Jody Wilson-Raybould IS a Hero … But I May Not Vote for Her

Jody Wilson-Raybould is my MP. I voted for her in the last federal election, and readers of this Blog will recall how I supported her heroic stand against Liberal attempts to interfere in her supposedly independent role as Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General.

Here’s what I wrote in February:

And again in March:

So clearly I was a Wilson-Raybould fan.

In covering politics at all levels for 38 years … including 8 years on Parliament Hill … I can tell you there are VERY FEW politicians who have the same ethics and principles in power that they espoused while seeking election or serving in Opposition.

Too many are ready, willing and shameless enough to go along, stay silent or even loudly defend, proclaim and support sleaziness, lying, nepotism, corruption, even illegality once THEY themselves start sharing the perks, privileges, prestige and especially the higher pay that goes along with power.

So I was particularly surprised (and no doubt so were her Liberal colleagues!) and impressed when our Vancouver Granville BC MP refused to cave to the HEAVY pressures for SNC Lavelin’s and Quebec’s stooges in Ottawa to get the country’s Attorney General to illegally and unethically interfere in Court proceedings.

Bravo Jody!

BUT I’m still having problems in deciding whether to vote for her.

This election will likely be VERY close … the main battle for POWER being between the Liberals and the Tories … and, frankly, I still have not decided which party I would want to see in control.

I keep thinking how I would feel if, once I made my choice which would be best for Canada, the other party took power by ONE seat … and I had helped elect an Independent in Vancouver Granville.


It could happen: there have been seats won and lost by a single vote in the past; and look how close the BC election was last election … power could have gone either way.

Could Vancouver Granville hold the key? Not likely … but MAYBE!

And as a local constituent, I also have another concern about the “new” Independent Wilson-Raybould

I watched her Press Conference the dramatic day our Vancouver Granville MP announced she will run as an Independent. And there she was, standing next to a HUGE poster featuring some sort of First Nations artwork, with her name emblazoned on it.

Then a few weeks ago on my doorstep, I received a pre-campaign Wilson-Raybould leaflet … again featuring the MP with a background featuring First Nations art.

On her re-election website, Wilson-Raybould also emphasizes her Indigenous background.

“My leadership experience before running to be your MP had been in the Indigenous world, advocating for transformation in relations with Indigenous peoples. In my cultural teachings, we strive to work through consensus. While there are diverse views, tensions, and challenges, we do not entrench those in political parties, and we often frown on personal ambition. I have tried to bring this approach to Ottawa and will continue to do so.”

Guaranteed to win her the First Nations vote in our riding.

But what about the rest of us?

The MAJORITY of voters in Vancouver Granville are NOT First Nations; we have many concerns and problems that are NOT Indigenous-centred and need an MP who will make OUR issues … housing costs, taxes, pensions, taxes, safety, taxes, immigration, taxes, crime, taxes, the environment, taxes, energy costs, taxes, federal giveaways and more taxes … her (or his) PRIMARY focus … NOT just become spectators as Jody gives PRIORITY to First Nations issues or the Great Federal Liberal Internal Struggle.

I don’t personally care about any candidate’s race. ethnicity, religion etc. … but if a Sikh, Asian, or Muslim, Indigenous or yes, Caucasian continually emphasizes or panders so often and heavily to any group’s particular concerns/issues … instead of problems and policies that affect us all … it gives me pause, to say the least.

Selfish? Perhaps. But if Indigenous voters can be selfish and vote on the basis of self-interest, why can’t he rest of us in Vancouver Granville?

True, Wilson-Raybould’s website also mentions the Trans-Mountain pipeline concerns and her record in dealing issues such as “medical assistance in dying legislation, the legalization of cannabis, the Indigenous Directive on Civil Litigation, new legal protections for trans and gender diverse Canadians, and other justice reforms, including ensuring a more open and transparent system for selecting judges to ensure more diversity on the bench.”

As I said … I’m NOT ruling out voting for her: I DO admire her principled stand and refusal to be bullied by Trudeau or his minions.

But let’s keep it real: independent MPs have very little say on major issues in Parliament or on committees: they must carefully pick and choose their issues, emphasis and time-consuming efforts.

And judging by Jody-Wilson’s statements, posters, soon-to-be-published book, it sure doesn’t look like the “rest of us” will rank FIRST if she gets re-elected … as an Independent.

Harv Oberfeld

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52 Responses to Jody Wilson-Raybould IS a Hero … But I May Not Vote for Her

  1. Gordie says:

    If we had a pro-rep voting system, this wouldn’t be an issue for you Harvey. You wouldn’t have to fear that your SINGLE riding would have that much sway over which party took 100% of the power, and you could vote for who you thought was the best candidate.

    (Response: To the contrary, pro-rep would make it even harder for an independent candidate to get elected. JWR actually has a better chance of getting elected in Vancouver Granville under FPTP. h.o)

  2. gene bryant says:

    I like what she did but not how she did it.

    Vote for a Liberal unless you want to live in a country where dishonesty reigns and having a skin colour other than white devalues your existence. There are already too many Trumplodytes in Canada. Find an elderly German immigrant and have a conversation if you are unclear of the ramifications.

    (Response: I certainly don’t think Trudeau/Liberals recent record/actions make them exempt from concerns about dishonesty … or, for that matter, respect for the law either. That will be part of my dilemma. This is going to be a tough election decision. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    As to your concern about Wilson-Raybould’s indigenous background: there is nothing in the statement you selected that she wouldn’t do anything more or less than represent her riding to the best of her ability. She said

    “In my cultural teachings, we strive to work through CONSENSUS. While there are diverse views, tensions, and challenges, we DO NOT entrench those in political parties, and we often frown on personal ambition

    Parliament could use a huge dose of that approach.

    (Response: I hope you’re right. However, I look forward to the day when ANY candidate will run on his or her credentials, record and principles ..without repeatedly touting their race, ethnicity, religion etc. And when a candidate running as an independent so often makes a BIG DEAL of his or her race and their particular issues, it sure looks like he or she will make THEM the priority … and not the issues that impact the rest of us in the riding. h.o.)

  4. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, while I can congratulate her stand against Trudeau’s bullying tactics, I can’t help but reflect on the serious lapses in judgement she showed as AG. She and Trudeau dumping all over the jury decision in the Bouchie case for instance. This was difficult trial and I am sure the jury did their utmost to be fair and impartial and to receive this kind of criticism was unwarranted, in my opinion. Also the new drinking and drug laws for driving under the influence she brought in, make a mockery of innocent until proven guilty and make it guilty until you can spend thousands of dollars to prove you did nothing wrong.

