Lavalin Scandal: Trudeau Interference Could WIN Quebec, but LOSE the Rest

The federal Liberals don’t seem to understand: the Canada existing now under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a LOT different than Canada under his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Corruption, political interference and illegal payoffs may still be practiced, tolerated … even treated with a chuckle or two in Quebec … but it WON’T SELL anymore anywhere in the rest of Canada.

And the latest polling shows it!

Five of six different polls carried out since the scandal broke involving political pressures surrounding the criminal case facing Montreal-based SNC Lavalin show Trudeau/Liberals BEHIND Andrew Scheer/Conservatives.

And what makes that all the more astounding and significant is that ..until Trudeau and the Liberals gave the Tories this GIFT … most Canadians were barely aware of … let alone impressed by Scheer.

Trudeau blew it!

Not only was his demotion of Jody Wilson-Raybould from Justice Minister OUTRAGEOUS, he and his Liberal minions came across as liars, con-men and cheats (sound familiar?) in the way they tried … but FAILED … to explain Trudeau’s actions.

The Liberals gambled they were acting on behalf of the “old Quebec” … with a long tradition of political interference, favoritism, corruption and illegal actions… often rewarded with votes.

But today NO voters  like to be taken for fools … or even feel the Prime Minister and his Cabinet are taking them for fools.

British Columbians in particular have the right to feel particularly insulted by the way Trudeau treated our rising star Vancouver MP and Justice Minister.

However, it may not even play as well as Trudeau and his strategists think in Quebec …where 9,000 of Lavalin’s 52,000 worldwide jobs could be impacted by a conviction in any criminal case for bribery or fraud and any subsequent disqualification of the company from being granted federal contracts for 10 years.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault called for an out-of-court deal to help Lavalin out of its current predicament … and some sort of plea arrangement would not be so unusual IF done by the Prosecutors, Defence Attorneys and Company officials…with the approval of the Court.

BUT when its politicians, the Prime Minister, Cabinet and/or PMO officials putting pressure on the Justice Minister behind the scenes to intervene and get it done …that STINKS.

And Quebeckers … especially younger voters who should expect something better than maybe their older family members remember from the province’s political history … deserve better.

And clearly, voters in the rest of Canada are disappointed … even disgusted.

It also embarrasses Canada and hurts Trudeau/government’s credibility when he and other Cabinet Minsters repeatedly informed Chinese officials that IN CANADA government cannot intervene in cases before the Courts …like that involving Huawei’s CEO.  HA!!!

And I believe putting political pressure on … even firing … a Justice Minister for failing to cave,  could even be illegal.

It certainly has tarnished Trudeau’s image, credibility and trustworthiness.

In my earlier blog Feb 14 on Wilson Raybould’s demotion, I suggested that, with the next federal election Oct. 21,  this case could turn out to be Trudeau’s Achilles Heel:

Little did even I know that the PM would be politically bleeding so profusely … so soon.

Harv Oberfeld

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58 Responses to Lavalin Scandal: Trudeau Interference Could WIN Quebec, but LOSE the Rest

  1. mr perfect says:

    As I look at the current political landscape with a federal election in just seven months, I can see the Liberals being wiped out in western Canada. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba go Conservative, B.C. splitting between the NDP and Conservative with a few Green seats on the Island. Hard to say about Newfoundland and Labrador, the Maritimes as well but I think the Libs might do OK there. The NDP is losing seats in Quebec so the Libs will probably hold fast there. Which means the battle will once again be in and decided in Ontario. Are voters in that province angry enough over the Wilson-Raybould scandal to vote against Trudeau and the Liberals? Or, are they angry with Doug Ford and take it out on the federal Conservatives? My observation of political history is that voters often don’t distinguish between provincial and federal wings of the party. So we could have a minority Sheer led Conservative government with little support in Quebec or a minority/possible majority Trudeau led majority government without representation in western Canada. Similar to Justin’s father. Ironically, just like 1979 and 1980. Funny how in four decades we could back in the same situation.

    (Response: I agree with your analysis. The only caveat is it is still 8 months before Canadians vote … so a lot can change … even in the West. But certainly right now, I believe Trudeau/Liberals have so alienated many Canadians, esp outside Quebec, and are looking sleazy again, they are indeed in big trouble. h.o.)

  2. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Just as Harper should have stepped down before last election (I’m glad he didn’t), Trudeau needs to as well. Harper held on and lost and it looks like Trudeau will have the same fate, if he doggedly holds onto power.

    The shark has been jumped — and now it’s angry and hungry. Trudeau needs to get out of the water and allow the party to rebuild, for the good of the country.

  3. DonGar says:

    Here is good commentary / analysis from Mike Campbell

    Mar 2 8 AM starts at 35 minute point.

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    Completely agree Harvey. The Liberals are playing by yesterdays rules. You’d think someone in he inner circle would get it.

    But look at the choices……..

    A fear mongering anti-immigration racist that thinks women should be barefoot in the kitchen and only speak when spoken too…. no thanks. We had enough of that with Herr Harper.

    Too bad Canadians are so afraid of changing the political system away from FPTP. This nonsense is what you get trying to run a country with a 200+ year old system.

  5. Horace B. says:

    M.P. , Jati Sidhu, apologized yesterday for suggesting that Jody Wilson- Raybauld’s father was pulling her strings. His apology was the first I’ve heard of this idea.
    It occurred to me that when Trudeau had complained earlier this year about an indigenous leader speaking for too long, he was not well received, and that the indigenous leaders were showing the prime minister of our nation disrespect. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the natives were using their friendly political party as a lever to gain power for themselves. But now that Jati Sidhu has been encouraged to apologize, it will be harder to express these thoughts out loud or in the media without being tarred racist.
    To me this SNC Lavolin discussion should be a non-issue. Firstly, because we have very few strong corporations in Canada, we must protect some. Secondly, the problem is bribery in Libya; third world bribery is common and if we alone of all the nations cannot do business as other nations do business then we are tying our hands behind our backs. Thirdly, listening to the former Justice Ministers testimony, I heard of no illegal pressure–only pressure–big deal.
    Although I consider myself a Libertarian Conservative I think I will vote for Trudeau, as I consider this issue just a bit more training for our relatively young prime minister

    (Response: It’s true ..bribery is a standard way of doing business in some countries, so I’m not sure why Canada handicaps OUR companies by making it illegal for them to do it … overseas, when the competition can. That being said, the Lavalin situation here could be handled by a plea deal, worked out in Court as I stated: the BIG problem has been the POLITICAL INTERFERENCE in that process and the demotion of an honourable Minister when she refused to go along. Trudeau’s lies have made it worse. He should do a “mea culpa”, apologize and hope Canadians will forgive …if not forget. h.o.)

  6. 13 says:

    JT is a complete failure. His behavior on this file will only deepen the divide between Quebec and the rest of Canada. As I type this Jane Philpot has resigned from the trudeau cabinet. As far as fptp vs other systems lamented by a poster Here is my lament. It’s to bad that most politicians in Canada had 10% of Jody Wilson Rayboulds integrity. That woman may single handedly turn the page in the way were governed

    (Response: Here’s a story on the SECOND Cabinet resignation: Trudeau and his strategists clearly miscalculated the NEW Canada … where dishonest manipulation of Court cases are not welcome or excused. h.o.)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    My thoughts on it have been: we still have to go through the Stanley Cup finals, summer vacations and camping trips before the election. I don’t think we will wake up to see Scheer the smear as P.M.. If we want to muk rake in the upcoming election Scheer will have given the Liberals, NDP, Greens enough material between now and then to take care of the Conservatives. With the right being divided between the Cons and the PP party, some one else will win. Now sit down BMCQ, it could even be the Greens or they may hold the balance of power. It will be about the same thing.

