Khadr Decision May be Legal, But HE Should Not Profit

I hope the widow of the US soldier that Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to murdering goes after him for every penny he profits from his case.

Khadr, a Canadian citizen, had been captured in Afghanistan in 2002 after a firefight at a suspected al-Qaida compound: Khadr was accused of throwing a grenade that killed US army medic Sgt. Christopher Speer and injured another soldier. (Khadr’s father had been killed in another incident, when Pakistani  military shelled a house where he was staying with senior al-Qaida terrorists.)

Khadr was 15-years old when he was arrested: a video seized at the time showed him making improvised explosives, with a rifle leaning up against the wall just behind him.

But he was a child soldier under international law … and later said his confession had been made under duress.  He spent 13 years in custody .. partly at Guantanamo Bay and also in prison in Canada.

Now the federal government has agreed in a legal settlement to apologize and reportedly compensate Khadr more than $10 million after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that evidence was obtained from the Canadian youth under “oppressive circumstances” and his rights had been violated.

Khadr had sued for more than double the reported settlement amount and federal officials apparently believe a Court could have awarded him more.

I understand the legalities involved, but I still don’t like it.

I see it as another case where the victim(s) of crime and their families will suffer more and longer than the perpetrator.  This is happening far too often in Canada these days.

Sometimes even YOUTH must be held accountable for their ADULT actions … and this should be one of those times.

Khadr, having served his time in prison,  deserves a chance to build a new life for himself in Canada. But he should not be rewarded. But he does NOT deserve to cash in …especially for MORE than Canada compensated Maher Arar for the injustice we did to him or the thousands of Japanese Canadians whose human rights we trampled and whose property we stole.

Sgt. Speer’s widow has already won a civil suit against Khadr, but has collected nothing  … I assume because he was broke.  Now I wish her great success in going after Khadr’s $10 Million …and more..

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. Gene The Bean says:

    His reward, as he is now on parole as his case is reviewed, should be his freedom if he is found not guilty.

    If the charges are upheld and he still has time to serve, he should go back to jail.

    If he was truly incarcerated unjustly (which I do not believe is true) then he should be compensated, just like what has happened to some others.

    There is legal precedent for all of these scenarios.

    I still cannot believe that Cuba allows Guantanamo Bay to exist. Even if they did throw them out, they would just move the torture chamber somewhere else but the hypocrisy of Murica is becoming laughable. The current outrage over missile launches by North Korea is another example. So, only your friends can test missiles? Who made them, or even the west the worlds judge? The Americans test missiles every month out of White Sands, routinely shooting them over California and into the Pacific – so where is the outrage there?

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

  2. Hawgwash says:

    Patty Hearst.
    The Stockholm syndrome.
    Judge W. H. Orrick’s words when he sentenced Hearst to prison;
    “rebellious young people who, for whatever reason become revolutionaries, and voluntarily commit criminal acts will be punished”.

    Rewarding Khadr is just wrong.

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation feels the same.

  3. rainclouds says:

    I disagree Harvey, his rights were violated by the Canadian/us govts. The UN /Canadian Supreme court /Alberta Court of appeal all sided with him against the Canadian/ US Govts.

    If Harper had repatriated him when all the other foreign nationals were sent back to their home country from the Torture Camp called Guantanamo we wouldn’t be talking about this.

    Torture is not justice. it’s revenge, important distinction….

    (Response: As I said ..legally I get it. But I don’t like it ..but I believe the family of the man he killed and the one he badly injured deserve civil compensation from him: teenager …esp at 15 or 16 ..ARE sometimes raised to adult status in court cases…and this should have happened here. h.o)

  4. Gary T. says:

    I agree 100% Harvey. I too wish the US widow success in chasing a settlement. A damn shame though that the Canadian taxpayer will be coughing up this money on Khadr’s behalf, but better the money go somewhere useful, rather than be filtered back to a terrorist group somewhere.

    (Response; I have seen nothing that indicates Khadr has anything to do with those groups these days … or even that his personal sympathies may lie with their cause. He deserves a chance to rebuild a productive life …but not $10 million from the taxpayers. h.o)

  5. skidder says:

    So Trudeau hands the terrorist groups a hero, and continues the court battle between the govt and Canadian veterans, who seek better compensation.
    I’m disgusted with the liberals.

    (Response: The media should explore what this means for terrorist recruitment …. they can point out to YOUTHS that they can literally get away with murder and they could make millions from it if caught!!! h.o)

  6. Island Lookout says:


    …I’m sure the law, even after it’s been meticulously applied in every nook and cranny of jurisprudence both in Canada and throughout the entire universe, was STILL damnably WRONG; namely to give this entitlement bunny of a little terrorist jerk a taxpayer’s penny.

    Question: did he kill or attempt to kill anybody else before he fell, mercifully, into the hands of the US Armed Forces in northern Afghanistan? How about hsi late Dad. What misery did he inflict?

    Now the Liberal Left, led by cheerleaders at the CBC and other fake media outlets, is giving this bad guy a hero’s welcome.

    Not only did he escaped the Trumpian clutches of the American Imperium, but he’s getting $10 million courtesy of the REST of us deplorables, lower than dirt Canadian taxpayers, who should be lucky to have such brilliantly cultured “betters” looking after our every need.

    I hope his pay-out becomes an issue of the upcoming NAFTA talks. As in “give that guy and his money to us, or else it’s a border tax and more.”

    Our “betters” must understand that there are some decisions that utterly defy reason. That and the Swawstika so-called “art.”

    This is humiliating.

  7. Steve Cooley says:

    Omar was a soldier and he did what all soldiers are trained to do. Kill or attempt to kill the soldiers on the other side of the trench. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. Prisoners have been interrogated for information about the other side’s plans and capabilities ever since wars have been fought.

    In Omar’s case the interrogation exceeded what most of the Western world to be acceptable. Eventually our government became a party to the excesses and then we became a party to the crime.

    If it is acceptable for us to sue one of them for doing what soldiers do, it it acceptable for them to sue us for doing what soldiers are trained and equipped to do?

    (Response: Hmmm! Can the victims of al_Qaida sue their oppressors and killers of their families? It’s war! And he was a soldier who got caught, shown in a video making explosives and convicted of killing by throwing a GRENADE! I get the child soldier argument ..although at 15, I believe in this case, he deserved to be treated/tried as an adult. If he has a civil case … it should have been MOSTLY been against US authorities. Canada’s handling of the case, our Courts ruled, was not perfect … and therefore maybe some compensation was due …but not $10 million. h.o)

  8. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, from your blog, to lawyers’ ears.

