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Party Strategies and TV Ratings: the Game Is Changing.

February 20th, 2017 · 35 Comments

Politicians and party strategists are well aware of who is reading what, who is listening to what, and, especially, who is watching what …. and as each election draws near, they pay very close attention to that data.

In the US, tv ratings are literally an open book, but in Canada, it’s highly proprietary corporate material, normally available only within the industry, to advertising agencies and advertisers.

And as HUGE potential advertisers,  only eleven weeks left before the May 9 provincial election, the parties are all planning where they can get maximum news coverage and literally where they can get more bang for their advertising  bucks.

They use the data to plan times and locations for announcements and speeches and rallies, schedule appearances by the Premier, top and lesser cabinet ministers, star and lkesser candidates …and even strategists themselves.

And what they are now finding is the field has changed … quite a bit from the last time around.

I have traced this transition over the past couple of years, as ratings tidbits have come my way … and the changes lately seem even more remarkable.

Global still leads the 6 p.m. slot … averaging 3.7 ratings points in Jan 2017 … but down from 4.3 in Jan. 2016; CTV at 6 p.m. came second in Jan. 2017 averaging 2.2 ratings points, but up from 2.0 a year earlier. (CTV 2 at 6 p.m. adds another .2 ).

In other words, the gap is continuing to close … and two weeks ago I heard that CTV’s weekly average was 3.1 … a new record …. making even greater inroads against Global’s lead.  And on more and more occasions, CTV at 6 p.m. has actually beaten Global’s ratings … and no doubt taking note are Global’s brass and advertising agencies and party srtategists as well.

It still boggles my mind, of course, when I recall that BCTV (Global) at 6 p.m.  used to regularly and consistently outdraw our arch nemesis by 5 and sometimes even 6 to 1!!!

At 5 p.m., last week, CTV’s average draw of 1.9 ratings points … again apparently a new weekly record, did better than Global’s 1.5.

Viewer habits and numbers have clearly changed … and are up for grabs.

And nowhere is that more noticeable than in the Morning ratings: the move of Sophie Lui to the Newshour has clearly hurt.

Global still leads year to year in the morning … scoring a 1.2 average in January;  CTV averaged 0.8 in January …. but increasingly, even there, CTV is drawing closer, on some mornings beating and even doubling Global’s Morning numbers.

These numbers … and trends … are all important: not just to the stations and networks themselves; but over the next two and a half months especially to the political parties as well.

And WE as voters will be able to soon see how and where they place their bets … and their bucks.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Gene the Bean // Feb 20, 2017 at 8:52 am

    Very interesting.

    I haven’t watched anything except local news for years. Global put me over the edge with the outright shilling for the BC Lieberal Party.

    Speaking of lies, I would imagine with the success of just bald face lying south of the 49th, that the Lieberals will just double-down and get some really big shovels and just let it fly….

    Those old days of BCTV were golden. The nightly news was really a can’t miss event.

    As I don’t watch the news, I won’t be witnessing first hand where the Lieberals will be spending “their” money to try and buy votes, but I am sure I will be reading all about it here.

    (Response: wherever you get your info, it will be hard to miss all the ads that are planned by all parties. Except here…a total ad-free zone …. although I could probably make enough to pay for another cruise! 🙂 h.o)

  • 2 Gordie // Feb 20, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Sophie’s last name is spelled Lui, not Louie. I’m sure she’d want to see the correct spelling in your blog.

    (Response: Sorry…will correct it. h.o)

  • 3 SP // Feb 20, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Most of the political advertising revenue is going to Global BC. I can’t stomach watching any of the Global BC new broadcasts, it’s seems like every commercial is either a BC government ad or a third party ad pointing out John Horgans failures, I can sit through any of CTV’s or CBC’s news shows without been subjected to all those ridiculous advertisements. I can’t help but think that Global BC is charging a deeply discounted rate for pro BC liberal government, or anti NDP ad space.

    (Response: Not sure if you have inside info or are just speculating, but certainly Global will cash in on “government info” ads and party election ads … but I suspect, given the ratings/audience shifts, CTV will do better than last time. And I’m sure the experts are also very busy breaking down the AGE demographics of who is watching what. h.o.)

  • 4 hawgwash // Feb 20, 2017 at 9:31 am

    It’s not just about rating numbers though, as the attitude of the messenger plays large.

    A mainstay in getting the message out, especially the Liberal message is using the friendlies.

    Reporting on the recently proposed tax credit for SAR volunteers it was interesting to see how the media handled it.

