How Dumb Can Our “LEADERS” Be!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should have known better: he was raised in front of the cameras and surely must have noticed they have microphones as well as lenses.


But there he was … in full world view … making fun of US President Donald Trump before other world leaders.


The Donald was not amused … called Trudeau “two-faced” … and Canada will no doubt pay a price at the President’s time and choosing.

This, of course, is not the first time Trudeau has shown his dumb side.

Remember how he accepted free lodging and hospitality on the private Caribbean island belonging to the Aga Kahn?


And who could forget his handling of the SNC Lavelin/Jody Wilson debacle!

Double dumb!

And then, there’s Andrew Scheer.

Scheer has finally announced his intention  to step down … after it was revealed he accepted Conservative Party funds to send his kids to private schools.

Dumb!And that wasn’t his first dumb move either.

Remember how critical he was of others in public life holding dual citizenships when he himself held dual Canada/American citizenship?


Why do they act that way.

Do they think we’re even dumber than they are?  Like, no one will know? Or we won’t care?

Well, we do notice ..and most of us care.

And it’s about time our “LEADERS” do too.

Harv Oberfeld

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36 Responses to How Dumb Can Our “LEADERS” Be!

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    Hi Harvey,

    Trudeau being dumb isn’t a surprise to anyone and since when are you on the side of Canada or Canadians not standing up to Trump or anyone else? You have written extensively on why Canada and Canadians need to show up and stand up so not sure where this “The Donald was not amused … called Trudeau “two-faced” … and Canada will no doubt pay a price at the President’s time and choosing.” came from. Trudeau was having a private conversation that was surreptitiously picked up from across the room. I have no issues with what he said and should tell Trump to his face that he is an idiot, just like you or I would. Dumb, ya, I guess so but only because he was essentially being spied on and a private conversation became public. Now, dealing with JWR – THAT was dumb.

    Scheer being dumb is also no surprise but it goes deeper than that. The aptly named CON party fought a bloody battle to elect a leader who was either an unabashed white supremacist racist (Bernier) or an anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant evangelical timebomb (Scheer). Did conservatives really think either of those two could become PM? Talk about being dumb. They will never elect a Con to be PM ever again unless they keep those traits in the closet and just let a little spill out every once in awhile to keep the base lubed up.

    As for Scheer scamming more money from Con contributors to pay for his kids religious education, that isn’t dumb, it is just normal. A con is a con, they’d scam their own mother if that meant another dollar in their bank account.

    Hope you had a good vacation. Why don’t you write about your adventures some time….

    (Response: I absolutely believe in Canada (and each of us as individuals) standing up for fairness and against bullying etc. when principles and ethics and integrity are at stake. BUT, you sure don’t have to go looking for it or encouraging it or provoking it by mocking other leaders or countries … especially ON CAMERA! That’s just dumb … and will only cause additional unnecessary problems … for no good reason. h.o.)

  2. DBW says:

    Welcome back Harvey.

    Warren Buffet said,

    “We look for three things when we hire people. We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy, and we look for integrity. And if they don’t have the latter, the first two will kill you, because if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you want them lazy and dumb.”

    Most of your examples showed signs of a lack of integrity on the part of Trudeau and Scheer so maybe it’s good that they are stupid enough for us to notice.

    But just as important, are we the voters just too dumb and lazy to do anything about it.

    Or are we just interested in the gotcha moments rather than the harder to follow substantive issues that need to be addressed.

    Or are expectations so high on politicians that the really smart people (with integrity) are smart enough to realize the pointlessness of putting their name forward.

    Serious question, out of all the world leaders we have had this century, the past 20 years, who do you think would meet Buffet’s bar?

    (Response: Certainly, no one is perfect … and probably no political “leader’ has met Buffet’s ideal. However, there’s something very concerning when they lie and deceive … and think they won’t be exposed … or when they take party (or even worse government) funds and spend for their personal or family/friends’ benefit. How DUMB can they be … or naïve or just lacking in principles! Sad. Pathetic. h.o)

  3. John's Aghast says:

    Welcome back Harvey. You nailed it, Dumb and Dumber.
    But the Dumbest of them all is the voters who choose to elect these….morons!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day!

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    First off, welcome back, sane commentary is rare these days.

    Secondly, Merry Christmas!

    I have now come to the opinion that politicians are not chosen by their party for intelligence, rather their ability to smile at photo-ops. The last election, very little debate on real issues, just blackface and apologies.

    Trudeau isn’t much of a bright spark, but compared to the others, well as I said before he was a 3 among 2’s.

    Today’s politicians live in a bubble, fawned over by supporters and party faithful and begin to think themselves brilliant, while the great unwashed are seen as a necessary evil to pay taxes. In short, they have lost touch with the electorate.

    Scheer’s hypocrisy is to be expected and I know those of the conservative bent will still support him, but really, the party paying for private school? Something smells because political parties are funded by donation and if I had donated to the conservatives and found that the money was spent on his kids I would demand a refund!

    Alas, it is now to wait for more stupidity by those who think they are better than us, which is a very dismal prospect for the next four years.

    Let’s see now, minister for the middle class, yes I can see more dumb and dumber coming soon to a constituency near you!

    Ho, ho, ho with a lump of coal to those in Ottawa, as they deserve no better.

