Mining Jobs Ads Expose Harper/Clark Governments’ Complicity

Mining has never been a very clean exercise, but the stench emerging from the controversy over importing cheaper Chinese labourers, instead of hiring Canadians to work in BC’s northeast coal mines is getting stronger and stronger.

The United Steel Workers Union has released copies of job postings by the three mining companies involved that said, in addition to being experienced and trained ticketed miners they wanted job applicants to speak Mandarin!

Outrageous! Sure looks to me like the fix was in right from the start … using one of the oldest modus operandi of corrupt governments, companies and bureaucracies when they want to direct to or exclude from any competition any particular group or suppliers: slant the technical specifications in such a way as to prejudice the outcome.

If this is what and how the mining companies operated …that wouldn’t surprise me: when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, BIG BUSINESS’s tactics will often stink.

The REAL SCANDAL here is that the federal and BC governments have gone along with it!

BC and federal politicians have argued that the Canadian mining companies had come up empty-handed in seeking out “qualified” Canadian job applicants.

No wonder … if the job requirements were manipulated to keep Canadians off the job by requiring Mandarin.   To work deep underground in Canadian mines!!!

So much for Canadian job creation; so much for all the millions they spend on ads telling us how they’re creating and protecting Canadian jobs … when it came down to it, by approving and signing permits for the importation of cheaper foreign workers over Canadians, they sold out their own country and province.

Specifying Mandarin as a pre-requisite for basic industrial jobs in this country is a total red herring that everyone knows would exclude most Canadians from qualifying.

If this is allowed to stand, Canadians will be in danger of becoming strangers in our land.

What’s to stop any industry … aviation, manufacturing, construction, forestry, fisheries, oil,  especially those that deal/market in the Asia Pacific . …  to hire a few Mandarian-speaking Canadian workers and then suddenly announce that, in the interests of crucial communications on the job, ALL future hirings MUST speak Mandarin … opening the door to more wholesale lower-paid “temporary” workers, welcomed by BIG BUSINESS-friendly Christy Clark and happily signed-in with papers approved by Stephen Harper’s government.

Just like this FIRST BATCH of 2,000.

It is economic treason … and should be prosecuted by the Crown.

Harv Oberfeld





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35 Responses to Mining Jobs Ads Expose Harper/Clark Governments’ Complicity

  1. cherylb says:

    Glad to see you change your mind about this Harvey. It is economic treason. The first of these agreements is slated to begin November 1st for a whopping 31 years. How is this allowed? I don’t recal this being part of the Conservative election platform. Can we stop it?

    (Response: I ddin;t change my mind…my position is still exactly what it was in my first piece on this… permanent Canadian jobs should go to Canadians and companies should train them to do the job. h.o)

  2. Edgar says:

    I read the ad – can anyone find out if any Canadian miners applied. Would FOI apply to request to the company?

    (Response: FOI don’t apply to private companies or individuals …just government. But with ads specificying Mandarin, I believe very very few would waste their time applying. h.o)

  3. kootcoot says:

    So do these Chinese employers actually discriminate against Chinese laborers who only speak Cantonese? How elitist! Perhaps a Calligraphy test would be in order, as well!

  4. MR says:

    Bravo Harvey! 100% correct on all counts!

    Of course this brings two thoughts to mind:
    1. Is this what the head of CSIS was referring to when he said Chinese interests were being advanced unscrupulously in our country?

    2. What do we do to shut this stuff down? Blockades at the mine? Torches and pitchforks at the Ministry of Mining? Track down the Unelected One and remind her she supposedly represents the interests of the province of BC on her junkets to China (I think?)?