    There was the BS baffles brains, cut and paste Gov. release;

    Proposed tax credit could send B.C. rescue volunteers home with hundreds of dollars

    Yamamoto says volunteers would be able to take home about $600.
    Then a little more truthful approach;

    Small gesture: Tax credit for volunteer searchers equates to $151 annually

    The provincial component announced at that press conference is just $151.80 per person, for those volunteering a minimum 200 hours per year – which works out to less than $1 for each hour volunteered.
    Then the harder hitting reality;

    B.C. government offers ‘token’ tax credit for search and rescue, fire volunteers

    Volunteers who work in the field are paid nothing and an extra $150 won’t even cover a good pair of boots.

    Global slid quietly down the middle, just a bit softer than CTV.

    The NW Liberal dictation message is interesting because it is a working stiff handout and NW is playing in the background, all day, in most labour oriented job sites; construction, automotive repair, commercial kitchens and anywhere there is a working class ear to be stuffed with flotsam.

  • 5 G. Barry Stewart // Feb 20, 2017 at 10:33 am

    I don’t know what the numbers are like as far as PVR use in households — but my wife and I rarely see ads, as we’re fast-forwarding through to turn a 1-hour show into 40 minutes.

    Two exceptions would be the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news.

    If that’s the norm for many households, political parties need more creative ways of getting their message across.

    (Response: I have no doubt …with the millions of dollars they plan to spend…they’ll fund alternative ways of reaching you. h.o)

  • 6 D. M. Johnston // Feb 20, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I have mostly stopped watching both CTV and Global news, thus political advertising does not reach me.

    Important programs I record on PVR and fast forward the commercials.

    On Radio, when I hear political advertising I turn it off and the same for Palmer and Baldry on Dead Dog 98.

    Facebook is different and if there is a comment section open I leave a comment, but most politicians running for office are too cowardly to have a comment section.

    So, where I will get my info?

    Public meetings are largely a waste of time and few candidates do not have the time for a personal meeting, so it is back to “party” politics and as it stands, especially with the hacker debacle, the Liberals seem to have lost their Teflon armor.

    Interesting note: I tend to write a lot of letters to the editor, and in our local rag, the editors ran my rather long letter about the Massey Tunnel replacement bridge on the editorial page and ran a letter from the Minister of Transportation on the next page. Either the MoT’s letter came late and they rushed it on the copy or my letter is reflecting current public concern for the $3.5 to $5 billion bridge; especially the same type of bridge that developed ice bombs during the winter and has to be closed!

    Also, there are established and credible blogs, that are reporting real news and I think the blogs like yours, In-Sights, Laila Yuile, Rafe Mair, the Common Sense Canadian, and the Breaker are going to do a lot to inform the voter this time around.

  • 7 hawgwash // Feb 20, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Sigh, “The boys downtown.”

    Clearly this is what we’ve come to;

  • 8 rainclouds // Feb 20, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    I have to thank you. I now PVR the local “news” .

    Watch PBS and their in depth coverage from 6-7 then the local coverage only takes 10-12 min to endure. Many times I simply skip it.

    Airhead “anchors” droning on about some meaningless puff piece presented as “breaking news” is tough to stomach.

    I expect I’m not alone……..

    (Response: It could be worse. You should see the local “news” in Fort Lauderdale! No wonder so many know so little about issues/events and so much about violence, killings, accidents, fires, robberies, chases and all kinds of puffery stories of info that affects or assists almost none of them. h.o)

  • 9 13 // Feb 20, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    If I were spending money on behalf of a political party I would try t reach the target voters on as many social media platforms as possible. The tv ads would each get money as per ratings.. Next would be community papers and radio

  • 10 Grey // Feb 20, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Local news offers little more than a one-party propaganda. Wall-to-wall party ads, disguised as government, mind-numbing junk from Christy’s anti-union alt-crew (John Winter et al), with little to no examination by the Leg guys. Donald Trump would love our media. He’d have nothing to complain about.

  • 11 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Feb 20, 2017 at 2:31 pm


    …what your posters are blogging so far.

    Very much so.

    But what’s going on in the social media?

    Measurements can be taken.

    I wonder how much effect twitter, and so on, will have on the vote outcome.

    Maybe Moscow can assist the NDP! Perhaps the US Dem deplorables, led by Hillary and George Soros, can help, too!

    Or maybe not. I hope most American politicos have no idea even where BC is on a map. Better for all of us.

    What we really need to have is another good old-fashioned electoral bun-toss.

