Immigration: US Loss is Canada’s Gain

US President Donald Trump’s racism, his hateful Tweets, his intolerant statements, his administration’s anti-immigration and isolationist policies, his Republican colleagues’ complicity or silence and his supporters’ loud xenophobia have ALL been duly noted by the world … and CANADA has now gained from it.

In 2018, OUR country saw its biggest gain in immigration since 1913 ….. just before World War I ….  more than 100 years ago!

Statistics Canada report 321,065 people CHOSE Canada as their new home last year.

And NO, they are not mostly refugees, illegal migrants or even family reunification qualifiers.

In fact, only 44,000 of the total are categorized as refugees, or admitted on humanitarian and/or compassionate grounds. (The figures do NOT include people who crossed the border illegally and whose cases are awaiting adjudication.)

The vast bulk are educated, ambitious and seeking new opportunities for their careers and their families … in a safe, welcoming, tolerant well-performing society and Canada is where they WANT to be and grow.


And the 321,065 (I’m being very specific, because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, counts) when added to our own net population growth, brought Canada’s TOTAL increase in 2018 to more than 500,000 … for the first time since the late 1950s.

That’s very important …as other countries struggle to maintain or even stem the decline of their working-age long-term economically contributing base. They will not just be employees doing the work … as more and more of the rest of us age, retire and live longer …. drawing pensions and enjoying our leisure years with pretty good health coverage, social service programs etc.

So where are these new Canadians come from?

The top five sources, identified in 2017 statistics, were: India (27,000); Philippines (20,000); China (15,000); Syria (7,000); and the USA (4,800).

As I’ve written before, I’d like to see that American figure grow a lot more and believe Canada should target professionals who want to escape the gun-culture violence, tribalism and just plain growing xenophobia of American society.

In fact, part of Canada’s growth as educated immigrants’ choice owes itself to those kinds of people.

Read this from the high-tech website :

“US companies are going to keep hiring foreign tech workers, even as the Trump administration makes doing so more difficult. For a number of US companies that means expanding their operations in Canada, where hiring foreign nationals is much easier.”

And Trump’s policies are taking a toll in the US.

“Recent immigration data shows the US is issuing fewer total visas to these types of workers than in previous years. This is a result of an executive order Trump issued in 2017 to review the H-1B process and make good on his pledge to “Hire American.”…. the article noted.

The result? 

According to a recent corporate-based survey, 63% of US high tech companies are increasing their operations in Canada where “immigration policies are more favorable”.

(You can read the entire fascinating Recode article here: )

The good news for Canada is that Trump’s xenophobic rants and actions will likely increase over the next year as he ramps up his attempts to bolster and even increase his base support for the 2020 US election.

Canada should INCREASE our efforts to attract more educated, skilled workers and companies … to continue our growth in population and popularity … so that US’s loss remains Canada’s gain.

Harv Oberfeld

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51 Responses to Immigration: US Loss is Canada’s Gain

  1. DBW says:

    I agree.

  2. Donald Malcolm Johnston says:

    We are all immigrants at one time or other. I can trace my Scottish heritage back to the Scottish clearances in the 1700’s; my German heritage to brewers and hoteliers; my English heritage to well, I rather not talk about that.

    Canada is taking in the educated and entrepreneurs and by god we need the infusion because the domestic variety is more than wanting.

    The United States lives in a Hollywood dream of John Wayne inspired history and now has a very questionable president leading a grossly corrupt party.

    Cutting through the hype, Canada is the land of the free and not the USA, as they are restrained by politcal; ennui and historical hubris and what was once, unquestionably the greatest country in the world, has now devolved into a rather nasty third world junta, run by El Supremo Trump.

    A true story. An early school friend’s father was a German scientist, who worked and “cocoonned” in the aircraft industry; who was too important to be in the army.

    After they surrendered to the Americans, his dad and immediate family were whisked to the USA to work at Boeing in Seattle. In the early 50’s his dad emigrated to Canada and took a much lesser job at a mill.

    In later years I asked my once school friend why his dad emigrated to Canada and his answer was stark.

    His dad found, the American hierarchy just as rigid, just as hateful and just as entrenched as the old regime was in Germany and he did not want his children to grow up as he grew up in Germany in the 30’s

    Immigration is good thing, though done in moderation and we pick the right people to come and live here, as we are doing now!

    (Response: I truly enjoy wintering in the US … and have good American friends …Democrats AND Republicans …but I always tell my friends there, looking at the state of their nation, I have never been happier and prouder to be CANADIAN .. the REAL land of the free and now the REAL shining light atop the hill. h.o)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Hola Harvey!

    I started giggling half way through this piece. First off let me say I agree and concur with everything you say. Cherry picking some ‘Muricans who are tired of living in an oppressed and racist society would be a great thing.

    What made me laugh is you quoting the exact large number of immigrants, saying each one matters, praising their contributions, pointing out that the VAST majority are from non-white countries, saying that they will improve all Canadians lives and dumping all over that stain they call the president. You are going to make a few of your regular commenters heads explode!!!

    Cant wait to read the upcoming “ya buts” from the local Trumpastanis.

    What a great topic to come back too.

    Still laughing….. 🙂

    (Response: Yes, ALL lives matter … especially if they come here to work, contribute to the economy and pay taxes to cover all the baby boomers’ pensions and health care costs … and, yes, enrich our society with their foods, culture, arts etc. And I also like the BC government’s new plans to encourage more immigrants to locate in areas of the province outside just the largest urban areas… helping the economies/services in smaller communities as well. Trump and the US’s loss truly can be Canada’s gain. h.o.)

  4. r says:

    Maybe some could help out in the tax dept?

  5. 13 says:

    Harvey, time will tell if your correct in your thesis that immigration is the answer to all of our problems. While you did not count the walk ons they sadly make up a part of the immigation picture. I dont buy that they are fleeing the USA because they are fearing anything other than being deported back to their country of origin. Doesnt matter how or why people immigrate as long as they all follow the laws of their new host country. Im mid 60s so if God willing were both still around 10 years from now I hope that your right and this flood of people moving across Europe and fleeing the tyranny of the USA have been nothing less than the solution to all of your perceived domestic problems.
    Im glad you made Gene happy.

    (Response: There is a BIG difference between walk-overs and LEGAL immigrants, who completed all the forms, met all the criteria required … even filled necessary shortfalls in some of Canada’s jobs, underwent interviews and waited their turn. The 321,065 referred to here should ALL be welcomed and assisted in settling in and contributing to their new home … Canada. h.o)

  6. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, ignoring your inflammatory rhetoric of anti-Trump jingoism, let’s look at your reasons for support of higher immigration intakes in Canada.

    “They will not just be employees doing the work … as more and more of the rest of us age, retire and live longer …. drawing pensions and enjoying our leisure years with pretty good health coverage, social service programs etc.”

    Do you not see the morally impaired rationale for immigration?

    You suggest Canadians should support siphoning off the best trained and brightest talent away from developing nations so as to continue to provide it’s citizens leisure based on an economic model that, was designed then, is today, and will be tomorrow unsustainable.

    Other nations should suffer as we cream off their best?

    I would think that raking up debt by continued deficit spending to enjoy unfunded “leisure” with the intention to pay for it by bringing more people with the promise of more “leisure” is essentially a pyramid scheme.

    I say, fix the underlying cause of the reasons we’re seeking immigration, then when this is a nation brought back into balance we should consider limited intake.

    (Response: Any responsibility for negative rhetoric lies on TRUMP’s shoulders … not mine. Have you listened to him? Disgraceful! Racist! Disgusting! Over and over … he disgraces not only his country but conservatism as well. And the stats now show Canada is clearly benefiting from that negativity. Bravo! Let’s welcome MORE high tech companies, MORE high tech workers. As for the countries they come from … it doesn’t seem to have bothered anyone there when they coaxed away all our manufacturing jobs, call centre jobs, and even skilled banking, on-line servicing jobs. And perhaps if their leaders didn’t rob, steal and plunder their countries’ riches so much, or have such oppressive, medieval governments, policies and rules, their skilled, talented workers who CAN leave would stay. Nothing wrong with Canada welcoming them here! h.o.)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    Hire American. Great line, but if many of the unemployed don’t have the skills or education to fill the vacancies in the tech. industry, nothing is going to change. Part of the problem in the U.S.A. is a lack of a level playing field when it comes to public education. The continued privatization of education has locked out hundreds of thousands of children. Some major cities in the U.S.A. had to close the schools during the winter because they lacked heat. Lack of text books doesn’t help either. The proliferation of for profit colleges and university aren’t helping. Add in the unwillingness of American society to accept African Americans as equals, you know things are eventually going to go sideways.

    Canada does have much better public education system. People immigrating know their children will have a better chance at success in this country because of our health care and education system.

    American tech firms as you say, are coming to Canada and will continue to do so. In my opinion, many of them might want to have a good look at Calgary with all its empty offices and lower cost of housing.

    Canada would do well to recruit DACA kids. They’re educated, strivers, etc. For a group, that was under 30, they had higher home owner ship than non DACA kids, along with higher education, etc. What we can offer them is citizenship and stability.

    As the need for more paramedics increases in B.C. we might want to recruit for them in the U.S.A. also, if we do not have sufficient people wishing to train for the job here. English would not be an issue and in some fields, English is important. of course given our multi cultural society so are other languages.

