ONLY Action, Not Words, will STOP China’s Bullying, Aggression, Genocide

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was refreshingly blunt. At a face to face Alaska meeting with Chinese officials Friday, Blinken denounced China’s attack on democracy in Hong Kong, China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang, China’s aggressive threats towards Taiwan, China’s expansionist provocations in the South China Sea and China’s concerted cyberattacks against the West.

“We wanted to share with them the significant concerns that we have about a number of the actions that China has taken and concerns shared by our allies and partners,” Blinken said , according to the Financial Times. (You can read the entire article here:

“Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability,” Blinken added, while cameras rolled and the Chinese delegation fumed.

Also on Friday, in Washington at a US State Department briefing, American officials again publicly raised the issue of the two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, calling their imprisonment in China  “arbitrary and unacceptable”.   The two were arrested in China in retaliation for Canada fulfilling an American extradition request for Huawei executive Meng Wenzhou, facing criminal charges of violating US sanctions against Iran..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also talked tough about the case of the two Michaels.

“China needs to understand that it is not just about two Canadians, it is about the respect for the rule of law, and relationships with a broad range of Western countries, that is at play with the arbitrary detention and the coercive diplomacy, they have engaged in,” Trudeau said, as reported in The National Post.

Read the full report here:

In fact, diplomats from eight other countries reportedly joined Canadian officials in solidarity outside the Courthouse in China where Spavor’s two-hour secret closed-door fake trial took place Friday: verdict withheld, but presupposed.

China is openly displaying the brutal dictatorship it has become under President Xi Jinping.

It’s cruelty to its own people, the lack of rule of law, its disrespect for the Hong Kong agreement, the arbitrary construction of military-occupied islands in disputed waters of the South China Sea, its outright aggression along its borders with India, Vietnam; and now, even hostage-taking are ALL carried out openly for the whole world to see.

And when the history of the Covid-19 virus is written, and the true scope of the suffering, ruin and deaths China has wrought on the whole world will be fully tallied, including China’s delays in stopping international travel out of Wuhan when officials KNEW there was a problem, a BIG problem; its failure to share full information/access with the World Health Organization as early as it could; its use of agents around the world to round up and ship back to China ALL personal protection gear they could find; and, its sudden decision to pull out of a joint vaccine-research-development program with Canada, totally abandoning us.

And despite all this, the new China couldn’t care less!

Under President for Life Xi, China is waging an undeclared WAR aimed at achieving world domination … nothing less … using its economic power, intimidation, bullying and even military violence against others it feels it can bully: Canada, India, Australia; Taiwan, Japan, Tibet, Vietnam.

There have been several articles written about Chan’s growing bullying tactics: Or there’s this:

No surprise then that China has supported the Myanmar military coup that has so far claimed 249 lives; China has increasingly militarized the South China Sea; China has brutally suppressed its own citizens, human rights activists, writers, bloggers, artists, Internet access; and, China is even carrying out cultural genocide against its own Uyghur Muslim citizens, using discrimination, repression, imprisonment, forced labour camps, coerced sterilizations and worker relocations, under pressure, to other parts of the country to disperse and assimilate the population.

So WHY does China believe it can get away with its ugly actions?

Because we have allowed it to do so.

Despite all the rhetoric, China has gambled Western nations worship SALES/MONEY/BUSINESS/PROFITS more than principles … and will DO little or nothing concrete to actually STOP their aggressions.

So far, they are right.

China’s investment in the US tops $1.5 trillion; China is the TOP importer of US goods/services $125 Billion in 2020; just days ago, the European Union just days ago signed a new huge Market Access deal with China, aiming to increase it’s current $245 Billion annual exports to China; and in 2019, China’s investments in Canada top $80 Billion and Canadian exports to China hit $24.4 billion in 2019, making China Canada’s second largest trading partner.

Get the picture?

China has seen Western nations huff and puff about all its abuses, aggressions and transgressions … but then do very little and impose only minor, niggling sanctions, if any at all.

That’s why/how China is winning its WAR against the West … expanding its power, its influence, its financial control worldwide … and increasingly advancing its expansionist land and sea ambitions too, all the while abusing human rights more and more, not less.

The ONLY way to stop China’s aggression and force China back to normal standards of civilized behaviour is by hurting it where it would really feel pain: economically.

With a population of 1.4 Billion to support … China NEEDS us and our consumer markets much more than it really needs to expand its control over the Uyghurs, the South China Sea, Tibet, Taiwan or any future embarrassing cases like the two Michaels.

But first, the Western nations must stand together and be willing to pay the price: substantially cutting our imports from China (yes, at the cost of losing exports too), banning Chinese investment, breaking off cultural/business alliances, barring China’s students from our intuitions, severely limiting travel visits to/from China and excluding ANY China-based or owned technology companies from our high tech and/or communications sectors, including 5-G networks.

Canada cannot do this alone.

Freedom-supporting nations MUST unite and say to China: Enough is enough! Either act like a civilized nation, operating under the rule of law, respecting human rights inside and outside China … or be treated like a dangerous, uncivilized foe, undeserving of doing business with us.

China’s aggression MUST be stopped.

Take China on now economically … before they develop a stranglehold on our economies or we will have to take them on later, militarily.

Harv Oberfeld

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40 Responses to ONLY Action, Not Words, will STOP China’s Bullying, Aggression, Genocide

  1. 13 says:

    ONLY ACTION, NOT WORDS. So lets review the actions of our PM
    He allowed China to train fighter pilots in Canada
    PM Trudeau is short on action and long on words. You can’t even accuse him of harsh words. Our small potato doesnt hold much sway when it comes to x ping.

    (Response: This needs more than just Trudeau/Canada. Just today, the EU sanctioned four Chinese officials for their roles in the genocide taking place against the Uighurs. Big deal! As if those four officials likely had investments in London, Paris or Berlin! A brutal dictatorship like China under Xi won’t bend to sanctions against a few officials. In fact, within an hour, China retaliated by sanctioning 10 EU officials. The democratic world must HIT China where it hurts: BREAK OFF trade! h.o)

  2. Not Sure says:

    Not Sure why you thought I might disagree.

    Just like our last topic, the evidence is pretty clear. But the political decision of how we deal with this evidence will be all over the map.

    Pretty much all I have to offer.

  3. BARRY LAWSON says:


    The growth of China as a economic power house really took root under Pesident Nixion, over the decades the corporations shifted manufacturing and secondary processes to China.

    This is what happens when you allow corporations to set foreign policy.

    The world needs to have a solid front just like the two world wars ,give their citizens a set time to be out of China otherwise you stay at own risk.,then as a United front expropriate all of Chinese investment in their countries. luck out all the students ,seize in occupied homes ect.

    This will also be painful for us as we reset out economies,however this should have been done decades ago.

    (Response: The world FAILED before to take on brutal dictatorships that abused their own people, had expansionist foreign policies and practiced genocide … and look at where that led us. Appeasement and dialogue has not and will not work with Xi! China is no longer a trading “partner” … but a dangerous enemy that dismisses signed agreements, brutalizes its own people, eliminates vocal artists, lawyers, writers, has a totally fake legal system is working quite openly and very hard to intimidate its neighbours and economically subjugate every nation it can. China MUST be stopped … NOW! h.o)

  4. D.M. Johnston says:

    Action yes, but from Canada no.

