HST: Biased Pundits/Reporters’ Propaganda Failed

The results of the HST referendum will give politicians,  corporate executives and government advisers a whole lot to think about over the coming months and even years: the public have spoken and sent a message and warning … don’t take us for granted or treat us like idiots.

And, with my own media background,  having watched how the “reporting” and “commentaries” on the HST debate unfolded over the past two years, I believe the media itself will also be tarred for years … unless it does a serious review of how it covered this major issue, and changes.

Too many reporters and too many commentators … pretending to be unbiased or  feigning that they had not yet made up their mind … acted as outright propagandists and messengers for the government and big business on the HST.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Let me explain.

I have no quarrel with any politician, business person or even media pundit who felt the HST was  good (or bad)  … and said so openly and forthrightly. I was against the HST and clearly said so; and some others, pro or con,  did the same.

But there were far too many who failed to declare their support or anti-HST bias, but propagandized  almost every time they reported or commented, with puff ball questions or puff ball stories supporting “their” side, reserving true journalistic cynicism and  questionning for only those with whom they disagreed.

For example,  I was bothered to no end to see reporters doing stories with, say, film industry officials who said the industry would save millions of dollars from the HST …  and then  instead of reporting “the film industry SAYS (or alleges or claims) it will save millions” under the HST, they  reported instead “the film industry WILL save millions” …. reporting as fact totally unproved claims, unsubstantiated by any facts or statistics  … just  media parrots repeating the propaganda.

And this happened quite a lot.

Too many reporters …and their bosses … just accepted, and reported as FACT, not as claims or allegations, almost everything and anything government officials, politicians and business spokespeople said in support of the HST.  So during the past two years, readers, listeners and viewers were swarmed with all kinds of unproven statements by the pro-HST forces reported as FACT, without question or even cautionery wording that these were predictions by sources coming from a particular bias.

That’s why for many, many months we saw a lot of  “reporters”  and  media “pundits” saying: “the tax IS revenue neutral” rather than the government CLAIMS  it is revenue neutral”;  the “tax will create 100,000 jobs” ;   “the tax savings will be passed on in lower prices”  …. all of which was subsequently proved WRONG.  There was also, more recently:  the defeat of the tax “will cost BC billions”; there will a loss of “thousands of jobs”; and,  turning down the HST “will make BC  uncompetitive”  (no mention that Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan …whose growth puts BC’s to shame … have no HST and seem to be doing fine.)

Even today, I heard a seasoned pundit say the revenue impact on the government from loss of the HST will be “HUGE” … this from someone who had initially said, with a fair degree of certainty when it was introduced it would be revenue-neutral (after the government said it would be revenue-neutral) , then later (when the government admitted it wasn’t) said it would generate some additional income but not a lot in provincial budget terms  …to now  its loss will have a “HUGE” impact.

Too many media types repeated as FACT whatever the government or business community said.  If they were honest to their craft, they should have known better. .. and written, reported or spoken of it for what it really was: unproven claims and speculation.

Or registered as lobbyists.

Far too many pundits also pretended to be neutral when it sure looked to me  … by their unbalanced invitation numbers to guests, advocates and analysts … and their soft questionning that their minds WERE made up.  As I said, there is nothing wrong about taking a stand, but to pretend to be neutral, yet polish the government or corporate apple almost daily is indefensible.

The most satisfying thing, for me, is that it did not work.

The public saw through the propaganda … whether it was in the form of news articles, guest interviews, or propaganda commentaries dished out almost daily for TWO years … and the people sent the HST packing.

And the media had better learn the lesson of this …and start reporting as ALLEGED or CLAIMED all kinds of  unsubstantiated information, especially from government … not just pass it all on as FACT.

Or the public will send the media packing.

Harv Oberfeld

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42 Responses to HST: Biased Pundits/Reporters’ Propaganda Failed

  1. Adrian says:

    I’d be far more interested to hear you name names, rather than simply smear the whole lot of us.

