Millennials Acting Like MORONS Set Back Pandemic Recovery

Millennials … many of them … THINK they are the smartest generation ever … and hard done by.

They resent us older farts … more kindly called baby boomers … for having lived more affluent lives overall than our predecessors.

The overwhelming majority of us had full time jobs … with benefits; we could afford to buy family homes; some even vacation homes, motor homes, boats and nice cars. And travel for vacations, by car, by air and even by ship.

But we worked for it!

And our generation contributed quite a lot to our world as well: from DNA fingerprinting to heart transplants; home computers, the World Wide Web; suburbia; the greatest ever consumer society; the cellphone; the civil rights movement; gay liberation; and, Viagara.

We raised children too: Generation X and Millennials!

Millennials these days far too often can’t find full time jobs … with benefits; can’t afford to rent, without roommates; can’t even dream of owning a vacation homes, a boat or car.

So they depend on us … and many even as adults, blame us, resent us … tell us over and over: if THEY just had the chance, they’d show us how THEY would build s better world!

Well, Covid IS that chance … and they’re blowing it!

Millennials COULD have set the example … move over Grandpa … to show us THEIR generation would know exactly how to take a pandemic on: how to unite to fight the virus; use their superior high tech savvy to organize their “peeps”, communicate data, invoke societal solutions, beat the virus and restore society.

But … too many of them couldn’t give up mingling, partying long enough to STOP the spread of Covid, protect their own lives, save others’ lives, secure their own jobs and show us all “how it’s done”.

At Monday’s briefing, Dr Bonnie Henry reported 2,518 new Covid cases in BC over the last three days … the largest segment in the 20 to 39 age group!

Too many Millennials are MORONS!

So Henry announced a shutdown of ALL indoor restaurant dining, bars, pubs, gyms etc. at least until April 19 … to see if THAT will get things back under control.

Premier John Horgan was quite clear: the biggest problem has not been us older farts (my words, not his) but the younger ones … 20 to 39.

The Millennials.

“Do not blow this for the rest of us, for your parents, your neighbours, the rest of is who have been making significant sacrifices so we could get good outcomes for everybody,” Horgan said.

So BC’s recovery is set back; countless thousands of servers, bar workers, kitchen staff … most of them Millennials …will lose their jobs, their incomes … again.

And this time, the Millennials have no one to blame … but THEMSELVES.

Harv Oberfeld

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40 Responses to Millennials Acting Like MORONS Set Back Pandemic Recovery

  1. Beenie says:

    I totally agree. We have the same problem in Ontario. And it’s probably the same around the world except in America where they also have to deal with the republican non believers.

    (Response: It’s hard to believe that so many people … some of them fairly well educated … could be so selfish, self-centered and weak that they can’t give up mingling close together in bars, parties, park/beach gatherings etc even though they know they could get the virus …and kill others …if not themselves. h.o)

  2. Not Sure says:

    I am going to stay completely away from this topic except …. Perceptions. I am pissed too, but don’t blame all of them. My kids for example have been ultra cautious, one a teacher, the other an early childhood educator. If they get covid it won’t be a result of THEIR bad behaviour.

    (Response: As I mentioned in another response, many Millennials do “get it” and, in fact, are front line workers. But the stats show Covid infections among Millennials are more than double their percentage of BC’s population. And it would not surprise me if those ignoring the riels are the ones who think they’re the brightest, even invincible. h.o)

  3. BMCQ says:


    I fully understand you have already made up your mind and you do not want to be confused with the facts but about half of the adult population in the U.S. are Republicans and factual data show they have a very high rate of vaccination .

    BTW – Canadavis so far behind the U.S. and other First World Nations it is ridiculous, I believe Canada is now about 60, how proud does that make you ?

    Part of the problem millennials have with infection numbers other than their own stupidity and selfishness Is the fact that the Canadian Federal Government, the PM, and his Minions were absolutely impotent in procuring ANY Vaccine in anywhere near a timely manner .

    There is absolutely no excuse for Millennials to ignore stats and health regulations which put the population in general in great danger but the fact that the PM and his government were and still are asleep while driving grossly compounds that danger .

    Just like you Beanie the Millennials care nothing about their fellow citizens, factual data, or responsibility to be fully informed .

  4. D.M. Johnston says:

    Oh, I completely agree.

    I am 65, officially an old fart and a regular at old fart’s day at Shoppers (20% off is not bad) and for the last year have been keeping a sedentary life in my bubble which consists of my wife, 2 sons, a stranded home stay student and a good friend and his wife.

    That’s it!

    For the past year, this has been my life! In the summer we had a wedding in the back yard, 5 people less than the official maximum at the time, all persons checked twice before entry to the back yard (two of my wife’s nieces are RN’s) and no one was allowed inside except to use the bathroom.

    No covid here!

