Have Too Many Third World Immigrants, Refugees and Multi-Culturalism Ripped Apart Canada’s Social Fabric?

Perhaps I’ve been wrong. For many years, I supported Canada having very generous, welcoming policies towards refugees and immigrants.

They have enriched our economy, literally; they have expanded our cultural diversity; and, have to admit it, I enjoy a LOT of the foods they’ve introduced … maybe too much; and, MOST turn out to be pretty good citizens.

BUT I believe too many have brought with them some unwelcome baggage: old country hates, prejudices, intolerances and lately, increasing acceptance of intimidation, vandalism and VIOLENCE as a legitimate means of protest.

That has no place in Canada. Period.

Yes, Canada has seen fights, brawls, property damage, even riots on Canadian streets as part of our history too, clashes between various earlier immigrant groups (English, French, Irish, Germans, Italians etc.), as well as political and labour protests, even hockey fan riots in Montreal and Vancouver.

But Canada had never seen anything like the Air India bombing in 1985.

The Montreal-London-Delhi Boeing 747 was blown up at 31,000, almost 190 kilometres west of Ireland, by a bomb planted by Canadian Sikh separatists supporting an independent Khalistan.

Among the 329 dead: 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens.

” The bombing of Air India Flight 182 is the largest mass killing in Canadian history, the deadliest aviation incident in the history of Air India and was the deadliest act of aviation terrorism until the September 11 attacks in 2001″, according to Wikipedia.

That introduced a whole new level of old-country hatred and conflict brought to our country by immigrants and, yes, even refugees to whom we had opened our hearts and doors.

And I believe since then, while most of us are getting along better, are more accepting of others with different backgrounds and cultures … the huge increase in immigration and refugees has also brought with it some unwelcome baggage: a narrowing of tolerance and respect for other “tribes”.

And more recently, violence, vandalism and victimization of innocents, just on the basis of race and religion, have become commonplace in several Canadian cities.

How did this happen?

Perhaps another mistake I supported is responsible: policies promoting multi-culturalism … instead of a melting pot Canada … thus encouraging the separation, maintenance of “old-country” cultures by immigrants, rather than one-country, one-people assimilation.

Slowly but surely over the past 20 years, ethnic, cultural and even intellectual censorship has reared its ugly head: especially visible on Canadian college/university campuses; where students, faculty, even members of College/University boards have been pressured, culturally intimidated and where too many places of “higher learning” have become paralyzed by activist stifling of free thought in favour of mob political correctness.

In the wider community, public reaction has led to xenophobic hate/fears and increasingly open violence against innocent Asian residents just walking on city streets, shopping or riding transit.

The Center for the Study of Racism and Extremism now ranks Vancouver as worst city in North America for reported anti-Asian hate crimes. Shameful!

And anti-Semitic attacks, vandalism, and intimidation have now reached what should be alarming levels for Canada.

” Over the past week, B’nai Brith Canada’s Anti-Hate Hotline has been ringing off the hook with reports of harassment, vandalism and online bullying from Jews across the country,” A Press Release from the Jewish organization stated Friday.

“Most shockingly, the number of anti-semitic assaults recorded so far in May of 2021 easily surpasses the total for all of 2020, ” it added.

Protests are fine: an important right that ALL Canadians should be able to practice … and respect.

BUT smearing buckets of red paint on the front of an Israeli consulate is vandalism; attacking an old man with a stick or pole is assault; and bringing a weapon (a knife) to a demonstration is unacceptable, as is biting a police officer … but that ALL happened at pro-Palestine demonstrations in Toronto just over the past week.

In Montreal, there was also violence.

“Several hundred demonstrators, draped in Israeli flags, had gathered in a central Montreal square to express solidarity with the Jewish state. Although the protest started peacefully, tensions ratcheted up with the arrival of pro-Palestinian demonstrators and clashes soon broke out, ” according to the publication the Arab News.

“Montreal’s city police force, declared the protests illegal, and squads of riot police intervened, using tear gas to separate and disperse the two groups, according to an AFP journalist at the scene. The police spent much of the afternoon in pursuit of the pro-Palestinian protesters, who spread out and regrouped in commercial streets in the city center,” the Arab journal continued.

“Following the clashes, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said on Twitter that “protesting is a right,” but that “intolerance, violence and anti-Semitism have no place here.”

She’s right!

We have witnessed the erosion of Canada’s proud standing as a society where tolerance is the RULE, not the exception; where dialogue is ENCOURAGED, not met with violence; where ethnic, religious and cultural institutions are SAFE from vandalism and destruction … and where people should be able to walk down ANY street without FEAR that their hijab, turban or skullcap will attract derision or physical attack.

I believe when the sociological history of this time period in Canada is written, the large number of immigrants and refugees from Third World nations, bringing with them old-country prejudices and failing to teach their children the new values of their new home will play a role in explaining Canada’s slip from overwhelming tolerance/grace.

We MUST act to get it back!

Police, politicians, prosecutors and every level of government have to GET TOUGH with those who are trying to make violence and vandalism an increasingly legitimate form of action and reaction in Canada.

Throw the book at them!

Too few violent protestors/vandals get arrested or charged, even when they’re caught red-handed damaging property or pummeling opponents; or, the few charges against the worst of them end up being reduced, stayed or dismissed.

This MUST change: enforcement of Canada’s anti-hate laws MUST be stepped up.

