How/Why Media Hid KEY Part of Sinai Story From You

For news junkies, watching … and trying to understand …  the chaos that unfolds every day/week/month/year in the Middle East can be quite a challenge.

So much of it today looks identical to what happened yesterday/last week/last month.  And let’s face it: much of the media come at it all very superficially … showing the bombings du jour; the latest atrocities; and, the increasing numbers of civilian casualties …without any real probing of for evidence of cause and effect .. because the sources go back a thousand years..

Last week, though, there WAS an opportunity to see and report exactly what was behind a major new front by ISIS   … against Egypt in the Sinai …  and almost ALL the Western media COVERED IT UP.

It began with the single largest attack on Egyptian forces in the Sinai since the country reclaimed the area in its peace treaty with Israel: in one strike alone, 30 Egyptian soldiers were slaughtered by terrorists identifying themselves as ISIS supporters.

There have long been skirmishes there with the current Egyptian military regime … but NEVER anything using sophisticated heavy weapons, rockets, artillery and massive amounts of firepower … carried out with impunity at three Sinai cities … with 70 Egyptians killed, before military forces destroyed the attackers.

The Sinai is a remote, mostly barren dessert region, with severely restricted access, enforced by several military checkpoints on every road by Egypt’s iron-gripped military dictatorship… easy to see the obvious question: HOW/WHERE did so many large weapons/shells/armaments get into the area so far away from Egyptian cities and trading centers?

An Egyptian General had a clear explanation: they came in FROM GAZA through the many smuggling tunnels linking the area to Egypt’s Sinai!

But try to find that explanation on the CBC National, BBC World News, Al Jazeera or ANY of the other major left-wing PRO-HAMAS world newscasts!!  They virtually ignored or only made oblique reference to what was a MAJOR revelation of new sourcing, new support and new supply routes for ISIS … provided by HAMAS in Gaza.

The same tunnels that were used when  the Muslim Brotherhood were in charge in Cairo to ship tons of weapons and ammunition into Gaza to help Hamas and the other terrorist groups operating there against Israel, were now being used by Hamas and other terrorists to deliver ISIS fighters, heavy weapons and explosives INTO Egypt to fight against the Egyptian military and its highly secular regime.

THAT’S WHY we saw Egyptian forces demolishing ALL homes/buildings (no need to get a warrant or care about UN protests there!) within five kilometres of the Gaza border … uncovering dozens of sophisticated smuggling tunnels in the process.

Why didn’t our media report or even question how the ISIS fighters got into the Sinai or where they obtained with all that sophisticated heavy weapons/armaments?

Because the TRUTH runs counter to their long-held and promoted anti-Israel narrative: that Gaza has nothing; that the people are still enduring terrible suffering; and that the blockade of ships bound for Gaza MUST be lifted so they can get much needed food, medical  and building supplies … which is all they seek. Simply NOT true!

It’s a total crock … hundreds of thousands of tons of food, medicine,  consumer goods (including building materials) have flowed from Egypt and from Israel and through the port of Ashdod to GAZA …  supervised by the UN …. but that has not fit into the anti-Israel (and more recently the anti-Egypt)  left-wing media propaganda campaign … so they chose NOT to cover that.  Or how Hamas steals much of the goods/supplies destined for the Gazan people … uses it to build new  tunnels,  weapons …or sells it on the black market to raise cash for weaponry, smuggled in from Iran.

In fact, just  two weeks ago, the anti-Israel media once more delivered lots of  unquestioning coverage of another ship, filled with leftist activists, trying to deliver goods to the  Gaza …calling for the free flow of ANYTHING into Gaza through a Gazan port. I didn’t see a single “journalist” ask them about whether they thought Hamas would bring in more sophisticated Iranian rockets/weaponry to start another war against Israel or to use against Egypt if there was no blockade?

And now, NOT to cover the truth of Sinai either  ….because it proves  that many of those imported metal supplies, obtained with billions in foreign assistance , are 0nce again being turned  into weapons for/by Hamas and now for ISIS too, instead of being used to rebuild Gaza.

So it all gets covered superficially … almost unprofessionally: when three rockets were fired late last week from Sinai into Israel …the media could not ignore that … but NONE of them reported WHERE they originated …from Gaza.

And of course, without full information,  it makes it almost impossible for most people to understand WHY the Palestinian Authority two days ago arrested more than 100 Hamas supporters in the West Bank (so much for the Palestinian unity authority!) and warn that more arrests are coming.

More is to come … but don’t expect OUR media to tell you exactly WHY and WHAT is asctually going on in the Sinai/Gaza/West Bank … because it doesn’t fit THEIR agenda or dedicated pro-Hamas narrative.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. larry Bennett says:

    Really makes “our” political bickering seem petty and overly convoluted in comparison – eh? Meanwhile the Obamaman is busy opening doors to Cuba and Mexico! Seeming not to notice the problems of Greece, Venezuela, and a dozen other countries who seem to think that socialism is the answer to all their problems. It is all going to collapse in war, in the end.
    “And youth, that’s now so bravely spending,
    Will beg a penny by and by”.

  2. Hawgwash says:

    So, where do we go for the real story?

    (Response: You have to really watch/read the news with a questioning eye/ear … watch for unstated or just hinted at claims in interview clips as to WHO is providing the weaponry, WHO is funding it; watch for biased reporting trends …easy to soon discern when any network (like CBC) constantly takes/promotes the Arab side in the mid-East …never a critical eye or question of Arab/Hamas spokesperson …no matter the issue or the evidence …and also read a lot on line from other English news sources, not just Israeli but Arab too …it takes work but you will get a fairer picture ..that BOTH sides or sometimes SEVERAL sides are to blame for inflaming or agitating or attacks…. certainly better than just blaming one side, always …as the left wing media do so often. h.o)

  3. E. Johnson says:

    Great article Harvey. High time someone speaks the truth. I have really never understood the left wing thinking towards Israel much less the laissez faire attitude regarding Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. So many people living a hellish existence in the Middle East. We really need to appreciate how fortunate we are to live in Canada.

    (Response: For the longest time I resisted saying so …because FAIR criticism of any country including Israel is fine with me …but I now believe there is a lot of old Christian anti-Semitism and pro-Muslim blindness involved in many cases. Because is the ONLY country in the whole region where women hold al kinds of power positions, and where gays and Arabs have democratic rights UNHEARD OF in any Arab country and can vote openly for candidates who support their causes; where there are actual strong UNIONS; where free speech is guaranteed, where the crazies are actually arrested when they attack Muslims (still waiting for Hamas/Fatah to do that when Israeli students/civilians are attacked) …and where gay rights parades are held without being shot at with rubber bullets, as in Turkey last week. How the left can so loudly condemn that country, call for boycotts and refuse to give it credit for anything positive it does ….yet do/say NOTHING when the Arabs slaughter 200,000 of their own people or when Hamas tortures and kills its political opponents right in Gaza IN PUBLIC … and steals so much of the foreign aid sent to help civilians …I just find unacceptable for supposed unbiased media. h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    Some politicians believe that we need to open dialogue with terrorist orgs. Some believe that even though the org is dedicated to erradicating an entire country or anyone that doesnt believe is their deity must die.
    Pretty hard when casting a ballot to vote for a party that thinks we can talk to these terrorist orgs. All the talk in the world isnt going to change religious doctrine.

    (Response: They remind me of Neville Chamberlain: let’s keep it real ..ISIS is even worse than Hitler in dealing with local populations in areas it conquers. And they’d just as soon murder and brutalize other Muslims (Azidis, Druse and Shiites) as massacring Christians and any opponents …including captured and handcuffed soldiers. And when Hamas and other terrorist groups based in Gaza assist and arm them …that MUST be reported for all the reasons the FACTS expose re the truth about Gaza. h.o)

  5. harry lawson says:


    are you really surprised ? selective reporting, media biases appear to be getting worse, however i believe this is a symptom of the ownership structure.
    if we truly had competition, independent and properly funded newsrooms, we would not have as much sanitized news.

    (Response: It does seem to be getting worse: I’m just hoping to alert people to watch with a more critical eye. Tonight for example on BBC World News there was another one of those sad stories about 1,000 refugees arriving in Greece … most of them fleeing Syria. How can you not feel compassion …when the story highlights the poor living conditions in tents they face as refugees in Greece, the lack of readily available medical treatment, poor sanitary conditions and only basic foods given to them? BUT then, turns out they had not arrived from Syria …but from nearby Turkey, a Muslim country where they were already accepted and safe …but 1,000 of them in one day had decided to just head to Greece, because it’s Europe where they want to be ..regardless of immigration rules/laws. And NOT a single question by the reporter about why they just headed into Europe when they were already safe as refugees in Turkey! And Greece …no less, already in drastic shape! Why no questions? I believe BBC World News has been controlled for a few years now by a far-left pro-Islamic cabal … you can see it EVERY DAY in what they report, how they report it and what they fail to report. They have become a PR firm for Muslim migrants heading to Europe from anywhere, for any reason…trying to evoke every sympathy, while almost never showing the negative impacts now straining local societies. I’ve seen it just recently…and was shocked … may blog about it soon. Yet, I tune in because BBC World is a window …even though a tinted one …on other parts of the world, but I watch with a VERY critical eye. h.o)

  6. larry Bennett says:

    E. Johnson – re: the laissez faire attitude regarding Iran obtaining nukes, etc.. We may say it goes back to the old Latin trope “Oderint modo timeant” which is to say, “Let them hate, so long as they fear”. (Accius) – so long as Israel has nuclear deterrrence, there will be relative peace in the Middle East; the moment Iran gets the upper hand it will end. That is why it must never happen.
    It is important therefore that the POTUS be reminded that he who would sup with the devil should bring a long spoon! Especially when ISIS seeks control of Gaza and east Egypt. The sooner this man is gone, the better.

