Opioid Crisis: Inept Police, Courts and Politicians are Killing Our Kids

Talk has not done it! Studies have not done it! Task forces have not done it! Education has not done it! Community outreach has not done it!

What we need to STOP the MURDERS of so many of our kids, our relatives, our friends, our neighbours, our fellow citizens are ARRESTS and IMPRISONMENT of the BIG SHOTS  making millions in profits from importing, manufacturing, and distributing fentanyl and others illicit drugs in our society.

The police know who many of them are; the prosecutors know what they are doing; the politicians know how they are operating … and yet, somehow, despite the widespread size and openness of their crimes, those behind marketing death in BC and across Canada continue to operate and thrive with spectacular impunity.

In September alone, 128 British Columbians DIED from drug overdoses …. bringing the number of lost lives so far this year to 1,143 in the province.

Across Canada, the death toll from illicit drugs since the beginning of 2016  now tops 8,000 …. the total in 2017 alone UP 34% from the year before.

Not to mention the many, many thousands of others also who have come close to death,  suffered, but survived.

Doing drugs is bad enough; illegal drugs even worse; but when so many lives are threatened … and taken … by evil villains who willingly put lives at risk for extra profit, and see so many die,  this is a crisis that demands action and arrests and prosecutions and serious jail sentences … not talk.

And each and every one of the victims also has family members and friends who have suffered along with them … and even partially died inside too … from the opioid crisis gripping and crippling our society.

We’ve heard the BC government announce it is suing the pharmaceutical companies for costs associated with the opioid spread; we keep hearing about “wake up calls” to combat drug abuse; we’ve heard calls for more drug treatment.

But what we have NOT heard about are ARRESTS!!!  Or PROSECUTIONS!!!  OR LENGTHY SENTENCES for those who are killing us … or those we know!!!

WHERE are they????

The impact of the drug epidemic scourging BC has become so significant, it is now affecting life expectancy statistics in the province.

In 2001, life expectancy in BC was 80.27 years; in 2014 it had risen to 83.02 … BUT in 2016, it had dropped back to 82.64 … the reason being opioid deaths, according to Canada’s public health officer.

We are losing this war.

And instead of just dutifully reporting the press conferences, the blabbering and increasing death tolls, WHERE are the TOUGH QUESTIONS and DEMANDS from the media to the police, the prosecutors and the politicians as to WHY there are so few arrests of the BIG DRUG BOSSES behind this epidemic????

Or are too many of the media so co-opted, bored, inexperienced, lazy as they sleepwalk towards retirement to even want to make waves and ask tough questions anymore? Where are their bosses?

Stories on this critical subject could be almost every day … asking the municipal police, the RCMP, elected politicians ay EVERY level, exactly WHAT have they done THAT DAY to make arrests, go after the big shot drug lords and put them in prison.  Every day!!!

If the media kept that up … bet we would see more action than we do now.

Time for the police, the prosecutors, the judges, and the politicians to launch a fully-funded, co-ordinated counter-attack to take out the importers and the distributors.

And if those currently in charge of getting the evidence, making arrests and laying major charges are incompetent or incapable … then our politicians should replace them with others who can.

Before another thousand British Columbians die from drugs.

Harv Oberfeld

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54 Responses to Opioid Crisis: Inept Police, Courts and Politicians are Killing Our Kids

  1. Jimbo says:

    Just give them the GD drugs. Eliminates major crime, identifies users for possible treatment and eliminates huge crime fighting expense. Treat it as the medical problem it is.

    (Response: I could go for that to eliminate the profit motives as long as it’s carefully controlled and includes major funding for treatment too …. and ARRESTS those who have been cutting the crud with fentanyl. h.o)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Hi Harvey – hope you had a great mini-vacation.

    Such a tough topic but it needs to be front and centre every day.

    The first problem is a large percentage of our citizens don’t give a rats petunia about anything except them and theirs. They are so selfish and so hell bent on protecting their perceived place in society that they have lost what they were born with – the ability to feel compassion. That conservative mindset about “screw onto others before they screw onto you” is unfortunately alive and well. People who don’t see other people, as people, are the problem. Whether you are a druggie, an immigrant or a brown person, those of a certain bent have lost the ability to care. It is a shame.

    I would prefer to see this treated as a medical issue but completely agree that the ‘big wigs’ should be targeted. Unfortunately they may be untouchable as I think most of the fentanyl trade originates and is run from China.

    It hurts on so many levels when you see all these obits for young people that you know OD’d. It also hurts to think that far too many of our friends, neighbours and family have the mindset “I got mine. I don’t care. Screw them.”

    Until, naturally, it happens to them….. then the full-throated outrage spews forth. There is a harsh conservative writer in Alberta who railed against all things government, rules, regulations, subsidies, grants, environmental protections, etc etc. He lost a house in the High River floods and them wrote about how all levels of government MUST come together to help those affected by the floods. When the utter hypocrisy was pointed out his response was “It is different when it happens to you.”

    No, it is not different, it is exactly the same. You are just such a pathetic person you have lost the ability to care about others.

    I think the media shies away because people just don’t want to hear it and think about it. Exactly the reason, as you point out, why it needs to be talked about.

    But for some, the answers are easy. Apparently we can just rake the forests to prevent catastrophic wildfires…..

    (Response: There’s no doubt it IS a medical issue, first and foremost, when it comes to the victims. But it’s time to really go after those RESPONSIBLE for bringing the fentanyl in or manufacturing/cutting it … not just the street-level sellers. Amazing… 8,000 Canadians DEAD from opioids since Jan. 2016! This is MAJOR crime and BIG business now and should get much more focused attention and ACTION by the police and our “leaders’ … not just talk. h.o.)

  3. Jason says:

    Mr Oberfeld,

    Interesting post as always.

    You ask a salient question as to why there are so few prosecutions for high level narcotics trafficking. I came across an interesting post on twitter about a week ago from a retired member of the Vancouver City Police who worked in the gang squad (@DougSpencerOSP).

    Mr Spencer stated that high level arrests for individuals trafficking large amounts of narcotics, as well as investigations for fraud and money laundering, were much more of a priority two decades ago and significant prosecutions were made. I remember the Asian Gang Task Force bringing down the levels of violence in Vancouver in the late 1980s. Organized crime groups such as the Gum Wah Gang, Red Eagles, and Los Diablos vanished when enforcement was stepped up. The Attorney General, Brian Smith at the time, made it a priority and it could be done again.

    The government seems to have taken its eye off the ball when it comes to organized crime. Perhaps resurrecting the old Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit, combined with Special Prosecutors might help to make a dent in the problem.

    Another point I would make is to look at the policies of the previous Liberal Government under Campbell and Clark. Post 2002, the Provincial Government shut down what was left of Riverview, deregulated drug treatment programmes allowing for virtually anyone to set up recovery houses in residential neighbourhoods, and closed half the Provincial jails. I can’t help but think that these policies have led to increased abuse of narcotics and rising levels of crime and disorder in Metro Vancouver and the Province as a whole.

    It might be time to think about more institutional treatment for drug addicts and increasing the capacity in BC Corrections. I know it would cost a significant amount of public money but if addicts were treated properly and crime levels were reduced, it might be a price worth paying.

    (Response: Really interesting information. I certainly sense things have changed in terms of focus, intensity and prosecutions and maybe these are the consequences of funding reallocations, political laissez-faire policies by our politicians when it comes to drugs/crime … and, as I stated, the clear deterioration of the quality, experience and management focus of the media. I can’t imagine how, when I was working, the media would just report a hundred deaths a month from drugs …every month … and not DEMAND answers, action and MAJOR arrests EVERY DAY from the police and politicians … not just more narcan and community outreaches! The media are letting the cops and the politicians … city, province and federal … off on this. h.o.)

  4. John Jensen says:

    All the sentiments in this column also apply to the ongoing gang violence we see almost daily in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Where are the arrests, charges, court cases and jail time?
    And why are the politicians in Ottawa, the provinces and our cities and towns targetting the most law-abiding citizens of this great land to make it appear to the voters that they are really doing something about crime?

    (Response: I see a big difference between internal gang violence (a pox on all of them!) and fentanyl opioid drug deaths, where the victims are sadly innocent and/or emotionally, physically ill souls killed by accident or by greed or by the deliberately dangerous actions of greedy drug dealers and their big suppliers/bosses. Both problems deserve attention .. but I’d give greater priority to the drug crisis. h.o.)

  5. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, until our court system is fixed by various governments I am afraid very little can be done. Federally our AG has had 3 years appoint many judges, but I see very little urgency, even with murderers going free, because it takes so long to go to trial. Even with SCoC saying they should pull their finger out, nothing happens. Same for BC, trials being aborted and charges being dropped because of a lack of sheriffs to even open court rooms. There also is, evidently, a dearth of lawyers in the legal aid dept. so even more delays and charges being stayed.
    Not to say charges shouldn’t be laid, but someone with a big bank account can delay, delay, delay until every thing goes away.

