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Michael: It’s YOUR Brother, Stupid!

February 9th, 2010 · 34 Comments

Poor Michael Campbell.  There he was, on CKNW repeatedly this week whining and complaining that too many British Columbians have been whining and complaining about the 2010 Olympic Games and their negative impact on the city and the province. 

Michael just doesn’t seem to understand why everyone isn’t just dancing and singing, welcoming the torch, frolicking and celebrating this great Olympic-sized achievement for British Columbia.

Michael blames the negative nellies he sees almost everywhere … and, like all good whiners … he also blames the media … for paying attention to all that whining. (HIS whining is ok, of course … because it is sponsored!  🙂 

Michael apparently just can’t understand why so much more of B.C. isn’t on board the VANOC 2010 “hype” Express?

It’s your brother, stupid!

Michael, how can you expect everyone to be  supportive of the $7 Billion games, when they are well aware of how much  it has already cost them and fear terribly how much it will cost them for decades to come?

How can you expect taxpayers to be giddy with glee when YOUR brother, Premier Gordon Campbell, LIED to the voters and the entire restaurant industry  just a few months ago, promising he would NOT be introducing the HST, and then did so only weeks after they gave him another term in office.

What about those estimates of this year’s provincial deficit … more HUGE pre-election LIES from the government your brother heads, Michael.  Should people be celebrating that?  And not whine?  When it’s their dough that will pay for that Olympic-sized deficit.

And what about all those POST-ELECTION Campbell cuts to such essentials as community service programs, health/hospital/surgery services, cultural spending and even repairs to our kids schools??  While Jacques Rogge and other I-O-C wallow in five-start luxury suites, chauffeured limousines and the best food and imported wines B.C. has to offer.

And the governments spend MILLIONS on free Olympic tickets for themsleves and the privileged.

And you wonder, Michael, why many of the people who will pay for all that are not happy?  Not dancing in the streets?

How can you also expect people to be trusting of VANOC, or the provincial government, when they told us (with a straight face) that the Olympics would cost only $175 Million for security … but now the bill is estimated at $900 MILLION …..   and counting.

Who, Michael, will pay that bill???  The whiners, of course. And yet, you blame them?

Those whiners include  people who have had their jobs, their businesses, their doctors’ visits, their surgeries,  their entire  LIVES disrupted for a month or more … for Games.

The truth is, Michael Campbell, you are in my view little more than your brother’s unofficial Minister of Propaganda … now trying to shut up the critics .. AND INTIMIDATE  THE MEDIA into speaking only positively of  the Big Party that begins Friday.

Now, make no mistake … I personally am looking forward to the Olympic Games and want our athletes and our country to do us all proud. I fully realize all the hard effort and hours that so many incredibly skilled young people have put in over the past several years to make it to the Games. Now that they are here,  I wish them great achievement and success. And many broken World records!

But I am a reporter and journalist, Michael,  not a one-sided mouthpiece for your brother.

So I will continue to give voice on my blog to  those who have concerns, those who are suffering from all the disruption and those who realize the financial horrors that are coming in B.C. after the visitors leave.

The hangover will also be B.C.’s biggest ever!

It’s not whining to express concerns that all the Olympic spending will lead to disastrous labour/government negotiatons, more cutbacks in services, possibly sizable layoffs, tax and fee increases, impacting just about every British Columbian a few weeks from now.

It’s reality, it’s freedom of speech Michael .. something neither you nor your brother have yet been able to totally stifle in British Columbia … despite all your whining.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 RS // Feb 9, 2010 at 2:24 am

    Hear hear Harvey!

  • 2 Laila Yuile // Feb 9, 2010 at 3:04 am

    That’s just the best Harv, it really is. I feel the same way, and coming from the torch run that went through my neighbourhood this afternoon I feel even more vehement that we must all continue to voice our concerns throughout this two week period- and beyond!

    To be honest, after seeing firsthand the numerous buses and SUV’s full of police, the RBC sponsorship float, and the not one, not two, but count them- THREE Coca Cola gaudy-awful trucks pumping music with gyrating young bodies demanding we ” get the spirit”…. I’m still shaking my head.

    Not to mention it was about 14 degrees at my house this afternoon, sunny hot, and the poor runner still had to wear those bloody red mittens, toque and full body suit! And while there were no protestors in my conservative/ Liberal neighbourhood, neither were there throngs of people along the streets like some might imagine.

