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NDP Cashes In With $500-a-head Fundraiser

August 7th, 2017 · 43 Comments

So much for getting BIG MONEY out of BC politics!

The NDP will hold a $2,000-per-foursome “Leader’s Golf Tournament” fundraiser at Bear Mountain resort Aug. 24 … and LOTS of COROPORATE and UNION big spenders are welcome to tee off with Premier John Horgan and NDP Cabinet ministers and MLAs.

When they were in Opposition, the NDP railed and ranted against Liberal fundraisers, where those who could afford it … tax deductible no doubt … would spend big bucks to cozy up to Premier Christy Clark and other influential Liberals.

During the election campaign … NOT LONG AGO … Horgan vowed an NDP government would make it a priority to take big money out of BC politics.

The party platform clearly stated an NDP government would “ban corporate and union donations and set limits on individual contributions’. In fact, Horgan was reported saying that would be the NDP’s “first piece of legislation”.

Of course, their argument now, is that since the legislation has not yet been passed, raking in the BIG dough is still okay … under “existing rules”.

It stinks!

Doing the RIGHT THING should NEVER depend on legislation: doing the RIGHT THING should ALWAYS be done on principle.

In tis case, it’s “principal” … not principle … that seems most important.

According to a story in The Vancouver Sun:

“A financial report on the Elections B.C. website shows that the NDP charged $500 a ticket for a Leader’s Tournament last September, pulling in $32,000 from organizations. Once costs and other sales were tabulated, the NDP made nearly $22,000.”

You can read the full story here:

Does anyone really believe people and organizations who shell out that kind of money (not to mention any travel and hotel and other expenses) are doing that just for the love of golf!

It’s just as much a shakedown when the NDP does it as when the Liberals did it. The only difference: the Liberals never pooh-poohed or expressed outrage at these cash-in influence-teasing events the way Horgan and the NDP did.

None of this has been lost on Greens’ Leader Andrew Weaver.

““I think it’s quite outrageous that the B.C. NDP would be using a pay-for-access event like this,” he said. “You’re essentially advertising, ‘Come play golf with Premier Horgan.’ That’s just not appropriate as a fundraiser,” Weaver is quoted as saying.

The MLA co-hosting the event, Rob Fleming, just happens to now also be Minister of Education,  and sees nothing wrong.

“I’ve had golf tournaments for years. I think this is the 10th annual. The price is the same. The time of year is the same, and we’ll continue to have golf and other fundraising events under the new rules because they’re fun and they’re open to the public.”

It will be interesting to see how many individuals …union and corporate … who have dealings with the education system and now the new NDP government will sign up for the “fun” event that includes a dinner with any politicians or other union or corporate  brass who attend.

And in the interest of transparency … (wasn’t that another promise?) … the “players’ list” of those who paid up …oops, I mean, had a fun day,  should be made public the day after all the cheques are cashed.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Crankypants // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:01 am

    This is exactly why more and more people are cynical about politicians and the political system in general.

    The revenue they will generate is not worth the crap kicking they will receive from both the media and many voters that thought they voted for a new way of doing things.

    “Do as I say rather than as I do” has never worked in the past and will likely be no more successful going forward.

    (Response: I agree. It really looks awful and if the NDP are willing to sell out such loudly stated principles for $20,000 …imagine what they’ll set aside for $100,000! principles for No wonder so many people …esp young people with so many other distractions to take up their time …aren’t interested in politics. h.o)

  • 2 Gene The Bean // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:18 am

    This does smell but …….. fundraising is part of the game.

    When ‘one side’ plays by the rules and ‘the other side’ doesn’t – it is not a fair fight.

    “Taking big money out of politics” is not about a rinky-dink $20K golf fundraiser.

    Banning ‘out of BC’ donations, banning union and corporate donations and limiting individual donations to $100 will take “big money out of politics”.

    The optics are not the best but lets ‘keep it real’ – they have to fundraise some how.

    Agree completely that any and all donations and all ‘attendees’ at these events that raise money should be public knowledge.

    PS: The LIEberals under Gordon Campbell started a despicable practice of ‘suggesting’ to Crown Corps like BC Hydro and ICBC that they should “attend” their fundraisers and that practice has been milked ever since – that needs to stop too.

    (Response: Looks to me like you’re making excuses. Bet if Christy held a $500 a head fund raiser … lots of people on here would not call it “rinky dink”. Unlike the Liberals, the NDP made it a HUGE point that they abhorred and would BAN big corporate and union political donations …but here they are …raking in the cash. looks pretty hypocritical to me ..and I’d get to a lot of non-partisan voters as well. h.o)

  • 3 13 // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:24 am

    I can hardly wait to read the rationalization of this obvious hypocritical fund raiser from usual crowd.
    Lets see, the Liberals have more money to fight the next election so we need to catch up. All Horgan has to do is pick a date and make the “new” law retroactive.
    This golf game is an illustration of why I doubt that any government is going to send the previous government to jail. After all when you look at they are all public servants and they all receive the same pay the same benefits.
    It will be interesting to see how the NDP write the new legislation. Will they make it illegal for unions to help with campaigns by allowing members to “donate ” their time? Will it be illegal to settle public sector contracts just prior to a government term in office is over?
    Will Weaver demand that the NDP donate the funds from the golf game to the Red Cross fire relief fund?
    I can hardly wait to see the NDP walk the walk.

    (Response: Donating the proceeds to the fire relief fund is a GREAT idea! That would show the NDP trying to live up to its own principles …instead of just milking those who attend because they deal with government. h.o.)

