Jody Wilson-Raybould Gets MY Vote

In the end, for me, it comes down to ethics, integrity and principles.

As I wrote before on this Blog, I happen to live/vote in Vancouver Granville … the riding represented by former Liberal Justice Minister and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould.

I voted for her when she ran as a Liberal in the last election … not that I knew and supported her personally, but I had tired of Conservative PM Stephen Harper’s dictatorial style, disdain for holding press conferences, silencing of public officials and, even during the election campaign, his own refusal to take or answer more than minimal questions.

It was time for a change.

Some believe it’s that time again; others disagree; some support other parties … all good reasons to vote for whoever YOU decide is most worthy.

And I have to say … as an independent voter … I found policies/messages I could support and also policies/messages I would oppose offered up by ALL the parties … making my choice this time much more difficult.

But in Vancouver-Granville, there has also been a very different calculation to consider.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is running as an Independent … after being trashed by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for refusing to interfere in the Court case facing the huge corporation, Quebec-based SNC Lavalin.

As I wrote in August, I had concerns, though, about voting for an Independent in a close election and also wondered, based on Wilson-Raybould’s own repeated and seemingly constant emphasis of her First Nations background/interests, whether she would be a one-issue MP … neglecting the rest of us in her riding.

You can read that piece here:

Perhaps she or her strategists read that piece, because since then, Wilson-Raybould … and her campaign … have repeatedly emphasized other issues of concern in Vancouver-Granville as well: cost of living; the economy; fairer taxes; affordable housing; climate change; health care and support for a pharmacare program.

And then, there’s the “hero” factor.

Because Jody Wilson-Raybould had done something I witnessed VERY RARELY in my 38 years of reporting and covering politics at the municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels: she stood up on principle against power and pressure … even at the cost of her own appointed position.

No one should under-estimate how remarkable that is for someone who pursues a calling and a career in politics … especially at a senior federal Cabinet post … forsaking all the perks and privileges that go with that.

Standing up ON PRINCIPLE against a Prime Minister!

It goes much beyond sacrificing just the extra pay, the larger offices … both on Parliament Hill and at departmental HQ … the prestige, the car/driver, deferential treatment by many of those around her.

Wilson-Raybould also gave up her role participating at one of the highest appointed positions in Canadian politics.

For principles!

People who have read my writings on this Blog know how high a price I paid in my own career … standing up for others, for fairness, for workers’ rights and dignity … against bullies and injustices.

Never regretted doing that for a minute! Because, in the end, principles are MUCH more important than perks.

So Wilson-Raybould has my vote.

Harv Oberfeld

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58 Responses to Jody Wilson-Raybould Gets MY Vote

  1. 13 says:

    I got it right. Heres hoping Im on a winning streak

  2. BMCQ says:

    I just happened to open your Blog to see if there any Gems that may have come up last night posted and I saw your new Blog Topic here about supporting JWR and the reasons behind it .

    I am quite impressed but perhaps not surprised .

    All of the reasons you point out would make it very difficult for any of us on this Blog or in Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast to not vote for JWR if we lived in her Riding .

    As much as I dislike PM Justin and everything he stands for, has lied about, his character or lack thereof, his outright lies and manipulation, his treatment of JWR, the Pipeline Fiasco, Khadr, Porous Borders, Migration with Millions more to come across the USA Border and all of the rest I would find it difficult to Vote for any Conservative against JWR no matter the Riding I lived in .

    Having said that my dislike, disrespect for PM Justin might cause me to Vote for the Conservative in your riding, I am quite happy that I do not need to make that choice .

    To me your Key Word is “Principles” . Perhaps that should be enough .

    Thanks for being our “Shurpa” through this whole experience, it has been fun, fair, balanced, and educational .

    I am quite sure that “Almost All” of us learned something on this one .

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    The entire reasoning for your choice is principles and morals.

    If everyone was like you, the Cons would never get a vote.

  4. Keith says:

    Good call Harvey.

    What I think will be worth watching is if JWR wins ( which I think she will) but also if Jane Philpott wins, in both cases by how many votes.

    If that comes to pass it should send a message to the politicos that integrity counts for something, be a constant embarrassment to the low brow hypocritical politics of Trudeau and the rest of the gofers of all parties.

    (Response: I believe that Trudeau/Libs are paying a price for the treatment of Wilson-Raybould well beyond her riding boundaries. He/they looked sleazy and dishonest. The only saving grace for them, perhaps, is that I don’t think most Canadians are impressed much by Scheer/Tories either. Should be a riveting Monday! h.o)

  5. DBW says:

    The fact that this race is still a toss up shows how ingrained political parties are in our system.

    You have given all the reasons why you decided to vote for JWR and I doubt that few can dispute the logic. So why aren’t others voting the same way.

    NDPers and Greens know their candidates have no chance of winning and JWR will give them a voice supporting the environment and social issues.

    Conservatives know their candidate has little chance to win and keeping a seat out of Liberal hands while not a complete victory still takes away a Liberal seat in a close race.

    Even Liberals should see this as an opportunity to tell Trudeau and the Liberal brass that they are not satisfied with the status quo while still retaining a small l Liberal in the Commons.

    Why this isn’t a blow out is beyond me.

    (Response: How ironic it will be if the Tories capture power by narrowly winning ridings where NDP/Green environmental and social activists had no chance of winning, but failed to vote strategically for the Libs … to keep the Tories out. Which, of course, would be GREAT for those who support the Conservative points of view on those issues. If the polls are accurate, and the race is that close, it could actually come down to that. Great race … BIG stakes! 🙂 h.o)

  6. D. M. Johnston says:

    Bravo! If I lived in the constituency, I would vote for her as well, alas I do not.

    Without repeating what I posted recently, I am going to vote for an independent as well.

    My distaste for the mainstream political parties, their leaders and the base corruption that surrounds Ottawa, means I will vote independent or don’t vote at all. My upbringing compels me to vote, but when such drivel is presented by the main parties, I despair.

    If anything, our electoral system needs drastic change as our colonial first past the post system no longer reflects the will of people, just the will of money, alternative facts and fake news.

    In Canada, our pseudo democracy happens for 12 hours every four years.

  7. hawgwash says:

    Great piece, great attitude; two thumbs up.
    Your opening sentence alone, describes where I would have voted in your riding, from the moment she declared her candidacy. The rest of the piece just more than adequately describes the “why.”

    Now to this bit; “Perhaps she or her strategists read that piece…” This is the old two edged sword, isn’t it? Good, if true, that your column could induce change in her camp or anywhere; bad, if true, that the media can manipulate. Not that yours was manipulation but, I think you get what I am saying.

    One day last week I was in a group of very casual aquaintances, in a store just shooting the breeze. I mentioned I was hoping that, if I made it to the mainland before the election, I would grab a JWR sign for my yard, here in May’s riding, just for laffs.

    One of the breeze shooters, spittle flying, temples pulsing, loudly declared “that *^%$# turncoat” and that is where I have a serious problem. So many people absolutely do not get the “ethics, integrity and principles” part, never mind judicial interference and the rule of law.

    I read a piece the other day, which I cannot now find, questioning whether, if Trudeau fails to win, JWR will go for the leadership.

    Think on that a while.

    (Response: Hate to say it …but people like that person who uttered profanities over someone standing up for principles and ethics are in the MAJORITY … in both politics and business. Which tells us two things: how rare and valuable those who stand up really are; and, how I would clearly not have done well in either field! h.o)

  8. Gene The Bean says:

    I like a few others have issues with the Libs reversal on voting reform. I think a lot of ‘under 50’s’ do too and that could lead to the Libs downfall. Recognizing boomers reluctance to change and aversion to risk to ensure they never leave their cocoon of prosperity, it is no surprise the Libs backed off which may led to a Con win.

    Harvey has made his point for his voting choice which is based on personal beliefs and right/wrong. I applaud that. But there could be broader ramifications.

