old analog sort of guy, but news should be news and not corporate mandated equal opportunity mush, to appease the CRTC and whatever government is in power.

    The news media today is not really concerned about news, but maintaining news programs as revenue generators, thus one does not upset advertisers for fear of losing the revenue stream.

    Global has become nothing more than a joke, but then I compare it to what the News Hour used to be, a friggin NEWS HOUR and not polite banter between the presenters and politically correct, goody two shoes news stories.

    And please, for god sake, no more BREAKING NEWS, when the news has been stale dated for hours, that is not breaking news.

    My other vetch with the media is the term “Colonial”, which translated means “white”. If it is bad, its “Colonial” and must be eradicated and replaced with an Orwellian substitute.

    How about eradicating the “Colonial” Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada completely and stop all “Colonial” payments, all the freebies and let the first nations deal with a new “Non Colonial” world. Not going to happen.

    Is the Canadian Media racist? It is now and badly so. The corporate owners have forgotten what news is, which in today’s world, it is an echo chamber to appease government and their base.

    (Response: It’s not just a Global phenomenon: “junior” reporters are doing what should be “senior” reporting/anchoring/panelist jobs at many local and network stations across Canada. And the craft ..and the viewers …are suffering. Of course, there have always been lousy reporters … of every colour, ethnicity. But it is clear to me that, in the rush to expand diversity and check “boxes” to reflect/appease ethnic changes in Canada’s demographics (and probably satisfy political/economic/CRTC pressures as well) … station executives have RUSHED the transition and hired on the basis of colour … perhaps even denying better qualified and more experienced white applicants a fair hearting …or job. It’s time for Canadians to have a discussion about that. h.o)

  3. Not Sure says:

    I am actually stunned by this Harvey. You have always complained about the poor journalism since YOU retired but now you are linking it to all them non-whites being hired???

    Getting rid of Sophie Lui and hiring another Chris Gailus will solve the problem?

    Maybe you could tell me which of these people you think should be replaced.


    (Response: I am stunned by your racism! Why did you single out Sophie? Clearly because you see her race. When I watch Sophie, I see a PROVEN reporter and anchor with exceptional journalistic skills, very good questioning skills. Did you miss my ENTIRE paragraph delineating MY pre-requisites? Here it is again:
    “I celebrate the increased diversity we now see on television … IF those hired (of ANY ethnicity, colour or religion) are competent reporters, good writers, have a basic knowledge of and appreciation of Canadian history and culture, know how to dig, ask questions … and not just parrot press releases or give free soft air time to politicians, bureaucrats and others in authority.”
    Sophie fills the bill … overfills it! And so do MANY other ethnic and, yes, even white on-air personalities. But there are many recent on-air hires at local TV stations, even networks, who, in my view, clearly do not … and I believe were hired just to check off “colour/ethnicity” boxes for the federal government, the CRTC and to pander to local ethnic communities. And sadly it is showing in the broadcast pap too many now put on air. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      I for one would not be disappointed if Chris ( the jock) Gailus got the hook.
      Sophie Liu is excellent and doesnt appear to suffer fools lightly.
      She is very qualified and she EARNED it..
      Some of the other gals of color parachuted into the Anchor seat?
      Not so much.

      How long did Peter Mansbridge slog away as a foreign correspondent and then a local news anchor before he got the CBC National?
      He paid his dues big time.
      The HR dept at CBC was “high fiving” when they appointed an asian , a south east asian and a woman as the Trifecta of political correctness on the National.
      Dare we suggest reverse racism/ sexism?
      God no.
      As their ratings sink deeper and deeper into irrelevance…..

  4. Rainclouds says:

    Thanks for this. Most “reporting” is fluff. Coupled with inane banter between clucking “anchors”, very little substance, (car accidents, sick dogs, kids in hospitals), “Breaking news” that isn’t. Helps chew up air time between commercials. We are being fed pap. How dare you propose Meritocracy? Not happening. Better an attractive ethnic face that prattles drivel and costs way less than someone working stories for days weeks months.

    Not much in the way of hard reporting on Money Laundering, health care, RE industry, politics, housing, organized crime, business, street crime, fentanyl and its impacts, the media it’s self. The idiots sitting/gluing in the road. A hollow shell of what true reporting used to be.

    We are watching the death of what used to be one of the significant guardians of democracy. I believe there is a strong desire for true journalism, it wont come from these corporations. Now the landscape and attention spans have become too fragmented with social media and sound bites, not indepth investigatory practices

    Unfortunate but the PVR is my friend, watch PBS (which the CBC should be) record the local infotainment, zip through in 10 Min, Sad

    (Response: Yes, very sad. One of the reasons for this decline, I believe, is that too many “reporters” have not paid their dues, learned their craft or honed their journalistic skills …before making it right onto the big market stations …because they “look” right. Yech! After writing and learning for a couple of years for my University paper in Montreal, I decided I wanted to be a “real” reporter. So I first worked more than a year for a corporate employee newspaper (CIL Contact) and then wrote to almost EVERY daily newspaper in Canada looking for a reporting job. Got hired in Saskatoon… so moved there! Then Regina for two years … including becoming City Hall Reporter. That’s where/how many aspiring journalist really learned their craft: how to research, how to properly ask probing questions, how to analyze documents and how to write, build and tell stories. Only then was I hired by the Vancouver Sun and even there, I first covered suburban councils, then Vancouver City Hall before breaking new ground … setting up the paper’s first Regional Affairs Reporter covering the GVRD as a full-time beat. Only later was I moved to Victoria as part of the Sun’s Legislative Bureau (four years) … BEFORE making the jump to BCTV. Today, it looks and sounds like too many recent hires for MAJOR MEDIA MARKETS are straight out of journalism school or even less … given on-air jobs more because of their ethnicity, colour and their looks than any proven research, writing, reporting skills. Well beyond their depth!! And I blame TOP management brass for that decline: THEY do the hiring or at least set the parameters. Some are clearly incompetent. h.o)

