How Donald Trump Defeated Himself …

I will miss Donald Trump.

In my working years, I always liked to begin each day with a bit of humour: beginning with the daily newspaper cartoon “Herman”, penned by Jim Unger; followed by the morning radio patter of Frosty Forst on CKNW … complete with an bonus chuckle when he would include my name in his shtick! 🙂

After they retired, there was a very long gap in my morning smile … until along came Donald Trump.

As candidate and then as US President, Trump daily made me chuckle, laugh, guffaw … when newscasts reported his overnight Tweeted stupidity, moronic statements, erratic decisions and actions and real or imagined wounds, accusations.

Trump was a joke.

True, a dangerous one, who disrespected the US Constitution, destroyed America’s alliances, abandoned signed treaties, cozied up to dictators and murderers, insulted his own citizens, outright lied thousands of times, associated with and surrounded himself with several people who committed crimes and ended up in prison and, in the end, Reump caused the deaths of thousands of Americans with his delays/incompetence in dealing with Covid.

No one is laughing now.

But those who think “Trumpism” will be gone too once he leaves office are quite wrong.

Even in defeat, Trump attracted more than 73.7 million votes: almost 11 million MORE than the 62.9 million who voted for him in 2016!

Many of those who stayed or joined with Trump this time, despite whatever they thought of him personally, agreed with much of his thought, ideas, policies.

President-elect Joe Biden captured 79.8 million votes, the largest number of votes ever cast for a US Presidential candidate. And won the election in a landslide.

However, I don’t believe Biden’s success was as much a substantial endorsement or support for the Democrats’ philosophy, proposals, agenda and ideology as some like to think.

Sure, some voted that way … but I postulate it was as much a personal rejection and repudiation of Trump himself by middle of the road and independent Americans : repulsed by his embarrassing antics, his moral failings, his pathological lies, his moronic ignorance, his racism, and his laughable, predictable, boring hyperbole.

In the end too many voters just got embarrassed, tired of Trump.

But NOT his policies.

I believe most Americans approve the way Trump stood up to the “world”: China on trade; NATO on spending; environmental agreements they believe unfairly targeted the USA; European and Japanese tariffs on US goods; NAFTA; the costs and presence of US troops in foreign conflicts; the Iran nuclear treaty; anti-American sentiments so often expressed by Palestinians, while they accepted billions in US aid; backed his Mid-East peace achievements with the UAE and Bahrain and his strong support for Israel; and, agreed with him about the World Health Organization’s weak, deferential response to China’s handling of Covid.

In a campaign based on domestic and foreign policies and the economy … Trump would have beaten Biden!

And yet, despite such massive support, Trump lost … fair and square.

Trump made himself a huge PERSONAL target, by being an ignoramus, such a frequent and obvious liar, and a conceited narcissist.

In the end, he defeated himself!

Now he exits like the punch line of a bad joke.

His closing words will probably sound like those of a has-been bitter comedian closing out a failing act, with only his most fervent fans still applauding.

And leaving me wondering: where will I now get my morning laugh???

Happy US Thanksgiving to my American family, friends and readers.

Harv Oberfeld

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27 Responses to How Donald Trump Defeated Himself …

  1. DBW says:

    Can I just add that the US dodged a wannabe autocrat. Look at his rally speeches that had little to do with policy and more about division and riling up his base. We don’t have to go too far down any rabbit holes in the internet to find crazy talk like this from a Trump supporter in response to one of Trump’s “The election was rigged” tweets.

    “I am on edge and losing hope. I’m scared for our Country. I’m not mentally prepared to start killing people in a civil war.”
    Someone responded:
    “No one will ever be mentally prepared but when we believe in our country and what it stands for we will become soldiers. Without a doubt.”

    He is leaving office with millions and millions of people believing that the election was rigged, undermining not just Biden but the whole democratic process.

