NDP Social Engineers … By Discriminating

I hate discrimination.  Over the course of my life I have been discriminated against: by religion, by language, even by physical appearance: it is an ugly experience, unfair and an indefensible way of selecting or excluding someone from any position.

And I have witnessed many others facing much worse discrimination than I …on the basis of their colour, their sex, their sexual orientation, their ethnicity, their physical handicaps, their beliefs … even their dress. Horrible!

I have always believed a person should be judged/evaluated totally and solely on the basis of their ability, their character and their integrity.  Period!!

And I used to think the BC NDP felt this way too.  But quite apparently not!

The NDP, in choosing their candidate for the Oct. 29 Vancouver-Fairview by-election, where I reside and vote, was reportedly operating under a new set of rules, adopted by the party at its convention in Nov. 2007.

According to media reports at the time, the aim of the policy is to increase the number of women, visible minorities, youth and disabled put forward as candidates.

At the time, the NDP had seven women in its 33-member provincial caucus: and as I understand it, the goal was to increase that by nominating women in at least 30 per cent of the seats not held by the party at the time of any election or by-election.

With Gregor Robertson quitting as Vancouver-Fraserview MLA to seek the Vancouver mayoralty, the door was open for the new political correctness …  and into the fray, apparently bolstered by the new policy and philosophy, came NDP candidate Jenn McGinn.

From the party’s point of view … she was perfect: not just a woman, but an openly gay one to boot, complete with a partner. An account manager for Vancity Credit Union,  she has also served on a number of community boards. Quite capable, no doubt.

So couldn’t she win the nomination without the party’s new philosophy or politically correct posturing hanging over Vancouver-Fairview NDP members heads ?

McGinn may meet the party’s new criteria very well; she may be a terrific candidate; she could make an effective MLA … but I hate quotas; I hate discrimination; I reject selecting or rejecting ANY potential candidate from runnning for a nomination or for any post on the basis of gender, colour, race, religion etc. etc.

How can that be fair?  I don’t think it is. And a message should be sent to the NDP about that.

In my own view, voting for McGinn would condone the NDP’s new politically correct policy of discrimination and quotas … not something I will be supporting Oct 29.

Harv Oberfeld

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4 Responses to NDP Social Engineers … By Discriminating

  1. Grant g says:

    Sorry Harv–I disagree,we have enough middle-aged or older white boys in goverment that have been doing a lousy job and by being nothing but a Campbell shill.
    Harv —You also voted a certain way federally because you never got a interview, now you are going to vote a certain way provincially because of a personell/policy!

    I suggest to you and other voters to vote for a party because of policy,honesty and accountability.

    I don`t believe someone should vote a certain way because of red hair,freckles,female,male,gay,black or white.

    It`s pretty obvious to anyone who has read your blog that you are willing to ignore policy,platform,integrity,honesty,corruption or anything ! Your priority for voting is a interveiw and or a diffrent nomination procedure!

    I sure hope there aren`t many of that type of logic voters out there!

    (Response: You’re absolutely right ..but I’m afraid I’m a TYPICAL Canadian voter! Most of us do not have a particular political philosophy or ideology: we like some of what every major party offers; we also dislike other things from each of the parties: and we end up voting …by taking a stand on something you may find trivial … arts funding, personal coldness, language accent, etc … but apparently most do not. And I find it interesting that, in every election, the way I vote (if not the exact reason) turns out with the result most other Canadians seem to prefer as well .. wrongly motivated as we are. ho)

  2. Hey Harvey, I have to disagree with you on this one. It is NO coincidence so few women get into politics, or succeed – it is still a middle-aged White man’s game, whether that is out front, in candidates running, and that goes double for the backrooms, including the NDP backroom. One thing both the right and the left have in common is that the Old Boys are equally arrogant, insular and out of touch on many levels.

    I wish we lived in a society where we didn’t have to look at increasing diversity through the use of affirmative action, or quotas. I really respect you but it is offensive and intolerable to hear yet another White middle-aged man talking about discrimination. Women, minorities and many other folks have faced discrimination and structural oppression in ways many of us will never understand, especially in the political arena. For the most part, they don’t play the game as dirty, such as stacking nomination meetings, can’t raise the same kind of funds as the big boys and very often are not looked at as being “legitimate” leaders. Think about how many times Carole James has been attacked for not showing “leadership,” not being a strong enough leader, etc. etc. Does this happen to Gordon Campbell, the WORST leader in BC’s history. No, or at least not nearly as much and there isn’t a subtext of gender in criticisms against him.

    Our world is in crisis, it wasn’t caused by women. It is time for more political space to be made for more diverse representation, to even out the playing field and to help bring solutions that are obviously beyond the “leaders” we have had thus far in history. I support the affirmative action plans of the NDP.

    Jenn McGinn is a capable, experienced and committed candidate who your riding would be fortunate to have as a representative in Victoria. I hope you will reconsider your position as Ms. McGinn has the ability, character and integrity you note are the most important things to you, as a voter. It would be a shame to punish Ms. McGinn for your position against her party’s attempts to improve equity and human rights in democracy, which is what this is really about.

  3. Know Your Communists says:

    “I have always believed a person should be judged/evaluated totally and solely on the basis of their ability, their character and their integrity. Period!!”

    I agree with you. Sixty years ago this idea was radical. Forty years ago it was liberal. Today it is conservative. The BC NDP has not subscribed to that idea for a very long time, and they have no intention of subscribing to it now or in the future.

  4. Bhimoew says:

    Big mistake in my oponiin. We got a good deal on the oil. What we need now is to encourage more projects and focus on the other parts of our economy that need support tourism, fishing and forestry to name a few.We have very robust social programs now. I am very concerned that we are creating an sustainable public cost structure that will bight hard in the future.And with high unemployment amid too many jobs too fill we need to encourage work and that means higher min wages or benefits and less welfare, not more.There is only one party that can reasonably govern our province which is sad. We need more choice.

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