    Here is country, gripped in a health crisis, far worse than anything in the past 70 years and we have people moaning that they can’t go to Florida for the winter, or Vegas or Disneyland or anywhere in Mexico, how the hell can we get consensus to do anything about China.

    We have bought into this NeoLiberal paradise of less taxes, which is based on most minor manufacturing jobs going to China, where cheap labour abounds. We sold our souls to China for a condo in Mexico or Hawaii.

    To take on China, Canada must reestablish its industrial base, which of course means higher taxes and tariffs on imported goods. It means real investment in the economy and not costly mega projects like Site C or the Broadway subway, which are being built to give politcal friends more taxpayer’s monies.

    We must stop sending raw logs to China to build cheap furniture to sell back to us, we must stop a lot of things, but we won’t because China knows our population is weak, largely ignorant and the upper classes to continue living the good life.

    We have to change; to be more frugal; to be more self aware and demand far better from our elected officials.

    Ain’t going to happen.

    Our politicians have perverted our fragile democracy to put their politcal careers before the country, Quisslings the lot of them.

    (Response: No, Canada cannot take on China alone. But the entire Western group of democracies (and even our allies in other parts of the world) MUST or they will not only be eating our lunch within 10 years, but our breakfast and dinner too. If unchecked and allowed to violate so many rules other nations try to follow, China will fast become so economically strong and dominant … built on a base of human rights violations and intimidation … they will literally be able to expand however and wherever they want without any REAL opposition. h.o)

  5. Richard Skelly says:

    Excuse me if I’m skeptical that PM Trudeau will go beyond platitudes and have Canada join with Australia and Great Britain in pushing back against the Xi regime. And to enact sanctions equivalent to those imposed last week by U.S. President Biden. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is even deploying naval assets to waters off Asia to presumably do joint drills with U.S. Navy ships.

    There’s a long history of Liberal politicians making big dough from finessing deals in China after they retire or are defeated. None more so than former PM Chrétien who has been a Rainmaker Extraordinaire for his law firm helping Canadian firms make agreements with Chinese interests.

    I hear claims on open-line radio that the Trudeau Foundation has received direct or indirect donations from Chinese interests. That’s probably far fetched, but with the PM’s demonstrated lack of an ethical compass on other matters in recent years, nothing would surprise.

    My hunch is that Justin Trudeau considers it simply rotten luck that Canada got dragged into the Meng Wanzhou/Huawei extradition mess with the resulting tit-for-tat taking hostages of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Both those gentlemen held ever since in truly deplorable conditions, deprived of almost all contact with family or visits by consular staff and lawyers. Meanwhile, Meng swans about on bail in her Westside Vancouver mansion. The federal government even waived pandemic restrictions and allowed family members of Meng to fly over from China to visit her over Christmas with no apparent quid pro quo demanded to ease the privation of the Two Michaels.

    Maybe I’m cynical. But it’s easy to imagine PM Trudeau praying every night that the U.S. brokers a deal for the soon-to-be-convicted Messrs. Kovrig and Spavor to have sentences commuted and be freed. Then the Liberals can get back to postponed matters such as, in all likelihood, giving a green light to Huawei to bid on building out all manner of telecom and internet infrastructure networks. Despite warnings from Canadian, U.S. and other Western intelligence that national security could be at risk from bugged Huawei equipment and software.

    Terry Glavin has done yeoman’s work for a few years now, writing cautionary columns in Macleans and the National Post about Canada completely wimpish approach to the Xi regime. It’s also heartening to see more opinion editorials in the Globe and Mail argue that the old ways of viewing China no longer hold. And that, for quite some time now, the special relationship borne of Canadian wheat sales and Dr. Bethune becoming legendary has ceased to exist.

    (Response: You are being quite accurate, not cynical when you write: “it’s easy to imagine PM Trudeau praying every night that the U.S. brokers a deal for the soon-to-be-convicted Messrs. Kovrig and Spavor to have sentences commuted and be freed.” I too expect that the US and China are working behind the scenes for a way to diffuse the Meng Wenzhou situation: perhaps she will plead “no contest” to a much lesser charge and pay a fine of some sort.” But the greater problem would remain: China’s deterioration under Xi from a rising trading partner to a bullying fascist state, where human rights have decreased, not improved, where the rule of law has become a mockery and where their foreign relations policies now openly involve bullying, intimidation, and even hostage-taking … with a “to hell with the rest of the world” attitude. Trudeau/Canada cannot take China on alone: this needs major co-operation and STRING ACTION by many countries that at least have some principles they hold dearer than their exports. h.o)

  6. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, I agree wholeheartedly with R. Skelly, Trudeau will do as little as possible about the Chinese. He and most of our Eastern Masters (and I mean in Eastern Canada) have a way too much invested in China to go after them with a will. All one really has to do is Google Power Corp. to see who would be pressuring the PM to do nothing, which I doubt takes very much effort as he seems quite happy doing nothing. The Quebec and Ontario leaders, past and present, seem to have very incestuous relationships, with marriages and kinships galore. These relationships transcend party lines, with Liberals, NDP and Conservatives all mixed in these groups, all employees, past employees, directors or board members, etc. of Power Corp., so we are pretty much screwed. Along with the Justin Journos covering for him and never asking any hard questions, we can expect to hear how strong a stand he is taking and how brave he is, while groveling on his knees to the Chinese to protect their investments in China.

    (Response: China has its economic tentacles in many parts of the country and in many economic sectors: agriculture; mining; technologies; financial investing. Yes, I find Trudeau is very weak on international matters … lots of shallow rhetoric, little strong action …easily ignorable by errant powers. But I don’t expect Trudeau/Canada to LEAD the counter-offensive against China’s WAR against us economically: that is a role for the US, Britain, the EU .. IF they can learn that is better to pay a moderate price to stand up to China now rather than have to pay a HUGE price to stop their mounting aggression threatening our very survival later on. h.o)

  7. Gilbert says:

    I wonder if Prime Minister Trudeau still admires China. Maybe he wishes he had the power President Xi does. I agree that Canada won’t lead the war against China. That is definitely a role for other countries.

    Despite the fact that the coronavirus came from China, I’m not sure what the rest of the world has done to punish the CCP. I’ve read that an American admiral predicts China could invade Taiwan within the next ten years. I find that really sad, but at the same time, I’m not sure that the USA would really want to risk military conflict and the inevitable loss of American lives over Taiwan.

    It’s no surprise that China supports the military coup in Myanmar. China has a lot of business with Myanmar, and the CCP doesn’t care at all about democracy. Without China, the military in Myanmar would probably feel a greater need to cooperate with the democratically-elected government.

    To punish China, we should move a lot of our manufacturing to places like India, Indonesia and Vietnam. We need to speak out against all the injustices taking place in China: the attacks on Christians, on Uighurs, on those who want democracy and on those who dare to criticize the Chinese government. If we fail to act and ignore all the aggression and genocide because of our focus on business, we’ll only encourage China to continue on the path it is now on.

