Is the CBC Out to GET Stephen Harper?

I hesitated about starting this discussion … because I haven’t even made up my own mind on the answer to this question, but I’m starting to lean towards Yes.

On Sunday’s Power and Politics, the CBC decided to test Tory Leader Stephen Harper’s contention last week’s that TWO NDP governments in BC had been “an unmitigated disaster”.

Rosemary Barton raised the question “Does the NDP have a poor performance record when it comes to managing public money?”

A good question!

But WHO did the CBC go to for an answer?  An independent economist? A political scientist?

No! The CBC went to former NDP Premier Mike Harcourt …..   to evaluate the NDP’s record!  And surprise, surprise!  Harcourt concluded the BC NDP did NOT have a poor performance record while in office.

That stinks!  I’m not referring to Harcourt’s conclusion, but the CBC ‘s choice of who to pose that important question to … during an election campaign.

Really unacceptable from a point of view of both journalistic standards and independent analysis.

On Saturday’s The National, the CBC reported the Tory government’s new plan to expedite the refugee process and also had the response from both the NDP and Liberals.

But then, the CBC went further … going to a refugee support group, where …surprise, surprise… participants felt the Harper government’s response is still far from enough.   Not a single voice, though, elicited by CBC from other Canadians, who may actually agree with Harper’s actions.

Whatever happened to reporting both sides? And I am noticing more and more of what I perceive to be slanted one-sided reporting from the CBC on both national and international issues.

So it did make me wonder … is the CBC slanting its coverage to be OVERLY critical of and embarrass Harper and the Tories? And give sympathy … or at least much softer treatment … to the NDP and Liberals?

And it’s something that occurred to me before … but I wasn’t prepared to reach that conclusion because I have found the CBC’s Power and Politics program to be eminently fair (I think Rosemary Barton is doing a terrific  job… apart from today’s Harcourt choice) … and I also find The National’s At Issue panel fair and unbiased.

But I no longer believe that of their  national “news” reporting.

How many times did the CBC run their “pee in a cup” footage showing the Tory candidate who was dropped after being exposed doing the dirty deed on tape during an earlier Marketplace investigation of home repair companies!

How many times did they, and other media too, question that choice of a candidate or push that news story!  Many, many, many. Pointing to the embarrassment and running the footage several times even after the candidate was dropped.

But there was also the case of the NDP’s communications director who was revealed to have written some terrible, insulting references on Twitter directed at the entire Catholic Church and in another, even hurled a “Go F-k yourself” to the Pope.

That in my view is MUCH WORSE than some individual candidate peeing in a cup: it was insulting to Canada’s 13 million Catholics … the single largest denomination in the country.

The issue was covered …but much more gently than peegate … and, in my view, too quickly dropped after the staffer apologized.

No hue and cry or even ongoing, pressing persistent questioning from the CBC or other media to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair as to why the staffer was not fired.

Mulcair said the apology was good enough for him … and the CBC/media dropped the matter.

I believe would NOT have been good enough had it been a Harper communications staffer who had tweeted the insults and filthy language.

The CBC … so pressing and persistent on TORY gaffes, failings … would have raked Harper over the coals, I’m convinced,  much more than they did Mulcair, until the staffer stepped down.

And just imagine if it had been directed not at the Catholic Church but let’s say, at Islam and a prominent Imam or Judaism and its Chief Rabbi. I believe the guy would have been gone within an hour!

However, the issue that has raised my greatest concerns about lack of objectivity of the CBC has been the overage of the refugee/migrant dispute.

It’s my impression that the CBC is pushing the Liberal/NDP  positions on the refugees.

Mother Corp, for some time, has NOT been fairly REPORTING the story from all sides; they have been ADVOCATES for  just one side: selectively covering the issue OVERWHELMINGLY from only the migrants’ point of view … dismissing any concerns/impacts such a HUGE flow of people is on EU countries  and totally IGNORING the facts/stories of how the richest Arab/Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar. etc.) have TOTALLY closed their gates to the refugees/migrants.

In fact, last weekend, I felt the CBC News actually pooh-poohed the EU for daring to suggest there are limits on how many refugees/migrants Europe can absorb: SPECIFICALLY pointing out in a graph the refugee numbers taken in by Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan … but NOT A WORD about those Arab countries failing to take ANY.

And what about legitimate European citizens’ concerns about the long-term social, political and security impacts of taking in hundreds of thousands more Muslims into their midst?

Has the CBC forgotten the murder of the Danish cartoonist,  the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the London transit bombings, the murder at the Jewish deli Paris (and the increase in the number of assaults, insults, vandalism being directed at Jews by Muslims in Europe)?  Or do they just not report the growing concerns by Europeans because it does not fit their agenda?

Why so one-sided?

I believe there are TWO reasons: the  CBC … especially The National … has  developed a decidedly left-wing sand fairly easily recognizable slant/bias in its news reporting, so pushing the NDP/Liberal agendas comes naturally; and there may also be an anti-Harper bias at the CBC because of the Tory budget cuts at the CBC over the past few years.

In 2012, Harper’s government announced $112 million in cuts from the CBC’s $1.1 Billion annual budget; in 2014, news reports outlined another $130 million in cuts.

No doubt Harper is not loved by many at the Corp!

But that should not be reflected in its news coverage of the campaign.

Harv Oberfeld

(P.S. anyone reading this blog piece feel I myself am biased in favour of Harper/Tories, I have already written that I will NOT be voting Tory, because of MANY Harper failings. You can read that blog here: .  But that does NOT mean I feel NEWS reporting of the campaign should be one-sided. )

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  1. RossK says:

    There is an interesting comparison of how BC fared in the 90’s under the NDP versus the 00’s under the Liberals that was carried out by an agency that was set-up by Gordon Campbell and subsequently killed by Christy Clark.

    It was called the ‘Progress Board’ and its analysis of a number of broad categories indicates that our time under the NDP in the 90’s was not the disaster it is being portrayed as in current CPC ads.

    (Response: That would have had more credibility. Really inexcusable for a national public broadcaster to present such a partisan, biased and downright silly choice to evaluate the NDP’s performance … a former NDP premier. Ridiculous!


  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    Interesting observations Harvey.
    Might I add one other reason the CBC is anti Harper?
    The amount of Quebec born staff working at “The Corpse” all across the country is unbelievable. If not ironic.
    I was visiting a friend who worked at CBC Vancouver a few years back and while walking through the halls of the building the main language spoken was French.
    It’s no secret that Harper has an uphill climb in the Quebec polls.
    That being said.
    His deep budget cuts to the CBC haven’t earned him many friends either.
    Kinda reminds me of Jacques Parizeau’s luggage going missing on an Air Canada flight to Florida after he resigned as leader of the Separatists immediately following his failed referendum. His luggage arrived several days later……in India.

