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It’s Time to Take On the Simmering Anti-Semitism of the LEFT

December 3rd, 2018 · 24 Comments

Let’s face it: despite the huge growth in global economic development over the past 50 years ; the amazing expansion of our technological knowledge and abilities; and, the phenomenal advances in political and social development in so many nations … far too many of the peoples of the world continue to suffer and struggle just to survive.

The latest Save the Children figures estimate that 85,000 children in Yemen have already starved to death during the conflict that has embroiled that country since 2015 and as many as 14 million more Yemenis are on the brink of starvation.

That does not count the estimated 50,000 who have been killed in the fighting, the savage bombings and the rampant diseases that have also ravaged the country.

In Syria … a country where there now seems to be more rubble than buildings still standing … the death toll numbers almost 500,000.  And just imagine the additional numbers of those injured or the total figures of families impacted by the war.

In Rwanda, almost 1 million Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutus in only 100 days of genocide; as many as 250,000 women were raped.

The world is still too far a cruel, tortuous place for too many innocent victims … and I haven’t even mentioned in this piece the systematic trampling of civil/human rights of millions of people daily by brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, North Korea, Eritrea, Venezuela … well, you get the sad, sad picture.

But the abused and tortured in those places can take heart: Canada’s Left-leaning activists and social consciences are taking action:

The Canadian Federation of  Students, purporting to speak for 550,000 students across the country, voted recently to support a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel.

UNIFOR, Canada’s largest private-sector union with more than 300,000 dues-paying members, has also passed a Resolution calling for a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers  … 50,000 strong … has not only voted in favour of a BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against … Israel, it has also been accused of aligning itself with a Palestinian organization that has voiced support for terrorist actions and total elimination of the Jewish state.

And don’t forget the disgrace of the federal Green Party when it adopted a totally on-sided biased anti-Israel motion … reversing it only when many Canadians expressed disgust at their radicalism … and the leader threatened to quit.

But take the Harvey Challenge: talk to Green supporters … and  NDPers too … and I’ll bet you still won’t it too difficult to ferret out from many, now in whispered tones,  a nasty, one-sided pro-Palestinian anti-Israel bias. That, despite both Hamas’ and Fatah’s disgraceful and dismal human rights records on treatment of political opponents  (NO proportional representation there!), no free press, their dismal failures on women’s rights and their fatal attitudes/policies towards the LGBTQ community … some of whom have received asylum in Israel!.

It’s a key question those of us with a sense of fairness MUST start asking: Where are the BDS motions, resolutions, actions against Syria, Rwanda, Yemen  …. or even better, against those doing the bombings, who have deliberately used poison gas and/or supplied the billions of dollars worth of bullets, bombs, rockets and other armaments … Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, China, the US???

Why JUST such vitriol and calls for BDS directed ONLY against the Jewish state? It’s racism … anti-Semitism … poorly disguised as activism.

Now, Lord knows, there are things that the State of Israel has done that are worthy of criticism … ask any Israeli living in that DEMOCRATIC state. So criticism is NOT the problem: but the isolation and selection process now pervading the far LEFT, that zeroes in primarily and even solely, over and over again, on the Jewish state for censure through a highly organized campaign, should be of concern to ALL Canadians.

So someone who supports BDS against ONLY Israel … please tell me: Where are the motions, where are the resolutions, where are the BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTION calls from those social/political activists on the Left against those MUCH WORSE human and civil rights violators, murderers, war mongers, brutal dictatorships, bombers, torturers … all outlined above???

What Israel is now facing from the anti-Semites on the radical Left, in my opinion,  is no different than what kids who were black, Chinese, East Indian, Muslim or Indigenous faced from bigoted educators in Canadian schools 30 years ago: singled out, picked on ostensibly for their supposed shortcomings … some real, but most exaggerated or even imagined …  simply racist reasons, while white Christian kids carrying on much worse were repeatedly ignored or given a free pass.

It was shameful then … and the thinly-disguised anti-Semitism of the Left is shameful now.

It’s time to DENOUNCE the singling out of the Jewish state, over and over, by the radical Left , while virtually ignoring the much worse perpetrators of horror in the world … still going on daily.

True, it’s taken on a new form, a new disguise, a more sophisticated intellectual “cover” … but it is still the same pernicious singling out of  the Jewish people for special criticism, special discrimination,, and special abuse … while others, who do much worse, get that free pass.

At least the anti-Semites on the RIGHT spew their prejudice right out: easy to identify as they shout “the Jews will not replace us” and peddle other openly racist crud. So they are easy to dismiss for their bigotry.

The NEW Anti-Semites on the LEFT insist … No, no, no …it’s just Israel, the state, they are condemning.

Tell that to Jewish students on Canadian university campuses who wear skullcaps and find themselves facing increasing incidents of verbal abuse; explain why … in the so-called places of intellectual discussion and dialogue … pro-Palestinian demonstrations and speakers are welcomed, but pro-Israel rallies and speakers are harassed and even met with violence.

In Canada!

In 2017, there were 1,752 anti-Jewish incidents … including harassment, vandalism and/or violence … recorded in Canada … a record high since the League for Human Rights began collating those figures… and UP 63% over 2016. See the report here:

In Canada!

I blame the one-sided, bigoted activists on the Left for contributing to and encouraging the growth of anti-Jewish agitation in our country.  Canadians must start questioning and challenging  their one-sided agenda.

And one day, I believe even the role of Canada’s left wing CBC The National in promoting anti-Semitism through its terribly one-sided propagandistic pro-Palestinian biased coverage of the Mid East conflict will also come under scrutiny.

We should NOT stay silent … and I will not… as the Jewish state alone is singled out for “special treatment”.

This is a good time for the “intellectuals” of Canada’s LEFT to read the story of Maccabees who earlier anti-Jewish “activists” tried to destroy:

And to my Jewish readers … I wish a Happy Hanukkah!

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Horace B // Dec 3, 2018 at 11:06 am

    We should take a look at the writings of Edward Said, a founder of Post-Colonial studies who won over the Left many years ago. Many of his ideas are ripe for challenging.

  • 2 Gene The Bean // Dec 3, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    I’ve never understood why the ultra-lefties have such a hate on for Israel. Maybe its just a knee jerk response to some of their historical alt-right positions, most of which I understand and actually sympathize with. If you lived next door to some crazed fanatics that threaten you with death, you may not be the best neighbour either.