    If the Cons win, is that really a bad thing? Well, yes but it may be the start of something big for progressive thinking people. After a term of feckless fear mongering “leadership” and the further erosion of Canadian ideals by the Cons, the centre left may see the light. Ditch Trudeau and all other old school “connected” Liberals. Sway Green and NDP voters to keep the Cons out and let the Con base ‘age out’ and as rural voters and communities slowly bring themselves out of the stone age, essentially make the Cons irrelevant.

    The future could be strong Liberal, Green and NDP parties and platforms with the Cons relegated to fringe nutbar status.

    Maybe Harvey is on to something? Maybe it starts with independents?

    Harvey Oberfeld – Change Agent. Who knew?

  9. BMCQ says:


    I suppose I can try to understand your remarks against all politicians but let’s “Keep it Real”, the only people involved in the mistreatment of JWR are PM Justin, Butts, and the rest of the Liberal Party that ALL Hid Under Their Desks while JWR was Bullied, Disrespected, and Finally Fired for NO cause .

    The Mistreatment of JWR and Philpott by PM Justin, Butts, and the rest of their Liberal Minions was far more egregious than any action taken by the Greens, the NDP, or the Conservatives .

    Personally in some ways I would have liked to have seen both JWR and Philpott stand their ground and force PM Justin to refuse to Sign their Nominations Papers, now that would have been a story .

    At this late stage I would now probably be quite happy to see both Philpott and JWR Victorious on Monday, that would be a good thing for Canada even if I might not always agree with them .

    Not sure if I would count the Conservative out in Van Granville, there is a fairly good chance that a lot of Vote Splitting could take place there .

    As a matter of fact there could quite possibly be 4 different Candidates all with about 20% and then the NDP somewhere in the 15% area .

    Not sure what our resident Bookie can tell us about the 338 or any other Pollster Forecast but Van Granville might still be a close race, every Vote might count .

  10. Edgar says:

    I wish we had a strong alternative in our riding, getting close to decision simply on the basis of who will be the best constituency person, as we really have not had one for four years. Now hoping for a minority government, which I think will last about two years, or in the least until most of this group of party leaders are replaced. Think at least 3 are nearing the end of this current political career.

    (Response: No doubt the fallout from this election will be just as interesting as the vote results themselves! h.o)

  11. 13 says:

    “If the cons win is that a bad thing? Well yes” Then the writer goes on to rationalize how the conservative win will empower the progressives. The conservative win will empower all of Canada. A leader that isnt prone to (I will not list the JT short comings again) acting like the previous PM will be a breath of fresh air. With any luck at all Scheer will inherit a weak economy and unlike Harper not see a world wide economic down turn. Imagine if Trudeau had to deal with the 2008 global crisis.
    People will prosper and the Liberal brand will have to rebuild. Without a doubt the Liberals will toss Justin to the side and hopefully replace him with a (here is that word again) capable leader. Maybe even JWR.
    Untill then the rural bumpkins the lower educated will have their voices heard and Canada will prosper. Just another point of view to offset the negativity. Its good to see some hard left wingers start to fret that the Trudeau days might be down to about 5.

  12. hawgwash says:

    Back to Jody Wilson-Raybould; she has stated publicly and repeatedly, her politics align more with the Liberals.

    So, say the conservatives do not have a solid majority, even with Bloc support, Trudeau walks the plank and JWR becomes leader.

    We know she has Elizabeth on side and it isn’t a stretch to think Jagmeet Singh would play nicely. That dialogue has probably, already been opened up.

    The Cons could be tossed within two years.

  13. Gilbert says:

    As everyone here knows, I’m a Conservative. However, if the Conservative leader mixed up Japan and China twice while speaking to Prime Minister Abe, had two ethics violations, didn’t respect the independence of the judiciary, didn’t care about balancing the budget, loved dressing up in costumes, was a hypocrite on climate change, and didn’t take the job of prime minister seriously, I couldn’t support him or her.

    I don’t live in Jody Wilson-Raybould’s riding, but if I did, I’d seriously consider voting for her. I truly respect people with principles and integrity.

  14. nonconfidencevote says:

    @Gene The Bean
    “The entire reasoning for your choice is principles and morals.
    If everyone was like you, the Cons would never get a vote….”

    Well……neither would Trudeau’s Liberals…….

  15. DBW says:

    Harvey, in your response to me you said “How ironic it will be if the Tories capture power by narrowly winning ridings where NDP/Green environmental and social activists had no chance of winning, but failed to vote strategically for the Libs … to keep the Tories out.”

    While I agree with that, I think strategic voting is not something for only NDP/Greens. I went through the races in BC that 338 has labeled as toss-up. There are several. For example, in Kootenay-Columbia the Conservatives and the NDP are neck and neck. The Liberals are well back. Shouldn’t Liberals be voting NDP to keep one more seat out of Conservative hands. The same is true of Cowichan. And I asked before, shouldn’t Conservatives be voting for Svend Robinson who is in a tight race with the Liberals in Burnaby South instead of the no longer Conservative candidate. A vote for Svend could steal a seat from the Liberals. And this isn’t just a BC thing. Should Conservatives in Quebec vote Bloc in those ridings where the Bloc and Liberals are battling it out.

    Right now 338 has both the Liberals and the Conservatives winning 132 seats. Stealing a seat from the other guys even if it goes to the NDP or the Bloc or the Greens could be the difference in who forms government.

    And speaking of irony. How ironic would it be for Trudeau to watch the Conservatives win a majority government with less than 35% of the popular vote after vowing that last election would be the last under FPTP.

    And for the record, strategic voting wouldn’t be an issue under a pro rep system, and neither would majority governments of less than 35% whatever the party. Yes I am still bitter.

    (Response: My point is that ..regardless of which parties are one/two and three/four … strategic voting CAN work. IF those backing a no-hope candidate/party realize how the FPTP system works … and realize they CAN have an impact … even from a negative basis keep out their worst fear … and elected the other leading competitor. And when people have to live with the outcome up to four years, the implications of that are not something they should dismiss lightly. h.o)

  16. Richard Skelly says:

    The media gave her a complete pass in the prosecution/persecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. The Norman case was already developing fissures when Ms. Wilson Reybould was still Attorney General. And it completely collapsed under her successor’s watch.

    But it was A-G Wilson Raybould who oversaw the Director Of Public Prosecution filing trumped up charges against an almost certainly innocent man.

    And she did so after being in cabinet meetings when the whole affair started.

    To recap: The Grits wanted to void an existing shipbuilding contract in order to re-tender it on terms favouring a Liberal-friendly rival firm operating in then-cabinet minister Scott Brison’s bailiwick. They only scuttled the plan when news leaked that a double cross of the existing contractor was afoot.

    The Trudeauites then went looking for someone to blame as the leaker. And focussed on Norman. Even though as preliminary court filings quickly reveaked, up to 80 other bureaucrats were privy to the plans.

    Jody Wilson Raybould seemed to be a player in the Norman Affair. Whether she wins or loses re-election, I just hope she faces some belated scrutiny. Should the Conservatives form the next government, I suspect they will hold hearings or an inquiry into the scandal.

  17. BMCQ says:



    I must confess I was very upset with the treatment of VA Norman and felt he was treated very unfairly .

    Another important period of time in recent Canadian History that seems to have been glossed over, although I am quite pleased he will be compensated .

    Is monetary compensation enough without full exoneration in Media right across Canada .

    If I was a Resident of Van Granville I would make a point of following up on your claims . I think I will do that anyway .


    I was wondering, what do you think PM Justin might Dress Up as on Halloween about 10 days after the Federal Election ?

    Could it be uh “Happy Santa” or the uh “Grim Reaper” ?

    There are Oh so many Choices .

    It would be interesting to hear if JWR was asked about the Norman Fiasco during any Town Halls she may have attended .

    Then again I am quite sure most of the questions would have been Soft Balls .