  • 4 John's Aghast // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Obviously you’re not a golfer Harv. These things don’t come free – golf courses are very expensive to keep up, and you don’t have to come in a car with the windows blacked out.
    If they manage to clear $22,000 I suppose that will go a long way towards carrying out all those election goodies they promised!

    (Response: You must be very wealthy: if you think it’s quite normal to shell out $500 for a round of golf and dinner! And that’s only part of the problem: when politicians (or corporate bosses or media types) “invite” people to attend their pet project “invitational” tournaments or galas etc.,it’s a shakedown, no matter what they call. MANY times I’ve heard people complain they don’t WANT to go to such things, but they MUST go, because it’s required for business. When political parties ..esp in government …do that, it’s worse. h.o)

  • 5 Marge // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Perception in everything especially if you’re a minority government and campaigned on being different. Politicians appear to be all cut from the same cloth – once elected forget what was promised (great example is Trudeau) and do whatever you please. But if Weaver had any guts he would promise to topple the government if this goes through. I think he will sputter and weave but in the end say and do nothing – so typically politician. I didn’t vote for Christy Clark lite – I voted for a change. Doesn’t seem to have happened….

    (Response: I don’t think this is a government-toppling move issue. The Greens will likely find larger principles being set aside by the NDP in the coming months.. and the Greens want to get at least some of their goals and policies implemented before pulling the plug.. Besides, elections cost money, and the Greens are probably not as ready as the others to do that just yet. h.o)

  • 6 BMCQ // Aug 7, 2017 at 8:54 am

    A very timely topic with Good analysis.

    You make a very valid point when you bring up the term “Principle” in your Post.

    I am honestly shocked that after campaigning with getting so called “Big Money” out of Provincial Politics as such a big part of their Platform Horgan and the NDP are so blatant and so hypocritical by holding an event such as this.

    I can only guess that they feel they will not upset their base and they can get away with it, for sure we not see many if any in MSM challenge the Premier on this one.

    As to Weaver? Weaver will mumble a few sentences in protest but He has sold his soul to the “Devil” and Horgan knows that Weaver will not put up a serious fight on this as the Greens now must support the NDP until Oct 2021 or they will be over run and decimated in the Polarization of an early election. The Weaver protest on this is simply Window Dressing and Lip Service.

    There were certainly throngs of p
    Posters on this Blog that CORRECTLY criticized Clark for this very same Hypocricy, let’s see if they feel the same about the Horgan and NDP transgression.

    I must say watching and hearing the Horgan commentary and explanation on this Fund Raising Event I found it somewhat arrogant and condescending.

    I also find it disturbing that it took such a short period of time for Horgan, Fleming, and the NDP to show such disrespect and hypocricy toward the People of B.C..

    Can anyone defend this?

    (Response: You can bet people will defend it: the NDP supporters who will show their double-standard and yes, hypocrisy, by doing so. I can just imagine what they would write if Clark and the Liberals held such an event! And they never vowed not to!!! h.o)

  • 7 Steve Cooley // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:10 am

    There is no way to avoid the optics of this event. It has happened and I cannot be convinced it was appropriate.

    I can suggest what would have been way to run an event like this and preserve integrity. Charge whatever the golf course charges for people to play there. Allow anyone to come and play who wanted to, up to the capacity of the course. Have a donation table in the lobby or dining room for
    those who wanted to donate to the party.

    There has to be some way to remove the pay to play principle from politics in general and specifically, BC politics. Right now the Liberal party has a train load of cash just waiting to be used by Gobbel’s heirs. To have a fair election, all election candidates need to have to same assets to use in their campaigns. If the cash the Liberals have was expropriated, the howls would be heard all the way to Antarctica. To allow the Liberals to continue to silently accumulate cash and loudly criticize the others will not level the next campaign.

    (Response: Certainly, charging the regular rate would at least make it look like a legitimate meet and greet event. But as soon as you bring in fundraising …by fee or donation …I believe it’s a shakedown….literally pay to play with the NDP. And $500 per person for a day is a big shakedown!

  • 8 Hawgwash // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:25 am

    As a more often than not dipper supporter, I am more than disappointed at this hypocrisy.

    Like 13, I was hoping for a retroactive cause that would have wiped out a big chunk of Liberal graft and demonstrated that the NDP was good to their word and somewhat trustworthy. Instead, we get the following typical political double speak from Rob Fleming, the co-host;

    “I’ve had golf tournaments for years. I think this is the 10th annual. The price is the same. The time of year is the same, and we’ll continue to have golf and other fundraising events under the new rules because they’re fun and they’re open to the public.”

    That is pure steer manure of the highest degree.

    I am now hoping Dr. Weaver can show some cred and refuse to support legislation that is NOT retroactive.
    John at 2;
    You must be doing a tongue in cheek, talking about the funds raised going to pay for “goodies they promised,” no?

    The money goes to the part not the Gov.
    But you knew that, right?

    If they manage to clear $22,000 I suppose that will go a long way towards carrying out all those election goodies they promised!

    (Response: Glad your forthright enough to call it like it is. Because those who let them get away with/defend such hypocrisy will never makes things better: just perpetuate it’s OUR turn to lie, cash in …which really hurts public perception/participation in politics. h.o)

  • 9 13 // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:44 am


    So far yes GTB and aghast can defend it. Ive noticed over the years that Harvey is pretty balanced. He never gave the BC LIbs a free pass He was hard on Harper. He supported JT and is equally hard on him.
    The petronas post was well received by both sides.
    This one is a no brainer. Almost black and white.
    Clear cut. Oh wait a minute , I see two posts that have tried to rationalize this obvious bit of hypocracy.
    This is why this blog is so interesting. Even though weve come to expect certain posters to come down on the left or the right of certain issues its always interesting to see the outcome.
    Just now listening to Simi Sara telling Vaughn Palmer that the NDP need the money and be patient and wait for the Sept. Legislation.
    Harvey balanced? You bet he is.
    Simi Sara , Jon Mcomb, and the rest at CKNDP
    balanced? NO WAY!!!!

