Media FINALLY Picking Up On Mulcair’s Duplicity

Kudos to Province columnist Michael Smyth; bravo for CTV Vancouver’s “Sinjin” Alexander; applause for The National Post; and, yes, even hurrah for CBC in Ottawa!

They have FINALLY picked up on the INJUSTICE I blogged about in May on how the federal NDP wants the rest of Canada to PAY for a new Champlain Bridge across the St. Lawrence River AND assume total operating costs, so drivers there don’t have to pay any tolls …the way WE do for our new bridges:

The issue should OUTRAGE all Canadians with ANY sense of fairness … including those IN Quebec!

The only GOOD thing about it is it EXPOSES PERFECTLY how … despite all the platitudes the federal NDP spew when they are out here …  their TRUE priorities,  under Leader Thomas Mulcair,  lie with Quebec … and they want US to pay for spoiling that province … once again.

The pandering goes back to the early 1960s, when the federal government, gifted to Montreal and Quebec  (Surprised?) a new six-lane bridge across the St. Lawrence, linking downtown to the South Shore.  (British Columbians could only dream of such generosity …then OR now!)

There’s now a plan to replace the structure by 2018 at an estimated cost of $3 Billion to $5 Billion  (which probably means $10 Billion by the time it’s done).

And the Tory government in Ottawa … once more … is willing to pay THE ENTIRE COST of building the new structure!!!

But even that’s not good enough for Mulcair: he opposes the federal government’s insistence on tolls to cover the cost of maintaining/operating the structure … anywhere from $1.40 to $2.60 per car. (There was a toll on the bridge until 1990 ..when Ottawa removed it.)

No toll! Says Mulcair.

Let the federal government (that’s YOU, coast to coast) pay the entire costs of building, maintaining and operating the Champlain Bridge.

(Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau earlier this year had also questioned the idea of tolls on the bridge … but lately has avoided making a firm commitment. HE should be pushed on this!)

Meanwhile, Mulcair makes no apologies to rest-of-Canada taxpayers: he has been openly vocal in demanding the outrageous lifelong gift to his home province.

“The Champlain Bridge is the most important bridge in Canada,” he has argued.

“It doesn’t have a toll now and there’s absolutely no reason not to rebuild a bridge without a toll,” the Opposition Leader pontificated.

Think about that when you’re crossing the Port Mann or Lion’s Gate: YOUR bridges  are not as important to the “nation” as is Montrealers’ Champlain. A VERY strange position, made all the more ridiculous by the fact the Port Mann IS part of the Trans-Canada highway system!

Yet, according to Smyth in The Province ,  the $3.5 Billion Port Mann Bridge was built WITHOUT federal funding.

And Alexander on CTV News at Six caught Mulcair …speaking in French … make this categorical promise: “Under the NDP, there will be NO tolls on the Champlain Bridge… period!”

I guess Mulcair also conveniently  forgot the NDP’s federal POLICY regarding both reducing carbon emissions and having those who create them offset the costs .  Ooops!

What a hypocrite …when it comes to buying votes in Quebec!

And the only thing that’s even worse?   How NDP MPs and party supporters in the rest of Canada are staying so silent about this duplicity, hypocrisy and outright disgraceful and unethical stance by Mulcair and the federal NDP …which, as I said, I revealed last May.

How can we in BC and the West EVER expect to get a fair deal in Ottawa when even those we send there FAIL to stand up for US and against those who would just exploit us to benefit provinces back East???

But the good news is the media are now waking up to how the NDP (and likely the Liberals too) are willing to sacrifice US out West for votes in Quebec.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to Media FINALLY Picking Up On Mulcair’s Duplicity

  1. Lester says:

    Maybe if we stopped giving millions in tax dollars to corporations we wouldn’t have to toll bridges. My only outrage is the B.C. media getting snooty that Quebec politicians actually argue for things Quebecers want, unlike B.C.’s who look for ways to screw their people.

  2. 13 says:

    Harvey , I found the letter from the feds that I recd back in May when I wrote to complain about this bridge being built and paid for by all taxpayers. He claimed that it is a federal bridge and is a federal responsibility that the current gov has inherited from a previous regime.
    He did state clearly that the bridge would NOT be built without tolls.
    I think that between the money we waste trying to appease Quebec and the money we waste trying to look after first nations we are nothing short of idiots. The bureaucracy that exists to spend our tax dollars on these two money pits is likely enough to enhance our medical and education systems from coast to coast.
    The more interesting part is as you point out the ability of the Federal NDP to openly promote this waste of our tax dollars. The other disgusting part as you point out is the rest of the NDP across Canada ready and willing to support thowing bundles of cash at Quebec.
    These are two good reasons to allways give your support of the NDP a sober second thought.
    The NDP truly are the Vision people on steroids.

