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Health Firings Handling Disgraces Liberal Government

April 9th, 2017 · 47 Comments

It’s an almost unavoidable result of information overload in our increasingly high-tech, instant communications global society: issues, ideas and even tragedies are reduced to clips, quotes and graphics.

And then … on to something else.

While the PEOPLE affected continue to suffer.

I have always believed, however,  the PEOPLE are the real story: not the experts, the politicians and/or the pundits.

And nowhere have the real PEOPLE been more forgotten than in the story of the victims of the BC health ministry firings: not just the eight employees who were unjustly targeted, persecuted and fired, but also the impact on their spouses, their children, their parents, their grandparents, their nephews and nieces, their fellow workers, their neighbours …. anyone who knew them and heard, read and watched not just the firings explode publicly, but also the false accusations, the cover-ups, the deceptions and the lies that followed.

Just put yourself in the place of any of the health researchers.

Imagine how you would feel and react if officials where you work made incorrect assumptions and  false accusations about you,  interrogated you like a criminal, ignored and interrupted your denials …. and then had you  fired.

And the accusations against you and seven other co-workers became public!   Even worse, the government said the RCMP was investigating you!!!

How would that impact YOU …  and your relationship your spouse, your children,  your parents, your grandparents, your  nephews and nieces, your fellow workers, your neighbours and even shopkeepers/restaurateurs who know you.

What would you say to convince all of them YOU are telling the truth and your accusers … including the government … are not? Who would hire you? How would you pay your bills? How would face everyone around you? What would happen to your home/mortgage?  How would your relationships be impacted?

Imagine enduring the shame, the scars, the impacts for years … before the government admitted wrongdoing, began settling your claims and a report by the Ombudsman totally cleared you!

Now you can understand how horrible the impact was on the 8 BC health researchers singled out by the bureaucracy for such treatment and the subsequent disgraceful handling of the issue by the BC Liberal government …. making everything even worse with their own lies.

We should weep for them all …  not just the family/friends of falsely accused and fired 46-year-old researcher Roderick MacIsaac, who took his own life a few months later.

And although the Ombudsman has now publicly exposed, condemned the travesty and called for financial compensation for the workers and a scholarship be set up in MacIsaac’s name,  is that really enough?

Not in my view.

The PEOPLE impacted must see justice administered to the PEOPLE who did this to them.

ALL those responsibly for this BC tragedy must held to FULL account … not just the bureaucrats, but any politicians  who played ANY part in the sordid affair as well.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 nonconfidencevote // Apr 9, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    And once again Christy (Gimme)Cash, under OATH to the ombudsman, has testified that she cant remember what was discussed, when, and by whom…..
    All just days before a cabinet shuffle and announcements in the media to the effect that the 8 people were being suspended and investigated……

    And last weeks govt. “apology” to the 8 staffers and their families were handled by someone else…
    and “Pass the Buck” Clark nowhere to be seen.

    Gutless, morally bankrupt, willing to throw anyone under the bus to avoid the inevitable fallout and with the leadership skills of a bully in the school yard all while wearing a pink shirt to try and prove otherwise………

  • 2 Marge // Apr 9, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    As someone who lost her job many, many years ago due to a “poor performance” review so that the son of the manager I was working under could get my job, I can somewhat relate to what these poor researchers went through. Thank goodness I got a better job in another province and then an even more incredible position here so all has worked out well for me. However, you never forget how devastated you felt nor how wronged. I never sought a wrongful dismissal claim as in my time, anything other two years and you could be gone if you got a bad report.

    Those health researchers should sue the pants off the government. Too bad our head honchess of political infamy, Ms. Clark, can’t be named particularly and her fellow honcho of infamy, one Rich Colman, as well. They walk off into the sunset with golden pensions while those researchers will always feel dishonoured. For that alone, I may vote for ABC this term, anyone but the woman who caused so much suffering and didn’t give a damn that she did – one Christy Clark.

    Now back to making my paska (Ukrainian Easter bread). Have a wonderful Easter to all who celebrate it. And thank you Harvey for posting this so important reminder to us all – that our rights as citizens can easily be attacked in any political arena, not just in some far middle eastern country.

    (Response: Ahh! Performance reviews! During a difficult “management” period at BCTV, before we unionized, we used to go through performance reviews that sometimes seemed to me designed mostly to PUSH and even INTIMIDATE staff into working harder and harder. With some pretty good stories and seeming public popularity and regular award winning pieces, mine were generally good. But one miserable low internal morale period, after I began mouthing off on how things were deteriorating, I was given an overall 2 out of 5 performance rating. LOL! Turned out so were MANY others, but THEY were too embarrassed or intimidated to let others know … until I started going around, publicly asking various editors and camera workers and techies assigned to work with me each day, if they were willing to work with only a “2″…. ridiculing the silly system. Suddenly, others too openly proclaimed their low ratings too … turning the whole thing into a joke on management. It sure disarmed the whole bullying attempt to intimidate! After we unionized, the arbitrary one-person’s reviews were done away with …I suspect because we could then disagree, appeal and challenge them openly and without fear. h.o.)

  • 3 Tee Emm // Apr 9, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    That Chalke said; “no political interference” is laughable.

    For the Government to do nothing, is political interference.

    For the Government to go against their own lawyers and announce an RCMP investigation when there was none, is political interference.

    For the Government to promote those involved and give them raises, is political interference.