    (Response: They’ve lost my luggage too … and I wasn’t even doing Air Canada stories at the time! h.o)

  3. larry Bennett says:

    I trust it also means that there is the possibility that even Harve is capable of changing his mind on certain things. Bravo Harv, that has always been my view about the Mother Corp. Just an aside to the media in general. I presume that, by now, most have seen and heard about the ridicule directed at the authorities for manacling a young boy for bringing to science class a “home-made clock” that had people worried about its possible use. Of course the pres has invited him to the White House to use him as an example of prejudice against both, blacks and Muslims. According to SDA, who connects to Mark Steyn, we find that this 14 year old American school boy is the son of a belligerent Muslim activist and perrenial Sudanese presidential candidate, whose brother runs a trucking company called Twin Towers Trans. – Up until now, most of the media was with Obama’s contention that the boy was merely a hapless victim of this prejudice.
    Also, being Catholic myself, I should mention that with the up-coming visit of Francis to the White House, the prez has invited simultaniously, various gay activists, a gay, married (but since divorced) Bishop of the Episcopalian persuasion and some pro-abortion nuns! He doesn’t mention if there is scheduled a naked romp afterwards.

  4. DonGar says:

    How about the photo-shop picture with Trudeau front and center. You watched the debate Mulcair was in the center.

    And how many days and stories and talking heads about the “old stock” comment. Very one sided for supposedly balanced news reporting. But Harper ignored the press for many years so I guess this is their time for revenge.

    (Response: Actually, in some ways, I’d agree … he deserves it! As I’ve written, I regard him as a total dictatorial type, who silenced his officials, refused to talk to he media (except when it suits him), wouldn’t even meet with the premiers, etc. etc …BUT it’s the media’s job to report fairly …even if they hate the guy for good reason! And the CBC seems to be more of a one-sided advocacy voice these days on too many issues and they should be called on it…or at least let them know we’ve noticed. h.o)

  5. Marge says:

    Sad isn’t it that “mother corporation” is a shill for the Liberals/NDP when they should be promoting fair treatment for all. They will be the first group screaming blue murder if Harper pulls off the election and cuts more of them!! You can’t bite the hand that feeds you, unless you are hoping for a new master. I have lots of civil servant friends and from what they tell me, all of them believe they get “better”deals (contracts) from a Liberal government so this may also be the case for those loveable CBC characters. BTW isn’t a former CBC weatherperson also running for the Greens?

    (Response: I hope my blog will result in people paying more attention to decide for themselves; just watch ..and see if they give BOTH sides … pro and con … or just pushing the side they seem to sympathize with on any story, leaving out any alternative points of view. h.o.)

  6. Mark Zain says:

    The Secret Dirty Truth that Christy Clark & the BC Liberals DO NOT ever want you to know and find out ever about the real BC economy & BC Liberal Jobs Plan – What the Corporate Mainstream never revealed to protect the BC Liberals to get their tax cuts and advertising funding; Hiding behind smoke & mirrors Finally REVEALED & EXPOSED:

    The Dirty Facts:
    1) It took BC 140 years to accrue a $30 billion debt in its history since its very creation.
    2) Since the BC Liberals took over, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark increased that to around $165 billion in just around 12 years, which is $135 billion more in debt and contractual obligations.
    3) 25% of that increase in debt has been generated under Christy Clark’s leadership in just 3 years!!!

    They always get elected based on the “Job Lies” they keep promising now fully exposed.

    The Hard Economic Facts according to Statistics Canada:
    1) BC is last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on “% Change in Employment Rate”. (2006-2014)
    2) BC is the only province with NEGATIVE “% Change in Employment in Canada”. BC is again last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on the “% Change in Employment Rate”. (1996-2014)
    3) BC is again last or 10th place in Canada for “Service Sector Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)
    4) BC is not last, but 8th out of 10 places in Canada for “Goods Producing Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)
    5) BC has the worst performing “Employment Rate Change” in Canada. (April 2011- April 2015)
    6) The BC Liberals under both Gordon Campbell & Christy Clark has the worst “Average Monthly Job Growth” & “Average Monthly Job Creation” in the last few decades.
    7) BC had the highest “BC Log Exports, m3, Monthly Average”, but the LOWEST “BC Log Exports – Value per m3”. (1991-2015)
    8) BC Job Growth has massively dropped from “14.5% to 1.8%” from 1991-2015.

    Very scary times indeed.

    With Statistics Canada data compiled, the data charts in the links below reveal the true BC Liberal dirty truth. This info can never be deleted & shredded.
    Warning: You can get sick to your stomach after seeing all the charts that exposes the Dark Truth.

    “Horgan Speaks to the Premier”

    “Campbell Misled Public on NDP Finances”

    “Remembering the Desperate Nineties”

    “Sliding from have to have-not”

    “Not Last in Sparkle Ponies”

    “You Can’t Pray a Lie”

    “All the Spin that’s Fit to Print”

    “The Struggle is Real for Families in B.C.”

    Do you call that “Debt-Free BC” as you see on the BC Liberal election buses and ads? Forget about the “balanced-budget” illusion as the total debt is what really matters.

    Oh, yeah how is that “BC Liberal Jobs Plan” going? Nowhere, but down, worst in Canada in employment performance.

    Yet, the BC Liberals have given those making over $150,000 a year a tax break. With large energy companies such as Encana, Teck Cominco, & the Albertan energy companies donating to the BC Liberals and gov’t paying billions in their royalties, the future is screwed and the province raped.

    “Alberta Oil and Gas Millions Fuel BC Liberal Machine”

    BC Hydro is buying power from private “Independent Power Producers – BC Liberal donators” at least 4x’s the energy cost when they can be producing their own cheap energy as their dams are overflooded. As a result, BC Hydro is billions in debt and our electric bills have skyrocketed by more than 50% and even more.

    The BC Liberals were voted on big promises (LNG – selling out the province) and the fake illusion of a prosperous smoke and mirrors economy funded by media advertising. Their time must come to end.

    And that’s the tipping point as there are even more.

    “Globe omits Christy Clark caught Cheating During University Election”

    We can no longer keep watching this but to kick and vote them out for good. Enough is enough.
    Many of us have been fooled, but not anymore. This is one mistake that we cannot afford to make ever again as our current and future generations are greatly impacted by the choices we make.

    Copy/paste & share it to everyone. This cannot be kept quiet any longer. If this was the NDP, the media would be hiding in Christy’s backyard stalking their sundeck for any news until someone has to resign kinda how the media loves to beat the BC Fast Ferries and Adrian Dix’s skytrain ticket to death.

    We must do our part and spread the word as more people are waking up everyday to the grand BC Liberal deceit and deception. The BC Liberals represent the 1% and we are the 99% resistance against the corporate takeover and selling away the resources of our future generations. It is time for mass resignations and recalls before they delete and shred any more public documents and leave behind nothing left for the future generations.

    The Future is Yours.

  7. Gilbert says:

    It’s clear to me that the CBC doesn’t like Prime Minister Harper. It probably hates his budget cuts and has a left-wing bias. Even so, as a national broadcaster, it should be more neutral. When Justin Trudeau makes silly comments like “grow the economy from the heart outwards” or “budgets balance themselves,” they don’t seem to get too much attention.