    But against the background of when you and Cameron Bell and all the rest were kicking major media ass in the 1980s, looking at the media “condition” right now is very thin gruel indeed.

    Pity, eh?

  • 12 Lew // Feb 20, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Harvey, it will be interesting to see where the political parties place their bets and their bucks. But what really grates me is how the BC Liberal government advertises with OUR bucks.

    They recently doubled the communications budget to do just that, and we’ve been inundated with government ads ever since. I do support the ads they’re running to address the fentanyl issue, but the rest are clearly unnecessary and self-promoting.

    Tomorrow they will unveil a budget, and from now until the official election campaign begins and they start using party money (which they’ve been raising non-stop instead of having a sitting of the Legislature to actually govern and debate), we are going to be swamped with ads at our expense telling us what fiscal geniuses they are. I have no reason to believe the NDP would behave differently, but every government ad I see reinforces my intention of giving them a chance to see if they will.

    My TV remote is going through batteries at a record rate.

    (Response: There will no doubt be ads everywhere … but, if anyone watches closely, WHERE and HOW the parties decide to bulk up their ads will tell you where they think their “vote” lies. For example, I would not be surprised to see more ads from the Greens than the Libs on CBC local news shows. By the way, from what I understand, the CBC local news at 6:30 p.m. averaged only a 0.4 in Jan 2016 and 0.3 in Jan. 2017. h.o)

  • 13 e.a.f. // Feb 20, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    PAY FOR ANOTHER CRUISE? You’d be able to buy a small ocean liner of your own.

    The provincial government, aka, B.C. Lieberal Party has been buying so many ads on t.v. it does give one pause to think what type of deal they will get once the election has started? With the money they’ve been spending on t.v. ads the b.c. lieberals could have opened a new child mental health and addiction centre. In one Law and Order, SVU, segment at 9 p.m. every other commercial break included at least one “B.C. Government” ad. How much that cost???? No wonder photo op queen needs $12M to “fight” the election. She won’t be able to use our tax dollars to run her campaign once the writ has been dropped.

    CTV and Global news is approx. the first 8 minutes. if there is something which matters but doesn’t reflect well on the b.c. lieberals its at either 12 minutes or 18 minutes after the news started. i.e. kids dying in care, reports on such….

    As to news watching: 5 pm. CHEK news from Victoria.
    5:30 pm. PBS business news
    6:00 to aprox 6:10 to 6:20 CTV but at 6:00 pm. to 6:30 switch back and forth to PBS.
    6:30 CBS news and switching back and forth to PBS.
    the rest of the time, during commercial breaks over to CBC news channel. Avoid commercials at all costs unless they are funny.

    I do wonder from time to time over the years what the various political parties are charged for t.v. commercials. yes I know there is the “going rate”, but what do they get rewarded with after wards.

    The news isn’t all that great. They will announce one of Christy’s big spending sprees like $…..million for the disabled but it works out to about $1.60 a day for them. Like all the news reports is the hundred million or whatever increase in total it will be. In the newspaper where there is a tad more room you read about the $1.60.

    All in all the newspapers have covered the theft/surplus of the b.c. lieberals. $2B surplus. what they don’t say is how many people in B.C. died so Christy could have that surplus. All those children, all those people who didn’t get sufficient health care, etc. That is what is lacking. Now the press of this province which has been more or less a press release organization for the b.c. lieberals will make tens of millions of dollars advertising for all the political parties. And then wait for it, the Sun, Province, the deanless, etc. will all recommend voters vote for Christy in spite of it all, she will change her ways. right.

  • 14 nonconfidencevote // Feb 20, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    I cancelled my tv feed a few months ago .
    Got tired of paying $60+ per month to have endless advertisements rammed down my throat.
    We are PAYING to watch advertisements!
    Global 6pm “News” was at the bottom of my view list at that time
    Couldnt handle the “puff piece” stories wrapped around Govt (Liberal) ads paid for by taxpayers telling us what a great job they are doing.
    I bought a $35 antenae and get CHEK 6, CTV, PBS and a few other channels.
    As for Gailus, Baldry and Palmer……..


  • 15 Marge // Feb 20, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    “As for Gailus, Baldry and Palmer……..


    I second that Pffft.

    (Response: Can we please stick to the topic of the blog. h.o)

  • 16 13 // Feb 20, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Everyone breath easy. The NDP due to budget constraints havent unleashed the attack ads that were missing last time around. I keep hearing that this time its take no prisoners. It will be interesting to see what the NDP campaign team will come up with. Judging by what Ive seen on this blog sheeple, uninformed, deplorable, ( check GTBs posts for any adjectives Ive missed) they should be able to make mince meat out of the competition.
    I look forward to the bare knuckle debate.

