NHL R.I.P.: Canada Needs an All Canada Hockey League

Let’s face the truth: “Canada’s game” has been sold off to the highest bidders … and they are in the United States.

Canada’s National Hockey League millionaire owners, I suspect in a bid to become billionaires, long ago delivered OUR hockey league … the NHL … to the Americans.

So right now, there are two US teams in the FINALS for the Stanley Cup, but only ONE person I know in Canada is watching.

The games and thus, the team names, are irrelevant to Canadians: most of our population couldn’t even name the cities they represent.

So Stanley Cup game statistics are now largely ignored; fewer and fewer here can identify any of the players (are there any stars?) and I suspect the TV ratings north of the border suck. (No wonder they’re treated like a military secret!)

Today’s NHL is stacked against Canada!

It has been DECADES since a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup (Montreal Canadiens 1993) … and I believe the current NHL business model/schedule/playoff setup all but ensures it will never happen again.

There are currently 31 NHL teams (32 once Seattle starts playing) … that will make 25 of them in the US and only 7 in Canada.

Clearly the odds are loaded against our chances of realistically having a shot at winning the cup.

Population numbers, market size, advertising revenues and much larger endorsement potentials act like a giant magnet pulling the best coaches and players, from not just Canada but every hockey nation in the world, to the U.S.

Who can blame them!

It’s time Canadians face the reality: the NHL and the Stanley Cup are gone … never to return to Canada, except for visits.

It’s that bad!

Time to take a hard look at our reality … and deal with it.

I believe Canada’s “national” sport still lives in some (used to be most) of our hearts, as a crucial part of our culture and many even believe, even in our nation’s blood stream.

And ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic shows us a possible way to save professional hockey … and playoffs … as a CANADIAN pastime.

The founders of the NHL purposely didn’t call it the International Hockey League, but the NATIONAL Hockey League in recognition of its critical importance of hockey, even as a commercial venture, to THIS nation, THIS people, THIS country.

Why not a new, national All Canadian Hockey League?

Featuring Canadian teams from coast to coast … not just Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver … but also Quebec City, Halifax and Hamilton!

And, as the country’s population and the Canadian league grows, even Victoria, Hamilton, Regina etc. could be added.

A just imagine: playoffs featuring Canadian teams from Canadian cities playing Canada’s sport for Canadian fans!!!!

With a Canadian WINNER!!!

Holding the Harvey Cup! (After me … for coming up with the idea? 🙂 )

Why not a new all-Canada league?

Covid has shown us we no longer need massive arenas, crowded with thousands of fans: professional hockey is now, by far, primarily a television sport, and even when we get back to in-person attendance, upgraded smaller arenas could do quite nicely.

As long as the TV broadcasts are first-class, with top quality broadcasters, cameras, graphics, sound systems and promotions.

Canadian advertisers would love it!

Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars sponsoring programs and a league that fewer and fewer Canadians are watching???

Especially if there was a viable, popular Canadian alternative!!! Where your advertising actually gets seen!

And with Canada’s population now topping 38 million, with more cities involved, just think of the coast-to-coast potential for promotional gear: team sweaters, sticks, skates, flags, cups, mugs, even tuques!

Geez! Even I could become a fan again!

Harv Oberfeld

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21 Responses to NHL R.I.P.: Canada Needs an All Canada Hockey League

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    Hockey, who cares. Canada’s game has been perverted by big money and not worth watching anymore.

    Hockey lost me years ago. Adios!

  2. DBW says:

    Harvey, you are being nostalgic again. You are wishing for the good old days when a Canadian team won practically every year.

    And for the record we already have a Canadian Hockey League. You can support the Vancouver Giants or the Victoria Royals or the teams in Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George or any one 0f the 52 Canadian cities that have a team. Yes, it is Junior hockey but these are the future stars of the NHL and if hockey is truly in our blood then they should be supported more than they are. My daughter has been a huge Victoria Royals fan for three seasons now. She knows hardly anything about the NHL, although ironically, she is actually cheering for Tampa Bay because she likes Steven Stamkos (long story) and wouldn’t be watching if it were Toronto vs Vancouver. But you can bet she will be cheering loudly for whatever team a former Royal plays for.

