HO on Talk 1410 Re H1N1 BC Delays

Glad to see Talk 1410 Vancouver is asking the hard questions about why BC has been hung out to dry without vaccine as the SECOND wave of  H1N1 flu runs rampant.  I’ll be on with Simi Sara Tuesday at 8 a.m. to discuss the issue.

And if interested, you can also listen in on the Internet live: Talk 1410.

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4 Responses to HO on Talk 1410 Re H1N1 BC Delays

  1. Norman Farrell says:

    I think Simi Sara is a smart, lucid host but I find the station’s approach frustratingly scattershot. Probably as an OWG, I don’t fit the target audience. However, they dabble in hard news one moment and talk about the best nail polish remover in another. Or, the station gives itself over to flying saucers and aliens.

    1410AM needs to consider legitimate and consistent news commentary. Bring in a few more retired and semi-retired wiseguys. Find someone influenced by Cameron Bell, Warren Barker, John McKitrick or other masters.

    Every station wants to get “younger and edgier” but maybe one should focus on becoming a “smart and relentless” provider of news and information. Get rid of the woo-woo and the relationship stuff and get real.

    Help them understand that this city lacks a hard nosed news operation. I still remember the days long ago when I (then a YWG) would tune in to hear Jack Webster. He was a Populist who knew how to hold the powerful to account and how to ridicule the ridiculous. (Remember Jack’s back and Sven Robinson?)

  2. Lynn says:

    You are correct.
    You can’t be all things to everyone.
    1410 has potential. They seem to be searching but can’t seem to nail it.
    I suspect they are simply trying to focus too much on the bottom line figures.
    I like to listen to the station more but end up changing the channel as it more often than not becomes goofy due to what they cover.
    Hey Harv,
    Hope you take transit when you head over to 1410!

    (Response: At 8 a.m.??? I’m retired … and it’s only for 10 minutes or so … for free … so we do it by phone … now that’s REALLY green! h..o)

  3. Crankypants says:

    I missed the show, but I have a question that may be of importance. The feds have distributed 2 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine to the various provinces and territories with the proviso that they cannot be used until approved by the federal health authority. What is plan “B” if the vaccine is not approved? I’m sure it’s highly unlikely, but it is a question that deserves an answer. Too often we just assume and accept that an event will occur as expected but when something is held back until it is cleared for use then one must question whether another course of action is on the backburner.

    I suspect that there is none. Once again the MSM has failed to ask the hard questions.

    (Response: It was approved as safe this morning.Looks like they sped up the testing/approval process because of the fast growing number of cases… and maybe some hard questions from the blogosphere. I just hope they won’t blame pressure from bloggers if there’s a problem. 🙂 h.o.

  4. Crankypants says:

    Yes, they did approve the vaccine this morning, but not because Health Canada has finished its regime of tests. They are apparently still ongoing. The release was based on test results of other countries which may be fine if these other countries are using the same vaccine. If not, then I suspect even more people will choose to forego the vaccine and take their chances. I know that I’m sitting on the fence for now and the only good thing is that it is not a picket fence.

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