None of the Above …

So what do we do now???  We’re about to have an election almost no one wants; that likely won’t change the political balance of power; and, despite the rhetoric, probably won’t actually result in substantial policy changes.  And for this non altering experience …taxpayers will shell out $300 million!


I am not a dedicated partisan … over my life, I have voted for all three major Canadian political parties.

I believe the Tories have managed Canada’s struggle in the global economic crisis fairly well; I support their foreign policy handling, stances and  initiatives; and, in a minority circumstance, they haven’t been as frightening or regressive as I believe they would be with a majority government.

But I abhor Stephen Harper’s apparent disrespect for Parliament, the people’s right to information, the media’s unfettered right to ask questions of ministers, the lack of freedom of civil servants anywhere in the country to answer even the most basic public questions for quote without getting permission and being told what to say by Ottawa.

And Wednesday, delivering his first remarks since Tuesday’s budget came down, Harper made certain I would NOT vote Tory.

First, he  ONCE MORE began his little speech t0 the media  outside the House of Commons in French. What’s with this guy? He now seems to do this all the time ..whether speaking in Ottawa, Vancouver or Washington.  Why?  I have NOTHING against official bilingualism, in fact I support it, BUT I believe the Prime Minister should begin his remarks in the Official language of the MAJORITY of those where he is speaking: French in Quebec; English in Ontario, B.C., Washington.  Plain and simple.  Yet he refuses … gives French priority almost always now. Why?

Even after he spoke, in English second, his press secretary called for a question from a French reporter FIRST?  Why? Only 25 per cent of Canada’s population gives French as its first language; only 30 per cent of the Parliamentary Press Gallery is Francaphone.  Why give French priority?

Not a big deal???   Believe me, in Ottawa and on the national scene, it is.  Can you ever imagine, in your wildest dreams, where a Canadian Prime Minister would start remarks or take questions FIRST in Quebec in English????  NEVER!!!  And I wouldn’t expect or demand it.

 But why does Harper feel he can consistently disrespect English …the language of the majority of Canadians …even when speaking in overwhelmingly  English-speaking provinces or countries?  Why?

  Does he really think this will ingratiate himself with Quebecois? Well, having been born and raised there, I can tell this Albertan Anglais he will NEVER get the majority of Quebec votes, over “one of their own”, no matter how much he kowtows to them or bribes them with billions. Jamais!

 And, as if that wasn’t enough, Harper …even on the eve of an election, took only TWO questions from reporters, before turning on his heel and walking away, ignoring the shouted further inquiries from reporters, in both official languages.   Two questions?  When he should be trying to impress, show a warm, human side (at least until the next votes are counted)!

Can you just imagine what Harper and his cabinet members would be like if given the almost dictatorial powers of majority government???

For the sake of democracy in Canada, of respect of Parliament, of the right of a free press to not only ask questions but actually get answers and government officials to talk to them … a majority MUST be denied the Tories.

Well, then there’s Ignatieff. 

At least, he’s been fairly open and visible in his almost total disrespect of the West and British Columbia.  He hasn’t even pretended, from everything I’ve seen or heard, to care less or speak up about our second-class status on the federal scene in the Senate, in the corridors of power or to actually do anything about any of it.

Why?  Because for the West and BC to get its fair share of power or Senate seats  (is that really too much to ask?) based on population size, the pigs at the trough in this regard …the Maritimes and Quebec … would have to give up some of their artificially propped up politically power. Where has Ignatieff been on this?  Nowhere!

In fact, when it comes to respecting or disrespecting the West and BC,  Ignatieff has been even worse than any previous Liberal leader: he ORDERED his caucus to vote in FAVOR of legislation now going through Parliament, that would disqualify almost all Western Canadian judges from even being considered for appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Where translation services or even reasonable knowledgev of both official languages now suffice, under the NEW law, TOTAL proficiency …. enough to hear and consider complex technical and legal arguments, would be required of ALL judges considered for Supreme Court appointment.  This, of course, will slyly ensure a bias on all future Supreme Courts in favor of appointees from Quebec, Eastern Ontario and small areas of New Brunswick and Manitoba. 

