How the BC and Federal Governments PROFIT From YOUR Suffering!

I saw it! In Vancouver Sunday, gasoline hit $2.33.9 a litre.


It’s unconscionable … and I don’t buy the oil industry’s bull**** that it’s because of the Ukraine war, refinery maintenance shutdowns, changeover to summer grades … or whatever other excuses they regularly dredge up.


This is from CTV News just five days ago:

“As drivers from coast to coast face record prices at the pump, Canadian oil companies have seen profits surge. Cenovus recently announced its best first-quarter profit ever as the company raked in $1.6-billion, compared to $220-million dollars in the first quarter of last year.”

See the full CTV story by Ben Miljure here:,first%20quarter%20of%20last%20year.

“Imperial Oil had its best opening quarter in 30 years as it posted profits of $1.17-billion. Canadian Natural resources more than doubled its year-over-year first quarter numbers with a profit of $3.1-billion. And Suncor brought home $2.95-billion in quarter one, nearly quadrupling last year’s results of $800-million,” CTV reported.

And making it all worse, governments are not protesting/resisting or even questioning: they have actually JOINED the oil companies in pillaging motorists and, in fact, every consumer who buys groceries, clothing, ANY products moved by truck (which is almost EVERYTHING!).

The Vancouver Sun recently outlined ALL the taxes that have been PILED ON by the BC NDP and federal Liberal governments.

“In Vancouver, drivers pay 56 cents per litre in taxes while drivers in Victoria pay 47 cents per litre, according to the B.C. Utilities Commission. Drivers in the rest of B.C. pay 43 cents in taxes per litre of gasoline,” The Vancouver Sun reported May 10 , when gasoline was selling in the Lower Mainland for $2.23 a litre.

It went on to give the breakdown:

“That can be further broken down to 11 cents per litre in carbon tax, 10 cents per litre in the federal excise tax, 8.5 cents per litre in the provincial excise tax, and 9.5 cents a litre in GST. The transit levy varies depending on jurisdiction but it’s the highest in Metro Vancouver at 18.5 cents a litre.”

You can read the full Sun story here:,taxes%20per%20litre%20of%20gasoline.

This all adds up to BIG BUCKS for Translink and the BC government … as the provincial government PROFITS from your suffering

This year, the BC government will collect about $935 Million in fuel taxes and $1.6 Billion in carbon taxes … not to mention an estimated $705 million in ICBC revenues. Translink reportedly pulls in more than $300 Million a year from gas taxes.

And those figures are projected to keep increasing!

According to the government’s own Budget and Fiscal Plan for
2021/22 – 2023/24 tabled in the Legislature in April:

“Motor fuel tax revenue growth is expected to average 1.3 per cent annually over the
three-year plan. Diesel volumes are forecasted to grow 2 per cent annually and other fuel
volumes rise in line with real GDP growth. In 2023/24 the forecast assumes that gasoline
purchases decline due to provincial policy measures relating to clean energy initiatives.
Carbon tax revenue is forecast to rise an average of 8.9 per cent annually over the next
three years as the carbon tax rate increases from $45/tonne of CO2 equivalent emissions
in 2021/22 to $50 in 2022/23.”

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Think about all that when you get your piddly $110 ICBC rebate ($165 for commercial drivers) … and apply it to your weekly gas purchases at $2.33.9 a litre!!!

And that’s just part of the story how the paychecks, wallets and bank accounts British Columbians (in fact, all Canadians) are being plundered by the politicians in power.

The Horgan NDP government’s PROFIT-making on the backs of struggling BC working families and businesses pales in comparison to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal Liberal government!

Because the GST component in our Fuel Taxes is NOT a fixed amount … but FIVE PERCENT of the TOTAL gas price.

So the federal take RISES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS with EVERY penny a litre of gas goes up!

And gas prices in the Lower Mainland are expected to reach $2.50.9 a litre by Summer.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

It’s all a legalized shakedown! A ripoff of taxpayers! The rape of those who cannot fight back!

So WHY would the provincial or federal government LOWER their take from gasoline purchases???

