It WAS About TransLink!

Interim TransLink CEO Doug Allen has demonstrated perfectly how out of touch with the public TransLink officials are.

After Metro voters SOUNDLY rejected the TransLink extra sales tax referendum, Allen told reporters:

“I know some of you will say, ‘Well, this is really about TransLink’.  It was not. ”


Almost everyone I know who voted NO said they wouldn’t mind a small temporary sales tax to build a first-class transit system in the city … BUT NOT THE WAY TRANSLINK CURRENTLY WORKS>

Read it and weep, Doug …for MANY people it WAS about TransLink …  its waste, its incompetence …real or perceived, its lousy handling of the money it already has and a complete belief that TransLink WOULD squander and overspend much of what it received if the vote had passed.

“TransLink was not on the ballot,” Allen had insisted.

“There were two parts. A 10-year investment plan and a tax increase. And it is my view that the public across the Lower Mainland said ‘no’ to a tax increase,” he explained.

I believe that’s a total head-in-the sand attitude.

In the coming federal election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will NOT be on the ballot (except in their own ridings).   But believe me, in almost EVERY riding right across the country … it will be THEM who MOST Canadians will be voting for/against when marking our ballots.

True, policies and promises and tax increases will also be deciding factors …but believe me, the BIGGEST factor will be Harper or Mulcair or Trudeau!

If TransLink is to ever restore public confidence in public transit in the Lower Mainland, it should start by keeping it real …and admitting IT is part of the problem … a BIG part.

Harv Oberfeld

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40 Responses to It WAS About TransLink!

  1. Marge says:

    I don’t think the big wigs get it whatsoever. They live in another world, a reality of spend, spend, spend as it’s other’s people’s money. They also believe we’re as gullible as can be. If they want money we won’t say no ever. Whether it’s MPs, mayors, or Transit CEOS they all behave as though there’s an endless amount of wealth in our pockets and we will fork it over no matter what the cause. If they want it, it’s theirs to spend. They forget that they are supposed to serve us and look after the taxes we give them in a responsible way. Unfortunately once elected, they lose sight of this totally. Did you notice how childish they all came across as when the results were in – as if it’s not their fault whatsoever and how could we deny them what they want?

    Twelve million bucks wasted on a plebiscite that they say is “meaningless” anyway. All of this can be laid on the shoulders of the politicians, be it Mayor Moonbeam, Mayor Surrey Sunshine and the one where the buck stops here, Ms Clark herself. And did anyone notice that Ms. Clark was nary in sight to make a comment yesterday, even though she caused all of this herself!

    Just again showing us failed leadership in every part of politics. But at least we showed them that they can’t always win, even though the win is virtually meaningless as they can raise taxes any time they want. They just wanted us to be “okay” with the concept first. The fact that we weren’t may or may not be a wake up call for our politicians. I am willing to bet NOT. Their behavior before, during and after the plebiscite speaks volumes to their arrogance.

    Didn’t we all love the time where they really stuck it to us during the plebiscite. The old CEO was replaced with a new CEO and of course the old CEO didn’t lose any cash from all of this. We of course were supposed to accept this as being “responsible” on the part of the leadership. What fools do they take us for?

  2. Bill says:

    No, it wasn’t a head in the sand., It was a head up his,um, let’s call it a donkey.

  3. skidder says:

    My jaw dropped when I heard Mr. Allen’s comments. My “no” vote was precisely because of the incompetence of an unelected, unaccountable group who are tone deaf and secretive. Translink, and their inflated salaries and egos must go.

  4. Rainclouds says:

    Had to laugh when he said that.
    Not about hanging on to his 400k job………or the severance still being paid to the last appointee thrown under the bus.

    Not about the flim flam methodology of abrogating provincial responsibility to unelected fart catchers who meet behind closed doors eating finger sandwiches paid for by the taxpayer.
    Not about compass.
    Not about Transit police.

    Todd Stone, sacrificial point man on behalf of his vacuous and absent leader.