    We have to look no further than the scandals here in B.C. and how did it ever effect the out come of elections? O.K. when Barrett won over Bennett, but really it was an accumulation of events and a lack fo funding for education. The current goings on, hasn’t had much of an impact, in my opinion, and it won’t be much different in other parts of the country, where it might count.

    A half decent campaign against Scheer and his connections to Ford, in Ontario, his campaign manager Hamish Marshall’s connections to the, in my opinion, racist rag, The Rebel, and Ezra Levant, and then Faith Goldy and his meeting with some of those racists in Ottawa, his refusal to say anything about the Con senator who suggested they run the trucks over all the Liberals, yes, we have the basis for a “good” nasty campaign and it won’t be ads on t.v.

    The other problem with Scheer is the creep factor. I’ve spoken to a number of women and they all see it. Men, not so much. There is something very creepy about Scheer when you look at him and that may come to play in the polling booth.

    They can run Scheer as another 4 years of harper with out the brains. (hey I didn’t like harper but he was fairly smart or a lot smarter than Scheer).

    I watched the “emergency debate”, Conservative M.P., Chong say he was “shocked to his core” 6 times. The man needs to get another job. He’s too fragile and too much of a snow flake to be in Parliament. He went on to talk about god and the Constitution. I do believe that was mentioned 3 times. there is no god in the Constitution that I know of and as to Trudeau violating the Constitution, well lets talk about Chong’s time with Harper and the 8 pieces of legislation they passed, which they were told were unconstitutional. Each of those pieces were over turned at the Supreme Court of Canada. No wonder Harper tried but failed to move one of “his” onto the Supreme Court of Canada.

    If the Conservatives want to muck rake, they’ll get it and the Liberals will most likely have more to work with. if the Greens and NDP stay out of it and stay on their messages they may benefit, Singh or no Singh. The PP party will most likely have enough money to run a good campaign but Bernier may have too much appeal to the anti immigrant sector of our population. that won’t work well with those of us who come from families of immigrants.

    Some of those Martine provinces know SNC or no SNC who will provide them with the most benefits. All Trudeau has to do is keep telling them the Conservatives will remove the current cheques for families. He promises a pharma care plan and he’s back in business. There are a lot of people in this country who do without prescriptions because they can’t afford them. They don’t have plans via their employers and can not even afford the amount for the deductible.

  8. Marge says:

    Too many people put their trust in a man who didn’t have the ability to run a pop stand let alone take on the most important position in Canada. This was a “silver spoon in the mouth” kid who couldn’t hold a job long enough to gain any experience at it. Didn’t he go from a few weeks work as a drama teacher in an all girls’ private school here in Vancouver to the next breathtaking job of ski instructor? He had no expertise, no experience in the real world whatsoever. It was all smoke and mirrors and sad to say many people fell for the charisma and charm only now to realize that the emperor truly had no clothes on.

    The only reason Trudeau was chosen leader was because of the family name and his good looks. People really need to take a good look at candidates’ backgrounds before backing people unqualified for your vote. Better yet Quebecers need to take a good long look in the mirror and see if they still want to continue with the old ways. Sadly I don’t think this will happen, given their beliefs that they have managed to uphold for many, many years now. They are used to the SNC Lavalins of their province and will probably support Trudeau expecting more of the same. This is abhorrent to the rest of us, isn’t it but how do you change age old practices?

    Then added to the situation (and probably because he was in over his head as PM) Trudeau put his trust in Butts and Telford to help him overcome his difficulties and we now see where this all led. Obstructing an Attorney General whom they though was probably easy pickings (boy did they get that lady wrong) was one of many things they thought was acceptable in the “new” way of doing business. Whatever they wanted, they could get for the golden boy. All he had to do was go out there, smile and take many, many selfies. Visits to the Aga Khan resort and India soon showed how little Trudeau actually understood the reality of Canadian voters. People would love him because he was Trudeau of course. The narcissism came with the name and we were all supposed to adore every move he made – no matter how stupid or idiotic his moves looked.
    Then because he is a child of privilege and overtly narcissistic when the “you know what” hit the fan, he went back to the way every spoiled kid reacts. He blamed, he lied,he did everything except admitting his wrongdoing. And he made his caucus support him and repeat the idiotic words about jobs when the truth was finally revealed to us. This just led to more attacks on him and the stupidity of his ways. And of course there’s China now accusing the boy of hypocrisy. Talk of the pot calling the kettle black.

    When you elect a very immature man, you get what we got in spades – a clown leading a circus! I am willing to give Scheer a chance as he appears to be a bit more realistic in both his background (middle class) and his beliefs. I don’t for one moment believe he is racist as our strongly biased Gene the Bean suggests. Quite the opposite. It is Trudeau who pretended to be a feminist, diversity supporting PM that appears to have the qualities Gene would foist on Scheer, because of his socialist viewpoints on everything. I am also not quite sure what to make of the NDP leader who seems to be lacking in knowledge of anything related to the real world. I also think he supported a very violent Sikh movement and so am not sure what he would bring to world politics. Again another charismatic man with a big ego to match. Would I trust him after our Federal follies to take Trudeau’s job? Absolutely NOT! We don’t need another Trudeau!

    For the best take on Trudeau I refer to you folks to the one and only word wise Rex Murphy:

  9. keith says:

    The committee meets again on Wednesday, the results of which won’t be good for Trudeau, in the interim the topic is on every political talk fest, almost every day liberal ministers are er, em, ah, ing their way through every press encounter. After the mid week televised committee meeting it just gets worse, and who knows who will bale from the government ranks.?

    Although this is a gift that the conservatives couldn’t have imagined this close to the election, like a lot of other folks, calling for J.T. to resign, public enquiries, the Mounties etc. to have a look is all fair game, but might be a bit early, as this is the gift that keeps on giving with the liberals not running short of shovels to dig themselves in deeper.

    As it stands the liberals now, look pretty bad plus in a box of their own and continued making without a clue how to get out of it. Jane Philpot resigning along Jody Wilson Raybould has added the contrasting exclamation point of what ethics and principal look like.

    I believe the conservatives should keep the ball rolling while striking a measured tone similar to the tone set by Lisa Raitt, keep the more belligerent voices like Candice Bergen away from the microphone, call for resignations, enquiry etc. when the committee has finished with all the facts are in dragging it out closer to the election, when liberal turmoil and election mathematics intersect. Trudeau is a conservative asset staying as prime minister.

    However, I’m not convinced the conservatives can take advantage of this situation if the Liberals stop ducking and swerving, come out with the true facts and give Ms. Philpot and Wilson Raybould a reason to return to cabinet.

    (Response: The real question is how is it all playing in Quebec and Ontario??? Giving a BC Cabinet minister apparently was not considered a major problem …IF the Libs could still count on Quebec and their strongholds in southern/urban Ontario. But I sense it’s all up in the air now. What remains to be seen, however, is how Trudeau/Libs play it all from now over the next few weeks … and how skillfully Scheer and the Tories can take advantage of the scandal over the next several months …without having something worse come up within their own ranks. h.o.)

  10. Marge says:

    To eaf: Please check before commenting.

    The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the introductory sentence to the Constitution of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Constitution Act, 1982. In full, it reads,. Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God

  11. Gilbert says:

    My wife is an excellent judge of character. I really respect her advice and opinions. Regarding Prime Minister Trudeau, he says he isn’t serious and is like a child. She agrees with me that he’s completely unqualified to be the prime minister of the great nation of Canada, and is far too arrogant and delusional to resign.

