NDP Tax Plan:Another Shoe … or Whole Collection … Still to Drop?

I’m suspicious.  I actually find the NDP proposed  tax plan, revealed Thursday, quite reasonable: first time I can remember a budget plan that doesn’t somehow, somewhere hit the majority of us … seniors, young families, the vast middle  class and even the poor.

I’m suspicious: is this just the pre-election version … hitting the rich, the corporations and large institutions … with the other shoe (or a few of them)  to drop on the rest of us if the party does take power?

I’m suspicious: are they going to tell us “things were much worse than they knew when they drew up their plan” so a few more tax changes (increases)  … aha, here’s where WE come in … are unavoidable.

I’m suspicious: why haven’t they said anything (and why haven’t the working media asked?) about those ever-present, ever-increasing, ever-expanding “fees” provincial governments hit us with every year?

What plans do they have for: gasoline taxes; ferry fares; toll roads; transit fees; MSP premiums; drivers’ licenses; booze; cigarettes (or my pipe tobacco!!); provincial park fees; hunting fees; court fees etc. etc. etc.???

I’m surprised no one has put that to NDP Leader Adrian Dix, NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston or, for that matter, the leaders and financial gurus of the other parties as well.

How many times have we watched with great trepidation every provincial budget to see …not IF , but HOW we are all going to be squeezed even more ..well beyond the rate that our wages or pensions ever rise.

And adding all those “fee” increases to all kinds of municipal and regional fee increases (not to mention municipal, regional, school board taxes) is what really hurts those without convenient ways to get around them or skillful ways to reduce them.

Let no party go unquestioned about those key “hits” the middle class are always hit with and are forced to absorb, because realistically, there’s almost no way to get around them.

If the media don’t or won’t do it, YOU can at various campaign rallies, when the local candidate comes knocking, through on-line opportunities to talk to party spokespeople or when any of them appear on radio talk shows (tell them Harvey sent you. LOL.).

The parties should come clean: Tell us NOW if that’s all part of their secret plan to hit us all … after they take power.

Harv Oberfeld




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19 Responses to NDP Tax Plan:Another Shoe … or Whole Collection … Still to Drop?

  1. Keep Mining in BC says:

    The NDP tax plan so far consists of ‘soak the rich’ and hit everyone with taxes, fees and taxes upon fees. They just came out and announced their about face on carbon taxes and keeping the PST on private used car sales. All these socialist bastards will succeed in doing is convince anyone who produces wealth that Alberta is a nice jurisdiction to relocate to and that for those of us lucky enough to keep our jobs, you’ll be paying more to subsidize the layabouts that don’t contribute a damnthing to society.
    I work in the mining industry and I have seen what these assholes do to anyone that dares to earn a living in this sector. The last time they were in power, billions on dollars of ore deposits were found in South America because of it.

    Time to sign up for subsidized Spanish lessons.

  2. SGP says:

    The NDP would be completely and totally STUPID if they pulled a Gordon Campbell on the electorate. It would spell political death for them, forever and ever.

  3. chuckstraight says:

    Until the government changes, the truth will not be known , as the current group of assholes known as the BC Liberal Party has been so secretive , that no one has a clue what they have actually done to our province in the last 12 years. The asshole bit is for the first poster above. I have heard his BS for the past 42 years I have been voting.
    Have a nice visit in South America.
    Good riddance.

  4. Ian Reid says:

    I think Dix and the NDP are pretty clear. They won’t raise regressive fees and taxes to generate revenue, hence the increases in high income and corporate taxes as well as the extension of the carbon tax to business (Campbell excluded most emmitting businesses saying a cap and trade system would cover their emmissions. It never happened)

    This is a position that has been in place for over 5 years because it is the major policy option the government has for reducing inequality.