    The provincial govt owns this debacle.

  5. RIsaak says:

    The arrogance of the yes side will not be going away anytime soon. This attitude is becoming more prevalent every day in the ranks of appointed board members and the elected officials we currently have. The yes side pitchmen/women all had a personal stake in the plebiscite we had the common sense to reject. This was totally about Translink and the lack of accountability of the upper echelons who we pay handsomely to apparently mismanage this system. The voters from the burbs will not back anything that includes Vancouver getting more rapid transit dollars before the Langley, White Rock & Cloverdale regions get service. Hopefully the swollen headed Vancouver council gets the fact they have had far more transit investment than anywhere else in the region and they should be shuffled off to the back of the proverbial bus until many others get some service. Not holding my breath for an epiphany by all the levels of governance and the creators of this tragedy, the BC Liberal party. Good to see Bill Tieleman lose this as he should understand the dynamics of an irritated electorate when faced with tax changes (HST). The massive information bombs let go by the many underutilized communication folks should be proof they are not needed and we the public do not accept blindly the pontifications they forward.

  6. morry says:

    I predicted a Yes win. but i can live with the No victory as long as the Translink Board gets axed. Start with Doug Allen.

    ps. no Tim Hortons coffees on me alas

  7. D. M. Johnston says:

    “If you tell a transit lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The transit lie can be maintained only for such time as the provincial government, TransLink and the Mayor’s Council can shield the people from the political, financial and/or transportation consequences of the transit lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the provincial government,TransLink and the Mayor’s council to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the transit lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the provincial government, TransLink and the Mayor’s Council.”

    This time, TransLink and the mayor’s council did not fool all the people all of the time!

    TransLink’s crashing into a financial iceberg has been long predicted, ever since the first SkyTrain Line was built.


    Simple math; our SkyTrain light-metro costs two to four times more to build; costs more to operate and maintain than modern transit systems. Notice, no one builds with SkyTrain and only seven such systems have been built in over 35 years!

    TransLink refuses to admit this and went so far as to have senior management dump former CEO Tom Prendergast from his job (sent him to Coventry), because he merely questioned the need to build exclusively with SkyTrain.

    Do people buy Edsels anymore? Obviously the BC Liberals and the NDP do.

    The mayor’s plan was to do the same thing over again, building a $3 billion vanity Broadway subway to Arbutus and light rail designed as a poor man’s LRT in Surrey, driving up the cost of transit, while not attracting much new custom; a recipe for the out of control TransLink, to hit another financial iceberg in a decade’s time.

    Instead of building economic ‘classic” LRT on heavily used transit routes and reducing operational costs, TransLink planned hugely expensive vanity projects on routes that did not have the ridership to sustain them.

    The result; the taxpayer saw TransLink for what it was, a ponderous and inept bureaucracy, running a user unfriendly transit system, unable to plan for transit for the 21st century and voted accordingly.

    It is now time for the premier to rectify the situation, but I doubt this will happen as the BC Liberals have a strong appetite for expensive vanity transit projects.

  8. Hawgwash says:

    I find it hard to believe this crowd did not get together before hand to discuss post results PR on both sides of the issue.

    What Mr. Allen said was at the very best laughable and at worst, completely disrespectful, condescending, arrogant, out of touch and insulting. Did his cronies not know he was capable of such a loose lipped, crass response?

    I just saw Mayor Gregg Moore on the morning news and he displayed the same mentality with a bunch of words that really said nothing. Pablum!

    And where is our Premier in all this? Avoiding the press and the people again in a time where leadership is required. Really, who is handling these people and giving them advice?

    Did they not talk about strategy; or are they all as arrogant and all knowing as Mr. Allen?

    On the flip side, I must hand it to Larry’s best friend, Mayor Corrigan. If anyone earned the right to gloat over this, he did. So far he has taken the high road and said nothing. I suspect he knows nothing needs to be said. Yet.

    I voted on the plebiscite but had no real stake in it, knowing I would be leaving the lower mainland. I did though feel my vote was important and a comment on the entire political beast in BC.