    (Response: Thanks. I know there are people on both sides of the political spectrum that are so partisan, they cannot handle the truth. Certainly disappointing. And, in this case, although I’m sure they will hate to hear it, have to say they reminds me of the Trumpites … people who fill the peanut gallery, cheering wildly, oblivious to any facts that show him lying, deceiving, obstructing. May sound like I’m off topic, but the similarity between the two blindly loyal partisans is fascinating. h.o)

  • 10 G. Barry Stewart // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Long-time NDP supporter here — but I guess I don’t qualify as a “rabid” one.

    The optics stink in this situation because practices the party campaigned against have now been embraced. It not only looks bad… it IS bad — and as Laila Yuile said last week: it’s amazing that top brass don’t see this.

    It was one thing, to “play by the rules” before the election, as they needed to play the same game as the BC Libs, to have a chance of toppling them. Supporters could go along with that — but now that the BC Libs have been toppled, the intended new rules should apply.

    Christy’s stepping down even gave them a one-seat advantage, for up to 6 months. That was a great gift.

    13’s suggestion of a retroactive law is excellent, as is his idea of donating all profits to forest fire relief.

    The party brass could have/ should have come out in the beginning, saying, “This tournament is a long-standing tradition, so we’re going to keep it going — but, starting now: all profits will be donated to worthy charitable causes” Or: “Cost of participation will be reduced, to simply cover expenses.”

    There’s still time for them to do the right thing and give the profits away… but the bloom is quickly fading, the main damage done.

    Tally-takers had worn through their sticks by the time the BC Liberals finished 16 years in government; this will be the first notch in the NDP’s tally stick.

    I had no illusions that the new government would have a perfect batting record. I still look forward to the good they will do — and the bad they will avoid. It was a miss this time.

    (Response: Perfect suggestion and statement of how the NDP brash should have handled this… and what they should have said. This current plan they have will hurt them a lot more than they will benefit from any cash the party takes in …especially once the Opposition starts connecting the dots between those who attend and ANY deals the NDP government does with ANY of them. They should have known that …and acted properly … not just see $$$$ and jump right in. h.o)

  • 11 BMCQ // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:58 am

    This topic obviously begs another question.

    ALL Parties obviously require Campaign Funding.

    Several weeks ago I suggested that each Party with Official Status be funded a certain amount of Funding to carry out their Campaign.

    The formula and allocation of Funds for this would need to be decided.

    13 then pointed out and I now tend to agree with him, “Don’t you blelieve that the People of B.C. Already have enough of their Tax Dollars squandered by Government”?

    How then would anyone on this Blog suggest Political Parties be Funded for Campaigns?

    What do Political Parties do in other Jurisdictions?

    One important thing that needs to be addressed in all of this.

    ANY sort of “Work in Kind” must be Banned immediately in whatever new Legislation is implemented.

    Corporations or Unions should not be allowed to donate PAID Workers or any other kind of favours such as Transportation, Living Expenses, or anything else that could be construed as Donation or Pay for Play.

    I find it quite entertaining and laughable to read some of the justification and excuses put up by the usual suspects here in defense of Horgan, Fleming, and the NDP.

    I would challenge any of you to stand in front of a Mirror and see if you can repeat any of those words of defense without breaking out into laughter!


  • 12 BMCQ // Aug 7, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Hawg – 8

    Great Post!

    Not that it means anything to you but I am very impressed!

  • 13 13 // Aug 7, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Lets all hope that we get a record rainfall. A downpour of biblical proportions. End all the wild fires. End the campfire ban
    ON AUGUST THE 24th.

    (Response: LOL! Best response so far! 🙂 However, I’d bet they’d still cash the cheques and take note of those “friends” who attend … so the voters (especially those who gave the NDP their confidence) still end up as losers. h.o)

  • 14 DonGar // Aug 7, 2017 at 11:37 am

    This stinks. But the NDP are no different than the Liberals

    A simple solution.

    1) Turn event into BC fire relief fund raiser. (Trudeau said feds will match money given to red cross so double the benefit)
    2) Invite both liberal and greens to attend showing this is not political event.

    (Response; Turning over the proceeds to fire relief would get the NDP out of a BIG credibility jam: even leave them smelling like a rose, instead of stinking like a big spoiled orange. h.o.)

  • 15 Keith // Aug 7, 2017 at 11:40 am

    This is as dumb as it gets. Whoever thought this was a good idea wants their head x-rayed, just because “we’ve done it before” won’t wash. Because it’s been “done before” is why the dippers were hammering the Liberals and dropping an anti – big money bill at any opportunity to make the Liberals look bad.

    If you’re reading the comment Mr. Horgan guess what?. If like me many of the folks that voted for you are now looking at this with their eyes rolling, are having second thoughts and rightly appalled by the hypocrisy. For what? 20 grand and change!! The opposition can’t buy that amount of negative publicity that this is generating and I’m sure will come up in a campaign ad. down the road.

    Just wondering if it’s occurring to the punters shelling out 2 grand for a foursome. that the legislation the the dippers say they want to bring in will be stopping them from paying to play in the future. Why bother dropping any money now, unless some form of back scratching is in the works.