    (Response: What really scares me …and I believe many other world leaders, East and West, is that if Iran gets nukes …the Turks, Saudis, Egyptians etc will also rush to get them … and although they would never admit it, world leaders …including Arab countries … don’t actually lose sleep each night knowing the Israelis have them, but would toss and turn all night if Iran or other militant/unstable Arab countries in the region got them. h.o)

  7. BMCQ says:


    Your Assessment of the Media, The Middle East, and it’s bias against Israel is 100% correct.

    I especially was appreciative of your comments regarding Gaza and the Anti Israel “Stinking Pile of Garbage” that has become a ridiculous cause for some Celebrities and Israel Haters!!

    It is very sad to witness the many Millions of Dollars of Care, Supplies, Food, and Infrastructure that went into Gaza to help the People only to see it end up being used to build Terrorist Tunnels, armaments, and fuel hate against Israel.

    Thank you!!

    It is most important that someone points this problem out and identifies it for the travesty of justice it is!

    Forgive me and I do sincerely hope I am wrong but I am going to go out on a limb here and speculate that you may not get too many comments and responses to your very important Post.

    The reason I am stating that is because with so many of your Posters being “Centre Left” they have in my opinion quite possibly consumed far too much of the Anti Israel Bath Water as spewed by so many in The MSM!!

    In fact I believe that many on the Left are actually Anti Israel.

    Not because they are Bigots but because they not familiar with the truth of what the facts really are regarding Israel and their right for survival.

    Hopefully your Blog will at least encourage the readers hee to learn the truth for themselves.

    We all need to know and understand that Israel cannot afford to lose one War because it would be their last!!

    Sure Netanyahu is tough but he needs to be tough. Israel is located in a very dangerous neighbourhood and is surrounded by far too many Countries that do not even believe in the right of Israel to exist.

    Thank god that Israel has some tacit support from people like King Abdullah of Jordan and others.

    And please do not forget the fact that much of the population of The EU is Anti Semitic and in some cases out right Anti-Israel.

    Many Jews in The EU live in fear and in my opinion it is disgusting to see the lack of Justice for Jews that have been forced to endure Anti Semitism and Hate Crimes!!

    My Mothers Family are from Sweden, a place that most of us here see as a Country of Peace and Happiness.

    Please Google Malmo Sweden Anti Semitism and just see what Jewish Families have had to endure there! Hell and that is no where near as bad as things are in other Countries like France.

    We currently have a man in the White House who in my opinion has thrown Israel under the Bus and in fact has more or less abandoned Israel.

    On top of that the weak anemic Leadership from that same White House will soon show us just how impotent they are by caving into Iran on the “Nuke” Deal.

    I honestly never thought that in my lifetime I would see another President in Office that would make Jimmy Carter look like a Visionary and a Hawk!! But here we are….

    One of the many reasons I am still a supporter of The Harper Conservatives is because of their support and concern for the security of Israel and it’s People.

    I have mentioned this before here but I would like to see Canada and PM Harper offer Jews from The EU and The Middle East other than Israel “Safe Haven” and a quick path to Canadian Citizenship.

    I really hope I am proven wrong here when I say that I do not expect to see many comments in support of your Post/Blog here Harvey but……..

    (Response: I don’t mind legitimate criticism of Israel and I acknowledge that it IS an occupying force in the West Bank. But do we really expect them to go back to the days when the Palestinians used to hurl rockets into Israeli commuter road traffic just across the street (the borders of that tiny country ARE that close); to allow terrorists almost free entry through border fences to attack kindergartens, shopping malls and people sitting in restaurants (notice how that ugly wall has virtually stopped those attack)? What would we do if hundreds of rockets were fired into Canada from militants in First Nations reserves to support land claims? We’d hopefully not just sit there and take it ..and how ludicrous it would be to see if the CBC, BBC World and Al Jazeera would covered those attacks as legitimate land claims struggles and Canada as the aggressor for fighting back. In fact, just two weeks ago, Al Jazeera marked the one-year anniversary of the Gaza war with a series entitled “Israel’s Attack on Gaza” … clearly depicting it as a one-sided attack …ignoring the truth …that Israel’s retaliation came AFTER more than 800 rockets had been fired into that country over several months. Kind of like marking the Second World War as “The Allied Attack on Germany”. Now, I get it when it’s Al Jazeera…the Arab based network based/owned in Qatar, a dictatorship which OPENLY funds, houses the leaders and supports Hamas terrorist organization …but when CBC National, BBC World, the boycotters like the United Church, etc. join in and are so one-sided…they in my view are no longer reporting, but advocating …and that should be of concern to all of us. h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    holy moly, I didn’t read about that anywhere and I do read. The newspapers in other countries didn’t print this either.

    I suspect they didn’t because they just don’t want people to know how fast ISIS has moved. it makes the west look incompetent. Really we must be incompetent. ISIS isn’t that big and they move that fast, into Egypt.

    We ought never have gotten into the middle east but a long time ago oil companies wanted it all and divided it up. They’ve been fighting to hang on to it ever since. Some one is buying all that oil from ISIS.

    its interesting they bomb and bomb, but really it hasn’t had that much impact. If we are going to bomb, bomb a whole lot of the ISIS oil “factories”. Yes I know it won’t happen. propping up IRAQ is a waste of money.

    Right now most of the press and western governments are too interested in what will happen or not happen in Greece to really care what happens in the middle east.

    (Response: The Egyptian and other Arab media have reported on what’s really going there, so has The Times of India … You can just Google News “Egypt destroys Gaza tunnels” or click and see here: …. including finding “8 sacks of explosives and half ton of C-4 explosives” in just one tunnel …you know, the ones the left wing activists say are just used to bring in much needed food and medicine. Of course the Israeli media, and their security officials, have been warning of it for some time … but the left wing anti-Israel biased media never report that … unless they, too, acted to destroy them… and then our media, the UN and the United Church etc. would likely shout about Gaza families/kids being cut off of critically-needed goods. h.o)

  9. larry Bennett says:

    Would that be the “United Church” which Douglas Todd just revealed as having such liberal views as to allow atheists as ministers? And women too, which is alien to this particular sexist relic!
    Be that as it may, there are other matters that Jews are expert at, so much so, that all other nations can only dream of. One bieng that they have ways of spotting plotters and hijackers by only watching them! When was the last time you heard of an El Al plane being hijacked? And while some of their ways may seem alien to us, they have never been known to throw old Arabs in wheelchairs, off boat decks, into the Mediterranean Sea, or rape virgins or behead or set fire to captives and throw gay persons off of buildings.
    Though, as Harve notes, it is in many cases the media who are at fault. I recall that even that blandest of American Presidents, Dwight Eisenhower,
    once assured his press cheif, prior to tough questioning at a news conference: Don’t worry, I’ll confuse ’em’.

    (Response: Although not a member, I took part and am Godfather to a young man who was baptized in the United Church. I used to admire its compassion etc. …but in the past few years, it has become so far left, so one-sidedly anti-Israel, so blind to terrorism, so silent/accepting/forgiving of all the Arab dictatorships … but oh so quick to call for boycott of ONLY Israeli products … never the REAL human rights criminals: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, China or Russia I think they just reflect that tired old-time British/European anti-Semitism, and nothing else. h.o)

  10. Jay Jones says:

    A+ post.

    Ahhhhh…sanity, how refreshing.

    (Response: Thanks. I believe we have the right to expect BOTH SIDES of any story when we watch the news. Israel is not perfect and its right wing government can easily be criticized…I don’t mind that. BUT I also expect to see more than just p.r. coverage of the other side. I urge people to watch CBC National with a critical eye whenever it reports on any aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian …and I see if they can detect any advocacy role, beyond actual reporting. Of course, even that doesn’t reveal facts that are deliberately left out …like actually showing every instance WHEN the terrorists launch their missiles (it’s happened three times in the past month) or from WHERE are they launched (right next to a school or hospital) or EVER a tough question of Hamas (maybe afraid of being targeted/killed?)…or WHY they place/order civilians, including kids, to remain right beside the launch sites. Because catastrophe looks good on camera and caters to the anti-Israel imagery. And by the way, I hope people are noticing the Houtis in Yemen are doing the same thing with their launches ..firing from civilian areas, so that when the Saudis shoot back…there will be LOTS of civilian death and carnage for the BBC, Al Jazeera, CBC teams etc to u8nquestionningly convey to the world. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    Jay Jones – 10

    A+, I like that!!


    I have been here since last July and as I stated up the page at 7 you could not have done a better job of exposing The Left Wing Anti Israel Media in their most objectionable Anti -Israel Slant!!

    I hate to point this out but so far it looks like my suggestion that most posters here will not comment or respond to your Post is correct.

    To me it looks like many of your regular Posters are treating the Topic you have presented here as if was wrapped in “KRYPTONITE”!!!

    To me their silence and ignoring of the Topic is unforgivable!

    Even those that disagree with your well made points do not have the “Balls” to “Push Back”!!


    One last thing to those that usually Post here that will not tough this because they are too busy “HIDING UNDER YOUR DESKS”!!

    “Cat Got Your Tongue”?

