Lavalin Coverup Would be Trudeau’s Achilles Heel

This could be even worse than the Sponsorship scandal.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau MUST let former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould speak.

No amount of having other Cabinet officials or bureaucrats or PM spokespersons or the PM himself “explain” what happened ON this SNC Lavalin file or what happened TO Wilson-Raybould will SATISFY Canadians.

It stinks!

I don’t think ANYBODY watching and listening to federal politics BELIEVES that as Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould did not have pressure put on her to endorse a “sweetheart” deal that would allow SNC-Lavalin off easy for any corrupt or illegal activities it is now before the Courts in Quebec to address… and when she refused to cave, Trudeau demoted her to Veterans’ Affairs Minister.

INTERFERING in the legal process IN ANY WAY in Canada through pressure or coercion or demoting someone for failing to acquiesce may even be illegal, and IS certainly politically foolish, politically arrogant and could prove politically fatal.

To be truthful, I have personal conflicts on interest in looking at and watching the current scandal unfold: I live in Wilson-Raybould’s riding; I voted for her; I knew and interviewed many times and totally respected her father Chief Bill Wilson while I was with BCTV; and, I still consider myself a journalist and a Canadian who HIGHLY VALUES honesty and integrity and the INDEPENDENCE of the judiciary.

Does Trudeau? Does the Liberal government? Does the Liberal Party of Canada?

If so, they MUST lift the Cabinet gag order on Wilson-Raybould; they MUST allow her to be called before the Parliamentary justice committee to testify and, most importantly, to answer questions.

Anything less will be a DISASTER for Trudeau and the Liberals.

The discussions, accusations, demands, leaks, revelations etc. will go on unabated FOR MONTHS until the FULL story comes out about what happened in the SNC-Lavalin/Trudeau/Liberals/Wilson-Raybould case.

Not to mention all the dirt that will flow from the actual Court proceedings involving Lavalin over the next few months.

And, remember, the next federal election is coming up in October!

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. Heliworld says:

    This was all planned well ahead of what we are publicly hearing now. They inserted a change to the criminal law hidden in an omnibus bill to use as they are now. Purposely tweaked for SNC to boot. Now that is an honest transparent government. Only a few of these elected puppets read it and you can bet if they were Lieberal, they did not speak on it.

    For T2 to say anything different now is a lie. If it surprises you that politicians lie, they do, pretty much every time their lips move.

    There are two different laws one for the elites and one for the rest. Once these hidden plans are found out the lies get bigger.

    Perfect example is the IPP fiasco at BC Hydro that is new information being broadcast on MSM today.

    This was known and brought up to senior managers time and time again when this started more than ten years ago. In the field we saw how it was not working and spoke up about it, very loudly, yet no one listened. Why? Because politicians like Gordon Campbell were filling their pockets and then filling the public and workers with more lies on how it was good for BC.

    Yes politicians get voted in and out but once they are in power or their pockets full they never speak the truth.

    Well I am done with wasting my time voting for an new set of crooks and liars to take power. When these elected officials let people across borders with the RCMP carrying their bags and using whatever bafflegag to justify it, I am done with it. When they make laws to appease corporate criminals to walk away, I am done with it.

    It will be interesting to see how these politicians crawl out of the holes they live in to justify this criminality before the next elections.

    Unfortunately they will throw out some politically correct reasoning and double talk more justifications on how they are saving the world and will get elected.

    I hope I am wrong.

    (Response: I think this … like so many other things federally ..comes down to two things: SEATS and QUEBEC. Yes, there are jobs at stake …but from the government’s point of view … what is REALLY important is how it all plays in the WIDER audience …ie the voters. And the differing reactions in English and French Canada are nothing new: in Quebec, corruption, vote-buying have gone together seamlessly for many decades with many (but thankfully not all) residents, politicians, corporations; in the rest of the country, there is much more emphasis on things like ethics and legalities. h.o)

  2. hawgwash says:

    I’d like to see Jody Wilson-Raybould back Trudeau into a corner by requesting he waive her solicitor-client privilege.

    I’m still looking for a link to a story I read this morning, about how the Quebec media is all over keeping SNC in business, because of jobs. What an incredible sell out.

    (Response: Try this … . h.o)

  3. Chuckstraight says:

    Bildeburgs will be Bildeburgs.

  4. Darren Parks says:

    Harvey, I preface this as nothing more than my opinion. Every unproven issue is allegedly stated.

    There seems to be a narrative that is trying to show Jody Wilson-Raybould as an unwitting victim of this alleged conspiracy to obstruct justice.

    This portrayal that she is somehow being forced to be silent by the PM is reflected in your comment. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau MUST let former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould speak.”

    She could speak loudly if she chose to, but it appears she is willing to stay loyal to the Liberals and her PM.

    When she was demoted in mid January without much explanation it was reported that she was thought of as weak by fellow Liberals in debate and not as competent as would be expected from a Minister in such profile position.

    But now it is alleged she was demoted for failing to acquiesce to the PM demands regarding Lavalin prosecution. That makes her the hero?

    1. We don’t know that she refused to acquiesce to the PM. She could have misused her influence on the prosecution and the shuffle is a way to misdirect if the misconduct ever came to light.

    2. If the accusation is true then the PM has acted unethically, probably to the point of criminality and JRW refused to acquiesce, but now knowing of the PM’s unethical actions she does’t report it. Doesn’t resign in protest. Doesn’t leave the Liberal caucus. But instead continues as a loyal Minister to the PM, all the while remaining silent about the unethical acts of the PM.

    That’s not a victim of the PM’s acts, that’s a co-conspirator.

    Even now, after the scandal has broke she creates some bogus reason to remain silent to protect and remain loyal to to the PM.

    Solicitor-Client Privilege? Really?

    A lawyer and her client can’t conspire to obstruct justice then try and hide behind privilege that’s a misuse of privilege.

    “An exception to the principle of confidentiality of solicitor-client communications exists where those communications are criminal or else made with a view to obtaining legal advice to facilitate the commission of a crime.”

    R. v. Campbell, [1999] 1 SCR 565, 1999

    I hope that the Honorable Jody Wilson-Raybould PC QC MP misuse of Solicitor-Client Privilege has perked up the ears of the BC Law Society watch dogs, and now have opened an investigation into her conduct through this scandal.

    As of this time, JWR still sits as a MP in the Liberal caucus. You’d think that an innocent victim of the alleged PM’s unethical acts would not have sat as a cabinet minister for the PM, would not now have taken a “vow of silence” for her PM and now still sit alongside her fellow Liberals.

    That kind of loyalty is hard to find, outside the mafia. (that is satire, I in no way am suggesting that anyone involved is part of a crime organization, I’ll leave that to the Huffington Post.)

    (Response: No one is physically preventing Wilson-Raybould from speaking and, yes, she could break Parliamentary tradition/custom/ethics and speak out, ignoring Cabinet confidentiality oaths/rules. But then she would be no better than the other unprincipled people around her. Better she stick to her integrity by quitting the Cabinet, not letting them demote her and doing nothing, also giving up the extra pay, perks etc but NOT spitting on Parliamentary traditions. That …in the long run …will serve her personally and politically MUCH better …than violating her oath. h.o)

  5. Elle says:

    This is exactly why so many of us did not vote Liberal. They are bending the rules and accommodating one company that provides jobs and votes in one province, namely Quebec, which is the only province that matters to them. General Motors is also costing a lot of jobs in Ontario, but that is ok. The non-pipeline is costing a lot of jobs in Alberta and that is ok, but jobs in Quebec are critical and have to be protected. How is that not divisive to Canada? You can cry and appologize all day long, but it is the backroom shinanigans that reveal the true identity of the Liberal party. We do not believe them.

  6. Marge says:

    That Trudeau was not ready to govern is so apparent in this latest Liberal scandal. He came in promising to be better but broke that promise early on with the omnibus bill hidden so no one would know, while condemning the previous government for its shady work.

    He claimed to support feminists but his speech explaining he couldn’t understand why she left the Cabinet reeked of Bill Clinton defense mechanisms. He even has a Haida raven tattoo on his arm but has demonstrated no understanding of the culture whatsoever. Yet despite all of this show, all he has done is demonstrate his lack of intelligence and sensitivity when it comes to his treatment of women and in particular those of First Nations ancestry. Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment to this country.

    His treatment of Jody is reprehensive. His attitude is almost colonial demeaning. And he can’t even get his act together – what kind of a leader poses in front of a bus while throwing his Justice Minister under it?
    And then we have his Liberal supporters, looking very sheepish themselves. Isn’t there one or two of them willing to defend her? Or are they all sheep? Of course they are, leaking stories about what a terrible boss the woman was and how badly behaved she was – definitely not worthy of a government Cabinet position, they would have us all believe.
    The worst one of all of them was Anthony Housefeather who had the most implausible reason for her removal as Cabinet minister. Anthony Housefeather, the Liberal chair of the House of Commons Justice Committee, said today on a Montreal radio show that Jody may have lost the Justice Position because she doesn’t speak French… Isn’t that the most inane comment ever? Especially when Justin appointed her knowing all of this.

    Let’s face it, the Liberals would sell their mother down the river to get Quebec votes. The rest of the country just doesn’t matter as Elle so aptly explained it to all of us.

  7. hawgwash says:

    Harvey, was this the bridge you railed against, over federal funding, a couple years ago?