  5. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, are you kidding, you want competence, you want ability, don’t you realize we don’t have winners or losers now, only participants, everyone gets a medal. We can’t have people with ability leading the way, what if little Sally’s or little Joe’s feelings are hurt, just because they are incompetent, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t succeed. How can you be so mean to them?
    Competition used to be used to bring excellence to the top, and in some countries, I think it still is, whether in scholastics, sports or any other endeavours. We have been led by false prophets to believe equality of outcome, is preferable to equality of opportunity. I am convinced this is but another reason our society is circling the drain, we don’t strive for gold anymore, we are quite happy to get the participation medal. And nobody’s feelings got hurt.

    (Response: I’m not sure there’s even any REAL competition anymore: judging by the writing and reporting decline I’ve seen on air, some hiring decisions look like they were made solely on “appearance”. h.o)

  6. mike says:

    “Whites … especially white males … need not apply?.”

    Where exactly have you been for the last thirty or so years. Not like this is new. White has become a pejorative in North America. I have a lot to say on this but won’t. Look at how the media talks about how Pierre Poilievre’s crowds are so white. The anti-white rhetoric has been at a zenith over the past few years. Nice to see you address this.

    (Response: In terms of the early days of TV media, minorities were discriminated against in on-air hiring for many decades and, as I wrote, I do welcome the increase in diversity …. IF those getting hired are competent, knowledgeable and can write and report up to the standards that should be expected of them. In my view, the quality of news is now suffering because political correctness and diversity has trumped other factors. And even WHAT gets covered and HOW seems to be deteriorating. Time to correct that. h.o)

  7. Not Sure says:

    You are stunned by my racism?!! I was responding to this.

    In fact, sometimes doesn’t it seem to YOU that my old alma mater, Global TV’s Newshour, is more like an East Indian/Asian “community broadcast” outlet … with fawning ethnic pieces now regularly being dished out as “news” ???

    and this

    It’s time for Canada’s media to deliver to their audiences a better grade of journalism: stop hiring primarily for visual effect … but instead give the job to the BEST QUALIFIED … even if that person just happens to be white.

    I chose Global Newshour host Sophie Lui for my rhetorical question for precisely the response you gave. She is highly qualified. Replacing her with another Chris Gailus is not solving any perceived problem you have with current journalism. You are the one making this a race issue. I’m just questioning your hypothesis.

    Which is what exactly. The media sucks. And one of the reasons the media sucks is because too many people are being hired for their ethnicity rather than their qualifications??

    But here is the problem Harvey. It is up to you to prove your case with evidence. Look at nonconfidence’s response to me. “[Sophie Lui] is very qualified and she EARNED it.
    Some of the other gals of color parachuted into the Anchor seat? Not so much.”

    Those “other gals of colour” were not parachuted into the anchor seat. They did previous work. Read their bios. They are doing weekend and morning and noon shows just like Sophie Lui did before she got that top gig that she rightly deserves. Some of them may well fail, or move on to other stations, or hang around until Gailus or Lui retire. Who knows.

    I imagine Sophie Lui faced the same kind of scrutiny that these “other gals of colour” are facing now. And that is the assumption that they are not qualified; they are only there because they tick off some box. I think that is unfair.

    But so far, I am the only one that think that, so, carry on.

    (Response: I stand by my comments you quote. Of course, many people of varying ethnicities have achieved success, based on their writing/reporting/journalistic skills … and I applaud that. But I get the impression you must not watch much local or national news or panel discussion programs closely. I do … although I admit skimming through them much more frequently on my PVR than I used to … and sometimes I actually LAUGH at what I see: incompetent writing/grammar/story-telling … and even obvious ignorance or bias … on MAJOR MARKET broadcasts. I believe the reason is to many new hires were chosen PRIMARILY because they check minority race/ethnicity boxes … rather than any experience/accomplishments they achieved first in smaller markets. And the corollary of that is: some young white aspiring reporter(s) … quite experienced/accomplished and who did pay their dues in smaller markets … are being pushed aside because they were NOT the “right” ethnicity/ colour. That just not fair. And now we have small town standards on big market stations … and the viewers (and all society) suffers for that. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      @ Not Sure

      Sophie Liu is the exception rather than the rule.
      The rest of the gals seem to be way out of their depth.
      Do you honestly believe if ALL things are equal “Experience, Qualifications, Age, gender, etc. ”
      In this politically correct day and age a Human Resources Dept would hire a white person over a person of color?
      Give your head a shake.
      The HR Dept would be High Fiving each other for their “progressive” coup.
      And if that person were also gay or Trans…. double fist pump….. and tick another box in the HR minority column.

      There are a lot of very angry, quiet people out there that are seething at the INEQUALITY of reverse racism that permeates all levels of Canadaina politics, media and business these days.
      I’m not surprised that there are thousands of “missing” workers after two years of covid lock downs.
      People have had enough.
      They are done with the endless bs.
      This country is rotting from the inside out.