    (Response: From my point of view, government trying to pooh-pooh, cover-up, avoid comment or push aside any issue involving public concerns or government actions IS political interference. h.o.)

  • 4 G, Barry Stewart // Apr 9, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    The original action — and the BC Liberals continued denial of responsibility — are despicable.

    If not enough to make BC Liberal supporters stay home on May 9 or throw their vote to a fringe party, there’s plenty more low-hanging fruit that needs to be exposed to the casual voter.

  • 5 Gene The Bean // Apr 9, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    It is not anywhere near enough.

    Although some here pretend not to notice the dozens of serious scandals, criminal behaviour and serious malfeasance of this government – WE notice.

    Making lame excuses and dribbling the Liberal talking points down your chin whilst casting the righteous light of fairness around you is even more disgusting.

    These people were terrorized all the while trying to do good for us all.

    People must pay the price. This is bigger than politics.

    I dare any of the half dozen Liberal shills that post here to even try to justify or whitewash what happened.

    Go ahead – disgust me.

  • 6 david hadaway // Apr 9, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Six facts, one of which strains credulity.

    1. Pfizer makes the ‘anti smoking’ drug Champix.
    2. Pfizer contributes large sums to the BC Liberals.
    3. Christy Clark promotes and puts her political prestige behind Champix.
    4. Research by, among others, Mr MacIsaac suggests the effectiveness of Champix has been exaggerated.
    5. Mr MacIsaac and the other researchers are ruthlessly fired.
    6. The Ombudsperson determines Christy Clark and the BC Liberals had no part in this.

  • 7 Barry // Apr 9, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    I agree with you Harv–those behind this, particularly those who drove that poor guy to suicide should be fired, and if possible, criminally charged.

    However, given what I saw in the BC rail case, I have little faith the legal system will do the right thing–save provide big pay cheques for lawyers.

    I can’t help but feel the universe has a strange sense of humor. Don’t forget this is the politician who started “pink shirt day” as a response to bullying. From what I’ve read so far, this is a classic case of bullying in the workplace.

    Don’t get distracted with the words “fast ferries” “fudget budget” or “dismal decade.” This caused a death, the others didn’t.

    (Response: You can imagine how many stories I did or actions I became involved with over 38 years in the news business. The ones that motivated …and affected me …most were those about people facing pressure or oppression from Big Brother governments or employers or bullies. Had I still been working, the “story” of the health workers and the impacts on them and those around them and the way the government treated them would have kept me going, going, going …not like the Duracell Bunny …but like Doberman or a “doberman”, the kind of insulting and yet complimentary nickname a Socred official gave me during the Dirty Tricks scandal, when I covered the Legislature. Wish we had more Dobermans/dobermans now! h.o)

  • 8 Harry lawson // Apr 9, 2017 at 6:12 pm


    Where to start, kudos to Adrian Dix as well as Jon McComb at cknw.

    The whole file stinks ,from the initial complaint to the ombudsmans report and all the actions in between .

    Politics is suppose to be about leadership , sometimes in leadership you have to acknowledge that something is horribly wrong and unjust then you fix it and ensures it never happens again.

    The behaviour of the government on this file speaks volumes of their fitness to govern.

  • 9 Hawgwash // Apr 9, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Gene @ 5

  • 10 Mike // Apr 9, 2017 at 7:23 pm


    Isn’t the over-riding concern here the fact that this makes it impossible to trust the government on any future “facts” they impart to us? Lie to me once, shame on me…lie to me twice….


    (Response: Is there ANY government anywhere that hasn’t lied to the voters MANY, MANY times! And once ANY Opposition party gets elected …they of course become government and do the same. Ugh! h.o)

  • 11 e.a.f. // Apr 9, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    A person committed suicide because of bullying by a government representative and nothing happens to any of them except promotions.

    The investigation was headed by one Wendy Taylor. During the investigation Mr. MacIsssac “denied wrong doing 14 times in 2 hours”. Mr. MacIssac was fired, grilled like the worst criminal, then killed himself. The “investigation” ruined a lot of lives. . Wendy Taylor, looks like she got a nice promotion out of the deal. Christy Clark, she is still in office.

    It is time Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals are sent a message. It is NOT O.K. to have some one kill themselves because of an “investigation” by your government and continue in office. Not having much in the way of shame, Ms. Clark did not resign. Neither did any other person involved or responsible for the department.

    Add this suicide to the 8 deaths of children in care, 4 deaths from “death by hospital” and the B.C. Lieberals are racking up a nice list of dead people.

    if you can’t think of a reason to vote against Christy Clark, just have a read of the report and a list of the dead people under her watch.

    How many people will die in this province due to the actions or inactions of the B.C. Lieberals?

  • 12 Hawgwash // Apr 9, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    Harry @ 8, about leadership;

    Lew Edwardson? @valtamtech · Apr 7

    “Someone” committed suicide. She can’t say his name. Clark says as leader she’ll ensure Henderson does her job. Didn’t make Dyble do his.

  • 13 r // Apr 9, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    And people got promoted after?ran for office?

  • 14 13 // Apr 9, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    I cant begin to defend anyone in this mess. I do wonder why the whistle blower that started the ball rolling was so interested in people doing their jobs.
    From that point on because of his/her not understanding the business being conducted the entire affair was mishandled.

