Isolation: When TV and the Internet Really Count !

I’m home! And in isolation.

Now under 14 days of house arrest … isolation … made quite comfortable thanks to friends Chris and Kathy stocking my place with groceries (yes, they found them!) before arriving back … and friend Barry also stepping up since, with door-front drop-offs.

And I now have a renewed appreciation for the role TV and the Internet play in our lives … more important than ever to me (and others) staying home much more than normal.

And I’ve been watching.

First of all, now back in Vancouver, I could not help but immediately notice the difference in the structure/messaging/plan of attack against coronavirus and even the tone of our own provincial/municipal and federal officials compared to the chaotic/confused and, frankly, sometimes simply unbelievable Trump/Pence “briefings” I watched on tv in the US.

Not once since getting back have I seen Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say he’s smarter than the scientists, or we should try a malaria drug … or poutine … to cure it, or that we’ll have vaccine in “three or four months” … and a cure is on the horizon! (Not to mention the idiotic statements, misinformation and lies Trump and his lackeys delivered routinely earlier, downplaying both the imminent dangers and the expected impact of the virus.)

In fact, Canadians have an advantage over our American neighbours: thanks to the wide choice of TV channels available here, we can tune in coverage on both sides of the border to compare the monitoring/treatment progress and even the carefully crafted messages being aimed at the respective populations.

And speaking of television, as well as the internet, just think how much easier it is for anyone in extended isolation to keep up to date with the latest actions/information/discussions and just pass the time these days, compared to what global citizens experienced with previous pandemics.

Unless you believe you should be able to get it on your LOCAL CBC station that you have funded for generations.

Incredibly, the CBC has CANCELED its local newscasts across the country during the pandemic!


Just when the taxpayers who PAY for the CBC’s budget, salaries, highest tech equipment and some very fancy building facilities should be able to depend on the CBC for the latest LOCAL coronavirus alerts, breakouts, dangers, actions, closures and detailed news … the CBC has abandoned its local commitments.

Here’s how the CBC brass justified the move:

“As Canadians turn to us for the latest developments during these unprecedented times, we are temporarily pooling our resources into one core news offering to ensure the very best of our local and national journalism,” said Susan Marjetti, CBC’s general manager of news, current affairs and local.

I don’t buy it.

On Saturday, I tuned in CBC Newsworld for the Noon (Pacific) BC update: they didn’t join the live update until 12:04 p.m and MISSED the announcement of the total number of cases in BC! It was only given 20 minutes later, when Health Minister Adrian Dix decided to repeat part of the BC announcement in French. (Lucky for viewers … and the CBC … that he did that … because not even the CBC’s graphics running at the bottom of the screen had the BC numbers!)

Is that the best Canada’s broadcaster can do?

And what about details? The CBC could and should be regularly delivering not just the BC totals or those for the Vancouver area … but also the number of LOCAL cases/deaths/actions throughout the province … in the Okanagan, Prince George, the Interior and the Kootenays!

And the same in other provinces as well.

And it’s LOCAL stations that fulfill that important task … and mandate.

With LOCAL news programming cancelled, the CBC should adopt a new slogan: “When your community faces a crisis … we’re out of here!”

Readers of this blog will know I have defended funding of the CBC as necessary for fulfilling national broadcast objectives and serving local communities often ignored or under-served by private broadcasters.

However, CBC’s abandonment of local communities during the current crisis is a disgrace that should be addressed by the CRTC and Parliament once they are fully functioning again.

Fortunately, private broadcasters are providing LOCAL coverage, so there is still a lot to explore on both TV and the Internet.

So despite CBC abandoning local communities and its responsibilities to ALL Canadians … TV and the Internet will help us all to pass our required 14 days isolation … or voluntarily for even longer periods.

Harv Oberfeld

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89 Responses to Isolation: When TV and the Internet Really Count !

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    We are also in a 14 day isolation because she is a CDA and attended the BCDA convention 2 weeks ago, where a German dentist gave a lecture and later it was found that he had Covid-19.

    She didn’t attend those lectures but the BCDA has closed all dental offices until April, except for emergencies.

    The utterings from Trump are a demonstration the the Trump administration doesn’t give a damn about the peoples health and it is all about me “Not my fault”.

    So much for the “The buck stops here”.

    So people still support him, but I wonder if that love of Trump will linger past the mounting death toll and the chaotic, almost unbelievable broken health system. Maybe the people will wake up to the 4 year con that they have endured.

    I am very glad that the border is closed, because the USA is fast becoming a vast morgue. many of those poor dying are not being checked for covid-19, as the GOP types are hiding the truth of the fiasco.

    Cudo’s to Trudeau for his daily briefings, at least there is a feeling that the government is doing something, instead flailing in a morass of ineptitude south of the 49th.

    So when the sun comes out, more gardening and hopefully, planting veg and more. Already 10 recycle bags for this morning’s pick-up.

    Also be thankful for our garbage men who are maintaining service!

    As for the CBC omitting regional news, nothing new there because I have written off CBC years ago as they have been neutered by politically correct bureaucrats who just do not give a damn about BC. Neither did the Liberals until I believe, Health Minister Adrain Dix complained in the news about NOT closing the boarder. I wonder if there was a heated phone call?

    So my message for everyone:

    Be thankful you are in Canada and not the USA; keep your distance and heed Dr. Bonnie Henry’s advice or just watch her sigh language guy, his expressions says it all.

    Be healthy, be considerate and don’t expect this will be over until the end of August.

  2. e.a.f. says:

    So happy to hear. Read you are back in your own home. Truly lucky regarding your friends. On the other hand you must be a good friend also to have people do this for you.

    Don’t know what school the CEO
    Went to but they obviously have been at NHQ too long. We need regional broadcasting at this time It isn’t a large group they need just the basics. In my opinion some one at HQ has decided to save money laid everybody off. If the Corporation is not paying
    Most of the staff it’s a money grab.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    Nanaimo Hospital—-no going in or out. Staff comes in and remains for full shift. Patients may no have guests unless they’re going to peg off. No smoking outside for patients even if a doctor say it’s ok. Virus protocol rules and it makes me very happy

    Dix and Henry are doing a first rate job. So is Trudeau and Tam

    Some weren’t getting the message so the white rock parking lots at the beach have been closed off. Sibling went to grocery shop at Save On Foods for seniors. Said it was great well organized with social distancing in the isles. Now if Save On Food can have people do grocery shopping while social distancing the CBC can also

    CHEK-tv is employee owned and still operating so if they can so can the C BC

  4. john says:

    Harvey: While you are isolated at home, why don’t you check the internet to find out what’s happening at Roxham Road despite Trudeau’s edict that illegals cannot come into Canada. Sick Canadians can’t come home but aliens can just walk in.

  5. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Ouch! The comments at the CBC story Harvey linked are at least 95% negative on the consolidation move.

    On the 5% side:
    It was pointed out by one poster that CBC Radio still maintains its local presence. Good. I have a LOT of time for CBC Radio.

    Another responded to a negative poster: “You are way off base. Context matters. This is a global emergency. Those who work in media are facing the same difficulties as everyone else. It is almost impossible to staff the stations. People who work in media are being quarantined, self isolating and social distancing themselves too. They have children and suffering from sickness too. It’s very difficult to even get around with transportation systems being on reduced service. City councils aren’t meeting in person either. You’re kidding yourself.”

    On Harvey’s compare-and-contrast comment about Canadian versus American (Trump) press conferences: yes, ‘yuge’ difference. Leadership versus blathering, until people like Dr. Fauci are allowed to speak.

    An aside: Trump recently said, “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

    Yes: that would be because your experts were telling you that in early January.

  6. Leila Paul says:

    I have a question I hope someone might be able to answer.

    Since the WHO (and likely the CDC) would have been aware of China’s practices of eating bats which are replete with viruses; the practice of Civet cats being fed coffee beans in order to fish them out by hand afterward; and other potentially risky slaughtering, marketing and food consumption habits – why have officials at the WHO not approached the Chinese government to ask they regulate or criminalize such practices?

    In the past, China has acknowledged responsibility for adulterated foods exported around the world that caused illness and death. I’ve read reports of the chemicals used to simulate pork and other food ingredients in a favored noodle soup, perhaps the Won Ton soup.

    I’ve even watched documentaries by foreign journalists with hidden cameras pose as tourists and approach farmers who openly admitted (with camera hidden) that they use illegal hormones to fatten their meat animals and antibiotics far in excess of the allowable amounts.

    I saw those documentaries a number of years ago. Where were the WHO guardians of global health? Is it possible I, and others I know, have seen these documentaries and read these reports and no one at WHO was aware? In fact, is no one at WHO from China, or has any of the managerial staff visited China?

    I do not doubt the WHO has a large enough budget that they could send inspectors to large wholesale markets and find Wet Markets which are apparently open to the public at large.

    Why does the WHO not investigate where potential novel pathogens may emerge from their zoonotic state and mutate to infect humans who then travel and infect all others they contact during their stay in China and their flights’ fellow passengers and then those they inevitably come in contact with at airports, public transport and home and on and on.

    Is it so far fetched that WHO would not consider these possibilities and consider that part of their responsibility since they’ve repeatedly warned of epidemics or pandemics emerging?

    What is the WHO budget? What is their staff number? What are their job descriptions?

    Maybe some geniuses at the CBC might decide that’s a worthwhile investigative documentary they could produce. Then again, the BBC once did that sort of public service, and Australia Broadcasting Company now seems to be more of it although mostly within Australia. What about PBS?

    (Edited for length and off topic)

    Not the CBC. They’re AWOL on what is potentially the biggest story of the decade and possibly of part of or most of this century.

    But I did try to raise the alarm about CBC negligence, cosmetic obsessive vanity and the power play for turf control with cliques in each newsroom I’d worked in. All four CBC TV newsrooms where I’d worked had too many staff interfering with actual news content and cliques that formed. If a person did not join one of the cliques, they were left on their own to be harassed by all those with their elitist arrogance. And that was 30 years ago!

    Canadians deserve what they get. And please spare us the praise of Trudeau. He was indecisive and wavered until the crisis was too obvious to ignore. He also ignored the rail blockades and only reacted when compelled to do so and still gave away the land demanded by the bands, with nothing given back in return.

    Trump is not our problem when it comes to leadership of our aboriginal, migrant, illegal border crossings or health or epidemic crises. Let’s stop distracting ourselves but joining in the chorus that just loves to hate Trump.

    (Edited for length and off topic)

    There’s much about global leaders that merit criticism. But let’s focus on our failings. If our government funds the CBC billions and has done so for > 80 years and now we end up with inexperienced journalists who run and hide when a major story should have them burning with “fire in the belly” to get the story out first and most accurately. They should be eager to be the “town crier” who was always a staple of any competent society.

    And what of the often pompous pundits in the commercial private news media? Did they not demand and get a large handout from out taxes – was it $600 Million, or am I mistaken.

    (Edited…off topic)

    If indeed this novel coronavirus does create a global and truly large pandemic – let’s identify who failed to do their jobs locally first. Then let’s examine the responsibilities of global institutions to which we belong and help to fund.

    Then globally, let’s identify governments who fail to acit within their borders to avoid injuring and possibly killing others. We live in what is now a shrinking space with a large population in close proximity. Governments who fail injured not just their citizens but all of us.