And if the culprits are not Canadian citizens, but landed immigrants or refugees, who have imported and now are manifesting their old-world hatreds, intimidation. violence on our streets or campuses, they should be DEPORTED if convicted.

Send them … and their barbaric behaviours … packing.

Canada has enough of problems of intolerance amongst our own, without accommodating violent hate-mongers and vandals from abroad.

They must not be allowed to further pollute our communities with the enmities and brutality from where they came.

Harv Oberfeld

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20 Responses to Have Too Many Third World Immigrants, Refugees and Multi-Culturalism Ripped Apart Canada’s Social Fabric?

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Artur Ericcson the renowned architect was once asked years ago about Canada’s immigration policies.

    “Well, either Canada will have some of the worlds most beautiful interracial children or the worst race riots the world has ever seen….”

    When ever someone says in perfect, unaccented English, “I’m Italian! (or east Indian, Chinese, whatever) ” I immediately ask them where in Italy( east India, China, whatever) they were born.
    The sheepish answer is usually “Canada”.

    Nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage but when you drag all the grievances and hatred that forced your parents, grandparents, whoever to immigrate….
    Nope. I aint buying what your sellin’.
    Assimilate or
    And we have the Liberals ( insert govt Laws and bureaucrats here) singing the praises of identity politics. The more individuals shouting their “identity” the better.
    Divided they conquer.
    So now you cannot question anyone about anything if you arent BIPOC.
    Or you will be accused of racisms, sexism, whatever -ism.
    Frankly I cant keep up.
    I’m the “enemy” because I’m not BIPOC?

    Well done Justin….welllll done.
    Lets see what the next 10-20 years brings with the garbage we now have as “leadership”.
    A never ending rotation of spineless spendthrifts that are bankrupting the country and turning Canada in a country of hate, fear and anger.

    Call an election so we can rid our selves of this latest manifestation of Liberal incompetence and corruption.
    They have been at the taxpayer trough long enough.

    (Response: It wasn’t just Justin: Mulroney, Chretien, Harper ALL enthusiastically played a role in supporting promoting multi-culturalism (so did I!) … but, as I said, that was probably wrong. A melting pot society and culture ,,,where we are ALL first and foremost Canadians may have been better. Most immigrants/refugees and their families are peaceful and contribute well to their new country …but I now get the impression too many of them remain still see themselves PRIMARILY as “whatever” ethnic background/nations they came from, and all it takes is a minority of troublemakers and extremists to ignite the flames of hate and old grievances that should have been extinguished they day they set foot in Canada. And sadly, we are now seeing that on our streets and campuses in many cities! h.o)

  2. NVG says:

    ‘Send them … and their barbaric behaviours … packing.’

    You mean like 97-year-old Helmut Oberlander

    (Response: Yes! Canadian governments (Liberal AND Conservative) have been sadly incompetent in getting rid of this old Nazi, a Death Squad member, who lied on his immigration papers, and has remained in Canada despite DECADES of efforts to deport him. People can read the disgraceful details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmut_Oberlander. h.o)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    A touchy subject in our colonial, woke, politically correct and revisionist world.

    Canadian politics, well Liberal politics has made Canada a bastion of the ethnic politic.

    Instead of new Canadians or just Canadians, we are hyphenated Canadians, pigeonhole by colour, race and religion. A lot of immigrants, just want to be in their old country, in a new country.

    We are forced by government to make Canada a non country of some sort, by revisionist history and made all the more sinister by imported American ethnic politics, spiced with Indian and Chinese politics.

    This government reinvention of Canada has lead to massive corruption, organized crime (which seems to have license to liquidate whom they choose anywhere they choose) money laundering and god knows what more.

    The country is now held hostage by “higher purpose persons” who firmly believe, their interpretation of history is correct; their interpretation of society is correct; and their interpretation of the law is correct and the rest are nonpersons.

    The law has been watered down and ethnically cleansed by a small cadre of zealots, 6 figured salaried bureaucrats, a compliant mainstream media, and the largest collection of dud politicians in Canadian history. The law has become a joke, that works for the villains and not the victims.

    It won’t change because it can’t change, it can’t change because of the ethnic vote and the whole vial circle continues.

    Sadly, with the government apparatus so geared to appeasing, professional victims who know how to work the system, the victims of old are forgotten and old hate rises to the surface.

    This mess has been brought to you by the Liberals, the GOP Conservatives, and the NDP.

    We know, from history, what appeasing people does, yet Canada is doing the same thing, appeasing the minority while entrenched ethnic radicals tear this country apart, to suit their own politics.

    Sadly, the Canada today is not the Canada I was born in. It has been perverted by political intrigue and politcal correctness to the point I am a stranger in a strange land.

    (Response: Canadians had better take this touchy topic on: there is something gone terribly wrong when Asians are attacked on our streets; when people wearing Jewish skullcaps are insulted, assaulted and synagogues and community centers are vandalized; and, when university campuses are unsafe places to express support for Israel, but praise for terrorist groups is okay. That’s NOT the Canada I was brought up in! h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    Agreed with Harvey, Non Con NVG and DMJ. Hopefully in the future they manage to write history books that are not a product of our current eduaction system that has been corrupted by the PCSJW victim culture. That way people will be able to see the devestation that two men created that will likely result in the undoing of our Canadian Federation. Pierre and Justin Trudeau. Those two have harmed Canada in so many different ways that the history books if accurate will not be kind to them

  5. Horace B. says:

    Hopefully, increasing our population is done, in part, to make it harder for our southern “friends” to take us over. Maybe I’m alone on this but reading US chatrooms similar to this one, I detect hostility and envy to the south of us and the fact that most of our population is near the US border, makes many muricans think they should just roll over us.