BECAUSE it’s the DECENT thing to do in the face of the hardships their current WHOPPING taxes (56 cents on EVERY litre sold in the Lower Mainland … THE HIGHEST IN NORTH AMERICA !!) are inflicting on WORKING individuals, families, small businesses, seniors …. those who trusted them … and put them in office.

Unfortunately, when it comes to gasoline tax revenues, that DECENCY has so far eluded Horgan and Trudeau.

Harv Oberfeld

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25 Responses to How the BC and Federal Governments PROFIT From YOUR Suffering!

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Remember a few years back when the Liberal BC govt and the Feds wanted to “harmonize” both sales taxes into one and they foolishly agreed ( the voters were outraged that it was going to be implemented with zero discussion in an election year) to leave it up to a referendum.
    The main reason I voted NO to the harmonized tax was….once a tax is in place they will never , ever , EVER rescind it or lower it….unless it’s an election year.

    Nah, high gas prices are here to stay ….until a recession kicks the economy ( and taxes) to the curb.

    (Response: I have NO DOUBT that if BC (or Canada) was closer to an election, the Horgan government (and Trudeau) would be MUCH more understanding, compassionate and responsive to working families’ current pain at the pump. That’s why I say they lack DECENCY by turning their backs on “the people” at this time … I believe, because there is no election in the offing. SHAME! h.o)

  2. Beenie says:

    Harvey your facts are correct for BC. The rest of Canada has the similar facts. What you aren’t commenting on are the areas of the world that actually control and dictate the oil prices. America is NOT self sufficient and never was. Trump(not a favourite of mine) was the only president who tried to fix it in America. The lack of exploration and the lack of pipelines is part of the problem in all of the Americas.
    The Arab countries are refusing to increase their production and the need for oil in Europe because of the war in the Ukraine is hurting
    The increase in global growth since the beginning of the COVID situation is also a cause.
    So please don’t look to blame any of our governments.

    (Response: You are certainly correct that a lot of the production and pricing of oil is governed/controlled by foreign countries and companies over which we have no control. There’s little/nothing we can do about that: BUT it adds injury AND insult when our own governments (federal, provincial and even regional) add tax after tax after tax on already high gas prices. Surely, taxes of 56 cents on every litre is EXCESSIVE at the best of times … and I believe it’s CRIMINAL when it’s done … and there is no real relief implemented … while taxpayers are hurting so badly, as they are now. h.o.)

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    I went to the gas station this am.
    $150 didnt fill my small Toyota truck….
    The other people driving SUV.s , Vans, large trucks , taxi’s, etc will be bleeding cash.
    Summer travel season?
    Not this year.
    This economy is going to grind to a halt…..

    Deep recession by Christmas

  4. What we see is final proof that government is an appendage of big oil. Government is addicted to high taxes from the sale of petroleum products via the Carbon Tax.

    Now our own Joseph Goebbels style of news media have jumped on board with Carbon Taxes and help government to sell the tax as, “it is good for the fight against climate change.”

    Well it isn’t as in Canada the Carbon Tax goes into general revenue and help funds government’s politcal projects.

    In BC, the Horgan government has adhered itself to the SkyTrain tar-baby, with two projects, bot giving government grief. But the NDP love Fast-Ferry style projects and with lots of extra tax money they keep wasting the money on projects that have been grossly oversold for what they will do.

    The now $3 billion (yes inflation has made this 5.8 km project to cost over $3 billion) subway is being used as a driver for a massive densification of Broadway, but sadly the NDP has never read the book on subways and if they had they would find that subway, themselves, are very poor in attracting ridership, simply put the hugely expensive stations are to far apart to attract ridership.

    The push back on this subway/tower planning is growing stronger every day and thought eh subway is a done deal, the towers are not, but it matters not to hapless Horgan as the Carbon tax money keeps rolling in.

    The other SkyTrain project, the 16 km Expo Line extension to Langley, that Hapless Horgan personally promised that it would go to Langley is now rumoured to cost $4.95 billion.

    The mayor of Surrey said in 2018 that the whole thing could be built for only $1.63 Billion, remember that whopper.

    The cost is so massive that the province has taken it over, which means FastFerry boondoggles galore.

