India Shows Mass Gatherings, Failure to Social Distance Spread Covid … So Why is BC SCAPEGOATING Those Who Go Fishing, Boating, or Camping?

There are so many funeral pyres burning throughout India, trees in local urban parks are under threat for use as kindling.

Officially, more than 350,000 new Covid cases a day are being recorded in the country … more than 400,000 on Saturday … but the REAL Covid toll is estimated at MUCH higher; and the number of deaths in the country from Covid topping 3,000 daily.

Even given the nation’s burgeoning population of almost 1.4 Billion, those numbers are a staggering tragedy.

But no one who has watched how India has handled the pandemic recently should be surprised.

Initially, the anti-Covid fight in India went quite well: there were many, hard TOTAL lockdowns (like in Europe and the UK), followed by strict social distancing and masking requirements … all of it strictly enforced.

And it worked: India’s Covid rate substantially declined by late 2020.

But then came the new 2021 Covid surge and a weary population, incompetent government, irresponsible religious leaders organizing huge festivals, month-long mass protests by thousands of farmers; and, all kinds of other almost weekly ethnic/political demonstrations at the drop of a na’an … with unmasked thousands pushing together, shoulder to shoulder, feeding the virus easy victims.

And Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP government made the situation even worse!

” In March, 50,000 fans watched a cricket match in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. A month later, thousands attended Modi’s political rallies and tried to wash the virus away en mass at the Kumbh Mela festival at group bathing events in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers,” the Daily Beast reported.

Modi has been addressing HUGE election campaign rallies … one reportedly attracting 800,000 supporters:

Imagine the reaction in Canada if Prime Minister Trudeau or any of our provincial Premiers did something like that during Covid!

A free press would have a field day with that … except in India, Modi has savagely curtailed, subjugated much of the media, including shutting down “critical” TV channels.

Under Modi’s government, several journalists have been arrested … eight alone in January, all charged with “sedition”, which carries a possible life sentence, for covering a protest that turned violent and allowing one dead protestor’s families accuse the police of killing him. (Read the full story here:

India’s hospitals can no longer cope: people are dying on the sidewalks around them:

The sad truth about India’s mess … and Modi’s disgraceful encouragement of virus-spreading activities is still being told … outside India:

And India’s failures offer lessons for Canada … and BC.

Innocent people in India … workers, family members, shopkeepers, street vendors, transit workers … were infected by “Covidiots”, as BC’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth refers to Covid scofflaws: people who refused to wear masks; refused to self-distance; and, refused to limit gatherings and massed together in huge numbers.

Think of how many family members, neighbours, co-workers, transit riders, shoppers, seniors in BC too have been infected by anti-maskers, beach partiers, protesters and rally participants and organizers who contracted Covid and then directly or indirectly spread it to others.

A friend who rides Skytrain several times a week from Vancouver to Coquitlam, outside rush-hours, also tells me on almost every train, there are still people without masks (or masks hanging under their chins) … but he has NEVER seen Transit Police aboard or on the platforms enforcing the “Masks Mandatory” rules.

What greater PROOF does BC need than India’s tragedy to see/understand the TRUTH: crowded gatherings, failure to social distance and not wearing masks spread Covid?

So WHY is the NDP government, instead of going after large-crowd events … the REAL offenders … targeting/restricting/banning individual liberties and activities in BC?

Large groups are the PROBLEM the government, health officials and the police should target for enforcement: the beach party crowds; 4/20 rally celebrants; protestors who mass shoulder to shoulder to support Indian farmers; anti-pipeline demonstrators; climate activists who converge together to block roads and traffic, and those attending other crowded social/ events … and all their organizers/promoters.

But little or nothing is done!

Instead, the law abiding public al around the province are being hammered with arbitrarily imposed restrictions and punishment, while the REAL Covid spreaders, the REAL scofflaws, the REAL culprits keep getting free passes!

New “ORDERS” announced Friday by Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth empower the RCMP to set up highway Health Region checkpoints and demand your driver’s licence, where you are going, why … and they will turn people back from all those activities listed above because Big Brother doesn’t deem them “ESSENTIAL”.

And the RCMP will be be allowed to issue tickets of $230 and $575 to those who disobey.

The NDP fight against Covid snares ordinary citizens who follow the rules, stay in their limited bubbles, wear masks and merely want to go fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking, boating or to their own cottage or cabin, keeping well away from others … out in the countryside … instead of going after the REAL culprits.


To Hell with Canada’s Charter of Rights and its guarantee of freedom of “mobility”!

Governments MUST target a very specific EMERGENCY threat before over-riding Canadians’ civil rights under the Charter; and the latest NDP government Order tramples the rights of too many and goes too far!

But because Dr. Bonnie Henry wants it, and the NDP government backs it … the compliant, complacent BC media haven’t even raised a peep.

While the REAL scofflaws … Farnworth’s “Covidiots” … continue to mass together, party, hold rallies and SPREAD THE VIRUS, totally unhindered!

There is no justifiable Covid reason for the BC government to impose wholesale mobility restrictions on citizens who will not be going anywhere near large gatherings, hotels, resorts, dining or shopping areas.

People fishing from the banks of the Fraser River, boating on Pitt Lake, camping in the woods, or travelling to their own cabins … all perfectly healthy, stress-relieving outdoor activities … well-distanced from anyone else, do not constitute a Covid threat.

So why are they being targeted, turned around and threatened with heavy fines by the NDP government?

While the REAL offenders … organizing and participating in large crowd activities … get a free pass!

The anti-travel Order MUST be amended to restore the RIGHTS of those who are innocent … and following the guidelines!

To STOP the spread of Covid, enforcement should be directed against the large groups I’ve mentioned.

And the thousands allowed to gather, picnic, play volleyball … in VERY CLOSE quarters at city parks and beaches … like English Bay, Kits Beach, Spanish Banks … with almost no one wearing masks?

Surely they are a MUCH GREATER risk for spreading Covid than someone gone fishing or camping.

Harv Oberfeld

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39 Responses to India Shows Mass Gatherings, Failure to Social Distance Spread Covid … So Why is BC SCAPEGOATING Those Who Go Fishing, Boating, or Camping?

  1. Billie says:

    You can go fishing or camping in your ZONE, they don’t want people travelling outside their area/zone. Does the lower mainland not have any camping/fishing places? The island/North & Interior are pretty big areas you can travel around, they didn’t say you cannot camp, just stay in your area, I believe the lower mainland goes to Hope, so go camping or fishing there, don’t go to the interior. It’s for 5 weeks, get a grip. Seeing the last set of numbers the restrictions seem to be working, have you looked at Alberta’s numbers lately?

    (Response: Where can you camp in Vancouver … Strathcona Park? Oppenheimer? Aren’t Campgrounds outside the city officially closed down by Order: should people break the locks? What about people who own cabins? WHY are they banned from going there and self isolating … on penalty of BIG fines ..from going there, while thousands (the REAL Covid spreading culprits) can crowd parks, beaches, hold all kinds of demonstrations, rallies, block traffic with zero or barely any consequences? Not acceptable in a FREE country! h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    Harvey , great essay and very astute observations of the NDPs shortcomings.
    Optics, , mlas, seat count. Its all about South Asians living in large numbers not in India but in Surrey. Horgan needs to look like hes taking control, looking out for us all, but in reality its more of the same self serving actions that he took to secure a majority government. Horgan is pathetic.
    The best part of this post will be the howls from not sure and stu. They will be appoplectic in their outrage.
    I can hear it now how can we compare India ( pop gazillion) to Whally, or Newton.
    This is one of your best and accurate blog post ever.
    Horgan cant even dump on Trudeau because of his fear that a conservative government would not be as compliant as the spineless Trudeau
    Gonna sit back and wait for the howling.