    I must admit I would be more than disappointed if JWR was involved in the mishandling of the Norman Fiasco . I hope Mr. Norman and his Family have recovered from their at least year long ordeal .


    Who in the World anywhere could Vote for “White Feather” Svend Robinson under any circumstances ?

    Surely we can do better, can we not ?

    YIKES !!

  18. Harry Lawson says:


    You are most fortunate to be able to vote for a person with a record of integrity. Some could say she wasn’t the best justice minister . I think of the constitutionality of the new impaired driving laws. . I had a discussion with a friend if she would prop up a Trudeau minority government and at what Cost? I have a friend who lives in Hedy Frys riding feels that she may be turfed. I have to ask this election is there a safe seat anywhere ?

  19. 13 says:

    Reply to a few questions. Who would vote for the jewel thief? Answer the same brain addled type that would vote for Trudeau. An individual that believes people in a position of power or trust are immune from the laws that they have sworn to uphold. A position of “TRUST”. Most courts hold police , clergy, doctors, to a higher standard of behavior.

    (Edited…this is getting out of hand…. close to libellous. Back to the topic pls)

    I also hope that JWR is not guilty of any criminal behavior in the Naval affair

  20. Crankypants says:

    You can put me in the category of one jaded voter. The various party platforms would only be found in the fiction section of any library or bookstore. The leaders of the two likely parties that will gain the most seats are woefully inadequate in my opinion. One is a drama queen and the other nothing more than an office boy. The rest don’t matter because they will never be serious contenders to become the Prime Minister of Canada.

    The incumbent in my riding, Port Moody-Coquitlam, has retired which means this riding will have a new MP after Monday. Polling suggests that there are three candidates that have a chance of being elected while the other three have a better chance of winning the jackpot in the next 6/49 and Lotto Max draws back to back.

    The NDP’s replacement for Fin Donnelly is a city councillor who may be an okay replacement. My problem with her is that if she wins the city will have to hold a by-election to replace her. If she had aspirations of moving up the political ladder then she should have not run in the last municipal election.

    The Conservative candidate is a parachute candidate from Richmond Hill Ontario. Apparently she was turfed out of that riding in favour of someone else that the party hierarchy deemed more likely to have success or some such thing. She has also refused to attend any all-candidates meetings.

    The Liberal candidate is a young lady that came to Canada as a refugee from Afghanistan that has attained an engineering degree, worked for BC Hydro, Doctors Without Borders, the Canadian Red Cross and the World Bank. She has resided in Coquitlam for the past 15 years which I believe is nothing but an asset. She will get my vote. This will be the first time I have ever voted for a candidate attached to any Liberal Party, federal or provincial.

    (Response: I notice you didn’t mention the environment or climate change in your evaluations. Beginning to wonder if that will count for many voters …or are there other more important issues for them, such as ethics, taxes, deficits etc. h.o.)

  21. BMCQ says:


    For over two years now I have been attempting to point out and inform Participants on this Blog that the Whole Canada climate Change Thing is a “NOTHING BURGER” !!

    I have mentioned many times that the Canada Contribution to Climate Change is just over 1 BLOODY PERCENT !!!!

    Do you not get it, May, Singh, and PM Edward Scissor Hands are CONNING YOU and every other Canadian that seems to choose to be taken in by this SCAM .

    Why should Canadians traveling from Squamish, Abbotsford, or White Rock to Downtown Vancouver already being exposed to a horrible Commute pay Carbon Tax which means nothing, goes to nothing and on top of that it goes up several times a year .

    On top of that china and India are asked to do NOTHING for 30 Years .

    Come on Cranky read the attached and then tell me you believe May, Singh, Greta, and PM Scissor Hands, CANADA IS NOT A FACTOR !!

    REad the attached and I challenge any of you to come back at me and say the whole Canadian CC thing is not a Scam !!

    Yes, we should do our part as my Company and family do each day but let’s worry about things that really matter to Canadians, Borders, Migration, Government Bloat and Waste, Opioids, when did we discuss that, JWR and her the disgraceful behavior she received, where was that in the debates, Government accountability, Infrastructure, Chinese Investment in Residential Housing, Industrial Commercial, and Millions of acres of Canadian Farmland and Farms, and so much more .

    The Attached cannot be argued with, Canada contributes Nothing of consequence to Climate Change !!

    I challenge you to come back and defend Singh, May, or PM Justin .

  22. Crankypants says:

    The candidate I am voting for has been involved in bringing solar energy to millions according to her brochure. I would assume that environmental/climate change issues are one of her top concerns.

    Sometimes a person has to make their choice based on whatever is important or least objectionable and hope for the best.

  23. DBW says:

    BMCQ if you haven’t already placed your bet, there is some good news and bad news. The bad news: oddsmakers now have Trudeau as a solid favourite.
    The good news: you can now net $1.15 for each dollar you bet on Scheer rather than the 86 cents from earlier in the week.

    I am a bit surprised at this as 338 has the election in nearly every regard a tie.

    Just remember though that neither the bookies nor 338 are claiming infallibility. Bookies are trying to balance the bets so they can gain as big a profit as possible, and 338 is just running what data they have millions of times to see the most likely outcome.

    I just love numbers so let’s look at the article Hawgwash linked about Trudeau being less popular than Trump. In Canada, where there are five parties an approval rating is likely to be lower than the US with only two parties. That of course does not diminish the unpopularity of Trudeau. For “fun” I check a couple of Conservative facebook pages where the hatred toward Trudeau is palpable.

    But, the Kinsella article forgets two things. Unlike the US only one riding in Canada gets to vote for Trudeau. There are many people happy with the Liberals despite Trudeau’s failings. Perhaps the Globe and Mail can do some kind of weird logic this time and tell us to vote Liberal despite Trudeau like they did last time when they supported the Conservatives but not Harper.

    As well, the Kinsella article forgot an even more important fact. Scheer’s approval is no better than Trudeau’s.

    What a depressing election. I wonder what the outcome would be if there were no party labels and we voted strictly on the qualities a candidate had to do the job.

  24. 13 says:

    Harveys response to Cranky. I think that most Canadians realize that our contribution to global warming pales in comparison to the amount of feel good carbon taxes we pay on our gas, home heating, and transportation costs and all related extra costs generated by a pointless feel good carbon tax imposed to satisfy an accord which major poluters are not involved in is a WASTE.

  25. BMCQ says:


    I find it interesting how so many on this Blog and elsewhere make the point that “Everyone has already made their mind up” .

    Well, I wonder, have they or have they not ?

    According to 338 and many others it appears Canadians cannot make up their minds, sort of like a 6 year old People Kind standing in front of the Baskin Robinson Display Tank of 46 Flavours . Which will it be ?

    I believe most Canadians have already made their mind up and they have voted for the same Party or People Kind most of their Voting Life .

    I do believe that for the first time in perhaps 50 years PM Justin and his dishonesty. lack of integrity, manipulation, treatment of JWR, Pipelines and so many more has caused a huge number of Traditional Liberal Supporters to question their Loyalties .

    Canadians are People that have principles, integrity, compassion, respect for others, and so many other good qualities regardless of which Party they support, there are only minor differences between someone that might Vote NDP or Conservative but Canadians want honesty. integrity, forthrightness, fair treatment, and respect from their Political Masters .

    I believe this time is different and PM Justin has betrayed His Flock and they are not happy, they feel they deserve better and they do .

    I believe the reason for the movement in some of these Polls is the fact that many Liberal Supporters do not know who to Vote for, very simple .

    Even though JWR is in for a fight MOST Canadians of any political Brand HATE what Butts and his PM Justin did to JWR and that is not good for any Liberal .

    Keep in mind that at least for public consumption the Liberal Caucus stood behind PM Justin and showed Philpott and JWR the Door . People are not happy with that and they are in turmoil, consequently they are not sure how to vote .