    The carbon tax money still rolls in, which is free money to the NDP to spend on their favoured or face saving projects.

    Trudeau the Younger on the other hand has the tools to reign in these massive profits from big oil, but won’t, as he is too, addicted to the Carbon Tax, but he won’t.

    Government and their ever growing corrupt bureaucracy, firmly believe thy can cure every problem by increasing taxes and with many having six figured, tax payer paid salaries, don’t give a damn about the working poor or the elderly on their embarrassing meagre pensions.

    Those who read history, understand that most revolutions start with over taxation and those politicians who remain ignorant of history, will face “pitchfork” time at the next election, as what happened to the NDP in 2001. Horgan seems completely ignorant of history. Trudeau doesn’t care has he has a very substantial federal pension when he leaves politics, oh yes, tax payer paid!

  5. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, just a reminder to everyone, write a letter to your MLA and let them know exactly how you feel. Costs nothing and I think right now they think they are invincible, remind them what happened to the last NDP gov’t with the fast ferries.

    (Response: Yes…people should write/call their MLA or MP or the Premier or Prime Minister and let them know we NEED to use our vehicles to get to work, to get the kids/grandparents around etc., are mad as hell, are having problems or can’t pay our rent/mortgage/bills anymore …and will NOT forget next election. Of course, I suspect the politicians are counting on their old favorite tactics: OVERTAX and OVERCHARGE the taxpayers for everything now (I heard on report that the BC NDP have RAISED 21 different fees/taxes) …and then just before the next election, BRIBE us with our own money … offering all kinds of goodies. h.o)

  6. R says:

    Blaine WA about 55 c l cdn less CDN avg reg gas recently.

    (Response: Exactly what our TAXES amount to on each and every litre. The BC NDP government is abrogating its responsibility by not acting to help people out over this difficult, critical time!! h.o)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    this all reminds me of the 1970s and inflation along with rising gas prices. Trudeau, Sr. implemented wage and price controls. It wasn’t popular, but looking at the profits being made by oil/gas companies these days, perhaps its time to have a look at it again. Of course Alberta would take the feds to court, again, but its a thought.

    During the “crisis” in oil prices some argued it wasn’t a crisis, we weren’t running out of oil–the big lie at the time, what was happening was oil tankers would set out for one port, find out there was more money to make in another port for the oil and change course. I recall seeing a map of ships changing course during that time. It was funny. hey I drove a mini austin 1000, who cared.

    During that time Trudeau Sr. also decided government involvement in the oil business might be a good thing and viola we had Petro Canada, which was privitized at a later date, but it would be interesting to know if Petro Canada and any other government agencies had been involved in the oil and gas industry and regulated it, where we might be today. Many of the oil and gas companies in Canada are not Canadian, but from other countries and they have major stakes in these corporations.

    Why Canada didn’t open more refineries back in the day is beyond me. Canadian oil ought to be used for canadians, not exported to some other country. It might have even resulted in more manufacturing in Canada.

    As to the taxes on gas, no point in reducing it, the oil companies will simply pick up the slack and increase prices. Prices will continue to rise until the oil companies either feel they are making enough money or they know the world economy is not going to make it and thus would buy less oil.

    Yes, the U.S.A. has lower taxes on just about everything,, but their bridges and highways are no longer up to snuff, they don’t have a decent medical system, they have a lot of deaths for those being born. Other countries pay way more taxes and those that do, have way lower infant mortality rates.

    From 2000 to 2014 infant mortality rates increased in the U.S.A. by 26% and currently stands at 26.4% per 100K births.
    High tax countries such as
    France: 7.8%
    U.K. 9.2%
    Canada 7.3%
    Finland 3.8% per hundred thousand births.

    We can have lower taxes on everything but do notice what happens when babies are born.

    Some may complain about Translink, etc, and I do but we do need to think of the future and how we are going to move people around in 50 to 100 years. We do the planning and work Hence things like the gas tax.

    Having a nation which functions needs taxes.