    (Response: Absolutely correct. How disappointing and scary it is, in 2020, to know that even in one of the world’s richest countries, there are so many millions willing to give up democracy to serve/worship a dictatorial style leader who openly lies, casts aside laws, wants his opponents arrested and regularly attacks the free press for telling the truth ..and would limit or possibly even eliminate it if he could. h.o)

  2. Graham says:

    I agree with both your column and DBW’s comment. It seems an insurmountable problem that so many bought into the BIG liar. So many looking for something or someone else than what they have seen so far in life. Yet settling on this guy to be the one to make it better.
    I had many conversations with people I know that think he on the right track. People that I would consider to be intelligent, morally strong, decent folks. I couldn’t understand the mental gymnastics to get to that conclusion. Willing to put aside all that is wrong with him for what?
    A chance to stick it to the progressive crowd? Willing to overlook the racism, misogyny, lies, misinformation, country splitting remarks.
    That’s the part that bothers me the most. That he would purposely set one part of his country against the others. That there are Americans and there are *AMERICANS*. He would then subdivide them further. Always being divisive never building up and together.
    I found his behaviour and comments to be treasonous at times and feel he will be judged unkindly (fairly) by history.
    Further, higher and more accessible education would be a way to get so many good things, including a population that is wary of this kind of bad actor. One doesn’t have to be a progressive or a Dem or Liberal but one shouldn’t hitch their wagon to this brand of bull.
    If you’re looking for laughs Kenny next door is turning into a bad joke.

    (Response: Your assessment is right on! Especially like the part about “People that I would consider to be intelligent, morally strong, decent folks.” That’s what I have found so confusing myself: I know lots of those kind of Americans …who would NEVER attend a Trump rally, who wear masks, are very successful, intelligent, educated ..and yet, Trump is their guy. And it goes beyond the tax breaks he got them: they really agreed with many of those policies I outlined and also admired him for “not being a politician” ..although most would agree in private he’s a creep and a lowlife!! h.o)

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    Ahhhh Frosty Forst.
    I always tuned into CKNW when he was on air, usually tripping up a local “celebrity” into making fools of themselves or turning their statements into jokes.
    The quickest wit on radio…ever.

    I also agree that watching Trump at times was amusing. cringeworthy but amusing.
    I spoke with my business partner today and he commented that Trump wont likely be harassed by Federal prosecutors since that would set a disturbing precedent for all future Presidents leaving office.
    But the State prosecutors waiting in the wings for his Presidential immunity to come to an end……….. priceless.

    (Response: Biden has already said he doesn’t intend to go after Trump. Of course, some independent federal branch(es) could …but I think his biggest problems will come in New York where he died so much business. There are already cases there under way. Probably wouldn’t take much for some present or former prosecutors (Giuliani? LOL!) to uncover some new cases. h.o)

  4. Keith says:

    You’re right Harvey,

    Trumpism isn’t going anywhere just yet, and I don’t think either is Trump for the foreseeable.

    Methinks amongst other grifts he will set up a formal re-election campaign as soon as he is gone to keep the dough rolling in, whether he intends to run again is irrelevant, it’s just about the money. He did that almost day one he took office using the funds for other non related expenses, which he is now doing with the barrage of e-mails his supporters are getting to fund this elections challenges.

    Along with the massive amount of true believers and voters he got, (both suckers with money in his eyes) both big and small he can probably remain on the airwaves, hold rallies and be in the ether for years to come convincing them that he will win in 4 years, especially if the next mid terms go south for the democrats he will be on the gravy train with someone else’s money just the way he likes it, unless someone can out trump Trump at his own game, which is possible with someone holding more or less the same views, but more subtle and nuanced would be just what the GOP ordered.

    Bit early to say if your morning chuckle continues, much will depend on his legal issues, his health and if the math for the GOP doesn’t add up with him calling some if not most of the shots from the bleachers. Apart from him losing, the math did add up for the GOP this election.

    (Response: Well, I think Trump’s building/development/casino/steaks/university days are over …but exploiting his show biz talents may not be! Oprah started her own TV Network: maybe Trump will too! Where he …and some sycophantic broadcasters could “do” Trump all, day, seven days a week … raising money and, as you say, rolling out a new campaign for 2024. Geez…I might even keep getting my morning laughs! h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    Covid defeated Trump. As I write this 270,000 American died of Covid 19 and the death rate stands about 2,000 a day now; 300,000 or more by Christmas.

    Trump, the consummate grifter, suckered the moribund and spiteful Republican Party and now is the Republican party, full of zealots, Libertarians, racists and evangelicals.

    In two more election cycles, the Republican party will wither, something the 1% are deathly afraid of. Greed Trumps all in the USA.

    Make American Great Again was the theme song, sung by white supremacists and Nazi’s and according to Trump; “some are very nice people.”

    American exceptionalism has eroded the American psyche, with Hollywood myth, regurgitated so often that many in the USA became to believe it.

