Israel Turns 60: Still Can’t Make BBC World Weather!

The Nazis tried very hard to do it …. turn the Jews into non-entities in the areas under their influence.  The Jews were not regarded as people, worthy of respect, equality and protection.  They were non-beings, whose very existence was first to be ignored … and ultimately, eliminated.

I often think about that when I watch the weather reports on BBC World News (Channel 36 on Vancouver Shaw Cable). 

In an earlier article (BBC at War on Israel? – March ’08) I detailed how appalled I am, as a journalist with 38 years experience in the business,  to see how biased against Israel I regard  BBC World’s coverage of the Mid East.

The stories they cover, how they cover them and the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian slant I truly believe they so often take has actually been the topic of conversation, study and condemnation by others far more eloquent than myself.  And if you Google the topic, you will also learn how stridently the BBC has fought to prevent release of internal research material that examined this very topic.

Just last night,  I could not help but notice how the BBC World relegated to just a crawl line (running on the screen below other stories) the fact that an Israeli was killed in another attack, under fire emanating from the Gaza strip. (Thousands of rockets have been fired at the Israeli town of Sderot from Gaza, since the Israeli government … in an effort to spur the peace process … forcibly and painfully withdrew 8,000 Israeli settlers from the Gaza strip.)

On BBC World News, the latest unidentified innocent Israeli victim only rated a crawl line: but two weeks ago, when four young also-innocent Palestinians were killed as Israelis went after some rocket-firing Gaza terrorists … BBC World did a full story, showed the bodies, where they died ..the blood and all…. and even gave the name and age of each.

In other words, the Palestinian victims were each carefully personified but the Israeli was not.  Professional propaganda experts and scholars would understand the power of these differing kinds of treatment.

And to me, it was just another example of how the BBC World News portrays Palestinian suffering as much more worthy of note and sympathy than it does any suffering in Sederot or loss of Israeli lives.

Which brings me to the BBC World News weather. 

 Check it out for yourself …..

Just before the bottom of each half-hour of the BBC World News package … is a regular on-air feature: the weather/temperatures around the world.  Funny … or maybe not so funny …  I have NEVER EVER seen a single Israeli city mentioned in their list of on-air Mid-East cities.

The four Mid-East communities they regularly list weather/temperatures for are ALL in the Arab countries  … Riyad, Jeddah, Aden and Muscat …. yes, MUSCAT.  Ever heard of it? How many viewers do you think could ever pinpoint it on a map! Yet, there it is ..on the hour, every hour.

But no listing EVER for Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem: they apparently simply do not exist in BBC’s  World ….    at least for their on-air weather!

 How can BBC World News justify listing MUSCAT virtually every time they give their on-air weather/temperature listings … but NEVER list Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem … or ANY Israeli city!

This may seem like a small thing …but I believe it is just another example of  how BBC World  isolates and denigrates the state of Israel and de facto refuses to recognize it’s existence as an equal state among the nations of the Middle East.

The Jewish state IS a part of the Middle East ..and it’s about time BBC World News Weather started showing it the same recognition, attention and respect it gives the Arab states.

If you want to help bring this about .. please write the BBC World News about this:   

If enough of us write, I believe we do have the power to bring about change … or at least let the BBC know you have NOTICED and RESENT their exclusion of Israeli cities from their on-air Mid-East weather list!

Let’s not stay silent …  that will only make things worse. 

Muscat, by the way, if the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.    🙂 

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4 Responses to Israel Turns 60: Still Can’t Make BBC World Weather!

  1. C. Jones says:

    Hi Harvey:

    Here is an opinion on another part of the BBC:

    What’s a poor boy to think? 🙂

  2. Barry M. W. says:

    BBC biased against Israel??? What rubbish!

    In fact it is the other way around! To the shame of the World media, it is so used to Israel killing Palestinians [13 this week!] it is hardly covered on TV these days !

    For Anti Palestine bias, see the research by Professor Greg Philo , Communications and Research Director of the Glasgow University Media Group. [-Bad News From Israel by Greg Philo and Mike Berry published by Pluto Publishing-]

  3. marshall says:

    Hi Harvey,

    Thanks for mentioning this issue. I have had the same observation while watching BBC weather. I will definitely send them an email.

    Interesting also to see that a report on “anti Palestinian bias” comes out of Glasgow. What else is new?

  4. Bert says:

    Israel can wrdthiaw from Lebanon, and if rockets fly, Israel will respond in Syria.Olmert and the rest of the government are simply idiots, unable to lead, and without vision.Bush is a great friend of Israel and it is a waste we don’t use it to our advantage.Happy New Year!

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