  8. jay says:

    The news today has lost all credibility for a lot of reasons.
    Overzealous fear mongering.
    Rampant political correctness.
    Flagrant Hyperbole.
    Failure of reporters to do proper research, get proper sources or even get sources.
    failure of media sites to verify stories before they post them.
    media sites failing to retract false or misleading posts or if they do, doing so so quietly that it is not noticed.
    Media no longer being impartial and ,as such, blatantly publishing misleading or outright false stories just to score political points for their guy/gal.
    It only makes sense that they have been trying to diversify the hires over the last decades.
    It is no longer about jounalistic ethics and mastery it is about pleasing the radical left, the politically correct and wokists demands that there MUST be people of colour in all these positions regardless of qualification . How do you think Kamala harris and this new supreme court justice got their jobs? Neither by qualification. They were female women of colour and that is what Biden said he would do.
    I am a firm believer that if you can do the job and are qualified and best for the position then I don’t care what colour, creed or religion you are, you get the job. After that if there needs to be less qualified then so be it.
    But no, corporations have let the vocal minority bully them into a course of action that has no real purpose that to lower the quality of their products. Shame.

    (Response: Every newsroom manager should read and study your comments …because I believe a lot of viewers (or past viewers) share many of those sentiments/conclusions. It is a good thing to see increased diversity on tv, including the “news” programs and comment discussion panels , but NOT at the sacrifice of quality reporting, writing, story telling, research (do some of them do that at all?). And remember, when someone gets a job just because he or she “looks right” or checks a box or two to please the federal government, CRTC or local pressure groups … that means a GOOD writer/journalist has been DENIED employment because they are the WRONG ethnicity, colour etc. And the viewers suffer by being fed an inferior product. h.o)

  9. Gilbert says:

    Yes, the Canadian media has become racist. Now many are hired simply because of their ethnic background. It’s a perfect example of reverse discrimination. In many cases the news is now little more than entertainment. The news is often of little substance and ignores many important, global issues.

    (Response: I believe that is what has happened: it certainly looks like there are some TV local and national “hires” … over the past two years especially … who were hired to check ethnic/colour boxes rather than great journalistic/writing/reporting skills and achievements. And what Canadians are now getting as “news” is suffering because of that. I celebrate the expansion of diversity on-air …but those hired have to be competent. h.o)

  10. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Jay, her name is Ketanji Brown Jackson and the New York City Bar Association (among many others) has high regard for her qualifications.

    Part of the article:
    “The New York City Bar determined that Judge Jackson possesses, to an exceptionally high degree, all of the qualifications enumerated in the Guidelines established by the City Bar for considering nominees to the Supreme Court of the United States: (1) exceptional legal ability; (2) extensive experience and knowledge of the law; (3) outstanding intellectual and analytical talents; (4) maturity of judgment and common sense; (5) unquestionable integrity and independence; and (6) a temperament appropriate to be a Justice of the Supreme Court.”

    But yeah… I’m not sold on Kamala — hardly any more than I was Mike Pence.

    • jay says:

      “(3) outstanding intellectual and analytical talents; (4) maturity of judgment and common sense;”

      So why won’t/can’t she define what a woman is?
      Is she incapable of agreeing with thousands of years of biology and scientific fact
      Believe the science they all say but she seems to be incapable of doing that.
      And the media just give her a pass. No hard questions. They don’t even ask if only biologists know what a woman is.
      She also seems to have no opinion about natural rights. Natural rights underpin our entire judicial system and bill of rights. How could she not have an opinion?
      Again no hard questions. No exposes.

      (Edited..this is getting way off topic. Will stop this thread now. h.o)

      As for the media, it isn’t just whiteness that is being overlooked in media. Its also how radical the reporter is. How woke are they. How age driven are they. How well can they spin a story.
      Journalistic ethics have gone the way of the dodo.
      A prime example of this is the “don’t say gay bill” in florida. Nowhere in this bill do those words appear or are suggested yet it is repeated over and over.
      If you agree with the bill in any way you are vilified.
      You have journalists who have no problem with kindergartners being exposed to every form of sexual education there is. Not long ago that was child abuse and pedophilia.
      There needs to be a wholesale reset of journalism as we know it. Ethical and moral restraint must be at the forefront of the news once again not agendas.

  11. Paul says:

    Well Global chased me away to CTV some time ago for most of the reasons already mentioned but I was struggling with those reporters ? out on the street who had difficulties even speaking. Then someone made the decision maybe this person would be better inside just reading the weekend news and I found myself listening to muttering of “hmm” and accentuated sounds (not in the text) as she read. Now I hear she has graduated to early morning news when the regular readers (not sure who) are missing.
    The strangest part I find about not only Global but other stations is referring to news readers as journalists. Certainly not what I would call journalists.

    (Response: The problem goes well beyond just one individual: when stations or networks hire “light” , what the viewer gets is a lesser product. And people notice!! So many people I know now record their TV news broadcasts and then watch it later … zipping through the fluff, the imported stories they’ve already seen on national or US networks and the ads. Quite a difference from the past, when viewers ENJOYED watching entire shows … including the ads … and even looked/listened for certain reporters, who they found interesting, even fun to watch. FEW are like that these days! And I blame TOP MANAGEMENT who I believe are hiring based on political correctness, race and ethnicity rather than experience and proven journalistic skills. h.o.)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    Did notice the lack of mention regarding Passover. did wonder why.
    We would have to ask the t.v. channels why that happened.

