Is Justin Trudeau Too Soft to Govern?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be very charming.

He’s a master at glad-handing: works a crowd with ease … whether visiting a steel plant, touring a First Nations/Inuit village, attending a community picnic or enjoying the crowd at a gay pride parade.

He certainly seems more comfortable meeting “the people” than his predecessor … stiff, cold Stephen Harper.

But maybe Trudeau is TOO soft … for the job as Prime Minister.

Two interesting stories on Global TV this weekend revealed more than 46,700 asylum-seekers have entered Canada illegally … 44,000 through ONE foot path from the United States into Quebec … in the past TWO years.

And after a TWO-YEAR process, statistics show 6,885 nationwide were found to be legitimate refugee claimants (Welcome to Canada!); 27,727 cases were still pending this Spring; and 5,650 were rejected.

But only 800 of the 44,000 illegals who walked across the line illegally in Quebec and were judged to be inadmissible as legitimate refugees have actually been sent home.

That’s less than the 1,567 NEW asylum seekers who arrived in June at the same crossing!

Get the picture?

Clearly, Canada is being taken advantage of by people who have learned how SLOW, totally OVERWHELMED and INADEQUATE our vetting system has become.

Too soft.

But that’s not all. Remember Trudeau’s embarrassing, Canada-critical address to the United Nations?

I wrote about it in 2016:

There he was at the UN … and not a critical word about the REAL criminally corrupt or brutal UN-member nations, whose citizens languish in despair (or prisons) hoping a country like Canada will take up their cause. Nothing!

Too soft.

Or how about Canada’s weak, toothless response to Saudi Arabia’s insults and costly aggressive moves against Canada and Canadian companies last April .. and still going on … because we DARED to speak up for basic human rights!

We did little more than bleat our disapproval.

Too soft.

And don’t get me going on Canada’s spineless handling of China’s bullying of Canada: including the arbitrary arrest of two Canadian businessmen, the sentencing to death of another and the banning of imports of Canadian beef, pork, canola!

All because of the detention after a legal arrest warrant was issued under an extradition treaty with the US, of Huawei executive Meng Wenzhou.

China’s subsequent attacks on Canada have cost us MILLIONS!

But what about the $50 Billion in imports we accept from China? Not a move, not a restriction, nothing to show it’s NOT okay to arbitrarily and illegally seize our citizens, punish OUR companies and openly try to intimidate our country.

Too soft.

And then there are the APOLOGIES. Is there any group Trudeau has NOT apologized to for Canadian actions, inactions, insults, slights dating back a hundred years or more? Many, of course, accompanied by cheques worth millions of dollars … or hundreds of millions.

Too soft.

In fact, Trudeau’s government may not be doing all it can to keep Canadians safe.

In Australia, legislation passed just last month prohibits the return of its own citizens who left to join/fight for foreign terrorist groups. The aim is to protect Australians from being victims of returning jihadis.

Why hasn’t Canada done the same? In fact, Canada has already allowed some jihadists to return … without facing any charges, even though as Financial Post columnist Diane Francis pointed out in March: “Under Section 83.181 of the Criminal Code, anyone who leaves or tries to leave to commit an offence that is indictable in Canada is liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years.”

You can read her article here:

Too soft.

During the 2018 NAFTA … yes, NAFTA … negotiations, Trudeau said: As Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we will not be pushed around.”

We liked it then … but I doubt most Canadians would believe that statement today.

I’m also not sure Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer … Trudeau’s only REAL competition for the top job in the upcoming October federal election … would be any better.

Maybe too hard?

It’s a fine line, to be sure: showing compassion, care and principles; while not allowing Canada, Canadians and Canadian companies to be taken advantage of or abused.

Trudeau’s handling of that challenge so far, however, won’t lead ANY country to fear it will pay ANY price if it insults, isolates or mistreats Canada.

Just too soft.

Harv Oberfeld

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45 Responses to Is Justin Trudeau Too Soft to Govern?

  1. 13 says:

    Justin Trudeau is to soft,dishonest,hypocritical,unethical,inexperienced, childish, shallow, to govern. He is a failed experiment.

    (Response: Yes…but would Scheer be any better? That’s the issue/question I believe most voters will have to ponder in the upcoming election. h.o)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, welcome back!

    I have to admit when you first posted this story and then we couldn’t comment, I started to giggle. Then as the days passed it became a full on belly laugh.
    A headline like that, and your overt criticism of Trudeau ….. I could just picture the few Neo-Cons here, pounding away at their keyboards, spittle flying, trying to get on their hate trains and comment – and they couldn’t! Day after day. OMG, I laughed so hard.

    Anyways, one thing I learned a long time ago is not to confuse kindness with weakness. I think you may be doing a little bit of that. The whole China issue – in all its parts – is probably the most difficult thing the Canadian government has had to deal with in a lifetime.

    Trudeau as an individual was never my first choice. I have never believed in a birth rite being more important than experience and passion. You say he is too soft, others may say he is too nice. I’d prefer ‘niceness’ to evil, misogyny, nationalism and racism any day of the week. Any normal human being would.

    Anything or anybody that keeps the morally deficient from running our country has my support.

    (Response: How interesting that I wrote/posted my piece BEFORE the SNC/Lavelin report was issued. That only increased my concern …that Trudeau was willing to VIOLATE the ethical independence of our legal system and CAVED to pressures from the company, its lobbyists, probably his Quebec strategists … valuing votes over sacred judicial principles. Now, I’m not sure Scheer and his strategists might not have done the same … but it does complicate the coming election. h.o.)

  3. hawgwash says:

    Harvey; first, I’m happy to see you back. My first thought was your health. Phew!

    Your response to Gene is where my biggest concerns are and the SNC affair from the beginning stinks and where I see JT being soft, or more precisely, maleable; soft like clay.

    What disturbs me equally is the number of Canadians who don’t get the “rule of law” concept and judicial independence, thus seeing no wrong in his position on SNC.

    Added to that, the quick to judge, anti indigenous crowd who bring Jody Wilson Raybould’s heritage to the debate.

    Then there is the matter of Commissioner Dion, being stonewalled by the liberal lackies. That in itself shoud be instant contempt. Otherwise we have no democracy.
    I noted one Liberal, off the record sying “if the RCMP investigate, we are cooked.”

    Sad to say Sheer gives me no comfort.

    (Response: Thanks. The good news … the shutdown had nothing to do with health: all is very good that way. The problem was spam …somehow the bots were able to circumvent the system and my hosting server company suggested I discontinue Comments completely…. that’s what many blogs do. I explained the discussions are a KEY feature … didn’t want to cut them off. Now my friend Chris (my tech genius!) has come up with a different Captcha code setup … and it works …and hopefully the blog appearance can also soon be improved.

    As for Scheer … that’s the problem: he apparently so far does not give many comfort … and we haven’t seen enough of his full platform/promises/performance yet. The NDP/Greens have NO chance of forming government. So don’t rule Trudeau out yet. h.o)

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    Hawg #3 – agree.

    I would have no issues if Trudeau went to the people and said something along the lines of “perception and reality are sometimes intertwined and I cannot in good conscious continue to lead if Canadians have doubts about my ethics or morality.”

    If he resigned and showed the country what morals and ethics really are – we’d stand a better chance of not electing the Cons that don’t have a nano-particle of either.

  5. BMCQ says:

    Welcome back Harvey !

    At first I thought a Bitter, Frustrated, Lonely, Hateful, Leftist, may have “Hacked” your Blog in an attempt to circumvent and prevent the many good news stories about Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party Plan for a Free Canada being posted on this Blog .

    I fully agree that PM Justin is too soft but at the same time he has no integrity, he is devoid of character, at best he is inept, absurd, intellectually challenged, dishonest, deceitful, sexist, and bumbling PM Justin .

    Just how much more evidence do Canadians need after PM Justin has been discredited right across the country so very many times and now the Ethics Report on his handling of the Justice Minister JWR and SNC Lavalin ?

