In Death, as in Life, Liu Xiaobo Exposes China’s True Ugly Reality

They no doubt are boring to most, but I carefully watch those photo-op events with world leaders: you can usually discern quite easily how sincere or how phony the relationship really is … just by the handshakes (or lack of them) and the look on the faces of the leaders themselves.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, USA’s Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping … are EASY reads: I would NEVER buy a used car from ANY of them, even with a signed, sealed and court-registered written warranty.

Nor should we ever TRUST any of them when it comes to our safety, our security …. or even major state-involved inputs into our economy!

Because  each of them have proven beyond any reasonable doubt, despite any smiles, hand-shakes or signed pledges,  they believe ONLY in promoting and profiting for themselves, their families and their cronies …. while preserving and protecting their own power.

NOT the people they purport to represent.

Liu Xiaobo knew that … and despite the pressures, the perils and the punishments China’s dictators repeatedly inflicted upon him … and his family … Liu refused to bow his head.

Liu was a writer and literary critic who ran afoul of China’s Communist Party just because he DARED to call for human rights and political reform, including the end of ONE-PARTY rule in China.

He repeatedly spoke of the dream of seeing basic freedoms for the people of his country … something he got away with overseas …but when he returned to Beijing to support the 1989  Tienanmin Square DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT , he was arrested and imprisoned, according to Wikipedia, “from 1989 to 1991 and again from 1995 to 1996 and he was imprisoned for the third time from 1996 to 1999 for his involvement in the democracy and human rights movement”.

Remember: his dangerous, unforgiveable crime:  calling for more than just ONE political party in China!

And not even China’s horrid prison system could silence this true hero: after each release, he continued to write; speak out; and campaign for rights we take for granted … not something cold,  cruel and corrupt dictatorships can tolerate.

In June, 2009 China’s puppet police, prosecutors and its polluted court system sent Liu back to prison …. for 11  more years … for “inciting perversion of state power”.

Not even that could stop Liu’s message.

In 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.”

I blogged about him then:

But this time, China’s dictators KILLED Liu in prison.

Officially he died of liver cancer Thursday after serving six years of his latest 11-year sentence in their gulag:  but Chinese authorities AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL had denied Liu the same degree of treatment I’m sure they’d give themselves; Chinese authorities AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL also denied Liu early enough release to a transplant or even better care elsewhere; and even during his final days, Chinese authorities AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL refused Liu full release …  he died “under close watch” in a Chinese hospital.

The world MUST remember Liu Xiaobo … and, more importantly, what his treatment at the hands of China’s authorities WARNS us about how cold, evil, cruel and untrustworthy are the government and leaders of that nation.

Their disdain for freedom and democratic principles are there for ALL to see; their words, their smiles and their handshakes mean nothing:  today’s China leaders should NEVER be trusted … even if they have signed on any dotted line.

If they treat their own people this way … just imagine what they would do to us if they could. Not only would writing this blog be a crime, but even reading it would get you in trouble.

Our political leaders MUST remember what China’s leaders today are REALLY  all about.

And we should hope that Liu Xiabo’s message and dream WILL one day prevail.

As he stated in his Nobel Prize acceptance message, sent from his prison cell:

“I firmly believe that China’s political progress will not stop, and I, filled with optimism, look forward to the advent of a free China.

“For there is no force that can put an end to the human quest for freedom,  and China will in the end become a nation ruled by law, where human rights reign supreme.”

Xièxiè, Liu Xiaobo!

Harv Oberfeld

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27 Responses to In Death, as in Life, Liu Xiaobo Exposes China’s True Ugly Reality

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    A fitting tribute to this brave man, Harvey.

    (Response: Too bad world leaders …when negotiating trade openings with China … didn’t demand his release as soon as he was sentenced in their kangaroo court. h.o)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Eventually there will be another ‘revolution’ in China and it will be eerily similar to the last one ie: the 99% sick and tired of the 1%.

    Not that there will be much left in China because the only and I truly mean the ONLY thing that is important there is making money.

    They are losing huge tracts of arable land and every month they have to import more food than the last. Environmental degradation is off the scale and potable water is threatened in the majority of cities.

    When ‘it’ happens, it will be very messy.

    But fear not conservatives! When it happens, the 1% will finally move into their homes in the lower mainland and Toronto and you will be surrounded by like minded people. Nirvana for you, I am certain.