    Trump was the Emperor in waiting and damn near won the golden prize.

    Trump, a malignant narcissist, has now infected politicians around the world, including Canada’s Conservatives (as we now see in Alberta).

    Trumpism has brought us alternative facts and fake news and so bad has Trumpism has infected the American experience that almost half the country would follow him into dictatorship and the police state.

    There is no quick cure for this and as the American politic is deeply embedded in the 18th century, made more sinister by 21 century vileness, that I do not think the country will survive long, unless radical change happens and with their corrupt and antiquated political system, that will never happen.

    Like H.G. Wells War of the Worlds, the mighty Trump machine was waylaid by a tiny virus; so arrogant was Trump, he never thought that a “bug” could defeat him.

    (Response: Yet, despite all the Covid deaths… 250,000 when people voted, he still got 73.7 million votes …almost 11 million MORE than in 2016. Almost boggles the mind! Covid no doubt scared many and his false warnings… “”There are only 11 cases …it’s under control” and “It will be gone by April” etc and his clear subsequent incompetence (“Maybe a cleansing, by injecting bleach” in handling Covid had an effect …BUT I do believe if he wasn’t such an obvious liar, clown and horrible human being …he could still have pulled it off, despite Covid. h.o)

  6. HARRY LAWSON says:


    I do miss Frosty with my frosted flakes,

    We can all agree Trump was many things ,however for many he was the second coming and others he was the devil incarnate. the reality is he was a carney like promoter who hired the best or worst , and surprised himself and others by being elected. self promotion at its finest

    the politics of the usa and the associated side shows will for many create a lot of humour regretfully most of it dark.

    (Response: When I would watch him play the crowd, I often thought about PT Barnum. h.o)

  7. Gilbert says:

    There’s no need to worry. Joe Biden is hilarious. He says so many funny things like “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier” and “we have the most inclusive and extensive voter fraud organization.” Let’s not forget “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” and “I’m Kamala Harris’s running mate.” It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to take the cognitive test. What a joke!

    (Response: That gives me hope! But I worry he is a normal politician, so will listen to his advisers, won’t Tweet at 3 a.m., and 4 a.m. and …well, you get the point, and he will think before he speaks, so what will come out will be the usual bland political boring rhetoric. h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    At the height of the civil rights riots and the Vietnam War, folksinger Phil Ochs wrote this line that has stuck with me for over 50 years:”
    “Half the world is crazy and the other half is scared”
    He could have written it today.

    I don’t think I’m crazy or scared but this is what I find remarkable about this whole Trump thing.

    Like you I got a lot of laughs out of Trump. Go to his twitter feed and read the responses from the Trump haters. Many of them are hilarious. But follow a thread of Trump supporters and it is a whole different game. That’s where I found the person who was afraid of not being mentally prepared to kill in a civil war. And that is where you get people who are absolutely convinced that the election was stolen. And do you know what is scary? After reading this stuff, this absolute conviction even without any evidence, I’m thinking “could this be true”. Five minutes!! Imagine living in that bubble of conspiracy theories all the time.

    I said to my wife last night. Either they are crazy or I am crazy. There is no in between. This is not a discussion of how to deal with China or improving immigration or health care or fighting climate change or which media outlet is “fake news” where we can see the other person’s point of view and even come to a compromise.

    And sadly, it is not limited to the US. We can criticize government and public health over how they have dealt with covid. That is definitely fair game. But I was following an anti-government facebook page last night and people were saying with absolute certainty that Horgan and Trudeau and Dr. Henry are part of a globalist cabal that are using this PLANdemic to reset the political landscape. And getting us to wear masks is only the first step. Either that is crazy talk or I am crazy not to see.

    This kind of thinking is not just Trump’s fault, although he did exploit it and accelerate it. And sadly this is not just random people on the internet who believe these conspiracies. Read some of the tweets of high ranking Republican senators and representatives. They are complicit. Of course maybe I’m the crazy one.

    Societies can’t function this way.

