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Health Firings Handling Disgraces Liberal Government

April 9th, 2017 · 47 Comments

It’s an almost unavoidable result of information overload in our increasingly high-tech, instant communications global society: issues, ideas and even tragedies are reduced to clips, quotes and graphics.

And then … on to something else.

While the PEOPLE affected continue to suffer.

I have always believed, however,  the PEOPLE are the real story: not the experts, the politicians and/or the pundits.

And nowhere have the real PEOPLE been more forgotten than in the story of the victims of the BC health ministry firings: not just the eight employees who were unjustly targeted, persecuted and fired, but also the impact on their spouses, their children, their parents, their grandparents, their nephews and nieces, their fellow workers, their neighbours …. anyone who knew them and heard, read and watched not just the firings explode publicly, but also the false accusations, the cover-ups, the deceptions and the lies that followed.

Just put yourself in the place of any of the health researchers.

Imagine how you would feel and react if officials where you work made incorrect assumptions and  false accusations about you,  interrogated you like a criminal, ignored and interrupted your denials …. and then had you  fired.

And the accusations against you and seven other co-workers became public!   Even worse, the government said the RCMP was investigating you!!!

How would that impact YOU …  and your relationship your spouse, your children,  your parents, your grandparents, your  nephews and nieces, your fellow workers, your neighbours and even shopkeepers/restaurateurs who know you.

What would you say to convince all of them YOU are telling the truth and your accusers … including the government … are not? Who would hire you? How would you pay your bills? How would face everyone around you? What would happen to your home/mortgage?  How would your relationships be impacted?

Imagine enduring the shame, the scars, the impacts for years … before the government admitted wrongdoing, began settling your claims and a report by the Ombudsman totally cleared you!

Now you can understand how horrible the impact was on the 8 BC health researchers singled out by the bureaucracy for such treatment and the subsequent disgraceful handling of the issue by the BC Liberal government …. making everything even worse with their own lies.

We should weep for them all …  not just the family/friends of falsely accused and fired 46-year-old researcher Roderick MacIsaac, who took his own life a few months later.

And although the Ombudsman has now publicly exposed, condemned the travesty and called for financial compensation for the workers and a scholarship be set up in MacIsaac’s name,  is that really enough?

Not in my view.

The PEOPLE impacted must see justice administered to the PEOPLE who did this to them.

ALL those responsibly for this BC tragedy must held to FULL account … not just the bureaucrats, but any politicians  who played ANY part in the sordid affair as well.

Harv Oberfeld

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BC Greens … Once More … Could Prove NDP’s Nightmare

April 5th, 2017 · 47 Comments

Sometimes I enjoy watching re-runs on TV … like Columbo, Hogans’ Heros (sorry), Blazing Saddles, Fawlty Towers and any Monty Python creation.

But I like my politics FRESH and NEW … even though, let’s face it, it’s often the same old scripts and dramas re-run again … but at least with new faces on new issues, new arguments and new accusations and even new scandals and new charges.

Yet here we go again.

The 2017 election campaign is so far looking so much like the last one, in 2013.

The NDP is leading the polls province-wide at 29% support; the Liberals are in second place at 25% and the Greens are trailing again at 14%.

However, there ARE signs the Greens could prove spoilers … hurt the NDP even more than they did last time.

According to the latest Mainstreet/Postmedia polling,  on Vancouver Island … for the first time ever, the Greens are LEADING with 25% expressed voter support, followed by the NDP at 22% and the Liberals at 20%.

But take out the “undecided” voters and the Greens are TIED on Vancouver Island with the Liberals, at 32% voter support, with the NDP trailing both at 28%.


BAD news for the NDP, who have had four years to come up with new strategies, policies and appeal to the undecided and center-of-the-road middle class voters to outflank and even sweep aside the impact of their arch nemesis Green competition.

Sure does not look at this point like they have succeeded in ANY of that!


No attractive new plans or policies? Not a very effective or appealing leader? Or still stuck fighting old battles, with old promises, old give-away policies?

Apparently absolutely nothing …so far … to move or motivate enough voters to even get out and vote with any enthusiasm.  Even though, I’m sure their strategists know,  a low turnout will likely benefit the Liberals.

The way things are going right now, I would not be surprised to see the Greens take much of Vancouver Island and the Liberals, once again, take enough of the interior, the north and the Lower Mainland to stay in power.

Of course, we still have a full month to go … but with all the Liberal attack ads gearing up and the promises, cheques and gifts still to come … hard to see at THIS point, how the Official Opposition will become government.

Unless the people have simply had enough of Christy and her crew.

Harv Oberfeld

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