NDP Fiddles While Lawlessness Rules Vancouver/Victoria!

I didn’t realize Premier John Horgan, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth and Attorney General David Eby have such bizarre senses of humour!

What a joke their latest response is to the lawlessness that makes so many residents of Vancouver and Victoria afraid to walk their own streets … even in daytime.

Random assaults on innocent citizens are growing; shopkeepers’ windows are repeatedly shattered; smash and grabs, break-ins and robberies have become far too common; thefts and shoplifting often go unchallenged; broken glass litters parking spots of people naïve enough to still shop, eat or do business downtown; agitators regularly block area bridges and roads; vandals brazenly deface buildings, destroy artworks and even target entire neighbourhoods (Chinatown a particularly sad victim).

And NOTHING meaningful has been done to stop it!

The newspaper Vancouver is Awesome detailed last weekend’s crime spree in the city: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/local-news/weekend-violence-concerning-vancouver-police-makeshift-stun-gun-stranger-attack-5322723.


Yet, little has been done by City Hall or the BC government to address the growing violence. The lawlessness has become bolder, more widespread, more violent, with more damage greater; and more and more victims.

Think of the millions of dollars in damages/repairs that private citizens/businesses and taxpayers have had to absorb/shell out … over and over again, for years now!

And the emotional and traumatic injuries suffered by the victims and other law-abiding citizens … especially seniors … make things even worse! Many who live alone are now afraid to leave their homes, except when accompanied or only when they absolutely must.

Hard to believe there was a time when only top-end jewelry stores kept their front doors locked … requiring you to buzz to gain entry? Lately, shops selling clothing, shoes, purses have also done the same … and one city hardware keeps its stock behind a fence or zip-tied to the shelves! Read it and weep: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/vancouver-crime-store-keeps-stock-locked-up-as-forum-held-on-public-safety-1.5805234.

Vancouver’s downtown, West End, Yaletown, Chinatown are under siege!

Will Commercial Drive, Kitsilano, Broadway, South Granville be next?

The news media occasionally report arrests: but how often do you hear of jail sentences being handed down to even the most recidivist thieves, vandals, violent offenders?

Why not?

Because BC’s “Justice” system has become part of the problem.

Police, lawyers and judges now know many of the perpetrators on a first-name basis; yet even when they plead GUILTY, they get released over and over again … back into the very communities they victimized …. to do it all again and again and again.

Saturday, Global News reported a criminal arrested INSIDE a Vancouver antiques store that had its window smashed in March has now pleaded GUILTY to possession of stolen property. The culprit …with 75 convictions since 1998 … was sentenced to ONE DAY in jail, and one year probation.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps recently revealed that, in the provincial capital, 200 offenders have been responsible for 11,000 Police incidents.

One offender in Victoria was reportedly involved in 248 police incidents and 55 charges over a two-year period, the Victoria Times Colonist reported.

“In Vancouver, 40 “super chronic offenders” have an average of 54 convictions per offender.”

Overall TOTAL crime reported in Vancouver these days is about the same … or some analysts say … lower than pre-pandemic rates.

BUT violent crimes/attacks are UP … and that’s what’s frightening people … especially in the downtown core/West End/Yaletown.

You can see the stats here: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-violent-crime-assaults-vpd.

And there are almost NO consequences for those who do get arrested and charged.

I put it to you the QUALITY of life in Vancouver and Victoria has been severely damaged by: the lack of action by BC Courts to protect our citizenry; Vancouver City Hall’s pandering to druggies from all over the country, who have destroyed the city’s core; aided and abetted by the provincial government providing millions of dollars to fund homeless/mentally ill housing and social services RIGHT IN THE HEART of the city’s downtown shopping, eating, entertainment district.

How dumb could the BC NDP government and Vancouver’s politicians, bureaucrats and city social planners be????

And the problems are spreading throughout the province.

Last month BC’s mayors, after meeting with Eby in December on the problem … but still seeing NOTHING done, issued an appeal to the NDP government to ACT: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-mayors-call-on-province-to-better-address-chronic-property-crime-offenders-1.5878446.

And what did the government DO?

Delayed any REAL action even longer!

Horgan, Farnworth and Eby appointed two “experts” to study the problem!!

(Read the details of the NDP government’s “kick the can down the road” announcement here: https://www.timescolonist.com/local-news/province-launches-investigation-into-stranger-attacks-and-prolific-crime-in-bc-5336027 .)