    (Response: China has been steadily increasing its aggressive behaviours towards Taiwan, sending both bombers and fighter aircraft into its airspace, banning imports of agricultural products on fake claims of impurities, preventing it from joining the World Health Organization etc … typical bullying tactics of today’s China. And you’re quite correct: there are several other countries that are quite capable of taking up ALL of manufacturing China now does for us …in addition to those you name, thee also Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand. Believe me, China needs us more than we need them!! A couple of years of an international cutoff would eliminate China’s arrogance, bullying, aggression and even help restore at least some semblance of rights for its own people. h.o)

  8. BMCQ says:

    Very well stated, once again you are ahead of far too many in the working media of Canada when it comes out to calling out the Canadian government when it comes to the very weak and anemic response to China aggression and the CCP ambition to world dominance . Thank god there are at least some like Gavin and a few more in media willing to hold the Canadian Liberal Party and the PM to account but the pressure needs to be never ending and the coverage of the Federal Governments inaction and shoulder shrugging needs to be front and centre each and every day until there are results .

    China is not our friend, China is a Clear and Present Danger, and China is Our Enemy .

    You have made note of a good number of China policies, actions, and ambitions but unfortunately there are hundreds more actions that China has put into operation on several continents, each of those actions planting the seeds of eventual world domination

    It is hard to imagine but in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico Chinese Nationals/Agents have purchased and now own millions of acres of rich fertile agricultural farm land and that fact is not on a radar screen anywhere . That says nothing about the $ Trillions of USD invested in Commercial/Industrial and Residential Properties now owned by the same people, they are not all who you might think they are, much of that real estate purchased from the profits earned by selling opioids, fentanyl, other hard drugs, and synthetics to our drug addled citizens in Canada and the U.S., imagine purchasing our real estate with profits earned from our own drug addled living on the streets downstairs from where the new comers own residential properties and towers . Think about that for just a minute, Despicable at best .

    In the meantime our political masters fiddle while Rome burns .

    Think of the Chinese investment in Italy, other EU Nations, their dealings with a rogue state like Iran, their dominant positions in several African Nations, their control of natural resources in Africa, the direct control of Rare Earths Of which there are only small pockets found in other countries like Canada, their investments in the Caribbean, South America and so much more I will not list here .

    China is in it for the long game and they want everything YOU/WE have and they are patient, they plan, they wait for any opportunity and they strike wherever they see weakness, and they see weakness in Canada and far too many other nations .

    Harvey is correct Canada cannot fight alone but a few short years ago the “Bad Orange Man” POTUS Trump took China on and at that time China was on it’s heels and they were put in a position that they felt threatened and much weaker themselves, that then action by the U.S. emboldened other nations like Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, the Tiger of Taiwan, the UK, some in the EU to stand up against China and China rook notice, for the first time in decades China was unsure and China was frightened . Why do you think China worked so hard and spent so much to do everything they could to assist in the election of POTUS Biden ?

    Biden, all of the other nations mentioned and many more need to challenge China in any way possible, right down to purchasing everything and everything you can from any other world nation other than Chinese manufactured products .

    Trust me it works, I compete with China and a very large part of the China manufacturing is being re shored to Canada and more so to the U.S., Americans are not buying Chinese manufactured products, China is taboo, I experience it every, in spite of Covid our sales numbers will be up over 25% for 2021, people are rejecting China world wide, we must encourage our Political Masters especially opposition parties along with media to shine a light on China aggression and demand our government do more .

    A big part of this opposition and pressure to China should be about securing the Two Michaels but China must be held account for their atrocities against their own people, yes the Chinesevpeople will fight from within China, we need to give them reasons to fight for Democracy, we have no time to waste, if we wait too long we are doomed to fail .

    We must also at the same time fight for truth, transparency, and accountability regarding the development and spread of Covid – 19, China has profited and gained far too much because of Covid and China must be made to pay . China must be held accountable, we cannot just stand back and allow then\m to take it all .

    Our future and the future of our children, grandchildren, and the future of the Free World depends on what we do now/today, we must not allow the Canadian PM to lead us in his dithering ways and his so shallow mumbled juvenile platitudes of airy fairy nothingness .

    God he makes me sick .

  9. RIsaak says:

    Having lived in the town with many PRC born people for 28 of the past 30 years, I know all too well the LPC is full of Chinese, Ray Chan, Paul Oei, Shark fin Alice Wong, public art depicting Chairman Mao, 50% of businesses catering to Chinese, home of the most prolific casino money laundry, the tentacles of the PRC are well entrenched in the lower mainland.

    The penchant our university boards have for increased tuition from foreign students, the training of PRC police at the justice institute of BC, the training with our armed forces, the barrage of counterfeit goods contravening our copy write laws, the cat is so far out of the bag it can’t even recall being in one.

    Globalization is a fanciful notion, one very ignorant of history, full of potential pitfalls and somewhat ignorant of basic human behaviour. Regardless of progress, most humans choose to be around folks from similar geographic regions to their own ancestry, not much can change this.

    The refusal of the Liberal cabinet to join the opposition in condemning China for the treatment of minorities in China speaks volumes, it plays into the hand of Chairman Xi’s aspirations and says much about the backroom leanings of the LPC. Turn around a few container ships, institute a direct flight ban, stop raw log sales, all would send messages to the PRC on a fiscal level, which is exactly what they do to us when they feel jilted!

    I predict PM Trudeau & especially Foreign affairs Minister Garneau (who had many Chinese backers when he ran for Liberal leader) have zero stomach to go after their backers from the PRC. I hope I’m wrong, but a few more servings of empty word salad are about all the Liberals seem inclined to do.

    (Response: The free world’s conflict is with the government of China … not the Chinese people in that country and certainly not Chinese people living elsewhere in the world … unless they are agents whose loyalty is to China itself and/or the Communist Party of China. And there ARE such agents,TRUE SPIES, watching and listening for “troublemakers” … Chinese or otherwise .. in the diaspora, reporting back on them and I’ve heard intimidating them as well. The way China has treated the two Michaels (and dozens of other foreigners and their own freedom-conscious citizens in China) the West should toughen up controls over these Chinese agents in our midst, arresting them when they break our laws and then giving them a fair trial… something denied the two Michaels! h.o)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    I dont expect anything from our Canadian politicians other than politically correct veiled threats against the brutal dictatorship that is China.

    One wonders how long it would take China to implode if every democracy boycotted ALL Chinese manufactured goods and stopped shipping food TO China.
    Xi Jingping wouldnt last 6 months.
    It’s own people would tear it apart.

    (Response: Exactly: Western democracies need not bow down to Xi’s bullying and aggression. As you say “if every democracy boycotted ALL Chinese manufactured goods and stopped shipping food TO China, Xi Jingping wouldn’t last 6 months.” China under Xi is already at WAR with us … not a partner, but a threatening, intimidating aggressor. And he gets away with it because we let him, just encouraging more. History has shown this NEVER works with fascist dictators: standing up to Xi would be costly …but not standing up will prove even more costly. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    China have about 1.5 billion mouths to feed and those on the bottom of the ladder are beginning to get a taste of a marginally better life style and they are enjoying that better standard of living, better and more food, and nutrition .

    If as many free world nations as possible boycotted China the Chinese economy would fail and the people of China would soon push back against the Xi Government, first there would be protests and then the Chinese government would begin to clamp down on those protests using any means possible and there would very soon be an all out revolution . Yes, millions would die but there would be no way the Xi regime could survive a revolution, the country would very quickly break up into regions and china would be no more .

    If anyone cares to take the time and spend a few dollars I can recommend two books that everyone and everyone that cares about their freedom should read . I have purchased dozens of each of the two books and I have passed them on to many asking those people in turn to pass them on to friends and family .

    Each and every one of us has a duty to contact our Political Masters/MP’s and explain to them that we will not sit back and take what China is doing in so many different World Democracies, China will not stop until they have it all .