  • 17 Howard // Feb 20, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    I’ve always found it intriguing how it can be sleuthed out who is watching what and when by the ratings compilers, and downstream by the parties and their strategists.
    The electronic path to the devices would seem easy to follow, but determining the make-up of who is actually receiving the content seems considerably more challenging, and the accuracy of the ratings would surely have to be much more accurate than the work of the pollsters.
    Also, I question the value achieved by political advertising now ramping up on YouTube, which can easily be nuked by users after only 5 seconds.
    Like other posters have stated here, I’m only good for about 5 or 10 minutes at the start of the 6:00 PM time slot (as you say dominated by Global), so it would appear that advertising would need to be front-loaded in that window to achieve the most meaningful impact as well.

    (Response: In the old days, the ratings services used only booklets people agreed to fill out, stating who in the house was watching and ages. I don’t know how the electronic boxes determine demographics but advertisers like at least some gauge r calculation, even if it’s not totally accurate. h.o)

  • 18 Diverdarren // Feb 21, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Harvey, who are these people that can have their political opinion swayed by advertising?

    The people I know fall into two categories.

    1. Those that knew how they were going to vote the day after the last election. Their politics have been decided for decades, and they are not suddenly going to vote for the other party because of a flashy add campaign.
    I’d dare say that the posters to your blog would fall into this group.

    2. the other are those that are oblivious to politics. It’s not part of their life and they are totally disengaged. But, they also don’t vote, so the millions of add dollars are wasted on them. I know it’s hard to believe for people (mostly political “junkies”, myself included) who’ll read and post to a political blogs, but there are people out there that care about as much about politics as I care about Pokemon.

    So where are these politically engaged voters who’s vote can be swayed from one end of the spectrum to the other. And that is what we are talking about when a person decides to vote for either Liberal or a NDP. The two parties are near polar opposites.

    Who are these “mythical unicorn” of a voter whose ideology and principles can be swayed from one side of the pendulum to the other? How much money is spent on these unicorns, and is there actually enough of them to shift the balance of political power?

    (Response:You are missing an important third group…perhaps the most important. They are those who are undecided, not sworn to any party, and they are the ones who can and often do decide elections. The ads are directed to them. h.o. )

  • 19 DonGar // Feb 21, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Just on the weather network website and pop up ad against NDP John will say anything showed up. Interesting to watch what other non news outlet sites these ads will appear.

    (Response: I suspect their advertising rates are much lower than the big draws. h.o)

  • 20 BMCQ // Feb 21, 2017 at 10:28 am

    I find it interesting that by most opinions in the U.S. Federally in Canada, and the EU Main Stream Media types which includes Hosts, Moderators, Reporters, News Readers tends to be Liberal and lean Left of Centre.

    I hope Harvey or other MSM types feel free to step in if my opinions on this should be challenged, I am doing my best to make a comparison or two and I have no Media Experience other than consumption.

    I even read where Walter Cronkite considered himself a Liberal Minded Person but from what I am told he never let his true Liberal leanings show through while on Air.

    Sure can’t say that today can we?!!

    Seems to me as a Conservative Supporter that CNN, the Clinton News Network is continuing to fight the November Election and will do anything in their power to Discredit the Trump Admin. Yes I know he does enough damage himself………………

    Frankly I do not care whether a Reporter, Reader, or other On Air Personality is Liberal Conservative or whatever as long as it does not show through in their Reporting or Reading unless they are doing Editorial or Commentary/Opinion.

    For the sake of this Blog of Harvey’s we must keep in mind that there is a huge difference between the B.C. Liberals who are really Conservative for the most part and “Liberal” in name only.

    Federal Liberals are a obviously a totally different Bag of Fish and they are more aligned with MSM Media just as Democrats in the U.S. and Social Democrats in The EU. lean what is described as Liberal with Liberal Traditional Values.

    I would also like to point out that Almost Everyone that I have seen over the past several years agree and acknowledge that most in MSM regardless of Region and Country in the Free World are Liberal leaning.

    We have all heard of Federal Liberal BBQ’s and their fondness for Media to attend during Long Hot Summers.

    I am not sure if I can accept B.C. Main Stream Media being Pro B.C. Liberal.

    To me it appears that NW do everything they can to discredit the B.C. Liberals or even during the past Federal Election they did their best to angle against the Federal Conservative Party.

