NDP/Liberals: GREAT at Promises/Spending: But WHERE is the Job Creation to Pay for it ALL????

Santa Horgan is so busy! Handing out BOTH Halloween candy, cash AND Christmas gifts all at the same time!

That’s all in addition to the BILLIONS of dollars he has already handed out to “select” British Columbians over the past six months.

Thursday Horgan, without any indication Ottawa will cost share, promised to proceed with a $1.3 Billion extension of Skytrain all the way to Langley.

Horgan has also promised a “long-term” plan to create jobs by increasing ship building in BC (LOL! … at BC labour rates? Fast Ferries …the sequel? LOL!) and the NDP says it will also go ahead with a new Massey tunnel.

The NDP is even promising “FREE” money … $1,000 to be deposited directly into your bank account for every family earning less than $125,000 a year!

And we’ve already heard the BC Liberals’ plans for elimination of the Provincial Sales Tax, removing ICBC’s monopoly for basic auto insurance, providing a new tax credit for seniors’ home care and $1 billion in funding to improve long-term care homes.

You’re a fool if you are an ordinary working taxpayer and don’t realize YOU will be getting the bill for every penny of it, probably plus interest, after the election!

The latest polls show the NDP will likely win the Oct 24 vote, so I looked closely at the party’s platform released last week: https://www.bcndp.ca/platform

This synopsis from The Vancouver Sun:

“• A one-time $1,000 direct deposit to families whose household income is under $125,000 annually – with a sliding scale up to $175,000.

• A one-time $500 direct deposit to single people earning less than $62,000 annually – with a sliding scale up to $87,000.

• Free transit passes on TransLink and B.C. Transit for children up to the age of 12.

• A freeze on rent increases until the end of 2021. Although Horgan initially said the freeze will not apply if a renter has already signed a new lease, the NDP later said he misspoke and the freeze would invalidate any rent increase in a lease.

• The return of the 2017 election promise for a $400 “renter’s rebate,” though this version is watered down to only apply for “income-tested” households earning up to $80,000 annually that don’t currently receive any other rent supports.

• A “fast-track” toward decriminalization of simple possession of drugs, with a promise to develop a “made-in-B.C. solution” if Ottawa does not act.

• A new income-tested incentive on purchasing electric vehicles.

• A promise to bring in a public strata insurance solution similar to Saskatchewan if B.C.’s growing strata insurance rates don’t drop by 2021.

• Free prescription contraceptives.

• A widened and modernized Fraser Highway by 2026.

• The province-wide ban on single use plastic grocery bags, which is currently up to individual municipalities.

• A “work towards” commitment to develop universal access to before- and after-school care on school grounds.

• A new medical school to train more doctors, although no location was provided. Horgan said he will talk to all post-secondary schools to determine the best location.”

*And, a free contraception program that will cost an estimated $60 million a year.

Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson has promised an $8 Billion stimulus program, including a new 10-lane George Massey Bridge, linking Richmond to Delta. ( https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/bc-liberals-infrastructure-plan-2020-george-massey-bridge ) and a province-wide rental construction stimulus program.

Wilkinson has also vowed the Liberals will build a $300 Million second Surrey Hospital as well as a new 200-bed Richmond Hospital tower.

Spend, spend, spend.

But WAIT!!

WHERE are all the NEW jobs to produce the taxes to pay for it all the NEW spending?????

Or what current programs/spending are they going to cut and eliminate to cover the costs?

The projected annual deficit for 2020-2021, before the NDP announced its new Platform, was $12.8 Billion … actually more likely expected to hit $15 Billion!

The NDP government’s previously announced $1.5 Billion Covid economic stimulus program ( https://www.newwestrecord.ca/b-c-s-economic-recovery-plan-targets-job-creation-tourism-sector-1.24205042 ) won’t come close to covering the cost of the promises.

And no doubt, there’s more to come.

The taxpayers” credit card runneth over!

These promises … even if ALL added up … would not even come close to funding all the promises the Liberals and NDP have made!

The party leaders and the parties’ candidates should be asked over and over again and must tell us how they propose to pay for their generosity with our money.

Surely, that should be a priority question in Tuesday’s televised Leader’s Debate … and they should not be allowed to slide around on it.

But let’s keep it real: don’t be surprised if the issue is not even raised!

Without a LOT more job growth … NOTHING either party has announced can be paid for … without squeezing YOU for more!