    Many of the younger news speakers are hired for their looks. However, it is doubtful they decide what makes up the news. they all seem focused on the teleprompter.

    What passes for news in B.C. isn’t news, its more like junior baby food. might taste good to a baby, but to adults its just uck.

    Its doubtful the news will improve on t.v. CTV recently fired the man did the 6 p.m. news. Now there is one newscaster and the weather person. T.V. stations want to make more and reduce costs. It would be interesting to see how much the new younger “presenters of news” are making compared to those of previous decades. I would not be surprised if they are making a lot less.

    If I want “real” news, I read it and not the province or sun because they like the local t.v. stations are just awful when it comes to reporting news or explaining anything beyond how many gang shootings and these days the VPD and their budget and crime in vancouver, but never really address the issue. Usually skip the news and watch Law and order re runs.

    (Response: Cost cutting is indeed a problem … and as a result, there does not seem to be as much dedication to investigative journalism or even doing minimal research. It’s more “in-by-nine-out-by-five” coverage, which therefore favours police car/ambulance/fire truck chasing; press conferences, material fed from other places … and LOTS of fluff. And I believe the decline in quality has been exacerbated by racist hiring policies: some (not all) of the new “reporters” and “panel members” I see show no creative imagination in their story telling or writing, or investigative skills or the ability to ask tough questions. I really believe race/colour seem to be more important in hiring decisions these days than experience/expertise … and that’s neither fair nor producing good news broadcasts or panel discussions. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      I guess the “proof of popularity” is in the network or timeslot Ratings.

      “News hour?
      Pfft . I dont last 5 minutes.
      I watch the first few minutes and then click off when another nightly barrage of road rage racism, aboriginal school burial, Pope Apology, menagerie of blame comes on.
      All breathlessly “reported” by smug Millennial angels that have never done anything remotely racist in their lives.
      Perfect, one and all….
      After 3-5 years of the same record playing on the turnstile…..enough.

  13. Harry Lawson says:


    Interesting post, many points raised

    I have to ask in Cameron Bell,and Warren Barker’s day would this happen? Of course they had ownership that funded news rooms. Can anyone name this week’s news directors today ?

    (Response: NEVER on their watch … or Al Clapp’s or Keith Bradbury’s. Also add to the list Jack Webster: I started laughing thinking of the off-camera conversation he and I would have at BCTV looking at the current “state” of hiring practices … and the resulting writing, questioning and “reporting” viewers are being served up. LOL!! h.o0)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Jack Webster wouldnt last 5 minutes in todays Human Resources interviews.

      (Response: Yes. What chance would an old white guy with a Scottish accent have in getting hired today!!! h.o)

  14. Not Sure says:

    Here is what you said to me. “But I get the impression you must not watch much local or national news or panel discussion programs closely. I do … although I admit skimming through them much more frequently on my PVR than I used to … and sometimes I actually LAUGH at what I see: incompetent writing/grammar/story-telling … and even obvious ignorance or bias … on MAJOR MARKET broadcasts.”

    Well one part you got right is that I don’t watch much local news from Vancouver because I live in a small northern town but that has nothing to do with my position.

    Are ALL the people you are laughing at, the people you think are incompetent, who can’t tell stories etc etc., from a non-European background?

    Look at nonconfidence’s comment to me. “Sophie Lui is the exception rather than the rule. The rest of the gals seem to be way out of their depth.”

    Would anybody ever say: Chris Gailus is the exception rather than the rule. The other guys seem to be way out of their depth.

    What exactly is this rule that Sophie Lui is the exception to?

    You (not sure of the others on here) have said you are in favour of diversity With the proviso that the people are competent. Fair enough. Nobody wants Urkel reading the news instead of Lloyd Robertson. But there are plenty of ties. All things being equal should a TV station particularly in the Lower Mainland where there are almost as many South and East Asians (42%) as Europeans (49%) hire an qualified Asian over a qualified European if the company’s make up doesn’t yet represent the diversity of the community it serves.

    Or are we to assume that a particular ethnic group is overall just better at certain jobs than others. That the person was JUST hired because he/she ticked certain boxes. And that when they succeed they are the exception instead of the rule.

    And to be clear. I am not necessarily arguing with you or nonconfidence or anybody else. It just seems to me that broad stroke generalizations are being made without much evidence to suggest that the problem with the failing media (and there are for sure problems with the media) are due, even in part, to the hiring of people from non-white backgrounds.

    (Response: Substandard reporting, poor writing and lousy grammar knows no bounds in terms of race/ethnicity/religion or sex. In the past, aspiring young journalists used to have to start in smaller markets, where the good ones could hone their skills (often under some very good newsroom mangers) and the bad ones would be weeded out. Today, from what I SEE on TV, I get the impression many hires are straight out of journalism schools or local ethnic media … and I sense hired because of their ethnicity/colour (non-white), not any investigative/writing/interviewing skills. I believe it’s racism in reverse …to check off those ethnicity boxes for the feds or attract ethnic viewers, which means hopeful white applicants have been discriminated AGAINST …and it has become so obvious and pervasive, it should be publicly discussed/addressed. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      “What exactly is this rule that Sophie Lui is the exception to?”