    Hopefully, before this cancer destroys us completely, someone who CAN do something, WILL do something. Certainly I can’t.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Heard Doug Allen’s comments. Made me laugh! On the other hand did any one think he and the rest of the gang were going to admit there might be a problem, which they were responsible for. Note, her “photoopness” was missing.

    This whole rapid transit thing has been a mess from the get go and was a political stunt from the beginning. it has always been a waste of taxpayers dollars and a good place to reward your “friends”. appointments, jobs, lots of perks. Reminds me of the line of Jackie Gleasons.

    When you think it can’t get any worse they give contracts to SC Lavlin, who is banned from getting contracts in other places for 10 yrs. Now we really know what is the problem. the B.C. Lieberals have been responsible for this mess for the past 15 yrs. lets hope if there is a change in government in 2017, there will be a change in how Translink is managed because in this province with its high rate of child poverty and lack of money to earthquake proof schools, we need all the money we can.

  10. Laura says:

    Normally this is something I would have voted for, like Marge I think the improvements are needed. But Translink’s two overpaid CEO’s were too much too swallow. They can deny it but this was a referendum on Translink and they lost.

    Now I want one on the idiots that run BC Ferries including Todd Stone.

  11. D. M. Johnston says:

    Derek Corrigan was once CEO of BC Transit and he knows something or two about public transit, unlike Mayor Moonbeam who’s only experience with transit is closing a road in front of his multi million dollar house.

    Hepner of Surrey, may hold an Ace up her sleeve as there is private money around to invest in public transit, the only catch is, you have to build with LRT and build it to where real transit experts tell you to build it.

    Sadly for Moonbeam, private investors shun subways due to their high costs and we must remember that the Canada Line is not a P-3 as SNC never assumed risk on the project. All they did was hire money at a higher rate than the province with major guarantees from the BC Liberals. Some deal!

    Whats-its from Coquitlam was clearly out of his depth and should stayed setting up toy trains under a Christmas tree; the rest of the Mayors quietly remained in obscurity.

    The one smart lad was Tim Louis and COPE, who did not take sides and were upfront with their uneasiness about the whole affair.

    Make no mistake, the Mayor’s Plan was to fund a Broadway SkyTrain subway; the plebiscite was all about TransLink and never shall the tween meet .

    So now onto Plan B and here I bow to Rail for the Valley, because the group hired David cockle, from Leewood Projects UK, to do a study on operating a Vancouver to Chilliwack transit service on the former BCE interurban R-o-W. Can be done for around $1 billion for 130 km of route. yes a bit pricy, but when you compare to a 9 km. $3 billion subway under Broadway to Arbutus, I’ll take my chances with a Vancouver Chilliwack run.

  12. larry Bennett says:

    Just this AM I got on SkyTrain at Pattison, and sat on one end of the car, facing the far end, down the aisle. There sat a rather bushy-redhaired fellow who was flashing some kind of pointed tool or somesuch. He began making offensive moves with it, and making stabbing motions in the air. I hollered down the aisle to him: “What’s this all about”? He than pointed at me and again made stabbing motions. I replied “Oh yeah”? As we pulled into MetroTown, I stepped off the train and looked for someone, anyone from SkyTrain to check this guy out. There was no one, no security whatsoever at what is probably the busiest station on the line at around noon. I did see a couple (man/woman) at the bottom of the escalators, but by then the train was long gone. I certainly hope that no one was hurt by this idiot, and had there been I would have felt guilt for not trying to disarm him.
    And they wonder why people voted “NO” ?

  13. Jay Jones says:

    No son, first master the tricycle then we’ll buy you a two wheeler, and a gigantic train-set in celebration of your accomplishment!