    I laugh out loud when I hear and see Global, CKNW, CBC, and the rest of the Liberal Media Outlets mumble on about “PM Justin has not really been harmed by SNc, the Polls show us that” >

    Sure, the Polls are always accurate, correct President Hillary, Premier Dix, PM Ignatieff, and the rest ?

    Too much of the Polling carried out today is ON-Line and the participants are Youngish and a high percentage of them are “Pajama Boys” who reside in their Mothers basements and they simply want “Free Stuff” . Time and time again Polls have shown us they are at best unreliable .

    YES, PM Justin is not only “Too Soft”, he is a Liar, Slimy, Manipulative, and worst of all he shows his contempt for Canadian Media and the great Unwashed each and every day of the year when he mumbles through a speech or promise he never intends to keep .

    I suggest you ff to 1.26 on the attached video below, it explains a lot about your PM Justin .

    PM Justin is not only most Unethical which has just been proven to all Canadians at the same time he makes my Skin Crawl !

    And to the usual suspects and even Harvey who question the Scheer abilities, integrity and the rest ? Please list them all for us to see, I await your response .

    We are very soon about to see the Greens take many votes away from the Federal Liberals and the soon to be decimated NDP but it will not transfer into a lot of seats for the Greens, the split however will in fact provide the Conservative Party many more Seats right across the country .

    Tick Tock ! Tick Tock !

    It will be very interesting how Leftist/Liberal Media explain that the very next morning after the October Election .

    Nice to have you back Harvey, you uh were uh missed !

    (Response: No plot from the left …or right … just mucho spam …which maybe (?) came from Putin, China, India, the CBC National, Quebec racists, the UN, the Saudis, anti-pipeline anarchists etc. etc … geeze, judging by those I’ve taken on, could be ANYBODY!
    As for your assertion “Too much of the Polling carried out today is ON-Line and the participants are Youngish and a high percentage of them are “Pajama Boys” who reside in their Mothers basements and they simply want “Free Stuff” .” …I’d like you quote a SOURCE for that. I think most polling firms try very hard to get a broad cross-section of those who will actually vote: the biggest problems they face are sample sizes and the reluctance of many, including some age and/or ethnic groups, to even take part. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:


    I am sure all of us that participate on this Blog thank your friend Chris for his fine work, time, and effort to restore the Blog !

    (Response: He’s a great friend whose idea it was to originally set up the blog (I think so he and his family wouldn’t have to listen alone to me rant about issues that upset me!) LOL! h.o.)

  7. Gord says:

    I second BMCQ’s last comment. In fact, I really like the new look, very professional and tidy looking, and easy to read.

  8. Keith says:

    Well done Harvey and Chris, I was having intense withdrawal. LOL

    You’re right Harvey, he is too soft at times, and no longer the “ because it’s 2015 – sunny ways” dude, but just another say anything at times for political expediency politician and not a particularly good one.

    At times clueless; remember the debacle in India? And now the SNC Lavalin issue rearing it’s head again with – lets say contradictory statements by the Prime Minister front and centre, which may not have much traction in the upcoming election, but cost him and the liberals two outstanding ministers which they could do with, but now running against the Liberal party in October. All for the sake of being honest and up front when the story broke which would now be a distant memory.

    So yes, he is soft with a lot of self imposed negatives to add to the mix, but having said that, I’m not that certain that Scheer and the conservatives can cash in October. Anything less than an outright win for the conservatives should be a wake – up call for the party and it’s supporters.

    (Response: Your dilemma is one often shared by many Canadians: we become disappointed and even appalled by the failings of those in power; but are not convinced that anyone else seeking the job would be any better. Power is corrupting … and the desire to retain power often compromises principles and ethics. And in the face of grandiose promises and political electioneering hype, many voters soon forgive … even if they don’t forget. h.o.)

  9. Harry lawson says:


    Great post again, Welcome back.

    Trudeau has shown his government style is akin to warm pablum.

    I believe if MR Peanut was the liberal leader during the last election he would have been elected. I believe the election of the liberals was more of a protest vote against Harper not necessarily the conservative platform.

    So where does this leave the voter that held their nose and voted liberal ?

    Do they go for Scheer ? How about Singh and the NDP ? Then of course the greens will be there to pick up the hold your nose votes.

    (Response: I agree that many of the votes in the last election were cast AGAINST Harper … although Trudeau’s fresh, appealing image … and promises … were also in play. But although Trudeau’s image is clearly tarnished this time, I don’t see Scheer (yet) as having anything closed to the appeal or personality that will carry him to victory. A lot will depend on the parties/ platforms. As for Singh or the Greens, I believe the best either could hope for this time around would be a role in a minority government. h.o.)

  10. hawgwash says:

    HO, your response to me at post 3; “So don’t rule Trudeau out yet.”
    I have been maintaining through all of this, both he and the Trumpster will be re-elected. I expect I will continue that position, barring something really big, like an arrested PM.

    Most troubling is the idea, if he comes back, a very loud signal would have been sent to all parties, the status quo and big business can keep control and will be stronger than ever.
    ps, I too like the new format but…there’s always a but, isn’t there, it would be nice if the comment count was at the top of the article, as before. Easy to check and leave if the count hasn’t changed or go on if it has.

  11. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, I am glad to see you and your blog back. I too thought you may have been ill.
    I don’t know if Trudeau is soft or just believes his own BS, but I do think we should believe him when he says he thinks the job of PM is largely ceremonial. I don’t think he personally knows what to do when push comes to shove. He has no leadership capabilities and is surely just playing a role as he was hired to do, by the Laurentian Mafia. He does as he is told and doesn’t make any rash decisions that would jeopardize their profits and power. And heaven forbid he take a strong stand against China, who are wiping their feet on us like the doormats we are. (They have a lot of business there.)
    He has also botched most of the dealings he and his government have had in the foreign affairs department, with all of our important partners. I don’t think there is one minister in this government that shines, the finance minister is a joke, as is the minister of defence. Even Freeland who is supposed to be the star in cabinet seems to be lost most of the time and not exactly doing a bang-up job. All of them are scared shitless of boy blunder or the hatchet man Butts.
    Our country is divided and another 4 years of this, may be the end of Canada, not necessarily from malice, but complete and utter incompetence.

    (Response: I think Freeland is the brightest star in Trudeau’s cabinet. She stood strong against the withering onslaught of attacks … with tariffs and personal insults … from the US/Trump. I’m certainly not impressed with the others, or Trudeau: but again, I’m also not convinced Scheer would be any better. And let’s keep it real: there are powerful corporate backers, lobbyists and right-wing forces behind him/Tories too. Not to mention the “family values” types who often scare me too. h.o)

  12. Gilbert says:

    Yes, PM Trudeau is too soft. He’s also arrogant, unethical, and shallow. Andrew Scheer is tougher and more humble. He’ll defeat PM Trudeau in the debates. Conservatives will be very motivated in October!

    (Response: Really looking forward to the debates! The English one is Monday Oct 7 and the French debate is Thursday Oct 10. And by the way, I believe Maxime Bernier deserves the SAME courtesy shown Elizabeth May when she did not meet the “official” requirements of the last debate: he should be INCLUDED. h.o.)

  13. Eldon says:

    Quite silent on Jihadi Jack as well. Would be a good time to show he’s not soft on terrorism, but he’ll refuse to contradict his earlier position that “A Canadian is a Canadian.”

    (Response: I saw Trudeau speak Weds to an International Affairs conference in Montreal and he seemed to contradict himself: he said Canada achieved new NAFTA deal because it stood strong and retaliated against the US for every tariff Trump imposed on us; but then, in the same speech, supposedly referring to China, Saudi Arabia anti_Canadian aggression etc, he said Canada does NOT retaliate or escalate ..we just stand firm on our principles. Hmm. Seems to me retaliating against US trade aggression worked …but doing NOTHING to make China pay any price for its bullying is NOT working. Again …too soft. But then again …what exactly would Scheer do? h.o)

  14. 13 says:

    Harvey in a word the answer to your question is “yes”. Electing a conservative government will move Canada out of the sjw muck hole that JT has managed to lie cheat and blindly lead our country into.
    Genes little ha ha at the angst of the neo cons could also be applied to his own ilk. The stain is spreading world wide.
    Hard to believe just how inept Trudeau is(soon to be was)

  15. BMCQ says:

    Gilbert – 11

    Yes, Arrogant, how could any of us forget !