      Competent job skills.
      She has a brain.
      The rest of the cutesy pie “newsreaders” (chosen for their good looks, ethnicity, gender and ability to end an interview on a directors’ cue?)….. not so much.

  15. Not Sure says:

    OK, you might like this more than my previous post. I was listening to the Peter Mansbridge podcast today and his guest was Bill Fox who I don’t remember but you may. He worked for the CBC up into the 80s before moving into the political arena where he worked for Mulroney. They were talking about the crisis in the news media. Some key points.

    Revenue is way down. Fox mentioned the classified section of the newspaper that took up several pages but was lost forever by sites like Kijiji. The same with ad revenue for TV with PVRs for one but how do you compete with the internet when I see an ad on my facebook page for the exact same item I viewed on amazon less than a hour ago.

    While Fox is sort of sympathetic, he notes that the internet has been around for almost 30 years and the fact that the news outlets haven’t sorted this out yet is telling.

    Like you, Fox thinks that media should get out of the news business and back to journalism. Newspapers particularly can’t compete with a story that begins YESTERDAY Justin Trudeau said. And that goes for the traditional 6 or 11 news shows. It is already old news by then because of twitter and 24/7 news channels etc.

    Fox praised Trump for being able to play the media. He used the example of Trump being under fire for something and then just throwing out an idea like buying Greenland and then canceling a trip to Denmark because the Danish PM refused. The media falls all over itself with the distraction to a more important story that soon becomes old news.

    Instead media outlets should get back to long term stories. He used the example of health care and mentioned specifically the CBC as national broadcaster who could do that kind of story even if it takes an extended period to tell instead of worrying about the day to day stuff like Horgan using the F bomb. (my example).

    For me, living in a small town far from a large urban centre, I feel I am getting good value from the late news shows (CBC and CTV) as a summary of the day’s events from around the country and around the world. There is a gigantic drop off in good coverage locally and even provincially unless it is a long term disaster type story like floods or wildfires.

    (Response: Declining audiences has been a complicated issue for broadcast news for many years now. Yes, part of it is due to a fractured channel reality… so many other stations to watch now… funding cutbacks and also more viewer interest in getting news off the Internet from multiple sources any time of day.
    But some programs still do very well… 60 Minutes and Marketplace are still very popular… Because they still offer quality programming with really good reporting and writing.
    However, I believe there has also been quite a decline in the quality of what news directors and the top station/network brass have been serving up to viewers who tune in to local or national newscasts.
    And when they hire people based on anything other than experience, writing ability, it worsens the situation…actually chases viewers away. h.o)

  16. Clavinova says:

    Great one Harvey. My wife and I scream at the tv every night. I haven’t watched Global or CBC for years. This trend is everywhere. Advertising ads, ( it’s amazing how many marriages are mixed varieties , usually the wife is blond. Global afternoon shows. The Social. With racist white hating women. THE MARILYN DENNIS SHOW. …very few white celebrity cooks, the fashion segments usually black or Asian models
    Don’t get me started on THE VIEW. Whole bunch of white hate coming from that show
    My grandkids used to go after TV ads as extras or background. They gig quite a few a few years ago. Now they never get a callback. It’s all about colour. Sounds racist but it’s actually reality.

    (Response: Political correctness is everywhere these days. And sometimes, respect for the majority is being set aside, and truth is being silenced or sacrificed because our “leaders” and the media are afraid to offend the pressure groups/activists. I can …because I have always spoken my piece and stood up for truth … and sometimes I paid a price for doing that. but NEVER regretted doing so. Plus, now it’s easier … because I am retired! 🙂 h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      @ Clavinova
      I was amazed at how quickly the advertisers switched to black actors when the whole “Black Lives Matter” protests hit two years ago ( remember them?).
      I didn’t know we had so many black actors in Canada.
      Every ad seemed to have black families, couples and groups.
      Amazing switch in about 6 months.
      But does all that “political correctness” sell widgets?
      I’m also amazed at the amount of ads on tv and radio that portray white, anglo men as inept clods needing “help” or “rescuing” from their female or non white partners/friends.
      Seems to be 90 % of the ads these days.
      Can you imagine the outrage if all women or non whites were portrayed in the same manner?
      “Politically Correct” seems to be ok so long as it’s only white male bashing these days…….. and if we question it….
      We’re racist.
      As for the advertisers.
      Alienating a large portion of the viewing audience doesn’t seem to be a great selling feature if you ask me.

      (Response: I’m happy to see a greater variety of ethnicities in ads: but I’d bet the producers work hard to find the BEST actors to fit the ethnic role they want portrayed … and don’t JUST hire based on colour, if they can’t do the job. h.o)

  17. Not Sure says:

    You think this is an important topic and I agree. You think it should be discussed and I agree. Random thoughts.

    Diversity in the media is important. Yes? No? Should the media reflect the diverse nature of the community it serves?

    I don’t know the answer to this Harvey. My gut tells me it should. And part of that is based on my little knowledge of market dynamics. Look at Cassie Campbell and Jennifer Botterill over on Hockey Night in Canada. Part of their hiring has to be about getting more women to watch the show. If they are bringing more viewers to the broadcast does it matter if they are not quite as good as Don Cherry. (Spoiler alert: They are way way way better than Don Cherry.) But because they are women (highly qualified based on their Olympic Hockey background) they get scrutinized far more than say the equally new Kevin Bieska who I find surprisingly refreshing as well. If these minorities are being scrutinized more, then their failings and failures are amplified more. If someone like Bieksa fails it is just a ho hum but god forbid if a women or a visible minority fails. “No wonder. They were just hired because they ticked boxes.” That is hardly fair especially to the people who follow and will be judged in the same way.