    (Response: Interesting point. Wonder if that will come up during discussions/coverage of the election battle in the riding. h.o)

  5. Gord says:

    How do you figure that JWR has a better chance of winner a seat under FPTP? Under FPTP or pro-rep, the candidate with the most votes generally wins a seat. Depending on the pro-rep system other candidates in a riding may also win a set, so it would seem to me that depending on the pro-rep system, a candidate has a better chance of winning a seat under pro-rep than FPTP.

    My initial comment was directed at which party takes power, as is clear from reading my comment.

    Response: Because if JWR clicks with residents of her riding on the basis of her record, her ethics, her stance …she will sail through to victory under FPTP; if voters, however, follow the traditional PARTY politics decision-making process, and the battle is based on ideology, promises, and campaigning not even some convoluted mathematical formula would likely allow an independent to overcome ALL four major parties to get elected from a list system under PR … especially in a much larger (geographically AND voter numbers) riding. h.o.)

  6. 13 says:

    Harvey you indeed have a dilemma. Ms Raybould deserves to have a seat in Parliament so she can watch the man that fired her for not aiding and abetting his criminal endevours. Also it will provide her a ringside seat to watch an honest government in action. And hey you never know she might like what she sees in PM Sheer and cross the floor

  7. hawgwash says:

    Another good one Harvey and I hope you can keep it on an even keel.

    Your assertion that; “independent MPs have very little say on major issues in Parliament or on committees” should be enough to calm your concerns about Ms. Wilson Raybould.

    My assertion that Trudeau and Sheer, having her looking at them from the back row and capable of embarrassing questions, should be motive enough. It will at least cause some sanitation of known lies.

    Give her a shot, see what she does and base your future vote on her performance this term. Did she harm you through the last term, with the power she held?

    Now, this was intended to go into your previous piece this morning so, forgive me the injection here.

    This is the kind of fluff that got Trudeau elected the first time; the world stage, at its best.
    One of the reasons we find ourselves led by feckless leaders, who can easily set twitter agog, cater to the shallow thinkers who quickly forget and to gobble up. Simpletons all around.

    Can a Tick Tock too much?

    (Response: I will be watching to see if the concerns, issues I mentioned will also be raised by other voters/candidates in the riding ..and how JWR responds. Could help many decide. h.o)

  8. Gary.T. says:

    @13. ” Also it will provide her a ringside seat to watch an honest government in action. And hey you never know she might like what she sees in PM Sheer and cross the floor ”

    Seriously ?? what makes you think that Scheer, and the Cons will be honest ? The only person missing from that parade is Harper, so nothing much has changed but the puppet at the head of the line.

  9. hawgwash says:

    I had intended to add this to my previous post but, through cut, paste and early morning, I dropped it:

    Jody Wilson Raybould can easily be described with many very positive, strong adjectives; hero is not one of them. To me, “hero” is reserved for very special people. JWR was doing what we expect but seldom, if ever, receive.
    Norm Farrell just published a piece ttled; May? Maybe, maybe not.
    It’s short and brings up May’s alleged support of Sheer.

    I’m not sure of the fairness in linking it on your blog but here it is;

  10. 13 says:

    @Gary t
    I’ll tell you what makes me think that a conservant I’ve government led by Sheer will be honest.
    The current liberal government led by Justin Trudeau
    The odds of two corrupt inept flawed liars being elected in a row favour Sheer being a better human being than trudeau. It’s would be unlikely to EVERY have another PM as bad as JT

  11. BMCQ says:

    Great subject and once again a great analysis .

    As I have stated a few times on other Blog Topics I felt JWR is a Patriot and she showed great courage and character while firstly defending the Minister of Justice Office and then her strength of character, deportment, and dignity under fire while she fought off LIES and other attacks from the dishonest, deceptive, reprehensible, egotistical BULLY PM Justin and his Henchmen .

    I must agree under those circustances she was indeed a Hero and Canadians of all Parties should be proud that she upheld the Canadian Constitution while others in the Ruling Class and Party were willing to “Sell their Sould” for the Devil, PM Justin .

    While we are all still here we should also recognize the strength or character and great Canadian Patriotism shown by Jane Philpott, she supported JWR without even a grunt from other Liberal Elite Politicians and Media .

    Who knows, JWR may have needed that support more than we think, Philpott deserves a big thank you from all Canadians that believe in good government .

    I have been in the Federal Ridings of what is now Vancouver Granville and then Quadra most of my adult life and they are much like the rest of YVR a cross section of Canadians .

    JWR is a great Canadian but I would more than likely not vote for her . my leanings are somewhat more Conservatie than how i read her . Having said that I would be ecstatic to see JWR as Minister of Justice in a Scheer Government , JWR for sure believes in the Rule of Law, her character is beyond reproach

    I too question any politician when they push the fact they are of any origin when they believe it will win them votes . I dislike very much the fact that far too many Canadians are “Block Voters”, i believe that is dishonest and in fact an assault on democracy .

    I am quite sure JWR would not over cook her Native Heritage but her actions here leave me wondering .

    I will not get much agreement here but I see a very interesting thing developing in the Riding of Vancouver Granville .

    I see JWR, the Liberal Tech Guy, and the Greens splitting much fo the Votes in that riding and I see the conservative coming up from the middle and ultimately Winning that Seat . It is a disappointing thing because JWR should be in the H of C .

    Once again I am going to offer up the following .

    If the Federal Liberals would have had enough courage to push current Canadian PM Justin over onto his Sword a few months ago JWR would have re joined the Liberal Party and she would now be PM entering a new Election Campaign .

    We would then see a Victory for PM JWR and we would have been witness to a Huge
    Federal Liberal Majority Election Triumph .

    We would have also have then been witness to at least a Three Terms JWR Federal Liberal Government .

    Gary T. – August 26 – 4:04 PM

    I am going to ask you a direct question and I DO NOT expect I will get an answer . As a matter of fact I can guarantee that you will not provide an answer, hell, you will not even attempt to make anything up because you are Shooting Blanks .

    Unlike PM Justin and Butts, and the rest of his Government who have Time and Time proven themselves to be Dishonest please point out exactly where and why Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are Dishonest and Liars .