  14. Sestly48 says:

    A few comments:

    The one above about an incident on skytrain “There sat a rather bushy-redhaired fellow who was flashing some kind of pointed tool or somesuch. He began making offensive moves with it, and making stabbing motions in the air. I hollered down the aisle to him: “What’s this all about”? He than pointed at me and again made stabbing motions. I replied “Oh yeah”?” “There was no one, no security whatsoever at what is probably the busiest station on the line at around noon.” My comment – first of all, the next time you’re in a skytrain car, take a look at all the cameras on the ceiling, then take a look at all the cameras at each station; each car has a couple of emergency intercom systems. That would have been reason enough to use it; even if there weren’t security at a station, everything can be seen, and if you call in on the intercom, they will stop the cars at the next station for an emergency — and at least people could get out if need be and they would soon have police etc there if there’s an emergency — some kind of psycho et al. I’m not defending not having security present at all stations, but for future reference, don’t hesitate to use the intercom system in such a case, and remember, it’s being watched.

    Second – a huge part of it was about Translink and the appointed board, going back to Mr. Campbell’s time. I would like to know the connection to the liberal party or donations to the liberal party, support etc in regards to many of the appointed folks on Translink. Of course CEO Doug Allen has to deny, deflect, dismiss (some say discredit in politics) if he wants to keep his job … so do the BC Liberals on a regular basis.

    OMG – $millions of taxpayers’ money spent for the yes side; about $40,000 raised for the no side — and the no side won by around 62%.

    And, oh ,how I noticed most of the MSM all ready to spin things in favour of the big shots of the yes side the minute the results came out. Just like they did when the GST was shot down by the voters – remember that – blame the voters, they were wrong; the province will never recover; dire circumstances ahead; oh this will be wrong or that will be bad, businesses will close up. Same thing with this plebiscite – dire circumstances ahead; shortsightedness – the voters have said no to improved transit – notice the headlines in the Province and Sun – all the spin – was coming far and wide to knock down and discredit the voters, but also deny and deflect any responsibility from Translink and the provincial government. Honestly, they are getting so predictable, they never change their tune – you could set your watch by the spin they will most likely come up with.

  15. 13 says:

    Harvey this one is like an early Christmas present. Thanks for giving us a blog topic so crystal clear that everyone will agree. Mr Allen is a complete —hole. He might as well said “let them eat cake”. That idiotic blurb should haunt him for the rest of his working life.

    Translink should be closed. What ever replaces it should bear NO resemblance to Translink.

    Poor pitiful Gregor. His subway to arbutus (not UBC ) went up in a cloud of sanity

  16. Crankypants says:

    Mr. Allen should be thanking his lucky stars that Translink was not officially on the ballot. I believe that if it was then the “no” side would have prevailed by a much greater margin. He should have just conveyed his disappointment in the result and left it at that.

    As for the voting results I think it is very telling that only three jurisdictions voted for the initiative. The talking heads can put whatever spin they wish on the result but the reality is that people are tired of being treated as nothing but an ATM.

    Maybe if a greater proportion of the monies sought by our governing bodies actually went to the cost of the projects proposed rather than financing the cushy lifestyles of their friends there would be greater support from the populace.

    (Response: If TransLink itself had been on the ballot and had it been run by TransLink, I’d worry that: the ballots would have been printed wrong; the voting packages would have been assembled incorrectly; many people would get three, others none; almost half would have been inadvertently tossed out in the counting facility; the adding would have missed some ..and then the results tally lost …such a MESS the official in charge would be FIRED …and given a $500,000 severence settlement to go away. h.o)

  17. RS says:

    Larry. Larry. Larry. The “odd” individual displaying odd behaviours on the SkyTrain is not why 61.7 % voted no. It’s much more systemic than that.

    And please spare us from the theatrics in the past tense.

    If you or anyone else felt threatened, there are options: 911, on-train Silent Alarm system, on-train Speaker Phone, and in-station emergency phones. I would suggest that any of these options are preferable to provocation and feigned heroics.