    That being said, I believe if you move more than 25% away from the centre, either way, you lose any credibility you may have had.

    Decent people understand that. You can deduce what it means if you dont.

    (Response: Hate and prejudice are not the exclusive purview of the far right: extremists on the left today are just as bigoted … not just against free enterprise, corporations, profit, property and wealth … but against those they perceive to be possible scapegoats for all kinds of ills (sound familiar in history?) and Jewish people fit the bill nicely for them. Of course, it’s unfashionable to say so publicly … so Israel becomes the proxy whipping boy for their bias and prejudice … to the point even university professors and so-called “intellectuals” can let their bigotry flow … amazingly while they of course totally ignore countries that murder people (their own and their neighbours) annually by the thousands. It’s pathetic .. and it’s time we ALL …including fair minded left leaning supporters … start publicly repudiating these bigots. h.o.)

  • 3 Art Smith // Dec 3, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    Harvey, I think there are several factors at work here as you mentioned, some of the unions that seem to have a hate on for Israel have been taken over by rabid anti-Semites for many years and received little or no condemnation in the press or from politicians, likely because of their numbers. I don’t believe the general membership would actually be all that interested in politics, so the leaders have free rein to spew their toxic venom and if questioned by the membership to slough it off as fighting for the members.
    Student unions have also been taken over by rabid lefties and they control the student newspapers with absolute power and being very well funded by the student body at large, who are forced to pay into them. They also seem to have the backing of a lot of faculty who think along the same lines. These are the people educating our young people, and they have an abhorrence of our way of life and pass this on to the students. So again, these leaders get to promote their hate and block dissent by fair means or foul.
    And let us not forget the hateful rhetoric coming out of the mosques, which our politicians and human rights councils are too afraid to take on for fear of antagonizing the religion of peace.

    (Response: You are absolutely correct on all counts. And it’s about time our politicians on the left started standing up and speaking out LOUDLY against the anti-Semitic bigotry that is subverting the true ideology of equality and non-discrimination they used to champion. And university administrators have to tackle the anti-Semitic bigotry of some of not just their anti-Israel agitators among their students but also their leftist professors who egg them on. Here’s a recent example of what’s happening on Canadian campuses:

  • 4 Chris Alemany // Dec 3, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    The BDS movement grew out of the growing realization that the government of Israel (not, not Jews… but the Government of Israel) is committing many of the same acts of violence and oppression as did South Africa under apartheid.

    A BDS movement is part of the suite of things that eventually brought down the South African regime. That and, of course, Nelson Mandela.

    Note that at that time, the BDS movement was supported by both the left and the right.

    A more interesting question to me, is, will there be a Nelson Mandela for the Palestinian people?

    (Response: Your attempt to defend the BDS movement against Israel is typical of the one-sidedness that avoids the major issues I have raised: WHY only Israel? Where are the BDS calls/motions/resolutions/protests against the much worse records of so many countries? Why single out ONLY the Jewish state for such organized discrimination? THAT’s the problem …and THAT’s the proof that it’s all as much anti-Jewish racism as it is political. h.o)

  • 5 13 // Dec 3, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Thankfully some world leaders look at Israel as a valued ally. DJT. Not politically correct but definitely politically the right (pardon the pun) thing to do.
    The left is as bad or worse when it comes to hatred, bigotry, discrimination as any right wing group. The left tries to hide it behind platitudes and their uncanny ability to twist free speech into a platform to shout down other speakers. To ban certain groups and speakers from universities. To wail endlessly about their specific agendas. The left only see speech as free when its their speech .They cry out loud with every slanderous accusation the second a conservative picks apart their one sided arguments.
    Israel is the only democracy in that sad war torn part of the world and you would think that Western democracies would stand shoulder to shoulder with DJT in support of Israel.

    (Response: Again, I see nothing wrong with criticizing Israeli policies or actions, just as we should/could criticize other countries as well. But when the Jewish state is singled out for specific targeted attacks by the supposedly intellectuals on the LEFT , while the recognized terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza or the corrupt terrorist-funding Fatah in the West Bank get free passes … and much worse human rights violators and even murderers are ignored , then it stinks of discrimination and racism and ALL fair-minded Canadians should speak out about that. h.o.)

  • 6 13 // Dec 3, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Having belonged to 3 different private sector unions , I am sickened by ANY trade union that spends its members union dues to further left wing political parties. It makes sense though that UNIFOR would be anti Israel. NDP/ Green supporters are often anti Israel and often belong to private and public sector unions.
    Left wing types shriek and scream about corporate funding backing conservatives but keep thier narrow minded little eyes squeezed tight when their union dues go to support anti Jewish causes . I am ashamed of my affiliation with UNIFOR. I am not a racist and I find that union to be very intolerant.

    (Response: Clearly some of my union brothers and sisters on the Left are so consumed with their propaganda and hate directed ONLY against the Jewish state, that has a VERY STRONG union movement and protections, they haven’t had time to examine the treatment of UNION activists, supporters campaigners in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Where are the BDS calls in those cases???? h.o)

  • 7 e.a.f. // Dec 4, 2018 at 12:36 am

    And all those problems you list, regarding genocide in other countries, its the fault of the Jews. Might as well blame them, they’re blamed for a lot of stuff.

    IF you listen to some, the Jews still control the world’s banking, media, politicians, judicial system,. you name it they control it so all that is wrong with the world is their fault.

    Now given this is 2018 and we are supposed to be a fairly informed population in the G-20 it still amazes me that this theory of Jewish control of the world still exists in Europe and North America. Its actually funny. At some level its like, how stupid are you people to believe this shit. But then I had a chat with an academic and out of their mouth spewed this when I accused them of anti Semitism: they weren’t anti Semitic when they were attacking Israel, because Israel is no longer made up of Semitic people. Now the only real Semitic people were the Arabs. Israel was made up by Russian mafia, etc. They then went on to vilify those who live in Israel and had immigrated there from the former USSR. Never heard that argument but there it was. Went home shook my head and laughed like hell. They also carried on how the Jews still controlled every thing. I wonder if any one has checked with the President of China on that yet. As I understand it the population of China is approx. 2 BILLION and religion isn’t a happening there there. Then we have another billion in India and that population is mostly Muslim and Hindu.