    Let me ask all the socialists on this site a question. If the headquarters of SNC-Lavalin were in Alberta, would the prime minister and his aides have tried so hard to reach a deal with the company? It seems the prime minister wasn’t as concerned about saving jobs as he was with saving his own!

    Since the attorney-general should not be partisan and should not influenced by the prime minister nor cabinet, I think we should no longer have one person serving as both Attorney-General and Justice Minister. I believe it’s far better to have two people for those two roles. Then we can have an attorney-general who doesn’t sit in cabinet meetings.

    The Liberals will probably do fine in Atlantic Canada and in many parts of Quebec, but I don’t think they’ll do so well in Ontario. In the last election I was surprised that so many had forgotten the sponsorship scandal, but now with the additional obstruction of scandal in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, I doubt the Liberals can win.

    Here are a few questions we all need to ask:

    Is it OK to bribe officials because other companies do it?
    Should we excuse wrong-doing because others practise it?
    Should we ignore the latest scandals because they apply to all politicians?
    Did any donations made by SNC-Lavalin go to the accounts of any politicians?
    If so, were they off-shore accounts?
    Do any of our politicians have shares in SNC-Lavalin?
    With the revelation that Katie Telford offered to have journalists write positive articles for Jody Wilson-Raybould if she agreed to give SNC-Lavalin a DPA, how common is it for the current government and for all governments to bribe journalists?

    Let me add that I do not for one second suspect that this was true of you, Harvey. I know that you were a very decent and fair journalist who took his job seriously and served with integrity. I also know that we have many good journalists among us and Robert Fife is certainly one of them.

  12. 13 says:

    I wonder how Justin feels about his PC agenda gone wild. Gender balanced cabinet. Indigenous woman as AG.Looks like a diversity grenade has gone off at Justins feet. ( check to see if Omar is nearby).
    I wonder what the Vegas odds makers would give on Trudeau leaving before the election

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Marge, my comment was, there was no god in the constitution that I know of, so it could be concluded I wasn’t sure. You’ve clarified that, so thank you. The word, “God” is in the Constitution

    Whatever many think of Trudeau, he was smart enough to get elected with a majority and he is fast enough on his feet that he does town hall meetings, while harper won’t take more than 5 questions from reporters.

    What the Vegas bookies have to say? Don’t think they’d know much, but I would like to know what the British bookies have to say.

    There is a lot of time between now and Oct. Lets hope Harvey will be willing to the subject of Trudeau’s electability then and see who got it right and who didn’t or who got it wrong and who didn’t.

    My money is on Trudeau as a minority government who will gain the support of the Greens and Bloc. on a case by case basis. The NDP won’t be a factor. (I know more than a few people who will get fed up with the Cons and the Libs and simply go with the Green.

  14. Keith says:


    your response to mine #10.

    (Response: The real question is how is it all playing in Quebec and Ontario??? Giving a BC Cabinet minister apparently was not considered a major problem …IF the Libs could still count on Quebec and their strongholds in southern/urban Ontario

    My take; The DPA for SNC Lavalin will go through, with the appropriate spinning to follow which will go down well in Quebec, with the liberals hoping to, and should gain some NDP seats. Ontario might be a tougher nut to crack as it went conservative last provincial election and this will be the first federal election since then with Doug Ford and his campaign machinery on the trail with the fed. conservatives.

    This far out is a bit of a longshot to see how it pans out, a liberal prime minister that is a liability, a conservative leader outside of the party faithful doesn’t seem to have much if any traction even with this gift that will keep on giving, and an NDP party that is falling apart with an unknown leader that won’t have enough time for voters to get an idea of.

    Taking a safe stab for now – a minority govt. just not sure which one.

    (Response: I could see that too … but also not sure whether Lib or Tory. Depends how much worse ..or better … Trudeau makes things in the next few weeks and what else drops on the various parties in the next few months. Certainly has woken up many Canadians! h.o)

  15. BMCQ says:

    There are some interesting comments so far.

    How does any caring Canadian who is more than disgusted with the SNCL events and the fall out surrounding it discuss anything regarding this topic without calling man child and PM Justin names while being as sarcastic as possible?

    I admit I never did have any respect for JT and always felt he was nothing more than a poor actor pathetically attempting to play the part of a States People Kind.

    Everything from the phoney and cheap Rolled Up Sleeves he stole from Failed U.S. President Obama to the ridiculous upbeat juvenile and silly “I am a Feminist and Diversity is Our Strength” B.S..

    Of course he was assisted with a Fawning and Complicit Media and a more than willing Liberal supporting Electorate that somehow came to the conclusion that the Harper Administration gave Canada Bad Government.

    How Absurd !!

    PM Justin has literally proven he is a Charlatan, a Snake Oil Salesman, or a Quack if he was a Medical Doctor,

    On this vey Blog during the last Election Campaign and before I attempted to point out that JT was Intellectually Challenged, NOT FIT, ILL Equipped, Un Qualified, Unstable, a Con, Dishonest, a Fake, Full of Self Importance and many more.

    Canadians were Conned and Hood Winked and they voted for JT and his more than likely also fooled Liberal Caucus. Unbelievable.

    They rejected the Harper Government for really flimsy reasons and the fact that the first Harper Indian Affairs Minister underperformed, which he did but that was addressed.

    But no the Media would have none of it.

    Several times I attempted to point out that once a Government is changed out it is not for a penalty time of two weeks or a few months, that “Time Out” in most cases will be 4 years and much damage could and will be done in the case of the PM Justin Term.

    Instead the Electorate chose a Prancing, Costume Wearing, B.S. Spewing, Feminist, Inarticulate, Mumbling, Arrogant, Full of Self Importance, Juvenile, Self Congratulatory, Moron, Grifter, and Legend in His Own Basement, Hypocrite and Incapable Pretender to the Throne.

    PM Justin is simply Playing a Part in a Play, he honestly believes that he has the Canadian People and Electorate Duped, let’s show him different.

    Canada and Canadians were “DUPED”, nothing more nothing less.

    PM Justin is about phoney, insincere, disrespectful, meaningless Symbolism and Symbolic Gestures that mean absolutely nothing, just ask former Liberal Cabinet MP Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott for two.

    It just shows you what kind of a Cabinet the Liberals have when the only two Members that have spoken out up to this point are Women with more Character in their little fingers than the Males. Where is the Courage and Character and Integrity of the rest?

    Two of the first things PM Justin did when he gained power was tor reverse the Harper Legislation that Revoked Citizenship of Naturalized Canadians convicted of Terrorist Acts. Why? ask yourself !

    He then revoked Harper Legislation that brought Accountability to First Nations Tribal Leaders, Chiefs, Leaders, and Councils. WHY, ask yourself who that benefitted.

    Did that move assist the First Nations People,? the Canadian Tax Payer? Who the Hell did that benefit? Sickening.

    As Canadians we then are required to sit back and watch PM Justin appeal to anyone and everyone elsewhere in the World that “Diversity is Our Strength, Please Come to Canada and We Will Embrace You”. Really?

    the U.S. are and will Deport Thousands or more Convicted Felon Illegal Migrants intended to go back to their Home Countries many of those Countries are in fact Sh*T Holes, simply ask any Liberal Activist that tells we cannot send them back because those same Convicted Felons would be under threat. Then I would then conclude that DJT was/is correct when he Labels those countries as he does.

    Well guess what, those same Convicted Violent Felons will not wait to go back to Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Sweden, and China, they are COMING to Canada.

    Thank You PM Justin.

    Without Control of Migration, without Defined Borders, and without the Ability to Defend those Defined Borders you Have NO Country.

