Please Tell Me Why?????

The government and people of India are this week celebrating the completion of $400 MILLION 600-feet high statue … double the size of the Statue of Liberty … to honour Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, an independence-era leader who died in 1950.

That’s $400 MILLION … for a statue.

In 2017, Canada gave $96 MILLION of our taxpayers’ money to India as Foreign Aid.

Please tell me WHY????

Harv Oberfeld

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25 Responses to Please Tell Me Why?????

  1. RIsaak says:

    How long til a Canadian politician dresses up for a photot-op in front of this statue?

    (Response: Probably quite a while … unless they think he’s still alive …and can vote here. h.o.)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    I have said for years that foreign aid is important but we should NEVER give any other country cash.

    If they need food, medical supplies, girders for bridge construction, water pumps or whatever – those items should be sourced from Canada and shipped, with oversight, to the country.

    Giving money to any foreign government is like having a conservative government spend tax dollars – you know they will pilfer some, will give most to their friends and will gleefully ensure NOTHING goes to the people that actually need it.

    (Response: The idea of giving aid to those who really need it is fine … we can afford to help …, and giving products and materials is probably better than cash …although I suspect that even under that better system, some of it will still be stolen, improperly directed and/or sold. h.o.)

  3. Helena Handcart says:

    That is almost as bad as spending $563 million of taxpayers’ money to put a canvas roof on a sports stadium.

    (Response: I think Montrealers believe WE got a bargain!! h.o.)

  4. Greg Beeusaert says:

    It is quite simple Harvey, our country is led by a bunch of Social Justice Warriors that give our money away at their will.

    – Let people walk across the borders illegally and then we pay

    – Pay convicted ISIS warriors millions to come back to our country and then we pay

    – Buy broken past life pipelines from corporate thieves and then we pay

    – Apologize tours overlapping previous ones and then we pay

    – Invoke carbon taxes and spin it so it looks like they are great and then we pay

    I have had it with all politicians and if that proportional representation goes through we will have more of them and then we pay.

    Then if someone who works hard all their lives paying thousands of dollars into Old Age Pensions and because he lucked out with a good pension it is clawed back.

    Not sure where this world is going but I know one thing, we will pay and pay and pay.

    (Response: I think the time is already here where those who do most of the hard work pay the most and get back the least! h.o.)

  5. Hawgwash says:

    Why not?

    The response of 36 million people, that’s why.

  6. brian taylor says:

    Foreign Aid…..The poor from rich countries giving to the rich in poor countries. The absurdity of this is downright stupid and the Canadian taxpayer is the sucker!

    (Response: That’s a good way to often sum it up! h.o.)

  7. D. M. Johnston says:

    The madness continues.

    Until Trudeau the Apologist, stops apologizing and tell countries no money from Canada if frivolous things like $400 million statues are built.

    As Barnum observed; “there is a sucker born every minute” and the Liberal party has one hell of a lot of suckers.

  8. Diverdarren says:


    -India has a manned space program with plans to send Indian astronauts into orbit by 2022.

    Canada doesn’t.

    – India has a strategic nuclear weapons program.

    Canada doesn’t.

    -India has a GDP of 2.597 Trillion (2017)
    Canada GDP is 1.653 Trillion (2017)

    – India has 1 aircraft carrier, 24 principle warships, 1 amphibious warfare ship, 1 nuclear attack submarine, 14 conventional submarines, 1 ballistic missile submarine.
    The Indian air force has 300+ 4th generation fighter jets, and an Indian aerospace company (HAL) producing, among other aircraft, a 5th generation stealth fighter.

    There’s no need to list our Canadian military assets, we all know they are antiquated.

    India is investing and developing in WiFi noting that “The World Bank believes that a 10% increase in Internet penetration can generate a 1.4% increase in GDP. And this would likely be even higher in a developing market like India with a large rural population and limited access to banking and e-payment services that smartphones can provide”

    But, here in Canada “The Green Party is waging war against WiFi pollution, and Elizabeth May is leading by example”.

    Harvey you asked the question Why?