    The rise in anti Semitism is beyond my comprehension. But I do believe its just an easy target which has always been there. There will always be people who dispise Jews. Its most likely because its hard to pick out who is a Jew, therefore people can talk about it, without really thinking much about it.

    If one were to criticise Saudi Arabia, and others where atrocities have happened, you might have to consider the fact you'[re doing nothing about it but becoming involved in dealing with the issue, might get you killed. Its like the American Senate not voting to no longer support Saudi Arabia in their war on Yemen. Those Senators are just as bad as the Saudis.

    (Response: Bigots often know that what they say is not true: doesn’t matter … if it works in stirring up hate and discrimination etc, it’s okay with them. And that’s what surprises and appalls me about the NEW anti_Semitism of the Left .. many of them are educated, socially conscious and yet, so filled with racist anti-Jewish bias, they are so easily manipulated by highly sophisticated Palestinian and Arab propaganda messaging that directs their focus AWAY from much worse horrors carried out by Hamas, the PLO and Arab nations against their own people almost every day! h.o)

  • 8 Richard Skelly // Dec 4, 2018 at 2:34 am

    Definitely a trend. One that certainly is bubbling to the surface with the federal NDP and Greens. And is, at lower depths, a fact for the federal Liberals and the Democratic Party south of the border.

    Potentially, an exodus of traditionally liberal-minded supporters of the NDP and Liberals here and Democrats down there will respectively benefit Conservatives and Republicans.

    Certainly in the U.S. a big part of conservative support for Israel is predicated on the Jewish nation allying with Saudi Arabia to either offset Iranian regional influence or defeat Iran militarily. To further that Saudi-Israeli bond, eyes get averted from the carnage in Yemen and the barbaric murder and dismemberment (or was it dismemberment and murder?) of the Washington Post journalist who was a permanent resident of the U.S.

    In my opinion a sizeable cohort in the Trump/Republican base is made up of conservative evangelicals. Their undying support for Israel is conditional upon Israelis dying by the millions for them.

    American right-leaning evangelicals await the Rapture, Christ’s return etc. that requires total War in the Middle East. Israel must be blasted to smithereens, taking the blows that might otherwise consume America.

    Meanwhile, those on the left increasingly want at a minimum draconian sanctions, divestments and boycotts of Israel. Most will reject any notion they are anti-Semitic. Yet the solutions many on the left support–such as right of return for Palestinians–guarantees Israel would cease to be a majority Jewish nation. And probably cease to exist.

    Personally, I think an exit from power by Benjamin Netanyahu, provided he was replaced by a less belligerent successor, would potentially halt the growth of European and North American lefties decrying what is still the only democratic country in the Middle East. But Netanyahu’s departure would probably cause few who’ve already committed to BDS and other anti-Israel measures to change their minds.

    (Response: Agree, support for the Jewish state by the religious evangelicals has been quite important, but there are a lot of other secular reasons that country deserves at least fairness. It’s very bizarre … seeing supposedly educated left-leaning activists being so blind to ALL of the worst human rights abusers, who gas and bomb and torture and behead their own citizens, their neighbours and fund/arm openly terrorist groups that deliberately target civilians …saying NOTHING, doing NOTHING, calling for NO BDS in ANY of them. If there are countries that really deserve BDS, they are Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela … the worst human rights violators on the planet … yet given a pass by the activist Left. Shame! h.O)

  • 9 BMCQ // Dec 4, 2018 at 8:42 am

    All of your Analysis Blog Topics are really well thought and very well written. I usually agree tih over 80% so of your content that tells me you are mostly on track.

    You always provide the Lurkers and Participants with thought provoking commentary and Participants always seem to add interesting thoughts to what you have posted.

    Even if we disagree with any one persons argument, discussion, and debate benefits us all.

    Once again you have given us a Post Blog Topic that should be reprinted in every Newspaper and On Line Service right across Canada and beyond.

    Thank you!

    Bean – 2

    I am in almost total agreement with your Post!
    You are 100% correct that Anti Semitism and Racism for that matter comes mostly from the Extreem Right and Left.

    I particularily like your 25% ether side of Centre as being problematic regarding almost anything. I might stretch that to 20% on either side of but thaqt is only my opinion. There is Hope Yet!

    Anti Semitism has always been around and there are more reasons than once could list over a 24 hour period.

    Seems to me that the EU was alwasy bad for Anti Semitism but as of the past 5 years in particular AS has been driven by Migration from the Middle East. It is not just the Neo Nazi types.

    Unfortunately EU Countries and Media led by Angela Merkel have conspired to play Anti Semitism down by the Migrants. At the same time they conspire to play down Sex Assaults of Women and Childen both girls and boys. It makes me sick.

    I travel to Israel each October and the Jewish People are very concerned with what is taking place in the EU. They are however very optomistic about the treatment of Jewish People in the U.S., Canada, and other Western Nations like Australia etc.

    Yes there is an uptick in Anti Semitism and attacks in North America but Jewish People would much rather live here given the chopice.

    Jewish People are in fact choosing to leave the EU and they have good reason.

    Swedin is my Mothers Home Country and they have serious Anti Semtic Problems and much of it from Migrants. Governments do nothing and Media do nothing. Contrary to popular opinion there ARE “No Go” Zones in Swediash Cities like Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg.

    Canada now hs a Prime Minister taking Canada down the same “Rabbit Hole” that Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Blair, Juncker and the rest of EU Leadership took European Countries who were once the Cultural Envy of the World.

    The EU and most EU Countries are in free fall and they are im mid collapse.

    Anti semitism is not only alive in the Left in Canada the EUand other Leftist Groups Political, Union, and others.

    The UK is currently embroiled in it’s own Anti Semitic fight within the Labour Party. Sadly Labour Leader Corbyn is most responsible for the Anti Semitism and he makes absolutely no effort to denounce the practice and fact that it is well entrenched in his Labour Party.

    Jewish People are fleeing ALL EU Nations and Canada should step forward and offer Safe Haven to Jewish People from ALL EU Nations, the Middle East, and North Africa.

    Jewish People are persecuted, oppressed, asaulted, and killed in EU Nations each and every day. North America/Canada was built in Judeo-Christian Values, those people assimilate and they ALL become Productive Membes of Society.

    PM Justin fancies himself as a Statesman, time for him to Lead by Example!

    Time for Canadians to let him know his current Migration Policies are not what Canada needs and not what Canada wants.