    I truly hope what Liu Xiaobo wished for comes true. It is what happens to precipitate it that is scary.

    Thanks for these kinds of posts Harvey. It forces us to think outside of our own little world and hopefully humanizes issues of great importance that rarely get spoken about. I realize that many people don’t give a rats petunia about anything except themselves but the rest of us do care about others and those are the kind of people who really make a difference. How many people has Jimmy Carter inspired, a 92 year old cancer survivor helping people in Winnipeg of all places. So easy for him to just sit at home and be waited on but he IS making a difference.

    Be like Jimmy.

    (Response: China certainly is no longer “the People’s Republic” … but a capitalist state that has indeed made MUCH economic progress for its rich and middle classes … but has trampled the legal rights and stolen land right from under their poor. But I don’t think we will see another revolution in our lifetime: the people know ..and indeed have been shown …that to maintain power, the ruling government would mow them down in an instant if they felt truly threatened. One hope would be if nations they trade with refused to do business unless they improved human rights: we USED to take stands like that…but now the DOLLAR$ (or rimbini) rule supreme. However, social pressure from activists, writers, documentary producers, YouTube journalists and bloggers ARE paid attention to and worry China’s leaders …so we should keep that up …and deny them the RESPECT they so dearly desire, until they open up and reduce oppression of their own people. h.o.)

  3. Hawgwash says:

    Sadly, only yourself and a handful of your followers will read this or a parallel article in the Globe;

    I looked for, without success, for a recent story about a critical journalist writing on china.

    Instead of outright disallowing the print, the point was made by little uniformed clones visiting every newspaper stand and ripping out the page containing the article. In every single paper.

    But don’t worry folks, lots of renminbi flowing to Canada. That’s what counts right?

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    In 5000 years, China has not changed much and he who displeases the emperor, pays the price.

    Not to worry, the feckless Trudeau will cow-tow to the “Emperor” because the Chinese got cash, plenty of it and re buying up client states at a fire sale price.

    History is just repeating itself as it always does because very few read history and never learn from past mistakes.

  5. e.a.f. says:

    Rest in Peace Liu Xiaobo.

    The man was incredibly brave. Our leaders might want to consider his bravery and open their mouths to at least acknowledge his death and offer their condolences to his family and tell the Communist Chinese government we are very unhappy with their behaviour. Wonder if any of those world leaders at the G-20 said anything to the President of China.

    While in France, Trump was saying he thought the president of China was a nice guy. Now we know Trump is just short a few bricks, but Trudeau, Merkel, leaders of other countries??? what is their excuse?

    We continue to vilify Putin and his oligarchs but give Communist China and their corporate elite a pass. Its time to recognize Communist China is just as bad as Russia. About the only difference is one speaks Mandarin and the other Russian, but they really only speak one language. the language of money and death to those who oppose them.

    We continue to sell our country to Communist China. Grouse Mountain, for $2o0M this week. A group of investors. No names. Who do you think those investors are? You can bet the same people who support the President of china and oppose people like Liu Xiaobo. They have better P.R. people but they will do what they want. Within 10 years that mountain will be covered with condos and our water supply will have turned ugly.

    It is as if political leaders have decided Communist China isn’t going to listen to them anyhow so why bother. Lets just make money.

    if we do not speak out we are complicit in all of this. We need to send a message, even if that message is you can’t invest in this country at will when your human rights abuses continue as they do.

    The MSM here didn’t cover it, but if you go to The Gazetteer you will find RossK has an interesting post up. it covers an article in The New York Times about Anbang Insurance, a Communist Chinese corporation whose CEO is now in a tad of “trouble” at home. However, Anbang Insurance purchased a B.C. chain of seniors homes, Retirement Concepts. Where does that leave us and the seniors. You can bet the assets of Anbang will be taken over by the Communist government.

    Hundreds of billions are coming into Canada from Communist China with little to no over sight and purchasing land, companies, homes, etc. Where does it end? what impact will it have on our human rights, environment, etc.

    We know a number of years ago a Communist Chinese oil corporation in Alberta didn’t want to follow the game rules. Several workers were injuired. The workers from Communist china were returned home immediately. The Canadian workers filed with WCB and the WCB in Alberta were told the company wasn’t answering any question, they could go to their head office in Shanghai. that is the attitude we will be faced with as more and more corporations are taken over.