    And times are changing. The Blue Jays didn’t cut into hockey viewership because of the different seasons, but the Raptors have. And as our demographic changes so will our interests. I am speaking personally here. As I age, I don’t follow sports of any kind like I used to. It really has nothing to do with the reasons DMJ gave. I just can’t be bothered getting all emotional over a team in a city far far away with players from all over the world. The Vancouver Canucks for 20 years were led by Swedes and since the Sedins retired, the new face is a Swede. The Vancouver Canucks are NOT a Canadian team; they are just a group of athletes playing in a Canadian city. I barely follow the regular season and when the playoffs arrive, I pick a player generally a vet who hasn’t won a cup and hope for that team.

    And seriously Harvey, don’t you think that you are asking for a hockey version of the CFL? Is what you are suggesting even economically viable?

    (Response: What a losing country we would have if everyone had your negative defeatest attitude! Football is NOT Canada’s national sport: it is not imbedded in our culture and almost our DNA coast to coast to coast like hockey. Plus you shouldn’t compare training level junior hockey … although quite exciting sometimes to watch … to professional top tier hockey. I have NOT suggested a national Canadian hockey league featuring teams from Flin Flon, Thunder Bay, Oakville, Longueil or Hawkesbury … current Junior Hockey teams! I’m talking big cities, with big fan bases, with lots of money in the corporate and even residential urban and suburban bases … which advertisers and sponsors adore. With our population growing (38 million now and expected to grow by another four million within a few years) and with people spending much more time these days at home and indoors and with the NHL now so heavily stacked against Canadian teams, the time and opportunity is ripe for a new All Canada Hockey League … with First Class TV broadcast setup and promotion, featuring Canadian teams battling for the Harvey Cup! h.o)

  3. Richard Skelly says:

    An all-Canadian Hockey League? Maybe I’d be more confident of citizen buy-in if the days weren’t numbered for the Canadian Football League. And if The Hudson’s Bay Company can avoid dramatically downsizing to avoid joining T.Eaton Company, Sears Canada and Woodward’s on the scrap heap of history. And if the National Post and the Globe and Mail stop getting thinner by the year and begin fattening up.

    (Response: Hockey is not football. The CFL plays most of its games when people are still spending a lot of their own time outdoors and when baseball and basketball season are still going strong. Hockey in Canada is a very special Winter sport: lots of people tune in when Canadian teams are relevant and involved: international men’s hockey; international women’s hockey; all kinds of special series etc. But when the deck is stacked against Canadian teams, as I believe the NHL is, it is futile to watch or expect a Canadian team will EVER again win the Cup. Why not explore an alternative? One that capture the imagination … and fan interest … right through the championships that end the season! h.o)

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    With the increasing amount of sport options you can watch on tv , the internet and your phone…..
    I’d say most types of sports are sliding into irrelevance.

    Fans in seat? Pfffft.
    The ONLY reason we are seeing an abbreviated Stanley Cup this year is the NHL’s addiction to tv revenue’s…. if they didn’t play a certain amount of televised games….they would have forfeited millions.

    The owners and players couldnt care less about fans…..its about the millions of dollars dangled in front of them.

    Golf has suffered from the length of time it takes to play ( average 4 hours) with participation dropping all over North America…….one wonders when 2 hour televised sporting events will be percolated down to a more merciful one hour…..
    People are increasingly busy and spending two hours ( chock full with 50% of annoying ads) to watch another team of anonymous ever changing players “win”……

    I’d say even those days are numbered.

    (Response: I disagree. More and more people these days are spending time at home. And sports is a great, entertaining fun diversion for many: unlike tv news or drama or comedy, sports allows viewers to identify and feel asttached to someone or some team, with a chance at winning and defeating the opposition. Unfortunately, the NHL I believe is now so slanted towards the US, the possibilities of any Canadian team making it to the end are ridiculously low … so the the NHL really has no relevance to Canada anymore. It’s time we realize that and come up with an all-Canada PROFESSIONAL league …coast to coast to coast, so we can ALL become interested and fans gain who actually watch the playoffs right to the end game. h.o)

  5. hawgwash says:

    Response to DBW: “What a losing country we would have if everyone had your negative defeatest attitude!”

    Response to nonconfidencevote: “I disagree.”

    Both above responses are typical; DBW, who offers coherent, articulate, well Googled points of view, is routinely disrespected. Why is that?

    Harvey, DBW is a big boy and doesn’t need me to have his back, so this is just my own curiosity.

    And by the way, hockey is only a part-time Canadian national sport. Winter only, with lacrosse being the official Canadian national summer sport.