    (Response: Another example, which I left out of this latest blog, but commented on earlier this week was the way ALL the media jumped on Harper for his reference to old stock and new Canadians. Terrible that he was dividing, not uniting Canadians, they whined. Yet, when BOTH Mulcair and Trudeau talk about Canada dealing with aboriginals as “nation to nation” …not a peep of dissent or questioning from the media, even though THAT clearly suggests Trudeau and Mulcair don’t see aboriginals as Canadians, but a separate entity. h.o)

  8. Ron Wilton says:

    Looks like you opened up a real can of worms here Harv.

    I am of the opinion that harper is out to get rid of the CBC. I think there is ample evidence to support this opinion.

    I think they do fear for their jobs and tread carefully with him and his supporters.

    I also think this is a ‘news’ story that someone like yourself should investigate and submit to national media across Canada.

    (Response: I’m retired…and I’m not sure even working journalists, with all kinds of behind the scenes contacts, would ever get to find that out …if it were true.. before any politicians were ready to make it public. However, I don’t think the Tories would really try to get rid of the CBC: they just want it to stand on its own financially, as private broadcasters do. I personally do not agree with that: CBC does and should have a different mandate: they do many projects/programs bringing Canadians together and giving voice and air time to many groups/interests/cultural activities private profit-orientated corps would never undertake. I just want them to be fair, unbiased in their reporting …and equally cover all sides to an issue …not just advocate from a particular point of view (usually left wing). h.o)

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#7 Mark Zain

    While I dont doubt the truth of your comments….
    What left field tangent did THAT rant come from?

  10. 13 says:

    Harvey, I chuckled all through your editorial. Its funny in more ways than one. I especialy like the disclaimer you put at the bottom. It didnt work as the topic was not 100% anti Harper you really pissed off Mark Zain. I can only imagine eaf et al wringing their fists and clenching their teeth.
    CBC not reporting fairly . What has that got to do with the BC Libs?
    The other funny part is Mr Harper isnt an idiot and if by some chance the country decides that another 4 years isnt such a bad thing I wouldnt want to be a boss at the CBC.
    Much in the same vain as my conservative canidate left a lawn sign on my porch. I will ask my Canada Post mail woman if she is offended by the sign . I dont want my mail ending up everywhere except my mailbox. I know some of the enlightened left will have trouble with the fact I support Canda Post, and am against the cuts I am also against the Coast Guard cuts. I have told Mr Moore these concerns,
    So Harvey keep stirring the pot. Have you had a lawn sign delivered yet?

    (Response: No one has even offered MOI a lawn sign! Wonder why! LOL! But I have received one robo call…from the NDP candidate and two postcard profiles on my door from the Lib and NDP … and none of them made me shout Eureka! What’s a voter to do this time around! h.o)

  11. morry says:

    I suppose they went to Mike Harcourt for comments thinking that he would be in a good position to have the facts about the two NDP regimes and the positives of those two regimes. I suppose they could have also gone to the Fraser Institute for their version.

    Of course any right thinking person knows the Stephen Harper is out-to-lunch on this issue just like he is making up stories about Notley in Alberta.

    But overall I agree that their choice of commentors is not as neutral as they chould have found.

    “BC’s Economy: Whose Was Best?
    Socreds. NDP. Libs. Who oversaw the strongest economy? (Hint, not Gordon Campbell).”

    (Response: What really bothers me is that the people at the CBC are NOT stupid …so they knew very well in advance what conclusion Harcourt would reach on such a question. And they sought no independent or alternative view. That makes it propaganda ..not journalism…and they should be called out on that, because I’m sensing they are now doing that quite often going to a refugee organizing support group and asking if 10,000 is enough. Can you believe it…they actually said we should take in more! Duh! . h.o)




    It’s a cultural thing, beginning with the 60s Boomers, following decades of right-wing reportage just about everywhere in the English speaking world and elsewhere.

    The Boomers’ so called philosophy, honed on college campuses in the US and other countries, started the contemporary leftie ball rolling.

    During the following decades, and even now, student journalists also were exposed to that ideological brain rot and now look what’s happening.

    Reportage is unabashedly left wing and anybody on the right is done like dinner.

    It should be no surpirse that the CBC’s leftie biases continue unchalleneged. Of course they do.

    Reporters in Canada, seeing thousands of their colleagues being fired over the last few years, are now gunning for political hack jobs with an upcoming NDP or Liberal federal government.

    They are not doing fair election coverage, just adding to their audition “tapes” with anti-Harper stories to try and get that new job as a government hack!

    I remember growing up in Vancouver in a distinctly left-wing family and listening to my father fulminate about right-wing biased news media coverage in the Vancouver newspapers.

    He was right, I mean correct!

    Later, as a media hack in the early 1970s and a left-winger to boot, I still felt the “sting” of a right-wing media bias.

    But that all started disappearing in the mid-1970s as the colleges began spewing out these save-the-world journalistic freaks.

    It was the early 1990s before I decided that being left was wrong because it was undemocratic and utterly intolerant of all opinions that did not follow the Marxist-inspired, and later politically correct, script.

    Reportage these days is beyond hopeless.

    It’ll need a re-balance or a re-boot in some fashion in the future.

    It may take some cultural shock or economic calamity to show that stealing from Canada’s wizened one per cent (all 300-thousand of them, and mostly medical doctors at that) will not solve our financial troubles.

    Trudeau and Mulcair are financially set and live in that same one per cent financial bubble.

    No sack cloth and ashes for them. No siree.

    As for the rest of us, learn this now.

    Redistributing other people’s money to the “deserving” middle (working) classes
    makes everyone poorer except for the well-paid aforementioned political hacks and their better paid political masters.

    Dangerous. Check out Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

    (Response: Nothing wrong with being a “leftie” as you put it … I myself lean that way a on social issues (and maybe a bit right on crime and economic issues). The point is …as a reporter/journalist ..the goal not only SHOULD be but MUST be to give alternative sides of any story. And I am not seeing that in national/international CBC “news” coverage anymore …even if I understand and personally agree with some of what they are reporting. For example … how can we NOT respond to those sad pictures of refugees, especially the kids …but instead of JUST pushing for Europe, Canada and the US to take more and more, why not go after Russia, China, Japan, South America and MOST of the other 50 Muslim nations in the world over THEIR silence and turning their backs? Has any reporter EVER asked UN officials about that? Or pressed these countries’ ambassadors in Ottawa? Why not? h.o)

  13. Gene the Bean says:

    I’d like to say ‘astute observation’….but it isn’t – it is bloody obvious.

    On the other hand we have GlowBall Neeews and the newspaper industry relentlessly shilling FOR Harper and the aptly named Cons.

    Makes our point of a few weeks ago – there is no longer any INDEPENDANT journalism……anywhere in the world.

    PS: who is the new guy doing a bmcq impersonation…?

  14. RossK says:

    Mr. O–

    Regarding your response to my comment at the top of the thread…Don’t forget that the Progress Board’s conclusions have, essentially, been disappeared by the current folks in charge ’round here.

    But, regarding the specific matter at hand…

    I think a big part of the problem is that, much like political analysis/commentary shows to the south, the CBC seems to have succumbed to the ‘let’s let all the partisans speak’ which forces viewers/listeners parse things out to figure out what’s what.