    But we must start by demanding investigation and accountability of those who failed to respond with concern for us – those whom we empowered to take the reins of power and to act in our interests.

    Let’s look in the mirror and ask if we failed ourselves miserably and settled for such dysfunctional and incompetent leadership.

    No we didn’t just settle. Presumably we made an active choice collectively to appoint Trudeau and his buddies to protect our interests and prevent the repeated and unnecessary events that, cumulatively, could lead to disaster for us.

    Pity the next government and PM. They have to clean up the mess and probably have blame laid at their feet.

  7. OldIslander says:

    Welcome home, Harvey. Hope your self-isolation passes quickly and smoothly.

    There are few who dislike J Trudeau more than me, due to many things — his ultra political correctness (i.e. “We like to say ‘peoplekind’, not necessarily ‘mankind’, because it’s more inclusive.”). His staccato umms and ahhhhs, and the resulting sickly sweet pabulum voice he’s developed to combat the impediment, like he’s speaking to a kindergarten class. His lack of leadership during the recent blockades, and many more…

    But I must admit that he’s grown up in the past months. His wife having contracted COVID-19 likely weighs on him. As well as knowing that he’s presiding over the greatest dilemma to challenge Canada since the 2nd war. This is much bigger than his father’s FLQ crises.

    So credit where credit is due – I feel better after watching his daily briefings. About the only thing we don’t have to worry about in this fiasco, is our national leader dropping the ball. Who’da thunk?

    (Response: I’ve watched a couple of those briefings (Feds at 11:15 a.m. and BC at Noon) and have found them both quite informative and even re-assuring. Except although they talk a lot about economic incentives etc no one has yet told us what they’re doing to make sure Canadians can just buy eggs, sugar, meats, vegetables for their families!!! And maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen a single reporter even ask about that. Impossible for government to act? Well have we already forgotten the wage and price controls the feds instituted 1975-78? Maybe it’s time for quantity controls too … to be instituted by private groceries etc …but easier, from a customer relations point of view, to do if TOLD to do so by government. Time for more direct action…not just briefings and press releases. h.o)

  8. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Glad you are home.

    your call for direct action from the goverment is right on the money. we have emergency powers lets use them. wednesday the the social service cheques come out ,friday the senior pension cheques come out.

    my wife’s health is not the greatest some essential supplies took me three days to find, lots of bus trips to multiple stores putting myself and others at risk because of hoarders . so i say bring on supply management .

    ib have been very impressed by the non partisan approach taken by all levels of goverment ,all the parties.

    we will survive all of this.

    (Response: By the way, although Horgan, Janes and Dix have been out in front of the cameras daily lately delivering coronavirus announcements …behind the scenes, the BC government has one glaring FAILURE. As someone in isolation, I tried TWICE to get through to the “811” info line with a question: once the phone line just kept ringing …no answer; in the second, I got a message that “due to high call volumes” I’d have to call back. When? That’s very dangerous: if people are responsible enough to care and ask questions about what they should do in a particular instance …there should at least be be enough government workers to at least answer the phones! What about that … someone should ask Horgan, Dix, James!!! h.o)

  9. Rainclouds says:

    unless the brain trust at the CBC decide to change the model to a PBS like format (they already get a billion in funding) Instead of the pap currently offered. Kill it

    Had enough of having my tax remittances squandered by idiots

    (Response: Everyone understands that delivering news coverage during the pandemic can be challenging. But if the private networks can do it, surely the CBC …with a much richer budget than private newsrooms (thanks to billions in public funding) …should be able to deliver basic LOCAL coverage of coronavirus simply unavailable on national broadcasts. For example, how about the regional figures for infection? Here’s what found: 150 in Fraser Health; 30 in Interior Health; 39 in Island Health; 5 in Northern Health; and, 248 in Vancouver Coastal Health. But what I can’t do (I’m retired) is give a complete report on who/where in fecvtions took place in each area and what LOLCAL officials are saying and doing in each. THAT’S where the CBC should be stepping in and stepping up … if it weren’t for the cowardly decision-makers in Toronto/Ottawa deciding to walk away from smaller communities in the rest of the country during this crisis. h.o)

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ Leila Paul

    Every country have their eating peccadilloes but eating weird food is not the source of Covid-19.

    From Science Daily:

    “An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.
    The novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, last year and has since caused a large scale COVID-19 epidemic and spread to more than 70 other countries is the product of natural evolution, according to findings published today in the journal Nature Medicine.”

    Pure Darwin I’m afraid.

    Remember Mad Cow disease, which was spread by cattle eating food which contained the protein renderings of dead sheep and cows.

    Now back to isolation and the the effects.

    Stayed home as per current regimen, back lawn done, the wife is sorting pictures, a job on the to do list for the past 15 years.

    Netflix is a godsend as is Prime and Roku. Who watches local telly anymore?

    As the world begins to close down confronting this deadly virus, the USA still has yet to confront the reality of it.

    This is dangerous, very dangerous and our first hand reports from a relative in Seattle are nothing less than horrifying. Deaths caused by covid-19 are now nearing 90 and will top 100 in a day or two, yet the politicians are fumbling the ball, playing petty politics.

    Nothing like lined up corpses before an election, if there is one.

    Canada, I believe is doing the best it can in a terrible situation and those people who traveled abroad, despite the growing alarm of pandemic, I hope they think twice holidaying abroad in the next few years.

    Again, stay home, take care, wash your hands hourly and enjoy the sun if it is out or reruns if not.

  11. Gilbert says:

    I’m sure many are aware that I’m no supporter of the prime minister. It was a big surprise to me that he managed to get re-elected. However, I must be fair and say that I completely agree with his decision to close the border at Roxham Road. This was the correct decision, and I’m glad he made it. Now I wonder if his supporters will agree with him.

  12. 13 says:

    Harvey welcome home. Glad your safe and thank you to your fiends and neighbors looking after you. I am also confined at home due to my cancer treatments and surgery a week ago. MY WIFE, TV and calls from my kids and friends have always been appreciated but they are beyond anything I could hope for at this time. TV and internet are also great diversions from the 24/7 coverage of this pandemic from China
    Ill let you digest a few of Trudeaus daily briefings . This disaster visited upon our planet thanks to China will get Trudeau re elected .
    The earlier TV footage of people leaving Costco with toilet paper. The TV footage of the pair in Port Moody selling hospital masks . The footage of these and many other events and actions will need to be air brushed to fit the sjw narrative.
    Vancouvers decades of not acting to end the causes of homelessness and to simply enable will be nothing short of a calamity.
    Businesses that are greedy will stand out like the Bow Mac sign. Yes they are out there.
    The CBC buildings as pointed out by BMCQ should be re purposed . Vancouver is full of those ICBC mausoleums from the early days. Huge bay doors at both ends of a long building. Inside 30 bays and almost 30 offices with computers phones and furniture.
    Normally ONE BAY and ONE OFFICE is in use. Some or all of these facilities should be used to house , treat, feed, and care for homeless people The care should be measured and if positive results arent apparent then they should be decommissioned
    Well thats in the future and the future is not carved in steel. Thanks to China this planets ability to heal itself will be tested to the maximum.
    Please folks save your lists of polluters , starving kids, nuclear war, nulear melt downs’ETC ETC ETC. Yes they are all part of the global community but China has outdone them this time. Fent pill presses and so much more from China.

  13. Leila Paul says:

    Thank you DM Johnston,

    The paragraph you quote is accurate although further down the page it does indicate human contact with the original animal host or a vector.

    It’s not the Darwinian form of natural selection but rather the mutation of the pathogen to adapt itself to infiltrate other mammals.

    It’s important for people to know the risks of dealing with wild or exotic animals and the potential risks such activities pose to large innocent populations.

    This confirms the contact with the Civet cat as the SARS source which I referred to earlier. It also refers to bats as being another source of emerging novel viral pathogens although certainty of human to bat contact may not have been the direct source and may have required an intermediate vector.

    Eating bats and consuming coffee beans from fecal matter of the Civets are not mere peccadilloes but instead present a very real threat of severe or fatal illness once humans interact with these feral animals.

    Where matters of life or death of masses of people are concerned it may be wise to restrict such peccadilloes.

    ….This is how previous coronavirus outbreaks have emerged, with humans contracting the virus after direct exposure to civets (SARS) and camels (MERS). The researchers proposed bats as the most likely reservoir for SARS-CoV-2 as it is very similar to a bat coronavirus. There are no documented cases of direct bat-human transmission, however, suggesting that an intermediate host was likely involved between bats and humans.

  14. Leila Paul says:

    This is a very embarrassing thing to admit, Harvey, and other more enlightened persons, that I’ve been, late coming to the realization that Trump is an aberration that will cost people their lives. And they and their families will suffer as this progresses. The damaged economy will also add another dimension to that suffering.

    Self isolation has an almost stunning force of gravity that forces us to sit as though weighted by the gravity – wondering if we could have done better – to ask might I have contributed to this crisis but not taking it seriously enough earlier. And is there a way I might have helped prevent it?

    More importantly what can we do in the future?

    Certainly failing to acknowledge that Trump is simply not fit to be in the office he holds is one way I’ve failed to be realistic. The rationale that the alternatives may have been worse is no longer quite so comforting.

    Good leaders will not emerge if they do not know with certainty they have stalwart individual who will help if they take the helm.

    I dread what the final result will be but I do strongly believe we cannot allow the kinds of behaviors that put other innocent people at risk. Wherever we see potential dangers, we need to speak out. We may be wrong, but are we not better off to be cautious?

    Each life is so precious to the living person and all those they love. Food is not yet a scarcity in our planet and God has granted us abudance. We do not need to eat exotic animals and perhaps torment them and isolate them for their own species – and, yes, even families.

    If others have better options please propose them. But I think we must urge our government to request national organizations to take a more responsible role in monitoring what animals people slaughter; how they do so and, if they consume them, consider if that creates another opportunity for mutations of other species’ pathogens. It’s almost like an alien from outer space we do not comprehend.

    We should also consider if human slaughter, treatment and consumption of those animals is unqualified cruelty to them too.

    I hope some of us will join together to take whatever actions may be open to encourage national institutions are held accountable and monitor abusive caging of exotic species and how they’re treated. Wet Markets, whether in China or elsewhere, must be eliminated. In times of famine, perhaps we must tolerate unusual food preferences. But not when options are plentiful.

    Harvey, thank you for offering this space for those of us who need like minded people to discuss our concerns and maybe formulate a citizens request for decisive action.

    And most of all thank you for your patience to read and monitor our submissions. You are a caring and compassionate man and should be acknowledge for your service to society.

    Please stay well, Harvey, your role is more important and more greatly appreciated than you can imagine.

    I apologize. I suppose I’m feeling sad, worried and ashamed that I’m part of a segment of society that has not cared enough for those who need our watchful eye – whether human or exotic animals.

    I know you probably won’t post this for it’s irrelevant to the topic at hand. But I just had to express my regrets about about the enormity of what may be developing.

    (Response: There is definitely something afoot in Washington: Trump (and those advising him behind the scenes) seem to be setting the groundwork to lift the isolation health directives and send thousands of workers back to their jobs. It will be interesting to see what doctors and scientists say ..and what happens to the infection rates down there. Looks to me like Trump and his Republican allies are clearly prepared to put corporate bottom lines and shareholders’ profits before people’s lives. Horrifying! Especially if infection/death rates soar as a result. GREAT to be in Canada!! h.o)

  15. Jay says:


    Glad to see you made it home safe.