  • 15 skidder // Apr 10, 2017 at 9:45 am

    I am heartsick over the debacle of the healthcare researchers “firing”. A man is dead. Clark can’t even use his name, while referring to the mess. She can’t find any noticeable sympathy for the families whose lives were affected so seriously. I have always believed she is not qualified, on many fronts, and I did not vote for her last time and cannot this time. I hope for a minority government with a very strong and motivated opposition. I don’t know where to place my vote.

    (Response: Perhaps using names makes things less “clinical” and more personal … something governments don’t like …when in the wrong. As I said in my piece, the human factor is the most important and should not be forgotten …in this case or any other. h.o)

  • 16 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 10, 2017 at 1:35 pm


    This is a case that whatever could go wrong actually DID GO WRONG.

    Look at the hyped-up lower level civil servants who seemed to be trolling for “atta boys” from their obsequious superiors and who then perfectly screwed up.

    They had to rifle through their investigations employing politically-correct rules all the way to the s**t show that finally transpired.

    That reminds me of outcomes of some WW1 battles (Somme, Verdun, Ypres 1, 2, 3).


    Except, in this BC case, “only” one person died. But the survivors were tarred for life. Nothing good to see here.

    So who’s to blame?

    Well the whole bloody lot, one way or another, meaning that anyone in the public service who was brushed by this debacle needs to be pink-slipped right away. There needs to be a “Bad Day at Black Rock (see the movie).”

    But does an entire government need to be pitched as well?

    No, as far as I can figure. Hard to say, perhaps, right now.

    But, in the big scheme of things this scandal is not as major as many, mainly of the financial persuasion, that have gone on before in various BC government administrations: the Zalmoids; the NDP 1972-1975, 1991-2001; WAC Bennett and so on.

    The main difference is that no one died back then. But much tar and many feathers were applied to the “guilty”.

    I’m sure some voters will enact their “revenge” this time out, but should be careful what they may wish for.

    The BC Liberals have been in power now for 16 years. That’s a long time in BC politics. The record is still held by WACCY Bennett, 20 years.

    So, two questions need to be asked as the writ is dropped this week:

    –has the governing party run out of ideas to keep our economy percolating as it is?


    –And, does it have any sort of vision for the future and is prepared to act?


    The Opposition NDP has distinguished itself for being largely invisible for most of the last 16 years.

    The Opposition can promise the sun and the moon all the while keeping its political virginity until it forms government.

    Then it’s on to the mean streets of political reality and the quick loss of said virginity.

    The Liberals are not perfect; how can they be? Can’t be all things to all people and groups.

    There is no perfection in government.

    So, look at our economy from local, national and international angles and tell me who you’d want at the helm.

    Stormy geopolitical “seas” are already running pretty high. The wind whips through the rigging.

    Check out what may break out soon on the Korean peninsula and in the Mideast.

    Not good.

    All those big geopolitical issues affect us right here at home, especially after war has erupted.

    BTW, watch that US aircraft carrier task force attack group now sailing at flank speed towards South Korea.

  • 17 D. M. Johnston // Apr 10, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    The “health workers firing” fiasco is only the latest in the governments doing business. Agree with the government all will be fine but disagree or cross the official potion – you’re gone.

    The same think happened with Tom Prendergast, the former CEO of TransLink, he was forced out because he disagreed with Campbell and that other slimey “have you had enough” guy over SkyTrain and light-metro.

    Prendergast understood light rail and he understood light-metro and knew light-metro was bankrupting TransLink, thus “presto” he was bought out and was shoved out the door.

    Those who work for the various government ministries know, it they don’t tow the party line, it’s curtains.

    Now, after the death of one of the workers involved, there is blood on the Liberals hands and I hope it stains them for a long time to come!

  • 18 Hawgwash // Apr 10, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    From Laila Yuile’s blog, this should make it all very interesting. If Chalke refuses, he runs the risk of being seen as bought off.

    ” NDP is asking Jay Chalke for another interview because shes contradicted herself. Well done.

    As well David Schreck will update us on the results of his complaint to the Ombudsman likely tomorrow”

  • 19 Gordon Stewart // Apr 10, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I Like david hadaway’s proposition #6, because to me it’s the only solution to explain the firing of all the researchers. I don’t remember anyone asking the question ‘what each researcher was working on, and did it involve pharmaceuticals, and who was the whistle blower ? It took the power of someone HIGH up to exercise such authority to have so many people fired, and still remain anonymous. I’ve worked around politicians enough( ADM Federal), as Harvey has, to know a direct order can be disguised as ‘inference’ so as no blame can be identified. This whole mess smacks of direct political interference. The only solution is to exercise ones vote to change Gov’t. Harvey has explained so well the affect this has had on the researchers and their families. It’s such a shameful situation.

  • 20 Harry lawson // Apr 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    #16 island look out,

    You raise some vald points , however when I look at the totality of the last 16 years , I truly believe the coalition that calls themselfs liberals needs to spend time in opposition regroup, rebuild. How many scandals can the people of bc endure yet the government wants to be rewarded with another term. I am no friend of the NDP yet I would be willing to try them for a term.

    Are we really better off than we were 10 years ago ?

    The government handling of all of their scandals speak volumes

  • 21 Lew // Apr 10, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Excellent viewpoint Harvey. This whole debacle is a low point in BC history. Seems the BC Liberals are good at doing that to the province.