    Harvey – Response – BMCQ – 5

    I cannot post verification of “Poster Boy” as I coined that myself . My definition of that is almost anyone that lives in their Mothers Basement and involves themselves in not much more than Video Games, of several different types, other on-line activity, and other “Pajama” type activities . in other words they do not venture out much, especially to vote . these same mostly whitish youngish male PJ Boys will take part in all sorts of on-line Polling and polling is skewed because of it, how many examples do we need to see where Polling has been highly inaccurate ?

    There are many reasons Polls do not get it correct and because of that i do not believe Polling should be published publicly within three months of an Election . People can be swayed, we almost all want to be associated with a winner .

    Interestingly enough in the soon to be Free UK Polls now show a much increased Percentage for the Brexit Side but Media does not even begin to discuss that and if they do they discount it as inaccurate, i wonder why ?

    Your Analysis and Essay at the top of the page is excellent and yet you could have added more to it, PM Justin has failed Canadians in many ways .

    You touched on the Illegal Refugees and I agree with you but I also believe the number is much higher than what the Government is telling us .

    Then there is the fact that the U.S. with assistance from Mexico etc. is rightly and finally getting control of their Southern Border.

    My biggest fear there is that Illegal Criminal Felons are being Deported from the U.S. and that will escalate, they may even reach the number of deportations in a year that Obama managed to move out of the U.S. .

    Many thousands of those Violent Repeat Prolific Convicted Criminal Felons will not simply wait biding there time waiting for deportation back to Mexico, China, El Salvador, France, the Middle East, Sweden, or any other Home country .

    Those Dangerous Felons will come north to Canada because we will provide them Housing, Clothe them, provide Dental Medical, Nutritional Diets, we are soft on Crime, soft on Drugs, and we will not make them work .

    Why would they want to go home ? Hell, why would they want to stay in the U.S. when they can come here and be taken care of and served by the SJW, Selfie King, Lover of Colourful Costumes PM Justin ?

    Coming here would be like winning the Lottery .

    Let me ask any of you, do you think PM Justin is tough enough to Defend Canadian Borders ? Yes, sure some may be found unfit to be accepted by Canada but how many will be sent away ? How many of those that are ordered will actually be deported before Harvey turns 90 ?

    What cost to the Tax Payer who is already strapped paying Mortgages, Rents, Property Tax, the High Cost of Living, other taxes, Fees, and Services foisted upon them by Three Levels of Government ?

    This is not a game folks, the very future of Canada depends on it’s Leadership, are YOU willing to allow PM Justin to hang on to power ?

    Think about your Children and Grand Children, do they deserve another two or three terms of PM Justin ?

    Someone brought up new leadership for the Liberals, I can add this .

    If the Federal Liberals forced PM Justin to fall over onto his Sword later today and they held a Leadership Convention and brought JWR back into the Party she would Win the Liberal Leadership and she would become PM of Canada .

    I may disagree with her on awful lot and would more than likely not vote for her but I can guarantee you that she would be an Honourable Canadian PM and she would give us much better Government than we have had and could have under PM Justin .

    JWR has more character and integrity in her little finger than PM Justin has in his whole body and soul, even if he was re incarnated 50 times !!

    Having said that PM Justin would not resign, he has now lost all credibility and he would not get a Book Deal, he would not get a job at the UN, he has NO other Skills or Qualifications so he will go down fighting .

    PM Justin will more than likely win his own Riding and he will serve as an Opposition Back Bencher and be thankful for the job and the income .

    Some of you may believe he is rich, well not in my world, his Father was worth under $ 4 Million when he passed away and that was split between a wife and 2 or 3 sons, PM Justin did make a bit on the Rubber Chicken circuit but not a huge amount, that will also dry up as he has no credibility .

    PM Justin barely has enough to afford a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver Yale Town, do not expect him to quit politics .

    You are correct Harvey, PM Justin is “Too Soft” on many issues but he is also a very flawed person, he really has no uh redeeming qualities .

    (Response: I support a compassionate policy towards REAL refugees. However I share your concerns about thousands of illegal economic migrants ignoring all laws, rules, application processes and even criminals who fear/face deportation from the US heading instead … conveniently by US border-town taxis who offer rides to “illegal” crossing points, where there are actually Welcoming Committees of RCMP, Canada Border Service officials, Immigration officials … and free buses to take them to processing centres/housing etc. But frankly, I don’t believe it would be any different for years at least under the Tories: because of the current laws, the Charter, the appeals processes, public pressures etc. … NOTHING would change for years at least … and, frankly, I haven’t seen Scheer yet say SPECIFICALLY what he would do. h.o.)

  16. D. M. Johnston says:

    Welcome back!

    The joys of being hacked. I think every bog of note has been hacked, so now you know you have a blog of note!

    Trudeau the Younger too soft? No, say it not so!

    All Trudeau was/is a young face and a name to sell the Liberal product.

    SNC Lavalin thinks it was above the law in Canada, as do the Liberals and the Conservatives think so as well and when serious legal problems loomed, one Jody Wilson-Raybould, put the law ahead of politcal diktat, shocking the Liberal establishment to its foundation.

    The Liberal old boys/girls club did not like that and tossed Jody Wilson-Raybould like yesterday’s trash.

    So Trudeau is a light weight, a panderer, dresses funny overseas, and believes that Canada is post nationalistic, or something like that, that’s nothing compared to the scary racist, demigod president south of the 49th.

    So in the upcoming election, I believe Mair’s Axiom 2 will hold; You don’t have to be a 10 in politics, you can be a 3 if everyone else is a 2.

    In Canadian politics, Trudeau is a 3 but the MASH, Frank Burns look alike/talk alike, the Trumpian Scheer, rates a 1.

    I think the real news is that the Greens, under May, will become Canada third politcal party with the NDP liquidated federally, due to their grossly incompetent leader.

    This leave one with a choice politically of:
    1) The light weight and ethically challenged Trudeau’s Liberals.
    2) The morally corrupt, racist, Scheer’s Trumpian Conservatives.
    3) The grossly incompetent and bumbling Sighn and the death wish NDP.
    4) The UnGreen, Green Party and Moma May.
    5) The clown cars Bernier’s anti environment politcal party.
    6) The independent wearing a tinfoil hat.

    I think I will vote for the guy in the tinfoil hat because he cannot be any worse than the current lot of carpetbaggers, science deniers, morally challenged lot that will run in the soon coming election.

    (Response: Where is Mr Peanut now that we need him!! Actually, to be clear, the Blog was not hacked (ie no info accessed or changed) …just got loads of spam that somehow (robots?) made it through the Captcha Code “enter letters” requirement: hopefully the manual check the box will solve that …until they figure a way around that. As for Trudeau, the shine is clearly off; his credibility has been damaged; his ethics/principles seem very malleable (especially when it comes to protecting/getting seats in Quebec ..and probably Ontario too). But if I’m a typical non-aligned voter, the only alternative I see for me is Scheer …and I’m not there yet. In fact, when I heard a few weeks back he did not take part in ANY Pride events in Vancouver (scheduling conflict) and also last week shunned Pride in Montreal (what a BUSY schedule elsewhere he always has!) it raised the spectre for me of the anti-gay, xenophobic, anti-women, anti-abortion image/reputation of the OLD Tories: his absence did nothing to alleviate that prejudiced image. h.o.)

  17. Gene The Bean says:

    (Edited topic.)

    D.M.’s list is hilarious! Yes, bring back Mr. Peanut, the Rhino’s and I’ll even add the Pastafarians!

    Hopefully after we are bombarded with stupid campaign ads we can come here for opinion and humour.