    (Response: Civil rights are precious. We ALL suffer … regardless of partisan preferences … when politicians and governments run roughshod over our individual liberties. And although I recognize and support the need to maintain social distancing, the wearing of masks and KEEPING CROWDING DOWN , that is NOT what the NDP is doing in BC. In fact, just the opposite: turning a blind eye to the real crowding culprits spreading Covid, but targeting individuals who DO follow the rules, DO wear masks, DON’T attend crowded events! Ridiculous! And it’s about time the BC media developed some backbone and stopped being just the NDP government’s messengers! h.o)

  3. Stu de Baker says:

    Response to Billie: “Where can you camp in Vancouver … Strathcona Park? Oppenheimer? Aren’t Campgrounds outside the city officially closed down by Order: should people break the locks?’

    You are completely out of touch, especially the “officially closed down” comment. Everything, in easy reach of Vancouver, is open and accepting people from the combined health zones.

    The Vancouver camping area under restrictions, covers roughly Whistler to beyond Hope. In that area, there are hundreds upon hundreds of campsites available to Vancouver residents.

    Anyone who is equipped for camping, knows how to look, from these sights with basic amenities:

    To BC Provincial Parks, with a wide range of facilities, from tenting, right on up to showers, electrical hookups and sani-dumps..,ORCS_PRIMARY,0000

    Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake Provincial Parks have 482 sites. On the other side of the river, there are Sasquach, Golden Ears and Rolley Lake, with a combined total of 587 sites. Add Sites and Trails camps plus forestry sites, for another 100 or more.

    I didn’t count, but there are probably an equal amount on the Sea to Sky; 260 at Alice, Birkenhead and Nairn Falls.

    Add the dozens and dozens of private campgrounds (2 in Fort

    (Response: Perhaps you missed it: Dr Henry, Health Minister Dix and Public Safety Minister Farnworth have ALL told people repeatedly NOT to travel, STAY in your neighbourhood … repeatedly. Even within our own Health region. Should we just ignore them? And what about people who live in the Lower Mainland and own cabins or campsites at Sunshine Valley east of Hope or want to camp in Manning Park? Forbidden by Big Brother! Why??? You also sadly fail to address the key issue: the trampling of the human rights of law-abiding citizens by government while it ignores the REAL Covid spreaders. The government CAN ban large gatherings or require masks in certain areas, under Health Orders…but looks the other way at even the worst offenders. And yet, the NDP have suspended our most important rights and freedoms: telling law-abiding and rule-following British Columbian where they can or cannot travel, camp, fish, visit, banning them from their own cabin or cottage … even if they follow ALL the Covid rules. A shameful overreach by Big Brother! h.o)

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    I think Modi is toast.
    The Indian version of Trump.
    A self absorbed, dictatorial, populist that will say and do anything to get elected.
    He is focused more on By-elections than covid and its come back with a vengeance to kick him in the teeth.
    It should be interesting to watch him try and put the blame on anyone but him a la the Trump denial game.

    As for BC and Canada.
    The govt is collectively crapping their pants.
    They want to appear to be “doing something” while not annoying the voters.
    Having their Cake and eating it too.
    As for the police not ticketing people…..
    Not surprising when you consider most of them are still waiting for Covid vaccines and the “on again off again” lockdowns.
    Out of curiosity after reading your comments I just talked to two groups of co workers that had to go to Campbell River for a Monday am start.
    No police anywhere the entire drive from Coquitlam to Campbell River as well as Victoria to Campbell River…
    This whole thing is smoke and mirrors to placate the public.

    In Nova Scotia they were fining people at parties $1000 EACH and when that didnt seem to sink in….they bumped it up to $2000 EACH.
    Political will seems to be lacking in BC as well as the Socialist Feds.

    (Response: You may have hit the nail on the head when you wrote: “They want to appear to be “doing something” while not annoying the voters.” Seeing what happened in India (and also after the crowding in the US at Trump rallies …. LOTS of Covid spread) … how can the NDP government justify doing NOTHING when thousands gather in parks and on the beaches, hundreds hold Indian farmer protests, or pipeline, climate demonstrations, rallies or gather just to smoke pot …and NOTHING happens!!! While those who do follow the rules are ORDERED to STAY HOME … can’t legally go to their cottages, fishing, camping or boating, even MILES AWAY from other people! And the NDP government rips up a key part of the Canadian Charter of Rights … and the BC media doesn’t scream like hell??? It really is deplorable. h.o)

  5. r says:

    fraser health is the top health region in BC for covid and Surrey the city within and yet little extra done ,like other provinces ,like Ontario ,where city hot zones got extra treatment.

    (Response: Dr Bonnie Henry, Premier John Horgan and Health Minister Adrian Dix have ALL told us over and over to self-distance, avoid large gatherings because they spread Covid …so WHY aren’t they cracking down on them … instead of picking on and making life miserable for the millions of British Columbians who do follow the protocols, do wear masks, do self distance! h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    A very interesting and thought provoking analysis and opinion piece, I believe people of any political persuasion can relate and agree with much or even most of what you state .

    It is easy for me to say but it appears that the Federal Gov and the B.C. Horgan Gov seem to “Govern by Politics” as opposed to governing by common sense, logic, and the rule of law .

    It really matters not what how Covid might be spread or not spread it appears that far too often Race, Ethnicity, Skin Tone, or another identifiable category or “Special Interest” Group one or a group might belong to takes precedence over practical common sense or greater good for all .

    Logic should tell any of us that as you point out people should be able to have the freedom to have freedom of movement within reason providing they are following reasonable guide lines which can and should be enforced within reason .

    Anyone with any sense of reason must question how literally thousands from anywhere over seas have been flying into Canada from “Hot Spots” for over a year and then even travelling to Canada from “HS” like India through the U.S. and then by Limo from Bellingham when others in B.C. cannot travel a few miles in some cases .

    I have not heard much news today but the Canadian Federal Gov had still not paused flights from yet another “Hot Pot”, Turkey scheduled to begin in a few weeks or sooner but YOU cannot travel between designated zones to visit your 80 year old parent who maybe only a half hour away .

    I will not even begin to bring up Roxham Road .

    The untruths, mixed information, misinformation, inconsistencies in policies, the assault on science, the hypocrisy, the manipulations, and so many more “Whacked Out” policies of the Canadian Federal Government, the Canadian PM, Dr. WHO/Tam, the B.C. NDP Government, the Premier, and his minions including Farnworth and in some cases Law Enforcement hav Citizens/Tax Payers in a virtual state of confusion where even those that voted for governing politicians must now have reasons to question the character and capabilities of those officials just mentioned .

    Then to top it off Protesters in Vancouver/YVR block bridges, roads, intersections and much more causing delays, impeding Tax Payers, people travelling to work, those visiting relatives and even some being rushed to hospital after a car accident, heart attack or other life endangering event and those protesters in fact have a “Police Escort” .