    LOL. If there is one constant in the universe, then it’s when big dollars are up for grabs the lawyers will strike.

    The widow already has a civil judgement against poor confused Khadr. To the tune of 134.2 million, usd. And her layer rightly wants any assets held by Khadr to be used to settle the judgement.

    This application to the court will tie up the payout to Khadr for years. And the best part of this is that if khadr wants to get his hands on the 10Million bucks he better be ready for an expensive legal battle.

    In the end poor confused Khadr will be left with a huge legal bill, most probably a judgement that diverts the money to the widow and an official Trudeau apology letter.

    All of which not even worth the paper they’re written on.

    (Response: I hear the US civil ruling can’t be automatically applied in Canada: will take another case HERE to rule that it be upheld and applied. My fear is the Canadian government will apologize to Khadr again for inconveniencing him by having to fight that one …and cover his costs. h.o)

  9. Island Lookout says:

    #7 Steve Cooley


    Generally speaking soldiers at war represent a country which has declared war against one another.

    War is generally declared, by legally recognized countries, following meetings of the UN Security Council, speeches by government leaders in their various parliaments and congresses. Sometimes a leader unilaterally takes his/her country to war against another.


    In such cases soldiers captured by the “enemy” face protections according to various Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war.

    Historic exceptions to those rules included Germany’s treatment of Russian POWs, and vice versa, and Japancese treatment of POWs.

    Also, during the Vietnam War atrocities were commited on both sides frequently.

    But the post-911 world became a whole different ball-game.

    In 2002 the US Senate and House debated for a long time over what to do with “enemy combattants” captured by US or NATO forces.

    They also dealt with the issues of torture and enhanced interrogations.

    The latter issue was sorted out and rules were made. The former action was not allowed.

    So, were those primarily Islamist fighters POWs or not?

    And if not then what sort of judicial action shouild be taken against them?

    What sort of “justice” should be meted out?

    This issue was also hotly debated by the US senators and representatives and I believe it was determined that they were not POWs, but some sort of criminals who should face American justice.

    This is why Gitmo became so “popular” amongst Americans.

    It has since become a lightning rod for primarily Liberal Americans to go after the Republicans, accusing them of fostering human rights abuses against the detainees, the former combattants.

    Omer Khader fell into this abyss after his capture.

    He, apparently, was not a POW.

    Indeed it seems that the courts, and his liberal friends, have judged him to be a “victim” of American Imperialism, a new hero of the Left.

    He was no victim. He was a skanky little crapshoot of a man who has a lot to answer for in this life and the next, if he makes it that far.

    His big problem was that he got caught at all. Must have pissed him off.

    And you’re all right about the fact that he may never see that 10 mil.

  10. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I’ll agree, the optics are terrible — but my problem is the term “murder” in what most of us would take as a war zone.

    Is it because Sgt. Speer was a medic and they are supposed to be protected from harm, especially if markings are visible? (This point is rarely spelled out.)

    If not, is it because there technically was no war “declared” at the time, so all the killing (from both sides) would be counted as murder… but the “good guys” get to make the laws?

    The accounts I’ve read say that there were no eye-witnesses to the killing and Khadr’s confession to a (likely stacked) tribunal was coerced.

    But yeah… $10 mill looks bad.

  11. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of “taxpayers”.
    Does the govt fork over the entire 10.5 million or do they tax it and hand him 6.5 million?

  12. E. Johnson says:

    If this 15 year old meets a legal definition of a child then his family should have been charged with child endangerment. What father takes his son to a war zone to fight against a coalition that includes his own country? Is that how a responsible family behaves? Perhaps they were too busy publicly bad mouthing the country that accepted them as immigrants. The US scooped him up, imprisoned him and aledgededly tortured him. Why not sue the US government? Canada is a much easier mark. We can only hope the money is sucked by his lawyers and Ms. Speer’s attempts to engage the courts in getting her claim on the money he owes to her. Whatever happens the citizens of Canada are on the hook for ten million. He is darn lucky to have his freedom. Way more than what he and his family deserve.

    (Response: It does puzzle me when people who fought so hard to get into Canada, then turn on us, our values, our openness and respect for others. Fortunately the VERY VAST majority of immigrants and refugees love and appreciate this country …more than some born here. h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    I find it ridiculous that some argue about the coerced confession or did he really toss the grenade.
    If Omar is a Canadian and is fighting in a war he damned well better be taking orders from a Canadian officer. Sadly Omar is a traitor first, then a terrorist, and possibly a war criminal.
    He should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship and after spending 25 years in jail he should then be deported to his families country of origin.
    An apology and 10.5 million dollars should be given to the widow of his victim.
    When Trudeau delivers this cash and apologizes the Canadian taxpaying public will be dragged into this quagmire of politically correct insanity .
    It is wrong, it is sickening, it is disgusting.
    May he rot in hell

    (Response: Khadr was born in Canada. I doubt Trudeau will personally deliver any apology …and he should not. A legal document should be all he gets … and again, because of the Supreme Court rulings, a cheque will have to cut keeping with the negotiated settlement. But I sure hope the money ends up where it really belongs… in the hands of his victims. h.o)

  14. e.a.f. says:

    I don’t have any problem with the apology and/or the settlement. As to St. Speer being killed, he was in the military. You can expect that to happen. His wife getting a $134 million settlement is ridiculous. May have made the American judge feel patriotic but in the grand scheme of things it was just a tad over the top.

    We recognize child soldiers do not go off willingly. They kill, then some times are brought to other countries, including Canada so they can get on with their lives. Some find their way to freedom in their own countries and go on to live “normal” lives. Khadr is no different. he was taken by his father to a war zone. From there its get with the agenda or be killed, just like any other child soldier.

    Khadr was a 15 yr old child who was taken prisoner by the Americans, held in a jail, and tortured. he lost the sight in one eye as the result of the fighting. I don’t believe he is being rewarded or getting off scot free. Canada did nothing to try to get him out of Git and therefore failed him. He was a 15 yr old kid.

    Khadr also has huge legal bills which will be paid from the settlement he receives from the Canadian government. Perhaps next time Canada will take a closer look at children being taken out of the country by their parents to war zones.

    In my opinion most of the negativity regarding the settlement has more to do with the type of war being fought at the time.

  15. nonconfidencevote says:

    Judging by the groundswell of outrage and disgust voiced in the media….I’d say Omar should stay out of the limelight for a while.
    Hopefully the family of the widow can tie up this cash settlement in the Courts for years

  16. Hawgwash says:

    e.a.f @ 14, that is a well thought out and articulated piece. Opinion for sure but still well done. I don’t agree with the “child” approach any more than the “senior” who overreaches their capabilities and takes their car into Starbuns.