Despite thousands of private and public officials already being engaged for decades in BC’s crime-fighting, justice, social services, health, drug, mental issues … many of them very highly paid TOP officials who have no doubt already written MANY reports and made DOZENS of recommendations to governments over the years … the NDP appoints TWO MORE to come up with even MORE recommendations.

And the government gave them 120 days to report!

What a joke!

And you’re dreaming if you think the government will even then ACT immediately on many of the “new” recommendations!

First, they will explain, they need time to “study” the experts’ recommendations; then “seek” public/business/professional/social and community groups input/reactions; then “review” those representations; then “prepare” policy actual policy actions; then “introduce” any needed legislative changes; then “refer” those proposals to legislative committee; then “consider” recommended amendments; then “debate” the final version of the Bill; and “pass” it …. ALL before “implementing” any major changes.

That could all take months and months and months.

And don’t be surprised if the “experts” conclude what the BC NDP government already knows: that a lot of the recidivist problems lie with the Courts, the Criminal Code and Supreme Court rulings that impose sentencing restrictions … so Horgan, Farnworth and Eby can delay months more … saying thy must approach/consult/seek legislative changes from the federal government!

Kicking the can down the r4oad …again!

While the trauma and turmoil on BC streets goes on and on and on … and gets worse!

Yes, the provincial announcement was indeed a joke.

But no one in Vancouver (or Victoria) is laughing … except the criminals.

And maybe Horgan, Farnworth and Eby.

Harv Oberfeld

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23 Responses to NDP Fiddles While Lawlessness Rules Vancouver/Victoria!

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Total agreement.
    I have come to the somewhat cynical conclusion that the Canadaian ( BC and municipal) “justice” system is nothing more than a job creation industry for the public sector.
    Judges, prosecutors, public defenders, police, sheriffs, Courts, jailors, probation officers, mental heath assessments, on and on and on.

    When was the last time a new jail or prison or mental hospital was built?

    They seem to close the old one’s down and replace them with….the street.

    An absolute joke when a repeat offender is released back into the public with a one day sentence.

    “Three strikes your out” is a draconian punishment but
    1o times caught breaking the Law? 50 times caught? 100?

    Long term incarceration isn’t on the Politicians minds. That costs money.
    Better to push them back out on the streets and let the private sector and the insurance companies deal with it.
    I expect a class action lawsuit at some point when someone is murdered by a revolving door judge/ plea bargain/ probation officer.
    But that doesnt bring an innocent victim back…

    (Responses: No doubt there is a need for more mental health and drug treatment facilities … but let’s keep it real: there are MANY, MANY recidivist criminals who quite sane, competent but simply choose to make their “livings” by stealing, break-ins, robberies, scams and crimes of opportunity (had a parcel stolen from my front door Thursday). And they know that, even if they get caught (rarely) , NOTHING of consequence will happen to them. Because we have WEAK judges, municipal and provincial and federal politicians unwilling to put PUBLIC SAFETY/PROTECTION first! h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Ah, a porch pirate took your Amazon delivery?

      Don’t take the Law into your own hands and beat them with a stick or you will be charged and forced to pay reparations to the poor, misunderstood , abused as a child, professional grifter.

      (Response: Let’s think positively! The stolen item was a single black ink cartridge for my very old Canon MG5620 printer: MAYBE the culprit has the same brand/model printer and needed it so he or she could print out some research for his or her next BLOG??? If so, happy to contribute. But he or she should have at least left me a tax-deductible Charity receipt! h.o)

  2. Jane says:

    It’s pleasurable to witness the past coming to bite Eby .. we told you so long ago when you wrote the “ how to stay out of jail” book or when you refused to
    listen while protecting union friends ..
    You wouldn’t listen to respected advocates in mental health..you reap
    what you sow.. now fix it..

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    In short, the problem is that the NDP do not care.

    Eby is too busy putting out dumpster fires while major conflagrations rage around province with an on going gangster war where the innocent are murdered; questionable activities surround Metro Vancouver and TransLink; civic politics is a cesspit; BC Hydro; are just a few issues that the NDP, especially Eby is burrowed his head in the sand like the proverbial Ostrich.

    I ran a small tourist oriented store in Vancouver ‘s downtown from the early 80’s until about 2004 and the last 5 years, one could see the rising tide of criminal activity in the downtown and city Hall turning a blind eye to it.

    Now, in my book, downtown is a no go area, where crime is rampant and every honest person is a sitting duck.