    A question for all of you.

    When was the last time you saw or heard of a group of “JEWISH HOMICIDE/SUICIDE BOMBERS” drag themselves into a Muslim Marketplace regardless of the Country and ‘PULL THE PIN’?



    I originally called some of you out by names but I felt by doing that I may have upset the Host so I deleted them.

    Besides there may always be a chance some of you may not have access to The Blog at this time.

    (Response: I never mind or censor disagreement …makes for a better discussion. I only try to stop insults, name calling and swearing and frown on promoting links to sites of racists, slanderers or crazies, for which I might incur legal liability. Otherwise anyone can bring it on! h.o)

  12. DBW says:

    Dear BMCQ

    Honestly, sometimes, I really can’t figure you out.

  13. Marge says:

    @BMCQ Holy jumping to conclusions my friend…. Maybe people are on holidays as I soon will be – heading to an even warmer climate than here; maybe the heat makes people too tired to care about issues – are Harvey’s readership numbers down in the summer? and maybe just maybe a lot of us agree with Harvey and are neither left nor right wingers and can’t think of anything to say either than well put Harvey and how many times can we just say that without turning Harvey’s head LOL.

    Having had Christian relatives killed in the concentration camps during WWII, I have total sympathy for the Israelis and can totally support them, given their history. What I’m not into is commenting on every single story Harvey writes. I know you like to BMCQ but not all of us do. But I thought I’d let you know that this non lefty, non righty read the article and appreciated Harvey’s words.

  14. Lew says:

    BCMQ, believe it or not there are those who do not feel the need to immediately post a long diatribe about every issue whether they have anything valuable to add or not. In fact, sometimes what a blogger posts is so accurate and well laid down that further comment requires some thought in order to add anything beyond agreeing and saying “me too.” And sometimes it provides information new to some that requires some research and digestion. This appears to be the case here.

    What you’ve done is provide a long list of the patently obvious mixed with a few slurs against the “non-believers” (anyone left of Saint Reagan), and suggested that anyone who usually posts here and hasn’t on this topic so far is a hater of Israel with no balls shamefully hiding under a desk. You have essentially added dick-all to the knowledge base of anyone here, built a straw man to heroically knock down, and insulted everyone who hasn’t posted by default.

    Do us a favor. Have the balls to name those you accuse, with specific examples of why you have a problem with them. That will enhance the debate and show whether your all-seeing eye is as accurate as you claim. While you’re at it, could you support your claim that many on the left are actually anti-Israel with some empirical data that compares that percentage with the percentage of anti-Israel right-wingers? I think that would be very informative for those of us who aren’t as widely read as you.

  15. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 12

    Look, I was raised by Older Parents that instilled certain values in me.

    They were very competitive, had strong character, were hard working, and honest.

    They in turn taught me those same character traits. They also taught me to be generous and charitable, and above all they taught me to stand up for others. I cannot change that and I will not apologize for it.

    I freely admit I am not always correct but I always stand up for what I believe in and I will always stand up for those I feel are worth while of my support.

    I understand that I cannot change attitudes to Israel and The Jewish People but I can at least attempt to point out to others some important factors that affect the attitude of many towards Israel and The Jewish People.


    Marge – 13

    I specifically mentioned that some regular Posters could be on Vacation so I did not and will not mention names. I believe H.O. would have edited the names out anyway. It would most likely have been an unfair thing for me to attempt.

    Having said that, do you not think that it is rather odd that all of those Posters just happened to be away all at the same time? A time when this post of Harvey’s just happened to appear on the Top Of The Board?

    Hell of a Coincidence don’t you think?

    LEW – 14

    Funny you say that about Posters not feeling they need to Post on all Topics.

    Here is a fairly accurate number of Comments/Responses over the last couple of months to Harvey’s Topics/posts on “Keeping It Real”.

    74 38 74 54 42 27 35 63 38 89 57 148 114

    Interesting don’t you think?

    Oh and by the way, there was one I found dated March 7 2014 where H.O. was critical of Al Jazeera. The number of Posts/Comments to that? 7? Count them Seven!!!!!

    Interesting don’t you think?

    You find it very easy to find fault with me and I get that.

    As I have already pointed out I do not think it would be responsible to post names.

    I now have a question for you, Marge, and DBW.

    You have sort of Pirouetted around the content of Harvey’s Post here.

    By any chance wo0uld any of you like to Pass a Comment or two on Harvey’s Post above?

    Just thought I would ask.

    By the way when you get the chance please take a look at what Jewish Families are currently up against with the Anti-Semitism in Malmo Sweden and other Parts of The EU.

    You may also wish to make the effort of reading the Article in upcoming Vanity Fair.

    “The Troubling Question in the French Jewish Community: Is It Time to Leave?”

    You are well aware that I respect your point of view very much LEW but I felt what I Posted needed to be said.

    I am more than willing to live with the criticism.

    Tough for me to make friends here!

  16. larry Bennett says:

    It is quite alright, BMCQ – I too, sense an under-current of despondency or distaste by many here to jump on this particular bandwagon. But such is the intimidatory nature of anti-Semitism. We could make a long list of discreditable Jews, but I haven’t the time (I’m 66) however a list of creditable (and even, brilliant ones) would take longer. And, as a Catholic, the same could be said of us, both ways. The Supreme Court of Ontario’s recent decision to not protect law graduates of Trinity Western Univ., from being discriminated against, shows a feral animus against Christians in general. Political machinations (mostly on the left) and especially their attempts at criminalization of political dissent and a want to reverse free-speech protections, shows that they consider that all aspects of life, should not lie beyond the reach of the state. Be very wary, Ezra Poundd slept here! As did, Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and etc., ad nauseum.

  17. Lew says:

    BCMQ, you may want to reflect on the fact that a large number of historical posts involve you arguing with others who take offence to your abrasive rants that often lack any sort of demonstrable supporting documentation. Nobody learns anything from you opining that everyone else is ill informed, and reading your insults of all who do not don a cape and heroically fly to the rescue as you seem to imagine you are now doing.

    “In fact I believe that many on the Left are actually Anti Israel.
    Not because they are Bigots but because they not familiar with the truth of what the facts really are regarding Israel and their right for survival.
    Hopefully your Blog will at least encourage the readers hee to learn the truth for themselves.”

    That is an arrogant, unsupportable generality. And when you attempt to paint me with that nonsense I get my back up.

    How dare you even suggest my support for Israel is wanting, that I don’t understand the issues, or that I’m pirouetting around them because I choose not to post a solution at your command. Any fool can lay out the problems, and blame others for them. What we need are solutions. I don’t have them, and neither do you. But don’t ever try to say I’m not thinking about them or that I should assume any added responsibility because I’m not posting on this site in a manner and at a frequency to your liking. When I got up this morning I checked my “to-do” list. Keeping you happy wasn’t on it.

  18. Hawgwash says:

    I have been busy.
    I have zero knowledge on the current topic.
    I asked Harvey where I could learn more.

    ob?fus·ca?tion n.
    Post 15

  19. BMCQ says:

    Larry – 16

    Tough Crowd!!

    LEW – 17

    First of all I should point out I am not Jewish and I have no Jewish Family Members.

    I am however due to relationships I have quite familiar with some of the very difficult problems Jewish People face in much of The EU and the Danger that Israel faces from far too many different countries in the Middle East and other locations.

    Not to mention what Israel and it’s People are faced with each and every day within their own Borders.

    I do carry on Business with a Tel Aviv based Company and I will be there in January.

    Look some of what I said is abrasive. I cannot argue with that.

    Perhaps I painted with too “Broad a Brush”. You seem to think that is true and I understand.

    Of course I cannot order you or others to care.

    My comments were meant to be more of a challenge. I apologize if some were offended, perhaps my passion runs a little deep.

    Hell, I am still quite sure I am in the minority here. I am also quite sure that H.O. and his opinion of biased News Coverage on the subject is in the minority here.

    Yes, people have the right to their own opinions.

    Having said that I still stand by my comments that it certainly appears to be “One Hel”l of a coincidence that the Posting Numbers with this subject dropped off so dramatically.
    Especially compared to some of the numbers of Posts I pointed out on other fairly recent Topics.

    But then again, what do I know? Just another “Arrogant Unsupportable Generality” I suppose.

    I suppose that will just remain a mystery!

    Much or perhaps everything I said means nothing to you and that is your right.

    Having said that reading back on Harvey’s original Post I must say that I find it very informative and to me it seems the Post would create an interest for many here to seek out more knowledge on what is going on with News coverage of Israel, the treatment of Israel the Country and the treatment of The Jewish People.

    Hawg – 18

    You want to learn a little more? I believe H.O. offered some valuable info on his response to you at 2.

    Or perhaps you might like to see more on the treatment of The Jewish People in The EU.

    Try the Vanity Fair piece I pointed out.
    That is unless you are too busy.

    Please, this is a suggestion, nothing more.


    I appreciate your thoughtful commentary.

  20. DBW says:

    Dear BMCQ

    I will take the bait (though I am not sure you deserve it) and I will engage you in conversation which if anything should boost the number of responses to this thread.

    I will even promise to answer your question about what I thought about Harvey’s post and explain why I chose not to respond.

    But first, I want you to be VERY clear about what you meant by:

    To me their silence and ignoring of the Topic is unforgivable!

    Even those that disagree with your well made points do not have the “Balls” to “Push Back”!!


    One last thing to those that usually Post here that will not tough this because they are too busy “HIDING UNDER YOUR DESKS”!!