    Once again I will go out on a limb here and suggest that because this Blog Post Topic speaks up for Jewish People and Israel the Post numbers will lag from the usual numbes.

    Unfortunately the support for Israel ties in with the support for Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Nations that oppose Iran and it’s Proxy Wars> Unfortunately that is World Politics, too many Dispicable Scum Bags in too many Dictatorships.

    The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend !!

    Again the numbers will be down on this very important and worthwhile Topic.

    What does that say about Posters and their view on Jewish People and Israel here?

    Pesonally I beliee much of the Anti Jewish Anti Semitic hate comes from the long history of Jewish People being Rich Bankes, Manipulative, et. and I do not think it will end any time soon.

    My Non Jewish Pacific Islander Son and his 2 yearold Boy are JCC Members in Vancouver and they haved been welcomed with Open Arms !


    You will hear nothing reported about this Event on CNN, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or in Michell Obama’s new Book!

    Happy Hanukka ! God Speed!

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: there will always be racism and bigotry in the world: just look at how minorities are treated in India, Pakistan, most Arab/Muslim states, Africa even Europe and both the US and Canada. It usually perpetrated by the poorly educated, or even almost illiterate. However now we are seeing a NEW kind of racism and anti-Semitism: educated people who clearly should know when they are being used and manipulated are falling victim to the very well-oiled and funded Palestinian and Arab propaganda machine and the anti-Semitic bigots and their agenda in our own midst. It really boggles the mind how so many can support BDS for the Jewish state but ignore the much more horrid realities so close by. h.o.)

  • 10 Hawgwash // Dec 4, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I was set to say nothing, until I came across this interesting post:

    Gobsmacked & a bit depressed to realise it was 2 years today @ObserverUK published this.. ..because what has changed??

    The tech giants are still absolutely unaccountable. Our democracy is still absolutely (XXXXXX).

    I’m just 2 years older (& much more tired)

    (Response: Interesting piece… but no surprise that far right hate groups are trying hard to spread hate stories and agitations against Jewish people. However, most of us see them as ignorant, uneducated bigots. What is more surprising … and disappointing to me … is when I see supposedly educated, sophisticated university students, even professors, union officials and social activists allowing themselves to be drawn into the NEW anti-Semitism by bigots and haters amongst them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discern the FACTS .. that the Jewish state is unfairly being targeted and singled out for “special” hatred, condemnation and isolation when there are so many other countries that do much worse almost every day … but no BDS in their cases! In fact, as I began to write this, BBC World carried a horrific item about GOVERNMENT security police in Burundi torturing and murdering dissidents for years… even showed a house where many civilians have been abused, tortured killed … including beheading. And yet …no BDS calls there … just silence from the Leftist activists, unions, students groups. WHY?? Perhaps if someone tells the Left leaning unions and student groups, professors that Burundians are secretly Jewish, their sense of righteousness will spring into action. h.o)

  • 11 Diverdarren // Dec 4, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Harvey, I have no doubt that every anti-semite is in support of BDS, but are you saying everyone who supports BDS is an anti-semite?

    There are only a handful of places under military occupation according to Wikipedia. The two big contributors are Russia and Isreal.

    I don’t speak on behalf of any of the organizations that support BDS, but I can guess why they have chosen Isreal as their target of political action. And I don’t think it’s because they’re Jews.

    1. Isreal is part of the Western Civilized world. Democratic government, belief in civil rights, and rule of law. As such it is especially galling that they are involved with an unending occupation of an others territories.

    I’d guess we expect deplorable activity from despot nations like Russia, N Korea, Iran, but when an allied nation is involved in deplorable acts it needs to be called out.

    2. The usual means to deal with a country that is not acting as a good world citizen are not available when it comes to Isreal. Any UN move is blocked by the USA, so international sactions are a no go. In the case of Canada, the federal government won’t place any national level sactions on Isreal, so no rebuke of Isreal’s bad deeds there. I’d guess, these BDS groups seeing no real action against Isreal feel their only option is a grassroots movement.

    3. The BDS groups have no need to call out the other despot nations, as they already are being boycotted, sanctioned, divested by conventional means. That being multi- lateral actions at the UN, or unilateral actions by individual governments.

    It would seem that the Groups that support BDS want to act in areas where Western governments have refused to intercede. The world community has decided that the 2 state solution is the proper course, but I don’t see the same community making the 2 state solution a reality. I think most would agree Isreal and Palestine are a political football. A useful issue to drum up the base for either side.

    For upwards of 25 years the movement towards a resolution to the ongoing Isreal Palestine dispute has been stalled out. Mainly due to the main actors saying they want to have peace, then doing just about everything possible to act belligerently. That combined with the fact that the world governments don’t want to compel the players to end this fight by “hook or by crook” lends to the feeling of dissatisfaction with our leaders and systems of seeking justice.

    It’s a natural response. If governments and world bodies won’t step up to the plate and fix a 70 year old problem, then it’s up to people working together through organizations to push for an end. From their point of view, it helped work with South Africa, why wouldn’t it work in the Levant.

    (Response: Not every BDS supporter is an anti-Semite … some of them are just naïve, ignorant or easily manipulated pawns of the anti-Semites and Palestinian propagandists in their midst. As for your statement “The BDS groups have no need to call out the other despot nations, as they already are being boycotted, sanctioned, divested by conventional means” …that is simply NOT TRUE. In fact, many of the worst human rights offenders, bombers and terrorism supporters…. Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Egypt, Qatar … are daily REWARDED, despite their despicable actions, with huge contracts, business deals, investment, foreign aid, all kinds of bowing and scraping by governments, corporations, universities and the UN etc etc. Wake up! h.o)

  • 12 Diverdarren // Dec 4, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Harvey, naive and manipulated? Are you saying the Israelis don’t currently occupy the West Bank, Gaza Strip (air and sea space) and Golan Heights? Believe it or not there are people who can look past the concept that Isreal is Jewish land by divine providence. Regular people without favouritism or prejudice of Jews know that occupation and settlement of conquered lands is wrong.

    As for your assertion that it is simply NOT TRUE that there currently is conventional BDS actions against several bad nations… Are you kidding us?

    The US, EU, Canada all have sanctions against Russia dating back to 2014.

    UN condemnation of Saudi Arabia for it’s actions in Yemen.

    UN sanctions against numerous nations, specifically the ones you’ve named, can be found in a list of 174 pages.