    Please ask yourself what the PM Justin Open Border Policy will do to Canadian Health Care, Education, Criminal Justice System, Housing, and much more. Thank You PM Justin.

    PM Justin needs to follow his Right Hand People Kind Person Butts and Resign. He also should be required to take Wernick, and about 10 others with him.

    If PM Justin remains the Liberals are Doomed in ALL Parts of Canada, I am sure that Quebec are not onside with PM Justin as many believe.

    The NDP are in Free Fall and they will be left with a Rump of a Party in October.

    I believe Max and the PPC may do well in Quebec and I believe the Scheer conservatives will do well in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

    Then again, if PM Justin is forced out and he Liberals Appoint JWR as PM all bets are off.

    JWR has more Integrity, Strength of Character, and Ability to Govern than PM Justin would gain in Three Lifetimes.

    About 60% of Canadians believe PM Justin should step down and more believe JWR as opposed to PM Justin.

    I hope that the rest of the Liberal cabinet stand up to PM Justin he does not deserve their support.

    Personally if JWR became Canadian PM I could live with it and give her a chance before I judged her. I believe the JWR background as a Crown Prosecutor, her Family Background and her Leadership experience would serve her well, and I believe that she is a Great Canadian Patriot regardless of her Political brand.

    PM Justin looked like a “Spent Force” last night, he looked Desperate, Impotent, Inept, Incapable, Confused, and Frightened to Death.

    And OH Yes, Canadian PM Justin is a LIAR.

    Anyone that Thinks Doug Ford is in trouble in Ontario and believes that Elizabeth May has a chance of becoming Canadian Prime Minister spent far too much time hanging out with Dr. Timothy Leary listening to Grace Slick and the Boys back in the day.

    YIKES !

    Marge – 8

    There is a lot of thoughtful Commentary up the page but I would like congratulate you in particular for yours, your post is very thoughtful, measured, and thought provoking.

    Great Job!

  16. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Crawford Killian in the Tyee today,
    “The Australians and Brits deal with this problem by a caucus ouster of their prime minister. Our own MPs seem too over-whipped for this drastic measure, and Trudeau has not designated a deputy prime minister. Still, he could resign with a strong recommendation for an interim prime minister chosen by caucus while the Liberals organize a new leadership convention for sometime in early 2020.”

    In my naivety, I thought they could/would rustle up a leadership convention in a few months, giving them a new face to take into the general election.

    Going to the polls with an interim PM would be a disaster, I’d think…

  17. e.a.f. says:

    Marg #8, its not like scheer has any real world experience. For all about 6 months, he has been in politics. He’s lived a very good life in politics. He may portray himself as one of the people but really at 25 he was elected to the provincial leg. and started at more than a $100k a year. He lived a wonderful life as a Speaker of the house, then as leader of the opposition. All in government housing. If we want to look at things from who is the most privileged, it would be hard to say which one was more priviledged. Although Trudeau came from a wealthy family, Scheer’s family’s income was well above the “average” income for the country.

    I would not agree Trudeau was elected on his good looks. Yes, he is good looking but if we go back to the election campaign, Harper came in as the front runner. Eventually over time, that changed and it was Trudeau’s hard work which got it done. In my opinion, he is more than good looks.

    In my opinion, scheer is a misognistic, racist, homophobic incompetent, with a creepy vibe tossed in.

    You do give the Conservatives good advise with your suggestion Lisa Raitt would be better at the mike. However, this is Scheer’s one chance to get in front of a mike and he just can’t give it up, even if it means they won’t win the next election. Oh, please Rona Ambrose come back.

    There is a lot of time between now and election day and I’m sure they will find something on Scheer which will make him unacceptable to a lot of Canadians, if only his connections to racists (in my opinion), hello his campaign manger, Hamish Marshal and the rest of them. By the time of the election, Ford will have done enough damage to Ontario that it won’t benefit the federal Cons to have anything to do with him. well perhaps running pictures of Ford and Faith Goldy might cause a few racists to come out and vote for Scheer, but the rest, not so much.

  18. 13 says:

    Trudeau has pulled out all the stops, this is a good thing because his helpers are almost a stupid as he is. FOR EXAMPLE tonight just about 5 40 on Steeles radio show she had Sheila Copps on as a guest that has come to Trudolts rescue. She plumbed new depths with a statement regarding JWR ethics. MZZZ Copps opined that had the 9000 lost jobs be jobs held by indigenous workers JWR would have probably come to the rescue. Scum bag would be an apt title for MZZ Copps. Her entire interview was aimed at discrediting the two Liberal women that have stood up against Trudolt. (Sorry about the juvenile twist to Trudeaus name but I wondered how it would feel to sink to the depths of many anti conservative posters Herr Harper etc,)
    Most polls show Trudeau not fit to govern, I can hardly wait to here our fear mongering pencil pushing civil servant and Butts tomorrow. If they stay true to form Trudeau should be ready to hand in his keys to the gender neutral washroom.

  19. E Johnson says:

    When it comes to politics the election might as well be a lifetime away. The Conservatives and the NAP sealed their fates when they elected their current leaders. Cons could have elected a woman but chose not to and they will live to regret it. Politics becomes increasingly toxic in this country but for one brief shining moment two women stood strong and true to their principles. Well done.

  20. HEF says:

    if trudeau steps aside, falls down or push out before the next election JODY could be the next primeminister
    share is a clown and ndp is just not there
    I normaly vote green, but if JODY was going for prime minister I would vote lib

    (Response: Little in politics ever surprises me … but with only 8 months before the next election, don’t think there’s any chance Trudeau will step aside voluntarily and not enough time for anyone to PUSH him out ….and then organize/win the party leadership without severely damaging/dividing Liberal organizers/delegates/strategists/voters. h.o.)

  21. D. M. Johnston says:

    The SNC Lavalin fiasco also has roots in BC, fact is, SNC Lavalin own BC.

    Mega projects in BC are so designed to give SNC Lavalin the advantage in winning contracts, as so many former SNC Lavalin types are entrenched in both civic and provincial bureaucracies.

    The Broadway subway is a prime example.

    What we call SkyTrain is in fact two different railways; the Canada Line is a conventional heavy rail railway designed as light metro and the Expo and millennium Lines, area proprietary railway, now marketed as Movia metro (which happens to be the 7th name change for the proprietary railway).

    The extremely unpopular Movia metro (only 7 such systems built in 40 years and no new build system in the past decade) has bombardier inc. owning the technical patents (cars) and SNC Lavalin owning the engineering patents (guideways).

    Where Movia SkyTrain is built, SNC have the technical advantage.

    The Broadway Movia SkyTrain subway is being built on a route that does not have the ridership to justify a now $3.5 billion investment for a subway, except for the fact that Jim Burke, the former Executive Vice President for SNC Lavalin in B.C, has been working on a due diligence panel set-up to oversee business case development for infrastructure, including the Broadway Subway.

    SNC Lavalin scores again!

    Lots of taxpayer’s money is coming SNC lavalin’s way in BC.

    SNC Lavalin also head the faux P-3 operating the Canada Line, where during Campbell’s phony bidding process for the phony P-3, saw SNC/Lavalin/ROTEM bid against SNC Lavalin/Bombardier and SNC Lavalin eventually won!

    Judge Pittfield, who oversaw the Susan Heyes lawsuit against TransLink (failed on appeal) called the Canada line P-3 bidding process a “charade”.

    What we have in Metro Vancouver is very bad transit planning that is designed to increase SNC lavalin’s profit margins and nothing else.