Hard to do at a time of social distancing!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Harv Oberfeld

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8 Responses to NDP/Liberals: GREAT at Promises/Spending: But WHERE is the Job Creation to Pay for it ALL????

  1. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Happy Thanksgiving to all ,

    All the free contraception in the world is not going to stop the screwing the taxpayer is getting, What happens if interest goes up lol . the political parties are creating a blueprint for higher and newer forms of taxation more user fees , inflation ect , factor that in with federal and municipal levels of goverment , They will all say we bailed you out during the pandemic, the reality is they helped their base more than the seniors and poor , we are truly in trouble .

    you ask how the leaders going to pay ? look in the mirror there is only one tax payer .
    and this thanksgiving i feel like a turkey no matter how i vote
    you cant spend your way out of economic turmoil . if that was the case i would be rich.

    (Response: Thanks for your contraception/spending analysis! I thought of that too as I write the blog … but didn’t want to tie the two together so directly. 🙂 Parties always promise a lot during elections, but this year, with a pandemic, a devastated economy, business in free fall and so many people unable to even pay their rents .. who can afford MORE taxes? So what are they going to cut? We can’t just add to the deficit and the debt for all kinds of mega-dreams. The voters are entitled to know where the money will come from or what programs will be slashed for cash … but the question is not being asked … or at least not nearly enough. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Exactly !

    Take Horgan’s transit announcement for extending the Expo Line to Langley. The Langley extension of SkyTrain, like the Broadway subway, are being built on routes that just do not have the ridership to justify the investment as pre covid ridership levels will not sustain them.

    Despite claims to the contrary, Broadway is not the busiest transit route in Canada, in fact I have a letter from TransLink stating that Broadway was their most congested transit route. Sounds like a management issue, which TransLink wishes to spend $3 billion to hide.

    Langley is more of the same, not nearly enough ridership to support a
    $3.2 billion extension to the Expo line.

    The following is the the current finacial state of transit expansion to the light metro line:

    Funded – $4.6 billion for 12.8 km extensions to the Millennium and Expo Lines, including the 5.8 km Broadway subway to Arbutus and Extending the Expo line to Fleetwood.

    Not funded but now promised – $2.2 billion to extend the Expo line to Langley. This does not include a much needed $3 billion rehab of the Expo Line, now over 36 years old. To increase capacity the aging electrical system must be replaced and upgraded, the Citiflow automatic train control must be replaced; to increase capacity all the switches must be replaced and station platforms extended. I have been told that one if not two sections of guideway must be replaced!

    Horgan’s promise is not $2.2 billion, rather $5 billion+, which also includes a new satellite storage yard, because the current yard is near capacity.

    Sorta promised – a $5 billion plus rapid transit extension to the North Shore.

    Now we are past $10 billion and counting.

    Then there is the Canada Line, operated by a SNC Lavalin lead consortium., which needs a capacity increase beyond its maximum capacity of about 9,000 pphpd. Estimated cost today to increase capacity to match the Expo and Millennium Line’s legal capacity of 15,000 pphpd is put at $1.5 to $2 billion and that does not include extending the line which will cost in excess of $200 million/km!

    Now we are talking $11.5 to $12 billion, but wait, the new cars.

    As the Expo and Millennium lines use the recently renamed proprietary Movia Automatic Light Metro (MALM) System owned by Bombardier. Alstom now owns Bombardier’s rail division and it is unclear if they wish to continue supporting a largely obsolete mini metro, as the company does not like proprietary railways.

    This means the order for over 200 new MK.2/3 cars may have to be custom build by another manufacturer and the costs may increase by as much as 25% to 30%, due to them being designed and safety cased.

    Costs, costs, costs. but wait there is still more, according to the TTC, the operating costs for the 5.8 km subway, based on their costs, will be around $40 million per year and according to TransLink, the operating costs of the Langley extension will be $32 million per year. That is over $70 million per year in added operational costs, on two quite lightly used routes.

    The Expo and Millennium lines cost about 45% more to operate than conventional light rail. Money, money, money!

    That is just rail transit in Metro Vancouver!

    The Liberals also have a long list of pricey promises too but…………

    …………….. Covid 17 has caused a minor depression and tax revenue will be much lower, people are not taking transit, people’s incomes are dropping (our family has lost 60% of last years income) and there is no end in sight.

    2021 will make 2020 seem child’s play!