    (Response: I hope you are right…but I didn’t see ANY promise Thursday not to raise fees etc. Maybe they should clarify that …but I’ll bet they won’t. h.o)

  5. Larry Bennett says:

    The NDP are completely and totally stupid! Also, it looks like the Union Gospel Mission is too, given their support for the use of prescription bottle labels as acceptable I.D. for voting at the polls, or, they would have you believe, just for registering to vote (one and the same). Who would have thought that Christians and socialists would get along so well?
    Well according to Piers Paul Read, in a recent issue of the Spectator, Pope Francis, when a cleric in Argentina, condemned recently passed SSM laws as being the work of the Devil. Those who were hoping for a change in Catholic thinking are now asking for prescriptions for Valium and other anti-depression drugs, which one supposes could be useful here! And yes, many of us still believe in the existence of Wicked old Nick! Don’t tell Koot!

  6. Len says:

    Yea lets vote the lieberals back in that way we can all take chinese lessons so we can get mineing jobs too…..LIBERAL FART CATCHER

    (Response: Ho hum! Here we go…again. Boring! h.o)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    At this time, for the NDP to make promises, it may not be able to keep, isn’t going to help any one. They have given some ideas of what they want to do but to expect them to be “exact” simply isn’t reasonable. The province is clearly in debt and will be for years to come because of actions by the lieberals. i.e. the IPPs, the shadow tolls on the highway to whistler, stupid meters, etc.

    As to comments that business will run to Alberta, nice try but growth in B.C. was better in the 90s than since the lieberals came to power. Since the lieberals have come to power, B.C. has had the highest deficiet in B.C. history. That isn’t good mnagement/busienss practises.

    Under the lieberals we had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 8 consecutive years. Lst. yr we dropped to #2 because Winnipeg had even more poverty. With issues such as child hunger, inadequate health care we may well have to continue paying fees, etc.

    We simply can not have another term of the leiberals. There has been one scandal after another. They have not been know for truth telling, there has been no plan of action to deal with health issues for children, after 12 yrs. in power. 36K people signed a petition to have more mental health beds for children.

    Will the NDP do better? I don’t know. But I do know they won’t do worse. I will wait to see what the provincial books look like. They may actually look at how the government is working or rather not working. They maybe able to make efficiencies such as having B.C. Ferries become a crown corp again and save 7% interest on the billion or 2 we owe the German banks. Reducing the high salaries of Community Services execs and spending the money on clients. We might see Translink reigned in. The lieberals cut taxes. It didn’t improve things for business that resulted in more jobs because last month Canada lost 50K odd jobs of which 22K were in B.C.

    I am prepared to wait and see what the books look like and if I hve to continue paying then I will as long as those who had taxes lowered are brought back into line with the need to deal with the deficient and providing adequate care for children and seniors.

    I’ll vote NDP because they certainly can’t make things worse than the lieberals have.

  8. G. Barry Stewart says:

    It was a bold move to come out and be as clear as they were on the tax-the-rich and carbon tax expansion points.

    That seemed to help flesh out a lot of fence sitters — mostly to the anti-NDP side, as far as I could see on many posts in the MSM and blogs.

    I suspect the NDP will proceed extra-carefully from this point on, through the election.

    Without access to the books, they can’t tell us a lot about what they’ll do when in power. Cutting waste would be a good start, though.

    (Response: Well, as I said, I actually like their proposals …first time I don’t feel the middle class is being victimized. But that’s only true if they also tell us they won’t hide other increases now and then raise all kinds of fee charges after being elected, which would be SNEAKY in my view. h.o)

  9. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    Oh, BC’s finances will UNDOUBTEDLY be much worse than suspected. That’s why the BC Libs eliminated the position of Legislative Comptroller and frog-marched him out the back door, so he couldn’t keep a lid on the BC Libs’ treasury-raid.
    It’s like a corrupt South-American fascist dictator (oh, btw — need any help with airfare, KeepWhiningInBC?) on the eve of a coup, furiously shredding documents and throwing suitcases of cash onto their helicopter… most disgusting, inept, criminal government this or any province has EVER had. Good Riddance!