    One thing fore sure I should not be required to show just how dishonest and hypocritical PM Justin and his Minions happen to be because we have seen their act for almost 4 years and it is uh not uh pretty .

    I await your reply with bated breath .

    I have gone out on a limb predicting the split of votes in Vancouver Granville but I believe there is a strong chance of that taking place .

    Those of you like Gary T dreaming of a PM Justin Minority may soon have a rude awakening .

    And seeing as we are all still here .

    Canadian Tax Payers are disrespected and gouged each and every day of the year by PM Justin and His Band of Highway Men, it is time for the Scheer to step forward and promise ALL Canadians that on the very first day in Office the Conservative Government will introduce a Bill to cancel the Disastrous Carbon Tax .

    Between the Majority of Provinces the new Conservative Government and Canadians of ALL Parties the carbon Tax should Sleep with the Fishes .

  12. BMCQ says:

    Art Smith – 4

    An excellent Post !

    In one single post you have provided Voters in Vancouver Granville with something to think about .

    I am quite sure a high number of Canadians will now have cause to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the facts regarding the points you made

  13. Gilbert says:

    I think Jody-Wilson Raybould will win in her riding. The voters will reward her for her integrity, which is truly rare in politicians.

    (Response: As I stated, I admire her integrity and ethical stand. Far too many politicians, once achieving power, are compromised by having positions of power, the prestige, the larger office …or two, a driver, an entourage, the invitations to top rank gatherings, and of course the extra money, above being an MP, and the ability to reward friends, supporters and all their relations. But I still have concerns about her and the overall election result … which we will ALL may have to live with for four years. h.o.)

  14. hawgwash says:

    I got my first robotext on Aug. 23rd.
    First one ever and I find it intrusive.

  15. Megan says:

    Why do we always wait for total corruption before we choose the unknown? Wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the politicians that you get only one chance to let us down before we dump you? Endorsing corruption breeds corruption.

  16. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – Response to Gilbert

    Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians including life long Working and Contributing Pensioners are sick and tired of watching non contributing residents take, take, and take .

    Those same Patriotic Canadians are tired of hollow symbolic apologies, imbecilic gestures of pandering, and other dishonest, and deceitful “Slight of Hand” by PM Justin which were always there but exposed by JWR who actually had the courage to confront the “Pretend Prince” they have had enough and I believe they are willing to live with the Election result for four years .

    Let us be honest here, with increases in all taxes including Carbon, fewer services more fees, the inability to build anything including pipe lines and the even more concerning problem about the total failure of our Justice System to Convict any criminals of serious crimes Canadians need and desire change . Just who the hell do werereally convict and send to jail for heinous crimes ? Then there is the cost and delay to get to court and then the far too long attempt to convict suspects while Canadian Judges right across the country spend their day Navel Gazing . Sickening . Tax Payers deserve better and we will live with a change of Government .

    Some may correct and JWR deserves to be in Ottawa but we also must consider what Art Smith points out .

    Again, with the Vote Split in Van Granville between Green, NDP, Liberal, and JWR, I believe the Conservative will win that riding so JWR may not ever need to pack a Bag .

    The Conservative Stain will continue to spread far beyond the Provincial Governments .

    Tick Tock

    (Response: Unfortunately, lest we forget, history has also shown that when voters chose a party they thought would deal with all those things you mention, we also got a leader who acted like a dictator, ordered bureaucrats not to answer reporters questions or provide even basic info on government activities or programs without political approval back East, refused to hold regular press conferences and when he did have very rare “media availability”, took only three or four questions from the softest, puff ball reporters … and we ended up with a government that used xenophobia and scare tactics in a futile campaign bid to stay in power. And now, we have an Opposition Leader who clearly literally doesn’t have “time” for gay Canadians … who deserve the SAME RESPECT as every other Canadian. So you see … Canadians DO have a real dilemma this time around. h.o)

  17. 13 says:

    Harvey, it just dawned on me in your response “I look forward to the day…………”
    If you truly believe and look forward to that sort of unbiased representation you cant support the NDP or the Federal Liberals. Both pick candidates based on gender and a lot of criteria that does not include capability.

    (Response: “Capability” is an interesting word when it comes to politics: sure looks to me like all parties choose some candidates based on their “capability” to attract votes, rather than their “capability” as best to do the job. h.o)

  18. Gary.T. says:

    @BMCQ. Sorry to disappoint you, but the Conservatives have never been honest since they were taken over by Harper , and his reformers. Scheer will be no better because he is just a Harper mini me being directed by the man behind the curtain. The best outcome we could have is a Trudeau minority so we can keep him in check.

    @13. Your logic makes no sense. Playing the odds with the choices we have, is sorta like playing Russian Roulette with all six cylinders full.

  19. e.a.f. says:

    I received a “robotext” from “Sarah” asking if the Conservatives could count on my support. OMG, explained, not so much. not while it was the party of harper and scheer. How the Conservatives could find that number did leave me wondering. Invasive. Suggested they not “text” again.

    JWR and JP, in my opinion, are up their with Elijah Harper and Chuck Cadman.

    We know one thing about JWR, she places her job above party loyalty and with a few more independents we may have a bit more of a Parliament which is interested in doing what is right for Canadians rather than the financial supporters. No extremists need apply.

    JWR may be using a lot of Indigenous material in her advertising and that in my opinion, is a good thing. It raises the profile of Indigenous People in Canada. We talk a lot in this country about English and French, but we tend to forget about the First People. When I went to school we could learn French, German, Spanish, but no Salish. Even back then I thought that was weird. I see the use of Indigenous art as a sign of bringing a “minority” to the fore front as a reminder that minorities do exist in this country and their rights are to be respected.

    It is doubtful JWR would ever be a conservative M.P. there is not much I can recall the Conservatives doing for Indigenous people. I can recall M.P. John Duncan refusing to sign off for 16 units of housing for Attawapiskat after they won a court case against the Conservative/harper gang. I can recall the Conservative/harper gang spending less on Indigenous children than others when it came to education and health. My take on it is, she’ll do what is right for the country and her riding.

    I can recall Chuck Cadman, going to his riding, canvassing to see what the people wanted and voting that way. Didn’t vote with his Party. A few more M.P.s like that, who knows what we could accomplish.

    There is an interesting documentary, “Whipped” and it deals with voting the party line. Not a great thing and not so good for democracy. Its worth watching to see if you wonder why your M.P./M.L.A. said one thing on the campaign trail and did another in the Leg.