    (Response: The list would be far too long. As for “smearing the whole lot of us”, a primary rule of journalism is to read the facts. I said, repeatedly in my piece, some reporters and pundits have openly stated their biases and positions and with them, whether they were pro or anti HST, I have no problem. So how could I be smearing “the whole lot of us” ? Were you one of those I chastised? h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    It was worth turning on the telly only to see the MSM pundits squirm over the HST defeat.

    Even one pundit had the temerity to say that he was bang on with the numbers which he gave on brand-x a week ago. Talk about face saving.

    The whole HST fiasco was nothing more than deceit and deception and sold to the public via the Goebbels effect.

    Goebbels effect – tell a lie often enough, it becomes a fact.

    Funny thing, the BC Rail sell off was done exactly the same way!

    (Response: We can all remember how some of them (following a planted government line?) denigrated Vander Zalm for his passed, even made jokes and laughed about him, then denigrated the volunteers’ chances of gathering enough signatures to get a referendum passed, then after they succeeded, said a referendum itself would be much different and wouldn’t succeed, then said it would go down as anger over the way it was brought in faded and the reality set in about how good it was for BC. etc etc. So much for their “expertise”. h.o)

  3. Norm Farrell says:

    You certainly are correct. One thing that bothers me is some highly exposed political pundits, people who should be neutral on examination of issues, are too willing to make paid appearances in front of of industry groups who are avid partisans. Even with good intentions, it create a sour impression.

    (Response: I disagree slightly. I think REPORTERS should be neutral (no one cares about which said they personally support) and should just report what each side states …but identify it as what that side believes, not as fact. I don’t mind if pundits or commentators have positions … kind of goes with their role ..BUT they should state what it is so we know where they are coming from. Undeclared biases are unfair and even dangerous but sadly we have seen them before …in election campaigns: almost anyone who listens, views or reads their material carefully can see the bias …but it should be stated UP FRONT… and then I have no problem with it. h.o)

  4. DonGar says:


    Very well stated. I was appalled at the Vancouver Sun today saying Ms. Clark did a valiant effort to save the unpopular tax. What a crap of BS from our MSM who are bought and paid for by the same people behind the puppet masters that political parties march to. For once in a long time the people have had their say against being lied to by their politicians. Let’s hope it continues into the next provincial and municipal elections.

    Please come out of retirement for the next Civic and provincial elections. We need some honest reporting and would it not be worth while to show up the MSM for the biased reporters they have become rather than the MSM that you were involved in?

    (Response: Sorry, I’m retired ..abnd maybe doing more good this way by pointing out the weaknesses and calling out for improvement…. or at least letting them know we SEE are aware of what’s gonig on. Glad to see in this case, the public saw through it all. h.o)

  5. John Sugden says:

    I can’t understand why it will take ’18 months’ to dismantle the HST; it was brought in in one second on July 1 last year. Why don’t the businesses just go back to the way they did business pre HST.

  6. cherylb says:

    Yup, the repeal of the HST will be just as catastrophic for business as the implementation was for job creation……uh huh…….

  7. piker says:

    It gives me hope when I see Sean Holman’s journalism students turning out excellent work for the Tyee.

  8. Lynn says:

    So its okay to smear the dissenting side or spread fear via lies but you don’t like it when the MSM gets smeared? Let me tell you something youngster, we are demanding the truth be reported. If you can’t live up to that then step aside. Further more don’t you dare confuse smear with the truthful and objective fact based reporting.
    You know not of what you speak.
    I’d get your money back on your tutition if I were you.

  9. George says:

    As a small business person the HST did nothing for me or my business except drive customers away. I am in a service based industry and my business lost 25% of my clients – money is now a lot tighter. I fear for this province with big business lining up at the golden trough of government, the huge mega projects that drive us deeper into debt (did we really need the Olympics or a new road to Whistler ). Frankly I am glad it’s gone, let big business pay it’s way like I do.

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    Here is the real damage done by the HST.

    We are a 1 car family and live in South Delta, my wife regularly gets gas and shops in in Point Roberts saving about $100.00 a week.

    This is no joke or overstatement, when American stores have sales, they are real not a few pennies off like Canada.

    My wife’s sister lives in Seattle and at least once a month she goes down to visit and shop, saving about $100.00 to $200.oo a time.

    Annual savings are large.