    (Response: Sadly, I believe you are quite correct to a large degree. The bigger and richer the criminals, the better they know how and can afford to use/abuse the system. But I don’t blame them: I blame the courts and the politicians especially for their abject failure to protect us and our kids from these merchants of suffering and death… with more and speedier prosecutions, and refusals by judges to allow the court system to be deliberately and systemically perverted by lawyers, delaying, delaying and delaying … all the while profiting from the proceeds of crime. h.o.)

  6. 13 says:

    Harvey, once I wade through the mud slinging at everything being the fault of those that dont give a rats ass Im left wondering how much outrage can we muster living in a country that has legalized the use of marijuana.
    Apparently the medicinal pot is all that left on the shelves of the legal pot shops. The potent lets get high stuff is on back order.
    So maybe , just maybe Mr Trudeau has opened the gate to introduce many more to the wonderful world of drug addiction. I can hear the shrieks of the happy pot users . ” ITS NOT A GATEWAY DRUG”. Likely it wont be for thousands of happy pot smokers. Most might never need a higher high. Many pot smokers will never use heroin. True. I always wonder if someone just decides one day to start sticking needles in their veins? Perhaps they started out smoking pot , and having a few beers. My bet is almost all “hard ” drug users started off using “soft” drugs.
    So it used to be the left lenient judiciary that allowed criminals to pedal drugs uninhibited. The police got tired of enforcing laws that the courts didnt act on. AND NOW weve got the Federal government selling pot.
    I do not see the point of cracking down on drugs while selling drugs. Hypocrisy. Pharmacies that stopped selling tobacco but will sell pot. Hypocrites.

    (Response: Illicit drugs, opioids and deaths of so many victims pre-date Trudeau and even Harper and are infecting many countries, not just Canada. Frankly I find it quite distasteful and ugly that anyone would try to blame or score political points over the deaths of so many. It’s a medical problem for the victims, a societal crisis for all of us and a criminal operation by those behind and profiting from it. When I blame the politicians for not doing enough… I blame ALL of them, of every stripe, at every level for letting us … and the opioid fentanyl victims down. h.o.)

  7. 13 says:

    Okay Harvey, the drugs predate Trudeau and Harper. Government owned and operated marijuana sales DO NOT predate Trudeau. World wide we can only control our trading partners and sanctions against China probably hurt us more than China.
    CBSA could search each and every shipping container arriving from China . Upon discovering illicit drugs in a container they should be able to arrest imprison and execute both the shipper and the consignee depending on severity. Once again you run head long into the PCSJW judges that wont jail murderers, rapists and or cannibals.
    Outrage aside , the poverty pimps and various levels of bureaucrats depend on illicit drugs and addicts to keep their jobs. Cynical? you bet it is.
    When I look at the problem and see all of the want and need for care, education, poverty reduction, rehabilitation, better health care, more safe injection sites, more paramedics MORE MORE MORE I drive by another illegal pot shop and think WHY bother?

  8. Crankypants says:

    I think that Jimbo is right. The only way to put the drug czars out of business is to make it less likely they will be able to live the life of the rich and famous.

    For every El Chapo that gets taken out of commission there seems to be another wannabe ready to replace him. The ultimate whack-a-mole.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Once upon a time there was a provincial Gang Unit. It did work. However, they were doing some good work and then the B.C. Lieberals disbanded it. Another bloggers, Gangsters Out, Dennis Watson wrote quite a bit about that.

    B.C. has always had heroin and it did result in deaths, but then fent. hit the ‘market” and the death rate spiralled. The majority of the fent. comes out of one province in China and the Australians did an interesting investigation on it. The fent. is produced in China and shipped to Vancouver or Calgary and then across Canada. The profits are then laundered via our real estate. Then it goes into banks in those countries where they don’t ask many questions The money then goes back to China.

    Now at one time our ports had a Port Police Authority, but some federal government politician decided in an effort to save money they were disbanded. The policing of ports was turned over to the various city police forces. It was like putting out the welcome mat for international smugglers and money launderers. There is very little control over our harbours or what goes through them. Once loads are dropped here, they go into a holding pen and from there it has to be gotten out in 36 hrs or some such time limit or those bringing it in have to pay storage fees and they’re huge. So there is little to no over sight. Do not expect the Chinese government to clamp down on the fent. factories in China, they bring in too much money.

    When fent. first started coming in, our provincial government chose to ignore it. Hell Alberta at least banned pill presses, but B.C. no Christy Clarke didn’t feel it was necessary. Cops in Alberta charged a couple of dealers with manslaughter when their customers died, in B.C.nothing happened. The big players are just too big and hold too much power.

    To deal with the import of fent. we will need to re establish the Gang Task Force and we need to be prepared to spend real money 0n that. Tax payers won’t be happy because they don’t think it will happen to them or theirs.

    Drug deaths are frequently employed males living in suburban areas. Not regular drug users. Regular drug users know to go to a safe injection site.

    (Response: I would not be surprised, after the Port Police were axed, if most of the emphasis by municipal and federal police authorities now in examining imports relate more to concerns about security/terrorism rather than drugs. Easy to see the results of that in the deterioration of the downtown eastside streetscape … worse now than I can ever remember it. But you are correct in also pointing out fentanyl deaths go far beyond that area… well into our fine residential areas and the suburban communities … and with our inept attempts so far to go after those behind/funding/importing/distributing it all, it will only get worse. h.o.)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    The drug trade at one time was controlled by a couple of organizations, but they set up ‘franchises” and these people did not concern themselves with quality control and hence the fent. to extend the product. Now if drugs were supplied free, and heroin addicts were simply able to obtain it, and it was clean, fewer would die. Of course that still leaves he recreational drug user who dies because they didn’t know their drug had fent in it. Today there no heroin available in B.C.which does not have fent. in it

    Most of the violence we see, shootings/killings, is simply franchisees fighting over market share. They don’t even make that much money. They just enjoy the life style. many of these young men still live at home. their parents turn a blind eye. that needs to change.

    the mid level distributor needs to be dealt with but how? we can send them to jail, but a franchisee will replace them in a heart beat. we have seen the war on drugs in the U.S.A. fail. Lets not go that route. If we are going to deal with the drug problem we need to deal with the CEOS AND such. We need to deal with the importer but that isn’t going to happen .

    We might want to look at why so many people feel the need to self medicate. That starts with children in the school system, but no one wants to pay more taxes. If you had a look at drug addicts, no one started out to be one. Many had mental health problems which, if they had been dealt with at a younger age, might have solved a lot of problems. How many children are there out there who head into the teens with problems — can’t learn, can’t read, hyer active, undiagnosed disabilities. That takes real money and we just came through 16 years of a government which under funded education, so kids fell through the cracks; we had the highest child poverty rate in Canada for 15 out of the 16 yr and that didn’t help either. Kids who are in mental pain will do drugs.

    Weed in my opinion doesn’t lead to harder drugs. Its a good thing its legal now. We might want to do the same with other drugs and then go after those who manufacture the chemical drugs such as fent, meth, crack. Plan old heroin, may not be good for your health but if taken carefully, with a safe, clean supply, you can have a life.

    we also don’t have sufficient rehab for drug addicts. We need medical rehab. not some flop house disguised as a recover house. these places need to be medical facilities with medical staff, and part of the government health care system. Getting well is a min. 3 month process and can take up to 3 year. No tax payers want to fund that. Trust me, they’d sooner have them die, until of course its their kid or loved one.

    First we get the Gang Unit up and running. Then focus on the ‘king pins”. chasing small time dealers doesn’t help. they won’t go to jail and if they did, we wouldn’t have the room for them all.

  11. Kate says:

    I really appreciate this blog post. I agree with you and thanks for posting it. I despise the way drug issues are viewed/handled by government, the law and the general public. The mainstream media also needs to be careful what they say and what they avoid covering. Yesterday, an article was posted on the “safety” of using pot vs alcohol – totally useless article. Also, why is no reporter covering the drug crisis by telling the public where the drugs come from, who makes it and who distributes it? Do news producers not allow? Is is fear for safety? The laws need to change by allowing for the disclosure of names of those involved, just as we would hear the names of any other murderer in a murder case. No more bans protecting killers. I feel 2 messages should be heard. One – no amount of drugs are safe therefore people should learn safe coping mechanisms for life’s issues. Two – publishing the names of those that are killing our citizens.

    Ok, that’s it for my rant=) Again, thanks for starting this conversation.