    We need to make it clear to Communist China and its leaders we are not happy with their human rights violations and imprisonment of dissenters. if we don’t, wait until they start here in Canada.

    These Communist Chinese corporations coming into Canada are frequently corporations owned by the government and/or the Red Army of China. Their corporate heads are all very close to the Communist Chinese leadership. Try to think Putin speaking mandarin and you might have a better idea of how things are done.

    Communist China won’t even permit their dissidents to leave for the west instead of being imprisoned. they want them dead.

    Communist China has a population of approx. 2 billion. that is how many people are being controlled by an elite who has no interest in them as human beings. When they bring that attitude to Canada we won’t like it one bit. It is time Trudeau and the leaders of all the political parties in Canada stood up and told the leadership of China they are very unhappy with what happened to Liu Xiaobo and that includes the Mayors of major cities.

    (Response: Democracy needs nourishing … through its exercise and participation … through actions or even speaking out, blogging and commenting. For example, I wish MORE people who read this blog would also take part by expressing their comments. I know Keeping it Real IS widely read by both elected and appointed officials in government(municipal, provincial and federal) as well as business, labour and the media. What easier way to not just complain to friends and relatives but to have YOUR opinions get right to those in charge!!!! Hope more will join in …and send their views through this blog forum to those in charge. h.o)

  6. Harry Lawson says:


    Not often you hear of or meet a person who sacrifices all for social justice

    Other than a foot note in history what will his legacy truly be?

    Governments and leaders will praise the man and his actions ,denounce chinas record on Hunan rights in one breath and in the next breath do a trade deal or a bond sale. It us just hypocrisy and pandering

    (Response: Actually, long after dictators and corrupt officials are gone, the true legacy of civilizations very often honour the heroes who stood firm against them, refused to be silenced and set the example for others who took up their torch and eventually defeated the oppressors. It’s the evil ones who are ousted who really end up as just the footnote. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#2 Gene the Bean
    “the 99% sick and tired of the 1%. ‘

    For a minute there I thought you were describing the G20 Summit

  8. Howard says:

    Was it not Justin Trudeau (in November of 2013), who when asked which nation he admired most replied :

    “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

    Spoken like the true, stammering cretin he is; but appropriate for the son of someone who rode around the Quebec countryside on a motorcycle wearing a German helmet, while my own mother (exact same age as PET) was ferrying bomb loads and air crews to Wellingtons and Lancasters.

    And who of the posters here actually voted for this simpleton and his party in the last election, throwing caution to the wind out of blind hatred for Harper and anything remotely “conservative”, after it became abundantly clear that they risked putting in power a majority Liberal government?

    Harvey? Anybody?

    (Response: I’d bet very few of those who supported propelled Justin T into power … including me…are yet regretting it. There is ,as always, LOTS to criticize about the actions of those in power … but we should not forget WHY the Libs were elected: the terrible arrogance, nastiness and dictatorial style that Harper had developed in his latter years in power … including that terrible, xenophobic campaign and his disdain for taking/answering tough questions, stacking his “townhalls” with party supporters and preferring puffball questions by invited junior ethnic media. Yech! h.o)

  9. DonGar says:

    Great post.

    As pointed out by others Justin, Gregor and the left wingers admires of the Chinese government control over the people because they “the elites who know better than the great unwashed” can implement policies without the inconvenience of pubic input.

    The shutting down of free speech everywhere especially on university campuses by the left will eventfully lead to book burning, rewriting of books and history, removal of monuments (oops already happening).

    The left learned a lot from the Nazi youth movement and are now using it to indoctrinate the next generation in public schools to believe freedom and freedom of thought is wrong. Group think is right, winning is losing, hurt feelings trump life experiences and being a victim is more important than learning to deal and moving on as it’s not your fault its someone else’s even if it happened a 100 years ago.

    (Response: It’s as if we are witnessing a rebirth of the Little Red Guard Movement… where info flow is tightly controlled and one-sided and where those on the FAR left …. like those on the FAR right … feel it’s quite appropriate to stop others who disagree with them from expressing their views. How do they get away with it? Because they are ACTIVISTS who push and push and push …while too many in the center left or right cede the floor because they are too busy with other things and don’t recognize the dangers/consequences of their failure to defend the center. h.o.)