    We need these extra people, but we should be careful who we choose: it should not be refugees as they are most likely to bring this baggage. With our experience, we should be able to choose which cultural groups have worked out and which have not. I know there are treaties involved, so there would be obstacles.

    Some cultures put their babies in the front line and if they are killed in transit, and our press feel obligated to say “OO the babies, we must let these poor people in”. Maybe this attitude is hard hearted, but it’s better than being gullible.

    We should rethink our immigration policies on accepting refugees, because they carry grudges and, instead, welcome economic refugees from cultures that have characteristics we desire. Additionally some mechanism the encourage these newcomers to move North would be helpful. Finally, we should encourage “Ol Shark-eyes to re-enter the fray.

    (Response: I still believe Canada should welcome REAL refugees and, yes, immigrants too. But I think multi-culturalism that prolongs ethnic and national divisions, results in business owners who only hire “their own”, leads to ANY individual being afraid to show his or her religious belief in public or results in vandalized buildings has got to GO! Our “leaders” at every level are too weak in dealing with the mounting social problems we are seeing … maybe afraid of losing votes from growing immigrant communities??? Time for them to not only spew rhetoric, but CRACK DOWN on those who believe violence and intimidation is the way to deal with those who have other points of view. h.o)

  6. Gilbert says:

    Canada needs to do a much better job of screening immigrants. Those who refuse to accept others, who abuse the generosity of Canadian taxpayers and merely use Canada as a country of convenience do us all a great disservice.

    Pierre Trudeau’s desire to turn Canada into the United Nations was completely unrealistic. It’s true that Canada needs immigrants, but those who bring their hatred, intolerance and prejudice with them should not be welcomed.

    My dad was a real refugee, a Hungarian who lived near the Austrian border and left because of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. When he left Hungary, he was only 23 and spoke no English. He was in a refugee camp in Austria and later moved to Canada. He loved Canada and was grateful that the Canadian government gave him the opportunity to start a new life. He came to Canada legally.

    I fully agree that immigrants and refugees who break our laws and are convicted should be deported. I also think those who commit acts of terrorism and have dual citizenship should be sent back to their original country. Our government must do everything possible to make Canada safer.

    (Response: Canada is a land composed entirely of migrants, immigrants and refugees: nothing wrong with acknowledging and celebrating every nation we came from; but that does NOT include insulting, intimidating or attacking others … or vandalizing their property. Those who do ANY of that should be prosecuted, fined or jailed (depending on the severity) and DEPORTED if they are not Canadian citizens. Period! If the government stays WEAK on this, the situation will only encourage the lawbreakers and levels of violence will get even worse. h.o.)

  7. Not Sure says:

    There is a lot to unpack here Harvey. Obviously we should be concerned about the rising levels of hate crimes against Asians, Jews, Muslims, any minority group. Law enforcement should be doing everything it can to enforce the law, but we, too, can call it out when we see and hear it. Equally obvious we don’t need violent clashes between groups fighting over problems in their homeland. Again, law enforcement has the means to deal with that.

    But I don’t know if I agree with your headline. Are you suggesting that this is an immigration issue. Because to me it looks like blaming the victims as much as attacking the perpetrators. For example, you mention the attacks on Asians. That is not a too many immigrant problem.

    Immigration is an important topic but it is complicated. I got a book recently that had a chapter on how to discuss immigration. Start with this premise.

    1. The host country allows the immigrants in.
    2. In return the immigrants must embrace the core norms and values of the host country even if it means giving up some of their traditional norms and values.
    3. If the immigrant assimilates to a certain degree over time, they become full members of the host country.

    On the surface that looks reasonable, but consider the multiple issues within each idea. How many do we let in? Who do we let in? From what regions? Under what circumstances? Who do we keep out and how do we do that? etc etc and that is only #1. what norms and values? do we offer support? how? how long to assimilate? what does assimilation look like? what happens when third or fourth generation people who are fully integrated are not accepted and racially targeted? etc etc. I wonder what the KIR gang would come up with.

    And his last question is have we been successful? If we haven’t been successful we need to circle back to the three topics mentioned and figure out where the problems lie and how to solve them.
    I now live in a small, ethnically diverse city, but I grew up in Vancouver. I was looking at my grade one class picture the other day. One Chinese kid. One South Asian kid. Everybody else is European. East Van school. 1957! Times have changed. When I got to high school, the demographics were more diverse but even then no where near what Vancouver looks like today. Not living there, I won’t comment on Vancouver. But I can say this about where I live: counting the 20 or so houses closest to mine, there are 6 South Asian families and 3 East Asian families. All of them are well functioning members of society, many of them small business owners. And the only difference between my kids and theirs is skin tone. Kids want to fit in.

    Reading your responses to others, you have emphasized the value of immigration. I agree. You seem most frustrated at hateful people who target others because of ethnic /racial differences. I am with you there. We should go after them as hard as we can.

    However, nonconfidence gave us Arthur Erickson’s two options of our current immigration policy with the implication that it would lead to race riots. I am leaning toward beautiful interracial children or at least children of various ethnic backgrounds that get along.