    (Response: The rant I believe you are referring to was about the Champlain Bridge and federal funding for that. However the various scandals involving the Jacque Cartier Bridge go back decades and decades … all the way to the 60s. h.o)

  8. 13 says:

    Ahh, the satisfaction of having ones views validated. To those of us that have suspected, claimed, screamed that JT is truly empty headed, not to bright , we now see how correct we were. For the longest time many chalked up Trudeaus ability to govern to his “handlers”. Seems that his handlers arent much brighter than the substitute drama teacher.
    Trudeau is walking on thin ice. I wonder how long before the rest of his party toss him under the bus. But you never know? Scheer has been a bit sharper since the scandal started, but hes still not going for the jugular. Well as has been said on the HO blog many times “tick tock”.

    (Response: I don’t think it’s correct to say Trudeau is “empty-headed, not too bright”. I suspect he’s more a VICTIM of Canada’s political system and the way ALL our parties operate … playing only for votes, sacrificing their ethics, betraying their principles, lying and overlooking or downplaying guilt if it would help them achieve or hold on to power. h.o.)

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    Let us not forget, that Lavalin hold the engineering patents for the proprietary (now called Movia) SkyTrain system. SNC Lavalin inherited the patents from Lavalin, when it went into receivership during the time it tried to sell the newly purchased ICTS/ALRT (from the now defunct UTDC) to Bangkok, Thailand.

    SNC sold the technical patents to Bombardier because they were not in the business to build cars.

    Mayor McCallum’s election platform was to not build the long planned for LRT and build with the now considered obsolete (Movia) SkyTrain system, which SNC Lavalin tend to make a lot of money building.

    Geoff Meggs is a former Vision Vancouver Councillor and a big, big booster of the now estimated to cost , $3.5 billion Broadway subway. Geoff Meggs is Horgan’s chief advisor.

    Both SkyTrain projects in BC will cost over $5 billion, most of it paid to engineering firms or just one engineering firm.

    The Broadway subway is being built on a route with traffic flows 11,000 pphpd less than the Canadian standard for building a subway. In fact, SkyTrain was designed to mitigate the high cost of subway construction.

    It should be noted that TransLink now refutes the claim that “Broadway was the most heavily used transit route in Canada”; they now claim “This is our region’s most overcrowded bus route.”

    Jim Burke, the former Executive Vice President for SNC Lavalin in B.C, has been working on a due diligence panel set-up to oversee business case development for infrastructure, including the Broadway Subway.

    SNC Lavalin will make a lot of money on subway construction, especially using a proprietary railway that they own the engineering patents for.

    Vancouver is now the only city of the seven that built with often renamed (now called Movia) SkyTrain system, that continues to plan and build with LIM powered SkyTrain.

    Also remember that the Canada Line faux P-3 final bidding was between SNC Lavalin/ROTEM and SNC/Bombardier after Alstom and Siemens were disqualified on orders of Gordon Campbell.

    The Hon. Judge Pittfield presiding over the Susan heyes lawsuit against Translink (failed on appeal) called the bidding process for the Canada line a “Charade”.

    I have been told by several people who have worked at TransLink that SNC Lavalin owns TransLink.

    As the slimy tentacles of corruption from eastern Canada now engulf the west, we must be reminded by the strange and curious incident of $1 million dollars left in a gym bag at Clinton Park almost two decades ago.

    SNC Lavalin is corruption spelled in Canadian.

  10. E Johnson says:

    The Prime Minister looks stricken as he watches his credibility on so many issues flying out the window. His miserable treatment of Ms Reybould-Wilson in the aftermath of the Globe and Mail story certainly doesnt match the image of his feminist self that he wants the world to believe. That speech in Winnipeg was especially disrespectful to her.

    (Response: Photo ops, photo bombing won’t get him out of this one. And each days that goes by stalling on letting Wilson-Abould tell HER version of what happened makes it worse for Trudeau and the Liberals. h.o)

  11. l taylor says:

    Its not the the act its the lies and cover ups that will get you in in the end Richard Nixon

    (Response: Exactly!! h.o)

  12. E Johnson says:

    Methinks the PM’s credibility on several issues has just flown out the window. Not impressed one bit with how he has handled this mess. His disrespectful treatment of Ms Wilson-Raybould is especially revealing. Not liking what I am seeing.

    (Response: I think MANY Canadians … even those who voted Liberal in the last election …are today feeling the same as you are. And that’s a REAL problem … especially leading up to the next meeting of the Justice Committee next Tuesday. How that Liberal-dominated committee handles Opposition attempts to get Wilson-Raybould to appear before it could seriously impact Liberal fortunes in the next federal election. h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Just looking at her face, she wasn’t happy about going to Veteran Affairs, then she quit Cabinet.
    We are all going to be guessing for some time. My take on it is, she will not talk. There is no point and if Trudeau is taken down by this “scandal”, she will be in the running for leader of the party.

    Now it maybe this has nothing to do with SNC Lavalin, not likely, but possible. Perhaps what is going on has more to do with Indigenous Rights and progress than with SNC Lavalin.

    To those who think loosing 9K jobs in Quebec is the end of the world, get a grip. Back in the mid 1970s to early 1980s the forest industry took a real kicking in B.C. and in some communities the unemployment rate ran from 15% to 30%. (government stats at the time were set up so some things weren’t reflected). Alberta has lost approx. a 100K jobs and they’re still standing. Quebec needs to get over itself and so does Canadian politics. Quebec is not the country.

    SNC Lavalin has a history of corruption. Here and abroad. The SNC Lavalin players in B.C. are enough to make you choke. One blog had a list of politicians SNC Lavalin came to visit in B.C. Yes, the new NDP cabinet ministers and Rich Coleman. Now doesn’t that make you wonder. When Christy clark became Premier, who did she hire, a SNC Lavalin executive. perhaps we need an inquiry into that also.

    if Trudeau was trying to “clear up” things for SNC Lavalin, he is simply one of a long list of Canadian politicians. Its been a lot of back scratching as corporate executives moved into political positions and politicians moved into SNC Lavalin.

    Some may take the position the top tier of SNC Lavalin has been cleaned up, but in my opinion, not so much. Corruption breeds a corporate environment which becomes systemic to the organization. Its not too big to fail. Its 9K jobs and the company can be re formatted, without the legacy it now carries around.

    it would be a shame that this would bring down Trudeau and his government because in my opinion the Cons are not an alternative. On the other hand the only person who hasn’t opened her mouth about it, that I know of, is Elizabeth May. Who knows by election day so many will be fed up with traditional parties she may be the new P.M.

    When all is said and done, some one in the P.M.’s office will take the fall, Wilson-Raybould will say nothing, and the Liberals will be re elected with perhaps a minority, but who knows Quebec may give them a majority.

    (Response: Wilson-Raybould is in a tough position: ethically, she needs clearance to spill the beans about what really took place; but if she does not get it and stays silent, her own political future is over. Canadians WANT to know the TRUTH; Canadians NEED to know the TRUTH … and Wilson-Raybould must help us learn the TRUTH without sacrificing her integrity. h.o.)

  14. hawgwash says:

    Oh, I believe she will talk, at some point, if only enough to twist the knife she has already slipped between JT’s ribs.

    Jody Wilson-Raybould is very smart, street smart smart, and has a more than capable lawyer in Thomas Cromwell.

  15. Gilbert says:

    If this scandal had taken place with Stephen Harper in power, I’m sure countless people in the media would say it was time for him to resign. But here we have an incompetent Prime Minister who has given the CBC millions of dollars, and who many Canadians view as dishonest, intolerant, undisciplined and arrogant, yet many in the media are trying to defend him.

    I don’t believe he can win re-election in October. If he’s capable of putting himself above his party and the country, he’ll do us all a favour and resign. If he manages to hang on to power, he’ll go down.

    (Response: As I said in the blog, this scandal …and how it is handled …could be Trudeau’s Achilles heel. But a lot can happen in politics in seven months before an election… which is why I enjoy observing/commenting on it all so much … even when I get angry, disappointed, disgusted! h.o)

  16. R says:

    And how much business does snc have in bc?
    Pautlo bridge re and re ?

  17. BMCQ says:

    13 – 9

    I am quite sure that the majority of Canadians even those that Voted Liberal are at least questioning the intellect, judgement, maturity, logic, and common sense of PM Justin.

    How could they not?

    Harvey – 9 – Response

    Let us look at the judgement of PM Justin on so many issues over the past three years, how could we not see him as empty headed?

    I defy anyone to show me where he has done or said anything that was not pandering to Media, his Base, Various Special Interest Groups.

    He has absolutely No Substance, he Panders to Media, and seems intent on doing his best to appeal to Facebook, Twitter, and instagram Followers, and cares nothing about making Adult Decisions that ensure Canadian Security, Health Care, Education, the Control of Government Spending and Bloat, Canadian Sovereignty by Securing Canadian Borders, Care of Seniors, getting Discounted Canadian Oil and Gas to World Markets, Keeping Taxes under Control, and upholding Canadian Rule of Law and providing Transparent and Honest Governmenance.

    Honestly, I have much harsher words than “Empty Headed” to describe the Canadian PM, he is truly only a Legend in His Own Basement.

    Let’s be honest, who really takes him seriously, with his Body of Work how could they?

    He is indeed an ‘Empty Suit” if there ever was one!

    e.a.f. – 13

    Did I read that correct?

    Elizabeth May Canadian PM? Really? Yikes!

    Sorry but Elizabeth May should stick to what she does best, being an ‘After Dinner Speaker”!

    Again it is examples of the PM Justin and other Politicians at all Three Levels of the past few years encourage me once more to call for Two Four Term Limits for all Politicians in Canada.

    It is sickening for me to think that PM Justin could be Elected to a Second Term as Canadian PM.

    For the sake of Canada and Canadians I hope Ms JWR comes forward and informs all of Canada what took place in Cabinet and just what the PM did behind closed doors.