  10. Much2Say says:

    Harvey, there is a little bit more room for taxes:
    – I liked your suggestion of a 15% tax on temporary foreign workers, paid by the employer.
    – it is high time that foreign and non-resident owners of residential real estate were either banned or their property taxed at a very generous rate.

    One would allow wages to keep step with economy, the other would allow housing prices to reflect the local economy and wages. Both are currently artificial, to the detriment of, especially, our kids.

  11. Jon says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if a party brought forward a new taxation plan that removed all of the fees, such as MSP and road toll’s etc… Shifting everything over to income tax. What would the actual taxation level be in order to not only balance but create a surplus in order to pay down the debt. How much better off would we be if we did not have interest payments to make on a ballooning debt?

    (Response: Actually, I believe BC is the ONLY province that still charges MSP premiums …so it can be removed, and raised some other way, if the government really wanted to do that. h.o)

  12. workforfun says:

    I cannot think of one thing that actually improved the lot of British Columbians as a whole, since the BC Lieberals got in power. If anything, most things have gotten worse – no real positive improvements.

    So how can the BC NDP be any worse. Remeber, BC NDP were better fiscal managers than the BC LIeberals have ever been – let’s not use 2008 recession as an excuse as that was only temporary.

    Campbell and his cohorts are the reason BC is in this state – absolutely no one else.

    I am sure that BC Lieberal supporters will shout loudly (as Campbell used to) and throw accusations about what happenend in the “1990’s” and how things have improved since – NOT.

    We have to give the BC NDP the same chances that we gave the BC Lieberals ( who incidently, made a real “Fuster Cluck” of everything they touched).

    (Response: I believe many British Columbians agree with you …but I would just feel more reassured if the NDP told us directly there would be no new “fees” imposed or no increases in existing fees for at least two years. h.o)

  13. D. M. Johnston says:

    Oh, I think that the NDP do have a new tax plan and it is called road pricing.

    Road pricing is where the government taxes the car/truck driver to use the road. The success of road pricing has been largely overblown, but after Campbell’s free tax ride for the wealthy for the past 11 years, where taxes were reduced and user fees grossly increased, road pricing or “tax gouging” will happen.

    In the real world (not here in Lotus Land) “Road Pricing” to be successful, areas with road pricing need a user-friendly transit system. TransLink is not anywhere close to be user friendly and I’m afraid road pricing and those who support it will face the same fate as the dreaded HST.

    A few posts back I opined on a electoral scenario for 2017 and with now an all to apparent secret deal with the NDP and Vision(less) Vancouver for a Broadway Subway, Road Pricing will be the way to go to pay for it.

    Sadly, only Vision Vancouver and Dix’s NDP will see it that way and watch out for a tax revolt/recall in 2015, a la 2010.

    In the end, road pricing will just be another tax on the poor.

    The unstoppable march of political stupidity will continue with the NDP.

    (Response: That’s the kind of thing I worry about..and it would be so easy for them to say NO it won’t happen: but they haven’t yet. Nor have the Libs. I hope the working media go after the “fees” question with all parties BEFORE we vote. h.o)

  14. Larry Bennett says:

    D.M.J. is certainly right about TransLink NOT being user friendly. Check out SkyTrain schedules for week-ends and holidays. If you are working those days, most of us in the service industry, (you know, the little people) you are squeezed into buses and have to get up at 3 or 4 AM to be able to get to work on time. Even during week-days at any time of the day or night, it is quite likely you won’t get a seat on SkyTrain. Why? Because parking has become so scarce and so expensive downtown, because Mayor Moonbeam and his cohorts don’t want us in their city. (I can hardly wait til Surrey treats Vancouver greens with the same contempt when they over take Vancouver as B.C.’s largest city). And notice when you pull into a station on SkyTrain and there are about 4-6 employees milling on the deck. Do they ever do a walk-through to tell the guy to get his feet off the seat, or the woman to take her hamburger and chips off, the gang dropping f-bombs to knock it off? Why are they there anyway? And why does no one like to talk about the kind of money they make or the fact that everyone in their family gets free passes on all transit, be they buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, or whatever?
    I will say however, that their has been huge police presence lately on SkyTrain. Don’t know if it is something we should know about as customers – you know, terrorists, bombs, gang activity or what. I’ve even noticed a lot of under-cover cops of late, on the system. That aside, I’d be happy just to see the buses even coming close to their schedules. It is not a rarity to wait for 1/2 hour for a bus on Kingsway, only to have 3 of them arrive at the same time.