    (Response: Societies DO function that way … and have for centuries. The difference these days, in age of Internet and Cable News Channels (all struggling for niches, audiences and revenues) is that almost anything gets a wide audience, gains exposure and thus gains credibility and spreads. For the US and Canada it is a relatively new phenomenon to see ignorance idiocy given the spotlight so readily, but think back: haven’t wee seen such madness and ignorance for MANY decades in the mobs on the streets of Pakistan, India, several African and Mid-East states … “Trumpite types” tens of thousands at a time chanting, demanding even death over beliefs and various slights …real or imagined: ranting and raging against all kinds of things, including vaccines, religious slights, ethnic and racial differences, even cartoons! Throughout history, many “leaders” have taken advantage of the stupidity …even encouraged it, harnassed it, exploited. What makes Trump so unusual is he not only did all that … he GREW his support, despite 250,000 dead in his own country and America’s loss of power, prestige, credibility in so much of the democratic world. h.o)

  9. Scrotie says:

    Harvey…Time will tell weather your statement that Biden won fair and square is accurate. There is a considerable body of evidence and sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury that runs contrary to that statement and the MSM censoring any contrary information is widespread. How much information about Hunter Biden’s laptop has been made available? The very same folks that would have you believe that it was a “mostly peaceful protest” as store after store were put to the torch and flames leapt skyward over Ali Velshi’s head would have you believe that Biden won . I don’t think that it is over by a longshot.

    (Response: I have no doubt there WAS some cheating. I have never seen an election at any level where SOME dead people, dogs have not voted … or some maybe even voted twice. And gerrymandering, voter obstruction is real: I have written about it in an earlier blog. BUT never in the modern age have I seen enough of that in any democratic Western country where the numbers of such attempts even minusculy affected the actual results. And stuffing the ballot boxes with thousands of votes before the polls even open or not counting many thousands of real votes are just myths … very very difficult to even try let alone accomplish in every major vote today. Politicians and strategists in all parties and countries know that: which explains why losing candidates … rather than go crazy with wild accusations, lies and fake legal arguments … concede and move on when the numbers are insurmountable. Remember there were almost 160 MILLION votes cast in the US election!! A few by evil or crazy people? Sure. Enough to change the outcome? NO! Nowhere even close to the possibility. And Trump knows that! h.o)

  10. Graham says:

    I have followed many articles that were about the claims of voter fraud in the US election. They were news sites that would be considered to be on one side or the other by political commenters.
    All the articles talked about all the various observers of different levels of government, observers from both parties, international observers ( I didn’t know they went to the US), the workers at the voting stations, the head of federal elections, the election security head for theUS( a Trump appointee), the state Governor Generals.
    All said there was little to no voter fraud. All the states that did recounts found no voter fraud. Still the Trump campaign persisted. So they had their chance in court, upwards of 30 times. Each and every time after they had laid out their claims and the judge said alright let’s see your evidence or proof… crickets. Nothing. Zero. Zip.
    So please, it’s over.

    (Response: Yes, it’s over, or at least soon will be officially, from a legal point of view. But in politics, nothing is ever truly over: some people are still arguing the Gore election! In this case, watch for Trump to make every effort to keep it alive and going and going …longer than the battery Bunny. Not because he believes it but to make money: and I predict he will make millions more from his base over the next two or three years: P.T. Barnum would be proud! And if that works, I could even see him running again in 2024. h.o)

  11. Scrotie says:

    Harvey…Back in the day of hyperinflation in Germany people would husstle home with a wheelbarrow chock a block of rentenmarks on their lunch break and either buy anything they could before it lost more value or burn it in their furnaces for heat as a alternative to wood. It was a physical commodity with physical limitations. Now a click of a mouse will conjure trillions; Such as with voting and ballots. Computerised voting programs such as Dominion provided removes the physical limitations of ballots and provides a gateway to vote manipulation on a scale that South American dictators can appreciate. Over the next week or so Sidney Powell will provide many examples of egregious electronic ballot manipulation. Remember what Uncle Joe said”It’s not who votes that count……”

    (Response: Sidney Powell is a wacko and an embarrassment: even Trump’s team has disavowed her. Tucker Carlson offered her a full hour …IF she would provide any actual REAL evidence … not just wild hyperbole. As for computer voting safety, I have seen NO EVIDENCE anywhere that anyone succeeded in any state hacking into the system. In fact, the National Security Agency, its members appointed by Trump, concluded this was the most secure election in US history. h.o)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    Trump pardoned two turkeys this week. the one with the feathers is the smarter one. the other, General Flynn may be in for some trouble, as may Trump and some of his friends. Once some one has been pardoned, they no longer have rights under the fifth amendment. As one poster over at Empty wheel wrote, we have some questions…..