    I updated a recent post on my site that some of your readers might be interested in, relating to the downtown eastside. It is an article that was recently deleted from The Provinces Operation Phoenix archives( why, I don’t know) and speaks in direct opposition to the booth sponsored by that paper to aid the governments propaganda campaign about that area. I encourage everyone to read Chief Bill Wilsons most piercing opinion editorial on my site.

    (Response: Thanks Laila! Here is Laila’s website: )

  • 3 Henri Paul // Feb 9, 2010 at 3:04 am

    I must commend you Harv , thats a well stated article.
    I doubt it very much, if the fart in the wind sack has the guts to reply .

  • 4 Kam Lee // Feb 9, 2010 at 3:33 am

    Harv, the best yet! The shill mikey was damn embarrassing. He tried to defend his lying
    brother gordo, and he puffed up like the peacock he is, and honked his drivel. Remember
    mikey, 40 % of Vancouver said “NO”. As a member of the great unwashed outside the
    city limits, I am stuck with this outrageous bill now, and into the future. I expect 30 years. Considering I had no say in the matter, like most of the province. (edited..h.o.)
    He is a waste of skin, and the minister of bafflegab. Sounds like Germany during the mid

  • 5 patrick bell (NOT THE MLA) // Feb 9, 2010 at 4:26 am

    (Edited out first line.. for legal reasons ..h.o.) Mike Campbell preaches fiscal prudence and his brother (apparently from the same school of fiscally conservative ilk) is spending OUR money like a madman.

    Love when a caller phones into NW and reminds him that his brother is running this province into the ground. He then has to quickly weasel out of that conversation as he knows he can’t defend it. These pseudo financial managers love to help you SPEND your money 🙂

    To top it all off, they still have the gall to remind us of the NDP days in the 1990s and how that government was completely reckless with our money. Jokers!

    God help us these if guys get in for another term as they’ll probably sell the province’s water off to huge American corporations. Those companies in turn will sell it off as what is to become the world’s most precious commodity.

  • 6 Lynn2 // Feb 9, 2010 at 4:53 am

    Michael Campbell whines and makes blanket statements regularly but I do not think he is stupid.
    I seldom agree with him and usually change stations when he begins to whine and become patronizing , which is often.
    Gordon Campbell however is extemely annoying and I wish he would stop popping up like a bobble head every opportunity he gets.
    It is sad that the premier of BC can be so self serving, nasty and arrogant .How does he stay in power ?

    (Response: He stays in power for many reasons: distrust of the NDP; lacklustre NDP leader; poor NDP campaign; lots of funding from business and corps for Libs; better campaign; and, lots of support from media/critics/commentators at critical time of each campaign. h.o)

  • 7 Leah // Feb 9, 2010 at 5:10 am

    100% agreement from me Harv!! Excellent article!

  • 8 Mike Cleaver // Feb 9, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Having worked with Micheal Campbell for several years, this is not the first time he’s never been critical of anything the current government does.
    He carefully skates around any controversy involving his brother and his cronies.
    I feel he should be forced to begin and end his radio program with a disclaimer, “saying he is the brother of the current serving Premier and that he will not be saying anything that is derogatory to Gordon Campbell or his government and it’s policies.
    This program is not un-biased and should be regarded as a promotional vehicle for the serving provincial government.”

  • 9 DMJ // Feb 9, 2010 at 6:30 am

    I lost complete respect for Micheal Campbell years ago during the first of the RAV affair. Just after TransLink voted against funding for the RAV deal, M. Campbell (who was guest hosting a talk show on NW) went on a 20 minute rant about how the RAV project was needed and that a “P-3” was the great panacea for BC.

    Much of what he stated about transit issues were (in the writer’s view) pure fabrication and it just didn’t stop there. The next day he continues for a whole hour and his ignorance of the subject was appalling. But, as we know so well, “the rest is history.”

    What do we have today Mr. M. Campbell:

    1) The RAV Line’s cost escalated out of control; so much so that the scope of the project was greatly reduced, including a switch from SkyTrain to a generic metro and the substitution of cut-and-cover subway construction instead of bored tunnel.

    2) This lead directly to Susan Heyes’s successful lawsuit (under appeal) and $600,000.00 settlement. Today well over 100 Cambie St. Merchants have had a class action lawsuit against TransLink certified and the potential settlements and legal costs could add another $100 million to the cost of the now $2.5 billion RAV/Canada line.