    “we should try a malaria drug “

    Well if you knew what that malaria drug actually does you would realize that it stops the virus from actually getting into the cells that allow it to multiply. If it can’t multiply it can’t harm the patient. Combined with other types of meds that prevent RNA replication or stop the creation of virus specific proteins, there are treatments that have the potential to reduce symptoms or even cure the disease.

    “why have officials at the WHO not approached the Chinese government to ask they regulate or criminalize such practices? “

    mainly because eating bats by itself isn’t really the problem. It is having them stored in close proximity to other animals that can catch the precursor virus and allow it to mutate into something that can infect humans. The corona virus by itself is not something that generally infects humans. It has to mutate via being introduced from bats to some other species ( in the case civets and pangolins) that cause it to mutate and thus allow it to infect humans.
    Failure of leadership? Hard to really say as most national and local leaders have no medical experience so must rely on advisors, who in turn rely on the information available. When that information has been suppressed or falsified as in this case, how do make correct decisions? The US response was called an overreaction by the media and political left and even many on the right and now they are complaining it wasn’t done sooner..Can’t have it both ways folks.


    “Deaths caused by covid-19 are now nearing 90 and will top 100 in a day or two, yet the politicians are fumbling the ball, playing petty politics. “

    Really? How many died of Flu, overdose, car accidents, cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc in that same time? This virus is highly contagious yes, has a higher chance of causing severe symptoms in mostly the elderly and immuno-compromised yes but it has yet to cause a death rate even close to other causes. Saying it does is pure fear mongering at this point.

    As for the CBC, sadly they are at the whim of their political and corporate masters. If you think that any big media operation has complete control over what they say and do then you are dreaming. You can see this clearly in the US where every station seems to be using the same script at times even when that script is complete crap. Many won’t ask the hard questions for fear of losing their job immediately. Their is no “freedom” of the press anymore.

    (Response: I didn’t realize you were a doctor .. or scientist. There may be a number of drugs/treatments that could be useful and effective …but I want to hear it from doctors and/or scientists …not politicians or social media self-qualified experts … based on something they read somewhere or heard from someone …. one person … or worse, “people” who are also medically and scientifically unqualified.. h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Didn’t see much about cats shitting coffee beans bringing down the world health but I for one wasn’t going to consume it. Had government’s done so there would have been court challenges. “Who are you to tell me what I can drink”. What is amusing is that people are up set about drinking coffee made from brand a cat shit out but have yet to see people bring that energy to dirty drinking water all over the world which kills children every year. Guess the monkey coffee keeps those who can afford it happy and who really cares about kids on reserves , third world countries or Flint Michigan

    Who are we to restrict what people can eat in other countries. If these people can not find protein they may die but of course as long as first world citizens don’t die it’s ok

    Who are we to dictate how food is produced in other countries just so your rich white asses don’t get contaminated. The world has enough food. Corporations just don’t want to share.
    Other cultures have other practices. Get over it. If you don’t like it don’t go there

    Some of us Leila have known the source of our food production our whole lives and that is why we ate very carefully

    Now as to the WHO don’t blame them. It is not to protect you and some other one
    Percenter. It looks at the whole world approximately 7 billion or there about and with their budget they don’t have time or money to micro manage.

    Western countries had a choice but every one wanted to make money and buy cheap. You can buy fruit and veggies canned in China with a with brand names as I recall were a made in Canada Our two ever did. Our parents paid top dollar to either grow their own or personally knew the producers

    Hind sight is 20/20 vision. Money was saved. Profits
    Made. Now we
    Pay for real
    And still some don’t care. They’re on the beach having parties. People need to take some responsibility for them selves

    Companies knew what was going on and consumers did not want to
    Know. I wouldn’t eat bats but then during Ww11 people didn’t think they’d eat rats to stay alive or grass

    Now during this time if some enterprising young doc maker went out and asked questions about food disease and such not
    Much will change

    Peop still play the odds

  17. e.a.f. says:

    One thing CBC could to is run some information ad to help people self isolate. Script writers and sales people all know the importance of repeating things 3 times. Some people just don’t under stand what is going on or what pandemics truly are. The CBC can provide a service by simply showing historical events which involved pandemics and have knowledgeable people talk about it. Like really talk. Most people alive today weren’t around for the depression or WW II and forgotten about MERs. SAr. Let CBC pull some film from Ebola in Africa. Show people what a pandemic truly is. You don’t really understand it until you see the graveyards. It can happen again. It’s already starting

    Many of us remember old CBC series. Run them then cut in with this is what would happen to this set/town if 3% died and do other number combination

    If CBC can’t get their reporters out every where have people send things they filmed from their porch or deck.

    Show a deserted street with a note advising this is how your street ought to look

    You tube has one section with 50 hand washing videos with music. They were actually funny. Speaking of hand washing has every one practiced. Gotten the moves Dow right. Yes the CBC could do a lot of things but I suspect those offices are closed to save money

    (Response: The CBC is providing a lot of interesting and valuable info on their national news network. And I find it useful to be able to compare how the coronavirus issues are being handled in various provinces. But they are dismally failing within each province where they have LOCAL stations that have been totally closed down …when they are needed most! Where is the government on this abandonment of such a an ESSENTIAL local service??? Canadians deserve better; Canadians have PAID for better: the government should act on behalf of better INFORMING more than just people living … and being sick … in the major cities. And some media mouth should ask Trudeau why it is not. h.o.)

  18. DBW says:

    Tonight our city council declared a state of emergency because they listened to our local doctors.

    Adrian Dix and John Horgan give Dr. Henry centre stage. Trudeau and all the other premiers listen to their health officials. As do leaders of virtually every jurisdiction. Contrast this with Trump and Dr. Fauci, the infectious disease expert on Trump’s task force.

    We sit down for an hour and a half, go over all the issues on the agenda… talk about what are going to be the messages … [and what we] want to emphasize, Then we go in to see the president … we present our consensus to him, and somebody writes a speech. THEN HE GETS UP AND AD LIBS HIS SPEECH (my emphasis)

    Also, from Dr. Fauci on Trump’s battle with the truth: I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down. OK, he said it. Let’s TRY and get it corrected for the next time.

    Dr. Fauci also said he would never use “China virus”.

    My wife keeps telling me that we would be better off if we shut off the TV when Trump is on, to ignore completely the president of the US. She is right, but sadly, like a horrible car crash, it’s hard to look away.

    Stay safe everybody.

    (Response: Dr Fauci has disappeared from Trump’s recent briefings: It looks like Trump is preparing to halt the total shutdown and send many people back to work …contrary to medical/scientists’ advice. The results of that would be interesting to watch …from afar. h.o)

  19. 13 says:

    Having re read your blog topic, at about the 2/3 you set your sights on the CBC and go after the colossal government funded blunder with both barrels. The parallel between this tax payer cash flush and another tax payer flush is hard to ignore.The CBC is government run media and allows competition from the private sector media. Our other tax payer flush could just as easily compete with private sector insurers. iCBC is the same government tax flush as CBC . Hard to believe either of these tax sucking black holes are still in existence. We must truly be stupid.

  20. Keith says:

    Off topic Harvey but to a comment that someone wrote about turning the T.V. off when Trump is giving a presser, especially medical advice sans Dr. Faucci.

    (Response: Not really off topic at all: this is dangerous stuff … and I know there are people in the US (and elsewhere) who read this blog. They should be alerted ..and alarmed. h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    Just listening to NW and Mr Levy is giving his business report. The unemployment figures are staggering. The economic loss will likely dwarf the 2008 melt down. Sooner or later people will begin to feel the economic pain of this Covid pandemic that China has given us

  22. hawgwash says:

    Harvey, your response to DBW; “It looks like Trump is preparing to halt the total shutdown and send many people back to work …contrary to medical/scientists’ advice.”

    This Globe piece fits both this and your previous blog and is worthy of pondering.

    Sadly, the market is responding, which could be salvation for Trump, encouraging him to ramp up non-ethnic cleansing and population control.

  23. BMCQ says:

    I know almost everyone on this Blog and in Media have Donald Trump but can we at least attempt to stick to the facts .

    I am not quite as intellectually gifted as many here but I am emersed in Chemistry and Math each and every day, I have never and will never make decisions on something I have heard from media, my neighbours dog, let alone take something out the back of a garage cupboard and introduce it into my system, or anyone else’s system . Surely there must be some personal responsibility on people to research anything before they ingest it . Believe it or not there are literally thousands of chemicals and pharma with similar sounding names, would any of you dispute that ? Would any of you take anything from your medicine cabinet or another cupboard in the house on a whim ? Would you ? And this is Trumps fault ?

    We should at least make an attempt to research to see if the information in media being sold to us is fact . Don’t you think that might be a good idea ?

    Frankly I find this desire to make Donald Trump look like Joseph Stalin quite sickening .

    I hope to god I am on topic here, I am quite tired of being off topic when I am addressing claims of others who have been allowed to have their comments stand without being deleted .

    Enjoy the rest of this “Trump Bashing”, I will leave it to you .

  24. BMCQ says:


    You may now notice that many media outlets including the “Trump Hating” CNN have now completely dropped the story about the Arizona Couple who ingested the Fish Tank Cleaner, please ask yourself the following question, I wonder why ?

    in two or three days you can thumb through the New York Times and the WAPO to page 47 and find a retraction of the story, I am quite sure you will not miss it .

    As to Time Magazine ? Nah, you will not hear a word from them .

    I joined Keeping It Real in August of 2015 and I have never hesitated to admit I was wrong or mistaken when shown the error of my ways, funny, not many others on this Blog seem to do that .

  25. BMCQ says:

    Please read the first tWO Paragraphs on this report very carefully .

    Again, would ANY of YOU do the same as the Arizona couple did ?

    Can ANY of YOU or even other “Trump Haters” still blame DJT for their fatal mistake ?

  26. G. Barry Stewart says:

    On Laila’s admitting to doing a 180 turn on Trump. I’m impressed, as it takes a lot of courage to do a public about-face.

    No one does a 180 at full speed, though. I’m thinking Trump’s bumblings at the podium this past week have pumped your brakes?

    Well before the outbreak, Trump’s detractors were saying he is dangerous. They were mostly referring to America’s reputation, finance and freedoms. Nearly half of America wouldn’t believe the warnings. “The economy and stock market are great!” they countered.

    Now, with thousands of innocent lives at risk, “dangerous” is far less debatable. Perhaps Trump’s Monday musings about putting the economy back in gear will — finally — be the 180 turning point for former supporters.

    The ‘captain’ can’t be allowed to go down with the ship. He needs to step down, or be pushed. Get a less-incompetent President Pence in there and start up the bilge pumps.

  27. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I just read an thoughtful, well-written piece in the news-republic. “The Death of American Incompetence.”

    I could quote much of the article — but this was one of my favourites:

    “When suddenly faced with a complicated problem requiring grown-up leadership, it was inevitable that Trump would mishandle it and then deny responsibility. It is a failure of character unparalleled in U.S. history, and it could not have come at a worse time. The amazing thing is that anyone is even remotely surprised.”

  28. John Sugden says:

    Leila: You wonder why WHO hasn’t done much. Maybe it’s because They are funded in the majority by the communist party of china. China is pulling the strings of fits puppet – WHO.