    USA sanctions against nations from Belarus to Zimbabwe can be found at…

    We all understand that the Israeli issues are complex stemming from the fact that Isreal is the creation of the West. No parent wants to admit their child went bad. We also get that the Israelis want a bit of lebensraum, but it’s as bad for global peace now as it was in 1939.

    If Western nations are not willing to react to the misdeeds of their allies, then we risk loosing any moral standing when we call out other rouge nations. If governments won’t act then individuals will.

    (Response: You seem to have missed the whole point of the blog piece: I have NO PROBLEM with anyone criticizing Israeli policies or Canada’s policies or US policies or Russia’s policies or Saudi policies or Iran’s policies or even Brazil’s, Madagascar or Lichenstein’s policies …get it??? BUT when anyone , any group … especially several Left-leaning organized organizations …. single out just a SINGLE one of those places for BDS … an extreme form of SPECIAL condemnation, SPECIAL discrimination, SPECIAL actions … ignoring FAR WORSE miscreants and murderers, gassers, civilian bombers, torturers and beheaders … that appalls me. Anyone with any decency, human rights values, education and sophistication should ask the question: WHY IS ONLY THE JEWISH STATE SINGLED OUT FOR BDS??? I will call it out for what it is: clearly anti-Jewish racism … organized and pushed by radical activists who I’d bet were anti-Semites way back to their youth, no better than the bigots on the far Right, and now feeling confident to express their bigotry publicly … naively being followed and approved by too many supposedly socially-conscious people who should know better, should start asking tougher questions and should repudiate racism in ALL forms … including BDS calls directed ONLY at the Jewish state. h.o. )

  • 13 D. M. Johnston // Dec 5, 2018 at 8:18 am

    This is about the 10th attempt to write something on the issue.

    I am not religious, therefor I find it more than contemptuous for those who profess to be religious, to be antisemitic.

    Antisemitism oozes everywhere, like a puss draining from an infected sore and sadly with many, this puss laden flow becomes simply gangrenous.

    The 1940’s NAZI genocide of the Jews and many more, including Gypsies; homosexuals; the mentally infirm; and intellectuals, has taught us nothing.

    Genocide or the more palatable “ethic cleansing” is still happening and with much, to much regularity.

    The evils of antisemitism should be stamped out and promptly and with the so-called left starting that hideous path of Jew-baiting, sens shivers down my spine.

    I an blunt person and non too popular when I make a blunt statement.

    Last year at an annual holiday do, an acquaintance (who is Canadian) who I have long known and who has done very well for himself and holidays down south regularly, said in a very loud voice; “at least the US got rid of that N****r president and now we can get rid of the Hymies as well.”

    “I said say what?”

    He retortted; “jew boys, you know, they think they run the world.”

    I replied with some very basic truths, with too my f bombs I’m afraid.

    What got me was the number of people defending this person.

    The rest of the evening was tense and we left quickly.

    I notice we have not been invited for this year’s do, all the better, as I would have to take several blood pressure pills.

    Antisemitism must be stamped out, now, without any delay and the POX on the left for ignoring the lessons off ’45.

    (Response: Congratulations! I admire your strength to stand up. I would never stand still for it when I was working, but have to admit I have not always been as strong since I retired: you’d be surprised at the racist jibes you hear over dinner, drinks etc on cruise ships … not so much against Jewish people (not really fashionable anymore, except with the far Right and far Left), but quit often directed against blacks, Muslims, other minority ship staff etc … once people think they know/like you. I have too often just said nothing … and then left … but on occasion, HAVE denounced it and walked away. I think when we say/do nothing …it encourages the bigots. That’s why this blog piece: I believe it’s time for those more reasonable people on the Left to start speaking out and standing up against this growing anti-Semitism in their midst, before it desecrates and discredits their entire movement … the way it has SEVERELY damaged Canada’s federal Green Party. We know they overturned that ugly motion they passed at their convention, but we also know that deep down too many of the federal Greens ARE clearly one-sided bigots and if given any power, would act out their anti-Semitism with policies. h.o.)

  • 14 BMCQ // Dec 5, 2018 at 10:05 am

    The posted Guardian Cadwalldr piece should be Sounding Alarms for any of us that believe in Democracy. The Guardian a more or less Liberal Paper points out that it is far too easy for Technology Companies to Manipulate and Affect Information on virtually everything we search for, Elections, revision of Historical Events, and in fact an unlimited ability to change our World.

    As I have stated on this Blog at other times it is time for Government to review Facebook, Google, Twitter, any other powerful Tech Company, Amazon which owns and controls Media Companies, and many more and consider Breaking them Up!

    It is time for more competition, less manipulation, and more independent democratic choices for the Great Unwashed.

    Citizens of all Nations deserve to hear unbiased research information and news reporting without being lied to and manipulated.

    I wonder, is it possible to have a Bi Partisan Congressional Commission take this on and get the results Citizens of all Nations deserve, Freedom of Information and the Truth.

    Keep in mind that the Goland Heights was occupied and annexed by Israel during the “Six Day War” after Israel was attacked and invaded by Four Rogue Nations who were supported by several other.

    Israel counter attacked and forced those Nations to retreat and GH was taken. Obviously it was no fun for Israel to sit back and watch Rockets dropped on their Citizens from the GH so they acted accordingly. Any other reasonable country would have done the same and yes, kept the land.

    When I am in Israel people have more than once said to me, “Every Night We Go To Bed We Wonder if We will Wake Up in the Morning”. Aren’t we Lucky in Canada?

    Keep in mind that Israel cannot afford to lose one War because it will be their last.

    Israel could have easily moved on and literally Destroyed ALL Four Invading Nations, killed Millions, seized their Countries, and Ruled without Opposition but they did not, Israel did the Right and Just thing, they preserved their own ?Borders and seized the GH for obvious reasons.

    And just what do we think those Gour Invading Nations would have done if Israeli Defenses Failed and the Invasion was successful?

    Do you think they would have not Destroyed Israel and it’s People?

    The only Jewish People That lived through the Invasion would have been Driven into the Sea or Executed.

    The Unfair RacistBDS Assault against Israel is an Assault on Human Decency and we should all be ashamed that More Democracies do not Speak Out!

    Perhaps the Worst Offender On this Travesty is once again The United Nations!

    Where the Hell is World Leadership?