    Shift gears. We are not talking about the successful ones who we all agree should be there. Several times you referred to recent hires. So new question. Are media outlets trying to diversify too quickly. Our demographics are changing with fewer people of European descent but companies are also trying to catch up from the lack of diversity in the past. Is this an age thing more than a race thing. In other words to diversify, media outlets are taking on more inexperienced reporters. I live in a small town and have seen plenty of reporters come and go often on a yearly basis. They get some experience then move to a bigger market hoping some day to find a job in Victoria or Vancouver. Because of the desire to diversify, some people are getting that job sooner.

    Changing demographics. I don’t know how far back this goes but watching the six o’clock news after supper was always a part of my routine. With all the different options out there that routine is far in the past for me and I imagine for others. I said that the 11:00 news is what I watch because it is a good daily summary of the national and international news. For me the other news shows (morning, noon,
    6:00) are definitely less newsworthy. Definitely more community oriented and because I don’t live in Vancouver I don’t really care about that community. Changing demographics means they may be trying to appeal to a certain audience that you are no longer a part of because you are looking for the hard news. I haven’t studied this but I wonder if these younger more diverse reporters are getting their experience on puff pieces for a different audience than for someone like you who can see the mistakes they are making on topics you already loathe. A double whammy.

    This is a good but hard topic. When the topic is hard especially one that deals with race I don’t think your provocative headline helps. Most people are angry and sound aggrieved. I started off defensively. I hope I am trying to be more helpful here.

    (Response: Yes, I not only agree with diversity in the media, I celebrate it.As I wrote, it bothered me, for decades, when I used to see only white WASPs… mostly men… doing the news and hosting panel discussions etc. on TV.
    But let me tell you, and my other readers, a story: several years ago, BCTV had an opening for a new reporter. I was impressed with a young reporter I kept hearing on CKNW and saw at news conferences: he was articulate, asked good questions … and probing folowups (almost never done/shown today) and his radio stories were well done. So I phoned him up and asked if he had ever thought of making the switch to television. I pointed out that I had done so and was confident he would likely succeed, and I gave him the name of who to call at BCTV if interested. He did… And he joined our newsroom and went on to be a terrific reporter, then became a national reporter, a foreign correspondent and now hosts his own radio show on CKNW. His name is Jas Johal… And I did not approach Jas because he was East Indian [or whatever]: I approached him because he was a very good reporter in my view.
    That’s my entire point… I celebrate diversity, but frankly it is my opinion that too many of the people we now see on TV have been hired for other than journalistic excellence and experience. We can see it in the reporting, their grammar, they’re questioning and their stories… And as a result, their stories, journalism … and the viewers suffer. And I also believe that means that somewhere out there there are better reporters who are not getting those jobs… because in the rush to diversity… I suspect it’s because they are white.
    That is racism… which, never forget, works both ways. And should be condemned, not excused, whenever it rears its head. h.o)

  18. jay says:

    Work ethic has become a major problem with the latest generations. They either have no work ethic or one that is so low as to be pointless.
    I remember a time when you worked hard to get your grades, you worked hard to get experience and worked hard to get the job you wanted. You didn’t blame everyone around you that they were privledged due to their color or ethnicity.
    Nowadays it seems that education means nothing to most. Working hard to get somewhere means nothing. This generation is more gimme gimme than how can I help.
    This is why every field of work is failing. Journalism is just the most recent to cave to the political correct police vs hiring people with the highest work ethics.
    It seems journalists these days have no ability to use critical thinking skills or logic. They just immediately pile on to a story that is quite clearly outrageous on its face and then defend it to the end regardless of how stupid it makes them look.
    There was a time when politicians and others feared the news. Get called out in the wrong story and your career was over. Now it seems journalists are quite literally mouthpieces for whoever wants them.
    Diversity for sake of diversity also doesn’t really help those that follow. All it proves is that you don’t have to work to get you job just be the right color or ethnicity and claim victim status and boom you get a cushy job over someone way more qualified.
    There is an old saying..what do you call the guy who score last in his class at medical school ….doctor. Certainly doesn’t mean he should get the top job over the number 1 guy just because he is a person of color.

    (Response: I agree when you write: “There was a time when politicians and others feared the news. Get called out in the wrong story and your career was over. Now it seems journalists are quite literally mouthpieces for whoever wants them.” Today, questioning is too soft ..if they question at all! As I have put it before: reporters used to be messengers of the people TO those in authority: now too often they are messengers of those in authority to the people. That does not serve journalism or the public interest. And I believe it’s evidence of the lack of experience/talent of so many now doing the job. A good journalist should be cynical when dealing with politicians or anyone in power making announcements etc. Sad. h.o)

  19. e.a.f. says:

    In answer to the question, has Canadian media become racist, against whites, I don’t think so. The media corporations are simply hiring those who they believe will give them higher ratings. Higher ratings means they can charge more for ads. Its all about making a profit. the “talking heads” simply are a reflection of the general population in the Vancouver area.

    As to the ability of some of the reporters, they are much younger than you and I. Younger people were educated differently than we were, the ciriculum was different, what was considered important in grammar, spelling ,etc. expectations were different.
    The new younger reporters are simply reflective of changes in our society and young people in general. Even speech patterns have changed in the past 50 years amongst European descent young people. It doesn’t have anything to do with who their parents were, when it comes to the new younger reporters whose skin is not white. They’re all Canadians, raised in Canada, educated in Canada, etc.