    What the Hell is wrong with our “Political Masters” ?

    Then again, perhaps I should be asking this question .

    What the Hell is wrong with “We the People”, why would we continue to elect the “Self Serving” Bastards, when will we learn our lesson?

  7. HARRY LAWSON says:


    This is either a public health emergency or it is not. Partisan politics, political correctness or ethnic pandering, should not come into play period.

    We have had month’s of mixed messages, inconsistent enforcement..suggestions instead rules. Are we really surprised that people are saying screw the rules?

    I do not know what has happened in India however I do know what is happening in BC.

    Could B.C. Have a Indian size outbreak who knows. However if it does the blame site squarely with the lack of consistent enforcement, and mixed messages from the government.

    (Response: You are absolutely correct about the mixed messages coming from the government. Hundreds or thousands can block roads, bridges, gather in very close quarters to protest, rally, party etc. … shouting, chanting, singing … many without masks … BIG Covid spreading events … and little or nothing happens. Instead, the BC government suspends a KEY Canadian Charter mobility right of millions of its citizens … those who have been very carefully following/obeying the Health Orders …. and threatens THEM with $575 fines if they resist its heavy handed over-reach. Clearly there are different rules/messages for different people: the NDP has clearly chosen to excuse/ignore/pander to the scofflaws while bullying/punishing/trampling the civil rights of the rest of the population. Shameful. h.o)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    The interesting parallels between the 1917 Spanish Flu and this one are surreal.

    The “Third Wave was the worst and killed mostly the young.
    India was the hardest hit country during the “third Wave.
    Most govt’s lied about the death rate.

    Currently in India they are having aprox 350,000 people PER DAY testing positive.
    If we assume a 1% fatality rate thats 3500people per day.
    Two reporters asked the govt officials in India what the death rate was.
    For Kolkata they said “six” for one day.
    (It should be noted that the National Health Minister has said that disinfecting and washing with cow urine will negate the virus……)
    Incredulous reporters went to two hospitals in the city of 15 million and asked workers how many people had died that day… “300” was the answer.

    So if death rates in other countries are any guideline assume 1% for every 100 testing positive in India…..and that doesn’t take into consideration the “Double Mutant” virus that has appeared and is spreading.

    Our infection rates will drop as Summer takes hold.
    But Fall is flu season.
    Hopefully our infection rates will drop as more and more Canadians get vaccinated.
    Fingers crossed we arent still wearing masks this time next year…

    (Response: Vaccination is the key. It cannot be made mandatory in a free and democratic country, but I would urge everyone to get fully vaccinated with whichever vaccine they feel safest. And I for one would feel much safer if restaurants/bars/retailers began displaying signs that ALL staff working at their premises are fully vaccinated: could even become a big customer draw! h.o)

  9. LM says:

    The police/government can’t stop the crowds of protesters/beach partiers etc. here in BC. Unfortunately, there are too many of them for the police to handle. Then watch to riots start.

    (Response: Well, they did it in Australia ..shut down travel between states, locked down cities AND public beaches when the virus was spreading rapidly. Toronto too shut down beaches TOTALLY for a while. What you seem to be suggesting is the BC government is weak, unwilling and unable to go after the REAL Covid spreading events/actions. So how does that JUSTIFY suspending the Canadian Charter of Rights and kick around law-abiding citizens who ARE following the rules …staying in their bubbles, self-distancing, wearing masks and merely want to go to their cabins, fishing, boating or hiking? Sure eems like a double standard …hypocrisy …to me! h.o)

  10. 13 says:

    I heard on the news yesterday (Global) we should all be vaccinated in BC by June? Our media has got to get onboard with truth and fact. Until we have all recieved the SECOND dose we are not fully vaccinated. Im sure that the NDPs media outlets will do their best to convince us that the second dose is a done deal.( Not if the second roll out apes the first dose roll out ) The BC NDP and the Fed Libs have made so many baseless claims that sooner or later the media will have to question someone in government.
    We still dont know if the tampering with time frames on the second dose will creat a need for a third dose. Hell they dont even know if the current vaccines will offer any protection from the variants. I wonder why the media isnt asking direct pointed questions about current vaccines protection from variants? Trudeau has still not properly sealed our boarders.
    With Trudeaus gov in charge were going to need a lot of luck to get through this pandemic. I gree with noncon, will be very lucky if were not wearing masks and listening to daily death tolls this time next year.

  11. Stu de Baker says:

    You asked a question, I answered it. You then pullout the deflector to say I missed all the other questions.

    Once again, I ask, would you rather we be Alberta, where redneck rights ruled the day and probably contributed extensively to BC’s daily case counts?

    Alberta is second only to Michigan, in all of the US and Canada, for cases per million population, a number which is apples to apples.

    “We’re in a lot of trouble here and we really need help,” Calgary emergency room physician Dr. Joe Vipond told CTV News Channel. “There’s a whole raft of measures that could be put in place in order to mitigate the spread, we just haven’t been able to convince our leaders to do so.”

    Ordinary blog reading citizens are urging more action by their government. “More restrictions” they say.

    Really folks, civil rights? Reminds me of some of my American friends who throw The Constitution around when discussing anything COVID; “I have a constitutional right to not wear a mask and you can just move over when you see me coming.” They a willing misunderstanding of the common good.

    I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall in the legislature buildings and press gallery, as this blog is discussed with frivolity.

    This is not about COVID-19, restrictions, proper governance, or anything resembling reasonableness. It’s just an embarrassing venue for the attack dogs and it would be the same rhetoric if we were in Alberta’s position.

    Talk about fanaticism.

    (Response: I have NO objection to the government applying and enforcing measures, laws, Orders to curb the Covid virus … IF they do it equally and universally. But clearly that is NOT what the NDP government (and their extreme left allies at Vancouver City Hall) are doing: allowing widespread demonstrations and protests and rallies and gatherings … with impunity. There were TWO total blockades of traffic in Vancouver this past weekend: Georgia Street and the Granville Bridge ..and the ONLY arrests … six at each, but NOT one for violating Covid Orders, only for refusing police orders to move off the road/bridge. No wonder MORE blockades are planned! While innocent people who do follow the rules have their civil rights suspended, face roadblocks inhibiting their right to travel and are threatened with fines. And your attempt to justify the cancelling, for “the common good”, civil rights that are GUARANTEED under the Canadian Charter of Rights so the NDP government can oppress and punish, scapegoat innocent, law-abiding people is so weak and unsupportable, it belongs more in China, Cuba and Russia … not Canada! h.o)

  12. LM says:

    I wasn’t talking about people travelling to go to cabins, fishing, camping, etc. Nor did I say anything about travel out of their health zones/provinces, etc. I was talking about your comment: ” Large groups are the PROBLEM the government, health officials and the police should target for enforcement: the beach party crowds; 4/20 rally celebrants; protestors who mass shoulder to shoulder to support Indian farmers; anti-pipeline demonstrators; climate activists who converge together to block roads and traffic, and those attending other crowded social/ events … and all their organizers/promoters.

    But little or nothing is done!”