    As a matter of fact for several years now I have referred to the 10:00 AM Slot on NW as the NP Farm Team. Odd how the Most seems to have Any and All NDP Opposition Members on Speed Dial.

    How anyone could suggest that NW is B.C. Liberal is beyond me, perhaps too much Medicinal Marijuana could be one explanation.

    As to Global and the others, for quite some time now we PVR the Broadcast and then watch the first 10 minutes and speed through the rest watching for something of interest which is not often.

    As to the Ads and the Money spent, I agree that Politicians and their Handlers should have a good idea of who, where, and when to target the Soft Voters of the other Parties and I think the B.C. Libs are masters.

    Then again, when Campaigning Genius’s like Adrian Dix and John Horgan embrace the Loonie Left Enviro’s, and come out against Pipeline Projects and other Infrastructure Projects and abandon the very important Voter that happens to work 40 hours a week and also happens to be a Union or Non Union Blue collar Worker the NDP have done much of the work the B.C. Liberal Ad Campaign can do for the Libs themselves.

    Perhaps the B.C. Liberals should actually pay for NDP Ads where Horgan, Dix, Eby, Chandra, and others can tell the good hard working people of B.C. how they plan to increase Taxes and provide $ 10.00 day Care and at what cost.

  • 21 DBW // Feb 21, 2017 at 11:34 am

    In response to #17.

    If you believe polls

    Of decided voters Liberals and NDP are tied at 37% with Green at 17% and Conservatives at 10%.

    But there are 31% who were undecided.

    According to the survey, about two thirds of Liberal and NDP voters are locked in and won’t change their minds.

    Only 36% of Greens are are locked in and over half say they might change their minds.

    By my calculation that leaves about 50% of voters up for grabs for the ads that are produced.

    However, diverdarren could still be right.

    Remember that 50% may the 50% that don’t vote anyway.

  • 22 Marge // Feb 21, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Won’t we all laugh like crazy tonight – those of us nuts enough to watch the News on Global and we hear how lucky we are to have the MSP cut in half – even though it won’t happen until 2018 and knowing the Libs maybe not all if they have their way. But Global and NW know where their bread is buttered and look forward to all those advertisements heading their way. No wonder they don’t give a damn what news they broadcast as long as those dollars keep rolling their way. The last time I watched Global was during the snowstorm so I could learn when things would improve – their delivery of “news” was so pathetic a kid in elementary school could do better. Won’t watch tonight either – would either make my ribs crack from laughing too much or I might throw my remote at the tv for the lies being spread. Certainly it is NOT the news of the past. Wonder how bad it will be in the future.

  • 23 13 // Feb 21, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    I tend to agree with Diver Darren on this one , but I also agree with HOs response.
    BC voters are very polarized and the ads must be aimed at the small % that are in the middle .
    The reason that your blog is so lively and the debates so frequent and intense , we are all very much decided voters. ( Possible exception would be HO). I look forward to the campaign and the eventual victory . It will take one helluva fantastic advertising campaign to change our minds.
    Now that the budget is out of the way we should get a clearer picture of the two positions

  • 24 Diverdarren // Feb 22, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Harvey, it seems that your right. Like DBW pointed to, a new poll shows 31% undecided.

    The only caveat to that poll, is that is it was a poll of “eligible voters”, which is a different group than “likely voters”.

    There was no metric in the disclosed info on the pollsters website as to how many respondents were not planning to vote.

    Of course, the party strategists can’t take for granted that those 31% wont vote, and as such they have to target the message to this potential block of voters.

    I guess the tough part is, how do you get your message across to a group of people who are undecided? What is the profile of an “undecided voter”. This would be an adult who hasn’t decided as to where they stand on neo-liberalism and socialism.

    I don’t know where you could find in todays world someone who sits on the fence regarding the politics of Karl Marx or Adam Smith? And if you can’t find these “undecideds” how does the party get the message to these types?

    Worse yet… Is our governance being decided by a voter block of people who can be swayed between two extremes of BC Liberals or BC NDP?

  • 25 hawgwash // Feb 22, 2017 at 9:27 am

    “I am not sure if I can accept B.C. Main Stream Media being Pro B.C. Liberal.”

    I’m glad you phrased it that way because, whether or not you accept it, it is the reality.

    How soon we forget and the Libs are so aware of same.
    The MSP has not been cut in half, it is a roll back, just like Walmart rhubarb.


    I spoke with a +/- 40 year old couple last night.
    They liked the budget.

    They only started showing a more than passing interest in politics within the past 4 or 5 years, since starting a family and being involved with the BC education and medical systems.