    I now feel it is her duty to come forward as soon as possible, Canadians deserve to know the full story.

    Confidentiality be damned, this could be the biggest political story in Canada In Generations.

  18. Keith says:

    Much of what J. Trudeau espoused in 2015 because “ it is 2015” has been obliterated in this one issue with a Federal election just around the corner because it’s 2019.

    It would have been so easy to come out with the facts straight away, have a couple of ready to go examples of similar shenanigans by the previous government as insurance, take their chances with the fallout and with a couple of news cycles, it would be out of the headlines and on page 7. The Duffy Wallin et. al. spending scandal in the Senate should be an example of what not to do, and the Liberals have just done it.

    And the disaster only multiplies with the constant drip, drip every day, every news cycle. Changing statements, laughable dog and pony show investigation run by trained seals, the only thing missing are beach balls. He said, they said, she said, except Jody Wilson Raybould hasn’t said a word, but when she eventually does, who are we going to believe.? There is enough fodder for the opposition to keep this going ad. infinitum, and who could blame them.?

    (Response: Trudeau himself has already broken the cabinet silence rule by dropping a couple of remarks about his discussions with Raybould … so if HE can speak about that, why can’t Raybould??? I think what really SCARES the PM and the Liberal government is that if they admit to ANY mention by any of them to affect of ANY matter relating to the Lavalin case, which is before the Courts … it makes a sham out of their stand that neither the PM nor any government official can INTERFERE in the Huawei/Meng case, also now before the Courts! Ooops! h.o)

  19. hawgwash says:

    So many interesting comments and people are reacting like this is a Trudeau issue. Oh sure, it revolves around Trudeau on a superficial level, but it really is about centuries old, traditional corruption and politics. Trudeau just happens to be the topic, the current flavour.

    How long has Lavalin and SNC Lavalin been doing business?

    Surveyer, Nenniger & Chenevert and Lavalin have been around in one iteration or another for over a century and SNC Lavalin has been investigated for criminal activities going back to at least the 1990s; let’s take a look at just the last 20 years;
    SNC-Lavalin Kerala hydroelectric dam scandal (1995-2008)
    Montreal’s Jacques-Cartier bridge (early 2000s)
    SNC-Lavalin – Libya bribery charges (2001-2011)
    Arthur Porter kick-back scandal (2011-2014)
    Blacklisted by World Bank (2013)
    SaskPower serious design flaws (2015)

    Now let’s look at our leaders over the same period;
    Brian Mulroney 1984-1993 Conservative
    Kim Campbell 1993 Conservative
    Jean Chretien 1993-2003 Liberal
    Paul Martin 2003-2006 Liberal
    Stephen Harper 2006-2015 Conservative
    Justin Trudeau 2015-2019 Liberal

    3 Cons and 3 Libs; equal opportunity parties but in active years the Cons outscore the Libs.

    It’s probably safe to say that most criminal acts are carried out by people who have a habit of, or make a living at, law breaking and have been investigated or charged in a small percentage of actual occurrences.

    There is an old, old question here; are you sorry for the deed or sorry you got caught?

    I suggest, prior to Trudeau, PMs were selected, not elected, on their ability to be easily manipulated, dance nicely to the puppet masters and stick to the play book. Trudeau passed the first but failed the latter two because he, like Christy Clark, was too enamoured with self and selfies.

    Jody Wilson-Raybould, by many accounts is honest, moral, honourable and most importantly, not for sale. The power brokers and SNC are not alone in this; ever heard the name, Bombardier, Kinder and Morgan? This crowd simply got too cheeky, complacent, and arrogant, only to be outed by a lone ethical non-player; a tough, street smart, indigenous, woman to boot. The perfect storm? Looks like it.

    So 13 @ 9, B @ 18/19 and others who may gloat the tired old “told ya so” it is not about the boy who would be king but about being corrupt, becoming smug, sloppy and hiring a dunce to slop the pigs.

    The only difference between Trudeau and most other politicians is he is neither smart, nor coherent enough, to be saved from himself; “because it’s 2019.”

    I’m sore from laughter.

    (Response: Terrific info! Thanks for this. Yes, the TRUTH is MANY companies dealing with governments anywhere ..but especially overseas … have long histories of paying bribes, kickbacks, appointing “friends” to boards, etc. Simply part of local cultures in many places … and in Canada, it seems to crop up in Quebec and the Maritimes more often than other provinces. When I lived in Quebec, I witnessed and experienced it personally many times and have written about that in earlier blogs. BUT when a government …any government … gets accused of possibly interfering in a Court case, then the very fabric of our society/Courts is threatened and the WHOLE story MUST come out. And to do that in this case, Wilson-Raybould MUST speak PUBLICLY about her experiences. h.o)

  20. hawgwash says:

    Harvey, your response to me at 20, in part; “When I lived in Quebec, I witnessed and experienced it personally many times…”

    Is it not possible this same thing was going on in all parts of Canada, but Quebec was just more willing to talk about it?

    “BUT when a government …any government … gets accused of possibly interfering in a Court case…”

    Again, I say this is just a “got caught this time” scenario, that has been the norm for a long, long time. It just so happens that there is a Jody Wilson-Raybould present, just as there was a Darryl Plecas present locally.

    It is not supposed to be that way.

    Be patient, I am very confident the truth will out in due course. This is serious stuff and JWR like Plecas, cannot bow to the publics need for instant, salacious gratification.

    (Response: No. When corruption and influence are WIDELY part of any system, people know it, see it and/or experience it quite regularly …as I did living, studying and working in Quebec. When I later moved to and worked Saskatchewan (2 years), Ontario (8 years) and BC (for many decades now) … I was AMAZED at the difference: people in those provinces wouldn’t REGULARLY think of giving a “gift” to a traffic cop to avoid a ticket; showing “appreciation” to fire building inspectors to get off with only warnings, not actions; “tipping” corrupt rail workers to ensure necessary supplies replenished/delivered to trains I worked on; and bestowing donations on political parties to get “re-assessed” and approved for the maximum available after first being turned down for university school loans/bursaries. And I’ve never REGULARLY heard in any of those other provinces about millions and hundreds of millions having been stolen from taxpayers by officials when bridge tolls were collected in cash or paid out in bribes, over charges and kickbacks when construction contracts for almost ANY public contracts were awarded. And remember those SEVERAL Montreal politicians right up to the mayor and even his replacement being charged criminally with taking bribes etc. I’d bet today, the public furore in BC today about money laundering at casinos would barely raise more than a chuckle from many citizens in Quebec. It’s just DIFFERENT … just look at the appeals for a “deal” or from several LEADING politicians there and the poo-poohing by much of the usually hard-hitting media there regarding SNC-Lavalin … despite MULTIPLE criminal charges the Quebec-based company is facing involving MILLIONS in bribes … being just the latest in a long history of controversial money scandals. h.o.)

  21. BMCQ says:

    Hawg – 21

    I agree, it is sad but true Canada and Canadians have been let down, manipulated, taken advantage of, cheated, and literally swindled by a very high number of Politicians of ALL brands in all Three Levels of Government for what seems forever.

    Just how much has Fraud, Theft, Waste and Bloat most Canadian Tax Payers over the years?

    I find this very troubling and in fact I am like many here feeling betrayed and taken advantage of.

    How much more could we do for Senior Pensioners, Health Care, Clean Secure Affordable Housing, Education, and all the rest if we had had Statesmen/Women/States People in Political Positions of Power?

    In the meantime MOST simply continue to ignore the problems with the help of a Fawning Media and just continue o raise Taxes of Canadians without any responsibility or accountability.

    I also agree that PM Justin must be “Not smart enough, nor coherent enough, to be saved from himself because it is 2019”.

    Of course we have no idea if Ms JWR is 100% in the clear on this issue but I have absolutely no trouble giving her the benefit of the doubt and I wish her the best and I feel very strongly that she should speak out and infirm the Great Unwashed just exactly what took place in Cabinet.

    As I stated up the page, I believe the story that JWR needs to tell could be the Biggest Canadian Political in Generations.

    This is disgustingly wrong on so many levels.

  22. hawgwash says:

    I feel pretty strongly about just letting Jody Wilson-Raybould set her own agenda on this and trusting her to do it right.

    It is becoming increasingly easier for some to jump on her, at the behest of PMO and certain media, but again, lets not be too eagerly voyeristic.

    We saw the egg on much of the local media faces, along with trigger happy suspects, because they decided it was easier to shoot messenger Plecas.

  23. hawgwash says:

    Now we hav JT claiming Cabinet Cofidentiality which could be waived. Did he not criticize JWR for hiding behind “privilege”?

    Right about now JT reminds me of every for year old who clomped around the house in dad’s work boots.

    Clumsy. Funny but very clumsy.

  24. 13 says:

    The longer JWR keeps her lips sealed the better it gets. Every day a new and very much unimproved Justin version of events. Its hilarious. Its almost like he is doing a this hour has 22 minutes parody of himself.
    The poster that quoted Nixon gets two thumbs up on this one.
    Trudeau….. the gift that keeps on giving

  25. Diverdarren says:

    hawgwash, am I missing something here? There is one of two scenarios that could have happened in this scandal, and neither would lead to the idea that,

    “Jody Wilson-Raybould, by many accounts is honest, moral, honourable and most importantly, not for sale… a lone ethical non-player; a tough, street smart, indigenous, woman to boot.”

    1. The PMO pressured then Justice Minister JWR to use a section of the law to go easy on Lavalin. JWR refuses and the PM demotes her to Minister of Vet Affairs. She takes the position and silently sits as a loyal minister to the PM. A PM that just attempted to influence the Justice Min and when was unsuccessful shuffled her out.