    #13, I gotta ask, what makes you think Scheer is a better human than Trudeau? His hanging out with racists, the alt-right, his campaign manager, his refusal to march in Pride parades, his opinion on abortion rights. Lets be clear the Harper crew ran up a nice big deficient so please, no one suggest the Conservatives are better at managing the economy. Mulroney wasn’t that great either. Ran up deficient. At least the deficeits Trudeau is running up is giving parents much more money to feed and cloth their kids. All the harperits ever did was tax credits and that doesn’t help you at the grocery store or pharmacy. Come to think of it, how many great social programs have the Conservatives ever brought into play?

  20. hawgwash says:

    It was Sarah who texted me as well and I thought I was special.

    Now I find out from you, the little trollop is calling every mail in the country.

    Really though, that’s what a robocall/text is; a computer cranks every conceivable number combo with any of the Canadian area codes in front and bingo, invasion.

    I was under the impression this is illegal, if the writ hasn’t been dropped yet.

    (Response: Clearly, I am not good enough for Sarah: hasn’t called/written me yet. No problem …I have SEVERAL Nigerian Generals, Afghan bankers and even a Prince from Cote d’Ivoire who are in touch… and don’t want anything from me … except my banking info so they can GIVE ME millions! h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    Eaf and gary t. I have no illusions of convincing either one of you to vote conservative. You two on the other hand have dellusions re conservative governance being tainted by Harper. You are worried that Sheer might emulate Harper. You are able to predict the future. Yet you are willing to vote for a proven liar a fake feminist and a complete idiot. . No ne to look into your crystal balls as Trudeau is what he is no illusions just your dellusions

  22. BMCQ says:

    Gary T

    As I stated, you would not answer my question directly .

    Again, please provide evidence and fact to support your claim, it is quite juvenile to merely state what you have said without any evidence to back up your claim .

    There is more than enough well documented evidence to back up many irrefutable claims of deceit, dishonesty, sexism, sexual assault, hypocrisy, against PM Justin, we do not need to look very far to confirm that .

    The ball is now in your court, please serve again .

    I have another idea that might work for you .

    Please state right here on this Blog Topic about JWR thst she is a Liar and all of her charges against the “Dark Prince” are false and untrue .

    If you do that exact thing I sk of you you might convince me and others that PM Justin is really a person of integrity and principle after all .

    We can also then watch eaf also endorse what you state to show us that PM Justin is a person of great integrity .

    I await your comments .

  23. DBW says:

    I know some of us would rather talk about Scheer and Trudeau, but I find Harvey’s topic/dilemma re voting for Jody Wilson-Raybould (or not) more interesting so I will stick with it.

    I have stated before that I have been mainly an NDP supporter. Federally, it is quite easy for me because having never been in power, the NDP has not disappointed me. On the other hand, they have been an effective opposition, speaking out on issues that I support so I don’t feel my vote has been wasted.

    Having said that, had I lived in Vancouver-Granville, there is a good chance I would have voted for Wilson-Raybould in 2015 as Harvey did. I might have seen her as the best chance of winning the riding and at that time I was definitely “anybody but Harper”. Given the current situation, there is no doubt in my mind that I would support her in 2019 as an independent.

    To address some of the concerns Harvey mentioned.

    1. I believe an independent can do an excellent job of representing her riding as she is no longer burdened with having to represent her party. I would love to see our parliament with a few more strong independents. Party politics does serve a purpose; 338 independents would be chaotic, but having the opportunity to listen to independents who are not beholden to party policy would be refreshing to say the least.
    2. Using First Nations symbols and artwork is not a sign that she has only that one interest. It tells me she is a proud member of the First Nations community. And I would hardly call it pandering. The Vancouver-Granville riding according to Wikipedia is 50% European, 30% Chinese and 2% Indigenous. If she is pandering for votes, she is aiming at the wrong crowd.
    3. Like many of us, Harvey has a whole bunch of misgivings about Scheer and Trudeau and Singh and May and Bernier and the parties they represent so an independent candidate, especially someone as strong as Wilson-Raybould is the obvious choice.
    4. Even BMCQ agrees (at whatever #): “JWR should be in the H of C .” ?

    Problem solved, Harvey.

    (Response: Very good points. How do I know that? Because they are all thoughts that have occurred to me too! 🙂 But I do also worry, as I said about how I’d feel if the difference between majority/minority government (on either side) was ONE seat. Egad! The guilt factor! So I really am looking forward to the campaign … not for the costly promises … but for the discussions/debate I hope will take place over policies/ideas. h.o.)

  24. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 7:47 PM – point 4

    As I stated I may not have voted for JWR whein I lived in what was Quadra now Van Granville but I also may have voted for depending on a few things .
    Frankly I am conflicted .

    I will now say that for several years I had occasion to spend time with her Father Bill as a very close friend of mine was very friendly with Bill and we would sometimes get together. Bill Wilson was always opinionated and we did not always agree but I was very fond of him and respected him even though on many issues we were on opposite sides of the argument .

    I am quite confident that both of JWR parents have a lot to do with her ability to stand up to a Bully like PM Justin .

    Like most of us JWR more than likely has her warts but she is a much better person than PM Justin could ever be in two lifetimes .

    I still feel that the Van Granville Riding Vote could be Split between the 4 Leftist Parties with the Conservative coming up the middle but I would not be upset if she was able to re take her Seat, Canada needs Members like her in Ottawa .

    The Liberals made a big mistake by not doing the right thing by dumping PM Justin and holding that Leadership Contest so they will now be required to live with the consequences .


    NDP Warrior King Singh will lose his Burnaby Seat in October . I wonder if he will still continue to live in his adopted home of South Burnaby ?

  25. Harry Lawson says:


    Second time posting thought i was censored ,lol. Ah technology originally posted Monday around 9 am .

    Harvey if you think your MP truly represents you , that is being politically naive. The office staff may help you with a form or a issue, however the MP will almost always vote upon party lines.

    A independent MP may truly vote with free will, hold a government to account ,with out fear of reprisal.. I would vote for JWR on principles alone.

    Let’s be honest all candidates pander ,wether it’s a ethnic background or a service club. At least we know she has integrity.

    (Response: Yes, they all pander … but that doesn’t work with me: whoever wins my vote will have to come up with something … actually a few somethings … more substantial. h.o.)