    The war with China is a big one and we must not waste any time at all, we must begin the fight today .

    Everything from Intellectual Property Theft to Opioids and Drugs, to Chinese Agents infiltrating Universities world wide, to counterfeit products, to human rights abuses of their own people in China and other countries, to slave labour used to manufacture products in China, to abuse of animals, to Covid – 19 and other similar virus yet to come, and all of the other underhanded illegal activities and crimes against humanity China is so good at need to be called out .

    Our Government needs to stand up and be counted and our Political Masters need to unite with all of the other countries already mentioned to hold China to account .

    Let’s hope we get some help from the working media on this, Canadians from Coast to Coast, to Coast, need to be engaged, our very future and survival as a Democracy depends upon the action we take today .

  12. nonconfidencevote says:

    ” And he gets away with it because we let him, just encouraging more. History has shown this NEVER works with fascist dictators: standing up to Xi would be costly …but not standing up will prove even more costly. h.o)”


    I couldn’t agree more.
    Neville Chamberlain’s “appeasement policies” with Hitler only gave Der Fuhrer more time to prepare for war.
    Unfortunately Chamberlain could not hold a candle to the fawning, kowtowing and @$$kissing that western political and business leaders have done over the past 20 years with China’s leadership in the almighty quest for “trade” and “investment”…

    I fear only when China shows it’s true colors and invades Taiwan with the horrendous casualties that will result…
    The popular revulsion will force our “leaders” to finally act accordingly and treat China as the Communist dictatorship it truly is …….
    Cut off all trade NOW in support of the sham “trials” for the two Michael’s.
    Bring the manufacturing job skills back home NOW.

    After the war with China is over.
    There should be a reckoning for the business people who either traded patents for profit OR Politicians who were supported when they left western politics by businesses directly linked to Communist party of China.

    (Response: It’s interesting that China has actually SUBSTANTIALLY and AGGRESSIVELY stepped up its verbal attacks and imposed sanctions on 10 totally innocent officials of the EU today after 24 diplomats from Western democracies showed up outside Court in Beijing in solidarity with Canada and the two Michaels hostages and several countries issued a statement condemning China’s genocidal moves against the Uyghurs and sanctioned four Chinese officials directly involved in their mistreatment. We MUST break off trade with China … which is the ONLY thing that will stem their aggression!! Yes, there will be an economic price for us to pay … BUT our economies are collectively stronger than China’s, can increase trade amongst our own nations and compensate our farmers etc who lose export markets and easily find replacement import markets that at least share/respect basic human rights. Just imagine the impact on China’s economy if we cut off imports from there! That WILL make them understand that bullying, hostage taking, disrespect for basic human rights and the rule of law and aggressive international behaviour will get them NOTHING but failure! h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Non Confidence, it doesn’t matter if the west boycotted China’s products. It wouldn’t mater if we don’t ship food there. They will get what they need from other countries, countries which they almost own, lock stock and barrel because of the silk road initiatives. They can purchase what they need from South America and various African countries. Those countries will be more than happy to ship food, etc. China has an enormous fishing fleet, they’ll just keep it out there. Have a look at the size of the beef ranches in South America.

    IF Canada and other countries ceases to import goods from China, just wait for the howls of out rage from consumers. Our countries are hooked on cheap imports. Have you looked at the labels inside your clothing lately? Some factories have moved to Vietnam and Cambodia, but still given the population of just North America, they couldn’t supply us with enough items to keep consumers satisfied.

    Does the average consumer actually care about what China does? Not so much. Cheap t.v.s, vacumns, appliances all come from China. Some name brands which used to come out of Europe can now also come out of China at a fraction of the cost. One German brand of dishwashers came from Germany and Georgia, U.S.A.. Then you started seeing them in big box stores at much less. A friend was speaking with an appliance repair person a few years ago and was told, he had run into the made in China dishwashers. He hadn’t ever seen the schematics for that thing. Phoned Georgia and was told, those were for a big box store who was having them made in China. Still the Germany name on the front of the dishwasher. I think Speed Queen is the only washer and dryer still made in the U.S.A. as an American product. Bosch makes appliances in Georgia for the North American market, but are more expensive.

    Try some thing as simply as purchasing a pair of underwear not made in China or a country where the workers are almost factory slaves. Min. $35 a pair from Europe or Eastern Europe. Now who is going to spend that kind of money unless they are committed to not buying from China or like expensive under wear. Stanfields are no longer made in Canada.

    Xi is going to do what he wants and no one is going to stop him, not in China and only abroad if the squeeze is put on him and his, forcefully. There will be no uprising in China. They remember T. square and we all saw what happened in Hong Kong. Western countries didn’t give the rebellion leaders much of an escape hatch to our countries.

    China’s rich, elite, etc. own property all over the world. Confiscate it. When harper was P.M. he gave Chinese citizens 10 year passports so they could come and go between China and Canada. Cancel them. Have them apply for visas each time they want to come from China to other countries and then deny them. China has students in some of the best universities in the world. Expel them. Of course do expect huge blow back from the universities because they’re going to loose money. they charge foreign students on average double.

    If you go have a look at Canadian oil companies, they’re not all that Canadian. going back 20 years some of them were already owned by either the Chinese Government or the Red Army of China. Pass a law saying that can no longer be done. think that is going to happen? Kenny would have a fit. Why? Because there would be a loss of more jobs.

    the majority of people in North AMerica and other countries don’t care what China does to their own citizens because they aren’t white. Its that simply. The MSM doesn’t give much coverage to it. Why? Because a lot of their advertisers are also companies with ties to China, the communist party of China and the Red Army of China. All those containers you see with COSCO written on them. Those various companies which they are registered with actually all belong to the Red Army of China. They have ever since the Communist Party of China told the Red Army they had to be self sustaining. They are. They have holdings all over the world, you just have to dig to find out.

    The world has waited to long to yank China’s chain. It would be a good thing if they did, well rather Xi and his gang’s chains but I’m not waiting. The U.S.A. for 4 years just wasn’t on the world stage and Xi was dealing with an idiot only interested in the greater glorification of himself. China isn’t stupid. They saw the 6 Jan. terrorist attacks from Americans on the American Congress. They’re waiting for the U.S.A. to implode from internal strife.

    How many Canadians and Americans shop at Costco and Walmart? The majority. Now have them stop importing from China. Nice try. the last time the American government wanted to inspect containers on a more intense basis for national security reasons Walmart yelled so loud, the plan was dropped, and that was only the Port of L. A.. Now wait until Walmart’s customers joined the yelling. Same goes for Canada.

    Companies are not interested in leaving China and setting up manufacturing in other countries. Not only is it expensive, but other countries are not as “structured” as China. Other countries are not politically stable and workers have even been known to strike, well in the last century.

    If western countries are going to deal with China the first thing they have to do is remove all their citizens and permanent residents from China and prohibit travel to China. they need to remove the 10 yr visas, expel all students from China, extra diplomats, ban them from owning Canadian and other countries companies and holding shares in our countries companies. Might want to add land also.

    China is already bullying other Asian countries and not enough help is being given to them. What Trump wanted for maintaining American military basis in Japan and S. Korea was more like extortion. I’ve read a deal has now been made with S. Korea, but the amount of money Trump wanted from Japan, Japan could have gone out and bought nukes, subs, etc. and been ahead of the game. It maybe about time Japan militarized again. I’m sure that may get Pres. Xi’s attention.