    Eby, the NDP’s wonder boy has turned into nothing more than a wet squib and Farnsworth, is just a party apparatchik, who has a plum job, to fill out his pension; Horgan (not unlike Putin) is completely out of touch with the reality of the situation and f-bombs along, winging it, but hasn’t a clue what he is winging.

    Study’s, like Business Cases or long range planning in BC mean absolutely nothing as the NDP has absolutely no intention of doing anything, lest it embarrasses their base.

    A couple of police types I know have told me what they think the real problem is and why the province will not do anything, thus Horgan month’s long study is nothing more than a make work project for the party faithful to suck off the public tit.

    Me thinks Horgan is going to get a very nasty electoral surprise in 2024.

    (Response: Given his health, and the fact he’ll be 64 in 2024, I’m not sure Horgan will run again in 2024. Eby? Dix? But that’s still a long way away in politics. The biggest opportunity for voters in Vancouver and Victoria to tackle violent crime, growing fear, break-ins, robberies and vandalism will come in the municipal elections in October … IF there are enough candidates willing and ready to take the criminals on. h.o)

  4. jay says:

    Sadly this is nothing new. The leftist policies that have been implemented in many US states have crept into Canada.
    Many states will not prosecute someone who steals under $1000 worth of merchandise.
    Prosecutors are either too lazy or too scared to send these people to jail since it will set off the social activists.
    There obviously need to be reforms in the justice system to stop these career criminals.
    That or give us the 2nd amendment and let God sort it out.

    (Response: Well, I sure don’t want a US 2nd amendment in Canada! But I agree there is something wrong when thieves found with stolen goods under $1,000 are not even prosecuted. In fact, in BC, it’s even worse: time and time again thieves, robbers etc caught in the act stealing or in possession of thousands of dollars of other people’s stuff ARE taken to Court … and NOTHING of real consequence happens to them … even if they have previous very long repeat records. This has now been going on for years: Municipal, provincial and federal governments MUST act to protect the majority of society … and not just “study” the issue, giving the criminals FREE REIGN for many months or even another year or more! h.o)

  5. nonconfidencevote says:

    Anyone notice the short News story on 6pm Global last night about the Police awards?
    Mayor Kennedy ( “VPD are Systemically Racist and should be defunded”) Stewart was up on stage with the VPD police chief to hand out Valor Awards to the rank and file.

    The Police Chief wouldn’t even look at him and had the award recipients stand between him and the Mayor.

    The political problem with our criminal system in a nutshell.
    The politicians throw everyone under the bus whenever it suits them and then expect to stand on a stage with the same people they ran over for free publicity….

  6. R says:

    Fri may 6 3-330 on cknw eby said fed liberals made it so u cant put someome in jail for certain reasons 10 min audio mark


  7. e.a.f. says:

    If people are committing crimes and not in jail, then perhaps we ought to look at the chart which lists how much time you serve for specific crimes. Its established by the federal government. If some one winds up in front of a judge and they get a pass or probation, then that is not the fault of the government or the police, etc.

    Jails don’t solve crime problems. The U.S.A. has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the death penalty but it hasn’t solved their problems and it won’t solve ours.
    IF the system were to sentence people to long terms in jail, it still wouldn’t solve the problem because sooner or later those people all get out of jail and would start all over again. Now as to more jails, don’t think that is going to happen. New jails and staff would send taxpayers off the deep end.

    Everybody seems to be acting as if the sky were falling in because 4 people a day are attacked by random strangers. If Vancouver has a population of approx. 500K and then all the people who come into town to work and out of that there are 4 random attacks per day, that is not bad. In many American cities they have that many murders per day.

    There are a small number of people who seem to be causing the increase in crime and if they aren’t drug addicts they are most likely mentally ill. That problem has been getting worse since the 1980s as poverty started to climb. Then we had the advent of fent. which wasn’t addressed at any level, besides how to keep people alive and that is the priority. Even after all these years we still do not have a decent system for dealing with drug addicts.

    There are a whole generation of kids who went to school while government cut the education budgets, closed schools, caused school boards to eliminate teachers’ aids in the class room, kids hungry in school, kids in portables which were not in great condition. As the time passed and there were no improvements, no thought at the time was, this is not going to end well and it hasn’t. If you do not treat children well they will grow up to be adults with problems, such as addictions. From addictions we go to theft and vandalism, while high.