    JWR doesn’t quit in protest, report to the Ethics Commissioner, inform the Justice Commitee. Nothing! In fact, were it not for the scandal she would still be the Min for the VA, collecting all the perks of Cabinet.

    Silence is complicate.


    2. The PMO didn’t try to influence JWR. The scandal is false and the PM shuffled a person who checks all those social justice boxes that the PM likes to showcase. JWR is a woman and indigenous lawyer from a popular family. Why would the PM demote such a person, and take all the political heat that would come with that if she wasn’t weak in debate and incompetent in her portfolio.

    If fact, if the scandal isn’t true then JWR must be a real mess for the PM to demote a indigenous woman.

    If there is a missing third scenario, I’m all ears hawgwash.

  26. e.a.f. says:

    hawgwash at 17, that just about covers it all. Thank you.

  27. Gilbert says:

    I made a mistake in my earlier post. I should have written, “If he’s capable of putting the party and the country above himself, he’ll do us all a favour and resign.” It seems that the prime minister thought he could influence Jody Wilson-Raybould in the same way he could influence other cabinet ministers. Clearly he was mistaken. Let’s be honest. Most cabinet ministers don’t truly serve the people-they serve themselves, and if that means doing whatever their boss wants, they do it.

    The problem with Prime Minister Trudeau is that he’s incredibly artificial. When asked a question in English about this scandal, he asked the reporter if she wanted him to answer in French. The question was in English, so why would she want him to answer in French? Was it because he needed a little more time to prepare his response? Was it because it wasn’t sincere? Was it because it would play better in French Canada than in English Canada? I’m sure most have noticed our prime minister has a clear speech impediment. How many times does he say “uh” and “um” while speaking? It seems he doesn’t really know what to say when he speaks, or that he’s constantly reorganizing his thoughts. He claims he’s a feminist, yet he says Minister Sajjan while at the same time he just says Jody for the former Justice Minister. I think we can all agree that it not very nice. This prime minister is truly an embarrassment. I know that October is months away, but I highly doubt Canadians will vote to keep him in office.

  28. hawgwash says:

    Diverdarren, you have tailored two possible scenarios, to suit your own thinking. I suggest every other poster on here could each devise two of their own.

    Plecas sat silent for a year.

    Oft times we miss what we want to.

    Patience, young grasshopper.

  29. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, yes its possible, not probable, but you hear people saying they’re tired of the Conservatives. They’re tired of the federal Liberals. They’ll never vote NDP. Some are saying they’re going to vote Green as a protest. Enough people do that, yes, we could have a Green P.M.

    Actually I always think a change is as good as a rest, so who knows. I’d sure rather wake up to see Elizabeth May as P.M. than Bernier.

    So hold on to your hat, find a really good bottle of scotch and see what happens. O.K. if she wins I’ll pay for the bottle, but we keep it under a grand.

    As the topic is SNC Lavalin, its a long way to the next election and Trudeau could be elected again, or he could resign and the federal Liberals could still be re elected. My take on it is, this is a media event and most Canadians don’t care. They won’t remember. Look at how many scandals we had in B.C. How many corrupt things went on and the B.C. Lieberals kept getting elected. Lots of voters consider all politicians corrupt, so they are only concerned about what the various political parties will deliver.

    Don’t under estimate Elizabeth May. She is one of those politicians who are dedicated to their cause.

  30. hawgwash says:

    >Libs could get re-elected without the kindergardener but he will not go on his own.
    >Someday, the idea of independents just might catch fire
    >BC scandals were NEVER a media event
    >There is no such thing as a good bottle of Scotch

  31. 13 says:

    eaf@33. Im finding hard to comment on that post.
    I think most Canadians do care. Justin Trudeau has portrayed himself as some sort of new politician. Enlightened, progressive, sjw, feminist, champion of first nations and sunny ways.
    Without listing the endless faux pas, or straight up lies and deceit Trudeau has proven to be a complete failure.
    Media payola, terrorist payola, un payaola, pipeline payola, Trudeau is an expensive FAILED experiment

  32. BMCQ says:

    Of course we may or may not know the truth and facts of the PM Justin and then AG JWR conversations and hack and forths at any time as unfortunately this would no doubt end up in a “He said – She said” but I believe most Canadians at this time regardless of their Political Brand would choose to believe her version of the facts.

    I believe that is an accurate statement and I also believe that would prove to both show what a high percentage of Canadians now think of the PM and I believe it also provides evidence that Canadians hold the former AG in High Regard, and that is very telling.

    I believe PM Justin has Uh, finally Uh, löst Uh, any and all Credibility with Canadians.

    With Apologies to DBW but the PM has now proven that “The Emperor Has No Clothes” .

    Then of course it would become very important to hear from the very few if any other Senior Liberals privy to or present during Conversations or other Exchanges in writing between the two.

    Of course nothing has been confirmed as yet but at this time and unless things change the PM is proving to all unless they are in a Trance that he is Intellectually ILL Equipped, Inept, holds {our Judgement, Shallow, Condescending, and a Bully.

    Somehow I do not see an even Fawning Media coming to his rescue on this one. The only thing that can save him now is his own Liberal Caucus and do they have the courage or are they stupid enough to go against for Former AG JWR and attempt to discredit her.

    I suppose the formerAG Herself could somehow throw him a Life Line but I do not believe that is highly likely.

    I find it rather Ironic that the Storm and possible Consequences to the PM, the Liberal Party, and reputation of Canada’s Justine System surrounding the speculated SNC Lavalin Misdeeds now appear to be a more serious matter than what SNC May have done.

    How is it that somehow Politicians at all Three Levels in Canada seem to somehow so often manage to

    “Seize Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” ?

    “Don’t Underestimate Elizabeth May”, you say?

    I am well aware it is now Legal but “Please Stop Inhaling” !!

  33. RIsaak says:

    Gerry Butts is the one who manipulated this entire mess, I guarantee it. The PMO is his personal playground and I believe he was in fact the person directly in the lobbyist’s cross-hair’s to attempt to avoid the consequences of prior misdeeds.

    Harper’s PMO was held to account in the Duffy issue, but, we now see the true colors of the current PMO, albeit with a hand-basket full of deflection and silence from the double speaking Trudeau.

    JWR, speaking on this issue which would involve waiving cabinet secrecy, would also open up the Norman/Brison affair and all the obfuscation employed to hush up the real actions of Brison, similar cabinet secrecy applies to both.

    Of course the Gwyn Morgan SNC/BC Liberal onion should get some heightened scrutiny as well, his tenure at SNC coincides with some of the issues listed above by hawgwash above. All prior government dealings with this questionable firm need honest and independent investigations. With so many instances of questionable conduct in their past, this is not something to be shuffled off or suppressed in any way.

    Mumbles McCallum, Translink and the new and past Vancouver council should all be scrutinized by a major investigation. Their collective zeal to build SNC patent projects should raise questions.

    Gerry Butts or someone else in the PMO, should not be protected, should be forced to spill the truth, it’s high time the people’s business was shared with the people, no exceptions!

  34. SB says:

    As far as SNC Lavalin go and more directly operations in Quebec it was a long standing system they were well used to kick backs bribes nothing new or unusual .
    Every political party every level of gov played the game ignoring the activity as long as their pet project was done, Trudeau and likely most fed politicians all dealt with what Quebec’s system was part of politics there always like it or not its how it plays out that you leave them be because just keeping their votes is a form of bribery .
    Way bigger issues have come and gone swept away or under carpets that’s just Quebec does not make it right but it is.

  35. Gene The Bean says:

    Corporatists are the scourge of the last fifty years.

  36. e.a.f. says:

    You’re right about the Scotch, I used to mix it with kids cool aid to wipe out the taste, but I thought BMCQ might be a Scotch drinker. Being a good Canadian, I’d rather drink Rye, Ice wine, or Vodka. However, I do hope you’re correct about the Liberals being able to be elected without Trudeau, because the thought of Scheer and his buddy from The Rebel running this country, is more than I could stay sober with.

    Your right about scandals never being a media event in B.C. It might be for the same reason our professional sports teams never do that well either. Its a lack of something, which most likely has to do with our climate, ocean, and trees because it was like that before there was a lot of weed around and before there was weed, in abundance, we were a fairly “dry” province.

    Yesterday or the day before Horgan announced the new St. Paul’s. Lets hope its not an SNC lavalin creation and if it is, we really need to have “open books” on it. We know what happened in Montreal with the hospital they built there, millions in pay offs.

    Horgan says the hospital will cost $1.3B. Seeing as Jimmy Pattison is kicking in $75M, perhaps one of his accountants can keep an eye on things. It sure was nice to see him on T.V.

  37. Eldon says:

    I voted Liberal last time and will be taking my vote elsewhere (assuming this all plays out as it appears).

    I would add that anyone who was comfortable voting Conservative after the Senate spending scandal should sit out this debate. We should all be consistent in throwing out corrupt leaders.

    (Response: That’s often a dilemma faced by voters: not who is clearly better, but which group of scoundrels and scandals is more palatable. h.o.)

  38. hawgwash says:

    This is an interesting spin on things and I’ll leave commenting until later except to point out, check the disclaimer at the bottom.

