Maxime Bernier DESERVES a Voice in Election Debates

Maxime Bernier is no un-elected fringe misfit leading a bunch of kooks.

He was first elected as Member of Parliament for Beauce, Quebec in 2006 … and has been re-elected by a wide margin by the people of his riding several times since.

Bernier served as Minister of Industry, Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper..

After the Conservatives lost the 2015 election, he served as Opposition critic for Innovation, Science and Economic Development in the shadow cabinet of acting leader Rona Ambrose and then new leader Andrew Scheer.

In fact, in 2017, Bernier even LED Scheer in 12 rounds of voting for the new leader of the Conservative Party, before losing to Scheer in the 13th round … still capturing more than 49% of the delegates’ votes.

Bernier clearly has enjoyed proven popularity with a fairly wide national political base.

Since last September, after breaking with Scheer and the Tories, Bernier has led a new party … the People’s Party of Canada … that has already nominated 314 candidates right across the country for the 338 seats in the upcoming Oct 21 federal election.

The People’s Party policies are seen by many (including me) as too-far right wing, ultra nationalist and even xenophobic … but that should be no reason to deny Bernier a podium in the two national election debates (one in English and one in French) that will take place Oct. 7 and Oct. 10.

The People’s Party IS a legitimate party, with a sitting MP as leader.

Blog readers may recall that, in 2011, when Green Leader Elizabeth May was fighting for a podium in the Election Debates back then, I supported her right to take part. (You can read that post here:

She did not get to participate that time, but the outrage over her being sidelined helped deliver her an election victory as the Greens first MP … and her ONE seat gave her a voice in both Election Debates in 2015.

The party is now polling at over 10% nationwide .. and has grown both federally and provincially.

Canada’s broadcasters should have learned a lesson: the “people” WANT more choice, more ideas, more democracy.

And although Bernier has, so far, been refused a place on the stage, taking part in BOTH the English AND French debates will be Yves-Francois Blanchet. Who??

He’s the leader of the Bloc Quebecois … a party running candidates ONLY in Quebec.

How can an ELECTED MP leading a registered federal party running candidates right across the nation be denied a debate voice in a national election debate … but the leader of a party running candidates in only one province be invited to take part ????

The “rules” governing WHO gets to take part in the debate were made by the establishment (media, corporate, political) to protect and serve the establishment … not expose the voters to new ideas, policies, potential leaders … even one repeatedly elected.

It sure looks to me like the “fix” is in to stifle the People’s Party right wing nationalist message.

The People’s Party is right now scoring just over three per cent in CBC’s national poll tracker. Who knows what exposure for the party’s message in the debates could do!

Ask Elizabeth May.

Harv Oberfeld

(This will be a very close, critical federal election: I invite ALL readers to participate in the discussions on here and to pass along to friends and family the link to each blog piece to encourage a full discussion of issues and ideas before they vote Oct 21.

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33 Responses to Maxime Bernier DESERVES a Voice in Election Debates

  1. 13 says:

    Harvey, your right on all counts. Straight up Bernier will siphon off votes from the Conservative stain. As this might hurt the stains chances of eliminating the bumbling criminal, liar and idiot we now have I am happy that he is being excluded. Having said that I still agree it is wrong that he is not allowed to participate.
    Harveys opinion that Max is to far to the right could be countered by the opinion that Justin is way to far to the left, so in a Max vs Justin election we might see a closer election result than we will see with the Sheer v Justin.
    Globally time seems to be running out for the alt left. Tick Tock

    (Response: And, talking about different philosophies, I think it would be fun to watch Bernier debate Singh too … or how about the Bloc Quebecois guy … whatever his name is. ho)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Racists trying to whiten our country have no rights in my world.

    (Response: I don’t like his message (so far) either. But when we deny a voice to an elected (and re-elected several times) MP and former cabinet minister who has started a brand new party that is already garnering three per cent voter support and has nominated 314 candidates across the country … we’re restricting the discussion unfairly. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    I have no problem with Bernier being part of the debate. No doubt the majority of his votes will be stolen from the CPC so that’s good.