  10. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey you say at #9

    “those on the FAR left …. like those on the FAR right … feel it’s quite appropriate to stop others who disagree with them from expressing their views.” and ….

    “while too many in the center left or right cede the floor because they are too busy with other things and don’t recognize the dangers/consequences of their failure to defend the center”

    This is so true and is exactly what I try to get across a lot of the time.
    I’ll call anyone an idiot for expressing the views of the rabid right while defending the 1% but I will also defend their right to say it.

    Your second quote sums up the apathy and selfishness we so often see today.

    Outstanding summations.

    If I just give you my thoughts – can you write my comments???

    (Response: There’s a very good quote that comes to mind: “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”… often attributed to British Conservative politician Edmund Burke. I believe that’s still very true …and we see it every day …enhanced by social media activists who can mount one-sided even historically or factually wrong on-line campaigns attracting thousands … putting HUGE pressure on politicians and officials … while most of us just go about our business and cede the microphone and power to the others. It’s about time those in charge started doing a better job realizing that. h.o)

  11. RIsaak says:

    re. Harv’s response to eaf #5, The current crop of politically correct elected officials are afraid to mention anything to do with the PRC due to the almost instantaneous chants of racism which will result. As a Richmond resident I see many cow towing to wealthy persons (Richmond council) quite often to the detriment of the populace at large. We have foreign language sign dilemmas, sculptures of Mao & Lenin as public art, foreign language strata dilemmas & monster homes on farm land dilemmas. All are somewhat racially charged, all our Councillors and Mayor are flipping & flopping like beached seals. Their desire to hold onto their elected offices has completely eclipsed any other considerations. This is on a civic level, the pressures and such must be far worse for Provincial & Federal officials.
    The LPC in Richmond is a very ethnic operation, one which is ran by the LPC godfather Raymond Chan & his friends. They have completely ran amok with the riding nomination process, one can only guess what they are up to behind the scenes.
    Sadly the average Chinese citizen (working class, looking for a better life) has zero chance to immigrate to our nation. The line up is full of wealthy and lets face it, bringing some money into Canada is one of the most important factors in being allowed to immigrate to Canada.
    I know many of Chinese origin, the ones who have been here for a generation or more are as shocked at the conduct of the fresh arrivals, this leads me to ask why?
    Without a serious effort to verify the monetary origins of wealth as well as the international holdings of the applicants, how can we expect to properly ferret out the serial tax evaders and money launderers?
    Thanks for tackling a hot potato topic Harv, well done.

    (Response: I know it will often me get into trouble when I take on issues that offend the politically correct crowd … but I REALLY do believe in equality … and that includes addressing and sometimes condemning actions of those who I am simultaneously quite sympathetic to and even agree with on many issues. Come down to it and …although I am retired … I still feel my heart ache and stomach churn and my blood pressure rise whenever I see or sense ANYONE is being denied a fair chance at anything because of their race, religion, sex, orientation or even looks. But that doesn’t mean they should get an automatic pass on criticism just because they fit into one of those categories either. h.o)

  12. david hadaway says:

    The shameful behaviour of the Chinese communist government toward Liu Xiaobo is a sign not of strength but of its weakness. Like the Soviet Union, and every dictatorship, it is a house built on sand. It may hold on for decades, and probably will thanks to the steady drain of western wealth and power, but in the end it will be swept away.

    I’m sure all of us must wonder how we would behave under such circumstances, and I certainly hope that the politicians mentioned above are having a moment of reflection about their foolish and naive past comments. At least until the next contribution drops onto their desk.

    (Response: What dictators don’t realize … or even know but can’t tolerate …is that they can imprison or kill those whjo speak the truth and stand up for freedom and human rights. Liu Xiaobo is gone …but watch Joshua Wong: a brave, outspoken young political and human rights fearless voice in Hong Kong. He and people like him represent hope … and even if the Communist Chinese dictators arrest him and imprison him, what he represents will never lose its message or its appeal… and they know the WORLD is watching. h.o.)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    In response to me, yes and people might want to send a quick e mail to their politicians after they have posted here. It doesn’t take much time, and it lets your politician know where you stand.

    as to what goes on in Richmond, oh, yes. Its like the council ignored for years the extensive building in the ALR. that land is for farming, not for tennis courts, 10K sq. ft. and larger homes, with swimming pools. It is about time Richmond council started enforcing the laws. No hotels in private homes or suddenly turning a private home into a “church”, without notifying any one.