  39. Ron says:

    All that is lost in this debate is what about my thoughts on how MY taxpayer money should be spent, instead of a company that will lose jobs whose track record is akin to a mob.
    Do I want MY taxpayer money being spent on BRIBES, FRAUD, and CORRUPTION so people like Greedo-Guido Campbell can buy himself a nice pied-a-terre worth millions on the west coast via my pocketbook?
    Also, isn’t this all the preface to skirt prosecution in the upcoming trial(s) of corruption-bribery of Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge and MUHC Superhospital, using the long ago past of Libya etc. to say they have changed. It’s obvious they haven’t. And this is in our country, not some far away place that I would never visit.
    What private company would deal with this company with their history. All they can get are jobs where they can influence peddle.
    By having one more cent of MY taxes going to SNC shows I accept these conditions.
    I don’t want another single dollar of MY taxpayer dollars going to this crime family, period! Andrew Coyne wrote a great piece in the National Post the other day:
    I watched that Justice Committee farce and couldn’t believe the self-important smirking of Chairperson Horsefeather through the whole debate and non-vote.
    I was disgusted. Brought me back to the cheshire cat grins of both Campbell and Crusty Clark when they were in power here. I’m so glad Ontario and Alberta have to deal with their shady behavior now.
    Another note, we are closing in on the deadline for charges to be laid in the Mount Polley disaster, the biggest in Canada in over 50 years! Will the NDP do anything about this or will we see the same white-wash as BC’s criminal predecessors?

  40. BMCQ says:

    Some of you might find the attached Globe and Mail Front Page of interest.

    There are several Articles and Opinion Pieces on the SNC Lavalin , PM Justin, MP JWR, you may or not find of interest.

    I did not put them up separately as there are many so you may choose whichever one you find of interest.

    If you wish to dig a little bit deeper there is more.

    SNC Lavalin Employees about 150 thousand individuals World Wide.

    I believe the number in Quebec is about 3500.

    The Alberta Oil Sands Employees about 400 Thousand Direct and Indirect Jobs.

    Perhaps it is time for PM Justin to take his commitment to the Pipelines as seriously as he takes his loyalty to SNC Lavalin and Quebec.

    Time to build a Northern Gateway Pipeline for Natural Gas and Crude and use the ports of Prince Rupert and Kitimat for Exports of NG, Crude, and Imports of more Containers etc. and avoid increasing Ship traffic up through the Inside Passage.passage.

    That way Rail Lines could be used right across the North across Canada and we would see significant dramatic growth of Kitimat and Prince Rupert with much Employment, Infrastructure including Schools, University, Services like Medical Dental, Recreational, Affordable Housing, and much more.

    Premier Notley will not be Premier much longer but I believe she is correct about two things.

    I also believe that Alberta should at the ame time proceed with a Gasoline Refinery.

    Contrary to what people like Al Gore, Suzuki, the absolutely moronic AOC and others ate attempting to tell us the Earth and everything we take for granted will not any time soon be powered by “Dilithium Crystals” .

    e.a.f. – 40





    Someone up the page “Blurted Out”

    “Corporatists are the Scourge of the past fifty years” ?


    Perhaps so we should all be more like Venezuela and Cuba.

    Please then tell me exactly when you last saw 100 Starving Ethnic Minority people or Evil Pudgy White 50 Year Old Males rush own to the Beach in Miami, cobble together a Raft out of old discarded Cigar Boxes and Row Off to Cuba or Venezuela.

    Last I looked thee was a Line Up of People from all corners of the earth hoping to find Safe Haven in Canada and even more so into the United States of America.

    Perhaps Canada should be looking into offering Safe haven to Venezuela Refugees before we open our doors to those ISIS affiliated from the Middle east Mensa Member PM Justin is currently importing.

    I trust this is on topic as I am responding to the charges against Evil Corporatists which was left to stand.

  41. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey’s response to #41, is correct. Some may not like what is going on with the federal Liberals, but can people then vote Conservative. There are those who will never vote NDP. We do have Bernier and his pp party, however, it doesn’t look like much of an alternative either. just further right than the Conservatives, and given Hamish Marshall, the Con’s campaign manager, and his back ground with Ezra Levant and the Rebel, its just too much of a stink. Then add in Scheer’s religious leanings we don’t need another version of the Taliban. Scheer is not as smart as Harper and Harper was bad enough.

    People thought Trudeau would be different and now they’ve decided he may be the same as other politicians. People need to understand the first order of business of ANY POLITICAL PARTY IS TO GAIN POWER AND RETAIN IT. Every thing else is secondary. Now its how the secondary shakes out, that we need to look at to see if it does anything for us, us being each individual or the country as a whole.

    Scheer was one of the worst Speakers of parliament we ever had. Would we want him as P.M.? We know what went on with the Harper power fest, does anyone think it will be better with Scheer? Not I. For me voting will be easy, I live in a NDP riding. if I didn’t I’d be looking at the federal Liberals or Greens. Saw enough of the Conservatives last time through. it just wasn’t the Duffy affair but the defunding of women’s groups when harper came to office. All the b.s. which went on with the RCMP and nothing changed. The treatment of the Veterans……Then if we look at the Cons in Ontario, do we want a national version of that? For those in business, it may be all about the business, but for the rest of us, we do want a country we can live in and a version of trump light is nothing that appeals to me.

    RIssak #37, certainly has something there with Butts.

    However, when all the writing here is done, we still don’t know what was said and done, so its all conjecture. In my opinion, regardless of what is currently going on, will we be better off with the federal liberals or the cons? For some the question may be, do I vote for a party where some may be “corrupt” or have engaged in unethical activities but still delivered programs and an economy which is doing well or do I vote for a party which has some real racist baggage or do I strike out new and register a protest vote for the Greens or do I vote NDP.

    In my opinion the difference between the Liberals and Cons, is the Liberals “steal” with one hand, the Cons with two hands. Take your choice. the other 2 parties never having been in office at the federal level, we can only guess.

  42. hawgwash says:

    I have seen the kickbacks in construction first hand.
    They justr get built into the cost of the project. Fines via deferred prosecution just become a cost of doiung business.

  43. hawgwash says:

    And no matter which side of this thing you are on, you just gotta enjoy this;

  44. hawgwash says:

    Jobs loss is a red herring.

    IF current and future projects on SNC’s plate are needed then those projects will move forward with some builder and the lion’s share of jobs will simply move over there.

  45. Marge says:

    And now we have this guy resigning:

    The plot thickens. Who will pull the strings for the puppet prime minister?

  46. e.a.f. says:

    Looks like RIsaak at #37 has won the prize. Butts has resigned.

    BMCQ, its one of those rare occasions we agree, a gas refinery plant in Alberta gets my vote. We keep the stuff in Canada and have an endless supply of it. We wouldn’t have to purchase it from Saudi Arabia or other countries either.

    The pipeline, may not go forward given the killer whales. More ships off our coast, may result in the deaths of more killer whales.

    I’m not in favour of more ships in our waters, just having them around Ladysmith is a nusuance, not just for humans but animals.

    So a refinery in Alberta makes sense to me. shipping tar to other countries doesn’t do much for ours. They make the real money and then we have to buy the product back to run our cars. Yes, I know there are electric cars, but having read how much we’re going to be paying for electricity, people may come away from that also, thanks to el gordo.

  47. Gilbert says:

    If the prime minister thinks that the resignation of his principal secretary will make this whole affair go away, he’s absolutely mistaken. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Gerald Butts continues to advise the prime minister in an unofficial capacity. We know that he’s very intelligent and has known the prime minister since both of them were students at McGill. Gerald Butts is so close to the prime minister that he in fact wrote a large part of his eulogy at the funeral service of Pierre Trudeau.

    When Donald Trump fired former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, it seems he thought the Russia matter would go away. He was of course completely mistaken. It’s still under investigation and very much in the news. I suspect the same will happen here.

    I don’t think we can say that this is the same as the Michael Duffy affair. In that case, a senator misused taxpayer funds and they were repaid. Here it seems the prime minister interfered with the judicial system, and we know the company SNC Lavalin, gave lots of money to the Liberal Party. Another question is whether any of that money might have reached the prime minister. Of course we also have the matter of corruption. If SNC Lavalin is too big to fail, then we have to say that corruption and criminal activity is fine as long as you have a big company and make nice donations to the government. Is that the message that we want to send?

    In my opinion, this resignation is insufficient. The person who needs to resign is the prime minister. Is anyone in the media calling for his head?

    (Response: This issue MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to go away until Wilson-Raybould SPEAKS and Canadian learn the TRUTH about whether she, as a cabinet minister, was subjected to political and possibly even illegal pressures/coercion… designed to interfere in Canada’s Court processes. As I wrote …THIS could end up being Trudeau’s Achilles heel! h.o)h.o.)

  48. BMCQ says:

    I have not heard, read, or seen everything regarding SNC Lavalin, PM Justin, former Minister JWR, and the rest involving the latest Scandal over the past week or so but i have taken in a lot of it.

    It does seem to me that Canadian Media are doing a good job covering and giving air to most any information or fact comes their way and that makes me hopeful that Media may finally have realized that PM Justin is not quite what they had hoped for in a PM.

    Honestly I am pleasantly surprised and I feel I should give credit where credit is due as I am always highly of Liberal Bias in the Press. Fair is Fair.

    I might be wrong and if I am I would like to hear the opinion of Media Coverage by a former or current Media Person if they care to comment.

    Yes, Jobs/employment can and does migrate from area to area and that happens all the time in Construction as an example as we see a number of workers from all over Canada working in YVR in Residential Towers and to a certain degree with Tech.

    We have also seen in good times Canadians from right across the country migrate to Alberta for Oil and Gas extraction, let’s hope that will continue and in fact thrive once a Mature Leader becomes PM. Will that happen any time soon?

    In the case of Major Projects which might be taken on by SNCL we must keep in mind that Employees that might travel from company to company and job to job that company must have the Corporate Infrastructure to Fund, Manage, Organize, and Manage Major Projects like Sky Train, Mining, Railroads, and so many more.