    Ann Liu or Christy Gordon for weather? Well Ann Liu does bring her little dogs from time to time so I prefer her. CTV’s 6 pm anchor, I’ve been watching her so long she just looks like she looks. She’s attractive and looks a lot like one of my close friends. Some other “reporters” look like other people I know. Some times what we see is how we were raised and who you hung out with or your parents hung out with. My Mom had a lot of women friends who were of Japanese descent as did a friend of mine from school. As time passes and you grow up, you don’t see what others may. You simply see your Mom’s friend and if you see others who look similar to them, you don’t see much difference.

    One of the commenters above noticed a change in commercials. So did I. Many of the people are not white and many of the couples are “mixed”–they each have a different ethnic background. My take on it has been, it saves the company money. They don’t have to do two different commercials, simply one and dub in the different languages. Some companies have realized the majority of people in the U.S.A. are no longer white, in some areas and its time to change your commercials if you want their money. Given the same products are sold in Canada as the U.S.A. you’ll see the same type of commercials. My favorite commercial is the Ford truck one with the guy with the cat. It speaks volumes without saying anything. Its one of the few I watch, the rest, the sound gets turned off. the other one I like is a black male, white female discussing finances or promoting a financial institution. why do I like it? The guy is wearing blue fluffy slippers, something we would not have seen even 10 years ago. This ad can be run in markets here and especially in other parts of the country which have a higher proportion of people of colour.

    If you don’t think the younger people are doing as good a job of reporting as those who came before them, well for me, its just a deterioration in news in general, nothing to do who they are or where their grandparents came from. They’re Canadians.

    (Response: Lots of good food for thought. Thanks! As I have stated previously, I see the diversity as a good thing. But that should not be the primary goal … as it now often seems to me to be … in hiring. And it’s racist and discriminatory against whites! Plus, it’s painful to watch/listen to “reporters” of any colour/ethnicity who savage the English language, who show no writers’ skills in the way they package stories, who can’t seem to ask questions. They should simply NOT be on air in major markets … so the REAL problem lies with incompetent hiring managers, lousy producers who accept crappy writing/grammar/reporting (or don’t know any better themselves.) How can blame viewers for tuning OUT … or recording their shows and then just zipping through them (and all the ads) stopping at only the very view minutes they dem watchable??? h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      “The media corporations are simply hiring those who they believe will give them higher ratings. ”


      Sorry e.a.f. ….. I think your argument is flawed.
      Ratings for the CBC and Global are…..in…. the…. toilet.
      Epic fail.
      And advertisers are leaving the “old” media for the internet.

      I still say that the Human Resources Depts have taken control of hiring and advertising in all levels of Canadian business, media and politics…
      It’s like Canada’s politically correct govt hiring a lawyer to run the military.
      It works out great for eradicating the racism, sexism and homophobia.
      Until you have to fight an actual war and need barbaric, savage, non pc soldiers to shoot the enemy dead.
      Our country is rotting from the inside out.
      Try harder.

  20. Not Sure says:

    Sorry for posting again but I find this topic rather interesting.

    We agree that companies including the media should be more reflective of the communities they serve.

    We agree that these companies shouldn’t select a visible minority who is clearly inferior to other choices ahead of those other choices. That is foolish.

    How about and I am guessing this happens a lot, what should happen when there are two equally qualified people. When you can’t decide who to pick between two equally qualified people you may end up flipping a coin. But if you want to diversify the firm, should a visible minority automatically win that coin flip. In every sense of the word they are equal. If diversity is part of the goal I would say the visible minority should be picked. No?

    How about comparable? When Sportsnet hired Cassie Campbell, they were not looking for the best commentator out there, they were looking for the best woman commentator. It didn’t matter that there MAY have been a better more experienced person , they wanted her. And she started as a between period interviewer to now a colour commentator. She is terrific in her job. Even though there may have been a more qualified person available, nobody is questioning that decision now.

    I am sensing that you think the news industry in their rush to diversify are hiring any visible minority that walks in the door. I doubt that is the case. I don’t doubt that they are selecting them over equals or comparables.

    Second point, the other day, I happened to catch five minutes of the Noon News and the reader – white and experienced – bumbled over the “coming up after the break” intro. The only reason I mention this is because normally I wouldn’t have paid any attention to that, but after reading your post and the comments, I was clearly attuned to those kinds of errors. I wonder if diversity (the ticking of boxes) has left us hypersensitive to any mistake made by visible minorities or beginning reporters. We may be seeing what we want to see rather than the whole picture.

    Last point. I mentioned earlier that in my small town I have seen dozens of reporters come and go. Usually they are right out of journalism school learning the ropes for the first time. Just a few years ago, there was one who looked like the kind of person who could go far and within a couple of years was gone. But not to another media outlet. Lots of companies can use people with journalistic skills like researching, writing reports, meeting and questioning experts etc. and they likely pay better. That’s where this reporter went.

    Just a question. Are media jobs the kind of work that people would be turning to today. Dumped on for being purveyors of “Fake News”. Working for newspapers, even the big media companies, that are contracting rather than expanding. Might the future Jack Websters be surveying the media landscape, realizing it isn’t worth it, and taking the skills they learned at journalism school to companies with more security and better pay?