    Good articles here at:

    Merv Adey
    Laila Yuile

    This is also well worth a read:

    The Misfire report on page 133 describes Graham Whitmarsh writing to brief Minister Michael de Jong; “This is further to our discussion on August 3, 2012 when I briefed you on an investigation that was actively under way under my direction…”

    But on page 132 the report says, “Mr. Whitmarsh told us that he was not directing the investigation, but only overseeing it at a weekly meeting. “

    If Mr. Whitmarsh directed the investigation, he should not have been fired “without cause”. He should have been fired for cause and should not have received a generous severance package.

    His role in this travesty provides a very good indication of how easy it must have been for the operatives in the Attorney General’s ministry to have him sign the release agreement constituting the government’s consideration in the Basi/Virk BC Rail payoff. The key elected official in each case was Michael de Jong. At the very time the witch-hunt was under way in his health ministry, he was announcing $39 million to jump-start an effort to lure drug research companies to BC and publicly stated he was going to create a favorable climate for that research.

    It is also clear from the report that there are many ADMs rolling around within government that have attained that stature with no apparent evidence of common sense. Something has to change, but the current government shows no inclination in that regard.

    David Schreck sent the Ombudsperson a complaint on Friday with a copy of the audio link in which Christy Clark appears to contradict her testimony under oath, and Adrian Dix sent him a letter today with the same complaint asking that he re-interview Ms. Clark to clarify her comments. His response should be interesting.

  • 22 Hawgwash // Apr 10, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Lew, I can hear it already; “I asked lots of questions but I don’t recall ever being briefed.”

    If backed into a corner; “I misunderstood the term briefed.”

  • 23 Lew // Apr 10, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Yeah. I was thinking she’d probably try to spin some version of asking questions and being reassured AFTER being surprised by the press conference.
    Anyone who has looked at access to information requests and seen the preparation that goes into press conferences (especially one of the import in question here) knows there is no way in hell she wasn’t fully advised beforehand. Common sense alone tells us that since her deputy and communications guru were involved over a fairly long period, they would have to be unbelievably incompetent not to have kept her up to speed. You don’t cold-cock a premier (even her) with that kind of news and keep your job.

    Not to mention that she was doing a cabinet shuffle at the time and one of the necessary components of that exercise would naturally be to enquire as to how many balls each minister had in the air at the time so that the transition could be managed smoothly.

    Notwithstanding of course that de Jong’s balls are kept in her desk drawer.

  • 24 e.a.f. // Apr 10, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Island Look out. My impression is that you think the B.C. Lieberals will be O.K. in the future. The NDP has been invisible in part because the MSM doesn’t give it any press. It makes a fortune off of our tax dollars with all the advertising the B.C. Lieberals buy with out tax dollars. . Read a newspaper anywhere in this province and its loaded with B.C. ads, turn on the t.v. and every other commercial break has B.C.Lieberal ads paid for by the tax payers of B.C. They’re called ads from the B.C. government.

    Nothing is going to change with the B.C. leiberals I see only more deaths of children. There is no economy, however good which is worth the deaths of even one child, let alone 8. Those children deserved to live. those 4 people, one including a child who died because of “death by hospital” deserved to live. They all died because the B.C. Lieberals weren’t doing their job. Kids kept dying in this province. Following the death of each child, out would wheel the minister responsible and say we’ll do better. Big Smilie from C.C. and we’ll do better and then another child would die. It has to stop. The only way I can think of stopping it is to change to another political party.

    This evening’s news advised the B.C. Lieberals didn’t spend $100 M on chid care that they had promised to, yet they spend on all sorts of other things. Just check Norm Farrell’s blog.

    Dead kids is where I draw the line. Even if 100 oil wells started spewing first grade crude tomorrow morning that woman and her party will not get my vote. I don’t care if she cancels all taxes, hands out $10K cheques. I won’t vote for her because sooner or later she will take it all back and children will die again.

    if people die in hospital because there is no cure, hey that is life, but to go into an emergency and die because its short staffed, unorganized, etc. That is just not on. Remember if you’re the one going into the ER and you die it won’t matter how good the economy in B.C. is you’re still dead. If the kid next door dies in care, doesn’t matter how good the economy is the child is still dead. Dead children like we’ve had dead children in this province, is beyond the pale of things.
    Just for the record, don’t have kids, never worked with them, etc, Was brought up in a well to do home, so never experienced poverty. Kids just arrive on this earth and we as a society have a responsibility to ensure they all make it to adulthood.

  • 25 Hawgwash // Apr 11, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Bob Mackin must be a graduate of the HO School of Tenacity. Bob has been after Coleman for months to do an interview.

  • 26 Lew // Apr 11, 2017 at 10:00 am

    On September 06th, 2012 the BC Liberals announced the health ministry firings.

    On September 07th, 2012 (the very next day), Christy Clark’s Chief of Staff was a very bad boy.

    Two weeks later, three people involved in the health ministry firings had conducted a thorough and “by the book” investigation into the September 07th incident and Christy’s Chief of Staff was asked to resign. The entire “investigation” was conducted without leaving one scrap of paper. Not one written word documented the incident and resulting investigation that revealed an action so serious the Premier’s Chief of Staff had to resign.

    Can you spot the three people in this article, and do you trust they acted appropriately in the health ministry firings?

  • 27 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 11, 2017 at 10:04 am

    #24 e.a.f.

    The provincial government is NOT in the business of killing kids.