    Educators (my apologies) for the most part, Media, Social Media, Public Sector Workers and their Unions have done everything they can to poison the Great Unwashed against anything Conservative and that is the only keeping the Conservatives receiving more support from disgruntled betrayed Liberal Voters .

    So those displaced Liberal Voters are Wobbling between the NDP, the Greens and then the Conservatives, they have a choice to make .

    As 13 suggests and I believe he is correct MOST Canadians realize the climate Change Fiasco is a Nothing Burger for Canada and Canadians so IMHO Voters will finally sicken of that Sham and Scam .

    Then there is all of the other dishonest Anti-Conservative Messaging that goes out, Canadians are smarter than that .

    You might be surprised to hear this but contrary to hear this but contrary to Pollsters, Media, Liberals, Greens, and the NDP New Canadians/Immigrants of any Ethnicity, Religion, or Skin Shade are natural Conservatives .

    They in most cases come from Leftist Cess Pools of Crooked Bureaucratic Governments with Waste and Bloat beyond comprehension . Those same New Canadians want efficiency in Government they do not want to be over burdened with Taxation, Personal Corporate, Property Tax, Consumer, Over Regulation, and constant Government Red Tape. They came to Canada to escape all of that .

    No, the Legal Immigrants that came to Canada for opportunities, to raise their families in a safe environment, simply week opportunity and they want Government to just
    “Just Get Out of the Way” and let them achieve the “Canadian Dream” .

    Just watch the Vote Count Monday, you will have all of your answers then with how Immigrants voted ..

    I will check out your 338 to see how JWR stands, if I am correct it will be very close and the vote will be split 4 ways with the Greens getting about 8% .

    I still believe that PM Justin may experience a bit of a Tremor between now and Sunday .

    Did anyone attend a JWR Town Hall ? Was she asked about Vice Admiral Norman or “SNC Lavalin Gate” ? I spent a few minutes looking about vA Norman early toay but did not find anything really incriminating about JWR, can someone help ?

    I would have thought that Media would have done a few Spotlight Reports on Vancouver Granville, but I guess I was thinking about the Old Days Media

    AS to the comment “What a depressing Election” ?

    I feel that so many questions that should have and could have been asked of all the Political Party Leaders were never addressed and to me Canadians still do not know enough about any given issue .

    Is that the fault of the Media ? Your guess is as good as mine .

    (Response: You are quite INCORRECT when you state that “most” new Canadians “of any Ethnicity, Religion, or Skin Shade are natural Conservatives” Historically … to the contrary, these groups … from Asia, mid-East and African countries have NOT found Canadian Conservatives very welcoming … in fact often xenophobic and discriminatory … even trying for many decades to keep those who have made it here out of their “white” or “Christian’ neighborhoods, clubs, private schools, universities, golf courses … and have thus most often ethnics and people of colour over the decades have voted Liberal. Now, things may be changing, but can’t let you say, without challenge, they are “natural Conservatives”. h.o)

  26. Crankypants says:

    It doesn’t matter whether the Liberals or Conservatives win as far as the carbon tax we pay in BC. It is a provincial tax brought in by Gordon Campbell and continued by all successive provincial governments to date. Those commuters will continue to pay it no matter what the result of Monday’s vote as long as they purchase their fuel within BC’s borders. The same applies for heating fuels.

    Claiming anything else is a falsehood.

  27. hawgwash says:

    DBW aside from this entire blog being an easy read, I have really enjoyed following your numbers game; can we call you Bugsy?
    I left no comment on the worst than trump link for the very reasons you point out. I also knew someone would do a better job of it better.
    Now I’m going to go swipe the the little cash donation tin at Timmy’s because, like Canada’s contribution to global warming, it is a nothing burger.

    (Response: Interesting figures on the latest BC voters’ intentions from Insights West: And the strategic voting discussed here seems to be catching on! h.o)

  28. BMCQ says:


    I am not talking about Historical, I am talking about a very large group of New Canadians today .

    The Immigrants (not necessarily refugees) of the past 10 years are a much different group of people than what you describe and now many Immigrants of say the past 20 years are much different than they were than when they came 10, 15, 2o, or more years ago .

    Now to the word “Natural” I used to describe many, again not all but certainly the majority of “Today’s Immigrants” .

    I repeat, they do not want to be over governed, do not like Government Waste or Bloat, Over regulated, over Taxed, restricted in unnecessary ways and bogged down by Red Tape beyond what is practical .

    I do business with New Canadians every day and I have many friends that are recent arrivals, things have changed . I carry out business every day in several different Industries and trust me, I strongly believe I am correct .

    The dynamic you describe began to change many years ago and it continues to change today .

    Yes, as you describe one day they were almost all Liberal Supporters but today it is different .

    Another thing to consider, rightly or wrongly many Immigrants who are Natural Conservatives are either against unrestricted Abortion, do not believe in Same Sex Marriage, and observe other Religious or Practices the Liberals may not support .

    We have Muslim Friends who feel more comfortable as Conservatives . Gone are the old days of Restrictions in the British Properties, Golf Clubs, and all the rest just as things have changed in what were White Gentlemen’s Clubs in Vancouver or Hong Kong .

    I have two Muslim Brothers I do a lot of Business with who could never and would never support the Liberals just because they see PM Justin as “Fake” and a Liar and then the other concerns they have .

    Of course I cannot prove me point other than anecdotally but Immigrants of the past 10 plus years are NOT Progressive Thinkers .

    Yes Harvey things are changing and rapidly .

    I suppose we can agree to disagree on this .


    From what I see it appears Media are in a State of panic and they are now attempting to sell a a Scheer Minority Victory and then a Liberal NDP Coalition .

    Desperate !

  29. BMCQ says:


    PM Justin is right now fighting several Canadian Provinces like Alberta, Sask, and Ontario to name a few that DO NOT want Carbon Tax, he wants a national Carbon Tax or Individual Provinces to have an equivalent .

    If memory serves they are in Court right NOW and the Federal Gov may have even won the first round .

    Did you read the Canadian Government Paper regarding Canada’s 1.6% Carbon Tax Emission Report ?

    Those Facts all speak for themselves .

  30. DBW says:

    Here is an interesting poll.

    I have always been a supporter of minority governments. That’s probably been biased by the fact that I generally support the NDP where a minority gives them some influence but philosophically I believe we would be better off if parties could learn to work together to pass legislation.

    So I am not sure if the poll result that shows 22% of Liberals preferring a Liberal minority over a Liberal majority is a result of that philosophical bent or if there is a large segment of Liberals who still support the party on principle but are peeved at the Trudeau leadership.

    Under what scenario will Trudeau be forced to resign as Liberal leader. A Conservative majority? Definitely. A Conservative minority? Probably. But a Liberal minority? Possibly or more than possibly? How many Liberals will be demanding a leadership review even if the Liberals win a minority?

  31. BMCQ says:

    I read the MacLeans piece .

    They say, “Scheer and Bernier are tied for the most dishonest Leaders “ . Really ?

    From what I have seen, heard, and read Max was By FAR the most Honest and Forthcoming of any Leader .

    How do they Square that Giant Circle ?

    It is only my opinion but to me that line really blows the credibility of the whole piece .

    Now MacLeans wouldn’t have any reason to put a certain slant/spin
    on a story would they ?

    Nah, couldn’t be .

  32. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#Richard Skelly
    ” Should the Conservatives form the next government, I suspect they will hold hearings or an inquiry into the scandal…..”

    Another “inquiry”, “Royal Commission”, etc that will sniff around the edges, make a few recommendations, achieve nothing and cost the taxpayers millions.

    Nah , let Norman right a book and go a on a speaking tour.
    It will achieve the same result and cost the taxpayer nothing.

  33. 13 says:

    Noncon I disagree. The gov wastes a lot of money on feel good initiatives. Let’s not draw the line where they ruin people’s lives to make money for political supportrrs

  34. Gene The Bean says:

    The absolute idiocy of saying climate change doesn’t matter because Canada is a small contributor is mind boggling and puts a lot of other opinions in perfect perspective.