    (Response: I truly hope Harper/Tories stand FIRM on this: it would likely cost some seats in Quebec …but they wouldn’t likely get many more than now anyway and I believe it can win them a LOT MORE seats in Ontario and the rest of the country if Mulcair and Trudeau both support the bribery scheme …and the Tories make it an issue. h.o.)

  3. frosty says:

    If Mulcair had any supporters in the west….most have to have evaporated with this. Just add it to previous anti-west remarks. GOD…that leaves Harper and Justin……guess I have to look on the bright side, I might get hit by a truck before the election.

    (Response: Not so … too many of the NDP’s partisan supporters see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil … even when their own part of the country is being OPENLY shafted, exploited and ignored. No wonder BC does not get its fair share back East …OUR OWN supposed representatives are so co-opted by the powers in Central Canada. Can you EVER imagine NDP MPs (or for ANY party) or the Quebec public standing still for a plan that called on THEM to pay construction costs AND all maintenance for a bridge in BC …while THEY paid construction costs and tolls for a similar project back there. I can’t decide what’s MORE outrageous … the proposal itself or the NDP supporters’ willingness here to go along!!!! h.o)

  4. Sue Stroud says:

    I agree with Lester. By the way did you ever ask if Mulcair would agree to federal funding and no tolls for the rest of Canada. Make you a bet he would happily do so. Corporate greed and their control of the Tories and Libs is the real problem in this country. So sorry Laila Yuile is falling for this nonsense, Harvey seems to be trying to fight the election for the Tories.

    (Response: There are none so blind as they who are so partisan, they cannot see …even when their own party leader proclaims his BIAS openly and publicly. h.o)

  5. r says:

    How does a bridge cost 3 billion dollars?(ie Massey,Port Mann)

    How about tunnel instead?

  6. peter kelly says:

    Just so y’all know. The Champlain Bridge is wholly owned by the federal government. Isn’t it their responsibility to fund their own infrastructure?

    (Response: Just because they built it as a gift in 1960 doesn’t mean they have to keep funding it forever, does it? If so, we should be getting TOTAL funding for all improvements and maintenance in Stanley Park, Granville Island, Jericho Park, the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base and probably THOUSANDS of other former federal projects/sites around the province and the country that over time the feds have pulled out of funding/managing …but I don’t see Mulcair or the NDP calling for that! And even then the Tories have said they’ll pay to replace the Champlain …which is bad enough …and all they want are tolls to cover maintenance/operations. How can anyone with ANY INKLING of fairness say that’s fair to the rest of the country???? h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    and the voting “options” in the next federal election just keep diminishing daily………

    cant wait to hear what Trudeau the Younger has to say while speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

  8. Gary T. says:

    @ Sue Stroud. I think that maybe your reading comprehension could use a tune up. No where did I see Laila Yuile ” falling for this ” as you say. In fact, here is what she said about the matter.

    ” Last but not least, Harvey Oberfeld has a thought provoking post up about Mulcair’s support for all Canadian taxpayers to pick up the bill for a new bridge in Quebec. I was equally outraged at this turn of events, simply because we continually get dinged out here for new projects, including the Port Mann, which is part of our national highway system.

    Sigh. It’s so damn easy to spend spend spend when it’s not their own money. ”

    She also linked to Harvey’s post today.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    I commend Mulcair for doing what he is doing/saying! He is doing what is best for his constituents in Quebec. That is where he is from. He maybe the leader of a federal party but he hasn’t forgotten where he is from. We can’t say that for too many B.C. politicians.

    On Vancouver Is. we have had John Duncan as an M.P. since Christ was a cowboy. All we get is a few thousand here or there for some lame project. Mulcair, hell, he’s trying to get his constituents a bridge. I’d like to see John Duncan do something like that for us.

    it isn’t as if we don’t have a number of federal Conservative M.P.s but what have they done for B.C. lately. About the last thing I heard was one from Coquitlam saying it wasn’t his job to feed his neighbour’s kids. Well if he won’t feed the neighbour’s kids, do you really think he is going to do anything to even get us a bridge.

    Hell the B.C. federal Conservatives couldn’t even keep a Coast Guard station open in Vancouver. I say good for Mulcair ! B.C.’s federal Conservative M.P.s, not so much.