    It was the HST that broke the straw on the camels back that compelled shopping in the USA, simply we could not afford living here and economies had to be made. So here is the conundrum we faced: Keep the same standard of living by shopping in the USA or take a hit in our standard of living (kids swim lessons sports dues, etc.) and shop in BC.

    The HST just not did political damage to the BC Liberals, it changed the way we shop.

    Note to BC retailers; get off the pot and merchandise, there are alternatives to paying high prices in Canada.

  11. RS says:

    Hmmm? If a reporter cannot fully comprehend what HO clearly and succinctly reports here, how can the reporter effectively write the news???
    Just askin’.

  12. wendy says:

    I am so happy today. Here’s to the HST – may it rest in peace.

    Michael Campbell has been one of the worst for spewing false information about the HST.

    Week after week he referred to the anti-HST people as too stupid to understand how good the HST was for us.

    The mainstream media in this province have not been doing their job for a very long time.

    It is not just with the HST but also the sale of BC Rail, the break-up of BC Hydro and smart meters.

    Shame shame.

    (Response: I’m sure he would disagree that anything he said on the HST was false, but when quoting statistics, it’s easy to see where he and many others could disagree. h.o)

  13. ron wilton says:

    I think the ‘public’ have already sent the ‘other’ media packing.

    I think if there were no blogworld (for lack of a better name), the NO side would have won handily.

    The mistrust that has developed in main stream media has driven people in droves to the blogosphere in order to get a balanced, intelligent perspective on issues.

    I don’t know how you guys tally your readership, but in total I suspect it surpasses the MSM by a wide margin.

    I know if I hadn’t ‘discovered’ the blog world until recently, I would have ‘relied’ on the MSM and been none the wiser.

    This is only a first step for bloggers and must surely be sending shivers up the spines of the MSM apologists, among others.

    (Response: Of course, the blogosphere also has its perils and challenges in that anyone can say anything. I still believe in the MSM, but it does have big problems in BC and Canada and it will never improve unless it listens to what the “people” are saying. h.o)

  14. SB says:

    Beyond the tax itself the issues surrounding it were a slap in the face to democracy , 1st Campbell claimed it was not on his desk prior the last election and that had to be a lie , 2nd it was proposed as revenue neutral and id love to see the media you talk about take the BC Libs to task on that claim now and tell the taxpayers why that is not the truth , add those to a long list of lies and deceit and they should easily see the truth .

  15. CGHZD says:

    Glowball ans CTV were still crying about the supposed fall out on the news last night interviewing the usual shills and of course, the film industry. Even CBC was still peddling the 10% BS after the fact. That wasn’t the question and whoever was pushing it on air at every opportunity should be ashamed. ( what am I saying, these people have no shame)
    The next order of business is to storm the Legislature and demand the tax be gone in 90 days.
    Good column Harvey.

    (Response: My next blog will take on the reactions I’m hearing from the pro-HST losers. h.o)

  16. Kam Lee says:

    To all the lieberals that have not fled the party, (More to follow very soon) hope you realize that your game is up. We cannot stomach more of your lies. To the big biz out there, remember this is only the start. You are been watched now by all. Everytime you spew your lies, we will also remember. Bring on the election cristy, the “stupid” people are ready for you and your slick carpetbaggers.

  17. Kam Lee says:

    Adrian is a copy boy from one of the smaller newspapers. Trying to get a scoop from your site Harv. Perhaps that is good? LOL. Another name to add to your list Harvey of “Mis-truth spreaders”. With all that Horsesh_t been thrown around by the mainstram media, you gotta believe nothing they spew. We seem to be doing quite well with the bloggers out here. Not like the MSM, huge agenda, supporting the criminals in power.