    I don’t know why the extreme violence against people and property in Chinatown. it might be anti Asian attitudes or it maybe a concerted effort on the part of some one or several people to make China town a ghost town so that owners will sell their properties and others can move in to redevelop. Many of the areas which are having problems are under utilized, from the point of view of developers, and such. I personally love Chinatown but if I were a developer I’d be looking at how many hundreds of millions I could make out of the area.

    We have Skytrain and that enables criminals to move from one end of the lower mainland to the other quickly and for free.

    I doubt if Horgan, Eby, Dix, and others are laughing at all. They know there is a problem but there were a ton of problems when they took over government. Add in a town burning down, forest fires, towns evacuated, farms and towns flooded, highways gone. Its been a tad busy in B.C. and other things have had to take priority.

    Some may suggest the problem is too many “problem” people living in one area. The government bought hotels for street people to live in. Well what would you suggest? Like where would you want them to live? There is no easy solution to that question. We have a shortage of housing in this province and in Toronto and the problem is now moving to the Maritimes.

    If any of these problems are going to change we first need to start by providing children the best living conditions possible and that will mean better medical, dental, psychological care. They need to be properly feed, housed, clothed. All of that is more and more difficult in the past 25 years.

    Then of course we got COVID and areas of the city became almost empty. No one went to work, no one in the streets, some areas were like deserts and when that happens the rats move in, not just the 4 legged ones but also the human types. They aren’t leaving, the pickings are too good and there is no one to stop them. Most of Vancouver’s shopping areas are public places, unlike the burbs which are malls, which are private property. People shop lift in China town because they know only the owner and perhaps one other person is in the shop. From what I can see this type of activity you complain about is not going on in Oakridge.

    A contributing factor in all of this is the lack of involvement by the general public. When some one is pushed down the stairs, they keep walking past. When the very old Asian person was pushed down at a shop a couple of years ago, the first thing I noticed is no one helped the person. One person just walked over or around the person and kept going into the shop. The younger couple standing outside the door, just continued standing at the door. No one seemed to approach the senior on the ground.
    I wouldn’t say City Hall is “pandering” to druggies from all over the country. All they did was provided them with housing and the available buildings were in the downtown area. The “druggies” are Canadian citizens and have the right to free movement in this country. Of course they’re going to come to Vancouver/Victoria/etc. because they don’t have as large a risk of freezing to death. its simple.

    Totally agree that 120 days is too long, but then perhaps those who will have to do the work are working on other projects. Of course there are all sorts of reports in file cabinets all over the province with suggestions on how to deal with the problem. One would be put police on a walking beat in Chinatown. It really does work. O.K. I’m so old I can remember cops walking beats in Vancouver.

    You can pay now or you can pay later. We are now at the later and because we didn’t put out the money previously, we’ll be putting out way more now, either to fix the social problems or fix the damage criminals and the drug addicted do.

    (Response: Jailing repeat culprits DOES accomplish several things: it takes the recidivists OUT OF CIRCULATION for a month or a year or two … and gives the rest of us a breather; it PUNISHES repeat offenders; it provides a degree of JUSTICE to their victims; and, if the incarceration is long enough and funding is there, it can provide TREATMENT for those with drug problems … maybe even SAVE their lives! Which is a lot better than what the bleeding hearts are currently advocating/doing ..just releasing them to commit more crimes …some almost EVERY day!! h.o)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    Jailing repeat culprits DOES accomplish several things: it takes the recidivists OUT OF CIRCULATION for a month or a year or two … and gives the rest of us a breather; it PUNISHES repeat offenders; it provides a degree of JUSTICE to their victims; and, if the incarceration is long enough and funding is there, it can provide TREATMENT for those with drug problems … maybe even SAVE their lives! Which is a lot better than what the bleeding hearts are currently advocating/doing ..just releasing them to commit more crimes …some almost EVERY day!! h.


    No argument here.
    But if crime drops dramatically with the arrest and incarceration of a few repeat offenders…..
    We won’t need more police and more Lawyers and more Prosecutors and more Judges.
    How will the “Justice System” cope?

    (Response: I suspect if the courts went on a blitz of incarcerating (as allowed under current laws!) the WORST of the repeat recidivists, the workload of the Courts would drop tremendously once they are locked up. And if you ever get a chance, wander through a courthouse: the number of court rooms sitting empty so much of the day will astound you. If we need more Court judges/personnel, I’m sure taxpayers would prefer to spend it there…than on so any of the provincial and federal governments’ current pet projects! h.o)

  9. JC says:

    It’s absolutely insane that the Attorney General should be squeamish about sending prolific offenders to prison (and we’re not only talking about petty thieves and drug addicts, there are also plenty of violent offenders and gang members being treated with kid gloves, which puts all of us in danger). David Eby needs to go; he can be the welfare minister or something, but a hard left wing social activist cannot be the AG. The ultimate function of Civil Government is to maintain Law and Order, the AG is not employed to be a spokesman for every offended minority group out there. I think Bruce Ralston might be a good choice for Attorney General, he’s a QC and he studied Law at Cambridge. Horgan would be wise to make the move.