    But what I am finding even more interesting is the fractured political landscape in Canada. Six – count them – six legitimate parties in Canada with all of them having the potential to win at least one riding. Throw in Wilson-Rabould and Philpott and we have the makings of another Italy. And this under FPTP. LOL!

    What scenarios are we hoping for here. Liberal majority with less than 40% of the vote? Conservative majority with less than 40% of the vote? The Liberals maintaining power with support from the NDP and Greens even though the Conservatives win the most seats?

    Maybe Trudeau can promise that this will be the last election under FPTP.

    (Response: I agree Bernier will take more votes away from the Tories … that should not be a criteria for denying any party leader … especially a former cabinet minister holding a seat in the Commons a voice in the debates. h.o)

  4. BMCQ says:

    Very good Harvey, you are once again forcing the “Punters” to think about a subject that may very well affect the Federal Election and how we are governed and by who .

    No office for me today and no golf so I opened up “K it R” and found the discussion to Max and it is a great topic .

    Full disclosure here before i go off on a predictable, mindless, redundant, and juvenile diatribe throwing out moronic claims of Racism, Tighty Whitey, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and every other ridiculous put forward by some .

    NO, Wait a minute, I would not do that, BUT…………..

    I am a Conservative supporter and i do not want to see Max on the Debate Stage .

    I will not spend a few lines attempting to defend Max, how much sense does that make ?

    I must in all honesty must admit i am torn on this just as i still am torn on the JWR issue . Because some of her ambiguity on certain issues and her somewhat confusing unclear stance on Pipelines I am unsure of her . Time and more clarity between now and Election Day will make all more clear .

    I agree with much of what Max and his party have in their platform . Contrary to what some hope to promote the PPC want simply nothing more than security and clarity for Canadians and Canada .

    I travel a lot and i come across hundreds of people and groups that have a great interest in politics, especially DJT . I am more than happy to take them all on.

    I always tell people that .

    1. without control of Migration because it is not Immigration and without Defined Borders and without the ability to defend those Borders one has no country .

    All we need to do is hae an honest look at virtually every EU Nation and we see that what i state is factual and the EU is in mid collapse .

    Contrary to what some hee attempt to peddle by turning this into a Race Issue for Political purposes it matters not where Migration originates from that Illegal Migrant could be from France, Sweden, or even Japan, control of Migration and Borders is not motivated by race .

    I am not fully familiar with all of the PPC Platform but i will make a point of studying it further .

    Canada has already experienced the Migration of more than likely over 100 K Illegal Migrants to enter our country . Canada cannot allow 500 K, 1 Million, 2, or even say 3 Million Illegal Migrants to enter our country .

    How would our Health Care, Education, Welfare System, Criminal Justice System, and literally Culture deal with that ?

    We already have thousands that have been deemed unacceptable for settlement in Canada that will NEVER leave . Care to argue with that fact ?

    The U.S. is will soon have a DACA Deal and they will have a secure Border and the U.S. will be soon Deporting thousands of criminal Felons back to their home countries of France, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and many more .

    Because of that perhaps up to 1 Million of those Violent Convicted Criminal Felons will choose to not wait for Deportation to their home countries and they will instead choose to come north to Canada ecause we have a PM and federal Government that “Welcomes you, uh diversity is uh our uh strength” .

    Canada is also soft on Drugs, Crime, provides Free Housing, Health care, and so much more, who would even want to choose to stay in the U.S. with that available in Canada ?

    I ask you in all seriousness whose Immigration Policies and Border Policis would you rather have in place under those potential and likely conditions we are about to face PM Justin’s, the Conservatives, or the Max PPC ?

    Remebe people this Election will forever change your life and more than likely change the lives of your children and grandchildren more than you could imagine .

    Having said all of that for totally Selfish Reasons and for my Love of Canada and our traditional Canad.ain Values at this time I am for selfish reasons not wanting to see Max on the Debate stage as he would potentially cause a split in the Conservative Vote.

    There are more than enough similarities in the Platform and Policies of the Conservative and PPC to make me believe that I am totally supportive of the Conservative party and I do not want to see that split .