    (Response: Canada has long welcomed temporary foreign workers to do all kinds of jobs here where and when they are needed because Canadians won’t do the work or there just aren’t enough available. This, though, is quite different … opening the door to bringing in THOUSANDS of workers to do full time work FOR YEARS when not enough has been done to offer the jobs to or train our own people. h.o)

  5. If you always lie, it will catch up to you. And again the Liberals are caught up in their lies. Here’s what Christy said today… of course it doesn’t go along with what Jobs Minister Pat Bell said:
    “We are advertising hard to try and get out there and find BC workers and train up bc workers for those jobs should they come, so this is an initial exploratory investment, but if that mine ends up getting started, we want BC workers in there and that’s why we’re advertising for them.”
    B.C. Jobs Minister Pat Bell says:
    “It’s very, very difficult to find people who want to take this type of work on.”
    “The company did thorough research trying to find individuals and they came up empty handed.”

    The Liberal government must be stopped before it ruins our Province…. even further.

  6. mariner says:

    What a surprise – real Canadians are being discriminated over work application. Official languages comprise of English and French – anything else is discrimination.

    Harper land now becoming Chinada !

    What to do ?

    (Response: Write the PMO … all you need is: Stephen Harper, Parliament Bldgs, Ottawa … or on line: … and let him know how you think on this issue. Of course, he won’t read your comments himself, but believe me, THEY do keep records and sometimes do react to what people are saying and how many of us are not happy with their moves. h.o)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    Harper did promise we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was through with it & we won’t. We won’t even recogize the people who work here.

    This is blantant discrimination. Not only are english/french speakers not wanted neither are Cantonese speakers. At one time people immigrating to Canada from China spoke Cantonese. I would suggest a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on the basis of discrimination regarding ethnic status.

    This is about as outrageous as it gets. No one christier didn’t want the legislature open. I expect that parliament will be closing sooner than later also. We can only hope the issue is raised in Parliament immediately.

  8. markerbuoy says:

    I’m no shop steward but can the unions who are justifiably concerned about this disgusting turn of events, not organise a boycott of some description?
    Any coal mined by foreign personel, imported by these immoral companies (aided and abetted by our governments) should be declared “hot” (sorry if that’s a pun:-)). The coal has a long way to travel before being shipped offshore and surely there is ample opportunity for the brotherhood to show some solidarity on behalf of Canadians.

    (Response: Now wouldn’t that be interesting! Hopefully someone in the railroad unions will think about this. h.o)

  9. Barry says:

    Hugo Chavez for PM!!!

    Charge Harper and Clark with treason!!!

  10. mariner says:

    The following article really emphasises the extent to which Harper has really betrayed Canada !


  11. Kreditanstalt says:

    I still see no reason whatsoever that a private company shouldn’t be able to hire precisely who they want. Or sell to, or buy from, whomever they choose…

    The ability to deal with one’s own property as one sees fit comes down to simple freedom of choice. Ownership of a company is no different from owning a car, your house or land. Or natural resources…mining claims are an old and established form of property right. See James Douglas. Ownership of the minerals belongs to those prepared to undertake the expense and work required to “improve” the claim.

    Some group is being protected in this affair. They should be honest and come right out and bellow, “I WANT PROTECTION FROM COMPETITION!!”

    Who is this? The answer is: cost-inefficient, overpriced labour. They want job competition eliminated and they’re quite busy lobbying governments to get that.

    Wrapping it as nationalism & patriotism doesn’t change the fact that the restrictions they want on a company’s freedom of action are only designed to prop up inefficiency and force the paying of above-free-world-market wages.

    And we ARE in a world market.

    (Response: Hire anyone they want, from wherever? Try telling that to the Chinese at home. Under your idea, just about every Canadian … from cashiers to cardiac surgeons …could be unemployed unless they were willing to compete with “imported” workers and labour for 40 cents an hour (cashier in Bangladesh or Szhuan or the Punjab) or $350 a month for a cardiac surgeon (Cuba, Botswana and in other parts of the world.) You think that would help Canada’s economy … having workers with NO MONEY to spend on anything but a few vegetables and a chicken once a month? Clearly you do not own a store or business or rental property with other than a mud floor or want almost any government services, like schools, health care, or even paved roads… or would just ge happier living in those places. h.o)

  12. G.J.W. says:

    We knew since Campbell’s time. China was sending their people to school to learn English, so it would be easier for them, to work the BC mines.