  26. JT says:

    Great post!

    A few thoughts on strategic voting in Vancouver Granville:

    – Polls so far show it to be a two horse race. The Liberals were in narrow second to JWR before their candidate was nominated, so they are still likely close. Watch out this week as Mainstreet releasing a riding poll.

    – If you elect JWR, you can evaluate the likelihood she will support a Liberal government in a minority situation. She definitely would not support the Conservatives. She got into politics after a negative encounter with Harper and she has said that was the one party she didn’t consider after she was forced from caucus. She would likely join the NDP and/or Greens in propping up the Liberals.

    – The Greens and NDP have not selected serious candidates in the sense of A-listers expected to win. They know this is a two horse race.

    – The Conservative candidate is a former Harper era staffer. Enough said?

    (Response: Valuable info for me as a Granville voter. But as I said earlier, won’t decide until I see/hear the campaign, watch the debates and evaluate the policies/promises … and watch for other “revelations” that will no doubt come before election day. But I WILL announce my decision … and why … on the Blog BEFORE Election Day. h.o)

  27. D. M. Johnston says:

    If it a hung parliament (minority government), the independents will hold the power. Other than that, JWR will hold no power and be a thin voice in the parliamentary charade.

    In short, it is a crap shoot.

  28. BMCQ says:


    You said

    “The Conservative Candidate is a former Harper era Staffer . Enough said” .

    And Just where did you get your start before you become a Liberal Elite ?

    And just what was PM Justin ?

    And just what was Mr. Singh ?

    You have just defined and proven “Liberal Elitism” is alive and well .


    The Liberal Candidate in Van Granville is the Liberal Candidate because not one other living person took the time to fill out the application for nomination .

    Does that fill you with uh confidence ?

  29. 13 says:

    @BMCQ I know that you dont expect Gary or eaf to defend their opinion of Scheer with any actual facts. You have pointed out the obvious fact that while they have no evidence that Scheer is a puppet, a Harper clone, or a creep (this one is beyond belief)
    Then you go on the state another obvious fact (to anyone that isnt blinded by bias) the long long long list of flaws, from minor (fake feminist fake environmentalist) to major (obstruction of justice, sexual assault, complete lack of ethics when taking a holiday etc etc etc.)
    (Edited…off topic.. which is JWR and other politicians)

  30. Gene The Bean says:

    Gary – “playing Russian roulette with all six cylinders full” – that sounds like how a lot of people feel at the ballot box!

    JWR is a principled and educated person. As many here point out, NO WAY she would ever vote with the Cons and their agenda of selfishness, hate and division.

  31. BMCQ says:


    You know what those who you just noted and a few more on this Blog always say .

    “I have already made up my mind, please do not confuse me with the facts” .

    I find it quite amusing that some here attempt to convince the rest that a Polling Group can pinpoint where potential votes/results are in one single Vancouver Riding of Granville when Polling is very seldom accurate .

    Correct President Hillary, Premier Dix, PM Ignatieff, and last but not least the “Remain” Side in the UK Brexit Vote .

    A Poll in Vancouver Granville ? You must be kidding .

    I would not gamble your Pension Cheque on that Poll . “Chews Forward” .

    I wonder what voters of any brand will think about this .

  32. 13 says:

    Just ordered my M C C A hat

    Make Canada Creepy again

  33. e.a.f. says:

    13, go back and have a look at scheer’s act when he was Speaker of the House, Not so good. in my opinion, he is a light weight. He like Harper has no real life experience and Harper was at least smart, which Scheer isn’t.

    As to “creepy”. Its in the eye of the beholder. haven’t heard men say it, but women have and they have asked other women about it and some of them say, yes he gives them the creepies. Its like back in the day, and hitch hiking. some cars you didn’t get in, others were fine. When a group of women were trying to define what was creepy about Scheer, I reminded them of men back in the 1960s/70s who thought it was fine to walk around the office playing “pocket pool”. that is what scheer reminds me of, one of those guys with that creepy smile of his.

    Scheer carrying on about the new NAFTA, omg, the idiot most likely hasn’t even ready it. Yet Rona Ambrose, thinks its fine, however, she is oh so much smarter than Scheer and it is truly hoped she comes back to Canadian politics. She will make an excellent conservative leader. Don’t agree with everything she has to say, but she is smart and knows how to do business.

  34. BMCQ says:


    Absolutely everything you Just said about men and creepiness is Sexist with a Capital “S” .

    YIKES !

  35. 13 says:

    Eaf you claim Sheer has no life experience. You state that Harper is smart. You skill fully avoid any mention of Justin.I agree Harper is smart . But to question life experience when all you’ve got is Trudeau is akin to knowing BMCQ has 3 aces showing and you’ve got a pair of twos.

  36. DBW says:

    Always nice to see that some people can turn a perfectly good topic into one in which they try to prove that the other guy’s candidate is the worst human in the world. Kinda creepy don’t you think?

    Still interested in the outcome of this riding Harvey. And please BMCQ don’t start ranting about the accuracy of polls as I am just going to use one – actually two – to see what the result in October may be.

    Let’s start with the completely accurate poll of October 2015 when Liberal Jody Wilson-Raybould won with 44% to the NDP 27% to the Conservative 26% and the Green 3%.

    Now let’s consider the poll by 338 that has the Liberals and JWR with about 30% each, the Conservatives with 20%, and the NDP and Greens each with about 10%. I am not suggesting that this poll is at all accurate but if it is what do we make of it.

    Are we surprised that the NDP has crashed to 10% from 27% and if not surprised where have their votes gone. If the NDP voters in Granville are anything like I am, then their votes have likely gone to JWR and maybe the Greens who have improved slightly. If the NDP have lost 17% is it fair to give JWR 10 of them.

    How many Liberal voters in the last election are going to say, “JWR still represents my views on social and economic policy and I am ticked at Trudeau and the Liberal leadership and I can’t vote Conservative or NDP so I will vote for her again.” She had 44% last time, could she retain half of that.

    So 22% from the last election and 10% from a floundering NDP and she has around 30%.

    Where I am confused by the 338 poll is why the Conservatives have lost 6% which seems to have gone to the Liberals. I really don’t see that. I can see some disaffected Liberals voting Conservative but I am not sure why the Conservatives would have lost ground unless Scheer is even worse than even I think.

    So by my calculation the Liberals and JWR should have 50% of the vote to split. The Conservative has about 25% of the vote and the NDP and Greens get the rest.