    3) As the scope of the RAV project was reduced, so was the size of the subway stations and at best, the capacity of RAV/Canada line is about 25% less than if a longer light rail line costing over $1.5 billion less. The cost to upgrade the RAV Line: $1 billion to $2 billion dollars.

    4) The much publicized P-3 has been altered so much that the taxpayer doesn’t know exactly how the private money was funded and there some evidence that some of the money used by SNC Lavalin was monies from provincial pension plans and other provincial government sources.

    As the RAV P-3 is said to be a private deal, the contract and the money lenders are all hidden from the public, under the shroud of FOI and to date none have been released.

    So Mikey Campbell, if you are such a good businessman why would you promote such a vast money pit like the RAV/Canada Line subway, which like other subways built in the real world, needs over 400,000 persons a day to ride it to justify its expense.

    A snake-oil salesman has more credibility than Mr. M. Campbell and his shilling for the 2010 games is just like an Email from Nigeria, where my good friend Mr. Umbutu has a problem with $5 or so million so could I please give him my bank account number so he can ……….. well you know the rest.

    Just press delete!

    (Response: One day I would not be surprised to hear Mr Ubutu as a guest on Campbell’s NW radio show, offering incredible investment opportunities in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Somalia… where “Special Interest Groups” like human rights and unions are no longer a problem! h.o.)

  • 10 Norm Farrell // Feb 9, 2010 at 7:17 am

    Wow. A deadly shot, right between the eyes. Well done H.O. That particular whining has been consistent for some time.

    Did you enjoy your former media colleagues toting the flame today? I bet VANOC has the chequebook warmed up paying appearance fees for these objective professionals. Wonder how much a broadcaster gets paid for hosting flame receptions in outlying towns?

    We also get to host the Governator. I suppose that’s in tribute to his long contributions to Canadian sport.

    I’m surprised that Global’s senior meteorologist got to carry the torch. After all, it’s “Mark Madryga’s Weather ” that got us in the pickle at Cypress Bowl and diverted a million dollars or so to buy straw and snow trucked from the North Cascade mountains. I’d have pulled his tracksuit and torch as punishment for all the warm weather.

    (Response: I don’t object ot Mark carrying it … he’s a weatherman not a newsman.
    But I am saddened by so many “news” people TAKING PART and gushing all about it. Shame, shame on them …anyone who did that lost all crediblity in reporting on Games in my view. And the fact they can’t understand how they have damaged the integrity of journalism and its “independence” makes it all worse. h.o).

  • 11 Curly // Feb 9, 2010 at 7:30 am

    Thank you so much for this, Harvey. You have so eloquently captured what so many of us feel in this piece. I’m so tired of being bullied by the mindless boosterism, hype, and spin, and the braying “suck it up, whiners; the Olympics are here; you might as well relax and enjoy it” tone – and I’m so go***mned tired of being expected to shut up and pay for this fiasco (including the spin), to boot. It’s like adding insult to injury.

    (Response: Again… I support the actual games and greatly admire the achievements of the world’s best athletes. BUT I am no fan of hype .. The “flame” is just a metal gaslight burner..and the FIRST nationwide torch runs were organized by the Nazis in 1936. That was never before done “nationwide” for the Olympics …formerly just around Olympia, Greece.Think about that..and why the Nazis exploited it! With apologies to Woody Allen, if you want to have some really good laughs, just substitute in your mind the word “banana” when they talk about seeing “the banana”, holding the “banana” etc. It works for me .. but again, the games themselves I am looking forward to watching. h.o)

  • 12 Crankypants // Feb 9, 2010 at 9:21 am

    I can’t agree more with your take on Michael Campbell’s rant, Harvey. You nailed it. I would suggest that the MSM has bent over backwards to portray the leadup to the games in a positive manner. They have on occaision exposed some less than positive stories, but overall been more pro than con. If anything, the MSM has been far too lenient towards Vanoc, the IOC and our provincial government.

    Where is it written that those that are less than satisfied with a situation must shut up and just go with the flow? Not in my world.

  • 13 Dan // Feb 9, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Does Michael still show up on Global TV and yap? I have not watched TV news other than the National (only on Thursdays) in ages as it all sucks and is no longer real news….

    (Response: I don’t watch it regularly anymore..but I think I did see him on there a few weeks ago? Or was it just a bad dream? LOL! h.o.)