    Now, please show me exactly where and what Max and his Platform promotes that is RACIST ? Honestly i am not sure, please enlighten me with fact .

    Perhaps you can do that for me Gary T. I am still waiting for your other evidence to show up .

    As to whether i feel Max should be allowed onto that stage for pure Democratic reasons ?

    I have not quite made up my mind but at this point i am leaning toward saying that he should b e allowed to be on the Stage with the other Mensa Members . Again, i am not saying I want him thee for already stated reasons but …….

    To end off on this quick first Post on this topic I would like to say that if I was “The Chosen One” I could quite possible identify a handful of Participants from this Blog including our Good Friend Harvey that might and would be better qualified Party Leaders than ANY of the ones we will end up seeing on that Debate Stage and that concerns me greatly . What a disaster some of them are . I believe we could get more responsible and intelligent Political Leaders if we chose the Lineup from the “Hollywood Vampires” .

    I trruly and honestly believe there are more quality people amongst the group of participants on this Blog than any of those so called Political Leaders we currently have to choose from .

    YIKES !!

    (Response: It’s exactly as you say … many Canadians agree with Bernier’s stands on immigration and refugees. But that’s not why I feel he should be included in the debates: it’s more because I believe he QUALIFIES because he is a duly elected leader of a federally registered party, he is an elected MP holding a seat in the Commons and his party is on track to run a full slate in the election, coast to coast. He deserves to be there … and even those who disagree with everything he says should defend his right to take part. h.o)

  5. Keith says:

    Agreed Harvey he should be in the debates. The audience from casual observers to in the political minutiae junkies would be well served as he and his party will be having a voting impact.

    If I were the Liberals, Greens, NDP I would be doing summersaults to get him in, for them a dream come true. If I were the Conservatives I would be doing summersaults to keep him out, a nightmare scenario. Easy enough for the folks on stage to link and frame the debate thus;

    “by getting 49% of the vote in the party leadership election, despite what A. Scheer may say is the differences between him and M. Bernier, there is very little difference between what the peoples party stand for and a near majority of the conservative party, their own voting numbers tell you that”

    With something along those lines Trudeau can deflect the inevitable incoming, the others can keep the fire stoked, and we’ll see how A. Scheer handles something along those lines– who at present and looks to remain so, uninspiring except to the party faithful.

    (Response: You’re absolutely no doubt correct about how the various parties see his involvement. However, my reasons for advocating on behalf of including Bernier have nothing to do with the political implications of his gaining a forum and publicity. It’s a question of fairness and inclusion … and, most of all, qualifications. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – Response to Keith

    Your second sentence in that response is clear and concise snd in fact says everything that needs to be said .

    As much as I disrespect Max for his illogical and egotistical emotional juvenile decision to break from the Conservatives and form the PPC I must agree he should be in the Debates . It is right, just, and it is the principled way of a true Democracy .

    I find it rather interesting that the Conservatives and indeed the PPC seem to have a more or less Full Field of Candidates right across the country while the Liberals and certainly the NDP are barely presenting enough Candidates-to fill out a Rugby Team each .

    (Response: I find that interesting too. It’s not as if they didn’t know when the election would be! I think part of the problem for the NDP is the fact that they impose artificial quotas … gender, race, sexuality … and don’t just, in all cases, let local ridings select the person they most want. The Liberals don’t do that …as far as I know …so there’s no reason they don’t have them all lined up by now. Strange …but the writ hasn’t been dropped yet …so I’ll be surprised if they end up without a pretty full slate. h.o)

  7. SG says:

    I believe it’s the Trudeau Liberals that are afraid to have Bernier speak at the official leaders debates because Bernier will make Scheer look considerably more centrist than the Liberals are trying to portray Scheer to be.

    (Response: Another good point. Never thought of that …but makes a lot of sense: that Scheer … next to Bernier … could emerge as the “reasonable” alternative to Trudeau, for those not impressed with the NDP or Greens. h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    John Iveson agrees with you.