    Feel free to accuse me of being full of BS. I realize that I am just speculating. But I am curious to see how this plays out even during the campaign. For example will Trudeau come to Vancouver Granville and campaign on behalf of the Liberal candidate and will that help or harm him.

    Anyway Harvey I know you would feel guilty of the wildly improbable outcome of a one vote victory in your riding which results in a one seat victory for either the Conservatives or Liberals. It ain’t gonna happen so just vote for whoever you think will do the best job (I would recommend JWR). Besides, I think you will agree that whoever wins at least 50% of us are going to find them a huge disappointment anyway and worrying about the outcome won’t change that.

    (Response: You’re likely right regarding “the wildly improbable outcome of a one vote victory in your riding which results in a one seat victory for either the Conservatives or Liberals”. But one vote victories are not without historic precedents in terms of riding or seats settling close elections. Maybe I can parlay my promised vote into a Senate seat … or at least an Order of Canada??? LOL. h.o)

  37. 13 says:

    I know that predictions based on bias are poor indicators of anything but Ill give it a go and this is pure bias.
    I predict that when HO tells us where his support is going he will chews JWR
    I predict that JWR wins the riding, Conservative 2nd place, Greens third, and Liberals and NDP tied for a distant last place.

  38. Gene The Bean says:

    (Edited…Enough on the leaders … topic is JWR and Vancouver Granville)

    Your race will be a close one Harvey. Bet that makes you feel good as your vote could actually mean something. I trudge to the polling station every election knowing my vote does diddly as all the geezers that live here buy into the hate, buy into white nationalism and believe the Cons when they say the brown hordes are storming the border. Bright side is they’ll all be gone, sooner than later. Tick Tock.

    DBW, yup, comments always end up hitting the ditch at some point thanks to the usual suspects.

  39. BMCQ says:


    I was not aware that I ever ranted but if that is the way you wish to characterise your old friend BMCQ so be it . Never thought I ranted, always just thought I was a fast typist .

    The Vancouver Granville JWR election race could be one of the most interesting to ever take place in Canadian History .

    Again, I would not be upset if JWR won the Seat for all of the reasons we have and will continue to discuss . Again she has more Character by a long way as opposed to PM Justin and another many Canadian Politicians past and present even if you are like me and have some concerns .

    JWR is not just a Canadian Patriot warts and all she and Philpott have caused Canadians of all Political Parties to think seriously about the morality of our Political Leaders . JWR and Philpott have exposed not only PM Justin to be a Liar and Deceitful they have made Canadians think about how they judge politicians from any party .

    I freely admit that I have ignored, tolerated, and forgiven certain politicians as I feel/felt they represent, I believe most of us have done that . Just look at the number of
    “People Kind” on his Blog that actually believe that PM Justin is a better person than that “Creepy” Andrew Scheer” based on nothing but some kind of “Voodo Science Think Stuff ” . “I have a Feeling”, they say . Really ?

    As to the Van Granville Vote Split ?

    Sometimes all we have is our opinion and from what I have seen regarding much of the Polling the past few years our opinions may have more credibility than many Pollsters .

    (Edited …off topic…. which is JWR and Vancouver Granville)

    In Vancouver Granville the Liberals and NDP will lose many votes to the Greens and it will even affect the Independent JWR I believe JWR will do well and may perhaps win but I also feel quite strongly that the Left of Centre Votes could be split between JWR, Green, Liberal, and NDP and in turn that favours the Conservative and that former Harper Staffer may carry the day .

    I do not believe the 6% loss of he Conservative Party in Vancouver Granville, thee is simply no reason for that to take place, no scandal, no policy changes, no outlandish remarks by he Candidate, it does not make sense .

    Polls of 338 are questionable at best and hen when hose polls are done on line that is another very questionable practice of polling Companies everywhere but especially in Canada, the U,S., and he EU .

    Again I do not need to list the literally hundreds of flawed Polls that proved to be no where near what actually happened in he Election, fact speak for themselves .

    Just think about the Prop Vote that Politicians and others have been trying to sell the “Great Unwashed” as he only way o go, what a sham and how dishonest of Politicians, and other that tried o push that, they should be shamed of themselves .

    The Methodology of Polling today is flawed .

    We need all Candidates of every party in Vancouver Granville and right across the country to answer questions on Carbon Tax, Secure Borders, illegal Migration, Pipelines, Criminal Justice, why can’t we convict people? , Homeless, Drug addiction, China Trade and Human Rights, Provincial Trade Barriers, why are Canadian Politicians doing so much for Drug Addled Criminal Felons and ignoring Pensions the very people that built this country, and so much more .

    (Edited…off topic …which is JWR and Vancouver Granville)

    I have an idea, perhaps Harvey could start attending Vancouver Granville Town Halls and do like he did in the old days, Yell Questions at the Politicians .

    Now that might just get him his Order of Canada !

    (Response: I shall not seek … nor if elected … will I accept the Order of Canada. However, the Order of BC … now, that’s another matter! 🙂 h.o)

  40. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, its not sexist. If women feel that way about a particular man, those are their feelings. I’d suggest your comment is sexist because you fail to acknowledge women have feelings and instinct regarding specific men which may be different from men. what creeps out women can be very different from what creeps out men. there is a difference, based on life experiences.

    Even going back to my child hood, there would be men, who the neighbours would find out physically abused their wives and children. The other dads would be shocked, the moms, not so much. You’d hear them talking and say things like, never did like that man, there was always something about him.

    People’s intuition keeps them alive and sometimes in the case of politicians tells them something also.

    13, used to know a professional poker player, he’d win with the hand you gave me.
    Your forecast for the riding, would not surprise me at all if those are the results. You are not basing your suggestion on nothing. sometimes its just gut instinct. In the last bi election in Nanaimo, which usually voted NDP, the winner was the greens, with the cons coming in second,. NDP 3rd, and Liberals 4. there is nothing in your forecast which causes me to say you’re wrong.

    I’m not putting too much faith in the polls because polls are only as good as the questions which are asked. a lot of those questions aren’t that good. Since the last federal election we have a whole new crop of voters, young voters, who see the world differently from what we the aging baby boomers see the world as.

    (Edited …we’ve had quite enough on the leaders for this round. THIS blog is about JWR and Vancouver Granville)

    many of us on the blog have made up our minds, we’re not going to change each others. what all of these politicians do have in common is an ego. some politicians look at politics as a good way to make a living, some do it because they actually think they can make a difference (omg how delusional these days, o.k. some actually go on to make a difference)

    Harvey, on election night could we have an open comment go at it?

