Park Board Blockade Keeps Handicapped, Seniors, Families OUT of Stanley Park

The elitists have struck again. The Vancouver Park Board has blocked access to Stanley Park for tens of thousands of Vancouver-area residents … even if they are social-distancing.

The park is NOT closed: just RESTRICTED now … a terrible decision that would make Lord Stanley turn over in his grave!

Thanks to the law of unintended consequences … or maybe intended … the Park Board has decided to bar cars … all cars … de facto, turning Stanley Park into a West End residents’ exclusive enclave .

How can the Park Board possibly expect physically challenged people in walkers, wheelchairs, using canes or just unable to walk much more than a few hundred feet to now enjoy the park???

The Park Board vehicle ban discourages them from even trying.

What about the elderly? Why are they de-facto largely being kept away … just when the park is starting to bloom? When Stanley Park’s viewpoints are at their best?

Let’s keep it real: many of those who have enjoyed Stanley Park (until now) are simply incapable of walking, running or cycling the park and, with almost no nearby parking, even able to access areas/facilities close to the entrances.

And don’t tell me these people should just try to somehow make their way to the #19 bus that runs through the park! Ridiculous! Let’s keep it real!

What about families … many with small children? Why should they be denied driving through to see/enjoy Stanley Park … what’s better than a car for a family unit to practice social distancing from everyone else?

Surely, not even the elitists who run Vancouver’s parks expect those who want enjoy driving through the park, but live in Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Vancouver South, Commercial Drive, Vancouver East or the Downtown Eastside (or Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver etc.) to take public transit for hour-long trips or more during these Covid-19 days to get there … and then board the #19 bus to drive through!!!

Apparently they do … or maybe they prefer they just stay away?

Turning Stanley Park into a private place for those who live close by. But paid for by ALL taxpayers.

Why shouldn’t disabled, elderly people be able to drive through Stanley Park? Enjoy the Totems? Brockton Point? Lumberman’s Arch? Prospect Point?

Just so cyclists can have the roadway to themselves?

Just so only those capable of walking several kilometres can visit the sites?

Just to keep out “lesser” beings?

Why not car-free certain days: why not car-free mornings; why not car-free weekends??? Oh, I forgot, that would involve fairness, compromise and accommodation of “the people” … not something that seems to appeal to the current Park Board.

Just no cars … at all!

What selfishness! What ageism! What an insult to the physically-challenged! What discrimination!

I suspect it’s MORE than a Covid-19 adjustment … I believe it’s the thin edge of yet another war against vehicles.

Don’t be surprised if the anti-car forces at the Park Board will within weeks declare the ban such a “success” that cars will be kept out of Stanley Park right through the Summer and Fall … until the rains return.

And to hell with the handicapped, the elderly, those from away and anyone else who has simply enjoyed driving through Stanley Park … alone or with their families.

Harv Oberfeld

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47 Responses to Park Board Blockade Keeps Handicapped, Seniors, Families OUT of Stanley Park

  1. 13 says:

    Harvey, if im not mistaken (im certain to be corrected) Stanley Park is Federal and the Vancouver Parks Board is allowed to run the park.
    This is why the city of Vancouver doesnt administer or enforce the parking bylaws in Stanley Park.
    So why does the Federal Government not step in and make the city of Vancouver reopen IMMEDIATELY.
    I tend to agree that they are using a deadly disease exported from China to aid and abet Vancouvers war on the car.
    The people of Vancouver get what they deserve but this time ITS NOT THEIR PARK

    (Response: The park is leased to Vancouver by the feds ..and I have a feeling the federal government is busy enough with “other matters” right now than to worry about approaching Vancouver right now about restrictions on park access. h.O)

  2. HARRY LAWSON says:


    are you surprised the very people you mentioned , the elderly the disabled the families with children etc ……have been constructively denied access to many parks ,as well as other civic venues, due to outrageous parking fees, outsourcing affordable concession stands , bringing in chain restaurants . we are looking at class warfare period . this is truly disgraceful . when this is over the civic politicization will be back pandering for our votes telling us how the so wonderfully managed the virus. hoping that we forget that they let hundreds sleep rough on the dtes . left street dirty and taxed small business out of business .as they still talk about raising taxes and asking the provincial government for 200 million tax dollars . glad to live in mission

    (Response: I knew when they installed parking meters in Stanley Park … it would be an ever-increasing burden on taxpayers who already pay ever-increasing city taxes … and that’s exactly what has happened. Rates are now, during the good weather months, $3.60 an hour … up to $13.25 a day. No big deal maybe for middle income or the rich, but that’s a lot of money … just to park … for lower and even some middle income families with kids to support. And of course, the Park board has also introduced pay parking at several other lots in park areas: watch for Spanish Banks to be next! It’s all adding up to make it more expensive for the working class to afford/enjoy Vancouver … KEEP OUT … unless you’re rich. Now they don’t want families or handicapped people to even drive through … even though people who stay in their car are MUCH SAFER than those walking, jogging or even biking and stopping close to others. ! h.o)

  3. Jay says:

    We need to take a serious look at the loss of civil liberties that is going on right now.
    Governors threatening arrest and huge fines for not wearing masks, walking in a park with no one else in it, paying people to snitch on their neighbors, laypersons threatening doctors with arrest or losing their license for providing medications that have been shown to work and all the other soviet style actions being taken.
    Why? Because we are supposed to be a free society. What is going to happen when the next flu outbreak comes? It infects far more people and so far kills more so how long before they lock down everyone during flu season?
    Pretty soon you won’t be able to leave your home for 6 months or more a year. You will be jailed for leaving your house or not wearing a mask while they let hardened criminals out of jail so that the virus doesn’t spread!!!
    The economy has been decimated and the only survivors will likely be the big corporations that have the funds to survive this. Small mom and pops will disappear.
    This didn’t have to happen but certain political groups and ideologies are giggling right now that they are going to be able to force their draconian policies on people due to FEAR that the media and those same groups have been ramming down everyone throats for weeks.
    Well the end of the world is not coming. This won’t be it. SO we need to stop these destructive power grabs and threats to our freedom NOW before it’s too late.

    (Response: I have found it interesting that, when it comes to civil and human rights, I have noticed that those on the left are more dictatorial/intolerant than those on the right when they take power. Individual/minority rights don’t seem to be respected as much … look at smoking, the cars vs bikes driving chaos downtown now, campus debates, political correctness enforcers, free speech deniers, development opponents, un-elected environmental bullies/terrorists … and now even the total ban on anyone’s right to drive through Stanley Park. The word “accommodation” doesn’t seem to exist often when they take power. Why not have car-free mornings or afternoons, or even certain days through Stanley Park but accommodate others as well? No … that would be fair. Instead it’s their way or the highway…. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    The City of Vancouver is rightly called “Lotus land” and by the standard of politicians elected, it is indeed “Lotus Land”.