    When politicians discuss a lack of doctors and nurses, sometimes I wonder why we don’t do what we did back in the late 60s perhaps even early 1970s when Ontario was extremely short of R.N.s They went to Ireland, loaded up 3 big jets with R.N.s and brought them back to Ontario as landed immigrants. Done deal. Its not like we’re raiding a developing country which needs all the educated people they can find, but rather countries where people want to exit, such As the country under going Brexit.

    Canada is a country made up of immigrants. That has been the “secret” to our success. There are some politicians who want to curtail immigration, but that is just another way of drawing the votes of racists, the yellow jacket crowd.

    When it comes to sports we’ve done very well because of immigrants. The winner of Indian Wells tennis tournament: Bianca Andressescu, family immigrated from Romania.
    The first star soccer player born this century, Alphonso Davies, came to Canada as a refugee with his family because of the war in Liberia. No one as young as he had scored a goal for Bayern, Munich in 20 years. Nice asset for our national soccer team come the Os and World Cup.
    Milos Raonic, best male Canadian tennis player, ever, immigrated in 1994 with his family from the former Yugoslavia. Father has a PhD in Engineering while his Mother has a Masters degree. Felix Auger Aliassime, is born in Canada, but his Father immigrated from Togo.

    If it weren’t for immigration, I might not have that Cardiologist, my sibling not the Ophthalmologist.

    If Canada did not have the immigration system is did going back to after WW II, this country would have a lot less people than it did today. We know that to populate the Prairies, in centuries past, the Government of Canada recruited in Ukraine.

    When we look at the various political parties, look at the names and faces. Immigrants abound and that is the difference between Canada and the U.S.A.

    Japan has finally seen the problem they created by making it almost impossible for people to immigrate there. it will only get worse for Japan.

    The U.S.A. with its anti immigrant policies will not be able to keep up with the changes in the world. Their economy will suffer. Deporting people who have served in the American military is going to cause a lot of people to not enlist. It used to be a path way to citizenship.

    If Canada had not welcomed the Hadhad family, Syrian refugees, we would be out a wonderful chocolate maker in Antigonish, N.S. The family has been busy creating chocolates and jobs and one of the sons is now on the N.S. Economic Development Board.

    Here’s to good chocolate and new immigrants and our country.

    (Response: I agree. Legal immigrants have contributed well to Canada’s growth …economically and culturally … and although we haven’t always welcomed them, I believe most Canadians understand their value. However I still oppose illegal migrants who say to hell with Canada’s laws, application process and just walk over and demand to stay, jumping ahead of those waiting and following the rules. We should go after MORE educated, skilled immigrants whose skills are needed … and yes, we should take advantage of Trump’s faults and US negativism towards non-white immigration while we can. As long as these new Canadians are encouraged to fit in to our society .. and not bring their old world beliefs, hatreds and repressive attitudes with them. h.o)

  8. Jay says:

    Legal immigrants are not the issue. It’s the thousands of people who illegally enter the US monthly. Trump has not restricted a single legal immigrant. He has in fact demanded that people immigrate legally. He is enforcing the law. Not a single legal immigrant has been targeted, deported or had any issues. But if you entered the country illegally then you should understand that you face deportation and even imprisonment for your actions. This isn’t something new. This isn’t something that came about in 2016 . This is something that has existed since the US AND Canada had a border. Canada doesn’t just let anyone in. We still have border guards on our southern border. We still have laws.
    There is no racism, xenophobia or islamophobia going on with immigration in the US other that they want legal immigrants.
    The whole muslim ban thing, nonsense, 95% of muslims live in countries other then those banned.
    Calling illegals that come accross the border criminals..well yes they are. They broke the law of the US the moment they crossed the border. They knew they were doing it. They could have approached any border and claimed refugee status but no they violated the sovereign border of a country they were not a citizen of. This is the law in almost every nation in the world.
    Why is it so bad that Trump is pointing this out? Why is it so bad the Trump wants to prevent tens of thousands of illegals from entering the country and using resources that they are not entitled to?
    The US already provides huge amounts of money in aid to other countries. Why should it accept everyone who decides to break it’s border laws?
    I find it amazing that people are only even speaking about this now that Trump is president. The laws against illegal immigration have been around for decades. Previous presidents enforced them without days and days of rhetoric and condemnation but since it’s Trump it must be new and hideous racism and whateverphobia.
    The democrats agreed to building border wall and enforcing immigration rules UNTIL Trump was elected then NO they want open borders, illegals to get in and get drivers licenses and full benefits and the vote. Why? because they will vote democrat, not because they are going to benefit the country. If all the immigrants were openly saying they would vote republican the democrats would do everything in their power to stop them.
    Legal immigrants should be greeted and cheered that they took the time to do thing legally and made it. They should be welcomed and given all that they deserve. But those who jump the line, cross the border illegally, break the law the monet they do and then expect everything, well they can go back where they came from.

    (Response: The problem in the US of Trump that is turning off prospective immigrants and tech companies wanting to expand goes far beyond the “legal” immigrants issue. The President’s remarks …about shit-hole countries, about a Mexican judge cant be fair, about some Neo Nazis being very nice people has clearly made many educated, qualified, skilled immigrants seek other new opportunities…. and Canada has gained from that. Read the article cited and you’ll see that more and more companies, rather than fight the much more difficult rules/regulations and downright animosity towards non-white immigrant applicants, just find Canada more welcoming, friendlier … and safer to locate. We should go after more such companies … and benefit from the great hate simmering south of us. h.o.)

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Jay, your sentence regarding, “not a single……”. Not totally correct. Being on the mailing list for various American organizations, some which advocate on behalf of people arrested by ICE, they chronicle cases of people being deported who have a legal right to be in the U.S.A. Not only have they arrested landed immigrants and veterans, they’ve deported them. ICE makes mistakes and doesn’t take well to correcting them.

    ICE has arrested/detained any number of people with Green cards, etc. who were Latino and started the deportation process. If those people were lucky they were able to contact legal organizations who fought on their behalf. (ACLU)

    Trump and his base just don’t like “brown people”. We have only to look at him attempting to defund food stamp programs for Puerto Rico. Its on the news and any number of news letters such as Politico, Daily Beast, Vox, etc. When people of colour see that, and given the choice of Canada or U.S.A. many will choose Canada. Its safer.
    Its more humain.

    Some people coming into the USA “illegally” can’t wait to come in legally. They’d be dead. Trump has made it almost impossible for people to come to a port of entry and apply for refugee status. In the mean time girls are being raped and some murdered. Once those girls manage to get into the U.S.A. they’re held in detention and refused their rights to abortion. Girls as young as 12, who are pregnant as the result of rape, are being denied abortions by Scott Lloyd, director of the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services’ office of Refugee Resettlement. The freak has a chart on his desk tracking the menstruation cycles of these young women, in an effort to ensure they don’t have abortions within the 16 weeks time limit in Texas. Now why would people want to go to a country like that if they could come to Canada with a right to choose.

    The message is clear, Trump and his Repubithugs are only interested in whites and the ultra rich, who will enrich them. Anchor babies are O.K. if their mothers are white and Russian and staying in Trump hotels in Florida. Non white pregnant girls, treated like cattle.

    Although its out of the MSM right now, there are some very ugly statistic out there about sexual abuse of children in these American concentration camps. Those children are non white.

    Some white Americans are terrified they will be outnumbered and thus Trump has seized upon that and vilified any group he sees he can gain votes with.

    In my opinion the American President is unhinged and it is clearly demonstrated when he speaks about refugees, immigrants, documented and undocumented. The old white man party, Republicans, are trying to hang on to the last vestiges of power. Canada has not always been welcoming of non WASPS, but were way ahead of the Americans and continue to be so.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Jay, if you go back in the news a few months, you see that Trump and/or his minions ordered Border Guards to stand in an area making it impossible for would be refugee claimants to actually gain access to the port of entry. These people are now being held in camps in Mexico, several thousand of them. Some people knowing their lives are in danger go to another access point, cross into the U.S.A., then proceed to the nearest American border guard, give themselves up and ask for political refugee status.

    In Canada, we have pictures of RCMP officers helping people across a ditch to enter Canada. Not all may agree with it, but it does clearly demonstrate the difference between the two countries.

    As some one said, if a Mother (or Father) thinks being on an ocean in a raft, with her children, is a safer place than where she came from, they’re refugees.

    it is the European countries who originally caused most of the problems we’re seeing today, the chickens have come home to roost. had we not treated those countries as our own personal fiefdoms, people wouldn’t be trying to get out.
    (just read a little Mexican and Central American history. You can also check with various labour organizations which may have books on what happened to people trying to organize Unions in Mexico and Central America. The Catholic Church will also have history on how their Priests and Nuns were murdered for attempting to help poor farmers in Central America.)

  11. BMCQ says:

    Both my parents Families were Legal Immigrants to this Country.

    My 29 year old Son who is a Pacific Islander is here because the Birth Mother was allowed to Legally Immigrate to Canada.

    I am very much in favour of Legal Immigration and yes I am in favour of a certain number of of Legal Refugees being accepted into Canada with conditions.

    Legal Refugees or Immigrants should NOT be accepted into Canada if they believe that their Religion whatever it may be supersedes Canadian Rule of Law. That is not too much to ask.

    No One should be allowed to enter Canada on a permanent basis unless they can live up to that condition.

    Diver – 6

    I agree with much of what you have stated especially your first sentence.

    I welcome Educated, Skilled, Professional Immigrants from other countries but i also have concerns about the Brain Drain from say some Third World Nations that deserve the Best from their own Educated People that could serve their Home Country well. At the same time I understand why they would want to improve their circumstances by immigrating to the U.S. which contrary to some is STILL the MOST desired destination of any country in the world for Educated and Uneducated People of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds, Skin Colours, and Religions to seek a better life.