    The Liberals know this; the Conservatives know this; the NDP know this, but it just happens that Trudeau’s liberals are stuck with this sad sack Quebec company during some very revealing accusations of corruption.

    You lie with dogs, you get fleas!

  22. BMCQ says:

    E. Johnson – 20

    I get really concerned when anyone sees “Identity Politics” as a means to anything.

    Why would any Modern Free Democratic Society use Criteria Such as Race, Ethnicity, Skin Colour, Gender, Sexual Preferance, Religion, or any other label when Hiring, Electing, or Appointing anyone for anything.

    Don’t we want the best? What about Merit?

    As a Conservative I would have preferred a “Draft Rona” effort as I thought Ambrose had everything required to lead the Conservative Party in Spades but for reasons I do not understand the Cons had a rule in place that the Interim Leader could not challenge for Leadership. I felt that was a mistake.

    Having said that, even though I was less than impressed with Scheer and accused him of being in the “Witness Protection Program” I am warming to him and like his sober measured tone and intelligent well thought questions and arguments I see of late.

    I find it unacceptable that any Party in any Democracy would do or should do anything but vote or elect anything but the best qualified candidate for the job.

    Identity Politics should have no place in any Great Democratic Country.

    Look at the Juvenile decision by PM Justin to base his Cabinet choices on Gender so to achieve a Silly kind of Gender Balance. Why?

    Again, what if the top 19 Qualified Merit Based Candidates for the Liberal Cabine of 20 were Women? Would PM Justin then pass over 9 better qualified Women to appoint 9 Men to achieve Gender Balance in that Cabinet?

    Really? How silly.

    We now have a situation where JWR and Philpott both Females are gone, must we replace them with w Gemales even though 2 Men May be better qualified for Cabinet Appointment?

    Really? How silly.

    It appears to me that PM Justin and even more so the Liberals are now “Rolling the Dice” and Gambling everything on throwing JWR and Philpott under the Bus, “Circling the Wagons” and hoping for. Miracle.

    Honestly I do not see how the English Speaking Provinces can Elect Liberal Candidates in any large numbers.

    Harvey sees the possibility of strong support for the Liberals in Quebec and he knows Quebec better than most.

    I am beginning to feel that Quebec may not support either PM Justin, the Liberals or the NDP, PM Justin is literally Behaving like a Drowning Man and is looking like just saw the Hindenburg Dock and Explode, he is facing a Personal Meltdown. Singh is really only a “Pretend Leader” much like JT has turned out to be.

    I am going out on a Limb here and forecasting a Strong Quebec Showing for the Conservatives and the PPC.

    I do not see the PPC doing much in the rest of Canada.

    As things now stand I see a very Strong Showing from thev Conservstives right across the rest of Canada with a Liberal Split in parts of the Maritimes and the Election of PM Andrew Scheer and his Minions.

    If the federal Liberals come to their senses and Push PM Justin over onto his Sword and they Annoint JWR as Leader and Canadian PM she will be PM for 3 Terms and I will congratulate her.

    I find it very telling that Canadians by the Millions and about 7o% are willing to take the word of JWR and Philpott over Canadian Justin, Butts, Morneau, and several other Federal Liberals.

    I have a question or two for some here.

    Just why is it Conservatives everywhere including Canada and Scheer are Branded Sexist, Homophobic, Fascist, Misoginyst, Racist, most often without any proof or evidence?

    Just what evidence do we have before us that identifies Scheer as Racist and Nazi?

    Please explain and show us what makes Scheer “Creepy” to so many Women.

    I asked my Wife last night if Scheer looked “Creepy” to her when he popped up on Screen and she thought he looked very Vanilla, very Clean, and Harmless.

    She then said that I look far more “Creepy” than Scheer. I took that as a compliment?

  23. Marge says:

    @eaf At least Scheer didn’t say this one (BTW how can you judge anyone by their looks especially when people voted for Trudeau because of that?):

    “You know, I’m not going to go around reciting Pi to the 19th decibel ”

    showing how “intellectual” he actually is.

  24. E. Johnson says:

    BMCQ 22
    I do not belong to any political party. I detest identity politics as well as super partisan politics. I expect the prime minister of our country and his/her government is prepared to govern in the best interests of the entire country with honesty and integrity. Leaders need to have broad appeal and conduct themselves in a manner that inspires confidence and trust. It is my opinion that the Conservative Party had a choice of two or three women that met that criteria.

  25. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I’m not as convinced as you that this scandal will overly hurt the Federal Liberals.

    Trudeau and his spin doctors can just look at the history of Federal elections to see that there is just a segment of Canadians that just blindly vote for the Liberals regardless of the corrupt practices they get caught up in.

    After the Sponsorship Scandal, the Liberals in ’06 still pulled in 30% of the popular vote. The Liberals only fell to a 18.9% in 2011, which was more a factor of the universal dislike of Ignatieff and the hyper-popularity of Jack Layton then a show of ethical outrage by Liberals.

    The country is no where close to that dynamic. Trudeau is still reasonably popular(regardless of how phony his shtick has become) and Singh is no Jack layton. You add that to the fact that Bernier is doing his best to split the Right and there is no wonder what the source of Trudeau’s arrogance on this issue comes from.

    Trudeau can give us the ‘ol one finger Trudeau salute. He figures the Liberal voter will happily look the other way over his apparent corrupt practices, knowing any few Liberal voters with any sense of country before party will be offset by voters going to the People’s Party.

    Simply put, there are not enough Liberals with a sense of ethics to make a difference.

    (Response: There is a time-tested tradition in Western democracies: people vote politicians OUT more often than IN. And seems to me in recent elections everywhere, that is an INCREASING phenomenon. When voters are turned off or against an individual, it’s very hard to win back the trust and favorable feelings they once had. So set aside the blindly partisan supporters of any party … and the swing vote, which federally is quite large potentially capable of affecting the Liberals, Tories and even NDP … and I find a recent Toronto Star poll result very fascinating: 57% of respondents say they have a tainted view of Trudeau and 59% say that will impact their vote. The vote is still 8 months away…but if the story stays in the headlines, and Scheer doesn’t suffer a major wound of his own, it could indeed prove Trudeau’s Achille’s Heel. h.o)

  26. Gilbert says:

    I find it interesting that some people here believe Jody Wilson-Raybould could become prime minister. I disagree for three main reasons:

    1) Jody Wilson-Raybould doesn’t speak French. Comment peut-on devenir le premier ministre du Canada sans parler francais? C’est impossible!

    2) Justin Trudeau won’t go voluntarily, and there isn’t enough time to have a leadership race so close to an election.

    3) There are too many self-serving Liberals who will never support Jody Wilson-Raybould and I myself doubt she would want to be their leader.

    Regarding Gerald Butts’s testimony, let me remind everyone that he did not testify under oath. That’s all we need to know.

    (Response: Je suis d’accord! It would be almost impossible … but then again, many believed that Donald Trump couldn’t win either. If the voters get into a certain mood …or take a terrible view of the other main candidate, you never know. h.o)

  27. e.a.f. says:

    Identity politics does play a role, whether we like it or not. its reality. Ford used it nicely. Bernier has used it and will use it again. Scheer has /will be using it in the federal election, do remember his campaign manager is Hamish Marshall, the former collegue of Ezra Levant of the Rebel. then to take it one step further Levant and his group used to interview Roger Stone for The Rebel, ah and the allegations Ezra Levant was some how involved in tampering with the election in France. Identity politics had a role there also,. It could well be this is a small world and its just 6 degrees of separation, but…….