    (Response: Immigration and acceptance of refugees in reasonable numbers still has a definite effect on any society: most of it is positive (economically, tax base, cultural diversity/expansion). BUT we’ve taken in too many, with too little education from too many trouble spots … unable to understand/cope with the openness/acceptance of Canadians (or other Western nations) towards diversity and even laws and mores. Take a look at Europe: millions of immigrants, migrants and refugees over the past 20 years … most of them from Mid-East and Africa, with heavy Muslim concentrations … have had a very direct NEGATIVE impact on several countries. Acts of violence, assassinations and terrorism have increased exponentially, anti-Semitic attacks have risen substantially’ gay people have become intimidated so much, many are afraid to hold hands in public even in liberal Holland .. and all that can lead to bad societal reactions, including the growth of the political extreme right. There’s a lesson in this for Canada … and I believe we ARE starting to see the same societal effects here: and, we should acknowledge that and stop that NOW, before it leads to far right political reactions here too. h.o.)

  8. BMCQ says:

    A Very courageous, thoughtful, insightful, honest, fair, factual, and heart felt essay and analysis Harvey, congratulations, thank you, take a Big Bow !! You show more Leadership than what we get from our Elected Liberal Federal Government and PM Justin .

    I also want to thank and congratulate the few posters that have so far also stood up and posted their honest and heartfelt comments as well, MORE hard working law abiding Canadian Tax Payers need to come forward and “Tell it like it is” .

    I hope we also hear a lot more from people like Gilbert whose family escaped oppression and came to Canada to improve their lives, contribute to our culture, work hard, pay taxes, observe Canadian Rule of Law and ultimately make Canada a much better place, I salute ALL of them regardless of their background, ethnicity, skin tone, or religion, as long as they enter Canada in the same way as Gilberts family did, all immigrants should assimilate, contribute to Canada and make Canada a great place to live and work .

    We need more like THEM, not more like some from any given ethnic group, any skin tone, any religion, who DO NOT bring those same qualities to Canada when they arrive, Canada needs to re boot it’s Immigration policies and Canada needs to address that now. we have NO time to waste, Candaa and the people of Canada ae at risk .

    As I have stated on this Blog several times in the past, without control of Migration/Immigration, without defined Borders and the ability to Defend those Devined Borders ONE has NO country, all we need to do is look across the Atlantic Ocean and see what is taking place in most the remaining 27 EU Nations .

    Most of those EU Nations mentioned are basically in mid collapse where crime numbers have been soaring for at least 5 years, rapes are out of control, assaults are out of control, arsons are out of control, sex trafficking is out of control, and many other crime statistics are out of control . then believe it or not the Economies of those same nations are close to a vey serious level of retraction .

    Do we want any of this for Canada ?

    Look at my mothers home country of Sweden for a start . Relatives tell me it is even worse than what we learn from EU and most Canadian media reports, what a surprise.
    both of the two articles posted directly below are at least 3 years old, it is now far worse .



    Do we want this for Canada ?


    Several years ago former Lybya Dictator Gaddafi happened to make this statement, Canadians should look to the EU and think about this statement .


    As I have also stated on several occasions, when it comes to Immigrants and Refugees Canada should FIRST welcome Jewish people from the EU, the Middle East, and Africa, along with Minority Christians from the Middle East and Africa, both of those groups are attacked, tortured, and killed every single day of the year, both of those groups would be an excellent fit for Canada, they bring no problems or infighting and hey want to live in Canada in peace and obey he Canadian Rule of Law .

    Immigrants are welcome to have their traditional holidays but none of them should expect to come to Canada and carry out religious persecution, violence, or threats against any one else that lives in Canada ,

    Unfortunately Canada, he U.S., the EU, and far too many other nations seem to be “Importing” too many of our problems, it IS NOT our job to allow dissidents to carry out their crimes or terror in our country and it is long past time for the Canadian Government, the Canadian Prime Minister, and JUDGES to sep forward and deal harshly with Immigrants who create chaos and terrorism in this country .

    ANY Immigrant who is not a Canadian Citizen should face automatic deportation for any conviction of ANY Violent Crime, drug trafficking, illegal fire arms, assaults, we
    need to act today, Canadian Judges needs to create deterrents, accountability is the only penalty any serious offender understands .

    I can guarantee you that if they ever catch any gang member responsible for the recent shooting spree in B.C. and Alberta they will alredy have a record and they should have already been off the street for those previous crimes, Judges need to be made aware that the Canadian public are not happy . ANY of those convicted who are not Canadians need to be made an example of .

    Of course those of you that vilified Sephen Harper will now hare forgotten that his Conservative Government passed Legislation that called for Automatic Deportation for cettain Crimes . That valuable crime fighting piece of Legislation also included a clause which allowed the Automatic Suspension of Canadian citizenship of those Criminals who had gained Canadian Citizenship which deemed them automatically deportable .

    Of courxe Top Mensa Member and Canadian Prime Minister Justin revoked that legislation almost the first week he became Prime Minister . Disgusting .


    Believe it or not I have only touched on this but I will finish off by stating the following .

    I am very pro immigration, both of my parents families and their 19 children were immigrants to Canada . I made a few phone calls to relatives in Canada and the U.S. yesterday and he relatives I spoke to confirmed that both of those families have done nothing but contribute and obey the laws of the U.S and Canada, none of them brought problems from their home country to Canda or the U.S. .