    I would very much like to see First World Nations do more to somehow give back, create, and offer opportunities to Citizens from struggling countries to receive education and improve their own countries, it can be done.

    Of course it means somehow neutering Strong Men that Rape, Corrupt, Steal from , and Pillage their own People and Countries for personal gain. How can we fix that?

    Jay – 8

    Brilliant, almost impossible for any honest person to argue with your well taken points!

    Very Solid and very factual, especially the part about former POTUS an theur policies on Migration.

    As to the “Shit Hole Countries” ?

    What Trump said is true, I traveled to 17 different countries last year and many of them ARE “Shit Holes” !!

    I DEFY anyone to attempt to tell us that counries like Hairi, Jamaica, Malawi, Honduras, El Salvador, and so many more are not “Shit Holes” !!

    That does not mean we should not give them a Leg Up and assist them to change and improve the Standard of Living, Health Care, Freedoms, Housing, Food Farming, and Education so they can help themselves.

    I find it rather Rich that when Convicted Criminal Felons are about to be Deported back to El Salvador, Cuba, Haiti, Somalia, or any other Bad Nation Libeals immediately jump up on their Hind Legs and tell us we cannot send them back to their home nation because they are dangerous bad places and they may in DANGER.

    How the Hell can they ahve it both ways?

    Are the Liberals and Trump correct or are they not? Please explain Harvey.

    As I stated up the page I am very much in favour of MERIT BASED Immigration with some Refugee component to it but…….

    Keep in mind that in the UK that a very large percentage of Migrants that entered Britain over ten years ago have still not worked or punched a time clock!!

    Also keep in mind that Migration of any kind has it’s costs as well.

    In B.C. (and the same applies to the rest of Canada) like to blame the former Liberal Government or now the NDP for Long Waits for Health Care.

    Please keep in mind that most Immigrants
    even though they might have money or Migrants or Refugees have had little or inferior Health Care at best.

    Those same people once landed immediately seek out First Class Canadian Health Care and that has a Huge Cost and it creates most frustrating Wait Lists. What else would you expect.

    On top of that NONE of them have paid into our Canadian Health Care System, how do you like that?

    Some Families are large and they demand a lot of Health Care.

    Somehow we need to get wealthy Innigrant Families to Top Up Canadian Health Care with a Contribution based on Age, Health, Numbers in the Family and ability to pay. It is not too much to ask.

    We must expect more from Wealthy Immigrants, our sick people and seniors deserve better.

    My Unionized B.C. Manufacturing Company that Exports World Wide employees over 60 % Immigrants that arrived between 5 and 30 years ago and you would never meet better people, there are NO Better Canadians. Every single one of them that has been in Canada over 10 years owns their Home Outright with NO Mortgage and I am very proud of them.

    Yes we need and should Welcome Immigrants and refugees but they must come in under our rules.

    Contrary to the Spin the United States of America is still the NUMBER ONE choice for Migrants and Refugees and it will continue to be.

    There are almost 2 Million former and current Canadian citizens residing and working in the U.S., there is a reason for that.

    My company does business in virtually all 50 States and many of the people I interact with are/were Immigrants from Countries World Wide and the biggest percentage of those Visible Minorities, they love America and many of them are DJT supporters.

    A warning to Canadians.

    Trump will get more Wall and he will get increased Border Security.

    Trump will very soon also make a DACA Deal and it will be welcomed by everyone regardless of Political Brand.

    Along with that the Trump Administration like Obama will Deport Convicted Criminal Felons, although at a greater rate than “O”.

    Here is where the problem comes in.

    a very high number of those Convicted Criminal Felons will not wait to be deported back to El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Columbia, Haiti, Cuba, or Sweden, they will be coming directly to Canada.

    Canada has a PM that tells them that “Uh Diversity is Our uh Strength, We uh Welcome You” !

    WE have Mayors, Premiers, and other Poverty Pimps like Horgan, Meggs, Eby, Kwan, Gregor, Stewart, and the rest that do NOTHING for Seniors but they are willing to House, Clothe, Feed, provide Drugs, ignore Drug Laws, other criminal Acts and cater to the every need of those Drug Addled criminals.

    Why wouldn’t they come here, we offer them everything they desire right down to those willing to Purchase the Drugs they offer Canada, B.C. and YVR is just what they need.

    Yes let us welcome good hard working immigrants educated and perhaps not quite so educated and yes, let us provide Safe haven for those in need but let us also use our head.

    WE in Canada need and require Immigration Reform and it should be a Big Plank of any Federal Political Parties Platform going into October.
    While we are at it I strongly Suggest and Plead that Canada look first to inviting Minority Jewish Families from the EU, the Middle east, and Northern Africa, Yes the EU as Jews are oppressed in ALL EU Nations and the UK each and every day by Far Right and Muslim Groups.

    We should also offer Safe Haven to Minority Christians from the Middle East and Northern Africa, CHRISTIANS ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED there each and every day.

    In the horrifically Tragic Terrorist Event in Christchurch 50 Innocent Muslims were Executed and it was a Crime Against God.

    Just since Jan 1 literally THOUSANDs of Christians and Jewish People have been Killed ALL over the EU, the Middle East and Africa and NO One Pays any attention.

    I agree with much about what Harvey says about Immigration and Refugees but we must also pay attention to the Big Picture.

    Canada, the U.S., the EU, the IK, and the rest of the World needs to do more to Educate and Prepare Populations in so called Third World Nations, they must be shown how to assist themselves.

    By the way, one last question.

    When was the last time we saw about 100 U.S. Residents/Citizens of any Religion or Skin Colour rush down to the Beach in Miami, cobble together a Raft out of Old Cigar Boxes and row, row, row, off to Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, or the Dominican Republic?

    I await your reply

    (Response: I agree that there is a danger that some convicted felons illegally in the US could head north instead of waiting to get deported back to their home countries.The “open door” policy to allow illegals to just walk across the border at unauthorized locations and then get to stay “free” and on assistance for a year or more while their cases are adjudicated DOES pose a serious problem when it comes to criminally inadmissible persons. They ALL deserve a hearing to ensure no legitimate refugee is refused … but the process has to be sped up to weed out the true illegals and also to help those who do deserve our protection. h.o.)

  12. Gene The Bean says:

    So the message hasn’t changed since you parroted what Harper always said …. “Be afraid of the brown criminals that will rush our border….” Geez… time for the alt-right to get some new messages.

    Interesting pics out of El Paso this afternoon. A couple of hundred “brown” families are being held under a highway overpass, surrounded by hastily built chain link fencing with concertina wire and guarded by skinhead looking goons from ICE, all looking tough with their automatic weapons, sunglasses and steroided biceps. There is ‘no more room’ in the ‘detention centres’, built with public money through an ‘award and no bid’ process, the BC LIEberals have nothing on the Repugnantans when it comes to rewarding your friends with taxpayer money. But I digress…..

    Children in cages …… the legacy of Trump and his supporters. Those three words should kill any argument about immigration or human rights – but you’d have to have morals to understand that.

  13. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#11 BMCQ
    “I DEFY anyone to attempt to tell us that counries like Hairi, Jamaica, Malawi, Honduras, El Salvador, and so many more are not “Shit Holes” !!”

    My neice has lived on Roatan in Honduras for almost 10 years.
    Aside from the corrupt politicians, the corrupt police, the MS13 gangs….the people are friendly and very nice.
    My sister (her mother) enjoys visits to Honduras on a regular basis.
    We shouldnt be too smug.
    Corruption occurs everywhere and most Canadians are about one missed pay cheque from living on the street.
    Lets see how “great” Canadians are after an 8.5 earthquake in YVR and there’s no bank machines, food, water and power…….

  14. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#11 BMCQ
    “In the horrifically Tragic Terrorist Event in Christchurch 50 Innocent Muslims were Executed and it was a Crime Against God.

    Just since Jan 1 literally THOUSANDs of Christians and Jewish People have been Killed ALL over the EU, the Middle East and Africa and NO One Pays any attention.”



    My friends from South Africa are shaking their heads at the world wide angst over the 50 people murdered in NZ and barely a peep for the hundreds (soon to be thousands) dead in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana ,etc from one cyclone.
    Wait til Cholera and starvation really take hold.
    The news yesterday said the UN Food program was diverting aid from the desolate war zone of Sudan to get food/ medicine/etc to southern Africa!
    A war zone is better than whats hit southern africa?
    They know what’s coming….10’s of thousands may die of disease and starvation.

  15. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, now about the thousands of Christians and Jews being killed, well so are people of other religions. Lets not forget the millions the Christians slaughtered along the way through history. We could say karma is a bitch. War is being waged all over the world, people die.
    However, I don’t hear from the cousins in Europe they need to leave because they’re all being murdered. oh, wait, some of the cousins are atheists.

    The point of the article is not to say the U.S.A. is less than 2 and 3rd world countries, its about the issues which are present in that country which ought not to be. Racism is alive and well in the U.S.A.

    Harvey is writing about the increase in legal immigration to Canada and that we as a country are benefiting. of course there will always be people who try to get in illegally, just as there will always be other types of crooks–murderers, bank robbers, muggers, rapists, and we grow all of them at home here in Canada. We would of course prefer not to import any, but sometimes things happen.

    as to bringing in wealthy immigrants families, not so much. Harvey has written enough posts about them and their lack of contribution to this country. park the family here, avoid paying taxes, have the family take advantage of every social program there is, etc.