    At 15, a person should be well on their way to knowing and understanding consequences, but then there are many at 45 who don’t.

    When this young man followed his father, he made a choice. A tragic and heavily influenced one, for sure, but a choice.

    Did “the system” fail him as a Canadian, growing up in a whacked out family? Probably, but no more than so many children who are failed, first by parents, then by we who see it every day and look away.

    That’s how we get to Bountiful and Greyhound headhunting.

    Aw, but when it hits the fan we begin hand-wringing and throw lump sums at it.

    I suspect this “child’ will be drawing on the taxpayer for a long time, if not the rest of his life and the 10 million would have been better spent on mental and social rehab.

    As for the judge feeling patriotic; why not? Hell, the kid is broke and in another country, so might as well go big. Ask the Goldman family how that system works.

    Still, well said though e.a.f

  17. John's Aghast says:

    I’m back! I think e.a.f. has put it most succinctly.
    The ‘murican award of $135 US is a bit excessive.
    The whole thing is part of the ‘Lawyer’s Benevolent Fund’. Khadr won’t see a cent.

  18. Marge says:

    Only in Canada do we reward stuff like this! If this were Harper, the cash wouldn’t be flowing and what’s to say it still doesn’t go to fight against us at a later date? Trudeau – what a winner we have in charge of the country. He could have said no but doesn’t want to alienate the ethnic vote. What does that say about his ethics and his party’s?

  19. BMCQ says:

    Very well said Harvey.

    Your analysis on this makes total sense and I do not understand why some of your Punters do not get one of your important points where you say.

    “I understand the legalities involved, but I still don’t like it”

    Seems very simple to me.

    I am sickened by the thought of the Canadian Tax Payer having to pay “Blood Money” to a Despicable and Evil character like Khadr.

    Child Soldier my ass! I wonder if the apologists on this Blog would feel the same way if it was their Loved One that was killed by Khadr.

    Why is it always the same individuals on this Blog that are willing to let Criminals and Murders off the Hook but if you are a Federal Conservative MP or a B.C. Liberal MLA you are considered the Devil by those same people.

    Here is a sampling of what the Khadr Family believe in, how they respect Canada, and how they respect our Western Democratic way of life.

    Yes, this is Wikipedia so there is room for speculation but none the less.

    How would you like them as next door neighbours e.a.f.?

    Yes I know you would welcome them next door with open arms and you would even be willing to pay more taxes so they would not be forced to work so they could pursue their Religious Activities.

    No Harvey you are correct Khadr cannot be deported because he is Canadian born but just the same I would hoped that your PM Justin would have at least attempted to put up a bit of a fight before offering the most reprehensible Khadr a payout like that.

    Kudo’s to those that point out what the Government offer Wounded Vets and then we see what Khadr is payed.

    Yes, let us hope that the Legal Civil Case the Widow of the U.S. Soldier has will stand up in Canadian Courts.

    We must also be aware that only a few years ago PM Harper and the Conservative Government passed Legislation that allowed the Government to Strip Citizenship of Foreign Born Canadian Citizens if they are convicted of Treason.

    Well guess what, one of the first acts carried out by PM Justin and his Cabinet was the full repeal of that Legislation.

    I wonder what thought process was behind that?

    Can anyone here defend this?

    Keep a few things in mind as you watch Terrorist Attack after Terrorist Attack in the EU, the U.S. the Philippines, Canada, and the U.S. as time marches on.

    Without control of a Countries Borders or Migration/Immigration, you have NO Country!

    No Leadership of any Country has the right to allow Migration/Immigration of any People that believe their Religion takes precedence over the Laws of the Country.

    We elect Politicians to Govern, we do not elect them to engineer the total collapse of our Societies and Cultures.

  20. BMCQ says:

    sorry, how Khadr was rewarded.

  21. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, glad to read you are in fine form. Had the family lived next door, I would have phoned social services. I’ve done it before and would again, regardless of the “side effects”.

    broad paint brush strokes can cause painting errors, so lets not say some of us believe Federal Conservatives and B.C. Lieberals are the devil incarnate. I really like Rona Ambrose and Lisa Raitt and Chong. They did fine jobs even if I didn’t agree with their politics. As to the B.C. Lieberals, O.K. that one is tougher but Terry Lake and Don McRae weren’t bad guys. as a matter of fact Don McRae was a really nice guy, just with the wrong party.

    as to not being forced to work, no one ought to be “forced to work”. However, as in the case of Israel where Orthodox Jews are excluded from military duty because they pray a lot, I’m not in favour of that. You always have time to work, between prayer, unless of course you’re the “preacher” and then you have a full time job.

    As to stripping people of their Canadian citizenships, that was always going to be a slippery slope we as a country ought not to have gone down. If you qualified to be a citizens and had citizenship, Canada was “stuck” with you. It was a knee jerk political reaction to garner votes and in my opinion an abuse of power. It was one of those laws which could be amended and have had Canadians of choice be tossed out for lesser and lesser crimes and please don’t try to tell me that can’t happen. Country’s can go crazy. We have seen it over and over again.

    There are all sorts of people the government accepts who believe their religion takes precedence over the laws of the land, its just that they aren’t Muslim and usually are “white”. do you want to have a look at Bountiful, Quakers, Amish, Hutterites all have religious commandments which have a real separation. I don’t have a problem with it, Its called FREEDOM OF RELIGION and its in our CONSITTUTION. What it boils down to is all religions have their extremists, their wack jobs.

    Now when selecting potential citizens/landed immigrats, etc. some times their beliefs are one thing and they change over time. If you had been doing a little reading or watching some CNN there have been discussions about where ISIS goes from here with the imment fall of Mosal, etc. One “expert” said, they go back to Russia and Europe. that it is not unusual to see foreign fighters who are not Arab, in fact they came from European countries.

    We might want to get a grip on that. Don’t look to the Arab community for your terrorist, have a look at the kid next door, who comes from a normal family or whatever that is defined as.

    We might also want to look at what is a terrorist. We like to think of some person of Arab descent who is out there fighting in the desert or blowing up a building in Europe. However, in my opinion just look south of the border and we will see terrorists all over the place and they are white and home grown.

    We can look at those white boys with their posse, members of the Canadian Military harassing women conducting an Indigenous ceremony. those are terrorist also.