    Bring on the election so we can see how far we have fallen…

  18. DBW says:

    Voting can be an interesting decision. For the most part I have voted NDP both federally and provincially for the almost 50 years that I have been able to vote. My decision to vote NDP is basically because their platform – maybe philosophy is a better word – aligns with mine. In the handful of times I haven’t voted NDP, it has been because I preferred a local candidate over the NDP candidate. I have never voted based on the leader of the party. Of course I have liked some leaders more than others and disliked leaders of other parties more than others but that doesn’t determine my vote. I just see them as the “face” of the party that I am supporting or not supporting.

    In my federal riding I have been fortunate to be represented by Jim Fulton and Nathan Cullen for most of my time here, but in between those two I voted Liberal because I knew the person and felt she had a better chance against the Reformer and Alliance guys who won those elections. In the upcoming election the NDP candidate to replace Cullen looks to be a strong representative so he has my vote despite any misgivings I have about Singh.

    I guess what I am trying to say here is do we give too much attention to the leader of the party (poor Bob Skelly) and not enough attention to the party he/she represents. This is not to give Trudeau a pass. He has been disappointing to say the least. And maybe Scheer is better Prime Minister material. But the question is always which party best represents what I stand for.

    (Response: I believe you are under-estimating the role the leader plays. In our Parliamentary system, woe is the cabinet minister or even government-side MP who speaks up or takes a position contrary to that of the leader …especially a PM! As for Fulton, I always enjoyed interviewing him in Ottawa … easy to deal with, strong views and great for clips, even when pushed. 🙂 As for Cullen, I’m not such a fan: where was he when the NDP disgraced itself by supporting more seats for fast-growing and under-represented BC in the Commons ONLY if Quebec (with its dwindling population) was also given more seats to maintain its distorted over-representation??? Seemed to me that was aimed more at winning votes in BC more than achieving justice for BC. And where was he in fighting for BC when the NDP tried to push through a New Brunswick Francophone MP’s Private Member’s Bill that would have required ONLY fully bilingual judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court … thereby de-facto disqualifying almost every BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan lawyer/judge …even our best legal minds … from the top Court …. and which would have given a heavily-weighted advantage to judges from provinces with large bilingual representation … ie Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick??? Fortunately, Harper’s Tories in the Senate saved us from that … and respected the long tradition of bilingual expert translation being totally satisfactory. In my view, Cullen pandered more to Quebec and Eastern seats than fought for justice for BC. I suspect he has greater national ambitions and believe he would sell us out in a flash, for Eastern votes/seats. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:

    A question for those that call Scheer Creepy looking, criticize his looks as if that should matter, call him racist, corrupt, and more, please provide evidence for any of those .

    As an example you were all convinced the “People Kind” PM Justin had all of the answers when in fact there was more than ample evidence he was intellectually challenged, distrustful, hypocritical, scheming, deceitful, and simply an actor playing a part right down to the ridiculous Obama Rolled Up Sleeves look, how could that fool you ?

    I am not sure about any of you here but for the most part I can escape much of what PM Justin and his Minions have done and could do to Canada but I want a serious accountable government for Working, Contributing Tax Paying, Citizens including Pensioners right across this country regardless of whether they are poor, rich, or somewhere in between .

    We need a Canada that the Auditor General would be proud of, we need a Canada that has control of Migration and we need a Canada that has a “Hard Border”, without those one has no country at all, simply ask the good people of the EU where their Economies and Cultures May never recover from the Cards Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Sarkosy, Tusk, Juncker, and the rest dealt them with open borders and allowing their societies to become lawless with no accountability .

    It is your choice to decide which Party can take Canada away from where the EU was taken by Obama and his ilk .

    Which will it be ?

    Oh and by the way keep in mind that when the people of the EU are constantly under threat of rape, robbery, or other crimes the Obamas, Merkels, Macron and all of the rest will retire to secure buildings and compounds surrounded by Security armed better than most small countries, do not worry, they will be ok because they are every one of them “Liberal Elites” .

    Who really is the Sucker in all of this ? Vote PM Justin and you will soon see the next chapter in the plans he has for you .

  20. hawgwash says:

    …As an example you were all convinced the “People Kind” PM Justin had all of the answers when in fact there was more than ample evidence he was intellectually challenged, distrustful, hypocritical, scheming, deceitful, and simply an actor playing a part right down to the ridiculous Obama Rolled Up Sleeves look, how could that fool you ?…
    Is it fair to assume, you include the open minded, fair, balanced, ethical, and credible author of this blog, in the “all of you”?
    Keep it real.

    (Response: Ahhh! Certainly, the honeymoon with the voters IS over. But the problem with your reasoning is the apparent assumption that all his competitors for power in October are any better. Remember, a leader CAN be only a “five” or “six” … as long as enough voters believe the others rate even less! h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    If I may? An open letter to the conservative party election machine.
    I realize how easy it will be to attack ad campaign and I doubt that the liberals will take the high road so here is my version of an attack ad aimed at Justin.
    Mr Scheer at a podium outlining the conservative platform. At the end of his speech he ducks down behind the podium and stands up wearing a Justin hair piece and proclaims that he to has nice hair.

    (Response: As long as he doesn’t slip up … and “don” a Trump toupee instead! h.o)

  22. gene bryant says:

    Harvey, OK, no more humour….. bet it made you smile though….

    In your response above, I must have passed over this part too quickly, what you said – “But if I’m a typical non-aligned voter, the only alternative I see for me is Scheer …and I’m not there yet. In fact, when I heard a few weeks back he did not take part in ANY Pride events in Vancouver (scheduling conflict) and also last week shunned Pride in Montreal (what a BUSY schedule elsewhere he always has!) it raised the spectre for me of the anti-gay, xenophobic, anti-women, anti-abortion image/reputation of the OLD Tories: his absence did nothing to alleviate that prejudiced image. h.o.)”

    That is the OLD conservative trope – all the hateful things you mention. The NEW conservative mantra are those same issues but on steroids. Cons are way more racist and xenophobic and anti-woman now than they were before. WAAAAY more.

    The image also isn’t prejudiced – IT IS THE IMAGE and it is real. Start preparing for the “be afraid” messaging, it is the only thing they have.

    (Response: I’m not THAT negative about the modern Tories: I believe there are many fiscal Conservatives who are socially quite liberal …so they don’t scare me. But a politician’s actions speak louder than any politically correct statements…. and I was not impressed by Scheer’s cold shoulder to Canada’s gay community …from coast to coast. Especially when I see leaders showing up at just about every other community group or ethnic parade or festival ..anywhere there are potential voters. By the way, I was also amazed … AFTER I wrote my remarks …to turn on the news and see that Scheer’s recent Pride cold shoulder and a speech he made years ago denying full equal acceptance towards gays (which I had no idea about) is now in the News! How prescient the Blog was!! 🙂 h.o)

  23. BMCQ says:

    Of course I include Harvey in my comments, why would I not include him if I feel I disagree with him or anyone else for that matter .

    Harvey is a Big Boy well versed in anything Political well aware of pst and current events and he will defend himself .

    I agree with Harvey about 85% of the time so that tells me he is doing very well and he may even improve from that 85% by Election Day .

    Yes Harvey is Fair and Balanced most of the time but trust me he is not perfect but I am gradually working on that .

    I always have thought that this Blog was/is one of the best in Canada as the Host is Fair am\nd Balanced but he also encourages the argument, discussion, and debate, that is how we learn and evolve or even change our minds on various issues . I can think of at least three times where I was proven wrong or actually changed my mind on various issues and I am thrilled that I have the ability and confidence to actually admit I can and should change my opinion regardless of the topic .

    I make a point of paying special attention to 13, DBW, Harvey, Harry, and a few others because every time they post they make me think .

    One or two others that are Haters hold no sway with me and frankly they can vilify Conservative Supporters all they want, I suppose in his mind about 50% of Canadians are Evil, Haters ofcBrown People, Morally Bankrupt, Nazi, Anti Semitic and all the rest . The problem is other than him the rest of you know he embarrasses himself each and every time he posts . His children should explain that to him .

    Yes even the Fair, Balanced, Open Minded, Ethical, and all around good Guy Harvey can be offside from to time . I am however working on bringing him around to my way of thinking .

    Thank you for the kind words of support .