  • 14 Wilson // Feb 9, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Come on Oberfeld it wouldn’t matter who was running the five ring circus. B.C. has always been a Province full of whiners and complainer. That is what B.C. stands for Bitch & Complain. It’s what we do here. And we do it well.

    (Response; Funny thing … if we are such whiners and complainers you think that’s what keeps unfettered development, freeways, develop Stanley Park types, smokestack job purveyors, more government corruption etc etc at bay? And maybe that’s also why WE keep winning the “best place in the world to live” studies? God Bless the whiners! 🙂 h.o.

  • 15 Gary L. // Feb 9, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    I guess that Niles, er, I mean Michael wouldn’t want us to “whine” about this gem either! IOC reinstates former Samsung boss as member

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Convicted ex-Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee was
    reinstated Sunday as a full member of the International Olympic Committee, a
    boost for South Korea’s bid to host the 2018 Winter Games.

    Lee’s rights were restored by the IOC executive board, although the IOC also
    gave him a public reprimand for tarnishing the Olympic movement and banned him
    from serving on any IOC commissions for five years.

    Lee voluntarily gave up his IOC rights after being indicted in 2008 in a
    financial and tax evasion case. He paid 120 billion to the Government, in “back taxes”………………

    (Response: He doesn’t meet the criteria of good sportsmanship but apparently is quite suitable for I-O-C executive level management. h.o)

  • 16 Fred // Feb 9, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Really nice whine, so journalistic of you.

  • 17 crh // Feb 9, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Campbell currently holds the highest disapproval rating of any politician in Canada.

    Those that defend him are simply making asses of themselves. Hope Mikey sinks with the same ship that his brother is on.

  • 18 Gary E // Feb 9, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I just came in from a good days fishing (in my retirement) and thought it couldn’t get any better. You proved me wrong Harv.
    Thank you for this story. I wonder (lol) if the MSM will pick it up.

    (Response: Of course not! LOL! But I get the impression I voice the feelings/opinions held by many more Brtiish Columbians than the MSM realize. And I’m happy to give those who care enough to write a voice on this blog. h.o)

  • 19 Barry // Feb 9, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Is there a way we can start a petition drive or other means to have this “Commentator” removed from CKNW? If that works, I’ve got other names to throw in the idea bin.

    (Response: Have you listened to Corus throughout the day/weekend? I suspect Campbell fits their corporate ideology quite well. In fact, compared to their other talk show hosts, Bill Good and Christie Clark are “lefties” ! LOL! h.o)

  • 20 Henri Paul // Feb 10, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Harv said Have you listened to Corus throughout the day/weekend? I suspect Campbell fits their corporate ideology quite well. In fact, compared to their other talk show hosts, Bill Good and Christie Clark are “lefties” ! LOL! h
    That’s where you people at the coast fail, you listen to that tripe.
    In this age with all the communication technology we have, why would anybody listen to the drivel from these people?
    Their audience following, has to be mostly or all codgers ,surely, as the young folks down there wouldn’t give these zombies the time of day, would they? If so, then the future really is dim.

    (Response: As a news/talk junkie … I do listen to Good in the morning, at least for a while, and i often have the radio on in the kitchen, or in the car, even when I’m doing other things .. so i pick up snippets of them all .. although usually turn to CKWX when I hear Campbell’s repetitive schlock or Adler or Green awful. As for the audience..I agree it IS mostly middle age and older .. and that may come into play sooner than Corus realizes. h.o)

  • 21 Genuine // Feb 10, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Harvey can you rename your post?It’s your stupid brother idiot?

    (Response: more than one name calling per headline. Actually I don’t think Mike is really stupid …. he’s actually very clever: being able to parlay his one-sided right-wing propaganda onto radio, television, publications … and making good money doing it! The title I used just came to me …from the 1992 U.S. Presidential election .. it seemed so appropriate here in view of his repeated ignorance (feigned or real) about why everyone isn’t celebrating the Games. h.o.)

  • 22 the dude // Feb 10, 2010 at 3:22 am

    way to go Harvey

    Finaly the rhetoric and the tone I was expecting from you for some time…

    But when you mention cuts to the budget.. you omit cuts to ‘schools’ which in the long run will only lead to or generate and or cultivate right here in this Province; people lacking the most basic luggage necessary to go on in life and PROBABLY lead them to homelessness nd drug use etc… in the long run…

    But yes I too am embracing the games for the athletes a torch bearers (as they were ringht in fornt my house TODAY exchanging flames) after the COCA COLA parade and the RBC show… I did offer a bic lighter to the (probably very famous) torchbearer whom none seem to who he was!

    watch it all on you tube tomorow! ha ha

    as if we did not have enough of these to deal with in this city, nor we will produce more!

    mow do you umderstand the link between homelessness and these Olympics perhsps?