    Rant over. Duh.

    (Response: Comments like this give me hope! For decades, we’ve always had people who voted one way (regardless of which party) blindly defend all the broken promises “their” party made when they got into power; while wailing away when the other party did the same thing. With attitudes like that, things will never change! We have to call politicians on broken promises, lies, scandals ..even if we voted for them. In fact, ESPECIALLY if we voted for them! h.o)

  • 16 Gene The Bean // Aug 7, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Harvey – lets remember this blogs title ……

    Christy sold her and her cabinet ministers time in direct and purposeful ‘pay to play’ meetings with corporatists and lobbyists that were hoping to influence public policy. The BC Liberal Party made hundreds of thousand$ of dollars …. and remember Christy personally got a cut of that.

    This is a small fund raising golf tourney ….. two completely different things.

    Yes it optically stinks. Yes it is inappropriate and naive. Yes they should/will learn the lesson. (fingers crossed)

    Once the ‘rules’ change about donations and political fundraising for everyone, it will make this even more immaterial than it is now.

    (Response: Remember, Fleming/NDP raised $20,000 last year … BEFORE he became part of government. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are suddenly a lot more “golfers” attending …even if they have never wielded a club before … raising “the take” to $30,000 or more! Is that enough money to be concerned? It stinks! And if you think THIS event isn’t attended by “corporatists and lobbyists that were hoping to influence public policy” just like you accuse the Liberals, you’re fooling yourself. h.o)

  • 17 e.a.f. // Aug 7, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    $500 for a ticket is fine. Its not that much. if you belong to a party you might be donating that or more each year. $1,200 a ticket for a golf game with the caucus, I’m not happy about. I have problems with it because it excludes people within the NDP.

    Trudeau held a dinner in Victoria for $1,200 a ticket. I’m not keen on that either. It excludes people. It in fact most likely excludes a lot of their own members.

    Any “fundraiser” which excludes the Parties own members is not good optics or good politics or good ethics.

    Whether its $12K or $1,200 a ticket, most people can’t afford it. Any party which is simply trying to profit from their current success is not being ethical, in my opinion. Yes, it costs money to win an election and getting that money from the corporations and wealthy simply makes politics a rich person’s game. We the voters only get to decide which person gets to rule the country, after the wealthy have had their say. Not happy about it.

    What also bothers me about these expensive fund raisers is that any one can go, as in people who don’t live in this country, aren’t citizens or landed immigrants, etc. It would be nice if we had a law which prohibits out of country donations to political parties and those running for office.

    (Response: Yes …as you state ” it costs money to win an election and getting that money from the corporations and wealthy simply makes politics a rich person’s game”. That’s the whole point in the NDP’s campaign promise …get the corporate and union bucks out of the equation. The public should fund campaigns individually … and I can even see the value of a public funding component …to allow for a meaningful campaign, while keeping it clear from exactly the influences you mention. But to advocate that, to make speeches about that, to put that in your platform …and then, after getting elected, to CASH IN from union and corporate bosses at an event at least some will feel pressured to attend …is not good. They SHOULD donate the proceeds to fire relief. h.o)

  • 18 Keith // Aug 7, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    in your response to my post #15

    (Response: Comments like this give me hope! For decades, we’ve always had people who voted one way (regardless of which party) blindly defend all the broken promises “their” party made when they got into power; while wailing away when the other party did the same thing. With attitudes like that, things will never change! We have to call politicians on broken promises, lies, scandals ..even if we voted for them. In fact, ESPECIALLY if we voted for them! h.o)”

    It may seem as if many of us are tied to one party or another by being critical of the govt. in power at any one time. The liberals have been in since 2001 and have provided any number of issues to be criticised. Without an alternative govt. in the interim to me it’s difficult to judge where ones political sympathies lie until an alternative is in place.

    Many critics (which i would like to be included in them) are neither pro this or anti that but are passionate about good government for the people, not just “our people” no matter who is in the hot seat at any one time.

    Given the slim vote margins and political horse trading to get an even slimmer majority, the dippers may want to reflect on the good govt. voters who in all probability got them across a very shaky finish line, and next election may not be there to do it again. They should also remember a lot of bloggers did the footwork for them all day and every day chasing down the stunts the liberals were pulling and can quite easily do the same for them should history be repeating itself, which would put them into anther very extended period of opposition.

    (Response: Honest criticism is good for democracy. People have asked me, as a reporter, whether my own bias affected any stories etc. My reply was …and is … I always came closest to being AGAINST whichever party was in power at the time. Why? Because they are the ones with almost all the powers and billions of public money to handle and spend … so, in effect, the role of a real reporter ( not some of those we now see in the compromised cable news reality) is to be critical… in the hope of effecting change/improvement … or expose their duplicity for the voters. And this NDP broken-promise is a good target. h.o)

  • 19 Art Smith // Aug 7, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    If the brain trust of the BCNDP can’t see how hypocritical and sleazy this looks (and is), it certainly makes one wonder what other great ideas they will come up with. Flushing millions and millions of dollars away with Site C and Kinder Morgan, and thousands of jobs, just the beginning? Hope not.
    The Greens must be beside themselves, but they bought into Horgan’s and the NDP’s bs and are now stuck with it, now they are mostly irrelevant. Probably good thing as I don’t believe in the tail wagging the dog.

    (Response: I have to wonder if it’s just naivety, stupidity …or arrogance. The only way out of this mess is for Horgan to announce all proceeds will go to fire relief etc. As for Site C. I don’t think they’ll cancel it … too much has been invested already and too many jobs (families) would suffer. Unless, of course, the brass who recommended the golf tournament also wield influence on the decision re Site C. h.o.)