    The one thing I do know for sure is the fact that no matter how you might like to Spin it Canadian PM Justin is a “Not Ready for Prime Time Player” .

    Just how many examples of that do Canadians need to see and experience ?

  24. Gilbert says:

    The lengths to which some on the left will go to defend the prime minister are unbelievable. Andrew Scheer is against abortion and doesn’t promote homosexuality, but he won’t make abortion or homosexuality illegal. PM Trudeau doesn’t deserve re-election.

  25. 13 says:

    Harvey, I hope that people that share your legitimate concerns over Scheers unproven ability dont use that as an excuse to allow a PM as inept as Trudeau to continue to govern. Everyone that posts here everyone you talk to, everything we read have a common theme. Trudeau has not lived up to the hype. From disappointment to disaster people seem united in their concern. The country took a gamble on an unproven entity and the country lost. Lets not double down and see how much worse we can make matters.
    If Trudeau somehow manages to hold on to the PMs office we will have lowered the bar to a level that cant be measured.

    (Responses: It will all come down to numbers: not just votes cast; but also even if Canadians see Trudeau as a “five” or “six”, whether they rate Scheer as even lower … or higher. h.o)

  26. Megan says:

    Mr. Trudeau is a man of “firsts”, first to march in a Pride parade and first to be charged for ethics violations, not once but twice.

    Mr. Trudeau is supposed to be a feminist. But we read about a groping incident in BC and saw what he did to the two prominent females in his party.

    Mr. Trudeau promised to do things openly. How come Dion isn’t allowed to testify before the Ethics Committee and neither were Jane or Jody allowed to return to speak without prejudice?

    And then we have his fake environmental warrior act! Traveling world wide to all sorts of fun activities while lecturing us about our carbon footprint. Trudeau’s water bill for a month is $800. Guess what? It’s not coming from the tap.

    Trudeau raises consumption taxes like the carbon tax on EVERYTHING which will increase again many times in the future. What we’re paying today is the “introduction” amount, NOT the final cost. That increased tax leaves us less to buy goods and services, something Harvey has been known to complain about in past articles.

    Mr. Trudeau has no intelligence and relies solely on his charm. What about the drink boxy thingy and the rude comment to the woman from the First Nations.

    Mr. Trudeau promised to balance the budget in 1915. Again he was a man of voters and not reason and so the balanced budget never ever appeared.

    Mr. Trudeau has treated First Nations people with such disrespect it is abhorrent.

    Mr. Trudeau promised to do things differently but did things worse. He argued that Admiral Norman should be tried. Only until the Conservative party was able to come to Norman’s rescue did the charges drop.

    Mr. Scheer is a man of faith. The Catholic Church prohibits sexual activity between members of the same sex. Mr. Trudeau is a man of voters. He is supposed to be a practicing Catholic but would rather garner votes than actually follow his faith. Mr. Singh too is a man of voters. Supposed to be a Sikh while Sikhs also do not believe in gays. Because Mr. Scheer does not march in a gay parade is a great reason to not vote for him? Give me a break! What happened to freedom of speech and religion? Are you supposed to leave your beliefs at the door when you become a politician? Apparently Singh and Trudeau do. The fact that Scheer does not should say something about his character.

    Mr. Trudeau promised sunny ways. CBC and the bought media are trying to accuse Scheer of being a devil while their little prince of error can do no wrong. Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canadians. Let’s hope the average Canadian see what he is – a petulant narcissist who has done everything to keep his name in the news and nothing for the general good of Canada. Outside of legalizing pot what really has he accomplished for this country????

    (Response: Some very interesting, valid points here. No doubt Trudeau has disappointed many … including lots of voters who gave their votes to him in the last election. Unless he wants to return to high school teacher, he should start showing some backbone … starting with retaliating against China’s MANY bullying assaults on Canada ..and its utter disdain for the rule of international law or basic human rights. h.o)

  27. e.a.f. says:

    In my opinion, Trudeau is not too soft to govern. And lets not forget he has Freiland and my take on her, she is tougher than nails. “tough guys” don’t always finish first and people don’t always like “tough guys”. What have the “strong men” of some countries done to improve their countries. Most of them look like they’re going down the toilet.

    I’m not a Liberal, but right now, Trudeau is the best leader to lead Canada. Scheer just isn’t up to the job. He likes to talk tough and carry on that Trudeau isn’t “tough enough”, but really its not like Scheer has had any other plan. Screaming and yelling and jumping up and down didn’t work when we were kids and it doesn’t work on the world state, especially when you’re a small country like Canada, without a huge military. We need to be able to get work done by being diplomatic, establishing relationships, etc. That is what Trudeau is good at and he had a base to work from the connections his father made.

    Its fine for Scheer to say Trudeau needs to be tougher with China, but excuse me. China has almost 2 billion people and a huge armed forces. what did Scheer have in mind? We can’t go to war with them so what else is there? Yes, China is holding two of our citizens, but Japan frequently has up to 9 of its citizens being held and now G.B. has one of their citizens being held. China is not going to let these citizens go until they are good and ready to do so. Now we could seize all of China’s assets in Canada, but what would that achieve? We could expel their citizens, revoke the 10 yr visas harper gave them, etc. But what would that achieve? It might send a message, Canada is unhappy but will it get China to release our citizens? My opinion, NO they would not. they would simply seize more of our citizens.

    (Response: We have other alternatives to war. Placing reciprocal tariffs on goods worked in the case of US aggression against Canadian steel; doing NOTHING to hinder/slow down/stop China’s almost unfettered access to Canadian markets shows weakness and sends the message ..kick us around all you want, there will be NO price to pay. Shame! Too soft to govern. h.o)

  28. e.a.f. says:

    Scheer, “too hard”, no too stupid and ignorant. My distain for Harper is great. However, no one could have say Harper was stupid. Nasty, uncaring, etc. but not stupid. Scheeer, you just can’t be too sure about his mental abilities. then there is the creep factor. Having spoken to a number of women, they all sense a “creep” factor with Scheer. Its not going to help.

    Trudeau’s not calling out certain nations at the U.N. It might have been better if he had, but right now, he may need their votes for other things, such as if China gets worse. We may need other countries should things in Hong Kong go side ways. Its the old don’t cut off your nose to spite your face thing.

    We need to think about who is best to deal with an influx of returning Canadians and the possibility of an equal number of political refugees. With racist elements in the Conservative party, we can’t afford to have them in office if things go side ways in Hong Kong.

    As to Australia revoking citizenship, not in favour of Canada doing the same. Its a slippery slope when that starts, just look south of the border. it can be used against any group at any time if a party has some racist intentions. Look no further than the U.S.A. right now and Hitler used it against the Jews, if you have a look at his activities in the 1930s. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian. if Canadians behave badly elsewhere we are obligated to take them back and deal with them via our criminal system. I’m not too worried about them taking up “jihad” or whatever here. They’ll be in jail most likely. We also might want to look at when Canadians went over seas to fight with other countries against oppression, etc. where do we draw the line. Once you have your Canadian citizenship, it ought to be there for life and if you break the law in other countries, welcome home, you’re under arrest. The guy who was loping off heads in the middle east, if he wants to come home, send an RCMP officer to pick him up, in hand cuffs, put him in jail and try him for the number of murders he committed while outside our country. a lot of it is on tape. He’ll be in jail for the rest of his life, where he needs to be.

    We have 5 parties running for parliament with 5 leaders who want to be P.M. of those 5, two lead major parties and of those 2, Trudeau is still the best bet. Unless the Conservatives get rid of Scheer I don’t see things getting better for the party.

    Not having been happy with Paul Martin, when Harper was elected, decided, give it a chance. then he defunded all women’s organizations and saw the handwriting on the all. Don’t want him back but the Conservatives must have some one who can do a decent job and not bring out the haters, race baiters, Christian Taliban types. Oh, right they did, but she left politics. In the meantime I’ll vote my party and if it comes to strategic voting, it would have to be federal Liberal.