    The Liberals, NDP and Greens have made climate change a leader in their platforms. The Cons haven’t probably because it is science based and science requires awareness and critical thinking, something the Cons do not support, encourage or have.

    An example – there are twenty old cottages on a small lake in the Cariboo. Each cottage has a very old and failed septic system. As you know, ‘stuff’ flows downhill so everything from the toilet is making its way into the lake. Every cottage has a large family living in it except one. That cottage is occupied by a geezer. All the families do not allow their kids to swim in the lake because of the horrendous amount of pollution entering the lake. The geezer swims every day because as he puts it “I am just one person and don’t produce much pollution so the lake is safe.”

    Conservative thinking at its finest.

  35. DBW says:

    So I am walking my smallish dog this morning and when I bent down to pick up his business I actually thought about BMCQ’s argument on the climate debate and Hawgwash’s scalpel like rebuttal (well played sir).

    I looked at those three small turds and thought, “That’s got to be way less than 1.6% of the total amount of poop deposited by all the other dogs in town.” (Yup, that’s how my mind works.)

    10 minutes later when I picked up a single dropping, my mind continued to swirl.

    BMCQ seems to be arguing that 1.6% of the world’s greenhouse emissions is too small to be fussing over. (just over 1 BLOODY PERCENT !!!!) That does put us in 9th mind you but considerably behind China and the US. But let’s go one step further. I have no idea what my carbon footprint is but I will assume that it’s average. If we divide that 1.6% by 40,000,000 Canadians, I am responsible for .00000004% of the world’s greenhouse emissions which for all intents and purposes is ZERO.

    Philosophical Question: Does that mean I or any of us should do anything in combatting climate change. To be clear, we can argue the best approach to how Canada can make a difference. That is not the purpose of my post. I am asking at what point should we consider trying to make a difference. I would say 1.6% meets the threshold and if a carbon tax happens to be the consequence, then so be it.

    (Response: BRILLIANT analysis. Although in terms (turds?) of percentages, Canada’s carbon emissions may seem tiny, on a per capita basis they are among the world’s worst, according to the Conference Board of Canada: “Canada is one of the world’s largest per capita GHG emitters. Canada ranks 15th out of 17 OECD countries on GHG emissions per capita and scores a “D” grade.3 In 2010, Canada’s GHG emissions were 20.3 tonnes per capita, significantly higher than the 17-country average of 12.5 tonnes per capita. Canada’s per capita GHG emissions were nearly three times greater than Switzerland’s, the top performer.
    While Canada’s GHG emissions per capita have fallen since 1990, many other countries have managed to decrease them even more. For example, Germany and the U.K. reduced their per capita GHG emissions by 27 per cent between 1990 and 2010.” That’s not anything we can be proud of …or want to slow down our progress on even more … regardless of which party forms government. You can read the entire Conference Board report here: h.o)

  36. BMCQ says:

    At the risk of using some common sense I will offer the following in clarification .

    Not once did I state that Canada or Canadians should ignore or add to it’s/their Carbon Footprint/Emissions .

    I did state however that because of the infinitesimal amount of Carbon Emissions contributed by Canada and Canadians it is unthinkable that Canadians and Canadian Business are being treated do unfairly when as it is well known those same Canadians and Business struggle with an already high cost of living, cost or rent, mortgages, property taxes, gas tax, hydro tax, Carbon Tax, various Enviro tax, and others too numerous to mention on everything including other Enviro tax on literally thousands of items not listed .

    Of course we should all think responsibly about the Environment but you see it before your eyes, then contribution of Emissions by Canada amounts to basically a rounding error .

    In business and personally we spend thousands and thousands on recycling, separating, assuring there are no contraventions of Legal or moral obligations pertaining to recycling material, it makes sense and it is the responsible correct thing to do .

    There is no politics in my stance on this, it is not Liberal, it is not NDP, Green, or Conservative , Again, I am attempting to explain that in Canada we are very close to a tipping point where it is becoming difficult for Hard Working Tax Paying Contributing Canadians to keep up, their incomes are being stretched and it is becoming unaffordable to run a household and enjoy life .

    Again, it is obvious my opinions and observations are not welcome here and I am more than likely wasting my time but I shall persist for another day .

    No matter which “Gotchya” Games people think they can play the fact remains CC and Canada’s contribution To Carbon Emissions should not be the Biggest Concern of any Parties Platform and it should not be the Biggest Concern of Voters, the facts really do speaknfor themselves, you saw my post up the page which in it’s “Key” Statement showed the facts in Black and White, 1.6% . Do you deny that ?

    I am simply attempting to point out that this Election is about so much more and we have allowed Media, Greens, overzealous Enviro’s, a 15 year old from my Mothers Home Country of Sweden who came across the Atlantic in a $4 Million Dollar Schooner Built completely out of Petroleum Products, Elizabeth May with her Photo Op Steel Straw, and so many more Enviro Hypocrites deflect away from the real issues that we should be debating and voting on .

    What about Seniors, Pipelines, Northern Gateway, the Trans Canada Pipeline to the east from Alberta, Borders where there are now close to 100,000 ordered deported who are not going anywhere, Khadr, Housing, Opioid Crisis, Gun Crime in YVR and GTA, Infrastructure, our Northern Coastline, First Nations concerns, First Nations Leaders Accountability, Cost of Post Secondary Education, bringing 4 year degree programs down to 3, Student Debt, Health Care, just to name a few .

    I am simply stating that these should rightly all come ahead of Canada’s silly 1.t% contribution to world Carbon Emissions .

    Whether you like it or not the fact is YOU each and every one of YOU have been Hood Winked about Sweating the Small Stuff and there is now only a day left to discuss the real issues before you Elect another Government for 4 years .

    To answer, we should all of us each and every day do everything we can to do our part but we first must ensure that we are all of us in a position to afford housing, cost of living, Social Safety Nets, Health Care Education etc. 1,6% can be improved upon but let’s debate more pressing issues first .

    I hope you feel better about something after that post, perhaps your answer is sealed in the Bag you threw away after your walk today . BTW, was that Bag Bio Degradable ?
    After how many decades ?

    Your smugness does not become you .

  37. BMCQ says:


    The Per Capita argument does not hold water .

    Compare the China Population of almost 2 Billion, their per capita contribution in theory could be less but they could be a far worse contributor in total Climate Nations to to other World Nations .

    Canada can and should do better but to shame Canadians and use CC to deflect from the real issues should sicken us all .

    The Per Capita argument for Canada is simply another way to shame Canadians nothing more nothing less .

  38. 13 says:

    So gene has a poop example followed by a DBW example and you cant understand the dynamics of 1.6% vs Chinas%
    Perhaps the amount of effluent flowing into the oceans and inland waters in China places them in the number one position . Perhaps the amount of animal excrement in a small city in China and the lack of sewage systems and the coal burning in that tiny Chinese city dwarfs what dbws small dog puts out .
    Two very weak attempts to make it look like anyone that does swallow the hook the line and the sinker isnt infavour of looking after our planet. BS to the extreme.
    You might want to pay a carbon tax to make yourself feel better many other Canadians have decided not to drive their car as much, not to heat their homes as much, not to feed their families as much because we pay to much tax. So your right if your tax your citizens into starvation and they cant afford a warm home or decent groceries you do reduce our carbon footprint. The warriors then scream at business to pay more. The same warriors stand in the way of every infrastructure project that comes off the drawing board. May you sit under your solar panel and your windmill and freeze
    Maybe stp standing in the way of Albertas development. Allow people to prosper and pay tax . Its hard to pay atx when you dont have a job. Its hard to tax a business that cant put a shovel in the ground.

  39. BMCQ says:

    Heref is another few things you might consider

    Here is something else from that Right Wing Propagandist CBC you Fact Checkers might take into account .

    Canada is about the size of all of Europe and very sparsely populated with many settlements in far off corners of the country, that contributes to the carbon Emission count .