Another move guaranteed to subvert the West …. backed and enforced by Ignatieff.  No vote for him!

How about the NDP?   Well, hate to tell you this …but that horrible, anti-Western-Canada law was introduced by an NDP MP from Nouveau Brunswick (duh!!) and backed by the entire NDP party…. including all the NDP MPs from BC .. none of whom have stood up on behalf of their province’s majority on this issue   Screw the West….en faveur de l’est!  No vote for them from me!

Maybe the Greens?  Hmmm!  I actually have considered them: not because I think they are ready for power, but because it just might be good to have one or two in there, speaking out on the environment and other issues.

But, frankly, before I am anything partisan, I am first and foremost a proud Canadian, who supports a firmly united country … one set of rules for all …. coast to coast to coast.  Not an idea shared by the Greens!

What they don’t tell you out here, in the West, is the two-faced pro-sovereignty policies they have supported back East, in Quebec. (Maybe the Greens don’t realize sometimes people here read newspapers from back East!  🙂

The Greens have always been organized through district associations AND the  federal party:  equality for all.  But just a few weeks ago, the Greens APPROVED a separate Quebec wing, operating as a “distinct association”, with 10 official spokespeople, representing each region of Quebec.  No other province has such separate status.

And speaking in NDG .. my own old Montreal neighborhood (tabernacle!) … Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (who hopes to win a Commons seat in BC) said “We believe in grassroots democracy, so when we heard they wanted to have their own wing, and organize things their own way, we were thrilled.”  

Probably never thought I’d be paying attention …or telling you what she told them.   That sovereignty association separate  setup may fly in Quebec and may have impressed Quebec media and voters … but not me.

As you can see, something IS different this time around: we used to often say it will be the West that will determine the final outcome eelction night.  Not this time.  The parties all clearly see the biggest chances to make inroads this time around are back East, and have been catering more than ever to their issues, their interests and buying their votes.

Vote in Western Canada for any of them and you will voting in favour of ADDING TO our second class status.

So bring on the election.  Spend the $300 million.

But right now, I have no intention of voting for any of the above.

Harv Oberfeld

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28 Responses to None of the Above …

  1. Grant G says:

    Harvey, not to argue but…

    You are drinking the media Kool Aid AGAIN…

    What is a waste of money is $billion dollar tax breaks to record profit banks and subsidies to rich big oil…

    $300 million for an election, I have worked many elections …A chance to earn a couple hundred dollars for a days work or a weeks work for some…

    You vote Harvey, who is working the poll tables, Seniors, Grandma`s, students, house wives and many many more unemployed people…

    A chance for 40,000 unemployed people to earn some money that WILL GET SPENT IN THE ECONOMY….
    And that means the economy in every little town, every little nook and cranny town will benefit from this money!

    Read this from the Calgary Herald, it confirms what I just said.

    You may not want an election, that`s fine but please don`t spread the BS spin about wasted money ….

    Elections stimulate the economy from coast to coast.

    Time to dust off the cobwebs and really think.

  2. mike says:

    Harvey, excellent entry. I have noticed about Harper speaking in french. It drives me crazy. For one, because I know he is pandering to Quebec. Second, the majority of Canadians speak ENGLISH! I am not impressed with Harper. I wonder if he gets elected again how many more of these apologies will he make on behalf of Canadians. Or has he covered all his basis? That being said, I hope the Liberals get destroyed and send Iggy packing.

    (Response: As I said, I support bilingualism…BUT I also support respect for the majority… which he seemingly does NOT …. and there’s no doubt he is pandering…. and I’m sure they know that. h.o.)

  3. Ed Reeves says:

    so harv, what then if all in the west followd you, what then?