    There is nothing attractive about Scheer and his ideology. Any one who would hire some one from The Rebel, has questionable taste. The Rebel “rag” as its referred to by some in the East, has a bit of bent, you know the stuff like racism, toss in a bit of homophobia. Yes, it all makes for great heaps of identity politics. Lets remember Scheer had no problem speaking to the rally of yellow jackets, some with racist/anti immigrant placards and a Con. Senator suggested to truckers they run over federal Liberals.

    People will vote for whomever can do the most for them and Harper didn’t do a lot for most in this country, just ask the Veterans.

    Yes, BMCQ, it is too bad the Conservatives didn’t elect Rona Ambrose as their leader or Lisa Raitt. Lisa Raitt is so much better than Scheer and lacks the creep factor. Hopefully when Scheer looses the election the Conservatives will have a leadership convention and they’ll manage to bring back Rona Ambrose. If the Conservative Party would disintegrate a lot of people would not have a party to vote for, which isnt’ good for democracy, but more importantly Ambrose or Raitt are better politicians than Scheer.

  28. RIsaak says:

    A few unaddressed issues are raised by this entire mess.

    1.Who actually owns SNC? I’ve een told the Quebec government may be the largest single shareholder and has many Provincial pension investments tucked in with SNC.

    2.The non-Quebec government shareholders are currently queuing up for a class action against SNC’s board for not releasing the news that Wilson-Raybould was not taking up the “get out of jail free” concept which is favored by Quebec & the Federal Liberals.

    3.Jobs, the argument of job losses is a complete falsehood. The contracts which could be awarded to SNC will be filled by other, less legally compromised construction conglomerates and the “average Joe” who works at SNC today will only get another firm listed as payee on their checks. The preservation of the Board, executives and the pension fund managers who invested so heavily in a highly suspect firm are and should be the primary casualties.

    4.The sole source, design, engineer & build model seen so often in current large projects is cancerous and in and of itself is disingenuous. The old bid depository system with separate firms getting design, build and engineer offered much more protection of the people’s interests, unlike the massive overruns and habitual usage of contingency funds seen in capital projects today.

    5.Lobbyists, they require a mechanism where once under investigation the topic being investigated is forbidden fruit to lobby and attempt to curry favor on!

    Just a few items which seem to escape most who follow the current events of today.

  29. e.a.f. says:

    RIssak, #29, made me laugh, now that is what I call keeping it real. A nice “backgrounder” on SNC. I’ll have to do a bit of reading, but most of what you write triggered something amongst the old back of the bus brain cells which weren’t damaged while at Richmond High.

  30. BMCQ says:

    RIsaak – 29

    An excellent insightful Post !

    All points made are important but ALL Canadians, PM Justin, his Liberal Caucus, and the Conservatives should pay careful attention to your MOST Important Point 3.

    The Talent will move to where the Well Paying Jobs are.

    If in fact SNC Lavalin happens to implode, go away, or reduce in size there will be more opportunities, more competition from other established and new Companies that will offer more competition and in turn Savings on Major Projects for Canadian Tax Payers.

  31. 13 says:

    So Trudeau is the “JOB!!!!!” prime minister. Only in Quebec you say? Pity.
    Holding a press conference at 8am Ottawa time translates to 5am JWR time. He spoke first in French then in English. Well I suppose that his concerns for jobs that are in Western Canada ar better suited to 5am . Trudeau basically told Western Canada to go F–K yourselves. 5am?
    He had an important apology tour to Northen Canada.
    If anyone still believes that this man is a capable leader deserving the respect of any Canadian that lives outside of Quebec please respond with the reason that you are a believer.
    I am assuming that he is respected in Quebec but I could be wrong .

  32. Catt says:

    SNC would only lose “Federal” contracts if convicted, they still have many ongoing & upcoming Provincial contacts.

    What bothers me is that they are currently under investigation in Quebec (Jacques Cartier Bridge). How about some investigation into their dealings in BC – let’s see if they truly deserving of a DPA.

    (Response: I sometimes wonder, with so many huge projects/contracts if the RCMP/regulatory authorities is already looking into any of their dealings in BC (or other parts of the country) and not just Quebec? Of course, that may require SOMEONE coming forward with info or a complaint … and if there are none, that “good record” also could mitigate in Quebec when it comes to sentencing, fines etc. h.O)

  33. Catt says:

    If the DPA is such a good tool, why was it buried in an omnibus budget bill? How transparent and open is that?

  34. elle says:

    I tend to believe the former Attorney General, but this whole process just makes me angry. With the Liberals controlling everything, we will never get to the truth. The Liberals on the Justice Committee decide how this all plays out and who gets to testify. After JWR testified Butts asked to be heard and was allowed. After Butts and Wernick testified, they were brought back to refute JWR’s testimony. It is true that they had very little in documentation and could not remember a lot, even though they corroborated JWR”s testimony in a lot of cases. How is it that JWR cannot come back to clarify or refute their testimony since the clerk and one other were allowed a second kick at the can? As a Canadian, I have a really strong sense of fairplay and this is not fair at all. I want to know what happened, chips fall where they may. This is obviously a coverup and is not right. Sending Trudeau out to give ANOTHER apology and being able to squeeze out a tear while he is there is not going to work. Corruption and breaking laws is NOT our Canada. I want to hear from the other people that were named,.

  35. e.a.f. says:

    Catt 34, about as transparent and open as harper was with his budgets. So lets not think the conservatives are going to be any better. For what will be waiting for the country with a Con government look at what Ford is doing in Ontario, besides the little brouhaha with the top provincial cop, there is the very serious matter of defunding children with autism. Some parents are now personally on the hook for up to $80K a year. Yes, Ford promised to get rid of the waiting lists, they just didn’t think there might not be a list at all. So before we get too carried away with Trudeua, remember the Scheermonger is no better and most likely a lot worse. A man who hires as his campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, a former associate of Ezra Levant, at the Rebel, is definitely not going to be looking upon our country with unbiased eyes, hello racism, etc.

    The Gazetteer by RossK has interesting comments by one, who suggested this maybe more about process and the difference between women and men and how they work.

  36. 13 says:

    @eaf, have you ever considered that the former Harper gov and the former Clark gov are no longer in power. Trudeau/Horgan have both been in power long enough to stand on or behind their achievements and failures without the need to compare them to former governments. Having said that Trudeau has been a complete disaster. On every front Trudeau has failed. Horgan has not been able to end the over dose crisis. Horgan has not made housing affordable. Horgan has done squat to help renters
    Lets talk about the present.

  37. RIsaak says:

    Anyone ever consider the personal stake of Mr.Wernick in this? His role as top govt. employee may actually be conflicted as some of his pension savings could be invested with SNC? Just peeling more tear inducing layers from this while trying to square the circle which has seen the political involvement of Mr.Wernick reach never before seen levels, which really never should be seen!

  38. 13 says:

    Mr Wernick must have some skin in the game to put himself so far out on a limb. While his pension might be in jeopardy it should be so because he has been suspended while his real involvement is being investigated by a judge looking for criminal activity by ALL involved.

  39. Catt says:

    @e.a.f 37 The point made was “words said” vs “actions done”. SNAFU. Trudeau is just a face man – he’s a drama teacher, a message man much like the person used to tell you the news at 6 pm. These are not reporters or leaders – they are people who are very good at inflection and/or acting and are hired for those qualities…..Trudeau is riding on his father’s name to give him legitimacy….He does what he’s told and tries to have the appropriate face for the message.

    You still have the same shadows running the game behind him.

    Both Conservatives and Liberals have been caught in “money” type scams….so it begs to question…..why do people continue to vote for either or? when doing the same thing while expecting different results is the definition of insanity?
    Why continue in a system that clearly doesn’t work for the people. It’s that system that is allowing corporations to dictate conditions to our “leaders”. The Canadian version of Economic Hitmen.