    Do you think if some government/health/police official was to say “no more protesting/gatherings are allowed” these COVIDIOTS are going to listen? It’s been over a year now with this pandemic, and to suggest to these activists, etc. to stop their group activities, I don’t think will go anywhere, without some total chaos, especially with our limited police forces, and resources (we don’t have enough jail cells for them all).
    Since picking up all these idiots and dragging them all off to some private island to protect the rest of us is unrealistic , what do you suggest will be the foolproof way of our ” weak BC government” to enforce this, so that I, or any of us , will accuse them of being “unwilling and unable to go after the REAL Covid spreading events/actions”?

    (Response: It’s the government’s DUTY to protect the citizenry … yes, even if it means taking on the scofflaws, breaking up their crowds that are a major potential source for spreading the virus … making many more ill and even killing some! OTHER jurisdictions, like several Australian cities and states, HAVE done that … Toronto too… democratically applying laws/rules that affect ALL citizens. Not just singling out those who DO comply and pick on them even more! And where it has been done, there have NOT been riots: give people some credit … most leave quite peacefully’ some get themselves peacefully arrested to make a point; and your suggestion that we just let the large Covid spreading gatherings continue because a few thugs might fight back is a weak, frightening position for a democracy. h.o)

  13. r says:

    Maybe a curfew ,like Quebec, would be a option.seems to work. AB and ONT dont have one.Easier to enforce?

    (Response: And in Quebec, like Ontario and many other jurisdictions … the lockdowns, curfews were applied to everyone in any given area … not just to those law-abiding citizens who willingly go along, while the scofflaws and worst offenders are allowed free passes by the NDP government and their City Hall accomplices! h.o)

  14. Keith says:

    Meanwhile in double standard Alberta over the weekend, a bunch of folks attended a rodeo, where they were scolded on twitter by Kenney and criticized by the medical community. However, had they been protesting a pipeline the fine would be very substantial.

    I couldn’t find any Federal or Constitutional challenges to the law so I would assume it’s a done deal. So if Alberta can bring in that legislation, why can’t B.C. or any province for that matter bring in the same under a form of “ emergency public health measures” in addition to any rule or law limiting the numbers in a gathering.? But we all have an idea of the answer to that.

    Similarly, I could find no Federal or Constitutional challenges to curfew restrictions in Quebec,

    or Maritime Atlantic bubble travel restrictions’’.

    As nonconfidence noted, the doubling of the fines in Nova Scotia, based on a police bust on a Saturday night, doubled pronto.

    B.C. fines in comparison to many other national and international juridstictions are chump change, but on second thoughts by doing nothing about mass gatherings, they then become govt. sponsored superspreaders, the fines become amongst other things the ultimate in hypocrisy. When it all goes sideways, the politicos are looking to blame someone else and “the Feds. should do more.”

    The troubles in India only highlight the need to not rely on someone else for Vaccine – PPE etc. It isn’t a problem until the country that supplies the stuff needs it themselves. A couple of months ago, India was our saviour.

    Apologies for rambling on and bouncing about but the mixed messaging and sheer hypocrisy is burning me.

    (Response: The problem with legal challenges of any government’s abuse of suspension of Constitutional or Charter of Rights clauses is that it takes YEARS and hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue that. And governments know that …so they can get away with trampling citizens’ rights … UNLESS the public gets mad as hell and let’s them know it. The problem in BC is the NDP successfully plays the media like a fiddle … so most of them are complacent and compliant … messengers for the NDP government … when they should be leading the charge to protect our civil rights. As I’ve said, I support Health Orders aimed at curbing and defeating Covid … as long as governments apply them equally, enforce them equally … and PROVE that any infringement on our civil rights is justifiable and again, done EQUALLY. Which is NOT being done by the NDP government … and they DESERVE to be questioned, challenged, chastised and condemned for that! Remember … when politicians get away with trampling human rights … it becomes much easier for them to do it again and again. h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    “I would love to be a fly on the wall in the leg. bldgs blah blah blah.”

    Harvey I also would love to be a fly on the wall in Horgans office to see whom he pays to read blogs for the NDP. Not saying I know anyone that does that but Im absolutley certain that political parties employ that sort of fact finding.
    The thought of Horgan and Farnsworth and Dix giggling like school children isnt hard to imagine, but I doubt its over the contents of your blog.

    (Response: I not only welcome them (and their staffs) to read what is being written and said on here (and elsewhere where this blog is republished or passed around), any of them are also invited to respond/explain to all of us WHY they are picking on, threatening and punishing people who do try very hard to comply with the Health Orders …while the government’s only response to the scofflaws and anarchists is shallow rhetoric … that doesn’t hinder the Covid-spreaders at all. h.o)

  16. D.M. Johnston says:

    The problem with Horgan’s and Farnsworth’s edict is that it is about a year too late.

    Both have lost the plot completely and now appear to be afraid, very afraid.

    When politicians bungle the most basic tenets of politics and that is protecting the people, they tend to fly off in all directions and the in the end, blame everyone and not themselves.

    Don’t blame the mayor of Vancouver (is an NDP acolyte) for allowing huge crowds at beaches; don’t blame protesters blocking rail lines, highways and more (was the flavour of protest prior to the Covid emergancy); don’t blame your government for not doing, what should have been done in the very beginning; but instead blame the ordinary Joe for wanting to camp or fish in secluded areas.

    Tail-gunner John, always blames others for the NDP’s ineptitude.

    Today a massive protest is going to shut down the Lion’s Gate Bridge, a protest by the usual suspects who want to feel the thrill of early 2020. I doubt Mayor Dithers will care; tail-gunner John will do nothing; and Fatuous Farnsworth may fume, but not much more: screw the ordinary guy, that’s the NDP’s game.

    I thought when Horgan won the election by a squeaker, that the NDP had learned from their past mistakes. Nope, Nada, not a chance, as Horgan’s crew reminds me of the sheer arrogance and stupidity of the Glen Clark cabal.

    All tail-gunner John want to do is reward his base, like paying bus drivers full wages to drive empty buses or this blast from the past; Vancouver Coastal Health chair Penny Ballem received the $220,000, no-bid contract on Jan. 13 to be executive lead of the Immunize BC program through October. Funny thing is, there is no need for this as the news just reported that there is enough vaccines for every BC resident to get vaccinated by the end of June.

    The NDP took the science out of Covid and racialized it for their own gain and now want to punish everyone who fails to “goose-step” to their tune, when they failed to do, what should have been done over a year ago.

  17. LM says:

    Harvey, you keep saying I am suggesting this or that. I am not suggesting anything, especially letting the gatherings continue. I am very troubled over it all! So please stop SUGGESTING I am in favor of everything I am “suggesting”!
    Yes, Australia and New Zealand have done a great job right from the beginning of this pandemic and they pretty well kept it in line. And Toronto, well….I’m not sure having seen their numbers inflate over the last month. But I am sure you are SUGGESTING the latest shut down is having a huge success.
    You say it is the government’s/health officials/police duty to protect the Citizenry and they all need to stop these gatherings. Yes, I agree!
    You say ” I have NO objection to the government applying and enforcing measures, laws, Orders to curb the Covid virus”.
    I totally agree! But how do they enforce the measures, laws and orders, so that no other gatherings will happen and the current ones are stopped?
    Even if we did have the numbers in our police departments to “enforce” “the beach party crowds; 4/20 rally celebrants; protestors who mass shoulder to shoulder to support Indian farmers; anti-pipeline demonstrators; climate activists who converge together to block roads and traffic, and those attending other crowded social/ events … and all their organizers/promoters” , good luck at collecting fines from all those losers and finding space in our jail cells for many of them. I mean, what else can they do as punishment? How else can you enforce? As the police are doing their enforcing, you can bet there will be chaos.
    So, I end with the same question, how do you SUGGEST the government/health officials/police specifically enforce these laws, orders, etc., so the governments and health officers can stop harassing the rest of us.