    Remember that the largest bueaucracy in BC is the Health Care Industrial Complex.

    It is a monolithic structure thanks to endless demands from people who believe that they are entitled to whatever care they need, RIGHT NOW.

    I don’t know of the dying kids cases, other than what I’ve noticed on the so-called news.

    Kids dying, while under medical care in our medical system, is horrible, and must be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. and remedies need to be taken quickly.

    But one must remember that we all share responsibility for the way the health care monster operates and evolves.

    During this campaign we’ll see trotting out an endles stream of “victims” saying they’ve been waiting 400 years for new hips, knees, guts, brains, cups of coffee, whatever.

    My main message is thus: Our Health Care Industrial Complex is another name for socialized medicine.

    An NDP government will not be able to quicken the lineups at all.


    Straight economics: which is the allocation of scarce resources in the most efficient way possible. We can never seem to spend enough money even though there are taxpayer limits.

    Free enterprise is generally more efficient than government bureaucracies.

    Why? Because corporations have the profit motive and no government bailouts if they run into trouble.

    But that last paragraph is largely a fairy story by now given that the tacky relationship of private/public partnerships is fraught with corruption and thereby produces victims.

    In this case, dead kids, long lineups for operations and endless waits for coffee.

    The NDP would buy into the existing system because there is no other way.


    Because of insatIable public demands: “What do we want? Everything. When do we want it? NOW.

  • 28 e.a.f. // Apr 11, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Watched the photo op queen start the campaign with breaking news from one of the national news stations. Yes, she was questioned about the suicide and the sister of the man’s comments. Photo op queen put it down to: the sister was still grieving, but yes she would go give a personal apology. Woop de do! Then the national news station cut off the interview to go to Sean Spicer and American politics just as a reporter was asking about the conflicting news of she didn’t recall and she had briefings, etc. Now that would have been the fun stuff to watch.. Would have been nice if they had stuck to Canadian politics and the most scandal ridden province in the country, but alas……

    Christy was feeling good about the job she’d been doing and her candidates, but a couple of those reporters decided the ombudsperon’s report was what they wanted to talk about. Gee if that keeps up, who knows how the news may work.

  • 29 Gene The Bean // Apr 11, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    #27 – “Free enterprise is generally more efficient than government bureaucracies.
    Why? Because corporations have the profit motive and no government bailouts if they run into trouble.”

    Huh? I think you are using Harper math.

    April 30, 2012 the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported that the federal government gave $114 BILLION DOLLARS to banks and trust companies in Canada from 2008 to 2012. From 2008 – 2010 the big three banks in Canada reported $27 BILLION DOLLARS in profit. Now they each make that every year.

    Bombardier has received over $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money.

    Ford, GM, Chrysler……do I really need to go on ?

    You righty tighty whiteys need to just stop making crap up. You are all degrading the species, for example Sean Spicer said today “Hitler never used chemical weapons ….” Hmmmm the only thing he missed out on was wishing everyone a Happy Passover……)

    You also say “But one must remember that we all share responsibility for the way the health care monster operates and evolves.” Not me, but most definitely you. I don’t vote for the LIEberals – you do.

    Can you not see the irony and hypocrisy?

  • 30 e.a.f. // Apr 11, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Island Look out, your comment regarding the B.C. Lieberals are not in the business of killing kids and then as I understand it you go on about the health care system.

    My point was 8 children died in care. They were not in the hospital. they were in care of the minister of children and families. One was a teenage boy whose contractor was being paid $8K per month and was being put up in a hotel, still not getting the mental health care he needed and threw himself out the hotel window, from the room he was being kept in. He complained of a lack of food and clothing. He hadn’t had mental health care forever, which he needed. Then there was the case of a 19 yr. old girl who “aged out” of care of the ministry and wound up dead while living in a tent because once she was 19 she was out of the system without being prepared for life or set up to live somewhere. The list goes on.

    of the 4 people who died in the E.R. one was a child at Abbotsford hospital and there is a shortage of nurses there and the E.R. is less than ideal. She was sent home each time. The other 3 people were adults who weren’t treated, sent home. the name of the game is to rotate them through the E.R. to always send them home, not treat them. One was a Doctor who came into the E.R. of the Kamloops hospital, having a heart attack. they gave him aspirin and told him to sit and wait. He died. None of this is about money. this is about a lack of organization and staff.

    what you complaint about is the amount of money being spent on health care, as I understand it, and you don’t see putting more money into the system as the solution. You blame the victims because we all want health care and we want it now. The problem is a lack of G.P.s and nurse practioners, so people go to walk in clinics who only are paid for taking 50 patients a day, then those people wind up at the E.R. when they could have been seen by a G.P. Over 10 years ago the province of Alberta increased the number of seats in their medical school substantially compared to B.C. Everyone in Canada ought to have known doctors would be retiring and we needed new ones. did the provincial government work on that one?

  • 31 BMCQ // Apr 11, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Island Lookout – 27

    Thank you for having the courage and the words to comment on something I am having much troubling addressing myself!

    You have done an excellent analysis of this whole tragic situation and every person that reads this Blog should take the time to consider your words carefully and seriously.

  • 32 nonconfidencevote // Apr 11, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    @#27 Island Lookout.
    I cant disagree with what you have said but you left out one thing….

    Because of insatiable public demands: “What do we want? Everything. When do we want it? NOW. Who’s gonna pay for it? Someone else!”