    (Response: Anyone can tell by my choice of this topic, I have concerns and disappointments regarding Trudeau. However, more important to me than politics is basic human equality … and it worries me that Scheer fails in that regard. His words and his actions …or lack of actions … bother me quite a bit. But I still want to see the various parties’ platforms: my vote this time may be based solely on principles and promises … rather than just what’s in it or me. h.o)

  29. e.a.f. says:

    In my exuberance to get back to your blog forgot to say, WELCOME BACK! MISSED YOU.

  30. e.a.f. says:

    principles and promises, that is a tough one. Back in the day, when we were young, some one said to me, if a politician isn’t corrupt when they start out, they will be by the time they get through being elected or just obtaining the nomination. They didn’t mean it in the sense that the politicians would take money or do illegal things, it was more about their selling their soul/principles to get to where they wanted to be.

    Many politicians make promises they have every intention of keeping and then the reality of governing or getting elected steps in. After the Mulroney years, I didn’t trust the Conservatives any more–Stevie Cameron’s On the Take “certified’ what I believed was going on. Then we had Harper and turned the Conservatives into something I wouldn’t consider. Any P.M. who would spend less money on Indigenous children’s health care and education than on other kids, just isn’t fit to sit in our Parliament. It is what concerns me about Scheer, his closeness to some racist, anti abortion types. Now Trudeau hasn’t lived up to his promises either, but at least he is giving it a better shot than Harper and Scheer. Then there was the no small matter of taking money out of the RCMP- budget to fight child porn……, elevating Vic Toews to a judge? Some may say these are “non issues”, that I’m being petty. However, there is this line about doing “to the lest of them” and it has remained with me for most of my life. Its sort of similar to the line about cheating spouses, “if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you”. It comes down to, can I trust the Conservatives and the answer is NO or rather, yes, they will do things our country has settled a long time ago and having gone through those years to where we are now, I’m not prepared to go over that ground again. the Conservatives have not been honest with us enough for me to trust them.

    On the one hand Scheer has demonstrated his commitment to his principles by not marching in the Pride parades and on one had I commend him for standing by his principles. On the other, it makes him unfit to be P.M. of this country, in my opinion, having seen the impact of society’s scorn for the LGBTQ community going back in to the 1960s, etc.

    Singh is not going to be P.M. after this election or leader of the opposition. Elizabeth May has company in Parliament if Manley is re elected (not a favorite of mine) We need the small parties to keep the bigger parties accountable. Yes, I even like seeing the P.Q. in Parliament. Bernier, is just too unqualified.

    I may not like the Conservative party but I do consider them essential to our democracy, for if we do not have strong opposition, then how will be keep the governing party on track. the same goes for the NDP and Greens. Would I ever vote Conservative? the other parties would have to be some corrupt and the Conservatives would have to bring in some one like Rona Ambrose and head back to the middle.

    As to Trudeau being tough enough, wasn’t sure until I watched him get into the ring. He’s tough enough. Some may say, we aren’t concerned about his willingness to fight but its his intellect, etc. Being willing to get into a boxing ring, even in a fight for exhibition, is not fun. It sent a clear signal. Haven’t followed boxing since the 1970s but did follow it through the 1950s and 60s.

    Regarding your comments about demonstrating some back bone towards China, if he does and it has something to do with cutting off China from our resources or investing in Canada, just wait for the howels from the conservatives and those who are invested in resources. No one is going to win this. Of course building that road for a Chinese government mining company through the north to the tune of $50M, might be something he could say no to. Like its only China who will get the benefit from it. Yes, that would be a good thing to tell China, no highway to your mine and no mine. Its something which hasn’t been started yet and I’m sure some of the people in the north would love to be able to use the $50M for clean running water in their homes or just having homes.

    (Response: You wrote: “On the one hand Scheer has demonstrated his commitment to his principles by not marching in the Pride parades and on one had I commend him for standing by his principles.” That’s one concern I have with Scheer: I believe EVERYONE should be treated EQUALLY … regardless of colour, religion, ethnicity …and sexual orientation. If Scheer can attend, celebrate, and/or march in other parades (Chinese, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh etc. etc etc) without I’m sure totally BELIEVING personally in their espoused faith or views … why not Pride? Political LEADERS do that … not to show they share those beliefs … but to show RESPECT (and win votes). Scheer’s isolated rejection of ANY Pride activities … now that he is the LEADER … bothers me … conflicts with my own principles. Is it a vote breaker …maybe or maybe not read … my next Blog to see MY dilemma. h.o)

  31. DBW says:

    In your response to e.a.f. (any chance of numbering the posts) you said this:

    (…my vote this time may be based solely on principles and promises … rather than just what’s in it or me. h.o)

    I am curious what that means and how other people determine their vote. Forget for a minute what anybody thinks of any of the parties. I generally vote NDP because I believe they represent my principles in a broadly political way. I am not saying that I or they are correct. It’s just that I am going to be hard pressed to find a reason for switching my vote although as I noted I have.

    So, I am not sure how to distinguish between voting for me and voting for my principles. If a party proposes programs that represent my general view of what society should look like then I will vote for them. When I was 2 5 I wanted a political party to help seniors. Now that I am 68, and in that age group am I voting for me or my principles when I vote for a party that wants to help seniors. Before I was a teacher I wanted a party to support education and I still do now that I am retired. In between those times – when I was a teacher – was I voting for myself if I picked a party that was more likely to support education or for my principles.

    Same with the environment or child care. If I believe in climate change and fear for the planet’s future am I voting for me or my principles if I support a party that wants to make fundamental changes to address climate change. If I am a parent, and I vote for a party that wants to include child care in its platform am I voting for my benefit or my principle that child care is an important component of society.

    When some political party suggests tax cuts that I know that will benefit me, I am still going to look at what programs are going to be cut to determine if that is worth it to society as a whole.

    Not really sure if I am expressing myself well enough here but I think our different bunkers might get along a bit better if we tried to grapple with the fundamental reasons about what we want our society to look like and how we get there before we scream at each other about who we support during elections.

    (Response: My next Blog may help you understand the criteria …and dilemma … I will face in voting this election. h.o)

  32. BMCQ says:

    And further more……

    Canadian PM Justin has been identified as a Groper and Assaulter of Women yet Media Canadian Feminists, other SJW and the PC Crowd and it seems one particular supporter of PM Justin on this Blog are willing to ignore that fact, correct eaf ?

    I say fact because PM Justin has in fact not denied the accusations and he has done his best to mumble his way through a “Creep” sort of defense of his “Groppiness” and as we all know he does have a significant amount of “Edward Scissor Hands” in His uh DNA .

    Yes, Canadian PM Justin is a kind of “Hands On Guy” .

    Eaf also talks about the “Creep Factor” of Andrew Scheer , please explain and provide instances and examples of that “CF”, dim witted , ignorant, uneducated , and the rest, I eagerly await your Post .

    Now just how would it be viewed by many on this Blog if I was to refer to Canadian NDP Leader and Warrior King Mr Singh as “Creepy” ?

    Just what kind of a reception would that get me on this Blog ? Any takers ?

    I look Ford to the next G-7 Meeting where new Canadian PM, new “Free UK” PM BoJo, POTUS DJT, and many more Conservative Anti Globalist World Leaders along with many New EU Leaders stand up to China, NOKO, Middle EastTerrorists, Open Borders, out of Control Migration and so much more .

    The Conservative Stain continues to spread World Wide, the Hard Working Tax Paying People and Deserving Pensioners will soon have Canada, and many other Nations back where those Nations should be, in the Hands of the Working Contributing Tax Payer of ALL Income Levels .

    One again those Centre Left, Middle, and Centre Right will reap the Benefits of their Hard Work and Rule of Law .

    “Free at Last” .

    Tick Tock ! Tick Tock !