    Of course, the real problem with this approach is that it just allows everyone, viewers included, to reinforce there own biases.

    Because, invariably we get the hardline positions from everybody and the hardheaded analysis from nobody.

    Whatever happened to the ‘honest broker’ commentariat?

    (Response: I wish they were pursuing a policy of letting “all the partisans” speak. Unfortunately, whenever I tune in, they seem to be letting/canvassing only those who support their advocacy positions: they may not personally agree with those expressing enough is enough views in Europe or here …but I believe it’s their duty to give them air time too and let them explain why. And I’m just not seeing that. h.o)

  15. D. M. Johnston says:

    I guess, with Herr Harper and the CBC, it is rather; “as yea sows, so shall yea reap”. The Conservatives dismantling of the CBC over the past four years is now coming back to haunt them – it is called payback.

    Mind you Mike (Hopeless) Harcourt, who now seems to be a “legend in his own mind”, is now pretending to be an elder statesman.

    Nope, nada, not a chance, as hopeless is just that, a minor historical footnote in the provinces history.

    As for the NDP’s era in BC as disaster? Well from personal experience, the 90’s were very good for business and people seemed to have money to spend, but when Gordo became premier, with is massive tax cuts for the wealthy and equally massive downloading of excessive user fees, MSP premiums, etc on the great unwashed, the money dried up and I was forced to close my doors after running a wee store for 25 years.

    The Liberal years have been one of creative book keeping and the great con, which the gullible eat it up with great relish.

    Mother corp, ah let them have their fun.

  16. larry Bennett says:

    13 – I myself, haven’t a lawn and it is doubtful they’d allow me to post a sign on the balcony of my rented suite (make that, ‘room’). All the same, I find my mailbox stuffed with, either pleas for money from the Tories, or else continuous solicitations and entreaties for my vote by the ubiquitous Kennedy Stewart, who will likely win w/o my assist. The Liberals, it seems, either don’t want my vote, or just don’t care.
    I am old, but don’t recall, or wasn’t interested about politics in my teens, but I have never known the media – print or electronic – to be anything but leftoid. So I am ‘conservative’ in my tastes and habits, but the Left would have everyone believe that only the wealthy are conservatives, and the poor must be either traitors to their class or crazy to be so. I am living proof that they are wrong, and, I am not alone!

    (Response: Check with Elections Canada: I believe it is YOUR RIGHT to place an election poster in your own window etc. … although hand-written protest signs etc may be disallowed. h.o)

  17. Crankypants says:

    Whichever bright light at CBC thought that Harcourt would be a credible source for this subject should be looking for a new job. It was just plain dumb.

    It seems that fact checking has become the in thing. The major television networks and CKNW have jumped on that bandwagon. I question whether the people assigned to the task have the necessary skills give the viewer/listener valuable information or useless pap.

    On Friday morning Charmaine de Silva did a fact check on the NDP’s proposal to increase Corporate tax rates for big corporations, change the way stock options are taxed and reducing small business taxes that Mulcair brought up during the debate. She went to Jack Mintz for his thoughts of this plan. According to him this would cost Canada 150,000 jobs and many other bad things. This is pretty much the same response he gave in a report when the HST debate was happening a few years back which has proven to be nothing but a fairy tale. Considering that the debate, Jack Mintz’s findings and Charmaine de Silva’s report all occurred within a twelve hour span, I have to question whether the listener is being mislead.

    Both these cases show me that their fact checking is really nothing more than opinion gathering, and poorly done at that. There is no credibility in what they are producing whatsoever.

    I’ll continue to utilize FactsCan as a source and just consider whatever the media serves up as nothing more than filler.

    (Response: Very astute..there IS a BIG difference between FACT CHECKING and OPINION. And more and more often we are seeing, in all media, the latter disguised as the former. I just hope voters are smart enough to discern the difference …but frankly, I have my doubts. h.o)

  18. Bill says:

    Tough beans for Harper, but as he laid the carpet, the bumps underneath become his. Look at his dismal record with his”appointees”. Stacking the deck (and boards) with partisan boot lickers, yes men and assorted spittle – take the NEB for example – finally plants the teeth directly to his gluteus maximus. His utter disdain for us “common” folk, refusal to face scrutiny or even answer questions from the media, much less the common Canadian lead to his own problems, created by nobody but Steven Harper. Trade deals? No need for the electorate to have any knowledge of the details, as we are apparently beneath him and his merry band of pirates. I could type my fingers raw with what Harper chooses to do, but I think it’s great that he gets a mild kick to the jewels. Besides, he has enough of the media spreading his bovine fertilizer and dancing the old soft shoe. Too bad(not) but there won ‘t be any moisture coming from my eyes for him. You get what you deserve.

    (Response: I disagree. Yes, Harper IS guilty in my view of MANY things and I’ve written about that, including the open admission I will NOT vote for him. BUT the job of the media is to report ALL sides to any issue or conflict ..not just take sides and then push that narrative over and over: that’s not reporting…it’s propaganda. Not only is it inexcusable, but I think it could actually backfire …raising enough ire with the voters on one issue to have them support him and forgive all his other transgressions. In fact, I believe that’s exactly what Harper and the Tories are now seeking to generate. h.o)

  19. CGHZD says:

    What a streaming pile of BS Harvey. Moaning and pissing because Mike Harcourt was interviewed about BC’s financial performance when the NDP were in power is ridiculous. Who should they have interviewed;? Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark, or any of a long list of Liberal/Socred lackeys?
    I’ve seen Brad Wall, the premier of Saskatchewan on CBC beating the hell out of the NDP or the witch doctor Con economist, Jack Mintz, being interviewed on CBC twisting and distorting the NDP platform costing.
    Give it a rest Harvey, your really looking wobbly on this one.

    (Response: Clearly you did not read my comments or you’re so biased, you don’t mind propaganda, as long as YOU agree with it, which is very sad, pathetic.. NO, it would not be acceptable either to interview Campbell etc on the question either: surely, for any fair-minded person, ANY assessment/interview of how a party/government did has more credibility when that assessment is done by an independent economist or two or professor of economics or two other …. rather than the LEADER of that government/party. The fact YOU can’t see that is your problem …not that of the rest of us. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:

    Since I was in late High School I felt that much of The BCTF, University and Community College Profs and Media were Leftist in Nature.

    Out of that I able to conclude that The CBC was Spinning Left back to the Beginning!! When I say that I must be honest and say Liberal specifically.

    Other than various Sporting Events over the Years and watching Coronation Street a bit on a Rainy Winters Day with my English/Manchurian Mother ‘n Law I have never ever watched CBC.

    But let’s face it most Producers, News Directors, Anchors at places like CBC, CTV, Global, NBC, ABC, CBS have been Self Admitted Liberals.

    As to having former Vancouver Mayor and B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt pass opinion on NDP Governments?

    That would be no different than asking Bernie Madoff pass commentary on Investment Income.

    Yes I know that is a Gross Generalization but even Walter Cronkite admitted to a Liberal Bias.
    Having said that Cronkite never allowed his Personal Bias to interfere with his Professionalism.