    Thus the quandry I’m in.
    Hold my nose and vote NDP just to rid the Province of an inept and possibly corrupt leader and Party for a merely inept party……..

    BC politics may be a lot of things….. but it aint boring….. :)

  • 33 E. Johnson // Apr 11, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Great article Harvey. Nothing to dispute here. The government has much to answer for on this debacle. Just want to add that I’m my opinion the civil service does also. I am not talking about front line workers. My focus is o the Deputy Minister and the gaggle of associate deputy ministers, assistant deputy ministers and other senior bureaucrats that direct the day to day operations. They need to be held accountable. These mammoth bureaocrecies are a power unto themselves. How many times did Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafonde call out the Ministry of Children and Families to no avail. Minister smiled and said we will do better. The ineptitude continues. Disgusting.

  • 34 E. Johnson // Apr 11, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Apologies for all the typos in previous submission. Fingers can’t keep up to angry thoughts.

    (Response: That’s what I enjoy about my blog …people DO get moved and involved …and can make others understand hoe serious are some of the issues we discuss. h.o)

  • 35 Harry lawson // Apr 11, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    #27, island look out

    You are right health care is akin to industrial complex, the issues affecting health care, the delivery of social services were there during the NDP term in office as well. These are the toughest ministries to manage.

    Does a wrenched knee need a mri ? Are all of the expensive test necessary ? Should non profits be service providers? Poverty is also a huge industry in BC . I honestly don’t know the answers. I know that we are at a cross road. This election will set the destiny for generations.

  • 36 e.a.f. // Apr 11, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    some of you who comment on this blog, I have gathered, are no longer young. when you go to vote think of how you will be treated in the health system should you become ill.

    If you can afford to hire a private nurse while in hospital you’re going to be fine. If you can hire private care workers at home, you’re going to be fine. If you can afford to go to Dr. Day’s clinic, you’re going to be fine. if you can afford $5K to have your bunion removed by a private doctor, you’re going to be fine. if not you might want to vote against the B.C. lieberals.

    the money is there, it just got spent on other things. As Mother used to say, if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. So if you’re happy about a person walking into an E.R. having a heart attack, given aspirin and told to wait and dies and you’re good with that happening to you, by all means vote BC. lieberal.

    if you don’t care what happens to children in care, then by all means vote for the B.C. Lieberals but do remember those were 8 children who died and there really wasn’t a need for them to die if the ministry had been doing its job. Each time a child died there was an investigation and each time the minister and C.C. said they’d do better and another child died. My conclusion, the minister and C.C. lied. they didn’t give a rats ass if those kids died. they had to ensure their financial supporters got what they paid for and C.C. was too busy raising a $12M war chest for re election, not to mention the $300K she got to skim.

    You can talk/write all you want about what is wrong with the system and blame others, but really those who recently died and the suicide were not necessary. they happened because no one was paying attention to the needs of the citizens of this province.

    “Does a wrenched knee need a mri?” In a lot of cases yes because you see if it happens to you and you’re the one in pain and can’t walk you want to ensure you can recover and go back to work. if there is a screw up and they don’t repair it you’re in trouble for life.

    Are all those expensive tests necessary? What expensive tests are you talking about? the ones the other person gets or the ones you and your family and friends get? What would you have us give up: PAP tests, blood tests checking for diabeties? Check for kidney function?

    You’re right we are at a cross roads. Have a check of how much debt Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals have run up. Its all on charts on Norm Farrell’s blog. C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals have run up more debt than any other government before them. when you spend more money than you take in you run up debt. this province is approx. $100 BILLION in debt. That wasn’t done by any NDP socialist horde. that was complements of that good old group who knows how to do business. A billion here, a few billion there and before you know it you’ve got a problem.

    Gotta love the “poverty is also a huge industry in B.C.” not for the poor it isn’t. those on disability receive $908 a month plus what worked out to a $21 raise after deductions for the bus pass and the raise in B.C. Hydro rates. If there is a poverty industry the B.C. Lieberals have been in charge of it for the past 16 years so you can’t blame the NDP for that one. If the B.C. Lieberals were any good at business they would have done something about it and they didn’t. So either they are incompetent or there isn’t a problem.

    Kids whose parents have to survive on welfare are living at 50% below the poverty line. That isn’t a huge industry for those families. they’re at the food bank getting food or being fed at schools which run raisers to feed those kids, but hey Christy has 200 people in her P.R. dept. So I’d say the realllly big industry in this province is the P.R. business. 200 staffers for P.R. then millions upon millions being spent on “government ads” which actually are B.C. Lieberal pre election ads. Don’t forget C.C.’s expense accounts. that is a whole industry on its own again. including the 4 people she had to travel with, including some guy who was taking videos. that was a lot of money wasted.

    The no bid contracts handed out to friends of the B.C. Lieberals, that is a huge industry also. Remember the 20 yr contract for hospital laundry in the O.K. to a B.C. Lieberal friend. Then there is all the money given to Gordon Wilson. Last contract for $400K doesn’t really count. they gave it on a non bid basis to his numbered company. Gordon ?Wilson and C.C. have had a nice huge industry going there. What did he actually do for it? well besides raise sheep he was supposed to sell LNG? that didn’t work so well. Lots of voters don’t like it and we didn’t sell any but he still got that last $400K no bid contract.