    Campbell shipped our mills to Red China, along with our raw logs. Campbell forgot to tell the BC citizens, he worked for Harper and still does.

    Harper is selling the tar pits, out to Red China too. He also gave them the jobs. Every company is permitted, to bring in cheap foreign labor to exploit. We knew that, a long time ago too.

    CSIS warned us long ago. Red China was making huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Campbell sold BC out, to Red China as well.

    Harper and Campbell worked together, to force the Enbridge pipeline into BC. They signed a secret deal behind our backs.

    In Canada. Corrupt and evil politicians are rewarded, for their dirty work. Just ask Gordon Campbell. Perhaps Christy, wants a cushy overseas job too?

    We knew about, Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals treachery, a long time ago. They are Traitors committing High Treason. We want nothing to do with Harper’s Red China. We don’t want China on our Canadian soil, what-so-ever.

  13. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, you are right on the money with this one.

    Laissez-faire economics is good for one group and one group only; business owners/ investors. Not satisfied with exporting overseas any manufacturing job that they could, now business wants to bring the cheap labour to work any job that can’t be exported.

    This is just Capitalism at work.

    I think the issue is what current options are available to the voter. Vote for the left and you might get good labour/trade policies, but that’s a gamble. The left says they are a friend to labour, but you wouldn’t know it from their actions. The current left is only interested in social justice programs/ multiculturalism/ wealth distribution to the most useless in society.

    Canadian voters will choose to sacrifice protectionist trade/labour practices by electing Conservatives so to stop the social-engineering programs of the NDP.

    The only group in Canada that are pro-labour and pro conservative social policy is the Parti-Quebecoi.

    (Response: You had me with you until the last line. Time will tell…but I don’t see the PQ as fiscally conservative: to the contrary ..they’ve already vowed to keep post-secondary student fees unrealistically below anything close to the real cost; they will add millions to the cost of doing business by making language laws even more onerous; and they will likely add millions of dollars in public costs and business taxes onto the cost of providing levels of daycare and other social services well beyond the levels subsidized in the rest of Canada. I’m not saying that’s bad …just not very pro-conservative. h.o)

  14. e.a.f. says:

    I looked up the website of the United Steel workers, who represent the majority of unionized miners in Canada. They do have this on their website & I am sure they will do what they can about the issue. However, there may well be not much they can do.

    I haven’t seen anything in the msm about this. I did read a very interesting letter to the editor of one of the local Comox Valley papers. The letter advises the agreement was signed by Harper, while in Russia, on 9 Sept. Canada wasn’t told about it until 28 Sept.

    The agreement also provides for China being able to not only bring in their own labour but their own products to build whatever they are building. It makes Canada liable for any looses the Chinese companies encounter, from protestors, etc. The agreement provides the Chinese with protection from future governments who might want to reduce what China takes out of Canada, regardless of what Canada needs or what the material is. The agreement is very close to what Canada signed with the Americans (NAFTA). So if Stevie slime starts exporting our water to China, we can’t stop it at some future date without having legal repurcussions.

    Face it treason steven sold Canada to the Chinese government. Chrustie just stood around & watch. I guess that is why she had that short trip to China, they must have been briefing her on what they expect her to do for China, not B.C.

    what Harper signed with China binds Canada to China until China is fed up with us or has all it wants. Future governments may well not be able to get out of these agreements without paying huge fines.

    What this agreement provides for is such senarios as, First Nations set up road blocks to prevent Chinese companies from exploiting their land. These road blocks then reduce the Chinese companies’ profits. The Canadian government then has to make up the loose of profits.

    I suspect it will be a method of attempting to start trouble between groups. Previously if one group caused a company financial problems, it wasnt’ a problem for the rest of us. now its taxpayers who will have to pick up the looses. This will end up with one group of Canadians fighting with other groups of Canadians, just so China was destroy our enviornment.

