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China Reveals its REAL Nature

January 21st, 2019 · 29 Comments

If you are like me, and believe  actions speak much louder than words, the current attacks against Canada by Communist China should teach us all the TRUTH about how bullying, aggressive and oppressive that country really has become. 

Under Xi Jin Ping, recently made LEADER FOR LIFE, the hammer has come down hard on anyone who deviates … actually or even verbally or artistically …  from the Party’s fascist dictatorship rule.

Forget those pictures we so often see of visiting smiling leaders, diplomats, delegations and voicing hollow pledges of respect, co-operation, partnership and friendship.

When others …. whether individuals or groups or countries … dare to expose or act,  flout or even question their cheating, duplicity, theft,  aggression or oppression  … Chinese leaders and their state puppets reveal their true nature.

Ask their persecuted 100 million Christians, whose churches are now being regularly banned, closed or torn down, or the estimated 50,000 believers who have been arrested, imprisoned, or their children who are forbidden to even enter a church before they turn 18 … and are then abused, denied full education or employment opportunities if they do practice their Christianity after that age.

And that’s nothing compared to the violence and oppression directed at China’s 12 million Muslim Uyghur population … a million of whom, according to the UN, are now imprisoned in concentration-type camps … while the rest, in Xinjiang state,  live under police state conditions … regularly ridiculed, disrespected and punished by Chinese police and authorities.

Or speak to China’s neighbours … Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan … or other nations that are being increasingly harassed in the international waters of the South and East China seas.  Like its other dictator-run neighbour, Russia, China has been clearly expanding its territory by trying to seize others’.

And then along comes Canada … after a warrant was issued by US authorities … daring to detain Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou … in transit through Vancouver … on her way to South America.

No matter to China that Canada has a treaty and extradition agreement with the US; no need … Chinese authorities apparently believe … to follow the law; no reason, Chinese leaders insist, to respect due process.

Release her NOW … the bullies demanded.

 Without a clue, of course, how could  the Canadian government interfere in a legal treaty-governed court process? Because after all, in China, all it would take would be one phone call from the top!

Instead, China reacted exactly as a dictatorship run without human rights or true court system would: they arrested two Canadians on trumped-up”security” charges; and had another Canadian there on a drug smuggling charge (he says he was framed), after a two-year trial originally sentenced to 15 years, suddenly after a one-day retrial,  sentenced to death.

And now, Chinese officials regularly hurl insulting, debasing remarks at Canada.


And we must NOT forget it. 

Eventually, the Meng case will be adjudicated; the two detained Canadians will be released; the third will not be executed … and relations between China and Canada will improve.

BUT the Canadian government and the Canadian people should never forget: the REAL China is an ugly dictatorship … more a foe than a friend.

Harv Oberfeld

(You can also hear me discuss this issue on the following podcast:  )

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Bravo! Canada Stands Up AGAIN Against Barbaric Saudis

January 14th, 2019 · 19 Comments

Welcome to Canada Rahaf Alqunun!

  I’m so happy that CANADA has stood up AGAIN against the barbarism and human rights disgrace that is Saudi Arabia … and has granted you … a TRUE refugee … asylum.

Rahaf’s major offence?  Daring to reject the Islamic faith and wanting to get away from an allegedly abusive family situation….so she fled to Thailand in a bid to reach Australia and seek asylum.  And she said she feared she would actually be killed if she returned to Saudi Arabia.

In the face of voiced threats and delays by Australian authorities, Rahaf accepted Canada’s offer of asylum. 

Whether she remains here permanently as a landed immigrant or eventually seeks entry to another country, Canada has made its point: THIS is a country that supports human rights.

WE are indeed increasingly a country prepared to speak up and take stands in support of the dignity and rights of  human beings worldwide, despite threats and retaliatory actions hurled at us from horrific regimes and the malevolent dictators who run them.

Saudi Arabia has LONG been known as a state where brutality, torture, beheadings … and now even the murder of journalists…  are the hallmark of a dictatorship that regularly ignores and abuses human rights of its own citizens …. women, free-speech advocates, gays, and yes, members of EVERY other religion other than Sunni Islam, even those “allies” who live/work in the kingdom.

In fact, on my just-completed recent cruise, I met/dined with a Christian Catholic couple who had worked in Saudi Arabia for the US government.

Most of us would not be able to imagine the religious oppression they faced in Saudi Arabia … even inside their US compound: the secret actions/practices/subterfuges they had to engage in and endure just to arrange and hold mass with their fellow believers.

Intolerance is the hallmark of the Saudi Kingdom … and it makes ME feel very good to see Canada take a stand against them.

Lest we forget, before Rahaf fled her home in search of religious freedom, Canada was already in the Saudi’s bad books.

As the Washington Post so eloquently reported five months ago ” Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador in Riyadh, recalled its own ambassador from Ottawa, froze any new trade and investment, and suspended the scholarships of the roughly 15,000 Saudi students in Canada. Officially, this was in response to fairly mild and standard criticism of the detention of Saudi human rights activists a few days earlier by the Canadian foreign minister and the Foreign Ministry itself.”

Bravo … as I wrote at the time!

And then the Saudis MURDERED a Washington Post Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi,  right inside their own consulate in Turkey … because he was lightly critical of how the Saudi regime operated!  Barbarians!!!

And again, Canada spoke up boldly … while most of the “free” world disgraced themselves and obfuscated or stayed silent. 

Bucks for too many free world nations/leaders/politicians overrule principles.  Very sad.  

But notice the Saudis …. despite interrupting, messing up the lives of thousands of their own citizens studying, working  in Canada … did NOT cancel their pending $11 Billion purchase of Canadian-made military vehicles.

Canada did the right thing in offering asylum to Rahaf; Canada has done the right thing in standing up against Saudi brutality and incivility.

And we are now the real “shining light on the hill” for the world.

Harv Oberfeld

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