    Mayor Dithers and his tawdry collection of NDP/Ungreen councilors have empowered the Parks Board to be more of a force than they should be.

    Most residents in the downtown core think that Stanley Park is their private property and really, they do not want the hoi pollio desecrating their sacred ground.

    In reality, Vancouver’s parks board, like provincial school boards have devolved into training grounds for higher office. Those who don’t have “the right stuff” tend to be elected there and when elected, tend to act like mini potentates.

    Sad to say, Vancouver has become such a dismal place that i only drive through and wonder how they have utterly defaced this once nice city, making it LA North.

    Vancouver politicos prostrate themselves with the Armani crowd and kow tows to their wishes.

  5. e.a.f. says:

    We could all simply file Human rights complaints thursday morning:

    discrimination on the basis of age
    Discrimination on the basis of disability
    Discrimination on the basis of family status

    Just because the parks board may be elitist isn’t against the law. Just like stupidity isn’t against the law

    Now we could do what the weed festival does each year— just do it. Go to the park. Move the barriers. A little civil disobedience might be in order. If people can hold open weed festival s and that was ok then people distancing ought to use the park also. It’s not like they closed Queen Elizabeth Park or Others. I’d agree something is up.

    (Response: Two problems: my impression is those on the so-called Human Rights Commission would probably all personally like the park board’s intolerant activist type action. Second, if your a weed activist, you CAN ignore the law, tear up a park, throw your garbage down anywhere and, despite the No Smoking signs, toke all you want until the whole sky is white, gray … or whatever colour you fancy…right in front of the police, parks board officials. You’re exempt from any laws. But if you or I moved a park vehicle barrier or I lit up my pipe in a quiet unoccupied corner of Spanish Banks … and a bylaw officer saw either of us, we would no doubt both be issue expensive tickets! Welcome to the world of elitist left-wing intolerance of minorities. h.o)

  6. nvg says:

    Pedestrian and motorist have the same responsibility, to maintain 2 metres apart, which means skipping a marked parking spot no matter how enticing it looks to a third motorist, especially the motorcyclists.

    Capilano River Regional Park have their signs up, specifically for that interaction, AND motorists must NOT vacate their vehicle, immediately, if a pedestrian is walking by.

    (Response: That sounds reasonable …and I would submit managing the situation, rather than a dictatorial total ban, will be easier to sustain and have people tolerate over time…and this dilemma will go on for quite some time. I believe the current harsh and in some cases, unnecessary and unjustifiable, TOTAL bans/shutdowns will simply start being ignored. Better to have reasonable rules and tolerance for ways to self-distance yet still enjoy life/outings … that people will be able to live with, literally, over a much longer time than the current dictatorial actions …like barring cars TOTALLY … all day, every day, seven days a week from Stanley Park. That’s just elitism run amok! h.o)

  7. hawgwash says:

    The park is closed to cars for a reason. Depending on which report you read, 15-20% of Canadians are not complying with “stay at home” orders.
    With four religious holidays this weekend, I expect those percentages to probably double.
    I live in a community with several small beaches; people are not behaving.
    “District of North Van to shut down roads near popular outdoor recreation areas
    The district said its streets and parking lots near parks and trails have been “overwhelmed” with vehicles and visitors over the last several weeks.”

    Parks all over BC have been closed or have had access restricted for weeks, why the sudden outcry. Is it because it is YOUR neighbourhood?

    13, Harry, Jay, D. M. Johnston, e.a.f. and h.o, you bitch but offer no solutions.

    (Response: In your rush to judgement, you missed my suggestions/solutions right in my piece: why not have car free mornings, or certain days or weekends …but let cars in at other times???? Instead we have the usual intolerance of minorities/rights when the left is in power: it’s ONLY their way … shut the whole thing down to cars, because they hate cars anyway …. no room to accommodate others … even the handicapped or the elderly. Just the car-less, the very fit and the bike crowd! Even though cars are the safest way to self isolate … enjoy an outing, alone or with your family unit … and still despite the situation, enjoy life. The problem with a TOTAL crackdown …no room for anyone to even go for a drive, staying in their cars .. is that with time, that total dictatorial intolerance will FAIL: people will just start ignoring it. Better to allow it …but educate and supervise how that can be done safely. h.o)

  8. 13 says:

    I see a business opportunity here. A water taxi to shuttle Vancouvers upper crust from Point Grey Road to The Vancouver Yacht Club. They can then be taken on horse drawn coach rides around their new park. These services will only be available to those that can provide proof that they live in one of Vancouvers highest property taxed neighborhoods
    They can sit at the newly named Point Grey Tea room and gaze across the pond at their Point Grey properties. Discussions about extending the service to certain areas of West Vancouver to ferry workers worthy of serving the elite are ongoing.

    (Response: Geez! I never thought of that! (It has been quite a few years since I was invited to either of the Vancouver Yacht locations Stanley Park or Point Grey.) But how can/will club members reach their vessels … to self isolate aboard or at sea? What a picture … watching them just riding ..let alone hauling their gear, lunch, liquid sustenance on the #19 bus through the park! I’m sure it has a stop there ..usually used ONLY by the “help”. LOL! h.o)

  9. Steve Cooley says:

    It is so easy to make all or nothing pronouncements. The Province just made another one. Close all provincial parks. Without looking it up to see if I am right, Cape Scott is a provincial park. Cape Scott is the North end of Vancouver Island. Does anyone think it will be so crowded that physical distancing is a problem.

    There are Provincial parks within easy access from greater Vancouver that are a problem. This solution of closing all parks is the cowards solution. Thousands of people have been effectively fired. Finding staff to supervise the problem parks is easy. Finding managers to organize and pay these new park wardens will be hard both politically and socially, but do it. Governments are searching for way to reduce the financial losses to individuals by giving Grant’s and loans to businesses, try giving the person who needs the money a paying job instead.