  33. 13 says:

    Harvey I noticed in your response to Hawg that the host server company suggested you discontinue comments. You outlined your blogs success relies on the discussion generated by comments. Agreed on all counts. Im curious as to what “blogs ” others follow that dont allow comments? Personally one other web site that discontinued comments was CKNW. They claimed it was due to abusive comments . My take is they dropped it because it cost them time and money. I no longer bother to read their opinions , whats the point.
    I would love to know of a successful blog that doesnt allow comments

  34. BMCQ says:

    Contrary to the hopes of many it appears that the G – 7 Meetings actually had some very good outcomes along with some very promising opportunities for a united front against nations like China, Iran, other Middle Eastern Nation threats, and then of course the Trade Opportunities that are so very important . I believe Japan may prove very key going forward on Trade as we just saw the USA Japan Trade Agreement and I also believe Japan may/will take a more important roll in China, NOKO, and other Asian Political Hot Spots .

    Perhaps it is time for WW II Treaty Partners, the UN, and many G – 7 Nations to support and make it possible for Japan to make Constitutional and Treaty changes and consider Japan to offset NOKO by allowing and developing Nuclear Arms Bases into that country .

    I believe that most in attendance at the G – 7 are finally beginning to realize that China is NOT Our Friend and China is a Clear and Present Danger .

    Canadian PM Justin and Conservative Leader Scheer also needs to speak out more on China and we need that to become part of the Election Cmapaign Debate .

    Terry Glavin, Ian Young and Harvey seem to be the only people involved in Media that recognize China ois a Danger to the whole Free World .

    Is PM Justin strong enough, intelligent enough, and does he have enough Character and Dignity to assist POTUS Trump and confront China and what it’s Blood Thirsty Leadership is doing ? It is not just trade, we are in trouble .

    I personally believe that a very large number of Chinese Money that has been invested in Canadian, American, and other World Real Estate is funded from the sale of Illegal Drugs like Fentanyl and others . China is using Cash from our own Drug Addled and Addicted Community to purchase Canadian and American Real Estate . Wait until you find out how much valuable U.S. and Canadian Farm Land Chinese Agents have purchased over the past 10 years . Yes, Agents, don’t let Liberal Politicians and othes tell you those investing are all here for the good of their families .

    Then of course in YVR, and YYZ we have so called Chinese Canadians Protesting in Support of the HK Crackdown WTF ?

    As to “Far Too Soft” PM Justin getting in the Boxing Ring ?

    As is always the case, PM Justin was simply pandering to his base right down to the silly juvenile sock thing and the even sillier Obama “Rolled Up Sleeves Let’s Get To Work” he pulls out at each and evert bloody Photo Op .

    Trust me, PM Justin would never get in the Ring with anyone that was not like that opponent, out of shape, suffering from Substance Abuse, and already Punch Drunk .

    You can take my word on that as I was in fact “Knocked Out” by a real Boxer when I got in the Ring with Great Canadian Patriot and Philanthropist George Angelomatis who eventually one day became my neighour, he was a Champion among Mortals . Believe it or not when I think of that moment i can still feel it .

    Please do not give PM Justin credit for getting in the Ring, that is a falsehood if there ever was one .

    At least Scheer does not admire the Chinese Dictatorship as PM Justin once stated .

    When any of us vote we almost always pick a Candidate or a Party we might not agree with on everything, it seems a Balance and Compromise works for most .

    Sometimes we might even vote for a Candidate even though we do not like the Leader or some part of their Platform, that is what sometimes takes place in a Democracy .

    Sometimes we do not like the candidate but support most of that Parties Plaform and the Leader, that might be what works for any voter from time to time .

    I have been and will be vilified again when I state I almost always vote for the Party that benefits my Business first which in turn benefits my employees who deserve to make a good income under good working conditions, i then consider my Country and then my Province . My Family then comes into play but they have already been taken into consideration with the success of a Business which benefits from the Party I support .

    A very major part of my decision comes from which Party promises to control Government Spending, Government Bloat, Secure Borders, control Migration, and keep our Streets Safe .

    Without the ability to earn income, provide for a family, maintain the Social Safety Net things are much more difficult, whether we want to admit that fact or not .

    I honestly do not see PM Justin to be strong enough, honest enough, principled enough, have enough character or integrity, or even care enough for any Canadian to cast a Ballot in his favour .

    (Response: We should be very thankful China is openly showing its TRUE nature under Dictator Xi: It is a bully nation that does not hesitate to trample on its own citizens’ right, access to information, ability to speak out …and even worship as the wish. So kidnapping foreign businessmen, holding them for ransom ..or even sentencing them to death in farcical courts is nothing to China. Canada … under whoever wins in our October election …must PROTECT us against China and especially its potential to intrude, hack, control or destroy our communications or energy infrastructures. This does not mean don’t deal with China at all ..but we must severely limit any relationship so as to not expose ourselves to financial or technological takeover. And no matter how much they smile and toast “friendship: after the Huawei dispute is over … don’t trust Xi or his eunuchs to meet even basic standards of law, business or security. h.o.)

  35. hawgwash says:

    DBW at August 24, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    >>any chance of numbering the posts<<

    Just between you and me…
    Thanks for bringing that up. I mentioned numbering, at August 21, 2019 at 8:54 pm.

    I find it counterproductive, needing to scroll to the bottom of the article, each time, to see how many posts there are, then scroll all the way to the last few posts to see if I can figure out where I left off, 1-2-3 days ago.

    The result is, I now don’t check as often to see if there is new input and so, get further behind.

    Under the old system, it was much easier, for someone like me with oldtimers.

    Just between you and me, ok?

    (Response: Will ask Chris if it’s possible on the new setup. h.o)

  36. Eldon says:

    The other factor for me is that Freeland has done a superb job in my opinion. She should be the party leader. If Trudeau refuses to resign, we should vote him out.

    (Response: Don’t rule her out! If Trudeau loses the election, the Liberals will have a leadership review or if Trudeau resigns, I could see Freeland making a bid for his job. Of course, as John Turner, Kim Campbell or Paul Martin could testify, there’s a lot power, intrigue, conspiracies, even revolts and sabotage behind the scenes that govern any party … and its leadership. h.o)

  37. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, some times things like the “creep factor” cannot be explained to others who do not see it. Have you ever been in a situation, where you thought, best not go down that street, I don’t trust this person to do business with, I’m not dating that person–just something about them, the family dog barks at an off spring’s new “friend”, what ever. Its more like instinct. To ask me to put it exactly into words, if you don’t feel it, it can not be explained in any great detail. For some who look at him, its just omg, he is creepy. I’ve found more women than men experience it. Its a survival skill some of us are born with or others develop. If you don’t get it, I can’t explain it to you. If you’re renting some thing out, some people who will rent to, others you won’t……….its the same thing.

    Scheer, in my opinion, is one of those petty people. Doesn’t get the big picture. If you were to go back to the Diefenbaker years, now those people were petty. they instituted a policy that no pens could be used in offices, had to use pencils. The pencil stubs had to be returned before they gave you a new pencil. Did it save them any money? Not so much. How did it make the workers feel? Just the way the Cons wanted them to feel. As one person I knew from that era said, the Conservatives treat you like slaves, at least the Liberals treat you like serfs and there is a difference.

    We don’t really know if Scheer doesn’t admire the Communist Chinese dictatorship. all he says is he wants Trudeau to be tougher on them. He himself hasn’t give a lot of examples on how he would get tougher. Lets not forget it was the Conservatives under harper who went for that free trade agreement with Communist China. Haven’t heard Scheer or the Conservatives exactly express disgust with Communist china regarding their treatment of Muslims or organ harvesting of political prisoners. All I’ve heard is Trudeau needs to be tougher. What does that constitute. You may not think getting into a boxing ring is much, wait until you do and go a few rounds. Ever been punched by a boxer, in the head, shaken it off and moved on?

    I’m old, it doesn’t matter any more if I benefit or not. I have the Trudeau exit. What I care about is the future of the children in this country. (don’t have any and neither do the siblings). there is nothing the conservatives have put forward that leads me to believe they will do much for the children of this country, especially Indigenous children. (Yes, I know Trudeau hasn’t kept his promises in this area either, but he has done more than any Conservative ever did.)