    To qualify for the debate a party must fulfill two of these three criteria

    1. have a sitting member who was elected under the party banner. Bernier was elected as a Conservative

    2. have candidates in at least 90% of the ridings. The PPC have more than that.

    3. have a legitimate chance of winning more than one seat in the upcoming election. Not sure what they mean by legitimate but that seems to be the stickler at this point and the PPC has been given the opportunity to prove their case.

    We have 10 other registered parties in Canada. What should be the criteria before we allow or prevent a party leader the opportunity to participate in the debates? Should Bernier be allowed to qualify even though he was elected as a Conservative. What do we actually mean by legitimate chance of electing a member?

    (Response: My respect for Ivison grows even more! 🙂 The current “rules” were drafted by those in power, by the establishment (media, corporate, political) … I believe for the benefit of the establishment … and discriminate against fledgling parties/ideas/leaders. Of course, there is a legitimate question: how do you control it getting out of hand and having a dozen or so leaders of all kinds of fringe parties taking part? The answer should be determined now, as it was when Elizabeth May was rejected: the party MUST be federally registered and accepted by Elections Canada as legitimate; hold at least one seat in the Commons (as elected or, yes, even a converted one); be running a pre-scribed number of candidates; and perhaps, even averaging above a certain threshold percentage (2 or 3 per cent?) in various polls a month before the debates? h.o)

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    1) Bernier should be allowed in the debates.

    2) Bernier’s comments and stands of late has lost me as a potential voter.

    3) Political debates are nothing more than showmanship, to secure ones base and not attract new voters.

    4) The mainstream media love debates because of the many 10 second sound bites they can broadcast.

    ’nuff said.

    (Response: Right on …except I disagree with ONE word in point #3: I would take out the word “not”. h.o)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Never liked Bernier. Always thought he was a flake. Now I think he hovers too close to racism. Still don’t like him.

    However, this is a democracy and he ought to be included in the debate. If we are to remain a democratic country it is not up to some media organization or any organization to say who gets to speak to the voters of this country. Let voters make up their own minds. For those of us, who think he is a racist, let him expose himself. For those who think he offers a good alternative to existing parties, let him make his appeal to the voters of our country. He has not broken any laws in this country. Let him speak.

    (Response: I think you sum up the feelings of many. I would not vote for him and don’t like many of the things he says .. BUT what makes a democracy GREAT is protecting the rights of those we disagree with … as long as they don’t advocate breaking our criminal laws. h.o.)

  11. BMCQ says:


    “I Gotska Ask “

    Is Bernier just a “Flake”, or is he a “Creepy Flake” ?

    I have recently read the Platform of the PPC and being as honest as a Morally Bankrupt, Greedy, Ill Informed, and Racist, Conservative can be I believe the vast majority of Canadians I know would/do agree with the PPC Platform .

    Again I beg of you and others on this Blog, please point out the exact “Racist” Statements from Max and his party .

    While you are at it please explain why the NDP Team Orange can come no closer than about 60% in Filling Out-the Side for-the October Election . I await your analysis, perhaps your “Spidey Sense” can shed some Light on this Question .

    I am going to conclude that if I see or hear nothing from you or others on the evidence of the “Racist” Statements or Platform of the PPC and Max Himself you really have no confirmedvfactual evidence available .

    Much like the “Dems” in the U.S. Racism, Racist, Bigot, Sexist, Misogynist, Xenophobic, and Islamophobic and other similar Labels are at the ready whenever one cannot defend their position ethically . Of course I am not including you in those but simply illustrating a point .

    I commend you for your position regarding the fairness of including PPC Leader Max being rightfully included in the Debates.

    I wonder if PM Justin will be questioned about his “Hands On Approach” to Women or his “Feminist Behavior” toward JWR during those Debates ?

    Do not know about you but I always kinda sorta felt PM Justin was “Creepy” , of course I do not know and I have no feelings for sure but I did sense something was odd about the Selfie King .

    Interestingly enough other than the E May After Dinner Speaking Engagement there is absolutely no evidence of “Creepiness” of any of the Canadian Political Leaders other than the Proven and Admitted Charges against PMJustin . Imagine that .