    Compare Canada to Germany of France and then their populations .

    Then consider this, France has a very low Carbon Footprint because it generates about 75% of it’s Electricity from Nuke .

    If California went Nuke 20 years ago the California Carbon Emissions would be very very low .

    If France can do it so can we, why is/was this not discussed during the campaign ?

    I hope all of you somehow feel better in your attempt to “Spin” that Canadian Carbon Emissions are the end of the world but the FACTS speak for themselves, whether you are a Green, NDP, uh Liberal or a Conservative .

    I always appreciate the kind words of support whenever I visit this Blog, it kind of makes me feel I have a purpose in life .

    Sleep well My Darlings . Hmmmmmm, was that Gender Neutral ?

    Oh and BTW, just yesterday I purchased a Hybrid, do you think a little better of me today than you did the day before ?

    Nahhh, I did not think so .

    What is the latest 338 Line on JWR, will she or will she not ?

  40. DBW says:

    Opinions. Some people think climate change is an important topic and some people think it not so important. I get that.

    What I was trying to figure with my dog analogy was where/when we take some personal or collective responsibility on this (take your pick) important or not so important topic.

    BMCQ is stating unequivocally that Canada’s ninth place 1.6% of world greenhouse emissions makes the discussion of climate change in this election unimportant. He may be absolutely correct. I tend to disagree but that wasn’t the point of my post. What I was trying to get at is the line where it becomes important. Do we need to be at Brazil’s 2.3% or Japan’s 2.9% or Russia’s 4.7% or does it never matter because the US and China are a combined 40%.

    As a further example. BMCQ has made the point often about the importance of dealing with the opiod crisis. He even listed it in his rant about all the other issues that should be ahead of climate change in this election. I agree with him on the importance of the opiod crisis. But…

    In 2018, of the 279,936 deaths that occurred in Canada 4588 were related to opiods. Coincidentally that equates to 1.6% of all deaths. Maybe just maybe we can agree that both these issues are important.

    BMCQ, if you really are interested in 338, google it. It is a very easy to navigate site. Just remember that it is NOT a polling company. It is one guy with a program that uses an aggregate/average of all the polls and comes up with probabilities. If you play poker or blackjack or craps, you know that probabilities are never a guarantee. It is a fun site with some insight. That’s all.

    JWR is slightly favoured but it is still considered a toss up.

  41. BMCQ says:

    Again, I am not saying we should ignore pollutants or Carbon Emissions, I am talking PRIORITIES and First Things First .

    To clarify Climate Change, Emissions, and the rest are important but not to the point that it is beginning to cripple the economy, Commuters, Tax Payers, Home Owners, Renters, Retailers, Industrial and Commercial Developers with Carbon Tax, Government gas tax, Tax on Tax, and the rest .

    I might have a different point of view if Canadians all lived in Rural or say northern Regions where the cost of Housing was less and wages usually quite good for the employed . Imagine being a Teacher in Prince George or Prince Rupert, or Kitimat for 35 years, you would be doing quite well just because they bought that house when you were 35 and you now had that Pension .

    Well not everyone has that luxury, they must commute in the Loser Mainland and pay carbon Tax and then on top of that there is that cost of housing and living .

    Please use the well known Liberal Icon and one of the people I admire most, Allan Dershowitz philosophy and “Put that Shoe on the other Foot ” . Think of others circumstances before you judge or decide their fate .

    Please also keep in mind that China and India are not required to do ANYTHING on the Paris Climate Accord for about 25 – 30 years, in the meantime Canadian, American, EU and other Signatories are forced to cripple their Economies opening the way for China and India to take Manufacturing Jobs from us .

    Are YOU OK with that ?

    No wonder the U.S. pulled out, it was a One Sided Deal and Canada should do the same .

    Look, None of This matters a Fig to me, it will not change my life one little bit, my Family will be looked after for literally Generations unless Leftist Politicians create some sort of “Wealth Tax'”, my concern I have is about the hard Working Tax Payer that drags their Ass out of bed and drives over an hour two ways to work and back every day .

    I pay each and every Tax I am required to pay, I pay Property Taxes that would curl your Hair and my Utilities Tax are now close to $ 20 K each and every month, then on top of that there is carbon Tax, Gas Tax, Tax on Tax and everything else .

    Only a few months ago a Business Man down the street sold off his one Property there because of High Taxes and shut down the Business as it was a Business that had multiple Vehicles and the ICBC, Property Tax, Carbon Tax, Gas Tax became too much and it affected the Profitability of the Business ,

    Sure he escaped with $ 45 Million Dollars sent abut $ 10 Million to uh PM Justin but he had to put over 30 hard Working People on the Unemployment Line, he was sick about it . He did not need the $ 30 Million, he wanted his business but alas that property will soon have a new Tower on it and all of the units will be purchased by Off Shore Buyers masquerading as some sort of Canadian . Hey, they like to pretend to be someone they are not and Dress Up just like PM Justin ! How Disgusting !

    We as a Society can not burden the Worker that actually produces and pays tax every day, it amounts to Blasphemy, we owe them much more than that .

    Are you aware that out of all the Plastic in the oceans about 80% comes from 6 or 7 Rivers in Asia ? Why do YOU think the Continent of Garbage is in the Pacific Ocean, ask yourself, is it a coincidence ?

    Again, are you aware of the Hypocrite Elizabeth May and her Photo Op Straw and cup ? Shy did not anyone in Media make a big deal about that ?

    Did you hear and see PM Justin attempt to explain HIS Climate Change Plan for his own Household ?

    Again, May, PM Justin, Clooney, Di Blasio, Greta, The EU, Singh, PM Justin and so many Thousands more are nothing but climate Alrmists and they use Climate Change as a Weapon .

    Canada needs to immediately “Flush” the Carbon Tax Regime right where it should go into a Sewage treatment Plant, and not the one the CC Alarmists in Victoria currently DO NOT HAVE .

    Then there is this to consider when you watch all of the Pretend CC Protesters create havoc and cause Hard Working Contributing Tax Payers commuting an hour back and forth to work each day to be delayed for two hours or so losing out on family time with their Children and other Family Members, they are ALL Hypocrites as well .

    I ask ALL of YOU that Participate, or Lurk on this Blog, think of the other People Kind, not only yourself .

    You are being Sold a Bill of Goods with the Canadian Carbon Tax, it is really quite disgusting that NOT ONE High School or University Professor has taken this subject on and let his/her Students report the results .

    No of course they would not do that would they ?

    The Canadian carbon Tax is a Scam, it would be ffunny if it was not so very Tragic .

    Put That Shoe On the Other Foot !!

    Sunny Ways, my Friends, Sunny Ways !

    Just before I sentt this I viewed 338 and was really impressed with the Site itself, they are Good .

    I will take afew minutes later today and see what is going on there .

    (Edited…off topic)

  42. e.a.f. says:

    yes, 13, there are cities around the world which pollute more than our entire country. however, we need to start somewhere. Taxes do help. How do you think we got people to stop smoking? by making them cheap and cheerful? No, it got too expensive and the packaging was just ugly.

    Does a carbon tax help or hurt? If the carbon tax is revenue neutral, fine. If its not, then its a problem because those with money can keep driving and those who don’t have money have to “tighten their belts” to keep afloat. its the same as with speeding. If you can afford the fines, you go for it. If you can’t you don’t speed. Then they instituted taking your vehicle away. That certainly had a an impact on me. I can afford the fine, but would be heart broken if they took that truck away for a week. No more 170/180.