    Where are the Statesmen?

    (Response: I’d also ask Where are the media? Shouldn’t they point out how ludicrous it is when any organization targets ONLY Israel for BDS while ignoring those much worse countries/records I’ve cited?? Surely they know how one-sided these BDS campaigns are ; shouldn’t they ASK people at them about their hypocrisy …instead of just going along? h.o)

  • 15 Gene The Bean // Dec 5, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    DMJ #13 – Good for you!

    I do the same and have been ostracized a few times myself. A badge of honour if there ever was one.

    Some of the excuses from the periphery I find hilarious. “He isn’t really a racist he just says things like that”. Nope. He is a racist.

    Have been ‘disengaged’ from a group at my holiday destination after I called out their continued bashing of Natives – they are all Canadians. The quote above was from the wife.

    Funny how people adjust their morality to fit their current circumstances. Strangely enough (considering todays climate) my morality has never been flexible or for sale.

  • 16 Diverdarren // Dec 5, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    BMCQ, Just a bit of “point of fact”…

    Although tensions were high in June of ’67 between Israel and Egypt specifically due to the closing of a sea strait to the Israelis and a massing of troop on the boarder by Egypt, Israel launched the first strikes on June 5th. Jordan and Syria entered the war later that day. A coordinated Arab attack may have been imminent, but it definitely was a preemptive strike by Israel.

    “Israel could have easily moved on and literally Destroyed ALL Four Invading Nations, killed Millions, seized their Countries, and Ruled without Opposition but they did not, Israel did the Right and Just thing, they preserved their own ?Borders and seized the GH for obvious reasons.”

    What was the obvious reason?

    Your narrative suggests that Israel needed the land as a buffer for the protection of their citizens, but if that’s the case, why is Israel settling it’s people in the Golan, closer to the Syrian threat.

    If the obvious reason was to keep the land for settlement, then that’s a war crime.

    I’m a supporter of Israel/ I respect their dedication to a civil society and how they fought to survive, but does that mean be blind to their misdeeds?

    I’m not prepared to respond to bona fide criticism of Israel by dropping the “religion card” and attacking the critic as an anti-Semite.

    That’s an ad hominem argument, distract from the real controversy by making the issue the unsubstantiated claim of bigotry by the other person.

  • 17 e.a.f. // Dec 5, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    D.M. Johnston, thank you , thank you, thank you. At least you had the courage to stand up for what you believe is right! Not too many people do that these days.

    I’m not surprised people defended the man who made the comments because many still believe the Jews run the world. Don’t know how they got with that idea, but they have it and they sure don’t want to let go of it.

    Diverdarren at 11. Yes, The Israeli government has engaged in conduct it ought not to and it ought to be called out on it. However, we ought not to stop calling out dictatorships which violate human rights just because they’re dictatorships. As to calling out “democracies” who occupy other countries and engage in violation of human rights, gee wonder what happened about calling out the U.S.A. when it violates human rights or does voter suppression of AFrican Americans not count as violating human rights and does it not violate human rights to separate children from their parents. If we want to look at “democratic” countries violating human rights lets add the Phillipines to the list. No one seems to be “calling them out”. “Where is BDS on that.

    I do believe BDS is calling out Israel because the majority of citizens are Jews, plan and simple. Nothing has changed much since the days of when Jews were not permitted to own land, become doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. Society has only become better at hiding the anti Semitism, until they think it is O.K. to say what they want or in the case of BDS cloak it in the message of human rights for the other side.

    What does BDS think will happen if other countries abandon Israel? What will they have to say if some of the Arab countries went in and killed half the population? Oh, too bad, gee we didn’t know that would happen, they deserved it, etc.

    We were taught at a young age what happened in Europe prior and during WW II. My Mother always told us, “it can happen again”.

    (Response: The strangest …and most disappointing … aspect of this new anti-Semitism hiding under the BDS disguise is that it is being promoted and promulgated by the Left, who used to take great pride in treating everyone as equals, totally opposing religious or racist discrimination, favoring dialogue over hatred etc …. but clearly not anymore. The far Left not only apply a terrible double standard through its one-sided BDS actions, but many even express support for terrorist groups, who actively teach hatred to their children, treat women like chattel, massacre their own dissidents and deliberately fire rockets aimed at civilians in Israeli towns or carry out violent attacks. My, my …how socialist and passivist ideals have been abandoned! h.o)

  • 18 BMCQ // Dec 5, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    I Do not know about you but if I was the Leader (with my Gov) of a Nation under constant threat and actual attacks that was being shelled by other surrounding Nations literally every day and my Farmers were being targeted and killed when ploughing their Fields and my access to the Seaor other outlets/accesses were cut off by openly Hostile Countries I would consider those actions all an ACT of War and I would launch an attack when the time was right.

    I have it first hand that in the months before and since Israel was Invaded by Military Personnel with Commando Missions from the 4 Nations more or less every night from various directions.
    I believe most Nations would consider that an “Invasion”. Sure it was not Pearl Harbor but please explain that to the Dead Farmers and other Innocent Civilians.

    The Golan Heights is IN FACT a most important Strategic Ridge for several reasons. When held by Syria it could be utilized as a viewpoint looking down into Israel but it could also be used to fire /Rockets or Mortirs into Israel.

    The GH also has a natural Rock Hill type Wall Formation that is easier for Israel to defend because of the advantage of having Military on the Ridge just like any other Defensive Position.

    Israel allows The 30,o0o or so to settle there for their own reasons but because of the Terrain/Topography and it’s relatively easy defense from small weapons fire it is as secure as most other areas. Distance or proximity to Syria is not key when it comes to that defensive position.

    That is not my opinion it is what has been explained to me by a former Israeli Military Officer and others who served. You can feel free to debate that with them, I believe what they have told me.

    It appears to me that Israel are well aware that much of the World is against Settlements in various locations but they have made that decision. As to War Crimes?

    Compared to what?

    I would also suggest that the Golan Heights is a very Strategic Plateau for Syria to be used as an Offensive Launching Point as Syria lost many thousands of Troops attempting to re take it in 1973.

    Argue with that if you will but……

    I cannot say for sure but I believe the facts show that the Golan Heights was not taken by Israel for future Settlement purposes. If you know different I look forward to seeing the evidence you might provide.

    Keep in mind that Israel will always retaliate with Deadly Force whenever what they consider their Territory is attacked.