  12. Gilbert says:

    I want the Conservatives to win the election. It seems clear that the PPC will take more votes away from the Conservatives than from any other party. At the same time, I see no reason Maxime Bernier shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the debates. The Liberals are probably afraid that next to Maxime Bernier, Andrew Scheer won’t seem so right wing.

  13. BMCQ says:

    I believe that by choosing to form his own Party Max has shown that he is unfortunately like far too many Politicians and he puts his own ambitions and ego ahead of his Country of Canada .

    Max is not stupid enough to not recognize that he stands a very good chance of causing a Vote split between his own PPC and the Conservatives and that could prove to be disastrous . Canada cannot afford another four years of PM Justin .

    ( topic…which is Maxime Bernier and the Election debates.)

    I defy any of you on this Blog to show me where Max and the PPC Policies are Racist ?

  14. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, you said you wanted answers to your questions from me and some others. for others I can not speak. For myself, I’m not here to answer your questions or keep you entertained. For some of us, there truly is nothing to be gained by “responding to your questions.

  15. 13 says:

    Max might want to find another career. Outside of Harveys blog and the odd TV commercial featuring his creepy counterpart you would think the next Federal election was years away.
    I read up the page where BMCQ pointed out that Maxs motives need to be examined. Sour grapes or does he really think that Canada wants a right wing party that is hard line. With the Trudeau debacle and the (BMCQ) predicted demise of the NDP it seems to me that a middle of the road conservative approach has the best chance or success. For that reason I will side with the keep Max out crowd.
    How about not allowing debaters that dont run candidates in each and every riding?
    Harvey your response to eaf re not allowing anyone to debate that hasnt broken any criminal laws might make Trudeau a bit uneasy.

    (Response: I don’t think it’s reasonable to require a party run candidates in EVERY one of the 338 ridings to take part in the debate. The goal in a democracy should be to EXPAND and INCLUDE as many legitimate party leaders in the debate as possible. As for any idea of keeping him out to help “middle of the road” conservatives have the best chance of success …. that is very dangerous, selfish political interference. That’s what Putin and Xi and the Ayotollahs practice … and it should have no place in Canada. h.o)

  16. 13 says:

    Sorry about the double negative in my last line. Clearly not ban criminals from the debate is a good idea. So no Trudeau.

  17. 13 says:

    @eaf.You may have been better off to remain silent. The questions asked were simple requests for evidence to support outlandish claims of creepiness, racism etc. Your quite correct that it is not incumbent for you to respond to anyones questions but credibility suffers when one cant back up claims. It leaves others to speculate on why you believe that someone (or an entire political party) is racist.

    (Response: Back to the topic … not the personal silliness. Please!!! h.o)

  18. Gene The Bean says:

    Not to give this person (not the issue) anymore ink than I already have, lets look at how the PPC came to be. Bernier could not convince a majority of “normal” (cough cough) Cons that they needed to be more vocal and upfront with opposing brown immigration and do more to support white nationalism.

    If you cannot see (or pretend not to see) that for what it is and then actually take steps to defend it, well then, I don’t really need to say it – do I.

    All you have to do is look at his speeches to see how it gets his pure untainted blood boiling.

    You are or you are not. Choose wisely.

    (Response: His latest Tweets were truly disgusting. I would not repeat them ..or vote for him. But he does fit the criteria I would apply in deserving a place in the Election debates. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:


    So if I state something you might consider outlandish, questionable, or say offside you would not want to hold me to account or ask me explain myself ?

    How interesting, I thought the whole intention of a Blog was to exchange ideas and provide fodder for the argument, discussion, and debate so we might learn and benefit from the facts and opinions provided by others here .

    My apologies, I clearly forgot that with much the Left there is no opportunity for anything like the exchanges I pointed out . “My mind is already made up, please do not confuse me with the facts “.

    How silly of me to introduce common sense, fact, and accountability into any discussion with most on the Left .

    If we were to use your abnormal sense of logic there would be in fact no need to debate whether Max should be allowed to take part in the Debates .