    My apologies Aghast but my 31 year old son is only in Canada because the Canadian Government allowed his Birth Mother to immigrant to Canada from the South Pacific so please understand, I get it .

    I just want those that we choose to allow to immigrate to Canada to obey the Canadian Rule of Law, do not import religious problems to Canada, and leave the rest of Canadians and Canadian Immigrants to pursue their on religion in peace .

    If one cannot live by those simple basic rules they should not be welcome to live in our Canda .

    BTW – It islong past time for Police and Mayors to keep intersections clear of all protests, I am tire of seeing hard working tax payers blocked from getting to work or getting home to their families at night after a hard days work .

    Hey, I just thought of something, just how do all of those mostly same protesters we see blocking intersections, roadways, railways, and other transportation routes over the year gt so many days off to attend those protests ?

    I will not even bother to bring up the Stinking Rotten, Disgusting Mess that is Roxham Road, that can be addressed later this week .

    Thanks again to Harfvey and those that show the courage to address this, I hope politicians and media are paying attention .

  9. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response to “Not Sure”

    My wife whose family are from the UK travels there every year . The relatives are concentrated in Cheltenham, Lytham, Manchester area, and a few other locations .

    Two years ago she was walking through part of Manchester with her female cousin and she was confronted by a handful of Sharia Police Thugs” who told her to “Cover Up” .

    My wife looked the speaker directly in the eye and told him very loudly to “F Off” the Sharia Thugs then continued on without acknowledging her .

    Granted she made sure there were dozens of people around before she re acted but people need to stand up and push back against what Radical Islamists/ Sharia Cops are doing, they must not be allowe3d to get their way by intimidating freedom seeking people going on about their business .

    And please I do not want anyone telling me about my wife being more careful she unlike the Canadian Pm “Backs down from NO People Kind” !!

    Citizens, police, politicians, and the Judges need to stand up against all racism, bigotry, and prejudice in any form, the only thing the offenders understand is swift accountability, nothing else gets the message across like accountability, it creates a deterrent .

    The time for education, intervention, and all of the rest of the PC SJ Warrior B.S. is long gone, is long gone, especially now that we see the racist attacks being carried out by Radical Islamists within the EU, the the UK,, the U.S., Canada, Africa, and the Middle East .

    The time for talk is over, it is now time for action .

    As to “Asian Hate Crimes” ? Same thing, the time for action is now, arresting the perpetrators is one thing but without the judiciary handing down serious realistic sentences that create a deterrent the punishment means nothing and sends a message to no one .

    Interestingly enough in New York City Proper almost all of the reported “Hate Crimes” against Asians have been carried out by marginalized people .

    Why are people in the EU, the UK, Canada, and the U.S. so afraid of speaking out against “Hate Crimes’ carried out by Muslim perpetrators ?

    Do we in Canada want to end up like EU Nations ?


    Facts DO Matter .

    ASk anyone who voted for the BREXIT why they voted to leave the EU, it was all about Borders and control of Migration, simple end of story .

    It was quite laughable how media and PC SJ Warrior politicians attempted to convince the Great Unwashed that BREXIT was a bad deal for the people of the UK when in fact it was a “God Send” .

    Then of course he BOJO Conservative Government won a Landslide Election especially in former Labour Strongholds because even former labour Supporters were sick and tired of the Open Borders and Migration policis before BREXIT .

    It is long past time for Canadian politicians, Canadian Media and Canadians to wake up. before it is too late .

    One last thing here, DO NOT be afraid to speak out on this and DO NOT allow anyone to call you racist or Xenophobic just because you very simply call for control of Migration/Immigration Reform, Control of Borders, and the Rule of Law, you will
    be doing your best for Canada, your children and your grandchildren .

    (Response: Blog readers know I don’t allow pressures or intimidation to affect my outspokenness on topics I take on. However, must admit I will not be planning any more visits to China, Hong Kong or Russia …but can’t imagine that, in view of what I’ve written about Putin or Xi, just flying over those territories could also be a problem for small potatoes blogger like me … especially since I’m retired! 🙂 h.o)

  10. Horace B. says:

    BMCQ my “find on this page” button tells me the only ref to Harper was mine: I meant ‘Ol Shark-eyes affectionately, as I’d like him be PM again. By the way, I am beginning to enjoy your posts.

  11. 13 says:

    Horace I agree , Harper was a good PM compared to Trudeau a great PM. Also I enjoy BMCQs posts. Mostly because I lean right and agree with his commentary. I also like his stuff because it is like an old glue strip on the praries. It atracts flys and NDP supporters

  12. BMCQ says:


    Harper was certainly not perfect but he had Canada and Canadians first in his heart, he was not a political opportunist and he had more character and integrity than the current PM by a long shot !

    Those that hated Harper should look back and compare Harper and the Harper to what we now have for Leadership . Just earlier today I spoke to someone in Kitchener I do business with, someone I have never discussed politics with and right out of the blue he said to me, “I hope P’Tole gives us an alternative to the Liberals, I cannot see why Ontario supports Trudeau and the Liberals” !

    I hope more “People Kind” in Ontario feel like him !

    PS – If you want to make any friends on this Blog I would strongly suggest that you do not mention you might enjoy a post or two of mine, some might be “Aghast” some might believe we have “Gone to Hell in a Hand Cart”, and some might just be “Not Sure” .