  • 23 the dude // Feb 10, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Also something had to be said about all the Police officers riding bikes and suv’s all with expensive sunglasses…! even the people whom accompain the torchbearer who himself does not wear sunglasses but he is surrounded by runners with expensive sunglasses….

  • 24 Barry // Feb 10, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Harve, it’s too bad you’re retired. We could use someone like you in Canada’s own version of Demoncracy Now. Takers anyone?

    (Response: Thanks. Sometimes I feel I’m letting people down by no longer working … but after 38 years as a reporter was time to relax, sleep in, spend my DAY time out with other retired/days off friends, travel etc. And I turn 65 in just a few weeks! Hope my My blog helps a little … because the worst thing that could happen would be if there was NO ONE still regularly pointing out the foibles/decline of not only our politicians … but also those who report/comment on them. h.o)

  • 25 nfw // Feb 10, 2010 at 6:50 am

    EXCELLENT blog! You said what many people I talk to say. Thank you for putting it into words.
    Just curious about a couple of other things that people are wondering about. What do you think of VANOC ignoring Silent Sam and also about the torch stop in the states and Arnie bearing a torch?

    (Response: I don’t mind Arnie carrying the torch. Not that I agree with or admire much of what he says and stands for, vis a vis California or B.C. However, I realize that one benefit of the games AND Arnie’s Photo Op will be publicity for Vancouver all over the U.S. in photos on TV and in newspapers. And we do need as much as we can get to promote our tourist industry. When UI was in the U.S. only a few weeks ago ..I met a professionally employed educated person from Michigan who never heard of British Columbia; a lawyer who didn’t exactly know where Vancouver is ..although she knew it is in Canada; and a TD Bank official (imagine!) who had no idea we were in a different time zone than Florida. So Run, Arnie, Run! And let them see Vancouver in the background. My only regret’s supposed to rain. h.o)

  • 26 Rocker Rich // Feb 10, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Poor Michael Campbell.

    He “coulda bin a contendah” to be a full-time host at NW. (He certainly seemed to be perpetually auditioning in the first few years after Rafe’s ouster.)

    To his credit, Mike always spent the prep time to write a provocative editorial on some news of the day. (Other than Rafe, Jon McComb and the long-departed Stirling Faux, it’s troubling how few hosts do the same.)

    Mike has a decent enough set of pipes and has usually been unfailingly polite to dissenters who tee off on his views.

    Too bad there’s always a grey-haired, bespectacled elephant in the broadcast booth–brother Gordo! Surely even pro-Grit Corus management couldn’t help noticing how Mike never awarded a Goofy Award to any member of the BC Liberal cabinet, let alone his sibling. He simply ignored one of the most gaffe-prone administrations in Canada this past decade.

    So Mike only has Money Talks now, his coterie of gold bug guests who regularly star in the financial forums he organizes.

    It’s sad how (in my view) he put familial loyalty ahead of any sense of journalistic integrity. He’s intelligent enough to know better and could have ably succeeded Bill Good in that early p.m. slot.

    Oh well, at least he was willing to debate Mike Smyth on the Olympics. As I recall, he just took snide on-air pot shots at McComb over the latter’s crusade against soaring gasoline prices rather than going mic to mic with Jon.

    (Response: Couldn’t agree with you more. He’s really not stupid ..just seems to so partisan, so ne-sided, it has not only hurt but destroyed his credibility with any fair-thnking person. Of course I’m sure the right wingers who listen and call him to congratulate him salivate over his biases .. but I believe his one-sidedness has hurt his own career, reputation …and that of Corus radio too. h.o)

  • 27 StandUpforBC // Feb 10, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Yes, Harvey, you certainly speak for me about the loss of an independent media. Please, please keep on speaking up and out. Retired though you may be, you command a respect that those of us in the great unwashed masses do not.

    One thing I don’t agree with that you and others have expressed is your admiration for the Games themselves and the athletes. To me, there is far too much emphasis on ‘elitism’ in sports. I realize that in sports there are winners and losers, but the extreme emphasis on winning is very detrimental to our society, on many levels.