    (Response: I wondered about that myself. Surely people could at least be able to day-trip, picnic with their family unit … while maintaining safe distance from others? Most people understand and WANT to protect themselves and their families. As for overnighting … I can understand the dilemma: how can people safely camp in a public park … but with the bathrooms/showers closed to avoid contamination? I agree they should be closed to overnighting …but not daytime use/enjoyment … WITH safe distancing…. just like at most city parks/beaches/trails. h.o)

  10. 13 says:

    @ hawg, please read post following yours and you will need to retract and or apologize as I did offer a viable solution to this complex problem.
    I will return to my isolation chamber . I will only go outside when the Trudeau money truck drives by shoveling $100 bills off the tailgate

  11. HARRY LAWSON says:

    Hawgwash ,

    LOL you made my day ,so proud to be part of such elite group as mentioned .

    you say i bitch without offering solutions ,wow i use my real name i do not use a moniker . . i have over 40 years of volunteer work in the communities that i have lived everything from feeding the hungry ,to spending over 15 years as a director of a major mental health nonprofit. i have sat at the table with the movers and shakers offering solutions have you ?
    my opinions are mine and come from my personal experience and observations
    so hawgwash i take your opinion as hogwash such a aptly reflected in your user name

  12. DBW says:

    I am a very active 68 year old. I run. I love taking my dog on long walks and talking to any recognizable face or dog owner because that’s what we do in a small town. I have decided to forego all that for the time being so I just walk my dog around and around and around the block while listening to podcasts. I can’t get too worked up about somebody not being able to go for a drive around Stanley Park AT THIS TIME. (btw are there no other drives than Stanley Park)

    I live in a small city on the coast that serves several isolated First Nations villages. We are concerned that any visitor who came to fish could wreak havoc if they were to bring the virus into our community. So I really can’t get worked up because some people can’t have a picnic in a provincial park AT THIS TIME

    We are living through a once in a lifetime event, and I do understand people’s frustrations. I do understand that there might be better solutions out there. People will make mistakes and people can make suggestions like some are doing here, but what I can’t understand is some of the language being used in this and in the previous post. RIPOFF! SCAM! SHAKEDOWN! DICTATORIAL! POWER GRAB!

    Some people are saying that “certain political groups and ideologies are giggling right now that they are going to be able to force their draconian policies on people”

    e.a.f. with a broken arm is ready to lift cement barricades.

    Waiting for the Merkel, Lofven, Cameron, Macron and dithering Obama post.

    Can we discuss these topics without the hyperbole?

    (Response: Sure there are other places to drive. BUT then why do all stores these days need handicapped or ambulatory-challenged seniors’ access? Aren’t there other places they can shop? And maybe only certain sidewalks should have ramps ..aren’t there other places they can walk? I believe in equality: if Stanley Park is open ..then it MUST be open to all. Not just those elites with special consideration/advantages. Especially when there is absolutely no reasonable excuse for not accommodating everyone: have it car-free in the mornings…but open to vehicles after 1 p.m.; or, have it totally car free on certain days ..but open to cars on other days? To say to the handicapped in wheelchairs, and elderly who find it hard to walk or mount stairs … if you can’t get here or get on a city bus that goes around the park … we don’t want you here terrible! h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    DBW you have compared “a small city on the coast” to Vancouver and Stanley Park.
    You must realize that the apples to apples adage applies to this situation. The tone of your post boarders on trolling. Merkle Marcon …… etc.
    Stanley Park should be open to vehicular traffic because it is the best way for 68 year olds that dont have your vigor to get out for the day
    The fact that you are able to walk and run seems to stand as the bench mark for the rest. Im glad you are healthy but many people your age suffer all sorts of mobility issues.
    Im afraid that you are not the standard by which the rest of us will be guided.
    I hope I havent insulted you, I just found your comment a tad pompous especially the trolling

  14. max avelli says:

    SMH to your entire post, Harvey.

    Unemployment at 20% by the end of April. That sort of collapse (in several weeks) has never has been seen before. And most of those jobs are not coming back — the small businesses that cannot pay rent and utilities for three months+ are finished. Never mind the Feds’ 75% wage subsidies.

    So all the SJW on Vancouver City Council want to deny access to Stanley Park to the aged, handicapped and those without cars. Seriously. SMH.

    It is nice to be retired and taking cruises twice a year. SMH.

    Please keep it Real. Your post is is completely out of touch with reality. We are trying to deal with a calamity the likes of which have never been seen before. Ever!!.

    Doing what you can to keep people away from one another is part of that. The way people behave on the seawall (and other places) is unconscionable. The fewer that are there (and the same for public parks, and Robson Street, etc…) the better.

    If we keep at the social distancing thing, we may just be out of the crisis by the end of June. Would you prefer August? Then with it coming back in October?

    I fear that your cruising plans may be off for the next year.

    Sorry to be difficult for you.

    (Response: It’s interesting: the refuge of someone clearly bitter who has a shaky position/argument is so often cheap shots/insults. I’d bet there are still a LOT of people walking, jogging, biking in Stanley Park who have taken cruises, flown to Europe or even Halifax and, OMG, maybe driven to California!! I’m sorry that you believe THEY should have special privileges, rights denied others … not just for a half day or certain days, but 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Really glad the I don’t just offer shallow rhetorical lip service to EQUALITY FOR ALL … but really support it. If ANY public facility is open and operating, it MUST be open and accessible to ALL … and somehow I think the Vancouver Park Board … if they wanted to and didn’t have what I believe is a hate for cars … could do that …and allow certain hours our supposedly “respected” elders and those who have physical challenges and need vehicle to get around to enjoy Stanley Park as well. h.o)

  15. hawgwash says:

    DBW, not only am I with you (and “someone clearly bitter who has a shaky position”) but I understand the small town anxiety vs city entitlement. An entitlement which distorts good judgement.

    First Nations are barring foolish, entitled city people, from their lands and waters for very good reason.

    How many times have we heard that? How many times have we witnessed “I’m exempt”?

    All Provincial Parks are closed. Even those with a Marine component. Roads to these parks are blocked and patrolled to make sure no locals get to them on foot. Yet Provincial Marine Parks, and there are dozens reachable from Vancouver, have had yachts setting up all day Thursday and it’s not officially the long weekend yet.

    One, or many, of these boats could be carrying COVID-19 without knowing it and because of some unintended mishap, may need to visit a small place like Pender Harbour, Lund, Squirell Cove or Ganges.

    But they are somehow self-exempt.

    I have raised this with Provincial and Federal Parks, Ministry of Health, media and MLAs. The response; crickets.

    Poor me, Stanley Parkers; I too SMH.

  16. HARRY LAWSON says:

    Max Avelli

    I agree that the unemployment will be at least 20 percent if not higher . that being said this is a reason why we need timely and safe access to stanley park and other parks .

    we are all going to have to change the way we shop and share recreation spots . i truly hope common since prevails .

  17. DBW says:

    13 Did you even read my post. I wasn’t bragging about my health. I said I was giving things up because that is the responsible thing to do. There are some inconveniences that we all have to deal with. Despite my good health, I would not be going to Stanley Park if I lived down there. And my family member who does have some trouble getting around would be happy with any drive not just through Stanley Park.