    Trump has also recently given away land traditionally considered Indigenous lands to oil and gas companies on his way out and shrinking national parks so oil and gas companies can start work. He is leaving his mark.

    Moscow Mitch has tried to “hide” or make unavailable to the Biden/Harris administration some $480B.

    Wonder how many trump will pardon between now and the end of his term remains to be seen. the fun one is he turns over the Presidency to Pence to have him pardon trump and then Pence doesn’t pardon him. Some have suggested it. It would be funny.

    changes will have to be made because the next version of Trump may be smarter and faster.

    Trump was “funny” in the way he spoke, who would have thought some one so stupid could be president of a major world power, but there we were. it soon wasn’t funny, when he started sending children to concentration camps, separating children from parents, banning Muslims, DeVos attacked the education system, appointing people to the Supreme Court who ought not to be there. It maybe decades for the U.S.A. to return to what it once was, but it is doubtful. It has fallen from its former position in the world. its finished its run.

    Scrotie, in my opinion, it was a decent election, even considering all the voter suppression the Republicans tried for. thankfully Tracey Abrams was organized. The Guardian has a fun article up today, about can Trump stage a coup over the election and they run through a variety of scenarios. The bottom line is, Trump is gone on “swearing in day”. If things aren’t settled, Nancy Pelosi becomes Acting President and that would be the last laugh.

    Harvey, in your response to D.M. Johnston, the dying isn’t over yet. A million people travelled for thanks giving. Hospitals will be over run. Another 250K could die before Biden/Harris are sworn in. The American federal government never did get COVID under control. In my opinion, they won’t get vaccines done any better. A lot of those Trump voters may be dead by years end.

    Yes, some of the stuff he wrote was funny. Just that an adult could write such stupid things, was amazing. He lied. His lies were amazing. Not even a 6 yr old kid would have tried to run some of those past their parents or teachers. Trump kept it right up.

    Harvey Weinstien, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby all were accused of sexual assault, and are in jail. Trump was accused and was elected to the presidency of the U.S.A. and remains in that position. Guess those white boys can get away with any thing and everything. The last laugh really is on society in general and it isn’t funny.

    (Response: The real challenge now is not Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results: it’s the upcoming vote in January for the two Senate seats in Georgia. If the Democrats don’t win those , the Republicans will still control the Senate and just imagine the obstacles they can and will place in Biden’s path! Especially if Trump does not go away quietly, but continues to campaign (2024?), raise hell and do everything he can to hurt Biden, the Democrats, even America’s best interests at home and abroad. America’s crisis may not be over.

  13. Graham says:

    I think Trump would have won but didn’t because he out Trumped himself. If he had treated the Covid respond with more importance and listened to his health professionals and had actual shown some level of caring for the citizens of the US he probably would have won.
    But he’s too cool to do that. He’s too cool to wear a mask, too cool to listen to someone that is smarter than him.
    He probably could have gotten away with a lot more stupid stuff if he had been smarter about it. Two recent things stick out for me.
    After all he said and railed about Covid and all he refused to do or listen to about it- he caught it. What an idiot.
    After all the put downs about Biden, sleepy Joe, old, senile, no plan, blah blah blah.
    ‘Ol Joe B. beat him. Lesson one in a competition, don’t put down your opponent.
    Trump gets in his own way mostly and his ego is so over inflated that he just can’t get over himself.

    (Response: I always wondered how he actually got it …because at his rallies, he never got anywhere near “real” fans, and behind the scenes, at the White House, no one got close to him without undergoing a test and even at his infamous rose Garden gatherings, he apparently was VERY careful, not shaking hands or getting close. Tells you how easily Covid is spread … so you would think, after getting it himself, he would have smartened up and set a better example. Clearly he is a moron in some ways, but I still believe he’ll find a way to make millions more from those who believe him/support him! h.o)

  14. 13 says:

    For the better part of Trumps 4 year term the TDS spread faster than covid in South Surrey. Harvey , your blog topic is very close to another frequent KIR poster thats MIA.
    If I had a dollar for every time I read
    Trump was his warts, hes rude, hes crude hes crass vulgar etc etc etc and yes hes orange
    Policies as you outlined and a campaign based on economics foreign and domestic issues he should have won. BMCQ likely stated that 100 times (easy DBW im guessing)
    Now with the Biden win we will get to see just how rude crude and orange stacks up against incoherent and possible dementia when it comes to dealing with China, Korea, Russia Iran and the Middle East.. Dont worry Biden will use advisors (just like Trudeau)
    Scrottie as faint a hope as Harvey paints I agree that the media complicit with Soros are very much guilty as charged

  15. John's Aghast says:

    I wonder if big bad Don really had COVIS, or if that was just an act to show how harmless it is. People are dying from the virus and yet he was out of the public eye for only a couple of days. “See, there’s nothing to it!” Probably off golfing while he faked his symptoms.
    I wonder what his golf handicap is?