    What Canada needs are people who are willing to become Canadians and participate in our country, pay taxes and contribute to charities.

    if Canada finds they are receiving more people as refugee claimants, the government ought to hire more people to deal with it. However, that will take money and taxpayers aren’t interested in doing that. The Immigration Refugee Board is staffed by political appointees. that was a change the Conservatives brought into play back in the Mulroney days. No one has fixed it, but they ought to. They’re paid way more than federal government workers, have bigger offices and not much supervision. We need to stream line how refugee claimants are processed. It could be much more efficient.

  16. 13 says:

    Horgans Numbskull Dimwit Party. Demoncraptics
    Yes siree its fun to make up silly words.
    How can there be crowds of “brown” being rounded up. Your go to news source has been reporting for years that the caravan from South America doesnt exist. Oh my, wait one minute your reliable news sources have been lying to everyone about everything . The disaster networks have taken fake news and made it into a professional sport. Competition between news orgs to see how much BS re Donald Trump they can broadcast. Just because someone says it doesnt mean its true. IE” you would have to have morals to understand “. That is an opinion based on lies and not even close to a fact. Kiddies in cages has a much more CNN ring to it.

  17. Jay says:

    Children in cages – might wanna look back to 2014 when the Obama administration was doing the same thing.
    And who caused that? The courts telling the justice system that could not jail children with their parents and the democratic laws that were put in place under Clinton.

    “about some Neo Nazis being very nice people – if you are refering to his remarks on charlottesville, this was never said. What was said is that there were good people and bad people on both sides which was true. Violence came about due to radicals on both sides. There were people protesting against the removal of Lees statue who were not neo nazis.
    Complaining about a judge is nothing new. Blaming his heritage is out of line but hits by no means qualifies him as a racist.

    Ask yourself this, Why would anyone want to come to a country apparently run by a racist?
    Yet every year over 1 million people do.
    Racism? You have a sitting democratic congresswoman actively spouting anti-semitism and the democrats wont chastise her. Yet once they are speaking at a pro isreali panel they are all against this kind of speech.
    You might forget that it was democrats under Johnson and Clinton who put the immigration laws that Trump is enforcing on the books.

    Was there a huge drop in legal immigrants given citizenship in 2016 or 2017..No
    Was there a drop in legal immigrants from muslim countries given citizenship in 2016 or 2017..No
    Was there a drop in legal immigrants from Mexico..No
    The reality as to why they come to Canada? Yes it’s safer but as you said it’s EASIER. It has nothing to do with racism. If the US would have made it EASIER they would have gone there. Many still might. Now that they have Canadian citizenship it will be much easier to get into the US.
    Another problem are the so called “sanctuary cities”. These places give the illegals a goal, a hope that is tantamount to entrapment. It gives these people false license to break the laws and try to get to one of those cities. It implies that it is OK to break the border laws.
    Do you honestly think that if the Canadian border was sitting on the Mexican border that our immigration issues would be any different?
    We have the US, 2 oceans and alot of ice preventing people from firing up a caravan and walking to the canadian border.
    So of course we get alot more legal immigrants.
    Meanwhile we have tent cities, first nations communities that are in desperate need and the government is too busy virtue signalling that the doors are open, come on down.
    Canada is not accepting any of the hondurans or mexicans or others in these caravans.
    What do you think would happen if thousands of illegals entered our country on a monthly basis? If boats full of illegals landed in Newfoundland or vancouver island and started running amok?

    A US citizen cannot even enter Canada if they have a felony conviction, yet the democrats want unvetted people with no money or education to cross the border in hordes just so they can sway the elections in their favour.
    The recent opiode crisis should also give you pause to allow anyone to cross the border. The southern US border is by far the gateway for drugs and human trafficking to enter the country. Billions in drugs crosses that border every year killing thousands of americans and canadians every year. It takes a huge cost on the criminal justice system and healthcare system.

    This has nothing to do with legal immigrants. They went through the system, paid their dues, showed that they were worthy to come to our country and be made a citizen.
    This has to do with a post 911 world where the government of the US is trying to balance it’s security with it’s long standing immigration standing.
    It’s about the democrats doing everything they can to demonize the government and allow as many future democratic voters into the country as they can.

  18. john says:

    Would be nice if you could prove any of the stements in your first paragaph. They’re just talking points from CNN and MSNBC. And we all know how truthful they are.

    (Response: Trump is so disgustingly racist, there’s even a page in the ENCYCLOPEDIA on his racist xenophobic views: And if you need more…just Google Trump’s racist remarks … and you’ll get a lot more than CNN and MSNBC … TRUMP’s mouth tells it all! h.o)

  19. Gene The Bean says:

    Was actually hoping my comment at #3 would be proven wrong and certain people would actually show some humanity – nope.

    “ya but, ya but, ya but…..”

    De-evolution on full display. i

  20. DBW says:

    These are Harvey’s points.

    1. We had a lot of legal immigrants last year which is good. With an aging population and a declining birth rate, we need replacement workers if we want to maintain our standard of living.

    I agree.

    2. Trump’s comments/policies, according to a Recode article, have some tech companies thinking of relocating to Canada. We should take advantage of this and encourage more Americans and companies to come here.

    I agree.

    Now maybe attacking Trump and triggering his supporters is more fun or maybe rationalizing Trump’s Charlottesville and shithole comments is somehow easier, but none of that addresses Harvey’s topic.

    I am afraid to count the number of periphery topics that have been mentioned including “fake news” but when somebody’s favourite whipping boys of Meggs, Eby, etc. are tossed in, I truly despair.

    Stay focussed team. Harvey’s topic is a good one and can be debated on its own.

  21. e.a.f. says:

    Thank you Non Confidence at 13.

    None of these “shit hole” countries were “shit hole” countries until Europeans and their descentants from North America arrived in them. they had societies, lived lives, the we and our corporate greed arrived along with all the bribery, corruption, etc.

    Yes, when the big one hits, things will not go well here and we are not prepared. We will look like any third world country, but not be able to survive because we don’t have the skills or resolve to make it through the really, really tough times.

    Your comment regarding being on the streets with a missed pay cheque. yes, there have been stats about that for a number years. a couple of years ago Ontario discovered the largest group of people declaring bankruptcy were seniors, who got to retirement age and no longer had the money to service their debts or just to keep going.

    With what people pay for rent and mortgages in the lower mainland, no wonder the banks want those stress tests. Once their credit cards tap out, they’ll be living with friends, who still have houses.

  22. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 13 – 14

    Nice to hear from you !

    I agree a natural disaster could create chaos and dangerous behavior in any country. The problem with far too many countries like Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador and others the Good Hard Working people that are simply looking for a way to make a living and provide for their families are
    at the mercy of Greedy, Crooked, Usurious, Evil, Politicians willing to do anything to Fill their own Bank Accounts.

    Perhaps the best two examples might be Mexico which has it all, Natural Physical Beauty, Beaches, Wonderful Industrious Hard Working People, many of those People highly educated, Oil, Gas, Precious and Strategic Metals, and so much more.

    Mexico has it all but somehow decade after decade the Mexican People are cursed with Morally Bankrupt Corrupt Governments that care nothing for the People.

    Venezuela is another example with perhaps the World’s Largest Proven Oil and Gas Reserves and they keep Electing (I use the term loosely ) Corrupt, Greedy, Mortally Bankrupt Socialist Governments that do what ALL Socialist Governments do, they steal from the people and they tax those same people until they are broke and starving.

    South Africa will soon go the way of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, SA will very quickly sink into a true “Banana Republic” and there will be thousands of Atrocities taking place right across the Country and Continent.

    In the meantime the Chinese Government like here in Canada will do their best to control as much Real estate, Strategic Metals, Oil, as and the rest as quickly as possible.

    All the Chinese will be required to do is to pay off those in Power and they can have it all and it will take less than a decade from now.

    I am in full agreement about accepting the Immigrants of who Harvey speaks of providing we adhere to some strict rules much as I pointed out up the page.

    At the same time I believe it is time that the absolutely useless UN lobbied Wealthy Free World Nations to offer X number of Seats at their best Universities to offer full Scholarships to a certain number of promising Students for a full University Education for Strategic Studies and Degrees that actually have Merit like Engineering, Medicine, Research, Education, some others and then once Educated send those Students back to their Home Countries to Serve and Educate their own Populations.

    Those Scholarship Degree Programs should include NO ARTS or Humanities !

    Universities need to be Streamlined for ALL Student Degrees and they should jettison SJW Arts and Humanities, the Tax Payer and Student cannot afford it any more.

    Universities should be streamlined and restructured to work more like Vocational Colleges.

    It would not be difficult for Free World Nations to provide Scholarships at a few Major Universities that would Educate Temporary Students who would then return to their Homeland for the Greater Good !.

    Here is something for Harvey to consider.

    When and If we allow Immigrant/.Refugees to take up Residence and citizenship in Canada we need to demand certain requirements.

    Citizenship to Canada should be of Great Value and it should be very important and a privilege, not a right.

    I propose that when people seek Citizenship there should be a Waiting Period of TEN Years.

    After Five Years a certain Landed Status can be offered.

    After that if the Applicant has a Clean Criminal Record with NO Felony Convictions for the full Ten Year Period that Applicant can and should ber given Canadian Citizenship.

    That virtually guarantees that Citizen Applicant lives by Canadian Rule of Law and it shows Canadians that that Applicant will and should be a Good Canadian Citizen.

    I do not think that is too much to ask and I am guessing that Immigrants would be more than happy to sign on.