    In September I went with my good friend to the Cariboo to work on his brother in-laws cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere. Just the two of us and CBC.

    Discussed in the last post.

    I go for car drives maybe 2 times a week and shop 1 time a week and that is it.

    Both my sons work but they have kept to restrictions far better than I could imagine.

    My wife also works, is a dental assistance and has had her first jab.

    That’s about it.

    No holiday’s, no weekends away, just home.

    My neighbour a true Millennial who just has inherited several millions of dollars is off every weekend to Whistler or other resorts and has also manged to sneak in and out of the USA without quarantine and boasts about it.

    Oh, he is so cool…………………NOT!

    I also have a younger relative who has gone to Hawaii for a few months at his wife’s family condo in the sun and I am supposed to feel sorry for him because he and his wife must quarantine and buck up for a stay in a Canadian quarantine hotel. Oh yes, he has got is shot as well as in the USA, money buys vaccinations.


    I am a little bitter, but I have floated this around with my friend in my bubble and he is quick to tell me that I am full of prunes, but he agrees with me.

    Anyone who travels out of Canada for any reason other than official business, loses their healthcare for one year before they can reapply.

    This grumpy old man is tired of the spoiled, self centered sociopaths who believe that they can do what they will without consequences because we are in an emergency and in an emergency, we must do what is best for society as a whole.

    This is citizenship!

    People are still dying of covid and now a fourth wave is upon us, for god’s sake do what is right, stay home and lets put a stop to the spread of this damn thing.

    (Response: Of course, we know there ARE Millennials who are mature, intelligent and are very caring and careful: many of them are front line workers. But there seem to be so many who couldn’t care less about others or even themselves. AFTER I wrote my blog piece, I saw Global report tonight that although Millennials make up 28% of our population, they represent 40% of new Covid cases. Clearly something wrong. h.o)

  5. 13 says:

    Trudeau dropped the ball on vaccines. Horgan picked up the ball and called an election. Then a week or two ago Horgan Dix and Henry all decided that restrictions needed to ease up????? Covid cases were climbing. The BC Gov sent out a message that things were turning around. Those three buffoons should all be looking for work. Then the BC gov was giddy with joy because they were going to have vaccine coming out of their ears. Hmm, maybe not. Then they trumpeted the 200,000 people in BC would jump to the front of the line because of their seriously compromised immune systems . Well that fell apart day one likely due to a serious shortage of vaccine likely exacerbated by more problems with the astra vax.
    Im not going to defend millennials but if they have just recently became 40% of covid cases one wonders why? Maybe because Horgan Dix and Henry sent a message that all was well and we had turned the corner. Those three should be terminated for ongoing incompetence.
    BTW when indigenous people were moved ahead of all other British Columbians that came with an antirich. In Chilliwack and many other locations the vaccination clinics are available to indigenous peoples only.

    (Response: Well, the BC government certainly has sent mixed messages over time regarding Covid. Readers will remember my rant months ago against how, in the face of about 300 hundreds cases a day, mostly in south Surrey, Dr Henry shut down almost EVERYTHING from the shores of English Bay all the way to Hope: ridiculous overreach and overkill. (Especially while saying/doing little or nothing when supporters of Indian farmers piled into cars together and travelled to large protest rallies, or anti-maskers gathered several times without even trying to self-distance) And what greater proof than just lately, when the government allowed the opening up churches, visits to seniors homes by family (even unvaccinated visitors and kids) …announced when BC numbers were hitting 650 a day and more!!! All while the vaccination rate in BC was still quite low …and knowing that seniors, even vaccinated, could still get very sick from Covid, especially those with chronic conditions … ie most of us. And don’t get me going again on all the mixed messaging surrounding masks and Astra Zeneca! h.o)

  6. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Continuing the last thread’s theme of “Why THIS photo?” — and in response to BMCQ’s statement: “about half of the adult population in the U.S. are Republicans and factual data show they have a very high rate of vaccination.”


  7. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Old folks complaining about “Young people today.” I sense that all here have earned their badge to join the club. 🙂

    I do wonder: if WE had been faced with the same pandemic in the 1960s and 70s… would we have behaved differently? Would the be-ins, free love, joint-sharing, war protests and Woodstocks have been rejected by our generation — if it meant following “The Man’s” orders and behaving as responsible citizens? I’m thinking a core of us would have carried on, doing as we pleased.

    Back then, though, we at least all drank for the same media trough as the general population. We read the same newspapers and watched the same limited number of TV news channels. There was no excuse for not knowing the current events, as presented by a concentrated media.

    Now, who under 55(?) watches TV news — or reads even on-line newspapers, or tunes in for radio news when in the car? Algorithms sense the kinds of news or cat videos we like to view on our devices… and we don’t even know the half of what is going on in our own community/provinces/country/world.