    As a matter of fact using your debased logic there would be absolutely no need to hold any Debates as there would be no exchanges, no questions asked, and no questions answered . How interesting .

    I much prefer the open mindedness and the willingness to discuss and exchange ideas practiced by our friend DBW . Those exchanges make me a better person .

    We do not hear much about Max agitating for a Spot on the Podium, is that because he is not complaining or is that because Media once again might not be doing their job ?

    The next week or two may prove to be very interesting, Max is running out of time .

    (Response: Can we ALL get back to the topic … h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:

    Harvey –

    Not sure which Bernie comments you are referencing .

    If you believe those comments should affect his acceptability to take part in the Debates we would then need to be aware of them so we could form an opinion .

    Should we not ?

    From what I am getting the “Hot Button” points of Max and the PPC seem to be their proposed Legislation on Migration, not so much Legal Immigration which all countries should revisit every few years as a countries needs, wants, and requirements change with the economy, culture, ability to take in new comers, and the rest .

    Am I once again off topic to suggest that countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, India, Indonesia, and so many more have much the same Immigration Policies as proposed by Max and the PPC ?

    Even Jordan who do much more than any other World Nation for Refugees have a somewhat restrictive Immigration policy .

    What if Max was to take the Podium during the Great Debate, would many here, in media, and pandering politicians be as critical of India and the rest as they ae of Max and his PPC ?

    Frankly I would like to see him defend his position on Migration and Immigration during the Debate, it is quite possibly the most important Debate Canadians could have before the next Election .

    Our very future could depend on it, let us hear what Max has to say .

    At the same time if Max is pushing Racist Policy let’s talk about it, why would we not allow him to Debate ?

    There is no better place for a Racist to be exposed than on the debate stage in front of what might be Millions of Canadians .

    “Chews Forward” and “Chews Wisely”

    God I hope this bloody thing is on topic .

    (Response: I won’t dignify them by repeating them: You can Google his latest Tweets on the environment. Disgraceful! Especially for a party “leader”. And I hope Canada NEVER stoops to the level of nations like ” Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, India, Indonesia” when it comes to refugees, immigrants, or any minorities of any kind at all!!! h.o)

  21. Edgar says:

    DBW raised an interesting thought about the 6 federal parties and independents, all a chance to win to win seats. Are we beginning to see the end of national parties and the raise of regional parties. It will be interesting to see how voting patterns go and the impact of vote splitting.
    Sure Bernie should be allowed to speak, no doubt he will impact the Conservative party in English Canada but with a good French performance he could also create a three way race in Quebec and become a threat to the Bloc’s 10 seats and the Liberals seats outside of Montreal

    (Response: Remember the Reform Party? Or the National Party of Canada? Or even the once-powerful Bloc Quebecois? Regional parties have a very tough time under the Parliamentary system: the best they can hope for is a coalition …but then regional priorities, conflicts and competition come into play. So most voters prefer a national party that will control the purse strings and reward them for being “on side”. Just Keeping it Real. h.o)

  22. DBW says:

    For BMCQ: I agree that screaming “racist” does not win the debate. In fact, it shuts down debate on sensitive subjects (like immigration) that need to be discussed. There is a difference between suggesting that we cut back on immigration and calling for more immigrants from Norway instead of shithole countries.

    Having said that, it isn’t a big leap to be concerned about a party who seem to appeal to white supremacists especially when a riding executive and a candidate resign over that very concern.

    Back on topic. I really don’t have an issue with Bernier being in the debate. He is a sitting MP leading a party with a full slate of candidates and polling around 3%. Fringy but sort of legit. But to be the devil’s advocate for a moment, I wonder if a party should actually prove itself in a general election before we give them any legitimacy based on pre-writ polling.

  23. 13 says:

    Up the page BMCQ gave a link to the PPC platform. Having read the platform I can see why some on this blog have suffered sever burns after setting their hair on fire. That much common sense being laid out in front of a left wing lunatic supporter of the current fake leader,fake feminist, fake law abiding ethically challenged liar would be enough to cause apoplexy.
    Still for the sake of not watching the right split itself Im happy Max is out. If he manages to participate it will be a show worth watching

  24. BMCQ says:


    As a wise “People Kind” once stated, “I have already made up my mind that Max is a Racist, please do not confuse me with the facts” .