    Same appears to be true for locals Cameron Bell and Keith Bradbury at BCTV I am told, they personally leaned somewhat Liberal. But from what I am told both Bell and Bradbury were Two of the Best at their Job, consummate Professionals and they never let their Bias affect their work.

    I will venture a guess that Harvey and many other Local and National News Reporters are fairly Liberal but they are/were always very Professional on while on the Clock.

    NonCon – 2

    There is definitely a Bias at CBC.

    I Fly more than I would like and I never Check a Bag.

    Island – 13

    Keep “Banging that Drum”!! There are People that simply read here that are listening to you.

    You can forget about most that Post, they have made up their mind already.

    Bean – 14

    Always wonderful to get a kind word from you!!

    larry Bennett – 17

    You are a Great Canadian Larry!

    CrankyPants – 18

    I am in total agreement CKNW and others are kidding themselves if they expect “The Great Unwashed” to believe they are doing anything other than Opinion Gathering!!

    Bill – 19

    Time for “A Reality Check” Bill!
    Would you want a Media Bias against any of your Leftist Political Heroes?

    Media should Report not Create of Manipulate News!!

    (Response: As I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with people in the media having personal views ..left or right. In fact, if someone working as, say, a carpenter or sales clerk etc. is supposed to have an opinion, how can we realistically expect those so close to politics, parties and politicians NOT to have opinions/views: BUT … like judges …it is their DUTY to set those feelings aside and present all sides of issues they cover ..and I believe and feel there is growing evidence that the CBC has lost its way …being more left wing advocates on behalf of several issues: the refugees, the Palestinians, Hamas, anti-Keystone campaigners, anti Enbridge etc. … no doubt GREAT for those who share those views, but a danger to our society when “news” becomes propaganda …and tells only or heavily weights its coverage with ONE side of any story. h.o)

  21. Bill says:

    Always the voice of reason and common sense Harvey. If horn honking and lawn signs are any indicator of common sense and voter intentions, the Conservative MP from my riding is going to be looking for some form of gainful employment next month.He was mugging it up at the Capilano on ramp for the Lions Gate bridge this morning and a cacophony of horns certainly wasn’t adding to the din of morning traffic. Typically Conservative, he hid at the back of the line with a herd of minions in front in a place where questions couldn’t be asked.There were more than a few who decided to either thumbs down him or give a Trudeau salute, to which the response was laughing at them. Hopefully his smarmy smile will be wiped off in the upcoming festivities.

    (Response: The things politicians do to get attention if waving to them as THEY head off to work will win votes! I still remember, while covering Parliament, I did election stories in Toronto ..and one morning, we joined a Tory cabinet minister outside a subway station in the riding. What I found strange and quite funny was how the minister spent more time greeting people and handing pamphlets to those coming OUT of the subway, rather than rushing in: apparently not realizing that those COMING OUT were more likely NOT to live/VOTE in in that riding, but just coming there to work. However, the minister WAS re-elected …so maybe it worked: those going in just appreciative of being left alone so early in the morning as they were on their way to work! LOL! h.o)

  22. G. Barry Stewart says:

    In Rex Murphy’s final edition of “Cross Country Checkup” on CBC Radio yesterday, he played things right down the centre, allowing political comments either way. No surprise, as that was his style for the last 20+ years on the show.

    I’m not sure why he has chosen to step aside, though I would hope he wasn’t being forced out for being “too neutral.”

    As was pointed out by several of his commenters, Rex had a fairly unique style amongst talk show hosts, acting as a patient listener with no apparent skin in the game.

    Wearing a different CBC hat, he would give his opinions on political issues on television (including his recent editorial defending Harper) but as the Cross Country host, he was simply a gentleman having a civilized chat with his callers.

    His presence will be missed, though there have been some good stand-ins for Rex in past years (and a few duds.)

    (Response: I heard part of the program: have always admired Murphy and happy he will still do his thing on The National. As I noted in my piece, I actually generally enjoy The National’s At Issue panel (although it is too Central Canada centered) and find it quite fair ..same with Power and Politics (except for that terrible gaffe on Sunday) … BUT it’s in their NEWS presentation that I detect …more and more … what I see as an editorial left-wing anti-Harper, one-sided refugee advocacy bias (one I personally agree with ..but still should have NO PLACE in presenting the news). h.o)

  23. Bill says:

    BCMQ _ why do you assume I’m a leftist? I disagree completely with the way Harper has handled and damaged Canada, both internally and internationally. I disagree with his “message” of fiscal responsibility- How many years of deficits? I disagree with his cone of silence approach. I disagree with intruding on my privacy. I disagree with turning Canada into a fighting nation instead of our traditional role of peacekeepers. I disagree with creating trade deals while hiding the details from the electorate. I disagree with the core of p[ower coming from the PMO. I disagree with the attempts to whitewash the Duffy report. I disagree with the omnibus bills that he said wouldn’t happen under his watch. I disagree with muzzling scientists. I disagree with scads of public money advertising and spent polishing a questionable track record. I disagree with 83% of infrastructure funds sent to Conservative ridings. I disagree with the shameful way vets are treated. I disagree with CRA auditing birdwatchers and churches while looking the other way when billions are hidden offshore. I disagree with the public being barred from events with the Prime Minister so he can fill the room with trained seals.I disagree that the party is clean as a whistle with Duffy, De Mastro , Sona etc.

    Mostly, I disagree with Harper and his political eunuchs running this country as a democracy.
    Tell me what from my shortened list you fdo find agreeable?

  24. 22 HO

    the minister was doing it the right way. He knew that the incoming pedestrian traffic was from outside his jurisdiction, not time to stop and talk. Whereas if he were to hand out his pamphlets to those waiting to leave he would have to defend himself and the contents of the literature until the next train. A captive audience is a boxed in candidate with no were to run.

    (Response: Actually, this was outside the station. I’d bet the lifespan of the pamphlet, featuring the minister’s face and Vote for Me was about 30 seconds …to the closest garbage bin. Aah ..maybe that’s it: recycling …they could be retrieved, used over and over! h.o)

  25. BMCQ says:

    Bill 24

    Oh, are you one of those that is a Conservative that simply dislikes Harper then?

    You can believe whatever you wish, and Vote for any Party, I have no problem with that at all.

    What I was attempting to point out that IMHO I do not think a MSM Outlet particularly The CBC which is Funded with Canadian Tax Payer Money should show “Political Bias and Manipulation”.

    You left me and I am sure others with the impression that was OK with you. So you do not like Harper, that is fine but please do not imply that it is OK for The CBC to be disingenuous with Reporting and in fact have an Agenda.

    I would not like to see either of “The Muldeau Twins” become King but if they did I do not think it would be appropriate for any News Reporting Organization to show Bias against either of their sitting Governments. Especially
    not with Canadian Tax Payers Dollars!!!

    Report the News and misdeeds yes, but again, do not create or manipulate News Stories to punish your enemy.

  26. skidder says:

    If Mulcair and or Harper had given the interview on BCTV that Trudeau gave to a guy named Murphy, we would have seen it shown a hundred times under the headline..”Mulcair/ Harper out of his depth, knows not what his campaign promises will cost”!!! It boggles the mind to listen to Trudeau’s obtuse delivery on almost any topic.