    (Response: You certainly seemed to be suggesting there is NOTHING authorities could do ..without causing violence. I disagree: I believe most demonstrators are still peaceful…. so break them up … move along … of face tickets/arrest. And what else could police/authorities do? How about… ticketing/arresting the organizers and those who speak at any Covid-violating event (seize the audio equipment too) if Covid rules are being ignored, flouted, deliberately broken…. $2,300 for each ticket AND even jail time for repeat offenders could help. I’d also video the violators … like was done during the Stanley Cup fiasco …and then plaster their faces all over the internet … charging them when fed up law-abiding citizens and neighbours happily turn them in … to see them get BIG fines! h.o)

  18. e.a.f. says:

    LM, you don’t need to pick up all of the COVID IDIOTS, just a few bus loads. The jails and prisons are fairly full most of the time, so putting them there isn’t going to work, but those who organize these events, they’re easy to pick up and move them. Arrest them. Hold them. It will take a couple of hours to bus them to some where outside of Hope along a logging road, where waiting for them will be the new version of a jail, sort of like the “temporary” hospitals which were set up in the U.S.A. to accomodate extra patients. why should we who did every thing correctly be placed in a tent when the people who helped give us this disease get to go home and do it again, and again, and again.

    The guy who threw the “parties’ in his apartment in the Telus towers got a day in jail and fined. I’d have preferred he had gotten a week in jail. bus them to some where, bring in Judges, court officers and sentence them. They might get the message. Do that a few times and people might not be so eager to protest whatever is happening. Personally I love a good protest, but in the age of COVID, give it a rest.

    It really isn’t that hard to simply move in the squads, seperate the front lines and put them on buses. I’m sure some one has the notes on how to do it in Toronto. Its called kettling. Kettle the first two bus loads and you’re good to go. usually the first two bus loads will have the organizers.

    You can actually protest and maintain COVID protection. single file your protestors, ensure they are all masked at all times and keep them at least 6 ft. away from each other. Done and no COVID.

    The transit police ought to try doing their jobs and start handing out tickets to those not wearing their masks on public transmit. One person could easily infect 50 0thers in a day while on transit. Fine them, then fine them double, then toss them in the forestry jail for a week.

    As to hot spots, that could be addressed by simply going into neighbourhoods where covid is rampant. Not pop ups, too many others come out. If they are done in the evening, people won’t have to miss work and more likely to show up at places such as their kids schools outside.\

    I don’t think any politician is laughing during this time. They aren’t happy. Most are working hard, but this is their first rodeo. Had the public followed the game rules in Canada, we wouldn’t have been in this fix. Had large employers made arrangements with government to have the whole building vaccinated we might have been further a head. There are office towers all over the lower mainland, there are construction sites all over the mainland. Public health could just have gone to the site and done all the vaccines right at work. No travelling, etc.

    Had the Alberta government dealt with the meat packing plants when this all started there would have been fewer illnesses and death but those meat packing plants didn’t want to do anything to help their workers stay health. On the other hand, most of their workers were people of colour.

  19. e.a.f. says:

    Given Modi’s attitude towards non Hindus I do wonder if things are worse in the Punjab or areas where Muslims live. Perhaps Modi is doing a “little ethnic cleansing” and at the same time reducing an over populated country. There is little health care in rural parts of India during COVID. Given the back lash to his “land/agricultural” reform, a million or two dead will work nicely for him. O.K. I’m not a fan of his. Running out of O2, that does stretch the imagination.

    When Trump was president, the majority of people who were dying from covid were people of colour and the poor. Some times mass death is just an accident. Sometimes mass death works for some politicians who don’t care about human lives.

    (Response: What did Modi expect … with all the rallies his own party organized and he attended …drawing hundreds of thousands of people in areas where sanitation has always been a challenge! Totally irresponsible. But despite his many flaws, I don’t like to even think he would do anything like you suggest purposely: I hope not! h.o)

  20. nonconfidencevote says:

    “….. The problem in BC is the NDP successfully plays the media like a fiddle … so most of them are complacent and compliant … messengers ….”


    I think you could also insert “Liberal” in the same sentence.
    The Global tv/radio fawning over Christy Clark was nauseating.

    As for the rest of the BC media….their falling viewership, readers, listeners should be the wake up call that …
    Drinking each others bathwater at the altar of Govt advertising…. may “win” them Webster Awards…..
    But the viewers, listeners, readers…turn them off, tune them out, and wrap fish .

    (Response: I can almost HEAR Jack Webster: if he saw activists, anarchists Covid scofflaws running amok in Vancouver … blocking roads, bridges, partying on the beaches, rallying in close quarters to smoke pot … despite the HUGE Covid numbers while the NDP government and its extreme left City Hall allies do little or NOTHING to stop them. And then, he saw the government suspend EVERY law-abiding British Columbian’s Charter of Rights mobility freedom … even if they self-distance, stay in their bubbles, wear masks … and he also witnessed how, through it all, the BC media “stays calm, stays safe and is so kind” to the government! Sad we have no “Jack” … the real people need him! h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:

    The media is not only compliant and complacent but also COMPLICIT, the media are actually assisting the Canadian PM and the Premier of B.C, and his minions including Health Officials . There is no doubt about it, to not recognize that media are running interference for those mentioned would be dishonest. . This should be beyond politics, this is about the health of citizens right across this country .

    ‘If we are to believe what we are told it is quite possible that it is now a race between the “Variants” and possible death and getting Vaccines in arms, how can anyone not help but ask that question of the Canadian PM, how and why do media allow him to get away without being held accountable for his ineptitude and his dithering ?

    As to wondering how authorities control and stop protesters, those that gather endangering others with causing the possible spread of the virus ? Pick up the leaders/organizers, start by holding them in custody overnight and fine them $ 2,500,00 or more for their infraction then increase jail time 3 extra days for each arrest and increase the fine an additional $ 1,000.oo for each new arrest, the disobedience will cease very quickly, it is the only society understands, accountability and deterrence heals all .

    The courts should then also consider the same penalties for the same protesters if they are found to be disobeying public gathering orders for any other illegal action blocking intersections, railways, bridges, or any other protest including tent cities, it is long past time the Tax Payers began to take back the streets and parks right across this country .

    Of course there are also other ways to encourage Governments st all three levels and police to react and arrest gathers immediately, tell authorities the gatherings are actually religious ceremonies that will get people arrested taken away and fined immediately .

    “Tail Gunner – John”

    I really like that !