    Richmond has always been a place of immigrants. if you go back to the 1950s and I was there, there were people of various ethnic back grounds but no one group over whelmed another. People who immigrate from Communist China might want to consider they immigrated to Canada and adopt the English/French language and get on with life being Canadian. that does not mean loosing your Chinese identity, culture, etc. It means having both.

    What the new comers to Richmond have done is simply moved China to Richmond and gone on with their lives as if they lived them in China except with a lot less rules and a lot more flexibility and freedom.

    These immigrants are not the working class but rather the rich who don’t care. they believe their money excludes them from the rules the rest of us follow.

    As to the money which comes into Canada it is about time cities, provinces, territories, the country passed laws which require each piece of land sold to list the actual name of those buying the building, land, etc.

    In G.B. they now require the actual names of those who buy homes. It did result in a number of homes being sold quickly. this is our country, we don’t have to be used as a bolt hole for every crook in China.

    They announced the sale of Grouse Mountain to a group of investors. Well who are they? We have the right to know. Do they have police records? Is this money being laundered? Will they abide by our environmental policies? We as Canadians have the right to know. We don’t need all the negatives China has brought into this country.

    The Communist Chinese government killed a great man, Liu Xiaobo. they ought not to be rewarded for it. Time to send Jr. a letter.

    We might want to hold a vigil out side the Communist Chinese consul in Vancouver. Wonder how many politicians come to stand there?

  14. BMCQ says:

    Once again this is a great Topic of discussion, a great analysis, and some really good points made in almost all the early Posts.

    I must admit I do not think I would have anywhere near the courage of Mr. Liu Xiaono!

    Not sure if the Hero was ever given a Nobel but I hope he was at least recognized in that way!

    Oh no, wait a minute it was that Great World Leader and Man of Courage and Red Lines POTUS Barack Obama that got the Nobel Peace Prize after being in Office for only a few months.

    How foolish of me to think of Mr. Liu!

    I still wonder and question why a VERY Minority mainly one Punter on this Blog blames absolutely everything including “Bad Face Fillers, Kim Kardashians Ass, and Desert Sand Storms on “The Evils of Conservatism”!

    Unfortunately a Militaristic Communist Maoist Government controlled by Ruthless Slave Driving Leaders built the Country on the Dead Bodies of that Enslaved Population that were treated more poorly than Domesticated Livestock.

    That kind of savage treatment of the people of China has been going on for centuries. Some claim that there are more Dead Bodies in the Wall of China than Motor and Bricks.

    I have been to Asia many times and to Hong Kong on several occasions but I will and never have visited or spent a dime in China because of the treatment of their Citizens and People like Mr. Liu.

    Due to circumstances I will still visit HK from time to time but that is because of necessity and cannot be helped. I suppose that could be viewed as hypocritical.

    We have not even touched on Medical/Surgical Touism that is now a huge industry in China.

    Western MSM does not say much about that do they?

    I wonder where the Human Organs are Harvested from for that now Fast growth Industry?

    The Chinese Government are capable of anything, I would not be surprised that they might soon be exporting “Soylent Green” to Western Nations.

    Hey, it could be in a new Trade Deal Agreement!

    Personally or Corporatlly we purchase nothing from China unless our hands are tied and there is no option.

    We purchase and use much in the way of CNC and other Technical Equipment primarily from U.S., Taiwanese, And German, absolutely nothing from China.

    Japanese Equipment is also something we try to
    avoid if possible for reasons discussed on this Blog.

    Unfortunately for the most part China was brought in from the cold by POTUS Nixon over 40 years ago and several U.S. Administrations and other Western Nations did not demand enough from Chinese Leaders in the way of Reforms to ensure the changes in Human Rights, Freedom of Movement, Religion, and Political Ideology for the Working Class that were virtually several generations of Slave Labour, many of them imprisoned on false charges and pretence.

    We in the West could have demanded more from the Chinese Government/Leaders and we missed the opportunity to apply pressure when we had the leverage.

    A missed opportunity and a sad state of affairs.

    We owed the Chinese Peasant Class much more than that.

    In fact we failed them.