    GTB – 18

    I have been here since August 2014 and NOT ONCE have I seen you offer anything positive, constructive, or for that matter enlightening.

    Surely you cannot be that bitter, unhappy, angry, hateful, and lonely.

    Then again……………….

    e.a.f. – 15

    Sure, unfortunately Millions of People are and have been Killed but it always seems that Jewish People and White People are the ones that are always painted as the Boogey uh People Kind!

    Jus ask any true Liberal or U.S. Democratic Hopeful, it is truly the Jew and the White Male that are the Devil in the Flesh !!


    Let’s Educate the Brightest from Third World Nations and let’s then send them back to Serve and Improve their Home Countries !!We would be doing the whole World a great service.

  23. BMCQ says:

    DBS – 20

    I will make a quick point or two and then I will ask a few questions of you.

    I suggest you read the Posts of e.a.f., GTB, and others that vilify anything and everything from Gordo to Harper, to Christy, to anything White Conservative Male.

    You seem to be very selective, you disappoint me..

    Why the double Standard?

    Care to comment?

    Please do not bother telling me I am off topic Harvey, I am tired of being singled out.

    Just how much of interest would there be on this Blog if ALL of the Contributors offered what we see from GTB, r, Aghast, DBW and a few more?

    Dead Air Space I might offer.

    While you are at it DBS keep in mind who the ONLY Person that came to your Aid on this Blog was when you overstepped.

    Fill your Boots DBW, you and the other 3 or 4 other Contributors I mentioned would have a great time here without me wouldn’t you?

    Do you not read the absolutely ridiculous and hateful, of GTB?

  24. e.a.f. says:

    wouldn’t say what the House of Representative member said qualifies as “anti Semitism”. wouldn’t even say it was anti Jewish. It certainly qualifies as anti state of Israel, but then I certainly have said things others said which might be considered anti state of Israel. Even a lot of people living in Israel don’t like what bennie does.

    As to using the term anti semitic, its not that accurate. The semitic people were those who spoke a semitic language and that group included people who lived on the Arabian peninsula. Today those people may be described as Arab, Muslim, Christian, etc.

    To be clear lets use the correct term and say some people are plan old fashioned anti Jewish. Some maybe anti Israeli, but one could be anti Israeli and not be anti Jewish.

    Jay, People will go to a country run by a racist. They go to escape certain death in their home country. The U.S.A. is still a “safe” country compared to countries like those in Central America. It you stood a 95% chance of being murdered or raped, or both, going to the U.S.A. is still a better deal than staying.

    The population base in the U.S.A. is huge. You can disappear and survive. Disappearing and surviving in Central American countries is much harder.

    Now your comments regarding First Nations/Indigenous communities, homelessness, you’re correct. Historically governments have been loath to deal with those issues because it means increasing taxes, which the majority of Canadians have no interest in doing. Trudeau has been clever in that his “cash” for families living with fewer funds, includes every one, hence the electorate is willing to go along.

    As to your comments regarding the opioid crisis, don’t blame Latinos for that mess. blame it on the companies who produced it. Some governments are. they’re suing Predue. As part of the opioid crisis we got fent. That comes from China mostly. it works wonderously well in B.C. Sam Cooper, on Global the other night, was advising us in 2014, the B.C. Lieberals wanted to increase the betting limit to $100k a throw. they wanted the money. their enforcement branch suggested not to because it would increase money laundering. Christy Clark and Mike deJong took a pass on that advise and as we all know the rest is history. We have money laundering via the casinos, then through our housing market, then through the off shore banks, then back to China to make more fent., then they bring more fent. into Canada and the whole things starts over again. That was all compliments of a bunch of white people and Chinese people. As to who controls the drug trade in B.C. and other parts of Canada. If you check out Gangsters Out Blog, you’ll read Dennis Watson’s opinion, Hell’s Angels. In the opinion of some the Hell’s Angel’s then like many corporations contracted out the work to other gangs or as I like to call them franchises. Its a corporate model. what did Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals do? Closed the gang enforcement unit.

    so Jay: THE BIGGEST SOURCE FOR FENT. IS CHINA! Not via the southern border. In case you haven’t noticed all those ships coming into North America with their containers, they carry fent and take out cash. When it comes over the southern border it comes via ports of entry. However, during the Trump years there has been less emphasis on ports of entry. They’re short staffed. Trump is just bull shitting people when he says it comes over the “unprotected” border. Think about it. Are people running for their lives all carrying suitcases of drugs? NO. Most don’t even have a change of clothes. Drugs enter the U.S.A. and Canada via port of entry. Go ask people who work in the field.

    None of this in my opinion has much to do with 911. Yes, 911 happened and that was it. The terrorists today in the U.S.A. are white males. All those mass shootings are almost all done by white males. the mass shooter yesterday in Seattle, white male. Las Vegas mass shooter, white male. All those schools shootings, white males. Lets accept the greatest number of killers for mass shootings in the U.S.A. are white males. If you have a look at the FBI’s own stats, you will notice that.

    It suits trump to keep on vilifying people from Mexico, Central and South America. He and his base don’t like “brown” people.

    Immigration is good for countries. Even those who enter, undocumented. If you look at the DACA kids, the stats are pretty impressive. I’ve already written about them. People who come into the U.S.A. under the radar aren’t interested in catching the attention of the police. Sanctuary cities are simply trying to protect the citizens of their cities. If they deported all undocumented people in the U.S.A. you would see happen what happened a few years ago in Alabama. Some of those “good” racists decided all undocumented “brown” people had to be rounded up and deported. People stopped coming to work. produce rotted in the fields and farmers went to their politicians and that all stopped. Who do you think does all those service sector jobs in the U.S.A. Who works in care homes, as “servants” of the rich, mowing lawns, cleaning houses, etc. Undocumented workers.

    when it comes to mass shootings in the U.S.A., from 1982 to Nov. 2018 there were 107 mass shootings.
    whites–60; black–17; latino–10; Asian–8; other–5; unknown–4; Native American–3.

    it would be best if the U.S.A. no longer accepted whites. they turn into mass shooters if you follow the stats.

    Largest mass shooting in American history outside of war, by a white guy, killed 58 and injured 500.

    Undocumented immigrants aren’t the problem in North America, they just get the most news coverage.

    (Response: Getting off topic…but let your response flow in full. Except I’ll point out: When someone talks about the power of the “Benjamins” in the context of US/Israel relations …it relates to more than just the face of Ben Franklin on the US $100 bill… that is ANTI-SEMITIC and disgraceful…something we can expect from a neo-Nazi …not a Democrat Congress member. Period! h.o)

  25. Gilbert says:

    Sadly, i think PM Trudeau’s goal is the same as his father’s: to turn Canada into the United Nations. Immigration is good for Canada, but I don’t trust our prime minister to manage it. He just wants to attract people who will be loyal Liberals. That was the case with my father, a Hungarian refugee who voted Liberal his whole life out of loyalty to the party that was in power when he came to Canada. I completely disagreed with his loyalty because the result is that he voted Liberal regardless of how unqualified the Liberal leader was. Let’s not forget Marissa Shen, a girl who lost her life at the hands of a man who should have never been allowed to enter Canada.

    (Response; I can understand why years ago immigrants would be grateful to the party in power when they were admitted … but don’t forget it still takes years before they can actually become citizens and can vote … lots of time in this rapid-paced high-communications based society to develop more independent views and stances. And the second generation and beyond … as a result of their entirely different experiences being brought up here …often have much different views/opinions than their parents/grandparents. ho.)

  26. e.a.f. says:

    thank you Harvey.

  27. Gene The Bean says:

    EAF – you are owning this comment board!

    Thanks for keeping us on topic, keeping the spirit of Harvey’s post and points alive and not just talking about yourself.

  28. Harry Lawson says:


    Another thought provoking post.

    A question I have is as a country are we doing enough to ensure that professional accreditations are easily brought up to Canadian standards. I know of many professional people who immigrated to Canada who were working in the service or labour industries . We are talking doctors, engineers etc.

    (Response: I’m not sure I’d want to make it much easier for professional accreditations from elsewhere to be accepted here. I would agree expediting the process for review etc. might make be suitable, but I would want the actual Canadian standards required for engineers, doctors etc. to be maintained. h.o)

  29. DBW says:

    Sorry Harvey but could I just quickly respond to BMCQ because he has misconstrued my comment and seems to think I am singling him out. Then I will get back on topic.

    When I said

    Now maybe attacking Trump and triggering his supporters is more fun

    I was absolutely and unequivocally referring to Gene

    rationalizing Charlottesville was Jay, fake news was John and a couple of others, rationalizing shithole countries and somehow dragging in Meggs, Eby, and Robertson was you. I stopped counting but I could have included kids in cages, Christchurch, the opiod crisis and now a rationalization of Congresswoman Omar’s comments from e.a.f.

    All on Harvey’s topic about Canadian immigration.

    Back on topic. Yes Harvey referred to Trump but it was in context to the article he linked. People can defend Trump if they want but it doesn’t address the article. The perception of Trump has some companies concerned enough that they are considering moving to Canada. It doesn’t matter if the companies or Harvey are wrong in their perception.

    Harvey figures we should take advantage of this situation and encourage Americans to come here. Just like some might encourage Europeans to come here because of the impression rightly or wrongly that Europe is in chaos.

    If a company wants to locate in Canada because they think Trump and his policies are racist are we going to argue with them and tell them to stay in the US because their perceptions of Trump are wrong or are we going to welcome them.