  38. Megan says:

    Ralph Goodale was the person who tweeted Scheer’s speech about same sex marriage. Ralph is a prominent liberal cabinet minister. What Mr. Goodale failed to mention was that in the House of Commons one Ralph Goodale voted against same sex marriage. As an aside Obama also was against same sex marriage. Strange that people here who are gungho on LGQT rights never noticed that Goodale and many of his Liberal brethren were anti gays themselves. I guess the left thinks it has the monopoly on “righteous” indignation. Sadly they don’t look at their own pasts to see reality. A tawdry effort at maligning the character of the leader of the Opposition. If this had been done to Trudeau (such as an expose why he left the private girls’ school to become a snowboarder) the leftists here would be screaming their heads off.

    Trudeau promised proportional representation in the House of Commons. Did he deliver? Nope.
    Trudeau promised sunny ways. Attacking Mr. Scheer for his religion seems to be over the top to say the least given the above hypocrisy mentioned.
    Trudeau promised to balance the budget. Did he deliver? Justin Trudeau will increase the federal government’s per-person debt more than any prime minister in Canadian history who did not face a world war or recession.
    Following his victory in 2015, Trudeau abandoned his election prediction of three years of “modest” deficits under his leadership followed by a balanced budget in 2019-20, which is the current fiscal year.
    Instead, Trudeau racked up deficits at more than twice the rate he predicted.
    This year, in which he told Canadians his government would have a $1 billion surplus, he’s now predicting a $19.6 billion deficit — $16.6 billion even if you factor in a $3 billion reserve fund.
    This is what comes of electing a PM who believes budgets balance themselves.
    Trudeau promised to do things differently. Like the liar he is, he didn’t keep this one either. Remember him swearing up and down that he had not interfered in SNC Lav. He lied.
    Trudeau apologized to every group under the sun but never apologized for his behavior towards Jody Wilson and Admiral Norman. Threw them under the bus because it was convenient. And never apologized once for his behavior – from what we are told, it seems that Mr. Norman will be given money by the government – our money for Trudeau’s insistence that he go to trial.

    Trudeau – a total failure to Canadians.

  39. hawgwash says:

    This has, so far, been a great read and I don’t expect that to change.

    The point, counterpoint, by e.a.f. at 1:39 pm, immediately followed by Megan at 5:07 pm, very much describe the difficulties I have, with these two leaders.

    Creep factor is such a good term and until I read that phrase, I had merely looked at Sheer and was reminded of Jack Nicholson’s Joker; shifty and indefinable. Sinister?

    Creepy, is much better.

    Then there are all the points laid out by Megan, that echo many of the reasons I simply cannot support Mr. Trudeau, or anyone who has his back, in disregarding the “rule of law.”

    Further, though I have cast substantially more NDP ballots, than any others over my 50 plus years of voting; sometimes because of the leader, but often because I had a decent NDP local candidate, I cannot understand who Jagmeet Singh is. He too, bothers me.

    So, since I don’t live in Vancouver Granville, I guess, like last time when I despised Harper and was not entirely sold on sunny ways, I’ll take the easy road and toss my vote away on Lizzy May. I guess.

    (Response: This is going to be a most intriguing election ..for many of the reasons you and others have cited. Over the years, federally and provincially, I have voted for the Liberals, Tories, NDP, and Greens … based on policies, the leader, the local candidate, to give interesting new ideas a platform chance …or as a protest vote against a party, a record or a leader. This time, I suspect for me it will come down to the two main parties … but even that’s not yet firm. h.o)

  40. DBW says:

    If I could interject into the “creep factor” discussion between e.a.f. and BMCQ and commented on by Hawgwash.

    I read a book a year or so ago about criminal behaviour and the kind of people that behave criminally. The creep factor was one of the chapters. e.a.f. is correct in that there is a self protection intuition that seems to warn us around creepy people and whether or not we should deal with them. We are creeped out by what someone may say (inappropriate comments), or how they look (smile especially) and how they behave (sense of space).

    But what about people who we don’t know. In one study they gave people a set of pictures that were a random selection of the FBI’s most wanted and Nobel laureates and asked them to judge how creepy these people were. While the Nobel laureates did in fact score lower in creepiness it wasn’t by all that much.

    I am underwhelmed by Andrew Scheer and have no intention of voting for him or his party, but I am guessing that if you think that Scheer is creepy, it is likely because he is similar to those socially awkward looking squirreled away in a room studying stuff laureates rather than the sociopath who will knife in the back in a dark alley.

  41. Gilbert says:

    To those who can’t vote for the Conservatives, please don’t vote for Prime Minister Trudeau. Please don’t forget that this is a man who praised Fidel Castro, who forgot Alberta in a Canada Day speech, who said he admires the Chinese government, and who can’t give a simple example of what he’s doing to reduce the use of single-use plastic. He clearly doesn’t take his job seriously and doesn’t have the qualifications for the position.

    In Andrew Scheer, I see a person who is not an elitist (middle-class background) and who understands ordinary Canadians. Let’s make Justin Trudeau a drama teacher again.

  42. BMCQ says:

    Hawgwash – 6:28 PM and I believe somewhere around – 40

    I believe I have something that may assist in your efforts to come to a conclusion on who to cast a vote for in the upcoming Federal Election .

    While sitting at my desk at 5:30 AM this AM doing my best to earn enough to stay ahead of the PM Justin Tax Man I was listening to the CKNDP Early Morning Newscast .

    The News Reader came on air and announced that SJW and Selfie King PM Justin has just announced a new Plan and Slogan for his Federal Election Campaignand it sounds like he is finally paying attention to the Pensioners of Canada uh from Coast to uh Coast, to uh Coast .

    The New Slogan chosen by PM Justin and his Federal Liberals ?


    Who would have thought, a New Dental Plan that includes Dentures for All !!

    I am quite convinced that between the “Chews Forward” Dental Plan for Seniors and the eaf posts as of late you have easily now been convinced and made up your mind and you will vote Liberal .

    Sorry Megan, Facts do not matter .

    eaf – Sun – 1:39 or perhaps – 38

    Are you being Sexist ? Are you doing your best to convince us that Women/Females have a better and superior “Spidey Sense” to determine if someone (exclusively Males of course) is “Creepy” ?

    Now I ask you this, what if I was to say I sense that Men/Males are uh better drivers than Women, how would that sit with you ? Is it not awful that we have so many stereo types in today’s society ?

    Now I will Post something that might not offer as much as the Denture Plan offered by the federal Liberals but it might just show an actual FACTUAL CREEP FACTOR and INCIDENT committed by PM Justin .

    I urge you to watch and then READ the note that PM Justin sent to the Woman he GROPED .

    Please digest that well and I hen would ask Hawgwash and eaf just how that actual Groping Incident of PM Justin might compare to some silly imaginary label of “Creepy” you both attribute to Andrew Scheer .

    and PLEASE do not forget


    Imagine, if PM Justin is re-elected there may be new Smiles for Pensioners right across the uh country from Coast to uh Coast, to uh Coast .

  43. 13 says:

    “The creep factor”. Ive never read such a pile in all my life. If that sort of sjw crap can stand then me must judge everyone in the political arena by their looks and any obvious physical flaws.
    Does Trudeau have the retard factor because of his speech impediment?
    Does Chretien have a stroke factor because of his face?
    This list could go on but it is so idiotic I cant continue. Creep factor? those that subscribe might be suffering the crock factor

  44. Gilbert says:

    I’m not impressed with Chrystia Freeland. Her background is in journalism, not in diplomacy, and it shows. It’s true that Saudi Arabia has a poor human rights record, but we don’t criticize the Saudis via a tweet. This is inappropriate.

    Let’s now talk about China. A brilliant PM and Minister of External Affairs would have warned Meng Wanzhou that if she landed in Vancouver, she would be arrested. They failed to do so. Say what you like about Stephen Harper, but he had the vision to respond to events promptly and serve Canada well. Does anyone here believe that under the former government, Canada would be in the same position it is now?

    Stephen Harper is not a close friend of President Xi, but there’s little doubt that the Chinese have far more respect for him than for our current leader. The reality is that the American president completely outplayed our prime minister. China and the USA are in a trade war, but Canada has completely failed to realize any benefits.

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