    (Response: I believe your explanation sums it up perfectly: “Today’s politicians live in a bubble, fawned over by supporters and party faithful and begin to think themselves brilliant, while the great unwashed are seen as a necessary evil to pay taxes. In short, they have lost touch with the electorate.” So true in so many cases. Their advisers and strategists, among their various duties, are supposed to protect our leaders from themselves … and frankly, sometimes their stupidity, greed and arrogance. And yet, so often, we see so many fail … and, ironically, their length of time in office tends to make it all worse, not better. h.o.)

  5. 13 says:

    And yet Trudeau is still our prime minister.
    Dumb knows no bounds

  6. Keith says:

    Great to have you back again Harvey, and a merry Christmas to one and all.

    Tawdry money grubbing by a hypocritical conservative is nothing new, the dumb part is they just keep doing it.

    The content of Trudeau’s comments are probably no different then many others where at least 3 people are gathered in a room and trump is one of them. The dumb part is he said it loud enough for the world to hear, and you can bet dollars to doughnuts he will embarrass himself and the rest of us yet again before long. The only time Trudeau takes a break from shooting himself in the foot is to get a bigger gun. The liberals should take a cue from the conservatives and get a new leader before the next election as the sock guy is a liability.

    D. M. Johnson hit it smack on-; “Today’s politicians live in a bubble, fawned over by supporters and party faithful and begin to think themselves brilliant,

    It’s a classic example of the “Dunning Kruger effect” which is essentially that someone is to clueless to realize they are clueless.

    (Response; If they are novices, I get it: hard to realize cameras and microphones are EVERYWHERE. But when they’ve been around for a while, it’s amazing how so many fail to learn … or even, in the case of taking advantage, think they can get away without anyone finding out. h.o.)

  7. hawgwash says:

    Welcome back Harvey; a nice soft transition from cruise to treadmill.

    From above…”Or we won’t care?”…
    It is abundantly clear, “we” who care, is a very small group.

    I don’t assume you cease reading when away but in case you missed them here are a couple of pieces I’m sure you will be adding to very soon.

    Rex Murphy


    (Response; Thanks for the updates. When you’re on a cruise, it’s like being in a bubble … Internet access is VERY expensive (on this one $328 US for full Internet access for 12 days ) so I pass ..unless I get it as a free “perk” And the tv offerings are very limited … mostly US news/sports and BBC … so Canada rarely gets mentioned. But after all, I’m retired … so that may be good …for relaxing and my blood pressure! 🙂 h.o)

  8. Chuckstraight says:

    You can`t fix stupid.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Welcome back. I’d say to dry land, but its raining. Its sort of like cruising, ………there is water every where.

    Although many will be of the opinion, Canada will pay for Trudeau’s comments, we are going to pay one way for some reason or other any how. I had a good laugh. There they were, having a good laugh at dtrump’s expense. The other guy is the P.M. of the Netherlands. It may not have been prime ministerial, but given what dtrump has to say about every one else, what goes around, comes around. Now that is not to say just because dtrump is an idiot with a nasty attitude towards just about everyone, that other leaders ought to do the same thing.

    In my opinion, it was a minor incident. dtrump doesn’t like any one who is smarter, better looking or more educated then he is. I have no problem with the comments. Now dtrump and his supporters clearly know what others think of him, and in some way, that’s a good thing. dtrump’s a joke. Perhaps a joke with the codes to the nuclear war heads, but still a joke and that is what it appears the other guys were doing, joking about the idiot in Washington.

    When people start laughing at politicians, they don’t last that much longer.

    (Response: Canada has enough trade challenges with the US without Trudeau adding to our problems. Even expressing his criticisms or even joking in private … when there are no cameras or microphones present … can come back to hurt us. As Prime Minister, he should be smart enough to realize this … but clearly was not. h.o.)

  10. BMCQ says:

    Welcome back Harvey, I hope the cruise was enjoyable !

    Obviously I am not impressed at with PM Justin, his party, Debts, Deficits, JWR, Philpott, Butts, Bowing to China, No Pipelines, Runaway Migration with NO Vetting, Porous Borders with another 1 Million to come in over his new term, Costume Gate, what you have alredy posted and so many more . PM Justin is a Catastrophic Disaster and he is a Clear an Present Danger .

    As to Scheer ? He was a very poor choice, the Conservative Party shot themselves in the foot by not appointing Rona Ambrose Leader . As a Wise Man once told me Scheer only needed to appear at the odd LGBTQ Event and he would have been given a pass with voters but he made a mistake by being a little too tight laced . I can understand people not wanting to be around nudity and over displays at say Pride Vancouver but there is a middle ground .

    Whether it be Politics or our Personal Lives Compromise should always be considered, it makes for a better society no matter which way you lean with your politics .

    Politicians over all do not seem quite as impressive as we once expected them to be, how and why should we refer to them as “Honourable” ?

    Having said that I just wonder how many “Hot Mike” moments or actual Film Footage we would have had of and with Politicians like Churchill, Truman, Regan, Thatcher, and so many more World Leaders ? I am sure some of their comments would have been quite horrific !

    Let’s be honest contrary to what silly juvenile comment was attempted at number 1 up the page to convince others here that it is in fact politicians in general that are not overly impressive in this day and time, it is not just Conservatives . Sort of like flogging a “Dead Horse” at this point is it not ?