    (Response: I heard that suggestion before … but I don’t think so: he did sound a bit hoarse and seemed a bit off at one of his press conferences just before his Covid was announced. And then, there are also all those Secret Service officers protecting him who also ended up with it. h.o)

  16. RB says:

    If the Democrats cheated then why is Trump the only one that lost? Did the cheaters forget that they had people running for the Senate and the House? I believe taking the senate is almost as important as winning the Presidency? In most of the disputed states even the Republican representatives agreed the election was legit.

    (Response: Exactly! You would think if there had been fixing of the ballots by Democrat supporters … they would have been smart enough to also win control of the Senate! LOL! h.o)

  17. Scotie says:

    Harvey…You have dismissed whatever Sidney Powell brings to the table with “She is a wackjob” I think in the next two weeks you will have to change your estimation of her and the impact she will have on the election. ” Both” sides of the aisle utilised the services of Dominion at one point or another. Lin Wood is not to be trifled with either. He just pulled out nine hundred Georgia military votes out of his hat and every one voted for Mr.Biden. Why would you reveal your strategy to Tucker? He has since spent a lot of effort trying walk back that show. She has also called for the firing of Gina Haspell of the CIA. Time will tell what and who had the seized German server and where that will lead to. Grab your popcorn and beverage for the show is just starting.

    (Response: I have my popcorn ready (air popped, but must admit it’s the buttery kind) and anxiously await Powell’s EVIDENCE … not just bluster … that will overturn the election. And remember, Trump made so many judicial appointments, it should be quite easy for her to find sympathetic judges …right up to and including the Supreme Court. Lights, camera … now let’s see the action! h.o)

  18. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I don’t know how Trump supporters can spin the fact that Republican numbers in the House went up and that Republicans still — so far — have held the Senate… but that Donald didn’t also get the love.

    I’ll paste a link to a Wisconsin ballot, to show what a voter would have faced. (Note, there is no section for senators, as Wisconsin holds that vote in two years.)

    I’m surmising that a significant number of Republican voters, country-wide, (and maybe some Democrats or Independents) voted for Republicans in the non-presidential sections… but when it came to “Pro-Life” Donald, who hardly tried to protect the lives of over 200,000 Americans from COVID-19, they voted for anything but Mr. T.

    They may have even written in their favourite as Donald Duck, with running mate Goofy.

    But yes: we and the press have spent WAY too much time on Donald Trump and have taken our efforts away from actual important things. I look forward to dull-but-positive politics out of D.C. for the next four years.

    (Good to see 13 back here, btw.)

    (Response: That’s why I concluded Trump did HIMSELF in: it’s clear 73 million Americans who voted agree with his policies … UP almost 11 million from 2016 … and the fact that the Republicans even picked up additional seats in the House, reducing the Democrat’s hold is additional proof. I really believe had he not exhibited such an ugly persona, been such a bad liar, etc etc he would have won. And I’m personally glad he did, but as I wrote in an earlier blog, Biden and the Democrats could pose even greater problems for Canada on trade issues. h.o)

  19. Marge says:

    I think you’ll be able to survive with the “funny” stuff in our own country such as this:

    (Response: That’s a good one! Did give me a laugh. Now if we could just get Trudeau to start Tweeting accusations, denunciations by the hundreds, suggest the Leader of the Opposition should be arrested, lie several times a day; keep saying he’s the greatest in history almost every time he speaks; display appalling ignorance of geography, science and start talking about the joys of grabbing women …. uh, No, that still wouldn’t replace Herman and Trump for me. h.o.)

  20. Richard Skelly says:

    Trump lost but it was by no means a repudiation of the Republican Party. The Democrats lost over a dozen seats in the House Of Representatives. Still a possibility the Dems control the Senate if they win both January 5 runoff elections in Georgia. But odds are against them taking both those contests.