  22. 13 says:

    As much as I despise the NDP I feel sorry for them. NACI just pulled the rug out from under Henry , Dix and Horgan. Astra Zenica good Astra Zenica bad. . Seems that the best vaccine might not be the one offered. Now Henry is floating the idea of mixing phizer with astra zenica or any othe moderna astra pfizer combos. If the NDP are trying to covince the undecided to get a job they are not doing a good job.
    CKNWs Simi Sara spent much of her am showing doing damage control for the NDP.
    No blistering questions to Henry Horgan of Dix just the message that NACI had underminded BC Health officials. Now Adler is running another message that we should ignore the NACI message that AZ is not as good as pfizer and moderna
    Government takes aim at its foot and pulls the trigger.

    (Response: It’s hard to know what/who to believe anymore regarding AZ. True the number of people who suffer clots are small … but that’s no comfort to the people it kills or their families. I’m glad as a retired senior I don’t have to go to work and waited for Pfizer. h.o.)

  23. Stu de Baker says:

    Well, now that it has morphed to an AstraZenica discussion; what I find unsettling about the AZ vaccine issue, is everyone I know, maybe a couple dozen, who opted for AZ, did so out of fear; fear of COVID-19. They jumped at the opportunity to get it early, if only by days for some, at a pharmacy as a soother.

    One in particular was hyper anxious after losing a mid-fifties parent in another country and not being there.

    What I fear, is that these folks might end up with the dirty end of the stick, when it comes to the second shot; a mix-n-match or a less than the best AZ.

    (Response: I have no doubt that a LOT of thought, discussion took place behind closed doors before the National Advisory Committee on Immunization went public with its recommendation that Pfizer and Moderna should be the PREFFERED vaccine over AZ and J&J. Now I wonder what other info they have that we still do not? Readers of this blog know well how skeptical I was about AZ’s efficacy ratings and very limited seniors’ testing, based on the available data, before it got approved for distribution:
    I always trust the science over politicians and bureaucrats … which also made me worry about the decision by various governments to hold off second doses for four months …MUCH LONGER than the 21 to 28 days recommended by those who researched, developed, tested the vaccines!
    Both deserve a second reading now!
    This is scary stuff for ordinary citizens … We NEED and DESERVE the full story, the full truth … and it is not helped by a compliant, complacent (some say complicit) media who FAILED to push and ask tough questions …but became more government MESSENGERS than probing, demanding, questioning journalists as all this unfolded.
    Thankfully, we in the blogosphere are around to keep the governments’ feet to the fire! h.o)

  24. Nonconfidencevote says:

    “We NEED and DESERVE the full story, the full truth … and it is not helped by a compliant, complacent (some say complicit) media who FAILED to push and ask tough questions …but became more government MESSENGERS than probing, demanding, questioning journalists as all this unfolded.”


    When the media’s next pay cheque relies mainly on 3 levels of govt advertising…….
    I dont expect any hard hitting questions putting politicians feet to the fire… until voter outrage demands someone asks something….
    Kinda like the federal and provincial waffle and reversal on flights from India two weeks ago

  25. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, I’ve never been keen on Modi. He is considered by some to be a Hindi extremist and a little reading leads me to conclude what is going on in India might be more in the area of good planning than no planning. In 2002 Modi declared a train wreck, with little to no proof, a Muslim terrorist attack. This resulted in over 2000 deaths, 150K people in refugee camps, numerous women and children raped and mutilated.

    My take on it is, other countries made a good decision to ban people coming from India. Their outbreak is going to get a lot worse, even with help from other countries. Other countries might want to send help to countries which are trying a lot harder to deal with the virus.

    It is interesting many are getting by without fines for coming into Canada without quarantining in designated hotels. According to the CBC over 500 to date. One man advised he wanted to quarantine in his own home. He obviously doesn’t care much about other people. If people aren’t following the rules, we currently have laws, the police need to enforce them, whether the police like the laws or not. The police are not there to decide which laws they get to enforce. They are hired by the government –us the tax payers to enforce all the laws. The police don’t seem to have any problem over enforcing laws with people of colour, so why they don’t enforce the laws regarding covid is beyond me. Perhaps their managers might want to check the game rules for people who don’t want to do their jobs.

    (Response: India under Modi is a national monument to wasting money while 68% of the population live in poverty … earn less than $2 a day, farmers barely make a living and hospitals can’t even get oxygen …BUT the country has an incredibly expensive space program ($2.5 Billion annual budget), is building a new $160 Million Parliament House, and don’t forget the world’s highest statue (182 metres) costing $500 Million. Makes OUR politicians look good in that regard! 🙂
    As for people not following the rules … that’s a BIG problem in Vancouver and BC these days under the NDP government: there ARE laws, Orders etc … but very little or sometimes no enforcement against the worst violators … encouraging and increasing the disrespect; while ordinary citizens who DO follow the rules … self distance, wear masks, remain in their bubbles … are treated shabbily, threatened with fines and have their Charter civil rights trampled totally unnecessarily. There is something very wrong and upside down with the way government(s) are acting. h.o)

  26. Steve says:

    I feel for the people of India, a very sad situation but with around 2% vaccinated and the many social gatherings the virus has taken hold and is causing massive losses. I live in the Okanagan and I too am tied of the people that think they have more rights then the rest of us and continue to act like idiots. I wish the damn government would crack down on the gatherings and total disregard for public safety. Big White was a great example of how total regard for safety was not taking place and the best part is they got vaccinated first!!! Today on my drive from Vernon to Kelowna I could have sworn I was in Alberta, the amount of travelers was overwhelming yes, some may live here but not to the extent of vehicles on the highway. The Okanagan is a hotspot and it’s carried here and I wish the Police would setup road blocks to keep the non residence out. As someone who has played by all the rules and lost income because of Covid I’m tired of the non-enforcement. The only thing they are enforcing is speeding and distracted driving (at stop lights) like it’s the biggest crime of all times.

    (Response: The BC government COULD close the Alberta border … at least to non-commercial traffic using the main highway crossings … if it wanted to really protect British Columbians from the large virus spread taking place there. Quebec/Ontario closed their border to unnecessary travel: Of course, some would take back roads to still get into BC … but THEY are the ones the RCMP should be stopping and checking! And I believe most Albertans would get the message and respect the temporary closure because they know Alberta has MAJOR virus transmission problems! Instead, what does the BC government do? Suspends the Charter mobility civil rights of the majority of British Columbians who pose little or no threat …bullying law-abiding citizens. while still giving free passes to most of the scofflaws who mass together to block roads and bridges, disrupting the lives of thousands of workers and families. It makes no sense to me … and they would NEVER do it if a provincial election was still pending! h.o)

  27. e.a.f. says:

    The Nanaimo Bulletin has an article up, with map showing road blockades
    Hwy 1 Boston Bar

    Hwy 3 Manning Park Area

    Hwy 5 old toll boooth area on the Coq.

    Hwy 99 Lillooet area

    This means any one from Alberta is free to travel anywhere in the province until they get to those areas, keeping them mostly out of the lower mainland area. Albertans will however be free to go into Northern B.C., Cariboo, O.K., Shuswap/Kamloops area. Areas, we who live in B.C. will not be permitted to go to. That is plain dumb.

    Alberta has a more serious COVID problem than B.C. but they’re permitted to travel around B.C. except to the Lower Mainland and the Whistler Vancouver island area. The people of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland will not be permitted to travel where Albertans are permitted to travel.