    I’d suggest the biggest problem is wages haven’t increased as much as the cost of living, governments and society didn’t plan adequately for the increased cost of housing and the need for affordable housing. What is happening today and why so many are getting up set is that all these changes are hitting the working middle class, previously that didn’t happen. We had vacation homes in the Gulf Islands and elsewhere, took vacations internationally, we had low cost food compared to other parts of the world. the party is over. Corporations are making money more than ever, during the pandemic as many were kept afloat by Trudeau cheques, the top 1% made out like bandits and the oligarchs around the world increased their holdings.

    My solution on the oil/gas things: natiionalize it or have price controls on it. Don’t blame the governments, have a good look at the profit margins of the oil and gas boys. This war between Ukraine and Russia has contributed to the increase in the price of oil, but it isn’t just that, this is just a re run of the 1970s.

    (Response: I disagree when you write “Don’t blame the governments, have a good look at the profit margins of the oil and gas boys.” I think BOTH are to blame! Each one knows motorists are a captive audience: we can’t realistically avoid the high taxes OR high prices if we need a vehicle to get around. So they are BOTH exploiting us to the max!! As for your contention that if the government(s) lower taxes, the companies will just raise the prices again, that has overwhelmingly NOT happened in Alberta … and, frankly, it would be terrible long-term business move for any gas station to even try, when no one else has done it! The government should halve both the carbon tax and excise tax … or even suspend BOTH for six months. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      “Each one knows motorists are a captive audience: we can’t realistically avoid the high taxes OR high prices if we need a vehicle to get around. ”

      Govt never wastes a golden opportunity to get their pound of flesh.
      I can’t wait to see what the 2023 property tax assessments will be….in a falling real estate market….
      They can’t have their cake and eat it too.
      Then again.
      They are the govt.

      (Response: The worst thing that can happen to a government (or a Leader) is when the public just laughs at them. I mentioned their apparent senses just weeks ago when Premier John Horgan, Attorney General David Eby and Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced their $110 ICBC “rebate” JOKE to help struggling motorists/families. ( But I had no idea Horgan would try to develop his “shtick” into a comedy act worth “taking on the road”!! But he did …a few days ago suggesting those people struggling with gas prices see if they travel “with a neighbour or someone who is passing by.” LOL!! LOL!!! LOL!!! Just imagine going door to door in your neighborhood or apartment block and asking if they’re going shopping …and could take you (and maybe your kids … or grandparents) along? 🙂 :): 🙂 Or maybe stand on a boulevard (with the gang) hitch-hiking!!! Horgan and the NDP MUST be kidding???? Or laughing at struggling taxpayers, while raking in MILLIONS of dollars. Shameful! h.o)

  8. Not Sure says:

    Interesting headline Harvey.

    In 2019, the NDP called an inquiry into high gas prices and you actually wrote a column about it. At the time you listed all the taxes that were included in the, back then, outrageous $1.50ish price of gas.

    Federal excise tax of 10 cents (still the same)
    Carbon tax 9,8 cents (now 11)
    Translink 17 cents (now 18.5)

    The BC excise tax was not listed three years ago, but you included a couple of local taxes
    that came to 9 cents compared to the BC excise tax of 10 cents that you listed here.

    That is 3.7 cents since 2019. Now for the dreaded GST. 5% back then might have cost 7 cents, Right now it is about 10 cents so add another 3 cents.

    Total of 7 extra cents when gas has climbed by 70 cents by itself.

    Someone could argue that the carbon tax and Translink tax are reasonable inflationary increases. But we could go after the Feds to give drivers some relief on the GST but even there we are talking 3 cents compared to the 70 extra cents that the gas companies are making while their profits, as you pointed out in the first half of your post, are soaring.

    You told e.a.f. that you blamed both government and gas companies but your headline and solutions seem to be putting all the onus on government.

    Let me switch for a bit. Your solution is some tax relief at the pump. I would not argue against that if that were implemented but again I will go back to something I have said numerous times about government handouts during the pandemic. Let’s help the people who actually need it. The rich guy in his BMW driving in from his $2M home in the suburbs does not need that 10 cent savings that you suggest. But the single parent using transit to get to her $20/hour job likely needs help paying the extra cost of groceries that have resulted in part from higher gas prices. How do we get money to her.