    In short: when John Horgan said , “Do not blow this for the rest of us,” his words got as far as the masked-and-distanced choir. For those Gen Xers and Millennials who are spreading the COVID infections, a different tune is needed… and Horgan may need to switch his conductor’s wand for a 2×4.

    (Response: I believe boomers were more in tune with “we’re all in this together” and “united-we-stand”. Think of all those folk singers, groups and concerts (Peter, Paul and Mary or Simon and Garfunkel, Mamas and Papas, or John Denver) …it was all about us joining together, holding hands and fighting together for social justice, freedom and, yes, to save us from AIDS etc. Today, it seems Millennials are more into individualism, independence and are even a bit elitist about their superior technological knowledge and agility … making it harder for others, especially older people, to tell them what to do. h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    And might I add, until this gets under control I’ll never go to another rock concert! I wanted to see the Stones one more time before I died. If I want to see the Mavericks I’d have to enter the U.S.A. or Europe. No live opera. No hockey games except on t.v.

    My take is, as I’ve written before, they can’t get their heads wrapped around they can die because of disease. Many baby boomer remember you died from polio or had life long effects. Then baby boomers got to deal with AIDS. Mills. have never lived in a world where things, except perhaps cancer and heart attacks and strokes killed people. Not much in the way of child hood diseases were worrisome. AIDS is manageable.
    Polio, you get a shot and you’re good. They honestly don’t get it and they were not raised, by us baby boomers, to have to wait for much. It was the instant generation. Yes, they will have to wait and they are tired of waiting. they may actually not know how to wait. Even as baby boomers, we did have to wait, to save for the down payment. O.K. we could do it in two years, but we did get the idea. Not many of our parents, “the blessed ones”, handed out cheques. They didn’t get things going their own way until the 60s and 70s. and put us baby boomers through university.

    Some times I think the mills. live in a fantasy world, on line, on their phones. Once upon a time when baby boomers and blessed ones were killing each other by drunk driving, some american judges sent the drivers to the morgue or E.R. to have a look at what happens. I can remember a surgeon at Royal Columbia Hospital doing an anti drunk driving ad. It was pretty clear what would happen to you if you got drunk and drove. He was pretty clear about what happened if you got drunk, drove and had an accident. He was also a very good surgeon. However, this time, no matter how good the doctors, you many simply can not recover from covid. You will die.

    Perhaps that is what is needed this time, no fines. take them to the morgue. Let them see what the dead look like. Yes, people actually die from this disease and more of them are starting to be young.

    Ontario is almost over whelmed by those in ICU. They’re having to fly people to ICU’s in other parts of the province. They’re even discussing dragging out the dreaded “Italian plan”, yes kids that is where the doctors have to decide as the patients come in, who lives and dies, who gets medical care, who just is made comfortable.

    IF mills don’t care about living or dying, there still is the Lions Gate bridge, but don’t take some of us with you because some of us are still waiting for the movie to end.

    Haven’t seen my friends in a year. We didn’t get Easter dinner, with the cast of hundreds, O.K. its smaller than that, but there are a lot, it needs two turkeys. We didn’t get Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners and again, no Easter dinner with every one this year.

    Yes, it would be nice if we all had our shots but that isn’t happening and there isn’t much we can do about it. We can however, do something about the increase in covid cases. If we get a third or fourth wave we may find ourselves back where we were when it all started, everyone at home.

    Loosing their health care, wouldn’t work. The hospitals would still have to provide care. to avoid the bill, they’d just declare bankruptcy. My suggestion is if they don’t follow the rules, have them work in the morgues. It puts a whole different spin on things when you see all those dead people and their emotionally devastated family and friends.

    (Response: Of course, a lot of Millennials DO understand: but you’re correct, many of them have had a fairly easy upbringing … in the homes of parent baby boomers, never lacking foods or toys or a lot, never having to get jobs or , like their fortunate parents too, never facing the stresses of conscription/war. it’s the morons who, either from lack of knowledge (where have they been) or attitudinal stupidity or just some weird sense of bravado and peer pressure (from other morons) who apparently are spreading a lot of Covid now … amongst themselves and also amongst us, if we come into contact with them, working in restaurants, in shops etc. h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:


    Your page would not open, time to renew your subscription .

    You are picking nits .

    I am not talking about Registered Republicans, I am talking about people who have been voting Republican, I believe Biden got about 80 million votes and DJT received about 75 million votes, that is close enough to half for any discussion .

    The senate is split equally at 50 Democrat and 50 Republican, close enough to half ?

    I believe the Dems control the House with about 220 to Republican 212 . That also seems sort of lose to half to me .

    I believe across the U.S. about 70% Republicans now say they will take the Vaccines and Democrats stand at about 85% that is not a lot a huge difference in anyones book .

    Let’s be honest here there are plenty of Canadians that now question much about the roll out, the efficacy, the possible complications of say AZ, and the biggest concern to me, the number of days between the first and second jab .