    Well with Indian debt to GDP(2017) being 68.70%, down from 73.24% (aver. 1991-2017)

    And, Canada debt to GDP(2017) being 89.60%, up from 78.07% (aver 1980-2017)

    The answer is quite clear… hopefully they will remember our generosity when Trudeau gets dressed in his sari and goes to India asking for a loan, or military equipment to lease, or new technology to help us from slipping into 3rd world status.

    (Response: Great information! But now I feel even WORSE. Maybe India could give Canada some foreign aid …so we can erect a statue to MY hero from sixty years ago … Maurice Richard! h.o.)

  9. r says:

    lobby lobby lobby ?

  10. Marge says:

    Just vote buying by the Liberals. Canadians are downright fools if they believe this is okay. BTW is CBC (the propaganda machine for the Liberals) talking about this? No. Where did you find this out Harvey as I haven’t seen it in any of the media outlets? Guess they don’t really want us to know what is going on do they?

    (Response: The BBC had it and so did The Guardian and a few other outlets. Sure wish the “working” media in Canada would go after the PM and Freeland on my question: WHY are we giving so much money (we give India similar bucks EVERY YEAR) to a country that can spend $400 MILLION on a statue???? h.o.)

  11. BMCQ says:


    Because that is what Rich Nations do, Preening, Prancing, Posing, Leaders of NO Substance or Integrity take Hard Working Tax Payers Dollars and they Waste it through Foreign Aid, Grants to Special Interest Groups, Unaccountable First Nations Leadership, ridiculous Out Dated Institutions like the Governor General Past and Present, The Climate Change Myth, and far too many more to mention.

    We have a Federal Election coming next year and if Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer can Fight His Way Back from the Witness Protection Program His Party could Score Serious Major Points with the Canadian Electorate.

    Canadians of all Parties want Government that can cut back on Waste, Bureacracy, Bloat, and unaccountable Out of Control Spending within Canada’s and with Foreign Aid.

    Let’s just imagine how much better off Canada and Canadian Tax Payers would be if a New Government was to appoint A New Auditor General to carry out a Public Transparent Audit of Canadian Spending with the pledge to share those results with Canadians.

    If Scheer or any other Opposition Party were to promote that in their 2019 Election Platform it would draw respect and votes from Canadians of all Demographics.

    If at the same time that Party Pledged to take a high percentage of those Savings and inject it directly into Social Housing for Long Time Canadian Seniors in Downtowns Major Canadian Cities that Party would soon Be Elected to Power.

    That Party could make a very good start by pledging to first do away with the Governor Generals Position and then the Canadian Senate. We are all now familiar with the Clarkson Story and her Greed and ?Fleecing of the Canadian Tax Payer. The Arrogance of Her and other Governor Generals and particularly Prrsent makes my Stomach Churn.

    Then yes, let us have a Triple “A” Senate, “Abolish, Abolish, Abolish” !

    Perhaps someone in Working Media can take the Lead from Harvey on this and expose other similar and regrettably more than likely worse wxamples of Waste by Canadian Governments Over the past many years.

    Some really good comments here, especially from Greg and Brian, welcome.

    Diver – Take a Bow!

    We all need to contact our Local MP on this one, whatever Party they Represent they Ultimately Represent You and Canadians need to Stand Up and Demand more from our Elected Officials.

  12. Hawgwash says:

    Was India that much worse off in 2012 when we gave them 96.2 million?

    Does anyone remember who was PM in 2012?

    It’s not a Trudeau issue, it’s a Canadian issue, where 36 million people whine about it on blogs and social media and do nothing more.

    (Response: Agree. Every government is very generous with taxpayers’ money … rewarding friends, supporters, lobby groups and funding pet projects aimed at impressing targeted voters. But when a supposedly poverty stricken country like India funds projects like a $400 MILLION statue and all kinds of high-end dream projects like outlined by Diverdarren, it’s time for Canada to take a second look … but the government won’t … because the media says/asks little or nothing about it and the ethnic vote matters more than principle. h.o.)