  • 20 Hawgwash // Aug 7, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    I wonder if Mr. Fleming is too thick to grasp the difference between then and now when he said;
    “I’ve had golf tournaments for years. I think this is the 10th annual. The price is the same. The time of year is the same,” bla, bla bla.”

    Mr. Fleming, sir, the circumstances are as different as day and night.

    Last year and the previous 9 or so, you were a lowly opposition MLA. You could promise Lady Godiva on a yak knowing there was never an expectation of deliverance.

    Now you are a Cabinet Minister, where there are huge expectations riding on this little walk in the grass.

    THAT difference along with the hypocrisy is why this has such a stench.

    Someone mentioned Laila Luile. Though she is not a partisan she mostly supported the NDP by, like Bob Mackin, railing against the Liberals.

    She is now pummelling Horgan on this as are most of her followers, many of whom ARE partisan dips.

    I’m thinking the brass is counting on the typical short memories.

    (Response: Exactly. There’s a big difference between being in opposition and government … especially when your party made banning fundraising from corporations ands unions a key component of the campaign. Fleming …and Horgan …should know better … and do better. One thing is certain: the tournament on Aug 24 will now get GREAT media coverage … and as for short memories … bet the Liberals will be recording all the coverage too …for use within the next year or so. The only thing that will get the NDP out of this mess …is to declare all proceeds will go to fire relief ..not the NDP’s own bank account. h.o)

  • 21 Gene The Bean // Aug 7, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    I have been to two political events like this “golf tourney” and there is little if any time for “pay to play” politicking. It is the attendee list that the party really wants – for future fundraising efforts.

    This is so small potatoes compared to purposeful meetings with the highest in government openly selling their influence as the LIEberals did.

    Just as there are varying degrees of criminality as there are varying degrees of stupidity.

    What the NDP are doing here is just plain optically dumb.

    What the LIEberals did was criminal in its intent and execution. Big difference.

  • 22 r // Aug 7, 2017 at 6:16 pm


  • 23 13 // Aug 7, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    So what your saying GTB is on a scale of 10 with 10 being very very bad the BCL were a 10. Obviously the NDP are a 1 or perhaps a 2. Same poor optics just the BCL clearly worse than the NDP.
    Good thing that they just need to compile a list for future fund raising events. But wait???? There shouldnt be any future fund raising events.
    If I was Andrew Weaver I think I might have a sit down chat with Horgan. If Horgan wont make time for Andy then Andy can always buy a ticket to the golf game.

  • 24 13 // Aug 7, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    @eaf “500for a ticket is fine. Its not that much. If you belong to a party you might……”
    Your penchant for spending other peoples money never ends. Your willingness to pay more tax for any number of causes that you believe in is not admirable. I am a member of the BC Liberal Party. That membership cost me a whopping $5 bucks. Its valid until 2/4/19. I earn a decent living in the private sector. Maybe 500 isnt much to a public sector worker but in my world 500 is a significant amount.
    The long and the short of this is you can rationalize till the cows come home. Horgan campaigned on eliminating the EXACT SAME behavior that he is about to embark upon on August 24. Even if he donates the money to the fire relief fund everyone of those ticket purchasers is owed 500 worth of Horgans attention. Maybe a few Liberal MLAs should but tickets and then wait to see where the money goes. Fire relief or campaign war chest?
    My biggest fear is that Horgan leaves the door open for unions to donate time and volunteers and all sorts of help that equates to MONEY.

  • 25 e.a.f. // Aug 8, 2017 at 2:46 am

    Hi 13, at comment 24, its e. a. f. I’m not spending any one’s money in my previous comment, except my own. You may not think it “admirable” that I spend money on any number of causes but my favorite charities would beg to differ with you. We were raised to believe donating to your church, your local hospital, your political party, your favorite charity was a good thing to do. .

    I’m retired, have attended political party fundraisers since the 1980s and don’t think $500 is all that much. Back in the day tickets were approx. $50, in the 1980s and then people donated again at the dinners.

    Now please don’t try to make this a private/public sector worker thing. Its about how much money you are willing to invest in your political party and/or charity and what you can afford. Elections aren’t free and neither is the staff who work for parties. Now if I read between the lines all you invest in your party is $5 for the membership. That is fine. I’m simply saying $500 for an event isn’t an over top amount and a lot of people donate that in any year to their favorite political party or come election time when their party starts to fund raise, what ever level of government is fund raising.

    As far as it goes, the rules haven’t changed and given how many millions Christy Clark was raising right after the provincial election perhaps the NDP feels it needs to catch up. At least the NDP’s weren’t $10K and up soirees.

    I agree the optics aren’t great but hey, politicians are politicians and the first order of business for any politicians is to stay in power and part of that is to fund raise. No money, no playing in an election.

    It would be better if money played a lesser role in politics, but not since Robert Summers has $500 bought any one much of anything with a politician. Now what $250K bought some from the B.C. LIeberals we can only guess, something or nothing.

    While we are the subject of donating to your favorite political party, I am of the opinion it ought not to be tax deductible. (but that is another topic)

    Now in all of this not much has been said about Trudeau’s federal dinner in Victoria to fund rise at $1,200 a ticket. Oh, well………

  • 26 BMCQ // Aug 8, 2017 at 6:17 am

    It is early here and I just opened “Keeping it Real” to see how many of the “Rabid Left” had Posted excuses for the “Fund Raising” of Horgan, Fleming and The NDP through their “Small, Little, Inconsequential, of NO Importance, Move Along there is nothing to see here, and NOT Illegal and certainly NOT CRIMINAL like the Liberals” Golf Tournament.