  18. larry Bennett says:

    Sestly48 – Thanks for the info, and I probably was aware of that, but I wasn’t keen on stopping the whole system, for – God knows how long – Having to attend a trial or inquiry re: the incident. And I have seen the cameras, but have to wonder whether they are actually working or, being monitored – likely only when there is an incident reported, otherwise they would have seen this idiot flashing around a metal object in a threatening manner. And the situation was probably a case of a nutter, who is harmless to anyone other than himself – but you never know.

  19. Gary L. says:

    I was eating lunch when I heard Doug Allen speaking from upon high, stating to the great unwashed that the Vote had absolutely nothing to do with Translink. I laughed so hard I dropped my handful of mashed potatoes.
    Mind you, he is but a bit player in the big picture.
    The entire debacle began, ended, and is at the feet of Premier Clark.
    Yes, that would be like from beginning to end.
    And as per usual, the Mainstream Media reported “Premier Clark was not available for comment” without ONCE asking her Handlers, “why not, and what precisely WAS she available for on Thursday”?
    My best guess is she was on a patio in Kelowna, giving a Hockey Mom’s rendition of why the sky is blue or some such infantile rubbish unbecoming a Statesperson, to a vetted group of parents hanging onto every word.
    Meanwhile , firing of the Healthcare Workers,
    aw, never mind……………………..

    (Response: OMG! Never, ever let what a politician or bureaucrat says make you drop food!!! 🙂 Now as for no follow up when “spokesperson” (know behind the media scenes as fartcatchers) say anyone is not available for comment …that’s exactly when the fun for any real reporter should begin: “Why” “Does he or she only talk when there’s a photo op or an election?” or “Isn’t that an insult to the public, who after all, are the Premier’s employers?” . Oh, I miss that! Now I know why, on my den wall, there’s a photo with me interviewing Mulroney, taken by the PMO, and Mulroney wrote on it: “Harvey, I like you better without the microphone.” Not sure many reporters would be complimented with that anymore. h.o.)

  20. e.a.f. says:

    The rail system through the Fraser Valley is something which would work quite well. it is what we could have used from the get go. If politicians hadn’t caved to those in Kerrisdale, we could have had a rail system through there.

    A rail system such as in Calgary works well, is not that expensive to build and gee people even take it.

    of course the subway to no where would stop at Arbutus. Crime does go up around Skytrain, etc. and that is where the real money homes start. Did you think Mayor Moombean and friends wanted all those people going through their neighbourhoods, onto their beaches, perhaps even breaking into some of the houses. No way. The dead end was going to be Arbutus. How stupid was that.

    There is no need for a broadway line. We need rail out to the burbs. The buses do an adequate job getting students out to UBC. of course ending a transit line at Arbutus would have increased land value for a lot of people. Wonder if they are friends of the “decision makers”.

  21. Cariboo Dan says:

    I’m guessing most of your readers have already forgotten this story –

    (Response: Guess I’m too cynical, but I suspect that even had the TransLink vote passed, that would have not meant other tax increases/MSP/Hydro/ICBC wouldn’t also be in the works not too far down the road. h.o)

  22. larry Bennett says:

    RS – Just so you know, I tried several times to reply to your goad, but the editor or blog-master, or whatever we should call him, seems either, very fatherly towards yourself – or else finds my reply a little too strident for the eyes of the children who rally here. Oh, and also, one presumes, as it goes against his own slant of the situation, and thus – unprintable!

    (Response: You’ve been on here long enough to know I don’t allow filthy language and insults. Pretty juvenile stuff for someone who apparently thinks he’s quite bright/articulate. h.o)

  23. Hawgwash says:

    Oh Larry, get over yourself.
    HO has censored and censured me more than once. As has Norm and the late Alex T.

    I’ve understood a couple and said “huh?” to a couple but never lost sight of the fact they are the rulers of their world as we know it.

    They also have the right to deem me a child on their sites.

    You don’t.