  41. e.a.f. says:

    ah the one vote victory. that would be Land slide Al, in B.C. back in the day. He won by one vote, in Atlin. His opposition, forgot to go vote that day, as did the other candidate’s wife. (B.C. election) The last provincial election I believe the Comox Valley NDP candidate won by 9 votes.)

    every vote counts. every one of us on this blog needs to ensure they go out and vote or we don’t get to complain for the next 4 years.

    (Response: Exactly. It CAN happen …and maybe, just maybe, my ONE vote could determine the outcome of not only Vancouver Granville …but even which party has a majority in Parliament! It’s a heavy burden ..but I feel up to the task. Maybe a Senate seat wouldn’t be SO bad! Does their travel allowance include cruises … to meet “the people”? 🙂 h.O)

  42. DBW says:

    If I may Harvey.

    BMCQ when I used the worded ranted (which in retrospect is the wrong word) I meant there was no need for you to comment on the accuracy of polls as I clearly pointed out some of the problems with the 338 poll and was using it only for speculation purposes. After you claimed you didn’t rant you spent at least 150 words commenting on the inaccuracies of polls (for the multiplieth time btw).

    (Edited…Discussion has gotten way off track. The topic of this blog is JWR and Vancouver Granville.)

    I know you are joking Harvey, but even if the scenario of your vote resulting in a one vote win in Vancouver Granville and a one seat victory for one of the parties came true, the importance of your one vote is diminished immensely when you realize that at least 10,000 voters will be voting exactly as you will. So no Senate seat unfortunately.

    And one last thing, no matter how we slice it, it looks like Vancouver Granville in a competitive 5 person race will end up with a winner receiving about 30% of the vote. Makes the case for a ranked ballot/run-off. JWR may not win the riding in October, but with a ranked ballot she sure would as she would likely be everybody’s second choice if not their first.

  43. BMCQ says:


    I do not necessarily agree with any voting system other than FPTP but you have just made an excellent argument for RB/RO .

    Interestingly enough after the many exchanges on this Blog I am still hoping for and anticipating for a Conserve Victory in October but I must admit if I still lived in Vancouver Quadra/Granville I might/could find it very difficult voting for the Conservative over JWR .

    No reflection on him at all but even though I probably differ with JWR on many things I feel more strongly than ever she should be in Ottawa .

    If I was still residing in VG I might/could remain undecided right up until Voting Day .

    Then again I very much believe Canada more than ever needs a change of Government so I am happy I will not be required to vote against JWR .

    It would be a very difficult choice for a Morally Bankrupt, Greedy, Hater of Brown People Conservative . Imagine that .

    You now point out what I might expect in Vancouver Granville, a Split of the Left and a possible Conservative coming up the middle .

    That scenario is very much possible, I wonder if Town Halls, Debates, Federal Leaders, or other Political Events could change the Vote Split in VG or Nationally in a way that would favour JWR or any of the other 4 candidates before Election Day as we still have several weeks .

    I may be wrong but there does not seem to be much discussion or reporting on what most would consider Major Election Issues or Party Platforms up to this point .

  44. e.a.f. says:

    Of course Harvey you can have a Senate seat. You’d actually know what you were voting on. Now as to the cruises, I’ve got that one covered. How this works is a committee is established to “investigate” the use of foreign workers in Canadian waters. Then you get yourself on the committee and volunteer to do the hard work of investigation. Now another committee could be established to look into the health and safety of customers on these cruise ships and how best to apply Canadian standards to their health unit. Again, apply to be on the committee. This getting on the committee maybe difficult, but I’d suggest, given the long time you were a reporter, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Next committee, ah, get Elizabeth May to sponsor a bill in Parliament regarding the impact of cruise ships on the environment, like the fish, whales, etc. especially those new cruise ships through the artic. I’m sure Ms. May, when the bill goes to the Senate would want an investigative reporter on the committee if she couldn’t have a Green Party member there.
    If you ever get to the Senate I have a whole lot of other committees…….you’d be fabulous on.

    (Response: I’d better stay retired: I’ve covered TOO MANY committees … well aware of the numbing affect they can have on one’s health … and integrity. h.o)

  45. DBW says:

    BMCQ and I don’t always agree, so when we do I am curious.

    Because JWR is running as an independent she has much less available cash to run a campaign. I believe she already has enough donations to spend the maximum allowed on her personal campaign but she will not have any of the resources or money that political parties are allowed to throw into individual ridings. That makes her an underdog and we all love underdogs.

    As well, by not joining any other party she presents herself as being above partisanship and I think most people respect that.

    I will confess that had she joined the CPC, there is no way that I would support her in any election and am wondering if people like BMCQ would be feeling the same way had she joined the NDP, a party he could never support.

    Is her best bet at this time to run as an independent?

    Which gets me to her end game. She is too talented to be a career politician as an independent. Where will she be four years from now?

    Finally an intriguing political story that can take me away from the made for TV gong show down south.

    (Response: I don’t see her in any Liberal party “leadership” role down the road: her high ethics and public recrimination of party have blown up too many bridges. And I also don’t see her as a Tory, Green or NDPer. So what would lie beyond being an Independent MP … perhaps a return to the Liberal fold as a Minister under a different PM? Or a big chief … literally … in the First Nations movement. h.o)

  46. e.a.f. says:

    If JWR runs a smart social media campaign, much like Obama did, she won’t need as many dollars at the others. Organization is sometimes more important than dollars.

    Under dog, yes, many may, vote for JWR, thinking, they want to send a message to the other main stream parties. She could become a very long term M.P. known for her independence and integrity and the people of her riding would be proud they were part of the group who vote for her every 4 years. If JWR is re elected as an independent and likes it, she may never join a party again. Becoming the Grand Chief for B.C. or Canada, may not be to her liking either. Its just as political as being the leader of a party. JWR could also be hired by a university to teach.

    We do not know what will develop in the next 20 years in this country or how politics will unfold or collapse. Independents may come to play a larger role. In some countries which have coalition governments, various parties hold various seats in Cabinet also. She could go on to become the head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If JWR is re elected as an independent and stays with it, who knows some future government may want her in their cabinet to be the A.G. to have it be independent.

    it is doubtful if I can push it another 20 years, but I’d like to be around just to see the politics of it all.