    After reading a few Posts I could not help but “Laugh out Loud”!!

    You could not make this stuff up!!

    It is one thing to think of excuses to yourself or share with family but to actually put “Pen to Paper” and Blurt this stuff out so others can see or hear it in a Blog Post is worse than ridiculous and juvenile.

    Who was it that said “If it walks like a Duck”!!


    Hypocritical at the highest level.

    I have discussed the Fund Raising for B.C. Provincial Parties with several people over the past several days and you do get differing opinions on this.

    Some say that they do not care what any Party does and other opinions run all the way to there should be absolutely no donations other than individuals and $ 50.00 each year.

    Again, as 13 pointed out a few weeks ago I spoke to several people who agree with him and they wanted NO Tax Payer Funding of Campaigns for Political Parties of any Brand.

    I was already more or less convinced that Unions, Corporations, other organized Groups should be banned from donating to Campaigns either in Cash or Kind but I did not believe that the situation was necessarily a big deal.

    After listening to many people on this I now feel that this is probably a real and legitimate concern/complaint and the Provincial Government should form a Committee along the usual Party Format and as soon as possible come up with a workable structure for Financing Campaigns.

    Hopefully there can be a formula worked out that can Funds Campaigns fairly and equally that will not be a burden to the Tax Payer.

    13 –

    I floated your idea of the NDP Donating the Funds raised from the Golf Tournament to the “Fire Relief Fund” to several people yesterday and they thought it made a lot of sense.

    You make far too much sense!

    Let’s hope John Horgan and his friend Fleming have read your Post on this Blog!

    (Response: I have absolutely no doubt NDP politicians and strategists follow this blog (and several others …like Laila Yuile and Norm Farrell) quite regularly…. just as the Liberals and Greens do And if they’re smart, they WON’T do what Clark/Libs did …ignore what was being said in here and elsewhere. h.o.)

  • 27 Harry lawson // Aug 8, 2017 at 7:19 am


    The hypocrisy of golf greens and green backs. I wonder if crow was on the menu instead of chicken.

    The reality is the NDP as a party could at anytime choose not to accept corporate ,union , or foreign donations. Period

    For a net price of $20 plus thousand how many future votes has it cost them?.

    It’s good for the greens and even better for the new liberal leader. How many ridings will go liberal because moderate NDP voters gone Green or liberals that voted Green or stayed home go back to the liberals . Not bad results for a round of golf.

    (Response: For $500 a head, they’d better not serve crow!! Besides, I’m sure down the road the Opposition will have Horgan and Fleming tasting that quite often whenever political donations come up .. literally. h.o)

  • 28 RIsaak // Aug 8, 2017 at 8:19 am

    I’m a swing voter who refuses to use clothespins for much other than laundry and strike indicators while fishing.

    This does not pass the smell test at all. Yes I understand the Libs have a decent war chest and the Dips have not much $. The truth is conveniently doing what one has been openly castigating others for is hypocritical. Sadly this will be one of many gaffs and questionable moves which if not reigned in will doom the NDP to a single term (depending on who wins the Lib leadership).

    The optics of Meggs (who was uncharacteristically silent lately as a Councillor after being a very outspoken operative for many years) and Mo Sihota (sp) still lingering does in my world set off some alarm bells. Both are far from principled and honest judging by their prior actions and words.

    You only get one chance to make a positive first impression, many folks have very long memories in BC (look at all the fast ferries crud during the last campaign).

    This past election was the first time I voted for the NDP, this was entirely due to the arrogance, lack of accountability, complete abandonment of fiscal accountability and the plethora of lying the Liberals were engaging in. The folks like myself are the ones they need to be concerned about re-engaging next election for very obvious reasons. I voted NDP and will not hesitate to call them to account (just as I did with the Libs) should they allow the arrogance of office to flourish beyond what I perceive as acceptable levels.

    The above idea of donating the proceeds to fire relief is brilliant.

    It takes a very sound, focused political entity to get re-elected after a first term as a minority govt., this is something which the NDP best be very mindful of if they wish to be in power past this term.

    (Response: You’re absolutely right. This is a terrible first impression … and it’s not going away soon. I’d bet on Aug 24, the day of the event, instead of talk about golf scores, there will a lot more focus around the province on WHO was there and HOW MUCH loot the NDP carries away. How could their strategists and party brass not see what a problem this would become. The ONLY way to save face would be to announce all proceeds will go to fire relief or some other worthy charity … not the party or the Education Minister’s riding association bank account. h.o.)

  • 29 E. Johnson // Aug 8, 2017 at 9:39 am

    If only there were more voters concerned with good government and less voters blinded by their own political ideology perhaps we would be able to elect governments that are willing to be accountable. Donating the proceeds of the golf tournament to the fire relief will benefit a very worthy cause but it will not erase the political damage to this new government.

    (Response: True, it would not be forgotten by many of those who follow politics/government closely, but I DO think donating the proceeds would take away almost all the potential the Opposition will otherwise have in to future to portray the NDP as hypocrites. Unless of course that’s exactly what they are ..and really want that money! h.o)

  • 30 Crankypants // Aug 8, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I would support the proceeds going to fire relief or some other worthwhile cause only if there was an attempt to have elected representatives from all provincial political parties. If only NDP MLAs are welcome then this does not address the pay for access portion of the program.