    As we have read here and other blogs China puts a lot of money into other countries social and political entities. It makes them look warm and friendly. It has to stop.

    Even if only a couple of countries did it, China might pay attention, but our own citizens might rebel because it will have an impact on the Canadian economy. Even food we once though was produced only in Canada comes from China these days, with labels on the cans, which were once Canadian grown food. yes, I read where the food I buy is grown or produced. Some “organic” juices are made from purees made in china and the fruit is grown in china also.

    Do you know where your name brand tooth paste comes from? I don’t. Box/tube won’t say except the ones coming out of the U.S.A.–smaller brands or Mexico and Germany. Same with shampoo. Went through all the shampoos in a major chain drug store and found only one brand which listed country of origin–Germany. They list where the Canadian offices are but not where they’re made. Now just take all that tooth paste out of the country which is made in China. Mouth wash which was once made in Canada, can’t find it any more. Only one brand at the drug store had Made in USA, so I bought it.

    A few years ago they had shrinks observe Trump when he met with Xi and concluded Trump was a narcisist, but they also concluded Xi was. this is all about Xi’s legacy. Xi’s style of leadership is very much that of Mao’s. Don’t expect anything more from Xi than we saw from Mao, except Xi wears better suits, has a better smile and most likely is much more fluent in English than Mao was.

    I’ve been around long enough to remember the boycotts of California grapes and products from South Africa. Boycotting goods from China, not going to happen unless Western Governments actually ban their imports and you can expect China to retalitate. That will be painful and Canadians don’t like pain.

    (Response: If everyone had your defeatist attitude not long ago, we’d all be speaking German: at least those left alive. I don’t buy your “surrender” message. Don’t underestimate the tremendous strength of the purchasing power of the democratic bloc and their combined GCP: China already exports billions dollars of goods to South America, Africa etc. and there’s NO WAY they could all of a sudden buy much more. The loss of our markets would devastate the Chinese economy in very short order… and bring them bac to the table very quickly. As for replacing cheap imports … you underestimate the speed countries like India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Honduras even Bulgaria, Romania and no doubt some African countries would spring into action. And I believe you also badly underestimate the strength of the people in the free world to withstand some economic stress to push back against China’s bullying, aggression, abuses: every Nov 11 we still honour those who sacrificed and gave so much more to rid the world of an earlier incarnation of Xi: buying underwear and kitchenware from elsewhere would be no big deal. h.o)

  14. Horace B. says:

    My one cent worth is that India may be part of a China solution.

    India seems to be growing in clout, and temporarily getting along better with Pakistan. The obstacles may be great, but perhaps Canadian governments would do well to court other Indian groups than just those from the Punjab, who may be a little too dependent upon Chinese support.

    Another possible move in the right direction, and this would have to be a move by
    the USA, would be to form trade/security blocks with all English speaking nations. Together, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, et al, would be a formidable obstacle to Chinese expansion.

    (Response: You’re right. India, with its population of 1.39 Billion, has a huge potential workforce and industrial potential that already supplies a lot of manufactured goods for the world. Now, I’m no great fan of Narendra Modi, who has his own human rights and democratic failures, but if Western democracies stood up to and against China and moved more of our sourcing to India, we could actually be a positive force for higher employment, better wages and even improved human rights for its people. And India is a vibrant democracy … more deserving of our support than the fascist aggressive dictatorship China has become under Xi. h.o)

  15. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – (Edited…off topic.)

    Contrary to what you believe the world can stand as one against china and China can be taken down .

    Harvey – response to e.a.f. – Brilliant !!

    Is it not amazing that good old fashioned common sense approach and sound logic can be so Brilliant !

    Seeing that we are all still here.

    I have called for the following several times since I arrived on K.I.R. sometime in August 2014 . IMHO it is more important than ever .

    Several decades ago Marc Lalonde crafted and enacted new FIRA legislation (Foreign Investment Review Agency) that many did not agree with, when I later read about it thought it was wrong headed and did not make sense . Reading the legislation a few years ago I felt much of it was unworkable and did not really work but I then later understood what Lalonde and I suppose PET were attempting to do and the efforts were largely correct . Yes there were flaws but it now makes perfect to me, my apologies to Lalaonde .

    As mentioned I have called for similar legislation several times on this blog and in other places, a FIRA makes more sense now than ever .

    A Foreign Review Investment Agency made up out of a Bi Partisan group of Federal MP’s, a group of select Premiers, along with some Finance and Trade Ministers should comprise the body .

    China for the most part have been taking advantage of Canada and Canadians for decades but the past 10 years have been no different than declaring war on Canada and Canadians, the same applies to the U.S., The EU, the UK, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and many more too numerous to mention .

    A newly organized Canadian FIRA would would be a big game changer and it would allow Canadians right across the country to have a say in who invests in our country .

    Let’s be honest, over the past 5 – 10 years the Chinese and Xi have been picking our pockets and manipulating our elected officials as if our officials were pre teens .

    We have been swindled, we have been duped, and we have been taken advantage of, we are fools .

    Time for Opposition Leaders and their elected MP’s to stand up and make this an elction issue, the Federal Liberals and the PM need to be forced into taking action before it is too late .

    (Response: The problem with any FIRA setup is that under the usual rules/restrictions applied, the “former” China would qualify qualified, because remember they were “partners”, even “friends” and offered much needed investment resources. And under leaders like Li Peng, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji and Hu Jintao the country moved towards partnership and opening up to the West. Xi has become far too arrogant …making himself leader for life said a lot and now he is gambling that we will not be willing to stop him. He could be right… but that will be our undoing. He must be stopped … with much more direct economic action, not just a more effective FIRA. h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey I’m not surrendering, I’m not being defeatist. What I wrote is how I see things unfolding. Doesn’t matter how hard it might be we do have to try. I am simply outlining what I think will happen based on recent history.

    In my opinion, even though other companies in other countries can get things up and running, who is going to pay for it. Will corporations be willing to do that? What I outlined is what could happen in case the west cut off China. I don’t see a rebellion in China against Xi. The military will crush it, just as dictators did in other countries, while we in the West pretty much stood around and didn’t do much.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget when the Nigerian government hung Ken Saro Wiwa. He was simply advocating for his people’s right to benefit from the oil. Shell did pay out over $15M for “collaborating” in the execution. But for Royal Dutch Shell, that is just the cost of doing business and the tribe Mr. Wiwa belonged to still doesn’t benefit from the oil. that was in 1995 and corporations haven’t changed all that much.

    It maybe I don’t have a lot of faith in people to do the right thing. Remember lots of countries turned away Jews prior to WW II, and that included Canada, the U.S.A. and G.B. made it dam difficult to get in. (Lily Palmer writes a great book and includes a chapter on it) Some historians have written about what if those living in Poland had joined in the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto or others. What could have been the out come for Hitler and Germany. The citizens of Poland did not join that uprising.

    When I look at what is going on in China with Muslim citizens haven’t seen other countries lining up to welcome those who can escape China. Not even Muslim countries.
    How much has been done for the Yazidis?
    Any one remember the gassing of the Kurds by S. Hussein back in the day. Front page of the National Geographic had a picture of a dead father laying on the ground trying to protect his dead toddler son. The world just stood around. I don’t even have to close my eyes to remember that picture.