    This is a great topic and there have been some interesting comments about Canadian immigration but – sadly – they are easy to get lost in all the off topic comments about Trump etc.

  30. BMCQ says:

    My company employees over 20 Hard Working People from several different Ethnic Backgrounds in the U.S. .

    Those same people, myself, and my company never come across any company of any size that is considering leaving the U.S. because of POTUS Trump.

    Of course some do not like him at all and some do not vote DJT or Republican and that is their choice.

    My company is engaged with companies that are very large, middle size, small, and Mom and Pops.

    Some of those companies include Brunswick Corporation, Mercury Marine, Bayliner, Wellcraft, and dozens more who might have facilities outside of the U.S. but I have heard nothing but good things out of any of them regarding the DJT Admin especially since the reduction in Corporate Tax to 21%

    Tech Companies for Political reasons in most cases do not like Trump but in fact they are currently investing more into the U.S. than ever be3fore because of the new 21% Corp Tax.

    You may be aware that Canada has a rather attractive roughly Federal Corporate Tax at 16% compared to most countries and that is a major reason why Canada can and should be attractive.

    Of course some Tech and other individuals from certain countries may not be admissible to the U.S. and they may seek out Canada and that is fine with me.

    Considering that over 80% of the Worlds Muslim Population are eligible to come to the U.S. I find it very weak that SJW types call the Restriction a “Muslim Ban”, how juvenile.

    In fact many U.S. Tech companies are re-investing and bringing Money back to the U.S. because of the Corporate Tax Structure change.

    Please explain to me and name just how many Tech Giant Executives are moving away from the U.S. and taking up residency in China, anywhere in the EU, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc.

    Canada can be and should be somewhat attractive for expansion of many different Tech Companies and others because number one we have a new improved pending USMCA Trade Agreement.

    Canada has a similar Legal System, superior standard of living to most countries, we have a similar form of Governance, a fairly attractive Corporate tax Structure, we are diverse and we have a good record of Human Rights and acceptance of Legal Immigrants.

    Hang your hat onto the talk of Trump Racism talk if you like but that is a stretch, there are STILL MORE Refugees, Immigrants of all Skill Levels wanting to settle in the U.S. than any other World Nation and that is a fact.

    Unfortunately far too many of the Illegal and Legal Immigrants that want to come here will prove to be problematic.

    Of course some will attempt to Spin this as Racism and Xenophobic but facts are facts and we already have more than enough proof in the EU, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other Free Nations what Bad Immigration/Migration can do.

    Yes we should offer safe Haven to those that deserve it and yes we should welcome Legal Immigrants that can and will enrich Canada but we must also do our Due Diligence to ensure those we welcome are seriously vetted and NOT a Danger to our Country.

    Again, Canada should NEVER allow anyone to take up residence in our country if they believe their Religion Supersedes the Canadian Rule of Law.

    Is that too much to ask?

    I find it rather exacerbating that a few contributors continually need to pull out the “Race, Sexist, Ism, or Ist Card” each and every time they do not agree with some of us here.

    Race, Sexist, Ism, or Ist, are most of the time Immature Juvenile Cheap Tawdry Political attempts to discredit and shut down someone that usually is simply just asking a legitimate question or making a statement and the accuser has NO legitimate way to challenge counter that question or statement.

    The very sad truth about that is the fact that today MOST Good People are afraid and are too insecure to defend their positions most of the time.

    Fortunately for me I am NOT AFRAID !

    Go ahead Bean, DBW, and e.a.f , call me a Racist, Sexist, and anything else you choose I am more than happy to stand by my principles and I am more than happy to live quite comfortably my own “Pasty White Skin” and

    “I Fear NO People Kind” .

  31. John Gregson says:

    Welcome back my friend BMQ! I feared you might have been detained at one of those 17 ‘shit hole’ countries you visited. I spent time in about half of them including El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua last year and didn’t find them any more ‘shit hole’ than Vancouver. Depends on the area and who you socialize with I guess. Any I met were warm, friendly and receptive.
    My construction company employed upward of 300 people but restricted out activities to western Canada, with a brief five year forage into Texas (shit hole).
    I see you decided to ignore my suggestion on fewer capitalize words…and less rhetoric, but that’s okay – it’s your ‘style’.
    I did enjoy your sabbatical though when Harvey was on Spring Break.

  32. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, the comments when reviewed show that the statist-progressive left have more of an agenda on the immigration topic then just your argument that immigration is needed to fund our current economic model.

    You’d think that the statist-progies who reply frequently on this blog would decry immigration as a tool to support the capitalist-constant growth economy we have. They constantly argue against our economic system, yet support our record level immigration program, even though the purpose of the program is to support the economic system they want to change.

    What’s their real motive?

    Looking at EAF’s anti-White rhetoric of blaming Whites for social ills, then reading misused statistics to support this conclusion is as wrong as when racists try to use statistics to support their hateful rhetoric.

    Just looking at the conclusion arrived from the EAF provided stats for mass shootings:

    White 60/107= 56%.
    White population is USA is 60.7%

    Black 17/107= 15%
    Black population for USA is 12.7%

    latino 10/107= 9%
    latino population in USA is 17%

    Asian 8/107= 7%
    Asian population in USA is 5.6%

    Native American 3/107= 3%
    NA population in USA is 2%

    So what does this show?
    Absolutely nothing, unless you subscribe to leftist identity politics.

    However, EAF’s comparison of terrorism deaths to mass shooting deaths, which is a morbid logic based on body count to support a leftist ideology is questionable.

    Mass shootings since 1982: 107
    Terrorism deaths since 1980: 257.

    And if we don’t dismiss 9-11 (like EAF does,
    “Yes, 911 happened and that was it.) that number jumps by 2977.

    I guess it’s only wrong when Trump-ers misuse stats to support their political agendas.

    Further up EAF supports immigration with one-off examples of successful immigrant stories. a tennis star, a chocolate-ier, ect. That’s as useful as building an anti-immigrant argument on Ibrahim Ali, Syrian refugee that is accused of killing a little girl in Burnaby.

    Identity politics and warping statistics are not a good basis for an argument. It’s pathos based. The ultra left use in all the time because emotion is the only motivator for these political extremists.

    Logos arguments are a waste of time on leftists.

  33. e.a.f. says:

    it is extremely difficult to screen people for everything and anything. We don’t know who will kill in the future. It is tragic that Ms. Shen was murdered by a refugee. However, lets not get carried away. No country is in a position to carry out in depth psychological testing for all coming in. Shit happens. As much as the Chinese community came out to protest the “refugees”, it was startling to see these same people didn’t come out to protest money laundering by Chinese nationals. They want to lecture us on who we admit to Canada, well that isn’t a good thing.

    It always amazes me how people protest the killing of one cute kid, but fail to protest the murder of 49 women. However, that won’t change regardless of who comes into the country or from where. Canada would be well advised to recruit in the U.S.A. to bring their corporations here. With trump suggesting he’ll close the border with Mexico again, more American companies might want to re locate to Canada. Great education and health system in spite of our complaints. decent infrastructure and if they move to places other than the lower mainland and greater Toronto housing prices aren’t out of reach.

    We have an educated work force and if various levels of government retrain the laid off auto and oil field workers we would be ready to go. if we are to attract American corporations to move here, we require a flexible work force. they then can bring in others they require or have their sights set on in other countries.

  34. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey – thanks for bringing this important topic to the forefront for discussion and personal reflection.

    We almost made it to 30 comments before the unhinged un-hinged. That was much better than before your ‘spring break’ when we could barely make it to a dozen. Maybe sunnier skies ahead? Lets hope so.

    I really hope that all those brilliant entrepreneurial minds that have flocked to Silicon Valley from other parts of the world will see Canada as a better choice. All it will take will be one big company to defect from Trumpistan and the flood gates will open. So many young, diverse and hard working people from emerging countries and economies coming here would be fantastic. It could really set us up for success for generations.

    Some wouldn’t want it though, would ruin their perception of what (colour) being a Canadian is.

  35. BMCQ says:

    Canada does offer much to “Brilliant Entrepeneurial Minds” of ALL Ethinicities, Religions and Skin Tones as is witnessed all over the U.S..
    We would need to be much like Elton Johns Pin Boy Wizard not to recognize the fact that Minorities of every variety reside all over that country.

    For now Canada has a very acceptable Federal Corporate Tax Regime but at this point Canada is not competitive with the U.S. Personal Income Tax Structure.

    Canada will need to control Government Bloat and Waste to make it possible to reduce its Personal Income Tax Structure to assist in making it more competitive with the U.S. .

    It is important to note that the Highest U.S. Personal IT Bracket of 37%does not take affect until a threshold of over $ 500 K with the next highest being 35% from $ 200 – $ 500 K.

    That along with certain Tax Deductions On Real Estate Investment and other Deductions in the U.S. is all important.

    Canada has much to offer but there are some important facts to consider for “Brilliant Entrepeneurial Minds” before they come North to Canada.

    Of course if you are coming to North America from NOKO, Iran, Yemen, Libya, or the other two or three affected Banned Nations Canada might be an easy choice to make.

    As anyone with an IQ over Room Temperature understands Colour is not a deciding factor in those seeking Immigration into the U.S. .

    All one needs to do is look at the facts and see the Mosaic of the over 1.5 Million Immigrants that successfully settle in the U.S. each year, the facts speak very well for themselves.

    But then why would some on this Blog want to introduce truthful facts to their Spin of Hateful Deceit and outright Lies.

    It must be a lonely life.