  12. D. M. Johnston says:

    My take on the opioid crisis, seen and heard through both my son’s eyes, confirms to me, that the politicians, police, the courts,and the media have been successfully infiltrated by organized crime.

    I live in Delta and Delta which was and still is a hotbed of drug crimes. From the early suspicious deaths in the 70’s through to the open drug markets at high schools today (ignored by everyone); drug racketeering continues unabated.

    It seems those in high places are on the take and no one cares.

    Now multiply this by every city and municipality in BC or even Canada, organized crime runs the show!

    Organized crime do not give a damn about the opioid crisis and just send “thoughts and prayers”.

    We live in an age of utter corruption made all the worse by the compliance of provincial governments (both Liberal and NDP) in allowing massive money laundering at BC casinos and creating our super heated real estate market.

    The vast industry now involved with marijuana production, popping up almost overnight with the legalization of pot, is testament of the massive profits to be made with drugs.

    I have done my best to keep my two kids out of trouble and that has/is a very hard job. For politicians, I have utter and complete contempt for them on this issue as they are well paid off by those who own them to turn a blind eye to their profit making.

    It is an evil age we live in, made all the worse by the complete lack of moral courage displayed by our politicians.

    (Response: That’s a pretty serious accusation .. to suggest organized crime has infiltrated “politicians, police, the courts,and the media”. If you have evidence, proof or even any facts that support that you should contact the RCMP or the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. I think your reference to ” a complete lack of moral courage” hits closer to the facts … and should be taken up by media commentators, real reporters and the Official Opposition at both the provincial and federal levels. h.o.)

  13. RIsaak says:

    @13 re. #7, Nice take.

    Changes in port police, a stubborn refusal to try to stem this stuff as it enters Canada, both have changed what used to happen on the docks and what we see now, the comparisons in law enforcement strategies is real.

    Of course increased trade with the PRC seems to be foremost on Trudeau, Freeland, Garneau & Morneau’s agenda, albeit without much mention of the fentanyl and designer opiate issue getting attention.

    (Response: We can trade with China at the same tome as we mount an unprecedented effort to block smuggling of illicit drugs (and goods too).Trudeau has been encouraging the first for some time and I don’t object as long as it is done fairly and to our mutual benefit: bit it’s time to also act on the second part of the statement. h.o.)

  14. 13 says:

    The port of vancouver runs tv ads to show us how quiet slow ships don’t annoy whales. I have worked on the waterfront for 40 years. The one thing that I am sure of is the port is nobody’s friend. It was the port that scraped the harbor cops. A cost saving measure?

    (Response: I’m not sure bringing them back would be the solution, but it might help. What is really needed is a well-funded co-ordinated attack on the sources of the fentanyl and drugs … and effective prosecution and long prison sentences for the drug bosses and kingpins. h.o.)

  15. Keith says:

    This problem covers all socio/economic levels of society, from the souls that are desperate and dependant, to the people that have the knowledge and intellect to know that they shouldn’t be doing this junk.

    As much as I agree with going after the various distributors of the drug trade, there is also a buyer and consumer.

    At what point are those people held responsible for contributing to the drug trade,? and in what form.?

    Should someone be legally charged for possession and ingestion of drugs that they have no prescription for.?

    Should someone be financially liable for any medical costs involved with the ingestion of illegal and non prescription drugs.?

    Not sure if this is viable but there should be some consequence for the illegal drug end user, with out them, no market.

    I had mentioned before Harvey in one of your previous posts on a similar subject the media has to stop gushing about the dollar figures involved in the drug business, but along with that, I believe the media in all forms has to stop referring to some drug taking and drugs as “recreational” and “party” but what they are, illegally bought and consumed drugs.

    (Response: Drug abuse by illicit drug users is a medical problem not one that could or should be treated with fines or jail terms. However those who are making/importing/distributing/selling these drugs ARE criminals and should be treated as such quite severely: not just slapped on the wrist and/or given suspended sentences … or several suspended sentences or just a few days of detention. That has to change … and there has to be substantially increased efforts to go after their BOSSES, who have become very rich marketing sickness and now even death. h.o.)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnston maybe quite correct regarding the police being complicit. Have a read of Kim Bolan and Gangsters Out, by Dennis Watson. he is once again writing about drug dealing by various individuals, gangs under the helpful, watchful eye of RCMP. Watson has long reported on his blog about a night club in surrey, which he alleges is gang owned and has a vibrant drug trade and yet the rcmp have done nothing about it. Several years ago another series of articles were written about open air drug dealing in surrey, with those who didn’t pay their debts being beaten all out in the open and no RCMP in sight. So if it gets printed in blogs and articles and the RCMP doesn’t go deal with it, it is reasonable to conclude they are either in on it or don’t care and neither did the politicians and the media, because they never did go and cover it. Apparently a lot of it went on outside a place called the Living Rooms which was some sort of drop in center for homeless people at night.

    Police departments have their priorities and they don’t deviate from them A Mom phoning to complain, they don’t care.

    Drug dealing does go on in schools and its not been addressed. Its too much work and then of course there will be the screams of some parents, not my kid, what are the cops doing in the schools. Well there are kids being killed in gang/franchise wars over market share. they sell in the schools and nothing is being done about it.

    a lot of people are dying in this province due to fent. and they will keep dying because the right ones aren’t dying. Not until the “ruling” class starts loosing at least 10 of their own each and every week will things change. By the ruling clsss I don’t just mean politicians, but those who “run” things in any city, province, country–which includes the financial elite.

  17. Jay Jones says:

    On a positive note, significantly improving BC’s political community is one of the easiest things BC has to do. We’re not building a rocket here. The education system just needs a major upgrade is all to bring it into the 21st century.

    Surely a people that created a world-class city and province can create a few world-class political parties for the people to select from each election.

  18. BMCQ says:

    I have lived in Vancouver my whole life and as I have pointed out previously on this Blog I have experienced the loss of a Sister to a Drug Overdose and a Father who died as the result of a Physical Altercation during a Robbery of a Yale Town Apartment committed by a Violent Drug Offender. Today that apartment is valued at over $ 3 Million Dollars so it was no DES Flop House.

    Due to circumstances I grew up with the Two Biggest drug Dealers in Vancouver and one of them is still in Prison as a “Dangerous Offender”, he was actually a good boy and a good athlete when we were young and teenagers, I believe Drugs actually changed him and damaged his Brain.

    This is an important topic but I strongly believe we in YVR, B.C. Canada or the West do not have the Courage of the Political Will to deal with the Deaths, Carnage, and Collateral in a serious legitimate manner that actually puts the Death and Destruction into some sort of a Remission.

    We have become a Society of Enablers and Enabling where there is No Accountability, No Deterrents, and No Consequences and I fear and know it will continue.

    We have allowed Poverty Pimps, Politicians, Liberal Media, Social Justice Warriors, Apologists for the Drug Industry, the Politically Correct to allow our Society to slide into a Cesspool of “Anything Goes”, and we are now experiencing the results of what we have allowed the mentioned create.

    We will NOW PAY Dearly and it may not be fixable.

    As a Society we have two choices, do we allow this to continue or are we going to stand up be counted and be counted and demand a reversal of what the Uber Liberal Social Justice Warrior Politicians, Media, Educators. Poverty Pimps of various sorts, a Liberal Judiciary and Legal Aid Carpet Bagging Lawyer types. have created over the past 40 years?

    It is our choice and unfortunately I do not see any Politicians or others that are willing to stand up and fight back.

    The biggest problem is Liberal Media are against anything that comes close to asking for and demanding accountability from Offenders at any level, then of course the problem with Educators from K to University that believe that the more Liberal and more unaccountable Society is the better off we are.

    And Just How Do We like those results so far?

    We have seen nothing as yet, just wait and see where we are five years from now when we have done nothing to deter Drug and Crime problems.

    just wait until you witness a whole Generation of Young White Male Millenials turn into Emasculated Drug Addled “Pajama Boys” who spend all waking hours on Video Games, it is happening right now.

    Contrary to popular believe the Police for the Most Part are not inept and this problem is not the fault of Conservative Minded Thinkers, the worst offenders are again Educators and an inept SJW PC Judiciary.

    The Police do their job, they investigate and they arrest, Prosecution goes to Trail and Tax Payer Funded Legal Aid Lawyers Deflect, Confuse, Lie, and Manipulate Inept, Crooked, Disengaged, and Lazy Judiciary and those same Judges Release Repeat Prolific Offenders back into Society where they continue to Sell Drugs, commit Violent Crimes, Steal, Intimidate, and Profit from their crimes.

    Contrary to popular believe IT IS very often the Children and other Family Members of Wealthy Innocent and Crooked Canadians, I suggest you familiarize yourself with some hard true facts.

    As to Fentynal and other Drugs entering Canada?