    Now as to the provincial B.C. lieberals, they seem to have walked lock step with the feral Conservatives/harper, long enough, to get B.C. something. But NO, they haven’t gotten us much of anything. o.k., they got us the HST.

    When people complain about what Quebec gets from the federal government (both the federal Liberals and Conservatives), don’t blame Quebec. The voters there were, and are, smart enough to sent politicians to Ottawa who will get them what they want and/or need. B.C., not so much.

    Next time ensure your riding finds candidates who work as hard for their constituents as the Quebecers do. Then from amongst those candidates choose the one who is going to do something for your riding and/or province.

    Harvey thank you for writing this post. The previous one just wasn’t getting the “action” it ought to have.

    This one is going to be “fun”.

    (Response: The problem with Mulcair “doing what is best for his constituents in Quebec” is he was speaking as the Leader of the Official Opposition …who is SUPPOSED to stand up for the country and people in ALL regions. But I’m grateful he has so publicly demonstrated and voiced the truth (As I said in the last election too and have been proven correct) that the federal NDP is the Quebec NDP and sees it’s hope for survival as the Opposition (it will NOT win federally with Mulcair) in that province, which is so used to being bought, pandered to, bribed and paid off by and for politicians…publicly, privately, politically and even criminally. h.o)

  10. morry says:

    There is nothing wrong with what Mulcair is proposing. That is his role. It is up to the Federal Government to respond.

    Would have been nice if someone in BC had spoken up with regards to the Port Mann bridge in not having any tolls. I don’t see how any part of the Trans-Canada should be tolled.

    Our Provincial Government failed us.

    (Response: So there’s “nothing wrong” with Mulcair proposing Quebeckers literally get a free ride, while the rest of the country pays the total cost of building and operating the bridge? No wonder federal parties think they can concentrate on paying out billions on pet projects back East while milking Western Canada for the dough! I can tell you if the situation were reversed … not that there’s even a remote chance that would ever happen would NEVER find a SINGLE Quebecker who would stand for it. You should be ashamed of being so willing to let your blind left obedience hurt your own province and taxpayers …. just for the sake of “the party”. h.o)

  11. Lester says:

    The other thing, Sue, is why is this suddenly “Anti-west” what spin! Mulcair has said he doesn’t want tolls in Montreal. It’s up to B.C.’s MPs to say they don’t want tolls in Vancouver.

  12. morry says:

    H.O you are blinded for your dislike of Quebec, that you are missing the point of my post. Why is it Wrong for Mulcair to speak up for Quebecers? I didn’t argue that I would favour such a proposal. Nor did I say that I didn’t want the same conditions for B.C. Abolish tools in B.C. as well.

    (Response: So dislike it, I’m already ticketed and holding hotel reservations for another vacation there! But you are correct on one thing .. I do NOT like people or provinces who want everyone else to pay for their own bridges, whether in BC or Ontario etc. and then ALSO pay for theirs, in Quebecor anywhere! That is ludicrous. As for abolishing tolls completely …where would the money come from to build and maintain them? I don’t mind user-fees, at least PARTLY to cover the costs … why shouldn’t they or we who use them, in BC OR IN QUEBEC TOO. h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    How typical of the spend it fast party. NDP though and through. Instead of seeing Mulcair for a pandering politician who will sell western Canada down the taxation drain they choose to blame western politicians for not demanding the feds pay for our bridges and eliminate the tolls all across Canada. NDP and taxation go hand in hand.

    (Response: It’s easy in Opposition to call for everything to be funded by government … kind of establishing Heaven on Earth. But not even Mulcair is suggesting what some of his fans are advocating on here, because he knows when so many would see them= NDP as the party of spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax. Meanwhile those same fans who urge government to cover all costs for everything, blame the media for their spend, spend reputation! h.o)

  14. morry says:

    “As for abolishing tolls completely …where would the money come from to build and maintain them? ”
    The same budget that pays and maintains the trans-canada highway.

    Or are you saying that the TC should be a tolled freeway?

    (Response: So instead of people paying tolls on any bridges, you favour raising everyone’s taxes to pay for them. I’ll wait for Mulcair to suggest that! h.o)

  15. morry says:

    So we have found common ground. We all pay taxes to fund the Trans-Canada including the bridges. This has nothing to do with Mulcair.

    (Response: No we haven’t. You defend Mulcair’s biased anti-West action: I condemn him. Let him come up withy a comprehensive NATIONAL policy … tolls or no tolls on ALL bridges across the country (with Ottawa picking up the cost) ..not just NO toll in Montreal, but tolls everywhere else. h.o)

  16. dennis says:

    Lester says it well. let the feds fund the bridge and our bridges too. if quebec gets these things good on them……but then where’s ours.