    (Response: That worries me too … many have sacrificed so much to give us the right to vote. But what do you do when all four parties disrespect you in favor of impressing Central Canada and catering to Francophone voters to your detriment … and want to reduce even more your already diminished say in how things operate. Maybe a total boycott of the polls out here WILL send a message? And even cause the media to finally take notice how we are being so mistreated, disrespected and disadvantaged by them all more than ever before to win votes back East … media take notice? Okay, okay, I’m dreaming. h.o)

  4. patrick bell (NOT THE MLA) says:

    Great post Harvey! I’ve never been a fan of the federal conservatives, but I won’t be throwing my vote at Iggy either. He just doesn’t rub me the right way..(An opportunist). I am so sick of opposition parties always coming out against everything the other party does….like they have to or something, even though deep down they may agree with a policy…it is getting so tiresome.

    I personally like the status quo. Keep it a minority.

    (Response: That seems to be the best … EXCEPT it probably won’t stop the Libs, NDP … with their Bloc Quebecois allies …. from surging ahead with that anti-Western Supreme Court legislation. Only the Senate, ironically, would be able to save us! h.o)

  5. Mo says:

    for the first time in my 60 years on this planet i have given money to a political party… that is how much i detest Harper. And he needs to go!
    Its as you said Harvey , an issue of respect for democracy,. Harper has none.
    I want him gone.

  6. Lew says:

    Agree with your sentiments Harvey, and have written “none of the above” on my ballot in the last two federal elections. I take the time to go to the polling station because while I can’t reward any of them with my vote and still look in the mirror, I don’t want to leave the impression that I was just too indifferent or lazy to vote.

    Until there is that official “none of the above” choice on the ballot that will be recorded and reported with the other choices in the results, or until somebody with a white hat rides into town, that’s what I will continue to do.

    (Response: Another good suggestion …maybe show up and have hundreds of thousands of us spoil our ballots. Someone may notice. But it probably won’t cause whoever achieves power to suddenly respect Parliament, the public’s democratic right to information or Western equality. It’s very depressing. h.o)

  7. Crankypants says:

    I have to agree with Grant G with regards to the cost of an election. Those that work at the various polling stations will most likely spend their stipend within the local economy which will be spread throughout the land, not like the economic stimulus monies which tend to go to targeted areas for political gains. Besides, whatever one earns working at a polling station is taxable, so a portion of the cost of an election will find its way back into the government’s coffers. I also suspect that the media fares quite well, revenue wise, with all the advertising the various parties employ.

    That being said, pretty much every province west of Ontario has been treated like the black sheep of the family by our various federal governments. Even the MSM treats us as second class citizens, which probably has something to do with fact that most of it is owned by corporations based in Central Canada.

    I think that we do need an election at this time because the various party leaders have consistently shown that they are not capable of operating in a minority government environment, which doesn’t seem to be a problem for many countries throughout the world. Instead of conducting their business for the benefit of Canada and all Canadians, they act more like street gangs staking out their territory and daring an opponent to step inside.

    I suspect that we will get another Conservative minority which will lead to the demise of at least a couple of party leaders, if not all of them before a subsequent election. This may be wishful thinking, but I believe that at some point the various parties will come to realize that they may have to choose their leaders based on the ability to work with others rather than the dictatorial views the current leaders project.

    I also think that it is about time that Canada earns the designation of being a bilingual country. It should be mandatory that every child is taught in both English and French from grade one through grade twelve. Even now, within a couple of generations, language requirements and barriers would be a non-issue and idiotic requirements based on the French/English issue would be moot. At present, we are no more bilingual than a female can be a little bit pregnant.

    (Response: The media LOVE elections. They make a fortune in advertising $$$ and it makes news coverage very easy…events given to them on a platter. Used to cost a lot also because of all the travel… but serving the public with unique riding stories by experienced reporters going well beyond the clip of the day but they don’t do most of that anymore…pooling with the competition (for mostly bland, crappy coverage) for anything out of town…and cutting back on a lot of the comprehensive riding by riding profiles they used to do. h.o )

  8. RS says:

    That the powers that be (and I lay the blame on each and every party for this) would take us to the polls yet again is outrageous. I for one will be voting Liberal. No I’m not an Iggy supporter or a die hard Liberal. I will be casting my vote only to save us from a Harper majority.