    I agree more offenders need to be remanded in custody until trial and there need to be longer provincial sentences after that. But, there’s a problem. The Gordon Campbell Liberal’s eviscerated BC Corrections 20 years ago; they cut the operating budget by 1/3 and closed half the provincial jails in BC. Consider population growth in the last 20 years (and the growth of the Criminal population) and you begin to see the capacity we need isn’t available to deal with the mess were in. Building new facilities is a long term thing but in the short term, the government needs to hire more staff for the Provincial Jails. The Auditor General’s report on BC Corrections from 2019 said all the facilities in the Lower Mainland are operating below capacity with empty living units because of staff shortages. If you could get them up to 100% capacity, you would take a lot of people off the street and you’d begin to see a decline in crime and disorder. And there would be a bonus for the NDP: new Unionized Public sector workers paying Union dues! It could be a win win for everyone.

    (Response: Agree we need to devote more funds to BASIC services: Courts, jails, prisons, mental treatment facilities. And frankly I think the taxpayers would prefer to do those things rather than a lot of the other projects/programs/pursuits they see ALL governments (municipal, provincial AND federal) throwing MILLIONS at: futile lawsuits against much needed and legally-authorized pipelines; MILLIONS more Olympic Games or FIFA pursuits; MILLIONS more on unjustifiable bike lane expansions; and MILLIONS more pandering to First Nations shakedowns; and, promising BILLIONS more on NEW social programs (low or no-cost daycare, free dental care, free university education, paying off student loans etc) … all good ideas …eventually …but not before we make our communities/population SAFE!! h.o)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey they’ll go to jail and come out with no improvement. People with mental illness or drug addictions don’t get better in jail, they need treatment centers and those are expensive.
    I’d agree with you it would give some of us a breather, especially the shop owners who need it. Punishments don’t work if people aren’t playing with a full deck It may make the victims feel better but it achieves very little for the money it costs to keep people in jail. For career criminals going to jail is simply the cost of doing business.

    Of course they are committing crime every day. A drug addict needs their drugs every day.

    Here in Nanaimo we have similar problems. Whether I’m on the lower mainland or the Island, when I see the people reduced to crime, drugs, living on the streets, assaulting strangers I do wonder how did it get this bad. It really doesn’t take much for some one to go down this slide. The mentally ill and addicts need treatment and not in town where their “friends” and dealers can access them but rather treatment centers in more rural areas, which are secure.

    This isn’t a problem just in B.C. In N.Y. an elderly person was shoved by an angry woman and died. Today’s news is discussing how political discourse got so bad and yes the Conservatives were also concerned., WE have only to look at what happened in Ottawa and Alberta. When did we “polite” Canadians turn in to rioters, who threatened their fellow citizens, blocked commerce, made life hell for those living in some Ottawa neighbourhoods. If these are “average” citizens then this country as a whole have a problem.

    Its a sense of entitlement people have these days. They think they are the only ones with a problem. Bringing your enviornmental complaints to a major intersection doesn’t help any one. It upset people because they can’t get to where they need to go, they’re late picking up their kids, etc. Police need to remove them way quicker. People protesting is a good thing, but distrupting people’s lives is not a good thing nor does it achieve much of anything,. Some of these protestors talk about how they are doing it for the earth, for us, etc. No they aren’t. They’re doing it for themselves. It makes them feel like they have a cause in life, they some how they are important because they’re “saving the world”. No they’re not, they’re making the rest of us very unhappy. If they want to save the planet, they could start by cleaning up beaches or rehabilitating streams and rivers so fish can use them once again, Last evening’s news had video of people outside of the Big white area cleaning up the enviornment–junk left behind and boy was it a lot. didn’t see any of those eco warriors out there, just the people in the area who want to keep the back country clean

    As to drug addicts, we know who distributes the drugs, we know how they get into the country, we know who sells them, but nothing really gets done about it. It must be working for some one in society, just as prohabition worked for a lot of other people.
    we don’t even see police from time to time swooping into an area where drugs are being sold, arresting them all, and putting them in a cell over night. It does impact business. Drugs are a business and the clients are a problem for the rest of society.

