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Boris Johnson MUST Take on “Corbynism” at BBC

Jeremy Corbyn lost the UK election very badly: the Labour Party sunk to its lowest number of seats in the House of Commons since the 1930s.

Corbyn … and his far left brand, his radical beliefs, his reputedly anti-Semitic-sympathizing policies and his dour, sour personality were strongly repudiated by British voters.

  He has already announced he will soon be leaving the political scene. Good riddance, I say.

BUT “Corbynism” is not dead: it lives on where it has thrived for years … on the airwaves of the BBC.

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson had better take it on …or face TWO very powerful regular Opposition forces: politically,  in Parliament and, much more powerfully, daily unending  Corbynism, in the form of radical left propaganda on BBC television.

I have warned before on this Blog about the deterioration of the BBC’s once-proud impartiality: and I believe it has actually been getting worse in the past few years … much worse.

In fact, I dare say anyone watching only BBC coverage of the campaign must have been shocked with the outcome: al I saw there were story after story of how awful it would be, how rewarding being in the EU was .. and barely a mention of the loss of control/powers or social impacts.

I had absolutely no doubt the BBC supported staying in the EU.

And similarly, I find today’s BBC is terribly one sided in its double-standard coverage of the mid-East (only critical of Israel, while ignoring anything the country does REGULARLY to reach out for peace ; while  ignoring Hamas/Jihad rockets still being fired by the hundreds across the border);  turning a blind eye to Palestinian corruption, horrible hate-filled textbooks used in schools and huge financial support for arrested/killed terrorists’ families;  and also being far too accepting/uncritical of the biased terrorist-supporting actions of the UN in Gaza; not to mention the many cases of UN corruption, exploitation and terrible financial waste exposed around the world. 

And while the BBC massively covers incidents/cases/complaints of discrimination/actions/oppression of Muslims anywhere (no problem with reporting that) …  the same cannot be said about BBC reporting of all the oppression/discrimination/violence that Christians and Jews and others are subjected to in Arab/Islamic nations around the world. Double standard.   

Plus there’s the environment: huge BBC coverage of where the Western nations are failing to meet guidelines (again, no problem exposing that) .. BUT why so little BBC coverage of the TERRIBLE … even WORSE … pollution and lack of actions in so many other countries … like Russia, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan,  Cuba and so many African and other South American countries! Except, of course, right wing Brazil.

Just last week, when Johnson held his first Cabinet meeting, the BBC doubled dowsn with its never-ending pressures on the UK and Europe to take more, more, more asylum seekers from anywhere, everywhere.

I say doubled-down because the BBC show Impact this time zeroed in on …. the sad state of children in the refugee/asylum camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos.

Of course the kids were adorable, many, the story reported, suffering from the mental stresses of conditions in the camp and how long they have been there …. yearning for admission into the EU and/or the UK.

BUT nowhere was there a mention of how many MILLIONS the UK/EU have already taken in; no mention of the economic, social or political impacts the refugees/asylum seekers have had on the EU/UK; or why haven’t other major powers (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia etc) taken in significant numbers?????

Instead, here are excerpts … starting with the opening line:

“This is no place for a child….”  and it then points out there are 7,000 kids in this camp of 18,000, fleeing places of conflict … “and arrived here in Europe .. a place supposedly of humanity, safety and security’.

The focus then turns to an Afghan father with two children, one with epilepsy and autism, who had travelled for two months to get to Lesbos, Greece, finally crossing by boat from Turkey,”in desperate search of help for his family”.

Surely ANY credible news organization should have asked WHY the family had not applied for asylum/help along their two month journey … waiting ONLY for entry to Europe???

But NOT in the BBC’s Corbyn world.

I have no doubt that, left unchallenged and unchecked, the BBC will continue to be a far left propaganda “Corbyn”-style mouthpiece … not just on refugees, asylum seekers, but also Brexit …implications and arrangements, the Mid East, and UK/US relations etc.

Johnson MUST take them on.

Harv Oberfeld

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