  27. e.a.f. says:

    most news reports come at it with a bias. we have seen that many times. it may be explained as sloppy journalism but in my opinion, its also a lot of bias. Like did any of the news media make a real hard case against harper and all the things he did which violated our Constitution. We have all read editorials right before elections supporting one political party over another. Did any one thing that wasn’t reflected in how the news was reported during the campaign?

    so the CBC went elsewhere for their information. if they went to the “other side” it would have had another slant. its not as if it might not be get even time for the CBC, its just that they have gone to another group for their opinions, just like other news media frequently go for opinions to the “right”. Bias is in the eye of the beholder. Harcourt isn’t a member of the NDP anymore. why wouldn’t they go to a refugee supportive group for an opinion. I have seen so many opinions from the other side, its a change to see it from the “left”.

  28. David says:

    I think if the CBC really wanted to be biased against the Cons they would have quoted Stats Canada figures or BC Public Accounts figures or BC Stats figures. All of which prove the Cons are lying about the NDP record in the 90’s.

    The fact that they interviewed Harcourt for evidence lends as much credence to their story as interviewing the Fraser Institute would have to prove otherwise.

    I think this actually watered down the impact of their story which is maybe what they wanted. If they used proper evidence to back up their claim the story would carry much more weight.

    The fact that the CBC called Harper on one of his campaign lies is a good thing because no other MSM news outlet seems willing.

  29. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I guess we need to elect a centre-left government and see what the CBC does with that. Will they veer even further left… or swing to the right, in a “loyal opposition” mode?

    I’m willing to give it a try.

    (Response: Both the Libs and NDP have promised to restore CBC funding…so they will be happy with either. Anybody but Harper. h.o)

  30. Bill says:

    Well Sir (BCMQ) We agree to disagree. I find the media manipulations of the Harper clan very repugnant. Just yesterday, they tried a cheap trick at the Terry Fox run, much to my disgust. But they have the Globe And Mail, Global and CTV tripping over each other to fawn and downplay the “mis-speaks” , secrecy and behind closed doors meetings. Yes, I strongly dislike what Harper has done while he’s been in office with a plethora of good reasons. Did you want me to add to the above list as to why?

  31. Bill says:

    Final word for BCMQ- Sun news……

  32. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Now that I’ve seen Harper’s unqualified cheap shot at the BC NDP: “unmitigated disaster … that so damaged B.C.” at, I think it was fair play to ask Harcourt for his version of the truth.

    They could have also asked Norm Farrell, author of — or even UBC’s Sauder School of Business, where Tsur Somerville said, “On average, the BC government’s fiscal performance was modestly better under the NDP than under the BC Liberals, when compared with the performance of other provinces. On this relative, rather than absolute, basis, BC’s ratio of net debt to GDP and the ratio of government program expenses to GDP were lower under the NDP than under the BC Liberals. The NDP averaged deficits, the BC Liberals surpluses, but in comparison to the performance in other provinces at the same time, the NDP managed the budget better.” Source:

  33. morry says:

    What Harper is doing with Terry Fox and the politicization of Cancer is disgusting. Same as what he did with these two incidents of mentally unstable incidents where he played the “Terrorist” card. He really is a repugnant person.

    H.O. everyone has dislike of this smug autocrat. not just the CBC.

    (Response: Well, you can pretend, if it makes you happy, that “everyone” dislikes him … but I prefer to keep it real. He’s still getting 30% support…even LED in one poll over the weekend. So as I wrote recently, I still believe the debate on Sept 28, dealing with Foreign Affairs, will be critical for all three leaders …if anyone watches! h.o)

  34. morry says:

    H.O. ok a “majority” of the folks dislike this autocrat 😉

  35. BMCQ says:

    Morry – 34

    You are VERY enthusiastic!

    You must still be listening to the Pollsters that forecast a 2013 Adrian Dix NDP B.C. Government!

    Or was it the VERY close “Razor Thin” Ignatieff/ Liberal and Conservative 2011 Federal Election forecast by Pollsters you are paying such close attention to.

    I have never read the “Fish Wrapper” they call the Tyee but just last night a Friend pointed out to me where last September in The Tyee a Guy called Barrett made comment that, “The results of the Polling in the 2011 Election did for the Polling Industry what the did for the dirigible as the last word for Air Safety”!!

    There are just too many Election examples out there where Polling has proven to be not even close to the Final results we must consider Polling unreliable at best.

    As I have stated before and more than likely will again in the next month or so Polling Methods used today for Elections is Flawed.

    Polls are done mostly on-line today and those on-line Polls are usually taken by Younger Left of Centre Types that live in their Mother’s Basement and they treat the Polling as a Video Game.

    More Mature People once they reach the age of 40 and older tend to Vote more Conservatively.

    That is because they for the most part have responsibility of Family, Mortgage, need Work, and they become more familiar with the traditional Tax and Spend Policies of Liberal and NDP Parties.

    Yes in the past it is true that many of those I have just described Voted Liberal or NDP but those same People now realize that those two Parties have abandoned Blue Collar Union and Non Union Workers for Green Type Politics and other “Special Interest Groups”.

    Yes, The NDP and Liberals may hang onto BCGEU, Federal Government Unionized Workers and Teachers but that is just not enough to be successful.

    Look Morry, I would suggest that you father 4 or 5 of your Friends along with an Ouija Board one night about a week before an Election and give it a go.

    Those results would more than likely be just as reliable as the Polling Results “Woofed Up” by Polling Groups today.

    Todays Pollsters are better used to find out which type of Dog Food your “Best Friend” might prefer or perhaps even to find out which type of Shampoo one may prefer.

    As a matter of fact I do not think the Elections Act should allow Polling results to be made Public within 2 weeks of the Voting day. I had this discussion with Laura once and believe it or not we had some sort of common ground on the subject.

    I feel that the Publication of Polling results close to an Election could have an affect on some Voters choice.

    Just my opinion, I have nothing to back that up.

  36. jUSTjOE says:

    @morry; I am damned glad a “majority” of you and your friends doesn’t mean a majority of the whole.

  37. DBW says:

    BMCQ @36

    You just slay me. Just LOL slay me.

    And referring to the tyee (a completely digital newspaper) as a fish wrapper was utterly hilarious.

    And asking Morry to FATHER four or five friends had me in stitches until I realized it was just a typo and you meant gather. The fathering image did have me LOLing though.

    And the classic generalization of young kids in the basement routine still cracks me up.

    I am not even sure if young kids in their parents’ basements playing video games would even waste their time taking a poll.

    Unlike 60+ me who has signed up with two polling groups to answer their questions.

    And I hooted when I read:

    “As I have stated before and more than likely will again in the next month”

    Thanks for the unnecessary warning.

    But to get serious for a moment. And I am really not trying to put you on the spot. Not even suggesting that you are wrong.

    At a British online betting site, they have the over/under for the NDP seats at 126.5 and for the Conservatives seats at 122.5. A couple of weeks ago, I thought both could be overs. But now I am not so sure.