    And I don’t even get your Vancouver to small town reference. All I said was that I couldn’t get worked up because some people are missing out on a picnic when the consequences for a small town like mine would be devastating if the virus took hold here. I am prioritizing the things I worry about.

    And if you didn’t get my Merkel comment, well…

    Hint: My main point, if you had read carefully, was the hyperbolic statements about the motives behind some of the decisions politicians have been forced to make. I get that some people are inconvenienced and maybe there are simple solutions to correct them. That discussion is fine. I just find it ridiculous to assume “evil” intentions behind these decisions.

    This is not a “dictatorial power grab” to “force draconian measures on people”. And if it is, there will be plenty of time to deal with it later.

    As for calling me pompous, I will just assume that by misunderstanding my comment you might have misunderstood my tone as well. All’s good. Stay safe.

  18. Jay says:


    “This is not a “dictatorial power grab” to “force draconian measures on people”. And if it is, there will be plenty of time to deal with it later. ”

    I am sorry but this is the most naive statement I have heard.
    When is this going to end so we can “deal” with it?
    Every time someone takes away a freedom or liberty it sets a precedent that someone at some time will use for inappropriate reasons.
    Look at what is going on. Arrests for simply being out of your house on a walk. Paying neighbors to snitch, threat of arrest, fine or jail for not wearing a mask, imposed curfews when time of day makes no difference to the spread, anyone posting information contrary or questioning the officials getting banned and even threatened with jail and now talk of forced vaccination.
    Free speech is being limited, freedom of movement is being limited, freedom of association is being limited, freedom of choice on what happens to your own body is being threatened.

    (Edited… I’ve allowed pretty good leeway but this is getting way off topic, which is Stanley Park and the blockade against cars.)

  19. Gilbert says:

    The decision to close Stanley Park to cars is wrong. It was obviously made by people who want to limit access to the park. They’re probably the same types of people who want to ensure that abortion remains readily available and classified as an essential service. They are truly misguided.

    (Response: I believe there’s more at play: a trial scheme to get cars out of Stanley Park permanently. This is not the first time a car ban has been advanced … this time implemented. I suspect it’s part of plan by the selfish, self-centred anti-car bigots, who don’t give a damn about how it impacts handicapped, seniors, large families with small kids and Vancouver residents who don’t live within a stone’s throw of Stanley Park etc. In fact, if it’s REALLY about Covid safety …they should ONLY allow people to drive through in vehicles … and keep out walkers, joggers and cyclists …who all tend to often come far too close to each other! h.o)

  20. 13 says:

    . Im . .so sorry dbw. I did read your post and I stand by my interpretation. You might have meant something else and you can spin like a mattel top thats how I read it.
    Just goes to show you (and me) how blogging isnt an exact science.
    One good thing came of this I had to google SMH. OMG i would have never guessed the meaning
    When it comes to Vancouver City Councilors , and cars IDGARA they are banning cars at the drop of a hat.Of course you would not consider their motive as anything but pure and living wherever you do probably clouds your opinion but WTF Im sure it doesnt make much difference to your community. SBI

  21. hawgwash says:

    As long as there are self-centered people; golfers, hikers, kayakers and those who feel Stanley Park and themselves should be the exception, we will all need to be regulated and restricted for the common good. Pity as it is, it’s the only way to keep it real.

    I am often amazed, that so many otherwise bright people, don’t get it.

    But then, in 76 years, I’ve yet to meet anyone, that did not possess some degree of hypocrisy.

  22. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Regional parks are all shut down this weekend, as well — and not just to the handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged. I imagine the fear is that social media posts would highlight where some parks or trails weren’t shut down, causing others to flock to them.

    It’s going to be a tough weekend, with people itching to break out of their houses… but if we can suck it up, BC may be able to further flatten the curve.

    (Loved 13’s yacht club idea. Snarky — but funny!)

    I know I’m veering off the track here… but two sites I’ve come across have great visuals for us to learn from. (I hope Harvey will allow them.) When we see where we could headed, maybe we can do better at staying home:

    Advance of COVID-19 in the USA, March 1 to April 7.

    (Response: At least when they completely shut down a park or a beach or a facility to EVERYONE, it’s fair and equal …even if we don’t agree or like the move. But to single out for exclusion only certain people … especially those who are physically/mobility challenged for any of several reasons … is discrimination and a disgrace. I am proud to support EQUALITY, where everyone’s rights are respected. And making the Park Board’s disgraceful decision even worse, they could so easily introduce a degree of fairness by opening the park to cars, say, after 2 p.m. or on certain days etc. But power-hungry politicians apparently find accommodating others something they support … only until they are in power. h.o)

  23. 13 says:

    Hawg read your list of self centreed people.They all are allowed to use the park.

    If they allowed cars then the list of self centered hypocrites would be vomplete

  24. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, this is one of the flaws of giving bureaucrats and politicians so much power, without some corresponding checks and balances, wherein they can be somewhat restrained. They all seem to have the notion that, since it is for our own good, in their opinion, that nobody could possibly disagree.
    Even though some Draconian measures may be warranted, they always seem to have to overreach. Really no reason to ban cars, but let’s do it anyway. No reason people from the same household can’t walk in the park together, let’s fine them for doing so. The biggest reason they do this, in my opinion, is, that they can, and of course it is always for the public good, whether we like it or not.
    Now I see the RCMP are going to be checking that people are self-isolating or not and can arrest them for not doing so. These are the same people who couldn’t do anything about the rail blockades. Any bets they don’t abuse their authority in some way. Of course, “it’s for the public good”.

    (Response: Well said. But what confuses me is that many times over the years it’s those on the left, who supposedly care/love/advocate EVERYBODY … minorities, physically challenged, seniors, the poor … are the quickest to trample on their rights!! And RESERVING Stanley Park for just those who can afford to live nearby or can walk/bike/jog very long distances is a perfect example of that. And as I said, I think Covid is just an EXCUSE for the car-haters to take another shot in their war on those who prefer or need to drive to get around. Really, when you analyse it, being INSIDE a car is the BEST way to allow people to enjoy the park without violating the goal of distancing! h.o)

  25. nvg says:

    Your opening comments h.o. on the ‘elite’ restricting cars:
    “now … a terrible decision that would make Lord Stanley turn over in his grave! ”

    Lord Stanley, good example, just another ‘elite’, with credentials: Civil Lord of the Admiralty, Colonial Secretary, etc.

    Lord Stanley would probably rest easier knowing that by stopping carriages, or cars, from the Park, the loss of lives could be stopped at 50 deaths in British Columbia from Covid-19.

    And seeing as how you seen to know the opinion from Lord Stanley how about a prediction from those already 50 lost lives on the ‘terrible decision’ by the Vancouver Parks Board. Wouldn’t they rest easier knowing that the gates were not opened to the motorists to flood in?