    It is doubtful Albertans will be interested in using back roads because the one which goes from Cash Creek to Lillooet is an old logging road and takes 5 hours to drive. Having driven some of these roads, it is doubtful people will want to use them. they aren’t paved, there isn’t much gravel on them and they’re mostly dirt. there are no barriers to keep you from going over the side and in many places vehicles trying to get by each other, difficult. In summer time, its put the vehicle in second gear and leave it there.

    (Response: As I mentioned, Quebec and Ontario shut their borders to non essential traffic …so why can’t BC/Alberta??? Surely, at this time with their Covid numbers out of control, traffic from Alberta carries a greater risk to spread Covid than a family in BC who just want to get to their cabin/cottage or a campground …well away from others. It’s just smoke and mirrors to make it LOOK like they’re acting proactively. But the TRUTH is BC’s rates are coming down currently because indoor dining at restaurants, bars, gyms had been curbed weeks ago … a good move … nothing to do with those police state roadblocks the NDP government imposed in dictatorial fashion last week, The government really should be pressed more on the hypocrisy and injustice of their bullying policy. h.o.)

  28. RIsaak says:

    Up here in the Okanagan, I see many Alberta plated vehicles, towing trailers, boats etc..This only stopped for awhile a year or so ago, definitely many more since last August.

    My area has had a very low covid infection rate, mostly due to geographic isolation (1500 residents within 10 kms), our food store sees less than 2% of the traffic seen in the lower mainland.

    The three levels of government are not in lockstep on enforcement, just like they are not on all justice issues, the watering down of responsibility & plethora of law enforcement agencies answering to differing elected officials is partly to blame as are the differing agendas of the 3 levels of elected officials. Vancouver’s police board, civic govt. controlled, RCMP, supposed to be a federal force but also made to cater to Provinces & local politicians, BC govt., no direct force, have utilized other BC employees for pandemic control purposes, none are being directed from our squirrel chasing politicians to do the job to the letter of the law, just do it to not create any “situations” which could include enforcing the law, stopping risk taking behaviour, & never forget, PM marched in a BLM rally last year with 8000 others in contravention of a Provincial health order, apparently appealing to voters took priority over following a health directive.

    The current crew of elected in all 3 levels of government have fumbled many times in the past 15 months, on many pandemic issues, soon bills will become due, interest rates will climb, excuses in a few cases where contrition should happen and 10 years from now when most of this fully comes to bear, all of these elected will be sitting on their taxpayer pension paid posteriors trying to get “expert” billing on some subsidized media outlet. I hate my Crystal ball!

    (Response: Frankly, I don’t think politicians or taxpayers these days care about rising deficits or debt. People are in survival mode: they just want to get through the pandemic without losing their jobs, their homes, their lives and will deal with the financial debt down the road … or their kids will. Speaking of the road, it is ridiculous to see the BC government disrespect, suspend the civil rights and bully (that’s what is is!) millions of ordinary Covid-rule following British Columbians … while doing little to stop Covid spreading mass gatherings (more are scheduled!) or stopping vehicles from Alberta where Covid cases are still surging. h.o)

  29. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I don’t think a lot of citizens care about this one — as the back yards they have been confined to are plenty big. While teaching in Hope, I was often amazed to hear how many kids had never been to Vancouver. The open road was right there, but time, costs and other contraints/opportunities kept families from travelling to “The Big Smoke.”

    If Trudeau forbade all Canadians from bidding on “Blue Origin’s” July 20 space flight… who, really, would complain? How many here have been inconvenienced by the current BC travel ban… other than in their heads?

    Harvey is correct, that the Alberta borders could be sealed off to non-essential travellers, as has been done elsewhere in Canada already. It’s not like trying to seal off Boundary Road in Vancouver-Burnaby. There are basically only three routes: Jasper, Banff and Highway #3… and way up north.

    Who knows why they haven’t sealed them off? Pressure from the Columbia/Kootenay and Okanagan economies, where Alberta recreational ownership is large? I’d like to hear the answer on that, though transparency clearly is clouded.

    (Response: A lot of citizens don’t care about civil rights …until some bullying government comes for them in particular! That’s why the Charter of Rights is supposed to be a sacred document enshrining Canadians’ most closely held freedoms … more than just an ordinary law, and should be suspended or set aside in ONLY the most unusual, critical circumstances. And I believe a well designed information campaign/appeal would have been sufficient to educate people going camping, fishing, boating or just heading to their cabins .. and it was overreach to the extreme by the NDP in setting aside our Charter Rights under the heavy hand of the RCMP! Shame on them! h.o)

  30. D. M. Johnston says:

    The road blocks are up, Fatuous Farnworth full of bluster as he is ‘goin to fine those evil miscreants” who dare to defy the NDP’s edicts.

    Evidently he is sending in professional debt collectors, who probably are generous contributors to the NDP.

    Yet, if one is from Alberta, free access, come on in, bring your tents, boats – it is business as usual.

    Where the hell is Fatuous Farnsworth on that one? Where are the road blocks? Fines?

    As i have said far too many times, Tail Gunner John and his NDP have completely lost the plot, they are soon becoming a bit of a joke. It is like Horgan woke up after a long drunk after the NDP’s trouncing the Liberals, realizing that Covid is still around and hasn’t a clue what to do.

    No plan just bully boy edicts, that make little sense, designed more for media PR than anything else.

    The fumbles by government of late, by all levels, civic, provincial and federal and a complete lack of any real leadership by mayors, Premier’s and the Prime Minister would have been forgivable in the spring of 2020, but not now.

    I shake my head at the lot of them and the NDP, don’t knock at my door, ever.

    Nuff said……..except……..

    Kudos’s for whoever organized the vaccination clinic in North Delta, I got my first jab of Phizer and I was in and out in less than 25 minutes. it was very well organized, done to a military precision and all I can say whoever was in charge of it, should deserve recognition.

    (Response: Actually this is typical of what most majority governments are like AFTER an election: POWER corrupts. We’re going to see a lot of overreach and bullying in the next three years. But that doesn’t mean citizens or the media should just go along … failing to call them to account! That will just make them even more arrogant and dismissive of troublesome little things like laws, civil rights and respect for ordinary citizens. h.o)

  31. 13 says:

    @ Not sure/ studebaker/lm/and anyone that worships at the NDP alter. Audio vault CKNW radio at 637 am Friday 7th May. Simis regular spot with Vaughn Palmer. This is awesome radio, a real eye opener. It confirms my opinion of Horgan but it might be a bit unsettling for the NDP cheering squad. Included is a very pointed expose of the second wave of covids bad timing with a Horgan election call.

    (Response: NW should repeat Palmer in the 8:35 a.m. spot vacated when they fired Bruce Allen … so retired listeners as well as those getting ready to go to work can hear it. h.o)

  32. 13 says:

    BTW that 15 minute Palmer piece must have made the radio host Simi Sara very uncomfotable. She is a head cheerleader for the NDP

  33. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Keeping it real: those of us who have experienced the organized, efficient running of COVID vaccination clinics can thank Health Minister Adrian Dix, Bonnie Henry and their team of health professionals.

    Such efficiency doesn’t just magically happen. It takes tons of planning, practice — and readjustments where errors are made. Surely, people can at least give a grudging “Good job, finally…” 🙁 on this file.