    I would far rather see money being spent on children than on the few who have the talent to ascend to the elite levels. I would far rather have my taxpayer dollars go to provide staff in the nursing home so elderly people could get some fresh air and exercise. I would love to see corporations make big donations to programs for youth who have become addicted to prescription drugs (the fastest growing drug problem in North America). I would greatly support a ‘Green Games’, where the “spoils” would be funding for innovative projects to try to turn around our dying planet.

    Instead we get glorification of the elite, entertainment for the masses (bread and circuses). While the foster child cowers in fear, while the elderly person is abused in care, while the public is subjected to a corrupted court system and increasingly secretive government, on and on. No money, they cry. Nope, it’s all stuffed into their bulging pants’ pockets. How shameful we are as a society.

    Want to know what’s really going on? Here are two recommended stories:

    (Response: I don’t think that to enjoy watching people excel (whether in sports, or literature, or dance, or even blogging (LOL) is to support elitism. You can also admire the kid who barely hits the ball with the bat but still races off towards first base on his/her tiny little legs … and whether he/she gets there “safely” or not is irrelevant. Good on them for being able to do that …and for trying. Sure maybe professional sports players are paid too much ..but most Olympic atlhetes are NOT. And when someone gets up almost every morning aty 4 a..m. and in addition to working or going to school spends hours also goes to the gym/pool/rink etc for YEARS to perfect their ability … I admire them. And what an unpleasant society we would have if ALL public/corporate funds had to be directed to nursing homes, the homeless etc. No Hockey Night in Canada, no expensive dramas on tv, no American Idol (LOL!) Sometimes ..just to survive as a civlization …we have to have fun too. h.o)

  • 28 RS // Feb 10, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    That could be read two ways:

    Michael: That’s YOUR brother, Stupid
    Michael: That’s your brother, STUPID.

    Either way it works. 😉

  • 29 Henri Paul // Feb 10, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Harv said,I turn 65 in just a few weeks!
    Sh!t Harv, your barely through puberty.

  • 30 A. G. Tsakumis // Feb 10, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Great piece Harv. Superb commentary. I cannot believe Mike has sullied himself like this. Cheerleading is one thing, but blind cheerleading is quite another. He was also quite right on the global warming hysteria file, but seems to have eased back on the pedal there too. Very sad. But hardly shocking. Kudos Harvey!

  • 31 Keith // Feb 10, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Good stuff Harvey!!

    many thanks to the “whiners” that bring these issues to light. Left to the population of B.C. suffering from social apathy or the nauseating “greatest place on earth ” crowd, Gordo’s clique would be using the province more of an ATM machine that they already are.

    Any estimates when M. Campbell, the Fraser Institute , B.C. Business Council and other assorted cheerleaders will be raising red flags on the increasing provincial debt and owelympic fiscal legacy.?

    (Response: I expect they will all do that just prior to the HST coming into effect .. partly to justify it and also to blow smoke at its critics. And watch for labour unreast too …maybe with teachers? … to distract the media from HST horror stories when it begins. h.o)

  • 32 sunshine coast girl // Feb 10, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    I applaud the efforts of the athletes, but there is nothing I support about the corporate Owelympic spectacle. And there is nothing that Gordo can do that I will ever support. I’m just waiting for this farce to be over so we can tote up the damage.

  • 33 patrick bell (NOT THE MLA) // Feb 11, 2010 at 4:34 am

    You’re a great read Harvey! Wow, you 65 in a few weeks and me 45 in a few weeks…why, you’re old enough to be my….big brother 🙂

    Seriously though….

    Arnie + Gordie = Water sell out to Californian Corporations….

    (Response; Would be happy to call you my younger “Bro” … esp if you win the Lottery h.o.)

  • 34 Parzone // Feb 12, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Hi Harvey, I was golfing the last week with an investment manager and the conversation went from government to corruption to Michael Campbell.

    The investment guy said “people come in all the time and say Michael said this and Michael said that, and I tell them I worked with Michael Campbell and he couldn’t make it in the business and now he talks about it.”

    (Response: I think he probably does very well, with his radio show, his commentaries and seminars. I don’t begrudge that at all. I just wish he gave what I would see as a fairer, more balanced and less political view of our economic problems and who/what is really responsible for a lot of it. ho.)