    From Main Street to Stanley Park there are over 102,000 residents in the congested downtown core where St. Paul’s Hospital stands alone. Throw in motorists from the surrounding area, including Surrey, Richmond, and North Vancouver.




    (Response: Yes ..and from every report/press conference I’ve seen, NOT ONE of those infected or who died got the coronavirus from driving with their own family in a car … but instead from close personal contact or touching surfaces while outside of a vehicle. That’s why, if the Park Board really cared about stopping Covid, the Rule should be: ONLY circulate around Stanley Park INSIDE a vehicle … alone or with your immediate family/roommate(s) … vehicles represent the ultimate in safe social spacing … certainly better than walking, jogging, biking among thousands. h.o)

  26. Jay says:

    The problem is that every SJW and eco terrorist has been canonized by the media and the left.
    There was a time when people could actually use common sense and moral value when they made a decision. No more. If you do not agree 100% with the left you are a racist, xenophobe, fascist who needs to be destroyed.
    You are concerned about cars in stanley park. Fair enough. But what happens when the powers that be say no cars on Robson or Hornby because yeah we have alot of pedestrian or bike traffic.
    What happens when all of a sudden someone decides the entire down town core should be car free?
    Well except for police and such.
    How far do we let this go?
    Why are cars in stanley park a problem?
    Maybe someone should get a few golf carts and start a …oh nevermind some politician will find some way to make it a crime.
    This “crisis” is not any where near what people make it out to be. It has not caused anything close to what was predicted and no where near the damage common diseases and ailments already cause. But it has caused a destruction of the economy. A destruction of our freedoms and a destruction of our common sense.
    Take off your blinders.
    Wake the hell up people.

    (Response: The saddest part of it all it’s those on the left who pay the GREATEST lip service to how important seniors, the handicapped, minorities and the marginalized are … and yet, even though I have voted centre left more than right in my life, I have found right wing governing bodies to more to accommodate minority opinions and beliefs: when the left take over government at any level, THEY …seems to me … are the WORST at respecting, accommodating minorities … and cater only to their own constituency … 100% …no room to respect/accommodate others. h.o)

  27. e. a. f. says:

    it really does make sense to have the park open on a trial basis. As you mentioned Harvey, It could be done in shifts. from 7 a.m to noon, let the runners and bikers through on the roads. then allow an hor or so to clear it out and then the drivers get a drive around, slowly. keep the cars 8 ft. apart, just incase some one isn’t paying attention and they can all have a slow drive around, windows open if they want and then out again. the views in the park are fabulouos, it would be a real outing for some families. on the way home pick up take out and you’ve had your mini vacation.

    as some one said the all or nothing routine won’t work. I’m sure they could even have volunteers to help out

    For right now perhaps closimg the park might work, but what if we’re 18 months up the road and we still have the virus. people need to be able to go out, especially those who live in condos, who have nothing o look at but other high rises.

    I/m one of the fortunate ones, I see the inland highway I the distance hills, trees, an old farm with alovely garden and a small park where people can park to go onto the trail. people who park there are doing the distance thing. about 2 car widths between them. I’ve also see the social distance dance with small dogs. pick up small dog back away, other couple pass with small dog in arms, once more space has been allotted dogs places on ground and off they go. Its actually graceful. The people who practise this will be fine I the future. for those who do not start practising social distancing now, they not only risk spreading the disease but may not be able to comply with orders in the future. people need to figure out what is reasonable and what isn’t. some people may be in denial, so may not care. I don’t know what it is, but they need to get over it.

    O.K. I was able to reach the lap top and use it. of course I can’t really type and see what I’m typing so please forgive the typing errors. I touch type, not well but that how it will have to be in the next little while until I’m up to using the desk top

    This goes for me also, we need to all be nice to each other. this may go on for some time and if this goes on for a long time, this may be one of our outlets and methods of
    keeping in touch with the world and having an opportunity to talk to others well those outside of those who we live with. I’ve still got 9 weeks to go before my leg is partially healed. No matter what I may thing of your opinions right now, you’re the best its going to get and yes I disagree with some of you a lot. however, I am reading what you have to say and appreciate what it is. If we’re really unhappy about something such as this park board rulling, let the parks board know. those of us on this blog might even likek each other if we ever meet.

    One of the things I like about the blog is the pictures at the top. Not only is Harvey young with pink cheeks but so are some of those politicians. gee perhaps I looked that young at that time also. its fun to have the walk down memory lane.

    take care all of you, e.a.f.

    (Response: It’s sad that sometimes, people who are blessed enough to be able to walk great distances, run or cycle are so cold, dismissive and even ridiculing of those who can’t … almost suggesting those who are “lesser” should just be excluded. But I have seen how happy seniors or physically-challenged people in those big, heavy electric wheelchairs being transported in a specialized van by a caring family, can be when they too get to enjoy/seeing the totem polls, Brockton Point and the Hollow Tree etc. Surely in a supposedly caring society (or maybe the Vancouver Park Board no longer considers itself part of that community) the timing of access to Stanley Park can be adjusted to welcome all ..and not just the Park Board’s favored elites. h.o)

  28. dani says:

    Harvey this may be off topic so please feel free to disregard, if you see fit.
    I recently read on the CBC news website that cycling advocates (Hub) are trying to have the city of Vancouver close down various streets in the city for bicycles only because there is now less traffic on the roads. Beach avenue, east bound traffic is now partially closed.
    Call me a cynic but it just seems to me like another organization using a present day situation as a tactic to further their own agenda. (Sort of like what the feds recently tried to do but got caught)
    Meanwhile the circumstances over in Oppenheimer park seems to drag on and on. I guess this so called “problem” in Stanley Park is a much easier fix, seems to cater to a different class of citizens, plus is way less political. Way to go Park Board.

    (Response: It’s not off topic: it’s exactly what is going on ..and I believe it is part of an expanding cycling anti-car agenda City Hall and the Park Board are pushing every time they can. The closing of just the road is much more than an anti-Covid move: after all, as I’ve pointed out, being in a vehicle is MUCH SAFER than walking, jogging or biking around the seawall, road or trails. Amazing to me …actually, maybe not so much …that the media haven’t realized what is really at play here …or even questioned it, gone to handicapped or seniors orgs and asked how they feel about being segregated out for this discrimination etc. Either you close a park or facility completely or, if you leave, it open, you accommodate EVERYONE. Believe it or not, that USED to be a principle that politicians especially on the LEFT, used to espouse/support. h.o)

  29. DBW says:

    This is what I like about your site, Harvey. I have mooshed them together, but in the last week or so I have been referred to either directly or indirectly as a “pompous naive politically correct social justice warrior who won’t accept a whole world of facts, truths and common sense.” Oh yeh, and a “troll”. Feeling the love.