    Want a few more e.g.s of terrorists, how about some of those male RCMP officers whose conduct led to approx. 300 people filing suit against the Canadian government. Lets see I do believe one of the women was awarded over $2M and that was because some nice white guy in a uniform though he could terrorize her.

    it is important that we remain an inclusive country. that we welcome people of other faiths and that in the schools we make a point of ensuring children of different faiths are not harassed. We might want to have a good look at who we “invite” into Canada and what their intent is, however, much happens once people are in Canada. Terrors comes in a lot of forms.

    Some of the comments directed to Omar Khadr could be considered a form of terror. In my opinion there can sometimes be nothing more terrorizing than the “righteous”.

  22. Eldon says:

    I’m a Trudeau supporter, but this stinks. It’s a blight on his resume that goes far past the Castro faux pas. Scheer and the Conservatives will rightfully pound him for this in the coming years. Make the court award him money. I’d pay more to avoid the symbolic gesture of apology. This is abhorrent.

  23. e.a.f. says:

    if this is all the Cons will have to “pound” Trudeau with, Trudeau will be in office for a very long time. Elections aren’t won or lost on an issue such as this. it is of interest to some of us, but the rest of the population not so much. They will be interested in whether they keep that money they receive for their children each month. They will remember how Harper treated the Veterans be afraid another Con government will go down the same road. Scheer is another religious type and we’ve had that before with Harper. We will remember how well that turned out for Canada, especially women and Indigenous people.

    Business people will vote for who will do best by them as will others. this is simply a fart in a wind storm.

    some people whether right or left don’t always see the big picture.

  24. BMCQ says:

    So now we hear very this morning that the Trudeau Government made an extra effort to Sprint to the Bank to issue the $ 10.5 Million Cheque to Khadr quickly so they could out maneuver the Legal Team of the U.S. Soldiers Widow Ms Spear and ensure that Khadr and his Handlers/Lawyers keep get a chance to spend the money before they are challenged in Court.

    Very Classy and something I would expect from Justin Trudeau.

    As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if there was even more provided Khadr but we will need to wait for a FOI request to determine that.

    We can only hope that someone, anyone in MSM has the character to file for the FOI.

    We shall see.

    I would not be surprised that his Lawyer/Benefactor was receiving Tax Payer Money all along to cover any and all expenses.

    e.a.f. – 22

    You would “Phone Social Services”?

    To the contrary I believe you would be the first to defend the family if another neighbour would have reported the Khadr Parents to the Authorities. Please be consistent.

    Anyone that commits Terror should be stripped of their Canadian Citizenship whether they be Muslim, Bountiful, Quaker, or whatever as long as they were born outside Canada and took the Oath of Citizenship.

    Who could argue with common sense?
    But then…………….

    What about the Refugees/Migrants from the following Group, how should they be handled?

    Should we blame their Parents for not teaching them Respect for their fellow Human Beings?

    Other than you just how many Canadians would welcome the fine young men mentioned above?

    Look at their behavior and they have as yet not been granted Citizenship. What then?

    You may also want to read the Book by Douglas Murray, he wrote the attached Column.

    Then we can ask ourselves this question.

    Why are there so many Migrants marching all the way to Sweden and why are they not stopping in Austria, Poland, Hungary?

    Is it because they are told the Meat Balls in Sweden are oh so very good?

    Perhaps you could provide the answer to that question.

    As to the action against the RCMP?

    Why is it the Complainants always wait several years before they come forward with a complaint?

    I am not denying there were a certain number of assaults that took place as we are all aware that can take unfortunately place at any time but anyone must question why so many charges were filed after the Federal Government set up the rather large Fund.

    When I speak of not welcoming those to our Country that believe their Religion or so-called Customs take precedence you might consider this.

    Even you must question this. Would you not?

    Talk about Terror!!

    Can you think about anything more Barbaric?

    And by the way, the piece is from your “Go To” Source,

    CNN – Clinton News Network

    Eldon – 23

    Thank you for your honest unbiased words on this.

    I agree, it is Abhorrent!

    How anyone can be an Apologist for Khadr leaves me sickened!

    Then again, I am sure there are some that would find an excuse for Paul Bernardo.

  25. RIsaak says:

    Apparently Khadr was paid his money on Wednesday. His lawyers are already spending their hefty share.

  26. Island Lookout says:


    Wouldn’t it be a shame if that $10.5 mil. sleight-of-hand deal, by the Selfie-Trudeau crowd, to give this murderous little cretin his “just desserts” comes back to visit Canada during next month’s new NAFTA talks?

    The Yanks may look pretty disorganized with the Trumpian Colossus, that bestrides its land, but average Americans have very long memories if they feel they have been taken to the cleaners.

    Remember those millions of Americans who have served in uniform from 911 onwards, primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember their deaths and casualties.

    Today their special forces are everywhere, going after the bad guys and families back at home won’t like this Khadr/Trudeau “deal” very much at all.

    To think that the US trade representative and commerce secretary, who’ll be fronting the Trumpsters at those talks, aren’t aware of this blood-drenched transaction is to disbelieve the forces of gravity.

    Watch if SOMETHING deleterious to Canada happens at those NAFTA talks.

    Bearding the lion in his den has certain downsides as history keeps telling us.

  27. Hawgwash says:

    BMCQ at 25.

    Good grief man, take a breath, you are careening all over the yard.

    Two points;
    “We can only hope that someone, anyone in MSM has the character to file for the FOI.”

    Nothing stopping private citizens, of character, from filing for an FOI and you have certainly demonstrated you have the time.

    “As to the action against the RCMP?
    Why is it the Complainants always wait several years before they come forward with a complaint?”

    I had to read that several times in order to believe you actually asked that and I’m stunned you did.

    You are so (well?) read, take a gander and drag yourself out of the sexist trenches.

    Why don’t women report rape?
    Because most get no justice when they do.…1186.21032.0.21812.….0…1.1.64.hp..3.11.1184.0..0j35i39k1j0i131k1j46i131k1j0i131i46k1j0i3k1j0i20k1.0r8UiscL6bo
    Where’s Lew?

  28. 13 says:

    This should have been allowed to play out in court
    Justin isn’t shy about spending tax dollars and the court award may have been less. Also a pretty SLEAZYMOVE by Justin from out of town to pay first and admit later.
    Today is a shame full day to be Canadian thanks to another Trudeau bungle

  29. DonGar says:

    Maclean’ s fake news headline “Canada to offer apology, millions in compensation to Omar Khadr”

    Its not Canada it is Trudeau and the federal liberals as well as some of the left on your site. Not Canada and would bet based on the blow back the majority of Canadians.