    “Cat Got Your Tongue”?

    A question for all of you.

    When was the last time you saw or heard of a group of “JEWISH HOMICIDE/SUICIDE BOMBERS” drag themselves into a Muslim Marketplace regardless of the Country and ‘PULL THE PIN’?



    Again to be very clear, what are you implying when you said that the silence was shameful? What exactly were you hoping people would have said? Or more to the point, what are you implying that people were afraid of saying?

    Maybe I am reading you wrong, so if I am going to continue engaging with you, it is extremely important for me to know exactly what you meant.

  21. Lew says:

    BCMQ, your original post was absolutely bang on up to and including the sixth paragraph. I’d be proud to sign my name to it. Had you cut it off there and concluded with a seventh pointing out your valid observation that the subject doesn’t draw as many posts as other topics and perhaps Harvey’s erudite readers could weigh in to help out with their observations about why that might be, we’d probably all have learned a lot. You might have even asked him to introduce the subject more often to advance our knowledge.

    I needn’t reiterate what you did instead, especially in post #11, but let’s just say I don’t think it was the best approach. I sincerely hope we all get a better crack at examining the issue here in future.

  22. John's Aghast says:

    Kudos again Lew! While some posters may think that ‘length’ makes up for ‘frequency’, others of us may wish to cogitate on the post and refrain from commenting for comment’s sake.
    Now we’re up to 21. Is he happy yet?

  23. Laura says:

    I’m sure if you polled the Indo-Canadian and Chinese- Canadian communities you’d find that the topic of Israel is a big yawn.

    But for some Canadians of a European background, Israel is important for some reason. Primarily those of a “certain age”. I assume they feel an affinity for a mostly white, Jewish state in the Holy Land?

    Well, like most people, I don’t care. There was nothing noble about how Israel was founded. It was founded on terrorism by well-armed thugs against a weaker opponent. Although many would prefer to believe there was no violence, that the Palestinians just one day got up and moved away from their homes and livelihoods for no reason.

    Over time neither side has engendered within me any sympathy given the constant acts of terrorism and the walls and the checkpoints and the racism.

    So far the state they created has lasted just under 70 years. Perhaps it’ll last as long as the Crusader States back in the Middle Ages? But perhaps not, the respective birth rates aren’t in their favour after all.

    If things go south for Israel that’s tough for them but not exactly unexpected. If and when that happens I’ll care about as much as I do the fall of Acre and the Kingdom of Jerusalem back in the middle ages, which isn’t much.

    (Response: Your whole philosophy seems based on materialistic self-interest and selfishness. Lucky you were not living in occupied Europe, Russia or the Pacific a few decades ago and that OUR brave soldiers from across the CIVILIZED Allied world didn’t have YOUR attitude. I suspect you can’t understand … but I …. and millions of others … DO CARE about what happens to people in China, India, Africa, the Ukraine, North Korea, Afghanistan, the whole Mid East … including Palestine and yes, Israel too …. at the hands of terrorists and dictatorships. It’s people like US who make the world better, bit by bit and sometimes at great sacrifice of our brothers, sisters and children …so people like you can then enjoy the benefits …even if you do not care about anyone but yourself. h.o)

  24. Laura says:

    Harvey, your response is hyperbole. Do you really want to go that route with me?

    (Response: I thought it was keeping it real! h.o)

  25. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 20

    First of all the best illustration and observation of what I believe is the Anti Israel and Anti-Semitic bias of much of The Media is right at the top of the page here in Harvey’s Assessment/Blog.

    He is 100% correct in what he points out.

    I give him full credit for his content and the way he made the points.

    An A+ as Jay Jones states!

    I stand by everything I said except as I have already acknowledged the part where I Painted with a very Broad Brush. I should have most likely said most or many when I stated that the silence was deafening and people that normally Post were hiding under their desks.

    As it has been pointed out by others I can be Arrogant, Egotistical, Aggressive, Opinionated, Impatient and many other things but I at least stand up for what I believe in.

    Again, only my opinion but I wish more people did stand up for what they believed in!

    Even if it turns out you are wrong and need to apologize the odd time for God’s Sake, take a chance and show some “Strength of Character”!!

    Having said that you may wish to look back to my original Post here early on at 7 where I stated that I felt that many that normally Post would not participate because of the subject.

    From what I see up until this morning at 5:00 AM my speculation was correct, other than the few that were directed at me or others that danced around the subject without addressing it directly there are fewer than what, 10 that comment on what H.O. presented as the Topic.

    To me that is very telling.

    Sure as some have attempted to point out we could have amazing coincidence and several regular Posters could be away or off having some kind of “Implant Surgery but…………

    My main point that I suppose I danced around somewhat was that I feel that many and YES I mean many Centre Left types are Anti-Israel.

    Those that I speak of are not out marching with Placards that say “Down With Israel” but they are in fact against Israel and most of their Policies. For some reason so many that find fault with Israel do not really want to look into what is actually happening in The Middle East over all let alone what difficulties Israel faces.

    Too many as H.O. states up the page are willing to “Drink the Bath Water” of what the Anti-Israel Bias presents on their News Casts and in Print each and every day of the week.

    I have mentioned the Jewish Oppression in Malmo Sweden and I have also pointed out the upcoming Vanity Fair piece that discusses the Anti Semitic behavior in Paris.

    You are a thoughtful person, I would like you to take some time read a little bit about it and then come back here and tell us what you think.

    You may also want to read the Post above here at 23 and the response from H.O.

    To me that just about says it all!!

    Look DBW, when I was a young Boy I saw the Tattoos and I touched them.

    It changed my Life forever!

    John – 22

    Take a few minutes and read ALL of the Posts above.

    You will soon see that even though there were 21 Posts when you Posted at 22 less than 10 of them actually commented on Topic.

    I stand by my comments!

    Too many of you (edited..h.o) are HIDING UNDER YOUR DESKS!!

    I too am “AGHAST”!!


  26. Laura says:

    If that’s “keeping it real”, then by all means point out to me the connections.

    Since when is caring about Israel the litmus test for how someone feels about other people in the world? Is the concept that one could care about someone but not Israel that foreign a concept to you?

    By not caring about Israel how exactly does that make me materialistic?

    Are Israelis materialistic for not caring about Vancouver’s homeless problems or the plight of our first nations?

    How many non-white Canadians do you think watch the BBC News for evidence of pro-Palestinian bias? Probably somewhere between few and none I would imagine. Does that make them materialistic and selfish?

    What exactly does “occupied Europe” and our “brave soldiers” have to do with Israel?

    And what benefits have you provided? Did you serve in the Armed Forces fighting for my freedom against Germany or Japan at some point? If so, thank you, but you know how much that would have to do with Israel? Not one damn thing.

    Israel is a state founded on terrorism with the backing of the United Nations. Period. The same UN that people on the Right denigrate all the time.

    Again, people of a certain age and colour seem to care a lot about Israel, perhaps due to all the Hollywood movies glorifying what happened along with the sensational media around back then. Everyone else is just bored with the subject or think both sides are to blame and they can figure out how to live with each other on their own.

    Personally I think there’s a lot of problems in the world more important than the Israeli takeover of Palestine and the resulting issues.

  27. Lew says:

    Laura, I’m interested in your statement that you won’t care much if things “go south for Israel.” Leaving aside niceties like social conscience and empathy, what effect do you think that would have on the folks disinterestedly yawning on this side of the pond?

    Things “went south” for eleven million Jews in the Second World War, and although you weren’t around to be bored at the time, it apparently caused a bit of a stir. Given that the stated goal of Israel’s regional foes is not a land grab or subjugation, but complete extermination of it’s citizens, and the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons, I have a feeling the fallout might again catch our attention. What do you think?

    Incidentally, Israel’s birth rate is the highest in the developed world, much above the replacement rate. Unless of course, “things go south”.

    (Response: Agree with you, but would point out the Jewish death btoll in the camps was six million; the other five million were non-Jews …political dissidents, Poles, Russians, disabled, gays, etc. … and the total death toll in the War was 52 million. Imagine what it would have been if we over here had Laura’s attitude. h.o)

  28. BMCQ says:

    H.O. – Edit – 25

    Sorry, I did not realize that Sons of —— was profane. I will refrain in future.

    I just do not want others to think I threw the “F” Bomb out or worse.

  29. Laura says:

    Lew, if things “go south” for Israel, what exactly will you be doing about it? Besides catching your attention?

  30. Laura says:

    Yes Harvey, god knows where we would be if back in 1939 we hadn’t had people watching BBC news to complain about favouritism in between trips abroad.

    Thank you for making the world safe.

    And I still didn’t catch what regiment you served with…

    (Response: I’m too young to have served in the War…but I always appreciate and honour the sacrifices of those who did … through remembering them, through my work, through my free blog and most of all, by caring about those elsewhere who face dictatorships, terrorism, intolerance, discrimination, poverty …and yes, selfishness in those who openly say they don’t care about others. h.o)

  31. Laura says:

    There didn’t have to be a war on for you to serve. We have a peacetime army, navy and airforce. If you chose not to, fine.

    I’m just trying to gauge how much “care” you truly have for both Israelis and non-Israelis.