    So let’s get personal. For four weeks I have not been more than 500m from my house. For four weeks my wife has not left our property. The car has not left the driveway. I don’t say this to brag or complain. Four weeks ago in an open letter to the community every doctor in town urged us to take covid19 seriously. Why? Because Prince Rupert is uniquely situated. A port city with an LNG work camp (someone recently tested positve there) 100 miles away. People come and go. We have several first nations communities nearby who can only pick up supplies by boat or seaplane. Our hospital is preparing for any outbreak, but the Terrace hospital 100 miles away is getting more attention as a regional hospital. Nobody is panicking. Nobody is living in fear. We are just following the advice of medical experts to do what we can to get us through these times.

    So forgive me when I don’t get overly upset at some inconvenience suffered by others even though I agree that there might be alternate solutions that could be implemented. In times like this when people are making decisions on short notice mistakes are going to be made. So by all means let the Parks Board know. No problem with that.

    But look at the language on here. “Soviet style actions”. “Power grab”. “Draconian policies” “What is going to happen when the next flu outbreak comes? It infects far more people and so far kills more so how long before they lock down everyone during flu season” “The economy is crumbling and it didn’t have to happen”. “Covid is just an excuse.”

    So here is my question: Is all of this hyperbole? or Is the cure worse than the disease?

    (Response: If you think many of the language/references/interpretations/expressions you see n the Blog are hyperbole, you should see what does NOT get published! Sometimes I think it’s just passion they’re expressing; other times I really wonder if some have serious emotional/mental issues; and, yes, occasionally I conclude some people are just really ignorant. But in a democracy, although I do try to curb insults etc. , everyone is entitled to spout highly partisan personal views, claptrap, bigotry and, yes, even stupidity and outright lies … but so what … that’s part of dialogue … and don’t forget, it got Trump elected US President! LOL! h.o)

  30. Rainclouds says:

    Just got back from riding my bike in SP (on the road). The same thought came to me, the Park Board nuts are going to make closing auto access a regular event. Of course the COV who presumably gets the desperately needed meter revenues may balk.

    IMHO the Park Board should be focusing on the blight at Oppenheimer park they have been “studying” for the past several months, The Park Board is a an anachronism that really needs to be put down like an old sick dying animal. If you wanted to talk about recovering wasted tax $ I would start there.

    (Response: Actually I would have nothing against making maybe car-free Sundays a regular event … even after Covid …but I don’t think that’s what the anti-car crowd wants: they don’t want to share; they want it their way alone; no cars … and the Park Board has turned its back on tens of thousands of seniors and physically challenged adults and kids …to cater to the car haters. Much more at work here than fear of Covid. Someone who cares about equality, civil rights and discrimination against the handicapped and seniors … should be taking up this cause . h.o)

  31. nvg says:

    1905 Traffic in Stanley Park Auto traffic is prohibited between 2:00pm to 5:00pm daily due to concerns of the vehicles frightening horses which “might take flight.”

    A court decision says that the Park Board has no power to regulate auto traffic in Stanley Park.

    (Response: A court case would cost thousands and take years: better to remember and throw the rascals out when you can. Except, judging by election turnouts in Vancouver, not enough show up at the polls … except those in the bike lobby, the far left wing activists and the anti-car crowd…. allowing them to structure the Council and Park Board that will cater to their interests … and their interests alone. h.o)

  32. Rainclouds says:

    To add to my previous commentary.

    I have been riding my bike around Stanley Park every second day since this Virus reared its ugly head. Probably 15 times give or take.

    On my excursions, From the Rowing Club all the way around to Beech Ave I took note of usage, daily average would be aprox 5 cyclists, 20 pedestrians/joggers, thats it! (Put simply there aren’t that many people who want to walk the entire route) Serious Cyclists use the road, always have.

    Once you get beyond those parameters it was more congested but not onerous. Essentially The Park Board took advantage of the situation on the Seawall from Science Center to English Bay to unilaterally impose a rule that wasn’t needed in a place that had minimal impact due to limited usage. A drone would show exactly what I have described , The Park Board is a vocational school for Left wing ideologues.

    (Response: Thanks for keeping it real! Plenty of room …and time …to share. Exactly why there’s no practical reason why they can’t close the park road, maybe in the mornings, or just on certain days … but a TOTAL lockout of vehicles (and those who need them to get around) is inexcusable. The Park Board petty dictators are lucky I’m retired: I would have really gone after them on this, interviewed reps of organizations for the physically challenged and seniors groups on how they feel about so little consideration being given to them …. victims in my opinion of the selfish ideological haters of cars … not really much to do with Covid. Sad that among the media today in Vancouver, no one is really a champion anymore for people trampled on and pushed aside so easily by governments. h.o)

  33. 13 says:

    DBW if I may quote one of your lines” Waiting for the Merkle Lofven Cameron …. dithering Obama post” That is textbook trolling. . The need that you have to point out what you consider to be YOUR exemplary behavior would fulfill the textbook example of other comments
    My grandparents (dads side) both suffered extreme mobility issues. Gramps lost a leg in WW1 . He was hit by a Canadian artillery shell from behind coming out of a trench. My grandmother was also wheelchair bound due to hip problems. They rented an apartment on Barclay St in the West End close to Denman St. My family rented a house on Barclay near Bute St. It never dawned on me why we lived so close as I was growing up. Fact was it enabled my dad to take his parents shopping, take them to Dr appointments and take them out for a drive . One of my grand dads favorite destinations was Prospect point as they sold soft ice cream. . After my dad passed away I often took my mom out to the Sylvia for diner and a drive around the Park. My wife and I used to spend many weekends in Stanley Park before we moved to Chilliwack.
    I suppose if I lived in Prince Rupert and hadnt been born and raised in the West End I wouldnt have the slightest clue what Harvey meant when he said Vancouver City Council is waging a war on the car. I could fill pages recounting the special times in my life Ive spent at Stanley Park so excuse those of us (or at Least me) that think banning cars from Stanley Park has little to do with covid transmission and a lot to do with banning automatic transmissions.

    (Response: People in power ..clearly the Park Board … often forget their decisions affect real people …human beings who deserve dignity, consideration and respect …even if they are handicapped, can’t get around without a vehicle or being driven by others, or seniors who just can’t walk very far (not enough to even get to the park, let alone walk around it). We’re told this social distancing could go on for many months: what are the elderly and handicapped supposed to do …just pay taxes for the upkeep of Staley Park and the beaches and other parks … but don’t dare to expect to use them if they need a car to get to them or around them??? Shameful! And the media should be onto to this! h.o)

  34. Jay says:

    “So here is my question: Is all of this hyperbole? or Is the cure worse than the disease?”