    (Response: Anyone who reads this blog knows HOW BROADLY I allow the discussions to go. BUT I am not going to waste my very valuable time editing out childish name calling or swearing: much easier to just click “Trash” …which is what that demeaning stuff is anyway. h.o)

  24. harry lawson says:


    was it about translink?

    was it about a mayors council diverting precious municipal funds and staff time?

    was it about a true lack of vision and leadership from the provincial goverment?

    do we need to go to a regional governance model that includes policing, healthcare , fire protection, transportation, social services ,zoning etc.

    i think it was about all of the above and more.

    (Response: I agree it was about MANY things …but I tried to make the point that, when TransLink’s CEO claimed after the loss it was not at all about TransLink itself … NOT!!! h.o)

  25. e.a.f. says:

    Larry this blog is good for us. Its an exercise in restraint for some of us. You and I are of an age when our Moms would have told us, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I’ve modified that a tad, or I would not be able to say much of anything, so I’ve implemented the rules a friend has for her grandchildren. So far its working for me and I think most likely Harvey.

    Even when we have very, very definite ideas and opinions we need to keep it “real” because bad manners is how we got to this point politically and its not a good way to be for any society.

    Even if the politicians we criticise don’t use any restraint in how they spend our tax dollars, we the critics can always set an e.g. by exercising some restraint ourselves. O.K. so I don’t always but it the effort that counts.

    What this referendum was about was the lack of restraint the CEOs, politicians, etc. refused to exercise in how they spent our money. People had had enough. We do not have an inexhaustible amount of money to give the government. The government and its arms need to learn to live within “guidelines”. Translink is like healthcare. They spend more on the c.e.o.s and paper pushers than they do on the actual thing they are supposed to provide.

  26. morry says:

    The transit problem will soon loom large on the GVRD. Once that happens, then we will see who the true leaders are.

  27. larry Bennett says:

    Gosh Harve, I thought you’d been dealing with politicans and media types enough to know that what I said was hardly filthy or insulting. I’ve got big shoulders when it comes to taking my share of brickbats, and I will admit the last line was not totally fair; but after all, you call the shots (not e.a.f. or Hawgwash) Truth is, I didn’t want RS to think that I had missed his snarkiness, or that it had gone unchallenged or over-my-head. When it comes to standing up to idiots on SkyTrain (or elsewhere) just wanted him to know that “Faint heart never won fair maiden”!

  28. BMCQ says:

    When I heard the first Doug Allen interview after the $450K shelving of the former
    TL CEO I felt somewhat uplifted and hopefully optimistic.

    After the “NO” Vote and his Media Scrum/News Conference the other day I was furious!!

    Sorry got a bit wound up here.

    He is obviously drinking the same “Bath Water” was Hepburn, Moore, and that “Public Speaking Genius” Mayor Gregor!!

    Contrary to what Allen suggests the Plebiscite “Was about TL”!!

    Harvey was 100% correct in his Analysis Blog Heading!! sorry DBW!

    Metro YVR is one of the most expensive locations in North America to either purchase or rent a residence.

    The Cost of Living is one of the Highest in NA.

    The price of Gas is quite possibly the highest and that includes the already costly Carbon Tax.

    TL are not collecting Fares as they should and that could be as high as $ 18 Million each year.

    Fare Gate – That speaks for itself. Even when
    Gates are fully operational anyone younger than 70 and less than 300 lbs will be able to step over and get a ride.

    Compass Card – What can one say? Listen to the Calgary Councilor I suppose.

    One week Mayor Gregor tells us that “there is now 20 % less traffic in Downtown Vancouver than a few years ago. The very next day he is in TL mode and he tells us that it is “The Congestion Tax” and thousands will die if we do not vote yes!! Where was MSM Pushback there? Why did someone not challenge the points and ask him if may have felt just a little hypocritical about his at best mixed message?

    The mayors tell us about a Million more People coming here. Well if they will we not get some Tax Income from them? Or they not going to pay Tax of any kind? Even if they do not report full income they will be purchasing Real Estate so they will pay PPT and Property Tax.

    Where does that 1 Million figure come from?
    In 1995 YVR Population was about 1.6 Million, in 2014 it was about 2.3 Million. Are we really going to see even more than that 700K come here over the next 20 years? Where was MSM on that, ask Gregor to show the origin us the figures he quotes.