    Please do not encourage me ! It is always great to hear your point of view, Canadians need to engage more, Canadians need to speak even if we are sometimes proven wrong, it is how we learn and how we grow as a country .

    Of the media are unwilling then it is up to bloggers like Harvey and contributors like you to encourage others to find their voices and state their honest heart felt opinions, it is what makes us grow and by the argument, the discussion, and the debate it is how we evolve and improve the content of what we state at any given time . I personally learn a lot from contributors here, even if I disagree with them on most things every once in a while a contributor posts a “Gem” that helps me improve my own opinions, hell sometimes I change my mind and that is a positive .

    We need to demand more from our Political Masters and we must hold their feet to the fire, Canadians deserve much better than what we get .

    We are all very fortunate to have this blog, our host is fair and balanced, people like me are not welcome on the Farrell Blog so I very much appreciate the space I get here .

  13. r says:

    Half of Canadas immigrants come from 3 of 195 countries.China/India/Phillipines.
    these 3 not 3rd world?

    (Response: They’re ALL 3rd world, from my point of view, and NONE of them are great democracies that respect minorities, civil rights or open discourse. h.o)

  14. Horace says:

    Filipinos almost always make great citizens. They are highly law abiding, hold Western values and very productive. They compare most favourably almost any other group I can think of.

    (Response: Actually, MOST immigrants from anywhere have made great citizens and, as I have written, contributed substantially to Canada. The problem in some groups is the minority who have brought with them old-country hatreds and biases and a willingness to use vandalism and even violence … just like “back home”. If they’re immigrants/refugee claimants Get rid of them! They have no place here! And if they (or their grown children) have become citizens, but couldn’t care less about Canadian laws and values, throw the book at them when they act out and intimidate, vandalize or physically attack other ethnic/religious groups anywhere in our society, including university campuses. Looking the other way just encourages them! h.o)

  15. e.a.f. says:

    Yes, it does appear many people who immigrate to Canada are simply re creating their former country here. If they want their former country so badly, go back. My parental units and I the cute infant arrived in Halifax in 1951. Spent a week on the train and arrived in Vancouver.
    Family rules: speak English in public.
    Be proud to be a Canadian. We are Canadian by choice, not accident of birth.
    Go out and vote in every election.
    Donate to charities.
    Canada is now our country. Former country is just that, former.

    I’m good with peaceful protests. That is our democratic right. Violent protests are not on and we ought to simply arrest people who engage in violent protests because if we don’t it will get worse. There ought to then be penalities just as there are for street fighting.

    You have not right to force your religion on any one in this country. What BMCQ writes is correct. I know people who go to England regularly and they told us about it. They had the same problem in the Netherlands because some immigrants were not accepting of the Netherland’s open attitude towards the LBGTQ community.

    I would suggest we start with having english/french spoken on school grounds instead of the language at home. It breaks up the tribalism the kids start in school. We might also want to look at the use of english/french in hospitals. Its getting a little tribal when staff are speaking a non english language with each other, discussing you as a patient.

    Part of the problem, as I see it, is politicians of all parties, want to get the vote of ethnic communities and cater to them. Its not a good thing. When looking at immigration, we might want to get rid of the family class and have people come in on their own merits. If your family is so significant to you, stay where you are and don’t expect Canada to accept your relatives. Given times were different in the 1950s but when our parents got on that ship in Rotterdam, they left thinking they would never see their families again. they did not expect Canada to open the doors to their relatives.

    Canada needs immigrants and refugees because our birth rate is not as high as it needs to be. However, when people come to Canada they need to understand, and it might be taught in schools, as a civics class, this is Canada and these are the game rules.

    I just don’t get the anti “Asian” attitudes and violence. Most people considered “Asian” are in fact Canadian citizens. You can’t change how you look and there is nothing which says having a European look makes you any better than some one with an “Asian” look. People might want to remember, their families either got off a ship or airplane at some point in time. Get with the agenda. And while we’re on the topic, the racism, directed at Indigenous people by us immigrants/refugees or the descents thereof, it needs to end.

    Regardless of how we feel about the various parties and our current or former P.M.s all of them since my arrival have been far better than politicians in most countries in the world. We are a democracy, made in Canada. We ought to be proud of that. We don’t need tribalism. We are seeing how that is turning out in the U.S.A. and other countries and its not going well.

    Its great to celebrate other cultures in our country, on special days. Being able to do that is what makes this country so cool and fun. Whether we are celebrating Italian Days, LGBTQ days, or Caribbean days, Chinese New Year, it all adds to our diversity. We need to respect each other. that means no fighting for starters. no racist comments and actions.

    (Response: Immigration has changed. When my grandparents/great grandparents came to Canada in 1898 and 1902, the LAST thing they wanted to do was recreate what they left behind in Russia and Ukraine! And immigrants wanted to blend in as fast as they could …although there was discrimination that fully prevented/hindered that for many decades. Today, however, too many immigrants, thanks to multi-culturalism being encouraged in official policy, don’t seem to want to do that; trying instead to recreate “back home” right here, including old country hates, prejudices and, increasingly, violence … inflicted on Canadian citizens! This MUST be addressed by police and politicians … despite the rising number of votes from these new Canadians. Trudeau won’t; Singh won’t; but maybe O’Toole will??? h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:


    My Unionized B.C. based Manufacturing companies that export product world wide happen to employee a wide variety of people who happen to be immigrants from several different nations as well as several in the U.S. and Canada who are from varying ethnic backgrounds but born and raised in the U.S. or Canada .