    It does not all come in through the Canada Post and the Ports, much of it comes in from the U.S. which in turn gets about 80% through the U.S. Mexico Border.

    In much of the Fentynal comes in as Counterfeit Oxi Type Pills pressed into looking like Prescription Opioids.

    Also please keep in mind that Most Addicts actually seek out a Higher Highs and they look for Stronger Drugs, do ot let anyone tell you anything different. In fact when police make the Announcements of Bad Drugs on the street things actually pick up a bit.

    Do you think the Chinese or the Chinese Government cares or does anything about Drugs Exported to the West?

    Until we as a Society Demand More from Elected Politicians and until we demand more from Educators and the Judiciary we are doomed to fail and we will still be “Kicking the Can Down the Road” ten years from now after another perhaps 25,000 People in B.C. have perished.

    The last piece to this Sickening Story is the very frightening fact that SJW Politicians, Poverty Pimps, Educators, and other Apologists for the Criminal Element and drug Addiction Industry have launched a very serious Campaign to convince the “Great Unwashed” that “Drug Use and Addiction is Normal”. Disgusti g!

    “Yes Little Billy and Jane, we are all Drug Users and it is very normal and acceptable so if you wish experiment, partake, fall into Drug Addiction we will Enable You, look after you, provide Drugs, Shelter, Clothing, Food, and anything else you require, everything will be just fine”.

    I do not know about you but THAT is NOT the Canadian Society I want and if we do not step up now to stop Politicians and other SJW SOON it will be too late.

    Please do not let them do this to our Young People, they are far too important to be used as an Experimental “Rat Lab” by a Group of SJW PC Dreamers that have proven nothing as yet.

    Stand Up and Fight Back Against the Bastards before it is too late!

    My apologies could not proof read, going out the door.

    (Response: I don’t think the situation and the sources of the problem we face with fentanyl/opioids is “left” or “liberal”as you portray: Harper and the Tories were in power for a decade and look where their policies and lack of adequate funding for port policing efforts, targeting of the big shots behind the importation and distribution and lack of enough interdiction and enforcement and treatment for victims got us. Whichever governments are in power, federally or provincially, we need a whole new concerted fully funded effort at tracking down the importers and distributors and, yes, then we need judges who will send them away for decades .. or even life sentences. As for the users, they need medical help … either voluntarily or in prisons too, if that’s what it will take for those most seriously addicted, but there must be more and better programs to assist not just warehouse them … ie also adequately funded. h.o.)

  19. BMCQ says:

    You are correct it is all Political Brands that have allowed the overall erosion of Accountability for Crime or other irresponsible Behavior to take place but it is more of a Societal Activist Liberalism that has created the Perfect Storm where Politicians have evolved into Enablers rather that Gate Keepers, is that now why they were always referred to as “Law Makers”?

    Again, VPD Stats tell us it is the same 300 Repeat Prolific Offenders who are mostly Addicts with 30, 40, 60, or more Convictions that committ 80% of Vancouver Crime and I assume more or less the same in other Municipalities, many of those in B.C. On Non-Returnable Warrants. What if Judges were to Sentence those Drug Addled Criminals to aFederal Sentence where they get Drug Detox and Rehab? Tax Payer Money would be much better spent that way and we might save and change lives. The ones that are not from B.C. Should be returned to their Warrant Location to face Courts there. Anyone that tells you that Inmates just become Drug Addicts in Prison is simply spouting old Activist Talking Points, they are better off in Prison where they have a fighting chance to change, that is where I would want my family member.

    By taking the majority of Repeat Offendeds off the Streets we would remove both Dealers and Users.

    Federal Politicians then need to take SOME Sentencing out of the Hands of PC SJW Judges and they need to enact Mandatory Minimum Sentences for ANYONE Convicted of Possession of ANY Amount any Drug containing Fentynal.

    Smaller Amounts of Possession would be for perhaps 2 years with Larger Amounts (TBD) of at least 10 years. No room for Debate, Mandatory.

    If we do not enact similar Legislation sometime in q019 we are going to lose many thousands of lives over the next several years, I believe there have already been up to 80,000 Fentynal related ?Deaths in the U.S. this year and it is getting worse.

    PM Justin recently stated that “Uh, China is uh willing to uh assist in uh policing the Manufacturing and uh Distribution of Fentynal that is uh shipped to uh Canada”.

    Yeah , sure Justin we know you can trust the Chinese can’t you. Canadian Parents have great confidence in your ability to work with the Chinese or anyone else for that matter.

    For those of you that criticize Police should actually talk to recently retired or current Members that understand this whole Drug Problem, I know some and they will tell you the Biggest Problem we have when attempting to STOP Dealing and Addiction is Social Justice Warriors, Poverty Pimps like Mayor Gregor, Kwan, Legal Aid Lawyers, Activist Judges and too many in the Medical Field.

    As to Enabling and Providing Clean Safe Drugs? When was the last time you saw Alcoholics Anonymous setting up Drop In Centers and pouring a nice Scotch Soda for their Clientele?

    You are in Florida and I believe they have a “Baker Act” that allows Family to have Drug or Alcohol Addled Individuals apprehended and treated, we need to explore that Federally in Canada the PET Constitution be damned, we need to change now.

    Contrary to what SJW are peddling we MUST maintain a Stigma when it comes to Addiction of any kind, we must teach young people that it is Dangerous, it could mean the end of living a normal productive life and it could mean Living and Dying on the Streets, what we are doing by Normalizing Addiction is not working and we are currently paying the penalty for that ridiculous strategy.

    Over $ 1 Million Dollars goes into the DES each and every day and each and every day things get far far worse, do you not think that should tell us something?

    Vancouver, SEA, PDX, SFO, LAX, JFK, SAN, all Cesspools of Broken Humanityand cities known well to us that are Governed by SJW PC Councils and Mayors. Each and every one of those Cities Soft in Crime, Soft on Drugs, Social Housing for Drug Addled Criminals, and so much more that attract these people, why do we not learn from the examples we see each and every day?

    It couldn’t be because those very conditions and environment is what works for the people in the Povert Industry could it?

    Trust me, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore the situation any longer or it will be too late.

    We needLeadership on this and we need it now.

  20. BMCQ says:

    Seeing as We are All still here I have one last thing to add.

    The Poverty Pimps that control and promote the Poverty Industry , SJW PC Activists, various other Special Interest Groups and FAR FAR too many in the Medical Field have been Lying and in FACT Deceitful when they have been attempting to convince “The Great Unwashed” that it is Mentally Ill Individuals that end up on the DES or other Skid Rows and then become
    Drug Addicted.

    In FACT it is FAR from the truth and the Public need Truthfulness and Answers to this claim and very Dishonest Practice.

    In fact it is less than 5% of Canadians that have what would be called Serious Mental Health Issues.

    The truth is it is the use of Drugs that causes the Psychosis in those that use Drugs Heavily and the Type of Drug is also a Factor.

    Yes some with Mental Health Issues end up on Skid Row and they become Drug Addicted and experience worsening Mental Health Issues but it does not work the way those in the Poverty Industry would want you to believe.




    And then of course Canada and other Jurisdiction in their Wisdom Legalize the use of Recreational Marijuana.


    Please do not let the Special Interests Convince you they are doing God’s Work, they are Lying to You, they are Manipulating You, and they are Making a pretty good living doing what they do.

    It is time for ANY Federal Political Party to Fight Back against this whole Industry and the time is now.

    and once again, please stop blaming the Police for this their hands are tied By Politicians who are manipulate by Special Interests.

    I am Horrified Society has fallen for this and I am Aghast!

  21. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I can’t agree with your assertion that the police and courts are inept. Because opioid deaths are spiking does not equate to inept police/courts.

    Can you point to reports of drug kingpins not being pursued by police?

    Can you cite a case where drug dealers are being “slapped on the wrist” by the Courts?

    Here is a sample of police success in stopping drugs.

    I’m not going to pretend that the police are stopping the majority of the illicit drug trade. The dead addicts attest to that.

    But, how much police resources do you want to dedicate to a self inflicted problem?

    Drug use like skydiving is a inherently dangerous past time. The difference is that society expects skydivers to make sure their equipment works. There is no government agency or VanDU or Portland Society providing properly packed parachutes to skydivers. There is no safe-parachuting site observing skydivers in mid-fall making sure to leap to their rescue if something goes wrong.

    But, drug users have all this and more to make their chosen recreational activity safer for them.

    As for the 3rd group you mentioned, the inept politicians, I cant provide much of a defense for them. Liberal Politicians being the face of an inept liberal populace are not surprisingly inept as well. Liberal ideology is not capable of fixing this problem. Liberals blame society for the addict, and as such, believe it is society that must change, not the junkie.