  40. Harry Lawson says:


    Great post ,some excellent comments.

    This is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of liberal politics

    Political scientists will use this scandal to teach about how not to handle a scandal.

    For years Mr Trudeau built a image of a new age politician, yet it only took a few days to prove himself a hypocrite.

    I really have to wonder who is giving Mr Trudeau political advice.

    I was taught integrity takes a lifetime to earn and a action to lose.

    (Response: I find it amazing that some people have criticized Wilson Raybould for having the backbone and integrity to refuse to go along with the behind the scenes pressures to, in effect, interfere in a case before the Courts! And I don’t buy ANY of the explanations, excuses any of the Liberals have so far offered: the TRUTH would be nice! h.o)

  41. elle says:

    Celina the MP that is not running again is giving Trudeau a lot of headaches. After he said that he welcomed all MPs to come to him with concerns, she tweeted that she did come to him, twice and apparently he yelled at her. Today some of the female Liberals are going to Trudeaus’s defence stating how he has been so nice to them. Strange thing is some of the content of their texts are exactly the same. Looks like someone is writing their scripts too. What a mess…

  42. e.a.f. says:

    Catt, #41

    I don’t vote for the federal Liberals or Conservatives. However, having lived a long time, I’ve concluded things were better with a federal Liberal government than a federal Conservative government. Just my opinion……..Just like you believe Trudeau is riding on his father’s name. A lot of voters weren’t even around or not aware of who Pierre E. Trudeau was, beyond a former P.M. The 40 and younger crowd only looked at Trudeau, the younger, and Harper. They didn’t like what they saw in Harper. They saw an old man. out of touch.

    This coming election, there will be a lot of baby boomers voting, along with a younger generation. It think this time they’re the bigger group. They don’t have much in common with Schmeer and his ilk.

    Don’t now how many people who comment here are part of Gen X and younger, but a lot of us are Aging baby boomers who went from about 1946 to 1963, give or take. You’d be surprised how many of those under 45 have nothing in common with the policies of the Conservatives. Life hasn’t been great for the 30 somethings, Recently there were some stats out about them still relying on the parental bank. When I was in my 20 and 30s, it was a cake walk. So when it comes to deciding who they will vote for, many will go Green again and Liberal. Those cheques they receive every month for their kids, they don’t want to loose them and Scheer just talks about tax credits. Its cash not tax credits or as some young people like to say, “cash is king”.

    In some communities here in B.C. kids grew up with kids of other ethnic groups, intermarried, etc. They don’t see themselves in the conservative party. they see a leader who did not denounce the racists. they see a guy who didn’t try to correct the statements regarding “pizzagate’. About all his staff could do was say, he didn’t hear all of the comments. nice try.

    Back in the 1970s I worked with a couple of women who were older than my Mom. One of them said, the Conservatives treat people like slaves and the Liberals treat them like serfs. In her opinion that was the difference. She voted NDP. She did say however, for lots of people she knew, being a serf was a leg up from being a slave.

    I can’t remember the Conservatives ever passing any social legislation. The Liberals have, even if the NDP had to “black mail” them, well it was pass and they would support or they didn’t become government, but it did get done.

    During the reign of Harper we had tax credits but that didn’t feed kids. Trudeau’s government sends out cash every month based on your income. So even with his “mistakes” if I had to make a decision between the Cons or the Libs, I know where my vote would go. One of the first things Harper did was defund women’s groups in Canada, up until then I was willing to wait and see. Knew it would be all down hill after that. Winding up in the Supreme Court of Canada 8 times and loosing does not make a P.M. look good, sort of like why is this guy trying to violate our Constitution all the time.

    For me it just comes down to, I don’t trust Scheer. In my opinion, it is not good judgement to hire, as your campaign manager, Hamish Marshall who formerly worked at the “racist rag” The Rebel. Ezra Levant, owner, The Rebel used to do interviews with Roger Stone for The Rebel. Its just a tad too much. Then when you think Conservatives, I think Ford of Ontario and that brings to mind those pictures of him and Faith Goldy and her “boys” and that brings to mind her meetings with the “alt-right” in the U.S.A., you know the people who organized that “protest” in Charlottesville where the alt-righter ran over and killed the young woman. As they say, you will be known by the company you keep.

  43. keith says:

    Hi Harvey,

    You have to give credit to J.T. for stepping in front of a microphone and answering questions, but like H. Lawson comment 42 – I’m also wondering who is giving advice, because it certainly isn’t any semblance of damage control, and every “we have learnt, will move forward” blah blah blah only makes him look, and the situation worse than need be.

    I can’t blame J.T. for dragging out the jobs and middle class, every politician with or without a pulse uses those lines for every occasion, but should get away from that line. Quite a few industry experts are debunking the amount of job losses as many of the jobs are contract workers, and those that aren’t would be absorbed by other prominent engineering companies due to their high skill and ability levels.
    Also If SNC were to get a 10 year ban from federal govt. contracts according to one very knowledgeable chap, the amount of fed. contracts in the future aren’t that many it would make much of a difference to the status quo of SNC.

    Friday SNC lost in a court proceeding to come to an out of court resolution to their current predicament, with a very good summation by the judge..

    At one point a suggestion had been floated of getting outside legal counsel to look at the SNC predicament with Jody Wilson Raybould and the Director of Public Prosecutions. Well that is what happened, unfortunately for the PMO it wasn’t the judge or the result they wanted.

    Against the backdrop of all this, SNC are on a 10 year ban with the world bank:

    and if you have a month or two spare, google SNC Lavalin corruption, here’s a couple of highlights:

    Uganda and Mozambique.


    I’m fully aware of doing business in other parts of the world where bribery and corruption is the m.o., and there should be some mechanism to recognize a company shouldn’t go down the tubes because of a couple of dodgy executives which is aline being floated. But when we SNC on a regular basis fighting corruption issues, including domestic, a conclusion could be fairly drawn that it’s part of the corporate culture.

    Given the history of SNC, the way the law stands, SNC losing Friday to “ negotiate a settlement” it patently clear why Jody Wilson Raybould stood by her decision, not touching it with a ten foot pole outside of the law.

    (Response: I don’t give Trudeau much credit for “answering” questions: I still don’t believe we’ve heard the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Plus … I can’t help but feel if Wilson Raybould was from Quebec, there is NO WAY she would have been so demoted … and not only was SHE disrespected by Trudeau/Liberals, so were ALL British Columbians. AND also, if it all hit the fan surrounding a Quebec Minister as this has, Trudeau would be IN QUEBEC answering, apologizing and doing his mea culpa: the PM should come to BC to tell us the truth, and apologize …if he really cares about our votes/seats and respecting the truth … and us. h.o)

  44. Jimbo says:

    Re: Butts
    At the risk of being brief, I bring to your attention Mar.07.19 Vancouver Sun article by Marie- Danielle Smith concerning Naval Commander Mark Norman and his Breech of Trust charge alleging the leaking of Cabinet secrets about a ship building contract with a Quebec ship yard.
    Names mentioned for record production along with Butts are Trudeau and his Chief of Staff Katie Telford, Defense Minister Sajjan and the ubiquitous Michael Wernick Head of the Privy Council.
    This indicates to me Gerald Butts’s resignation was about this more than the Wilson-Raybould matter.

  45. 13 says:

    Just reading some comments on a National Post article re the real Trudeau has become evident..