    (Response: You’re now being silly if you are suggesting that joining the arm3d forces is the only way people serve our community/world. EVERYONE who works, or volunteers or takes care of a home or goes to school or yes, writes a blog serves our community/country. And if you read my blog archives … you’ll see, as I’ve said earlier, how I HAVE written about human rights issues and strife/refugees etc. involving MANY peoples in many countries …including China, Russia, Ukraine, Syria , Tibet etc. I believe, the fact that you ignored all those, but have become apparently quite upset that someone simply wants fair reporting of BOTH sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict says more about you … and your unfortunate bias … than me. h.o)

  32. Laura says:

    By the way, if anyone else wishes to show how much they “care”, there’s wars going on right now in various areas of the world.

    If you can all take time out from blogging of course.

    (Response: Gotcha! Had you checked, you would have discovered I have written SEVERAL blogs about the suffering going on for ordinary people/human rights etc. in the Ukraine, China, Russia, Europe etc. h.o)

  33. Laura says:

    Yes, you don’t have to be a member of the armed forces, you can help out in other ways. So which way did you help out? Did you go to Israel, Russia, China etc in some capacity such as with Oxfam or CUSO and lend a hand?

    And I’m sure the people of China and Ukraine etc appreciate your blogging, one can’t show how much they care more than that I’m sure.

    (Response: You just don’t get it.. or your just being argumentative for the sake if being argumentative.. Read my answer again about the MANY ways people everywhere can contribute to improving society and places in the world that need help/assistance without heading over there. But you clearly don’t get that. As for the places you mention …I have been to ALL OF THEM and a lot more countries too that have experienced difficulties …including Greece, by the way… and I know I contributed positively to each…. not just while there but from here too. I suspect much more than you do. And by the way, wherever I do go, I always visit any Canadian War cemetery/graves nearby … including even Kanchanburi, Thailand: you should do that too …so maybe you too will start caring more about others. h.o)

  34. Laura says:

    I’m also still waiting for an answer as to how much terrorism you condone before you don’t support them?

    (Response: I don’t condone terrorism at all … but I am well aware of the expression that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. My own definition is simple: terrorism is when violence and destruction is AIMED SPECIFICALLY AND DIRECTLY AT CIVILIANS. That clearly differentiates, for example, when the Nazis purposely bombed civilian targets in Warsaw and Rotterdam .. from when the Allies attacked Nazi military emplacements and civilians nearby were killed. I do recognize though there can always be questions..such as the bombing if Dresden. h.o)

  35. Lew says:

    Laura, you ask what I’d do if things go south (your euphemism) for Israel. I would probably be watching my grandsons, and maybe even my granddaughters, heading over there to put their lives on the line so smart-assed punks over here could sit in bemused bliss with the freedom to duck questions and spout inanities. My father and stepfather put theirs on the line for the same reason. I also served this country in the armed forces, but was lucky enough to have been born at a time when I didn’t have to enter combat.

    The fact that you don’t appreciate it and claim to care about the rest of the world but not Israel speaks to your character, not mine. When my kids asked me when they were growing up how the world could have let the Holocaust happen, your attitude would have made a perfect illustration.

    You ask, “What exactly does ‘occupied Europe’ and our ‘brave soldiers’ have to do with Israel? Has it ever occurred to you that if it wasn’t for those brave soldiers it would have been an occupied world, not just Europe? It was very close, you know. And if a certain fellow had pulled it off, there wouldn’t have been any Jews left or any reason for the armed thugs you speak of to make an honest attempt to establish a safe haven for them. That might have made you happy, but not many others.

  36. DBW says:

    Not sure if Israel will go south, but this topic sure did in a hurry.

    BMCQ, thanks for responding but you still have not answered my question about what you were implying, so I will answer it for you.

    I understand that you feel very strongly about your position on Israel and the situation in the Middle East. I get that and often I have the same feelings. But I also understand that there are people who feel differently. I sometimes I feel that way as well. The situation in the Middle East is complex.

    But what you implied (or perhaps I should say what some of us inferred) was your suggesting that anybody who not only didn’t agree with Harvey’s post but those who hadn’t even responded to the post had to be some left-wing, anti-Semite, pro-terrorist, hiding-under-the-desk, shameful coward.

    Name-calling even those with differing opinions does nothing to advance the debate. Name-calling those that haven’t even shared an opinion is completely ludicrous.

    I actually went out on a limb and asked my 20 something son to read your post #11 and surprisingly he agreed. When he got to your

    “To me their silence and ignoring of the Topic is unforgivable!”

    he stopped and said he wouldn’t read anymore. I said “it gets worse” and he said “then WHY read anymore.

    Twice, Lew tried to explain the offensiveness of your words, but I don’t think you still understand.

    As for Harvey’s original post, I did not think it was an A+. Like you he has a very definite opinion on the left-wing anti-Israel bias in the media. He has written about it before and he is certainly entitled to that opinion.

    I have no opinion on that topic because I don’t read as many sources as Harvey apparently does to form an opinion. But look at his justification for making that statement this time around. There was no mention of the Hamas tunnels being used to supply ISIS in the attack on Egypt. And because there was no mention that somehow proves left-wing media bias.

    Maybe. Like I say, I have no evidence one way or another to form an opinion but I did do a google search on the attack and one of the top hits was a Fox News story and guess what? No mention of the tunnels.

    So is it a left-wing bias? a media bias? or no bias at all. Hell if I know so I didn’t respond.

    And where did Harvey get the real story about the tunnels. Again hell if I know. Hawgwash (#2) asked “so where do we do we go for the real story?” And Harvey’s response was a vague as can be. We have to read a whole bunch of sites not just the CBC and BBC and we have to ask a whole bunch of questions (I guess to ourselves) about the biases within a story. All good advice for sure, but certainly not helpful in terms of specifics.

    Look I have no problem with people having differing opinions. Good discussions are worth having and pushing the envelop can sometimes be good. That is why I was actually intrigued by Laura’s response.

    I don’t agree with it but I was intrigued. I am also amused that a left leaning person actually said something politically incorrect and have some of the right leaning people outraged. I believe you have praised others for not fearing political correctness but I guess that is only true if you side with the right group.

    To sum up BMCQ. I have great sympathy for Israel and the Israeli people. I cannot imagine living in a country that is always at threat of being attacked. I do care that it survive as a nation (although my caring as Laura points out hardly helps them at all). I also have great sympathy for the Palestinian people who are living in the midst of a war zone and do not yet have a piece of land that they can call home. I do not sympathize with Hamas or any terror group that use death and destruction to advance their cause.

    And having wasted this much time responding to your post I am beginning to think my son correct after he skimmed the exchange between Harvey and Laura.

    “You need another hobby, Dad. One that involves an XBox and an internet killing game where you can trash talk your opponent’s mother.”

    (He was joking – sort of.)

    (Response: The real story on the tunnels started with a single news clip I saw on BBC by an Egyptian General in only one story, explaining why they were bulldozing their own Egyptian homes and other buildings within 5 k.m. of the Gaza border …because the ISIS fighters that attacked/killed the Egyptian soldiers had entered Egypt from Gaza with all their heavy weapons. That perked my interest … because several networks showed the bulldozings several times neither the BBC nor most of the others explained or pursued it … and then in a newspaper I also saw the quote from another Egyptian military spokesman sayi9ng that in one tunnel, they discovered all the explosives I mentioned. h.o)

  37. Laura says:

    Lew, what questions exactly have I ducked? Point them out to me please. Or is that one more of your many exaggerations?

    Nice to know you wish to send your children or grandchildren off to die if things go bad for Israel. But since you claim to care for everybody in the world I can only wonder why you haven’t done so already given the many wars going on as we speak?

    Or are you a smart-assed punk sitting out the current wars in bemused bliss as I suspect?

    Unlike the chickenhawks here at least you served. So did I. And so did my husband, my father and my uncle, named Lou by the way. My father served in combat in Korea, my uncle in World War II in both Italy and the Low Countries. My husband and I never saw combat of any kind but we did wear the uniform. We both still have our initial cap badges, referred to as “pineapples”.

    As for your character, its on display right now. You need to show some respect for people with different opinions or your life will never get any better. Stop the name-calling.

    As for World War II, you started to try and make a connection between it and Israel in your last paragraph and never managed it. Let me help you with some basic history. Germany invaded and occupied Poland. Britain and Canada among others went to war because of that act. Israel occupied Palestine, but Canada didn’t go to war. And I doubt anyone in your family did in 1948 either. I guess some of us loved Poland more than Palestine?

    If you want to send your kids to defend Israel, go ahead, but again, why wait? There’s wars going on right now that they could go fight in if you actually care about non-Israelis.

  38. Laura says:

    Harvey, so are you or are you not okay with the numerous terrorist attacks carried out in the late 1940s by Israelis against unarmed Palestinians in order to instill fear into the rest of the population and get them to flee their homes?

    Because everything after that is the result.

    Worrying about which side gets better press coverage is in no way going to lead to real peace. Best to face up to what was done and start the sincere apologies and try to build a country together, not one where some get the vote and others don’t or where some live behind walls and others don’t or some get the good jobs and others work as cleaners and street vendors. That is not the way to bring about peace and understanding.

    As for caring, perhaps more people should care about our high levels of child poverty, inequality, low paid jobs, declining healthcare etc. And stop complaining about Vancouver paying a “living wage” or voting for people who make BC #1 in Canada for child poverty for a decade.

    Not being a jerk but to me, saying one cares about everyone is like saying one doesn’t care for anyone. We all have to pick our battles, what we choose is what defines us.

    (Response: I condemn EVERY attack specifically AIMED and DIRECTED at unarmed and non-combatant CIVILIAN targets. Period. h.o)

  39. BMCQ says:

    Lew – 35

    First of all let me thank your Father, your Step Dad, and you for your Service!!