    Only in conciliatory Canada.

    (Response: Both my responses are totally appropriate. It’s fine to disagree …but like it or not, I offer/suggest alternatives/solutions … not just no. no, no negativism. h.o)

  6. Harry Lawson says:


    I tend to agree however, we have we have great junior hockey league’s across the country, we also have great university league’s across the country.

    I watch the juniors live for less then the cost of a movie ( senior discount ) lol all that is needed is a national tv contact. The Harvey cup lol.

    (Response: Junior hockey is terrific: I believe they are often more motivated and dig and skate with more passion and determination than some of the pros. But for a new league to work, the teams have to represent BIG city markets and have BIG city TV broadcast and production values. I may be ahead of my time on this, but I believe if the current stacked pro-US market/endorsements setup continues to result in all-American playoff finals and the NHL TV ratings in Canada fall like a rock, a high-end professional All Canada Hockey League could become viable. h.o)

  7. Horace B says:

    I too would like to see a CHL with an Oberfeld Cup, especially with the next-door Seattle Kraken getting an advantageous expansion draft which may put them near the top of the Pacific Division right away.

    (Response: I’m more of a first-name type … unless I become a Lord or Order of Canada or even Order of BC recipient. However, judging by what I’ve written about ALL the parties, I don’t see that happening …so a Harvey Cup will do. As for letting Seattle join … NO … OURS will be ALL Canada only. Let Seattle in and then Fresno will want in, plus Tulsa, Rochester, New Haven and next thing, there will be 25 of them …stealing away that League too! h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    Thanks for the support Hawgwash.

    Harvey, I am not feeling the love. Just because I disagree you say

    “What a losing country we would have if everyone had your negative defeatest attitude”.

    But aren’t you the guy who believes that Canadian owned teams can’t compete and “the NHL and the Stanley Cup are gone … never to return to Canada, except for visits” unless we pick up our puck and sticks and play amongst ourselves.

    Couldn’t I just as easily say “What a losing country we would have if everyone had your negative defeatest attitude.” And where would the discussion go if I had.

    Canadian born players make up 42% of the NHL; it is no longer a league with the rare American. Look at this year’s award winners. leader in points and MVP Draisaitly – German; top goal scorer Ovechkin – Russian, tied with Pasternak- Czech; top defenseman Josi – Swiss; top goalie Hellybucyk – American.

    Recognize these guys: Boeser Pettersen Miller Edler Hughes Demko Markstrom. The best players on the Canucks are all foreign born. When you are hoping for the Vancouver Canucks you are NOT hoping for Canada. You are hoping for a team that plays in Vancouver.

    Whether a Canadian league could survive economically against an American league is not one I am expert enough to argue. But a Canadian league would still have to compete against an American league. Why would Canadian owners run that risk?

    (Response: Canada can compete … on not just a level playing field, but even a slightly slanted one. But when there are 25 of them to only seven of us … and they’ve got HUGE financial/marketing/endorsement/taxation hiring advantages … and they’ve even moved NHL Headquarters to New York (Holy Maple Leaf!) then the fix is in and the writing is on the wall: the NHL is now an American league. Time for a new All Canada Hockey League. h.o)

  9. Liam Maguire says:

    I can feel your passion and your unapologetic desire to support Canada and Canadian hockey. Beauty! I guess I’m the one Canadian watching the Stanley Cup final. The playoffs have been mostly great, in my opinion so on that front we are on different pages. As for most hockey fans in Canada not knowing where Tampa or Dallas are…….lol……okay… 🙂 You are right about the ratings. They are available if you search around online and they are not good. Whereas last year’s final with Boston vs St. Louis were actually quite good by Canadian standards. The Hart Trophy winner, Ted Lindsay winner and Art Ross Trophy winner plays for a Canadian team. And it’s not Connor Mcdavid who many feel is thee best player in the game today, in the world for that matter. The runner up for rookie of the year plays for a Canadian team. The Vezina trophy winner this year plays for a Canadian team. The co-winner of the Rocket Richard trophy plays for a Canadian team. I know you were on a roll and the rant was full on but just to be clear and fair many of the best in the game on and off the ice continue to be employed by Canadian franchises.