    Some ill informed low information Punters on this Blog somehow fail to remember that Countries World Wide are turning to Conservative type Politicians and Governments, how could YOU not be aware of that . On top of that look at the various Canadian Provinces do you recall the fiasco of what took place in Ontario and how McGuinty, Rae, and Wynne “Broke the Province ? Now Ontario is also Conservative .

    Oh and you might also have become aware that Labour has only a few days ago been literally Decapitated in the UK and the BoJo Conservatives have been elected to Lead the Good People out from under the Yoke of the eU and their Socialist PC SJW Madness .

    Boris Johnson could in fact be heard quoting the Great American Freedom Fighter and Civil Rights Icon martin Luther King stating .


    It will only be a matter of time before the EU is no more and within only a few months the EU will be begging the UK to enter into a “Free Trade” Agreement with them .

    AS far as the extended life of the EU ?

    Tick Tock Tick Tock !!

    Oh and ONE LAST thing here .

    I will bet anyone here $ 1,000.00 Dollars to a Donut that PM Justin Children are receiving Bursaries of one kind or another to the Best Private Schools Money can uh buy !! Any uh takers ? I think not .

    When do YOU think Media will investigate that ? Oh I forgot, Media No longer investigate anything .

    (Response: My next blog will be on something I believe Boris Johnson should take on. h.o)

  11. nonconfidencevote says:

    Trudeau’s mocking of Trump in front of the tv cameras…….amateur hour.

    Scheer’s faux pas with the kids tuition….stupid but it seem’s no one had a problem with it until ….he had to go…..
    I’m sure it was one of the conservative hacks close to him that released that tidbit of info to “help him out the door”

    Back stabbing politics 101.

    I’d say the Cons need a woman at the helm to combat Trudeau’s “touchy feely” gender inclusive cabinet.
    Rona Ambrose?
    I’m not so sure. She doesnt seem to have the charisma to pull it off.
    Lisa Raitt?
    Peter MacKay…..nah, not this time around.
    But whatever the Cons do….they should do it quick.
    I dont think Trudeau’s minority will last a year.

    (Response: Watch Lisa Raitt. I don’t know her total history or baggage, but if there are no skeletons or stupid statements/stances totally out of touch with most Canadians, I’d bet she could give Trudeau a real challenge … IF he runs again (Yes, that is far from certain with his own stupidity record adding up.) h.o.)

  12. BMCQ says:

    Do not worry about an early Federal Election Call, the NDP would not dare do anything to force an early election as “They” are “Not Dumb” enough to take a chance on triggering that Election as they know they would be run over and totally disappear in the Polarization of a Liberal vs Conservative early call .

    The NDP just want to last as long as they can and in some way they lust to look somewhat relevant, the last thing they want is an early election .

    (Edited…. getting further off topic …which is the leaders’ actions before cameras/microphones .. and their futures.)

    The NDP have not a single candidate that is capable of leading them back from Political Purgatory, they will not dare force an early Election, even they are not as “Dumb” as PM Justin and Scheer have proven themselves to be at times .

    PM Justin will indeed run again and if the NDP join with the Liberals to become the “Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” he will be PM for another generation .

    Ambrose has already proven herself in parliament, she has proven to be informed, articulate, tough, she is a great debater, and she ticks all the right boxes, she is also more than well vetted, she is Leadership material and if the Conservatives would have appointed her Conservative Leader two years ago she would more than likely be Prime Minister .

    I simply do not get the logic behind the claims that the PM Justin Government could fall within a year or two, or three ?

    Again, the NDP would not Dare !

  13. BMCQ says:

    Being that We are ALL still here .

    You might recall that sometime in June 2017 several on this Blog and in other Media felt that the Horgan Government would be short lived and an Election would be forced within a few months to a year .

    At that time I attempted to point out that the “Greens” would never ever dare force an early B.C. General Election as they would certainly end up totally shut out ion that forecast election as the Polarization between the NDP and the B.C. liberals would dictate that the Greens were a Non Factor .

    We now find ourselves with exactly that, the man with the worse sweaters in the Western World Andrew Weaver would not dare force and early election and neither will his successor .

    PM Justin has out maneuvered and out flanked the Greens and the NDP at the Federal and Provincial Levels when it comes to Hypocritical Enviro causes and he deserves credit for that .

    Both those Parties at Provincial and Federal Levels are Non Factors, will soon be a past memory, and they are doomed to follow in the footprints and vanish much like 8 Tracks, Polaroids, Legible Handwriting, and the White Clogs I once wore .

  14. Gene The Bean says:

    These criticisms of Trudeau “doing it in front of the cameras” is BS. As I said “Trudeau was having a private conversation that was surreptitiously picked up from across the room.” It wasn’t purposeful (which doesn’t negate that it shouldnt happen in that setting) but any excuse is good for those without critical thought to criticize and show their fear for their anti-hero. Most of the haters when asked why they dislike Trudeau say ‘he is an idiot’. When they are asked why is he an idiot – the response is ‘because he is Trudeau’. Unfortunately, people with that kind of thinking ability get to vote too.

    As the Cons mumble and stumble their way through a leadership search to try and find someone that is ‘publicly acceptable’ (let that sink in), modern conservatism is shown in its full glory in Trumpistan. You all must be so proud.

    The Boomers will age out and the next generations who have been robbed of their abilities to achieve even 50% of the economic success of their parents will decide who governs. Guaranteed they wont be choosing a bunch of old connected white guys who deny climate science and are more concerned about preserving “their privilege” than the success of average Canadians.