    I would be curious about your opinion but before I follow it I think it only fair that you tell us what method you use. What “fathering” of friends, what ouija board, what polling device do you use to make you so certain about voting patterns. You take great delight in mocking people because of your disdain for polls. Fair enough. Just give us you method so we have the opportunity to mock you.

  38. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 38

    Here I am attempting to get some work done and I decide to tune in to the Blog and what do I see? Another “DBW Grilling” I need to deal with.

    Did not know anything about the Tyee except that Bill Tielman wrote there and of course the Tyee gets quoted here quite often. Had not seen it other than in Links until it was pointed out to me last night.

    Surely you will forgive me the FW remark. It adds some colour to the Post does it not?

    My apologies for the mistake, must admit I am laughing myself about the Fathering, but then again, Morry is a very enthusiastic and spirited individual and perhaps he could accomplish the Fathering!! At least he would Die trying!

    I am unfortunately guilty of typing very fast, get interrupted by Phone Calls and other distractions and then I tend not to Proof Read my Posts. I will try to do better.

    I should show more respect to the Readers here, but Bean, Yourself, and others tell me they do not read my Posts so I did not think it mattered that much.

    Me Mock others? I get more negative reviews than anyone else here and that includes My Good Friend and “Great Canadian Patriot” larry Bennett!!

    In all honesty I believe I am correct about who partakes in Polls today. There are a lot more informed opinions about this than just the Tyee piece.

    Even several Pollsters themselves have been forced to admit the pre Election Polls are incorrect too much of the time.

    I am sure however that they will improve as time goes on. For now though Polling is best used for what kind of Deodorant one prefers.

    I have no Scientific Method myself when it comes to the Federal Election.

    I simply feel that JT will do better in Quebec than many feel. I feel that much of the rest of the Ridings across Canada will be split between the Libs and NDP and that will allow The Conservatives to win many of those Seats by coming up the middle.

    I also believe that there really is a Silent Majority of Voters over 40 that like me will “Hold Their Nose” and Vote for The Cons.

    Again, I do not think that The Cons are perfect, and yes they have made mistakes but I must support the Party that offers the best option for My Business, The Employees, My Family, My Country, and My Province, and that is The Conservative Party of Canada.

    When you are a “7” on a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being the best, and running against a 4 and a 5 chances are you will come out alright. Who knows maybe I am wrong but…….

    I also believe that the average Canadian will not accept Mulcairs “Balanced Budget” claim, and his promise to give everything possible to Canadians. Most Canadians still believe we need to work for our just rewards. And on top of that I believe most can see that Mulcair would once on the Throne point out that the Books are “Much Worse than We Thought, and We Must Raise Taxes”!!

    JT also promises much more than he can deliver and to be honest with you he just does not come across as being very capable, no matter who he might have in a Cabinet.

    I also do not feel that Canadians are willing to travel down the same Path that The Eu has taken.

    Poor Economic Policy and the horrific Immigration/Migrant Policy is going to be the end of The EU as they and we know it.

    I believe the Foreign Polies of all Three Parties will be scrutinized by many Canadians and that may have a very profound affect on Election Day.

    Just watch the next debate and then consider what each Party offer regarding Foreign Policy and Immigration. Believe me it will play a very important part on how Canadians Vote on Oct. 19.

    Again, we cannot go down the path of The EU no matter how we feel and no matter how much we want to help those Poor Displaced People from Syria, The rest of The Middle East, and Africa..

    As I mentioned the other day, EU Leadership have made a lot of their decisions while on some kind of “Runners High” and one day very soon the population of EU will be asking some very serious questions!!

    President “O” has lead The U.S. down the same Path and we cannot allow that to happen here.

    Unless Bernie Sanders became Canadian PM it will not make a bit of difference to me, I do not want to see some of his Taxation Policies anywhere, least of all Canada.

    I will however grumble and just pay more Tax if either of “The Muldeau Twins” become King here, but I honestly do not believe they individually or in a Coalition provide the best option for Canadians over going forward.

    I have it handicapped roughly this way.

    Cons 180

    NDP 80

    Libs 80

    Please feel free to “Mock” Away!

  39. DBW says:

    I don’t have to mock you, BMCQ. You do a good enough job on your own.

    You lectured Morry about listening to pollsters (and I don’t even see where he did that) and tell him he may as well use a ouija board and then you admit that you have no scientific information for your own opinions, just a feeling that presumably you pulled from your butt.

    Don’t get me wrong. Your butt might be as good as a ouija board. You might be absolutely correct (I just hope not) but I still find it hilarious that you condescendingly trash others for making predictions based on polls or whatever, when your predictions are pulled out of the same thin air.

    Just sayin’.

  40. John's Aghast says:

    DBW, Please don’t encourage BM to sample the Tyee. I find it quite enjoyable without his verbose and pedantic ramblings.

  41. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 40

    Where did Morry get his number from if he is not quoting Polls?

    My whole point DBW is that my simple Guess has been better than Polls in the following.

    2011 – Federal Canadian

    Pollsters had it close. They were wrong! By the way, just which u.s. city is that Great Canadian Leader Ignatieff now residing in?

    2013 -B.C. provincial

    We know how far Polls were off there.

    2012 – U.S. Federal

    Polls had that close, it was not.

    2015 – UK Federal

    You know what Polls said and what happened with the Conservative Majority!

    My Guess on each of those Elections was OPPOSITE of Polls and I was correct!

    I am not saying I have Psychic Ability, I am simply pointing out that because of certain changes with various Demographics Polling for Elections is Flawed and it does not make sense for MSM and individuals to fixate on those Polls.

    I have put my guess for the upcoming Federal Elecyion on the last Post and I still believe that my Guess will prove to be more accurate.

    I am simply saying to People that it does not make sense to get so excited about the Polling Numbers and at the same time neither of “the Muldeau Twins” should be picking out new Curtains for 24 Sussex Drive!

    Before you mention Alberta 2015, I was onside with the Pollsters on that.

    Redford ran a Horrible Government and abused her power. Prentice was egotistical, called an Election with a year left on the mandate just after the World Price of Oil collapsed.

    On top of that the Rose and Cons that received about 52 percent vs 40 for The NDP split the vote
    And The NDP secured more Seats.

    If Pollsters could not get that right they should give up.

    Angus Reid about two years ago admitted much of Political Polling is unreliable.

    I am sure Polling for Elections will improve one day and we will see more reliable results.

    It is my Guess that this Federal Election is not the time we will see that more accurate Polling.

    We will find out who is correct Oct. 19!

  42. BMCQ says:

    John – 41

    Very mature!

    Is that really the best you have?

    I am Aghast!

  43. larry Bennett says:

    John “sample the Tyee”? I don’t thiink you need worry. There is absolutely nothing of interest for the likes of conservatives; it is tedious and predictable, beside the internet abounds with this kind of nonsense.