    John – 31

    Fact is I did not say all 17 Countries were SH, but unfortunately some are and I believe the U.N. Leadership Is derilect in not doing more than just worrying about their Brand of Champagne while living it up in NYC .

    DES Vancouver looks more dangerous and more like a SH than many other cities but in fact DES is not a dangerous place.

    I Will Do My Best to Minimize Caps in the Future.

    Sunny Ways.

    BTW John

    What do you think about Canada welcoming Skilled Educated Immigrants to Canada from thevU.S. Or any other Country?

    Should Canada offer Federal, Provincial, Municipal Tax Incentives to Tech and other Corps like Amazon to set up in Canada, similar to what we have done for the Film Industry or what was offered to Amazon?

    If we ever meet I am quite sure we would really like one another.

    Diver – 32

    Thank you for the effort and the information it points out a lot.

    I am sure e.a.f. Will be accepting of your most informative and thought provoking essay.

  36. DBW says:

    BMCQ I said you were off topic. I didn’t say you were a racist. That’s twice now that you have mis-categorized what I have said. Please pay attention and quit playing the victim.

    I agree that pulling out the race card at every opportunity smacks of laziness. Calling someone a racist doesn’t win the argument. Neither does calling someone an SJW.

    Some interesting (or not) facts to consider.

    In 2017 the US brought in 45,000 refugees. According to Harvey in 2018 Canada brought in 44,000. Virtually the same amount as the US with 1/10 the population.

    Over the past decade Canada has taken in about 200,000 immigrants a year (2018 was a jump) while the US took in a million each year. In other words Canada takes in twice as many immigrants per capita as the US.

    Some may not like those numbers.

    I am not sure what the correct number should be but I am glad we live in a country that has a pretty good immigration policy that welcomes people from all parts of the world.

  37. 13 says:

    So, if I may use my limited experience with immigrants as an example of why we should be wary of immigration policies. PLEASE NOTE policies not the immigrants.
    Canada deregulated most transportation systems in the mid 1980s. They did this to create competition and bring costs down. This in turn made Canada a more profitable place for Walmart, Loblaws and other large companies to invest and expand.
    Trucking became a free for all with unbridled competition driving rates so low that almost every national carrier ceased operations before the mid 1990s. This resulted in warehouses closing in BC by the hundereds. Safeway Overwaitea had enormous operations and very well paid staff in trucking and warehousing. GONE in a wink and relocating in Alberta where property and labor were much cheaper. The faces of truck drivers changed almost over night.
    FACT not racist fiction. The pre 1985 trucker came up through the ranks with a large national carrier . He was hired and started driving a smaller P&D truck. If accident free for a few years he moved on up to a single axle tractor and a single axle trailer. Few more years acciident free would open the door to driving on the highway. This entailed student trips with qualified seasoned veterans followed by a check trip. Failure was definitely an option. When winter came the entire student trips with seasoned veterans was replayed. ALL THAT EVAPOATED. The carrier was gone .Alltrans. Motorways, Johnston Terminals, Canadian Pacific Transport, and many more.
    Replaced by smaller companies that hired owner operators to haul across Canada. The new company would not spend time an money to train drivers when they could hire a driver willing to buy his own truck and haul for rates that forced him to work long hours. Or the driver would drive a “company truck” paid so poorly that sometimes minimum wage would be better. Over the years this spawned roll overs and wrecks in cities in the mountains and all year round not just in winter. This came to a pinnacle of stupidity about one year ago at an intersection on a Saskatchewan hwy. The driver of the truck an immigrant the truck owned by another immigrant .
    The driver Mr Sidhu is a victim of Canadian Federal POLICIES that deregulated trucking.
    He should not have been jailed.
    So to everyone that thinks immigration is a good thing , I tend to agree. To everyone that trusts our current Federal government to get it right, your dreaming in technicolor.

  38. BMCQ says:

    John – 31

    Actually Texas is one of the most beautiful places in North America.
    I spend a lot of time in Houston and they have it all there, Rice University, Medical Sciences and Research, NASA, Oil, Gas, a widely diverse population of highly educated people of all Ethnic Backgrounds and Skin Tones who settle there from Countries right around the World,

    Many High Paying Jobs there, they are a very intelligent population. Many excellent Ethnic Restaurants as well.

    My God Son played for the Houston Texans for the past four years and he has now signed with the Dallas Cowboys, he cannot say enough about Houston, Dallas and the people of Texas.

    Austin Texas is a Huge Cultural and Music Hub full or progressives and all others, a wonderful Mosaic of People.

    I love Texas.

    DBW – 36

    First of all please let me sincerely apologize for using the handle DBS on the last post, quick fingers without a proof read, I should know better, it was unintentional.

    I must now sincerely apologize for saying you called me Racist, that is not true.

    As soon as I pushed submit i wanted that post back as I know all too well you would never call anyone any kind of name, not even POTUS Trump.

    Alas it was too late to recall.

    I will do better next time.

    I have apologized so much here that I am uh beginning to uh feel uh much like PM Justin.

    Please keep in mind that the U.S. has historically taken in more Refugees and Immigrants than any country in the world.

    The U.S. has at least 15 Million Undocumented People living within it’s Porous Borders.

    The U.S. has done MORE than it’s Fair Share.

    Just how many Refugees has Iran, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Mexico, and so many other Arab Nations take in over the past 10 years? You would not be mistaken to say Hardly Any.

    Attached below is something from one of your own Canadian News Outlets.

    Arab Nations should be responsible for the aceptance of more Muslim Refugees, the UN should pressure them to do much more.

    The EU, the U.S. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada should be looking to accept more Jewish and Christian Refugees from areas of where they oppressed, attacked, and killed each and every day of their existence.

    It is also now time for the EU to encourage a significant number Middle eastern Refugees to travel back to their own Home Countries for resettlement with U.N. Aid Programs.

    Yes Canada should welcome Tech People from many different Nations with open arms but thee is a lot more to this than simply falling into line with silly talking points of those that have Stars in their Eyes.

    I uh Apologize ahead for anything I may have uh said that Offends those unhappy with my uh statements.


    I take My Hat Off to JWR !

    I believe she is playing out a planned strategy and i believe she has a good chance of being successful providing the Media are unbiased Balanced and Fair .

    She has about until the end of May to accomplish her objective, here is wishing her the Best of Luck !!

  39. 13 says:

    ” BUT I am glad we live in a country that has a pretty good immigration P O L I C Y…….”
    Bingo you win the prize. Policy? With an idiot like Trudeau at the helm we havent got any substanial policy. Weve got platitudes. Weve got slogans. Weve got rhetoric (see GTB) Weve got apologies
    YAAAABUTTTT we havent got any policy other than sunny ways.
    What about our housing shortage, our medical services wait times, our overcrowded schools, our seniors living in cars, jobs evaporating in the auto sector, canola we cant give away,
    Yes Im glad we live in a country that does what it can to help immigrants and refugees. I wish I could say that Im glad I live in a country that helps its citizens. YABUTYABUT HEY YABUT

  40. 13 says:

    My Trudeau. I am sorry for omitting our FIRST NATIONS from mu yabut list of others that we dont properly help. Mercury poisoning, poor water quality, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, ,,,,, just maybe we could focus on our native population ahead of criminals fleeing deportation from the USA.
    JUSTIN sure tipped his hat when he called out the Native Women that interrupted his love in with LEIBERAL supporters. At least she got her $1500 back.

  41. 13 says:

    #32 Diver. You asked what eafs stats showed and answered absolutely nothing. Seems if the #s are accurate whites and latinos are the only two groups that are not killing in numbers that exceed their percentage of the population.
    Please accept my unqualified trudeau for using figures and stats to form unclear reason.

  42. Gene The Bean says:

    Maybe the Trumpastani’s here could try and stay on topic.

    Harvey’s post was about Trump and immigration, two very important topics that can/will decide how successful the entire world is moving forward.

    Cast your vote at election time, Harvey never even mentioned our PM in his post, why do you keep bleating about him? So juvenile. So predictable.

  43. DBW says:

    First off, thank you 13 for explaining the changes in trucking policy. I knew that the driver was ill-qualified to be driving but didn’t fully understand what allowed him to be driving.

    But that is a problem with deregulation policies, not a problem with the immigration policy. In all other measures, the driver seemed to be a decent guy.

    But I did learn a couple of things about immigration policy while reading about his case. Because he is not a Canadian citizen, he will be deported after he finishes his jail sentence. If you are sentenced to at least six months in jail you can be deported. And you can’t apply for Canadian citizenship until you have lived in Canada for a minimum of three years.

    I think it was BMCQ (couldn’t find it because of all the Trump nonsense) who wanted a longer wait period so maybe that number can be tweaked but there is a policy for criminal behaviour.

    13 may not trust Trudeau, but I still believe that our immigration policy is pretty solid. Pre- WW1 and post-WW2 it was definitely meant to expand Canada and our economy. But now it is more to ensure that we have a population that will continue to provide us with the social services (health and education primarily) that we now enjoy because our population is aging and our birth rate has fallen.

    Are we ok with that?

    About 50% of the immigrants to Canada fall under a merit based system of educated, skilled workers and entrepreneurs.
    About 1/3 fall under family unification, primarily the spouses and children of the merit based immigrants
    The rest of them are refugees.

    I am ok with those numbers but maybe they can be tweaked.

    Yes we have an issue with asylum seekers and yes there are immigrants who try to game the system and yes their will be immigrants who may be less than perfect. But all in all we do a pretty good job and I certainly don’t think we are being over-run by people who “believe their Religion Supersedes the Canadian Rule of Law”.