    Harvey, I too wonder if Trudeau will run again, his time may be up. Nothing wrong with that.

    (Response: Any politician … or for that matter, ANYONE who works in the public eye, learns within an hour of being on the job that, whenever there are cameras present, they should EXPECT that anything they say/do could be picked up. In fact, even when there are NOT, any politician should realize that anything said to anyone, especially in a group setting, could surface in public. Trudeau should have known better … much better. He acted atupidly … and did not help Canada’s relationship with the touchy ego-maniac in the White House. h.o)

  15. e.a.f. says:

    Leaders, the Conservatives need one badly. Although I don’t vote that way, it is important the Conservative Party remain a vibrant alternative to the federal Liberals. It provides balance in our political system. Not every one has “seen the light” and become a “progressive” and those voters deserve the right to have a political party to put forward their views, their ethical decisions, etc. Having always understood if one party became too powerful or entrenched our democracy would be at risk, I’m in favour of a new Conservative leader who can present its self to the voters as it once did. Hey I actually liked Stanfield.

    there are many of us who like Trudeau. We’re fine with his government, but what if he walked away and some one took over the Liberal Party and they just weren’t that good, honest, etc. If there were no Conservative Party able to take them on in an election, our democracy and country could be in for a rough ride. Hence, I’d like to see some one a little less theocratic and a little bit more secular lead the Conservative Party. hell I’d accept Mulroney again and I’ve read, “The Mulroney Years, On the Take”, by Stevie Cameron. Lisa Raitt may do a good job. So could Ambrose. However, both may be having a very nice life outside of politics. Saw Lisa Raitt on C.B.C. and she looked wonderful, relaxed, etc. Now there may be some one else who could do as good a job as these two women could, so let the party start its process and forget about the old stuff and go with something new. Peter Mackay ought to stay home.

  16. e.a.f. says:

    It is being reported, so I’m told, that Jean Charest is going to throw his hat into the ring for the Conservative leadership. Now that’s a game changer and may work very well for the Conservatives. he has been a leader in both parties, and in my opinion did a fairly decent job.

    I remember when he changed parties because they knew he could win and deal with the seperatists.

    (Response: I don’t have good memories of Charest when I was in Ottawa for BCTV: tried twice, but couldn’t get one-on-one interviews with him for BCTV; and even when trying to scrum him, he brushed right by us… but seemed to often have LOTS of time for Quebec and Ontario reporters. h.o)

  17. 13 says:

    Trudeau is an idiot
    for paying a murderer 10 million dollars
    for trying to influence the justice system for his own benefit
    for accepting favors from foreign leaders
    for grabbing some part of a female in BC
    for blathering on like a child in the school hallway with his buds
    for dressing up in costumes
    for painting himself black or brown
    for buying a pipeline
    for not standing up for veterans seniors or first nations
    for promising balanced budgets
    for creating huge debt
    for creating huge deficit
    for allowing illegal entry into Canada
    for losing two very capable MPs
    for employing Butts
    for deluding himself and others that he would get a position at the UN
    for leaving two Canadians rot in a Chinese prison
    As he is still in government expect this list to grow constantly

  18. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, back in the day, B.C. just didn’t count all that much with federal politicians outside of the area. If Charest was going to do interviews, why B.C., it just didn’t have the votes and he was/is Quebec and that is where the votes lie once again. If he is elected leader, he will have to come west and I’d expect to see some changes, but really as long as B.C. has approx. 5 million and Ontario some where over 13 million…….

    With a resurgence of the separatist in Quebec, who knows
    Charest may be what the Conservatives and the country need. (not that I’m voting that way of course)

    (Response: That’s exactly how politics in Canada works ..” If he is elected leader, he will have to come west and I’d expect to see some changes”. Exactly what they all do … but, even though our share of federal spending HAS improved, BC and the West have NEVER been given our FULL fair share of spending and top power in Cabinet. And judging by my own experiences with Charest, I believe he’d be among the worst. h.o.)

  19. harry lawson says:


    welcome back. merry christmas to all

    i had often wondered what it would be like if mad magazines Alfred e Neuman became a prime minister . now i know

  20. BMCQ says:


    The last paragraph of your first post where you state that “there are those of usthat like Trudeau, What if someone else took over the Liberal Party that was not as good or honest as honest” .

    I must state the obvious and refer you to the post by 13 which appears right below your second post .

    As disappointed as I was in Scheer and the Conservative Party for choosing him Leader Scheer is really only a 3 on the “Dumb Scale” as opposed to the “Heavy Weight Champ” PM Justin who tops that same “Dumb” Scale at whopping 9.5 !

    I also must point out the very obvious by stating that Canada is already in the beginning of a very rough ride thanks to the dumbness, arrogance, ineptness, impotent, and imbecilic Leadership by PM Justin also known as Edward Scissor Hands, I once again refer you to the post of 13 .

    Keeping with the “Dumbness” Narrative I am going to forecast that within the next four year Term of the PM Justin Government Canada will welcome somewhere between 300 K and 1 Million Unvetted “Asylum Seekers” or whatever term the Libs will make up to describe them and make them look harmless in the eyes of the just as “Dumb” Canadian Electorate .