  29. BMCQ says:

    Hello Harvey,

    Please edit or delete any of this you feel is inappropriate or off topic, I would just like to get across the point that what Media and participants on this Blog said about Trump being responsible for the poisoning of the Arizona couple had in fact absolutely nothing to do with Trump .

    I am not sure what Time Magazine will do but as previously stated the correction may appear on page 72, far enough back so the people never know the facts . .

    And so it goes on .

  30. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ Jay and L.P.

    You don’t get it do you?

    Covid 19 is deadly, very deadly. It is not flu; it is not od’s, it is a mutated and deadly virus that needs to be contained.

    Don’t blame the Chinese or bat soup and please no man-of-straw arguments comparing other deaths.

    Italy – 6, 820 deaths and counting has now doubled China’s deaths. total world deaths, 18, 600 +!

    It seems that a portion of people live isolated to reality of this dreadful bug.

    Texas’s lieutenant governor says seniors would rather face coronavirus than kill economy – really? Really, Really?

    A death sentence?

    A North Shore Dentist has now died after attending the recent BCDA convention where an infected German Dentist has spread the disease. By all accounts he was in good health then…………

    The Lynn Valley care home has become ground zero for deaths in BC with now over 10 elderly patrons passing away.

    The callousness of those posting boarder on something far more than distasteful.

    It is hyper “I’m all right Jack” attitude that shocks me. Have we all become “comfortably numb?”

    As my sister in law who is a nurse in Seattle told my wife, she seen the computer projections of the spread of Covid-19, no one is safe and if you have an immunity problem is looks very bad.

    I am alarmed with covid-19 and I am also alarmed by the byzantine attitudes that still prevail.

    Not one REAL doctor I have seen or heard has minimized this pandemic, in fact they are scared, very scared.

    As for the CBC, I am now watching it on the News Chanel service – no better or no worse that CTV’s news service

    We are living in dangerous times and i know, I am from the “me Generation” but the Millennial are the “Me,me,me,me,me generation”, supported by the internet where fake news and alternative facts are a way of life.

  31. e.a.f says:

    Harvey read your response. I’m afraid the government is busy with other things. The Government Wanted to pass Leg to 31 Dec. other parties thought that date is too far away. It’s not but some have no idea how short the days and weeks are. Trudeau I have read is with drawing the clause. As I under stand it Parliament is using a prorated system as to the numbers of MPs who will be the House. Now a Conservative MP has decided to go even though he has been asked to stay away. Gather he feels he has to save democracy. If he does take his seat the Liberals will have to bring in an extra. OMG some of these people. We have to have an element of trust in our politicians at this point in history and use our own common sense

    Still in hospital. No T V available but do have my cell phone As long as I can text read blogs and newspapers I may survive this. Did you know they serve decaf coffee and tea. Harvey they ought to have a sign up at E R. Perhaps not I would not have wanted to enter. We’re you able to obtain caffeine while in St Paul’s. Is there a secret source?
    I know it’s in the staff cafeteria but not being mobile limits me. We are in lock down so no visitors or take out. just good medical care. Oh right that is why I’m here. Wash Your Hands

    (Response: I prefer decaf … I get excited enough as it is! h.o)

  32. Leila Paul says:

    G. Barry Stewart:

    A crisis always sharpens one’s view of persons and events. In a crisis, either at home or global, we all look to someone to provide leadership. I looked and found none. If others have found exemplary leadership please let me know. I’m eager to be more optimistic.

    Of course one does not rationally do a 180 abruptly. In truth, when Trump was a private person I had no opinion about him other than a flamboyant playboy and then ignored the rest.

    As a presidential candidate, I looked at the alternative and believed he’d be the “lesser evil”. Once someone is leading, I believe it’s helpful not to create additional obstacles for that person if they may already lack strong leadership skills. However, his reportedly being at the helm of a financial empire indicated he must have SOME leadership skills.

    That Trump has failed to provide the leadership his role enables him to do as U.S. President created the only logical view I could take. Trump has taken the right position on some issues.

    But as to providing desperately needed leadership in a crisis, I was gravely disappointed and acknowledged my wishful support of Trump made even the lesser evil not less unfit for the role he occupies.

    As for your comments, eaf, gratuitously directed at me – I’d suggest they speak more about your nature than of mine. I will not rebut them, for that would be unworthy. You cannot help yourself, and I understand.

    As to the suggestion by the medical and epidemiological expert DM Johnston, if the L.P. you refer to is me, then I suggest you re-read my comments. I have stated explicitly that this is a dangerous crisis and one from which we may not recover in this century or ever. Things may be permanently changed.

    If someone has unusual eating preferences, they do not have the right to impose the potential risks on others.

    Remember the concept that one’s rights end where they infringe on the rights of others. In this case, it’s the rights of a global population that should not be exposed to a highly infectious agent that mutated. And please do no underestimate my knowledge of medical and epidemiological issues.

    I’d suggest we all respectfully leave our differences of opinion at this point. The enemy is not the opinions of others on this blog. Rather, it is how to persuade institutions empowered to protect the global population, to fulfill those duties.

  33. Jay says:


    How do you think this virus mutated? Have you actually read any of the science behind this bug? It mutated from bats to other species (pangolins is the beleived host) and mutated from there to a human transmissible virus.
    Why did this happen? Because the Chinese have these markets where all sorts of animal that wouldn’t normally have interacted are put in close proximity to each other making it possible for transmission. Remember the disease outbreaks among the natives when the first explorers landed in North America? It was because they had no natural immunity or herd immunity to those diseases. Same sort of situation here. Animals that have no normal means of interacting are put together and bingo, the viruses can spread and mutate.

    Don’t blame China? They likely caused this virus to be created, lied about it, suppressed the evidence, arrested or disappeared the doctors and whistleblowers trying to warn everyone, refused to let the WHO and CDC in during the critical first weeks and made no effort to stop people leaving to other countries with the virus.
    Why do you think Italy is getting smashed so hard? They had a large number of chinese immigrants, their population is older than most, they have numerous co-morbiditys, they have a more compact society and also don’t have access to the same medical system we have here. They got overwhelmed.

    No real doctors? What is that supposed to mean? If a doctor isn’t in a full blown panic they aren’t a real doctor? I have never claimed to be a doctor but I spent 4 years in college learning pathophysiology, cell biology, microbiology, organic and inorganic chemistry and spent at least a whole semester on viruses and bacterial pathogens, how they work and what they do. So I think I have enough background to read a study or watch a video from the epidemiologists and such studying this virus to know what it’s about.

    I agree, it is dangerous, it is obviously deadly, it is highly contagious and it will be very dangerous to the elderly and immuno compromised. I have been saying this since day 1. I will not jump on the panic train however. Panic serves no purpose. I will not look at the numbers and say this is far worse than anything else, it is not at this point. To say that again only causes panic. Right now it should be killing alot more people as there is no vaccine and very few treatments but it hasn’t. We have flu shots and it still kills thousand a year, mostly elderly and immuno compromised.
    No this is not the flu but to say you can’t compare the 2 is nonsense. How do you think the CDC and WHO and doctors and scientists determine how deadly it is? Make a guess? No they compare it to other similar pathogens and death causing issues.

    Why this guttural need to spread panic? Society is already anxious enough on its own to get on a loud speaker and scream at the top of your lungs that the sky is falling.

  34. 13 says:

    GBS your quote from the republic contained in an article entitled the death of american incompetence…………..when suddenly faced with a complicated problem requiring grown up leadership………….

    I picture you standing in front of your class and explaining how to recognize a very biased news source
    OK Kids first of all you will recognize the magazine as biased by the person that recommends reading it
    Or you could tell your students that this is one side lets explore another pov
    Next the title of the article screams bias
    Finally the word grown up. There you go class now you can see how fake news is developed

  35. Harry Lawson says:


    the frustrating thing for me is the effects of the politicization of the news media around the world . the lack of integrity or perceived lack of integrity has done a disservice to all .

    the economic hangover is going to be painful , the reality is we started defund civil defence and the military in the 1970’s slowly we all got complacent . we farmed out the majority if our manufacturing including medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to asia . it will take years to reset the wolds economies if ever . we may just have to do a total reset.

    (Response: I believe the current virus spread will change for decades the way countries and companies do business. World travel and related fears will result in reduced tourism for years. Entry into many countries will be restricted much more …esp from Third World nations. Industrial globalization will give way to more self-reliance, local production … except where production costs are substantially less overseas. The world we knew just months ago is hone forever. h.o)

  36. 13 says:

    Leila “pity the next government ……” I pray that you are correct in assuming the next government wont be the the current government (with a majority).
    His 30 minutes a day of exposure are helping a captive audience of voters to see him at his best. People that follow politics probably can see past his smirk
    The leaderless conservative party is on the sidelines

  37. Marge says:

    For those of you who believe that our health care is outstanding. Certainly doesn’t seem that way for seniors living in private group home. Read the Toronto Globe & Mail article and get shocked:

    The Globe and Mail Story of how Coronavirus got into the Care Homes

    and here’s a gruesome article about what it’s like in the Chinese markets:

    Stay healthy everyone!

  38. Leila Paul says:

    Helena, thank you!

    China’s leadership and its medical experts must have been aware of this market, and it is not the only one. I recall seeing a video of live feral animals in cages, closely jammed next to each other. I heard the squeals and cries and could not help but wonder about the torment and fear the animals themselves endure.

    The voice over narrator emphasized that these animals do not come in contact with one another in their natural habitat and will inevitably transmit pathogens to one another to which they may not have immunity.

    The Chinese government has been aware that it allows this kind of animal cruelty while also exposing its own populace to the risks. Some of them may have tolerance to the potential diseases and then if they travel, they may expose other people who do not have immunity. The Chinese government should be acting more responsibly.

    That’s particularly true when China tried to protect its export revenue. Remember the scandal of baby formula? The Chinese government executed the men they help publicly responsible although many claimed they were scapegoats and others should have been held liable:
    Parents were furious to learn that dairy farmers and middlemen had deliberately added melamine to boost the apparent protein levels of milk so that it would pass nutritional tests.

    That was ten years ago. The Chinese government, the WHO and CDC should have found some way to monitor food production in China.

    It’s considered a truism that the best predictor of future events is past events or behaviors.

    It’s not the Chinese people who are to blame. But people whose responsibilities include the requirement of anticipating potential crises, based on actual events, should have monitored such activities.

    The same March 17th Science Daily article discussed earlier concludes with this ominous consideration:

    If the SARS-CoV-2 entered humans in its current pathogenic form from an animal source, it raises the probability of future outbreaks, as the illness-causing strain of the virus could still be circulating in the animal population and might once again jump into humans. The chances are lower of a non-pathogenic coronavirus entering the human population and then evolving properties similar to SARS-CoV-2.

  39. G. Barry Stewart says:


    The article I quoted wasn’t a ‘news’ story, but a well-presented opinion piece. If the class was studying the political issues around this pandemic (and grade 3-4s wouldn’t be…) they’d get a variety of news and opinion pieces and we’d talk about them.

    Btw: Sorry to hear of your health issues. Since we’re both in Chilliwack, let me know if I can help in any way. Harvey has my e-mail address, if you have his.


    On another note, Leila: sorry for not spelling your name correctly. One of the very few drawbacks of this blog site is the lack of editing ability, once the post is sent in.