    We have watched other dictators do horrible things in this world since the end of WW II and not much was done by the rest of the world. We have only to look at the Royhinga and how they’ve been treated. demonstrators in Myramar were locked into their factories so the workers couldn’t join protests. Guardian has a good article up about it and who owns the factory the workers were locked into. My point was simply big business and consumers aren’t going to like what it takes to make China change their ways. That is it. How others want to interpret my comment, is up to them. I’m simply looking at what has gone on in the past. Americans can’t even agree on how to stop killing each other in mass shootings. Do you think they’re going to care about Muslims in China?

    Mid way through my comments I did outline how China could be brought under control. My point is, people/countries aren’t going to be keen to do it because it will be financially painful for corporations and some citizens. Its real easy, get all your citizens out of China and then confiscate all China’s assets and kick most of their citizens out of our countries. I’m not talking people who have immigrated here or are permanent residents, but those who are those 10 yr visas, etc. trade groups.

    When people were protesting outside the Chinese consulate, regarding the brutal treatment of the Falun gong the protesters were eventually barred. Like how did that happen. They were peaceful. the message to China was we were in agreement with their treatment of this group. Perhaps if other countries, including our own had been a bit more accepting of the protesters, China might not have gone after the Muslim population. Didn’t see other countries putting out the welcome mat for Falun gong practioners either. Persecution of those who objected to China’s treatment of people who objected to their government’s actions has always been there. Remember watching a documentary on the K. network at least 25 years ago about the treatment of enviornmentalists in China. Nothing which is going on in China today is new. its just the groups have changed and this time its aimed at high value Canadians. Had we stomped on China 30 years ago, we might not be where we are today.

    (Response: What you write is exactly what China is gambling on: “people/countries aren’t going to be keen to do it because it will be financially painful for corporations and some citizens”.. Yes, WAR is painful, but at least this would/should be just firing back in an economic war that China has already launched against us, against human rights, against the rule of law, against international diplomacy, against treaties it has signed. We MUST do it now, while we still have the ability to fight back at all. h.o)

  17. 13 says:

    @ eaf. “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”
    Truer words have never been spoken. Sadly I tend to agree with your assessment of political will to act. Canadians have Trudeau at the helm and he falls far short of the quote. Australia is the shining beacon at this time. The time to act is indeed now. Does Canada have the leadership needed to act? No Canada does not. If other countries act Canada might be dragged into the fray but we will not take any initiative.
    How long has Canada stood by while two citizens rot in jail.

    (Response: Australia has really suffered much more than Canada at the hands of Xi and China’s efforts to dominate, subjugate, intimidate and punish.

    Western nations MUST stand together and act SOON to cut off all but essential trade and exchanges with China to let them know we are serious and not just spewing empty rhetoric. h.o)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    China’s greatest strength is it’s people
    Its people are also its greatest weakness.
    Find a way to turn the people against Xi……
    Start at the money ( chinese are some of the biggest savers on the planet).
    If that doesnt work…
    Stop their fishing fleet from raping the ocean.

  19. BMCQ says:

    There are already several more very good strategies and ideas posted in the first 18 responses than we get from the Canadian Federal Government and the PM. (edited…off topic.)

    Honestly I do not see why a group of nations like the ones mentioned and many more cannot get together and discuss any and all options, as politicians always seem to mumble, “Everything should be on the table” .

    Everything and anything, even to the point of getting more aggressive with a military build up assisting the Taiwan Tiger by increasing their military capabilities . Yes I know some may say that will not work and china would not allow it but guess what, China needs to be met full on and they should experience the same pressure that Taiwan and other nations do in that region, the only thing a bully understands is a push back that includes those same bully tactics .

    In a world where major bodies like say a United Nations had any backbone and stood for something the UN was designed to stand for when it was formed that same body would be meeting with offended and threatened nations and formulate a strategy backed by a Security Council that would hold China to account, at one time the UN actually meant something . Instead the UN is now run and controlled by Rogue Nations like China, Russia, and other nations that do nothing to ensure Human Rights, Freedom of Movement, and anything else that resembles Democracy in their own nations so as we see on a regular basis the UN means absolutely nothing and it never will, in fact we should also look at disbanding the UN, it does absolutely nothing to better the downtrodden or those nations under threat .

    The most important any of the UN Members and their staffs ensconced in luxury living in New York really concerns themselves with is exactly which brand of caviar and champagne they will enjoy on any given evening .

    So knowing that the world knows it cannot depend on the UN to defend Rights and Freedoms of any nation under threat from China which indeed means the world is under threat from China and ALL Democratic Nations need to stand together and isolate China just as many on this blog including Harvey have stated already .

    We cannot afford to give ground to Xi and his Monstrous Henchmen, WE ALL neeed to stand together now .

    I know many will light their hair on fire when they read this but we can begin by ensuring Taiwan and Japan have missile defense and offense systems regardless of what some “Lambs” may protest .

    We cannot afford China to get any further ahead and we must stand together now, India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, even communist Viet Nam, even a few in the eU, the U.S. if Biden an come out of his coma and basement, and several other nations can and should serve notice to China .

    Another immediate action to take would be an Embargo of Cinese manufactured products, we may not see nations take that action immediately but we can sure take steps in our own life to ensure we purchase or consume anything that comes from Xi and China.

    Please keep in mind that the vast majority of Mainland Chinese and HK people want nothing to do with Xi and his oppressive Henchmen, as has already been stated, if we manage to cause economic hardship in China there are close to 1.5 Billion People that now they have a taste of a better life will not want to go back, they will in fact revolt and Xi will lose .

    Unlike one or two have said, action firm action against Xi will work and it will be successful .

    Not only will the world be better off the Chinese people in China/HK will be better off .

    In the meantime good countries are under threat, human rights in China are non existent, the “Two Michaels” rot in a Chinese Gulag and our Canadian Federal Government and the PM do nothing but mumble platitudes about nothingness. Sickening .

    (Response: China has a veto at the UN, so we can’t look there to do anything to stand up to it. China has to be ACTIVELY taken on by a strong, action-driven coalition of democratic countries … not militarily (unless China starts something) but economically. We have the ability; we have the strength; we have the resources; and we have the “cause” to take on China’s aggression against so many nations and genocide against the Uyghur people… what we need is real ACTION, beyond sanctions against a very few. h.o)

  20. e.a.f. says:

    Non Confidence, really liked your suggestion of stopping China from raping our oceans. Unfortunately its been talked about for decades and nothing has been done. Perhaps we could ask the Sea Shepard society to take that one on. they were frequently the only group out there. They were so effective Paul Watson retired because if caught and turned over to Japan, he wouldn’t be coming back for a very long, long time. Yes, if we want to stop the raping of the oceans, don’t depend upon a military response, check in with the enviornmenalists.

    When you raised the topic of China’s over fishing, not much has ever been done about it. If go you go to the grocery store, check who is “producing” the canned fish. Fortunately we on Vancouver Island have a small local company out of the Comox Valley which produces canned tuna caught by Canadian fishers.

    One of the side benefits of banning made in China food besides the political ones, food would not be as cheap as it currently is, and we might solve a few enviornmental and food security issues.

  21. BMCQ says:

    Yes, China has long held Veto Power at the UN other countries that hold the same Veto Power are the U.S., France, the UK, and Russia, but that does not mean the UN Member Nations that care about Human Rights, Oppression of Minorities, Freedom of Movement Freedom of Religion, Animals, aggressive behavior to neighbouring countries and other countries not so close, the Theft of Intellectual Properties, Counterfeit Goods, and any other multitude of illegal activities and moral assaults on fellow humans and countries carried out by the CCP and Xi should not speak out on the Floor of the UN General Assembly .