    (Response: Times are really tough right NOW for many, many British Columbians … and surely the provincial government could/should provide REAL relief by partially cutting the outrageous 56 dents per litre taxes/fees added on now! And Horgan and the NDP could do that in a flash …if they REALLY cared about struggling families/seniors/small businesses. As for corporate gouging, that is something Trudeau and the federal government could/should do once the full extent of the annual profits are reported/known. But I doubt they will …because as I said, even worse the BC government, their GST profits RISE as do prices. Both are shameful …but I guess I was naive …expecting the NDP to care more about working people than the Liberals!! I was wrong. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      @ Not Sure
      Ahh yes.
      The old lament
      The “rich” can afford the high prices/tax while the “poor” need a break.
      A person driving a BMW and living in a 2 million dollar house ain’t “rich”
      Their car payments and mortgage/property taxes have seen to that.
      The middle class aint “rich” and the really rich will leave if the taxes get to high.
      The quickest/ easiest, least expensive way to help everyone EQUALLY is to reduce the gas taxes/pollution taxes for every car owner.
      Can you imagine the NDP govt bureaucracy that would be needed to decide who is “poorest”?
      Who “deserves” their gas tax rebate?
      The mind boggles at the socialist’s mindset sometimes.

  9. r says:

    Time for BCUC to regulate gas prices?

  10. e a f says:

    Mon confidence. You require an income of $667,000 a year to qualify for a 2 million dollar mortgage. Now let’s see who makes that much money a year
    It’s quite simple to determine who would qualify for a reduction of taxes—any one making $150k a yr or less

    • Elle says:

      Just because you live in a $2 million house does not mean you have a $2 million mortgage. That person could have bought their home 20 years ago for $300 thousand and it could be paid off by now or not much mortgage left to pay. All prices have gone up. That person in a $2 million house must now pay taxes on that value even though it is still the same house. That person could now be retired and have little income and is struggling just to pay the ever increasing taxes plus the ever increasing insurance on their car, whatever kind it is, not to speak of the ever increasing gas cost. You can’t judge what a person is experiencing just because they have something that you don’t. Maybe that person is struggling to help parents or children. We already have very invasive requirements from government wanting to know everything about us. I don’t think it is right that those that work hard for what they have, should be punished because someone doesn’t think they deserve to have it.

      (Response: I agree. There are MANY seniors (myself included) who are living in homes/condos we could not possibly afford to buy now … and even when we bought 30 years ago, most of us still needed a large mortgage. Even when I look at rents I can hardly believe what people are paying today!! That’s why how I keep wondering where is that $400 annual rebate for tenants the current hard-hearted BC NDP promised renters MANY years ago??? h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Well that explains why so many doctors are quitting their BC Practice.
      They dont qualify for a mortgage!
      $667,000 salary to Qualify?
      Between borrowing from Mom or putting the minimum 5% down….the banks will find a way to lend you that money….
      Count on it.
      Most people I know that live in a $1.5 -2 million dollar house have lived in the same house for years and purchased it at 250k.
      They feel “rich” because the banks keep hounding them to take out a HELOC to buy a BMW.

      A $2 million dollar house in Vancouver is the norm….but if interest rates keep rising ( Jun 1st?) those houses and the debts that go with then will drag our House of Cards economy down with them…..

      But you are avoiding the point.

      HOW will the NDP determine who DESERVES to receive a gas rebate?
      Where will we find the Legions of new govt bureaucrats to shuffle paper to and fro….just like the Passport office…..
      Expect a rebate cheque in Dec…..2023

      (Response: I have figured out HOW the NDP will determine the cutoff point for ANY gas rebate (remember, they themselves say the cheques that are in the mail are ICBC rebates, not gas!): The formula they will use: take Harvey’s net income …and make the cutoff point $1 below that!! 🙂 Or am I being paranoid? h.o)

  11. Marge says:

    (Response: According to the CTF latest report, it’s even worse than most British Columbians have believed! The BC media have been reporting gas taxes here total 56 cents a litre. But the Taxpayers Federation contend we now pay TWO carbon taxes …so the taxes actually total 75 cents a litre! That’s not only outrageous (esp for a party that USED TO represent/stand up for the working class, families, seniors) it’s cruel! Because those hurting MOST are the NDP’s own traditional base!! The media should REALLY go after Horgan on this!! h.o.)