    My Father lost a Brother in Sicily. He was killed on August 3, 1943.

    He rests in The Agira Canadian War Cemetery in Sicily.

    As you point out the results of WW II could have turned out much differently.

    Thank God Britain had the Leadership of Churchill, with any lesser a Man in charge things would have been very much different and Britain either would have negotiated Peace with Hitler or Britain would have been defeated.

    Churchill was able to keep Britain in it until The U.S. entered the War.

    Greatest Man that ever lived!

    If it was not for Leaders like Churchill and others of the day the World would have been a much different place.

    When I think of Atrocities like “The Holocaust”, Nanking, and others it makes my skin crawl.

    I am sure I am in the minority here but I believe each and every year High School Students should be taught several classes on the History of both WW I and II including factual information of The Atrocities that took place.

    Non of us should ever forget!

    I do not pretend to know much at all of The History of WW II but I really wonder if those of us alive today regardless of age say 50, 40, or in our twenties have the strength of Character to stand up to the Japan or Germany of WW II.

    Perhaps it is because I do not know if I would have had the courage to join The Military myself during War time or perhaps I just do not have the confidence in the population I see around me as I live my life in mostly Canada in 2015.

    As a society we are missing a lot and a big part of what we are missing is somewhere we have lost our “Strength of Character”.

    Too many of us today do not stand up for anything we believe in, we just stand back in silence.

    We have become so pathetically PC and Impotent as a Society that I am afraid we are just going to stand back and watch what we once had just simply taken away from us.

    Please do not ask me to explain that.

    Harvey –

    We do not agree on everything but I “Like Your Style”!!

    And your “Strength of Character” !!

    Sure I over use the term but I believe Good Character and the passion to stand up for oneself is possessed by far too few of us today.

    Laura –

    I do not if you know much about Boxing but I am sure you will get my drift.

    You are now in need of “A Good Cut Man”!!

    Just ask me and I can recommend someone.

    DBW – 38

    What I was attempting to say is I believe that far too many left of Centre types are Anti Israel. Simple.

    Of course we know the Far Right is Anti Semitic that is a given.

    The problem for me with so many on the Left being Anti -Israel and perhaps Anti Semitic is it is just something one would not expect to see. At least I would not.

    As Harvey points out much better than I ever could there is a Bias against Israel by MUCH of The Left of Centre MSM Media.

    Again, I cannot explain it better than Harvey.

    The various Tunnel Stories have been around for a while.

    It was only a year or two ago at least two Israeli Soldiers were kidnapped by one Terror Group or another that had snuck in through a network of Tunnels. The Soldiers were then taken back through the tunnel.

    I can remember poor olod Wolf Blitzer of CNN navigating through the Tunnel before they were destroyed. Believe it or not they were very sophisticated and well built with about 6′ High Ceilings. Wolf pointed out that the he was told the Tunnels were constructed with Building materials that were meant to build housing for the People of Gaza.

    I will say this about Anti Israel Bias in MSM.

    Since CNN Ratings tanked so low over a year or so ago they have taken a slightly different direction and they are providing a more balanced and fair Coverage of Israel and The Middle East.

    I too have a Son, he is 26.

    He was and is a Jock. he attended Vancouver college Elementary and High School.

    He played Football, Basketball, Golf for School and Community Teams. He also played Baseball.

    He did not have one Video Game between K through 12. He did not have a Cell Phone until he moved away to attend College in California where he played on the College Golf Team.

    Believe it or not he is a Conservative. He is a Political Junky and he Reads this Blog with great interest.

    From what he tells me he now e plays Golf with his friends but he also plays with several Men that are mostly over 40 years of age because he finds their comradery and the talk of their life experiences interesting.

    I am very happy about that.

    But he finds our PC Society and the whole Hipster thing very frustrating. Imagine that!!

    We are all different.

    I feel badly that you felt you were wasting your time with your Post to me.

    You say you find the comments of Laura intriguing.

    That is funny because I find her comments quite repulsive!

  40. 13 says:

    Hard not to pick a side in this “debate”. BMCQs earlier assumption that the anti Isreal lefties would not post seemed to work. He managed to drag some out from under desks.
    The middle east is a complicated mess. To read all of these comments (twice) certainly illustrates how we will never change peoples perspectives on the mid east.
    Win ,lose or draw Isreal needs the real or moral support that it gets from the rest of the world. For that reason (and many others) I will still vote for herr Harper. Allthough I suppose Harpers tough on crime stance pales when the Hamas toss him off of a roof top seems even tougher. At least with Harper you get a trial.

  41. larry Bennett says:

    BMCQ – Your son will go far, God bless him. I think you may have added to your problems by stating that he attended Vancouver College as this will cause more baying at the moon and more grist for their mill than before. Especially from critics like Lew and Laura, the latter being a feminist. Again, be wary here, she is a feminist of the old school who does not cotton to “flowery” words, always bitter, always livid, never conciliatory, and most surely, not feminine, in the original meaning. As Mary Wakefield says in the Speccie, “Racist (and we may add, sexist)” are the A-bombs of insults, and they hurl them with abandon. Today’s generation are mostly left-leaning, urban, socially concerned, and closed to discussion – they conflate “right-wing” with “racist” and for whom, even asking questions about “immigration” is now taboo. You might think shame would make them morbidly reclusive – not so!
    I am unaware, of course, what was so offensive as to be edited, whether it be b*tches or Elders, but I’m pretty sure of its inconsequence.

  42. larry Bennett says:

    13 – as always, calm, cool and making too much sense for many (most)? here.

  43. Lew says:

    Laura, you practice dishonest discourse, which makes it very difficult to engage you in any rational debate. You answer questions with questions, deflections, and silence. I won’t play your game.

    You offered a flippant post about a very serious issue that has vexed the world for a very long time. I told you I was interested in whether you thought the destruction of the State of Israel would have any effect on us, leaving aside the normal (except to you, apparently) niceties of social conscience or empathy. What effects would we see and feel here? You haven’t answered.

    I also would like to see you flesh out what significance you place on the relative birth rates you mentioned. What did you mean by that, and how do you see the relative birth-rates issue impacting Israel?

    If you post to invite comment and questions about your offering, take responsibility and honestly answer the legitimate questions that flow from it. Otherwise, just admit you’re trolling for the fun and self-pleasure of being an irritant. In which case you can be ignored.

  44. Laura says:

    Thank you 13 for demonstrating once again the right-wing’s penchant for declaring anyone who isn’t with them to be against them.

    Vic Toews and you share that philosophy it appears.

    The idea that perhaps someone isn’t for or against but just doesn’t care is an apparently unfathomable idea to you.

    As for Israel, ask yourself why you feel they need so much support. Assuming you ever ask yourself questions.

  45. Laura says:

    BMCQ, over the past months I’ve come to find your, and others here, lack of compassion for other people to be truly staggering so I’m not surprised to learn you want to support Israel militarily but think a city like Vancouver shouldn’t pay its workers a wage they can live on.

    What do you think we’ll support Israel with, Canadian Tire bucks?

    But then you, and others here, vote for parties that lower other people’s standard of living and increase poverty among children. So no surprise and more than a little repulsive.

    As for “a good cut man”, after coming to know you through your posts I have no doubt you have at least one on speed dial.

  46. DBW says:

    13 – You said

    “BMCQs earlier assumption that the anti Isreal lefties would not post seemed to work. He managed to drag some out from under desks.”

    SOME?? Name them. These are the people who have posted since BMCQ’s rant.

    DBW (me)
    larry Bennett
    John ‘s Aghast

    Except for perhaps Laura (and I will get to her in my response to BMCQ) which one of us said anything indicating an anti-Israeli bias?


    You said

    “What I was attempting to say is I believe that far too many left of Centre types are Anti Israel. Simple.”

    Fair enough but that wasn’t what you said and I hope you realize how some of us would have taken offense.

    And by the way, I still haven’t seen any anti-Israel bias on this thread and I am not even sure about Laura as she just doesn’t care. Is that indicative of anti?

    My first response to her post was shock. I was surprised and disappointed by the way she phrased it. I often agree with much of what she says so I was intrigued that she would say something completely different from what I would have expected.

    Now be very clear BMCQ I am not defending her. But, unlike your assessment, she does not need a cut man. She hasn’t even felt a sting. Mainly because she has framed the debate.

    She has Harvey tripping over himself trying to justify how much he cares. He visits graveyards, he blogs about China, he respects our soldiers. It’s pointless because no matter what he says, she responds with “and how does that exactly help?” You cannot win that argument and I am actually surprised by your restraint to stay out of it.

    Again I am not defending her but for myself I had to pause at her remarks.

    We can sit behind our computer screens and say all we want about caring but philosophically, what does it all mean. At what point would we allow our caring to affect our own well-being.

    As much as we like to think we are caring and compassionate people, sometimes we have to ask ourselves how much we are prepared to DO not just how much we think or feel.

    If we want we can try to explain to her why the Middle East might matter. But putting ourselves on some moral pedestal is a non-winning strategy.

  47. 13 says:

    DBW read Lews post 41. It answers the question who crawled out from under a desk. BMCQ has pointed out on other threads Lauras absence. Lew has captured her blog technique and outlined it clearly. When she says she doesnt care you wonder if that means she is anti Isreal? In lauras case my guess is yes.

  48. BMCQ says:

    Larry – 39

    Are you actually telling me that I could be even less welcome here than I am now? Who’da Thunk!