    Money?There’s lots of that for stadium roofs, tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthy and very wealthy. in the meantime regressive taxes and fees fees fees for the rest of us.

  17. Crankypants says:

    The real problem is how our governance is how it is practiced by our politicians. Fairness takes a back seat opportunism. The leader of each political party will say whatever they think will play to their base and maybe steal some votes from the other parties. To make matters worse the supporting casts of these parties, the MPs, will say nothing to contradict whatever stance the leader has adopted. Why? Simply because they want to be able to keep their job. If they go rogue they face the possibility of being voted off the island, so to speak.

    What I find more interesting is how the various governments justify the tolling of a bridge. Some toll a bridge to pay for the construction while others seem to only toll for the maintenance. I can see some reasoning for a toll to pay for new infrastructure but find it ludicrous to pay a toll for maintenance. Is that not the reason that we pay copious gas taxes? A bridge is nothing more than a road that does not sit on solid land.

    (Response: You’re certainly right about opportunism. That’s what it is really about: Mulcair knows there are a number of safe BC NDP seats, and safe Tory seats …. where people vote like puppies responding to a Pavlovian election call bell. But Quebec is much more volatile …offers 75 seats …much more campaign important than BC. I get it …but NO ONE in BC should accept our second-class treatment and those who do just make it worse. h.o)

  18. Lester says:

    I love seeing all the baby-bommers wanting tolls now. Hey, they went through their entire working lives toll-free. Time screw the generation behind them again as they did with education, housing…etc

    (Response: Don’t put the boomers down: it’s THEY …not Gen X or Y …who worked for 30 to 40 years and paid by far the largest portion of the taxes and investments used to build all those bridges, highways, subways, houses, apartments, universities, hospital etc etc. and developed such a wealthy economy to support all those services the younger whiners now demand more of …instantly …without first putting in the time or effort over 30 years to deserve it! h.o)

  19. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#18 Lester
    Sorry buddy, but you were OWNED by that rebuttal.

  20. 13 says:

    Lester you have an interesting take on things. In order to protect Mulcair you are willing to toss the boomers under the bus. As Harvey pointed out had the boomers not paid taxes all their lives this generation would be in a real pickle. Thats one reason my blood boils when Gregor and his ilk decide that we are going to change our lifestyles to fit his idea of the way things should be. The boomers have more than paid their way. Healthcare and pensions are being rolled back. NOT because the boomers havent funded them but because the public sector has taken on a life of its own. Public sector pensions are indexed. I wonder if their pension plans have been pushed back a couple years. Not likely.
    So Lester if you and Mulcair want to go toll free all across Canada thats fine with me. Stop funding first nations. Stop transfer payments. Stop foreign aid. Enact savage cuts to bureaucracies . The money is there to spend on roads and bridges we just need to stop wasting it.
    We need to get rid of quasi government bodies like translink. The group that decided we needed the Golden Ears bridge. Decided that we needed skytrain instead or LRT. Decided we needed a new Port Mann instead of twinning the existing (just renovated at huge expense) bridge. Money saved could have built a new Patullo.
    None of these bad decisions were the fault of baby boomers. Politicians and bureacrats created this mess. Mulcair is just pimping for Quebec.

  21. r says:

    Corruption Quebec trial
    5 billion dollar bridge

    What are the odds that once a bridge is known to become a pay to play /toll road the costs go way up.?


  22. BMCQ says:

    H.O. May reprimand me for this but I have a question of Lester here.

    Lester, Just what drives that Critical Thinking Process?

    I tend to be somewhat cynical and might other wise ask you, “Just How Strong is Your Medicinal Marijuana Anyway”?

    But I will not do that.

    While I am here…….

    Just how many Ships have Sunk, and exactly how many dozens of “Bloated Dead Bodies” have washed up on the Shores of False Creek since the closure of the Coast Guard Station TWO YEARS AGO?!!!! Will you please provide both of those total numbers for us Lester?

    Thomas Mulchair can promise almost anything he wants. He knows he is doomed and in fact he well knows he will probably end up with less than half of the current, is it 97 seats he now holds in The Canadian Parliament once the tally is counted after the next Election in Oct. 2015 or perhaps March 2015 as H. O. speculates.

    Quebec like all of the rest of the Canadian Provinces is a very special place but also like other Canadian Provinces they should not be entitled to any “Special Treatment”!!

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