    Thousands and thousands of those “Asylum Seekers” including MS – 13 crossing illegally into Canada through out Porous Undefended Borders will be Convicted Criminal Felons who were scheduled for deportation back to El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, France, China, and many other countries. Those same Dangerous Convicted Felons will decide not to wait for deportation from the USA back to their Home Nation because that Nation is dangerous and Canada has a PM and Government who has announced that “Diversity is Our Strength”, our Liberal Government will welcome them .

    Every single one of them will receive Housing, Medical, Dental, anything they desire, we are soft on Crime, Drugs, Violent Offenses and we ask nothing of them, why would they not come here .

    As “Dumb” as our Leaders prove to be we the Tax Payer have only seen the beginning, there is still a long way to go and the most disgusting thing is the fact that PM Justin and his Minions are doing it right before our eyes and Media is looking the other way .

    Gut Wrenching !

  21. e.a.f. says:

    13, as to your “leaving two Canadians to rot in a Chinese prison”. Now lets get real. What exactly do you and others expect Trudeau or any other Canadian leader who might be P.M. do about it?. How do you expect to force China to do anything it doesn’t want to? I’ve yet to hear any really good suggestions. Well there was one, expel the children of the Chinese politicans and billionaire class from our education system. It at least says we’re unhappy. On the other hand, you’ll be hearing howls from Mainlanders who live here and who still think China is not doing anything wrong and the Universities, who will argue, why punish the child for their parents’ actions.

    people, in my opinion, don’t deal with the fact china has the largest population in the world, approx. 2 billion. If their government doesn’t want to do something, they don’t. Canada does not have the economic or military leverage to out muscle China. Other countries are in a similar position. The U.S.A. isn’t going to do any one any favours at this point in time, except Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia.

    Do not blame Trudeau for doing what is expected of Canada regarding the extradition treaty we share with the U.S.A. its been there when both Conservative and Liberal P.M.s were in office. if we are to be a country of Law, then we need to stick with it and let the system work. We can not be seen to cave or we will be “caving” on a whole lot more.

    More importantly, people need to understand, once they have left this country, they are subject to the laws and systems of other countries. Going into countries like China, people ought to know they could be arrested for any reason and never released. if they expect Canada to do anything about it they’re stoned or dillusional. Canada has a policy of not paying for hostages. We need to stick with it.

    A number of the items you list were things Trudeau did in his youth. Want all of us to be accountable for our misspent youth, as aging baby boomers. The people of Toronto elected a drug addict to the position of Mayor and then his enabler brother and some time dealer, so it is alleged, to Premier. No one seems to be too out of sorts about that.

    now as to “deficiets” So would you like to pay more taxes and have corporations pay more, have billionaires pay more, etc? Its either pay more taxes, cut programs, or have a deficiet. I’m good with more taxes especially corporate and billionaire taxes and ending tax breaks for corporations. The deficiet went up because the Liberals started amongst other things, Child Benefits which raised 250K children above the poverty line. don’t know what you know about child poverty, but I’m good with that deficient as long as it helps children. child poverty is so very ugly and has long lasting effects.

    As to not standing up for First Nations, Trudeau is doing a hell of a lot better than the conservatives. it were the harper conservatives who spent less on Indigenous children then they did on other kids. Human Rights commission supported that one.
    It was a Conservative Cabinet, Minister, John Duncan, who refused to sign off on 16 new homes for Appawatskat when they had a housing crisis. Why did he refuse to sign off? Because the Band had taken him to court. When the Band won, he stamped it refused.

    When it comes to Veterans, there was no leadership from Harper and his Cons. Lets not forget how they treated the Veterans, reduced their payments and then when some got really “uppity” about it, they went through their medical files and started reading them like it was the after noon news. they then used the material against them. So if you think the Liberals aren’t doing enough for the Veterans, have a look at what the Conservatives under harper did to them. More military died from suicide than from the middle east war. harper and his government did NOTHING.

    All governments promise balanced budgets. Few deliver. Harper’s ran higher deficeits than the Liberals did. so did Mulroney. the record does not reflect that the Conservatives are better money managers than the Liberals. they both have their “pet projects” which they fund, be it social programs or corporations.

    Trudeau did not “allow” illegal entry to Canada. Its a tad hard to stop people short of doing what dtrump is doing and that has looked like a Nazi exercise in slow murder. I might mention we don’t have the jail capacity to keep all of the people coming into the country in jail. then there is the no small problem of their children. Keep them in camps too you suggest, you know like the cages in the U.S.A. so like the concentration camps of the Nazi’s. ? Taxpayers in Canada are not prepared to see an increase in taxes. Therefore the government would not have the money to build facilities or provide Immigration officers across our national borders. The reality is, you can try to manage it, but that is about it. People will come regardless of what a country does. In the mean time children will die like we have seen in Europe and the U.S.A.

    Trudeau having Butts, not a problem, when Scheer had Hamish Marshall, who previously worked for the Rebel and of course Harper with Vic Toews–you know the one whose wife divorced him for his forgetting his marriage vows and his “interest” in family baby sitters,,,,,,much too young. Much more serious than some one in their twenty’s playing “grab ass”.

    LETS NOT hold Trudeau to a higher standard. You may think Trudeau is not doing a good job. I believe he is doing a better job than Harper did and Scheer could have. We saw his hypocracy. Will Charest do a better job than Scheer, most likely. Will he do a better job than Trudeau? Depends upon who he brings to the dance with him. if he returns the Conservatives to the Progressive Conservatives, we can talk.