    People are not crazy, bad, are even “Orange” that have concerns either in the U.S., Canada, the UK, or even the EU, people have legitimate concerns, just ready Harvey’s response to e.a.f., people should NOT be vilified because they have questions about any given Vaccines, especially the silly time frame between Dose 1 and Dose 2 .

    As Joe Biden might say, “Come On Man” !!

    I should correct something from my earlier post, I did not/do not want anyone to think I am attempting to vilify Millennials, my own son is now 31 and his wife 28, they and from what I see their friends are behaving very responsibly . Obviously it is a farily low pecentage that are creating the danger .

    I would quote a rough percentage guess but I might be taking a chance that Barry would challenge me .

  10. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, I said I would keep out of this discussion and I will. I hate battles of the generations.

    I am just here to let BMCQ know that I posted some statistics in the “BC/Canada must suspend astrazenca” thread as it is more on topic there.

  11. r says:

    Part of challenge is for media to show people that age in icu to drive point across.esp nor with viral variants.?

    ?lea iacta est (“the die has been cast”).

    (Response: I don’t think many of those Millennials watch the news on tv anymore: but it would be a good idea to feature recovered Covid Millennials or friends of those who died in Tik Tok or Facebook etc social media sites/spots to hit home that it can indeed strike them very hard. h.o)

  12. nonconfidencevote says:

    While I agree that the younger people in the population have started to slack off….
    Can you blame them?
    Our “leadership” promising us that Vaccines are almost here…..for months, and months, aaaand months. .
    As bureaucrats of all stripes…. hide, blame and obfuscate.

    I’m thinking that most people, young and old ( and I’m 60) have kept their part of the bargain for the most part.

    Is anyone, other than me, even listening to Bonnie Henry anymore?
    The skipping record ( “be kind, be nice, help each other”, on and on aand on is getting a tad worn out and if I’M sick of hearing the same message from one of my generation….. I can only imagine the appeal factor for Mills and Gen X’ers must be about zero.

    Dont blame the Mills and Gen X’ers.
    Blame the spineless politicians and bureaucrats that have hidden behind Work From Home, dithered making tough decisions, promised the Sun when the Moon wasnt even available and now ask us to still accpet that “everything will be ok”.

    The general population of all ages is fed up and is a very angry and I cant wait to see Trudeau call an election.

  13. Gilbert says:

    There’s no question that there have been many accomplishments in recent decades. DNA fingerprinting and heart transplants are among them. However, as a social conservative, I truly oppose the redefinition of marriage and policies to promote a particular lifestyle. I’ll simply leave it at that.

    Premier Horgan’s choice of words was absolutely disgraceful. I’m referring to the two words he used, the first which is “older” and the second which I will not repeat here. It shows that he’s maybe the least refined premier in Canada. If he weren’t so popular with the media, I doubt he’d be as popular as he is today.

    It’s unfortunate that British Columbia has so many new coronavirus cases. Many are probably not taking the virus very seriously, and that may be especially true among younger people. However, I can’t think of any country in the world that is doing really well because of extreme lockdowns. Countries like Taiwan, New Zealand, Mongolia, Iceland and Singapore have resisted lockdowns, but I’m well aware that Mongolia is relatively isolated and the rest are islands.

    I agree with BCMQ that our politicians’ performance has been far from exemplary. For a G7 nation, Canada has done a poor job of vaccinating its population. Though it’s true that many seniors vote Conservative, their children and grandchildren may not be too happy with Prime Minister Trudeau if the number of deaths rises significantly.

  14. G. Barry Stewart says:

    To BMCQ and others: sorry that my “Why THIS photo?” had a bad link. My error.
    I have tested this one, so it SHOULD work.

    Btw: Even “Bad Orange Man,” is into the vaccine.

    “I would recommend it,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo. “And I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine and it is something that works.”

    Despite that, Reps trail Dems by 24% in willingness to get a shot. That’s not nitpicking.

    And to 13: our age-70ish friend (who is an old-stock ex-Brit) had trouble getting on the online and phone-in vaccine appointments in Chilliwack today, so she just went to the clinic at the mall. She was told it was a slow day and they had plenty of Pfizer… “So come on in.”

    My wife and I might try that tomorrow.

  15. BMCQ says:



    I have seen some of what you describe but there should be more footage of people hooked up to a ventilator, especially younger people . They could also do more on what they call “Long Haulers”, should frighten all of us .

    We also must admit that far too many of our Political Masters and Health Authorities have been the worst of the worst and I am not surprised that many in society do not take them seriously especially when the news was wall to wall with many of those same Poliricians and Health Authorities travelling world wide against their own travel restrictions .

    There is a lot of blame to go around .