    Where is government restraint? Is there any evidence that the political parties truly understand the financial fiasco we are in? Where is the economy or restraint? None zero!

    Horgan and Wilkinson are punch drunk spending money they don’t have and they seem not to understand the peril we are in. It is the same broken record, bribing taxpayers with their own money.

    (Response: The media seem to just dismiss the question of how this will all be paid for by saying no one is paying attention to the growing deficit/debt right now. That’s not good enough. It’s the DUTY of the press to keep pressing!! Demand SPECIFIC answers for how all the parties will fund their promises. Hopefully it will come up again and again during the debate …and they won’t let them slide on it . h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    I am actually intrigued by free contraception.

    How much will it cost might be the first question. But how much will it save is also a question. There are plenty of unplanned pregnancies. How much does it cost the system for an abortion to take place? How much does it cost the system in pre-natal, post natal, and hospital care. How much does it cost the system if the parents are unable or unwilling to care for the baby properly. Contraception allows families to have babies at the most advantageous time for them when they can afford time off work or have saved for a bigger apartment or home to accommodate the new family member. Family stability likely results in savings to the province. .

    Sometimes I wish we didn’t look at these promises as expenses but as trade offs.

    Another than that random thought, I have nothing else to offer.

    (Response: There are all kinds of preventative health care programs that could save a lot more than they cost if they were improved: drug treatment; mental health counseling; psychiatric residential care; seniors’ home visits/care etc. etc etc. Everyone of them could be argued for and defended with ideas/reasons you cite. Why this one, now? Because the NDP thinks it’s a quick vote buyer with women. Period. And when you look at the terrible consequences of the list I quoted, and our declining population rate, I’m not even sure contraception should be the priority with limited public funds. h.o)

  4. Gilbert says:

    That’s politics. Do politicians ever say they’ll raise taxes and cut services?

  5. DBW says:

    Slightly off topic, but…

    In my hometown, we have a site where people can post topics of interest and get discussion going. In April 2017, a thread was started about the election and by the time the election was over it had garnered 384 comments. This year somebody started a thread on the election and it has received 10 comments none in the past 20 days!

    In April of 2017 about three weeks before the election your blog topic was on election promises and you received 84 comments in 4 days. Less than two weeks out from this election, the same topic gets only 4 comments in its first two days.

    BC Proud a Conservative/BC Liberal supporting facebook page that I learned about and participated in during the last election has spent most of its time and postings on Trudeau than this year’s election.

    Without door knocking and campaign events, the excitement level in my town is like maybe zero. There are a few NDP signs in the usual places but I haven’t seen a Liberal sign yet. I haven’t been all over town mind you but even in the high traffic areas no Liberal signs yet.

    You were worried about NHL TV ratings. I suspect if BC Election 2020 were a TV show it would have been cancelled long ago.

    I understand Covid is completely to blame for this, but I hope people are still engaged enough to vote. And if we do get a typical turnout this time around, what does that say about all the hoopla surrounding elections during “normal” times?

    (Response: I hope people DO vote: no matter which party they support. It’s important because both the winning party and the losi9ng parties see how well or how poorly they really are doing with the public …beyond polls. And quite often, defeat brings about change. Discussions in the blogosphere, not only here but others, have certainly become subdued since the Summer, not just here but on other blogs as well, and I attribute at least part of that to pre-occupation with Covid and the daily challenges of just getting through the day or week. Attention to this election is also down quite a lot: which I think is good news for the NDP, signaling general satisfaction and the failure of the Liberals to excite and motivate. h.o)

  6. hawgwash says:

    To DBW’s last post; I think the huge numbers of mail in votes, is an indication that people see no point in engaging and to many, the election is already over.

    (Response: It certainly looks to me like very few people are undecided. I believe that again is good news for Horgan/NDP …because we’re not hearing, on here or in the news or in polling, a lot of dissatisfaction, anger at the government … and that has been consistent for quite some months. That’s why I wrote way back June 1 …that Horgan was maneuvering towards an election. h.o)

  7. R says:

    Stopping site C ?=billions saved for electioneering

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    All these BC Election promises are but a tear drop in the Site C reservoir compared to the $350-$400 BILLION Trudeau has already squandered this year…..with more to come.
    The Eastern Liberal Modern Monetary Machine is pumping out cash like an eastern deciduous forest drops leaves in a Fall hurricane.

    When (not if) interest rates rise….we taxpayers will see the true meaning of penury.

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