    If I was a “Free Chinese” now living in Canada I would immediately commission a Personalized B.C. Auto License Plate that reads this way.


  15. 13 says:

    I saw the blog topic early this am and I wondered what could I offer to this conversation….. Still puzzled by the righteous indignation that I see here.
    We all watch our elected leaders unashamedly meet and greet with the communist Chinese. Globalization makes us all complicate in chinese human rights violations. As much as I wish we could do something areas of the world that have abysmal human rights records were (at least myself) not able to do very much. Economically I have no choice to look at the country of origin on every purchase I make. My wages because of deregulation to accommodate globalization have been stagnant since the mid 1980s. If I could afford to look at labels I would .
    To many hypocrites (including myself) when it comes to spending money that supports evil regimes.
    At least I DID NOT vote for that idiot Trudeau. He is more than willing to stand up for Omars rights but is quite willing to overlook the horrid abuses that the Chinese commited against another single individual.

  16. r says:

    Falun Dafa persecution /prisoner organ harvesting.

    quite the large embassy at 16th and granville.

  17. RIsaak says:

    @r re. #16, Sadly Gregor has created a protest free zone around the PRC’s compound at 16th & Granville. I do honk my horn every time I pass it.

  18. e.a.f. says:

    13, I too look at labels. its some thing we can all do. it is very difficult thought to sometimes find things which aren’t made anywhere else. However Stanfield still makes underwear in Canada.

    I suspect some manufacturers must be aware people are looking at labels because a number of main stream products no longer list where the products are being made, i.e. mouth wash, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, all sorts of food previously canned in North America, etc. They will list imported by, distributed by but no country of origin. However you can fine shampoo listed as made in Germany. I figured out the products must be coming from China because when specific name brands go on sale they drop their prices from say $8 to $3. However the items listed as Made In Germany on sale are $6. (regular price $8) We are supporting the Chinese economy even if we think we are purchasing North American brands.

    Goods made in England, say it, ditto with Mexico, Canada, U.S.A. American products will have Made in USA and then distributed by whomever. The fact this goes on says to me we are being suckered by our own government which doesn’t require country of origin to be placed on the product and the corporations.

    With reports that future Canadians will have a cancer rate of approx. 50% we might want to pay more attention to where our food and hygiene products come from.

    China has been very clear it doesn’t care about their own citizens, how much do we think they care about us. As they move more and more into our country expect changes and they won’t be good ones.

  19. DonGar says:

    #12 your response ” and they know the WORLD is watching”

    Yes watching but doing nothing while our politicians like Trudeau and Gregor are admiring them and selling them our advanced technology, resources and land/housing so they can continue to build their regime. #17 bang on Gregor and his Vision comrades but an end to any protests against the Communist embassy but turn a blind eye to occupations of public land all over the city. Shows exactly that they stand with there Chinese government idols.

    (Response: Hopefully, there are other world leaders, activists and people with social consciences who will do more to keep it real when listening to and dealing with China’s leaders. .hO0)

  20. 13 says:

    @eaf. Perhaps you didnt completely understand my post and I dont want to accept credit I do not deserve.
    I seldom bother checking labels, because my bottom line doesnt allow me that luxury.
    For instance , over a 20 year period of my 40 year trucking career I owned the truck I drove. Two steering tires at 700 each for michelins. Eight drive tires at 600 each for michelins.
    Or two Hankook steering tires from korea at 350 each and 8 drive tries “double happiness” from red china at 350 each. Needless to say my money went to Korea and China because the Walmarts of the world expect their freight to move for next to nothing . Most of the Walmart freight also comes from the orient. Sadly most middle class wage slaves do not enjoy the luxury of boycotting countries that have poor human rights track records.
    If you want to see the worst hypocrites when it comes to allowing Countries with poor human rights look no further than Dubai Port or global shipping or any other operator contracted to the Port Of Vancouver. Everyone tends to look the other way because they dont want to rock the cargo vessels.

  21. BMCQ says:

    13 – 20

    You make good points.

    No matter who we are we sometimes are required to make choices that might not sit well with us. Either for financial Reasons or for other reasons that precipitate/further an action or need we must find a solution for.

    Personally I do everything I can to avoid supporting Chinese Product but sometimes out of necessity we literally have no choice.