  16. RIsaak says:

    This morning’s news had a story about millenials at UBC all upset at Horgan for basically telling them to grow up. I talked to a young fellow up in the Shuswaps today in line at the post office, he was sans mask and said, “I’m in grade 11 and me & my friends will never stop hanging around and vaping during school breaks, and we share our vapes”!

    Now Millenials are upset at being outed for not caring?

    Why are schools even open as the pandemic numbers are worse than they were a year ago when school was online? I get it that it is curtailing all the normal social interactions of these young folks, but they are risking so much for so many and our Health authorities shut everything but schools? If schools stay open, no breaks no going outside period, this young fellow today made all the points we older folks worry about, with a smirk & as a challenge.

    Besides, teachers would probably (at least the 6 I have as social media friends) rather just do it online in their pajamas, like last year.

    (Response: Closing schools has huge impacts on their education, families and even the ability of many parents to go to work and once they go, it’s pretty hard to keep them confined in their classrooms all day …even during breaks. But Milennials are older, should know better and although they may be offended, the FACTS are the highest number of new Covid cases in BC are indeed coming from their group, endangering us all. h.o)

  17. e.a.f. says:

    On this evening’s news they showed young people at a ski resort who had all been laid off partying, no masks, bar crowded to the rafters, dancing on tables. OMG, I thought it was back to the 1970s the partying was so much fun. I recall those times. Yes, that bar had to have at least close to a hundred people in it and NO MASKS. Just drunk and having such a good time. OMG, it was so much fun, but this is the time of COVID and one could say, that was an event of suicide or helping kill others. Just honestly didn’t get that at all. Wonder if they drove home.

    I don’t think this is a “war” between generations, this is simply a bunch of idiots not realizing COVID kills. it does a fine job of killing old people and now its doing a fine job of killing young people. its one thing if we aging baby boomers die, by accident, but young people dying, I’m never keen on that. if nothing else they are the future tax payers of Canada. well some of us aging baby boomers are selfish. we want to live and collect pension.

    (Response: What about the bar owners and managers???? That place should be closed down by authorities for three months … protecting our lives and sending a message to other bars and restaurants at the same time. h.o)

  18. 13 says:

    The ski resorts should have suffered the same fate as the cruise ships, simply closed for the 2020 2021 seasons.
    Once again the restaurant industry as a whole is being punished by the NDPs mixed messaging and lack of enforcement. Most restaurant dont go shopping for perishables on their way to work in the early am. Will Horgan compensate them for their loss on another knee jerk, no warning , health edict handed down with zero notice. Horgan obviously has never run a private sector business. (feel free to fact check as Im guessing based on his cavalier attitude when bankrupting them instead of enforcing his own rules and laws)
    Had the NDP started closing down the bars and restaurants that were not following current guidelines Horgan would have not owed the ones following the edicts anything. Now he owes the many many establishments that were following all the covid protocols to the letter compensation for all of their losses and should cover ALL lost wages for the workers. Mind you very few restaurant workers belong to the BCGEU so Horgan likely doesnt give a damn.
    Yes if Horgan had showed enforcement it would have taken some effort on his part. But it would have also sent a message to business operators that the NDP meant business. Now he has punished the businesses that followed All the rules at great costs there by ensuring that the next time the NDP need help from an entire sector no one should bother complying.

    (Response: Watch for my next blog: I will have a fairer solution for BC. h.o)

  19. 13 says:

    The flexi vax Has been okayed to go by flexi Henry . Astra good astra bad. Astra bad for older people, astra good for older people. If anyone isnt suspicious about the good Dr Henrys ability to flip flop you’re nuts. Sure the science changes by the second, sure it does.
    Seems that the only vax Horgan can get is the astra flexi vax.
    Now the Fraser Health phone and online have crashed two days in a row. Dont worry the bigger better provincial web site will start on April 6
    Speaking of flexi . Your NDP leader opened his giant yap to slam young people and now he is back tracking. More flexi.

  20. 13 says:

    @ GBS Thanks for the que jumping tip. If I could join you today I would but the BC Cancer Agency stipulates that systematic cancer treatments ie chemo every 3 weeks, can only experience covid freedom jabs one week prior to treatment. My window of opportunity will be April 12/13. I will try to book an appointment on the 13th (go figure)hopefully they will still have plenty of Pfizer. Ill go home if offered the Astra Vax

  21. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Great post great discussion.

    I have to ask is it the millennial ? Is it the nature of the variant? Is it poor goverment policies ? Is it a combination of the above?

    I see people of all ages groups bending the rules every day.

    It is not just the millennials.

    The high case count is a direct result of poor management. And mixed messages.