    I’m not sure what your reference is to the origin of the NHL. There already had been a pro hockey league called, The International Professional Hockey League. In fact there were 14 leagues that competed for the Stanley Cup between 1893-1926 when the Cup then became solely controlled by the NHL. Within two seasons of this happening the Cup final featured two American teams in 1929. Boston and the NY Rangers. You’re off base with the origin of the NHL and any thought linking it to a purely Canadian game. The NHL started in 1917 the very year an American team won the Cup ( Seattle Metropolitans) and a year removed from another American team in the final ( Portland Rosebuds 1916).

    I do applaud your thought of an All-Canadian league. Unfortunately between the NHL, the AHL which features Canadian teams and numerous minor pro leagues in the States plus leagues overseas, all used as a feeder system of sorts to the NHL and the big money and a chance to win the Stanley Cup what level of player you get and the fact they could compete for a Harvey Cup are going to draw less interest than what you say exists right now for the NHL. Frankly I find it hard to believe you’d have rosters that could even compete with the teams that play annually for the Allan Cup, the second most important trophy in hockey next to the Stanley Cup and it’s almost exclusively Canadian. No mainstream TV or radio will pick up the games for the simple reason the demand will not be there from the viewers and the listeners. Canadian advertisers will not love it as you suggest.

    I think Harv what you need to watch for is will the ratings drop or be the same next year ( if Covid is over and life is back to normal) and you’ll see that they won’t be and they’ll return to what they’ve been for a few years now, pretty solid leading to the two biggest TV contracts in league history, both the Canadian one ( Rogers) and the American one ( NBC) Also I think what continues to float Canadian hockey fans is our dominance in best on best scenarios. Ironic I’m responding to day September 28, the anniversary of the Paul Henderson winner in game eight. Canada are the two-time defending Gold medallists when NHL players were used and we’ve won 2/3 last World Juniors including last years win thee greatest ever in World Junior history. We just keep doing it, we’re an amazing hockey country. My recommendation as I do truly love your passion is keep the faith. Yes it’s been a drought since a Canadian city won but with four Canadian team having been in the final since then and all four of them going seven games and numerous other Canadian teams in semi-final contests includingt the Ottawa Senators as recently as 2017 going to double OT in game seven vs the eventual Cup champs featuring Sydney Crosby from Nova Scotia ( who lost to Montreal in this years playoffs) there’s enough Canadian content to go around, in my opinion.

    (Response: Liam Maguire is an Ottawa-based hockey history maven .. and I’m flattered he has heard about and responded to this Blog. I stand corrected on the history of the NHL and feel somewhat vindicated that the TV ratings for the current series, as I suggested, are apparently not very good. He and I still disagree on the future of the NHL in Canada: he is clearly more optimistic than I am. Time will tell, but clearly if next season the finals (or even the semi finals) pare down again to just US teams and the TV ratings north of the border slide again, the NHL will have to wake up and address the problem … or my dream of an All Canada Hockey League will breathe new life … along with the Harvey Cup too! 🙂 h.o)

  10. nvg says:

    H.O. ‘Canada Needs an All Canada Hockey League ‘ …… with, I suppose, all Canadian Hockey Players, eh? Sounds like it would end up being an inter-provincial sort of competition, neither national nor international (Canada/United States America) except at the Winter Olympics (every four years).

    H.O. “So right now, there are two US teams in the FINALS for the Stanley Cup, but only ONE person I know in Canada is watching.”

    I disagree with you Harvey, on ‘only one person in Canada watching’ because 42.6% of the players in the last match between Dallas and Tampa Bay are CANADIANS. 21 Players



    Stanley Cup 2020 Finals
    Team Rosters by Nationality

    21 Canadians

    10 Americans


    Percentage and numbers of Active NHL Players by Nationality and …

    Canada 42.6% 414
    United States 26.1% 254
    Sweden 11.6% 113
    Russia 5.1% 50
    Finland 5.0% 49
    Czech Republic 3.4% 33
    Switzerland 1.5% 15
    Slovakia 1.2% 12
    Germany 0.9% 9
    Denmark 0.9% 9
    Latvia 0.5% 5
    France 0.3% 3
    Austria 0.2% 2
    Netherlands 0.1% 1
    Australia 0.1% 1
    Slovenia 0.1% 1
    Norway 0.1% 1