    We may need a whole new breed of political leader in this country. Smarter with a load of common sense, more in touch with the needs of the country, and its future. Some one who is ready to invest in the children of this country and tell the rest of the adults to suck it up. Kids are our future. All the kids. All the children of this country deserve decent medical care, prescription meds, cancer treatments, autistic diagnosis, dental care and a first rate education. They are our future. Our country also needs to elevate hundreds of thousands of seniors above the poverty rate. They need housing above all. They need to be treated with dignity. Most of them have earned it. All of this will require the political will to raise taxes for groups which are not currently paying their fair share. None of this is free. The new leader of the Greens or Conservatives may bring this about. Who knows, perhaps Singh of the NDP can pull it off. If we want to live like those in Norway, we have to be prepared to do what they do also, and that is pay taxes.

  22. 13 says:

    eaf your defense of Trudeau is admirable. A waste of time but nevertheless admirable.
    GTB wanted more substantive reasons to call Trudeau an idiot. I listed just a few. If you dont think of Trudeau as an idiot thats fine. People that share your opinion of JT are few and far between.

  23. 13 says:

    BTW please go to the top of this blog and reread the title
    How dumb can our “Leaders”be!
    Posted as a statement in the form of a question.
    It was not
    Please try to rationalize our Leaders poor judgement

  24. BMCQ says:


    I read only a short way into your post and I must challenge you on a statement before I read any further .

    To state that the USA is not going to do anything about China . Really ?

    The fact is no matter how you and others on this Blog want to “Spin” the USA is in fact the only Nation addressing anything about China .

    Clinton, Bush 43, And especially Obama were fleeced and taken to the Cleaners for literally decades by China and their Leadership and that Head in the Sand attitude has contributed to the rise of the Chinese Economy and in turn Chinese Aggression, and the takeover of everything from Natural Resources, Strategic Metals, Military aggression including islands/Military outposts in the South China Sea, aggressive take overs in Africa, South America, and so many more .

    It is not until now that the Trump Admin has challenged China and it is long past time for the “Dumb” Politicians like PM Justin, the EU and other Free Nations stood with the USA at the UN and forced that Org to hold China accountable .

    Thank God the soon to be Free UK under Boris Johnson will soon be in a position to support the USA at the UN and other world bodies regarding China .

    Far too many World Leaders have been “Dumb” enough to allow China to have its way, things are about to change and Canada and PM Justin had better take a stand or be left behind . PM Justin is about to be forced to make a decision on the China Question, I wonder where that will leave him on the “Dumbness” question ?

    If you really want to learn a little bit about China I suggest you read “The Hundred Year Marathon “ by Michael Pillsbury, it will just about to be enough to take anyone that reads it off of the “Dumbness” Scale .

    I should send a copy to PM Justin for Xmas .

    Please re consider your statement, the USA is the only country challenging China and anyone close to honest will admit that . Just how honest are you ?

  25. Marge says:

    What I hate is the hypocrisy shown by leaders. Case in point the actions of the climate change cheerleaders like Trudeau. We have sent more people than the US to attend the climate summits. Isn’t this the ultimate in silliness, expense and carbon footprinting?

    Then we have Trudeau on another holiday right now – this time to Costa Rica. What happened to the carbon print pontificating? I hate the do as I say and not as I do actions on the part of our prime minister. Remember the two planes in the last election to carry all of the stuff he needed….. but still the media is silent about Trudeau.

    The media attacked Scheer for not being on board the climate change bus but says nothing about the hypocrisy of the one they fawn over (It’s not about the cash he’s given them, is it?)

    Because people who genuinely believe the world is facing an imminent existential crisis from climate change would never act this way would they folks? Would that we had a leader who actually practiced what he preached!

  26. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, those who want to come to Canada will and unless there are Immigration officers all up and down the borders, you won’t be able to prevent them from crossing. Of course that never will happen because that would cost hundreds of millions in staff and the majority of Canadians are not going to want to pay additional taxes to accomplish that. Get over it. We’re all migrants, immigrants, etc. Now some may argue we got here legally, but that is usually because we came from Europe to begin with and then other countries later. The world is an ugly place and people will risk their lives to get here. Nothing will stop them. As a friend used to say, we might as welcome them all because they’re coming anyhow. As I’ve previously written we can’t keep them all out. dtrump has tried and all it wound up looking like was an exercise in racism and Nazism. caging children, how very wonderful. children dying in custody, how special. No I’m good with people coming in. Some may have to be returned, but most will do just fine in this country. People carry on like most coming in are monsters or what ever, dtrump calls undocumented people. Latest financial article I read advised immigration is what is causing our economy to keep going.

    It is under stood you and others believe Trudeau is an idiot or dumb, or intellectually lacking, however, haven’t seen any of you become P.M. ……….its not easy task to even get there.