    And CBC Trudeau’s press “Omar Khadr hopes an apology from the federal government will help restore his reputation”

  30. BMCQ says:

    Hawg – 28

    I have seen where several different participants on this Blog have hoped/wished that someone in MSM would request FOI on any given subject.

    Thought I would suggest the same.

    Sexist? I was referring to the RCMP Cases as well as any number of other cases that see complainants come forward many years later. I find that somewhat puzzling.

    I think that is a perfectly reasonable question.

    Are you now the PC Police?

    As a matter of fact I was not certain that all the complainants in the RCMP Payout were Women.

    You might want to read some of the attachments I posted. They in fact illustrate very well what Women now face with some of the serious Criminal Acts committed by Migrants/Refugees that enter into a country who have either not been vetted properly or have so much disrespect for the Innocent Women in their host country they commit heinous Sex Assaults against them without a second thought.

    Careening? I think not.

    Enough time? I begin my day at 5:00 AM and have done so for 30 years, my days are productive, efficient, and satisfying, I manage my time well.

    I am only speculating but I believe it is far too much of a coincidence that PM Justin just happens to be out of Canada when the report of the $10 Mill and Apology went to Khadr.

    Just how stupid does he think the Canadian people are?

    Yes, where is LEW?

  31. Hawgwash says:

    DonGar at 30;
    “Its not Canada it is Trudeau”

    Hear hear!

    This is what all self respecting Canadians, regardless of politics should be making abundantly clear. Loudly.

    I have already taken flack from Americans over this as though I am in someway responsible.

  32. e.a.f. says:

    #27, the Americans don’t need an excuse to go over board on the negotiations on NAFTA. They have their political agenda and regardless of whether the Court sided with Khadr or not, we’d be up to our elbow. It isn’t as if we haven’t been down this road before especially when it comes to soft wood lumber.

    As to Americans being upset, not so much. first they have to find out about it. They don’t even know what their own government is usually doing so don’t expect them to know what a foreign government is doing. Yes, the widow will make some noise and get some media attention, but its only for a news cycle.

    #27, if you join the military you can expect to be wounded or killed by some one. it goes with the job. As to the American “adventures” abroad, they ought to have stayed home to begin with. Had they stayed out of Iraq we wouldn’t be in this mess and probably not have the fighters they do in Syria either. the Americans seem to cause wars these days.

    NAFTA and Trumpster and his carry on about trade surpluses/deficits are just pandering to his base. His previous meeting with Merkel was a joke. he went on to complain about German exports but when they got down to some facts German companies in Georgia number 138 providing Americans with jobs and at MB. its for an American very good pay, $60K. Trumpster is simply flapping his gums so lets not try to make decisions in our legal system based on the wind bag to the south.

    One more or less dead American isn’t going to make a lot of difference with their death rate. I don’t mean to sound as harsh as I do, however they kill approx. 50K via their guns. right now more Americans have died from opiates than have in the Vietnam and middle eastern wars. And they still want to get rid of the ACA which provides rehab. Americans don’t care that much about who lives or dies on the grand scale of things. They have at least one mass shootings in their country every day. American law enforcement considers a shooting mass if more than 4 are hit in one incident.

    #13, playing this out in court would have cost a bundle. I don’t know if you are aware of court costs these days, but they are high and if the court awarded the money, it could hve been higher, its why people negotiate.

    This case is simply about the violation of a Canadian’s Constitutional rights. All that went on before is simply window dressing.

    BMCQ, Now as to a “large fund”, well it had to be large because there were already more than 300 people involved in the law suit. the government knew if it all went to court and the class action got bigger, they could well have had to pay more and have all the court costs on top of it..

    Most women didn’t complain previously because sexual harassment on the job went un addressed unless you had a strong union who was opposed to sexual harassment. working in the RCMP you kept your mouth shut or resigned. Harassment is huge in the RCMP, for men and women and there are thousands of cases over the years. Some of the RCMP “antics” were well known in some circles and even posted on a local blog. Nothing happened. it was all O.K. The RCMP is an outfit which sends its workers into situations where they are out gunned constantly. If they wanted decent vests, they bought them themselves, so if you think a sexual harassment case was going to get much attention, think again.

    Now as to your reference to the article about Sweden. Saw them interview one of their senior justice officials. How they got that figure was, the rate of sexual assault for some reason one year went down considerably. The following year it went up to normal rates. hence the statistics You can make statistics do almost anything.

    BMCQ, you don’t know me so please don’t make assumptions regarding what I may or may not do or suggest I be consistent. Child abuse is something I really don’t like and Khadr was an abused child.

    The Court made the right decision and the right thing was done.

    For those who think the lawyers ought to have worked for free, how about you try it some time. Regardless of what you think of this case and/or the lawyers, they worked, they need to be paid. If we do not pay lawyers for unpopular cases, well we know how that line goes about first they came for the Jews…………..

    (Response: The payout to Khadr received BOG play on US television networks…esp cable news. h.o.)

  33. Eldon says:

    Could the government have reasonably used the notwithstanding clause to avoid paying a court settlement? This might be the extremely rare circumstance in which that might have been appropriate.

  34. 13 says:

    Sorry eaf but even if the readers of this blog have never had the pleasure of meeting you face to face I think we are allowed to make any assumption we choose based on your comments.
    So until Harvey organizes a picnic in a park where we can attend and meet and greet I know that although Ive never met all of HOs posters I feel quite comfortable in predicting your responses to most subjects.

  35. skidder says:

    I don’t know what disappoints and disgusts me more…. the outrageous payment to Khadr….the fact it was cloaked in secrecy…..the fact Trudeau was out of the country busy putting on his socks….or the fact the widow and other victims of this terrorism have been screwed. I have been proud to be a Canadian, but not today.

  36. nonconfidencevote says:

    A cynic might opine

    The Harper govt avoided dealing with the legalities of the situation even when their own people were warning them it was a bound to be a case where Khadr would win……a vote loser..
    Trudeau’s people looked at the optics of this and decided to deal with it at least 2 years before the next election, while Parliament is in summer recess, right after the 150 celebrations when people are feeling good about Canada, and the 410.5 million payment is quietly handed over while the PM is out of the country at the “photo op” G20 ….leaving a minister to issue the ‘apology”

    Gutless politicians and their endless spin……

  37. G. Barry Stewart says:

    We believe and ignore what we will, based on the way we lean. Sometimes, a good counter-argument takes the wind out of our sails.

    Below is a piece by Sandy Garossino, which raises many doubts about Khadr’s guilt.

