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The Terrorists Should Study OUR History

June 4th, 2017 · 18 Comments

The news coverage that has emerged from each of the series of terrorist attacks around the world in recent weeks, months, even years tell us much more than just their impact on civilized societies.

The visuals are horrific, to be sure, but the identifications of more and more perpetrators are revealing a fairly clear picture of what and who we are really up against.

The  Islamic “terrorists”who carry out terrorist attacks across the world are NOT true warriors or even devout Muslims:  they are mostly just common misfits, psychopaths and sociopaths … total failures in life … whose violence discredits Islam more than honours it.

The truth is they have murdered, maimed, tortured, enslaved  and destroyed more of the MUSLIM world than they have the rest of us.

And clearly, they are such ignoramuses that they have read little of OUR history.

They drive a van into a crowd at London Bridge and then assault diners at nearby restaurants, bars, shops. Or they kill pedestrians strolling across Tower Bridge outside Parliament. Or attack children attending a music concert  in Manchester.

Did they really think THAT Londoners or Brits will surrender to their perverted vision because of acts like that?

They should have read London’s and British  history.

Beginning Sept. 7, 1940 London underwent massive bombing from the air for 56 straight days and nights … and then over and over again well into 1941.

Did they surrender?


As the Islamic miscreants would know if they just read Wikipedia  “The bombing failed to demoralise the British into surrender or significantly damage the war economy.”  Have a look:

And London was not alone … then or now.

In fact, the Battle of Britain has been described thusly: “the first major defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, and a crucial turning point in the conflict.“  You can read all about that here:

And after what Holland or France or even Germany went through during the War, do these Muslim hatemongers think Europe will be forced to its knees by even an army of mentally ill psychotic Islamic extremists?

And don’t forget Canada or the United States or Australia or New Zealand.

We have ALL been through,  as part of OUR history, too many MAJOR conflicts …  including two World Wars, Korea, Bosnia, Afghanistan … that place the Islamic terrorist threat where it belongs:  as a scary but overall minor and even insignificant challenge existentially to our democracies, our freedoms , and … above all … our determination to NOT be drawn to hate, discriminate or exclude ANY good person, from ANY part of humanity.

The world must understand … we will never obliterate Islamic terrorism: there will always be misfits, mental cases,  psychotics and sociopaths who will fall prey to false promises of glory through self-sacrifice and even death.  While their leaders,  of course, remain safely ensconced and protected.

But we’ve been through MUCH WORSE: look at our history … and look at us now!

And look at them.

Harv Oberfeld







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Ontario Sets Standard for Country: Living Wage AND Dignity

June 1st, 2017 · 43 Comments

Ontario’s Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynn has announced widespread labour law changes that BC’s (eventual) NDP/Greens government should follow.

Millions of workers … who have long laboured at wage rates so low they cannot even afford to rent an apartment without sharing with two or three others … will finally get a living wage …and more!

In Ontario, 10% of the province’s 6.6 million workers currently earn the minimum wage and 30% are paid under $15 an hour.  In BC, the minimum wage is $10.85 an hour … third lowest in the country.

Under the Ontario plan, the province’s minimum wage will rise from the current $11.40 an hour to $11.60 in October; then $14.00 on Jan 1, 2018 and $15 in 2019, followed by additional increases reflecting the annual inflation rate.

But that’s not all.

Part-time workers will get EQUAL pay for doing the same work as full-time staff …. thereby removing at least some of the incentives for companies to restrict workers’ hours, call them part-timers and then pay them less to do the same as full-timers, or even worse full-timers they’ve laid off.

That corporate scam also made it difficult or impossible for many lower paid part-timers to survive without working two jobs or more.  Good to see EQUAL pay for EQUAL work become law.

There will also be, among other changes,  a MINIMUM of three weeks vacation after five years on the job … up from two.

AND this I REALLY like … although it’s not getting much attention in the news…  it will become easier in Ontario for workers to unionize.

Including (from the Government of Ontario official announcement):

“Establish card-based union certification for the temporary help agency industry, the building services sector and home care and community services industry.

“Make the following changes to the union certification process:

“Eliminating certain conditions for remedial union certification, allowing unions to more easily get certified when an employer engages in misconduct that contravenes the LRA.

“Making access to first contract arbitration easier, and also adding an intensive mediation component to the process.

“Requiring the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to address first contract mediation-arbitration applications before dealing with displacement and decertification applications.

“Allow unions to access employee lists and certain contact information,  provided the union can demonstrate that it has already achieved the support of 20 per cent of employees involved.

“Expressly empower the OLRB to conduct votes outside the workplace, including electronically and by telephone, and,

“Empower the OLRB to authorize Labour Relations Officers to give directions relating to the voting process and voting arrangements in order to help assure the neutrality of the voting process.”


I lived/worked through the terror of  supporting the unionization of BCTV’s newsroom;  I also served as Union Vice President for six years.  I paid a personal price for that …. but NEVER regretted for a moment my stand/service in helping others get fair wages, better working conditions and … most of all … the dignity of being able to stand up and speak out when they felt abused/intimidated/wr0nged.

I applaud the Ontario Liberal Premier’s bold moves to make it easier for other workers to achieve better rights and dignity as well.

Of course, there will be protests from the Presidents, Chairs and spokespersons for all the various Chambers of Commerce, corporate p.r.  and management associations, and right-wing politicians … all arguing that this will ruin the economy, can’t be afforded, will raise prices, yada, yada, yada.

I hope SOMEONE in the media have the guts to ask each of them:

What do THEY earn?  What kind of home do THEY live in? What kind of car do THEY drive?

And … just one more (if the talking heads haven’t yet walked away) …. have THEY read ANY of the many, many reports from several sources (complete with very detailed statistics) over the last decade that have proven how the rich have been getting richer and the rest of us have been getting poorer??????

No doubt in MY mind that the Ontario … and BC … and the Canadian economies can all survive giving working people a LIVING wage … and maybe force the bosses/management to SHARE a little more of the revenues/profits from their workers’ labour.

Harv Oberfeld

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