    (I can imagine Harvey would go nuts, if he edited out a certain part of a post — then we were able to slip through the back door and put it back in! 🙂

  40. Leila Paul says:

    G. Barry,

    No need to apologize – there are so many variations on the spelling and I’m truly never bothered by it.

    I know what you mean about editing a comment after posting. As you say, though, what a nightmare that would be for Harvey, as if it’s not already difficult enough for him.

  41. Sandy Mulderrig says:

    Happy to see you are home and doing well Harvey. Stay safe.

    (Response: Hi Sandy. Thanks. Hope you are doing well too! h.o)

  42. hawgwash says:

    What are the real numbers?
    BC has 617 cases as of today and each day more cases get added.

    Cases, are positives from testing. Testing is done on symptomatic people, in the higher risk categories and those who present symptoms, serious enough to warrant testing.

    How many people present symptoms, suggesting they have the virus, but are healthy enough to make it through the 14 day self-isolation, without testing?

    What are the real numbers?
    Vietnam has 134 cases as of today. Vietnam has a population three times greater than Canada. Vietnam’s central government relocates positive cases to remote government facilities, filled with bunk beds.

    What are the real numbers?

  43. Leila Paul says:

    It appears I’m not alone in believing WHO has been negligent.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO was accused in 2017 of not merely negligence but even ‘full complicity’ in downplaying the Cholera outbreak in Sudan and Ethiopia. The accusers claimed he wanted to avoid embarrassing the two African countries.

    Ghebreyesus now is coming under similar criticism regarding today’s pandemic.

    I did not know the distinction and for others who may not, SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the infectious pathogen while COVID 19 is the disease.

    The first obvious question is: Why was Ghebreyesus left in charge of WHO after the Cholera scandal of 2017?

    Secondly, who are his superiors? And a long series of other questions also emerge?

    Are accusations of bias on his part, favouring the countries over the global population’s well being even remotely accurate?

    Was he investigated? Who had the responsibility to assess his competence; how did he get hired to begin; what are his credentials; how many colleagues or peers work with him and were there any concerns on their part and, if not, why not?

    My person concern is: were there any incentives offered to him or anyone else at WHO to avoid monitoring potential epidemic sources? Did he delay under pressure or requests from China before alerting the world of a pandemic?

    (Edited … for length and getting too far off topic.)

  44. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Marge, that Globe and Mail story is well done. Thanks for the link.

    A few months ago, I heard that a new staffing “idea” for long term care facilities attached to Fraser Valley hospitals (such as the Bradley Centre at Chilliwack General) had full time nurses doing shifts at a variety of sites, rather than staying at one.

    Don’t take it as gospel — but it came from a long-time volunteer at local senior homes.

    I thought it odd, just from a standpoint of denying the patients a regular staff of familiar faces. Now, we see that transient staffing could be enabling the spread of contagious diseases. Time to stop that practice.

  45. john says:

    The PCR test for the virus only tells the analyst that it is present, not how much. A person needs millions of the virus to show symptoms. Therefore, there are probably many people who might test positive but won’t be tested. Which means the number of positive tests is meaningless. Actual symptomatic cases are a more meaningful number.

    Although the deaths are tragic, why aren’t we hearing about the number of seasonal flu deaths, deaths by heart disease etc. etc. In the proper perspective, maybe the extreme measures we are seeing may not be necessary.

  46. e.a.f. says:

    I’m not a fan of The Chinese Government nor a lot of the U N
    However pointing fingers for who is to blame is counter productive. It’s here get over it
    When the WHO drs started the presser I knew this would spread. Now if I figured it out those who were paid to in other countries and ours would have known. The problem is government can not get too far in front of the population. As we have seen many are still not complying

    Canada has been doing a decent job. However not even our provinces have all been on the same page. When China went on lockdown other countries ought to have paid more attention and by countryI mean individuals

    China has violated many human rights and business practices. No one except a few groups protested. Every one was making money Don’t start getting all righteous now.

    The current carry on about China isn’t helping the problem. It is fanning the flames of racism. There have been enough cases sited.

    In other countries they can not get citizens to comply with much of anything. In other countries leadership was too late and in the USA the Pres is only interested in financial impact. Bill Gates said it best with words to the effect they could not conduct business as normal with a pile of bodies in the corner Gates suggested a 10 to 12 week shut down of the USA. As it becomes more wide spread in the USA we might want to consider Americans crossing the border to get away from their own diseased country

  47. John's Aghast says:

    Harvey, you must have your hands full…..reading and editing!
    Looks as if Bmcq is getting some serious competition, both for length and content!
    Thankfully they’ve ALL restricted their random use of capitalisation.

    (Response: With so many of us stuck inside, at home, I’ve been letting contributors extra leeway in expressing their views … but still editing for length and off topic …when they go off in a too-far direction . 🙂 h.o)

  48. e.a.f. says:

    Remember the milk scandal well. Was horrified. Yet Canada and other countries continue to import food from there including canned fruit we grow in Canada. . Animal cruelty yes you can not imagine the petitions I’ve signed in the last few decades. Still Canada and other western countries did nothing. Hell we could not even get Harper to stop signing that trade deal
    China did what it did because the rest of the world said it was fine. When you don’t object you become part of the problem. Oh right if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem

    I do not purchase from China It is difficult. Many companies no longer list the country of manufacturers. All we see is “manufactured for AA? corporation”. Then the address of HQ of the Corp. either in Canada or USA

    I’ve probably seen most docs on working conditions in these hell holes. But corporations want profit and consumers want to “save” money. Governments all over the world sold passports landed status to permit citizens of China into this country. I clearly remember Harvey’s post and documentary by CBC, independent producers, etc

    Leila, we have different opinions on a great many things. As to your comments regarding my response, to me it’s nothing but some one being condescending towards me I’m o k with that because I’ve rarely cared what others think of me and condescending attitudes I learnt to recognize them as a kid
    I read your comments re Trump with great interest. You do bring another viewpoint to the conversation. There isn’t much in life which I do or say without deliberate intent and yes I know what I’m doing

  49. e.a.f. says:

    Laila Yuile has a post up on the need to stay home.
    Good information and why we really need to self isolate.
    Interesting advise from mid island infectious specialist and how difficult it is for paramedics

    Being currently in hospital I’ve heard nursing and cleaning staff describe how they haven’t touched or come near their children for three weeks. Yes when hospital staff and first responders go home they do not get to relax. They self isolate at home. Have their own room and bathroom. I recall a young Hong Kong cardiologist saying he had volunteered for the virus unit and left home and checked into a hotel to keep his pregnant wife safe

  50. e.a.f. says:

    My cell has a square on it for news and in there is Vanity Fair. It has an article “can an America president e deported and be replaced with an Italian local politician”. Just asking for 330 million friends. OMG it’s funny. Good use of the internet. Demonstrates clearly how you get citizen in doors

    We now know why trumps wants to undo social isolation. His resorts are closed and he is loosing money hand over fist

  51. 13 says:

    G Barry Stewart, we mover to Chilliwack (Sardis) 3 years ago and one of the first things that we noticed was the overall kindness of our neighbours . Your kind offer of help is just typical of the many people that live in this area.
    Thank you

  52. Keith says:

    Completely agree with you Harvey re; the CBC. it’s pretty bad when they can’t get a local broadcast on especially at this time. Not that I watch it but it’s a loss for those who do.

    Contrast that with Chek news on the Island with a budget less than the lottery club at the centre of the CBC world in T.O. They have one anchor at a desk, the sports and weather guys that are also in the studio are out at a scenic location somewhere doing an upbeat and cheerful version of their subjects, a couple of news staff do a couple of pieces from their homes or close to it, and the roving reporters for the most part aren’t out and about. All in all a very good lively and cheerful adaptation.

    We can be critical of the way the news is coming to us for now, but we shouldn’t be critical of the journalists and those who bring us the information about the latest covid related matters.

    Often major disasters happen somewhere else and often to people that don’t look like us, the news reports it and the politicos are made aware of it by the experts and what it may mean to Canada, and move on. Now it’s here and it is us, and having to report on covid almost all day and every day one can see taking a toll on these folks, so when we hear or see someone not being able to answer every question or scenario in the way we would like, try standing in their shoes.

    Then imagine what it must be like for those same folks in Milan, Madrid, New York especially if your brother is the Governor of New York and you are on the air every night giving the latest increasing numbers.

    (Response: CHEK is a perfect example of both the importance and effectiveness of having local stations …not just in terms of the valuable info viewers get about happenings/impacts/services in their own community, but also for local companies who can get advertising space and even promotional value at prices they could never afford on the larger market stations. And when you think of that aspect, you can understand the impact of local TV stations in terms of jobs and the local economy …not just at the tv station itself, but throughout the entire broadcast area. The CBC’s Toronto/Ottawa brass’ decision to shut down local news /stations across the country is a national disgrace at a time of crisis and should be condemned, investigated by the CRTC and Parliament … and heads should roll. h.o)

  53. DBW says:

    We have lots of talk here and on TV about what is happening now and should be happening now, but I am also interested in what happens after.

    You said this to Harry “The world we knew just months ago is gone forever”, and mentioned things like travel and trade.

    I am also wondering how this will affect our thoughts and treatment of others moving forward.

    There was a meme I saw that said something like

    “Finally, we realize that nurses, truck drivers and grocery workers are more important than actors, rock stars and pro athletes.”

    First of all, I am not sure if we ever thought differently. It as much a jab at the celebrity elite who are paid so much more than the rest of us as are CEOs who were conveniently left out. At the same time, however, we are being helped through this isolation period by listening to music and watching TV (even reruns) and movies.

    But will we put our money where our mouth is in the coming years. Are we willing to pay more for our groceries and other goods to raise the wages of grocery clerks and truckers. Are we willing to pay more for health care to pay for the outstanding work that our nurses and doctors do at all times not just during pandemics?

    Or will we continue to freely spend thousands of our own dollars going to movies and concerts, and sporting events so celebrities receive 50x more money than we do. It really is our choice.

    A couple of weeks ago when Trudeau first announced a stimulus package he said something like “nobody should be worried about paying the rent and buying groceries”.

    Absolutely. But where is our tipping point. We have always had thousands of low income families who have lived day to day and month to month wondering if they can pay the rent and feed their kids.

    Will this pandemic teach us anything about preparedness for future pandemics or climate disruptions or technological change in the work place. Or will we continue to lurch from crisis to crisis.

    You can see my bias here and I am not intending to get into an argument about any of these topics. I am just wondering how much we will learn or change once this is over.

    (Response: I disagree with your “either/or” interpretation of available alternatives: EITHER we give more to front line workers OR we go to movies, concerts etc. Yes, people deserve fair wages ..regardless of what they do … but I don’t think it’s necessary for others to deny themselves their own favorite activities to sacrifice for the others. Society can handle both ..and although we will ALWAYS hear from every working group that their salaries are too low, the facts are most Canadians enjoy better pay, better working conditions, better services and better living conditions than their counterparts everywhere else in the world. The challenge is to provide opportunities or, where necessary, take better care of those who fall below the vast majority … but No, it’s not fair to ask people who do work to deny themselves the odd concert or sporting event to do that. h.o)

  54. Marge says:

    And look what our ever so “wise” PM (NOT) did in January – another mistake:

    So if we’re short on masks for our health workers guess who’s to blame?