    Three hundred million dollars is a staggering amount of money for the Liberals to rid themselves of Iggy.

  9. doug parks says:

    Harvey, if we could make the parties responsible for causing an election pay the costs ….. Not very democratic.
    So I will vote for the conservatives and hope and pray that they get a majority. This will give us a break from another federal election for 4 years.

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    Well, here we go again, going to the polls to vote candidates we don’t care for; to represent political parties we don’t like; to elect a government which we will grow to hate.

    We will hear the word democracy more times in the coming weeks, from politicians who haven’t a clue what it means, nor car to.

    What we have is a gambit to have absolute power by either the Liberals or Conservatives and to hell with the rest.

    Absolute political power means friends of the government make billions, while the taxpayer is held to ransom, to pay for the profligate spending. It is always easy to spend other peoples money.

    Harper and the conservatives scare me; Iggy and the Liberals bore me and what’s his name and the NDP embarrass me. The Greens, which used to be a safe harbour to place my vote, have now become the UnGreen party, manipulated by the Liberals.

    Oh god, where is Mr. Peanut when you need him!

    (Response: Maybe the Rhinoceros Party ain’t half bad: at least they admit to being a joke. h.o)

  11. G.J.W. says:

    Harper thought nothing of spending $1 billion on a fake lake. That was not a necessity, that was a blatant foolish waste of our tax dollars. Same as a BC retractable arena roof.

    As far as I remember, the east has always dictated to the west. Campbell GAVE our HST to the east. Harper gives our tax dollars to the wealthiest corporations in the world. Chretien even said, he didn’t like the western people, because we were different, even so, he grabbed evrey dollar he could from the western provinces, and we got crumbs in return.

    I think Alberta had the right idea, the west should separate from the east. They say, the west would be, 40% better off. The taxes from the west, would stay in the west. We would not have to suffer corrupt premiers, who steal our assets and resources and sells them, for no benefit for the people. The BCR is one example and our rivers, were thieved and sold.

    Campbell. Hansen and Harper, forced the HST on the BC people. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does not benefit the BC citizens, what-so-ever.

    The east, I am sure could care less if we did separate, they don’t even like us. Quebec has wanted to separate for decades. The territories, had also wanted to join the west. The western people are fed up, having the east force the French language on us. The west are not, French speaking provinces.

    When you listen and read comments, we are sick of the east, dictating to the west. I have been fed up for many years.

  12. Edgar says:

    One tires of the incessant complaining from the west about their lot in Canada. The west has done very well over the last 30 years with policies that favour resource extraction and the exporting of raw resources. As proof all four western provinces have reasonable deficits and debt to GDP ratios compared to the eastern provinces. And please don’t tell me it is because western politicians are better fiscal managers.

    If over the last generation we had pursued more balanced policies with respect to secondary manufacturing and resource extraction exports Canada would not be witnessing the increasing income gap between families and workers, we may not be as rich as we currently think we are but there would be more and better opportunities for future generations. Instead we have chosen to have a petrodollar irrespective of the damage it has done to the rest of the country and citizens.

    Even the Russians have recognized the need to place an export tariff on raw logs, could you image proposing such a policy in BC or Canada.

    (Response: Wow! Where to begin! I don’t know how you can DEFEND a system that gives BC, with a population of 4 million, the same number of Senate seats as the tiny Maritimes. And donl’t think Senate power doesn’t count. And you may think it’s wonderful to disqualify almost ALL Western Canadian judges from Supreme Court appointments, to favour bilingual ones from Quebec, the Outauais (Eastern Ont) or Nouveau Brunswick, but I do not. As for our fiscal plus, plus perfromance, I submit to you that Quebec, with its huge resource base, could also join us instead of being a perennial have-not province if they could only stop or even curb all the partisan corruption, payoffs, kickbacks, overcharging and “family” appointments and public contracts and even corrupt unions and Mafiosa industry that have permeated their history for a HUNDRED years. All we want here is fairness ..apparently a ridiculous idea from your point of view. You’re entityled to that view…but don’t expect me to VOTE for those who will make our second class status even worse, even enshrining it FOREVER in a new law! h.o)

  13. Mo says:

    “And for this non altering experience …taxpayers will shell out $300 million!”

    that is drinking the KOOL AID as was mentioned. The conservatives were about to give way more away in tax breaks to corps?! But would NOT reveal what that would costs us!