    Again (of course not you eaf) I defy ANY one on this Blog to study the PPC Platform and show us where Max can be labelled a “Racist” .

    I believe I looked up and found what HO stated about the “Disgraceful Max Tweets regarding the Environment” .

    I suppose I cannot defend as we are not quoting the statements but if anyone chooses to put themselves into the very controversial Enviro Industry and then chooses to navigate the Atlantic cean in a $ 4 Million Dollar Yacht they might have some splainen to do . Again I may not have found it all so I do not want to be charged with apologizing for a “Racist” comment ?

    If Max is deemed appropriate for the Debate Stage I want him to ask PM Justin and his Mensa Member Minister Freeland why Canada Dit Not include “Soft Wood” in the new USMC Trade Agreement” ?

    We are still embroiled in the latest fiasco regarding “Softwood”, it is not as though the subject was out of sight out of mind .

    How stupid, I hope Max holds PM Justins feet to the fire on that .

    I have a feeling that if Max does make the Main Stage he may be somewhat more aggressive than the other Political Leaders .

    Hey one never knows, there may even be a chance that the NDP may not even have a Leader to take to the Stage . Yikes !

  25. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW – I think he is a racist and I said so. So does almost everyone else I talk to. If you don’t and support him, goody for you, go ahead. If you don’t, goody for you too. Bernier is going to split the Con vote and that’s fine by me. If he does get in the debate he’ll just embolden his racist knuckle-dragging base. If he doesn’t get in, that will just embolden his racist knuckle-dragging base. Harvey made some really good points in support of it that I can appreciate but I don’t give a damn. Same outcome either way.

    Just a reminder, this is a personal blog of a highly respected former journalist who enjoys keeping it real and bringing forth interesting and timely points for DISCUSSION and opinions. The commenters here post ANONOMOUSLY and share their concerns, beliefs and feelings. Some of you think you are posting your doctoral thesis here, trying to win the hearts and minds of your “followers”. Geez folks, get over yourselves and lets just keep it real.

  26. Keith says:

    J. Trudeau is only taking part in the debates organized by the debate commission, giving the others a miss. Harper had previously done the same thing under different organizational circumstances.

    The wiki link for info on the debate commission.

    Worth noting is the paragraph heading “ Leaders invited”. Maxime Bernier had the O.K. in Nov. 2018 if he had candidates in 90% of the ridings, but didn’t give a time limit to achieve that.

  27. BMCQ says:

    It appears that the Max PPC are fielding candidates in all 338 Federal Ridings right across Canada .

    The Conservatives the same with a Full Slate while the Liberals may put forward fewer than 300 candidates at their current rate .Rumour has it the Liberals may actually attempt to bring back Doug Henning and his “Flying Yogit” Party to form a coalition with the Liberals .

    It is so Canadian that the Rules that Govern the Debates and just who can take the Stage for the two Debates are somewhat ambiguous and in fact confusing and unclear .

    The way i read and understand those rules tells me that there is too much room for Politicking, especially from the amalgamation of various Media Types and other vested interests that have input as to gets to “Attend the Dance” .

    One of the rules states that “It must intend to run candidates in 90% of the ridings” .

    “INTENDS” ?really ? How Canadian !!!! How Juvenile, and how Stupid .

    Hell, anyone can promise that 90% but that ridiculous little bit of criteria would be better for a Debate in Borneo or Gilligans Island . Who makes this stuff up ?

    The debates are October 7 and October 10, time is a wasting .

    It now appears more to me than ever that Media are attempting to report absolutely nothing about PM Justin as there is no good news for him and they are attempting to suffocate anything that might be news about the Conservatives as PM Justin is doing his imitation of the Invisible Man .

    BErnier should get his invitation within the week or he should force the issue by a Petition to the Federal court of Canada . I think all it would take is a threat of the court Petition by Max and in typical Canadian Fashion the Debate Gate Keepers will Fold like an Oppenheimer Tent on a Cold, Windy and Rainy Day .