    The cure is way worse than the disease.
    Look at what is going on now. Police are doing house checks and arresting people if they are not following the “rules”.
    Fines, shutdowns of public parks, dragging people from their homes or other areas.
    This is police state 101 and it has to stop. This is how it starts. Little nibbles at the apple to see what they can get away with. Then a big bite here and there. Finally by the time people take notice the whole apple cart is gone.
    There are always going to be stupid people who will not use their common sense but to risk the complete loss of our civil liberties, well China has definitely won then.
    There are already governors and mayors threatening martial law and a complete lockdown. You won’t even be able to go to a grocery store let alone a park.
    Luckily we are not there yet but it may be coming.
    And this literally happened overnight. People just handed over their rights to the state.
    Hyperbole? I have to wonder if we are one Reichstag fire away from the bill of rights being put through the shredder.

  35. max avelli says:

    Dear Harv,

    It appears that you took some thin-skinned offense to my pointing out that the Vancouver City Council blocked cars from Stanley Park to prevent too many people congregating in the same place.

    I have no idea why you think this would be a bad idea. Apparently you think the SJW on Vancouver City Council have something against the handicapped who may need a car to get into the Park before going for a jog or something.

    It appears that the City of Victoria (with which I believe you have some familiarity) has now shut down Beacon Hill Park (in the legislative precinct) and Mount Douglas Park to vehicles. I am pretty sure that the Victoria City Council (dominated by SJW types) is not ou to handicap the handicapped.

    Maybe this is actually all about public safety.

    Wake up for goodness sakes!!!!

    (Response: You make my point. Leftism gone dictatorial .. another PERFECT example these days in Victoria! Take a look at the record of the mayor! If you wish to explain anything…please let us know WHY is it that those on the left, who love to TALK tolerance and love and minority respect, are so unaccommodating, intolerant of divergent views, opinions, rights once they take office??? Much worse than conservatives, from what I’ve observed. h.o)

  36. nvg says:

    RainClouds et al A comparison. 2020 to
    June 1909 Park traffic survey

    A survey of park traffic revealed that there were 625 bicycles, 32,840 pedestrians, 450 horse drawn vehicles and 385 automobiles using the park.

  37. DBW says:

    13 I actually grew up in east Vancouver and have dozens of family photos of Stanley Park from the 50s and 60s. My father loved the park, so much so that after retiring, he and mom moved to the west end to be within walking distance. I appreciate your family story as it gives me a better understanding why you think like you do. That’s why I wrote about Prince Rupert, so people could see where I am coming from and what concerns me. All of us are being asked to do extraordinarily inconvenient things and I apologize if I am coming across as unfeeling. I know grandparents who can only see their new grandson from six feet away. I know families who have lost loved ones who can’t grieve with friends and family. It is horribly tough. And now I know people who can’t go on drives around their favourite spot.

    But (yeh there is always a but) this topic has morphed. It is no longer about the parks board decision to ban cars. As I said in my last post, mistakes can happen when decisions are having to be made quickly without the benefit of proper debate and consideration. So maybe the Board should at least reconsider and look at possible solutions that would at least address the handicapped and seniors. I don’t think halfway solutions (just mornings) will work as that will only result in double the cars showing up at that time. Maybe cars with a handicap sticker be allowed. I don’t know. But if you want to win this argument with the Board you need to focus on the handicapped and seniors and not morph into some kind of attack on selfish elitist radical environmental bullies who hate cars. If that is the approach they aren’t going to listen.
    (By the way, as a runner who unintentionally releases saliva while running and knows runners who intentionally spit while running, runners would have been my first group to ban. With saliva flying and people passing each other, there is no way safe social distancing can be maintained.)

    And speaking of morphing Jay’s last paragraphs are exactly what I am talking about when I worried about the direction this topic was taking.

  38. e.a.f says:

    being 70 and a fractured tibia, walking isn’t on the agenda. sibling has Parkinsons, walking isn’t on the agenda. we ought to be able to drive around Stanley Park for gods sake. Now I’m left, but sometimes these take the cars out of the park types have gone just too far. we have this society that comes in all shapes and sizes and abilities and some have lacked abilities for along time so walking just isn’t part of the agenda so some idiot decides those who can not walk can not use parks. we pay taxes also. some politicians need to get a grip. not everyone bikes, walks, etc.

    lets see how some of them feel once they’ve aged a tad more or something in the old body has broken down.

    (Response; Perfectly put! And I find it curious that so many on the left …who pretend to care about seniors and the handclapped (not just those with canes, walkers etc …but paraplegics, amputees, people with MS etc) will defend any politicians or bureaucracy who have denied ALL access to Stanley Park, its scenic sites …and, yes, even drive-thru or day parking access to any parks, beaches. Remember, people in vehicles are doing MUCH MORE social distancing and present LESS potential spreading dangers than those walking, jogging and biking! That’s why I believe it’s more than a Covid issue: it’s part of the hate on by some in power for cars. h.o)

  39. DBW says:

    Sorry Harvey, maybe the extra time has me reflecting too much.

    Is this topic about the uncaring intolerant discriminatory, eco-elitists who hate cars closing the park or is this about the closing of the park to traffic because of covid-19.

    By the comments it seems to be about the former, so I apologize for commenting as if it were the latter. My only comment about the former is that Toronto’s High Park is closed to traffic at the height of cherry blossom season and while I don’t know the make-up of Toronto’s council, the mayor is a conservative.

    But if it is about the latter, how covid-19 is forcing us into difficult decisions that inconvenience people, then I do want to comment.

    13’s story about his family and Stanley Park did move me, and I can appreciate how sad it would be to not do something that is important to a family. But doesn’t that apply to all of us. I mentioned things I had voluntarily given up. Here is one that I didn’t want to give up. The library is closed. The library is a big part of my life but it is even bigger for others.

    There are people who treat our library as a second home. Some are disabled. Some are lonely. Some use the computers to connect with out of town family. Some just need a safe place to be. This is typical of most libraries by the way.

    It was a painful decision to close the library because of those people. And I know it was painful because I am a trustee.

    In Vancouver Stanley Park is closed to traffic which is something that has to be disappointing to lots of people and I get that. But the difference between them and some of the people I described that populate libraries is that the people inconvenienced by not being able to drive around Stanley Park either have access to a vehicle or a family member that drives them. Not everybody has that kind of support.