    Without the Major Corporation to Manage, Run, and acquire Funding to Bid and Erect Projects thee is nothing.

    I am not saying that SNLCL is innocent of anything, quite the contrary but I believe quite the opposite, I am just attempting to point out that SNCL is Canadian and it would be best if a resolution to this problem could be reached without crippling SNCL.

    Yes thee needs to be Transparency and yes there needs to be Accountability but to what end?

    Yes Heads should Roll and Yes there needs to be some kind of restitution but how far do we go?

    Do we have Leadership in Ottawa capable of carrying out an Investigation, Punishment, Penalties, and the rest?

    Do We?


    Once of the Major reasons I suggested Prince Rupert and or Kitimat as Terminals for Export and Import of Container Ships is PR is a Natural Port which is already being used for Containers.

    There is great opportunity for Oil and Gas Exports from both Ports as many First Nations are already on board and those two Terminal Points are far enough north to avoid problems with many different Orca Populations. In other words there would be NO increase in Oil Tankers travelling from Burnaby up the Inside Passage.

    If Politicians do not act soon and resolve this major problem Canadians will find it very difficult to contend with a High Cost of Housing, Unemployment, High Taxation, Increased Taxes of all types, and fewer Services when it comes to Education, Health Care, Pensions, and everything else Canadians seem to feel is a Right.

    Those of you that support PM Justin and Liberals and or the Singh NDP had better ask each of them if they are Equipped and Able.

    I think I uh, know uh, my eh, answer to uh, that eh, question.

    God Help Us!

    As to Eletric Cars?

    Keep in mind that in the U.S. over 60% of the Electricity is Generated by Burning “COAL” !!!!

    Politicians are lying to you about Electric Cars, EV domination is a long way off and only a efw countries like Canada have clean Electricity. !!

    Contrary to reports Electricity in B.C. will be less expensive than almost anywhere in the World going forward.

  49. 13 says:

    BMCQ agreed on the northern terminal for pipelines or any system to deliver goods to Asia. I might take it one step farther and ask that the federal gov work towards closing the two container ports downtown. Delta Port has the room to absorb the traffic.
    I can’t imagine the green crowd not applauding the moves. Sadly we obviously don’t have any federal leadership capable of making signifigant change

  50. Gene The Bean says:

    BC had the third lowest electric rates on the continent for decades until Campbell botched privatization and sold us out to his cabinet friends with the IPP scandal.
    Anyone that thinks electrical rates in this province will ever be affordable again is either a liar or a corporate shill.

  51. BMCQ says:

    it is only a guess but I believe the PM Justin Minister JWR Story has Legs and it could go on right up to and including the October Federal Election.

    Again, I find it rather interesting that Media does not seem to be offering him much support.

    Perhaps the Media much like the Voter and Tax Payer are fed up with PM Justin and they finally know and understand that “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    I hate to admit it but up until only about five years ago I thought Rex Murphy was a Liberal Hack who spent his time opining on a CBC Program that only supported the Liberal Cause”.

    I have grown to really appreciate Mr. Murphy and have great respect for him even if I do not always agree with him.

    He is a Great Patriotic Canadian and we need more like him in Media right across the country.

    I can only thank PM Justin for being so Arrogant that he puts his own “Special Interests” over that of hard working tax paying Canadians, his arrogance has finally put him in the most uncomfortable position and I hope it is the end of him.

    It will now be interesting to see how the BBY South Feb. 25 Election now turns out.

  52. e.a.f. says:

    If its too big to fail, nationalize it. Make it a crown corp and be done with it.

    Butts resignation makes sense. If he takes the “wrap” for it, they’re all of the hook and he was most likely going to take a LOA anyhow, given he would be running the upcoming election campaign.

    I’m still not sure what this is all about because no proof has been offered. As I understand it, its all based on an article by Robert Fife. Now he is a decent journalist, but again, its only his “word” and to upset the whole country, I’d want more than that. You’d think some other journalist or blogger would have discovered something.

    Don’t tell me the only one in the country with the story is Fife. There is nothing there yet. Every one is running around insisting this one or that one, talk to this or that, but what is there to talk about, except what Fife has alleged. I’ve always liked to deal with facts when it comes to this type of thing. Its fun to speculate, have opinion, have allegations, but this is a matter of law and hence the need for facts, of which I have seen none.

    Committees want to have people appear and “talk”. Well what if they don’t want to. They do have the right to remain silent. These committees ought not to be “fishing” expeditions. As it now stands, what would they ask? they might as well be asking if any of those appearing have drinking problems, cheat at cards, etc.

  53. e.a.f. says:

    Better to ask if the federal Conservative Party is ready and able and that includes Scheer.

    Scheer was perhaps one of the worst speakers Parliament had in modern times. He isn’t much better as a Conservative Leader. People frequently don’t even know who he is. He may go around talking about oil and gas right now, but beyond that what does he really have to offer beyond a trump light agenda. Who would be in Cabinet, besides Lisa Raitt, who would be good, but when you look at some of the others, not good. they have the blond tweeter from Alberta, leaving many to question if she was sober when she was tweeting, such as feeling very safe at home………

    There is the business of the Conservative campaign manager, Hamish Marshal, formerly with The Rebel and Ezra Levant. go have a look at some of their rantings.

    When we listen to some of the carry on with Conservative supporters, its about jobs and oil and gas, and then the hanger ons come out of the wood work complaining about immigration and refugees. Do we want those types running our country.
    There are some lovely pictures of Ford, Ontario, Conservative premier, with Faith Goldy and her “boys”. we don’t need racists in this country being part of government. It won’t end well. People like Trump make them feel they can speak out, but it isn’t doing much for the Americans right now.

    Scheer doesn’t appear to have a platform that I can see, beyond he’s not Trudeau and the Liberals.

    As to a tar port in Prince Rupert, not a great idea, any where around there, the seas are ugly and there are more than a few islands in the way.

    The Alberta tar isn’t good for the environment, period. We export it to countries who have dodgie environmental standards to process. All of that pollution impacts our health here. if we continue with the resource industry and the continued pollution of our world, we won’t have to worry about an economy, we won’t be here, we’ll be dying younger and in the end, may not have much of an environment which can sustain life.

    We might want to think about a Green energy economy instead of this tar.

    A few years ago Iran held a solar energy conference in Germany. Was quite interesting. One of the most interesting I found was, they were giving subsidies to their citizens if they switched to solar energy.

    The Americans use coal because their government has kept insuring Americans use it. We have only to look at Trump’s government and the destruction of the EPA.

    what we need to come to terms with is less energy consumption and less consumption period. We can not continue to grow the earth’s population and pollution without killing ourselves.

    As to who will be best for our country, Scheer or Trudeau, in my opinion Trudeau. Scheer will simply do what Ford is doing and we’ve already seen what Harper did. The Conservative party as led by Scheer is not the Conservative Party many of us knew back in the day. these new conservatives are simply in my opinion, alt rights types. Regardless of what the out come is of the current carry on with the Liberals and Trudeau, in the long run, we are better off with Trudeau. We have yet to see any FACTS regarding the allegations.

  54. Eldon says:

    I just wish JT would resign and put Freeland in charge. She’s demonstrated competence closing trade deals and she seems far enough from this thing to recover. I’d happily vote PM Freeland. None of the current candidates inspire me.

  55. hawgwash says:

    The Gerald Butts piece puzzles me.
    By all accounts he was the de facto Prime Minister.

    The fact the only time he was not at the kid’s side was during nap time with Sophie and I suppose we can’t even be certain of that.

    I see a political heavyweight who believed the feminist, conciliatory, new era Facebook flower child JT was highly electable; more so than any other liberal, including Butts himself.

    Having known JT for many years, Butts knew how to handle him, control every move, every word, every wink and nod. It just meant constant babysitting and so Katie Telford was brought on, to help with diaper duty.

    This is where I get confused. Butts knew JT, intimately, so to speak. He would have certainly known how weak and narcissistic JT is. Did he miss the inability to communicate above the level of flowers, honey bees and sunny ways? Did he miss just how self- absorbed JT is? He also must have believed JT could be easily made to follow script “as long as Katie or I, or both, are flanking him.”

    Hard to believe, given Butts history but, did he become complacent? Miss the signals around the Aga Khan visit, the India affair? Had JT become a little more arrogant, less malleable and was maybe trying to exercise some independent thinking. Maybe others were whispering in Trudeau’s ear?

    Whatever it was, Trudeau couldn’t help but fall on a moving walkway and Butts either took his eye off the T-ball or didn’t know JT as well as he thought.

    Had the kid become unmanageable? “Jody and I are thisclose, I can get her onside.” I’m inclined to think so and Butts, contrary to popular media beliefs, jumped for his own skin before wearing the dung JT was smacking in the highchair.

    Just a hunch here, but I think Jody Wilson-Raybould just might offer up a bit of support for Mr. Butts.

    A bit, I said.

  56. 13 says:

    eaf…… perhaps there is a story here. Your hero (zero) has been creating stories each and every day. Maybe hes just stupid and cant remember what he said 24 hrs earlier. Im no Sherlock Holmes but I deduce that the guy named Butts pissed off the gal named Jody. He quits and she reappears in cabinet discussions. From what the media has said Butts =Trudeau or visa versa. So if Butts falls on a sword he had better leave a length of blade for the failed drama teacher.
    Or maybe your right eaf, the entire country has fallen under an evil spell. A spell named Scheer.
    Maybe a non entity , the invisible man, no substance , no character (remember were talking Scheer not Trudeau) but your hero Justin has provided a platform for Scheer to stand on and a scandal for him to achieve some new found notoriety
    PS the downtown land being wasted on the corporate hoards (POV) could become an oasis of park land on the shore of the downtown core.
    Centerm property could also become low income housing for seniors that deserve some recognition for building our home and native land. The Vanterm property could house recovering addicts in a park like setting designed to ease their stress and integrate them back into society.

