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Millennials Acting Like MORONS Set Back Pandemic Recovery

Millennials … many of them … THINK they are the smartest generation ever … and hard done by.

They resent us older farts … more kindly called baby boomers … for having lived more affluent lives overall than our predecessors.

The overwhelming majority of us had full time jobs … with benefits; we could afford to buy family homes; some even vacation homes, motor homes, boats and nice cars. And travel for vacations, by car, by air and even by ship.

But we worked for it!

And our generation contributed quite a lot to our world as well: from DNA fingerprinting to heart transplants; home computers, the World Wide Web; suburbia; the greatest ever consumer society; the cellphone; the civil rights movement; gay liberation; and, Viagara.

We raised children too: Generation X and Millennials!

Millennials these days far too often can’t find full time jobs … with benefits; can’t afford to rent, without roommates; can’t even dream of owning a vacation homes, a boat or car.

So they depend on us … and many even as adults, blame us, resent us … tell us over and over: if THEY just had the chance, they’d show us how THEY would build s better world!

Well, Covid IS that chance … and they’re blowing it!

Millennials COULD have set the example … move over Grandpa … to show us THEIR generation would know exactly how to take a pandemic on: how to unite to fight the virus; use their superior high tech savvy to organize their “peeps”, communicate data, invoke societal solutions, beat the virus and restore society.

But … too many of them couldn’t give up mingling, partying long enough to STOP the spread of Covid, protect their own lives, save others’ lives, secure their own jobs and show us all “how it’s done”.

At Monday’s briefing, Dr Bonnie Henry reported 2,518 new Covid cases in BC over the last three days … the largest segment in the 20 to 39 age group!

Too many Millennials are MORONS!

So Henry announced a shutdown of ALL indoor restaurant dining, bars, pubs, gyms etc. at least until April 19 … to see if THAT will get things back under control.

Premier John Horgan was quite clear: the biggest problem has not been us older farts (my words, not his) but the younger ones … 20 to 39.

The Millennials.

“Do not blow this for the rest of us, for your parents, your neighbours, the rest of is who have been making significant sacrifices so we could get good outcomes for everybody,” Horgan said.

So BC’s recovery is set back; countless thousands of servers, bar workers, kitchen staff … most of them Millennials …will lose their jobs, their incomes … again.

And this time, the Millennials have no one to blame … but THEMSELVES.

Harv Oberfeld

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