    (Response: Appreciate the details …but where the players come from is not the major issue: players should be judged by quality of play not national origin. The rivalries of any league, any sport are most often based on cities: Toronto vs Montreal goes back to as far as I can remember …and STILL exists today! Same thing …Calgary vs Edmonton etc. Meanwhile, I guess I stand corrected: more than ONE person in Canada has watched the NHL finals … but apparently not very many, on either side of the border! Have a look, imagining YOU were a major advertiser that had spent a few hundred million for TV advertising rights: https://brioux.tv/blog/2020/08/25/offside-ratings-system-knocks-nhl-playoffs-to-bottom-of-weekly-top-30/….or try this one: https://theathletic.com/2088218/2020/09/23/with-lots-of-competition-tv-ratings-for-the-stanley-cup-final-struggle/. h.o)

  11. Harry Lawson says:


    Just think the Harvey cup a rather stout man holding a microphone , just picture down the frozen hallways if parliament,in both official languages , he stalks, he focuses, he ask the hard questions, he ask in English the leader
    responds in French , and smirks, Harvey responds in French and scores

    Thus the Harvey Oberfeld H cup was created ,yet Harvey is still the only winner.

    Response: LOL! Yes, that was a good goal! In fact, scored pretty well this week: former BC Premier Glen Clark wrote in on the Blog re my previous piece on the Election call; one of Canada’s foremost hockey historians, Liam Maguire from Ottawa, wrote in earlier today on the current NHL topic; and now, you award/remind me of my Harvey Cup victory against Lucien Bouchard. Hat trick! 🙂 h.o)

  12. nonconfidencevote says:

    In this politically correct Trudeau world …wouldnt only allowing Canadians to play hockey in a Canadian League be considered “racist”?
    If we let one Swede play then the Russians and (god help us) Americans will move here.
    There goes the neighborhood.

    (Response: Your anti-Trudeau bias is showing. I have never seen Trudeau ever suggest “only allowing Canadians to play hockey in a Canadian League”. That actually something more likely to come from Conservative wannabe leader Maxime Bernier. h.o)

  13. DBW says:

    With the “Harvey” cup and your response to nonconfidence I am now afraid that you are pulling our leg again (see biased refs) and wonder if it is worth continuing but I will.

    Tampa Bay won last night. They were led by their two top forwards Braydon Point (Canadian) and Nikita Kucherov (Russian), their best defenseman and Conn Smythe winner, Viktor Hedman (Swedish), their goalie and Vezina runner-up, Andrei Vasilevskiy (Russian), their injured captain Steven Stamkos (Canadian) and their long time coach, Jon Cooper (Canadian). An American city won the Stanley Cup not the US.

    Nonconfidence was joking. But his question has not been answered. Which is:
    Who do you think will be playing for the Canadian teams in your all Canadian league?
    Will it be just Canadians or will these Canadian teams be competing for any elite player from around the world?

    And more importantly who will own these Canadian teams. Are the current seven Canadian teams going to just jump a very profitable ship. Read Liam’s comment about the player pool as he assumed that the current Canadian teams would stay put and an all Canadian league would have slim pickings with whatever is left over.

    But let’s assume that the current seven teams do break off and somehow manage to keep their players who may not be that interested as they are highly invested in the NHLPA. So we have seven decent teams competing amongst themselves – BUT – your league will expand to 12. Where are these five teams going to get investors for one thing but even more importantly where are they going to get players The expansion draft will have to come from the seven Canadian team diluting the product by almost half.

    Liam’s right. You are passionate about Canada. But he is also right when he says Canada wins more of its share of international tournaments – men’s, juniors and women’s. And he is also right in pointing out the good players that are on Canadian teams and you should be optimistic.

    And seriously, support junior hockey. You seem more concerned about the big city TV audience. Without the 52 Canadian cities with a junior team where do you think Canada would get the players needed to maintain our standing in world hockey?

    (Response: Who would own them? Do you really think the only people or corporations rich enough to own professional hockey teams already own them? There are many, many billionaires and companies with more money to spend than most of us can imagine. Especially once they see the opportunity to make even more! It’s not really an issue of ownership: it about the GREAT idea of an all-Canadian league, pitting Canadian cities and regions against each other in sport … with games broadcast across the entire country, providing a lot of fun, friendly competition and likely doing more for Canadian unity than a thousand politicians. h.o)

  14. hawgwash says:

    Good grief, now I find myself defending nonconfidencevote.

    His comment, as I read it, was about modern day political correctness; a game in which Trudeau loves to play centre.

    It wasn’t about Trudeau, but somehow that got skewed.

    I’m just glad you know who is no longer around, because if I was to start defending him, I’d never sleep.

    Harvey, I think you need seek some fresh from the tree loquats.