    I do hope the International court in the Hague will be able to help Canadians & if there are any teeth left in the Canadian Human Rights Commission, we maybe able to find some relief there. If not, I’d suggest we start packing & move to quebec. They seem to be interested in maintaining their language.

    (Response: The solution doesn’t lie in The Hague. It should be pursued much more virously here by the federal Liberals, the federal and BC NDP, and the Unions … maybe even challenging the move in Court. After all, we now have leaders acting inthe interest of a foreign power and their workers than our own! h.o)

  15. Well, then I guess it is the mining union’s move to start selling memberships to the guest miners. If not, demonstrations and picket lines should be forming at the entrances. But, if the unions really believe in a worker’s right to organize, then maybe it is time to allow freedom of association for those who are happy without the union, or else unhappy the way the union uses their dues for causes they disagree with, and please, not the same old tired arguments about getting out to the meetings, the union has an agenda on many social issues that they have no intention of changing, so the only way to protest their policies is to opt out. I mean, what are they afraid of, an outbreak of democracy.

    (Response: The problem with that is …as soon as any one of them signs a card or just mentions the words union/protest or strike, he’ll be on the next flight back to China … either thrown out by the company, or even pulled out by his own government …ironically calling itself “the People’s Republic”. HA!! h.o)

  16. Ed Seedhouse says:

    Kreditanstalt: “The ability to deal with one’s own property as one sees fit comes down to simple freedom of choice. ”

    Except it isn’t “it’s own property” is is our property. We, the people of British Columbia own it and all the mining company has is a lease.

    Nor are private companies allowed to discriminate unfairly. Suppose they had specified only black skinned people, or only white skinned people, or yellow skinned people? Do you think they’d have been allowed to get away with that, private company on their own land or not?

    I think there may well be grounds for a charter challenge in this case, frankly.

    (Response: I don’t think it’s a quesion of colour…just CHEAP LABOUR by poor foreigners, who are forced by circumstance to seek work wherever they can …no matter how dangerous, how underpaid (compared to locals) or poorer living conditions. Someone has to stop Canadian companies from exploiting these people, while denying Canadians the jobs under civilized conditions. h.o)

  17. SunWuKong says:

    “And we ARE in a world market.”

    But not in a world LABOUR market with full freedom of movement.

    There are lots of barriers to international movement of labour, e.g., immigration policies, language issues, recognition of qualifications, etc. In fact, the mere COST of coming to and living in Canada is a barrier for many.

    What’s been deliberately CHOSEN by the Harper and Clark government is to INTERVENE in the world labour market and artificially lower barriers to favour one labour group over another, i.e., workers resident in Canada have “paid” their way into the local market via immigration, taxes, learning the language, living locally, acquiring local accreditation and experience, etc.

    Temporary foreign workers brought in by companies, who are granted free entry into the local market, are, in effect, subsidized by the taxpayers, i.e., local workers. The hope is, of course, the overall net effect on the economy is greater than the subsidy.

    The politically difficult, if not impossible, “fair” way to do this is to lower barriers to ALL labour, e.g., loosen immigration restrictions, accept equivalent experience and credentials, etc.

    However, neither level of government I would qualify as courageous enough about their idealogy to attempt such a bold move.

    (Response: Great reply! We are indeed NOT in a global labour market. It amzes me that some Canadians think we should just be open to all kinds of INVASIVE foreign pressures and influences … from unrestricted immigration to unfettered investment to invasive lcheap abour practices … from countries who put up ALL KINDS OF ROADBLOCKS to Canadian products, Canadian companies, Canadian workers. It’s as if they think we are or should be the doormat for others …as long as a few of us are making money on the deals. h.o0

  18. GeeBee says:

    This isnt about Chinese workers – its about CHEAP workers.

    The LIEberals have POLLUTED the corporate environment sooo much that a company can no longer justify paying anything except an essentially “Minimum Wage”.

