NDP Surplus= Another Taxpayer Ripoff

They ALL do it: over and over again, BC governments play the taxpayers for fools … imposing higher taxes/fees and/or cutting services in the first years of their terms, while also under-estimating revenues … thus running up HUGE surpluses … and buying our votes with goodies before the next election.

The BC Liberals did it in 2016 … and I wrote about it at the time … TWICE: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/bc-liberals-rip-off-taxpayers-to-amass-election-bribe-fund/ … and http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/use-730-million-surplus-to-get-rid-of-msp-premiums/

The Liberal surplus then … $730 Million.

That, I contended, was a RIPOFF of taxpayers: Governments are NOT supposed to be profit-making capitalist corporations … especially by gouging defenseless taxpayers, already struggling to ray rents, mortgages, Hydro, ICBC and over-priced AND over-taxed gasoline.

Governments are elected to collect ONLY what they really need to provide legislated services within their jurisdiction … and with hundreds of well-paid Finance Ministry economists and accountant, surely they can’t so consistently and so often under-estimate revenues by so much … that vote-buying can be so easily funded every four years!

Yet, here we go again.

The next BC provincial election is scheduled for Oct 16, 2021.

So, now it’s the NDP’s turn … right on schedule: Finance Minister Carole James has just reported a fiscal year operating surplus of $1.5 Billion!

“The higher-than-expected surplus is primarily the result of $2.9-billion in increased revenue, largely driven by higher personal and corporate income tax and new taxes including a speculation tax and employer health tax,” reported The Globe and Mail.

Get that? The surplus was “driven by higher personal and corporate income tax and new taxes”.

And according to BC Auditor General Carol Bellringer, the NDP is being modest: the REAL surplus is a whopping $7.2 Billion!!!!!

“What we’re saying is that the financial health of the province is actually better than reported and that the accumulation of [the surplus] is quite significant,” Bellringer has been quoted as saying.

Anything the Liberals could do to rip off the taxpayers, the NDP can do more???

Just imagine what the NFP/Greens and their supporters would have said if the Liberals reported a BILLION DOLLAR surplus!! Or what the independent Auditor General said was really a $7.2 BILLION surplus!!!!


So look closely at the tax deductions on your next pay stub: by James’ own calculations, the NDP government is taking MORE from you than it can justify: and judging by the Auditor General’s figures, MUCH MORE than warranted.

Yet, like kids anticipating Christmas, we’ll all soon be looking forward to see what kinds of gifts and goodies this latest government is going to bestow upon us …. bought with our own money.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”—”the more things change, the more they continue to be the same thing.”

In the meantime, have a laugh: click on the links above to read what the partisan political Commenters on this Blog …. left and right … said of the Liberal surpluses when I wrote about back them.

And watch if they take the SAME positions now … that it’s the NDP ripping you off.

Harv Oberfeld

Note: You can hear more on this blog topic on HoweStreet.com: https://www.howestreet.com/2019/07/23/why-is-bc-government-under-reporting-massive-surplus/

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First Nations Growing Support for Pipeline Puts Horgan/NDP on Wrong Side of Poverty

Premier John Horgan and the NDP are slowly but surely literally being left in the dust as more and more First Nations are seeing resource development … including oil pipelines … as the key to leaving poverty behind.

The banging of drums by even a relatively few anti-pipeline protestors always draws a lot of attention from the media … especially cameras … a true reflection of the old adage that the squeaking wheel gets the grease … and the coverage.

But the truth is more and more First Nations bands, members and community supporters have come to realize the potential financial benefits and royalties they can cash in on from not only the Trans Mountain pipeline project … but others as well.

And we’re talking pipelines that move BOTH oil and natural gas.

“The Indian Resource Council, representing more than 130 First Nations with oil and gas resources on their territories, has already consulted with the federal government and led preliminary meetings with First Nations about making a bid for the pipeline,” The Vancouver Sun reported a few weeks ago.

But that’s not all.

Trans Mountain has already signed Benefit Agreements with 43 First Nations … 33 of them in BC … to share the wealth, literally, their pipeline will reap.

And then there’s the Eagle Sprit $8 Billion pipeline project now in the works: 35 aboriginal communities want to build a full “energy corridor” … two natural gas pipelines and two oil pipelines to ship resources to Asia through a northern BC port.

And, they vow, if BC and Canada stymie their plans, they’ll look to an Alaskan port to export through.

Times … and reality … have clearly changed.

The goal of many more First Nations leaders now is generate enough long term revenues from royalties and/or transit fees to finally bring their people off perpetual welfare and handouts.

Not to mention the potential jobs their people could also share in during the construction, monitoring, maintenance and repair phases of the thousands of kilometres of all these pipelines.

Maybe easy for Horgan/NDP and the radical environmentalist extremists, sitting in their urban living rooms to dismiss … but many First Nations leaders have noticed the GOOD JOBS and MONEY that oil and natural gas have generated for other Canadians in BC, Alberta, Alaska, Hibernia, even the Russian offshore, the Mid East and other overseas locations … and they want IN!

The government … and the media … should take a hard look at First Nations still fighting to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline construction or expansion: how FEW they now are after years more of consultations, changes and so many successful Benefit negotiations.

Why so militant?

Because, I submit, some of them are just being selfish: very rich …. owning lots of land close to urban areas, well developed with housing projects, hotels, shopping malls and other very lucrative money-generating uses.

Several Coastal First Nations also have alternative sources of revenues: fishing, logging, mining in their territories.

But for many, many First Nations in northern BC and Alberta … sharing in the benefits derived from resources … yes, including oil exports … hold the ONLY key readily and realistically available to lifting themselves out of poverty.

They know Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ikea or Disneyland are not about to establish manufacturing, distribution, entertainment centers in their areas.

They NEED revenues and their people need jobs

Except those who prefer to sit on their traditions … and depend on government and the rest of us for welfare.

Harv Oberfeld

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