    As to violence in vancouver, an interesting news item last evening on the west side of vancouver, kids from 4 different west side high schools, harassing and chasing a student from a private school in the area. Obviously violence is every where and in all financial stratas. A large group of teenagers ganging up on one other child. I expect nothing will be done on the west side. It will be written off as kids will be kids. On the DTES, well they’re all bums, throw them in jail.

    (Response: True ” People with mental illness or drug addictions don’t get better in jail, they need treatment centers”. But I don’t accept or believe that so many of those committing break-ins, robberies, shop-lifting, muggings are mentally ill or even druggies. Many of them are victims of their own doing: refused to go to school, learn a trade or even work their way up in a company … instead dropped out, preferred to party instead of working, or just sleep in, spend days hanging around with buddies or go to the beach … or just want BIG money without working …and are now cashing by stealing from those who did pay their dues, do get up every morning and go to work … and the miscreants know the Courts will do little or nothing to them if they get caught. And the bleeding-heart lefty politicians will excuse and pander to them over and over …never suggesting they actually take responsibility for their actions … and failures! h.o)

  11. nonconfidencevote says:

    Good old e.a.f.
    One minute you’re complaining about crime and the next minute you criticize any ideas on reducing crime because ” They’ll go to jail and come out with no improvement…”

    So we should just let the criminal go unpunished and unincarcerated?
    Spare me.
    The Law abiding citizens pay a huge amount of tax and follow the rules of the land.
    We expect those that don’t…… to…. be …. punished.
    Or it becomes total anarchy.
    Prolific offenders that are career criminal or drug addicts….I dont care.
    They are chronic offender that will continue to rob, steal and harm people and cost society millions.
    Two choices
    Lock them up
    We send them all to Nanaimo where you can embrace them with cookies, milk, hugs and love.
    Either way, I dont care.
    The lower Mainland is rid of them.

    • e.a.f. says:

      how condescending, “old”, really, you can do better than that.

      I’m not happy about all the crime, but sending people to jail doesn’t solve the problem. Both of us have been commenting on this blog for more than a few years, if you recall, my opinion on these types of matters is usually the same, society needs to pay up front or we pay later. Paying up front means putting money into kids, so they don’t become criminals, drug addicts, suffer constantly from mental illness.

      For those who are mentally ill or drug dependent medical treatment is required. Society just doesn’t want to pay for it.

      Your suggested two choices don’t solve any problems, People get out of jail and you’d have to change laws and milk and cookies don’t solve anything, only treatment does.

      As to your comment regarding, “law biding citizens, ….paying taxes”, etc. Please give it a rest. Spend time reading about tax evasion in this country and moving money off shore and as to law biding–have a look at all the corporations who broke the law and either were forgiven or got a slap on the wrist. How many “law biding” citizens drive while under the influence, how many cheat on taxes, how many buy stolen goods, dumping their garbage in rural areas and lakes and rivers.

      • nonconfidencevote says:

        I didnt realize a term of familiarity ” good old friend, good old neighbors, good old pals, etc etc etc.” was “condescending”?

        Ah the politically correct times we live in where everything offends everyone.

        Sorry e.a.f. I didn’t realize your were so sensitive about your age.
        (Which is unknown to me since I have no idea who you are behind the pseudonym.)
        Please don’t feel it’s personal if I refer to you as “one of the guys” some day.

  12. Keith says:

    Nonconvidencevote, please don’t send them to Nanaimo, there are enough of the same problems as it is.


    So much so, there are security patrols being implemented trying to keep a lid on the 24/7 gong show, good luck with that.


    Not just Vancouver and Victoria, any urban centre south of, and including Campbell river on the Island are dealing with the same issues, and for the most part right across Canada. So yes, Eby Horgan and Farnsworth are kicking the can down the road by organizing another yet committee, but at the end of the navel gazing, then what.?

    This is the same crew that organized an inquiry into why gas prices were higher in B.C. than anywhere else, the net result was there was an unexplained 13 cent difference between B.C. and everyone else. Apart from finding then reporting back with the blatantly obvious, what did the crew do about it, and how’s that working out for us.? Later going red in the face and pounding the desk about covid scoff laws, then did next to nothing which would have shut down some of the ensuing superspreader protest, and organised fiunctions etc. So yep, I don’t see much coming out of this dog and pony show that we don’t already know and are living with.