  57. hawgwash says:

    13 you are taking us off topic with your land use fantacies. It will take decades to remediate that land to make it inhabitable; decades after the years of tear down.

    Why bother when there is still plenty of buildable ALR south of the fraser.

    (Response: A lot of the talk has gone off topic….but I’ve let it go because Lavalin is such a huge company, with local, national and world-wide involvement .. past, present and potential future … it’s hard to know where to cut the discussion. h.o)

  58. BMCQ says:

    Sure, JWR May or May not support Butts but somehow I doubt it.

    The fact is Butts was either Ordered to Fall Over Onto His Sword or he was Pushed and Mensa Member and Canadian PM Justin thought a Little Red Meat would satisfy the Media and the Great Unwashed.

    That is just how stupid and gullible he thinks Canadian ?Voters and Tax Payers are.

    How and why would ANYONE in the PM Office believe Canadians would accept that?

    Just as important, does the Resignations\ of Butts not Signal there is a Cluster **** in the Liberal Cabinet? Again, just how Stupid………

    e.a.f. – 57

    One quick question here.

    Do you not think that if Renewable Energy was readily available and Cost Effective the Chinese would dispense with Importing $ Trillions of Dollars of Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, and more from Australia, Canada, The U.S. ?

    Please ask yourself, Why Would They?

    That action by China might indicate to you that the World will not be Powered Up by “Dilithium Crystals” any time soon.

    Please let me know immediately of Scotty can ad any clarity to this question.

    You are entitled to you own opinion but you are not entitled to your own set of facts!

    I am once again, “AGHAST” !

  59. Marge says:

    This just seems to be getting stranger and strange as the days go on. Like we’re living in a Twilight Zone of politics.

    For example, Mr. Butts’ resigning, having done “nothing wrong”. Why resign then?
    Then today we hear that JWR had to wait two hours but got to speak to Cabinet. What did she have to say to them? Was it an apology she wanted? It seemed a tad too late. Almost as if a few of his party were encouraged to attack her last week and now this week, this is seen as not such a great idea.
    At last we see her in the FRONT row of the House of Commons. Why did they put her there? Why did she give the same old speech again? Why did two liberals support the NDP motion? Why did Trudeau nix the motion if there is nothing to hide?
    And the most important question of all: Why oh why did Trudeau promise a transparent government when it is very evident he did not deliver on this?

    They say we deserve the government we get. If this is the case, we are doomed.

  60. Marge says:

    And it’s even crazier. Someone just reported this:

    “Wilson-Raybould’s lawyer Thomas Cromwell works for Bordner Ladner Gervais. SNC-Lavalin is one of BLG’s biggest clients. Draw your own conclusions.”

  61. e.a.f says:

    13, Trudeau is not my hero. I simply consider him a better option than Scheer. The other parties are not within striking distance of the PMO.

    BMCQ, there are Greens solution and many are available. China isn’t going to change any more quickly and perhaps more slowly because they’re corporate structures have vested interests in the current technology. They provide what the world wants. My view is we as first worlders need to consume less.

    Transparency is in the eye of the beholder. For some the Liberal government is more transparent than the Conservative government. If that is the case, Trudeau delivered. Now there are other parties and individuals who don’t think the Liberal government is transparent enough because they want to know what they can’t find out, however, Trudeau is obviously not interested in sharing his thoughts on specific topics.

    No government is going to be as transparent as many would like them to be. We need only to look at people trying to access FOI material.

    We don’t really know why JWR is no longer in cabinet. We’re all guessing based on a story by Robert Fife. Until some other blogger, journalist, reporter, etc comes out with some more information we aren’t going to get more clarity.

    Butts leaving may have been an attempt to ‘quiet
    the feeding frenzie. It didn’t work, but I expect he’ll be running the upcoming Liberal campaign, so he would have been leaving anyhow

    We all know SNC Lavalin has been accused of bribery, etc. at some time in some countries. I’m with holding judgement until we have more information.

    off to the budget debate,
    thank you Harvey and the rest of you, this has been fun.

  62. BMCQ says:

    I am unfortunately losing confidence in the Truth coming out in the Case of SNC Laalin, PM Justin, the PM Office, the former AG JWR, Butts, and anyone else connected with the matter.

    I truly hope I am mistaken but I am very concerned that there is a “Back Room Deal” in the works and if thst is true I will be Sick. I am getting that “Sinking Feeling”.

    I would now expect almost anything and would not be surprised if they even attempted to buy JWR Off with a Lifetime Senate Posting. God I hope Not!

    Canadians deserve to know the Truth about this matter and the more time goes by it seems very doubtful that we will ever know the Truth.

    Again I must say I am very satisfied with what Media have done with this Scandal, i am very pleasantly surprised and i am somewhat encouraged that Media will do a better job of covering The Oct. Federal Election.

    Now let us see what happens in BBY South next week.

    Thanks for this one Harvey.

    e.a.f. -65

    After reading your Post – 65 I am for perhaps the first time in my Life I am not only “Aghast”, I am Speechless and Dumfounded.

    You choose to deflect and not answer a very simple questions all because you are clearly “Bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology”.

    I am more than willing to debate but you are obviously not, I am very disappointed and finally I am Throwing in the Towel.

    Many many times I have accepted constructive criticism and considered contrary opinions and in fact changed my mind on this Blog.

    I always thought that is what a Blog like this is meant to be, an exchange of ideas hoping that we all take away something from each other and in fact educate each other by that exchange of ideas and facts.

    In your case I have now concluded thatI have long been mistaken.

    I suppose I have no one to blame bu myself.

  63. 13 says:

    “Trudeau is obviously not interested in sharing his thoughts on specific topics”……………………..
    Pause while I wiped tears of laughter from my eyes.
    If I could draw a cartoon on the Harvey blog it would be Justin sitting in a small chair with larger adults all around him. In the balloon above his head would be the thoughts he isnt interested in sharing.
    “cotton candy yummy, I wonder where I can find a unicorn, time for a nap”

  64. BMCQ says:

    The attached Article is a CBC Piece regarding Canada’s Top Civil Servant and his Biased and Incendiary Commentary on the State of Canadian Political Discourse and his Comments regarding the SNC Lavalin, PM Justin, PMO, Minister JWR shows that Wencker should be “Fired” immediately.

    It is imperative that Wencker be Non Partisan and Independent of Government and he has clearly shown that he is not.

    What is going on with Politicians and Civil Servants in Canada?

    Wencker must either Resign Immediately or PM Justin must Demand his Resignation Forth With.
    He should not be in Government another Day!

    Where are the Statesmen?

    My uh, Apologies, Where are the uh, “States People uh Kind” ? !!

    Canadians Deserve SO Much More !

  65. BMCQ says:

    If something is not done immediately about Wernick there is even more wrong with Canadian PM Justin than even I thought.

    This absolutely unacceptable and it is is an Affront and a Clear and Present Danger to the Democracy of Canada.

    The Arrogance is unprecedented and unimaginable to say the least.

    I certainly hope Media ask Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Jean Chretien, Singh, and Scheer about this Wernick attack on our Democratic Rights as Canadians.

  66. 13 says:

    So did CSIS or the defense minster or the top cop at the RCMP go on national TV to warn us of a pending attack on our democracy?
    No siree its from a pencil pushing civil servant??????
    Unless he did this under instruction from PM Justin, in order to create a s–t storm and take the media attention off of SNC Lavalin this idiot should get his lunch pail and head down the hall to the UIC office.

  67. Gilbert says:

    I completely agree that Michael Wernick needs to resign. Canada’s top civil servant should not be the prime minister’s press secretary. He needs to be independent, but his commentary was obviously biased.

    I believe many Liberals are now nervous about the election, and are thinking it might be a good idea to replace the prime minister with someone who is competent. However, he is so self-absorbed and arrogant he probably won’t resign on his own.

    A reporter from the Toronto Star has posted letters signed by the prime minister which indicate that he clearly interfered with our judicial process. Let me ask a simple question. If the decision about SNC Lavalin was Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s to make, why did the prime minister need to tell her? The fact that he did so suggests that he wanted her to make a decision he could support.

  68. 13 says:

    At this point in this story about political interference in a criminal court trial you have to wonder about Justin Trudeau
    Is it arrogance or is it a serious lack of intellect?
    Ive always looked at leaders that I am stuck with that pose that question (usually union officials) in the following manner.
    I always hope that their incredibly poor representation is based on self serving greed, corruption, or arrogance .
    You think that way because sadly if the reason your representative just sold you down the river was stupidity then you are getting what you deserve for electing an idiot. If it turns out that your rep is a crook then at least you can console yourself by acknowledging you were duped.
    Either way if your rep gets reelected then take a look in a mirror to see the real problem.

  69. BMCQ says:


    Take a Bow

    SNC Lavalin could very well be the Achilles Heal of PM Justin.

    Of course we did not know that JWR would Testufy let alone what she would say but it certainly does appear that PM Justin has some explaining to do.

    In light of what has taken place today ‘ uh, Canadians from Coast uh, to Coast uh, to uh, Coast” should stand in unison and Demand the Forthwith Tesignation of Canadian PM Justin, Wernicke, and anyone else implicated in “SNC Gate”.

    PM Justin should “Fall over onto His Sword” before the Sun Rises tomorrow morning.

    Personally I may not agree with JWR on every issue but today she is a “Great Canadian Patriot”!