  18. motorcycleguy says:

    Register as lobbyists…..best idea I’ve heard so far today. I do believe most of the MSM meet the definition of lobbyist…..and in response to Adrian…yes, you are all being painted by the same brush….if this is not the case, then lets see some balanced views on policy in print. Prove you are not “all the same”. A lobbyist receives a monetary stipend. One may argue that a paycheck from an MSM newspaper could not be proven to be directly responsible for slanted writing…..but it is without a doubt an issue when newspaper journalists are paid to coach industry in communications to the public. This was the case with an IPP convention 2 years ago. The journalists seminar was prominently promoted on the published agenda as beneficial to the IPP industry. Great importance must be placed on the perception by the general public that the MSM media is providing all the information necessary to make good decisions come voting time. It is a moral obligation of the profession. Having some members of that profession designated as lobbyists will clearly define their role. I stand by my recommendation to the CRTC and CBSC that the term “news” be restricted to use by corporations that make no political contributions to any party, otherwise they are no more than entertainment. There will have to be a replacement prefix before the “paper” in “newspaper”. Just in case any advertisers are reading, yes…….I have actually changed my buying habits.

  19. judi sommer says:

    Spot on, Harvey! For far too long, the line has been blurred between news reporting and editorializing. In our classrooms, we try to teach kids the difference between these 2 and how to read for bias and propaganda – laden language. I fear the retention of these lessons don’t last long given posts on some of our daily local papers.
    I was,however, heartened to see that The Sun allowed a poster in his comment on the HST to allow a link to your blog. Hopefully others will find their way to you as a result. I have found their policy a bit of a bit or miss as I have mentioned Bill Tieleman in one of my posts on this issue-my post did not appear. Sigh..I hope you are invited to talk to would-be cub reporters in journalism classes. Their models for what sharp reporting should look like are a vanishing breed as many papers dumb down their language or tell people what to think, passing this off as reporting.

    (Response: Sun link to my blog? Where? Where? 🙂 h.o

  20. judi sommer says:

    Yikes! dreadful typos in my previously submitted post. Apologies to Harv and those who had to read it! Ironic as I used to teach English for a living. My proof-reading skills are rusty.

  21. BG says:

    I’m glad there is at least one honest reporter out there (Harvey Oberfeld), unfortunately he is retired.

    Why is the mainstream media always towing the corporate line? Is it because the media is owned by big business? A free press is critical for a democracy because if voters cannot get accurate information they cannot make wise decisions in the voting box. I think there should be some kind of regulation to limit the corporate ownership of the “free” press.

    (Response: Hopefully the blog helps, even if I am retired. In fact, I have even greater freedom to speak out. h.o)

  22. D M Johnston reflects exactly what our family is now doing although we have a bit of a different twist to our visits. Being semi retired and with a bit of disposable income, I recently upgraded to a comfortable RV that is fully self contained.

    My wife (and often daughter) and I travel frequently to the US – weekends and vacations.

    I never (repeat never) fuel in BC. Why should I when all our travel is now south of the line, and fuel is so much cheaper?

    Weekend RV shoppers can find places to park for little or no cost, and some may not think a night in a parking lot is “camping” but we are not there to camp, we are there to shop!

    There is great value for the dollar spent, including restaurant meals, and if you get into Oregon, no sales tax at all.

    Then, to top it off, on the way back, a quick stop to the duty free to purchase the spirit of the day. In BC we pay $29 and change for 1 bottle 750ml Crown Royal. Duty free, TWO BOTTLES 1.14ltr are $35. If this is your pleasure the savings are enormous.

    I hate to be one of those who takes my hard earned money and then heads south, but after a lifetime of working hard to save a bit for my “golden years” I abhor the antics of our various levels of government as they continue to spend MY MONEY in a reckless and cavalier manner. It seems to be my only recourse, as until the HST revolt, government only listened to the electorate at election time – at all levels.

    Maybe opening another can of worms, but why are we still trying to build the Evergreen Line where there is clearly NO MONEY to build it, except to add additional taxes or fees to an already overtaxed populace?

    Is anyone out there listening?

    We have had enough already.

  23. Julie says:

    Since Campbell came into office, the media has totally lost their quality. Their standards are now set so low, I don’t read them, view them or listen to them. We know what they will say, before they say it. It’s the same old, same old, that’s all they have to contribute.

    As for Michael Campbell. Well, it runs in the family.