    They have been trying to get rid of Trump for many years Muller has yet to come up with the needed evidence
    Trudeau on the other hand,,,, JWR supplied us all with ample evidence to get rid of Trudeau he should be gone.
    This am on Jill Bennets show a pundit expressed the two possibilities of what Trudeau is guilty of
    1.) He is truly stupid
    2.)He is truly a liar
    He should be gone

  46. BMCQ says:

    I fin the attached National Post Piece of interest, it is thoughtful and it provides anyone reading with some good analysis of the Fiasco regardless of how one feels about the SNCL , PM Justin, the Liberal Government, Cabinet, the Caucus, JWR, Philpott, or how the Business of Government should or should not be be carried out.

    I believe it is now more important than ever to have a Formal Bi Partisan Independent Parliamentary Inquiry and perhaps even an RCMP and Judicial Investigation of this matter.

    Not just for the SNCL and present Government but for ALL Future Canadian Governments regardless of Brand.

    It is also long past time for the Clerk Werneck to Resign, he is now far past his “Best Before Date” and in fact he is and has interfered with the Democracy of Canada.

    There must also be am Transparent Investigation, a Public Report, and Accountability of Morneau, and at least seven other senior Liberals and their Staff.

    It is one for the PM Justin to be Arrogant but to be Arrogant, Stupid, and Blind to see what Canadians from Coast to Coast, to Coast think of him and his Liberal Government is unacceptable at best.

    Why is it that so many in the Liberal Party including Elected MP’s are allowing PM Justin to Chart a Route that will Lead the Liberal Government to Defeat in the October Election?

    Where are the States People Kind?

    e.a.f. –

    You make many unfounded charges against Harper, Scheer, and the Conservative Party, even resorting to the Identity Politics of calling Scheer “Creepy”.

    What is it that is ‘Creepy” about Scheer?

    After you clarify that you can then ask me what you would to say to me if I was to say that

    “I think Jagmeet Singh is really Creepy”?

    How would that play to you and your friends in the NDP or Liberal Party?

    Just how much latitude would I be given if I was to make that one simple comment about Singh on this Blog or anywhere else??

    It should not but somehow it always amazes me how those on the Left seem to get away with Comments in any forum that a Conservative would never get away with.

  47. Catt says:

    E.A.F. 44 Please don’t get me wrong I don’t vote for either of them neither and am very disillusioned by the polarization.

    Harvey, getting back to your title of this post I can see the West feeling very alienated by the optics of favouring yet another Quebec corporation especially for votes. Given SNC Lavalin’s past behaviour and the fact they didn’t come forward on their own (as they were enjoying a high level of profits) leads me to believe that more than ever Canada needs stringent white collar crime laws with stricter penalties. If corporations can produce a receipt for tax purposes for bribes etc that is a crime of theft against the rest of Canadians who do follow the rules. A monetary fine for those crimes does not reimburse “the people” for their losses ….it goes back into governmental general revenues.

    With regards to my original post #33, Harvey, someone else is thinking the same way I am:

    (Response: Trudeau should BE in BC …explaining why he and Liberal strategists have treated a BC Minister …and thus US …so shabbily. He would NEVER treat a Quebec or Ontario Minister so poorly. Remember, I openly wrote I would be voting for him last election. Little did I expect he would …so soon …become another Trudeau giving BC the finger! He needs to apologize IN BC, to BRITISH COLUMBIAND an to WILSON RAYBOULD. h.o)

  48. Harry Lawson says:

    I know you give latitude to the posters on this blog. I have learned so much from you and the poster’s.
    I haven’t posted much because of a health issue ,I am finally getting healthier so I am back lol .

    I agree with BCMQ that the clerk of the Privy Council Werneck needs to retire. I was appalled at his arrogance and disrespectful behaviour to all. If this is his best behaviour wow.

    (Response: Glad you’re recovering! As we age, these challenges come up, but I found in my case it’s amazing what good health care .. and time … can accomplish. And although I’m about to take a brief Spring break, I have also found keeping involved, writing and reading and responding to the comments and ideas of others helps too. 🙂 h.o)

  49. Marge says:

    And it gets worse for Trudeau.
    Jacques Bougie who JUST happens to not only sit on the board of SNC-Lavalin also sits on the board for … get ready … The Trudeau Foundation ?
    It also turns out that he is a Director at McCain Foods … You know, Bill Morneau’s (Minister of Finance) wife’s family business.
    Really ? … I mean REALLY ? !!!
    Yeah, no conflict of interest there.

  50. 13 says:

    On September 17 2018 Jody Wilson Raybould looked into the eyes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and CLEARLY told him to STOP . You would think that the champion of womens rights would understand that close variation of NO means NO.
    And yet even after hearing that testimony PM Justin stands in front of us and says IF only Jody Wilson Raybould had come to him with her concerns….
    Im not sure what pisses me off more about your lying PM. Is it that he hasnt got the nerve to admit that he screwed up OR that he has the unmitigated gaul to lie to everyone in Canada.

  51. Catt says:

    @Marg 51
    Yes, it is disgusting that they have “gamed” the game. And, why no cooling off period between jumping from gov’t into industry and back again like a Monsanto revolving door. Look at who is on these boards of directors or who has stakes in the new marijuana industry. (follow the $)

    In BC we have the BC Liberals on the boards of directors for the smart meters, IPP’s, BCIMC etc. With regards to BC Investment Managment, take a look at the salaries they’re getting.

    There needs to be some control over how many boards of directors a person can serve on…..otherwise it feels and looks like an “infestation”.

  52. BMCQ says:

    Harry – 50

    Great News Harry!

    Continued Good Health!

  53. frozentundra says:

    Hi Harvey:

    Everything about this is bad optics for Trudeau, but he will still win the next election unless Quebec votes against him. Since there is little chance of that happening and the Maritimes will vote for him because he brings federal jobs there, all he needs is a couple of dozen urban Toronto ridings, maybe a couple in Vancouver and boom, Liberal government. By August and September federal cheques will be raining down in the East and the status quo will be maintained.

    (Response: He needs more than Quebec: he also needs Ontario ..or at least the major urban areas…area codes 416 and 905. And let’s keep it real, if the bucks flow to the Maritimes as well, any Western or BC ire over ethics, principles etc surrounding Wilson Raybould’s mistreatment, won’t count for much there. And we don’t yet know how Scheer will carry on in the election campaign…so you could be right. But we must NOT stay silent and we must let him know we’re mad as hell in BC … and could make the difference between a LOSS or MINORITY GOVERNMENT! h.o.)

  54. BMCQ says:

    PM Justin has now for over 60 Days of the SNCL Scandal and the really many many Months of his Dishonest/Lying, Influence Peddling, going back to the Conversations and Bullying of JWR a Federal AG supported by Morneau, Werneck, Butts, and many others that he is Incorrigible an he has NO regard for his so called “Rule of Law” and he has NO Respect for anyone or anything unless it suits his warped sense of values that he lies by, not what he wants the rest of Canadians to live by.

    Guess what People PM Justin thinks and believes he is Better Than YOU.

    PM Justin then again attempts to throw anyone but himself Under the Bus by Blaming a Breakdown of Communications between JWR and Butts.

    I find him Disgusting.

    I have it on Good Authority that when PM Justin Awoke Sunday Morning he made an attempt to Set His Clock back to Oct. 20, 2015 and “Sunny uh Ways My uh Friends, Sunny uh Ways” !!

    It was only a short time ago that too many of you on this Blog thought Canada should give Justin a chance.

    How is that Working Out so Far?

    e.a.f. –

    Any comment on my “Singh” Commentary and question to you?

    I am still waiting.

  55. Catt says:

    How did Canada get this way? Watch

  56. r says:

    A slippry slope with the end being a moat?

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