  47. BMCQ says:

    Personally I almost always vote for someone I may take issue with on any given issue .

    I disagree with JWR on several things and I find that she is somewhat disingenuous on some issues but that is really no different than other Conservative Politicians I have voted for . Gilbert introduced something of interest earlier on this Blog Topic .

    I am also a very strong believer in the Pipeline Industry as believe it or not we in Canada really do not have many ways of creating Employment and Generating Tax Dollars and Royalties .

    If JWR or any other Politician is against the Pipeline Industry that would more or less rule that Candidate out for me, even if I admire her/him for many other reasons .

    As to if JWR was to join the NDP ?

    Perhaps if I was convinced that the Conservatives were going to win in a landslide I may think about that but we are not sure how the vote count will go . Again I am somewhat happy I do not live in Van Granville any longer because I would need to agonize over this unless there was a deal breaker .

    Again if JWR was against the Pipeline I could not in good conscience support her .

    WE must keep in mind that when silly symbolic gestures made by Liberal Leadership in various countries like Canada and PM Justin signed on to the Paris Climate accord China and India were given about 30 years each before they were required to take any action . How ridiculous .

    In the meantime PM Justin, the Greens, NDP, and most Media want Canada who contributes less than 1.5 % to Green House Gases is required to cripple it’s economy to appease “Green Think ” . No wonder the U.S.A. withdrew .

    I could not support JWR and other Canadian Politicians if they were against the Pipeline, any Pipeline .

    Let’s hope that JWR and the other Candidates in Van Granville and every other Riding right across the country are asked this direct question before Election day .

    Again, where the Hell are Media on all of this ?

    When I was young my parents were Conservative Voters but I was aware they voted for Harry Rankin a sort of Bernie Sanders of his day .

    I asked my father why hey voted for “Red Harry” and he stated the following .

    “We vote for Harry because he keeps the rest of them honest, if one day it turned out to be 5 or so Harry’s on Council we would no longer vote for him as it would threaten what we consider good governance” .

    in the chance If the Liberals were to be re-elected and JWR won the Vancouver Granville Seat she could be the thorn in the side of the federal Liberals that Harry was to he NPA back in the day .

    I repeat, the Liberals made a huge mistake by not dumping PM Justin and holding the Leadership Convention that would have put JWR in as PM .

    I feel very strongly that mistake will be FATAL .

    Not to worry though because many of those Liberals that get voted out will have quite decent Pensions !!

  48. hawgwash says:

    So Harvey, since “anything is possible” with this rancid bunch, including the wipe out of Mr. Singh and the NDP, how about this scenario?

    The party, which gets your precious single vote finishes third, JWR wins without your help and is so ticked with you she gives the OOVG to some long-winded, rant denier.

  49. G. Barry Stewart says:

    BMCQ says, “When I was young my parents were Conservative Voters but I was aware they voted for Harry Rankin a sort of Bernie Sanders of his day .”

    Bang on! I’ve been wondering where I’ve seen Bernie before — and Harry would be it.

  50. BMCQ says:


    I suppose i should have said that Bernie is much like todays Harry Rankin and I believe that .

    No matter what we believe in I feel very strongly that we should do our best to listen to people with differing political views as we can all learn, evolve to a degree, and even change our minds on any given subject .

    There is no doubt in my mind that each candidate in VG has some ideas that would benefit Canadians, but there are also trade offs and tough choices to be made before one casts a vote in that riding . All Ridings are important but VG is of great interest because of the JWR component .

    If I was a Republican running in the U.S. I would like to see a fix for Obama Care that does not include Undocumented Migrants. Undocumented Migrants should not get Obama Care but improved Obama Care should be part of the campaign and it will be .

    Health Care for undocumented Migrants should be part of the discussion in the current federal Election as we are aware Undocumented Migrants are costing UK Residents over $ 1 Billion Dollars a year, could we afford that ?

    Canada will very soon have over 100 K Illegal Migrants and soon enough that number could reach over 500 K, what do we do about that number and Health care and the rest, what does JWR say about that ? What does she think about that fact that thaose Illegals found to e unfit to remain in Canada never leave ? Yikes .

    Again for me JWR offers a lot but the possibility of her being against any pipeline project is a deal breaker .

    JWR and the rest in Vancouver Granville should need to answer just where the Economic Stimulus would come from if it was not for Oil and Gas, Shipments to World Markets of same, Mining, Logging, Fishing, and other industries even though Sunset Industries most important in the ability of Canadians to get Health Care, Education, Housing, Transportation, Food Clothinbg, and anything else we currently take for granted .

    I would also like to ask JWR if she is in favour of the Hard Working Tax Payer of Canada to continually finance and pay for First Nations Legal Chalenges to a multitude of causes that never seem to end while at the same time Pensoners that built this country are doing without and people right across this country are having to travel hundreds of miles for MRI and CT Scans, let alone treatment that make takes literally months .

    What does JWR and the others in the VG Riding think about that ?

    Why should the Tax Payer continue to pay for First Nations or Special interests never ending Legal Battles ? I do not see where JWR is on the record for many of the First Nations issues .

    Is JWR in favour of the Transparency of First Nations Leadership of each Tribe where the Funds sllocated to that tribe are tracked and accounted for by On Line Postings ? The horrible and dishonorable Stephen Harper passed that Accountability Legislation and PM Justin and perhaps JWR struck that Legislation down only days after their election . Why ? How much sense does that really make, ask yourself .

    Can JWR endorse this ?

    Each and every politicians in every Riding right across the country including VG should answer those questions .

  51. 13 says:

    So Global has broken the “scandal” of JWR claiming 125K in travel to bring her hubby along to Ottawa. I wonder what the motive behind this “news” story was. Seems that the expenses paid to drag spouses around Canada are legitimate . So why point out JWR ?
    Maybe Global has a vested interest in aiding the Liberals in any way they can.
    The only story here is another example of how our tax dollars are wasted by politicians. We elect one person per seat and families should not travel at tax payer expense.

  52. 13 says:

    So JWR drags her hubby around the country at tax payers expense. Breaking news ? Not really. Just another example of how GOVERNMENTS WASTE our money. Its to bad the media which broke this NON story . JWR has done NOTHING wrong. The fact that our government allows ALL MPs to do this should have been the focus of the Global story.
    An obvious policy change that would create an efficiency.

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