    It’s a very complex problem, exacerbated by weak willed politicians. If it’s case of Federal jurisdiction then get the Feds. on it as well as the provinces as it is a nationwide issue, not just in B.C. Leaving much of the problem on the plates of civic leaders isn’t cutting it.

    A couple of quick hits: Provincial law, at present not wearing a bicycle helmet results in a $29.00 fine. which the cops unless they are on a blitz in Vancouver don’t bother pulling anyone over for as it’s not worth the paper work. Increase the fine to $500.00, this will affect the drug dealers riding around in hoodies with a backpack on at present with impunity, may even result in stolen bikes being recovered, Happening in my home town on the Island, and in probably everyone else’s community.

    Stop referring to the toxic drugs as a crisis, call it what it is, organised intentional poisonings as they know what they are selling to the desperate . Use whatever legal avenues available to reflect the fact that dealers are knowingly selling life threatening chemicals and up the charges, especially if it can be proven that a dealer sold poisoned drugs that killed someone, with the sentences used as a deterrent and keeping these people off our streets. This aspect has been going on for far to long.

    In crass monetary terms, it’s far cheaper to put someone in “ involuntary custody” than let them create mayhem then deal with the aftermath. I’m very much in agreement with getting the circular door prolific offenders off the streets. The advocates, do-gooders, bleeding hearts and poverty pimps have kept the ball rolling far to long to their benefit to keep the funding coming in, thus perpetuating and increasing the problems, whilst the populations having to live with it are feeling increasingly unsafe. They have had their kick at the cat but the statistics are constantly increasing, so time to try a more robust approach, which will get the predictable objections from the usual suspects, but will greatly help the rest of us out, and they won’t lose any votes, quite the contrary.

    (Response: Regardless of points of view or political bent, I don’t think there are many British Columbians who don’t believe we need MORE general hospital/doctors/nurses spending to bring down wait lists/delays; MORE mental health programs/facilities; MORE drug treatment programs/facilities; MORE Court funding/personnel; MORE detention/jail terms/facilities. The government’s excuse is it doesn’t have the funding … yet today announced a $789 MILLION new BC Museum project! (https://www.cheknews.ca/b-c-to-spend-789-million-to-replace-royal-bc-museum-1030767/). Really???? I have always enjoyed visits to the BC Museum in Victoria … but with so many other critical needs is THIS the time to spend a BILLION DOLLARS on a new museum facility???? Geez!!! Once more, the government is PROVING the point I made just a few weeks back: the BC NDP is out of touch with ordinary working families (singles, seniors, handicapped too!) …and I believe people are now starting to catch on. h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      Agree with a lot you’ve written. Its almost funny here in Nanaimo when you see the guy riding a bike, with the hoody and no helmet. Usually they have a another bike in one hand and they are steering their bike with the other. When we were looking for new homes, we stayed out of areas where there were a lot of those Did the RCMP arrest any of them? Not so much.

      As to the dealing of drugs that kill, those dealers need to be charged with attempted murder or manslaughter but that isn’t going to happen The Edmonton police force tried that, but it was tossed out of court. People who sell drugs with fent. in them are killing others. We get sent to jail, sometimes, for drunk driving or killing some while drunk, same ought to be done with those who sell drugs laced with fent. the police know the dealers but I’ve yet to see “raids” in drug markets. Sellers and buyers of stolen goods need to be dealt with more frequently. Its not like people don’t know who sells and who buys. buys are usually the :”law biding citizens”.

  13. Keith says:

    Re: new Museum.

    Good grief Harvey, my jaw dropped when I saw that on the news tonight, and in Victoria of all places with the daily reports of thousands without a family doctor and walk-in clinics closing. Adding to your summation of out of touch with ordinary working families is to clueless to realize they are clueless. If there isn’t some concrete announcement fairly soon about addressing the family doctor shortage of ALL British Columbians, the Liberals are going to have a field day with this move, and who can blame them.?

    (Response: Making it all worse, gas prices are going up AGAIN this weekend ..expected to reach $2.32 a litre by Monday… making the ICBC rebate of $110 now in the mail seem even punier than before! Surely the Premier, Cabinet and NDP strategists were aware of the optics of making a BILLION DOLLAR Museum announcement ($789 Million …BEFORE all the usual price/cost overruns that so often accompany government projects). The only thing I can figure is that they felt they could get away with such an outrageous announcement (as so many people/families are suffering) because the next election is years away … and they’re gambling people will forgive and forget before then. h.o)

  14. Eldon says:

    I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but I think you are criticizing the wrong level of government. The Provincial government does not choose the judges (as far as I know). What do you expect them to do about it?