    If somebody wants to argue otherwise, I am prepared to listen.

  44. 13 says:

    @DBW Thank you for reading and understanding the plight of Mr Sidhu. You said a couple of things. One you blamed the policy not the man, which is exactly how I prefaced my post. The other thing I noticed was you couldnt find a passage because of all the Trump talk. It seems that the hall monitor has proclaimed that the post is about Trump and I veered off topic by bleating on about Trudeau. Well anyone that argues that Trudeau doesnt have an impact on immigration might be a bit off base. To stay on topic I earlier said that I agree with most of our immigration policies but I worry that Justin doesnt have the smarts to administer any real programs. I would much rather have Trump than Trudeau.

    (Edited the rest…I agree with DBW… getting way off topic. h.o.)

  45. BMCQ says:

    13 – 37

    Very insightful and most thought provoking.

    I have great sympathy for the Victims their Families but I also feel very badly for the Driver, a very sad outcome to say the least .

    DBW – 43

    I have now re-read Harvey’s original Essay and all of the Posts up to yours at 43.

    A lot of interesting commentary with a lot of good ideas.

    I am now of the opinion that any Free Nation like Canada should review it’s Immigration Policy every Generation which is about 15 years to most people.

    World Countries and Events change, everything from Wars, Political Regime Change, Natural Disasters, and so on.

    Those changes dictate where Refugees come from, those changes also require different regulations from potential host countries and circumstances vary greatly depending upon the Races, Cultures, and other circumstances surrounding Refugees in need.

    I am strong believe that some Refugees may only need a period of five years or so before they can be returned to their Home Countries with Good Health, Education, and various Tools to assist in building a future for that Home Country.

    Makes sense does it not?

    This ties into my earlier comments where many UN Nations can and should bring potential Professional People to Wealthy Free World Universities to be Educated and eventually return to their Home countries to re-build them.

    By reviewing and re evaluating Immigration/Refugee Policy every few years Nations like Canada can make decisions based on current relevant information that works for any current situation as things change in the World.

    Again to clarify when Canada allows Tech People, Refugees, or other Immigrants to enter Canada on a permanent basis they must not be given Citizenship over a ten year period .

    If they are not convicted of a Felon for that ten years they then qualify for full Canadian Citizenship. This provides Immigrants with an incentive and it provides them with a clear path to citizenship, it is a win win situation. How could anyone argue with that?

    Countries must then decide which ratio of Immigrants, Refugees, and say Temporary Workers enter Canada and for how long. Again, that can be reviewable every 10 or 15 years.

    No One said that Canada WAS being overrun by individuals that believe their Religion supersedes our Rule of Law, I said we MUST ensure that does not happen.

    Anyone with any common sense can se what is taking place in EU Nations, trust me we do not want that to happen here.

    No thinking Government Leadership waits for the worst to happen they take steps to ensure the safety and security of their Citizens first and foremost. For any Leader to put their politics ahead of their population is Treasonous.

    Most of the EU is in Crisis and it is literally Circling the Drain. to deny that the EU is not in crisis is simply Delusional and quite frankly down right stupid.

    Do we want this in Canada? This is going on in my Mothers Home town in Sweden on a regular basis.

    I am going to go way out on a limb here and guess that some here might have Women and Children in our lives, that includes little Boys.

    Do we want to even think of risking this for Canada?

    Trust me this does not happen because of Climate Change or Osmosis.

    Keep in mind that this is a very serious trend and it will more than likely never be reversed, in fact it looks as if it will continue to worsen.

    DO YOU want this for your Canada?

    Even the most delusional and discredited Angela Merkel now admits Germany is in very serious trouble. Of course Leaders like Merkel, Juncker, Macron, Lofven, the Pope and they rest are OK because unlike the great Unwashed in those countries the Leadership Elites all travel with Security Forces armed better than most small countries, they and their families all travel in Armoured vehicles, Military Aircraft, and lived in Walled Compounds and Buildings.

    Think about that next time Canadian PM Justin Obama, or Di Blasio, tells you to go about your day as if nothing has happened after a Mad Man kills several people in your neighbourhood. Yes it is easy for all of them to tell you to be brave and do not stand down as they are quite clearly shielded from the things you are not safe from.

    A Pretty Good Job is not good enough.

    A pretty good job is what you might have done when cutting your Mums grass or painting the house.

    We are talking about Canada here we are talking about Canadians here and we need to elect Governments that put us first.

    Please keep in mind that many fo those Canadians have only recent become Canadians by way of New citizenship.

    Only two weeks ago My Wife and I were proud to attend the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony of a good friend of ours who recently came to Canada from the Philippines, she agrees with me 100%.

    She is from a Country that has many problems and she is proud to come to Canada but she does not want Canada to Open it’s Doors Wide to anyone that cares to come here unless they are good for her new Homeland..

    Canada and Canadians deserve much better !!

    Immigration and some Refugees yes but…………..

  46. RIsaak says:

    Wow, a very fitting time to read these comments (Apr 1)!

    So many agendas, so many hurt feelings, so many political footballs (even Texan ones), not one real, concise, comment which offers attainable goals!

    I suppose that’s why any stance on this topic is ever going to satisfy even a small fraction of the “peoplekind”, are people even kind anymore?

    Harvey, please book yourself on the next available cruise, many of the comments here are all the justification you require. You best get out while you safely can (tongue firmly in cheek)!

    My parents both immigrated to N. America, one through the port of Halifax, one through Ellis Island. At that time there was little choice involved, little motivation except basic survival and both ancestral groups were welcomed equally upon arrival. They fled oppression and murder, this place is rapidly becoming a comment board of fearful people, still not seeing any real solutions, no real emotions but fear from all sides. I offer that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, being captive to fear is the worst personal confinement possible, break free folks! Signed a non-afraid, white skinned son of refugees!

    (Response: I’m booked! h.o)

  47. Bob McQuillan says:

    Seeing that we are all still here.

    I should have mentioned that the whole Subject of Immigration, Refugees, and Illegal Migration should be a Major Plank in any Canadian Federal Parties Platform going into the October Election.

    Canadians Old, Young, and yes New all need to be made aware of what the Liberals and Conservatives plan regarding the most important Topic of immigration etc.

    While we are at it those same Parties should consider coming up with incentives for Canadians of Child Bearing Age no matter how long they have been here to have more Children.

    Canada let alone YVR and YYZ has one of the Highest Cost of Livings in the World and Canadians are being squeezed to the point they can no longer afford to have a Spouse take time off to have Children.

    WHY ?

    Canadians need to demand that the current Liberal Government and the Conservatives provide a workable plan and legislation that allows and encourages younger Canadian Families to have more Children,

    That plan could include Tax Incentives like Tax Credits, Lower Income Tax for One Working Spouse, reduction in Property Tax, Sales Tax for Child needs, reduction in School Tax on Property Tax and more.

    Wouldn’t it be nice for Canadians to have more Children Educated and Trained in High Tech and other strategically important Vocations that ensure the coming generations have opportunities for good employment?

    Immigration, Government Bloat, Waste, Control of Spending, Taxation for Individuals, Business, Property Tax which affects Property Owners Private and Business and Renters Residential Industrial and Commercial, Opioids, Addiction, all need to be discussed and Federal Parties need to be Transparent and Forthcoming.

    Why shouldn’t Canadian Tax Payers and other Citizens be informed of what Politicians have in their Platforms.

    In my opinion the next October Federal Election could be the most important in Canadian History, Canadians had better be very well informed before they step behind the Curtain to Cast their Ballot.

    Canadians need to be informed and it is the job of Politicians and the Media to do just that.

    Why not start by asking major Media outlets to implement Town Hall type Forums that could Air on Television and Radio right across the country.

    The first Town Hall could discuss Immigration, Migration, and Refugees, what better way to start?

    I am really looking forward to the comments from Bean on this, he always seems to offer so much insightful, thoughtful, and intellectually superior commentary to any discussion on this Blog.

    I will sit back and listen intently.

  48. Gene The Bean says:

    Immigration policy should be a non-partisan process.

    Unfortunately Herr Harper politicized it and it is now just a conservative talking point about being ‘afraid’ and the smelly hordes that will soon storm our border…..

    Like so many other things that have been ruined by the right in the last 30 years, immigration will take a generation to become non-political.

  49. e.a.f says:

    Bob at 47, as soon as you give birth let us know. woman today have other things to do than be baby factories.

    People no longer stay married long enough to raise children through to age 18. Men are tired of paying child support, not seeing their children enough, etc. solution, no kids.

    Most couples no longer live close to family who can help them with their children and grandparents aren’t up for it either. the days of people having kids in Canada are greatly diminished.

  50. Ron says:

    Re: e.a.f. // Mar 28, 2019 at 1:55 pm
    Gangstersout blog is a great source for HA criminal related info, but, the HA are just the mules and enforcers for the Chinese Triads. These Triads have had the run of the US since the Clinton years when Clinton gave them free reign at the White House.

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

  51. BMCQ says:

    My apologies for traveling back this far in time,

    When we are discussing people that should be considered for Immigration to Canada we should seriously consider offering Safe Haven to well vetted Afghani Interpretors who risked it all to help save their own country from Muslim Extremists by assisting Allied Forces.

    They not only put themselves at risk they put their families in harms way and because of that countless Mikitary Lives were secure,

    Time for Canada, the UK, and the U.S. to take immediate action on this the lives of Heroes are at risk. It appears that there have been promises made but there has been limited action taken,

    They would be great additions to our countries.

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