    Too many world leaders letting China have its way???????? Just what do you expect them to do? Go to war? Its too late to clip their economic wings and the business class isn’t going to let that happen or for that matter, most consumers. How would they make money.

    dtrump hasn’t dealt with China at all. What he has done is made life very uncomfortable for American farmers and rather lucrative for agri business with the “hand outs”. Suicide rates for farmers has increased, the total farm debt runs well over a couple of hundred billion and farm wives are getting very unhappy. dtrump’s claims that China will purchase $50billion worth of agri products?????farmers don’t believe it and when you start reading the fine print, its a promise. China is currently purchasing their soy a beans from Brazil. that isn’t going to change. As to dealing with China, I’m sure Pres. Xi will give dtrump a reality check. The country which owns most of America’s debt is Japan, country no. two–China. No one is going to reign in China. when dtrump started his b.s. with trade China made gains. their silk road initiative has got any number of countries indebted to them. that isn’t going to change. they will own Africa and South American. The U.S.A. is going to wind up like G.B. a has been world power. If there is an out and out economic war, China can confiscate all their citizens’ wealth. The U.S.A. not so much. Those living in China have not the current standard of living for more than 30 years, the U.S.A. could survive with a lower standard living. they aren’t tough enough.

    Canada has done the best it can given China’s size and other people would not have done any better than Trudeau. those who don’t like him, continue. fill your boots, but no one has a better game plan that I can see. We had Scheer ranting and raving about Canadians held in prison, but as I’ve questioned before, how does any one think they can get them out?

    If Canada wants to be a major player and have some leaverage the first thing they have to at least triple our taxes and increase our military budget by at least 10 times. and then start to build a real Armed Forces, a big air force, a navy which can challenge others and even the odd nuke wouldn’t hurt. that isn’t going to happen. Until then, we can just shut up and put up.

    ( topic.)

  27. Leslie Gilbert Zsoldos says:

    Justin Trudeau has proven that he’s incompetent. His behaviour on the world stage is an absolute embarrassment. It’s clear that he doesn’t know how to conduct himself, and nobody except his supporters can take him seriously.

    Andrew Scheer was far too soft with the media. He needed to point out that the state broadcaster was not neutral at all and do a better job of promoting his policies. The revelation that he had American citizenship was a big problem that certainly cost him votes.

    (Response: Scheer’s dual American citizenship would not have been a big deal had he not have been so critical of others in similar situations. Dumb! h.o.)

  28. harry lawson says:


    I don’t think that anyone is holding Mr Trudeau or any other leader to a higher standard we are just holding them to a standard . we really deserve better on so many fronts from so many of our leaders and politicians . congratulations on breaking BCMQ record om brevity .

  29. BMCQ says:

    It matters not which party or which PM leads Canada, that PM is responsible for ensuring the Rule of Law as our Constitution stipulates (as flawed as it is) is followed, Citizens are safe, receive Health Care, Education, other basics and that same PM and the Government no matter what the level of “Dumbness” must provide Secure Borders and Control of Migration/Immigration .

    When my Parents came to this country they did so through Legally and so should anyone else, keep in mind that there are thousands of Legitimate Deserving Vetted Applicants waiting to come to Canada and they are in fact the people that should be accepted .

    Those that cross into Canada illegally, especially those with Criminal Convictions should be deported, Canada is a small country and we only need look to the EU to see what would happen to our Health Care, Educational System, Housing, Criminal Justice System, Criminal Justice System, YOUR Pensions, Retirement and other Benefits, Hospital, Dr. and Clinic Wait Times, and more if our Canada was to allow hundreds of thousands or perhaps Millions (hello Germany) of people to enter our country without formal controls, proper vetting, and most importantly Criminal Conviction Screening . Hello Sweden .

    Quite honestly I am most afraid that PM Justin is just “Dumb” enough to ignore all of that so he can appear as some kind of a Hero in the eyes of his Followers and the UN, well guess what, I will never believe he is a capable PM and I am sickened that he has been given another Term, perhaps that says something about the Electorates level,of “Dumbness”, unfortunately time will prove me correct .

    As to your essay on USA China Canada and other Countries Trade ?

    Unlike you I have a Dog in this Race and almost all of what you state is not factual but there is no point in me confusing you with the facts and truth because you have already made your mind up .

    You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own set of facts .

    I will end by stating that I am quite confident that the soon to be Free UK and PM BoJo along with the USA will be influential enough to stop other Western and other Free Nations away from the Chinese Huawei 5 G System .

    China can be brought into line and Sanctions can force China to change if done correctly but it will take a concerted effort and Free World Nations need to unite and we must begin to fight back now . To simply fold like a cheap tent and give up shows very weak character and that is something foreign to me .

    It is a good thing for all of Europe including the Dutch and the rest that Churchill and the USA did not have that same defeatist attitude 70 years ago .

    We in Canada can only hope that our current Federal Government and the PM can at least pass that “Dumbness” Test .

  30. DBW says:

    Talking about intelligence as if it were the only qualification to be a leader is frankly … stupid. I googled what are the best qualities of a leader and this was the first hit.

    The article goes into detail on each quality but here is the list in a nut shell. Smart or any of its synonyms is noticeably missing.