    Just like GORDO alway planned it, and being TOO STUPID on her own, Christy has stuck with it. Their dream is to have everyone working for a minimum wage ( I own the company), everyone rents ( I own the house), everyone shops ( I own the store) = thats LIEberal UTOPIA……
    Political prostitutes – all of them.

  19. Kreditanstalt says:

    @Ed Seedhouse & SunWuKong;

    (Ed…are you the chessplayer!?) I realise that the law now prohibits discriminatory hiring & firing. All I’m arguing is that that should be changed to allow it.

    How “artificially lowering (labur market) barriers” constitutes “favouritism of one group over another” mystifies me. The barriers themselves are the problem.

    How long can Canada remain competitive internationally – and support high wages – when everything from liquor sales to interest rates to wages to borders is manipulated, regulated and protected?

    Just asking…

    (Response: Well, the answer is easy to see: Canada …despite all those negatives you throw out …has one of the bext economic records of any state in the G-8. So our system works better and has fared better in the global meltdown than all of those that are less encumbered with rules/controls. h.o)

  20. SunWuKong says:

    ‘How “artificially lowering (labur market) barriers” constitutes “favouritism of one group over another” mystifies me.’
    You need to read my posting more closely — local workers have purchased entry into the local market by living, working, and following local regulations. The temporary foreign workers are favoured because the aforementioned cost of market participation is waived for them.

    ‘The barriers themselves are the problem.’
    As I said, twice in the previous posting.

    “everything from liquor sales to interest rates to wages to borders is manipulated, regulated and protected?”
    Which is done in every country around the world — though some (e.g., the EU) have formed multinational economic blocks.

    You need to read up on the history of countries like South Korea, England and, yes, even the United States. Before they were waving the fully open markets flag, they deliberately protected their high value industries until they were fully developed and internationally competitive.

    Their second level strategy was to encourage primary industries in their competitors in order to acquire cheap resources for their high value economies.

    Sound familiar?

  21. Oh I think, SunWuKong, that the gentleman is very well read; and that he is highly educated, either by college or university, or quite likely he is an autodidact. Whether his ideas would work is hard to say unless, of course, we should decide to try it. Of course, that would take something called courage. And as Camus noted: There is always an excuse for a lack of courage.

  22. 13 says:

    The chinese have been buying our debt by the millions. They own so much of our debt and dollars that in an economic world they might actualy own our future. It seems that they already own our present.

  23. SunWuKong says:

    Ah, where would this issue be without the independent press?

    “Recruiters Charging BC-Bound Chinese Temp Miners $12,500”

    Among the highlights:
    – upfront fee (about C$5000) = 2.5x annual Chinese miner’s salary
    – C$400/month deducted from pay over 20 months
    – ads say C$25 to C$30 per hour, but recruiter claims C$22 to C$25
    – required credentials: speak 100 English words + mining cert or reference letter (C$170 extra if needed!)
    – big incentive: bring families over before own 4 year eligibility to immigrate
    – 14 days paid vacation (statutory, btw)

    As someone has pointed out in reply to the article, recruiters in China are making C$25M off of 2000 BC jobs!

  24. Keith E. says:

    Hi Harvey,

    this gets better all the time. Are our governments now in the business of aiding overseas hiring agencies.?

    (Response: Terrific work by the Tyee as usual. Too bad the MSM rarely dig like they do. If the imported workers get their jobs this way, they will end up just like the indentured workers of the last century … having to work here for years just to pay off their debt. h.o)

  25. gary T says:

    Besides the discrimination against Canadian workers, look what else is going on.
    I wonder who these people are friends with in government here in Canada.

  26. Ed Seedhouse says:

    Kreditanstalt // Oct 17, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    @Ed Seedhouse;

    (Ed…are you the chessplayer!?)

    Depends what you mean by “chessplayer” I suppose. I still play tournament chess from time to time and still maintain a CFC expert rating in my dotage. Some might think that makes me a chessplayer, some might not.