    (Response: You may be happy to know that when I retired, after 38 years in journalism…including 8 years at the Vancouver Sun and 26 years at BCTV, Campbell didn;t so much as send a card (Carole James did) or call extending thanks or best wishes. Guess I really got to him with my years and years of keeping it real reporting and my questionning! h.o)

  24. Henri says:

    Adrian // Aug 27, 2011 at 3:01 am
    Lets do your request in reverse , rather than name the useless ones, why don’t you simply tell us those you consider worthy as being classified as reporters -journalists.

    (Response: You can decide for yourself. My media favorites include Sean Holman, Michael Smyth, Gary Mason, Rod Mickelburgh, Mike Howell, Alan Garr, John Daly, Catherine Pope, John McComb, Darlene Heidemann, .. there are lots of good reporters/commentators… but unfortunately, there are too many who cover politics but fail to keep their prejudices or biases out of their reporting… or fail to just declare them so at least we know where they care coming from on any issue. h.o)

  25. A Dave says:

    Great post, Harvey.

    The National last night spouted $3 billion to extradite us from the HST — the number the Liberals are touting BEFORE any negotiating with the Feds takes place. No context or breakdown of how the amount was arrived at, just lazy repetition of the government’s unexamined press release, without even saying it was the government’s number…

    And beside Vaughn Palmer’s HST “train wreck” column yesterday in the Sun, the “More on this story” box provides 3 links:

    1. Business BC: Get the direct RSS feed to your desktop

    2. The Sun’s full Business BC coverage

    3. Register daily for regular business news alerts

    Sad. Clearly, they have learned nothing!

    (Response: By the way, someonoe should qurestion even the $1.6 Billion figure. By the time we’re out of it, the feds would have cashed in on all kinds of extra revenue for more than two years…that should eat up a lot of that $1.6 Billion. h.o)

  26. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    “Tonight on the news, 2 more BC Liberal MLA’s quit, the HST is defeated by a large margin… but first off on our show tonight: A retrospective on the Fast Ferries Fiasco.”

    Remember the news-cameras outside Glen Clark’s window when he was being questioned about his deck (Clark later being completely cleared)?

    And now the Legislature is in more disarray than ever before, and you don’t hear a word from the MSM. Christy Clark tries to keep information about the Basi-Virk payoffs from getting to the Auditor General — WHEN THE COURT HAS ALREADY ORDERED THAT IT BE DONE. And not a peep outta the LameStream Media.

    Lobbyists? They should register as bad comedians.

    Thank God for blogs like yours, Harv! Keep up the great work!

    P.S: Travel well, Jack Layton — say hi to Ginger Goodwin for me.

  27. Merv says:

    I’m sure you have this in your next column..but how about the sky is falling perople claiming we’ll sink into California-style referenda messes because one massive effort, taking two full years, happened to succeed.

  28. judi sommer says:

    Hi, Harvey,

    The link to your blog was provided in The Sun by a poster ,MaggieZap, at 12:10 Aug. 27 in response to Fowlie’s “BC Bids Farewell to HST” published Aug.26. Hope some folks click the link to find their way to you!

    (Response: Thanks. Helps open up the discussions to more people with more ideas. h.o.)

  29. Paul says:

    @BG // Aug 27, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    The mainstream media is always towing the corporate line because they receive so much advertising revenue from the corporations.

    It’s as simple and as disgusting as that.

    The BC Liberal government is one of the mainstream media’s biggest advertisers (using OUR MONEY, of course).

    How much money (our money) did Postmedia News and CKNW Radio receive for those Pro-HST commercials and Stickmen ads?

    In 2005 Canwest (Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, etc) donated $50,000 to the BC Liberal Party.


    That’s a question Charlie Smith from the Georgia Straight tried to ask in a taped interview with Gordon Campbell.

    It’s still on YouTube.

    Charlie Smith: “What do you say to someone who wonders if the government has directed government advertising to Canwest in return for political contributions?”

    Off camera Bridgitte Anderson, Gordon Campbell’s Press Secretary interrupted and objected to the question while Gordon Campbell sat there looking down with an arrogant look on his face.

    Here’s the YouTube Link:


    Spread it around and make them squirm.

    They may have no shame but hopefully many of their current sponsors do.