    Israel does not fight back because they feel their Enemies are Bigots or Anti Semites, they Fight Back to Survive.

    Sometimes Israel may push back too hard too quickly but put yourself in their position. As I have already pointed out they cannot afford to lose one War, they are well aware that loss will be their last.

    As to the BDS Sanctions against Israel I refer back to the Post by Harvey, why have the Pure of Thought SJW not taken on ANY other Middle Eastern Nation where Gays, Women, Religious Minorities, and others are oppressed, attacked, wounded, and killed. Every day of the week?

    Where are Feminist Groups on this? Why are they not calling for BDS against other Middle Eastern Countries?

    I believe that is a fairlyaccurate picture of what took place. IMHO when your Country are being attacked as described it is an Invasion.

    You can offer any correction on my recollections you wish to but when Israeli Citizens had their Lives on the Line I am sure they took action they thought was best for the Country and People.

    Of course it is only my opinion but I believe most Leadership of any Country that is capable would not take a chance of getting the 2:00 AM phone call informing me that the Syrians are just around the corner from my House and they want to meet me.

    That has happened too many times in World History and Countries were over run and they were defeated. But then what the Hell do I know.

  • 19 E. Johnson // Dec 6, 2018 at 1:04 am

    Thank you Harvey for having the guts to blog on this issue and ask the questions that are rarely if ever posed in main stream media. It is difficult to understand how supposedly well educated and well informed people subtelý and quietly promote their antisemitism using BDS as a cover. They are more frightening than the blatant groups who leave no doubt about where they stand. Their hate is purposefully and visibly on display and when they go to far they can be charged with hate crimes. The university professors, politicians, etc. are not so easily detected.
    It is not easy to call other people out on their racist comments during a social gathering. In fact it is pretty darned awkward when the room suddenly quiets down and the chilly expressions are directed at you. It is definitely worth it nonetheless.

    (Responses: It’s about time more in the media started asking the tough questions of leaders and delegates at those meetings/conventions where the anti-Semites and pro-Palestinian propagandists agitate with their totally one-sided anti-Israel resolutions. They can easily find updated figures like I’ve quoted about the sad state of brutality and deaths being carried out by regimes in MANY countries … MUCH worse … by the impact on hundreds of thousands of lives … than anything Israel has ever even been accused of ..let alone done. So why the one-sided attacks on just the Jewish state? Why no BDS against the much worse perpetrators? Why the anti-Semitic attacks/protests directed against Jewish students on campuses … sometimes by professors?? This has to be called out by those who really believe in fairness and justice. h.o.)

  • 20 BMCQ // Dec 6, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Golan Heights and it’s importance. Forgot about the Water.

    This is from the BBC well known supporter of Israel . Yeah sure.

    Then there is this

    It seems thgat as time goes on more in Academia are coming out against Israel.

    No wonder Students and Young Adults are so Brain Washed. Seems to be the way of the Progressives in these times.

    I have watched Mark Lamont Hill for about 10 years now and I have seen him go to thoughtful Progressive to Out of His Head Activist and Anarchist who is against the U.S., Israel, and the Jewish People.

    CNN were at ;east intelligent enough to Fire him but he is still Teaching Students at Temple University. I guess Philadelphia is not really the City of Brotherly Love we are all told it is.

    Free Speech is one thing but…….

    Then of course there is Great american Patriot Minister, Anti Senmite, and Hater of Everything Israel, Jewish, or Anglo Saxon Louis Farrakhan, he always has lots to say about the Jewish People.

    Then of course there are many more well respected Religious Leaders like Al Sharpton and 23 times over Baby Daddy Jessie Jackson, they are also great Friends of Israel and the Jewish People.

    Speaking of BDS, perhaps we could also take a New Look at that nWonderful Humanitarian State of South Africa and challenge them on their latest Land Grab, Murders, and Heinous Treatment Treatment of White South African Citizens.

    I am wondering which Country the majority vast of majority of LGBT, Religious Minorities, and others threatened in Middle Eastern Countries would choose to live given the choice, Israel or one of the other Human Rights Paradises such as Iran, Saudi, Enerites, Kuwaitt, Syria, etc.?

    I wonder.

    Again, just what excuse do those Special Interest Groups, Media, Politicians, and the rest Hiding in their Desks have for Ignoring this whole issue?

    (Response: As bad as Israel is made out to be by the far Left anti-Semites and Palestinian propagandists, the TRUTH is THOUSANDS of Palestinians cross peacefully into Israel to work in the Jewish state; others to visit family and/or religious sites; hundreds more Palestinians from the West bank and even Gaza are treated in Israeli hospitals … rather than go to Egypt or Jordan; and several hundred sick and injured Syrians have shown up at the Golan border and have also been treated at Israeli hospitals FREE. Some evil state that is!!! But bigots never let FACTS stand in the way of their prejudices: the really sad part is the silence from others on the Left and in the left-leaning media who should know better … and tell the real story. h.o.)

  • 21 Diverdarren // Dec 6, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    BMCQ, We all agree that the Golan Heights is nice real estate; strategic location, good farm land, source for water, all true.

    Unfortunately, also true, is that it’s Syrian soil. Yes, it is currently captured territory since ’67 as part of war that has been in effect since ’48 and still a state of war exists between Israel and Syria, but it’s still occupied land.

    As such the Fourth Geneva Convention applies. and I’m sure it’s no surprise that pushing out the local population, or moving your population into the occupied territory aint allowed.

    So it really boils down to a fundamental personal principle…

    You either believe in the rule of law, or you don’t.

    If the two combatants come to the peace table I’m sure the Golan Heights and its future ownership will be up for negotiation, but until then it’s Syrian.

    The world is starting to see that Israel intends to keep the captured lands for themselves, and even though they are our friends it doesn’t change the law or the morality of that decision.

    The UN has several resolutions regarding the Israeli-Arab situation. If parties ignore a Resolution, usually there are consequences, or at least there should be. It’s slow, but the pressure is being noticed. UNSC Resolution 2334, passed 14-0. The Americans abstained, but the UK and France didn’t use their veto either. Japan, Spain and New Zealand supported 2334. A message is being sent to the Israelis. It’s time to end this.

    The BDS movement is having it’s intended effect, not so much in bringing Israels economy to a stop, but in bringing this issue to the attention of the world. Also of interest, is the reaction by Israel to the BDS movement. The current government consider it to be an existential threat, and their reaction has been heavy-handed.