    Even with a Veto UN Member Nations should speak out and shine a very bright light on the offences that China carries out every day right across the world .

    As Harvey and others have pointed out, it is fine for one country to push back against China but if dozens and dozens start to push back against China and Xi is called out on the Floor of the UN General Assembly people take notice .

    Let’s also consider the fact that millions and millions of Chinese Freedom Loving People in China want the Free World to speak out and challenge China, and thanks to new technology today unlike only a few years ago the messaging is getting through to Chinese Residents .

    WE take China on everywhere we can, that includes the UN Veto or not, we can also shame other nations who talk about freedom to speak out against China, China will be forced to listen .

    We do not need to fight China today and perhaps e never will be forced to confront Xi militarily but being prepared and assisting responsible nations like Japan and Taiwan to be ready shows Xi that the Free World means business and being ready will cause China to think twice if Xi feels it is time to become more aggressive . China has already shown what they are prepared to do with building Island Landing Strips and Military Installations in the South china Sea and China is already testing India, we need to support India, Taiwan, Japan, and other Allies now .

    WE must use any available technology to deter China from using their evil methods of military offensive weapons, hand to hand combat is not recommended, that is why we need Missile Technology at the ready in Japan and Taiwan .

    China will use any means of intimidation possible to seize territory and gain influence and create fear in other nations . Other nations need new military technology now, a missile defense system is easy and it is an immediate deterrent, China will be intimidated and forced to think twice when they are a potential target of surrounding countries who show they will not accept Chinese intimidation .

    World Nations also need to take immediate action against the Xi China Government from making investments and gaining influence in countries that are third world nations that seek investment or actual bribes China pays to the leadership of those same countries .

    China never rests, China will not give up until it has everything you have, including your freedom . China has a goal of world domination for everything from the worlds population to control of ALL world Natural Resources . Western/Free World Nations are not even paying attention .

    (Edited…off topic and for length)

  22. Wow just wow says:

    Sorry but you just lost every single ounce of respect I had for you. There is so much blatant lies, false claims, and complete and utter offensive things in this post. I’m sorry but you have absolutely no idea what is going on in China and the stuff you read in the news are 99% false.

    China did not support military coup in Myanmar. In fact, the coup is done in major part because the leader Aung San Suu Kyi got too friendly with China. Philippine foreign minister laid everything out about this coup in a YouTube video recently. If there is any foreign country that support the coup it would be our old friend US.

    As for China atrocity, there is a YouTube channel called “real xinjiang” that has videos of Uyghurs in XinJiang telling the world exactly how they feel about the genocide. Never mind multiple of other Ugyhur YouTubers posting vlogs of their daily lives in XinJiang like Anni Guli, Ana Tuna. Heck, by Chinese law, XinJiang governor must be Uyghur by law, and more than half of senior Xinjiang government minister and security forces are Uyghurs or other ethnic minorities. Off course, XinJiang population also grew way faster than Canada’s population growth, and certainly Canada’s Indigenous population, double over the last 20 years.

    Oh yeah, there is also a video by “numvee” of a senior US military leader / chief outlining exactly the plan for XinJiang in 2016 – basically create another ISIS situation to destabilize China from within. Too bad, they couldn’t get it to work so just decided to go with blatant lies.

    Btw, how is our Indigenous population doing with safe drinking water, education, economic opportunity, suicide rates, alcoholism, etc? As Chinese online citizens like to joke, they bet Indigenous population would be way happier under Chinese genocide regime than be in Canada.

    Also, Chinese government has over 90% approval rating now according to Pew Institute.

    Lastly, China and Chinese people standing up for their right and wanting to be treated as equal is aggressive actions? Really? Only Western nations get to decide what rules are and who can be equal?

    (Response: Well, this was from the FP “The Tatmadaw has been pushing the electoral fraud narrative since November, but the leadership would have hesitated to take action unless they had confidence that they could rely on Beijing to shield them from the inevitable consequences in the United Nations from Western nations, and possibly also offset incoming sanctions by expanding economic ties between the two neighbors. Something about that meeting seems likely to have led the military leader to believe that China would be willing to step up for its neighbor.”
    And this was from the Asia Times just yesterday “Protesters have taken critical aim at China’s portrayal of the democracy-suspending coup as a “cabinet reshuffle”, with thousands of protesters in front of the Chinese embassy expressing their displeasure with Beijing’s perceived support of the coup regime.”
    As for the Uyghurs, clearly you conveniently not seen or overlooked the videos that showed: Uyghur workers surrounded on all sides by police and being marched to trains for forced relocation to other parts of China …none of them carrying baggage or even carry-ons; “training centers” with 20-feet high concrete walls and watch towers … sure doesn’t look like BCIT; and crying families, whose mother, in her 50s, was taken away for “job retraining” three years ago and they haven’t seen her since. Wake up to the REALITY of what China is doing to the Uyghurs: trying to disperse them, assimilate them, suppress their language and culture, move thousands of Han Chinese into their region to dilute them over time: in other words, GENOCIDE. h.o)

  23. Wow just wow says:

    What is the chance any of my comments will be posted? I’m going to go with 0.

    (Response: Of course, I published your comment: it was on topic; it made points you felt were important; and, after all, this is Canada … not China, so opposing views are not only ALLOWED, but WELCOMED! h.o)

  24. e.a.f. says:

    Good morning. Well perhaps not all talk will “upset” China, but some of it has or its just a game of you sanction us and we’ll sanction you, but this morning Reuters has a headline, “China sanctions U.S. and Canadian bodies over Xinjiaang”, so some one has taken notice of the “talk”.

    /Beijing (Reuters) reports, “China on Saturday imposed sanctions against two American religious rights officials and one Canadian lawmaker in response to sanctions imposed by the United States and Canada over Xinjiang.”
    “It also sanctioned Canadian member of Parliament Michael Chong, vice-chair of Parliament’s Standing commitee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, as well as the FAAE’s Subcommitte on International Human Rights, which has eight members and this month presented a report here concluding that atrocities had been committed in Xinjiang that constitutes crimes against humanity and genocide”.

    So Canada and the U.S.A. must have some one’s attention. Most likely Xi would consider this a slap in the face and an afront to the country’s position in the world, not to mention some within China may be reading this.

    Now it is interesting they didn’t sanction the chair or perhaps the chair didn’t say anything. But sanctioning M.P. Chong. really, I’ve seen him speak on t.v. and he seemed like a smart and nice enough guy. Oh, well at least we have China’s attention.

    Did look on line last night and can find no major brand of mouth wash made in Canada. Only one Canadian Brand, Green Beaver, who also makes toothpaste in Canada. Nature Clean also makes toothpaste in Canada. the rest, made in China. I remember about a decade ago Wal-mart carried a house brand mouth wash made in Canada, but I haven’t been there for a decade or so. Shoper’s Drugs used to carry a house brand of mouth wash made in Canada, but on my last two visits there, they didn’t carry anything which said Made in Canada. None of them listed where they were made, which in my opinion, equals, made in China. If its made in Mexico, it usually states it on the container, ditto for other countries. You’d almost want to ask what are these stores trying to hide or are the brands not proud of where they make their products.