  15. CGHZD says:

    I’ll tell you what Harvey I will said it for the NDP. NO NEW TAXES. There! Does that make you happy?
    Now you can stop wringing your hands and sweating up a storm over something that is beyond anyone’s control.
    The way the Lieberals cooked the books, raped and pillaged anything and everything they could, any one with an eye and an asshole will know the cupboard will be bare or for that matter gone all together.
    For heavens sake find something else to moan about!

    (Response: LOL! Sorry…but I …and I’d bet a LOT of voters …would place more trust, hearing that from Dix or Ralston, rather than an anonymous blog commenter. LOL!

  16. SC says:

    The no new taxes quip reminded me about one of the most famous quotes made by a politician about taxes.

    “Read my lips: No new taxes.” – then US Vice President George H.W. Bush accepting the 1988 Republican Presidential nomination.

    Fast forward to 1990, then US President George H.W. Bush signs a bill raising taxes.

    The lesson here, no matter what they should say (how we could dream about open and transparent politicians and political parties) or don’t have the fortitude to say (the standard quo), sadly, chances are it’s mostly BS anyways.

    (Response: Exactly! It would be very easy for Dix, Ralston … or for that matter, the Liberals et al… to tell us NOW they will hold the line on ANY ‘fee” increases or new tolls etc. for at least two years if elected. The fact that they have not or will not should be a clear warning to all voters. And the media should try to pin them all down on this…. so we can watch them squirm. h.o)

  17. D. M. Johnston says:

    From what I hear from the various left leaning bloggists, is a a fundamental misunderstanding of the ramifications of of the 2001 election and the HST revolt.

    The BC voter is very fickle and to get elected, they must attract more fickle BC voters than diehard party members. This will pose serious problems for their tenure when (and if) Dix and the NDP are elected.

    I know for sure, for the NDP to stay in power and not face an electoral revolt, Dix must greatly distance himself from the likes of Dix and Vision(less) Vancouver, Mike Harcourt (whose rambling of late are a sure turn-off for voters), Joy MacPhail and a host of others.

    Even former party leader (forgot her name) who now sits as an MLA, is a turn-off for me , as she reminds me of political ineptitude and stupidity.

    I doubt he can do it because the party will forbid him to do it.

    The Liberals are like a condemned prisoner, waiting for the gallows, as the party is utterly corrupt and will suffer the same fate from the BC voters.

    The NDP will win and by a big margin, but the BC taxpayer will lose, simply because Dix and his elected MLA’s will think they are the peoples choice – sorry nope nada – the NDP are simply 2’s being elected, when your opposition registers below “0”, as there is not even a “5”, let alone a “10”, sitting in the BC legislature!

    Dix will increase taxes and user fees and will introduce European style road pricing to pay for Vancouver’s transit “penis envy” and will suffer an electoral fate in the very next election as per my crystal ball prognostications some posts earlier.

  18. ferryworker says:

    Of course we are going to get screwed. When business has their cost go up, they pass it along to the consumer.

  19. tf says:

    If the NDP were able to only accomplish one thing while in government, I would be giddy if it’s electoral reform. With the announcement today that the NDP would eliminate union and corporate funding to the parties, my giddiness is starting to gear up.

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