    We also happen to have several Caucasian People of any given gender employed in the companies.

    We have several long term employees of over 20 – 25 years with us, they are the Heart Blood of the company .

    We have what one might call New Canadians from the Philippines, Viet Nam, South Korea, Russia, and Indonesia, we could not ask for better people and workers, we are blessed to have them . Every single one of those hard working people give everything they have each and every single day . For every eight hours work they put in the company gets nine hours of effort .

    WE also have a great number of hard working responsible loyal white people kind that work with us and they are also the Life Blood of the Companies .

    It is only a guess and I am sure I will get push back from this but i strongly believe that people from the Philippines are so responsible and such good citizens is because they are good Catholics .

    Again, I will get push back on this but we have tried even as recently as last week hiring operators who are youngish white millennial males and our success rate is not good at all . The majority of them appear to be what I call “Pajama Boys” who I can describe as males who reside in their mommy’s basements and spend each and every night playing X Box, they therefore cannot get themselves out of bed in the morning and that costs them their employment .

    While those “Pajama Boys” sit back and bury themselves in the basement the New Canadians from the countries mentioned are driven by their parents to get educated, work hard, excel at everything they do .

    In the meantime the parents of he PJ Boys and the PJ Boys themselves look and wonder at what is taking place all around them . Their only hope is that their Grand Parents had the opportunity to own a house which they will leave to their children who will eventually leave that same house or the assets of it to those same Pajama Boys !

    Oh My !

  17. Horace B. s says:

    It could be the religion, but the Filippino case is complicated because there are lots of 7th Day Adventists. Maybe there is a genetic component too, a certain innate toughness. I don’t know the source, but I’ve heard a couple of times that the Colt 45 was invented to take down Filippinos, because before that it took two bullets to bring down a Pinoy. Many of them are so hardy, Canadian winters are nothing to them. And with a parka they look Eskimo.
    I was appalled when Harvey singled out those three populations. I have Filippino family members and they get a lot of prejudice now and have always received bigotry. Just think, all so many of these people, are our front line workers, Indians and Filippino’s especially, and in one quick off the cuff response, HO throws them all under the bus. My wife and friend once, thirty some years ago had potatoes thrown at them as they walked in North Vancouver as new immigrants. Some welcome.
    I cannot explain it but one family member lazed his youth away over in the Phils but he came here and bang–a real hard worker.
    Our host here is especially worried about anti-semitism, but the sources of that disease are European and Middle Eastern, not Chinese, Indian and Pinoy. It’s not colour or language that make people a bad fit, it’s in their values. The Indians would be great immigrants if it wasn’t for the Khalistan movement. They have British values, great literature and advanced usage of English. Middle Easterners too are lovely people but they house and protect fundamentalists and demand we change our values. Our liberal fellow citizens don’t seem to realize they are allowing a future Canada that will be hostile to their liberality.

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: I did not even mention the Philippines in my blog piece. The reference came in a COMMENT from a reader who wrote: “Half of Canadas immigrants come from 3 of 195 countries.China/India/Phillipines. these 3 not 3rd world?”. I responded that yes, all three are 3rd world countries … and not great democracies. That has NOTHING to do with the people there … just their crappy governments. I challenge you to show me where I “singled out” the Filipino population. h.o)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    @Horace B
    “I’ve heard a couple of times that the Colt 45 was invented to take down Filippinos, because before that it took two bullets to bring down a Pinoy. ”


    Errrr sorry.
    Perhaps an old wives tales from some of your In-Laws.

    At the risk of an off topic history lesson.
    Most “Old West” gun fighters used .32 caliber to .38 calibre .
    Less recoil made second, thrid and fourth shots at an enemy much more accurate when it was life or death.
    WWI saw the beginnings of trench warfare in cold , wet miserable Europe.
    Soldiers were dressed in heavy woolen clothes and heavy woolen trench coats to keep them warm.
    Officers were the only ones permitted handguns and in hand to hand combat they were horrified to find that a .38 calibre revolver would not guarantee to stop or kill the enemy when fired at close range .
    Hence the British Military embraced a new version of their trusted revolver…..a .44 caliber round….. “a man stopper”.
    The US Army (at almost the exact same time) embraced the semi auto Colt .45 which was such a revolutionary design from the revolver … the rapid reloading semi auto designed in 1908 has remained the handgun of choice for most military ever since.
    European police depts embraced pistols after WWII.
    Police depts in America were slow to embrace semi auto handguns.
    A Vancouver policeman in 1986 used a .38 revolver to stop a deranged man from stabbing him in the downtown east side. The officer emptied his revolver into the deranged assailant and the man kept coming. The officer tripped and fell on his back and had to fend the knife weilding assailant off with his feet as horrified onlookers watched. An off duty policeman driving past stopped and shot the man once, killing him.
    The autopsy showed the man had been hit 4 times in the body with the .38 and once with a .45, he was not on drugs. He was a schizophrenic off his meds.

    American police have moved more and more into semi auto in the last few decades as thousands of ex soldiers with expert semi auto experience joined up.

    While its true that a .45 is a “man stopper’ ……Im highly skeptical the Phillipines insurgency of the late 1800’s was the impetus for its development…but it does make a good story..