    When it comes to voting, the Greens aren’t getting mine. They aren’t green enough and don’t have other policies which appeal to me. If the Greens were truly “green”, they’d stop with the silly blocking traffic routines and get with real issues: our consumption of non essentials. That would however, impact the retail business and these days, it keeps businesses afloat. Corporations afloat. Speaking out against all those vacations which cause other countries to build, build, build and all those planes flying around.

    when it comes to “green” I’d as soon stay with the NDP or if required Liberal. If I lived in Quebec might look at the Bloc. After seeing the “locker him up” routine at Scheer’s rally, not happening, even if the other parties had major, major flaws. The allegations that the Conservatives hired Warren Kinsella says it all about them and Kinsella. His “hatred” for Trudeau goes way beyond “normal”, or let me put it this way, the alleged dislike for Trudeau or I have concluded he has a strong dislike for the man.

    In my riding its between the NDP and the Greens. In Richmond its between the Liberals and Conservatives. In Harvey’s riding they have a bonus candidate.
    Would I ever look at the Conservative party? Did when Mulroney was running against Paul Martin. Would I again, who knows. I’m pretty left, but sometimes it might be the way to go. They did after all have a Red Tory element at one time. We do not know what the future holds when it comes to political parties.

    have to agree with the above comment regarding a “commission or inquiry”, it will just be for political theatre. the Conservatives might want to remember what goes around comes around and we do remember Stevie Cameron’s, On the Take, the Mulroney Years. If Scheer were to form government and starts digging around, who knows what may surface about the Conservatives and some of their boys and girls. Some of us do remember Vic Toews who was part of Harper’s club. No, all parties have “unsavory” characters, or people who some may be of the opinion lack “character”.

    Harvey is fortunate. He lives in a riding with an Independent, who is truly a good candidate. Lets hope she and Polpott win.

    Whatever happens tomorrow night, lets hope every one goes out to vote. That would be a major change!

  43. hawgwash says:

    So Harvey, what do you say, can we all give our best guesses?
    No comments, at all, just predictions.
    So, Hawgwash says:
    Conservative minority with big Bloc for backup.
    Alberta Conservative sweep.
    Maritimes and BC will hand the NDP a bunch of seats.
    Greens will be a no show.
    Jody Wilson-Raybould will win, Jane Philpott will not.

  44. Harry Lawson says:


    No matter what happens I have my appiticers ready , a few beverages to celebrate with or to drown my sorrows lol.

    I want to thank you for giving us some thoughtful post during this campaign . Also for all the hard work managing and editing the responses and essays. Also thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussion I have learned so much. Can’t wait for the polls to close .

    (Response: Sure ..go ahead! But I’m shutting down Comments on this particular posting when the polls close. New one on the results Tues or Weds. h.O)

  45. DBW says:

    Unlike Hawgwash I am too chicken to make any predictions but here is the 338 final summary which is an interesting read but not too definitive. He has the Liberals winning a minority but he waffles a lot.

    The province that has the most variation is BC, making it the least predictable of all the regions.

    One betting site had the Conservatives favoured to win a minority while another site had the Liberals favoured to win. Odds were very long on a majority for either party.

    At one site there were several available bets on other outcomes. For example both JWR and Max were favoured to win their ridings.

    Anything is possible except a PPC or Green minority although you can bet on them and win $250 for every dollar you spend. The NDP minority bet gets you only $20 dollars for each dollar spent. Why those bets exist is beyond me. Easy money for the bookies though.

  46. BMCQ says:

    Congratulations and a Big Thankyou Harvey, you did a great job as The Keeping It Real Sherpa guiding us through the Election Debate .

    Regardless of our Political Brand you treated us fairly and at the same time you have allowed any and all of us an opportunity to put up a Post or two .

    And as you sometimes say I am sure it is sometimes like Herding Cats attempting to keep some of us in line and on topic so that alone deserves a special thanks .

    A Federal Conservative Victory – not sure whether it will be Minority or Majority

    Prairies – a very strong Conservative showing

    Maritimes – I was just there and found no one that said they were voting Liberal
    Conservatives will win over 70% of those Seats . Gas $ 1.10 in Halifax

    Ontario – Personally I do not believe Doug Ford is the “Bad Orange Man” Media
    attempt to make him, Wynne Broke Ontario Ford is fixing . The People of
    Ontario will support the Conservatives in a big way, 905 will decide which
    way Ontario goes, it is Historically Liberal but I believe things are uh
    for some reason different this uh time . Ontario will be closer than thought .

    B.C. – I believe that the Conservatives will do vey well in B.C. taking Seats from the
    Liberals and the NDP . Greens may be a lot weaker than thought .

    Quebec – It is absolutely incredible that the Bloc who were not even in the
    Conversation for the past 15 years are now all of a sudden a force . What
    does that say about PM Justin and the Liberals in Quebec? the proof is in
    the pudding, the Liberals ae in trouble . Conservatives might do better than
    thought . NDP not in the race .

    Greens – Elizabeth May is a “Spent Force” and offers absolutely nothing to Canada .
    Elizabeth May has proven to be much like the Wizard of Oz once the
    Curtain has been pulled back, nothing but Fluff and Thunder with NO
    substance other than a few worn out Slogans and Tokenism . 1.6 % Climate
    Change is a “Nothing Burger” for Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians .
    Poor Greta might call that a “Nothing Meat Ball” . Her 15 minutes are up .

    NDP – I Take my Hat Off to Mr. Singh, he said it all with his very heartfelt response to
    PM Justin and the silly Black/Brown Face “Costume Gate” Mess . He proved to
    be a more than worthy Campaigner and I for one owe him an apology for taking
    him as a Light Weight . I salute him ! He would have been a far better Leader of
    The Liberal Party than PM Justin in this one .

    Liberals – PM Justin is all of the things I accused him of being and more , He is
    Entitled, Egotistical Impotent, Intellectually Challenged, Inept, Self Serving,
    he has a Messiah Complex, cares nothing about Canada or Canadians and
    has a very odd fetish for Dressing Up in Outlandish Costumes, that is a
    discussion for another day . PM Justin is a Bully, Sexist, a Pretend Feminist
    with more Sexual admitted Groping’s than “Edward Scissor Hands”. Then
    there is SNC Lavalin, JWR. Philpott, Pipelines, Ridiculous pandering to
    First nations, Open Borders, Khadr, and how many more I cannot list .

    Conservatives – What you see is what you guess . Not many Special Interest Groups,
    will vote Conservative, nor will those that want Open Borders, Carbon
    Gas Tax, Tax on Tax, Open Borders, No control of Migration,
    No Accountability for Violent Offenders or Drug Dealers, and then the
    fact that those same Special interests do no want any kind of Pipelines,
    none of them will Vote Conservative .

    You all now have a choice, keep all of that in mind when you step
    behind that curtain. You can then ask yourself this question, where will
    the Money come from to Fund all of those Health Care, Education,
    Bridges, Transit, Hospitals, Schools, other Infrastructure, and so much
    more come from with out profit and royalties from Pipelines and the
    rest ?

    Finally, once again, if the Liberals would have had the courage to Push PM Justin over
    onto his Sword and then anoint JWR as their Leader and PM the Liberals would be counting Votes tonight on their way to a Massive Majority .

    If only .

  47. 13 says:

    I would like to echo the comments from Harry. Thank you Harvey for the blog the effort the work. Entertainment , educational.
    BMCQ your last post is so on point that it makes me sick to think that so many fellow bloggers dont get it. Im hoping that the main point “crippling taxes” is not lost on the majority of Canadians that have had enough and vote for the STAIN.
    the words tick and tock have never been more appropriate.

  48. DBW says:

    BMCQ, I didn’t respond last night because I couldn’t quite figure out what you were saying. I thought a good night’s sleep might help. It really didn’t but here goes.

    1. OK you are against the carbon tax. Fun fact, when I was approached by my NDP friends to sign a petition to AX THE TAX back when the Campbell Liberals introduced it, I thought “a revenue neutral tax that encourages consumers to move away from fossil fuels and business innovators to come up with green solutions, what’s not to like?”

    2. You can try to convince me that I was wrong then and wrong now, but please don’t do so by assuming I am some kind of rich, small town elitist who can’t seem to understand the plight of the people in the big city. (I always thought it was the other way around by the way.) People who bought houses in Vancouver in the 70s when I bought mine in Rupert, have multiple times the equity than I do. (Not complaining. Love my small town.)