    (Response: Well, if they changed the focus of the fundraiser to fire relief and invited ALL to join in and participate that would be even better! h.o)

  • 31 Island Lookout // Aug 8, 2017 at 12:50 pm


    …is irresistible especially to a political party which is plain flat broke.

    The NDP needs to reload its electioneering weapons in an obviously and unseemly way. There could be another election soon!

    Horgan knows that money makes the world go round: private donations added to government publicly-raised debt will keep the old NDP government propaganda machine running in top gear. Just ask the Liberals.

    Only SOME wooley-headed NDP/Green supporters think campaigning can be raised from donors who look under their credit card-purchased furniture for a few nickels and dimes. Uh Uh.

    Those days are so done. By all parties. And we all know that.

    I’m not upset in the least to hear about that $500-a-head dinner on Bear Mountain.

    What would get me pissed is if the Horgan outfit keeps its promise and introduces a law to ban big union/corporate/environmental donations this autumn.

    I think that opposition to this dinner by St. Andrew Weaver of Environmental Perfection Inc. is Hypocrisy 101.

    Aren’t the Greens holding a fund-raising BANQUET to raise money?

    What’s the difference between a golf game with BC beef and the trimmings and what the Grens may offer their donors:

    Let see, would it look like plates full of North Korean-originated lawn clippings, pictures of happy know-it-all vegans giving yoga lessons, Snowflakes offering Black Lives Matter lectures courtesy of UVic’s faculty of Safe Spaces?
    Sounds like a plan.

    Viva NK’s lawn clippings before they start glowing in the dark…

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: parties DO need money to operate. Nothing wrong with dinners, dances, auctions, festivals etc to raise money from SUPPORTERS. But that’s a LOT different from holding events well beyond the means of average voters and let’s face it, much more likely to attract BIG union or corporate executives (on expense accounts) aiming to sweeten up their relations with the new Premier/minister/government. h.o.)

  • 32 psosp // Aug 8, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Just a quick check of green fees in Victoria, on the web, they seem to run between $30 to $60 per person, depending on time of day and where. If the course has been reserved, it costs more. If a decent dinner, with drinks, is included, bill goes up. Golf carts? Add some more. Prizes? Like wine, or golf trinkets? Yeah, add a bit more to the bill.
    I’m not defending the optics or the deed here, just trying to look at the financial outcome. It’s not a lot of cash to walk away with, probably less than a single dinner with Christy Clark. However, ask how far in advance was this planned, how much prepaid for? If it’s a yearly event, likely booked last year, would be a loss to cancel it. I’d like to see them donate the PROFIT to a charity. I stress profit. We’ll see. Meanwhile David Eby was given his mandate letter, including elimination big money in political donations. Now it’s on paper.

    (Response: I agree.. PROFIT …or net proceeds after paying any/all legitimate bills. But the cost to the NDP of just grabbing all the proceeds for the party or Fleming’s riding bank account will be far greater than any benefit. h.o)

  • 33 Keith // Aug 8, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Apologies for third kick at the cat Harvey

    The opposition will have a field day with this one. When the Petronas decision ( following on heels of the ICBC debacle in a masterpiece of announcement timing) Jas Johal right on cue was blaming them for the Petronas decision. When they announced the Site C review by BCUC, again right on cue the ICBA were holding a televised stunt. Expect more of the same.

    I agree that any proceeds from the tournament should go to a charity and maximize the benefits with matching donations, however, if they had announced that soon after sworn in as government it would have been P.R. knock out of the park with massive benefits If they do it now it will be viewed and rightly so as damage control. No matter what they do now I can’t see an upside.

    But with the Gordon Wilson LNG file taking a turn for the worse and not for him, that should tamp down the golf story. Not sure if it’s the gang that couldn’t shoot straight or the gang looking down the barrel to see if it was loaded.

    The splat you may have heard is the Green MLAs connecting the palms of their hands with their foreheads in a vigorous manner.

  • 34 Gene The Bean // Aug 8, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    This just out from Metro News Vancouver re Mt Polley and a private lawsuit being filed:

    “The disaster cost the province more than $40 million to clean. Imperial Metals’ owner Alberta billionaire Murray Edwards and his companies have donated more than $502,000 to the B.C. Liberals since 2005, according to Elections B.C., and Edwards hosted a $1-million fundraiser for the party months before the disaster.”

    Lets not get everything in a knot boys and girls about a 20K golf tourney – when you have something like this.

  • 35 DBW // Aug 8, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    I am not going to defend this at all. I hate the whole idea of donating money to a political party, especially given the 75% tax break which is considerably higher than what I get back for the charities I support monthly. During the election I worked several hours doing letter drops and door knocking etc. Don’t know what my time is worth but even at minimum wage, I donated a couple of hundred bucks in time. That’s my donation and without a tax break.

    What is kind of ironic is that the NDP is having this tournament which will net them about $20,000 while Rich Coleman cancelled his tournament which last year netted over $300,000. I guess when you are out of power there is nothing to sell.

    Not good optics at all, but a small potatoes golf game (I would rather pay NOT to play) in the middle of summer will be long forgotten once they introduce the legislation and more importantly start defending other legislation they have planned.

    Political junkies get bored easily. The big show starts next month.

    (Response: Political parties DO need money: nothing wrong with soliciting or getting individual donations (within legislated limits). Let’s hope once the legislature is back and the government’s new programs are announced, there will not be other unpleasant surprises. ho.)

  • 36 13 // Aug 8, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    If you reread my post I said TAXES NOT CHARITIES. I also was raised to be charitable .
    My concern is your willingness to allow the government to waste tax dollars. Also your repeated assertion that you would pay more tax to fix……. I sup pose you could just send the gov a check every April bUT I feel you want everyone to pony up.