  19. Horace says:

    KIR you are technically correct but, to my perception, your words implied: “Yes, that’s exactly my point– THESE people”. I will accept it if you say you weren’t implying these groups are the problem, but saying one thing while suggesting another idea is a skill wordmasters have developed for years. As for my excuse in reading into your words, I was agitated.

    At that time I was little worried about one of my Asian family members. We have a lovely young niece who has recently arrived on a student visa and we all worry at what could possibly happen her on her long commutes during these anti-asian days. And when you made your comment she still hadn’t arrived home.

    As I said earlier, I think we need immigration for security reasons. In this crowded world we can’t keep a land we don’t occupy and it’s true–we don’t really occupy Canada. A recent Bloomsberg article pointed out we are one of the largest countries on earth but we don’t seem to have enough space to provide homes for our citizenry. I don’t want to be swallowed by our neighbours, but it could happen. In my opinion, it’s good for our sovereignty, at this time, to grow and also to remain distinct, and that means a distinct mix of peoples. These three peoples are close to ideal.

    But I think you are very right. Mufti-culturalism no longer serves us, whereas the melting pot will.
    My apologies Harvey if I misunderstood you.

    (Response: It’s important we understand no particular “group” or “people” can be or should be held responsible for what is clearly becoming an increasing problem in Canada: growth of intolerance, loss of respect for divergent beliefs and ethnicities resulting in BIG boosts of insults, intimidation, attacks, vandalism and even violence. THAT’s the problem that our various levels of government have been taking on too timidly, possibly for fear of losing votes … and I believe that is going to make things worse in Canada unless our “leaders” start to really lead by acting against it. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:

    The Great Martin Luther King marched for “Equality”, that is all he wanted, he wanted his children to be treated as equals and he wanted his children to play with all other children in harmony .

    I am only making a suggestion here as I do not know how MLK would think about what is taking place in the EU, Canada, the U.S. and other free world nations but I am guessing that MLK might not agree with the “New Think” PC SJ Warrior BLM movements where SOME because of Political correctness are MORE Equal than others .

    “Equity” is something we should ALL fight against, there is no sense or logic to the thought process that makes SOME Canadians MORE Equal than others .

    Skin Tone, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender, or Political Leanings should have absolutely NO influence on ones station or position in life, MERIT should be the only determining factor .

    I believe that is what Martin Luther King Marched for, he did not want his children to have any special opportunities as opposed to any other group .

    Equal means Equal !!

    Nothing more and nothing less .

    Whether it be university entrance, positions in corporations, government services, sport, acting rolls in TV or Cinema or TV ads, positions in corporations and any number of other positions one might think of should be based on merit .

    MLK and so many others over the years fought for equality and we are now actually seeing example after example of “Reverse Discrimination/Racism” which favours any number of special interest groups/people, that is not equality .

    Politicians now make decisions based on PC Politics with special status for those they cater to in return for the expected support at the ballot box and it is shameful . Sadly those politicians and the media and the PC SJ Warrior Groups that promote the abhorrent behavior of those manipulative politicians are guilty of treason against their ountry and the population of that country .

    We now see politicians in Canada, the UK, the EU, the U.S. now run interference for Radical Islamic Terrorist groups along with BLM, Antifa, and other Anarchists who attack Jewish People, Business Owners, Government Offices, Police, Fire, Asians, Minority Christian Groups, and many more and those offending Terrorists hardly ever face serious prosecution and jail time .

    By ignoring these crimes the perpetrators know and understand that they can get away with almost anything because the politicians and the courts turn a blind eye .

    By not acting, turning a blind eye to attacks, arsons, other crimes , and allowing offenders to attack Jews, Asians, Police, Business/stores, we are now creating a society that is “Lawless”. Lack of prosecution, accountability, lack of jail time when called for in many cases in turn breeds many different things, most importantly it shows violent offenders/terrorists that there is NO consequence to their crimes, no fear of retribution, no jail time and no fear of even prosecuted much of the time .

    It is no wonder Jewish People, Asian People, Seniors, and other law abiding citizens now fear for their lives, can we blame them ?

    When any of these offenses are carried out by those that are immigrants/migrants/refugees who attack tohers after they have come to our country for Safe Haven our Legal System must act and authorities must act NOW before those offenders believe that they can get away with crimes in their adopted home land, the country that accepted them as citizens .

    If politicians, the police, the courts and the judiciary do not set a precedent now the offenders will continue to attack innocent people, public buildings, private business, and any other target they feel they can destroy without accountability .

    Society needs to create deterrents for any and all that choose to commit terrorist acts, assaults, killings, and vandalism, if we do not set an example now we are doomed to fail and we will have a society that mirrors the EU, many cities in the U.S. and the UK.

    We must look beyond the compliant, complacent, and complicit media that fail to report properly on all of this, we must seek out information, familiar ourselves with the atrocities committed in our own country and we must hold politicians to account before it is too late .

    Before we turn into this .




    (Response: Glad to see there are rallies and politicians speaking out about attacks we have seen against Asians … getting lots of news coverage. But almost nothing from politicians at any level about the increasing nastiness directed at Jewish Canadians. Now the organization B’nai Brith is asked WHERE ARE our politicians: https://www.bnaibrith.ca/antisemitic-attacks-in-canada-where-are-our-mayors/. h.o)

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