  13. 13 says:

    Hmm, the Liberals just wrote off a car loan. Chrysler needed a few bucks and the Canadian tax payer decided that we wanted car companies located in Eastern Canada to remain solvent. Some of the cash was paid back and some was not.
    94 million in foreign aid wasted
    1.5 million in wages paid to a retired CBC news woman.
    10 million paid to a retired war vet. Omar Khadar .
    2.1 Billion in car loans to Chrysler forgiven.
    I guess Justin has never heard that old TV ad
    “just because you have cheques in your wallet doesnt mean you have money in your checking account”
    Health care , education, military, veterans (ours not ISIS) roads and bridges this side of Thunder Bay, even a cheap ass bus company to move the poorest travelers in the country. A few examples of where wasted tax dollars could have been spent.

  14. r says:

    Not wanting to rock the vote boat from the top?
    Keep the money coming or im not coming to vote for you?

  15. Gene The Bean says:

    Whine, whine, whine…. yet when an opportunity comes to change our political system and how it works, most of you just yawn and scratch yourself.

    I know, Pro Rep is currently a provincial issue and this piece is about federal politics but maybe just try and connect the dots….. you know, in between just complaining about things but doing nothing about it ….

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Why did we spend that money on foreign aid? Its easy; because the country spent all that money on a statue and they don’t care about their own citizens. Most foreign aid, I do hope, still goes to projects which helps people in the rural areas and women and children.

    We don’t know if any of the Canadian foreign aid went in the statue, lets hope not. Hey perhaps some one could write their Liberal M.P., and report back to us.

    Most countries who receive foreign aid, especially from the U.S.A. use it to purchase armaments from the U.S.A. I don’t know what they spend Canadian foreign aid on, I have been under the impression that much of it goes, these days to NGOs who do work in 2nd and 3rd world countries, which the countries in receipt of the money won’t do. This includes building wells, providing education for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, providing reproductive health care such as birth control and abortion pills.

    I’ve got no problem with foreign aid as long as it doesn’t go into the pockets of the politicians of the countries it goes to. I like to think Canada helps other countries with water, education, health, etc.

    yes, I know we have a lot of problems here in Canada also, but as something a friend just sent to me, if you’re making $29K a year, you are one of the 1%ers in this world. Its all relative.

  17. e.a.f. says:

    Certainly liked #6’s response

    Marge I had to laugh when you referred to the CBC as the Liberal propaganda machine because there are a number of other blogs I read where they refer to the CBC as the Conservative propaganda machine.

    hey I think the CBC must be doing a good job.

    We have had foreign aid to India for as long as I can remember so lets not take it out on Trudeau. I’m sure it was there under the Conservatives governments also. We ought to check and see how much various governments gave to India. India really doesn’t need the foreign aid any more. but if we cut if off, there will be many in India who will suffer. On the other hand, perhaps this is something which needs to be discussed in public by our Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms. Freeland, with India’s political class. Just send India a tweet along the lines of, we in Canada are very disappointed some much money was spent on this statue when the money could have been used to alleviate poverty. We will now send this money to our own citizens.

  18. BMCQ says:

    At times certain Foreign Aid from any Country to various Nations is “Earmarked” for Infrastructure or other Projects ranging from Housing to Medical to Shelter.

    Of course much of the time that Funding is difficult to Police and Track, then other Funding is well managed and it actually does reach the desired recipient/project.

    With many Countries it is literally a “Crap Shoot” andvthe Money could end up in thevPockets of Dictstors, Crooked Politicians, or their Minions or Families.

    In the case of the Statue or most other projects the Donor Country like Canada is being taken advantage of and Fleeced. It really matters not that we stipulate that the Funds are directed to other so called worth while Projects the fact is one way or another all Donor Countries Paid for the Statue little by little. To suggest otherwise is simply juvenile and naive.

    After all, this Blog is called Keeping it Real, is it not?

    Another contributing factor for Foreign Aid from Canada to Countries like India it plays well with the very large INDIAN Block of Voters that now reside in Canada. Imagine that!

    For anyone to attempt to tell me that some consider the CBC a Conservative Propaganda Machine tells me that the Horgan, Meggs, Eby, Farnworth, And Weaver Legal Marijuana must be “Pretty Potent Stuff” !