    (Response: There are morons in every generation: people who don’t care about others; people who just don’t understand when/how risks exist; people who do understand but are willing to take risks for their personal enjoyment, even if it could hurt their friends and families. And during a pandemic, society cannot just let them run amok ..or allow those who cater to them get away with it either! h.o)

  22. Eldon says:

    Why break it down just by age? Why not break it down by race so we can blame brown people? Why not by marital status so we can blame singles? Why not by gender so we can blame men? The answer is that breaking the numbers into categories isn’t especially helpful. And is probably just promoting discriminatory stereotypes.

    (Response: Just don’t blame the bloggers! h.o)

  23. Sean in South Van says:

    Whether Premier Horgan’s accusations are true or not, I do think that he’s walking a very tight line by condemning the age group that largely supports him and the NDP!

    That, and the 7% PST being charged on soft drink packages, and the PST being imposed on Netflix and other streaming services! Millennials and Gen Zeds could very easily turn against the NDP and vote Green, especially in Greater Vancouver and Victoria!

    (Response: Politicians are often very brave in their statements/stances when they know there is no election for another three years or more. And I think Horgan probably believes that, even if Millennials are mad, they aren’t likely to turn their support to the Liberals …not as the party now is constituted. h.o)

  24. RIsaak says:

    Re. Harvey’s reply to my above comment, Closing high school’s should not mess up daycare etc., most high school kids are more than capable of looking after themselves, the lack of discipline shown by kids like the one I talked to proves as much. Grade school kids are different, many other locals are now shutting down schools, we did a year ago when mutations and infection rates were far less than today.

  25. G. Barry Stewart says:

    A few weeks ago, I mentioned the antidepressant drug fluvoxamine as a possible treatment for COVID. More discoveries are being made, as we deal with the disease.

    Now, there’s even more promise in nitric oxide (not nitrous… there’s a difference.) CTV Vancouver covered the story, recently.

    “Following months of clinical trials, Vancouver-based SaNOtize says its nasal spray has been found to reduce COVID-19 levels by 95 per cent within 24 hours, and more than 99 per cent in under three days.”

    Unlike fluvoxamine (or vaccines), nitric oxide is already produced by and essential for our bodies — but the company’s spray bottle puts a concentrated dose in the nasal passages, targeting the COVID viral load.

    My point is: we may be running around the swimming pool with our collective hair on fire… when all we need to do is jump in the water.

  26. Rainclouds says:

    Annnnd right on Que, BCTV interviews a random irrelevant snowflake millennial in Victoria who naturally has been scarred by Horgans comments. Of course she speaks for the entire generation. Or more likely a case of the squeaky wheel which BCTV seems to rely on instead of critical reporting. Pathetic

  27. BMCQ says:


    Society needs to very soon address this new “Victim Hood” Culture that seems to be spreading more than C – 19 .

    If we allow the victimhood culture to flourish in the schools, online, and on social media we will end with perhaps two generations that will not be able to venture out of their parents basements and our society will be set up for a big fail .

    Millennials like the ones that Harvey describes above who cause a potential disaster or the ones that tend to obey the rules and younger people need to be led by the example of those in positions or responsibility and family members .

    We can start by educating them on having respect for the rule of law, respect for their family members, respect for their fellow citizens, and their respet for themselves, all too often younger people fall vicim to the predators on social media, time for parents to step up and guide their off spring and other young people in their orbit before it is too late .

    The fix for this begins with the educators, students need to be told they can and they will, they should not be told they are victims and cannot .

    Time for educators to teach and not indoctrinate, time is running out. lead by example ,
    those at Big White and any other similar situation need to be given every chance they can to do the right thing and that can start right now, we have no time to waste ..

    Mark my words we are in trouble if we do not take steps to confront this situation now,
    I do not believe I am mistaken that there is only a small percentage of our younger people that need to be taught proper values that respect society and our neighbours, we can become successful just by making an effort .

  28. Keith says:

    There is enough moron to go around.

    Out here on the mid Island, campgrounds have been full since snowbirds couldn’t go south last fall. Christmas saw an influx of out of province visitors reversing their vehicles into driveways or parking them out of sight to hide their licence plates.

    Spring break saw an influx of essential travellers in their various R.V.s, at present on the inland Island highway there is a stream of R.V.s and packed to the rafters cars/trucks, some with bikes hanging off the back all essentially travelling, although I haven’t yet seen a kayak, grocery stores have are full of essential travellers stocking up.

    Following on from BCMQs comment re: victimhood. Pretty much agree. Since the pandemic started the media have had a steady stream of those that are somehow different to the rest of us in taking personal responsibilities. Some unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, but plenty of others think the rest of us have to risk consequences for their own stupidity. Recently on CBC radio a 19 year old was trying unsuccessfully to articulate why calling Horgan out the millennials was offensive and unfair ( which it was) apart from being unfair. Surely they coulkd have done better than that.

    As the Eagles put it””;

    “ I turn on the tube and what do I see, a whole lot of people saying what about me, a victim of this and a victim of that” Etc.