    If we had just two more products made in Canada, it would not only not give China the business but we would create a few more jobs in Canada. Canada used to have manufacturing in Winnipeg, once upon a time or when I was a kid. No reason it couldn’t again or for that matter, Alberta wants jobs, set up factories there. Kenny is crying they don’t have enough jobs.

    (Response: Sanctions on individuals or a couple of companies are not good enough. Xi and China will never be deterred from the current aggressive course by limited sanctions. The Western democracies MUST cut economic imports from China and even our exports to in a major way: we will find alternative a year of that and China will understand that bullying and aggression will hurt them more than us. And no doubt stop the disgraceful genocidal actions against the Uyghur people. h.o)

  25. RIsaak says:

    China today, sanctioned a CP MP, for the actions of our people’s house which the ruling minority cabinet abstained from. This further strengthens my position that China’s fifth column is ingrained in the Liberal party of Canada, prove me wrong.

    (Response: China also signed a $400 Billion investment deal today with Iran.
    Isn’t that great! China allies itself with the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorist groups/regimes. We MUST stop pussyfooting around and dealing economically with these evil entities: we delayed and delayed in the 1930s … and look where that got us! h.o)

  26. nonconfidencevote says:

    Wow just wow.

    How long would it take for me to be arrested if I wore a Winnie the Poo sweater in Beijing?

    1 minute?, 5 minutes?

    (Response: If it was an original made in Canada …immediately, for cultural agitation; if it was a knockoff made in China … it would be okay, because the name on it would likely be spelled incorrectly. h.o)

  27. Wow just wow says:

    Here is the Uyghur YouTube Anni Guli ???? telling people how cotton is harvested in Xinjiang 2 years ago:

  28. Wow just wow says:

    And look, this same Uyghur lady is back a year ago telling people how much money they earn picking cotton – which is less and less needed due to mechanization. The money is 3 to 5x the average monthly salary of other work in surrounding provinces – with free transportation, boarding, and food provided too.

  29. Wow just wow says:

    Have you ever set food in China? Geez…Winnie the Pooh is banned? Maybe take a look at Taobao – one of the biggest online retailers in China.

    Heck, most people in China doesn’t even know what the heck the fuss is about. Seriously, if you translate the Western news article into Chinese and show it to Chinese, they will laugh at their head off that people can be so stupid to believe such outrageous stuff. This is worse than The Onion.

    (Response: Yes, I have visited China: Beijing; Shanghai, Xian, Suzhou and Hong Kong (both Hong Kong side and Kowloon side). Just beautiful! And the people were wonderful too: very friendly … when they felt it was SAFE to talk to us. Especially happy when I mentioned we have a Goddess of Freedom statue at UBC! h.o)

  30. Wow just wow says:

    A Canadian walking around in Xinjiang and interviewing an Uyghur cop

    (Response: Well, as a retired journalist myself, forgive me but I would not award this one a Webster Award … or a Pulitzer! However, don’t you think it’s wonderful that we can all watch it here, in a free country … unlike China that blocks, censors, bans and even arrests/imprisons those who publish pieces ..even ART and ARTISTS … they don’t like: h.o)

  31. Wow just wow says:

    Also, here is the clip of US Colonel is a tell all about what they plan for Xinjiang and the desire to create a new ISIS or revive ETIM an UN designated terrorist group that US recently has taken off its terrorist groups list – which means US can now covertly provide resources, training, supplies, money, etc

    Xinjiang is the chokepoint where all routes of 1B1R go through. Stir that area up and turn it into a mess like Iraq would be perfect for US – though I’m sure local people would disagree.

  32. Wow just wow says:

    Lastly, this is one out of 5 videos of XinJiang Uyghurs telling Pompeo how they feel about the genocide claim

    (Response; The Nazis also produced videos of “happy Jews” playing in orchestras in “work camps” and playing soccer, frolicking in Terezin … without a single complaint voiced to occasional visiting Red Cross “inspectors”. h.o)

  33. Wow just wow says:

    As Chinese netizens would say – if what is happening in XinJiang is genocide – where population growing at 4%+ per year, economic growth, increasing wealth, not to mention special rights for minority groups then Canada’s Indigenous population would definitely prefer China style genocide over Canada’s real genocide. Seriously, it’s the 21st century in a developed country and half of Canada’s Indigenous reservations still do NOT have safe drinking water. Indigenous population comprises of 60%+ of the prison population, rampant alcoholism, and suicide epidemic. Even the idea of a reservation is repugnant in China.

    (Response: You are simply twisting the truth re population. This is from CHINA’S own statistics just two days ago: Get that? Local Uyghur birth rate DOWN substantially!!! So how is the overall population up? Because Beijing has been moving thousands and thousands of Han Chinese into Xinjiang, at the same time as it has been forcing out, sterilizing Uyghurs: Ethnic cleansing: China style! h.o)

  34. Wow just wow says:

    RIsaak and e.a.f.

    Right because it’s ok for Canada to sanction Chinese officials over blatant lies, and for US to sanction Chinese & HK officials for handling all those riots without killing anyone unlike those Capitol Hill insurrectionist, but not ok for China to stand up for itself and sanction people that perpetuate lies and slander against China and defend its officials?

    (Response: First, I hope you will notice ALL the trials of anyone charged with crimes relating to the Jan 6 insurrection attempt are OPEN to the media, the public and very often there are cameras right inside the Courtrooms! And those charged will ALL get more than 20 minutes with a lawyer before their trials. As for “lies and slander” … China is a master at that art and disgraces itself almost every day in the way it restricts, controls, arrests, bans and terrorizes its own brave citizens who just TRY to live free and express their honest views. I hope you have noticed that MILLIONS of Chinese have FLED China to live in the West … and NOT the other way around!! h.o)

  35. BMCQ says:

    Wow just wow

    Your warped sense of logic and your inability to recognize the facts leaves me very puzzled and I am therefore forced to question your motives in you blind support for China and Xi .
    You just can’t be serious .

    There are hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens hoping to change Chinese Leadership and the direction of China and just as many either hoping to leave/escape or actually get out if they can, how would you account for that undeniable fact ?

    Your manipulation of statistical facts and your willingness to be anything but honest shows you are doing the work of Xi and his CCP, I find it very difficult to accept anything you say as anything less than propaganda for Xi and his Dictatorship .

    It is more than obvious that good people who want freedom of movement, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, and freedom of thought are doing everything they can to escape China and Xi, perhaps you can explain to us just why those same good people are doing everything they can to reach freedom .

    One last question for you and I know you will have an answer .

    Just how many millions of people other than North Koreans attempt to “Escape Oppression” from any given country and Flee to China to Safe Haven in any given year ?

    I am sure you can find something somewhere to cut and paste that will address my question .

    YIKES !

  36. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, its e.a.f. I was going to write something similiar. thank you for your comment, I have nothing further to add.

  37. BMCQ says:


    I always feel honoured and blessed when we are in agreement !

  38. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, well it was the start of Passover and we have Easter next weekend, so even if I’m an atheist, might as well get with the spirit. and BMCQ, when you’re right, you’re right. Regards to the family.

  39. BMCQ says:

    Right back at you !

  40. RIsaak says:

    Just a bit of Bob Mackin’s blog on yet more ties between the Liberal party of Canada & the Chinese govt., Shame on Joyce Murray

    The cost of speaking up against China

    The BBC’s article on the Uighur’s facing state oppression once leaving China.

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