    Most importantly, the Democrats failed to flip any state legislatures, despite outspending Republicans in many of those local contests. This means Republican-controlled legislatures will be able to further gerrymander federal Congressional districts for the next decade. By redrawing Democratic leaning suburban districts to include swaths of reliably Republican rural ones, the GOP legislators will thus increase the odds of Nancy Pelosi and the Dems losing control of the House in 2022.

    All of which suggests, enough anti-Trump Republicans voted for Biden while still voting for their party’s ‘down ticket’ candidates. With a less divisive Presidential nominee in 2024–one with many of Trump’s policies but not his negative persona—there’s every chance the Democrats will lose the White House in 2024.

    (Response: So much can happen before 2024: impossible to tell what the US/World will be like by then, not only in terms of events, but also demographics … both candidates and the electorate. The only thing that’s certain: bloggers and those who take part in the discussions will have LOTS to mull over, and also a pretty good chance, I’ll find my morning laughs somewhere in it all. h.o)

  21. Gilbert says:

    Yes, President Trump is fine. He could be a comedian. Joe Biden is also funny in his own way. He loves children jumping on his lap, said China is our friend, doesn’t know much about trade agreements and is hopeless without a teleprompter.

  22. D. M. Johnston says:

    Yes Trump lost, but not Trumpism, that malignant narcissistic political view, based on America’s exceptionalism.

    Trumpism is based on ignorance, greed and the American brand of religion.

    Anti-science, and largely invented Hollywood history, with a deep racial hatred for anything not white has produced a schism so deep across the United states that I just cannot see any national healing.

    Yet I see the same tiki-lamp bearers spreading their message into Canada, clapping their hands and yelling, Trump, Trump, Trump.

    Never again can we blame the German public for voting for Adolph Hitler in 1933.

    Trump lost, but the USA lost too, internationally, they are seen as a dangerous joke; a hypocritical state, which preached freedom internationally but does not practice what it preaches. Today, the USA is seen more as a modern banana republic , headed by El Supremo, who is willing let over 270,000 citizens die and 100 or 200 thousand die by next spring, because he doesn’t care. Is this what the USA represents?

    Trump maybe gone, but Trumpism exists and like the foul ooze it has become, is slowly leaching into Canada, infesting us with poisons more foul than Trump ever was.

    (Response: I don’t believe ..or should I say I don’t WANT to believe …that Canadians are as vulnerable to Trumpist attitudes, ideology, paranoia and outright lies as so many millions of Trump’s American base. Maxime Bernier was probably the closest we’ve come in decades … a very mild version … and even though he did push some sensitive nationalistic buttons, he went nowhere. We do have our partisan political differences …some of them quite boldly expressed on here … but most Canadians are just generally more tolerant, and yes, even polite, in disagreeing, at least these days. I’m sure if things got VERY bad here economically or we were going to war somewhere and conscription was implemented, starker divisions would arise, but in the US, they have been there for decades, even in relative peacetime and a strong economy. So many of them, on both sides, literally hate each other! Sad. h.o)

  23. DBW says:

    You, RB, and G. Barry are asking logically how there could be cheating if the down ballot votes weren’t so favourable for the Democrats. You guys have to spend time down the rabbit hole. According to the conspiracists that fact is proof that there was cheating. If the down ballot votes were Republican then that proves Biden had to have cheated. That is the problem with conspiracies. Logic? Facts? Doesn’t matter. If they think it could have happened then by golly it happened.

    Anyway I wondered about down ballot voting. In Canada we know the % each party gets in an election. It wasn’t easy finding the overall vote Democrat vs Republican in the House of Representatives. Without all the ballots counted (and they are still counting congressional seats) a final total isn’t there yet. So I looked up 2016.

    Republicans 63,173,815
    Democrats 61,776,554

    Trump 62,984,828
    Clinton 65,853,514

    It isn’t by much but House Republicans got more votes than Trump. Clinton outperformed Democrats.

    In 2018, the Democrats got 60.5M votes to the Republican 50.8M votes which I am guessing was at least in part a referendum on Trump as it was an endorsement of Democrats. Democrats didn’t improve their total all that much while Republicans stayed home during a non-presidential election.