    The People of YVR showed the Elitist Mayors that they want Accountability, Efficiencies, Controlled Spending, and the Collection of Fares before TL gets another Penny!

    “FIX IT FIRST” was loud and clear!!

    The fact is The Pleb “WAS ABOUT” TL and “The Great Unwashed” regardless of their Politics are tired of being lied to and until TL fix the above they rightly voted no!!

    Christy Clark should finally show some Leadership and immediately FIRE the “Elitist TL Board”

    TL should then come back into The Transportation Ministry.

    The New Board should consist of

    1. – Transportation Minister

    2. – 3 Metro YVR Liberal MLA’s

    3. – 2 Metro YVR NDP MLA’s

    4. – The Green MLA with the Bad Sweaters.

    The Libs get the majority here as they do with Committees because their Election results warrant the balance of power.

    The MLA’s will have all of their meetings in Victoria and their expenses will be audited with each Provincial Budget.

    Transparency will be guaranteed because if there are any transgressions suspected during a TL Board Meeting any of The NDP or Green Board Members can run to the Media. This what be a much better system.

    Same for B.C. I would think.

    Before any of this si carried out we should jettison The former CEO Chair. As soon as Mr. Allen has completed his task he must be made tow “Walk the Plank” as well!!

    Then we hire a real Professional to carry out the job.

    I am gratified but not surprised to see the 62% “NO” Result. I was actually thinking it may have been as high as 70%.

    The arrogance and Elitism of The Mayors made me sick and I for one was very happy to see them Squirm, Duck and Cover at the Presser on Thursday!

    Only when all fo the above stated facts become a reality does TL have the right to come to the Tax Payer for more Money!!

  29. BMCQ says:

    When I said,

    “Same for B.C. I would think”

    I should have said B.C. Ferries.

    The same model would work. Gordon Campbell or whoever implemented that legislation was “Way off the mark” with those decisions!

    Sorry did not proof

  30. Eldon says:

    The vote was between TransLink+transit improvements or TransLink and no improvements. The over 40 crowd voted for no improvements and my kids and grandkids will reap the results of that choice.

    (Response: Simply not true: before the vote the mayors, TransLink and the provincial government ALL said there would still be transit improvements over time, if not as fast…and they wouldn’t lie to us, would they? h.o)

  31. BMCQ says:

    Off topic here but……

    Just had a call from a friend that heard The National Post had a report from Top Conservative Insiders that stated the MaCLeans Story alleging that T. Mulcair did not join the Conservatives because of a breakdown of negotiations regarding his Pay Packet is not true.

    The Cons said that the former Conservative Insider Dimitri Soudas who is now employed by The Trudeau Liberals planted the story because of The NDP rise in the Polls.

    Of course I do not know who is telling the truth but fair is fair.

    Although I am not a Mulcair supporter I feel the Man’s reputation should not be be damaged when it is not true.

    Good for the Conservative operatives!

    I know each and every one of you that post and read here will also show your appreciation for The Conservative insiders that had the courage to speak out and denounce the MacLeans article.

    I am sure this can be confirmed tomorrow.

    Politics is a “Dirty Business”!!

  32. Laura says:

    BMCQ, your post #28 (and #29) is bang on.

    Agree completely. The “million more people” thing is bs, and if it is true, then those million people can help pay for the transit they will need.

  33. BMCQ says:

    Laura – 32


    I guess “Hell really has Frozen Over”!!

    I honestly believe that the vast majority of the “No” Voters, myself included would like to have voted “Yes” but there is no way TL should get another Penny of our Tax Dollars until the Citizens of B.C./Metro YVR are assured that TL is run properly.

    The People of B.C./Metro YVR must have a guarantee that all Checks and Balances are in place and the Organization must be accountable to a Board of Directors that reports directly to the Citizens of the B.C.