    I won’t deny that Khadr was certainly in the wrong place, doing wrong things… but to hang the “murder” tag on him was equally wrong, as was the torture and long incarceration.

  38. BMCQ says:

    Someone may have already mentioned this but it would be nice if Khadr himself mumbled out some kind of an Apology to the U.S. and the Families of his Victims.

    At the same time he could step up just like the humble and honest person some on this Blog believe and immediately offer to donate his share of the $ 10.5 Million to the Victims Families.

    Now that gesture alone actually might go to “Restoring his somewhat Tattered Reputation”!

    Contrary to what some on this Blog feel the disgusting Liberal Payout to Khadr did get a lot of coverage in the U.S.

    As a matter of fact I have so far received 7 phone calls and one e-mail from friends and associates in the U.S. asking me more or less “What the Hell is wrong with your Government”? Why did they pay that guy out like that?

    Full disclosure, out of the group that contacted me only one was a Democrat, the rest Republicans.

    e.a.f. – 33

    Let’s not kid ourselves, each and everyone of the regular Posters on this Blog are VERY predictable and we know for the most part how they would comment on any one topic.

    How could anyone deny that fact? You are predictable and I am predictable and Hawgwash is very predictable in the fact that he will bad mouth me and attempt to discredit me each chance he feels he can.

    Interesting how I have no problem whatsoever giving Hawg an “Adda Boy” if posts something I agree with, even if I do not agree with him I find many of his posts insightful, thought provoking, and challenging to my point of view. I suppose he sees this as a war.

    So please do not kid a kidder, most of us on this Blog including you are very predictable.

    You also point out that Americans are mostly Morons and Losers, correct?

    That is of course they vote Democratic, HRC or “O”, they are a more sophisticated, better educated, and more stable group, correct?

    Canadians are much better than Americans, superior, better educated, more informed, and people of “Higher Purpose” that is of course they are Federal Conservatives or B.C. Lieberals, in that case they are part of the very large “Basket of Deplorables”, correct?

    Just what is it that makes so many Canadians, especially several on this Blog feel that Americans are inferior and less than Americans in so many ways?

    I find that very puzzling and in fact devoid of truth.

    Then we can move on to the Queens Cowboys, the Royal Canadian Mounted police.

    The Ranks of the RCMP are full of Misogynistic Male Predators and Neanderthals, correct?

    Could it be possible that even a just a few of the RCMP could be innocent of the crime charged?

    Or again, is it just the Males that are guilty?

    Here is something Hawgwash and everyone else on this Blog might find interesting

    Then of course we have the Migrants/Refugees of the EU who have been repeatedly WRONGFULLY charged, accused, and convicted
    of heinous Assaults and Sex Crimes against Children of both sexes, Woman and Men in virtually every country of the EU and UK.

    As you suggest the figures and stats have been manipulated, correct?

    What is it that wise person once said, “Figures don’t Lie but Liars can sure Figure”, correct?

    My Mothers Family came to Canada from Sweden and I still have Relatives and Friends that live there.

    Funny, they agree with what I am saying and have posted, they do not believe and agree with you about the Skewed Figures of Crime carried out by Refugees/ Migrants and earlier settled Men from the middle East.

    And something else that MSM here do not discuss and do not want you to know about.

    I would never intentionally lie or manipulate the truth e.a.f. when I make a statement I have done my best to be thoughtful, honest, and objective.

    I m surprised that we do not see more of that from a select few when it comes to Khadr and other so-called Refugee/Migrants Claimants in the EU.

    I again plead with our Federal Liberal Government, all Provincial Governments, all Municipal Governments and Minority Politicians at all Three Levels of Government to review their Policies on Immigration an Refugees that may come to Canada.

    It is time for Canada to open the Borders to Minority Jews in The EU, the Middle East other and Africa.

    It is also time to offer safe haven to minority Christians trapped in the Middle East and Africa.

    Both groups are oppressed, tortured, and killed each and every day of the year and both groups have much to offer Canada.

    Both groups are much better suited and equipped to come to Canada than the people we are now considering.

    We could also offer safe haven to Orphaned children from the Middle East and Africa.

    Canada would be much better off by this change and it is time all of us contact each and every Politician we know to demand the change before it is far too late.

    Just ask the Citizens of the EU and the UK, they will confirm my thoughts.

    One last thing on this.

    e.a.f., you tell us that your puzzled why some friends and family of yours in Holland are somewhat Right Wing. correct?

    I would suggest you pay more attention to them.

    I will be waiting for the news report sometime soon that informs us of the Khadr Donation of $ 5 Million to his Victims.

    Do you believe we will be waiting long for that gesture?

  39. BMCQ says:

    I hope some of the Readers on this Blog find this piece on your PM and Khadr interesting.

    In my opinion a very very good take on this whole thing.

    “OPTICS” ?

    Again, Just how STUPID does PM Justin and his Liberal Party think the Canadian people are?

  40. seven says:

    eaf, I was a punching bag literally, and metaphorically, for a disturbed family member with extreme beliefs. I knew what they did was wrong, and took my first opportunity to leave before I could vote.

    I am still the same person who knows right from wrong, from as far back as I can remember. I just know more stuff, and have more stuff.

  41. ThirstyDeer says:

    Sorry, Harvey. This is one of those rare times I disagree with you. As divided as people are about all the facts and principles that led to Khadr’s incarceration, the bottom line is if the Canadian government refused to pay, they would’ve been sued – and it’s a no brainer that Khadr would’ve won big time. The one fact that will lead to this, regardless of his shady background, is that the government chose to ignore it’s obligations and Khadr suffered because of it, and he is worthy of compensation for the government contributing to his situation.

    It’s not whole lot different from the fact that David Milgaard was wrongfully imprisoned (the same as Khadr as per international law that Canada claims to honour) and was ultiiately released and a settlement of $10 million was reached.

    (Response: As I said, I do understand the legalities involved and WHY the feds settled and paid up …but that does not mean I have to like it. And I would point out neither Khadr, nor his father, were members of recognized military units fighting in a declared war: they were terrorists … so I do hope that the widow of the medic he confessed to killing gets compensation too … by being awarded every penny he got …and more. h.o)

  42. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Harvey at #33:

    Not sure what “BOG play” is, unless it’s something from Trump’s undrained swamp. I’ll assume “BIG play” was intended, LOL!

    It’s interesting that Trump hasn’t (apparently) tweeted about the Khadr payout. Not on his radar — or is CNN fake news a more important target?

  43. 13 says:

    To tell PM trudeau what you think of his generosity with your cash

    Also the Can Taxpayers federation has an online petition that can help express your outrage over his mishandling of the Khadr file.