    Society must embrace the addict as a medical problem and not a criminal problem. Society must provide clean drugs at no charge. Society must step around the needles in the playground. It’s the kid in the playground’s fault for not looking for the discarded “medical instruments” of the poor sick heroin victim before enjoying a slide and a swing.

    Mean ol’ conservatives believe in personal accountability. it’s up to the individual to build a strong healthy society, not society’s responsibility to build the individual.

    Liberals don’t like to believe this, but if you criminalize an activity (like drug use) you can then intercede into the problem. Take the junkie out of society and compel the criminal to drug treatment and a bit of education (like breaking into cars and leaving needles in parks is wrong).

    Prison isn’t only for punishment it can be used for treatment and education as well.

    And before liberals “set their hair on fire” over this draconian idea… it’s what we do to drunk drivers.

    Are the libs on this site going to argue it’s the sober divers fault for being such an inept motorist as to allow the drunk to crash into them?

    (Response: it’s a bit of a mug’s game and red herring to ask me or anyone to come up with specific instances of “drug king pins NOT being pursued by police”. Just like it would be ridiculous to ask anyone to come up with specific cases of spies NOT being pursued. Of course they are pursued if and when police can and of course there have been several arrests, charges and convictions… but that’s my point, given the HUGE size of the drug epidemic in statistics, the HUGE impact in terms of lives, fatal and near fatal overdoses, the HUGE volume of imported and manufactured drugs and the HUGE dollar value of sales and profits involved, sure doesn’t seem like police are on top of this problem … yet. When deaths are measured in thousands … in any medical crisis … more focus and action is necessary, and warranted. h.o.)

  22. John's Aghast says:

    hI Harvey! jUST pOPPED bY fOR a vISIT.
    i sEE tHINGS haven’t cHANGED mUCH so
    i wON’T stay Long,
    wHY not ask One oF your More KNOWLEDGABLE pOSERTERS TO Run For Office and solve all These Problems For Which He Has Answers. My Son (the WASP one), whose Mother Died of an overdose, Is a cOP and is Very Aware of These Problems, and their solutions. He is too busy Chasing Bad Guys and Providing Fodder for the pOVERTY industry pIMPS to change THE SYSTEM, but you DO have someone That Claims to BE ABLE.
    I’m past aghast, I’m RESIGNED.

  23. Harry Lawson says:


    Great post as well as some very interesting thought out responses.

    What we have is the unintended results of decades of poor policies regarding drug enforcement.

    We have issues with prosecutions, we have issues with rehab programs.

    The nonprofit sector has done a poor job responding to the crisis . The government needs to end it’s relationship with nonprofit service providers and bring the services back in house.

    We have to many people living off the avails of misery. How many Portland hotel society debacles are out there.? The problem is fixable.

    (Response: I believe there is a role for non-profit and government services in dealing with the current epidemic from a treatment point of view … with an emphasis on increased MEDICAL intervention/treatment options and resources for the victims and increased CRIMINAL investigations, charges and prosecutions … with more severe penalties and jail sentences for the dealers … small to large, ending the revolving door cycle for ALL of them. h.o.)

  24. Gene The Bean says:

    BCMQ saying he has “one last thing to add” – that actually made me laugh out loud. The betting line on that is about 1-5.

  25. Harry lawson says:


    The major issue with non profits providing services is accountability , there is literally no recourse for clients. The second issue is the government is not truly accountable . Contracting out is akin to plausible deniability.

  26. e.a.f. says:

    sending small time dealers to jail doesn’t solve any problems. there is always some one to replace them because most small time dealers are only trying to support their own personal habit. If we sent all small time dealers to jail, we wouldn’t have enough jails to keep them all. So if I have to decide between more jails and more rehab centers, I vote for more rehab centers.

    the focus, in my opinion, needs to be on the distributors, C.E.O.S, and manufacturers, importers, etc. However, the money launderers might also need an investigation or two, because all those profits have to be laundered. Fent. can come in via Chinese shipping lines. The profits, in hard cash can also be sent in and out by shipping lines. The RCMP, CISIS, etc. all know where the fent. is being produced in China, its just China isn’t going to do anything about it.
    Canada passed the Maginsky Act, just as the U.S.A. and other countries did. Perhaps its time we did something along those lines with fent.
    Its not like we are hearing about China closing down fent. factories now are we.

    (Response: Certainly agree with you that the major focus should be on “the distributors, C.E.O.S, and manufacturers”. But the revolving door treatment of those who deal/sell must have limits too .. esp since we are now dealing with products that kill … not just harm. h.o.)

  27. e.a.f. says:

    Small dealers who are addicted, might benefit from rehab and that is what I think drug courts would be good for. You can opt for rehab in a medical facility, government run, none of these contracted out places or go to jail, but just tossing small time dealers in jail, just doesn’t work, nor will we have enough room for them.

  28. Eldon says:

    Ugh. I had hoped a topic such as this would transcend party lines. The comments leave me feeling disheartened.

  29. 13 says:

    @eaf. Tossing people in jail could work if the sentencing was meaningful. Three strikes would also help. reinstating the death penalty would also help.
    Im not sure if you have ever dealt with a drug addict .My family death toll includes 2 sister inlaws and both or their husbands and one cousin. All died in the DTES. If you had you would know that when they promise to go to rehab or promise to get clean or promise to stop stealing they are simply telling you what they think you want to hear.
    Once in jail their participation in recovery programs could reduce their jail time. Then the next time they do not get the opportunity to take the recovery program. The next time is the third time so that would mean an indeterminate stay at a government run facility.
    As far as room in jail? Jails are infrastructure and every government loves to build infrastructure. Staff are government employees and we all love more government employees. I would suggest privately built and run facilities that simply send a bill to the government based on their vacancy rate.
    Please understand that I DO NOT expect to get much support from the usual followers of Harveys blog but I believe that our march towards the PC utopia where nobody is held accountable for bad decisions is a march towards the demise of Western civilization. A friend of mine asked me if I thought that the fent crisis is just the Chinese regimes way of destroying the West. Think about how many of the Asian countries deal with drug addicts and dealers .
    Death, caning, torture. Rehab in a seaside facility with proper staff and meetings and videos. Only in the West.

    (Response: NEVER the death penalty for drug cases of any kind; and NO as well to three strikes laws … each case and individual must be looked at separately , but certainly with greater punishments, and early releases, than are now too often handed out. h.o.)

  30. Barry says:

    According to commercials, the BCTV news is going to do some major pieces on who is benefiting and how it affects us. Let’s hope names are named.

  31. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 26

    Each and every morning just before she pushed me out the door on my way Van Horne Elementary School my Mom would say to me “Don’t let those Teachers get you down Bobby I do not think you are as dumb as you look and one day you will figure it all out, you are not simple at all”.

    I am not quite sure if she was correct about me notr being “Simple Minded” but I do have a more or less “Simple Minded Question” I would like to ask of you.

    Just how might one define “Small Drug Dealer” after your Child has just Died of an Overdose after purchasing a “Small” amount of a Fentynal Laced Drug from that so called Small Time Drug Dealer?

    After all I am quite sure that you are aware that almost ALL of the Drugs purchased by anyone are sold at the Street Level by so called “Small Drug Dealers”.

    Let’s at least to try to pretend to “Keep It Real”
    no matter how one wishes to “Spin It” People that Sell Drugs of any quantity know Fentynal is almsot always involved and they know they are going to quite likely contribute to the Death of the Purchaser.

    Please do not give me the “Airy Fairy” stuff about the drug Addicted have no choice etc, it does not pass the “Smell Test”.

    I have known more Drug Addicts and more Drug Dealers Small and Large than there are Time Share Sales People in Mexico and NONE of them care or give a God Damn about who is purchasing the Drugs from them. and they do not care what Poison is in the Drug.

    As a matter of fact a well known “Non Profit” on the DES was just in the at of Selling Drugs out of their Headquarters, how does that strike you?

    Harry – 25




    1 – 5 ? Never bet with me.

  32. e.a.f. says:

    You can’t execute your way of crime. Just check China and the U.S.A.
    The 3 strikes and you are out, doesn’t work either. all you get is a jail full of geriatric prisoners and costing the government a lot of money.
    Canada doesn’t have the death penalty. The death penalty doesn’t reduce murders or any other crimes. it just some times gets innocent people killed by the state. for that matter it gets more people of colour killed by the state than white people.

    Now as to deaths of people you know from drugs. Nothing new to me. Have seen it going back to high school into the 1960s. Friends drinking themselves to death, been there, seen, it, went to the funeral, same with the drugs. I’m not naïve and I’ve been around the block with these issues. I’ve watched parents be beyond grief over the deaths of their children due to drugs. People who are addicted will live in conditions which my dogs won’t live in and I’ve seen the conditions.