    I am in total disbelief!!

    I mentioned a little about my son to DBW to provide him a little background info.

    There are a few reasons Son attended VC.

    1. – Structure

    2. – Accountability

    3.. – Curriculum – that is not influenced by the Cancerous politics of The BCTF. Please understand I am not necessarily criticizing BCTF Members. As with anything else some are not so good. I have friends and relatives that are BCTF and I would be very happy to have them Teach my Child.

    4. Athletics

    5. Religion – We are not Catholic, we are however believers and we felt that what VC offered in the way of Religion would de be of great benefit to him.

    VC was not perfect but The Admin, The Brothers and the rest of the Teaching Staff were absolutely amazing. We consider ourselves privileged and we are proud that our Son was able to attend VC!

    If it attracts or encourages more criticism or animosity towards me that is just fine.

    I have never been shy to stand up for myself, my family, friends or those that may need a “Leg Up” in Life. Sure one can put themselves in jeopardy, sure it may cost a few Dollars to help someone else in need out but I am more able and willing to stand up for what is the right thing.

    Having said that the right thing for me might not be the right thing for 90% that are on this Blog.

    I respect others, try to live strictly by “The Golden Rule” and I do my best to live a good life.. If I happen to upset some while I am doing that so be it..

    Several times here Lew has challenged me. Sometimes I feel it is warranted other times perhaps not.

    Having said that Lew and I will manage to work things out. I have a great deal of respect for what he brings to the Blog and in fact I admire him for his willingness to engage even if things get a little heated. How bad can that be?

    DBW – 42

    You make a good point when you observe that even though the count jumped up a bit it was more less an exchange between only a few that increased that count.

    in fact I feel that my original point has been supported by the fact that those regular Posters of the Left do not speak out against Harvey’s original Blog because they do not want to come across as INTOLLERANT. Get it now?

    Most on the Left would rather “OMIT” or not REPORT, or not engage in things that either favour Israel or show a Bias against Israel and the Jewish People regardless of their location in the World.

    Same thing is going on in The U.S. with MSM and MSNBC. No matter how bad the current President performs the MSM are behind him. Again, even if the news is horrible the MSM just OMIT and do not Report!

    Same goes for Hillary.

    If it would have been say Romney that had the problems with “White Water”, Benghazi, The E-Mail/Server Scandal, Cody Shearer, Sidney Blumenthal and even Susan Rice that outright LIED about Benghazi. The MSM has left that almost totally unreported.

    The President himself or the AG should have ordered an investigation into The E- Mail Service Business and not a whimper from MSM on The Presidents Non-Action.

    Let me ask this. What if it was GW Bush that “Stained” Monica Lewinsky’s Dress? Do you think MSM would let him off the Hook so easy?

    Even those of the Left that did Post here did not comment on Topic they were challenging me or another really unrelated matter.

    I still ask the same question of those same People.

    I even mentioned two things about Aggressive behavior against The Jewish People in Malmo and paris to you.

    I asked you to comment, so far nothing.

    Each and every time you ask me for clarification I do my best to provide an answer. It may not always be what you are looking for and you let me know.

    Why not please do the same for me.

    Laura’s Post was “Sickening” and yes I still maintain she requires a “good “Cut Man’.

    Hopefully before she bleeds out!

    I look forward to hearing from you on Malmo and the plight of Jews in Paris and France.

    Sorry DBW I am heading out the door and I did not have time to Proof.

    Oh and by the way I do appreciate your opinion!

    A few more weeks of this and I really believe I can change your mind about a lot of things!

  49. BMCQ says:

    DBW = 42

    The reason I can resist engaging with Laura is because she only cares about “The Fight”.

    She really does not wish for a solution or an answer to the problem.

    Much like those “Race Hustlers” Sharpton and Jackson. If someone waved a Magic Wand and all of sudden there was no more Injustice in The U.S. and there was no more Racism, and no more “White Privilege those two “Race pimps would be out of work. They are nothing without their cause and Laura is much the same, she needs and yearns for the fight.

    Same goes for “Poverty Pimps” like Davies, Kwan, Townsend, and others. The need Poverty to be useful and even more importantly to get a Pay Cheque. They do not really want to fix Poverty and Drug abuse.

    Same goes for Hammas and Hezbollah, do you really think they would like to see a peaceful Equitable Settlement for The Palestinian People and Israel? Do you?

    Trust me if Harvey, Lew, 13, Larry or anyone else for that matter were to take the other side of a sudden she would change her argument and Talking Points so quickly your head would “Spin”!!

    Let me put it this way.

    If you were to lock Laura in a room all by herself with no one to engage with she would start a fight with a chair within minutes.

    You must be aware by now that I enjoy the back and forth but I cannot and will not engage in what I feel is argument for the sake of argument.

    Some people just need the last word. That does not work with me.

    It is not very often I have a strong point about anything really but……..

    Sorry but you asked!

  50. Lew says:

    BCMQ, your post about Churchill and the Armed Forces reminds me of the coldest I’ve ever been. When he died, the major television networks were in a race to run footage of Churchill’s funeral in North America. It was in the days before satellite broadcast of course, and they all rented aircraft attempting to be first to get the film over here. One of them (guess which) arranged for an RAF Vulcan bomber to get their film to Shearwater air base in Dartmouth. I was stationed there at the time and as one of the lowest ranking creatures available was one of those who drew sentry duty around the Vulcan. The temperature was well below zero with about a 40kmh wind and I was soon wishing he’d died in the summer.

    Our technical advances since have been astounding, but we can’t seem to figure out how to stop killing each other. In fact it seems we’re using those advances to kill more at a time more efficiently. And now we get to see the results in real time if we choose.

  51. DBW says:

    At the expense of being misunderstood which may be the reason some (who exactly?) have not posted, here goes. And I apologize in advance for the length but I promise not to brag about my kids nor write an advertisement for their school. Nor will I talk about Bush, Obama or Hilary. YIKES!

    Lew – Thank you for your posts. I have no idea why larry chose to poke at you (#39), but his compliment to 13 (#40) “as always, calm, cool and making too much sense for many (most?) here”, certainly applies to you as well.

    13 – I did read Lew’s post and if you read my post #42 you will see that I pointed out some of the same things about Laura. Laura aside, I was asking for any others because you said lefties (plural) and then said some so I thought you were referring to more than Laura. I was just looking for clarity.

    Even our guru (that’s you Harvey) has admitted that he has criticized Israel. Hell, I have been critical of our Canadian government. That does not mean I am anti-Canadian although some people might try to frame it that way. I am still confused by what is meant by anti-Israel because outside of Hamas and similar groups who exactly is looking for the destruction of Israel.

    BMCQ Are you freaking kidding.

    You said, “in fact I feel that my original point has been supported by the fact that those regular Posters of the Left do not speak out against Harvey’s original Blog because they do not want to come across as INTOLLERANT. Get it now?”

    Again you are assuming what their silence means (they are anti-Israel) and on top of that you are now assuming why they are silent (they know they are intolerant and don’t want to prove it). Great mind reading. Any advice on LottoMax. And you are still equating anti-Israel with anti-Semitic by using intolerant and bringing up the situation in Malmo. It is not that simple

    Then you say

    “Even those of the Left that did Post here did not comment on Topic they were challenging me or another really unrelated matter.

    I still ask the same question of those same People.”

    Unrelated material? This from the guy who has talked at length about his son and somehow managed to include Monica Lewinsky, Al Sharpton, and Jenny Kwan.

    And to suggest that I didn’t answer your question is ridiculous. In #36, I gave you my feelings about Harvey’s blog and my feelings about Israel, the Palestinians and terrorism. Now you want my opinion about the situation of Jews in Sweden. OK here goes, I have no clue what is happening there but I will take your word that there is something happening that is anti-Semitic. And that is horrible. It’s wrong and should be stopped. What else do you want?

    And then you go off on a rant about Laura claiming she only cares about “The Fight”. Maybe she does. But again you have to be kidding. What were you looking for by calling out all the lefties unless it was a fight.

    Lefties are bad. Lefties hate Israel. Lefties don’t care about the Jews in Malmo. And I double dog dare you to come out from under your desks and take me on.

    As wrong as I might think Laura was in her “I don’t care” comment, she at least gave me something to think about. You have given me nothing.

    And please don’t try to frame my comments as somehow anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. I am just tired of how you are making assumptions and painting yourself as morally superior.

  52. BMCQ says:

    Lew – 46

    I am sure The Vulcan was the most secure location in Canada that night.

    Perhaps you and your Team should be recalled to perform Security Detail at The White House!!

    Seems that The Secret Service have had their problems keeping the Fence around The WH Secure.

    I do not do well in Cold Weather. Imagine being on The Front Lines in Europe in December for week after week in those conditions.

    I would like to add some clarity to my Post – 44 here before the one or two that read the Post yesterday accuse me of going “Rambo”.

    I typed a little faster than I should have and missed out a point when addressing Larry.

    I stated that I believe one/all of us should stand up for others even if it puts ourselves in jeopardy.

    I should have pointed out that Larry had confronted a suspicious person on Sky Train. He was criticized for that.

    In my opinion Larry was correct to confront the Problem Person and attempt to inform Police. I would like to think that most others riding The Train would have done the same thing but….

    I then said that I had stepped up etc.. I should have said that each situation is different and it is not that easy to confront someone that is intent on being violent.