  30. Jackie says:

    I seem to recall a few reporters in the last few years being canned by Canwest for not following the approved editorial agenda. Now that Canwest has been bought by a group fronted by the head of the National Post, I imagine that it would take a brave reporter indeed to write with an alternate view on things which his/her employer has strong feelings about.

    I only read the msm these days to scan the comments after the articles – to get a drift on what other Canadians are thinking. CBC is a good one for that; although their comments too are often; as you say, packed with those who seem to make a career out of trying to sway public opinion.

    Way better sources for facts and analysis are Grant at the http://powellriverpersuader.blogspot.com/
    who is humorous, down to earth, and has a much better handle on what is going on in BC than any msm writer I have seen. His writing style is also far more interesting. Read this article of his:
    or just scroll down to the BC Ferries Financing scandal – which is an article in itself, and learn all kinds of facts about how we lost control of the ferries and gained a 1.5 billion dollar debt at almost loan shark rates which will never be paid off.

    Or Laila Yuile at http://lailayuile.com/

    And their links sections will lead one to many other remarkable BC writers. The msm is dying for want of the very things you enumerate above. Mostly for want of honesty. People will still watch them on TV but ‘readers’ will always read the more intelligent and sincere writers to be found in the blogoshere.

    (Response: I’m not aware of any reporters at Canwest of being canned for not following any corporate line. Who? And the CanWest stations were bought by Shaw, and if they’re behind the National Post, it’s news to me. h.o)

  31. islandpapa says:

    oh Harvey, the sun came up this morning and is just setting behind Mount Nasty Face … BC hasn’t sunk into the sea. However, at the dinner party I just left, the wailing and tears were pathetic. “the province will be swimming in debt in 2 years”,,,we are sunk.
    How do you explain that they are quite correct but the defeat of the HST is the last thing to blame…you just can’t.

    (Response: Watch for my next blog. h.o)

  32. Mo says:

    Great column! the PRO-HST folks failed to understand one fundamental truth, and all their lying and manipulations of “facts” and “statistics” could not over come one key issue: People don’t like to be jacked around by smart politicians. Hansen and Campbell LIED to us and then they expected us to believe their smarmy stories about the HST and the sheepels at the MSM who promoted the one-sided debate.

    MSM Wake up! We have stopped listening to you! No one really buys papers anymore in BC, It is filled with either pablum or “stories” we have already read about elsewhere on the Internet.

  33. Gini says:

    Your response to judi sommers comment @5:43: “Sun link to my blog? Where, where?” reminded me of the time I had an e-mail conversation with Patricia Graham. I don’t recall what it was about (it was quite awhile ago), but at one point I suggested to her that she read one of your blogs. Her final response? “I don’t read Harvey Oberfeld’s blogs.”

    Too bad. She really should read this one!

    (Response: I don’t mind if she doesn’t read my blog … but I think she’s missing a lot by not reading the comments, pro and con, on many of the topics raised here; they could help her understand British Columbians better and maybe result in a more relevant Sun newspaper. h.o)

  34. Mike Boileau says:

    You know, Harvey, when you mentioned the fact these media whores denegrated Vander Zalm about his past I recall the reporting on CBC the evening the vote was reported they led off with, “The campaign that was spearheaded by a former Premier who left in disgrace”… What is the purpose of this? Vander Zalm should be congratulated for taking on a challenge, and succeeding, when all of the MSM said, in the beginning, he would never prevail.
    On another point, the BC Liberals used our money to try to defeat that which the people wanted in droves. They did not succeed. This is earily reminisecent of the Meech Lake Accord, ( or was it the Charlotte Town Accord?), when the Governments of all ten Provinces and the National Government spent millions upon millions to persuade us to accept that which the majority of u7s never wanted.
    Thank God for TRUE DEMOCRACY.

    (Response: I particularly remember Baldrey and Palmer chuckling out loud on the Bill Good about “the Zalm” when he bagan leading the group of volunteers way back at the beginning of the anti-HST fight: bet they’re not laughing now. h.o)

  35. Mike Boileau says:

    It troubles me greatly that our Provincial Government cannot see the destruction they cause when they do not take into account the benefits of cross-border-shopping for the people who live close to the Canada-US Border. They drive people across the line to shop and buy gas and that hurts our economy greatly. We need those taxes to pay for our health care and education facilities. I do not blame those who choose to cross but dammit, why can’t the Government understand the damage they do when they tax us to death?
    I suspect this is also a problem for communities close to Alberta.