    They are, to me, the example of the old saying “a little knowledge can be dangerous.” They know zip about the SSC ruling against the BC Gov. on education. Zero about BC Hydro. Nada about Site C and nothing about MCFD.

    Zip, zero, nada, nothing.

    What they do know is that the NDP ruined this province yet claim to be open minded and undecided.

    Last night, they watched the news and bought the budget. The Government and MSM are counting on this couple.

    Mr. Horgan has a hard row to harrow and he is four years late harnessing the horse.

    There are some decent Green and independent candidates emerging and it will be interesting who they grab votes from. They could greatly affect the outcome without getting a seat. Too bad their advertising budgets will only work on a limited local basis.

  • 26 Lew // Feb 22, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Diverdarren asks the question the political parties must address when planning their respective ad campaigns. How and where to advertise to avoid wasting resources on preaching to the choir or changing hard-core opinion. Where are the malleable minds, and which of them are likely to vote?

    As Harvey says, “…party strategists are well aware of who is reading what, who is listening to what, and, especially, who is watching what…”.

    Seems to me the BC Liberal party can afford to be less strategic in its approach because of the size of its war chest. It can afford to blanket all outlets during the campaign period, as it does when using our tax dollars to do it outside the campaign period. So its approach might be less instructive.

    On the other hand the NDP must, out of fiscal necessity, be far more tactical. The placement of its ads should be based more on who it’s targeting and where they watch than just the overall ratings.

    One thing’s for certain. By the end of the campaign, we’ll all be sick of the ads from either party.

  • 27 dani // Feb 22, 2017 at 11:13 am

    It would be interesting to know how long ago the liberals started setting funds aside for their advertising campaign and the size of their budget.
    I find it incredible that there is now money available for their promises which could have been used to help BC’s vulnerable children, the disabled and cash strapped seniors, just to name a few. And why the ten month wait for a reduction in MSP premiums? They should be ashamed of themselves.
    I may be able to be swayed to vote for the NDP but am still waiting to hear their platform.
    So far, all I seem to see or hear is reactionary to what the liberals are presenting. I’m wondering when we can expect something fresh or new to get our attention. Any job creation plans in the offing?
    As far as puffery in the news, last week CTV had a piece showing emergency services assisting a horse which had fallen on his side but could not get up. This was presented as breaking news, no less. Unbelievable. Sorry if this is slightly off topic.

  • 28 13 // Feb 22, 2017 at 8:13 pm


    My greatest exposure to the BC media is listening to NW all day every day. (Mon – Fri from 3am till 5 or 6pm)
    I Listen to Jon McComb pretty close. He has become so anti BC Liberal that its getting difficult to stay on 98. At 10 am I try every day but Simi Sara is so left wing , so pro NDP, so biased that she really has tossed aside any semblance of unbiased reporting. Drex (in the NDP tank) Steele might be the only on air personality that can claim that shes unbiased.
    So as pro BC Liberal as Global might be NW is not.

  • 29 Gene the Bean // Feb 23, 2017 at 7:03 am

    I guess it had to happen …. of all the billions of people on the planet … what are the odds that one person …. just one …. would have an opinion that not one other person has !!!

    Too funny

  • 30 BMCQ // Feb 23, 2017 at 7:33 am

    Hawg – 25

    The reason I stated, ” I am not sure I can accept etc.” is because other than the odd Hockey Game over the years and watching some Coronation Street the odd Wet Cold Sunday with my War Bride Mother N Law I have not watched the CBC at all. My Wife and I were never viewers of Check, CTV, or others until more recently once we became disinterested in Global after the first 10 minutes.

    We now Channel Surf back and forth on various News Programs and then also view some PVR News.

    My Wife and I and most of our friends have given up on NW as John McComb seems to have a total “Hate On” for Premier Clark and in his eyes she can do no good at all.

    We already know the 10:00 AM Host is the NDP Farm Team and the 2:00 PM Group seem to be controlled by the Program Director and they cannot find a kind word to say about the B.C. Liberals even if they rescued every Stray Dog from Mexico. From the little bit I have listened Steele seems to be Fair and Balanced but the Little Aussie appears to be very Ideological and Biased against anything Free Enterprise.

    How can anyone like him believe that Government should pay for Everything?

    So no matter what you would like to believe NW does not favour the B.C. Liberals in any way.

    Yes the Libs may advertise on NW but that does not reflect the Politics of the Loonie Left American Uber Democratic Program Director at NW, it merely means that the Liberals see some sort of value in reaching out to NW Listeners through Advertisement.