    I would like to think that I would always step up to assist but in all honesty none of us can say that we would take that chance each and every time until we are in the position where we need to make that decision.

  53. Hawgwash says:

    How can conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else be resolved when we in the so called civilized world can’t have dialogue without chucking crap at one another and exchanging insults? And before you go off on me Larry and BMCQ, yes, I am guilty.

    BMCQ…please post your family tree.

  54. Laura says:

    Some of you are failing to understand that watching the news on tv is not caring, its voyeurism.

    Caring is not slowing down beside an accident at the side of the road to have a look at the carnage. That’s voyeurism.

    Saying you don’t want bad things to happen is not caring, its being flippant, to quote another poster.

    And when you claim to care about everyone and everything until it costs you an extra dollar on your taxes, well that isn’t caring at all, its hypocrisy.

  55. Marge says:

    @Hawgwash. Good post. I am amazed at the insults that people chuck here. This went from being a post about Israel to being an attack by BMCQ on “lefties” (tossing in a little hate on the side for BCTF teachers for good measure too!) to Laura’s tirades with Harvey to everyone’s looking for an exit strategy. What ever happened to respect?

  56. larry Bennett says:

    Harve, have an urge to reply to Laura on the preceding post, but there appears to be no comment box – is that because I’m doing something wrong, or is it a glitch on your end – or are the gods angry at us?

    (Response” No “plot” … I was getting lots of spam on that one from overseas (somehow they made it around the Captcha code, so shut down the comments on that one). Will re-open up for a day or so to allow any further exchanges on that topic. h.o)

  57. 13 says:

    post 44

    Isreal needs our support ( because it is a democracy surrounded by terrorsits some of whom believe that they must cease to exist

  58. Laura says:

    post 57,

    That’s what happens when you use terror to create a state and don’t kill all the people that you drove out, leaving them and their allies on your borders and hating you.

    Its called taking responsibility for one’s actions.

    So find a way to make up or forever be a state dominated by military necessity in which case they’ll end up like Acre in 1291.

  59. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 51

    I was born, raised and have always lived in Vancouver, I have never been arrested or charged with a Crime.

    Having said that I spent a lot of my youth in The DES because my Father and many of his Friends worked there.

    I then spent far too much of my life in Downtown Bars and Night Clubs.

    In case you are not familiar I can bare witness that the Bar/Club Life Style it does come with a “Lot of Baggage”!

    I doubt very much that I am Morally Superior to anyone here. Well, perhaps one or two.

    I believe you are a Person of Good Character and once again, I would certainly not pretend to be Morally Superior to you.

    I simply have strong feelings about the Country of Israel and the right for it to exist and the unfair treatment it receives from many in the Left of Centre Media.

    I am because of some History we are all aware of very concerned about the plight of The Jewish People in The EU and The Middle East.

    There fore I am as Harvey is very concerned with the Biased Anti-Israel Reporting by much of the Media. Not trying to put words in the Mouth of H.O. here.

    Did not say Lefties are Bad. I have friends and Family that are Lefties. I interact with Lefties as you call them here and I enjoy it.

    My first Political Argument involved an old Scot that was a Friend of my Father’s, he always referred to himself as a “Card Carrying Communist”. Never saw the Card but I learned a lot from him.

    I have already thanks to the reminder by Lew stated that one should not paint with too Broad a Brush.

    I still maintain that many on the Left provide Anti Israel Bias when Reporting the news. Because of that and other prejudices many individuals on the Left seem to look at Israel unfavourably.

    I still maintain that many here are not supporters of Israel.

    I do not believe I said that anyone here was Anti-Semitic. I do believe many others are though, we do not need to go far to see and experience that.

    I understand that you are not Anti-Semitic and you have said that.

    The reason I asked about the Malmo and Vanity Fair Piece is because I see you as a thoughtful person and I was interested in your point of view. Not a trap or asking you to do anything silly, just a simple question, a curiosity on might say.

    Hawg – 54

    Do not think I have ever gone off on you. You have been much harder on me!

    Did you say that at one time you lived in the Riding of MP Heddy Fry?

    Family Tree? You are so kind!

    Marge – 55

    With Respect.

    The Original Post/Assessment was about the Biased Media Coverage on The Middle East.

    Sure I took a shot at The BCTF but please keep in mind that each and every day we see much much worse directed against The Harper Conservatives and The Provincial Liberal Party.

    Just thought I would mention that fact.

  60. John's Aghast says:

    Are the number of posts up to your standard yet BMQ? I tried to be fair and read all your posts but quite simply, I have a life to live (fortunately no multinational business to run) and just don’t have the time.
    The thread sure has wandered from the topic!

  61. BMCQ says:

    John – 60

    The numbers are up but as I tried to point out in my first Post way back up the page that you most likely did not read MOST that POST will not make direct reference to the points Harvey was making. I honestly believe that speculation has proven to be correct.

    And that is the primary reason the thread has wandered from topic.

    I could be mistaken here but I think the interaction that has taken place with several here and the absence of many regular Posters is very telling.

    Look John if I am asked a question I will do my best to answer the question. I do not feel it is honest and fair to deflect or not answer by avoiding the question.

    I was quite stunned by one of the Posts that Laura put up so in all honesty I have not engaged her much on this.

    Perhaps I am mistaken but………

    Laura and I will live to right another day.

  62. DBW says:

    Hawgwash and Marge. I thought we were quite restrained in our criticism of BMCQ’s assumptions.

    BMCQ, I was trying to find something that I remembered you saying in another thread. I gambled on Harvey’s Canada Day post. I couldn’t find it but I found this gem from another poster.

    Am I to be allowed to discuss the “Jewish” left for their handiwork with unions, communist and radical demonstrations throughout our country! Jews have, for ages been associated with leftist movements. Of course not all Jews, but what the hell, we’re not talking about taxing synogogues, just churches, of late. Besides, out of the less than 15 million Jews in the world, a goodly number of them are secular, and mostly anti-Christian.

    Look at the broad paint job. Jews are leftists – Communists – whose radical (presumably negative) handiwork can be seen throughout our country’s history. And on top of that they are anti-Christian.

    This is certainly not my perception of the Jewish people. This is not your perception of the Jewish people or you wouldn’t be supporting them as you do. But it is the perception of larry Bennett (Happy Canada Day #30), the only person who seemed to support your attack on the lefties whose silence branded them as intolerant.

    I respect your passionate defense of Israel. Like you I support Israel’s right to exist and I hate the thought of any discrimination based on nothing more than racial hatred. But I can also see a Palestinian side to this quagmire.

    larry is even welcome to his opinion as much as I disagree (And to be fair he did say it wasn’t all Jews, just a goodly number.) But nobody, especially you, challenged him. What does that silence signify?

    You don’t have to answer. I don’t think the silence signifies anything which is why I felt so strongly about your assertions.

    Thanks for listening.

  63. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 62

    I am usually away at The Bohemian Grove on July 1. I also travel a fair amount so I do not always have time to see what every one here has to say.

    Having said that I find I miss what every one has to say if I do not get the chance to view.

    Did not see The original Post of Larry. Still have not read it but I will take your word for it.

    Keep in mind that I have opinions but they are only my opinions.

    I believe that Larry’s comments are quite accurate.

    I must say however that the so called “Anti Christian” comment does not mean the same thing to many Jewish People that it does to many other groups in the Middle East.

    I believe many Jewish People in past History have been affiliated with most everything that Larry comments on. Many still support that line of thinking today.

    I do not agree with a lot of what they believe in but so be it. Unlike the rest of The Middle Eastern Countries Israel’s have a “Free Vote” and a Democracy.

    I just wonder how many Gays, Transgendered, Unionists, Christians, Women, and other so-called Minorities have the right to a “Free Vote” in other Middle Eastern Countries.

    I do not agree with much of what many Jewish People believe in. Many Jewish Israeli Citizens are Far Left and would prefer to see all of the changes that are proposed by Arab Leadership.

    They feel that if they gave in to the demands of Palestinian Leadership all will be fine and good.
    Thank God that enough Israeli Voters felt the opposite.

    Fortunately most Israeli’s support Netanyahu and his Likud Coalition. At least in my opinion.

    I did not see Larry’s original Post so I did not comment but I would have agreed with much of it.

    I believe it is very very important that Larry said
    Larry did not say ALL!

    As to others that did not comment. I believe that goes to my original Post way back up the page.

    A few years ago while I was in California I asked a friend of mine that happens to be Jewish that also happens to ne in the Entertainment Industry why so many Hollywood types are supporters of The Democratic Party, especially now that President “O” was in the White House and he in my opinion had thrown Israel under the Bus.

    He said he was not really sure but in his opinion a lot of it stems from McCarthyism and it remains a big thing today.

    Other than that and the fact that many are Liberal and Ultra Liberal he did not understand why.

    He did also point out that there are many Jews that silently support and donate Funds to Netanyahu.

    In spite of all the above I still am an ardent supporter of Israel and the Jewish People in The Middle East and The EU.

    By the way, did you find the Vanity Fair piece interesting? Informative, Shocking, Disgusting,?

    Once again I have done my best to answer your questions perhaps you could dome the same favour.

    All B.S. aside I AM interested in hearing your comments.


  64. DBW says:

    Given this response I can only conclude that you are as much anti-Arab/Muslim as you are pro-Israel/Jewish. And that’s OK.

    I am just so confused by so many of your statements, so much so that I have to bow out of the conversation.

    If we were conversing over lunch, we might be able to do this faster, but it is too much work this way.

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