    With a steady diet of “ what about meism”, there is no shortage of victims for the lazy media to call on.

    The enforcement of provincial health orders has been very poor. It’s great that Farnworth gets in front of a camera laying it out so everyone can understand, but if their is no enforcement or consequences, then why bother, just hope the vaccines get in front of the variants.?

    AAAGGHH rant over.

    (Response: I agree enforcement in BC has been very poor: how many protests have you noticed on tv without any Covid charges being laid. Try that in Australia. How many parties or gatherings, only asked to shut down with no charges being laid or only with the host being charged. We don’t want to be a police state … but the Covid numbers clearly show people are increasingly ignoring the rules … and then exposing ALL of us when we are served by them in stores, at restaurants etc. h.o)

  29. 13 says:

    I think the title of this blog should have read


    Obviously they could not remember all the way back to last years spring break.

  30. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, made me laugh with the comment regarding mills not being able to come out of their parents’ basements. I have friends who have a mill. who although they have a well paying job stayed in the basement until recently, when they moved into their parents’ investment condo, which usually was kept rented out. Maybe these kids are smarter than we think. This mill.’s older siblings finished their education and went out and got jobs, bought houses, etc. Of course my friends were some what comforted, when they went to Ireland, they found that many aging baby boomers had similar situations in their families.

    Now it got me thinking, bet you don’t have the basement dwelling mills in a lot of other countries, because they need to get out and make a living. this mill. situation is the result of an affluent society which can afford to pander to the needs of their adult children and its gotten worse in the past 50 years. When I read some of the stories about people escaping from Central America, you can bet their mills. aren’t sitting in a basement living off their parents. They’d wear a mask if they could afford it.

    Now as to the danger of dancing on the tables while drunk with COVID. It maybe partly they’re young and when you’re young you don’t ever think you’re going to die or get you killed. its usually a condition of teenagers, but as young people remain teenagers for longer periods of time so does the behaviour.

    Looks like Papa Ford has decided enough is enough and most of Ontario is being sent to their room at least for part of the time. In my opinion, its a better strategy than Quebec where only specific regions were going to be sent to their rooms. Right now, watching the Inland Highway from my living room, you should see all the R.V. equipment coming off the ferry and heading up Island. All that equipment isn’t being driven by mills. They can’t afford that stuff, its being driven by older people. Baby boomers go from 1949 to 1963. they ought to have all stayed on the mainland. Vancouver Island has had the lowest rates of COVID since this began. Not planning on going out for the next 4 days at least. Then its time to get my shot and do the two weeks.

    Dangerous behaviour is what a lot of us engaged in when we were in the mill. age bracket. Think back. I know what I did that was dangerous. My sibling had to be reminded and then considered it not dangerous, ya like sailing with your toes under a center board, half your body out over the water, with no life jacket in English Bay. At some level its part of our make up, to do dangerous things at specific ages. If humans didn’t, how would explorers have gone out, who would go to war, take up dangerous occupations. Its part of thinking you’re invincible. By the time you’re a Gen. X, Y, aging baby boomer you know better and you’ve lost a few friends along the way to “dangerous” practices or just illnesses. You might have had to sit with the parents of a friend who has died.

    It would be interesting to do a follow up study on the friends of the mills who wind up in ICU or die to see the impact of this on them in the future.

  31. Keith says:

    Here you go Harvey,

    more moron to go around.

    First 2 stories sum the stupidity and lack of enforcement up quite nicely.

    So much for essential travel.

    As an added bonus; the P 1 Brazilian variant is starting to spread quite nicely.

    Hopefully some of the decision makers see this and realize what the wishy washy, vague, non offensive, lets not upset anyone and lose a vote statements lead to, when they do nothing but yak and appeal to the publics good nature.

    They dither, we live with their consequences.

    (Response: The mixed messages from the government/agencies are NOT helping. Dix, Horgan, Henry urge us not to travel unless essential …but BC Ferries adds extra sailings for the HOLIDAY weekend! Geez!!! The good news… apparently ferry loads are down 50% from last Easter. So why the added sailings?? h.o)

  32. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Follow-up on my slow day queue-jumping post: my wife and I dropped by the Fraser Health Chilliwack Mall vaccination centre on Thursday and it definitely was NOT a slow day.

    The greeter — a well-prepped and efficient woman — told us we were too young. It was for 72+. They wouldn’t even consider us for the call-in line, and it already had 10-20 of the approved age listed anyway.

    Later, my wife signed up online for the Shoppers Drug Mart list. They don’t have the product in Chilliwack yet, but she’s on the list and has a bar code printed off.

    Next was my turn. Nope: I’m too old for the Shoppers line — and too young for the “pretty old” Fraser Health line. A tweener!

    My last hope is to put on my teacher badge and try that route. Nope: the AstraZeneca pause has all the teachers shut down, as well.