    I am glad that I have very few friends or relatives that live in the USA. For more than 3 years I made a trip to Seattle and back 5 nights a week. I talked at length every evening to 5 or 6 Americans making the same trip as I was. Just to compare the American truckers to the Canadian truckers they were
    Very well informed of world events
    Very patriotic
    Helpful to a fault
    Im glad that Im not on a CB radio trying to explain why my government rewards a terrorist, a traitor, a murderer with 10.5 million dollars.
    My fellow Canadian truckers were and are not as patriotic, honest or helpful.

    (Response: If anyone writes the PM, tell him Harvey’s blog referred you. On second thought, maybe not … could get my taxes audited! 🙂 h.o)

  44. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 37

    As a Federal Conservative I must admit that your analysis of the Khadr situation does seem very reasonable and the logic you put forward could very well be a true reflection of the events as they unfolded.

    I agree there is plenty of blame to go around on this file.

    Hopefully we will soon see an factual, open, and honest time line analysis on the whole Khadr Affair by someone in MSM sooner rather than later.

    Canadians deserve to know the whole truth on this most disgusting story.

    Great Post!

  45. Scotty on Denman says:

    Khader is being compensated, not rewarded. Victims of crime might not be getting their due as much as you like, Harvey, but Khader should be chalked up as one instance where one does.

    It is perverse that a soldier would not defend against an invader. Nevertheless, Khader was coerced and brainwashed by his father to participate in such even though he could not legally be a soldier because of his age.

    The case against him was always manipulative propaganda by the US military machine. If equality before the law means anything, then many American soldiers would be indictable. None would have been underage, either. I won’t venture the extent of brainwashing that’s required to accept innocent civilian casualties as the cost of doing the business of war.

    Profit? I don’t get it. This Canadian citizen was put into a situation he couldn’t understand or escape—even if he did understand— then abandoned to torture and ten years of incarceration by the government that’s supposed to protect its citizens. Others have been compensated for the Harper government’s willful negligence in this regard.

    You might not like Khadr, but the day we start picking who does or doesn’t get his or her constitutionally guaranteed rights respected on such subjective bases is the day that you or I might be the next to be railroaded by an evil government.

    Of course the widows of US invaders of Afghanistan who were killed—and were fully aware of what happens when people start shooting at each other—are compensated. Demanding more from Khader’s compensation is pure vindictive revenge. You want to get legalistic? Such is condemned by the conventions of war.

    What the Canadian government did to Khader was wrong on many levels. So it was found, so it was decided, so it was addressed and made right as it could be.

    The idea he “profited” is just stupid, that’s all.

    (Response: I am amused by your selective definition of “invader”. You state it is “perverse that a soldier would not defend against an invader”. Let’s keep it real: Coalition troops were ASKED to come into Afghanistan by the ELECTED government of Afghanistan to defend an ELECTED government and innocent civilians; al Qaida was NOT invited into that region by ANY government ..elected or even dictatorial … so it was Khadr and his father …. BOTH from Canada … who were the real INVADERS … joined a UN-declared terrorist organization and were armed to the teeth with illegal weapons, which they used to wantonly kill anyone who opposed their extremist ideology. h.o.)

  46. Gene The Bean says:

    I think the “mishandling” of the Khadr file lies solely with the previous conservative government and Harper. They had a chance to at least limit it if not fix it but they played to their base and as he is a brown person – did nothing.

    The Liberals were just left to pick up the pieces.

  47. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#45 BMCQ
    Stop the Presses! Stop the Presses!
    We agree on something….. 🙂

    Actually your #40 comment/ link to the National Post editorial by Rex Murphy was in a similar vein…..
    A smelly no win situation for any politician left holding the bag…thus get it done while the PM is out of the country.

    When does “Selfie Soxs” get back from Europe anyway?

  48. nonconfidencevote says:

    The outraged vitriol is flyng around the comment section of various newpapers….”Jihadi Justin” and “Overpaid Omar” are my favourites so far…..

  49. DonGar says:

    Now that ISIS has been defeated in Mosul I’m sure those “Canadians” who fought for ISIS can’t wait to get back to Canada to collect their apologies and millions for the PTSD they developed fearing of being shot by one our soldiers.

  50. 13 says:

    Sorry bean but Harper had it right. He knew that the pathetic left wing supreme court was going to give our little traitor a court victory. Harper was prepared to do what Trudeau should have done. Allow the law to play out in court and hope for the best. The settlement could have been more or it could have been less. The optics of a Canadian PM rushing to dole out a generous payment to a pathetic little terrorist would not have shown a government out to reward the criminal but a government with its hands tied and forced to pay money to a felon because of a charter of rights and freedoms that was likely never intended to protect individuals that act in a treasonous manor.
    Trudeau senior set up the soft ball and junior hit it out of the park .

  51. 13 says:

    ps gene “brown” people and playing to Harpers base. You are painting many Canadians as racists.
    Shame on you

  52. e.a.f. says:

    O.K. Harvey, how about a picnic. it would be interesting to see who is who. No, on second thought lets not.

    BMCQ, I think we found something to agree on, bringing orphaned children from war zones to Canada. However, we need to be prepared for the mental health issues some of these children will have.

    as to brining Christians into Canada as refugees, a good idea, but do not expect them to assimilate any easier than people of other religions.

    I agree more could be done for children who are sitting in refugee camps in Jordon and have been there for years. they could bring them to Canada. they have no families left in the middle east.

    Ah, the RCMP. it does have a huge problem but I do agree not all are problems and yes women can be as bad as bullies as men, especially in this type of work environment. I’m not giving women a pass. Its just I’ve pointed out its the women who filed the lawsuit/class action. there certainly are enough men who were harassed on the job in the RCMP that they could file their own class action law suit.

  53. Island Lookout says:

    #46 Scottie on Denman


    Don’t blame ANY of the outcomes of the Khadr file on the Harper Tories.

    Khadr was scooped during Liberal administations — Chretien and Martin.

    Both did zilch to “rescue” this poor young “victim”, of Al Qaeda-ism, from the evil clutches of the American Imperium.

    Later the Harper folks just let the matter ride. And why not? They wanted nothing to do with this guy, and that was the right thing to do.

    Khadr was a “foreign fighter” in Afghanistan at the tender age of 15. And he is very lucky to be alive. Luckier than the US soldier he killed and the other one he partially blinded with an exploding grenade.

    In an earlier war, specifically the Second World War, Khadr would have been a “partisan” representing an angry group of poorly trained and equipped “soldiers” doing what they could to disrupt the dominant military force.