    3. I am not diminishing the problem of affordability. Definitely a priority, but is the carbon tax the main cause of the housing shortage?

    4. And please try to avoid making digs at my former profession.

    You are being Sold a Bill of Goods with the Canadian Carbon Tax, it is really quite disgusting that NOT ONE High School or University Professor has taken this subject on and let his/her Students report the results .

    How do you even know teachers are not taking on whatever it is that you want them to take on and report whatever it is you think they will discover (which will be better than scientific studies?) but it sure sounds like you believe there is some kind of conspiracy about whatever you think is being conspired.

    5. Please don’t assume that people who are concerned about climate change cannot put themselves in the shoes of other people. Of course we can. I am old enough that I may not be alive in 2030 and definitely not in 2050. But I am putting my myself in the shoes of my kids and unborn grandkids.

  49. 13 says:

    Its amazing how by just leaving out a fact you can change the entire meaning of a comment. Almost like telling a lie (unintentional lie).
    “My NDP friends asked me to sign a petition to ax the tax……….”
    You even went on to tell us “revenue neutral” Campbell Liberals carbon tax.
    The rest of the story should have included the NDP Horgan/ Green Weaver supply agreement scraping revenue neutral and creating an onerous tax.

  50. DBW says:

    I make my share of typos and I cringe when I see them so I am not making fun of BMCQ but when he said,

    Conservatives – What you see is what you guess .

    I had to laugh.

  51. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW – I have tried to make that argument a hundred times here, it isn’t about us it is about the kids and grandkids. Everyone gets it except the Cons. They don’t care about anything except themselves, their dollars, right here, right now.

  52. hawgwash says:

    DBW, through this whole sidetrack of whether global warming is a nothing burger or a whopper, I kept thinking there was someone who lived up the coast. ‘Tis you.

    To that, I was thinking BMCQ should take a boat trip up Douglas Channel to Kitimat, to see what “WE” have done; to the trees, berry bushes, streams, snow levels, AWOL salmon stocks and grossly underweight brown bears.
    And that is the short list.

    Thank you for your non-vitriolic comments on this and thank you Harvey for allowing the topic to go afield.

    Let the counting begin so tomorrow, we can change the topic, as interprovincial scraps and impeachment take over.

  53. BMCQ says:

    DBW – There was NO offense meant for any points I attempted to make .

    2. That was meant Tongue in Cheek, I was simply attempting to show how a person
    living outside YVR may be better off in retirement or if still working as the cost of Housing was less, there are no long commute times and Property Tax for owners or Renters are less . You know I would never intentionally assume your circumstances, I thought you might get a laugh out of it .

    3. Of course Carbon Tax does not cause housing shortage but that same Tax makes it more difficult for commuters to put Children in extra curricular recreational activities, takes away from disposable income for movies, date night dinners, Vacations due to high cost of fuel, many desired Perks such as new clothes, watches, phones, and so much more .

    4. Perhaps I do generalize when it comes to Educators but please notice I always say Most, several, rather than ALL .

    I have Educators that are Friends and Family, in Canada, the U.S., and even a Cousin that Teaches at Oxford, many of my comments are a result of conversations with them .
    Please tell me I am wrong, prove me wrong, or deny what I am saying is factual rather tha tell me to leave Educators alone, NO Group should be beyond criticism, how silly is that . Please justify and explain that comment , sorry but that does not work .

    As mentioned I was just in Halifax and the price of Gas was $ 1.10, of course that price included all of the Federal taxes etc. but compared to B.C. with Federal and Provincial Tax at $ 1.65 that is quite a difference .

    For a Tank of say 80 L that makes a difference of about $ 45.00 each tank, extrapolate that over say 50 weeks and that rounds out to $ 2250.00 over a year .

    Of course that is not all carbon tax but think of it, is that Fair ?

    People that live Downtown may not use much Fuel, Rural Folk may not have the commute but many other Canadians do, we need to do everything we can to reduce Tax and we can start with the ridiculous Carbon Tax .

    No Conspiracy, just simple fact, Taxes are Killing Business, affecting Hard Working Canadians, and we need to do something about it .

    As to Educators and climate Change and Open Discussions, Debates, varying Opinions, and research into the whole Climate Change Industry ?

    Nothing from any Educators I know other than the “I am all in on Climate Change and the Science proves ………….There is No Room for Discussion” .

    Hey besides, We now all get our Marching Orders from a 15 year old from Sweden, why would we question that .

    I suppose we can wait a few hours and see what the “Great Unwashed” of this Country thinks about all of this, that may give us an indication on how most Canadians feel .

    In closing, I would never think of telling you who you could find fault with or criticize, it is not really appropriate is it ?

    People on this Blog talk about Greedy Crooked Business Men, Uneducated, Ignorant, Rural Voters, Morally Bankrupt, Knuckle Dragging Conservatives and so many more and you have never challenged that once .

    I simply stated that for the (again) MOST Part Educators have a closed mind on Carbon Tax . How is that offensive ?

    That is it for me today, I am off to drive Old People to their Voting Booth and offer them $ 20.00 for each Conservative Vote the cast .

    I have enjoyed this Blog Topic very much, my thanks to Harvey and DBW .

  54. DBW says:

    I am, but sorry Harvey, but this cannot go without challenge. It is almost Trumpian in gaslighting.

    BMCQ said this: I simply stated that for the (again) MOST Part Educators have a closed mind on Carbon Tax . How is that offensive ?

    When in fact, he said this: it is really quite disgusting that NOT ONE High School or University Professor has taken this subject on and let his/her Students report the results

    Neither comment is based on fact, but he then asks me to prove him wrong. That’s just not how it works.

    Anyway, I would like to echo people here in thanking you for the opportunity to post our opinions. I just wish I could learn how to ignore some comments.

  55. Crankypants says:

    When the BC Liberal Party brought in the carbon tax they stated that it would be revenue neutral to government revenue, not to people in general. I have gone through the provincial personal income tax rates from 2007 to 2019 and cannot detect any major reductions or increases. The lowest rate in 2006 was 6.05% which was dropped to 5.70% in 2007 and dropped to 5.06% in 2008. It has stayed at the 5.06% rate up to and including this year. The rates for higher earners have also followed the same pattern.

    There was a carbon tax rebate created that is still in effect to this day. It is means tested.

    If the government’s coffers did not gain from the tax and individual taxpayers got no relief through their personal income tax then who did the monies go to?

  56. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW makes a great point. There should be an ignore button so you don’t have to see some peoples comments. They have that on some sports blogs I visit for the same reason I’m sure it was brought up here – so people are not continually bullied, gaslighted and attacked.

    Man, this would be a waaaay better read if that were to occur.

    (Response: There already is a way on here to avoid comments … just scroll down beyond them. However, I have had requests from several readers to keep them shorter (some Comments are three, four or five times the length of my Blog itself!). I did not want to interfere with the free discussions of issues during the election campaigns, and I still want to preserve the free exchange of ideas/opinions, but WILL start editing for length as well as off topic now that the election is over … to encourage more to read them … and take part. Everyone should be able to GET TO THE POINT … in shorter order. h.o.)

  57. 13 says:

    Happy voting day eaf. I just read your response to me and I am impressed and puzzled by the second paragraph. You agreed (I think) that the carbon tax was bad. Or maybe you figure its okay to collect a sham tax from those that can afford it’
    Your next comparison to speeding is bizarre beyond any stretch of logic.
    Its okay to speed if you can afford the fines (never mentioned what happens to your already ridiculous ICBC rates) but you draw the line at having your vehicle taken away.
    Using your earlier logic rich people can afford it so they can speed and just buy a new vehicle every time one is impounded.
    I hope when you went to vote at your polling place you drove 30 klms in the school zone. Rich kids get run over by speeders just like poor kids.

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