    Honesty and integrity Confidence Inspire Others Commitment and Passion
    Good Communicator Decision Making Capabilities Accountability
    Delegation and Empowerment Creativity and Innovation Empathy
    Resilience Emotional Intelligence Humility Transparency
    Vision and Purpose

    Not all of them translate well into political leadership but most of them do. And what I find most interesting but not surprising in this discussion is “my guy is always smarter than your guy”. Look at the list that 13 gave about Trudeau and that BMCQ made sure we all read. Then he praises Trump and hey more than half of 13’s list is just as if not more applicable to Trump than Trudeau eg

    for accepting favors from foreign leaders (or at least asking for them)
    for grabbing some part of a female (and bragging about it on a hot mic)
    for blathering on like a child (about any number of topics)
    for not standing up for (pick any number of groups)
    for promising balanced budgets
    for creating huge debt
    for creating huge deficit
    for losing more than half of his cabinet most of whom thought he was nuts
    for employing (Guilani)
    for deluding himself and others that he would get (whatever he blathers about)

    It’s Christmas folks. Have a happy one.

    (Response: It’s not surprising to see people with a particular political bent dismissing the faults of those they support, while emphasizing the faults of those they don’t like. But I expect MORE from those who “lead” us (I am indeed naïve!) …especially honesty, integrity and yes, intelligence. That doesn’t mean they need be experts on all topics, but surely they should be smart enough to understand/adhere to those other two qualities. h.o)

  31. e.a.f. says:

    Harry Lawson, you made me laugh, “holding them to a standard”……….really, it is us the voters who need to be held to a standard. We elect them. Most countries get the leaders they deserve, they vote for them.

    I really broke BMCQ’s record. my heart be still……..its like a Christmas present before Santa arrives. Oh, wait, its a Hanukkah present. I am doing well. If BMCQ and I were political leaders, we’d talk the electorate to death, if our writings are any indication of our ability to be “long winded”.

  32. hawgwash says:

    Well said, harry lawson; on both counts.
    Now, JT can’t be so dumb; he got his SNC Lavalin plea bargain through the gate.
    Or was that a case of being dumb enough to allow others to govern for him?
    Merry Christmas Harvey.

    (Response: Merry Christmas. h.o)

  33. hawgwash says:

    It seems we are not alone in the wilderness with dumb politicians.
    Aussie PM apologizes, for putting his holiday ahead of his constituents.

    It doesn’t matter though, does it? These deliberate dumbs are forgotten and replaced by the next one, in a week or so.

  34. BMCQ says:

    Frankly I do not really care which Party or Leader is in power in the White House, 10 Downing St. or in 24 Sussex, I want all of the things I talk about including Control Of Migration Borders and all of the rest .

    If that Leader is unpolished, a poor speaker, boorish, impatient, rude, has bad hair like BoJo and Trump, or is even “Orange I care not . We are now so deep down the mist dangerous PC SJW “Rabbit Hole” we need a Life Line and we need it now .

    Being Presidential, polite, bowing, scraping, uh umming, and the rest of the silly gestures and platitudes matter not to me, we want Western/Free World Leadership to save us from ourselves, we need an intervention to show us the way back to where hard work was rewarded .

    BREXIT and the recent Conservative Land Slide took place for a reason, perhaps you might want to answer that question for yourselves .

    Contrary to what some may want to sell here a very large number of UK Voters from various Ethic Groups, Skin Colours, and Minority Religions from all over the UK, north, south, east, and west voted for BoJo, it was not just pudgy old white guys ,

    You might want to give that a few minutes thought .

    Those Voters are not as “Dumb” as the Media and the left thought they are .


    As to the character of good leaders ?

    Do you think Churchill would have made that list if compiled by anyone on the Left ?

    Probably not, he was so rude, smoked, swore, drank to excess, was so very boorish, and was not very Prime Ministerial at the best of times .

    Imagine how much better it would have been with PM Justin holding the Hitler War Machine at bay during WW II instead of Churchill, now that would have been Leadership . If only .

    Merry Xmas Happy Hanukkah and the Best of the Holiday Season !

  35. nonconfidencevote says:

    @ e.a.f.
    “What exactly do you and others expect Trudeau or any other Canadian leader who might be P.M. do about it?. How do you expect to force China to do anything it doesn’t want to? I’ve yet to hear any really good suggestions.”

    I dunno.
    Maybe take the billionaires daughter from her Shaughnessy mansion, strip her of her Versace outfits, Prada handbags, Gucci watches ….. and stick her in “general population” with the rest of the accused Criminals awaiting an immigration hearing??????
    Drag her out to her Court extradition hearings in handcuffs, chains and no makeup?
    Or better yet.
    Fast Track her immigration her hearings, then……
    Dump her on the US border and let them deal with her……..
    Think that might get Chinese Leadership’s attention?

  36. e.a.f. says:

    Merry belated Cbristmas to you also nonconfidence. Lets hope you don’t profess to be a Christian because Christmas is about the birth of Christ whose teachings were to send the general population onto a better way, you know forgiveness, the 10 commdments, to do unto each other as we ………………..Hey I’m an atheist but I did go to church as a kid. That aside, We are not China and if we lower ourselves to their standards, where does it end. Perhaps it might make you and others feel better to do what you suggest, but trust me, that won’t change anything. china will simply use it as propaganda against us, not that we need to care about that. Our country is about the “rule of law” and that is what we are doing. Lets keep to it. Now if you want to do something about it, stop purchasing made in Canada goods. my question always is, where is your underwear and socks made. expel a view of their citizens or diplomats, no cultural or educational exchanges might be a start or end birth tourism. Just no pregnant Chinese nationals.
    Lowering our selves to the low standards of others never got us any where. these are all lawful things.

    Ms. Meng is more about dtrump taking a punch at Canada and China trying to bully us. We ought not to play the game.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year

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