    Harry Lawson there are a lot of huge industries in this province, but the poverty industry which benefits the poor in this province isn’t one of them. There maybe a lot of people making money off of the poor in this province but that is caused by the government. So like I said, they are either incompetent or complicit.

    and of course getting back to the topic, that O.person report was a real nice cover up. using the O. enabled C.C. to keep most of it out of the press,
    O.person, Chalke, in his report has a section:

    “sec 9 (6) of the ombudsperson Act required the investigation be conducted in private. the private nature of an Ombudsperson investigation is a central feature that distinguishes an Ombudsperson investigation from a process such as a civil trial or a PUBLIC ENQUIRY.

    we never will really get to know all the details. Had there been a public inquiry all the dirty details would have been revealed. Now all Christy has to do is blame the sister of the deceased health researcher for being upset. “she is still grieving”. How callous is that bitch of a premier? The sister of the deceased never got a personal apology for what happened and her brother is dead because of the actions of Christy Clark’s government. You have to wonder why good old Wendy who conducted the inquisition got a promotion after the debacle. Had it not been for the sister of the deceased we may never have heard about any of this.

    So when you go to the polls try to remember that dead health research and his collegues who were put through hell and back.

    A government which can run up a $100 BILLION in debt and still not feed kids or keep them from dying in care or having people die from death by hospital is not competent.

    People may complain about the deficit Trudeau is running up, but I’ve got no problem with that because every family who needs it gets cheque for their kids each month. In B.C. Christy and her lieberals threw them out into the wilderness

    omg I did go on…..

  • 37 Hawgwash // Apr 12, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Lots of good food for thought there, and I did read the whole thing.

    My hope now is that CC gets her NW job back on May 10.

  • 38 13 // Apr 12, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Re your thoughts on health care. My mom passed away 4 years ago at age 83. She had always had heart trouble and had and did receive excellent care from our medical system..She found subsidized housing at Dunwood in new west. When she required assisted living she was moved to Carlson in burnaby. The last three years of her life were complicated by a variety of side effects from her heart troubles. She received first class treatment from our health care system. I thanked nurses at every facility she was in for the care she received. Sorry that my experience doesn’t fit the narrative.
    Now how about the ndp demovictions in burnaby?. I know it’s municipAL but it’s a ndp support group. Just so long as they can build new condos without worrying about the thousands of low income renters

  • 39 13 // Apr 12, 2017 at 10:19 am

    @ hawg

    Christy replaces simI? Almost worth suffering 4 years of ndp

  • 40 nonconfidencevote // Apr 12, 2017 at 10:53 am

    I also read the entire eaf novella.
    Christy at ‘NW with Drex? That salary is chicken feed compared to what she’s grown used to.
    Nah….mark these words….several months after the election there will be a quiet announcement in the middle of summer, she’s resigning from the Libs and several months after that …..another announcement that she’s got some nice “directorship” appointments awaiting at all those companies she’s awarded multi billion dollar contracts to……..
    Christy is a lot of things but once you’ve had a taste of the upper class lifestyle….there’s no going back.

  • 41 e.a.f. // Apr 12, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Hawgwash, thank you. and thank you Harvey for printing it. it felt good to get it all out on “paper”. Now if I can just not talk about it at Easter dinner at my friends’ house. There is an old family rule: no politics, sex, or religion before 3:00 a.m. Between Passover and Easter there ought to be plenty of “lively” conversations out around this province right now. of course between the Canuks and the weather we ought to all be able to find “friendly/safe” ground to get through the gatherings.

  • 42 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 12, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    BMCQ #31 nonconfidencevote #32

    Thank you for your kind and considerate words. Nice.

    By way of explanation:

    I am now into my early 70s and have been following BC politics since 1953.

    I remember my late and very left-wing father going nuts every time the Socreds won an election.

    Specifically I remember the 1959 election where he noted the number of seats he was sure the CCF (NDP forebear) would get. He had them winning a majority. They got skunked, again and Dad blew a gasket.

    The Socreds won subsequent elections all the way up to 1972 when WACCY Bennett’s luck ran out. His Waterloo.


    It was during the revolutionary Vancouver hippie 1960s that I canvassed during campaigns for the NDP door-to-door to generally frosty receptions in West Point Grey where I lived.

    But 1972 was different. By then the Boomers were in full entitlement whine, becoming adults, at least in terms of age, but not in many other ways.

    The Left knew they had a whole new brand of useful idiots and they and their untutored leader Dave Barrett scored “big league” in 1972.

    That socialist uptopia died on December 11, 1975 when, during a union-led virtual general strike in BC, the NDP was wiped out.

    It came back to power 16 years later in 1991 amidst an awful act of political hari kari conducted in full public view by the Socreds.

    Ten years later, and ever since, the BC Libs (Socreds in different clothing, but a centre/right large political coalition nonetheless), have been in power.

    So, for whom do you vote in 2017?

    After all my politics-watching, as a youngster and a reporter, I say stick with the government in power.


    Because it is a form of political insurance made possible by the government’s time in office and overall track record mostly in taxation and services provided.

    It is true that taxation, the overall major issue in every election campaign, takes many forms thanks to various fees and tolls, and fines.

    Every government on the planet exacts those awful tolls as well.

    Bottom line:

    Be careful what a political party, long in luxurious opposition, offers for “free”, especially led by someone who has never had to make those huge political decisions as Christy Clark has to make daily. No humans are perfect.