    I have lived west of Arbutus much of my Adult Life and I still believe that once TL has been over hauled/fixed and a new Board of Directors and Administration is put in place the first area to consider to add any Public Transportation should be South of the River, Langley and Surrey.

    Mayor Gregor’s idea of having his “Tunnel to Nowhere” end at Arbutus is one of most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard.

    How would Gregor get all of the UBC types from Broadway and Arbutus to UBC?

    Perhaps they could “Hitch a Ride” with some of the remaining Members of poor old Doug Henning’s “Flying Yogic Party”!

    In my humble opinion the “Three Headed Monster” of Robertson, Hepner, and Moore were a very poor choice to represent the interests of the Yes side.

    I know many here would not have much use for Bateman but I felt he did a great job for The “NO” Side”.

    I know Sky Train Technology is not perfect but I travel quite a bit and for the most part I am not a fan of “Ground Level” Transportation Systems in congested Downtown areas. More of a hindrance than a help from what I have experienced.

    I am very happy that almost every one that Posts here is in agreement on this.

    I am even more thrilled that here it is only July and you and I have already agreed on something!!

  34. RS says:

    Sorry to have raised the ire of Larry H.O. I typically restrain from responding to his comments, but sometimes enough is too much.

    (Response: No problem. I have given him and others GREAT latitude in their responses … but when anyone starts swearing or personality insulting anyone on here, they should realize they come across as appallingly ignorant and poorly raised. And I just delete them. h.o)

  35. Laura says:

    I think people in BC are too used to paying too much. We overpay for this and that and think oh well, it is what it is. How much of that 7 billion would flow into the pockets of people being paid far more than what they’re worth?

    Two CEO’s? Both making more than twice as much as the head of transit in New York?

    Its literally a “corruption tax”. Its like we expect to have to overpay so that everybody’s hands get greased.

    Not much we can do about the corruption in the private sector where everyone is always skimming a bit for themselves off the top but we shouldn’t have to put up with it in the public sector.

    Running Translink is not brain surgery.

  36. e.a.f. says:

    bmcq, # 28, MY heart be still. did you leave your Liberal membership card at the door.

    Laura # 36, twice as much as the person in New York, boy perhaps we can offer them a raise and get them to come here.

  37. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 37


    Actually no, I was just attempting to “Keep it Real”!!

    Yes I am a “Free Enterpriser but I am also Honest, Fair, and Balanced!

    I have no problem whatsoever in finding fault with a party I support.

    \When I vote I consider four or five different things and then cast a Ballot for The Party I feel represents the interests that are important to me.

    Yes the Federal Conservatives and the Provincial Libs have some Warts but I just cannot support the alternatives at this time.

    I was not a big believer in Christy Clark but I believed she could win the Election against Adrian Dix and his minions so I felt she was the person to be B.C. Liberal Leader.

    Nice to see so much agreement on this Subject!

  38. Laura says:

    e.a.f., I suppose we could get him to come here because if two CEO’s is good then 3 CEO’s must be even better.

    And in the meantime perhaps double the pay of the two we have now in case they’re jealous of what David Hahn was paid at BC Ferries?

    At some point the people of this province began to believe CEO’s are worth a heck of a lot more money than they are elsewhere. Perhaps its the price of houses here or something…

  39. e.a.f. says:

    Laura #39, that is funny! yes one to do the work, 2 to do the sitting around and acting like they are working.

    These days it is the price of houses which makes it difficult to have some CEO types move to Vancouver. they simply can not afford to move into the market. What recruiters do is try to sell them on the life style of condo living.

    The high salaries, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the high cost of housing. It has everything to do with people who believe if something is expensive it must be good. What many forget is back in the day you could go to Army and Navy and buy cloths and shoes at a fraction of the price of what upscale stores used to sell them for. that went for fishing equipment also. Some people just don’t know how to get a deal or how to negotiate to the benefit of the taxpayers, just to the greater glorification of themselves and their friends. C.E.O. just need all that money, but kids on welfare, they can get by at 50% below the poverty line. Can’t figure it out either.

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