  55. 13 says:

    Just a thought. Lets play connect the dots.
    Rest homeand rest home workers high rates of infection high rate of fatalities DOT1
    Many of our large chain rest homes have been bought by off shore interestsDOT2
    The off shore interests are from CHINA DOT3
    Lets hope all 3 levels of government put these “care” homes under a microscope. From the floors to the ceilings, food prep and quality, staff that doesnt float from facility to facility.
    Allowing China to look after our seniors is a bad idea

  56. Ed Seedhouse says:

    Seasonal Flu and ongoing Cardiac problems do not overload emergency rooms to the point of failure because we have a handle on how they work and can plan for them well in advance. In the case of flu we have vaccines.

    COVID-19 we had no plans for and we have NO vaccine and NO treatment other than support. COVID-19 is several times more contagious than Flu. It has 10 TIMES the death rate!!

    If it’s just another Flu, TELL ME WHY emergency rooms throughout the world are overloaded and unable to cope!!

    Time to “get real” here Harv and block the disinformation. Disinformation kills.

    (Response: Clearly, it’s more than the flu. h.o)

  57. BMCQ says:


    I wholeheartedly agree that many in Entertainment, Sports, Tech, Wall Street, Execs in Corps are paid far too much and in fact I find it impossible that entertainment types and sports stars are taken seriously at all .

    Who really wants to pay attention to the political ramblings of Robert De Niro when he wants to punch Donald Trump or any other politician in the nose ? De Niro would first of all be required to be standing on two New York Telephone Books including Yellow pages to achieve that lofty goal > He seems to somehow forget that he is only really a “Tough Guy” in the movies and his own basement, sort of like Putin on an Ice Rink .

    You make some valid points but keep in mind that Canadians/Americans wealthy or not so wealthy all want to enjoy sporting events, movies, parks, recreation, entertainment parks like Disney, and many more we could think of. Some of the not so wealthy save for a long time o enjoy an event/activity but they still want to attend .

    We must never lose sight of the fact that Canadians of all incomes are entitled to various forms of entertainment and recreation no matter what it might be, if we had none of that what would life be like ? Not everyone is going to be an Olympic Marathoner or a world class cycler, some want to go to hockey, football, baseball, basketball, or wat watch auto racing .

    If those that attend sporting events, entertainment, rock concerts like me who has attended several in just the past year alone stop attending or participating the market place will tell all of those involved it is time to find another way to make a living . Let the marketplace and the consumer decide who stays relevant .

    Having said that I believe all of those you mentioned should be earning a fraction of what they now take in . How do we fix that ? Sop buying NIKE and stop attending events, that sends a very clear message very quickly . Again, let the market place decide .

    I agree, many “Elites” are paid too much but the system allows free negotiated contracts and until those contracts are reduced the salaries seem to increase, then of course there happens o be endorsement dollars, hello Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and NIKE .

    The Covid-19 Outbreak is going o have a dramatic effect on many facets of our life, jobs, health care, entertainment, travel, restaurants, you name I and some may never recover and that will dictate a lot of how much disposable income the “Great Unwashed” have at the end of the day . Only time will ell how that plays out .

    Canadians are actually paid fairly well but the fly in the ointment is the cost of living and government fails to recognize that the high cost of government, increases in Carbon Tax, Property Tax, ICBC, Utilities, Gas Tax, Tax on the Gas Tax, and so many more increased taxes are the main factor in why the cost of living goes up year after year .

    That increase in the cost of living well beyond inflation and what wages might increase ensures that what might be considered be a good wage no longer cuts it .

    Do you think PM Justin and Premier Horgan give once minutes thought to the fact that when they increase Gas Tax in contributes quite dramatically to the cost of groceries, especially fruits and vegetables from afar, consumer goods of all types, and much more because absolutely all goods come in trucks and those trucks pay ever rising tax on gas .

    I will no even bring up Efficiencies in Government here as it might ruin your day but Government bloat, waste, inefficiencies, unfunded pensions, and more cost the “Great Unwashed” more than anything else one could think of .


    China must be held to account and China must make restitution to the families of the dead, people that have become unemployed, business’s that may never re open, health care workers, the hotel industry, cruise lines, air line industries, and many hundreds of different types of business so many we all know are involved in .

    You are 100% correct in showing concern for Off Shore (dare I say it) owned Care Homes, this is trend is something we must all be concerned about, hopefully the government is watching . It would not surprise me that the residents of hose homes
    are in danger, we all need to be vigilant, the potential for disaster is real .

    Just wait until a couple of years from now the Genius’s that lead the Great Unwashed report that China Investors own millions of acres of the best fertile farm land in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, I will make your head spin .

    As we speak I am looking to acquire 4 or 5 acres in Langley, B.C., the way things are going we all might need to somehow grow our own food .

    Thanks for posting that Marge, I hope everyone here reads the attachment .

  58. e.a.f. says:

    Marg you are quite correct regarding care for seniors. I’ve been reading about it for at least a decade. It is my understanding the residential care in Ontario is mostly provided by private corporations. Private corporations need to make money. That is order one. Providing quality care is secondary

    Ontario also appears to have inadequate oversight of these privately owned corporations

    During the BC Lieberal years there appeared to be an emphasis on private care homes. Result the current government has had to place I believe 3 of these places under government administration

    Seniors are a source of income for corporations. Corporations donate to political parties. Seniors have good health care in hospital but not necessarily in privately operated facilities. As we saw the first out breaks of the virus were in senior care homes. What we all need to do is use our technology to monitor and communicate inadequate senior care.

    In my opinion Seniors care ought be part of the health care system as it once was

  59. e.a.f. says:

    Hi 13. You make a good point.

    My take on China’s purchase of these care homes has more to do land—location and value than the actual operation. I recall when the first sale was discussed in a newspaper. My first thought was good location for future hotels and resorts. There is also no requirement these places be used as care homes. They could just as well be used for people needing to get out of China’s bad air. They were running two week tours for people wanting better air quality

  60. Jay says:

    “Rest home and rest home workers high rates of infection high rate of fatalities”

    This really isn’t all that uncommon. These homes are petri dishes and housing the vulnerable.
    The elderly have weakened immune systems, many co-morbiditys and generally don’t tolerate illness well . So any bug will go through the home quickly.
    It really isn’t the staffs fault as they don’t usually know there is a bug until it’s too late. Many of these bugs have multi day incubation periods where people may not have any indication they are sick. So they do their job as they normally would and by the time symptoms appear it is too late. At that point they isolate patients or whole floors sometimes.
    Many of these facilities are also understaffed which is why people have to float.
    Now I can say from experience that we have seen some death camps. Places we wouldn’t even send our worst enemy. But in general the staff try to do what is best for patients.

  61. helena handcart says:

    Hi Harvey,
    It didn’t take long for a piece on CBC and the internet to morph into the usual stuff. We have talked about WHO, Seniors Homes, Trudeau and Horgan’s failings and the gas tax The bad old Chinese taking over our facilities?? Only after the last government decided to privatize them and no Canadians were interested in investing in our own country.
    I suggest that you maybe run a free-for-all and let everyone blow off steam . Maybe once a month at the most. Then we can all ride our favourite hobby horses with a clear conscience.

  62. e.a.f. says:

    Yes Harvey has granted us latitude and longitude
    Thank You very much
    I’ve been in hospital since last Thursday and this blog has been a major source of entertainment. To all of you who have been writing thank you. I’ve had a good time

    Wash Your Hands and take care

    (Response: Thanks. At some point, of course, I am going to have to start doing more editing for length: it’s a bit strange when I write 1,000 words and those who reply with comments write 2,000 … several times over! And I do get complaints about that. But since we all have a lot more time to read, discuss ..and, yes, write I’ve ben a bit lax … for now. Get healthy ..and let the hospital care workers know how much we … especially ME, appreciate all they do and sacrifice for us. Truly God’s angels. h.o)

  63. 13 says:

    @eaf, why does China buy seniors residences? Why does China buy agricultural land, residential development? Simple answer is because they can. Will they re purpose different entities? Dont know dont care. China with its track record or carnage world wide( long before covid) should not be allowed to own anything beyond their boarders.
    Ive been reading a book titled ‘100 tear marathon” I would suggest giving it a read.
    Jay the care in Chinese owned facilities must be scrutinized, simply because they are hot spots. My mom spent her last days in a brand new Chinese owned facility. The care she received was as good as the staff could provide buy she lived there long enough that we had the opportunity to compare it to other facilities.

  64. Gilbert says:

    Let me start by saying I’m not a doctor or a scientist. Maybe this virus begin at an animal market, but I’m not convinced. China’s only lab for the study of dangerous viruses is in Wuhan. It’s not far from the animal market. How do we know it didn’t escape from a lab? We know that lab animals were sometimes sold illegally for big profit. Who is patient zero? China recently produced a report on lab safety. The evidence for the virus coming from a lab may be purely circumstantial, but it should be considered.

  65. OldIslander says:

    Get healthy ..and let the hospital care workers know how much we … especially ME, appreciate all they do and sacrifice for us. Truly God’s angels. h.o”

    Here’s a nice story this morning from Victoria.

  66. Leila Paul says:

    @ Gilbert:

    A multi-million dollar lawsuit by someone with big guns has acted on that lab as a potential source:

    Larry Klayman Files $20 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Against China for ‘Creation and Release’ of COVID-19

    Harvey, if this “off topic” perhaps you could clarify what the top is.

    Is it your isolation; the internet and TV; the CBC, or a number of other related topics raised in you blog?

    It might be a good idea in future, to offer a guideline about the specific topic to which each blog post’s commentaries should be restricted to.

    (Response: The time I spend researching, writing and then monitoring and responding to so many Comments is not enough??? Now you want me to set out “a guideline about the specific topic to which each blog post’s commentaries should be restricted to.”???? No!!!! It’s my blog, my hobby and I’ll decide what’s on topic …or close to topic …and what is just so far off topic that it must be edited out or face the prospect of others also commenting/responding and taking us into another whole world! By the way, I count EIGHT comments from you on this topic alone … so methinks you have no justification to complain if some/any are edited down! h.o)

  67. 13 says:

    So Harvey you must be starting to get condo fever. Whats your end date about april 7th?
    I guess being quarantined isnt much worse that “stay home”. Personally I would very much like to hop in the truck take a drive to Hope for breakfast at the Home restaurant a
    drive up the canyon and enjoy diner at some steak house. ah to dream
    Reality is were going to sit and watch your old colleagues do the news. You can sure see how they arent getting the full pre camera make up treatment.

    (Response: My 14 day house arrest ends next Thursday night. But frankly, apart from doing some necessary grocery shopping/ RX refills and sanitizing search and banking … I plan to basically stay isolated as much as possible for some time yet. Nowhere to go and/or enjoy anyway. h.o)

  68. BMCQ says:


    One thing you can for sure always count on in life, nothing you hear from anything to do with the PRC they or it states will be the truth and nothing but the truth .

    For anyone to believe anything the PRC states is being naive and gullible beyond reason .

    As to anyone attempting to claim that “No Canadians were interested in investing in their own country” ?

    Please, Millions of Canadians are interested in investing in Canada in spite of usurious property tax, carbon tax, building permits, other regulations, and the fact that each and every residential housing unit has an average cost to the builder of $ 85 K in taxes, fees, and permits which is then passed onto the home purchaser . Then those same government officials then mumble on about how they are doing anything and everything they can do to create affordable housing .

