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SPECIAL REPORT: The Appalling Reality of US Mid-terms!

November 7th, 2018 · 23 Comments

I just can’t stay silent on this … even while on vacation!

The results of the US Mid-term elections were appalling in my view … but not for any of the usual partisan reactions/interpretations being offered up on the various victories/losses.

President Donald Trump’s name was NOT on any of the ballots … but he made it very clear, many times over during the campaign, that HE viewed the voting as a personal test of his public support.

Trump, in my view, has repeatedly disgraced the US Presidency: he has lied regularly… sometimes not just several times in a week or a day, but several times in a single speech or even sentence; he has acted disgracefully towards women; comforted haters; made racist comments himself; attacked the free press as “the enemy of the people”; insulted judges, domestic and foreign leaders;  broke signed agreements; and, presided over a mostly complicit, silent sycophantic Republican House and Senate caucus that regularly ignored the very principles and ethics that once made the US “that shining light on the hill”.

And yet, about HALF of the 114 million Americans who voted in the mid-terms SUPPORTED Trump, his Republican flag-bearers, the Trump record, the Trump legacy so far … and Trump’s agenda for the future.


True … enough Americans stood up to speak up and took away Republican control of the House, and that will have considerable implications for the Trump.

But in the Senate, Trump actually picked up additional seats … expanding and tightening his control.


And there was much more being said by pro-Trump voters Tuesday than just satisfaction with economic growth, tax cuts, job numbers.  They can’t claim this time they just didn’t like “Hillary”.

The mid-term results, instead, demonstrate what has happened to too many Americans over the past two years: they abandoned the once inspiring American principles of truth, justice and ethical standards to endorse fear, racism and xenophobia.

So Trump is actually partially correct when he tries to spin the results as a “victory”.

In the America I used to know … and admire so much … a despicable, deplorable, lying character like Trump would never have been able to get elected in the first place.

And certainly, after TWO YEARS of every proven lie he has said, every disgusting trait he has exhibited, every disgraceful action he has taken, his Republican supporters, apologists and silent servants should have been sent a real message by the voters and lost both the House AND the Senate in much more massive numbers.

APPALLING that they didn’t.

Harv Oberfeld

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Time for a Travel Break!

November 2nd, 2018 · 8 Comments

Cleared for travel again! So the Blog is taking a break.  🙂

Back Nov 19.


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