    This doesn’t change my opinion of your economic ideology, however, which I think is profoundly mistaken.

  27. 212Degrees says:

    Clearly, for safety reasons and for future training of Canadian workers, in addition to mining and technical skills, the ability to speak and understand English should be part of the requirements and qualifications for employment by “temporary” Chinese workers. Canadians are being disqualified because they may not have the necessary mining skills. As part of a complete applicant, however, there are good reasons why Chinese applicants should be disqualified if they do not have the additional language skills. Sacrificing and placing more importance of one over the other, is illogical and makes one wonder what the true motives and intentions of the mining companies are in hiring out of country workers.

  28. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    The Mandarin is just for safety/orienteering purposes — if you put your ear to the floor of the shaft and hear Mandarin, you’ve dug too deep…

    (Response: Ahh so! Now I understand. LOL! h.o)

  29. teririch says:

    Just out of curiosity, hasn’t anyone paid attention to how many jobs are listed that openly state must speak Cantonese, or Mandarin or Korean or Spanish?

    This has been going on for years – it isn’t new.

    Take a look on the job postings on Craig’s List.

    When a good portion of the businesses are owned and or operated by offshore money – who do you think they are going to employ?

    (Response: There are some jobs where knowledge of another language is required: international business; an etnic nursing home; travel guides, teachers etc. etc. It just gets weird … and sometimes even un just …when the labnguage requirement is seemingly used to exclude people actually quite qualified to do the jobs in question. h.o)

  30. teririch says:

    Just as a side note: This ‘story’ first came to light back in 2007/08 – and at that time stated bringing in approx. 400 Chinese workers.

    Another political blogger revisited it in October 2011 and supposedly a now candidate for the NDP party and labor lawyer was a source for that article.

    So why the delay in the dust up – it has not been the best kept secret.

  31. Barry says:

    Sorry Harv, but having to speak another language but English has been a part of some ethnic groups for a while now.

    A couple of years ago the local newspaper where I used to live detailed how businesses owned by a particular ethic group turned away job seekers who spoke only English and not the language of the owner. When approached by this, they admitted they did this, Canada was a free country and they could run their business anyway they saw fit. And note that these outfits were not the “Travel, nursing” or other exceptions you mentioned. You can go to malls in that municipality and not see signs in English or hear English spoken

    Ever since then, I’ve thought we needed a version of Quebec’s Bill 101 to make English or French the official language of the workplace. And just in case you’re thinking it, not to oppress the non-dominant group, but to remind those who come to this country that they are not living in their home country and they have to contribute to their new one.

    (Response: I can understand if, for example, a Nowegian Seniors Care Home, wants staff who can speak Norwegian. But it bothers me if, say, a small car/home insurance office owner, outside any particular ethic district, hires only his own ethnic languaged people to work there …but I recropgnize his/her right to do so: the marketplace (customers) will deal with that. However large institutions, companies should not be allowed to discriminate … especially by importing foreigners to work cheaper. h.o)

  32. Crankypants says:

    What astounds me is the spin our provincial government is putting out to justify these temporary workers. They say that these workers are only coming over from China because the mine in question is only in the exploratory stage which, according to Vaughn Palmer’s diatribe on Cutting Edge Of The Ledge today, could be up to four years. On the surface this seems plausible but what if the mine is deemed to be a feasible venture? Will we have any more acceptable miners to offer this company four years hence than we have now, language barriers excepted? I assume we all know that the answer is a resounding no which would lead to the second wave from across the Pacific Ocean.

    Another thing that seems to be fairly vague is the verifiable qualifications of these temporary workers. By what means does the Canadian government verify that the workers being imported into Canada are any more qualified than you or I? Does the Chinese government issue certificates or diplomas to experienced miners that guarantee their qualifications? For all we know these temps may have been employed mining metals and other goodies from the tons of old computers and electronics that were being shipped to various parts of China or doing nothing more than digging dead bodies from collapsed coal mines in their homeland.