    I have also stood in front of a window on a maternity ward and looked at all those new born babies and known some of them will have good lives and some will be murdered, murder some one else and be addicted. Some times its the luck of the draw and sometimes its genetics. I also know no one starts out wanting to be addicted and live on the streets, steal, lie, etc. It just happens.

    We were raised knowing there were substance abuse in a lot of the extended family and hence there wasn’t any booze in the home. quit drinking at 25. it was expensive and didn’t want to ruin my kidneys.

    I know people with drug habits will lie and steal, etc. If they can’t pay their drug debts they will steal from you, they will set you up to be B & Ed to repay their debts, they will sell their Christmas gifts to pay their debts, you name it I’ve seen it. so please, don’t assume I don’t know the reality of it all. I’ve seen lives and careers ruined by substance abuse.

    I do know some people can get treatment and resume their lives. I know some people will never become unaddicted. Some will trade one addiction for another. Some times its just finding an addiction which isn’t harmful. For those who will always be addicted, I’d rather they get clean drugs and stop stealing from their family, friends, and society. Its cheaper. You can’t keep them in jail for the rest of their lives, so just give them the dam drugs and be done with it. You can’t fix genetics. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix minds and sous which have been destroyed.

    So for those who think I don’t know about it all, trust me I do. I’ve also seen people go through jail repeatedly and not change.

    As to a big or small time drug dealer, my definition: small time drug dealers are those who do it to support their habits and barely make a living. Yes, I do understand small and big time dealers sell drugs which kill. I am aware there is no “clean” heroin left in this province. If I thought it would do any good, I’d like to see all dealers who sell fent. laced drugs be tried for murder or attempted murder, but its not going going to help. the fix is long and expensive and would require efforts that big business would not permit–yes the harbours clamped down on. china dealt with. None of that is going to happen. I have learnt there is nothing you can do to save those who will not save themselves.

  33. jay says:

    Once again, legalize it. The reason most of these deaths occur is due to the mixing of drugs. Someone looking for plain old heroin gets fentanyl or something they don’t want because there is no quality control. You can argue all you want that restriction and policing is the way to go but it hasn’t worked in the 50 years+ that this drug war has gone on. Legalization will allow for people to get ONLY the drug they want. They won’t have to worry about it being laced with meth or cocaine or GHB or fentanyl or anything else. Those that are seeking bigger highs..those are the ones that need to be identified and treated. Speaking as a paramedic, overdoses are almost always due to laced drugs, mixtures or drugs or abnormal strengths of drugs that the user was not expecting. One could argue that they should expect anything they buy to be laced but there are still some dealers with the mindset not to kill their customer base. Blaming the drug companies is ludicrous. Most the the high powered drugs were designed for legitimate use. The people/countries that create and send this stuff out without oversight, yes they need to be taken down and punished. But we need to stop the crisis now. Legalization will help that, jailing everyone will not. Jails have just as much or more per capita addiction issues as on the street because of profit. Eliminate the profit and it helps reduce the problem.

    (Response: I would not support the total legalization of hard drugs: that’s a whole different type of issue than marijuana. Hard drug addicts should be treated as medically ill patients … and those who deliberately make them sick, while making huge amounts of money should be targeted and treated harshly …for the criminals they are. h.o)

  34. Marge says:

    What has caused these young people to feel that opiods are the only way to go? As a teacher, I feel that the school system has let down a ton of kids. Kids with learning disabilities are expected to somehow survive on their own once they’ve completed high school. The high schools are so overcrowded they really don’t have the time or space to look after everyone and especially those at the lower end and those at the upper end. The upper end kids can survive usually because they know where they are heading for the most part. But my little hopeless slower ones – I feel so ashamed that we haven’t helped them all that much.
    Economically why would China want to see an end to the opoid distribution? I bet there are thousands of operations being run in China (with I am sure the “tacit” approval of the authorities) whose sole purpose is to provide opiods to the world. Until some country like the US steps in and tells them to knock it off, they aren’t going to listen. Read this and understand why money is of course the reason why the drug trade will flourish:

    We are going to have this opiod problem forever unless we address both the reason why kids turn to them and the reason why China is happy to supply them. I don’t see this problem going away any too soon.

    (Response: There is no easy answer as to why some kids turn to drugs and others, within the same families or in situations of families facing even worse financial and family conditions, do not. Of course we could use more resources in schools …also medically, in enforcement, in courts and in treatment of those incarcerated … but there is only so much money to go around … for all kinds of needs. From my point of view, I’d say the issues you cite deserve long-term attention/improvement … but right now, the crisis is to stop the killing by money-motivated criminals, and that requires immediate attention, focus and action. h.o.)

  35. 13 says:

    I referenced the untimely deaths of my close family members to support my position on 3 strikes and the death penalty, not to infer that others are unaware of the grief caused by drug addiction. The last 2 posts make me wonder why we are having the discussion. Just legalize the hard drugs and allow a zombie existence to flourish. It should end crime and we wont need police or judges.
    When the low level drug dealer sells the fent and the user dies the dealer has given someone the death sentence. I see little reason not to administer a punishment to fit the crime.
    Sadly as long as we have a government run by Justin Trudeau, the drug addled the drug dealers, the poverty pimps, and even the factories in China have nothing to worry about.
    So for the foreseeable future the last 2 posters will be able to see how ell the plan works

  36. 13 says:

    Yes Hawg, it is global but whether you or I like it the problem originates in China. And whether we like it or not our current leader does not command much respect on the worlds stage. I know that time after time I find myself wondering what Harper might have done. Sadly as woeful as Trudeau is we dont have much talent waiting in the wings. We need a leader that is willing to stand up to the Chinese and use whatever means necessary to force them to stop shipping fent across the planet

  37. e.a.f. says:

    Marg at #34, thank you for the reference. It lays neatly lays out the problem. China will do nothing. The drugs will continue to be imported into other countries, thus making Chinese citizens a lot of money which they can use to invest in China and other countries and hence the money laundering in B.C.

    I’m sure China isn’t interested in dealing with the west’s problems. At some level, its get even time.

    Yes, the school system doesn’t adequately deal with the issues children have to day and the province needs to play 16 years of catch up. The public simply isn’t interested in paying for the cost of more special education teachers or even the testing of children for things such as autism.

    Autism has a huge range and spectrum, yet it isn’t tested for until grade 7, if deemed necessary. All school children ought to be tested for it in grade 3. It will explain “bad” behaviour, rages, things diagnosed as mental illness, etc.

    You put autistic children in regular class rooms there will be problem. Many can’t deal with the noise and the constant movement. In some areas there is a limit of 2 aids per class room, so if your child needs one, only the two worst cases get the aids and in some classrooms there are 6 kids who need aids.

    For many parents, they have no idea their kids are autistic. They’re going to try to discipline them, medicate them, all to no avail. once they become older they’re self medicating.

    The U.S.A. might want to forget about their war on terror and start dealing with the mental health of their citizens as ought to Canada. at the rate people are dying from fent, its a lot higher than “terrorism” and in the U.S.A. the only real terrorists we see are the gun tooting white mass killers.

    While the west continues to think the middle east is the problem, because its easy and makes for good paper, they ought to consider China and its drug pushers as the real terrorists. If all the money spent by the west on war in the middle east, had been put into mental health we’d most likely have a whole raft of less problems

  38. e.a.f. says:

    Hawgwash, #36. Thank you also for the referenced articles. They were informative articles. Interesting reading regarding the Chinese economy. I knew the fent death rate was high in the U.S.A. but did not know it had reach 72K which is higher, as the article notes than the gun and car deaths. given the lack of a lack of a regular public health service over coming the problems will be more difficult. Their politician might want to be a little less concerned about terrorist, and illegal migrants and focus more on their own citizens. Just think if they had spent all that money wasted in the middle east on their own citizens drug problems.

  39. Hawgwash says:

    13, next federal election, I will write your name on the ballot for PM.

  40. BMCQ says:

    How anyone could suggest that Terror Domestic and from the Middle East leaves me cold. WTF?

    The Middle East, almost all of it including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, is obviously as always ready to explode, especially since the Shah of Iran was removed a Major Threat to World Peace.

    Virtually all of the Middle East is and has been run by the Worst of the Worst Strong Men who care nothing about their People, other Countries anywhere else in the World or the ?Rule of Law anywhere.

    The only Democracy anywhere in that Neighbourhood of Rogue Nations is Israel and other than the U.S. no one cares about them, I wonder why?

    Then there are a multitude of other Major Problems almost anywhere else in the World that must be addressed, including Pakistan a Rogue Nation for sure, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa, almost all other African Nations, Venezuela, many other South and Central American S**T Holes, Cuba, and several I have not mentioned.

    Then of course there is the never ending issue of Russia/Putin, that alone takes a World Class Juggler.