    She is a Person of Integrity, Great Dignity, Principle, High Morals, Courageous, and a “Shield Maiden”!

    JWR is a Great Canadian Roll Model and today Canadians should Celebrate Her!

    Did any of us ever think we would see and hear what we did from JWR today?

    And here I was foolish enough to wonder if PM Justin had bought her off with a Senate Position.

    Canadians may experience some Political Turmoil and Angst over the next while but we can rest assure that we saw History made today and JWR should make us all feel Proud To Be Canadians.


  70. BMCQ says:

    Today Canadians have all learned that When it comes to Canadian PM we can now confirm that

    “The Emperor Truly Has No Clothes”

  71. Gilbert says:

    I think even the prime minister’s supporters have to admit he’s corrupt. He’s a joke.

  72. 13 says:

    I listened to the most riveting 45-50 minutes of radio Ive ever heard today. Testimony By JWR was intense, articulate, to the point . When she was finished it was as if I had held my breath the whole time.

    To compare her level of integrity, ethics, honesty,to that of Trudeau would be unfair. The two are so far apart in those categories that there isnt enough space available to adequately demonstrate the gap.

  73. G. Barry Stewart says:

    This would be a fine time for Trudeau to step down. Maybe take a week to get the unwounded ducks back in a row, rather than just taking a sudden leap.

    Meanwhile, perhaps an appointment as Canada’s High Commissioner in London could be arranged…

    I think that Wilson-Raybould and Chrystia Freeland would be fine candidates for leadership, if they wanted the PM job. Ironically, it was Trudeau who elevated these women to prominent positions — and they have shown that they were equal to the task.

    Trudeau’s leaving soon would give a new leader time to resurrect the party — though Quebec voters might be a tough crowd, with SNC-Lavalin being “too big to fail” in that province.

  74. 13 says:

    Harken back to the HO blog before the last Federal election. Many (a few anyways) posters were VERY concerned that Trudeau wasnt up to the task of being PM. (thats as nice a way of phrasing that as I can).
    It would seem that those concerns were warranted.
    Trudeau has proven to be either a complete fraud with all of the embrace the diversity.
    Trudeau has proven to be a complete idiot and should have stuck with his ski instructor gig.
    CBC had a pundit(Mike Macdonald) discussing the fallout from JWRs testimony. Specifically he was asked how he thought the testimony would affect Trudeau. His answer made me laugh out loud. ” Thats the END OF SUNNY WAYS”.

    (Response: Trudeau’s future will be the subject of my next blog. h.o.)

  75. BMCQ says:

    Barry – 77

    As a Conservative who has nothing but Disdain and Disrespect for the current Intellectually Challenged, Ill Equipped, Disengaged, Incompetent, Current and indeed Failed PM Justin I believe JWR would be a fine PM.

    JWR deserves and commands respect from Politicians of all Parties, Parliament, and Canadians right across the Country.

    Unlike PM Justin JWR is a Mature Adult who actually understands what Public Service really means. I am not quite as impressed with Freeland as I once was but then again compared to PM Justin she is a Star.

    Keep in mind that PM Justin also appointed Catastrophic Failures and Grossly Incompetent John McCallum, Stephan Dion, Wernick, Sajjan, Monserrat, Moreau, and more.

    Why would anyone with any common sense base their Criteria for Cabinet Appointments On Gender Balance?

    What if the top 19 most qualified Cabinet Potentials out of 2o were Women?

    Would PM Justin have Jettisoned 9 better qualified Women to Balance that Cabinet by appointing 9 Men to thst Cabinet instead?

    That alone told me not to expect much from PM Justin and his Cabinet.

    The key word here is “Merit”, this is not a University Tea and Crumpet Feel Good Party, this is about Governance and if the best qualified Candidates are 2o for 20 positions so be it.

    I look back and see how many on this Blog, in Media, and everywhere Vilified Harper and Championed Justin and wondered why and what were they thinking.

    I suggest they all look in the mirror and answer that question.

    I find it astounding that PM Justin, his Minions, and I guess his Handlers have decided to gamble and roll the Dice by attempting to discredit JWR statement and very well documented record and report of the SNC Lavalin Fiasco.

    A big mistake and one the Liberals cannot Win.

    It appears to me that the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus must all have “Stockholm Syndrome” and they have chosen to fall with PM Justin.

    If they had any sense at all they would cut PM Justin Free and annoying JWR Liberal Leader and PM.

    That is not good for Canada but that decision will prove to be Disastrous for the Federal Liberals.


    I had a very interesting short visit to Insights but was banned for having a different opinion than the Host and his Minions. He would not admit that but that is the truth. Freedom of Speech unless Norm disagrees with you.

  76. G. Barry Stewart says:

    A good read at the Tyee, comparing Wilson-Raybould’s testimony to Roger Cohen’s, which happened concurrently.

    “When Testimonypalooza was all over there were dejected fans filing out of arenas on both sides of the border. No doubt they shared a sense of shock and anger but in one sense the reactions must have been different. Americans would likely be thinking—perhaps hoping—that Donald Trump is one of a kind.

    “In Canada, voters were more likely to come away from the day’s revelations thinking that in the end, politicians are all the same.” [Tyee]

  77. G, Barry Stewart says:

    BMCQ at 79, yes, I saw you over at Norm’s site — though it’s not easy to find which discussion got you booted.

    The beauty of THIS site is the collection of diverse opinions and it’s a credit to Harvey that he can hold the moderator’s rudder in a firm but fair manner.

    Norm’s site takes more of a charts, graphs and facts approach. His research seems so solid that you dare not disagree, unless you have good data to back your opinion. As a result, there’s a lot less give-and-take than here.

    Both sites have value, as does Blair King’s “A Chemist in Langley” blog,

    Btw: I would like to know what you mean by ‘minion’, as you often use it in a negative tone.

    As a reader of Norm’s blog, am I: a loyal servant or a sycophantic follower? What is your intent by using that word?

  78. BMCQ says:

    Barry – 81

    I will put my resume and level of success up against Norm anyone else on that Blog all put together. My background is Accounting, Metallurgy, and Chemistry, it is what i do from 5:00 Am each and every day.

    Your friend Norm is incapable of entertaining any opinion unless it is Anti Free Enterprise. I will not say more out of respect for Norm and Harvey.

    I am sure Norm does his best but he is unfair.

    One must never be bound by a straight jacket of ideology.

    Minion is simply a follower or say employee who more or less answers to a Political Leader or Management. No slight or negativity ever intended, i feel it is an appropriate term.

    One might say that I am a Minion of Gene the Bean or Hawgwash.


    It is odd BARRY bu I really like to hear the argument, discussion, debate, and opinions of others, somehow through that exchange I manage to learn and grow, is thst not what it should all be about.

    For sure that is the way it is on this Blog, think about it, you and I cannot even exchange ideas or debate on Insights, what might that tell you.

    Just for fun BARRY, try taking a contrarian point of view backed up with facts on Insights and see how long you last.

  79. G. Barry Stewart says:

    To BMCQ at 83:

    “Minion is simply a follower or say employee who more or less answers to a Political Leader or Management. No slight or negativity ever intended, i feel it is an appropriate term.”

    Well, if the slight or negativity is not intended, I suggest you stop using the word, as it definitely communicates a put-down, so it’s sure to be a dialogue killer.

    “I am sure Norm does his best but he is unfair.”

    Norm was rightfully hard on the BC Liberals, while contending that he would be hard on any government, if he saw wrong-doing. He has now hammered the NDP government on Site C and other inactions at BC Hydro and its lack of action on money laundering, so we can see he is a man of his word.

    “Just for fun BARRY, try taking a contrarian point of view backed up with facts on Insights and see how long you last.”

    I’m not into that kind of fun. I’ve just emerged from over 3 months of full-time work and want to get back to mostly-retirement. Besides, I doubt I could find facts to refute Norm’s.

    If you can, pass them along to me. 🙂

    (Response: This is now too much off topic. Won’t post any more. I like norm’s blog but if anyone has concerns about it…take them to him please. h.o)

  80. 13 says:

    Trudeau has chosen to hook his sinking ship to job loss at SNC Lavalin.
    Lavalin can not leave Canada until 2024 due to loan guarantees it has entered into. 20% of Lavalin shares are oned by the Quebec Gov/pension fund
    Hwy 407 will take 7 years to build and SNC has borrowed the money from the Gov in order to finance the HWY.
    What about the GM Job loss in Oshawa
    What about the Sears jobs and pensions across Canada
    What about the job loss in the oil patch
    What about the job loss when PM idiot cancelled the N Gateway pipeline

  81. BMCQ says:

    I hope you do not mind this late addition, this point of view is quite interesting.

    Frankly I am somewhat disappointed that JWR has already announced she would once again be seeking Re-Election in Vancouver Granville.

    I believe it would have been advisable to wait to see what takes place over the next month or two.

    It is obvious to me that PM Justin and his Minions are Throwing JWR Under the Bus and in fact calling her a Liar at best.

    I am shocked that she would sit back and let them do that.

    I suppose she may not Align Herself with the Conservatives but she was a Crown Prosecutor so she must have something in common with them.

    PM Justin should be forced to resign by his own Party and that is perhaps what JWR is waiting for, she may wish to want to show Loyalty to her Liberal Party hoping that PM Justin either Resigns or is forced to Step Down.

  82. BMCQ says:

    so now we hear from Jane Philpott.

    Canadians everywhere have a message for PM Justin.

    Tick uh Tock, Tick uh Tock!

    Drip Drip Drip !

    Seems to me that the Women in Cabinet have Bigger ****S than the Liberal Males !

    That then again, that should not surprise us should it?

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