    They would have been controlled by a force similar to Al Qaeda or maybe an “enemy” sovereign power.

    Partisans captured during that war, and some were as young as six years old, either by the Nazis in France and elsewhere, or by the Soviets during Operation Barbarossa, suffered pretty gruesome battlefield “justice”.

    The lucky ones found death quickly.

    In Khadr’s case, he lucked out in being captured by the Yanks. Very lucky. American soldiers are trained rigorously in the provisions of the Geneva conventions’ sections that spell out the rights of enemy soldiers captured during battle.

    As for Khadr’s abuse at Gitmo I can’t believe a word of it. And no amount of whiney CBC so-called documentaries propagandizing his “plight” there can convince me otherwise. It just falls flat.

    The federal Trudeau liberals have really stepped in it, for sure. Open line radio shows broadcast that rage day after day.

    Remember also, the Trudeau-ites tragically goofed up when they refused to aid two Canadian tourists which an ISIS-like group beheaded in the Philippines many months ago.

    Long memories have already been formed.

    So what will be the outcome of the next federal election?

  54. Harry lawson says:


    I agree with your sentiment however I am disappointed with several of the responses .

    This was was a 15 yr old youth that was most likely brain washed by his father. A youths brain is in a state of development until their 20’s. The penalty is for intentuly violating his charter rights. The whole matter his behaviour, the U S governments behaviour, worst of all the Canadian governments behaviour. We had a citizen denied his charter rights , tortured and imprisoned by a foreign government for 10 years , released only after a confession. The only innocents in this matter is the Canadian tax payer who has to foot the bill. Shame on everybody else.

    (Response: I have no problem with trying to make things right. But I cannot forget the terrible things we did to our own citizens ..Canadian born Japanese …during the Second World War. Eventually we apologized to them too …but we sure didn’t gibe them $10 million each to make amends! And they didn’t seek that amount ..or more. So the Khadr deal may be legal ..but it stinks …on both the government’s part and HIS as well. h.o)

  55. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 48

    I believe we agree on a lot more than you might believe.

    Here is something else for you to consider.

    DonGar – 50

    I wish more Canadians had your opinion on the whole very distasteful problem PM Justin is about to create.

    I agree with your cynical point of view on this.

    Between the PC Mad PM of Canada, his Economic Policies, his Refugees/Migration/Immigration Policies, and his abandonment Law and Order we will very soon be a much different country!

    I fear greatly for our future.

    13 – 52

    Some Canadians are Bitter and Hateful in their existence, I do not think you could ever change people that have been so soured on life.

    e.a.f. – 53

    I have enjoyed the debate, and one more thing I would like to suggest.

    Why don’t we ask the Innocent Hard Working Tax Paying, Law Abiding People of the EU and the UK whether they believe that Christians WOULD NOT assimilate better in their countries than the current crop of Muslim Migrants they have been getting.

    I think I know the answer to that Poll, even if you do not.

    Lookout – 54

    I always enjoy and look forward to your Posts!

    You actually understand the “Big Picture” and I find that very refreshing!

    Harvey – 55 – Response

    I hope Posters and Readers on your Blog finally get the message that you get the Legal side of this even though it is unjust but like most contributors to this Blog the Agreement/Settlement/Payout Stinks!!

    Although the Payout Deal to Khadr is sickening this Blog Topic has brought about some great exchanges with likely many more to come.


  56. BMCQ says:

    Let’s hope this story continues to “Have Legs”!!!

    Looks to me like the Huge Opposition to the Khadr “Payout Lottery” is not sitting well with the “Great Unwashed”!!

    We need more and we need MSM to hold the Feet of PM Justin and his “Elite” Henchmen and Women to the Fire!

    I am somewhat gratified to see MSM is not sleep walking through this one.

    Or were they dragged kicking and screaming to the party because the Canadian People became very upset when they heard about the so-called Settlement.

    Did anyone in MSM know about this sickening settlement before the Leak?

    I wonder.

    We need some accountability on this.

  57. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, its not the religion which may not make it easier for Christians to assimilate but the cultural difference, their lack of language skills, and mental health issues.

    We did take in 100K Vietnamese refugees back in the 1970s and although there were “problems” eventually we’re all doing O.K. today.

  58. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 58

    Millions of Christians without the English Language were able to adapt to Canada even though they had Cultural differences.

    Same applies to Jewish Minorities that come to the west from the Middle East, they have done remarkably well.

    My Godparents were Jewish and they sponsored others that came to Canada without English Language skills and they thrived.

    My company has 6 long term Unionized Employees who are Vietnamese Immigrants.

    In fact one of them spent about 6 years in 2 different Refugee/Re-location Camps in Viet Nam and Hong Kong.

    Some of the best people I have ever known!

    By the way, when was the last time you ever heard of a Christian or a Jew strapping a Bomb to their Ass and detonating it in a Mall or Marketplace filled with hundreds of Children and innocent Adukts?

    I await your answer.

  59. BMCQ says:

    I hope people that are interested in the Khadr Fiasco are still checking back to this thread.

    God, I hope Harvey looks back this far.

    I would not want to Post this on a more recent thread as I might be off topic.

    Most should find this take on the matter interesting

    Now let’s hope that Media types pick up on this and ask for answers!!

    Will anyone actually ask PM JT the questions that need to be asked so the “Great Unwashed” can listen to him mumble some kind an appeasement statement? I wonder.

    (Response: Rex as always raises some great questions and issues. I too hope the working media who cover Trudeau and federal politics don’t let the issue drop. And by the way, I’ve heard and seen the Tories complaining about the $10 million payout …but have I missed the federal NDP and Greens? h.o)

  60. BMCQ says:

    I hope some of Harvey’s followers check back this far, everyone should see this unfortunately embarrassing interview regarding the PM Trudeau Payout to Omar Khadr.

    Gut Churning.

    Do not know Rempel but I am impressed with her maturity and tone.

    Hopefully this is not too difficult Harvey. Thanks

  61. 13 says:

    Odd that so many of us think that our neighbor to the South is dim witted. They dont know squat about Canada or Canadian politics. This is Fox News not Ched on Vancouver Island. Its obvious that many Americans are aware of the Khadr pay off.
    I cant say it enough, its all I have to try and salvage some shred of dignity. Justin Trudeau has embarrassed our entire nation.A short prayer of thanks. God, thank you for giving myself and many others the great fortune, the incredible luck, and yes to some extent the wisdom to see what an idiot Trudeau was and is and not to vote for him.

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