    And just who is left out of all the Worlds Great Democracies to address the problems created by the various problem Countries?

    The UN? Yeah, sure that is about as effective as having Barack Obama “Draw a Line in the Sand” or call ISIS the JV Team.

    Where is NATO and the UN on the ongoing Ukraine problem, especially the the attack on the Ukraine Ships the last few days?

    Yes like many other Countries the U.S. has been experiencing a Tragic Epidemic of an Opioid Crisis along with an Infeststion of 75% of the Fentanyl entering through the Mexican Border and it must and is being addressed.

    For anyone to suggest that the U.S. must give up on Terrorism and concentrate on Fentanyl is ridiculous and juvenile.

    It must ALL be addressed and we in Canada must partner with all Nations to confront China and use Sanctions along with the Trade Actions to force China to change and change now.

    PM Justin has done nothing other than pay Lip Service by saying China would assist, how Dumb does he think Canadians are, do you think Chinese Leadership or People really Care? Not one bit.

    Thev UN, NATO, Canada, The U.S. and other responsible Free Nations need to Act in unison and partner in any and all ways to address China and other Criminal Nations On everything from Drug manufacture and distribution, to human rights, to shelter, medical, food, and clothing.

    Importation of Fentanyl must be curtailed and stopped by attacking China any way possible, China needs to know other Nations are serious and we need Leadership from all Countries not just the U.S..

    And yes, the U.S. and all other Nations must be concerned about the Middle East, Radical Islam, and any other Terrorism including Domestic.

    Everything and anything that endangers Freedom and Democracy must be addressed and unfortunately we in Canada have a PM and too many Citizens that are not serious or capable of doing anything to stop it, you will all just simply continue to talk about and “Kick the Can Down the Road”.

    In the meantime the “Death Clock of Fentanyl Victims” will continue to Tick Tock.

    Sure let’s put Jay and e.a.f. In charge, Legalize it All, give People whatever Drugs they want, Increase Government Agencies and Non Profits, and end up with a generation of Hopeless Non
    Productive Citizens housed in Drug Addiction Institutions.

    Now there is a Growth Industry if there ever was one!

    Let me know how it all works out.

  41. e.a.f. says:

    had every one stayed out of the middle east things would have been more peaceful. Israel has always been able to take care of itself. It has a fine military and nuclear bombs to keep it safe.

    foreign powers have used the middle east for proxy wars and domestic political purposes. Invading Iraq destabilised the middle east. the real problem was in Afghanistan and it would have been much easier to simply divide the country in two. For that matter it would have been easier and cheaper to just take out every one who wanted to leave war in Afghanistan is never going to be won. Its a way of life.

    when I look at issues its how many dead and how many might not have been dead. Right now at the rate of 72K a year dead with in the U.S.A. from drugs alone, really. Not that many dead because of terrorism and continuing a war in the middle east is not going to reduce terrorism.

    have a look at the war in Yeman. its disgusting. the U.S.A. is having a proxy war. Saudi arabia does the fighting and Iran supports the other side. In the mean time we may have the largest death of people in history in one go. Had we all stayed out of it, things would have been much better because we aren’t doing anything to try to stop the war of the starvation.

    Israel has always been able to defend itself. That is not going to change. After the 6 day war there were negotiations. things settled down. Of course benni the thug hasn’t done much for peace in the middle east but he has been encouraged by the U.S.A.

    Charity begins at home and until the U.S.A. deals with its 72k deaths a year at home, they ought to back off on this middle east stuff.

    Lets try to remember the shah of iran was simply an American goffer. His family was placed on “the throne” by the americans and if he had done a better job of looking after his country’s interests than the americans, there could well have not been an uprising. Remember it was an uprising by the people of Iran which removed the Shah, not some invasion. the people simply had had enough. had the U.S.A. been able to put their ego in their back pocket and gotten on with life, Iran might not have had the results it has had, by keeping their type of government in place. Iran isn’t the great satan, fent is.

    When you look at Saddam Hussein and the various presidents of Iran, they were all a bunch of not so great people who plunged their countires in to wars. Had the U.S.A. kept out of it, who knows how things would have turned out.

    all this resuledt in a lot of dead Iranians and Iraquis and the military complex made a bundle of money without war, there would be a lot less billionaires and millionares around the world. Its time to save some lives at home and deal with fent.

    (Response: Not sure things in mid east would be more peaceful without foreign powers meddling: the Arab countries are VERY tribal in nature … many distrusting, warring, killing, even within national boundaries and also between countries and their various religious divisions, sects etc for a thousand years. But the Saudis are special: supposed guardians of Islam’s holiest places and yet one of the most closed, intolerant, cruel barbaric societies … even among Arab states. And we ALL have a DUTY to speak out for the poor wretches who fall into their clutches and right now are being tortured and/or killed for daring to just want very basic freedoms and rights. Canada can withstand bin Salman’s tantrums …. we should LEAD the world in finally calling the Saudi regime out. h.o.)

  42. Jay says:

    Ok let’s not put the cart before the horse. When i say legalize it, i’m not saying have it on a nice display in walmart and your local 7-11. I am saying legalize it for the people already addicted who have not or can not get off of it. Regulate it like methadone and other drugs which require you to go to a pharmacy or facility to get your dose and that way it eliminates the cocktails, prevents fatal overdoses and gives the medical oversite the chance to direct these people to treatment. Policing is not working for many of the reasons put forward and simply jailing people is not a solution since there is just as much junk in prisons as is on the street. Going after the bosses doesn’t work, they have underlings who will just take their place. We also need to take a hard look at our treatment programs. They obviously are not working when someone can go through the system half a dozen times and still end up back where they started. Treatment is only part of it, many need housing, support and a means to stay away from the triggers and temptations. This is difficult to provide due to the numbers of addicts we currently see. Stopping the deaths should be our first priority and the way to do that is legalize, regulate and medicate the addicts appropriately instead of treat and street.

    (Response: Some very good ideas worth considering and trying. Let’s face it, the current system is NOT working and if we agree it is a medical problem, not criminal, when it comes to users, then “prescribing” the drugs (or some alternative) could help. However, I disagree with you about the “bosses” … we MUST do better at targeting, arresting, charging and imprisoning them for serious LONG terms to remove the profit incentives and rewards they now enjoy. h.o.)

  43. 13 says:

    eaf if your hungry for reference material google opioid OD BC . You will get enough statistics to entertain yourself for weeks. Of the 4000 deaths in BC since 2016 most are men. Most die at home or somewhere where they are alone. Risky business.
    Most are employed in either trades or transportation. The breakdowns are interesting and they cover angles non of us have even considered.

  44. e.a.f. says:

    yes, I’m aware of the information you have given. They don’t educate themselves regarding drugs which are on the market these days. They use them once in awhile. It is why I believe the drugs need to be sold by the government It may upset many, but at least the drugs would be clean and the dying of these men would stop.

  45. Jay says:

    “However, I disagree with you about the “bosses” … we MUST do better at targeting, arresting, charging and imprisoning them for serious LONG terms to remove the profit incentives and rewards they now enjoy.”

    Can you name one boss..just one that was incarcerated and resulted in a reduction of drugs on the street? It is a fantasy to think this will solve the issue. You could execute on sight every drug boss and someone will take their place. The profits are a direct result of the illegal nature of drugs. If legalizing the drug removes the profit then that problem is solved. Look Harvey, look at the CIA operations, Iran Contra etc that were funneling drugs into the US and protecting these bosses. Do you honestly think that it matters how many we imprison or kill? It hasn’t mattered in 50+ years. What has helped? Eliminating the profit margin by eliminating the legal barriers to helping these addicts.

    (Response: Google News lists a number of drug dealers convicted and sentenced for drug sales/distribution … but whether any of them are the big “bosses” and their arrests have reduced supply etc is exactly my point. Apparently not. And that means government, police, prosecutors and the courts are not doing enough YET to be highly effective. I have no objection to providing clean drugs to addicted sick patients in a controlled environment … but until that happens, more and better has to be done to target the killers taking increasing tolls on our society.
    And by the way, here’s a superb outline just done by Global TV of exactly the issue I wrote about: https://globalnews.ca/news/4658158/fentanyl-kingpins-canada-big-circle-boys/. Good work! h.o.)

  46. BMCQ says:

    If “We the People” Do Not Soon get assistance from the Judiciary in Almost All Prosecutions the Country of Canada, it’s Provinces, and the Canadian People will soon see a Total Failure of our so called justice System.

    Almost ALL Criminals with Charges of Assault, Murder, Drugs, Kidnapping and many more have already been Convicted for several other Criminal Acts.

    The Revolving Door of In Justice in Canada and B.C. needs to Stop Now.