    My time will come. (Maybe I can put on a Canucks jersey and sneak into their line… 🙂 )

    (Response: I have now had my first dose … Pfizer and the process was handled VERY well. I had a 9 a.m. appointment, first of the day on their schedule and when I arrived at 8:40, five minutes ahead of the time they had suggested, there was already a line of about 30 people: but I was very happy when the doors opened, a Vancouver Coastal staff member called all those with 9 a.m. appointments up to the front, making others who arrived much earlier than their appointments wait their turn. Inside, staff/nurse were all very friendly, very efficient process and answered all questions. And with the shot, I feel a bit safer already. I urge everyone to get vaccinated, help get this pandemic behind us, when their opportunity arrives. h.o)

  33. BMCQ says:

    To be clear, and my apologies to fact checkers, tragically from what I see MOST of those Millennial Gamers ensconced in their Mommy’s basements are White Males, that is why I refer to them as “Panama Boys” .

    As they survive entitled in the darkness of that basement Millennial women of all skin tones, Millennial Children male or female of New Canadians are getting educated, they are “Driven and Encouraged” by their parents and they are poised to take it all .

    In the meantime the “Panama Boys” and their parents will simply just stand back and watch, a modern day tragedy .

    Several here have commented about Premier Horgan and his comments, yes he perhaps painted with a broad brush but he was somewhat more polite than Harvey and I find absolute,y no fault with what Harvey or the Premier point out, sometimes the facts need to be driven home and I may be alone but I think more millennials heard the Premiers message than one might think just by the moaning and groaning we heard from some entitled millennials when a microphone was in their face .

    On top of that the facts speak for themselves, the numbers are what they are, millennials are experiencing higher numbers than before . Then of course there appears to be a significant increases in one of the variants in that same age group, why wouldn’t the Premier point that out ?

    Yes, the Federal Gov and the PM fell down on the job when they absolutely bungled the acquisitions of vaccines and that is why we are under threat as we now face a race of the vaccines of any given brand and the variants which is real and it will kill more because of that botched acquisition and roll out but that is exactly why millennials who are under threat because of their erratic behaviour need to change their dangerous activities, they need to think about others in society . It is simply for the greater good, respect others .

    ( topic …which is the Millennials)

    We can lay blame and debate strategies later when do the post morgen of Covid – 19, in the meantime millennials and the rest of us need to do what we can to protect all of society, the Premier is correct and so is Harvey, let’s hope everyone is listening .

    My biggest fear in all of this is wondering if China has already been victorious in WW III without firing a single shot .

    God I hope I am wrong .

  34. BMCQ says:

    My apologies, should read

    “Pajama Boys”

    Happy you got your Jab Harvey !

    Also happy the lineup was handled fairly and correctly, there is Hope yet .

  35. nonconfidencevote says:

    “My biggest fear in all of this is wondering if China has already been victorious in WW III without firing a single shot .”


    The virus wont take us down.
    Our “me first” Millennials will.

  36. John's Aghast says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    So, while the Millennials represent 28% of the population but are responsible for 43% of the infections can be easily explained by the fact a great preponderance of the front line workers are millennials and thus face a much greater exposure to the virus. If they ALL stayed in their Boomer provided basement suites I’m sure their percentage would drop down to their population ratio.
    Especially if you exclude the party going cohort from places like Big White.
    Someone above suggested that the Boomer era started in 1949. What do you classify someone pre Boomer? Asking for a friend!

    (Response: According to Wikipedia baby boomer”is generally defined as people born from 1946 to 1964″. h.o)

  37. BMCQ says:


    You perhaps make a valid point when you suggest that a high percentage of front line workers are millennials I suppose it is hard to measure what that percentage happens to be without accurate counts . It would be interesting to know .

    Another group one might add to that is from what I have witnessed with my own experience, women especially those over say 35 are the largest group represented on the front lines, I do not think stats like that are available but those numbers may be known to us soon .

  38. e.a.f. says:

    Yes, Harvey is quite correct, boomers started in 1946. some argue it ended in 1963, others 1964. I tend to go with `1949, the year I was born because some times the world did not exist until I was born. (I know that is so entitled and mill.)

    The generation who parented the baby boomers were known as
    the Blessed Ones. Partly because they came through very hard times and then their lives improved with higher wages, better working conditions, increased pensions, medical care, etc. They also left the baby boomers, collectively a trillion dollars as an inheritance.

  39. 13 says:

    Blame on the millennials? No way
    China and Trudeau are the two major causes of our loss of freedoms and rights for what looks like a 2 plus year period.
    Secondary blame can be placed on any provincial government that continues to over look the first 2 causes. Right Mr Horgan?
    What might turn out to be the biggest blunder and catapult someone to top blame spot would be ignoring the drug manufacturers instructions. Right Doc Henry?
    PS starting to look like the J&J vax might be a bust

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