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OK … I’ll Tell You HOW to Vote!

May 5th, 2017 · 47 Comments

(PLEASE NOTE:  All discussions on this blog will be shut down on Election Day.  Hope everyone goes out to vote. Remember, YOU will live with the result for four years!  h.o)


Bet that headline caught your attention!  May have even raised your blood pressure!   The NERVE of HO to tell YOU who to vote for!!!!

But read it carefully: I did not say I’d tell you WHO to vote for … but HOW to vote.

This is really a difficult election for many of us.

It’s easy for those who are blindly partisan, have a deep personal or financial interest in the outcome, or just can’t stand a particular leader. Literally a no brainer for them.

However for the 20 too 40 per cent of us who have voted for any of the parties in the past and, under are uncommitted,  deciding how to vote this election seems to be more difficult than ever.

And yet, it’s OUR vote … by the undecided … that will ultimately determine the outcome!!

What power we have!

However, in my view, NONE of the party leaders have been particularly believable, totally open or offered any compelling, stimulating vision of any greatness ahead.

So HOW do we decide?

I’ll tell you.

This time, more than ever before, READ each party’s platform to see (although there’s of course no guarantee) at least WHAT actual ideas. spending and financial revenue changes they are planning, proposing and promising … enough to put on paper.

Here are the links:




You will be better informed … and likely surprised or even AMUSED  by some of the ideas in the platforms that have not received a good deal of public attention, but could REALLY impact your lifestyle and your taxes.

Another resource I would recommend:  The Vancouver Sun’s canvass of the three major parties on “20 Hot Topics” ….  very easy way to see the differences between the parties:

Don’t say they didn’t tell you!

Harv Oberfeld


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Voters May Have Signalled the Result in Latest Polls!

May 3rd, 2017 · 54 Comments

I know polls are no longer regarded as the greatest, most reliable indicators of the final results in any pending election.

But there is one figure in the latest Global News/Ipsos that I have no doubt had ALL the party leaders and strategists paying great attention to … with great anticipation, celebration, nervousness or even fear.

According to the poll, done at the end of April, the Liberals, with 43% support, had a two-point lead over the NDP, at 41%.   That is basically a tie, taking into account normal margin of error. The Greens were at 14%.

But there are TWO alarm bells in the Global results for the Liberals.

Only 29% of respondents believe the current Liberal government has done “a good job” …and that, in NO way, is much of a vote of confidence.

And there’s another figure in the poll that is even worse for the Liberals.

More than half of those asked … 51% … felt it was “time for another provincial party to take over”.

Add to that a new Insights West poll just done for CTV.

Asked which party leader is honest and trustworthy: Horgan came out on top with 34%; Weaver placed second at 31%; and Clark scored a dismal 19%.

Not even the best Liberal spin-doctors could put a positive spin on these three figures … especially the last one!

Clearly there IS a mood for change; clearly the public are not happy with the government; and, Liberals have failed to excite.

But it is not yet game over.

In the Global poll, asked which leader would make the best premier,  Clark took the lead at 29%; and Horgan scored 26%; Weaver 15%. And a large number, 30%, were undecided.

However, in CTV’s latest survey, asked which leader has the right temperament to be premier: Clark scored highest at 53%; followed by Horgan at 40%; and, Weaver with 27%.

No doubt, the campaign ads, promises and pressures will be intensified with only days to go … and voters will be bombarded everywhere they turn.

But remember, 51% said they feel it’s time for another party to take over.

Harv Oberfeld

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