    The main reason Chinese Agents/Investors have found it easy and desirable to invest in care homes, residential, industrial, real estate, farm land, hotels, other real estate and a whole array of other business ventures is because they are using $ Billions of Dollars from the profits of Fentanyl, Opioids, synthetic drugs, counterfeit drugs, purchased by North American Drug Addicts . As you are well aware those profits were laundered and the circle of investment was complete, as sicken as it sounds our own addicts provided the funds to the Chinese so those same Chinese could buy a very large portion of Canada and the U.S. China is now embarking on doing the same in the UK and the EU, the circle of addiction continues .

    The reason China has purchased so much in Canada is the fact that they have so much buying power and they want to get money into North America they simply out bid the U.S. or Canadian buyer, simple . To suggest that Canadians have no interest in investing in Canada is simple imbecilic and juvenile . How would anyone come up with that load of? Yikes !

    Over the past few years I have personally sold four properties to Mainland Chinese Investors and looking back on it now I really wish I would have had a crystal ball, it sickens me what governments have allowed Chinese Investors to get away with .

    Please keep in mind that the vast majority of Canadians of any ethnic background including Chinese do not dislike Chinese people, they dislike The PRC and many of the dishonest people that corrupt government has created .

    China is not our friend, China is a clear and present danger to everything Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds believe in and whether we are left of centre, centrist, or centre right we must stand together and defend our Canada .

    We must each and every one of us contact our politicians at all three levels and demand they do everything they can to “Stand on Guard” for Canada and they must start now, it is time to start to pay attention to the things that really matter, it is long past time to dispense with the PC SJW BS of Gender Pronouns, Safe Spaces, and all of the rest of it and get on with defending our country, it’s people, and our traditional way of life .

    Speaking about Isolation, Social Distancing and the rest, I have spoken to many people in Canada, the UK, the EU, the U.S. and Australia this week and none of them have contracted Covid-19 and not one of them personally know anyone that has Covid-19 .
    Am I the only one ? My wife also does not know anyone with Covid-19 .

  69. D. M. Johnston says:

    While our armchair experts are pointing fingers in conspiracy theories about the covid-19 virus a little bit of research shows some rather startling examples of US trials of low grade bio weapons on its own people.

    Operation Sea-Spry is one of the most notorious.

    But there is other lesser know trials on the population at large.

    Between 1949 and 1969 open-air tests of biological agents were conducted 239 times. In 80 of those experiments, the Army said it used live bacteria that its researchers at the time thought were harmless. In the others, it used inert chemicals to simulate bacteria.

    In the 1950s army researchers dispersed Serratia on Panama City and Key West Florida with no known illnesses resulting.

    In the 1950s army researchers dispersed zinc cadmium sulfide (now a known cancer-causing agent) over Minnesota and other Midwestern states to see how far they would spread in the atmosphere. The particles were detected more than 1,000 miles away in New York state.

    Bacillus globigii, never shown to be harmful to people, was released in San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C., and along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, among other places.

    In New York, military researchers in 1966 spread Bacillus subtilis variant Niger, also believed to be harmless, in the subway system by dropping lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto tracks in stations in midtown Manhattan. The bacteria were carried for miles throughout the subway system. Army officials concluded in a January 1968 report that: “Similar covert attacks with a pathogenic disease-causing agent during peak traffic periods could be expected to expose large numbers of people to infection and subsequent illness or death.”

    In a May 1965 secret release of Bacillus globigii at Washington’s National Airport and its Greyhound Lines bus terminal more than 130 passengers were exposed to the bacteria traveling to 39 cities in seven states in the two weeks following the mock attack.

    Chilling stuff and it is safe to say that the UK, France, Russia and China have all done the same.

    No matter where you go online these days, there’s bound to be discussion of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Some folks are even making outrageous claims that the new coronavirus causing the pandemic was engineered in a lab and deliberately released to make people sick. A new study debunks such claims by providing scientific evidence that this novel coronavirus arose naturally.

    The reassuring findings are the result of genomic analyses conducted by an international research team, partly supported by NIH. In their study in the journal Nature Medicine, Kristian Andersen, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA; Robert Garry, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans; and their colleagues used sophisticated bioinformatic tools to compare publicly available genomic data from several coronaviruses, including the new one that causes COVID-19.

    So please, stop the rumours and pointing fingers at others about this nasty bug.

    All major countries dabble in biological pathogens for warfare, but this bug, seems to be a naturally evolving, yet seriously unhealthy virus.

    And from tonight’s news, it seems BC is turning the tide of this infection. We have a long way to go but it is the politics and events south of the 49th that have me far more concerned than the bug!

  70. Leila Paul says:

    As the cause of millions or billions of people being put into imposed or voluntary isolation, and the resultant deaths and the human impact of an unseen enemy, while in isolation, these lawsuits may represent just the beggining:

    How will China’s economy be affected by these lawsuits. The WHO itself may not be able to protect China – perahps even the WHO will be subject to numerous lawsuits, possibly even by governments around the world.
    The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty

    The WHO Director-General (DG) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been an outspoken advocate for the Chinese government’s COVID-19 response. On January 28, Tedros met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Following the meeting, Tedros commended China for “setting a new standard for outbreak control” and praised the country’s top leadership for its “openness to sharing information” with the WHO and other countries. Yet in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese officials were busy arresting and punishing citizens for “spreading rumors” about the disease, while online censors controlled the flow of information. Despite growing evidence of China’s mishandling of the outbreak and rising domestic Chinese outrage over the government’s censorship, Tedros remains unmoved. On February 20 at the Munich Security Conference, Tedros doubled down on his praise for China stating that “China has bought the world time.”
    Eyes on Asia

    I believe this is a statement of claim and outlines damages alleged:

  71. Leila Paul says:

    I’m sorry, Harvey, my comment was intended to be a respectful suggestion. I worded my request badly, I regret that if it sounded presumptuous. But I was thinking about the expedience.

    A simple word may suffice to highlight your primary topic since some of us may read too quickly and type too quickly before we’ve thought through what you’ve written.

    Please know that I truly appreciate and can only imagine how much time and effort you put into this.

  72. Gilbert says:

    I don’t believe China’s numbers about the virus at all. I agree with BCMQ that we are not hearing the truth. How can Italy, a country with not even 1/20 of the population of China, have more coronavirus deaths? A very interesting statistic is that millions of Chinese cell phone numbers have recently become inactive. I suspect far more people have died in China that we know. Now I learn that China is banning foreigners from entering China. I don’t know about the others on this blog, but I’m in no rush to visit China!

  73. Leila Paul says:

    Wikipedia often has good articles; however, it is not accepted as citations in academic institutions and peer reviewed journals because its authors are anonymous.

    Before using it as a source for info, it may be wise to check if the links in the references are valid or may be outdated.

    Some of Wiki articles can be unsubstantiated self-aggrandizement or even propaganda. I’m sure many people have come across articles that are superb, yet others impart a sense of how the lack of peer review by credentialed people can affect the content and its verfiability.

  74. BMCQ says:


    So now we are reaching as far back as the 1050’s to vilify those evil Americans ?
    Perhaps Trump somehow had something to do with all of the atrocities you describe .
    Does past behaviour of one group 40 or 50 years ago in one country somehow condone what has/is taking place in Eastern China today ?

    Are you somehow attempting to suggest that the origin Covid-19 Virus has nothing to do with Wuhan Province PRC, are you suggesting that the virus is just some sort of a random infection due to osmosis? Climate Change? A conspiracy that the U.S. Military/CIA under orders from the “Bad Orange Man” somehow managed to infect residents of Wuhan and the disease just happened to end up somehow spreading to other world nations ?

    Please clarify what you mean when you speak of rumours, I am very curious .

    In my opinion there is no chance that China would intentionally introduce anything like Covid-19 into any population group or country intentionally, the PRC is more than well aware that the U.S. and many other world nations are more than capable if identifying a virus and it’s origins very accurately and very quickly, the PRC would be exposed within a very few days and the retaliation would be swift and decisive .

    It is also absurd to think that the PRC would release or introduce a pathogen like Covid-19 into another country because once identified the backlash against Chinese exports/imports, Chinese Investment, and Chinese Tourism would cripple the PRC Economy people would become unemployed, hungry, angry, and there would be a revolution . The PRC would never intentionally do anything close to what some claim that is simply a ridiculous theory .

    It is at this time more or less certain that Covid-19 originated at a source such as the Wet Market or perhaps another source of animal products . The PRC state that the source market was shut down but in fact there are at least another 1,000 similar markets in the area and there are more than likely another 1 million similar markets in the PRC, until the is taken to task they will not change .

    I have been to Asia more than a dozen times and each and every time I have visited Hong Kong as I once had over 300 friends there, because I have so many HK friends of Chinese decent I became very familiar with the PRC and it’s ways early in my visits . I quickly decided I would never visit the PRC and to this day I do not regret that decision .

    I look forward to your clarification of your “Rumour” comment .

  75. helena handcart says:

    “Over the past few years I have personally sold four properties to Mainland Chinese Investors” I wonder which drug smugglers/money launderers you were happy to take money from?
    I suggest that if you have evidence that Anbang Retirement Concepts have been engaged in criminal activities in Canada, you contact the authorities immediately.
    ( topic)

  76. DBW says:

    When BMCQ made a long reply to my last comment that for the most part missed the thrust of my point, I decided to sit the rest of this thread out because I feared a back and forth that was borderline on topic (my fault there) anyway.

    But I would like to respond to Gilbert and not because I necessarily disagree with anything he is suggesting but just because I am bugged by how numbers can be misleading and therefore what we can conclude from them.
    (NOTE TO BMCQ: I am not defending China. I don’t believe much of what our own governments tell us so why would I believe anything coming from an autocratic regime like China.)

    Gilbert said that he doesn’t believe the numbers coming out of China and based on China’s history he has a legitimate reason for believing so. But then he said that millions of cell phones had been deactivated in China suggesting – I guess – that those millions of people had died.

    I found that interesting so checked it out. I found a twitter feed from someone using solid evidence proving that there were in fact 15M fewer cell phone users at the end of February compared to the end of December and ended by wondering where those 15 million users had gone.

    But in my search I also learned that in China there are more cell phones than people. Most Chinese use a personal and a work phone. I also learned that people in China don’t have to pay mobile fees if they are not using the phone. Put those facts in the context of millions and millions of people staying home and not using their work phone, is it any wonder that there would be a lot fewer cell phones being used.

    I have no idea what the actual facts are. I would guess that the numbers coming out of China are misleading. But there have been a number of people surmising things on this topic and I think we have to be careful about what we conclude and how we come to that conclusion.

  77. BMCQ says:

    I jusr arrived home before noon and tuned into the latest report from Chief Health Officer Henry and Adrian Dix .I am still very impressed with what they are doing and I salute them !

    I find it rather ironic that Dix could not win his own election in 2013 when he had everything on his side but he is now quite likely the biggest reason the Horgan NDP will win re-election in two years . Both Henry and Dix deserve a warm and heartfelt congratulations from all of us in B.C., hopefully in ten years or so the B.C. and Canada Governments will award each of them with the top honours possible, they have led by example and their integrity and strength of character shines through everything the people of Canada are going through .