    (Response: That’s a common mistaken belief. “In British Columbia, judges are appointed to the Provincial Court by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (the Lieutenant Governor acting on the advice of the provincial Cabinet) on the recommendation of the Judicial Council of BC. The Judicial Council screens and approves applicants as qualified for appointment.” Read this: https://www.provincialcourt.bc.ca/about-the-court/judicial-officers/judges-court#:~:text=In%20British%20Columbia%2C%20judges%20are,applicants%20as%20qualified%20for%20appointment.
    Ottawa appoints Judges to the Federal Court and Supreme Court.
    Now, it is true Provincial Judges uphold laws made in the federal Parliament, and are impacted by decisions in the federal Supreme Court …but I believe that is too often used as a copout: Judges do have “ranges” of sentencing available to them: the problem seems to me they only see/apply the MINIMUM in too many cases dealing over and over again with repeat offenders…thus FAILING miserably in their DUTY to protect society. h.o.)

  15. Gilbert says:

    The problem with our radical leftists is that they don’t believe in the concept of punishment. For them criminals shoujld not be punished because they’re not responsible for their actions. We have to understand the root causes and blame it on something like drug addiction, child abuse, alcoholism, racism, colonialism, poverty and inequality.

    The reality is that people should be responsible for the choices they make. I believe in rehabilitation and giving people a chance to turn their lives around, but innocent people should not suffer because of incompetent judges and politicians.

    I know that this would never happen, and I understand that it’s unconstitutional, but part of me wishes we had a deal with the developing world. The deal would be that our repeat offenders who kept committing one crime after another and showed no remorse whatsoever for their crimes nor any desire to change would be sent to a developing nation for a long period of time. We’d pay the country to take them, and they would learn the meaning of punishment by spending time in a real jail. Of course it would never happen, but that would definitely make them consider their actions.

    (Response: I like to think I am a compassionate person, who believes in helping those who really need it (here and afar). Especially those here with serious economic disadvantages, medical, drug or psychological issues. We can make it a better world. But I also believe there are now too many people in power who are making things WORSE, not better, by pandering to those who just don’t want to get off their asses and work, or by encouraging perpetual reliance on public assistance … and, as you wrote … making excuses for the dedicated violent recidivist criminals … never wanting to punish them …thus encouraging their continued criminal activities. h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Yes, about that billion dollar museum. Don’t know whose “brain wave” that was, but really, that is over the top. There is no need for it. We have a shortage of nurses, doctors, shrinks, treatment centers, decent prisons, affordable housing, hospitals, affordable seniors care and housing, the list goes on and on and on,. A billion on a museum, omg, whose pay off is that?

    I can remember with the former government, b.C. Lieberals, the people of the province had to fund raise for a new Children’s Hospital. It blew my mind., now the NDP wants to give Victoria a billion for a museum?! That is one thing that could be fund raised for. Spending a billion on a children’s hospital on Vancouver Island, or Kelowna or Prince George makes sense, but a museum, not so much,. (I do love museums but right now a billion for a new one in Victoria, just about sends me over the edge.

    (Response: In politics … like comedy … timing is everything. This is probably the worst time to announce a BILLION DOLLAR project for a new museum … unless Horgan and the NDP believe things are going to be getting even WORSE down the road!! h.o)

  17. nonconfidencevote says:

    A billion dollars for a museum .
    How much of that money will be for the demolition ( history rewriting?) of the “colonialist” displays?
    Then there is the seismic upgrades.
    $900 million dollars.
    Then again.
    The Liberals spent $1 billion on Vancouver’s empty Convention center and $600 million on BC Place’s retractable roof in a city that has endless rain.
    What the hell.
    It’s only taxpayer money and the gas taxes should have it paid off…before they even start.

    (Response: It’s not the cost that REALLY concerns me: it’s the timing. Many other needs deserve priority, but struggle for funding: medical services, training, staffing; justice; taxes and housing relief for WORKING people. In fact, just think of how such a huge project will tie up construction companies/industry/workers from all over Victoria, Vancouver Island …even other parts of BC … making housing projects even more costly and difficult to complete. h.o.)

  18. Keith says:

    Here you go Harvey, right on the money.


    (Response: Exactly! Hope everyone reads this! h.o)

  19. Eldon says:

    Interesting. I stand corrected.

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