    When it comes to campaign financing I do not want tax payers to foot the bill.

  • 37 Helena Handcart // Aug 8, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    I agree with PSOP. This event was probably booked and paid for months ago, so it makes sense for it to go ahead. What I object to is the opportunity for personal access to the premier and a cabinet minister in exchange for a donation. How simple would it be for Horgan to say that he will not attend now that he is in a position of influence. I just have to shake my head at the stupidity of some of these people. Real supporters will show up if Horgan is there or not. The GreeNDP have a chance to make some real changes to our political sewage farm and the MSM are waiting patiently to stomp all over them. No need to make their job easier.

    (Response: Cancellation would be very costly no problem with the event going ahead … even with the Premier there: IF those attending just don’t let the NDP party org or the local MLA profit from it … give the proceeds to a charity that could REALLY use $25,000! h.o)

  • 38 13 // Aug 8, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    @psop Here is the coulda woulda shoulda.

    John Horgan coulda held a news conference and infront of the MSM on the 6 pm news simply stated that the NDP were cancelling this golf tournament to demonstrate to the world that big dollars were finished in BC. This woulda garnered the NDP far more good will than the measly deposit they would have lost on a golf course booking. Now for the shoulda. Without any doubt he should mea culpa on the 6pm news and challenge all of his golfing “buddies ” that the NDP will refund the $500 per player or issue a tax receipt to the “buddy” for a donation to the red cross. He could also publish the list of buddies and their decision as to what they instructed the NDP to do with the $500(or more).
    Then in an attempt to use the 6pm news efficiently he can also mea culpa to Gordon Wilson. Mr Horgan should perhaps be a bit less vigorous in his glee over terminating people.

  • 39 BMCQ // Aug 8, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    I read ALL 36 Posts and did not see this question asked as yet.

    I would like to ask ANY NDP Supporters just what Total Amount of Dollars brought in during a Fund Raiser or several Fund Raising Events or simply Random Individual, Corporate, Union, or any other Forms of Fund Raising we can think of makes the total TOO MUCH or say unethical?

    $ 20 K, 30, 60, 100, 500, 1 Million?

    Are the NDP virtuous bringing in $ 25K and the Liberals “Evil Carpet Bagging Capitalistic Bilderberg Members” for attracting $ 50 or $ 300 K?

    Please tell us, just what is that magic number that we cannot cross so a Political Party can remain Chaste?

    Sort of like telling your friends you went into rob a Bank of $ 1 Million but when you got to the Teller you decided to ask for only $ 50 K because you thought that would not be so bad.

    Or perhaps only like Shooting someone Dead with only One Bullet as opposed to Six.

    Yeah, sure, now it all sort of makes sense, now I can think like Horgan and Fleming!

    Next thing I know I will be supporting Anarchist David Eby as AG!

  • 40 13 // Aug 9, 2017 at 8:16 am


    Ive come up with a formula that I think answers your question.

    Allow the NDP to raise any amount of money they can using any method they like. Total the amount and include all of the other union donations (car rides, phone calls etc) When you have that total amount you now have the ethical amount allowed to raise and spend on a campaign.
    I still havent figured out how the formula will work when the NDP end up in a negative situation where the end up owing money when the dust settles. (a scenario that the NDP are familiar with). Ill call Norm Farrell hes good with figures.

  • 41 e.a.f. // Aug 9, 2017 at 11:50 am

    Now, now BMCQ. rest easy. this too shall pass.

    In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t anywhere near what Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals ran when they had their pay to play soirees and the Premier got to skim $50K.

    This was a golf tournament which was open to the public.

    The problem with the B.C. Lieberal soires, they were “closed” events.

    Now as to David Eby as A. G. who knows, he might turn out to be really good at the job. Lets give him some time. We can talk about it in 2 years, put it in the day timer.

    #13, I’m not willing to have government waste tax payers dollars, including mine. they need to be spent appropriately.

    B.C. taxes, not the fees, just the taxes are low compared to other jurisdictions. They could be increased a tad and then improve things which need to be improved and none of this fee stuff. Yes, I would like everyone to pay their fair share of taxes. Its not too much to ask in the all over scheme of things. Do away with all those royalty rebates, etc. some industries receive. They are driving us into debt. Just check Norm Farrell’s blog for the details.

    in a country where Harper bragged we had amongst the lowest corporate in the world of the developed nations, B.C. had the lowest corporate rate in Canada. Its time for business to pay their fair share along with every one else. My point has been if I thought more taxes would solve some of our social problems I would be willing to pay additional taxes. it was never about throwing money around, which is what the B.C. Lieberals did, i.e. mining company didn’t have to pay their electrical bill, royality “rebates” to resource industries we will be paying for years, etc.

  • 42 BMCQ // Aug 9, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    13 – 40

    Thanks, that makes sense to me.
    I am quite sure that several of the NDP Supporters on this Blog will endorse your suggestion.

    Who was it that said, “Figures don’t Lie but Liars can sure Figure”?

  • 43 13 // Aug 9, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    @eaf #41
    You are an oddity. Believe it or not you are the only person I know that thinks that the government(any government) spends our money so judiciously that you would gladly hand over a “tad” more. The only group that I know of that will defend government spending and might endorse your plan to pay more taxes is….wait for it….. yes you guessed it Public Sector workers. I find that those that toil in the real world do not feel comfortable with any tax increases. This includes fees, permits and other related government cash grabs. Yes you are unique.