  15. e.a.f. says:

    its all about the money. the expansion teams in the southern U.S.A. like give me a break. Lets take it back to the original few teams which included a few American cities, close to the border and ad a few more Canadian cities. Oh, by the way, let some one go down and pick up the Stanley Cup and tell the Americans to get their own. Its a historical piece of Canadian history and I’m not happy about it being in the U.S.A. Put it in a Canadian museum.
    Don’t watch hockey but used to watch at least the Stanley Cup play offs, it was the Canadian thing to do. Now, who cares.

    (Edited..off topic)

  16. max avelli says:

    Just for the record, the original 6 in the NHL consisted of Toronto and Montreal north of the border, and Boston, NY, Chicago and Detroit in the US.

    The NHL was never dominated by Canada (other than the players).

  17. DBW says:

    Remember that pugnacious reporter at BCTV who never let a politician dodge a question. Some of us learned from him.

    I really don’t care that we have a differing opinion. Nothing to get excited about one way or another but you still haven’t answered my question.

    Do you honestly think the current Canadian owners would leave the NHL to be in your perceived league?
    And even if they did will they be able to take the players now under contract with them?
    Will the five extra teams you envision be able to field competitive teams without diluting the talent pool of the seven Canadian teams?

    In other words, will your league try to compete talent wise with the current NHL teams? I don’t think they could. You might disagree. Fun topic.

    But right now the NHL has the best talent in the world and winning the Stanley Cup means something. Are you willing to risk all that so some Canadian city can hoist a “Harvey” Cup?

    (Response: No .. not the present NHL owners. Why would they … they are cashing in, having sold out our game, our country to the US …. but I’d bet there are a lot of BILLIONAIRES and broadcasters inside Canada and abroad …who would/could see the potential of an all Canada professional high caliber TV broadcast hockey league if a consortium, not already tied to the American NHL and their dedicated Canadian networks, came forward. h.o)

  18. Gilbert says:

    I no longer watch the NHL. I’ve lost interest. On the other hand, I’d love to see a CHL.

    (Response: I believe if the Canadian TV ratings were totally made public, as they are in the US, we’d find millions of Canadians agree with both of us on that. But if there was a true coast to coast Canadian professional league … we’d watch the playoffs right to the end. h.o)

  19. DBW says:

    OK, Just to clear, you are asking for an inferior all-Canadian professional league. You are asking for seven teams to come into Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and compete for fans and players against well established NHL franchises. Then you are asking for five other much smaller cities Victoria, Saskatoon, Hamilton Quebec City and Halifax to do the same.

    Think WHA if you think that your league will not be inferior.

    I have no problem for your wish to crown some kind of Canadian champion. But as I have mentioned repeatedly, we have a CHL – junior yes – who play at a highly competitive level, maybe superior than anything your 12 teams could muster competing for NHL calibre players, The CHL is also televised. Not often but if people like you are serious about supporting a Canadian league pay the $500 or so for a season ticket to the the Vancouver Giants, or Royals or Rockets or Cougars or Blazers if you live elsewhere in BC, and nag TSN to broadcast more games. You won’t be sorry.

  20. SB says:

    Harvey you need to do a full investigative report I agree and if we follow the money think we’d find Canada is what keeps NHL alive .

    (Response: A full report should be the task of the “working” media or potential investors in an all-Canada league … who have the deep pockets to fund detailed research, accountants and probably lawyers too to ferret out all the evidence. But you’re right …it should be done! And I believe the findings would show an all-Canada league could flourish … especially with TV broadcast rights and modern-day high tech and promotions. h.o)

  21. John's Aghast says:

    I’m afraid I can’t appreciate your enthusiasm for ‘watching’ someone else enjoy sport. Id much rather be skiing, or curling and cuddling up to a good book and glass of wine after exhausting myself ‘doing’ instead of ‘watching’. But to each his own.
    (Edited…off topic)

    (Response: We should not assess various activities or problems just from a personal self-interest point of view. I’m not a huge sports watcher myself, but I can see the negative national cultural, even national unity implications of the sellout of Canada’s game by the NHL owners to the Americans. With 25 of the NHL’s 32 teams in the US, with their huge economic advantages, I believe the chances of the Stanley Cup ever returning to “live” in Canada are very, very low. Time to have a real “National” hockey league here …without American teams. I will not buy season tickets, but I have no doubt others will! h.o)

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