  36. Alexander says:

    I hope Bill Good, Les Leyne, and Keith Baldry happen upon your site every once and awhile.

    (Response: If they don’t, and ignore the discussions on here, they miss so much of the feelings going on throughout this provijce, not just the Lower Mainland and Victoria. h.o)

  37. Jackie says:

    Harvey, yes two reporters fired for not following Canwest editorial policy:
    All kinds of stuff there about editorial control. I stand by my point about the canwest newspapers being run by a group fronted by the CEO of national post too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaw_Media
    Shaw got the broadcasting properties, not the newspapers.

    (Response: Thanks for the great info. Yes Lawrence Martin and Russell Mills were fired back East after conflicts with Canwest bosses. I had thought you were referring to firrings here in BC …my mistake. And I know Martin is a great reporter and writer: because he mentioned me and told the story of my confrontation with Luicien Bouchard in his book on the guy. 🙂 h.o.

  38. islandpapa says:

    anxiously awaiting your next blog…hope it has some pointers on bringing the Shaughnatini crowd out of the darkness.

  39. Jackie says:

    Thank you for admitting your errors. I feel like Mohamed Ali; dancing in my corner as the crowd goes wild! Women write their phone numbers on panties and throw them in my direction, but I brush them off with a smile.
    You sit in your corner in your tattered white trunks, trembling ever so slightly as the announcer steps up to the mike.

    ‘Ladieees and gentlemen. Get ready for the rumble of the century! In this corner we have the current champion of the blogoshpere, fresh from a string of intellectual victories over the navel gazing bourgeoisie. The one, the only, the intellectual GEEENIUS of the world, JAAAAKIE Oh!!!’ The crowd rises to its feet, tears of joy streaming down their faces as their adulation shakes the stadium.

    The announcer clears his throat, ‘And in this corner, in the tattered white trunks, fresh from the Dickensian depths of the corporate media and master of the supercilious spin, we have the challenger, OOOObie Oberfeld.’ Well, he gave it his best. But the crowd falls silent, some passing him pitying glances; knowing the future of the corporate press. Half a dozen stalwarts in the front begin to chant, ‘Obie, Obie, Obie!’ but a disinterested observer would remark that their hearts weren’t in it.

    Sorry Harv, you either have it or you don’t. The match was called for fear of your intellectual sanity. Best advice is for you to buy a rod and go torture some trout somewhere. They don’t think back.

    (Response: I’m filing an objection with the Truth in Media Evaluation Commission: I’m sure they (Brian Mulroney, Lucien Bouchard, Jean Chretien, Geoff Meggs and Gordon Campbell) will rule I took a hit on forgetting something that happened years ago back East. ..BUT still, overall, have come through as the Champion. h.o)

  40. Henri says:

    Comment 36 harvs Response: If they don’t, and ignore the discussions on here, they miss so much of the feelings going on throughout this province, not just the Lower Mainland and Victoria. h.o)
    I would worry if these guys don’t read your blog the last above sentence covers it all ,out side of the big smoke these guys are nobodies and for the large part unknown, I would even wager that amongst the different culture medias in the lower mainland they are as well unknowns, but I have to ask who the heck is Les Leyne?

    (Response: Les writes for the Victoria Times Colonist. h.o)

  41. madmadworld says:

    Good commentary, Harvey. Hopefully a few in the media/politics will read and heed, but that’s doubtful. We need a media/politician ombuds-person who can report and police BS.
    Re: HST job creation estimates of somewhere between 25,000 and 100,000 in ten years and Pat Bell announced BC will need up to a million new workers by 2020….so did we need to create more jobs we can’t fill in the future? http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2011/07/strong-bc-job-growth-and-labour-demand-projected.html

  42. Richard says:

    What really gets me is the fact that the taxpayer forked out 7 million dollars to the government pimps to sell this ridiculous tax.

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