    Where are Politicians on this? Where are Attorney Generals right across Canada on this? Where are Special Interest Groups on this? Where are Media on this, it is long past time for Media to simply Report, it is time for Media to do more Investigation Work and it is time for Media to ask the Tough Questions of Prosecution and the Judiciary.

    As it now Stands Canadians are NOT Safe and Canadians are NOT getting ANY worthwhile return from the Canadian Injustice System.

    We need answers now!


    It is l

  47. 13 says:

    Legalized pot will contribute to more kids dying from getting higher highs. Im sure someone out there has smoked pot and can swear he/she has never injected/snorted anything stronger. I wonder how many crack, coke, smack , or fent addicts can swear they have never tried pot.
    Thank you Justin Trudeau, your pathetic agenda and vote grabbing pot laws WILL contribute to more dead Canadians.

  48. 13 says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there is a recall on tainted marijuana that has been sold legally in Canada. Its apparently bug infested. Now thats funny , Mr Trudeau. Is clean safe marijuana a municipal, provincial or federal responsibility.
    Seems that just cuz we make it legal is no assurance that it wont make you sick

  49. Richard Skelly says:

    Commenter Jay, the paramedic, mentions in passing a salient fact. That prescription pain opioids are not responsible for the body count.

    But you wouldn’t know that from the local, national and American news media that lazily conflates the two types of drug use. It’s almost always the illegal synthetically made opioids like fetanyl causing the overdoses.

    Not wanting a crisis to go to waste, authorities are finding it easier to target doctors and their patients than to win the war on illegal opioids.

    Here in B.C. the College of Physicians And Surgeons has gone further than any regulator in Canada. New dosage regulations are now in effect, creating renewed agony for chronic pain patients–many of them accident survivors–who were able to function, work and lead somewhat normal lives.

    The B.C. College now allows investigators to raid physician offices unannounced to seize records and potentially shut down practices. There was no problem finding bad-apple doctors in the past. News media regularly reported on those unsavoury physicians or pharmacists.

    The new regulations and enforcement are leading most doctors to do one of two predictable things. Radically adjust prescription dosages downwards. Or cease tending to chronic pain patients.

    Daphne Bramham has filed occasional Vancouver Sun stories on this unfolding tnragedy. Drex recently devoted about an hour of The Shift to the subject. Most media continues to lump the two issues together. And equate medically supervised chronic pain patients with addicts seeking offshore dodgily manufactured illegal drugs that kill.

    (Response: At the G-20 summit, China … smarting from US trade tariffs …agreed to curb fentanyl shipments into the US. Canada should be tougher on them too … Trudeau said things are improving, but even he admitted more has to be done. https://globalnews.ca/news/4719220/trudeau-china-fentanyl-g20/ Not strong enough! Maybe he should ask Trump to go after China for us. h.o.)

  50. BMCQ says:

    Richard – 50

    Overprescribing of Opiods by Medical Professionals is an absolute Major Factor that contributes to Addictiion by literally Millions of Innocent People in the U.S., Canada, and other Nations.

    As I type this there are Scores of Court Cases taking place, Medical Professionals and Pharma Giants have been and will be convicted in a Major way of contributing what may eventually cause the Death of more Innocent People than many Wars put together.

    Unfortunately the “Count is just beginning”!

    In the meantime SJW and Apologist for So-called Big and Small Drug Dealers and Distributors On this Blog will continue to “Fiddle While Millions Die”. They will continue to tell you it does no good to jail those Offenders and more will continue to die all the time wringing their hands and wondering why.

    Jay the Paramedic knows absolutely nothing about the Opioid Overdose Crisis of Death Dance, he has proven that before on this Blog.

    I ask you this.

    If the so-called Experts and other Poverty Pimps knew all about what is taking place with the Opioid and other Drug Overdose Crisis why have they not fixed it?

    It was only a few years ago that e.a.f. and others on this Blog blamed Opioid Deaths, Young People Perishing in Government Care, Poverty, Homelessness, and a whole Hell of a Lot More on the Federal Conservatives and the B.C. Liberals, get rid of them and all would be fine.

    Well how do you like the results so far People?

    Just wait until the evidence and results of the upcoming problem studies and connections of the Legal Marijuana Gateway to Opioids begins to come to light then you will really have something.

    But of course SJW Media, Politicians, those Poverty Pimps already mentioned will simply continue to call for leniency for Dealers and Distributors.

    In the meantime assume the position, get the calculator out and keep counting the Bodies they will continue to stack up like Cord Wood.

    Yes, sure, once again PM Justin will tell Fawning Media and they will tell us that China and Chinese Leadership will take action. Sure, whatever Justin we almost all believe you, whatever Justin.

    I would have more Faith in my Childhood Witch WUNDA WUNDA solving Canada’s Opioid Crisis than PM Justin.

    I must admit though PM Justin might just look very Fetching in one of her outfits, especially the Nice Little Head Piece.

    At last count over 80 K Americans have died of Opioid and other Drug overdoses. Most of those Heroin and Fentanyl through Counterfeit Opioids which come in from China through a porous Southern Mexico Border.

    There is plenty of evidence that much of that Poison makes its way from the Mexican Border to Canada.

    The U.S. will get their Wall and it will contribute to the Arrest in the Flow of Illicit Drugs, it will not stop it but it will reduce the amount of Contraband including People coming to the U.S..

    In the meantime the U.S. will get a DACA type Deal done and they will begin to Deport Convicted Felons back to their own Country. They will rid themselves of literally Millions of Felons that are responsible for much of the Violent Crime including Drug Dealing.

    Unfortunately for Canada many thousands of those Convicted Felons will NOT wait for Deportation back to El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, France, Venezuela, Pakistan, China, and other Home Nations, they will in fact choose to come north to Canada and Cities like Vancouver where they have PM Justin, Jean Swanson, Horgan, Kwan, Kennedy, Meggs, Eby, Singh, and so many more SJW waiting to Welcome them with Open Arms.

    Those Poverty Pimps will provide Food, Shelter, Clothing, Healthcare all on the Tax Payers Dime and Media will convince almost all of you that they are doing God’s Work.

    Then you will really begin to see the results of what Drugs and Out of Control Migration Policies can to to Destroy a Once Great Country like Canada.

    Much like almost ALL of the EU Canada will never recover.

    Not to worry though PM Justin and other SJW like him will all soon retire on Huge Government Pensions and then leave it up to a Conservatuve Law and Order Government to clean things up.

    Unfortunately by then it will be far far too late and
    You will wonder what happened.

    Fasten your Seatbelts, you are in for a very Rocky Ride and you will not like the Results.

  51. Richard Skelly says:

    With respect, Harvey. You either didn’t read my comment or chose to ignore the inconvenient truth about the little publicized war on law abiding, doctor-supervised chronic pain patients. Time will tell if China actually clamps down on illegal fentanyl. I hope so. But am skeptical there will be meaningful follow through.

    BMCQ is not unlike many in the media eager to paint the medical profession as awash with opioid overprescribers. Until the new draconian College regulations took effect, the vast majority of chronic pain patients were compliant and adhered to prescribed dosages which enabled them to work or at least be mobile and functional at home rather than be bedridden and exhausted from lack of sleep.

    Big kudos to Daphne Bramham of the Vancouver Sun and Drex at Corus for shining a light.

  52. BMCQ says:

    Richard – 53


    I am not in Media, if I was I would write much better and my thoughts would be articulated more like what Harvey Posts.


    Not sure how many people you know in the Medical Community but any honest Medical Professionals would tell you that Opioids have long been over prescribed and in fact that was a huge factor in what the Opioid Crisis now is.

    Yes, because of the cut back on Prescriptions some that are Addicts turn to the streets for Synthetic Opioids and we have an Epidemic of Death.

    I know people that have Died from this Addicion Epidemic that is the Major Reason I feel so strongly about the Catastrophic Death Deance that is taking place.

    My Wife and I hae a Girlfriend that was a Top Rate UCLA Track Athlete that had 2 Kenee Replacement Surgery.

    Sadly she is now Addicted to Opioids and barely able to function as a Teacher and tRack Coach.

    This is an Epidemic of Biblical Proportions and it is getting worse. If not arrested immediately we will lose thousands more each and every year.

    Of course we need to maintain administration for those that need Opioids but we must be more cautious than ever, the evidence is too strong as to what can take place if we do not monitor Physicians, Medical Community, Government, and the Criminal Element no matter whether they are Big Time or Small Time.

    Please do not misunderstand my motives, I want this Industry Regulated, I want it Policed, and I want Killer Synthetric Drugs kept out of the Hands of Citizens that deserve to live a long full life.

    Did you see where I stated that My Own Sistger Died as the result of a Drug Overdose?

    I do care and that mighrt be why.

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