    They will not reveal what the true costs of the Fighter jets will be!! Nor what the new prisons would cost! esp, when the crime rate is dropping!

    300million to throw them out is NOTHING – 10 per person . Jeez Mr. O , please don’t “worry” about the cost of an election that will help air out the follies of the conservatives…. democracy ain’t cheap… but it pales with the costs of a dictatorship.

    (Response: I wouldn’t worry about thrwoing them out ..IF there was something BETTER to replace them with ..and that’s where you think we’re heading. But I can’t see it, under the Liberals or NDP …neither of whom has EVER backed BC or the West if they felt there were more seats to be won in the East. I have NEVER forgotten how Ed Broadbent (wonderful guy?) looked right into our camera and explained why the NDP supported giving the CF-18 maintenance contracts to Quebec, even though a whole series of technical panels concluded Winipeg was MUCH better qualified. I always wonder if he remebers the look of complete disgust I gave him as he grabbed his big fat cigar (he never liked to show that on TV) from his assistant and walked away. How could he sleep at night, I wondered. Screwing the West (as OUR MPs say nothing and protest not) in the hope of obtaining Ontario and Quebec seats is a, long Canadian party tradition … except for the Reform Party… even though Quebecois have proven time and time again it doesn’t work anyway. Why do they do it???? Because too many Western Canadians LET them get away with it …voting for them anyway: we should learn from Quebec how to squeeze! h.o.)

  14. Lew says:

    Harvey, the comments so far completely support your opinion that nothing will change.

    Some who think an election is a good idea for no other stated reason than it’s a job creator, some who are happy with the status quo, some who are down on all of the parties, and a couple who are strong supporters of opposing parties so will cancel each other’s vote.

    Doesn’t sound like the winds of change are blowing in one direction yet….

    (Response: I’ve never considered elections as job-creating moves … LOL! Except maybe for the winners, whose friends, families, political supporters etc get to cash in as if they had won the lottery. For most of us, it’s an opportunity to throw the bums out, if we want to …. BUT the reality is most of us see the alternatives as just more bums, out to serve their particular minority supporters …. rarely the huge center of ordinary middle class taxpayers. All we get is the bill to pay for the government generosity the others lap up. h.o)

  15. Grouchy says:

    I would write “none of the above ” on my ballot, but my greatest fear is what if everyone actually did that ? Then what next ? A three party coalition that would be so busy fighting itself that we would soon be back to the polls ? I can’t stand Iggy and his sanctimonious look and talk, Happy Jack tries , but just can’t get there and the Bloc, the thought of them having any say over my life just scares the crap outa me. I say give the Cons their majority and then we have four years for the other parties to at least try and find a credible leader with down to earth, for the ordinary Canadian. If that can’t happen , then we are toast, plain and simple.

    (Response: As I said in my blog…Harper already has shown MANY MANY times how he disdains Parliament and the public’s right to know what is going on and the press’s right to ask questions AND GET REAL NSWERS from either cabinet ministers and public officials on behalf of the public. I think a majority Tory government would be like living under a right wing dictatorship … Parliament would be ignored, except whwen needed as a rubber stamp; freedom of information would be completely shut down; asking media Questions would be as privilege only for the brown-nosing few …and who knows what military actions we would find ourselves involved in without any way to stop any of it. No….another Tory minority would likley be best…in the hope we will continue to get a government unable to unilaterally inflict too much harm on us …and likely also three brand new party leaders for the next time around. h.o)

  16. larben says:

    Harv – Before I even could vote, I preferred the peppery speeches of Dief over the marble-mouthed blatherings of Pearson. Then came Trudeau and I was convinced that there could never be anyone as arrogant and dismissive of the electorate as he. Mulroney proved to be somewhat smarmy and full of blarney (at times), but I was convinced that Chretien was beneath contempt in his treatment of those west of Brandon. However, no one could disappoint me more than Joe Clark, not for his pride but for his treachery towards western conservatism.
    Now it is true that Stephen Harper can be aloof (to say the least) but he has never made love to the mic or the cameras. He is a very serious man who takes his duties seriously. He comes from an economist background, and is not interested in wearing boutonnieres, pimp hats, capes or doing pirouettes, for the camera.
    Harvey, should you vote for anyone other than Harper, I can guarantee you that I will cancel your vote by neutralizing it with mine. Cheers!
    P.S. I cannot even find words to express my feeling (or lack thereof, for Ignatieff!)

    (Response: Well, you had better vote a lot more than once! Looks …so far … like more will vote against Harper than for him. h.o)

  17. CGHZD says:

    Harvey, has this Supreme Court French thing actually gone thru or was it gassed because of the election? I Don’t see how an eastern dominated Senate would help derail this idiotic thing.

    Good article, you are absolutely right about Steven Harper. God won’t be able to help Canada if he ever gets a majority government.
    Among the more odious items that he tried to peddle to Canadians, with his designed to fail budget, was the $50.00 per month sop to old age pensioners living at or below the poverty line. $50.00 just lets them move up a grade in the type of dog food they are forced to buy because of our and Harper’s shameful neglect.
    We are forced to pick the party and leader that will do the least harm.

    Also liked your piece on the BC Rail Christy Clark debacle. Someone one indeed should go to jail.

    (Response; The Supreme Court Bill, actually made it through the Commons, with the NDP/Liberal/Bloc coalition ramming it through …only the Tories opposing it. It then stalled in the Senate (How ironic the most ridiculed level of our Parliament was the only thing stopping it’s implimentation!! Lucky it wasn’t abolished! ). I believe it now dies with the election …BUT it’s likely the NDPer who brought it in, Yves Godin, and his anti-Western cohorts will bring it back whoever wins the next election … and if the Liberals or their coalition win ..maybe even as a Government Bill …that would then go through the Commons again …and possibly even a Liberal-dominated Senate as well. h.o)

  18. SC says:

    Oh, if only the old Rhino Party would run candidates. At least they were honest, stating that they wouldn’t keep any of it’s promises. If only the real political parties could be so honest.

    As per your point about Liberal dominated Senate in 17, the Senate is actually Tory-led now. Of course, getting Senators to show up to work on the other hand….

    (Rresponse: Right. But I assume over time, there will be more Senate retirements, deaths etc. so if the Libsd got electe4d, they could refill those posts with their own cronies …a time-honoured Canadian tradition … and thus have the seats again over time to push through whatever they want. h.o)

  19. RS says:

    “I think a majority Tory government would be like living under a right wing dictatorship … Parliament would be ignored, except whwen needed as a rubber stamp; freedom of information would be completely shut down; asking media Questions would be as privilege only for the brown-nosing few …and who knows what military actions we would find ourselves involved in without any way to stop any of it.” HO

    Isn’t that already Harper’s MO HO?

    (Response: Well, it seems to be his vision of an ideal world. But one thing about minority government: it does prevent the government (any government) from just ramming through anythnig it wants and requitres them to co-operate with the other parties and moderate their plans, legislation aqt least somewhat to get things passed. Frankly, with our current parties and leadership types, I have come to kind of like it. h.o)

  20. Warren says:

    We are all blessed with the right to vote. Too many elections? Hardly. Look to the Middle East right now, where people are paying with their lives to secure this right. Further, as we are a nation held together by coalition – a pact – I am puzzled as to how governing through this method is considered abhorrent.

    The results on May 2nd may indeed mirror today’s situation. If so I would encourage my fellow citizens to see beyond the fear mongering aimed from positions of ignorance and power. Government by cooperation would be more transparent. It would demand stronger participation by the citizenry. After years of Harper’s riot-act cabinet directives, a more open – and yes, volatile – parliament would be a refreshing tonic. It would also be far more entertaining.