  44. larry Bennett says:

    Speaking of media and biases and etc., there are some reporters and journalists and etc. who seem to think that anyone who refuses to answer their questions are some kind of little people who haven’t the right to stymie their enquiries.
    Yesterday at Global, a senior reporter, whose name I will refrain from using, was seen shouting at some fellow who was trying to deflect him from enquiring about a case re: children in distressful or abusive situations. He was hollering at some fellow, saying “Who are you”? I thought he himself was being unnecessarily abusive.
    I recall this same reporter many years ago at the Surrey Law Courts insisting that I tell him where a particular character would be brought in from the jails across the way, and into the courts. I suggested he ask the sheriffs that information (knowing they wouldn’t tell him) and you could see that he found me absolutely loathsome for not releasing the security details that were there for a reason.

  45. larry Bennett says:

    As Harvey has noted before, (and Yogi Berra -RIP) it ain’t over ’til it’s over!
    A front page article by one, Graeme Hamilton, in today’s N.P., makes note of the fact that Mulcair has called for “tolerance” on the ‘Niqab’ question, especially where it concerns matters in Quebec.
    He (Hamilton) points out how this could affect (to my mind – greatly) outcomes in the federal election where wavering voters could swing big-time for Harper. In the end it is probably up to the courts again, but “the notwithstanding clause” raises its (ugly/beautiful head).
    That said, these attacks raise issues out here in Surrey where former city Mayor, Dianne Watts has, by various statements said, that Conservatives are the only party that has taken a stand against violence and terrorism – as per ISIS.

  46. Ara Hepburn says:

    G. Barry Stewart #23 “forced out for being “too neutral.” and “with no apparent skin in the game.” = ah…Murphy lost public confidence when it came out he is on record shilling for big oil corporate interests Et all… Google “Rex Murphy conflict of in
    terest’ and read how ‘impartial’ he is .. not.

    I have been following the CBC story closely. I find CBC can still actually be journalistic considering the restraints and restrictions evergrowing these past years. It reports about all parties.
    CBC BUDGET = It’s under $1.1B and falling. One
    of the lowest per-capita funding allocations for a public broadcaster in the OECD.

    CBC generates 3 to 4 times its cost each year for our economy.

    “Last summer, CBC/Radio-Canada president Hubert Lacroix announced his plans to trim
    staff, cutting 1,500 employees by 2020.”

    Harper stacked the board with Cons.
    Harper appointed Hubert Lacroix, president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, who is a Con
    supporter. The majority of board members are also people who have made donations to the
    Con Party. Harper has personally appointed 9-12 board members of the CBC.
    These are Harper’s handpicked appointees. The Harper appointed CBC Board:
    CBC Board and Con party contributions
    R. Racine, Chair Montreal 5 yrs $1100 $1100 $1100
    H. Lacroix, President Montreal 5 yrs $2000
    E. Boyd Toronto 5 yrs $1200
    S. Chong Toronto 5 yrs $500 $500
    P. Gingras Blainville 5 yrs
    C. Hawkins Toronto 5 yrs $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1100 $1200
    M. Larkin Winnipeg 5 yrs $700
    T. Leier Regina 5 yrs $1100 $1000 $1700
    B. Mitchell Montreal 5 yrs $1000 $1000
    M. McCaw Edmonton 5 yrs
    M. Oden Vancouver 5 yrs $586 $892.50 $1100 $275.60 $1100 $1200
    Sources: Elections Canada and
    When Harper said he wanted to kill CBC the ensuing uproar made him step back. Now he is using his usual tactic. Slowly with incremental changes and cuts (like news time cuts and replacing journalists with ‘personalities’ ), privatized the moderation, cutting staff to the bone he is manufacturing consent to shut CBC down.
    The Harper thumb print on all aspects of programming: Ever increasing and rampant these days is the Most Liked vanishing with all related answer posts… all the anti-Harper ones.

    Feds threatening journalist independence of CBC under new power over wages, benefits,
    collective bargaining, say critics
    cut their funding and stack the board until they submitted and could be used for propaganda purposes.
    Harper Brings CBC to Heel
    Squeezed by the throat, our public broadcaster is beginng to resemble a state-controlled network. — By Antonia Zerbisias, 20 Apr 2015,

    June 19, 2013
    CBC: From Canadian to Conservative Broadcasting Corporation
    EXCERPT Bill C-60, the federal government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, includes
    a clause that allows a Treasury Board committee to approve salaries, working conditions
    and collective bargaining for the CBC, among other Crown corporations. This is an
    assault on CBC’s independence, many commentators say, as the government will be able to control content and hiring practices.
    Meanwhile, no public broadcaster anywhere in the free world faces the degree of political interference as that is proposed for the CBC in Bill C-60.
    This legislation would make the Prime Minister the boss of all of the CBC’s employees, if the government takes control of collective bargaining at the CBC as Bill C-60 proposes to do. This in turn means the Harper government would have the power to influence the news and the role of producers, who create the news.

    Stephen Harper hasn’t said anything publicly about the CBC since he was leader
    of the opposition and, likely because Conservative Party polling indicates that the CBC
    remains very popular with Canadians, his government has usually been careful to disguise
    their attacks on the CBC. This is why the government propaganda machine is characterizing CBC opposition to Bill 60 as a labour relations issue.

    Mr. Morrison said there is a lack of transparency in the Harper government’s approach to
    the CBC.
    “They know they can’t just kill it, there would be all hell to pay. So it’s a death of a
    thousand cuts, a neutering, a neutralizing, making it less independent, less audacious,
    less capable of playing a kind of a countervailing role in a democracy. That’s my judgement of what’s going on,” Mr. Morrison said.

    — Harper conservatives gave $500 million of our taxpayer money in the form of a grant to the Fox News of the North, right wing Sun News. This when the facts are that they were attracting only 8 000 viewers at any given time

    Apologies for the length. I have a lot more. So much information about destroying CBC.

  47. Eldon says:

    I’m sorry to say you’re probably right. There was a time I sought CBC coverage first because of its balanced perspectives. It really is a shame Harper gouged their funding. The balance has been upset. The people working there are human and are concerned about their jobs. What a shame.

    (Response: There is never an excuse for a news organization delivering propaganda and overwhelmingly pushing only one side of a story. I also used to look to The National as a fair reflection of what’s actually happening …but not any more. Political correctness has taken precedence over real reporting, especially on the refugee question, the total disgrace of the richest Arab nations in refusing to take any, the fact that 70% of the refugees are men (who once landed, will likely each demand their families of five or so be allowed to join them)…note how the pics shown highlight children and women, and ignores that many, many are economic migrants, NOT fleeing Syria, not telling the truth about increasing Muslim impact on life in Europe, radicalization, social unrest, demands for accommodation, acquiescence not integration, increasing crime (what do we expect when they can’t speak the language, have no skills, can’t find jobs, esp in view of Europe’s already precarious economy) and increasing threats/vandalism/violence against Jews and, in some cases, against ANYONE at all who disagrees with them. h.o)

  48. Ara Hepburn says:

    Among the many treasons involved in the TPP is this one:
    WikiLeaks reveals CBC and Canada Post may be sold under TPP agreement
    Jul 30, 2015 by Obert Madondo in Economy

  49. Zelda says:

    Mr Oberfeld – you are always demanding reporters ask tough questions. When one does, you criticize = double standard

    (Response: I must have missed that: where did I criticize a reporter for asking a tough question? h.o)

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