    There are plenty enough problems with the state of the media, and I admit I am no expert, but the push for diversity, if it even is a problem, has to be far down the list.

    (Response: Everybody can stumble occasionally, especially if broadcasting live, but we should at least be able to expect, in major markets, proper English grammar in prepared/edited stories. Just recently I saw/heard a reporter, talking about someone injured, say “They are expected to fully recover.” They? Were there more than one injured, who we have not been told about? This is basic English being mangled daily. Another talked about Covid-stressed businesses being “on the edge of survival”. I think he meant “edge of failure” … but who knows? Don’t listen carefully, or you will be appalled!!! It is unacceptable: maybe the “bosses” don’t know better or couldn’t care less. I enjoy panel discussions, where sometimes really good journalists/experts provide meaningful insight and even new info they have researched, but there is one regular First Nations “panelist” on a national network show whom I have NEVER seen/heard offer ANYTHING new, just regurgitates old info already well reported in the news. Only there because of race? As I said, diversity is good, but I believe MANY Canadians feel it has gone too far, too politically woke, at the cost of journalistic standards and full reporting. h.o)

  21. Gilbert says:

    Speaking of grammar errors, one I often here is “there’s” instead of “there are”. An example is “there’s a lot of people” instead of “there are a lot of people”. It may be a small error, but it’s annoying.

    (Response: A lot of people have trouble with that one. Here’s some help for those interested: http://languagelearningbase.com/89124/want-know-which-correct-there-people-there-are-people-thanks

  22. jay says:

    “How about and I am guessing this happens a lot, what should happen when there are two equally qualified people. When you can’t decide who to pick between two equally qualified people you may end up flipping a coin. But if you want to diversify the firm, should a visible minority automatically win that coin flip. In every sense of the word they are equal. If diversity is part of the goal I would say the visible minority should be picked. No?”

    The question really should be, Why are you trying to diversify the firm? Are you doing it because you want to or because you feel you have to due to social pressures?
    The problem lately is that it is likely that most diversity hires are based on the fact that should a company not diversify their staff they will be targeted and this will lead to negatives for them.
    Lets be honest here. No corporate setting would start hiring less than qualified staff if they didn’t feel they had to.
    The press has power. They can ostracize some one from society with constant negative publicity regardless of its truth.
    Corporations know this. If they fall on the wrong side of the media they could get crushed. So they cave to the vocal minority who have taken over the media.
    This isn’t about occasional goofs, this is about a failure of news editors and managers to see that they are hiring vastly under qualified people to do the jobs that inform the people. The media, like it or not, has an effect on the people. Goebbels knew this.
    Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.
    This is the media today.
    This must not stand

  23. JC says:

    I suppose as Canada becomes more diverse, its inevitable that diversity will be reflected in the media and other places. Which is fine in my view if standards don’t slip. But slip they have and we are all the poorer for it.

    The omission of coverage of the Passover and the heavy coverage given to Ramadan is interesting. I think its part of broader trend in ‘Progressive’ circles, influenced by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No one will admit to being Anti-Semitic, usually its something along the lines of ‘Anti-Zionism’ (i.e., antagonism toward the State of Israel but not towards individual Jews). I don’t buy it myself, especially after all the trouble the Labour Party in England had during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. But the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be giving some an excuse to ignore and delegitimize the Jewish community here, which is hypocritical coming from the Left, who constantly expound on the virtues of multiculturalism. It seems that in the new multiculturalism, to paraphrase Orwell, some Communities are more equal than others.

    I agree with what you say about Global News becoming a ‘community broadcast outlet’. I could give a dozen examples, but I really noticed it last year during the protests over the Indian Government’s Agricultural Reforms. There were demonstrations all over Greater Vancouver against the policy, mainly from local Punjabi Sikh’s (all were in violation of the COVID orders at the time, which went unmentioned in the broadcast, though I remember you wrote a piece on it!).

    The coverage on Global was completely one sided and was essentially a promotion for the Farmers cause. It wasn’t objective reporting (on what was actually a very complicated issue, though you would never know it if you were only watching Global and a lot of other Canadian media outlets, to be fair); it really seemed more like advocacy to me.

    Global (and other broadcasters) covered a protest outside the Indian Consulate office Downtown (many demonstrators were holding pictures of Sikh extremists and terrorists in plain view, though this was not discussed in the story). The protesters were interviewed but curiously enough, the Indian Government’s case was not put forward. Why not, I wondered? I’m sure the Consul General would have been willing to discuss the subject. But the viewer never got to hear the other side of the story. At one point, the reporter was calling for the Canadian Government to get involved in the dispute. I couldn’t believe I was hearing something so mad. What business does Canada have interfering in the domestic policies of a sovereign nation thousands of miles away?

    I understand that some reporters want to fill the role of the ‘crusading journalist’ but it really does a disservice to the viewer to present complicated issues in such a one-sided manner.

    (Response: Your Comment should be read by EVERY News Director and Vice-President of News ay EVERY TV station and network in Canada. I agree 100% when you write: “its inevitable that diversity will be reflected in the media and other places. Which is fine in my view if standards don’t slip.” Exactly! As for the omission of Passover by the “reporter”, I have no idea WHY that holiday (celebrated by 700,000 Canadians who have been such a contributory part of Canada’s history and culture for hundreds of years) … but the News Director and top brass of Global should issue an APOLOGY … unless they intended the insult? ho)

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