    30M more voters came out this year and I don’t think they were coming out in droves to support Trump. Americans are much more afraid of a socialist label than we are so it makes perfect sense that people voted Biden but not necessarily for a Democrat rep as Trump was able to frame the Democrats as radical socialists while Biden wasn’t to the same degree.

    I have no idea if I am making sense. But the vote counts seem perfectly sensible to me.

    In other news. I checked my betting site. You can still bet on the final result of this year’s election. If you are convinced that the election will be overturned you have pretty good odds so mortgage your house and go for it.

    Also, if you want to bet on 2024, Trump is 10-1 to be the Republican nominee. Pence and Nicki Haley are favoured, each at 3.5-1. Don Jr. 14-1. Kayleigh McEnany at 1000-1.

    Harris is favoured at 2.5-1 to lead the Democrats. Biden at 7-1. And my guy Andrew Yang at 8-1.

    (And if you don’t like the ones I listed there are a dozen or more from each party to choose from.)

    (Response: It’s complicated: in the US people still quite often vote not just on party basis but also on the basis of personalities, colour, religion, ethnicity, local residency and even which football or baseball team (hockey doesn’t seem as important .. LOL!) so it’s not unusual for someone to vote for a Republican Governor or President but then a local Democrat for House Rep or State Rep they prefer. BUT if there was “massive fraud” as has been alleged, surely an organized criminal or foreign state operative group would fix more than just the Presidency least the House and Senate …if not bother with local or state offices. h.o)

  24. nonconfidencevote says:

    “…… I’m sure if things got VERY bad here economically or we were going to war somewhere and conscription was implemented, starker divisions would arise,….”


    Stay tuned.
    Our “Finance” Minister Chrystia Freeland ( who has ZERO financial training) will announce how massive our 2020 Deficit really is tomorrow ( Monday Nov.30th).
    The Liberals predicted a $350 BILLION deficit this year waaaay back in July….Trudeau has been shovelling billions out the helicopter door ever since.
    $400 BILLION ? $500 ?
    We will get to watch the Liberal financial shell game tomorrow at a presser.
    And note.
    This is not the budget. We have been blithely stumbling along without a budget for the entire year….the only first world country to not have a budget during Covid.
    How convenient for Trudeau and his politically correct, agreeable bobblehead dolls.( aka Cabinet Ministers).

    Lets see how the Canadian dollar fares after Chrystia tosses out to the world that ….in ONE YEAR we have spent the equivalent of half a trillion dollars and have no plan other than higher taxes for “the rich”……… we all walk towards a 1980’s style recession…….
    I’m sure the International Bond Markets will have an opinion about it.
    A recession where we may see another 410,000 people PER YEAR of newly arrived immigrants over the next 3 years.
    Anther 1.2 million people….
    People we will have to house( higher rents for everyone Hurrah!), feed( higher food prices! Hurrah!) , clothe, employ( lower wages for everyone Hurrah!), …..all during a brutal recession…….
    Max Bernier isnt gone…..he’s a young-ish politician, just quietly waiting in the wings, for the right time…
    Nothing like a brutal recession to focus people’s anger, frustration and desperation.
    Let the political games begin.

    (Response: You’re dreaming. Nothing going on in Canada today even approaches the level of national division, disunity and dissatisfaction necessary to evoke the nastiness between Americans. The federal deficit … actually estimated around $380 BILLION now, hasn’t even evoked a yawn from most Canadians; and apart from a relatively very few anti-maskers, Canadians of EVERY political persuasion have supported federal and provincial measures to fight Covid, without going into mental meltdowns. We’re all just too happy, or too civilized or too complacent! h.o)

  25. Keith says:

    Here you go Harvey,

    hold on to your chair or you could fall out of it.

    (Response: I didn’t know whether to laugh …or cry! How could anyone be so apparently successful and so rich and yet be so STUPID as to donate $2 million to such a project, without seeing any actual EVIDENCE in advance that would support this fund raising project??? h.o)

  26. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Former director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs, in an interview on 60 Minutes. Excellent stuff, putting reason up against Trump’s erratic, ridiculous claims of vote fraud.

    (Response: Thanks. I had missed it. h.o)

  27. BMCQ says:

    Facts DO matter .

    There never was a Muslim travel ban, there was a ban on Nationals from various Arab Nations but countries like Indonesia which happens To have the worlds largest Muslim population never faced such a ban, same for any number of other Muslim Nations .

    I do not understand why people keep bringing that up .

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