    As I mentioned up the page past Western Governments including Canada and both Major Parties over the decades actually had the ability to put pressure on China to reform and allow the Rights and Freedoms we would like to see there.

    Governments in the west could and should still demand more from Chinese Leadership.

    For those of you here that are about to mumble criticism about the Capitalist U.S. please keep I mind that in fact it is the social engineering and about to dissolve EU that is the Biggest Customer of China and they have done nothing but “Gaze at their Navel”!!

    All Western Nations should feel the guilt about this.

    I am sure there are thousands of grievances we could have about China but I have attached just a few that we should never forget.

    For the most part the Chinese Government, Corporations, Management, Inspection Agencies, Individuals can all be bought off for a few Bucks. The U.S.Dollar goes far there!!

    For the most part there does not seem to be any sense of guilt anywhere in China.,8599,1841535,00.html

    various Agencies and Politicians talk about being concerned about illegal activities and even talk about regulations and laws that prohibit some of those acts but DO NOT believe a word you hear.

    They just laugh when “Higher Purpose” Politicians like your PM Justin talk about the Chinese doing more to halt the export of Fentanyl from China to Western Countries.

    It makes me sick that someone like Trudeau or any other Politician actually attempts to convince the “Great Unwashed” in Canada that China is actually looking out for Canadians.

    Does PM Justin think we are as stupid as we look?

    What about a little Investigate Reporting on this.

    But wait, everything will be OK because the “Two Headed Monster” or John Horgan and Pandrew Weaver have ensured us the Fentanyl Crisis will end in about a week or so! Correct?

    Then there is this.,8599,1841535,00.html

    And then there is this.

    CAUTION: make yourself aware of content
    before viewing this disgusting bit.

    Of course we could increase this list to include thousands of disgusting actions that do not cause any concern in China at all but I thought I would just point out a few.

    By the way, Never Ever purchase anything in a “Can” that arrives here from China!!!

    And once again stay away from “Soylent Green” from China!

    AS to Consul General Offices and Residences?

    I believe it is appropriate to protest on Public Streets but I do not believe it is appropriate to protest to the point of causing stress to local residences or hard working people and companies attempting to make a living, employ your family members, pay rent and ridiculously high Property Taxes. Protest but THINK!

    As to the size of them? Look around, almost ALL Countries of any size have more than adequate Embassies and Consuls.

    For Starters adequate Security today is of great concern.

    They are required to accommodate many people, entertain, and carry out the Peoples Business.

    It is the norm and a way of life!

    “Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff”

    I believe someone up the page suggested we approach our Canadian Politicians to do better when it comes to dealing with everything Chinese.

    That might be a good idea but do you really expect anything?

  22. Island Lookout says:


    A great piece, Harvey. This poor man was crushed for any number of reasons, his fight for human rights being the least of them.


    China is on an imperialist expansionist roll right now: expanding all elements of its military-industrial complex such that is beginning to challenge that of the US M-I complex.


    Because it can and, ergo, it is. Time for a new Chinese Empire. They’re good at that sort of thing. But they are also good at losing them as well! That’s another story.

    Bosltering its current behaviour China has the population, the resources and the financial wherewithall.

    What is is NOT doing is rushing headlong into global hegemony.

    Not like what the U.S did starting “officially” in 1898 when it won an easy war against Spain.

    It was able to grab onto Cuba, including Guantanamo, (as part of its Monroe Doctrine dominance of the region), and the Philippines.

    Later, in 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt sent a squadron of heavy US navy units, called the “Great White Fleet” on a world tour. This was a dramatic showing of the flag, warning the rest of the world that the Yanks were in town and you’d better watch out. It was called the “white” fleet because the ships were all painted white.

    The Chinese have been flying their flag in a myriad of ways and it doesn’t involve wasting precious ship fuel to get there, at least not just yet.

    Their fingers are probing deep into every aspect of our lives from consumer goods to military hardware and you can guess the rest.

    So, Liu Xiaobo is small potatoes in this great mix of imperial dreaming by China.

    You mentioned Mr. Putin in your piece, Harvey. Yes, exactly.

    He is another piece of China’s pre-hegemonic challenge to the rest of us.

    The final piece is Iran.

    And, voila!

    You’ve got a while new “Great White Fleet.” It’ll be known as the Triumvirate Empire or somesuch, is my guess.

    It’ll be “setting sail” once the American Imperium starts to visibly crumble.