    As to Global? I believe as with someone like yourself that hears Liberal Ads on NW People think that Global supports the Libs because they see Liberal/Government Advertisement on Global and they somehow relate that to favouritism toward the B.C. Liberals.

    I am quite sure that if the BCL Party advertised on each and every Radio, TV, Print, and Internet Outlet many out in Listener/Viewer Land would equate that with favouritism for the BCL Party.

    If you are a soft NDP Supporter, want a change of Government and you Vote Green you are Splitting the Vote and therefore wasting your Vote. That is the very reason why NDP Horgan would like to somehow breath life into the B.C. Conservative Party, that would split the Vote in many Ridings between the Cons and Libs and that would allow many NDP Candidates to come right up the middle and win several Ridings.

    You may not want to listen to me but listen to your friend 13 and his Post at 28.

    Did anyone “Scroll Down” here?

  • 31 Lew // Feb 23, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Everyone thinks his or her perception is reality. Advertising is a concerted effort to change or confirm your perception. That’s why soap companies or political parties advertise. We know and accept that up front.

    Journalists, on the other hand, are supposed to report the unvarnished facts, without bias. We should be able to trust in that and accept no less.

    So while some rail against the perceived left-wing bias on ‘NW, I regularly contact Jon and Simi to point out how they are not holding the BC Liberals to account sufficiently for their many insults on the public interest.

    Did Pamela Martin, Stephen Smart, Rebecca Scott, Sean Leslie, Jas Johal, or Steve Darling just suddenly become BC Liberals upon ceasing to be employed as journalists? Completely free of that bias one day, and full of it the next? That isn’t my perception.

    Consider this review of the Club. And who are now club members in full standing.

  • 32 BMCQ // Feb 24, 2017 at 7:21 am

    Lew – 31

    I agree with some others here that suggest that the Ads are designed to appeal to those that are Soft Voters or those that are somewhat undecided.

    I do not believe that the vast majority of Canadians in any Province could be made to change their Vote within a month or two before an Election unless there is an event that really resonates.

    As an example, if a Party that for some nutso reason believed they had the Election in the Bag and then suddenly just a week or two before Vote Day flipped on a Major Infrastructure Project that happened to be favoured by many of their assumed Blue Collar Base.

    Now that could change minds! Could that ever happen. could it?

    It is just after 5:00 AM here and I just about fell off of my Chair when you suggested you contact NW on a regular basis to encourage McComb and the NDP Farm Team Member that they are not doing enough to vilify the B.C. Liberals.

    Please do not do that to me so early in the Morning!

    As stated I do not care about what Opinion Talk Shows bloviate about, you or I can choose not to listen. McComb is now quite obvious that he has disdain for Premier C. Clark and that is his choice, several of my friends including my Wife dropped him sometime over 2016, I have made the change only very recently.

    I abandoned the 10:00 AM Host and more or less the rest over the past year or two. I do listen if Michael Smyth or Jill Bennett sub in as I find them more balanced.

    I now listen to 770 AM KTTH Seattle.

    Again, I do not care what McComb and the others believe or what they sell but I see a very serious Anti B.C. Liberal at the station and I believe that is dishonest, especially when they try to pretend they are neutral.

    If you feel Pamela Martin and the rest (who I do not really know) were biased you are allowed that opinion.

    I do not care who any one in the Media Run for in any Election, I just want them to be unbiased on Air while being an Anchor or if they are doing Hard News Reporting.

    Harvey has told us himself he has voted for several different Candidates from different Parties. When Harvey was on Air I had no idea how he would have voted because he was a Hard News Guy being a Professional.

    Again, there is a difference between “Opinion” and “Hard News”, and the Program Director at NW has turned the once Proud “Tope Dog NW 98” into a “Dead Dog” and Tool of “Liberal Elites”. And that Saddens me.

    Personally I still believe the former On Air Personalities were being biased, some of them could have chosen to run for the NDP and perhaps some have.

    Again, I think many of you here believe NW Global and others are Pro BCL is because you are irritated by the Liberal Ads. Please give that some thought. McComb biased for BCL Party, Really? My God!

    As stated Cronkite admitted to being Liberal but he did not show it and that is just fine with me.

    I read the piece and I found it interesting and well written but we must consider that he did toil for the NDP and I believe there is a certain amount of bias.

    I am not denying some of his points made but I must say that if what much of what he says is true B.C. must be different and biased in another totally different way than Federal Politics Media in Canada, U.S., Britain, and ALL of the EU.

    I am going to attach something below I would like you to take a minute to watch.