    (Response: Overall, the vaccine delivery has been done efficiently and I have written that mine went quite well and I was happy to get the vaccine I wanted. But I believe many British Columbians don’t think it has been done fairly. But let’s keep it real: some of it has actually REWARDED communities with expedited vaccine delivery where foolish selfish people have acted irresponsibly and created pandemic spread; while responsible “hero” vulnerable front line workers were denied priority shots; and frankly, some of rollout rules have been quite racist …so they don’t get an “A” … but these days, even a “B” should be considered a good score. h.o)

  34. BMCQ says:


    Good advice ! We should all listen to VP every single day we can and if we miss out we should AV his segment . VP unlike far too many in media and especially CKNDP (sorry Barry, do not tell Norm) Global, CBC, and some others is an individual of strong character and integrity, he is Fair and Balanced, he shills for no one . Palmer like our Host Harvey will call out politicians of any brand .

    I do know that some other Bloggers and their followers do not like Palmer but then they did not like me when I posted a few things and I was unceremoniously dumped from that NF blog without G Barry Stewart or e.a.f even taking the time to stand up for poor Bobby .

    Harvey is correct, Palmer should be repeated at noon and probably even the drive time . NW once had a “Cutting Edge from the Ledge” which was great, and another segment with Norman Sepctor, that would have also been a format for Harvey .

    People on the left side of the side of the spectrum should keep in mind that Harvey was very hard on the B.C. Libs, Harper, and the “Bad Orange Man”, Harvey has no “Sazscred cows” and sometimes I disagree with him which is fine, even if he is mistaken and way off base .

    Yes, I heard palmer and he was very matter of fact and he explained himself well and he put forward a case that would be difficult to argue with . Yes Barrty, the NDP Gov has done some good things on the Covid file but they have also made mistakes as have other provincial governments . Horgan has looked very bad on a few occasions and the mixed and poor messaging has not helped .

    Horgan was correct when he challenged youngish people and then he ruined it by back tracking making himself look the fool, then he compounded the problem by letting someone in his Brain Trust push him to give up $ Millions to younger people in an attempt to make him look more human . Pathetic at best but also transparent, he and his government looked foolish at best .

    A lot of what we talk about is looking at the Covid Pandemic troubles with 20/20 Hindsight and I admit that . One day in the not too distant future there will be thousands of books analyzing the whole thing and everyone will conclude that the whole mess is the fault of Donald J. Trump .

    I fully agree with DMJ that mistakes made early on wee one thing but there are not many mistakes that we can or should forgive today . We/They should know better .

    I am not attempting to make a gross generalization here especially being that I am very critical of the Failed Canadian PM Justin but IMHO much of the economic trouble, illness, death, and destruction Canadians have faced and still will face could have and would have been alleviated if PM Justin and his Minions had done their jobs and procured/acquired Vaccines of ANY Brand in a timely manner which would have prevented such devastation of our country and our people .

    Yes, India have fumbled the ball and because of that the good people of India have paid the price, it is a most tragic turn of events, I hope that in some way the people of India can recover and I hope that Nations with surplus vaccines and technology can assist, the people of India deserve so much better than what they are getting .

    So now appears that the B.C. Gov are punishing people travelling from YVR to certain areas even if it is their own property and they are able to isolate but it is NOW OK for Alberta people/residents to come from Alberta to anywhere else in eastern/central B.C. . Go figure . Have I got that correct ?

    One thing for sure B.C. Spokes People Kind and Dr. “B” and the rest need to do more to get their Covid Policies and messaging more fair, balanced, and concise, the current brand of messaging is “Brand X” .

    ( topic)

  35. nonconfidencevote says:

    Modi….India’s version of Trump.

    When Modia first met Obama he wore a custom made suit with his own name stitched into it hundreds of times.
    Self promotion brought to another level of Bizarre megalomania.

  36. Keith says:

    At last they have published the case counts data.

    (Response: Thanks! My next blog will be on this topic. h.o)

  37. BMCQ says:

    A question or two before the topic changes .

    Is/was India not exporting vaccines to other world nations ?

    Was Canada not purchasing and importing scarce and supposedly “Life Saving” vaccines from India ?

    How should Top Mensa Member and Canadian PM Justin and Canadians feel about our country of Canada procuring vaccines from India ?

    Yes you might be correct, my questions should more than likely be asked of India Lewdership as it was ‘India that offered and sold Indian vaccines to Canada and perhaps other countries but…….. How do you feel ?

    Has Canadian Media, opposition politicians, or anyone anywhere in this country covered or discussed this ?

    Did India actually believe that Covid was under control when Covashield/Astra Zeneca vaccines were exported to Canada ?

    I believe at the time India felt and promoted “Their Fact” that Ondia was very efficient, had world class science and quality control, and the ability to ramp up production numbers which would ensure vast amounts for their own domestic requirements and the demand for exports .

    Somehow none of those claims make any sense now .

    I am on my way out the door but when I return home I am going to determine what took place with all of this and I hope it has nothing to do with a caste system which was supposed to be jettisoned decades ago . But then ………….

    Obviously something is not right here and I do not feel good about the fact that Canada was the recipient of vaccines from a country like India which is NOW suffering beyond comprehension .

    The Horror .

    (Response: India apparently is the largest world producer of vaccines and pharmaceuticals in the world … and frankly, I would trust products from there over those from China. The problem. of course, is that with the overwhelming growth of Covid cases in the country … assisted by and for which Modi must assume responsibility/liability … India now needs massive amounts of vaccines etc themselves, hindering exports. Luckily Canada is now getting millions more doses from other suppliers and, barring any new blockages, vaccinations are being stepped up. h.o)

  38. Harvey Oberfeld’s blog is one BC voice for sanity. My question is this: Why does Rebel News systemically avoid these BC issues and contradictions like a 10 foot pole. They’ve done a really good job of exposing mishandling of COVID-19 response by conservative provincial governments in Ontario and Alberta but there is a persistent refusal from Rebel News to address these issues in BC. They had zero coverage of the BC election in 2020 until AFTER the votes were cast. They are a rightwing news site oriented towards Western Canada so you would think BC NDP screw up would be something that Rebel News would be all over. So not only does the BC NDP get a free pass from the mainstream media, they’re also getting a free pass from alternative and populist news sources. As a BC ethnographer & social historian, it’s really frustrating to me to see BC stories snd experiences never seem to get told, by any sides.

    (Response: Thanks. There IS hope! Read my next blog. 🙂 h.o)

  39. BMCQ says:

    I agree, India and other similar nations should be much preferred as a supplier of vaccines or anything else over China, India and other similar allies who are willing to challenge China should be supported .

    In spite of their warts and mistakes by leadership India is an important friend and partner .

    Having said that B.C., the rest of the provinces and opposition parties need to somehow formulate uniform consistent regulations/rules regarding Covid Protocols, a more uniform consistent approach is needed to avoid confusion . Yes due to circumstances some provinces may experience higher rates of infection than others but that can change, we are aware of that, it is therefore important that Regs and rules are uniform and consistent, it is only common sense . The Feds and Proginfes allowed politics to get in the way of common sense protocol and people have been sick and died because of that .

    On top of that ALL Canadians regardless of ethnicity, skin tone, origin, religion, region, or neighbourhood, should be treated equally, NO Special Deals, Dispensation, or Treatment for Anyone .

    Contrary to what PC SJ Warriors might want to think or believe Canadians are all Equal, NO Canadians should be More Equal than others .

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