    I am well aware what Wikipedia is and as I stated I am also aware of the wikipedia Warts but I used the Wikipedia Post to simply illustrate how a pandemic can spread and gain a foothold in any area where people from the “Host country” of any Pandemic can spread a virus . Frankly I fail to see how anyone would not read the 2020 Covid-19 Wikie Report on Italy and not be able to connect the dots .

    It is exactly how Iran became ensnared in Covid-19, close ties and travel to and from the “Host Nation of China . Whether the virus origin was in Canada, Switzerland, or China, it is more than obvious where the origin of this Virus began .

    It was not the “Bogeyman ” of the U.S. enemy, it was not James Bond, Vladimir Putin, or the menacing “Orange Menace:, it is Wu Han Province in the Pr of China, to doubt that is more than juvenile . If one is not willing to accept the Wiki timeline and explanation I cannot help you . People need to get over the PC SJW Safe Space stuff and call a spade a spade, let’s get over all of that silly stuff and demand our gobernments take action, our economies all over the free World need help and we ned to demand accountability from China .

    Please keep in mind that with very healthy and robust economies in G-20 Nations and more Third World (they are not developing countries) have nothing, many of those countries wold and might still have horrific famines if G-20 Nations do not recover soon . People need to get back to work .

    Unbelievably some on this very Blog and outlets like CKNDP, BBC, CBC, CTV, Global, CNN, NBC, CBS, WAPO, NYT and the rest of the PC SJW Media outlets did their best to tie Trump to the Arizona Couple who poisoned themselves with fish tank cleaner when in fact there was absolutely no connection . My company has it’s own Laboratory and we test samples of millions of pounds of alloys each year and they must be government certified, if we had practices similar to what “You” here and the media outlets mentioned based your opinions on I would expect to be sent to jail . Hopefully I would not be a cell mate of the deceased Jeffrey Epstein, or Harvey Weinstein, as you are so well aware, it is never a wise idea to become too close to a former Clinton ally in any way .

    It is absolutely shameful for anyone on this Blog or in media to frame the fish tank chemical tragedy to POTUS Trump, you should be embarrassed . Good thing school is not in session or the students in ALL of your classes would be fed that disgusting claim .Are there any apologies or clarifications forthcoming ? What is that, “Wait a little while” and be patient”, you say ? Sure .

    Oh and BTW please take not that that very malaria drug is being tasted locally, i wonder if it is the fish tank cleaner that Doctors are using in the Senior care Home, any guess ? Will you even acknowledge that fact ? Nah, I did not think so, or are you still attempting to sell that “Fake News” Story ? please clarify .

    Please take note that Global cannot even say Health Officials are hopeful the cocktail of drugs might work, ask yourself this, do you actually think officials here or the U.S. would be testing the Malaria Drug if they were not hopeful the cocktail might work in the fight against Covid-19 ? Ask yourself ? What do you think, do you still believe that local B.C. Health officials along with the Canadian Government are going to use your parents and grandparents as guinea pigs simply based on what the “Orange Menace” might think ? As Joe Biden might say, “Come On Man” !

    Global should be embarrassed about their coverage and reporting of this . AS yet there is no clarification or correction of the ridiculous claim that many actually believe .

    (Edited for length and getting way off topic ..which is Coronavirus and the value of Internet and TV in passing time. )

  78. Eldon says:

    I’m really inspired by OldIslander and Leila for putting aside previously held views to see with clarity in this moment and admit Trudeau is leading and Trump is not. You’ve inspired me to reflect on my own beliefs and work harder to acknowledge truths that don’t support past opinions.

    Kudos to both of you!

  79. Gilbert says:

    If I’m not mistaken, SARS escaped from a Beijing lab twice. Who can be completely certain that there was no leak from a Wuhan lab this time? I hope we can all agree that there is absolutely no need to test dangerous viruses. Let’s hope that governments will make health care a bigger priority in the future.

  80. BMCQ says:

    “When TV and the Internet Really Count”

    As it has been pointed out, at least when people are ‘Quarantined” or in “Isolation” there are today many different sources for almost anything one wishes to use as an educational tool or just plain entertainment .

    A friend of mine in Boston brought the attached to my attention . Next Strain does offer a great tracking and timeline and other factual information of what the world’s population are now facing with the latest virus to spread around the globe .

    When I was searching I also found this .

    Yes, there are now thousands of sources to review when spending the days or weeks in isolation but these struck me as particularly interesting .

    I also found the Chris Cuomo Dr. Fauci interview very interesting and in fact most revealing . the first five minutes of this are most important, another great example of what one can take in while isolating . The Dr. explains so much in this interview .Please pass this on to your friends .

    Stay healthy, if we in YVR/B.C./Canada continue to restrict travel, illegal border crossings, and the regulations, restrictions, and recommendations of health Authorities we can still escape with comparably minor results .

    Yes of course it is more than minor to those that have lost loved ones but i am referencing just what might have taken place in the worst circumstance .

    Much thanks and appreciation to Jay, First Responders, Dr.’s, Health Care Workers, and everyone else in related communities . We also owe a debt of gratitude to Researches and Bio Chemists who are searching for a Vaccine and other Drugs to fight Covid-19 .

    I understand that if a Vaccine is approved for Covid-19 it will work for other future forms of the virus, unlike our common Flu Vaccine today that must be altered each and every year to adapt to the latest Flu Virus . Needless to say, that means the Covid Vaccine will work for all future strains .

    Of course the Vaccine will not be available for several months but we will need it next winter, that alone will keep us healthy and it will ensure that the world maintains healthy economies regardless of the country .

    The Covid-19 Virus more or less guarantees and ensure that “Globalization” as we know it is “Dead” . Those of you in lock down can form an opinion on that over the next two weeks or so .

  81. 13 says:

    @ Eldon, your takeaway on all of this discussion is a Trudeau VS Trump discussion. When the dust settles and we can go country by country and pro rate the death toll as a % of population maybe there will be a “winner”
    Excluding China which hasnt been forthright with the global community , ever.
    The next scale of winner will be the countries that manage to extract compensation from China for the deaths , Physical and economic suffering past present and future that its citizens will endure for years to come because of one countries ability to spread disease.
    China has prepared itself to make reparations by buying properties across the globe. Countries need only expropriate the property to cover ALL costs.

  82. G. Barry Stewart says:

    On CBS’s Sunday morning, today, their resident doctor, Jon LaPook, was touting the need for a simple blood test, to identify those who have (perhaps unknowingly) fought off the virus and built up antibodies to it.

    Those, he suggested, could go back to work. There would still be a need for distancing and hand washing, to avoid community spread to uninfected people.

    This made me think that these “survivors” should be wearing some kind of official marking, to identify their relative safety.

  83. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, you must cringe when you see the softball questions posed by the media to our Dear Leader. And faithfully reporting the government BS, with no follow-up questions. They should all hang their heads in shame. But as we all know, he who pays the piper picks the tune. They have definitely earned the name Norm Specter has anointed them with, “JustinJournos”.
    Which was a long way around to get to my observation that planes are still landing from China and elsewhere, Roxham Rd. is still business as usual for illegal immigrants, but nary a word from the MSM. Also Dear Leader is now self-isolating for another 2 weeks, as someone else in his house has been exposed to the virus. We don’t know who, and no-one seems interested in finding out. Can’t be Sophie or the kids as they have been banished to Harrison Lake or somewhere. This is our leader, still hiding out, no questions asked.

    (Response: In normal times, I would cringe and rant about it: but these are not normal times. Yes, the questions could/should be more inquiring … and frankly, the ones in French are more pressing … in English not so much. But when Canadians are afraid, when millions of families and kids are hiding in their homes, when society is in crisis, and when even the Opposition parties are going easy/co-operating with the government at a time of “war” … I’m not sure this is the time to push too hard … or play politics .. against those trying to solve a desperate crisis. Read my next blog. h.o.)

  84. 13 says:

    @Old Islander. RE your assertion that as much as you dislike Trudeau you like how he is handling this crisis. I have said and still say this daily accounting from his front porch coupled with the invisible opposition should go a long ways towards his winning a majority in next election. Personally I still find him smarmy and I detect a smirk on his face that makes me think he is thoroughly enjoying his daily campaign speeches.
    Dont forget he was going to try and slide an 18 to 21 month spending spree .
    I always turn him on and sometimes keep the sound down just to watch his face and expressions

    (Response: Read my new blog. h.o)

  85. BMCQ says:

    D.M. Johnston

    Before Harvey launches another Blog Topic I would be very interested to see you follow up on your “Rumour” comment, inquiring minds want to know .


    My sincerest apologies, I did not in any way intend to send you off searching for a safer space I honestly felt I was addressing your concerns, I believe I even agreed with most of what you stated .


    Your most recent post is absolutely excellent, thank you !

    For those of you at home in isolation, working, or just simply hanging out I would like to encourage each and every one of you to read the attached National Post column .
    I am quite obviously not a journalist but just the same I find the National Post piece very well researched, well written, informative, educational, and insightful, it explains and clarifies a lot .

    After reading the Post column some here might be left aghast and some even might feel we are about to go to hell in a hand cart but just the same I believe it is most important we take it all in .

    IMHO this is a very important column by Tom Blackwell . As Colonel Walter Kurtz once said to me, “The Horror The Horror” .

    The above column might e a great read just before you sit down to enjoy your evening meal of Shark Fin Soup and a stir fry of Pangolin, Civet, and Bat, please do not forget
    to add a little freshly ground Rhino Horn onto each dishes .

  86. 13 says:

    So the title of this blog topic is”Isolation when TV and the Internet really matter”
    Lots of debate on the content on either side of the boarder . Im curious Harvey what are your guilty pleasures on TV or internet. My TV guilt comes from American Pickers, Pawn Stars , Canadian Pickers, Love it or List it Vancouver Murdoch Mysteries. Highway thru Hell.
    My Internet are three blogs. KIR SQWABB and one other where there are no aliases.

    (Response: I’m these days watching TOO MUCH news: on every network, several times a day, even full press conferences… with two TVs in my home on constantly. This is NOT healthy … I’m retired!!! But I’m always walking/moving around …so I can’t watch dramas during the day …so for a break, I put on the various talk/judges/comedy/taped shows … for amusement, diversion etc. And right now, I have 6,057 unread emails ..still going through … reading, deleting etc.. Thankfully, Friday I can start going out … YIPPEE … but of course, apart from necessary shopping etc. there’s nowhere to go/enjoy … and we’re all supposed to still stay home as much as possible. I need a cruise! h.o)

  87. e.f.a. says:

    I read an America blog—Empty Wheel. Want to know how things are going in the USA check it out
    404k federal workers live in Maryland. Every thing from federal security to federal labs etc live there. Two weeks ago the Gov of Maryland asked for testing for these workers because if they all got sick there goes national security. Today two weeks later the Gov is still asking for testing for those federal workers who occupy some of the most important positions in the USA

    If you watch MSNBC Rachel Maddox you’ll hear how the USA is not doing the curve. It looks more like a spike

    Trump is giving My Pillow Guy lots of free advertising while he praising Trump. I don’t see Drs scientists talking about what protocol needs to be followed like was your hand socially distancing ones self etc. No trump no longer has big rallies now he has praise a thons for himself. He and Kim 3 have a lot in common. Just as Kim 3 starved millions of his citizens so will trump kill millions of Americans by neglect

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