  21. Sun Wu'kong says:

    When there’s no one that you like, I still think it’s in the best overall interest to vote out the incumbent.

    Maybe then the politicians will understand that they need to work harder/better to get and keep power.

    “Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”
    ~Author Unknown

    That said, I’m definitely ABC given my background in the sciences — I’ve never seen a group so proud of promoting ignorance and disinformation.

    (Response: Canadians more often seem to vote to throw out incumbents than really support the challenger. But I’m not convinced the alternative would be any better at all … Far from it …when it comes to representing and advancing the West and BC interests. h.o)

  22. Gloria says:

    Well Edgar,

    Explain to me, how our BC assets and natural resources Campbell (edited..h.o) sold have been a benefit to the BC people? The only ones who benefited, were the wealthy corporations., and Campbell’s personal friends wallets and his own.

    The HST was not meant to benefit the BC people, it was just shifted onto our backs to pay it. Just another one of Campbell’s, dirty lies, deceit and tax grabs.

    Good grief, Campbell’s (edited..h.o) sale of the BCR, is the sleaziest event in Canadian history. Nowhere do I see, that stolen asset was a benefit for the people. The BCR real estate was worth a fortune. Not one dime, came to the people. Campbell’s (edited..h.o) sale of our rivers. Well, the only benefit we get, is a 50% increase on our hydro bills.

    I give up!!! No-one looks at the big picture. Campbell (edited..h.o) this province, right down to the bare bones.

  23. crh says:

    I agree with voting out the politicians that do not represent us and cannot run good government. Keep the revolving door going until a message is received!
    The Cons shut down parliament twice to avoid accountability. They are secretive and you cannot trust them. They need to replace Harper as he is part of the problem, he cannot work with a minority. Besides, he looks like a walking corpse. They need to lose a lot of seats. ABC

    (Response: I don’t care what he looks like, but as a student of history I DO know how dangerous it is when a party in power closes down Parliament, refuses to take/answer very many questions, shuts down or makes really difficult public access to information. In the overall context of our society, I think it’s actually more important than jobs, the economy or the environment. h.o)

  24. crh says:

    From 2001-2008, BC’s net losses from the feds add up to 25.4billion. That means we gave them more than they gave us.

    The Libs and Campbell love to give away our tax money to Harper. Giving more and more every year. I wonder what it is now with the HST. ? What a windfall for the easterners! Wow we pay them to get screwed!

  25. Dave K says:

    How do i start a political party called “None of the Above”? This is no joke!

    (Response: You don’t need any official approval to start a paty…just people who agree with you Put up flyers, start holding meetings, see if there’s any interest, and if so, raise money… LOTS of it if you intend to run against the BIG ones. h.o)

  26. Julie says:

    I think it will be, not voting someone in, but likely voting someone out.

    BC citizens took the word of a politician, who, out and out blatantly lied twice, to win two separate elections, by cheating. That was “The Campbell Government”.

    I don’t trust Harper one inch. So it will be, the party closest to taking Harper out, for my vote. Canada is not safe with “The Harper Government” as, we have been instructed by Harper, to call our government.

  27. @CRH

    “Wow we pay them to get screwed!”

    Yes, its called ‘national unity’ and it must be preserved at any and all costs apparently.

  28. Olya says:

    WHY isn’t there an option to “vote against all”??? If Canada is ALL about democracy, as it claims to be, there should be such an option! If there are NO candidates what-so-over that I would want to see in power, what the hell am I supposed to do? Choose anyways, for the heck of it?… No way! Maybe I’ll just write “NONE of the above” on my voting card. Too bad the slime in Ottawa (whatever slime will come to power, they are all slime ) probably will not care.

    (Response: Some eople do spoil their ballots as a protest. Most of the none of the above people just stay away. I won’t do that…and may vote Green, not because i want them to be government, but as a protest and maybe even help them get a few seats. h.o)

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