    We must be ‘Going to Hell in a Hand Cart” !

    Regular Working and Peasant Class Indians DO NOT see much from Canadian Foreign Aid but they certainly do admire Canadian PM Justin’s Fashion Sense!

    Again, time for Canadian Conservative Leader Scheer to come out of Witness Protection and bring this up in Question Period.

    Then the Cons and NDP can take on the Abolishment of the Governor Generals Office and the Senate, Canadians deserve much more from Politicians of all Three Major Parties.

    I am told that Adrienne Clarkson was the only Political Official in Modern History that had more Medals than Idi Amin.

    Somehow I am not surprised.

    (Response: Quite correct. Our money may have not been used DIRECTLY to fund the statue, nut that $97 MILLION from Canada …and who knows how many total BILLIONS from other countries … allow states like India to WASTE huge sums on silly, frivolous and scandalous projects, while WE all pay for at least some of the necessities of life for so many desperately poor. Clearly it’s part of a sick system where many suffer while others in power squander and profit … and Canada should not support that system, not just in India but also other “needy” states by coughing up our taxpayers’ hard-paid cash. h.o.)

  19. e.a.f. says:

    It would be preferable if Canadian funds went to projects which were Canadian NGOs operating in the recipient country.

    No its not the weed. there are actually people who believe the CBC favours the Conservative Party over the Liberal Party and they did it a long time before, well relatively a long time ago, because in politics a year is a long time. Its just that there are people who are further left than some of the “lefties” who comment here. Its all relative. $29K a year places you in the top 1% of the world, yet here its under the poverty line. $95M in foreign aid to India, not that much. The Goggle executive received $90M as an exit package.

    Harvey, yes you’re quite correct regarding other “needy” states. I’d suggest any country with Nuclear weapons doesn’t need our money. Neither does any country which has military jets of a newer vintage or a very large standing army. If the presidential “digs” are as large as a Vegas Casino, they don’t need our money either. Well they most likely do, but the money is being spent by the politicians. That’s why I’d like to see Canadian NGOs using the money, no other government officials playing with our tax dollars, only Canadian politicians get to do that………

  20. 13 says:

    Harvey response @18.
    In a perfect world funds earmarked for poor and needy would never fall into the hands of any government agency domestic or foreign. Food banks, UGM, Salvation Army the list of non profit orgs is long. These private sector charities even after some admin. costs couldnt waste money on a government scale even if they tried. Sadly , governments of all stripes are never looking to downsize anything (notable exception Ford in Ontario). The dream of any real change to government waste will never become a reality. Especially in the current climate of PC SJW Quota driven agendas.
    Mind you the tide is changing. Europe is crumbling under the weight of PC SJW regimes. The USA has reacted to the feel good do nothing Obama years. Canada should soon have had enough of Trudeau. Hes repeating apologies now.

  21. BMCQ says:

    WE in Canada are not the only Dupes!!

    Then on top of that India gets another Huge Amount of Foreign Aid from Scores of other Countries.

    As Non Con might say, “You just can’t make this stuff up” !!

    Then there is a rumour going around that PM Justin who is currently out on another “Apology Tour” is considering taking Grouse Mountain in B.C. and Building a Mount Rushmore like Edifice with the Busts/Heads of Current and Past Canadian Governor Generals, Medals and All.

    Clarkson and current GG the Invisible, Rude, Lazy, and Shameless Julie Payette are said to be Front and Centre on that Monument.

    Sickening and again, Who makes this stuff up?

  22. NVG says:

    Link to: ‘Canada gave $96 MILLION of our taxpayers’ money to India as Foreign Aid.’

  23. John's Aghast says:

    India wastes their money on statues. We waste ours on dams.

  24. 13 says:

    @23 . Hard to think of an appropriate response/comment. Without being sarcastic or insulting, I disagree with your comparison. But welcome back.

  25. BM?cQ says:

    I believe it is more like this.

    India wastes other People’s Money on Statues while their own people suffer and do without.

    As to the Dams?

    In this Province like everything else the Opinion seems to be based on politics rather than anything else.

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