  12. Gilbert says:

    The elites don’t care about ordinary people. Even in Canada, we’re seeing a bigger gap between those at the top and those at the bottom

  13. Keith says:

    Subsidies to energy companies I’m sure has irked many of us while the companies and various levels of governments are raking it in. Yesterdays announcement of ending some of the subsidies are good news on the face of it, as long as it’s not an exercise in energy subsidy find the lady. Energy companies like nothing more than somebody else paying them to make money.

    Subsidies for the last 2 years, enough to build a new museum and museum storage facility, with enough left over for the inevitable cost overruns.

  14. r says:

    BC/Canada saves money by letting USA go after w collar crime here?

  15. Eldon says:

    Moving away from fossil fuels will be painful and necessary to sustain us. Rising gas prices will hasten the switch to transit and electric vehicles.

    (Response: That’s the theory … and the long-term plan: however, when emergencies arise (Ukraine, much higher inflation, extreme financial strains/impact for workers/families of SO MANY taxes/fees) then a temporary easing of at least part of the “plan” is the right thing to do. But that requires a government that cares for the “people” …between election campaigns! h.o)

    • Eldon says:

      Well it worked on me. I just sold my V6 for a hybrid.

      • nonconfidencevote says:

        I own a 2014 Truck and I will not buy another gas vehicle.
        I’m hoping for a self driving , electric beast to convey my aging carcass after I retire….
        If I have to drive this gas vehicle another 5-10 years….so be it.
        It runs and looks great.
        Just expensive to fill. 🙁

  16. G. Barry Stewart says:

    A few thoughts…

    • Fuel-powered motorists in border areas of B.C. have been a captive audience for two years, due to COVID closures of the U.S. borders. As a result, B.C. fuel retailers (and governments) have had full access to our wallets. Land crossings are still a bit of a hassle with the ArriveCan App… but I predict a renewed flow of south-of-the-Fraser, south Okanagan and south Kootenay motorists taking trips to Washington State to fill up their tanks and Jerry cans, as they had been doing for decades.

    In theory, this should put less of a strain on the provincial supply… helping lower the demand and pricing for those who can’t easily cross the border. In theory…

    • Some scoff at Horgan’s advice for us to drive less — but many of us could use this ‘opportunity’ to tidy up our driving habits, to save on fuel use. For one, I’ve taken 10-15 km/h off my highway commute speed and it has been saving about 2 litres a day.

    As well, Chilliwack has some odd angles and curves to its streets, going east-west and north-south. Rather than assuming I know the shortest routes to my destinations, I asked my phone app to make some suggestions. With every kilometre now costing about 25¢ in fuel in my Nissan, it pays to know the shortest routes and to plan a list of stops in a logical order.

    There are many other fuel saving tips that we could/should consider — but yeah, it would be easier if the governments would just give us a break so we don’t have to change our ways.

    • I renewed my car insurance today and paid $1050 for a year (no collision). For the same coverage, it’s $50 cheaper than last year — and almost $700 cheaper than two years ago, before the no-fault plan started. I hate the gas prices — but I’m thankful for the significant car insurance savings.

    (Response: With the requirement of completing the ArriveCan app, crossing the border just to buy gas is a real hassle … plus most of us don’t live that close to the US border. However …on a nice day-off, Lower Mainland motorists can get at least a bit of a break by driving to Abbotsford or Mission etc,, avoiding the Translink regional tax …and the scenery is beautiful, lots of good places to explore, enjoy parks, shoreline places, and eat etc on the way. And you can also avoid the ridiculous extra bag/cup taxes imposed by the extremists now running Vancouver City Hall. Of course, anywhere in BC, all drivers will still be pillaged by the NDP government’s merciless piing on of excessive taxes, despite all the hurt they are causing working people/families/seniors. h.o)

  17. G. Barry Stewart says:

    My comments above were aimed at people like me who have some discretion in where, when and how they drive.