    Why those three countries? Just look at an atlas, their land, sea and air trading links, and resources-sharing. It makes sense to me, and a lot of other politics watchers as well.

    The Chinese and Russian leaders (and Iran’s chief ayatollah) must be looking at the American’s anti-Russian utter insanity, and smiling and rubbing their hands with glee.

    “How easy is it to take over the world, anyway?” they must be saying over and over.

    Well, chaps.

    It’s not over until….it’s over.

    Whenever that is.

    I hope it will NOT be over at all. Too much for us to lose.

    If things do go sideways for us, just imagine a world without American Democracy.

    China, Russia and Iran, I believe, will bestride the world imposing Sharia Law, stripping our culture of basic human rights, creating various “enemies of the state”, in the form of various minority groups (remember Stalin’s decimation of the Russian “Kulaks” — free enterprise farmers– in the 1930s Soviet Union), and imposing a whole new world of Political Correctness. Their PC.

    In closing, America’s feminists, may wish to take note. Ladies, you won’t be negotiating with those guys.

    They’ll be telling you how high to jump. And jump you will.

  23. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, TO your last question, no I don’t expect them to do anything, which is a shame because if we don’t deal with China now, they will own so much of our country in the future, we as Canadians will be subject to the same treatment as those in China. We have only to remember how the Communist Chinese oil company responded to the WCB in alberta, didn’t care and told them to go talk to their head office in Shanghai.

    We ought to ban Communist Chinese government corporations from buying anything in Canada and the Red Army. The REd Army owns a huge shipping container corporation, named COSCO. decades ago the Communist Party of China told the military they would have to be self sustaining. They are. the own businesses and those businesses buy into other countries.

    Canada needs to implement a board which reviews all purchases of Canadian companies and properties and who the purchasers are. That needs to become part of the public record. We as Canadians ought to the right to know who is buying our country. None of this numbered company bull shit.

  24. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 23

    I do tend to agree with you on certain restrictions of purchase of Commercial/Industrial corporations Public or Private and for that matter Residential Properties but I am somewhat afraid that the Genie is already out of the Bottle.

    Of course this has been taking place for decades but the past generation or more of buying has been at a rapid and ever escalating rate of speed that is unprecedented.

    Unfortunately for Canada and it’s People especially generations younger and yet to come the price/penalty they will pay will be severe to the maximum.

    Back in the early seventies PM Pierre and I believe Marc Lalonde set up FIRA which was something along the lines of what you suggest nut it was cumbersome, unmanageable, and frankly discouraged investment.

    The Foreign Investment Review Agency was basically neutered by Mulroney where as it could have been been improved to work for Canadians to protect our Industries and at the same time encourage investment that would create an environment that would provide jobs that paid well and jobs that would have provided families stability and a secure future.

    This is a huge topic that is very complicated and we are close to running out of time.

    Unfortunately I do not think our current Prime Minister and his Cabinet are equipped to Navigate the “Good Ship” Canada through the choppy and treacherous Seas we currently find ourselves trying to cross.

    Unfortunately every time I see PM Justin drone on about some silly little “PC Nothingness” when this Country and it/s good People face such horrific challenges it makes me sad and very desperate.

    But fear not my fello Canadians we have a Federal Liberal Cabinet that is “Gender Balanced”!

    Does that not make you feel so very safe and secure?

  25. BMCQ says:

    I started out to point out that I tend to believe that much of what we have criticized the Chinese Government and Country for is in my opinion also a Cultural Conditioning of a very high percentage of those Mainland Chinese we see Investing and Migrating to Canada.

    Of course that is only my opinion but I strongly believe there is much evidence of what I am pointing out and it needs to be addressed by Canadian Politicians of every Brand at ALL Three Levels of Government.

    We need to “Push Back?!

    Time is quickly running out.

  26. Rocker Rich says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, PM Justin has made scant comment about the negligent homicide of this brave man. To her credit, Grit minister Christia Freedland issued a tribute that came close to criticizing the regime.

    By and large, the federal Libe seem afraid to hurl brickbats at the ruling thugs in Beijing lest it harm chances of developing a quasi free-trade deal with the Middle Kingdom.

    Some of the most trenchant commentary on the lovefest between the Trudeau Grits and China’s leadership comes from Terry Glavin in the National Post.

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