    Everything I have said here is based on the premise that closing the park to traffic was done as a precaution in fighting off covid-19. If people want to bash the Parks Board and inconsiderate leftists and how we are on the slippery slope to being “one Reichstag fire away from the bill of rights being put through the shredder” then I will shut up.

  40. 13 says:

    DBW, I dont see any wander on this topic. HO is solidly against banning cars from Stanley Park. He feels that Vancouver is using the covid as an excuse to ban cars . He thinks its BS and it seems most of us agree.
    I dont agree with any specific ban on cars in that park today or any other time. Its a public park. People in cars are self isolating. If they park and congregate in groups that are obviously more than close family then have bylaw deal with them. Same with bike riders Rollerbladers skate boarders etc. Laws and rules already exist , just enforce them.
    If you think the park should be closed to EVERYONE then that would be a different topic and would be difficult to argue over. If it isnt safe to congregate what difference does it make how you get there

  41. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Kudos for serving as a trustee, a lot of work and long hours.

    you are on topic we are talking about a not so well thought out reaction. as many has pointed out .

    i do not believe that as a trustee you would allow the library system to be open for some and not others. however that is happening at stanley park .

    i have to ask is this just the tip of the iceberg ?

    it is a fine line between public safety for the good of all and tyranny for the benefit of a few .

    (Response: I believe it really has become in several places excessive controls disguised as health measures. And it’s now going well beyond the car-hating ban from Stanley Park. I support every sensible measure aimed at truly fighting/eliminating the coronavirus … including social distancing, eliminating vacation travel etc. but let’s keep it real: people DO need at least some safe social outlets ..especially if this fight is to go on for months. What could possibly be wrong with an individual, a couple or a family, for example who live in the same residence, going to a beach or a park and enjoying an hour sitting/walking … IF THEY GENEROUSLY SELF DISTANCE from others, sit on the grass or sand or keep moving, and don’t use playground equipment, benches, tables?? Or what danger is there, really, just driving by, people sitting in their cars to admire the view?? Banning things excessively, I submit, exacts an unreasonable mental psychological toll and invites social disobedience. h.o)

  42. G. Elder says:

    I don’t feel it is going too far. If the Covid blows up here as it has done in many other places we will be wondering why we didn’t go further. We are no different physiologically than the people in those places and just as susceptible.
    I see a lot, too many, folks in my day to day who can’t or won’t do the distance thing. Others carry on as if there is nothing to worry about. I work with some of them and really wonder how they don’t get it, the Covid. There is still time I guess.
    I have gone for many a walk and drive, lots of other places to go. I do like Stanley park, favourite “short cut” coming back from the N.Shore. Load up a bag lunch and a full tank and check out some roads you have never been down. With the price of gas and the noticeable lack of traffic it is very pleasant.
    DBW, I thought you raised your points in a fine fashion and I tend to agree. I didn’t notice any trolling and also you have explained your comments very well. As I would call myself a “Lefty” I think I would have been notified if there was a plot to shred our rights and persecute car owners. I own a car and two motorcycles so…
    I have family up in Rupert, when this all blows over I’ll have to get up there again, been awhile.

    (Response: Covid won’t blow up in parks from people driving/sitting in their cars … alone or with their live-in family members: if it blows up, it will absolutely occur instead from people walking too close, jogging too close and even biking and then stopping in sweaty clusters to chat and admire the scenery together. No doubt at all …cars are safer! h.o)

  43. Jay says:

    “Banning things excessively, I submit, exacts an unreasonable mental psychological toll and invites social disobedience.”


    Human beings are inherently social animals. You put us in lock downs or solitary confinement and the mental toll is devastating.

    The citizens of countries where this is the norm will fair better since they are used to it, but we are not in our society.

    You start taking away the ability for people to do things and eventually people will react and not in a positive way. Add to that a forced crackdown by the law enforcement types, this generates resistance and it should.
    Our countries were built on the premise that freedom is paramount and was not to be taken away with the wave of a hand or stroke of a pen.

    (Response: you would think or “leaders” would recall a very basic principle of physics they probably all learned in high school: “for every action ,there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. Their hate-on for drivers with ever-increasing stifling rules, restrictions has already elicited a reaction: I see many more drivers than I used to now taking chances … what are the odds a cop will be around … or do anything? … ignoring traffic signs like “No right turn on red” restrictions; “No right (or left” turn” at all signage; residential parking (even before the current rule suspension); and, just parking on the road, when park board bullies block parking lot access near beaches/parks. The worst part of it, in my opinion, is that if they really did care about everyone’s health and wanted to ensure long-term social-separation compliance …they’d ENCOURAGE people to go at least go out for short drives with their family/roommates for the good of their mental health … and not just tell us to stay cooped up at home 24 hours a day .. for MONTHS! Just watch how non-compliance grows within the next few weeks …and I have no doubt it will start with people going for drives! h.o)

  44. Eldon says:

    This is going to be a rare time I disagree. The parks and popular trails in Chilliwack have closed their lots as well. It’s not a Vancouver phenomenon. We don’t want you here and you don’t want me there. Stay home!

    (Response: I would agree this is not the time for “journeys” … but surely MOST locals should/could be trusted to social-distance in their own cities/parks/beaches. And that would help people, especially families, weather a LONG pandemic closure of restaurants, bars, arenas etc. Making peoples’ lives unnecessarily miserable will just encourage them … the longer it goes on … to start ignoring … and literally, get around the recommendations/rules. h.o)

  45. Leila Paul says:

    What a great blog column this is. I have nothing to contribute except I miss not getting to Vancouver as much or being in Stanley Park. I still look back as though Lotus Land in the 80s was a dream.

    However, reading this column was a pleasure with all the back and forth and witty comments that were so funny I had to laugh aloud. Your different viewpoints were all valid and from a distance it’s hard not to agree with one and then see the reasonable rebuttal by another.

    Truly, you have a great blog Harvey. All of you make for the most enjoyable of all the options to help through the imposed isolation.

    Stay healthy and keep on sharing!

  46. G. Elder says:

    In your reply to me you are not wrong. I just feel that many of us haven’t really paid attention and are carrying on as per usual. If it could be somehow controlled so one just drives around the park that would be great. On a weekend,a holiday one no less, I think to many people would pile out of the car and congregate. Most of the parks and rec spot lots are closed for this reason I think. Maybe they could open them during the week.
    Maybe as 13 suggested they could have some info/security people there but could be tough getting someone at all the various locations.
    I still go with better to go all in now than wish we had later.

  47. nvg says:

    Here are the statistics on Number of deaths in British Columbia FY 2001 – 2019.

    2017 – 2018 37,946
    2018 – 2019 38,308

    What is not included are the Health Care Workers because during those years there was nothing like Covid-19.

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