    I’d suggest an article from The Guardian by Nathan Thrall, Aug ’18.

    Specific to Harvey’s Blog Posting is the paragraph beginning, “Perhaps Israel’s most powerful tool in the campaign against delegitimisation has been to accuse the country’s critics of antisemitism. Doing so required changing official definitions of the term.”

    To Harvey’s question; Why haven’t the groups (CFS, CUPW, UNIFOR, CUPE Ontario, Green Party ect.) called for support of a BDS movement against other bad nations? Harvey, suggests it is antisemitism, or at the least, influence from anti- Semites.

    I’d suggest that these are political action organizations, and as such, what is the purpose of calling for the Canadian government, Canadian industry, and Canadian people to BDS countries that Canada already has sanctions against?

    Canada sanctions 20 countries currently, and had sanctions against 8 others. I’m sure its no surprise they are the same rouge nations Harvey lists.

    Missing are 2 countries of note, Saudi Arabia and Israel. (Hamas, Hizballah are on Listed Terrorist Entities) Saudi Arabia seems close to getting on the list, but Israel seems to get always get a pass.

    I’d say that the fact that the State of Israel gets a free pass from the government of Canada, even though there are UN Security Council Resolutions speaking to the ongoing Israel issue is the reason why these political action organizations are pushing for BDS.

    Simply put, individuals will fill the void the Canadian government has created in seeking peace in the Middle East.

  • 22 BMCQ // Dec 7, 2018 at 7:42 am

    I had dinner with a friend of mine in Tel Aviv a short time ago. He visits there twice a year.

    He is Jewish about 70 years old, was born in Tel Aviv, moved to NYC when in his 20’s after Military Service and worked for a Cosmetics Distribution Company.

    He did well for himself and opened a Branch Office in L.A.. Soon after that he began developing Cosmetics and did very well, he now owns a large well known Cosmetics Company that does business World Wide.

    I asked him why so many Jewish People in the Entertainment Industry were not more vocal in their support for Israel, he told me that many do not get it and are out of touch, some because of fear of backlash do not want to stand up publicly and some do not like the Government of Israel.

    He then went on to tell me that as a Republican in Cosmetics who deals with Entertainment and the Arts Community he learned when he was younger not to speak out on being a Conservative Republican.

    He is also a supporter of DJT and he knows that alone is Poison in the Entertainment Field and Cosmetics Industry. He tells me his business would suffer terribly if he speaks out in favour of Trump, control of Migration, and Secure Borders, just to name a few.

    Diver – 16 – 21

    It is the opinion of many including myself that Israel will never give up the Golan Heights.

    In my opinion sometime before Nov. 2020 Israel will announce that they consider the Golan Heights their Territory and the whole BDS will get even more support from Nations and Organizations that Hate Israel.

    In most cases BDS is nothing but a Strategic Tool to Damage the People and Economy of Israel. Israel will deal with that problem and they will win.

    You may wish to pull out the Fine Print and Light Your Hair On Fire over various issues but you are not in their shoes.

    By now you have become familiar with the GH, it’s strategic importance, and exactly what perilous position Israel was to put itself in by ceding the land back to the syrian Government.

    Let me start by asking a question or two and some comments.

    What would YOU Do if you were Israeli Leadership?

    Geneva Convention? Rule of Law?

    Would you honestly abide by either if the Total Destruction and Death of your People and Country was a possibility? Rule of Law you say.

    Easy for you to say I suppose but as someone that believes both are possible without control of the GH I certainly understand that sometimes there are acceptions.

    Sometimes Leadership of a Country needs to Stand Up and that Leadership needs to call out Organizations like the UN, Special Interests like Hamas, Iran, other Rogue Nations, EU Jew Haters, Mark Lamont Hill, Sharpton, and literally Millions of others and yes sometimes that Leadership needs to ensure strategic Lands are controlled by it’s Military.

    As I have already stated, on several ocassions I have been told by friends and associates in Israel that each and every night they go to sleep they are not really sure if they will wake up the next morning.

    I ask you to think of that for a minute, reflect on that and tell me it does not make you just a little sympathetic.

    Keep in mind that “Gas Man” Assad does not seem to be bound by the Geneva Convention, even though there was a relative time of peace over the GH he certainly could not be trusted to respect any Treaty with Israel or anyone else for that matter.

    The Rebels challenging Assad may actually overthrow the Syrian Government, would you if you were Israel cede the GH back to Syria if you thought the Government was under threat?

    What about if Israel was to cede the GH back to Syria and another Rogue Nation with Leadership that Hates Israel comes out of a re-organization of Syria and they decide to Shell and Attack Israel from the GH, just what do you think the United Nations would do?

    More than likely there would be a Speech or two and the Vetos would immediately halt any UN Action and Israel could be doomed.

    Israel and it’s People could very well be Wiped off the Face of the Earth.

    Would leave that to chance if you were Israeli Leadership?

    Would you have Trust in UN Leadership, the Security Council, Politicians like Obama, Merkel, Macron/Hollande, PM Justin, Lofven, Juncker, China, Pakistan, or any of the rest?

    Yeah, sure, they would all sand up for Israel and it’s Jewish People, I can see it now.

    You can talk about the Geneva Convention, the Rule of Law, and all of the rest all you like but pleae keep one very important thing im mind.

    Unfortunately thee are NO Roberts Rules, there are No Gentle Folk here, Isarael is Hated and not many of those mentioned would give a God Dam if Israel was Attacked and Destroyed.

    And just how closely would ANY of those Attackers of Israel follow mthe Geneva Convention? The Rule of Law?


    Every Country and every Special Interest Group gets a “Free Pass” from Canada, that should not be News to you or anyone else.

  • 23 Gene The Bean // Dec 7, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Whenever I hear a conservative say ” You either believe in the rule of law, or you don’t” – well, lets just say it makes me smile.

  • 24 BMCQ // Dec 7, 2018 at 9:13 am


    Considering my Stance and Position on Israel, the Gaza, the Golan Heights, Borders and Security You might label me a Hypocrite.

    That is fine with me, I can live with that and I will Wear that Badge Proudly.

    I just hope you at least make an effort to understand why I feel the way I do.

    We may not always be right but Sometimes we need to Stand Up for what we Feel is the Right Thing to Do.