    In the meantime the NDP are in Free Fall and we may even see a Coup attempt by “White Feather” Svend Robinson (could he be related to Elizabeth Warren?) to Grasp the Reigns of Leadership from Mr. Singh, things could get interesting .

    I do not think it would take much of an effort by Max and the PPC to force the Debate Board to drop to their knees and surrender, he should begin to prepare the PPC Legal Challenge Monday morning .

    Canada and Canadians deserve much better .

    (Response: For a moment, I thought you were looking over my shoulder! I am just working on my next blog, to be posted Monday, and it deals EXACTLY with the tv debates…. and their importance. Stand by … h.o)

  28. 13 says:

    So without penning a doctoral thesis it looks like Scheer is running a few ads , Trudeau is promising to fund everything in every community in every province in every country on every planet in our solar system. The NDP are on the verge of becoming a footnote in history. Greens seem to be trying hard to stay out of the lime light. Max had some billboards removed because our local billionaire couldnt take the heat.
    Keystone cops or Canadian politics? Bring on the debates. If they dont allow PPC participation I expect that every time the debates break for commercial to see Max and the PPC stating their position on a how to make Canada great again

  29. RIsaak says:

    Had Bernier been elected as a PPC MP, no issue, however the party of one which was not on the ballot when said MP was elected could open pandora’s box. Should JWR & Philpot, Tootoo (not even sure he’ll be running) and a few others also be included? I get the fact Mad Max has formed his own party, but really if being a sitting MP is the criteria all the Independents may have a similar right. Personally my thought is if you represent the party affiliated with your past most recent election win, no issue, however the flippers of opportunity and outcasts should be barred until they win under their chosen party which they did not represent last election.

    (Response: I’m not adverse to someone elected under one party banner switching allegiance if the take that stand on principle or decry the direction their old party is going. No ..they should not be allowed to take part in the debate as an “independent” MP … but if they form a new party, go through a democratic leadership process, run candidates in more than 300 ridings …and score above, say, 3% , in several national polls … then I believe that leader deserves a spot on the stage. And let voters then decide if their beliefs deserve more. h.o)

  30. BMCQ says:


    I do not agree with all of your Post but you make a couple of good points .

    I believe that once Canada has a New Government that Government should form a bi-partisan Committee to address a re-structure of the Canadian Federal Debate Protocol .

    There are far too many ambiguities and loop holes in the current system .

    Canada is not a Third World Banana Republic and we have ignored far too many failings in our Political System for far too long .

    Once again Canada and Canadians deserve better .

  31. 13 says:

    “Canada is not Third World Banana Republic…………”
    Made me smile then chuckle then LOL. With the ethically challenged, corrupt, liar as our current PM an argument could easily be made that Canada has become a banana republic over the last 4 years

  32. BMCQ says:


    Full agreement !

    The past four years have set the clock back “Light Years” In Canada and it is time to ensure that the current “Head Banana” PM and His Minions do not get another Term .

    I am going out on a limb and suggest that those that control who gets to appear at the Debate Stage are agonizing about what to do, do they allow Max and expose
    PM Justin to probing questions from Max and Scheer or do they disallow Max and create a scenario where they appear to favour PMJustin in several different ways, especially the way it might appear they are attempting to split the Centre Right Vote .

    Will they do the right thing and invite Max ? We shall know soon enough .

    One thing for sure I doubt if they will make the decision based on anything other than cheap tawdry politics .

  33. 13 says:

    So Max is in? Is he in because the commission saw the light or is he in because the Liberals put pressure on the commission. Chances are the polls as always dont mean squat. All of this neck and neck , even Steven, might play nice in the media but the media are in the tank for the left. The people (voters) in Canada are not as some of us like to claim idiots, sheeple or any other derogatory term used by those afraid of the truth. The truth is that anyone with any common sense does not want to see another 4 years of ruin. With Max in the mix it is going to be interesting but what REALLY changed to put him in. Polls? Not likely.

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