    And nothing in this world is ever free.

    Everything has a cost.

    So relate those costs back to the impacts they have on family and friends.

    Will they be better off under the NDP which has promised “cheap” daycare that will cost billions over the next years and years?


    Being in power for 16 years makes this government’s possible re-election a very difficult proposition. That length of time is a political lifetime.

    But living costs are clearly getting higher and higher and the Liberals know where those costs reside moreso than does the NDP, whose hands have not been at the helm since 2001. Would the NDP be an improvement over the current government?

    When is your next pay increase coming; that and other questions mostly directed at your wallet?

  • 43 Susan // Apr 12, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Unfortunately – justice being done will never happen ( and as I recall reading a lot of the people involved got large raises ) The government were likely involved in it up to their eyeballs but the premier has had lots of practise with deflect deflect defer and lying with a straight face – works for her . It’s extremely telling that a long standing health minister was removed and Margaret Mcdiarmid was installedas new health minister only the day before she had to make the announcement re the health firings so many years back . It’s also interesting that we never hear the back story on this either – that some of the researchers were researching the anti smoking drug Champix – as well as Therapeutics Initiative ( a renownresearch organization affiliated with ubc ) & finding some very serious side effects on a drug that was set to be covered by pharmacare- Not having your drug covered by pharmacare would be a big loss for Pfizer & Pfizer is a very strong liberal party donor . It’s not very hard to connect the dots . Firing the researchers on some pretext and stopping the funding totherapeutics initiative – seemed like an easy way for this sleazy government to solve their problem . But this was all a long long time ago now and it’s never brought up – so no those that are responsible will never pay – & I suspect if someone did pay it would not be the real culprit(s) . Kind of like the BC rail scandal – in that case for a certain amount of money offered ( covering their legal costs ) there was someone available in that case to sit in as proxy ( Basi & Virk ) for the real culprits who likely reached well into the government but were never disclosed . This time though it was a plan that ended with someone’s death! – but justice after 3 flawed investigations will never be served . The only justice will be if we vote this government ( and I use the term government loosely ) out on may 9th ! It won’t be with any good reporting from the mainstream media though.

  • 44 Harry lawson // Apr 12, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    #42 island look out

    You are so right on many of the things you say, however the personal behaviour of our premier on this and other issues tells me a time out is necessarry. My hope was the government would not get arrogant and out of touch . But they have. Many people in Langley that I know are talking voting NDP or Green . I do not believe the NDP deserves to form the government , the sad thing is I feel the same about the liberals.

  • 45 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 12, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Harry Lawson #44

    I understand your points but I disagree.

    Which is why I’m making my choice to vote BC Liberal, again.

    I don’t want the NDP forming government at any time, but especially now with skyrocketing living costs, only to have to spend the next four years hearing endless whining and regrets.

    How many of you regret pitching Steven Harper in 2015?

    Happy with the Trudeau clan?

    This young elitist spends little time in Question Period and a lot of time travelling and taking selfies. He is not in touch with mainstream Canadians.

    He never will.

    At this juncture the Tories are desperately seeking a replacement who could defeat Mr. T.

    Meanwhile, back at the BC campaign, another promise from the NDP: An uncosted annual $400.00 grant to ALL renters in BC regardless of income ($33.33 a month!) to help defray living costs. Is Horgan kidding? Thirty-three bucks a month?

    This and other promises will cost a lot.

    To pay for it, you can bet on “modest” and “temporary” tax increases on the (nasty and Piggish) rich if the NDP makes government.

    That amounts to bringing back socialism’s favourite “cure” for everything, class warfare.

    But true to form Christy Clark keeps pounding along on job creation strategies, today promoting BC’s IT sector and supporting its continuing growth.

    As for BC Liberal arrogance. I’m sure there’s some.

    However, do you remember the NDP arrogance from the ’90s?

    In the last 16 years there is nothing this government has done that has harmed me in any way that I remember.

    A few of those who claim harm from the Libs may have a case, but most of the rest are not Liberal supporters and never will be.

    The outcome of this election is nowhere near resolved.

  • 46 Hawgwash // Apr 12, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Now here’s the sad truth about how easy it is to bury the truth.

    Sell your souls, folks, sell your souls.

    What happened to those who stick-handled the health ministry firings for the govt? READ MORE:

  • 47 e.a.f. // Apr 12, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    well the B.C. Lieberals may not have harmed you but ask all those kids whose families only receive 50% of what the poverty line is;’ ask all the kids in care who are sexual abused by their care givers; ask the disabled who are forced to live on $908 plus $21; ask those who are on wait lists for surgery and ask those who are going to have to pay back that $100BILLION debt Christy ran up.

    We don’t have sufficient housing in the lower mainland and its getting more and more expensive. Do you really think Christy is going to solve it. Hell no and they haven’t in London England either. Have a look there for the future of Greater Vancouver: over eight thousand are homeless, they call it sleeping rough; and 85 thousand children living in temporary accommodation. They have figured out that even if they keep building in England for the next 20 years they will still not have enough housing for the British because the majority of it is sold to foreigners. that is our future. In places like the Netherlands the government owns 45% of the housing stock. In other European countries its even higher.

    It is doubtful any of us will change any one else’s mind on this blog. but if Christy is re elected and kids keep on dying, some of you will have done nothing to prevent it.