Is Justin Trudeau Too Soft to Govern?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be very charming.

He’s a master at glad-handing: works a crowd with ease … whether visiting a steel plant, touring a First Nations/Inuit village, attending a community picnic or enjoying the crowd at a gay pride parade.

He certainly seems more comfortable meeting “the people” than his predecessor … stiff, cold Stephen Harper.

But maybe Trudeau is TOO soft … for the job as Prime Minister.

Two interesting stories on Global TV this weekend revealed more than 46,700 asylum-seekers have entered Canada illegally … 44,000 through ONE foot path from the United States into Quebec … in the past TWO years.

And after a TWO-YEAR process, statistics show 6,885 nationwide were found to be legitimate refugee claimants (Welcome to Canada!); 27,727 cases were still pending this Spring; and 5,650 were rejected.

But only 800 of the 44,000 illegals who walked across the line illegally in Quebec and were judged to be inadmissible as legitimate refugees have actually been sent home.

That’s less than the 1,567 NEW asylum seekers who arrived in June at the same crossing!

Get the picture?

Clearly, Canada is being taken advantage of by people who have learned how SLOW, totally OVERWHELMED and INADEQUATE our vetting system has become.

Too soft.

But that’s not all. Remember Trudeau’s embarrassing, Canada-critical address to the United Nations?

I wrote about it in 2016:

There he was at the UN … and not a critical word about the REAL criminally corrupt or brutal UN-member nations, whose citizens languish in despair (or prisons) hoping a country like Canada will take up their cause. Nothing!

Too soft.

Or how about Canada’s weak, toothless response to Saudi Arabia’s insults and costly aggressive moves against Canada and Canadian companies last April .. and still going on … because we DARED to speak up for basic human rights!

We did little more than bleat our disapproval.

Too soft.

And don’t get me going on Canada’s spineless handling of China’s bullying of Canada: including the arbitrary arrest of two Canadian businessmen, the sentencing to death of another and the banning of imports of Canadian beef, pork, canola!

All because of the detention after a legal arrest warrant was issued under an extradition treaty with the US, of Huawei executive Meng Wenzhou.

China’s subsequent attacks on Canada have cost us MILLIONS!

But what about the $50 Billion in imports we accept from China? Not a move, not a restriction, nothing to show it’s NOT okay to arbitrarily and illegally seize our citizens, punish OUR companies and openly try to intimidate our country.

Too soft.

And then there are the APOLOGIES. Is there any group Trudeau has NOT apologized to for Canadian actions, inactions, insults, slights dating back a hundred years or more? Many, of course, accompanied by cheques worth millions of dollars … or hundreds of millions.

Too soft.

In fact, Trudeau’s government may not be doing all it can to keep Canadians safe.

In Australia, legislation passed just last month prohibits the return of its own citizens who left to join/fight for foreign terrorist groups. The aim is to protect Australians from being victims of returning jihadis.

Why hasn’t Canada done the same? In fact, Canada has already allowed some jihadists to return … without facing any charges, even though as Financial Post columnist Diane Francis pointed out in March: “Under Section 83.181 of the Criminal Code, anyone who leaves or tries to leave to commit an offence that is indictable in Canada is liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years.”

You can read her article here:

Too soft.

During the 2018 NAFTA … yes, NAFTA … negotiations, Trudeau said: As Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we will not be pushed around.”

We liked it then … but I doubt most Canadians would believe that statement today.

I’m also not sure Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer … Trudeau’s only REAL competition for the top job in the upcoming October federal election … would be any better.

Maybe too hard?

It’s a fine line, to be sure: showing compassion, care and principles; while not allowing Canada, Canadians and Canadian companies to be taken advantage of or abused.

Trudeau’s handling of that challenge so far, however, won’t lead ANY country to fear it will pay ANY price if it insults, isolates or mistreats Canada.

Just too soft.

Harv Oberfeld

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