    I acknowledge that there are others — especially commercial drivers and certain workers — who have little choice in the amount of fuel they use in a week.

    I read today from a Facebook post reposted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Kris Sims, that northern BC farmers are really feeling the fuel pinch.

    Here’s the post, written by Lia Strimbold Long
    May 19 at 7:41 PM ·

    “So today I took some cow/calf pairs and yearling heifers to the BC Livestock Auction yard in Vanderhoof. Vanderhoof is about a 2 1/2 drive. I met truck and stock trailer and truck and stock trailer and more trucks and trailers all the way there and back.

    “I left at 10 am. Once I got to the auction mart, there was a line up of trailers waiting to unload as well as 4 liners came in while I was waiting( about 10 minutes). I unloaded and talked to the staff there and they said they had 2300 head coming in for tomorrow’s sale! Typically they have about 500 for these spring sales.

    “I talked to one lady that said she had 5 bales of hay left, and then cows were going to have to go to pasture. Other people are out of feed and can’t find any. There are 1500 lb squares selling for $425/bale and then delivery on top! Those are about 9 or 10 hours away from here!

    “It’s been a long , cold spring. Today it got to 16º C, which would be the warmest day we have had! Still been freezing most nights. Grass is very slow coming, leaves are just starting to come out. Typically people can put cows out to grass on May long weekend, but not this year!

    “Fuel prices are crazy! Talked to someone who has his farm tanks filled and it’s usually $2800 and this time it was $4700!!! We are trying to do field work and seed- oats/peas/barley was $600ish last year for a ton and $975 this year!!!

    “I know I am rambling on, but I am wondering what other farmers/ranchers are thinking about their farming future?! Are you considering down sizing? Getting out of it altogether?

    “Also, non farmers, if you like your beef, consider sourcing your products locally. There are many ranchers that will sell beef. It’s a lot cheaper to buy direct from the rancher and will taste better too!!”

    End of quote.

  18. e.a.f. says:

    Filling up is now a bit of a shock. Had just a bit under half a tank left, filled up and paid $97. I’m just looking forward to now having to fill up the truck. with its much larger tank and engine. If your vehicle is paid for, the increase in the price of gas is easier to absorb, but many are driving vehicles which they are still paying for and with the increase in fuel, its difficult, but then in Europe they’ve been paying much more than we in North American have.
    G Barry Stewart has a point there about buying local. It does save money. Check out your local farm market. Better quality and the money stays in the community

    I doubt if many farmers will get out of the business Its not just a job, its a life style and they will be able to raise prices. Then of course we might want to stop throwing out so much food.

    Although people are complaining about the cost of gas I still see line ups at Tim Horton, Macdonalds and all sorts of fast food places. If people were running short of money, they’d be packing lunches and taking a thermos to work for coffee. Life is getting more expensive and it isn’t going to stop until governments start to deal with multi national corporations. Its rather funny that Canada has such high oil/gas prices when we produce it ourselves. With some planning we would control the product in this country and governments would be able to set the price so there wasn’t gouging. There is a war in Ukraine, but we live in Canada which has oil/gas, so oh, right profits are going up for the oil/gas companies and the bonuses the executives collect could bail some small towns out. If we had more refineries we might be in better shape.

  19. Tony says:

    The NDP was once the party of the working class, now they along with their federal counterparts and the Liberals have become the party of the fringe, the SJW’s of the country. I think most of us regardless of race, creed, orientation just want a roof over our heads and to live a normal life where we can afford to do things. Unfortunately the working class has been forgotten. We started out as a large russet potato and the government has peeled away our layers to become a nugget potato, hence not much left. The system is completely broken! How does this get fixed is beyond my pay scale as well as the governments!

    (Response: It’s sad but true. I hope every NDP MLA, MP, party strategist reads your comment …and thinks seriously about how you feel. Because I too believe the current NDP have lost touch with the vast majority of working people and you reflect the same feelings and conclusions now held by MOST British Columbians. And the next election may not be as far in the future as Horgan and his government believe. h.o)

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