    Mary Anne Marsh is a Senior Democratic Operative in the U.S. and No Lightweight. I actually like Marsh, she works hard for her Party and she is not a Bomb Thrower.

    Please listen to the questions and then her answers very closely. I believe it helps illustrate part of my point about Liberal Bias in MSM.

    Mary Anne Marsh always holds her own and she is a very fair minded person, I was quite surprised that she did not actually come up with more names.

    I am quite sure you will find fault with O’Reilly but please listen, he allowed her to answer the questions fully. Marsh is a regular guest each week and it is very informative listening to both the Conservative and Liberal side of any argument when she is on air.

  • 33 Lew // Feb 26, 2017 at 11:07 am

    I wonder what’s better? Real anonymous sources, or on-air imposters?

  • 34 BMCQ // Feb 26, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Looks like we are not using identities any longer.

    Look, there are simply just too many, “Unnamed Sources, It has been Reported, On good Authorities, White House Sources, Senior Officials” and so many other unknown sources used to malign the Trump Administration.

    It appears there are also Leaks which should not happen regardless of which Party is in Power or in any Country.

    If I was POTUS DJT or Obama in the past I would or would have taken Leaks very seriously and I would have prosecuted any Leakers.

    Let’s also consider that DJT has been in office for only a few weeks and from what I read the Clinton Admin had a much rougher start.

    As an outsider looking in it appears to me that Canadian Civil Servants Senior and otherwise do a better job of Transition and controlling Leaks of Government Information to a minimum.


    It appears to me that most Contributors here would like to believe that Canada is under NO Threat from Migration from those that would enter Canada from the South/U.S.A..

    It also appears to me that those same people have no concern that many Thousands or more Convicted Criminal Felons would rather come to Canada than be sent back to their Home Country.

    I am not of the same opinion.

    It would also appear that those same people unlike me feel that we should continue to welcome Refugees in growing numbers.

    And it also appears that most contributors to this Blog believe that News Reports from the EU are not being manipulated to show serious problems with Violent Criminal Acts carried out by Migrants are not true.

    Let’s revisit this in 1 year and we will see just how things look in The EU and Canada then.

    Guests that are Imposters? I am quite sure that happens all the time, it is the job of ALL MSM to do the best they can to ensure that any contributor is vetted and qualified to speak on any one subject.

    I believe there was more of a mistake in the stated position held by the Commentator rather than what he had to say.

    Each and every hour of Daytime and Prime Time Cable News employees uses commentary from various guests giving Opinion Commentary.
    Many of them described as Experts. Just ask Anderson Cooper.

    Do you believe the following two Reports are false?

    Of course I have no way of verifying the content as to it’s authenticity and facts but in cases like this we must rely on the Media Outlet.

    Difference between these Reports and the Reports from much of CNN, NYT, MSNBC and others that use innuendo and the ever present “Sources Say”, is the fact that actual NAMES and Departments are attached to the two attached Pieces.

    Unlike so many from NYT, CNN, etc., they are both very Transparent.

    And then there is this.

    I have mentioned that I have friends and family in Sweden, I have a friend arriving in Vancouver from Sweden in mid April and he is finally admitting to the problems that exist in Sweden after at least 4 years of discussing it with him.

    No matter what we would like to believe ALL of the EU and Sweden are in trouble and Crime is rising.

    Why else would you believe that EU Governments are being Defeated and in fact Angela Merkel is Paying Migrants to leave Germany!!

    Please ask yourself just why Merkel is paying them to Leave.

    You may think I have chosen the “Low Hanging” Fruit here and that is your choice.

    Should we not at least be cautious and keep an eye on our Migration Problem from our Southern Neighbour?

    Just who are the people Crossing into Canada seeking Safe haven, and why?

  • 35 BMCQ // Feb 27, 2017 at 6:49 am

    WE have touched quite a bit on Media Bias on this thread.

    Seems to me that for some very odd reason most that at least Post here find NW favourable to the B.C. Libs. I could not disagree more!

    We then have many that believe that Global is BCL Party Friendly, I actually believe it seems that way because the Government/BCL Party have so many Ads on Global people are fooled into believe that Global is BCL friendly when in fact if the NDP placed Ads on Global they would play just the same.

    I have been attempting to sight several examples that overall MSM is Left Leaning and in Canada it favours the Federal Liberal Party and in the U.S. it is obvious MSM supports the Democratic Party, and was so deep into the Tank during the last Election Cycle they needed to go into an “Iron Lung” immediately following Voting Day.

    Some here might find this interesting.