    Then there was Keith Baldrey’s view on these temporary imported miners. He surmised that these workers will be more expensive because the company will have to provide the cost of medical coverage and other sundry expenses. Does Canada or BC have any laws that insist that temporary workers must have medical coverage or can the company just roll the dice and pay for any medical requirements for their workers as needed in the same fashion as a tourist must do should they encounter a need for medical assistance from our healthcare system?

    There was another interesting story today. Seaspan had a ceremonial sod-turning on the expansion of their facility in North Vancouver in their preparation of their site to start building the ships they were awarded by the Federal government. This should have been a good news story simply because BC was finally getting back into the game and maybe our next set of ferries could be built at home instead of elsewhere. Well, the BC government representative, Ms. Yamamoto, was non-commital but the real story that Seaspan announced that they are seeking temporary workers from jurisdictions unknown to build the expansion citing a lack of local qualified people. I guess my question is, what have we been training our youth to do?

    (Res;ponse: I suspect there are health insurance coverage requirements for any workers brought into the country to work. Foreign workers, of course, are nothing new .. I’ve heard there are upwards of 150,000 in the country … BUT the real issue is whether enough real effort was made to fill the jobs with Canadians without setting up bogus requirements, like Mandarin required. h.o)

  33. Donald says:

    Harvey, this is nothing new. our highways are full of transport drivers from other countries who work much cheaper, and are considerably less qualified, and therefore unsafe. some have obtained certification through fraudulent methods. the pay for a transport driver has not increased since the early ’80s. but, nobody cares…as long as they can gaze into their i-phone and drink their Starbucks, and go to Wal-Mart (full of Chinese made items). and it will be the same for the mining industry. no one will really care…unless of course you want to be a miner!!!

  34. Crankypants says:


    Blaming the demise of the trucking industry as a decent way to earn a living on any particular ethnic group is over-simplifying the case.

    I was employed in the industry from the late 60’s to the early 90’s. During that period the industry went from a regulated system to deregulation. Local carriers were usually made up of a combination of drivers hired at an hourly rate to drive company owned trucks and owner operators that drove their own trucks and were paid on an agreed percentage based on the amount of revenue they brought in. Linehaul companies were made up of drivers that were hired to drive company trucks and paid on the basis of how many miles they drove.

    The late 70’s and early 80’s were a period of high inflation and interest rates. I assume the powers that be decided that deregulation of the industry would halt the never ending applications for rate increases which, in their minds, were a major influence on the inflationary part of the equation.

    Deregulation had the desired effect on rates but also changed the industry forever. Local carriers went from a company driver/owner operator mix to virtually nothing but owner operators and a lot of individuals that just bought a truck and operated as a company of one.

    Meanwhile the linehaul portion evolved to a mix of company drivers and owner operators by creating owner operated subsidiaries. Thus the cost of buying and maintaining a truck was no longer the responsibility of the company and instead transferred to the owner operator. I left the industry in 1992 but I suspect that there are very few trucking companies that still own their trucks and hire drivers to drive them.

    Fraser Institute types would say that the deregulation of trucking has served the populace well by creating an unfettered industry where competition has driven the cost of trucking to the lowest level possible. While that may be true in the result category, they fail to address the fact that most of the owner operators would be ecstatic if they could net enough income to exceed the minimum wage.

  35. Mali says:

    Yes you can buy a house in Canada, IF you qualify for a mogtgare, and are fully employed, and have at least a 25 percent down payment.Now for the hard part You have to apply and be accepted by the Canadian Government, BEFORE you can come here, to find a job. The second hard part will be FINDING a job, with so many of our own citizens out of work, you may NOT get a job in Canada. So, if you have not started the Immigration application process all ready , I would suggest that you WAIT for at least 3 to 5 years, to see how the world economic condition is at that time. This is NOT a good time to come to Canada, to try to find a job.Jim B. Toronto.

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